A Black Teacher Indulges, Part 4

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Published: 9-Jun-2012

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This chapter does not actually feature any children under the age of 18, but the characters in this chapter talk about one, fantasize about sex with one, and vow to bring one into their sex-lives. As such, while the story does feature any pedo-sex, it is full of pedo-sex fueled fantasies and dirty talking. The actual sex between adult and minor will resume in the next chapter.

Shanna had told her husband Marcus all about what had happened during that day. The busty ebony teacher shares everything with her beloved husband, no matter how depraved or nasty the nature of her thoughts or fantasies may be. The couple knows the depth of trust they share between each other and that no potentially disgusting idea would be enough for negative judgment or conflict. It is the fact that they can share anything and everything that forms the deep bond between them.

So after coming home, Shanna couldn't wait to sit right on his lap, on the living room couch, hungrily kissing and frenching her tall, muscular black husband as she told him every sordid, dirty little detail of what depraved lengths she had gone to earlier that day. The size and hardness of the bulge in his pants as it pressed upward into her soft, warm crotch told her he loved hearing about it as much as she loved talking about it. Sharing twisted fantasies and words and even actual events about a young white girl to each other like a guiltless and tabooless black pedophile couple, sometimes Shanna didn't think it could get any better, but of course she would try, and in the end she would easily succeed.

During the course of the early evening they had fucked several times while talking about what she had done, and could end up doing with the child, using the nastiest of descriptions and basically regarding the girl they were talking about as if she were nothing but a piece of meat for their perverted pleasures. If only the girl's parents, a couple of miles away, knew that somewhere there was a black couple talking about their precious little girl like a piece of fuck meat and about all the nasty things they would like to do with her. Their thinly-veiled prejudice against black people would no doubt become fully fledged racism and hatred. If anything, this thought, of using a little white girl of bigoted parents turned the couple on even more.

The lovely stink of sweaty fucks was in almost every room downstairs by 9:00 PM. And every room had been filled with the most obscene words of what a black men and woman could do with a young white girl.

It is 11:17 PM when Marcus is lying on the bed, watching his big-titted wife Shanna slowly cast off any of the clothes she was still wearing. His gigantic cock, several times deflated during the day, is lying lazily, semi-flaccid against his thigh. Even half-soft it is fat and at least 7 inches. Part of him is unable to imagine that his succulent looking, fat-titted wife had done such forbidden things with an actual child that day. Part of him can only think of what his wife told him as no more than her fantasies or exaggerations. He was hoping furiously to get confirmation by being a witness some day. To actually see, with his own eyes, a young girl's hungry mouth on those brown mountains of tit. To hear the dirty, sloppy sounds of a young child-mouth sucking on his wife's wet, oily cunt-slit. Maybe even to see a young girl's face completely hidden between those meaty brown buttocks as the girl licked that pungent black crack that he himself had licked so often. To imagine a small child smelling and tasting was he himself had smelled and tasted in that dark crevice, sent a jolt shooting through his cock, which grew harder by small spurts along with the beats of his heart.

Shanna, completely naked, turns toward the bed, looking at her husband looking at her, seeing him lying there with one knee pulled up, his other leg stretched out, his swollen dark prick lying sideways across his massive thigh and his balls hanging low between them almost touching the bed. He looks so gorgeous, so massive and manly, so succulent.

"You look so hot like that, baby," Shanna admits. "Lying there like that, I really wish little Melanie was here right now to look at you lying there like that. Can you imagine that? Lying there like that with your delicious cock and balls exposed to the eyes of a child? Oh how I would love to guide her over that body of yours while you lie there like that."

"Tell me," Marcus says with a wide smile. "Tell me what would happen. What she would do."

"Mmmm..." Shanna moans as she thinks and slowly crawls onto her bed. "In my ideal scenario, she would start by doing this..."

Shanna looks her husband straight in the eyes, as she starts lapping at his toes. Lapping at each of them individually, she then runs her tongue along all of them before finally slurping his massive big toe into her mouth and sucking it hard, moving her head up and down as if she were hungrily sucking a cock.

"That's what little Melanie would do first, huh? You'd have her hot little mouth licking and sucking my toes... Would you like to see that? That young, small, white head going up and down and that little girl mouth sliding up and down on a black man's toes?"

"Mmmhhh mmhhh..." the dirty woman hums to the affirmative with her mouth full and her eyes staring nastily into her husband's. "She would end up tasting all of you, baby. Every single dirty part of your hot, manly body. And every part of mine. Imagine that. A 7-year-old little girl with the experience of knowing the taste of an adult black man and adult black woman, from head to toe.

"So..." Shanna continues, "When she has bathed your toes in her warm, sloppy child-spit to our mutual satisfaction, she can move on to bigger business. She would slowly drag that little tongue upward, like I'm doing right now... across your big leg. But the best would be saved for later. First, she would move beyond your crotch and up your big manly chest with her little tongue. Can you see it, Marcus? That blond-haired little head licking up your stomach; her little body on hands and knees over one of your legs? Can you feel that bald, fat little child-cunt running up your thigh, huh? She looks at you with those innocent eyes, as she licks your black manly nipples; sucks them; bites at them; droooooools all over them. Imagine that, baby. A young girl's spit dribbling down your chest as she hungrily mouths your adult nipples. I can tell you that you'd love it, honey, because I know what it's like. I've actually had that hot, wet little mouth on my fucking tits today. She sucks SO well, Marcus. Her breath feels so good. Her spit so warm and sticky on your nipples. Her mouth pulling on your flesh. I told her this too and I'm telling you now, how much I would have loved to lactate. It would have been so hot and nasty squirting milk from my black fucking nipples straight into her young white mouth."

Listening to his obscenely talking wife, Marcus knows not to touch his cock as it could have jizzed right away.

"Stick your long tongue out, baby. Let me suck on it the way little Melanie would. Close your eyes, and think of a young, blond, white girl sucking on that large tongue. Think about tongue-fucking a hot child-mouth, baby, the way I actually have."

Shanna almost devours her husband's tongue, sucking it between her lips, twisting her head and she sucks it up and down and not skimping on the saliva. Within seconds spit was running from the corners of their mouths and down to their chins and the sounds of sloppy wet kissing fills the room, until finally her mouth comes loose with a loud slurp.

"Did you like that, Marcus? That is what it felt like for me today when a little girl was messily sucking my tongue. She tasted my fucking spit and I tasted hers. I would have loved for you to see us drool into each other's mouth. It was so fucking hot to share such a nasty, sloppy wet kiss with her, baby. I gave her a kiss that most adults wouldn't even give each other because it would be too nasty for them. I think I may have ruined her for normal kisses. Any girl or guy she'll kiss in the future will probably be in for the wet, sloppy surprise of their life."

"You're such a dirty, depraved bitch, for teaching a child such perverted kinds of sex that no ordinary man or woman could ever satisfy her."

"I am a dirty, depraved bitch and that's what you love about me. That's what I love about you, too. That such a hunk of a man can be so dirty. R. Kelly would have nothing on you. I can't tell you how much I love turning an innocent white girl into a nasty little slut, especially with asshole parents. It's a shame really; Melanie's mother is actually pretty fucking hot if only she didn't act like a bitch and dress like a slob. I can see where the girl gets her looks. Fortunately her attitude is still clean. But if I can help it, you and me both and going to give her a different kind of attitude."

"Don't get ahead of yourself, baby. Let's just see how far you can go with her," Marcus says cautiously.

"I'm not going to force anything; you know that. But if I've pegged the girl right, she will probably be open and willing to try anything. But you're right; first I'll need to properly stretch her limits myself before introducing her to a big, black, well hung man like yourself. Maybe I can introduce her intermediately. You know, take a pair of your cum-filled boxers for her to sample. Show her dirty pictures of interracial porn with big black cocks. Things like that. Then someday she may be ready for this..."

Shanna had moved down as she spoke, and drags her tongue down her husband's still semi-flaccid prick, until her lips reach his large, wide cock-head. Slowly she pushes her lips over the helmet-shaped knob and past the ridge, and then proceeds to slide inch after inch of it in her mouth. Clamping her mouth tightly shut around his warm shaft, she moves back and forth, feeling the warm, fat prick grow in length, girth and hardness inside her mouth until finally it has grown to its maximum of mouth-stretching 12 inches. As she slurps and drools, Shanna gives her husband head. She twists her head and bobs it up and down, taking the knob to the entrance of her throat. She knows that even if her dream of introducing a girl into her bedroom were to come true, the girl wouldn't be able to take nearly as much cock into her mouth as she herself can, but it would be fun to see just how much of this fat black cock would be able to get past a child's lips.

"Suck it, baby. Suck my fucking cock. Slowly though, I don't wanna blow yet."

"Mmmmpppphhhh..." came the mouth-stuffed response from his wife, her hand slowly jacking him as her mouth sucked him.

"We have all night," she says after her mouth comes off and thick slimy strands of throat slime cascade from her lips down her chin and Marcus' cock. If you blow, you blow. Just imagine little Melanie cramming as much of your big fat cock into her hot, sucking little child-mouth as she can. Imagine her little clammy hands, both of them, wrapped around your slippery prick, jacking you using her spit and your pre-cum as lubrication. Imagine me watching as you mouth-fuck a 7-year-old white girl with that big fuck-stick of yours. Can you see it in your head, baby? Can you see me lying beside you, playing with my cunt and my ass as I watch a young girl sucking and slurping on you?"

"Fuck... If you keep talking like that," Marcus groans and Shanna can feel his cock throb in her hand, her words having an effect on him that maybe even a random cunt wouldn't.

"Talking like what, baby? Just telling you how it would be. How I think it's GOING to be. I'm gonna teach her, baby. I'm gonna get her ready for you; for us. I'm gonna get her ready to do all the nasty fucking shit I'm telling you right now. I'm gonna teach her to eat ass, baby," the kinky woman hisses, now on a roll. "First I'm gonna teach that little child-whore to eat my ass. And I'm going to get her ready to eat a man's ass too. Like I told you, I'm gonna have her enjoy our bodies from head to toe. Literally. I'll fucking have her diving with her face into the fucking cracks of our asses."

Shanna's voice started getting louder, hoarser, deeper with untamed lust. She was losing control of herself.

"She'll fucking suck my steaming cunt until I cum all over her little face; I'll make her face drip with my fucking cream. And she'll suck that fat fucking prick of yours until you empty those big fucking balls all over her face and into her mouth. We'll use that young white face for a cum-rag with our cock and cunt, baby. I'll have her fucking drink from us. All of our cum is going down her throat and she'll love every dirty, nasty second of it. Trust me. I'll get her to love doing whatever it is we want her to do, no matter what. No matter how nasty."

"Jesus Christ," Marcus growls.

"This is what she'll do, baby. Get those fucking knees up. Give me your fucking ass."

Marcus raises his large legs, pulling his knees back as far to his chest as he can. His cock and balls roll up and his black, taut ass cheeks spread automatically. As Marcus takes hold of his own cock, Shanna puts a hand on each of her husband's buttocks, pushing them wide apart and stretching his crack open. With a wild growl she immediately starts thrusting her pink tongue at his tight, dark anus. Poking forcefully at it with her outstretched, pointed tongue, Shanna rims her husband like a woman possessed, trying to get her tongue past the muscle. As spit is automatically added, her tongue eventually finds enough lubrication to force her husband's tight, tart sphincter open and for it to swallow ever more of her tongue. With every thrust, her husband's butthole accommodates the invasive tongue of his wife more and more.

Shanna groans and Marcus grunts. The man jacks his prick fast, no longer caring about holding back on the spunk boiling in his egg-sized balls. His big nuts sway and hit his wife in the nose as she drills her husband's asshole with her tongue, feeling it suck her inside and force it back out. The scent of ass drives her forward, especially when thinking about her young student experiencing the same thing. She grinds her tongue as deep up Marcus' dark shithole as she can get it, keeping it there, feeling the tight ring clench around her tongue, and visualizes the nasty scene of a young white girl rimming her husband. Her eyes roll over and she cums without touching herself, tasting ass while climaxing. She hardly even hears the grunts of her husband as he cums too, his hand furiously jacking his prick and rope after rope of warm cum spewing from his piss-slit, landing everywhere from his chest to his wife's head, and even a little bit on her tongue where she uses it as lubrication to his own ass.

Without words, the couple come to rest, Shanna removing her mouth and face from Marcus' ass and moving up to lie beside him, her arm and leg draped over him, the both of them huffing and panting in post-orgasmic bliss.

Where another couple might have felt guilt over using a child as the object of their wanton fantasies, this couple was different. If anything, they now know even more than before, that the thing they want and need most, is to ultimately end up with little Melanie joining them.

And so Shanna will happily move her "education" of the little girl forward.

To be continued.

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Excellent story so far. Waiting on the next cock stroking chapter.


So far, so good. Hopefully a video camera becomes involved.

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