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By Daddy Dreams

(Mgg, consensual, oral, inc, 1st)

Bri's plans for a sleepover turn out much better than her daddy ever thought...

This is a stand alone story, but to introduce Brianne and her daddy, you should first read and .

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I didnt think much about Bris texting to ask for a friend to sleepover, thats what preteens like to do I suppose. I was momentarily annoyed because I figured that meant that any of our usual fun would be off the menu until her friend was gone. Whatever, I supposed the kid deserved to have a little fun. When I got to school to pick her up though, I got a pleasant surprise. Briannes little friend, Katie Malone was her name, was just fucking adorable. Bri had on her best put together school outfit, but Katie had on the school issued one, which was a little raggedy. I wondered about that. I could also see that as bubbly and outgoing as Bri was, Katie was super shy.

Katie crawled into the backseat and looked down at her feet, she was much too shy to even meet my eyes. I looked at her in the rearview mirror and gave her my best, Hi, Katie! Nice to meet you! How was your day? Did you have a good one?

She just looked away, shrugged, and replied in a low voice, It was okay, I guess.

I had to try to maintain my composure during this exchange because Bri had leaned over and kissed my cheek. Not only that, but her hands were busy below the level of the seat, so Katie couldnt see, as Bri reached her little hand up the leg of my shorts and massaged my semi-erect cock for a moment. Fucking hell! Bri giggled and gave one last squeeze to my now alerted dick, before turning to put her arm over the seat and engaging Katie.

Oh, my god, Katie! We are going to have so much fun! We can get out of these school clothes and get comfy and then my Dad and I have a hot tub! We can sit in the hot tub! Do you ever sit in a hot tub? And we can dress up and watch movies and Oh, gosh! We are going to have a great time! All this was delivered in Bris typical rush of preteen enthusiasm.

I looked back to see Katie brighten and smile for the first time and say, No way! You guys have a hot tub, for real? Ive NEVER even seen one in real life! Then she turned a little glum again and mumbled, Aaww shoot... I dont have anything to wear in a hot tub."

Dont worry about it, Katie! I have a ton of bikinis! We can each choose one and Daddy can decide who looks best!

The rest of the trip home was filled with them chattering back and forth about the things eleven year old girls chatter about; clothes, boy bands, teachers they hated, boys they thought were cute. Katie seemed to forget I was in the car and opened up. She was almost as animated as Bri was. I watched her in the rear view and realized she was gorgeous. I couldnt see her body very well through her ill fitting school-issued uniform, but she looked like she was maybe even a little curvier than Bri. Her hair was straight and she wore no makeup. I heard her complain that her daddy wouldnt even talk about letting her wear any. She was, all in all, giving me ideas. Bri didnt help any either. Every now and then shed reach her hand over and grope my crotch for a moment. Im sure to Katie it just looked like she was touching my arm or something. Bikinis by the hot tub, huh? Sounded pretty good.

Back at the house, Bri bounced up the stairs to her room dragging Katie along by the hand. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and watched their perfect little eleven-year-old asses wiggle up the stairs. Their skirts showed me their beautiful skinny legs and teased me with the promise of almost seeing their panties. It was torture, but beautiful torture. I spent a moment trying to figure out how Id get Bri alone for a minute for a quick suck off.

When they eventually wandered back down into the kitchen, Im sure my eyes bugged out of my head a bit. Bri had put on her teeny tiny black shorts with the pink "#34" crop top that she knew I loved. It always ended well when she wore that and I could tell by the twinkle in her eye that she knew it was making me crazy. The thing that really got me though was the transformation of Katie. Bri had put her in her little pink jean shorts and her "No Limits" t-shirt. The double entendre was not wasted on me, but what struck me most was the t-shirt was a little snug and showed off her budding tits very well. Bri was shooting me meaningful looks behind Katies back as they gathered snacks in the kitchen.

I could see that Katie was super self-conscious in her new outfit. I wanted her to be comfortable showing off a little, so I laid it on thick. Gosh, Katie! You sure do look cute in your comfy clothes! Must feel good to be out of that school uniform, huh? I thought my Bri was pretty, but. You sure make her look plain!

Katie blushed deeply and mumbled thanks while Bri snorted, Geez, Daddy! Flirt much! Dirty old man!

Bri threw that in for my benefit, but I could see by Katies shocked look that she wasnt used to banter with an adult like that. Bri came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear, She is cute though, huh? I wonder if she eats pussy? A quick hug and she and Katie bounced out of the room leaving me by myself trying to ignore the growing hard-on in my pants.

I busied myself in the house and tried not to think about the two eleven year olds upstairs. I was under the assumption that I would have to behave myself until Katie went home on Sunday night. I hoped to find a few moments to at least cop a feel of Bri and maybe let her to blow me but... Id just have to see how things played out. She was a horny little fuck to, my little Brianne, I figured she wouldnt be able to go all weekend without any fun either.

Soon enough Bri came tumbling down the stairs, once again dragging Katie behind her. Katie was visibly embarrassed by the bikini that Bri had picked out for her. It fit well enough, but didnt leave much at all to the imagination. Bri had put on her black suit with the white frills that she knows I love and got Katie into her purple one. It was perfect. Barely covered her perfect little ass and her firm budding tits looked like they were going to spill out at any moment.

Doesnt Katie look awesome, Daddy? Shes being such a prude! She thinks its too revealing. I told her you loved it on me! Tell Katie to loosen up and quit being such a spoil sport, Daddy!

Katie looked completely mortified and stood before me, not daring to make eye contact. She had a full body blush going and didnt know where to put her hands. She obviously wanted to cover up with them, but knew that would be even more embarrassing. She half tried to hide behind Bri, but Bri pushed her out and said, Tell her, Daddy!

Oh, wow, Katie. I mean, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Look at how cute you are. I wouldnt be shy at all looking as great as you do right now. I took a chance and moved close to her and lifted her chin so she had to look me in the eyes. Youre absolutely gorgeous, Katie Malone.

Her lip trembled and for a second I thought she was actually going to burst into tears, but she pulled it together and managed a mumbled, Thank you, and followed Bri out to the hot tub.

Bri gave me that look over her shoulder and asked if I was going to join them.

Oh, sure, Bri. Let me finish the dishes and Ill be right in

Fuck... Me... Hard... I was going to have to work hard to behave myself with two slippery girls in the tub with tiny bikinis on. Bri knew that, the little cock tease. I was also sure she was planning on teasing me every way she could.

After I pulled on my loosest swim trunks, to hide my semi hard-on, I made my way to the tub. Katie was looking around wide eyed, obviously never having had such luxury at home. Bri mentioned she came from a less than, shall we say, happy home. I think thats part of why Bri took her under her wing. Katie was facing me when I came out on the deck, so she couldn't see Bri when she turned around, licked her lips, blew me a kiss and winked at me. I chuckled and climbed into the tub, settling next to my little Bri.

Gosh, Mr. Bodkins! This is awesome! I mean Ive never ever been in a hot tub! Its so cool! The bubbles are like all over me! Gosh, I hope we can stay in all weekend!

Katie couldnt see through the bubbles as Bri immediately snaked her hand into the leg of my shorts and began to masturbate me. Above the water it just looked like little Bri Bodkins was sitting next to her daddy in the hot tub, but below the bubbles, Bris little fist was wrapped firmly around the base of my cock and was alternately squeezing and stroking while I tried to carry on the conversation with Katie and keep my voice from breaking.

Um, well, Katie, you can certainly come over and use the tub anytime you want! Stay in too long though and youll end up looking like a prune!

Bri laughed, Katie, the prude prune!

Again Katie looked mortified. I am not a prude! I mean, well, Im not... oh, aaaah... She trailed off and looked sheepish. I wondered about that, but let it pass as I got distracted by her cleavage. She definitely filled out her suit a little more than Bri. Bri had a rocking body for an eleven year old, but Katie was giving her a run for her money.

Bri had learned how to bring me to the brink without making me cum and she was doing her best to tease me in the tub. She kept up a constant chatter to Katie all the while stroking my cock under the water. I just leaned my head back and watched through slitted eyes. Katie didnt know I was watching her as she made big eyes at Bri and mouthed, What are you doing! and nodded to the water. That made Bri laugh and she pulled her hand out of my shorts and splashed her friend, so my watery hand job was over for the moment at least. I was curious that Katie did not scream and run when she suspected Bri was doing something she shouldnt have been, but I guessed Id have to ask Bri about that later.

The next twenty minutes were just filled with girl chatter and the occasional splashing. My cock continued to rage under the water, but was not attended to. I think Katie got used to me a little and loosened up. She was absolutely beautiful when her shy smile lit up her face.

There was a brief wrestling match that turned me on to no end, as Bri got the upper hand and made sure to pop one of Katies perfect little tits out of her bikini, for my benefit Im sure. Katie immediately ducked under the water to fix herself and came up beet red, sputtering and furious with Bri for exposing her. Bri laughed and bounced out of the tub.

Im going to go take a shower! You stay and keep my daddy company, okay?

Seemed like a set up. What did my little girl have up her sleeve? I raised my eyebrows at her and she just smiled and gave a little wave. Katie and I sat awkwardly in tub for a few moments trying to pretend we werent being awkward. Finally I figured I should at least try to connect with her. After all, I liked little girls, right?

Katie, you dont need to be embarrassed about Bri showing your boob. It was just an accident, right? No harm. Bri can be a real little tease sometimes, she just doesnt know when to stop.

I know, Mr. Bodkins. Its okay. I mean youre cool, nice. I mean, I guess it was okay.

Well we can be friends, right? Bri can be a handful. Im glad she found you to hang out with. She needs somebody to gossip with and... be girls.

Yeah! Bris awesome! Shes so popular and pretty and everybody loves her! I dont know why she wants to be my friend.

I bet its because youre pretty and sweet and nice.

Katie looked me in the eyes for the first time and said, "Thanks." Then a tear came from her eye and she began to cry hard. As she cried like the little girl she is, I pulled her to me and held her.

Whats wrong, Katie? Did I say something? Oh, my goodness whats the matter, sweetpea?

I held her slippery body close and, I wont lie, loved the feeling of her firm little body curled up against mine. I resisted the temptation to run my hands down her back and squeeze that tight little ass I saw under her tiny bikini. Katie shook under my arm and tried to get herself under control. I stayed proper and just rubbed her shoulders, not wanting to freak her out.

Im sorry Mr. B. I just I mean youre so nice and... and... my dad is SO mean! Bri is always talking about you and how much you love each other and... stuff. And all my dad ever does is... he hits me. And... and... he hurts me... and makes meawwww

More crying and more back rubbing. It took Katie a while to settle. She didnt ever say what it was her dad made her do, but it didnt take much to figure it out. I felt bad for her. With Bri and myself it was... consensual. Rough fucking sometimes, but, LOL, the little fuck toy wanted it rough. For Katie, it seemed like something she didnt want. Her dad was apparently forcing her to do stuff to him that she was not necessarily into.

I was lost in thought, just caressing her shoulders. It took me a minute to realize that Katie had raised her head slightly and was kissing my neck. And not in a innocent little way, it felt like she was trying to give me a hickey! What the fuck was I supposed to do? Bikini clad little eleven year old smacking on my neck and I wasnt supposed to get horny? Especially after Bri was half jacking me off a little while earlier?

Mmmm, Katie, I uhgeez... God, youre so pretty

I wasnt sure what to do other than continue to tell her she was pretty and smart and fun and let her lead the parade. She responded by taking my hand and drawing it up to cover her firm, and surprisingly large, eleven year old tit.

Aawwww, Mr.B Bri says you have you have lots of fun! I always hate it with my dad. Hes so mean to mean and... hurts me Youre so handsome and so nice. Could you could you, you know, make it nice for me? Bri says she loves it and... please make it nice for me, Mr. B, please?

Fucking Bri was talking about us to Katie! Thats bad. Id have to deal with that later and make sure Bri wasnt blabbing it all over school. For now though I just hoped that Bri took an extra long shower. Katie kept on nibbling on my neck while I was playing this through my head. When I turned to look at her, she shyly turned her mouth up to me and her meaning was clear. I leaned and kissed Katie for the first time and it was like I had brought water to a person dying of thirst. She moaned quietly into my mouth and her tongue was immediately in my mouth, her lips moving on mine. Just eleven years old perhaps, but the girl knew how to kiss. As we made out for a minute, she worked her body onto mine, like a kitten, until she was straddling my lap there in the hot tub. She was still leaking tears a bit, but I think they had turned to happy tears, as I could make her feel good about herself, and make her feel good. Something her dad didnt do for her. She kissed, and writhed, and hugged me and cried, as I whispered to her about how beautiful she was, and how sexy, and how much I liked her. She was by no means aggressive, but... needy. Shy though she was, she did all she could to kiss me and make me feel good. She was too shy to take it beyond kissing, I could tell after a while. She clearly wanted more, but was too awkward and shy to ask for it or make the first move. I reached behind her and undid the tiny clip that held her bikini top in place and she whined into my mouth to let me know I was on the right track.

She had her eyes tight shut, but was kissing me like her life depended on it. I could feel her body trembling as I moved my hands up and down her sides. I finally couldnt help myself anymore and raised my hands to cup her incredibly firm young titties. Her bikini top hung loose around her neck as I filled my hands with her. Her pale pink nipples were hard as nuggets against my palms, and when I moved to pinch and twist them with my fingers, she gasped and leaned into my caress. Her arms had found their way around my neck and she held me tight as I fondled her and enjoyed her body.

Katie whispered against my ear as she sighed and nearly purred, Gosh, Mr. B. Its so different with you... I mean, when my dad pinches he just wants to make it hurt... mmmm... and... and you smell soooo goood. My dad always smells like BO... Hes gross. II really like you, Mr. B

I lifted her top off her neck and removed it. I wanted this shy little thing naked, totally naked and I knew she would let me strip her. I coaxed her off my lap and set her on the edge of the tub, kissing and groping her all the while. It was hard to remember she was only eleven. This girl was ripe and eager for me, probably because her dad was so mean to her and I was taking my time and telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. She was willing to do anything for me.

When I reached for her bikini bottoms and started to work them over her hips, she didnt hesitate for a second, lifting her tiny bottom for me and allowing me to draw them down her legs. I knelt back down in the warm bubbling water and spread her legs, draping them over my shoulders. She was bald down there, but for the faintest wisp of dark hair. Her labia were pale pink to match her nipples and her clit was engorged, standing out prominently. I looked up at her and couldnt quite read the mixture of fear and anticipation on her face.

Honey, do you... do you not want me to

No! Uh-huh! I do, I mean... if you want to I just... My Dad, he neverI mean he made me... he just never did stuff to me is all... Please, I mean if thats what you

I didnt answer, but just watched her eyes go wide as I pushed her knees back and apart, spreading her perfect little pussy for me. I lowered my mouth to her eleven year old sex and began to kiss her pussy. She gasped audibly as my lips made first contact with her clitoris and I sucked it between my teeth, flicking it with my tongue before biting her gently. She gasped and shook and pushed her hand into my hair, pulling my lips more firmly to her sex. She was too shy to say anything, my little Bri would be yelling at me to "eat her fucking pussy" by now, but I could tell Katie liked it. Her slim hips twitched as I feasted on her. She tasted young and sweet and I wanted so desperately to make this little girl cum. It sounded like her father had been a real bastard to her and I wanted her to experience the fun, good side of sex.

I could see her looking down over her firm little tits watching me closely as I worked hard to make her cum. I stiffened my tongue and fucked it into her tight little pussy, she gasped and threw her head back at the sudden intrusion. I reached up to cup one of her tits and play with her nipple, her breasts were amazing.

Aww, oh, my god, Mr. B! Can you aawww... That feels so Oh, gosh, I think Mr. B? Could you... ah, ah, ah... could you put a ssssssss put your finger in me? Please?

I was surprised Katie got the nerve up to ask me to finger fuck her, but she was beyond hot now. I had been sucking on her tender little clit long enough that she was on the brink.

My dad aaahhhh... he shoves his finger in and oohhh! It hurts... but I kind of... ohhhhh... I kind of like it I know youll be... aaaahhhhh!

Of course I was happy to oblige and proceeded to suck on her tender lips while I pushed a finger into her impossibly tight channel. I was surprised to find her a virgin! Apparently her father had left her intact for some reason. I couldnt believe, with everything else he was apparently doing to Katie, that he hadnt fucked her.

Katie sweetheart... Are you a virgin?

She again blushed as red as Ive ever seen, but managed to stammer out a reply.

Oh, my gosh, Mr. B! Please! Its okay... you can My dad, my dad he says if we did it... he wouldnt want to take care of any of my babies He... he never... Ohhh... Im so sorry

She began to cry again and I reassured her that she was perfect. I used my fingers and thumb to make her feel as good as I could and used my tongue to get her the rest of the way there. Soon enough Katie was gasping and arching her back and sighing and looking at me wide eyed as she rode out her first orgasm at the hands of a man. She held my head to her smooth snatch and ground her eleven year old pussy into my mouth as she came hard. When she caught her breath, she begged me to still like her!

Mr. B... please... Im so sorry Im a virgin I Ill we can do it if you want... I REALLY like you. Please dont hate me I can... I can use my mouthlike on Dad

Oh, my goodness, Katie. Im so sorry your dad has been so mean to you. We can do anything youd like and... not do anything you dont want I just want you to know it can be good and fun and feel good

Katie couldnt respond. She crawled out of the tub and knelt on the carpet next to it and naked, looked up at me expectantly. When she saw me hesitate, she looked like the shy little girl she was, but got up her courage.

Mr. B... I... youre really super nice... I want My dad... he says Im the best littlecocksucker ever. And hes got a really big one I... can I just make you... feel good? Please?"

Jesus Christ! Perfect, beautiful eleven year old girl, naked, on her fucking knees, and asking nicely if she can suck my cock. I dont think you can blame me for scrambling out of the tub to stand in front of her. I hesitated for one more second, fretting about taking advantage of her before my horniness won out and I skinned down my shorts and presented my rock hard cock to her. Katie looked up to me with, I think, gratitude in her eyes and actually thanked me.

Thank you, Mr. B. I wont let you down, I promise.

With that she wrapped her small hand around the base of my cock and drew me to her mouth. She was looking up at me and said, I think youre even bigger than Dad. And with that dropped her jaw and ran her small pink tongue around the head of my dick. She ran the flat of her tongue over the large clear drop of precum standing on the tip and pulled it into her mouth for a taste. My, God! Bri was an amazing, enthusiastic blow job artist, but this girl had clearly had plenty of time to hone her craft. She was perfect and so different from Bri. Quiet and shy, where as Bri was loud and demanding. Dark haired, whereas Bri was a little blondie. Her breasts, though small, were bigger than Briannes.

Katie licked her lips and sat back on her haunches for a second, masturbating me expertly. She brought another drop of cum to my cock head, added her hand to her other, gently massaging my balls, then returned her mouth to the head of my cock. I cant even describe her efforts. Her tongue was in all the right places, seemingly at the same time. She ran the tip of her tongue around the ridge of my head, her mouth creating gentle suction, not a tooth to be felt. She quietly voiced her need by whining in the back of her throat, which of course vibrated my cock deliciously. She slowly mouthed more and more of my dick until I was buried in her throat. She had clearly learned to suppress her gag reflex to the point that she easily took my dick down her throat and worked her gullet around my shaft like a hot little glove. Buried to the hilt, her tongue came out of her mouth to lick my balls and I was in heaven. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and turned my head in time to see Bri standing there.

WHAT THE HECK! Daddy! I take a shower for 20 minutes and you fuck my new besty!?

Katie pulled her mouth off my cock and started pleading with Bri, Bri! Please dont be mad! It was my idea! Your Daddy is just so nice... And you said you guys... Im so sorry! I always fuck up everything!

I had no idea what to say. I had assumed they had conspired to make this happen.

Bri, I had no idea... I thought you two had Sorry, Brianne. I didnt know you were going to be mad, honey. I thought you knew what was going on...

Katie was beside herself and sobbing. Bri! Pleeeease I just wanted to Youre always so happy about your dad and you said I just wanted to Oh, God! Please dont hate me! Im soooooo sorry!

Well," Bri huffed, "you both suck for starting without me. I was hoping wed all maybe play this weekend, but I didnt know it would happen the first time I was out of the room!" Then showing a modicum of contriteness she added, "Sorry, I got jealous." Then demanding, "I want my pussy eaten too!"

I started to get down on my knees to go down on her, pulling her hand to get her to sit on the chaise lounge by the hot tub.

Uhuh, Daddy I want her to eat it.

I looked over at Katie and she stood there with her mouth open looking shocked.

Bri! Im Im not a lezzie or anything I mean

I know youre not, neither am I But Im a kinky little bitch and it turns me on to have you go down on me Who knows, maybe youll enjoy it.

My daughter pulled her towel off showing us her perfect little eleven year old body and reclined on the chaise, spreading herself and pulling her knees back. Katie looked at me helplessly and I could only shrug my shoulders and stand there with my rock hard cock pulsing in front of me.

Katie blushed, she seemed to be in a perpetual state of blush. "It's okay, honey. I won't think any less of you," I told her. Reassured, she went back on her knees, this time to eat out my baby girl. She crawled the short distance to Bri and put her arms on the lounge between her legs.

Bri, as usual, loved to talk filthy. Thats it, Katie... you little fucking slut... Eat my pussy like a good girl Mmmmm, this is going to be so good My daddy eats my little snatch the best. Lets see how good you can do it.

Katie leaned forward and lowered her mouth to Bris hairless little cunt and began to give her oral. By the way Bris eyes rolled up into the back of her head, she must have been doing alright. I just stood there watching... what a hot fucking scene! Watching my naked little girl getting eaten out for the first time by her little naked friend. Katie's nice tits jiggled slightly as she did her best to please her friend to get back in her good graces. I watched as she placed her hands on Bris thighs and spread her even further, working hard to get my little girl off.

Yyessss... thats it you little fucking Daddy stealer... Mmmmmmaaaahhh Suck on my clit, you fucking slut Push your tongue in there Fuuuuuckkk Bri took her hands around her knees and pulled even further back, exposing her little pink asshole to Katie. Tongue my ass, Katie... Cmon you owe me! Put your hot little tongue in my assssssss...

Katie hesitated for only a second before dipping her lips down a bit and starting to work on Bris little bum. She was moments out of the shower, so there would probably never be a better time! Bri rotated her hips, working her ass onto Katies pink little tongue. Katie would alternate between tongue fucking Bris ass and moving up to suck Bris clit between her teeth and biting her gently. I was left standing there with my dick in my hand wondering how or if I should get in on the action somehow. Bri solved my dilemma for me.

Awww... fuck yes... Katiegoooodd! DaddyaawwwFuck her, Daddy Fuck Katie.

WHAT?" I exclaimed. "Bri! I... Katie's a virgin... I dont think

Cmon, Daddy... Fuck her! You know you want to Look at her What a cute little friend I brought home for you, huh? Pop her cherry, Daddy!

All the while she was working her hips to feed little Katie her sweet young snatch. Katie obediently licked and sucked and nibbled at her preteen friend's pussy while Bri urged me to rape her friend.

"She wants it, Daddy... Mmmmm, shes eating my pussy so good... Fucking do it!

Katie lifted her head long enough to gasp, "Yeah, Mr. B. You totally can, if you wantI mean, you know... if you want to, I want you to before my dad does. Please?

This was an argument I was more than happy to lose. I stepped forward and presented my rampant seeping cock to my daughter's mouth. Bri hungrily opened up for it and sucked voraciously at the head of my adult penis. I grabbed a handful of hair and bucked my hips into her face a few times; might as well get my moneys worth, right? Bri worked my dick in and out of her mouth while her friend serviced her little pussy. I let Bri get me nice and hard, not difficult, and wet and then moved to kneel behind Katie.

It occurred to me as I knelt behind my preteen daughter's preteen friend that maybe I shouldnt be doing this. That thought was quickly replaced with the thought, look at that perfect bald little pussy. Meanwhile Bri kept up a steady stream of encouragement as she had her snatch eaten by Katie and pushed me to rape her little friend. Katie, meanwhile, was constantly whining in the back of her throat and had tilted up her ass and spread her knees to let me know she was ready. The head of my cock looked impossibly huge as I fisted myself and ran it up and down Katies sloppy little pussy. Her pussy was hot as I snuggled the tip of my cock in her channel. She pulled off Bris pussy long enough to look over her shoulder and moan, "Please, Mr. B., put it in me I... I want you... inside me Mr. B. Fuck it into me! I promise Ill do it good.

She'll do it good? Fucking hell, what was I waiting for? I held her hip with one hand and fisted my dick with the other. I rotated my cockhead around her opening a few times, thoroughly wetting myself, and then began to nudge into her. Katie cried out as I slowly started to open her, but kept her mouth plastered to Bris sweet little pussy. Bri was watching me with her eyes on fire as I began to rape her little friend. Bri shocked even me with the constant stream of filth she kept up, encouraging me to pop her friend's cherry and making her my slut, as well as coaxing Katie to keep eating her wet little preteen cunt.

Ooooo mmmm. Thats it, you little fucking fuck slut Yessssss... eat my pussy good... Tongue that nasty little assMmmmm good girl, KatieI knew youd be fun! Look at her, Daddy Fuck her good... Put it to her for fuck's sake! Fuck her tight little cunt, Daddy... The little virgin wants it. Shes wet for you, Daddy... Fuck the shit out of her

I proceeded to do just that. Katie inched her knees just a bit further apart and tilted up her hips to give me the perfect angle to penetrate her snug little snatch. Once my fat dick head popped inside her, it was just a matter of short strokes to lube my cock before I was bottoming out in her. She moaned against my daughter's pussy as I pulled her to me as tight as I could by her slim little hips. Soon the air was filled with Bris moans and Katies cries as she got fucked for the first time, and my groin smacking wetly into Katies ass. If any of my neighbors were outside, it'd been obvious what was happening on my patio. It was amazing. Soon enough little Katie was fucking herself back onto my hard cock and moaning like a little whore. I put it to her as hard as I could, throwing myself into defiling this eager little preteen who wanted nothing more to be shown the affection of a man and the friendship of her classmate.

It was a huge turn on for me to see my little girl having her first lesbian experience while I popped the cherry of the girl giving it to her. Katie gave as good as she got. Whipping her tongue over Bris pussy while I bucked in and out of her. Her little bald snatch was tight as a glove as I worked hard to bring her off.

Uh, uh, uh, ooooo, Mr. B Aaaaaaahhhhh fuuuuuuu... yessss.Oh, my gawd, Mr. B.! Its so gawduh, uh, uh, uh

Katie grunted in time with my pumping into her. I think Bri was getting off the most watching me fuck her friend. I was doing my best to hold out until Katie came on my dick, but I didnt think I was going to last much longer. Katie solved the problem by reaching under herself and starting to frig her little clit while I hammered her.

Bri kept on coaching us both. Fuuuuyesssssss eat my pussy, Katie... Mmmm, eat it you little cunt... I love you Fuck yessss Suck on my clit Daddeeeee, fuck it into herFuck her hard Make her cum good, Daddy uhhhhhh Tell me when youre cumming in her, Daddy Fill her up! She wants it the horny little cunt... Fuck!

When Bri blurted that she loved Katie, I think that put Katie over the top. Crying out, she shuddered and I could feel her already impossibly tight little pussy clench my cock like she was milking it. I slammed into her a few more times before I held her to me, as deep as I could get, and let it rip. It was so intense I thought for a second I was going to pass out. I filled her tight bald little preteen cunt with my semen and thought Id never stop. Bri had two handfuls of Katie's hair and was mashing her face into her snatch roughly, her head thrown back as she came as well. After a few moments we all collapsed into a sweaty heap and I just fondled and groped my two sweaty little fuck toys as we caught our breath. Katie was near tears.

Mr. B! That... that was amazing! I... thank you, thank you... It only hurt for a second and then... I mean... Wow!... My Dad... he would have... hes just so mean! But you... it felt soooo good!

"Bri? Did I did I make you cum?" she asked. "I never I thought I would've liked... you know, but I loved it! You tasted so Gawd, that was so much fun! You both are so awesome!

The last I saw of them for the evening was when I pulled the door closed to Bris room. After all they were having a sleepover. Of course I didnt expect it to end up the way it did. Bri and Katie were snuggling face to face and whispering to each other and I could see Bris hands moving below the blankets. That girl just never quits. As for me, I was done for; my poor dick was sore and was about to fall off from overuse.



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