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Authors Note: After posting "Dooley Days" I received several comments along the lines of "This reminds me of my childhood somewhat..."

Michael D was on of those readers and he shared with me his story in some detail. I have his permission to share this with you and I've taken certain creative liberties, but I have strived to remain true to what he told me. All names have been changed for obvious reasons. - Uncle Reamum

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I was born in the early seventies to parents who were very libertine when it came to sex and sexual matters. Knowing my parents, especially my dad, I was probably first sexually molested as a baby, but I really don't know that as a fact. Having said that, I would like to say that not everyone who was sexually molested as a kid, grow up to be traumatized or as sex monsters. Some kids, boys and girls alike, just like it and either make themselves available to or actively seek out an adult for sex. Part of that is the thrill of the forbidden and taboo, but some of it is just the way they are wired and how they were treated.

For me, I was wired for sex at a very early age by my parents. I was always treated lovingly and very well, and was never physically or verbally abused. Oh, I got spanked when it was appropriate and got chewed out when I messed up really bad, but I was never beat down and made to feel that I was somehow lacking. Quite the opposite, I was taught to think well of myself and to be considerate of others. What I was taught was to enjoy sexual play, like having my dick played with and to enjoy intimate contact with others. Thinking back, it was all great fun and what kid doesn't like to have fun?

As a boy and as a teen, my father learned about sex from several priests. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not knocking the Catholic religion, nor am I knocking priests in general. It is just a fact that my dad was a good Catholic boy who learned about sex from some of the priests he knew and his outlook on sex was shaped by these early experiences, just as my outlook on sex was shaped by my parents and early experiences. After high school, Dad even started out to be a priest and attended Seminary where he had more fun with like minded Seminarians, but his outlook changed and he dropped out to attend a co-ed state college.

This was in the late Sixties, the era of "Tune In and Drop Out", except he wasn't dropping out, just tuning in. In many ways, Dad was a traditionalist, in other ways, mainly sexual, not so much. The prevailing mantras of "free love" and "if it feels good, do it," were his guiding principles. During his college years he had sex with a lot of different people, male and female, got into nudism and generally had a blast. Along the way he met my mother, an attractive woman by all measures, and sexually a very promiscuous one. She and he were perfectly in tune with each other and often experimented with others.

She too was a good Catholic girl, and being a good Catholic girl, she had her own ideas about birth control. She was okay with the use of condoms, but not with taking birth control pills, preferring instead to time unprotected vaginal sex with times of low fertility. During times of high fertility, oral, anal or condom use were her preferred precautions. Back then there was no fear of HIV and anything you caught could be taken care of with a quick visit to a clinic for an antibiotic shot. Bareback sex was the norm, unless of course she was fertile.

Not surprisingly, during a night of sex with my dad where judgment was clouded with smoke and alcohol, the condom was forgotten, resulting in my older brother's conception. Dad, being the man he was, took full responsibility and married Mom. And with her pregnant, she could fuck any number of guys for her and my dad's entertainment, and not get any more pregnant than she already was.

Once Paul was born and Dad had his degree, he went to work for his father-in-law and became my grandfather's right-hand man. A year later, I was conceived. It was about this time that my dad learned that my mom's dad had had sex with her regularly when she was a teenager. That piqued his interest and he encouraged them to resume their incestuous relationship, with his blessings, participation and supervision of course. My grandfather never lived with us, not until his last days, but he was a frequent guest in my parents' bed. Growing up, I thought that was all very normal.

My parents were into nudism. They weren't exactly naturists, but nudity was common at our house. That doesn't mean we all went about naked all the time, but after supper and followed by baths, there was no need to get dressed again. Indeed, I don't remember a time when I ever wore anything to bed at night, even on the coldest New England winter night, as an electric blanket kept me and my brother toasty warm.

On weekends, when home, Dad rarely wore anything, preferring to keep the house very warm to wearing clothes. At his insistence, Mom was mostly nude all day too as was Paul and I. Grandpa, if he was over, was usually there to fuck my mom and he too went about in the buff. When my folks had friends over for a night of adult games, they also went about nude. Nudity was no big deal to me nor to my brother.

But, all this had its drawbacks too. Paul and I both understood at an early age that what went on in the house was not for public consumption. I understood at an early age that not everyone went about naked at home to the extent that we did, and that was a family secret that I wasn't to reveal to anyone. As a consequence, Paul and I never had friends over. We'd play with neighbor kids outside, fully clothed, but no one was permitted in the house. There were two exceptions to this rule, but I'll get to that later.

My brother, Paul, being the oldest, took the lead in many things. I don't remember the first time he decided to play with my dick, but from a young age, we messed with each other quite often and rather openly. No one ever commented on it, so we figured it was perfectly acceptable, and to my mom and dad, it was. Grandpa wasn't so keen on it, but he deferred to our parents for our upbringing, as it should be.

When we were young, my parents didn't have sex out in the open, keeping it to their bedroom with the door closed, but occasionally we'd see something by accident. I suppose that's where Paul got the idea to suck my dick. Of course once he did, I sucked his dick too. This too was known to my parents and they said nothing about it. Again, Grandpa wasn't so keen on it, but he kept his opinions in check and accepted it too.

Paul and I, as well as our Grandpa, were circumcised, but my dad wasn't. For my brother and I, that was the standard practice at hospitals in America at that time for "hygenic" reasons. Naturally, Paul and I both found Dad's uncut dick to be fascinating. When Grandpa wasn't around, Dad let us play with his foreskin as well as play with his dick. Mom, who was of the opinion that all men were perverse, was okay with that too, mainly I think, because Dad let us do it and what Dad wanted, Mom went along with it. In return, Dad would play with our dicks, feeling us up and jacking us off. I was quite young the first time I experience a dry cum. He didn't flaunt that he was molesting us and did it mostly in private, but not always and that too was okay with Mom.

We were very much a touchie-feelie family. Many an evening, I would come and lay on my Dad while he was watching TV. He'd reach around and fondle me, sometimes for an hour or more. Some nights he was more aggressive in his fondling and would masturbate me. I loved doing that as did my brother. I also loved to snuggle up with Mom, burying my face in her bare tit while fondling the other. She too would stroke me, all over. I especially liked the feel of her fingernails lightly stroking my bare ass and her soft loving touch to my dick and balls, and I loved to touch her. Nothing was off limits.

Like I said before, Paul and I rarely, if ever, had friends over. The two exceptions being David and Frankie. David's mom was a single lady, having lost her husband in a car accident. She was an attractive widow and Mom and Dad put the moves on her for a threesome. I won't pretend to know the dynamics of how that arrangement got started, just that it did. I was about six years old then. She spent the night quite often and when she did, David, her son, who was my age, spent the night too with Paul and me. Nudity was the rule and boy-sex games were the norm. We didn't hide what we were doing from his mom any more than we hid it from our folks. If David's mom had a problem with any of that, she never vocalized it to us and David quickly became a blow buddy of ours. This went on for nearly three years until she and David moved away.

It was a similar story with Frankie, who was Paul's age. Frankie's dad and my dad became buddies soon after they moved next door. By then, David and his mom had moved away. When it came to sex and nudity, Frankie's mom and dad had similar interests to my parents. They too spent the night often and when they did, Frankie stayed with us too. Sometimes we were all over at their house, but that's not important. What's important is that unlike David's mom, who more or less pretended that nothing was happening between us boys, Frankie's dad, like my dad, enjoyed watching us boys blow each other.

I remember quite vividly the first time I sucked my dad's cock. Frankie and his dad, Mr. Hank, were over while our moms were out shopping together. I could tell something was up, by the way our dads were quietly talking to one another as they sat on the sofa and looking our way often. Suddenly Frankie's dad stood up and said says, "Frankie, come here, son. I need my dick sucked." Frankie got up from the Matchbox cars we had been playing with, walked over, knelt in front of his dad and proceeded to blow him. Paul and I thought that was quite interesting and watched the entire act, including his dad sperming Frankie's face.

Paul, always the one to take the initiative, got up and went over to Dad, who was still half sitting/half lying on the sofa, crawled up between his splayed legs and took Dad's hard-on into his mouth. For several minutes Paul bobbed on Dad's cock, with Dad alternately looking at Paul sucking him and then over to me. I could tell by the smile on his face that he was really enjoying it. Determined not to be out done by my older brother, I too got up and walked over to Dad. Dad gently pushed Paul away. I didn't waste any time replacing Paul.

I remember clearly how different Dad's adult cock felt between my lips, in my mouth and on my tongue, compared to my brother's or Frankie's youthful cock. I also felt so big and so grownup, though in reality I was just a nine year old kid who had been sucking kid-dick for years. After a few minutes, I yielded my dad's cock back to my older brother, who took him to completion. For well over a year prior, Paul and I had been jacking off my Dad, so we were both well acquainted with cum; we knew what it looked like, what it felt like and what it smelled like. We had put our tongue to it, but what neither of us really knew was how cum, a big wad of it, tasted. Paul found out, and being the oldest, he found out before I did. I didn't have long to wait though, as the cock sucking continued for the next hour or so and I got Dad's second load. I took Paul and Frankie at their word that cum didn't taste bad, and I guess I liked it. Lord knows, I swallowed a lot of it in the weeks, months and years that followed and never hesitated to drink it down.

Dad never hid what he did with us and Mom always accepted it. It was just the way things were. Grandpa knew, though we didn't do it when he was around, and he too never commented on it one way or the other. As far as I knew, most kids sucked their dad's dick, like Frankie did and just as brothers and friends sucked each other. One great upshot of it was Dad wasn't shy about going down on Paul or me, nor was he shy about going down on Frankie's dad and vice versa. Once it was all out in the open, it seemed completely normal to me. Even though we'd been doing it for years, Paul and I learned a lot about giving a really good blowjob from our dad. He'd demonstrate things on us and we'd mimic it with him and with each other.

Soon after Paul and I started sucking Dad's dick, Grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer. In a matter of months, he went from a strapping, vibrant man to a near skeleton confined to a hospital bed in our living room. This of course put a damper on things, but there was always the privacy of my bedroom for Paul and I to service Dad. Once it became clear to Grandpa that he only had a few months to live, he signed over all his property and his business to my mom and dad.

It was nearly a year before things escalated again. Grandpa had passed away. Like the first time I sucked Dad, Mom and Frankie's mom were out shopping, leaving us three boys in the charge of our dads. Like before, Frankie's dad, Mr. Hank, lead the way, suggesting to his son that he should suck my dad. As usual, Paul caught on quicker than I did and without coaxing, went down on Mr. Hank, and as always, I had to wait my turn to do something my older brother was doing. I think my dad enjoyed seeing us give head to his friend more than having us give head to him, provided he was getting serviced by Frankie too. And like the first time I sucked Dad, Dad sucked Frankie and Mr. Hank sucked Paul and I. It was great fun, fun to be repeated many times.

This was also about the time that my mom made a new friend at work. Miss Shelia and Mom had worked together for a year or more, before they really got to know each other. Again, I don't know how that work dynamic worked, but they realized that had much in common. I suspect that both my mom and Shelia were fucking their boss and the subject came up, but I don't know that for sure. Regardless of how they connected, Stephan and Miss Shelia connected with my mom and dad and along with Mr. Hank and Miss Judy, they all became regular swing partners. It shouldn't be a surprise to the reader that Paul, Frankie and I were soon sucking Mr. Stephan whenever he was over.

Stephan was a German fellow, very friendly, classically Nordic, blond, blue eyed, and quite muscular. He had a fairly strong German accent as well, and was quite well off financially. I didn't know anything about the money part until much later, other than he drove a Mercedes.

Ass play was always central to the boy-sex games Paul and I played, mostly fingering, but also oral-anal. The only thing I can remember being said about the butt-hole licking was to only do that when we were very clean, lest we might get sick from it. Not, "don't do that," but only "do it when fresh from a bath." We'd also poke each other, but it wasn't until Paul was large enough that he could actually penetrate me much past just lodging the head of his cock in my butthole, that he began ass fucking me. Frankie got into that action too, but being younger and smaller, I had trouble doing it to them, not that I didn't try.

After months of watching me getting humped, my dad decided I was ready and willing to be sodomized. For once I got to do something before Paul did, when Dad lubed me up and took me. He went about it slowly and carefully. I guess I was sort of used to it, as I don't recall it being painful. After that, Dad fucked me rather regularly. Paul wasn't so lucky, as it was obviously painful for him until he loosened up after being fucked several times. Dad also fucked Frankie in the ass. For Frankie, it wasn't a big deal as his dad had been doing him at home for several months. Likewise, once I was broken in good, it didn't bother me to be fucked by Mr. Hank or by Mr. Stephan.

You might think that all this man-boy sex would have oriented Paul, Frankie and me to be gay, but our moms saw to it that we developed a healthy attraction for women. Other than snuggling and stroking, Paul and I didn't have sex with Mom, but with Miss Judy, Frankie's mom and later, Miss Shelia added to our education into the ways of women. Frankie was similarly instructed by my mom and Miss Shelia. The ladies were quite good at performing fellatio with us and we all liked exploring the mysteries of pussies and playing with tits. And when we were old enough, vaginal fucking. The things Miss Judy and Miss Shelia could do with their pussies! That was a whole different world from ass fucking, a wonderful world.

Like all kids, I found adults to be rather confusing at times. With other kids, it was pretty much straightforward, but adults were rather obtuse at times. Like when Mr. Stephan and Miss Shelia split. One day you'd see them together having a good time visiting, then suddenly, they never made an appearance together. We'd see each of them often enough, but not together. It was unfathomable to me that they divorced, or why. It was years before I realized that Miss Shelia had taken up with her boss, Mr. Tollar. Tollar was also my mom's boss, and Mom was a regular playmate with them, not at our house, but at Tollar's.

Stephan, as I now was permitted to call him, didn't seem to care at all that Shelia had left him. He still came over and banged Mom, and I suppose he was more into MMF-threesomes than MFF-threesomes. Like any other issue with humans, there are varying degrees of bisexuality depending on the individual. On a bisexual scale, my dad was 50-50. Me, I'm now 80% for women. Stephan, he leaned more heavily towards the guys than the girls. My mom, she was always cock hound and leaned 80% towards a good fucking from a man, and she wasn't too particular who the man was, so long as he could perform. Stephan, it seems, wasn't a good performer with women, and no doubt that was the root cause of he and Shelia splitting. Of course, being a kid, I didn't appreciate such subtleties at the time.

But as with all things in life, when one door closes, another opens. In this case, on the weekends when Mom and Frankie's mom spent the weekend cavorting with Shelia and Tollar, we guys all spent the weekend at Stephan's. Stephan owned a large and absolutely gorgeous piece of property out of town. He'd inherited it from his father before he married Shelia, so it wasn't community property when they split. His house was large and very comfortable, which was in sharp contrast to the modest two story my family lived in. Best of all, it had a large spa and a large swimming pool. I had been there on occasion while Stephan and Shelia were together, but that was during cold weather. It was now summer and we boys were looking forward to going swimming.

To our surprise, in addition to my dad, Mr. Hank and Stephan, there were about six or seven other men and two other boys there, one younger than me and the other older than Paul. Nudity was the rule and we had a blast playing naked in the pool and in the spa. Open sex was also the rule, between the men, the men and boys, and between the boys.

I vividly remember lying on a chase lounger, my dad straddling me and the chair, holding my legs up and out, making my asshole available. I was all lubed up and was already leaking cum from my ass, when this man I hardly knew, stepped up stroking the biggest dick I'd ever seen. I remember him pushing his cock up my ass. Good thing I'd been already fucked by one of the other guests and loosened up, or I would have had more trouble taking him than I did. Even so, it was uncomfortable taking a cock that size up my ass, or at least it was at first. Good thing Dad was there, as he made the man take it slow with me, and not just rip me a new asshole.

That summer, we went to Stephan's quite often and there were always eight to ten, carefully selected men and five or six boys, ranging in age from seven to fifteen years old. We boys, the main attraction of these affairs, were well treated and well fucked. Never once did anyone do anything against our will, indeed, we were all willing boys, even the youngest.

Towards the end of summer, there was a major outbreak of a STD in our group. One of the men was a MD, and he simply made sure everyone got an antibiotic, in other words, it was no big deal. A few years later, around the mid-80's, word began to spread about AIDS, a death sentence. That got everyone's attention, even though it seemed at the time to be most prevalent in San Francisco and New Orleans. Dad certainly took notice and stopped taking Paul and me to Stephan's all-male orgies.

By that time I was fourteen and Paul was sixteen. Mom and Dad were now openly having sex in our presence. No longer was sex between them confined to behind closed bedroom doors, but had expanded to all rooms of the house, especially in the kitchen. Dad would fuck Mom and then have one of us lick his cum from her skin and from her pussy. I rather enjoyed performing cunnilingus on my mom and she enjoyed it too, though she'd always act all shy and embarrassed about it.

If you're wondering whether I ever fucked my mom, the answer is no. I would have, and Dad wanted us to do it, but she drew the line with that. Paul and I had the first and only cocks she ever declined, and that was the only time she told my dad, "No," to anything he wanted and then stuck by it. Frankie... Frankie fucked her, but we fucked his mom, so we were even.

In junior high school, I became active in the hunt for pussy, and scored my first girl when I was fourteen. No one ever heard it from me that I'd fucked Tracy, or any other girl for that matter. But word spread, from Tracy and the other girls themselves and knowing that I'd be discrete, I got lots and lots of pussy all through high school. I still messed with Dad, my brother, Frankie and his dad, but I didn't go on the prowl for guys, just girls. Girls interested me, not guys.

There's a common expression about women and their daughters, that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That also applied to me in my choice of a wife. In a lot of ways, she was just like my mother, a promiscuous slut, though I hate to pin the label of slut on my mom even though my father used that term to describe her quite frequently and openly. My mom was a tender loving mother to Paul and I, even if she was my father's slut to be passed around. She and my dad were both sex addicts and could never get enough. My wife was like that too, and that's what attracted her to me.

And like my mom, my wife had an incestuous relationship growing up. In her case, she was fucked by her grandfather and her uncle. Her grandfather fucked all his daughters and their daughters. They were a Canadian farm family and those long cold winters on an isolated farm provided plenty of opportunity for family sex.

We were married for eighteen years before we grew apart and divorced. I've never had sexual relations with my own daughter nor with my son, and neither of them are aware of what my childhood was really like. However, my daughter takes after her mother. She began having sex with boys, lots of boys, when she was eleven. We put her on the pill when she began menstruating when she was twelve. She's a very popular girl with the boys.

My son, he's now eleven. I don't know if he's ever blown another guy or not, though I suspect he has. He's several years younger than his sister, and considering that they never seem to get along all that well, I doubt if anything sexual has ever passed between the two of them.

Like all parents, the best I can do is to educate my kids. My wife and I have always been quite frank and open about discussing sex with them both. Our goal is equip them to make their own choices, good choices, and to accept responsibility for those choices. Whatever choices they make, they know that they are loved unconditionally. It's the best I can do.

The End


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