Previously published as: “Kristie’s Fantasy Birthday Auction”

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Mike fulfills a sex fantasy of his wife each year for her birthday. The year in which this story takes place, he decides to make her fantasy of being sold as a sex slave at auction become reality for a weekend. With the help of a couple friends ten individuals who are strangers to Mike and Kristie are found to participate as bidders at the auction. As the story unfolds Kristie is sold on the auction block to a total stranger to be used as his sex slave for the entire weekend. As fantasy becomes reality, both husband and wife have concerns how the fantasy will end. Will their perfect marriage be destroyed as a result?

All activities described in this story are between consenting adults except for a brief rape scene in Chapter 36. All events, places and things described are FICTIONAL and purely fantasy.

If a brief rape scene offends you, please do not read this story, or skip over Chapter 36 in part 8. If any of the following story codes are offensive to you, please avoid this story (M+/F+, M/F+, FF, Consensual Slavery, Mdom/Fsub, Fdom/Fsub, Incest (bro/sis), Incest (mother/daughter), rape (chapter 36).

ATTENTION: This is a rather long multi-part story (over 100k words in 9 parts). I hope you like the story, but if you are not into long novel length stories, or are not willing to read from Part One through Nine, you are not going to like this story. This story flows from one part directly into the next with no recap of what happened in previous parts. Part one contains very little sex, but is important to help understand the flow of the story. This story is told from the perspective of various characters. The character perspective changes, when they do occur, take place at the chapter breaks.

Chapter 1 Introduction

My name is Mike Adams and I consider myself a very fortunate man. Few men I know are married to a woman they truly love and who loves them equally. Kristie and I met one evening at a party my college Fraternity was hosting. Kristie was still in college and got my attention when I saw her walk through the door. As they say, the rest is history. We were married a month after her graduation. That was over eleven years ago. Most men would have paranoid jealousy being married to a woman eight years younger and as beautiful and sexy as my wife.

As one of ten Senior Vice Presidents with a major computer software development company in San Diego, California I am able to provide us with a very good income. My salary supports my wife in the lifestyle she deserves.

Kristie fills me with pride. I dont like to refer to her as arm candy even though she not only has a beautiful body with flawless skin; she has a personality that wins over every person she meets. She works hard keeping her body in shape with frequent visits to the gym.

Kristie is a natural submissive. Her pleasure in life comes from making others happy. She loves sex and finds her greatest satisfaction comes from giving others sexual pleasure. Given the choice, she prefers men, but many women have been fortunate enough to experience her high level of sexual intensity. She has a way of knowing exactly what any particular man desires in a woman and transforms herself into that woman thereby providing him the perfect woman to satisfy his every fantasy.

I have never met or heard of another woman who even comes close to Kristies passion for sex. Her desire for sexual variety and fulfillment has led to many erotic experiences for us. We have what many would call an Open Marriage; however even though we have sex with others, it is always with the knowledge and consent of each other. We discuss, with each other, our sexual activity involving others. This has resulted in developing some of our best fantasies. The vast majority of our sexual adventures occur outside the normal boundaries of what most people consider traditional marriage.

Guys I work with find it difficult to believe I am not jealous or afraid she will be attracted to someone more handsome, or maybe someone with a larger bank account. They dont understand that Kristie is not into material things. Like most women, she does like the nicer things in life and I work hard to provide her with the clothing and jewelry that shows her at her best. I am very proud of her and want her to always look her best. I am always proud of her when we are together. I even want her to look her best when she is off by herself, with her friends, or even on those occasions when she is with other men. She may be with them, but she is my wife.

Her greatest pleasure is not shopping, but rather exploring a new sexual adventure. Early in our relationship we both realized the typical monogamous marriage would not satisfy our combined desire for a heightened level of sexual adventure. We knew we needed variety and would be happiest in an open marriage environment.

Contrary to what many believe, this does not cause me stress, fearing I will lose her. When Kristie is around she provides me with all the sex I can handle. We both enjoy seeing our partner having sex with others and each of us gets the most out of our sexual relationships by observing the enjoyment our partner is experiencing at any particular moment. I watching Kristie enjoy herself and bring pleasure to the man or woman she is with. In order for you to understand I must tell you a little more about my wife.

As I said earlier, Kristie is a very submissive woman. She embraces what she considers her fortune in life of being born female. She believes all women have the primary responsibility to bring pleasure to men. I enjoy receiving her attentions and also enjoy watching her with others. Watching my wife as she is used by others is a huge turn on. It is best if she is being used by a man who is assertive and takes control of his partner.

As I referred to earlier, even though Kristie prefers men she has a lot of fun with dominate women. About the only type of person she does not enjoy being with is another submissive, like herself. She is not one who likes to take charge.

I must admit, it does turn me on when I see a man, whom it is apparent, wants desperately to fuck my wife. I dont know why, but my cock will always harden as I watch him lust after her. Maybe my arousal is knowing he wants her, but that she belongs to me. Dont mistake me for a cuckold. If I told her not to fuck someone, she respects me and would not become involved with that person regardless of how strong her attraction. As a submissive, she will not go against me. On the other hand, I would only prohibit her from seeing someone if I felt her safety was in danger or that the relationship was likely to threaten our marriage. I would never force Kristie to do something she did not want.

We openly discuss our fantasies when we make love or just when sitting around and feeling amorous. Many of our real life experiences involve scenes from our personal fantasies. Making our fantasies come to life is a huge turn-on. In the process we have learned some of our fantasies should have remained fantasies, but many have been our most intense experiences and have led to broaden our sexual horizons.

Like many women, Kristie has a rape fantasy she enjoys, but I will not permit her to live this one out for fear of her getting hurt. I do work elements of semi non-consensual activity into some of the fantasies I set up for her, but always plan for those times when a fantasy could get intense to have way for her to stop the scene. This is done usually by use of a prearranged Safe Word. When used the Safe Word will stop the fantasy immediately and prevent serious harm, sometimes a warning Safe Word to slow down the activity and not completely stop it is available for her to use.

As I said, Kristie is beautiful. Yes, she is my wife and I realize my opinion of her beauty is very biased, but all the guys I know who have met Kristie, agree she could have easily been a professional swim suit model. Kristie is flattered by the comments from these men, but blushes and disagrees when I tell her what they say. She claims her tits are too big for her to be a model. She is 32, but everyone agrees she looks much younger. She is often mistaken as being a college student.

Kristie has straight long blonde hair that stops at the middle of her back. For me, her eyes are her most amazing feature. Being such a dazzling emerald green, they are her most noticeable feature. Her efforts to keep her body in shape by visiting the gym at least three days a week have succeeded in keeping her body in much the same shape as when she was in college. Her 36C-25-35 measurements are perfect for her small 51 frame. She is very lean at 98 pounds and has a perfectly flat tummy. Many people comment that she should have been a concert pianist with her long thin fingers. When they say that, I think to myself that her fingers are much better suited for wrapping around and gripping a hard thick cock. For those who are into feet, her long slender legs end with her cute petite feet. She is a frequent customer at her favorite manicure and pedicure salon.

Her feet are so sexy when fitted into a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps with at least a four inch heel. Hopefully from my description you now understand why I am totally in love, and mesmerized, by this woman.

Chapter 2 Birthday Fantasies

Selecting one of Kristies fantasies and making it come to life is something I try to arrange for her birthday each year. She and I both look forward to her birthdays for this reason. Because of this Kristie enjoys having birthdays.

Each year I select one of the fantasies she has told me about, but I never tell her which one I have selected until the last minute when it becomes impossible to keep it a secret any longer. She loves the anticipation of knowing she will be living one of her fantasies; however not knowing which one I have selected makes her very anxious. She tries to coax me into telling her, but I never do. I do enjoy her bribes and attempts to get me to disclose the information. She has a whole host of tricks and seductions she tries, but they never work. Her determination to never give up and to keep trying to figure out which fantasy she is going to live is a lot of fun.

Arranging the fantasies is almost as much fun for me as her getting to live them in real life. It is like giving a gift to someone. Most of the fun comes from giving the gift rather than receiving it.

A birthday fantasy is not necessarily a new fantasy each year. I have repeated some of the better ones by simply changing the participants, rules or situation. While still keeping the theme of the fantasy, I make it into an entirely different experience with subtle changes.

Fulfilling Kristies fantasies has brought more variety to our sexual experiences. For example one fantasy led to us becoming involved with a local swingers group. The membership of the group consists of couples who live in our area, or live close enough they are willing to drive to our parties. The members are not only sexual partners; many have become very good friends of both Kristie and me.

Most of Kristies fantasies can be linked to themes of stories she reads on-line. When appropriate, the fantasies I set up for her involve me being present. I am a voyeur and like to watch. Oftentimes I am in the corner stroking my cock while watching her give some man an incredible experience. I being there also gives Kristie a sense of security in the event her safety would become an issue. We have never had any problems, but she finds comfort when I am nearby.

We are also members of a nudist resort. The membership of the resort is limited to adult couples. Members are allowed to bring female guests but no single male guests are allowed. It is always nice that there are more women than men. It is a lot of fun when two or more couples share one of the large hot tubs. That way if Kristie finds someone interesting, I can usually become much better acquainted with the guys wife.

One thing that makes Kristies fantasies interesting is that while she is very submissive, surprisingly she is also very shy. Until she gets to know people really well on an intimate level she is totally embarrassed if someone knows our kinky personal lifestyle. For this reason, many of our close friends are unaware of our lifestyle. Unless the fantasy requires differently, most of our friends never know how hot Kristie is when she is at her sexiest. Other than only a couple of people, those I work with know only that I have a beautiful wife that every one of them would love to drive their hard cocks into. It is quite a turn on when we attend office parties and I get to watch as many of them get hard when Kristie talks to them or dances with them. She loves getting close and accidentally rubbing up against them acting as if she does not notice them rubbing against her. She acts nave and appears to be oblivious to their arousal.

I do not judge happiness by money or possessions, unless you consider Kristie one of my possessions. She is what makes me my life complete. Some people think our lifestyle is perverted, but on the contrary, we enjoy ourselves and are in love with each other more than any other couple I know. We find mutual happiness in being able to bring each other happiness. When Kristie is with someone else, it is with my full consent and approval. Very seldom do I fuck someone else, but when it does happen, I make sure Kristie is fully aware of, and approves of, these encounters. This should give you enough background to understand why I consider myself the luckiest man alive.

Chapter 3 Selecting the Fantasy

A few times during our marriage she has told me of a fantasy I have never before selected to make a reality. Not because I found it offensive, quite the contrary, I think it would be one of the hottest of her fantasies. My reason for not choosing it is because I always believed the logistics of setting it up would be very difficult. Since she has been increasing the frequency of which she talks about this particular fantasy, and I have always thought it sounded like such a hot fantasy, I decided to at least attempt to make it a birthday selection.

This particular fantasy involves a reluctant, but very submissive woman surrendering herself to her masters desire to auction her off to a complete stranger as a sex slave. In her fantasy, the duration of the winning bidders ownership would be anywhere from couple hours to her lifetime. In the fantasy the woman is blindfolded during the sale, not knowing the identity of the men or women bidding for the ownership of her body. Even after the sale, the winning bidder is a stranger unknown to her.

The limits placed on her sale and subsequent use is left entirely to the will of her master, the man putting her body up for sale. In real life there would be no limits or conditions on the sale, but for the fantasy the limits and conditions would be announced to the bidders immediately before she is placed on the auction block. As a sex slave she could be required to do manual labor, or anything the winning bidder wants, as long as it is within the limits announced prior to the auction. But given that the slave will be my beautiful wife, it does not take much imagination to know the buyers intended purpose will be for her to be his or her sex slave.

In Kristies fantasy the idea of her naked body displayed and offered for the inspection of total strangers, and then becoming the property of one of those strangers, is far outside her comfort zone. These factors are what make this particular fantasy even more daring and exciting.

Obviously, I would be Kristies current owner. In her fantasy there is not an option for her to Safe Word out of the fantasy, but as a matter of safety, this would be part of the agreement with the winning bidder. As an incentive to prevent her from using her Safe Word, except in the most desperate of situations I decided to include a penalty clause in the agreement if she was to use it. To instill a severe penalty into the use of her Safe Word, I decided if she was to use her Safe Word all money paid at auction for the temporary ownership of her, plus an additional 50% of that amount, would be paid to the winning bidder for the early termination of the fantasy. This penalty would apply regardless if the Safe Word was used at the beginning or during the last minute of the fantasy.

If Kristie found she was in more pain that she could endure, or was being required to do something she found too offensive, she could use her Safe Word to escape the situation and terminate the fantasy. The only exception to the refund plus 50% penalty would be if it was shown the situation Kristie was escaping from was a violation of one or more of the rules outlined at the auction.

Knowing my beautiful Kristie like I do, I knew the only way she would terminate the fantasy would be to avoid something that would cause her permanent physical harm, and I had every intention of making any activity that would cause such harm a prohibited condition that would violate the terms of the sale.

Chapter 4 Have to Find Someone to Help

It was up to me to find men whom I could trust to make her fantasy a memorable experience, while at the same time protecting her from serious physical harm. This last element of the fantasy required selecting the participants, and this was the part that always stopped me from picking this in previous years as her Birthday fantasy. Keep in mind to be true to the fantasy, the participants had to be strangers to Kristie, but at the same time I would have to know them, or have someone vouch for them, in order to find people I could trust with my wifes safety.

Finding one or two guys would be easy, but finding enough to have a legitimate auction would be more difficult. Also the losing bidders had to be trusted to keep the fantasy confidential, even after it had ended. I realized I would have to find others, I trust, to help me. Even this required that I trust these helpers to recommend people who would be trustworthy.

I considered guys I work with, but ruled them out fairly quickly. While any of them would jump at the chance to have Kristie under their control, she knew most of them, and word getting around town was something I did not want to have to consider.

After much thought I decided my best chance for success would be to ask for help from some of the guys in our Swingers club. Many of them lived in cities not close to us, but not far either. Since they were swingers they were less likely to judge our motives. Most of them already knew of the birthday tradition. I decided they could not participate in the auction since Kristie knew all of them intimately. She is very popular in the group and everyone in the club has shoved his hard cock into her fuck holes on more than one occasion; however, they might know others who would be trustworthy enough and want to take part in the live auction of a sexy woman. The primary condition was that they be someone who would make her fantasy of being a sex slave come true. I decided the fantasy should be longer than the previous fantasies. This one would extend over a weekend. If possible it would begin on a Friday evening and end at midnight on the following Sunday. This would be the longest fantasy I had ever set up for her. I would have to rely on the judgement of my Swinger buddies to find men, who could be trusted to not hurt Kristie, and it did solve my problem of finding the guys. Those selected would be known to friends I trust to look out for Kristie.

Like many decisions, where was I to begin? Her birthday was only a month away. This was not much time to make such a complex fantasy happen. I also needed to make sure Kristie did not know which fantasy I had chosen, or even the fact I had selected one. This is always the difficult part. We dont keep secrets from each other, so actually keeping a secret like this is even more challenging. We both had agreed when we first started her birthday fantasy tradition that this was a secret that was okay to have, but this did not stop Kristie each year from trying to get the information out of me.

A couple of guys in the club came to mind as likely being willing to help me. I was sure they would get a kick out of the scene and would have lots of fun helping me find willing bidders who could come up with a price that would be appropriate for such a prize. I was not in it for the money, but the higher the price the more difficult it would be for Kristie to terminate the fantasy and have to pay the penalty. Additionally, a high sale price would make Kristie feel obligated to give the winning bidder her best so he would feel the purchase price was money well spent.

This fantasy has been a favorite of ours and I was so excited to see if it lived up to our expectations. I decided I would begin by contacting the two guys from the club Monday morning. That way Kristie would have no idea I had begun planning her annual Birthday fantasy.


Monday morning I sat at my desk thinking about the fantasy. I could think of little else. I reconsidered the length of the sale and decided it would not be too long, but would be long enough for both her and her winning bidder. What would the person who bought her do with her? Would she go through with it once she found out what it involved?

I had always thought of the winning bidder being a man, but why limit it to just men? Why couldnt women be some of the bidders? Kristie preferred men, but she also enjoyed intimate contact with women. Questions like these kept running through my mind. I had difficulty concentrating on the work on my desk. As I said, I am one of ten vice presidents at my company. Our company is a major software developer. We build custom applications for our clients. After checking my phone messages I decided to close my office door and make a very personal phone call to a good friend.

I called George, a buddy from the swingers club. He has been a member of our club longer than us. He is a great guy and his wife, Patty, is very popular with other club members, both men and women. Kristie and Patty have become good friends and have shared several intimate hours together.

George answered the phone on the first ring. He was glad to hear from me and we talked about the club and the next meeting, which was to be held outdoors in a secluded area owned by one of the other members. I finally got around to explaining my reason for calling. Our swinger club knew all about Kristies birthday fantasies. Every year immediately after her birthday the women wanted to know what I had come up with to surprise her with that year. After explaining the fantasy to George, there was a long pause. He asked, So, as I understand everyone has to be a stranger to Kristie?

That is correct, I confirmed.

Well shit, I heard over the phone. What is wrong? I asked.

You know what I would pay to be the winning bidder for your wifes sweet little ass?

Yes, you and the rest of the male population, I laughed. You get to fuck her for free all you want at club parties, why would you want to pay to get your cock in her?

You are right, I can have her whenever I want, but this is different. What you are proposing is to actually bid on her and be able to take her and play with her for an entire weekend. How hot is that?

I see what you mean, I confessed. The question is, do you know a few men or even some women who would be interested in being a part of this?

Sure ole buddy. I can help you find someone to fuck your wife. The hard part is to find someone who will treat her like a sex slave while not being an asshole.

That is exactly the dilemma I am faced with.

I am sure I can come up with some guys. I assume you want them to be well hung and have a nice bank account.

That sounds good. I want them to be willing to pay well for this opportunity and to bring some competition to the bidding, but I want them to be able to walk away and keep their mouth shut after it is over. I also think they should provide proof from a doctor that they dont have any STDs.

Okay, I can find some guys and maybe even find a chic or two who would like to play with her. How many people do you want?

I was thinking maybe ten. What do you think?

Ten sounds like a good number. That would not be too many but would be enough to provide some bidding competition.

Do you think you could get Stan to help?

Sure, I know Stan would love to be a part of this.

Thanks George. That is great!

Hey buddy, do you think for us helping out with this birthday fantasy, maybe Stan and I could each get a day alone with Kristie after this is over?

I thought it over and said, I am sure that could be part of the fantasy. But only if Kristie goes through with the whole fantasy and does not either chicken out at the last minute or finds it necessary to Safe Word out of the fantasy. I figured this would help make sure he and Stan had some serious motivation to find men and women slave masters who would not push Kristie too far.

That sounds fair to me. I will discuss it with Stan. Do you want me to have Stan call you?

No, that is okay. You can explain it. If either of you have any questions please let me know.

Hey buddy, who is going to be the auctioneer?

I had not thought about this. I told him I would think about it and get back with him. George, do you know of a location where we can hold this auction? An old barn or meeting hall that is private would be great.

What do you think about using a small conference room in a hotel? I know a place where we can have privacy and not be interrupted. The manager is a personal friend of mine and might be a good candidate as one of the participants. It would be nicer than an old barn, and the winning bidder would have the ability to rent a suite for the weekend, or at least for Friday night.

If you think it would be a good location, I just want to make sure the staff would not be sticking their noses into the room while we were there.

I can assure you my buddy can handle the situation and see to it that does not happen. If we let him be part of the auction, we might even be able to persuade him to comp us the room.

Sounds like a good idea. He would be able to make sure we have the privacy needed.

Buddy, that sounds good to me. I will call Stan and make sure he is up for the challenge. One more thing, you dont mind if we include some well hung black guys do you?

No, not at all. It might be fun if a black guy had the high bid and won. Just make sure all of the men are trustworthy, clean and have a very healthy bank account. It will be a blast and be a huge ego boost for Kristie if she is sold for a large sum of cash, I assured George.

George sounded like a kid on the phone. He was so excited. This sounds like the most fun I have had in a long time. On top of getting to find guys for the auction, I get your wifes hot ass for 24 hours for my own personal fun.

Hey, can I tell Pat about it?

I knew his wife, Pat, would get a kick out of the plan. Yes you better clear it with her, but tell her she is to tell nobody else about it. I dont want Kristie to have a clue as to what we are planning. Remember, only strangers, so you, Stan and Pat will not be able to be in attendance. We can video it and show the video of the event at a meeting after the auction.

That sounds like something everyone would enjoy watching. I dont like not being able to see it live, but I do understand. I told George I would like to have the party four weeks from this coming Friday, since the next day, Saturday, was Kristies birthday.

George said, Sounds good, I will get started and keep you posted on the progress. Make sure you let me know the details and if there are any changes. I will do the same on my end.

Sounds like we have the beginnings of a lust filled wild weekend, I said.

Sure does. Talk to you later. With that, George told me he would get started immediately by calling Stan, finding the guys and talking to the hotel manager.

As I hung up the phone I was so excited, but at the same time wondering if this could be accomplished with the time we had left before her birthday. Right now I had a problem that consisted of a large and painful cock trying to rip my pants.

Chapter 5 Needed Relief

I had just managed to start the ball rolling to set up a fantasy for my wife where she would be sold at auction to the highest bidder. My cock was so hard it felt like it would explode if I did not get some relief!

I pressed the button on the intercom on my desk and asked Erica, my secretary, to step into my office. Erica has been with me since she graduated from high school a little over three years ago. At almost 22 years of age, Erica is a sexy little nymph. She always comes to work looking great. She wears skirts that are short and sexy, but they are long enough to be appropriate in the work place, or at least that is what I tell myself. When they are even a little shorter, neither my boss nor I mind. On a girl Ericas age, long sexy legs should be shown off. Her short skirts do that nicely.

Kristie had met Erica and I knew she really liked her. She had even given me her consent to sample Ericas female. After meeting Erica, Kristie said, That little secretary of yours is one hot little piece of ass. I wonder how long it will be until you have scored a piece of that tight little ass for your trophy wall. You know I dont mind. I would even like to taste that little cunt of hers. Maybe after you have broken her in on your cock, we can set up a threesome.

Erica liked Kristie, but had no clue as to the nature as to our personal lifestyle away from the office. I enjoyed having Erica around. It would be hard to ask for a better personal secretary. She was always up-beat and full of fun. Having her around and being able to see her sexy little body makes my day complete.

Kristie knows a mans needs better than most women. She understands I need some relief during the day. She has no problem with this, as long as I dont hide it from her. As long as she knows and can share in my descriptions of the lurid events, getting a piece of tail form my secretary is just another day at the office and is perfectly acceptable with her. After all she keeps me drained at home, but her higher than normal demand on my sexual service, makes it difficult for me to shut off when I am away from her. She knows and understands. On occasion she also meets friends of hers and of ours while I am at work. Many times these meetings result in Kristie coming home with a cunt full of man milk, or one of her women friends and her have pussy juice on their faces. Her descriptions of the torrid details of the events of her day always end with me taking her with my hard cock in one of many various locations in the house.

As I heard the door open, I looked up to see Erica enter. She looked at me as if to ask if she should keep the door open or close it. With my hand I motioned for her to go ahead and close it. She pushed the door closed. You might want to also lock it. She smiled and turned the lever extending the locking bolt. She said, Mr. Adams, what can I help with? I said, Erica, one of those painful situations has come up and you are so good at relieving my stress. If you are not busy, can you relieve some of the pressure in my cock?

Giving me a huge smile, she said, Mr. Adams, you know I am always available to help you with anything. Her stress on the word anything did not go without notice. How would you like for me to relieve that harmful pressure? she asked as she looked at me batting the long lashes of her beautiful sexy eyes.

Unfortunately, I dont have enough time to do this properly. Can you take the edge off my painful condition with that cute little mouth of yours?

Still smiling, she started unbuttoning her blouse as she was walking toward my desk. Mr. Adams, you know how much I enjoy helping you. Let me get these clothes out of the way so I dont mess them up and I will take care of that problem for you.

I watched as she removed her blouse and unsnapped her bra. This caused my pain to increase. She then slipped her skirt off to reveal she was not wearing panties. I knew she often went without panties. Her bald cunt was so cute and I never grow tired of looking at it or touching it. I have sunk my cock in it many times and Kristie loves it when I tell her about it at dinner. When not naked under her skirt, Erica wears a small thong or I have seen her wear what she calls a C-String. C-Strings are the sexiest piece of underwear I have ever seen. I almost prefer when she wears a thong or C-Sting, but that little cunt of hers is a young mans dream. In my minds eye I was thinking to myself how my Kristie would look in a C-String. I am surprised she does not have several of them. I will have to mention it to her, or maybe buy one for her as a surprise.

Erica is not as beautiful or sexy as Kristie, but she is not very far behind. After all, I did not hire her straight out of high school for her exceptional office administration abilities. Still, she is a pretty good secretary, but those skills are secondary to what I found to be her natural born talent.

By the time she reached me, she had shed everything except her heels. Like my Kristie, Erica always wears stiletto pumps with no less than a four inch heel. I preferred four to five inch heels. Heels shape a womans legs and ass making them so damn good. She kicked her heels off and sank to her knees, all the time looking into my eyes. When she got settled on her knees in front of me, she reached up and started to unbuckle my belt. She placed her hand on my cock and looked up at me with a pouting look on her face. Mr. Adams, what has caused you to become so hard? This pressure is not good for you. The pressure should have been relieved before it got to this point. Why didnt you call me earlier? You know I like helping you whenever you need me. I am here to help you with anything you need to do your job, and it is certainly clear you are unable to do anything productive in this condition.

She always called me Mr. Adams, even though I had told her it was okay to use my first name. She said it was not proper to address your boss by his first name. Even though I had asked her to do so, I liked that she ignored and continued to use the more formal title. Calling me Mr. Adams made her seem like a much younger little girl and made her even sexier.

She had my slacks unfastened. I lifted my ass off the chair allowing her to lower my slacks and boxers. My cock sprang up and almost hit her in the face. As usual, she placed her hands behind her back while opening her mouth wide to take me into the warm wetness of her velvet smooth mouth. Looking into my eyes she started bobbing her head back and forth covering my hard meat with her saliva. I could not resist taking hold of her head and pulling her onto my cock. With my right hand I reached down to pinch her left nipple. She squealed around my cock at the pinch. That little squeal from her pushed me even closer to shooting my hot thick cum into her sexy little mouth. I knew after all the mental stimulation I had this morning, and now with Ericas efforts I was about to put a huge load into her stomach.

I was so horny there was no way I could last very long and extend my time enjoying her efforts. As I looked into her eyes, and felt that hard little nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I felt cum boiling up with my first spasm then felt it being ejected from my cock and into her sweet mouth. I squeezed hard on her nipple and I pulled her close forcing my cock deeper into her throat. She was a real trooper holding her breath as the hot sticky fluid flowed directly into her throat on the journey into her stomach. Erica was talented like Kristie who was an expert at being able to take my cock deep into her throat. My spasms finally subsided and I released her head, letting her draw in several deep breaths. She continued to lick and clean my cock before moving her hands to my balls and giving them a gentle squeeze. She looked up into my eyes and gave me one of her heart melting huge sexy smiles.

Remaining on her knees, she asked, Mr. Adams that was a wonderful load. It was delicious, or at least what I could taste. You put most of it directly into my tummy and didnt let me taste it. Smiling her devilish little smile she said, I really dont think I will be hungry for lunch today. You gave me quite a large early lunch.

Lightly gripping both her tits with my hands I lifted up moving her naked body to my lap. Running my hand over her body I said, Erica, I dont know how I would get through the day without your expert assistance. I do need to get ready for a luncheon I need to attend. Please cancel my appointments for this afternoon; I have some errands that require my attention. Thank you so much for everything and I will see you tomorrow morning. With that I gave her a kiss and swatted her firm ass.

Standing I heard, Yes Mr. Adams, I will take care of that for you. She slipped her shoes on and fastened the straps around her ankles. As she walked toward her clothes she had draped across a chair, I admired how her heels made her ass so desirable, but that would have to wait until another day. I had stuff to do today.

Chapter 6 Anticipation and Plans

Leaving work and heading home, my head was spinning with the events of the day. I knew it was too soon, but I wondered if George had talked to Stan yet, and if so what they had decided. I could not help but wonder who they would select as bidders. As I was thinking, I remembered I need to decide who to get as the auctioneer. Should I hire a professional auctioneer? Where does one find a professional sex slave auctioneer? Needless to say, this would not be the typical auction. From stories both he and Kristie had read on-line, an auctioneer would show the slave to the crowd. Talk lewdly about the slaves body and elicit demonstrations of how submissive the slave was. That fictional concept was the type of person I wanted as the auctioneer. I had briefly considered doing it myself, but on second thought felt it would be more embarrassing to Kristie if someone other than me was the auctioneer. Then it occurred to me who it had to be. I would ask George to auction her off!

What a brilliant idea. According to the fantasy, the winning bidder, the one to use her body, had to be a stranger to Kristie. There was no such requirement for the auctioneer, and George could play it up how he had quite a bit of experience with his cock in her. He could tell the group how tight her cunt was and what turned her on. As Kristie would know, everything George said would be from actual experience of actually fucking her himself. George would be able to embellish the facts a little, but the basic knowledge and what he would tell the winning bidder would be from actual knowledge. I would talk to George about it the next time we discussed the party. If not George, maybe Stan would be interested. Regardless of which one, the idea was to embarrass Kristie as much as possible. Part of the fantasy was for the woman auctioned to be reluctant and submissive. Being forced into a situation such as this would be very embarrassing, thereby making her reluctant to participate. By the time she became reluctant it would be too late. The submissive part was easy Kristies natural submissiveness would guarantee this would be a fantasy for the record books and whoever bought her would be in for one hell of a weekend. If he was a smart man, he would know how to use her and bring out the sexiest woman he had likely ever been with.

That night as we ate dinner I mentioned to Kristie that Erica had given me some much needed relief. Kristie said, She is such a cute little thing. I am happy you and she are able to take breaks from the business day for a little stress relief. I know how men are and it is important to keep your stress level in check. A hard cock is nice when needed, but I can only imagine what it would be like to have to walk around with it like that. After all, it was probably largely her fault you were like that. She does like to dress to tease.

Women really should understand and be ready to help a man out. After all, what is a woman for if not to take care of men? Some women are all stuck up and act like they dont enjoy the touch of a man. Simply look at a woman and you will see a perfectly designed body suited for nurturing and raising babies and taking care of the needs of men. Not to use the female body for the purposes it was designed to be used it just wrong.

Getting back to the topic of Erica, she said, As you know I prefer a cock to a pussy, but Erica is such a cute little thing. Maybe one of these days you can tell her about us. I would really like for us to try a threesome involving her. I want so much to taste her cunt. You say it is bald, I want to compare hers to mine.

That does sound like a great idea. I dont know if she is into girls, but I bet from her attitudes about sex that she is willing to experiment. Anyway, what man or woman would not jump at the chance to share a bed with you? I told her.

Baby, that is so nice of you to say that. You know I like it when you use me. Back to the office, what made you so horny today? Did some sweet young thing get your attention or was it Erica?

Babe, you know I only have eyes for you, it was just one of those things that happens. I was thinking about you and my cock came to attention on its own.

I like knowing you are thinking about me. You know I dont care if you and Erica have some fun at the office. In fact I expect you to use her. After all, that is what she is there for and I am sure she understands that.

I had to be careful and not let her know my cock was hard because of talking to George about setting up her birthday fantasy. In fact it was hard now just thinking about it. A cock is a hard thing to control. You always tell me a calm wind will cause a mans cock to stiffen. Ok, I lied, I did know what caused my fuck tool to get out of control, but I could not tell her, otherwise I would spoil the surprise.

I am happy Erica was able to take care of your problem. She smiled and gave me a passionate kiss and my cock a firm squeeze. Oh, looks like I have a job that needs to be taken care of.

Yes, you know I am always in need of some of that sweet cunt between your legs.

Yes, dear, and as you know, I am always wet and ready for that cock of yours to fuck the shit out of my cunt. There is a big difference between Making Love and Fucking. Tonight I desperately need to be fucked by an aggressive male with a hard thick cock.

That night I was so damn horny. I was ramming my cock into her as hard as I could, but she kept saying, Yes, baby, harder, give me that cock harder, fuck my cunt with your big cock. Use that cock to make my tight little cunt hurt. Please use that big fuck tool and hurt me. Ram that fuck tool into my cunt harder. Oh baby, HARDER!! She was screaming loud enough I was concerned the neighbors would hear. I was giving it to her as hard as I could. Her legs were locked behind my back pulling me deep in her.

Oh yes baby, I need your ball juice. Pump it into me! I am cumming, give me all your hot cum, fill me up. My cunt is yours to use and fill.

I could feel her cunt muscles spasm clamping around my cock as her orgasm hit her. That was all it took for me to lose control as I felt my balls empty and the wave of a fantastic orgasm flooded over me. I was exhausted and spent.

After a couple minutes to catch our breath, Kristie said, Baby that felt so good. I really needed your cock tonight.

I was too exhausted to say anything. We exchanged a passionate kiss and fell asleep in each others arms.


The next three weeks were almost unbearable. It was like someone put a time freeze on the calendar. I struggled to make it through each day. Kristie had not mentioned her upcoming birthday. I kept in contact with George and Stan. George had arranged with the manager of the hotel to get the room for free on the condition he would be allowed to attend and participate. George assured me he was a nice guy and could be trusted. I discussed my thoughts with him about being the auctioneer. He laughed and thanked me. He said he thought it would be fun. He told me that he and Stan had arranged for eight men and two women to attend the auction. He said when he approached the men each thought he was pulling their leg. I had sent George and Stan a photo of Kristie in a sexy bikini so they could show those they were talking to what Kristie looked like. When they finally convinced the potential bidders the birthday fantasy was for real, each one was anxious to participate. He told each of them to bring a fist full of cash if they wanted to make this beautiful womans fantasy come true. George said he needed Kristies clothing measurements. He said a couple of the scheduled bidders had asked because they wanted to purchase clothing of their own preference for Kristie to wear. If they didnt win, they would simply return the items purchased. I agreed to look at Kristies clothes, get the information and email it to him the following day.

Continued in Part 2

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