The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 6

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous chapters.]


The next morning everyone was up early. At breakfast, Lynn and Sissy were giggling and talking excitedly about their coming trip to the pet store. Bobby said he wanted to go too, but the two females said they wanted to talk to Ben and his daughter themselves and that Bobby might inhibit their openness. The young boy was disappointed, but Lynn told him that he could take Monte out and handle him when he got home from school until they got home from the pet store. Rob lightly punched his young son on the arm and said in a conspiratorial tone that the men could let the women "do their thing" and he and Bobby would get together and do some "men stuff" later on. Bobby brightened at that and agreed with his dad.

After breakfast, Rob kissed his wife as he headed off to work. He told her that he thought he was going to make some stops during lunch to get some lighting equipment to help with their video making for downstairs. She squeezed his crotch and told him that it sounded good, and that she might end up coming home with a new dog if everything worked out well. Rob said he would look into getting the materials for a dog kennel and dog house for outside, then left for work with a hard on.

Lynn discussed with Sissy their plan of meeting and going to the pet store after school. Sissy was as excited as Lynn about finding someone they could talk to about their mutual animal and reptile fetishes. Bobby just grinned at his mom as he went out the door and said that he really wanted to see Lynn "do it" with a dog. She kissed him goodbye and gave him a big hug, whispering in his ear, "I'm glad that you want to watch me doing things like that. I love you. Now get to school and I'll see you when we get home from the pet store."

The day went by quickly for Lynn. She got Monte out and wrapped him around her and she did some cleaning and washing while Kari was watching TV. Lynn didn't want to try inserting the snake yet, as she wanted to talk to the pet store owner's daughter and find out more about what she had done with the reptile. She made a light lunch for her and Kari, then later when it was time to leave for the pet store, she took Kari across the street to the neighbors. She'd called her friend to ask if she could watch the little girl while she went to the pet store. Her friend was always happy to care for Kari and in fact, loved having the little girl visit her from across the street.

Lynn then left to pick up Sissy at school. Sissy was talking and giggling with another girl when Lynn drove up. She saw Sissy give the gitl a quick hug and run to the car. Her daughter's face was flushed as she got into the car. Lynn said, "Who was that, honey? A girlfriend?"

Sissy said, "Yeah, Mom. She's one of the girls I mentioned who is really quiet about things whenever the girls talk about sex stuff. She has a big dog and I told her today that we were maybe getting one. I asked her some leading questions and she got sorta flustered. Then I told her that I really wanted to love our new dog and I knew she loved her dog, so maybe some day she could give me some pointers. I could tell that she knew exactly what I was talking about because she blushed really hard and sorta stammered a bit. She said she had had her dog for several years and it was really rambunctious when they first got him. He tried to hump everyone's legs, even when people came to visit them. Her mom and dad were really embarrassed and sorta regretted getting him. She said she had gotten him settled down and trained a bit and they got along real well now. I told her that I might have to have her help me with ours if we get him. I told her that we were heading to the pet store as soon as you picked me up. She was still sorta embarrassed but she said she'd help me if she could. That's when you drove up. I hugged her and said I'd call her after I got home or talk to her tomorrow."

"Oh, sweety, I hope you're right about her. I'm really scared about anyone finding out about us. Talking to Ben or his daughter is going to be hard enough."

"It's OK, Mom, my friend's cool. Besides, she thinks it's just me that's interested in the dog right now. I'll talk to her some more and find out what I can without revealing anything else to her. But Mom, she was so embarrassed but she actually looked relieved that someone else might be doing the same thing!"

"Well, we can certainly empathize with her there, huh?" Lynn said.

"Uh-huh. Ya know, Mom, one of the girls on the cheer squad talked to me today and wondered if I'd ever considered trying out," Sissy said.

"Is that something you think you'd want to do, honey?" Lynn asked her.

"I don't know. I'd love to be out in front of all those people in those short skirts and tight sweaters. But they've seemed to be a bit clique-ish, and I didn't know if I'd fit in with some of the girls on the squad. I think some of them aren't as interested in boys as they are in girls. Some of them seem a little like ditzes, sometimes, too."

Lynn laughed. "So that's where you picked up on that that ditzy blond act, huh?"

"Yeah, I've watched some of them around school and I swear a couple of them could have come in Barbie boxes instead of from the hospital." Sissy laughed and twirled a strand of hair, crossed her eyes and bobbed her head, in a parody of the typical valley girl.

Lynn said, "Well, it would be good exercise for you, all that tumbling and stuff." She grinned. "And in front of all those people!"

"Well, it wouldn't be right away. Maybe next year. The squad's full right now. I think she was just 'feeling me out' so they could, ya know, feel me out!" Sissy giggled at her play on words.

"How do you feel about that, honey?" Lynn asked her.

Sissy thought a bit and then said, "I don't know. I know I'm not a lezzie, even though you and me do those kinds of things. And I like doing them with you, Mom. But you know how much I REALLY like dad's cock in me any way and any time I can have it. So I'm not worried about doing girl-girl stuff. 'Sides, there's a couple of them that I wouldn't mind playing with." She giggled again.

"Honey, you do whatever you think is best. Oh, not to change the subject, but you got a flier from your Hapkido dojo today. They're having an open house and inviting all the past students to drop by. Are you still interested in that?" Lynn asked her.

"Oh, kewl! It's been a year or so since I stopped going there. You know, Mom, I think I might like to start back up again. Do you think that'd be OK? It's like only once or twice a week. I really like learning all the movements and stuff. And it'd be good practice for the cheer squad if I decided to do that. 'Sides, sometimes there're some pretty sexy guys there. I didn't care about that so much when I was going before, but mmmmmmmmm, now that I think about it... I could go for grabbing some guys!" She grinned at her mother.

Lynn said, "I think it'd be fine if you want to. Maybe we can go to the open house and talk to them then about it."

They continued talking about that until they arrived at the pet store. Going inside, Lynn didn't see Ben anywhere so she walked up to the young girl who was feeding some fish and asked if Ben was there. The girl said he was in his office in the back an she'd go get him.

Lynn and Sissy went over to look at the snakes and waited. Ben came out from the back and walked over to them.

"Ah, Lynn! And Sissy, right?" The two nodded to him. He said, "My daughter isn't here yet, but I'm expecting her any moment. She was interested about meeting the two of you after she found out that you had bought that certain python. When I told her you were going to "audition" a new dog today, she got really excited. Do you want to see the dog now or do you want to wait and have Karen introduce you?"

"Introduce us?" Lynn looked puzzled.

"The breeder brought him by yesterday and Karen just had to try him out. She said he's a little rambunctious, but he does know what to do. Hope you don't mind her using him."

Lynn laughed. "No, not at all, Ben. In fact, I wish we'd been here to watch them."

Ben smiled and said, "She would have enjoyed that too. When she gets here, I'm certain that she'll show you again if you want."

Sissy said, "That's hot. I can't wait!"

Ben said, "Well he's in one of the kennels in the back if you want to go take a look. Or you can look around the store until Karen gets here."

Lynn looked at Sissy, then said to Ben, "I think we'll wait for her. If that's OK? You said on the phone that you had some real stories for us. Can you tell us any of them now?"

Ben looked around the store and said, "Uh, probably not out here. Let's go into the back room where it's private." They followed him to the back and down a short corridor, then into a small but well lit and nicely furnished room. It had a futon couch that looked like it folded down into a small bed. There was a low padded bench also. Several large mirrors on the walls provided a great view of anything going on in the room, from several angles, depending upon where you were. And a couple of overstuffed chairs with small end tables at each. There were several cabinets on one wall, and a small sink in the corner.

Right about then, the door opened and a beautiful teenage girl burst into the room. "Hi, Dad!" she said, giving him a hug. Turning to Lynn she said, "You must be Lynn. And Sissy. Dad told me you that you're the one that bought one of my favorite snakes. How's he doing? Have you tried him on for size yet?"

Lynn blushed and stammered, "Uh, no... ummm, I've... that is... we... ummmm, have been letting him get used to uh, his new home."

Sissy broke in and said, "Is it true that you can get him... well, uh, all the way... ummm, I mean completely..." she trailed off.

Karen laughed delightedly at their embarrassment. She said, "Yes, I can get him all the way in. He's not that big of a snake. I've had larger. Are you going to do him too?"

Getting over her embarrassment better than Lynn, Sissy said, "Yep. I've already had Albert- that's Bobby's snake - almost all the way in me. All except for his head. Mom can put him all the way inside her. Everything, head and all. She really enjoyed that. We haven't done the new one yet."

Karen laughed again and said, "You're gonna love him. He really liked riding around in me. Sometimes I'd have him in me while I worked here in the store. I got a lot of funny looks sometimes." She stuck her tongue out at her father. "Dad really wasn't too happy about the possibility of people maybe finding out what I was doing, but it was so much fun."

Ben hugged his daughter and said, "Not everyone is as open minded as we are, dear. I'm going to go back to my office and let you and Lynn and Sissy get acquainted and do what you do. They were very interested in hearing that you already tried out the Rotty that they're interested in. They said they would have loved to have been here to watch you, so maybe you can show them what he can do. If you need me, just let me know. And keep the door locked, please?"

"Yes, Daddy" Karen said patronizingly. She hugged him and he left. She locked the door behind him. "Have a seat. Is there anything you want to ask me before I go get the puppy?"

They all sat down, Karen on the futon and Lynn and Sissy in the chairs. Lynn said, "You don't know how many questions we have! Oh, gawd, it's just so good to just be able to talk to someone about this kind of thing. We've been so afraid of letting anyone know anything. When your dad told me that you had... ummmm, "used" my snake, it was so exciting. I mean, we've had to be so paranoid about it. When did you start? What have you done? Oh, my. I've got so many questions."

Karen laughed and said, "Yeah, Dad tries to keep me quiet about doing these things, but I just love doing stuff where people might be able to see me. Dad says I'm an exhibitionist and I guess he's right. I mean, I like doing things like putting the snake in me, but it's more erotic to me if someone watches or knows or might find out. It gets me so excited!"

Sissy was sitting on the edge of her seat and said, "Oh, yeah, we like that too! I've fantasized about putting the snake in me and then walking around school like that. I could visualize its head peeking out every once in a while and kid's getting freaked out!"

Karen said, "Oh, I've DONE something like that. My dad nearly killed me, but I put one snake up inside me, all except his head, and then went out into the store where there were customers. The snake's head was making my skirt tent up like a guy's hard on. It was such a turn on. Dad marched me back here and let me know in no uncertain terms that it was OK to do the snake but not to be out where customers could see. He was pretty mad."

Lynn and Sissy looked at each other astonishment. "Oh, that's so kinky. I'd love to be able to do that." Sissy said. "What other things have you done stuff with?"

"Mmmmm, lot's of things. I just love being filled up all the way, or feeling things inside of me." Lynn and Sissy both nodded vigorously in agreement. "The snakes are obvious, and so much fun. But my Dane really feels good. He's so big and fills me up so nice. You guys want a dog too. That Rotty is pretty good. He's really even tempered, but he's still young and he gets really excited. You want me to go get him and you can try him out?"

Lynn and Sissy nodded and said, "Yes!" "Sure!" Karen got up and went out a different door than the one they came in through. Sissy leaned toward her mom and whispered, "Can you imagine? She walked around in public with a snake in her. Ohhhhh, I want to do that soooooo bad."

Lynn whispered back, "And taking a Great Dane. She doesn't look that big! I've got to see this!"

Karen came back into the room leading a nice looking, young Rottweiler on a leash. She brought him over to the other two and said to the dog, "Sit!" The dog immediately sat down next to her, sniffing the two women. Then he turned and started sniffing up Karen's skirt. She tapped his nose and said, "No! Down!" The dog stopped and laid down on the floor.

Lynn said, "Oh my, he's so well trained already!"

Karen laughed and said, "No, not really. He's just been given some basic obedience training at the kennel. He knows "No", "Sit", "Down", "Heel" and some others. But he hasn't been trained very well for fucking. He does that pretty good on his own. Wanna see?"

Lynn said, "Oh, gawd, yes please! We want to watch what you do and what he does. Ummmm, well, I mean... how he does it... er." She stammered to a stop and Karen was grinning.

"I know exactly what you mean." She started taking off her blouse and then her skirt. She didn't have any panties on. She seemed not embarrassed in the least stripping in front of two strangers, and she reached behind her and undid her bra and dropped it on the floor. She stook completely nude before the two and smiled.

At seventeen, her breasts were firm and perky, probably about 34C. Her cunt lips were pouty and she had completely shaved her pubic hair. She had slim hips and long, coltish legs. She turned to the dog and said, "Heel." The dog stood up and she led him by the leash over to the low padded bench. She knelt down next to the bench and reached under the dog to stroke his sheath. She smiled at the other two and said, "If he isn't ready, you have to help him get started. Once he starts getting hard, you can do all kinds of things with his cock. I like to suck them to get them ready to fuck." With that she bent down and licked the pink tip of the dog's cock that was just peeking out of his sheath. She skinned the dog's sheath back and slid her mouth up his cock. It didn't take much of this before the dog was pretty fully erect and Karen was taking almost the full length in her mouth. She pulled back and licked the tip a couple of times, then looked at the others and said, "Once he's hard, you can keep sucking him until he comes in your mouth, which I really like to do, or you can then have him fuck you. I'll show you."

With that she grabbed the leash with one hand and turned and bent over the end of the padded bench, laying face down on it with her cunt and asshole exposed. She turned her head so she was looking at the others and jerked the leash a little and said, "Mount!" The dog apparently knew what that meant and what he was there for and jumped up on the girl, his cock stabbing around trying to find the girls hole while he wrapped his fore paws around her waist.

Karen smiled and said, "Sometimes, you need to have someone help aim their cock at whatever hole you want him to do. Unless you know what you're doing, it would be good to make sure he gets into your cunt the first times he does you because he can cause you a bit of pain and possibly damage if he hits your asshole and you're not lubricated or relaxed enough. Can one of you guide him a little bit into my cunt?"

Both Lynn and Sissy leaped forward to assist in the erotic tableau. Lynn was closest and reached the dog's cock first and gingerly tried to guide it into the young girl's hole. After a couple of misses, she got it centered at Karen's hole and on the next thrust, the dog's cock entered her cunt, ending up about half way his length into her. Karen groaned with pleasure of being filled and pushed back against him. The next thrust rammed the large cock all the way into her. She squealed with pleasure as it seated all the way into her cunt and then the dog started pistoning in and out. Karen was vocalizing with the thrusts. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, oh god that's good, uh, uh uh."

Lynn and Sissy watched in awe as the dog energetically fucked the young girl's cunt. They were amazed that she could take the entire six or eight inch length so easily. After a short bit of rapidly hammering in and out of the girl's cunt, the dog suddenly pulled out and jumped off of her, his large cock dripping pre-cum. Karen said, "Shit, and I was just getting started good. They do this sometimes if they haven't been trained or are inexperienced with women. I think they have a short attention span until they really get humping." She jerked on the leash and said, "Mount!" The dog again got up on her and started humping, trying to find her hole with his prick. The girl pulled him forward a little bit by his forepaws and he got his cock back into her steaming hole and started humping in earnest again. She started grunting again with the dogs thrusts. It didn't take too long before she screamed in pleasure and started shaking, obviously reaching orgasm.

The dog continued to hump her. Karen looked back at Lynn and said, "That was a good starter. Usually I just let them keep fucking until I've cum several times. They'll go on for a long time. But you must want to try him out, so I'll get my Dane to finish me when I get home."

With that, she knelt upright, pushing the dog off her and out of her cunt. She handed the leash to Lynn and said, "Go ahead, try him. I'll help guide him for you and make sure he doesn't get too aggressive or hurt you."

Lynn was turned on but looked a little bewildered, not knowing exactly what to do or how to start. Karen said, "You can take all of your clothes off or you can just take off your skirt and undies if you want. Then just bend over the bench and let him go to work. He's already primed and ready to go from doing me."

Lynn quickly stripped out of her skirt and panties, a twinge of embarrassment being in front of a total stranger, yet fascinated with the feeling of exhilaration she had by doing it. She bent over the bench and tentatively said, "mount". The dog didn't react much, just licking her cunt with his long tongue. Lynn moaned with pleasure as the dog snaked his talented tongue into and around her sopping wet cunt, licking her juices up.

Karen grinned and said to her, "You have to be firm and forceful. Say 'mount' loudly as a command and give the leash a little jerk at the same time. Until he's trained and a little bit more experienced, he may not know exactly what you want him to do all the time."

With that she grabbed the dog's collar and said, "Mount!" and pulled, indicating that the dog should get up on Lynn, which it did. Karen grabbed its cock and aimed it at Lynn's cunt. The dog gave a lunge and seated himself part of the way into Lynn's hot hole. He would have gone all the way into her if Karen hadn't been holding his cock, keeping him from lunging all the way forward and penetrating her fully.

"You'll probably want to have Sissy help aim him and keep him from stabbing all the way into you the first times you do this. He can be a bit energetic and if you're not lubricated and relaxed, full penetration at the first stroke can hurt a good bit."

With that she moved her hand further back behind a bulge in his cock and helped him seat more of it into Lynn's cunt. As he plunged into her, the woman let out a moan of sheer pleasure, from the combination of being filled by a big cock and by the sheer perversity of what she was doing.

"A dog! Fucking me! In front of a stranger!" Lynn thought. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, God, I'm starting to cum already!"

The dog was humping in and out of Lynn's wet cunt. He was going really deep, which quickly brought Lynn to the edge and pushed her over. Sissy watched, rubbing her own slit, as the dog continued his jackhammer strokes. Her mother hung her head, slackjawed and moaned as the dog continued to stroke in and out of her cunt. Lynn was having one long string of almost continuous orgasms.

Karen was still holding the dogs cock. She explained to Sissy, "See where I have my hand? This bulge is his knot. It gets bigger when he cums and it's how they tie together. It can be pretty uncomfortable if you're not used to being stretched to the size of the knot. I like it, but I like taking huge things in my cunt and being stretched to the limit. So I enjoy being 'knotted'. Sometimes it takes ten or twenty minutes before my dog's knot goes down enough for him to pull out of me. It fills me up so nice that I just cum and cum, even while we're tied."

Sissy was amazed at this information. Karen continued, "If you like sucking him to get as much cum as you can, once you get him really hard you can grip his cock really firmly behind his knot and sorta milk or massage it, squeezing and loosening your grip, and once he starts cumming, he'll give you a lot of sperm. I'll take a cup and I can milk nearly a half cup from my Dane sometimes doing it that way."

"What do you do with the cup of cum?" Sissy asked sincerely.

"Whatever you want to do with it. Depends on how kinky you want to be. You can save it in the fridge, you can smear it all over your boobs, you can put it in your pussy or you can drink it. I like drinking it. Tastes yummy. Sometimes I'll feed it to my mom... oooops, I'm really not supposed to tell anyone about that kinda stuff."

Sissy quickly reassured her, "No, it's OK. We won't tell anyone. I think it's neat. Do you share your Dane with your mom?"

"Yeah, she's been doing dogs for a long time. She helped me to get started doing it. Then I got into other things too. Like the snakes."

Lynn had been moaning and cumming all during the two girls' conversation, responding to the dog's vigorous humping. Karen could feel the dog cumming and she held the dog's cock so his knot wouldn't go all the way into Lynn's cunt. She didn't know if the woman could take that yet. She could feel the dog pumping his sperm into Lynn's cunt. Shortly, the dog pulled out and away from her and Karen let the dog uncouple from her, letting go of the dog's cock. He went over and laid down, and started licking his cock clean. Lynn just laid on the bench, still in orgasmic bliss from her first dog fuck. Dog cum drooled out of her pussy and down her leg.

Karen asked Sissy, "You wanna try him. Dogs can fuck again in a really short time, not like men. It won't take too long before he can go again. Whadda ya think?"

Sissy was turned on by the thought and by watching her mother take the dog. She said, "Sure, but I don't know how much time we have. How long will it take for him to 'recharge' so he can do it again?"

Karen thought and said, "I don't know. Depends on how much cum he shot into your mom and how much you want to get in you. If he did a lot then it might take some time. But he'll be ready to dry hump you just about any time, probably. At least if he's like my dog."

Sissy was watching the cum drip out of her mom's cunt. She reached out and touched some that was running down her mother's leg. Karen put her finger out and got dog cum on it and then licked it clean. She said, "Mmmmm, good. You should try some."

Sissy scooped up a bit with her finger and put it in her mouth. It tasted sorta like her dad's cum, but was watery. She wanted so badly to stick her tongue in her mother's cunt and lick the dog cum out of it, but she knew she shouldn't do that in front of someone else. But Karen apparently had the same thought, and leaned forward and licked Lynn's slit, getting a good amount of dog cum on her tongue. Sissy watched her do this and couldn't help herself and moaned quietly, "Mmmmmmmmm" exactly as Lynn did also.

Karen pulled away and looked guilty. She said, "I'm sorry. It just looked so delicious. I didn't mean to be so forward, and keep you from it."

"No, no, that's OK" Sissy protested. She didn't know whether she could let this outsider know that she already sucked her mom's cunt, even though she desperately wanted to lick every drop from her mom's drooling slit. But she was curious about whether Karen sucked the dog cum from her own mother's cunt. She said, "Do you suck it out of your mom? That is, when the dog does it in her?"

Karen realized that she may have let out more information than she should, but these two certainly knew a lot already. She blushed and said, "Well, sometimes. I really like the taste of my Dane's cum and if he really puts a good load in mom, I'll sometimes try to get some of it if I can. Otherwise it just goes to waste, ya know." She grinned, got up and walked over to a sink in the corner, wetting a cloth with warm water. Sissy followed her over and said, "Oooooo, that sounds soooo hot! I'd love to watch that!"

Karen smiled and said, "Well, maybe you can sometime. We'll have to see what my mom thinks about that. But after I tell her how you guys do the dog and the snakes and stuff, she'll probably want to meet you."

"Oh, that would be so neat! We are really scared to let anyone know about... you know... the snakes and stuff," Sissy confided to her.

"Yah, I know how that is. My Dad used to be a complete paranoid with me about it too. He still isn't happy with me walking around the store with a python stuffed up my cunt, or stuff like that," Karen said.

Sissy nodded. "I don't doubt that at all. What other things have you put in you? Mice?"

Karen sort of squealed and said, "How did you know? Did Dad tell you?"

"No, it's just that with snakes around, there's gotta be mice to feed them and it just sorta occurred to me," Sissy told her a little sheepishly. Then added, "But you've got so much stuff you could play with around here. Wow!"

"Yeah, I've done some feeder mice. And some of the baby's too. They're easy to do. Done some lizards. Goldfish and tadpoles of all sorts. Had a frog or two. Let's see, what others..."

This was turning Sissy on and forgetting the family's seal of secrecy, she gushed, "Oh, God that's hot. Mom tried a mouse. She saw a video on the 'net. You've done some neat stuff. I hadn't even thought of goldfish. Maybe we should try some of them. Which hole?"

"Both. I'll put just about anything that isn't sharp or poisonous in me." Sissy vigorously nodded her head at this. Karen continued, "I just LOVE to feel live things inside of me. Once we got a bunch of small eels in a shipment and I tried them. Dad lost money on that shipment 'cuz I took so many in me and most didn't survive too long. But I really got off good! Dad was pissed though. Not about that I'd put them in me, but that he lost money on them." She grinned.

"Ooooooooo, that's so HOT! Have you ever done it with anyone else? Or in front of anyone? That would be soooo exciting to do that." Sissy was really curious.

Karen remained a little guarded about that subject. "Well, as you know, we have to be pretty careful about who knows that we're doing things like that. But sometimes I'm so horny I'll do something here in the store, like walking around with the snake in me, with only its head sticking out. My dad gets upset at that, but over the years, I've turned several kids who work here onto that kinda stuff. Anyone who works at a pet store obviously isn't someone who's going to be disgusted by animals 'n stuff. I mean, if you'll let a live tarantula crawl all over you or handle live snakes and lizards, it's not like you're gonna feel repulsed by them. Some of the girls were really fascinated by the idea of doing some stuff with the animals even before they knew I did anything like that. I mean, duh! Why are they working here, anyway? So, yeah, I've had a chance to show and watch some others do some things. Obviously, my dad doesn't want the help fucking with the stock, but we've been able to sneak a lot of things by."

Sissy exclaimed, "Jeez, I've never thought about that. I'd LOVE to work here! What kinky things have you been able to do?"

"Don't tell anyone, but once one of the girls and I filled each other's ass with goldfish, then walked around the store helping customers, trying to see who could hold it the longest," Karen told her.

"Oh wow, how did you do that?" Sissy asked.

"We just put a couple of cups of water with about a dozen fish in it in our ass, just like an enema. But we tried to hold it in for as long as possible. It was neat. I got such a charge walking around, talking to customers and ringing up their purchases, all the while having live goldfish swimming around in my ass. I just loved the thought of being filled up with live things and doing it in front of people. It was hard to hold it in 'cuz I was cumming like crazy from the idea of it the whole while."

Sissy was rubbing her clit and shivering, listening to Karen's story. She said, "Oh... my... gawd! I'd just love to do that! I love to stuff anything as large as possible into my holes. And keep it there! I fantasize about doing it in public with people watching me, knowing just how pervy and kinky I am for doing it. It gets me sooooo hot!"

Karen giggled, "You too, huh? I just love to do things like that in public. Daddy is really good about it, but he's worried that someone will tattle. He doesn't mind me doing stuff like that, he's just worried about busybodies reporting it. But I'll be eighteen pretty soon and an adult and he technically won't be responsible any more! But he's been really good about it."

Sissy wanted so bad to ask the girl if she'd fucked her dad, but didn't know a good way of asking it. Karen had given Lynn the warm, wet cloth and Lynn had cleaned herself up while listening to the two girls' conversation. She finally spoke to them, "Sounds like you two are confirmed, die-hard exhibitionists, as well as zoos." The two girls shook their heads 'yes' at this.

"I don't know what we've gotten ourselves into with all this, but it sure is nice to have someone to share a little bit of it with. Thank you so much Karen for your guidance and help." Lynn pulled her skirt on, stuffing her panties in her purse.

"Are you going to take the dog home with you today?" Karen asked brightly.

Lynn thought for a moment, then said "You know, let me talk to your dad about that first. Can you put the dog back away while I do that? And I know I'm gonna regret suggesting this, but why don't the two of you go look at some of the animals and compare notes while I talk to him."

The two girls giggled and Karen picked up the dog's leash, leading him out with Sissy following. Lynn made her way back into the main part of the store and found Ben.

He brightened at seeing her and said, "Well, how do you like the dog? I hope Karen was able to help you determine whether he is the right size for you." He grinned broadly at the double entendre and at Lynn's blush of embarrassment.

"Yes, Karen was amazing. I can see what kind of a handful I'm going to have with Sissy over the next several years. I hope she ends up being as mature and level headed as Karen seems to be in regards to... ummmmm, her pets."

Ben smiled at this and said, "You don't know that half of what you are getting yourself into. The stories I could tell you..."

Lynn touched his arm and said, "Ben, sincerely, I wish you would do that. We are just getting started with the animal thing and I'm at a loss. I'm scared to hurt Sissy, but she's just taking to it like gangbusters. I'd appreciate any help in knowing how to handle her. As would her father, I'm certain."

Ben said hesitantly, "Well, just how much does Rob want to 'help' Sissy. I mean, he obviously knows that both of you are doing things with.... ummm, livestock and he doesn't seem troubled by it. In fact it seems like he's assisting you both. If I knew more, I'm sure I could help a lot more with some ideas and experiences."

Lynn was troubled with the thought of letting an 'outsider' know anything about what the family did at home, but she also was excited to find someone who shared some of their 'kinks' and she desperately wanted to cultivate the relationship. She looked Ben in the eyes and said quietly, "Can we talk somewhere privately?"

Ben smiled and nodded. He led the way his private office and after Lynn entered, he closed and locked the door. He motioned to a chair beside his desk and Lynn sat down. Ben sat in his chair, leaned forward and put his hand on Lynn's knee. He said, "Lynn, my dear, believe me when I tell you that I know exactly what you all are going through. We've been through it already. And I can tell you that you already know enough about us, especially Karen, so you should know that we aren't going to be put off or disgusted about anything you do at home. Or even surprised. And we certainly aren't going to report you or what you do or want to do, since you know enough to get us in worse straits. So, I have to tell you, you can trust us completely to be totally discreet about anything you tell us. Or show us. Or do with us. I've opened up a lot of our secrets to you, and I hope you can trust us, as we will you."

Lynn had hardly breathed while Ben said this. She suddenly realized that he was right and that there was no danger in opening up to him, because what they knew already could ruin him. The feeling of relief after all the years of secrecy and paranoia was huge. Lynn started crying and leaned forward to lay her head on Ben's shoulder. He just held her and gently rubbed her back, letting the emotions flood out of her.

After a minute of this, Lynn straightened up and looked Ben in the eyes. "Thank you, Ben, for being so wonderful about this. I just can't believe that after all these years, we've found someone else that we can share this with."

Ben smiled and said, "Karen's mother and I have gone through this so we know what it's like. And I've had a lot of experience trying to learn to handle an outright exhibitionist, sexy young daughter. So I know how you feel. Tell me, how long has Sissy been doing things with the snakes or animals?"

Lynn said, "Oh, she hasn't been doing it at all, except after I tried it with Bobby's snake. When she saw that, she thought it was exciting, not disgusting, and she wanted to do it. But it's been all my fault. I'm the one who had the idea of putting the snake in me and I only did that just last week."

Ben looked puzzled. "But you said that, uh, I believe the words you used were 'after all these years'. If you both only started doing things with the snakes last week, what do you mean by 'all these years'?"

Lynn suddenly realized that she had given away a lot more than she intended to. But with Ben being so open and supportive, and her desperately needing to share these things with someone, she felt she should be the same way with him. She said, "Ben, obviously you know what Karen does with her dog, and with the snakes and things here at the store." Ben nodded. "Then you are accepting of her doing it." Ben nodded again. "So just how much do you share in your wife's and Karen's activities? Let me just say first that Rob 'shares' with both me and Sissy and he supports our new 'zoo-ey' activities. I suspect that it would be hard to support these kinds of things without actively participating in them. Am I right?"

Ben didn't say anything for quite a while, just looking deeply into Lynn's eyes and thinking about his response. Then he took a deep breath and said, "Lynn, dear, if you are asking if her mother and I include Karen in our sexual activities, the answer is yes. I have enjoyed my little daughter for many years and she has enjoyed me and loved every bit of it. I love my daughter, and I LOVE my daughter. I suspect from what you say, and from what I've seen and heard, that Rob and Sissy do the same thing. I don't know what all you do or how long you've been doing it, but our family is delighted that you are doing anything sexual together, with or without the animals. And may I dare say that I would dearly love to experience your young daughter, and you yourself, as I'm sure Rob would enjoy Karen and her mother, too. There, it's out in the open. Ask me anything you want."

Lynn threw her arms around Ben's neck and hugged him. Then she pulled back and said, "Oh, God, Ben you don't know the relief you've given me. Yes, Rob and Sissy do it. They love it. Rob fully supports both of us with the animal things. And anything else, I'm sure. He would love to get his cock into Karen the second he sees her. She's such a lovely, hot young thing. And I wouldn't mind sharing her either. But Ben, we've never done anything with anyone else before. I mean, I've never done anything with another man, so I don't know what to say. We've discussed 'swinging' before but we've just never pursued it. Gawd, Rob was so horny when Sissy talked about doing her teacher the other day, so I don't doubt he'd be very interested in all of this."

Ben was intrigued by all of what Lynn said, but he picked up on the teacher part. He said, "What's this about Sissy's teacher? Has she been sexually active with a teacher? At her young age?"

Lynn was no longer worried about keeping their secrets from Ben, so she described how after they had been so turned on by doing the snake that Sissy wanted to 'seduce' one of her teachers. She told him what happened the first time and how Rob was so excited when Sissy described it while he was fucking her and her daughter's desires to get Lynn included in with her teacher.

Ben listened with growing hardness and couldn't resist reaching down and stroking his cock through his pants. While Lynn was talking, she couldn't help but notice his movements. After all, she was unconsciously rubbing her clit under her skirt also. When she finished describing some of those days sexual activities, she leaned forward, threw her arms around Ben's neck and gave him a very deep, very moist soul kiss, her massive jugs pressed against his chest.

Ben responded by pulling her close to him and caressing her back and ass cheeks. Lynn finally broke the kiss and said, "Ben, there's nothing more that I would like right now than to tear the clothes off of you and fuck you so silly. But I really have never done anything like this, and while I think Rob would certainly approve, I do want to discuss it with him before I do it. I'm sorry to leave you hanging like that, though."

"Lynn, you are certainly a most desirable woman and while I have my wife's approval to... ummmmm, enjoy the charms of others, I wouldn't want you to violate Rob's trust. I'm sure that Karen can very well, and most certainly will want to, help me relieve the tension after you leave. She's very good at that, believe me. And I would like Rob's approval before I do anything with your daughter also."

"Oh, Sissy will wet herself when she finds out about this. She'd take you right now out in the middle of the sales floor out there if you even so much as hinted you wanted her to," Lynn told him.

Ben laughed at the picture of that. He said, "Well, while I would just love that, I don't think that would very good for business OR both of our families privacy, so I'll resist hinting at it. If I can. So, what did you think of the dog. Will he do OK for you and Sissy? Did she get to try him on? Or did my daughter monopolize him?"

"No, no, Karen was very helpful and informative. I especially liked it when she used her tongue to assist cleaning my dog-cummy slit afterwards."

Ben's eyebrows shot up and he said, "I'm sorry, did she do something she shouldn't have?"

Lynn put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Definitely not! She even apologized to Sissy for doing it before Sissy had a chance to. Sissy didn't know about all that your family does, so she was hesitant to lick it out of me. I know she probably wanted to a lot, since we girls do share like that around our house. No, Karen was the epitome of thoughtfulness and discretion, really. But I'm not really sure that we'll be able to keep those two girls separated and from doing some pretty wild and kinky things together, now that they've met. We're gonna have our hands full, I think."

Ben laughed and said, "I don't doubt! I can see them double teaming that teacher together at the very least. We may have to be careful. Ummmm, can you tell me which teacher it was that Sissy 'seduced' and sucked off?"

"Well, we don't want to get anyone in trouble, but I know you won't do that. It's Mr. Sullivan, who teaches at her school."

"Hmmmm, Sullivan huh? Yes, I know him. He belongs to an organization that we're in. Handsome man. And you say that you have Rob's OK to get together with him and Sissy?" Ben asked.

Lynn flushed. "Uh, yeah. I mean, we've discussed it but I haven't done anything about it. It was just a fantasy of Sissy's, really."

Ben grinned and asked, "Really? Just Sissy's? You aren't interested in making it a reality at all?"

Lynn turned crimson and said, "Well, I sorta share her fantasy now that she has told me about it, although I have no idea how to go about it. I mean, we've been so paranoid for so long, and I've never done anything outside of... ummm, you know, marriage."

Ben patted her hand and said, "Lynn, believe me, it's not like you're going to go fuck someone, break up your marriage and leave your family. It's just sex. Sex can be shared, and it's better when it is. Love is something that you have for your husband and family, and sex is what you share inside of that love, but having sex with someone else isn't anything more than that- sex. It's great! It feels wonderful! Don't get me wrong, but it isn't love. Like I tell Karen, don't mistake lust for love. And she understands. We've been sharing our love - and our lust - for years, like you all have apparently. And she loves sex, but she also knows the difference between sex and love. So don't worry. I don't. You can have the greatest sex with Bob Sullivan, or me or anyone else for that matter, and it will feel good. And it will just increase the bond of love between you and Rob. So don't worry. Go and fuck Bob's brains out. I know him. He'll enjoy it and so will you. And you don't have to worry about him telling anyone any secrets. Like I said, we belong to the same group."

Lynn felt relieved. "Thanks so much Ben. I appreciate that. Uh, what group is it that you two belong to exactly? Elks? Kiwanis? Lions?"

Ben smiled and said, "Uh, yeah, one of those horny ones, for sure." Lynn just gave him a puzzled look. Even though he had shared his family's secrets with her, he certainly wasn't able to tell her about The Perverts Club and all it entailed. At least not yet, until he had gotten them submitted for membership and vetted by the group. After that, they'd be given enough information to decide whether they wanted to belong or not. But he had the feeling that they would jump at the chance. And he wanted to jump young Sissy at the first chance he got. It wouldn't be today though. But he knew his oversexed, nubile seventeen year old daughter would take care of whatever 'came up', as soon as they were gone.

Ben continued, "If you have Rob's approval, go ahead with Sullivan. It won't be a problem, believe me. Although he does seem to like the younger girls, I think. Though with as outstanding a body as you have, he would have to be queer not to want to 'do' you in a nanosecond, as the kids say."

Lynn blushed again. "Thank you, Ben. It's nice of you to say that. If I didn't need to discuss it with Rob first, I'd have had you inside me a while ago. Believe me, I want it as much as you. But thank you for the information about Mr. Sullivan. I feel better now letting Sissy continue with him, as long as he can be discreet."

Ben said, "Oh, he will be, I can guarantee it. Any other lingering questions that I can help you with right now, Lynn?"

"Well, ummmm, there might be one more little thing, since you've been so open and helpful. I don't know how to put it. Ummmmm, that is... uh, how to describe it. Oh, dammit. Here goes anyway. Ben, do you know anyone who is seriously into pain? I mean a true masochist? Like in the S&M kind of thing?"

Ben was taken aback for a slight second. After all, here's a gorgeous woman, with her nubile twelve year old daughter, picking out a dog to have sex with, and now she's interested in serious S/M. No better example of the phrase, 'Still waters run deep'. And very kinky, apparently.

He measured his words carefully and said, "Lynn are you talking about the experiencing of pain for the purposes of sexually stimulating or causing an orgasm? If so, then yes I am aware of some people who practise this type of thing. And I can get in touch with them for you if you want me to. Do you?"

Lynn looked at him seriously and said, "Ben, again, it's like the dog. I don't know. At least I didn't until I tried it. But there are a lot of things that have started coming to the surface lately and I'm trying to get all the information I can so we don't do anything that can damage our family. Yes, I'm having some interest in experiencing some pain infliction, but it is serious business, so I'm looking for someone who's experienced in it to share their experiences and knowledge. All I know so far is what I've gotten on the internet. That's a lot, but it still isn't like personally discussing it with someone who has done it."

Ben said, "Heh! Tell me about it. I can't believe what my Karen has picked up off the 'net. Sheesh! But like I said, I do know someone I could contact and who is very discreet. She is a dominant but she's also a doctor, so she might be ideal for you. Does Sissy share in this pain thing with you?"

"Uh, well, not exactly. I mean, she's not a pain slut like I am... Oh, god I don't believe I actually told you that! My God! I'm sorry, Ben. I've not been myself lately this past week. Normally I wouldn't say that to anyone other than my husband or family! God, what you must think of me!" Lynn was painfully embarrassed, blushing and somewhat frightened in what all she had revealed to Ben. Years of secrecy and paranoia came flooding out of her.

Ben hugged her to him and said, "Lynn, please don't worry. Don't think I'm disgusted. Quite the contrary, I'm hornier than a rodeo bull just discussing this with you! I know people who have some of the most perverted desires and fantasies you could ever imagine, and a lot of them actually turn them into real experiences. So there's nothing you like that someone else isn't doing somewhere right now. In fact, I know a lot of them. So I know what I'm talking about. I'll help you in any way I can. If you like the zoo oriented stuff, which you obviously do, then I, or Karen, am here for you. And without the need to be embarrassed with me. If you have S&M desires, then I know someone who you can talk to. No matter how deep, dark and perverted you think you are, I know someone who is even more so and if you need to discuss it, I'll help arrange it. There. How's that?"

Lynn was flooded with relief at his words and support, although it was hard to stop crying, the relief was so great. Finally! She had the possibility of finding someone who shared her desire for extreme pain, or all the other things that she and her family had started into in the last week or so.

"Ben, thank you" she said through her tears. "These are tears of joy, believe me! You don't know how much of a relief for me this is. Yes, I want dearly to talk to someone about S&M, particularly the M part. Have them get in touch with me or arrange a meeting. Whatever it takes. I've been so worried about dragging my family into my perversions lately, I really need someone to talk to. You've been a tremendous help today. And with all you've done. Thank you."

She hugged Ben and he just held her tightly for a while. Then they discussed some of the things in more detail before realizing that it would be a good idea to find out exactly what kind of havoc their two young girls were wreaking on his poor store or customers. Ben unlocked the door and they went out into the store. The two girls were nowhere to be seen. So Ben led the way into the special back room.

When they walked in, they found the Rottweiler lying on the floor, licking himself, and Karen bent over Sissy who was lying on her back on the padded bench, both completely naked. Karen's cunt was drooling dog cum down her thighs. She had a finger rubbing Sissy's moist slit, and tongue on her clit while Sissy was moaning with pleasure. The two adults just looked at each other and shrugged, both with 'I told you so' looks on their faces.

Neither of the two girls were immediately aware of the adults' presence. After a discreet time, Ben cleared his throat with a loud "Ahem!" Karen looked up and said, without any sign of embarrassment at all, "Hi Daddy!" Sissy was a little less un-embarrassed and said sheepishly, "Uhhh, Hi, Mom." Ben smiled at the two and said, "I know better than to ask just what you're doing, so I won't. Uh, I think Lynn and I have finished most of our business, so we came to find you two."

Karen stopped stroking Sissy's cunt, to Sissy's disappointment. Karen said, "I was showing Sissy how to guide the Rotty into me, and well, he got carried away as you can see. Sissy was so horny that I had to do something for her so I got one of the small snakes and well, it fits quite nicely. I was just trying get it out of her when you came in."

Ben smiled. "Yeah right, kitten. It takes both your finger and tongue to find a snake in her cunt. I'm sure." He grinned. Karen actually blushed this time, then said, "Well, Sissy needed to get off and I didn't want to leave her hanging. Besides, she tastes so good. As good as her mom does with the dog's cum in her." Then she realized that that might be more information than her dad needed. She noticed his hardon tenting his pants and she went to him, put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "Looks like Lynn got you all hot and bothered. Didn't she take care of you? Does she know all about us?"

Ben whispered back, "No, she didn't this time but it looks good for the future. And yes, they now know a lot about us." Karen squealed and with her arms still around his neck, she hopped up and wrapped her long legs around his waist, her bare cunt rubbing on his erect member through his clothes, her titties pressing against his chest. It was all Ben could do to hold on to his hot young daughter.

Karen whispered fiercely into his ear, "If they know, then fuck me right here in front of them. I'm so horny! I only got off a couple of times with the dog. My little cunt is lubricated with doggy cum, just like you like it. So do me right here, Daddy! Now!" She ground her cunt hard on his cock.

Lynn had knelt down next to her daughter and Sissy was wiggling her hips from the action of the snake inside her. She had propped herself up on her elbows, and was now watching Karen and her father. Lynn rubbed and fingered Sissy's cunt, then noticed where she was looking at and turned her head to look at the other two. She didn't hear what Karen had said to her dad, but with years of experience with Sissy and Rob, she knew exactly what the young girl wanted. Lynn smiled up at Ben and said, "Ben, dear, you have been so wonderful with us today, go ahead. We'd both just love to see you take your daughter right here. And I'm sure Sissy will be more than happy to have you take her too, anytime you want. We'll just have to fish this snake out of her if you want to do her right now."

Sissy just moaned at her mother's words. Karen continued grinding and said out loud this time, "Go ahead, Daddy. Fuck me. I want you to fuck me with your big cock like you like to. Fuck me right here, right now, with them watching. Pleassssse, I want you so much!"

Ben was at a complete loss. With all the gorgeous pussy in the room, the erotic conversations, what could he do? He undid his belt and pulled his pants down, then guided his raging hard cock into his daughter's well lubricated cunt. As soon as she felt his cock head at the entrance to her cunt, Karen pushed her hips down and took her father's cock all the way up into her in one stroke. She gave out a long low, guttural moan of pleasure.

After he was fully seated in her cunt, she started grinding her hips and moving up and down on his cock. Ben was still standing, holding his daughter on his cock by cupping her ass cheeks. The position they were in gave Lynn and Sissy a perfect view of the complete penetration of her cunt by his large cock.

Lynn wanted so bad to have that cock stuffed up her cunt right now. She rubbed her clit with one hand while she stroked Sissy's with the other. All Sissy could do was lay there and watch the action around her, the snake moving every once in a while inside of her, not making any obvious effort to get out.

Ben couldn't take much more of this standing up, so he moved the two of them over to the chair and sat down, all without Karen missing a stroke on his cock. Once he was supported by the chair, Karen planted her knees on either side of him and started bouncing up and down on his rigid member. It didn't take long for the combination of his young daughter's humping his cock and the fact that they were doing it in front of strangers, before both of them had a really powerful orgasm. Karen reached hers first, then had another one as her father pumped his semen into her hot young vagina. As for Ben, he felt like his cock had been pulled out through his asshole. A rather strong one it was for both of them.

After both cumming, Karen just slumped forward on her dad's chest, arms wrapped around his neck, head on his chest. She said, "Thank you for that Daddy. It was wonderful. I love you so much!"

Ben stroked his young daughter and said, "I love you too, kitten. More than anything!" He looked over her shoulder at the two observers. Sissy had cum and the snake had stuck its head a little ways out of her cunt. It was a comical sight. Lynn had frigged herself off to an orgasm and had collapsed on the floor beside the bench Sissy was laying on.

After a little while, Karen started rousing and the snake had gotten almost all the way out of Sissy. Lynn sat up and stroked the snake, also stroking her daughters little cunt lips around where the snake was exiting.

Karen kissed her dad with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, then sat up and said, "Sissy, I got to lick dog cum from your mother's cunt and I got to lick your cunt while the snake was inside you. Now it's your turn if you want. Or both of you, for that matter. I've got doggy cum and daddy's cum in my cunt. Who wants a taste?" With that she pulled off of her dad's semi hard cock and sat up on the arm of the chair, spreading her legs and exposing her drooling cunt.

Sissy hadn't gotten to suck dog cum out of her mother's cunt, so she wasn't about to miss this. She got up and said, "C'mon, Mom!" and knelt down between Karen's splayed legs. The cum draining out of the red gash looked delicious and Sissy didn't hesitate to start licking as much as she could get. Her first swipe with her tongue started at Karen's asshole and went up the length of her slit, getting a goodly amount of the dog cum that had leaked out so far.

Lynn watched her kinky daughter suck the come out of Karen's cunt, while sitting next to her dad, who put most of it there. Finally Lynn decided that it was too good to miss and she got up and knelt down beside Sissy, putting her face next to her young daughter's. Sissy moved aside so Lynn could lick and suck the young girl's cunt. Karen looked at her dad and smiled, then threw back her head and just got off on being licked by the two others.

As for Ben, his cock had started to go limp after dumping his cum into his daughter's cunt, but the scene now was so erotic that he started to harden again. He got up out of the chair and leaned over his young daughter, kissing and nibbling on her hard, pert nipples. Then he grabbed each of her breasts in his hands and started kneading them, tweaking her nipples of each with thumb and forefinger, and gave her a deep, loving soul kiss. He said, "I love you, baby. Always have, always will."

It didn't take anything to bring Karen off again. She spasmed with her orgasm, adding to the juices flowing from her cunt for the two females taking turns licking them up. Her dad just beamed at her with love.

Ben thought, "My God, this is great. And now I've got another two that I'll be able to fuck. Another twelve year old cunt. Has it been five years since Karen was that age? I fucked her long before she was even twelve. I wonder how long Sissy's been getting it from Rob? And then there's Lynn. Her body is un-fucking-believable. I can't wait to get into her either. And just think, I could do mother and daughter together, probably anytime I want. And I'm sure Rob will want Karen, too. Ooos, forgot about the damn snake. Better get it back into a cage quick before it finds a place to hide."

Ben stood up and walked over to where the snake was on the floor. He had noticed that if the snakes had been inside a pussy for a while, they weren't super active when they came out. At least they didn't try to actively get away and hide immediately.

The dog was standing, looking at the snake, sniffing and not knowing exactly what it was or what to do with it, but not attacking it. Ben gave the sign to 'sit' and the Rotty sat. Then Ben picked up the snake, a small eighteen inch corn snake, and holding it with one hand, tried to put his pants on with the other. After not being too successful at it, he laid the snake on his daugher's breasts and finished pulling his pants on and buckling his belt. Then he took the snake from her and went out to put it in its cage. The store had a few customers but his young assistants were taking care of them. He went back and joined the three ladies.

When he returned, Lynn had one finger all the way up into his daughters tight asshole, and Sissy was licking Karen's clit, bringing her to another crashing orgasm. He knew his teen daughter just loved having anything stuck up her ass and he knew from experience exactly what her move would be as soon as Lynn unplugged it from her. The two ministering to Karen's ass and clit slowed their actions after she had climaxed. Karen had propped herself up so she could watch the action as well as feel it. Sissy pulled away from Karen's tender clit and slowly Lynn pulled her finger out of the teen girl's asshole.

As soon as it was all the way out, Sissy leaned over and sniffed the finger. Karen immediately leaned forward and grabbed Lynn's hand, bringing the finger up to her mouth. She looked Lynn in the eyes and then completely engulfed her stinky finger with her mouth, sucking it hard. Ben smiled, having seen this act many times.

Karen very sensuously sucked Lynn's finger and then let it pop out of her mouth. She looked at Lynn and said, "I'm sorry for not sharing, I just love the taste of my ass juices. Don't I, Daddy?" Ben continued smiling and nodded.

Ben said, "Well, we've certainly gotten a wonderful introduction to both families today. I'm sorry that my wife and the rest of your family couldn't be here to join in. But I'm sure they will all enjoy each other soon."

A pang of fear swept through Lynn suddenly. She thought, "Oh, no! I didn't mention Kari and Bobby being involved with us sexually. I hope..." then she quickly realized that for the first time, she didn't have anything to worry about with these two new friends. After all, she had just watched Ben fuck the daylights out of his seventeen year old daughter and fill her cunt with his cum. These people weren't a threat.

Lynn smiled at him and said, "I'm sure of it too. But speaking of family, we've got to get home. It's going to be after dinnertime by the time we get there." To Sissy, she said, "Maybe we can stop and pick something up on the way."

Ben said, "So Lynn, what about the dog? Is he what you wanted? Or do you want me to contact the breeder and see about another one?"

Lynn laughed. "You two have successfully distracted me so that I'd almost forgotten what we came here for originally. Sorry, yes, the dog will be just fine. I love him. Literally, I think! Thanks to Karen. But I wonder, could you keep him here for a day or so until Rob gets his doghouse put together in the back yard? We want him to be an outdoor dog, and only allowed inside the house when we want him to be. Or when he has... ummmm, specific duties to perform on one of us." She put her arm around Sissy's shoulders and smiled at her. Sissy giggled at the thought.

Ben said, "Sure, I can just keep him in one of the kennels out back. I'm sure Karen will take exceptionally good care of him while he's here, until you come and get him. Won't you, dear?" He almost leered at his teen daughter.

She leaned into him and said, "You bet, daddy." Then she lowered her voice and said in a conspiratorial voice, "And I'll let you watch every time too, 'cuz I know you like to and you know I love you for it."

Ben looked at her and gave his daughter a loving squeeze and a kiss on the forehead. He whispered to her, "I love you too, kitten."

When everyone was dressed again, they walked back out to the front of the store. Lynn told Ben that Rob would probably have something ready by the weekend and they would pick the dog up then. He agreed. Then he said, "I'm sure that Karen will be happy to help with anything and I'm sure her mother will be calling you to arrange getting together to discuss... ummmm, many things, and dog care may be among them."

Karen was nodding her head at this and then said, "Oh! Wait a minute! There's something I wanted to give to Sissy. Go ahead and go out to the car and we'll be there in a minute." She grabbed Sissy's hand and the two ran into the back of the store.

Ben accompanied Lynn out to the car, as he wanted to see what Karen had in mind too. They talked a bit, Ben telling Lynn how interested he was in getting into her, as much as he wanted to do Sissy. Lynn blushed and told him that she would definitely like him to do her and she'd love to see him take Sissy also. After a while, Karen and Sissy came strolling out of the store, large Cheshire cat grins on their faces. Lynn and Ben could only look at each other in puzzlement as neither of the two girls were carrying any bags or packages. Sissy climbed in the front seat of the SUV and sat with a smug look. Karen just said, "She'll show you when you get home" with a cryptic grin on her face. The two girls giggled at each other.

Ben shrugged, said goodbye and walked back into the store. He knew he'd find out soon enough. Lynn got into the SUV and drove away. She wasn't going to give Sissy the satisfaction of asking her what was up.

Karen played the coquette and followed Ben around the store, obviously trying to get him to ask her what she gave Sissy. Ben was firm in his conviction that he wasn't going to be the one to break first. He was right. When nobody else was around Karen came up to him and took his hand. "Daddy, want to know what I gave Sissy?" Ben tried to elaborately feign disinterest, which just tweaked Karen's excitement even more. Finally she looked around to make sure no one was nearby or watching and she reached down and fingered around in her cunt, hunting for something. Suddenly, by the look on her face, she found what she was looking for. She triumphantly pulled a pretty bedraggled, limp goldfish out of her cunt and held it up by the tail in front of her dad's face.

"Goldfish? You put a goldfish in her cunt?" her father asked.

Karen smirked and said, "Goldfish, yes. Cunt, no"

Ben laughed and said, "Oh my God, no. You didn't put a goldfish in her ass did you? Like you and what's her name did that day to each other?"

Karen looked suddenly surprised and then crestfallen. "How did you know? I never told you about doing that."

Ben just looked at her with a knowing smirk on his face, and said nothing.

Karen said, "Oh, alright. Yes, I gave her a goldfish enema. Not one goldfish but probably five or ten. They're happily swimming around inside her little twelve year old asshole on the way home now. Well, if she's been able to hold them in, anyway."

Ben laughed at the thought and at the look that would be on Lynn's face when she finds out. He said playfully to his daughter, "You little zoo slut. I should turn you over my knee and give that pretty, round little ass of yours a paddling. We haven't done that in a while have we, slut?"

Karen tried to put on an look of innocence and said, "Why, me a slut, Daddy? Maybe I should go call Lynn and have her bring Sissy back here so I can take them out of her. You'd like that wouldn't you, Daddy. You'd like to watch me spread her cute, twelve year old ass cheeks, and watch the water leak out of her little asshole. Then I'd have to lick it up as it dripped out, and search that little girl asshole for each of those little goldfishies that have been happily swimming round inside of her bowels. I could lick and suck until one of them plooshed out through her tight little brown hole and catch it on my tongue for you. Then I'd taste that nasty goldfish, run it all around my mouth for you, then swallow it down whole with my mouth open so you could watch it go down the pipe. You'd like that wouldn't you, Daddy? You'd help me suck them out of her little pre-teeny asshole and feed them to me to swallow, wouldn't you, pervert Daddy? Just think of having all those little fishies swimming around down in my tummy. You'd like doing all that wouldn't you, Daddy? Wouldn't you love to make your young daughter swallow those old, shit covered fishies whole? Then we could fill up my holes with worms or frogs or tadpoles and you could fuck them to death. You'd like that, huh, Daddy?"

Karen dangled the barely alive goldfish by the tail and gave it a couple of licks with the tip of her tongue. She stuck out her tongue and laid the goldfish flat on it, making a big show of rolling it around on her tongue. She closed her mouth and gave he daddy a big smile and then kissed him. She snaked her tongue into his mouth and then let his tongue feel the slimy fish still in hers. She pulled back, holding her mouth wide open and looking straight into her daddy's eyes. With him watching the spectacle, she slowly rolled her tongue back into her throat, forcing the little fish back and down into her gullet. As soon as it was at the very rear of her mouth, before it slipped down her food tube, she flattened her tongue so Ben could see the doomed fishie slowly slide down the back of her throat and out of sight. Keeping her mouth open, Karen swallowed dramatically a couple of times to show her daddy that the whole fishie was gone, down into her stomach. Then she threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big, slobbering French kiss again.

"You like watching your little baby girl slut swallow live fishies, don't you Daddy? And tadpoles, and frogs and lizards. What else would you like to see me swallow live, Daddy? Live baby eels? Maybe a baby snake? I know! How about some more of those live, pink, squirmy baby mice? Those are yummy! I can feel them slide all the way down into my tummy, Daddy. I know you like to watch me do those. Shall I go get some of those baby mice to let you watch me swallow 'em, Daddy? Hmmmmm?"

Ben was again rock hard, listening to the perverted words of his young daughter. After all these years she knew exactly how to hit every erotic- and exoticly perverted - hot button he had. And some he didn't know he had. She was a little minx and he had great sympathy for what Lynn and Rob were going to be going through with Sissy. Soon. Especially if they let his Karen get together with their little pre-teen daughter. He visualized the two girls holding the tiny, pink live mice, dangling them by their tails, then dropping them in their mouths, kissing each other and swapping the squirming little critters back and forth between them, until they finally let them slide back down their throats and to their deaths in the girls' stomachs. Ben shuddered at the vision. And he knew it was only a short time before Karen and Sissy would be doing things like that. In front of their whole family!

Grasping Karen's arm, Ben marched her into the special back room, and locked the door. When he turned, his daughter already had her skirt off and was unbuttoning her blouse. She had not put her bra back on from when she took it off in front of Lynn and Sissy. She dropped the blouse and stood naked in front of him, looking at her father and said, "C'mon Daddy, get that huge cock out and get ready to fuck my tight little asshole. Just imagine it's little Sissy's tight hole and her ass is full of little fishies, swimming around in it. Not knowing they're going to be fucked to death real soon. C'mon Daddy, put it in me please? Or do you want me to go fill my hot little ass with goldfish, so you can feel them squirm around your huge cock as you rape it and tear it apart with your daddy cock? Hmmmm, Daddy? Do you want to ravage your little daughter's asshole? Do you want to shove your huge cock up all the way in it and spew your cum into your little girl's intestines? C'mon, Daddy, ram my ass with your big cock."

Ben dropped his pants, bent his daughter over the back of one of the chairs and started rubbing his hard cock around her asshole. It was drooling precum already from his being excited by her sexy, erotic taunting of him. He wanted to use some lubrication, but Karen didn't want that. She said, "Daddy, stuff it in me hard. I'm ready to go. Just ram it into my tight hole, all the way in with one stroke. Destroy my rectum with your huge cock. Please Daddy, fuck my ass hard, right now. Ram it up inside me. Tear me apart. Make my ass bleed from cramming it into me so hard. Do it Daddy. Do it now for me. I want you to destroy my asshole for me. Fuck me so hard I bleed."

Ben knew she liked it rough in her ass, that it was one of her big turn-ons. He was torn between actually hurting his precious little girl and fulfilling her wishes and desires. So he held his cock head right at the entrance to her asshole and then with one steady shove, pushed it all the way up into her. As her sphincter screamed with pain, so did she. Karen let loose with a loud scream, both pleasure and pain. She just loved to have her asshole stretched and having it done forcefully, with no lubricant, was one of her favorite fantasies. She often fantasized huge animals of all sizes and shapes violating or fucking her tender little teen asshole or being inserted by someone into her asshole, filling her rectum, tearing her delicate tissues to shreds, ripping her asshole apart.

It didn't take any great number of strokes before Karen started cumming. Her father, despite having cum not a long time ago, was excited both by her dirty talk and by the tight warmth of her young asshole. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and yanked back on her head, pulling her back onto him and forcing her into a painful arch from her neck to where his cock impaled her ass. She helped by pushing back against him as hard as she could, and he soon felt his balls ready to spew his cum up into her bowels. He forcefully rammed his cock all the way up inside of her as far as he could get it, spewing his seed into her rectum. With each spurt, he pulled his hips back but still holding tightly and pulling on both handfuls of her hair and then jammed his cock all the way up into her ass as far as he could, so forcefully he actually lifted her feet off the floor. Karen screamed with the pain of the violation but more from the orgasm that overtook her.

After cumming in his daughter's ass, all Ben could do was hold on until she wound down. She was shaking and pushing back against his cock and cumming and cumming.

Finally, somewhat satiated he hoped, he let go of her hair and she slumped down against the chair. He held her by her hips on his softening cock as long as he could. When his cock started to slip out of her asshole, she slumped down on the floor, turning to sit facing him. She looked up at him with loving eyes and said, "God, Daddy, I loved that. Now, in my mouth Daddy. Put it in my mouth and don't take it out until you're empty".

Ben knew what she wanted and he leaned forward so his slimy, shit stained cock was right in front of her mouth. She engulfed it and started licking and sucking on his slime coated rod. She was taking his soft cock all the way in her mouth with a stong oral suction, giving him a tremendously great blow job. His cock actually started to harden again from her actions. Karen didn't stop sucking, taking its whole length as much as she could. He fucked into her mouth slowly, feeling her warm and talented tongue swirling around his dirty cock, cleaning it of his cum and her shit-slime.

God, he loved his daughter so much! But he knew he wasn't going to get away without giving her what she wanted. They had done this before and Ben had learned the kind of muscle control it required. He concentrated on the muscles at the base of his cock and in his ass. Soon he felt the urge start. He put both hands on his daughter's head, holding her tightly onto his cock again by handfuls of hair.

It took a while but finally he relaxed enough to get his sphincter muscle to give up and let his piss start flowing. Soon he was pissing full force into his daughters mouth, holding her tightly to him by pulling her hair. She was swallowing as fast as she could so she wouldn't choke on it, but a bunch of his piss spewed out her nose. She renewed her swallowing efforts and eventually just relaxed her throat muscles so his piss went directly down her gullet. Ben held her firmly to him until his stream slowed and finally dribbled to a stop. Just about his whole bladder of piss had gone directly down into his precious daughters stomach, with only the little bit that spewed out her nose wasted.

Karen looked lovingly up at her daddy and sucked on his still hard, but drained, cock. She knew he couldn't cum again, but she had gotten what she wanted. Now she just wanted to make him feel good. As he released her hair, she slowly pulled back so his cock, inch by inch, backed out of her mouth. When she had just the head left inside her, she drove her head forward as far as possible, taking every inch that she could as far down her throat as possible. She repeated this several times, each time more slowly, until finally she let daddy's cock slip from her lips. She grabbed it with her hand and looked up into his eyes, giving the tip one more loving lick. She said, "Thank you. I love you, Daddy!"

"I love you too, kitten. My God, you're amazing! Thank you."

Karen got an impish grin on her face and said, "Awww, you probably say that to every teen slut who lets you rough fuck her ass, sucks you clean and then lets you piss down her throat. Doncha?"

Ben laughed. "You're right, I do. So... you're amazing! I love you. Now you better get cleaned up and get home for dinner. I've still got some orders to do, since some young teen slut daughter distracted me this afternoon and I didn't get them finished."

"Yah, well this teen slut daughter is going to take her ass full of her daddy's cum home to her mommy and let her lick it out of me. I'm sure she'll be happy to have that as dinner until you make it home."

"I know she will if you make sure you shit into her mouth with all my cum. We both know how she loves that."

"And maybe it will hold her until you get home and you can shit into her mouth and she can share it with me. No matter what I've done today, I'm still horny as hell. A little scat play may be just what I need."

"I hope you didn't try any of that with Lynn and Sissy. I don't know if they're quite ready for those extremes yet."

"You mean I wasn't supposed to finger fuck the dog's asshole, lick it and suck his shit out into my mouth in front of them?" she teased. "No, I was a good girl. Well, I was a very naughty girl, but I didn't shit in anyone's mouth or lick the dog's asshole, although I really wanted to try to suck the enema out of little Sissy's asshole that I gave her before I filled her up with the goldfish. But I didn't do anything as far as scat play, Daddy."

Karen hadn't gotten up off the floor yet, so Ben helped her up and then kissed his daughter deeply, again. He put his hands around her ass and slid a finger along her crack. He could feel his cum leaking out of her a little bit. He playfully slapped her on the bare ass and said, "You're leaking already. It may not last until you get home for your mother."

Karen smiled and said, "Not to worry, Daddy. I brought my butt plug, so I'll just plug my little, poor bruised asshole up with it until I get home, and let Mommy pull it out for me."

Ben slapped her on the fanny again, and she danced away from him. She said, "Ooooooo, Daddy, after I get my butt plug in all the way, I think you should spank my naughty ass until it's nice and red, hmmm? It would feel so good on the way home."

Ben said, "Get your butt plug stuffed into your little hole and come to my office when you're ready. I'll tan your cute little ass for you, kitten."

With one hand holding her butt cheeks together so his cum would't leak out, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, "Thanks Daddy. Be there in a few."

Ben adjusted his pants and his still hard on and went to his office. He had several orders he really had to get in today so they would make the next delivery. It wasn't too long before his daughter pranced into his office, turned around and flipping her skirt up over her ass, spread her butt cheeks to show her little hole filled with a medium sized plug. She looked over her should at him and said, "Wanna spank my bad butt, Daddy?"

Ben smiled at her and said, "Bare hand or paddle, honey?"

Karen thought for a second, then said, "Paddle. The harder the better. I want to feel it burn all the way home so Mommy can see it all red and sore. Make sure there's plenty of red welts. Then she lick them when she pulls the plug out and enjoys your cum."

"OK, babe, you got it." Ben got up and went over to a case on a shelf. He opened it and pulled out a really nasty looking paddle. It wasn't very thick but it had holes drilled in it, both to reduce the air resistance and to maximize the pain. He swished it through the air once and it whistled nastily when he did. Ben had had both his office and the special back room sound proofed years ago, so he knew that nobody would hear Karen's screams. She knew it too.

Ben bent his daughter over the desk, flipping her skirt up over her back, baring her ass cheeks to him. He hadn't been quite honest with Lynn when he said he and Karen weren't into pain. Karen certainly was and he was into inflicting it on her. But he wasn't quite ready to reveal all their little perversions to the new family yet. Best to leave some things for later. But he did wonder just how much pain Lynn could take, and he sure would like to be the one to find out.

Karen wiggled her bare ass at him and breaking his reverie, said, "Go on, stud, beat your little girl's tender ass. Beat it to a bloody pulp. Smack my asscheeks into next Sunday. Drive that butt plug all the way up into my throat. C'mon Daddy, destroy your precious little daughter's butt with that big paddle. Are you man enough to beat your little baby unconscious? C'mon, stud, let's see if you're better with that paddle than you are with your dinky little cock..."

Swish, SMACK!! Ben brought the paddle down in a swift, deadly strike. It caught both of her ass cheeks, tearing an ear splitting scream of agony from his daughter's lips. A bright red imprint of the paddle suddenly appeared on her butt cheeks, each hole and edge of the wooden paddle outlined in raised detail.

Through clenched teeth, Karen taunted her father, "Is that all you've got, sailor? I know an invalid in a wheelchair with MS that can hit harder than that! C'mon, stud, give it some muscle..." Swish, SSSMMMMAAAACCCCKKKK! His second stroke came down and cut off her verbal tirade.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Karen screamed at the top of her lungs. "Shit, that one hurt!" she thought. "But the burn's sooooooo goooood", she smiled to herself.

Karen kept up her verbal barrage, egging her father on and Ben laid another five or six punishing blows on her tender ass cheeks, overlapping each one on the other, finally shutting her up. One had actually flattened the cheeks enough to hit the butt plug, shoving it up into her tight hole and then settling back. By the time he had finished, Karen's butt was covered in raised red welts, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was obviously in extreme pain, but if he knew his kinky little daughter, she was in sexual heaven right now. She got off on the most punishing whippings. In fact, she could get off on more severe whippings than he could even give to her. Her cunt was dripping right now, her juices streaming down her legs and he knew she and her mother would have a great time when she got home.

Ben stood his seventeen year old daughter up and turned her to face him, wiping away the tears from her cheeks, then kissed her deeply. She kissed back. When they broke the kiss, he held the paddle up in front of her. She bowed her head and kissed it and then he told her, "Now, you got your wish. Go home. Give your mother a kiss for me. I'll be home later."

Karen hugged him then said, "Yes, Daddy. Thank you. I'll see you at home." She tried to flounce out of his office, but he could tell that she had to walk carefully because of the pain in her tender flesh. At the door, she leaned forward and lifted the back of her skirt up, giving him a last view of her bright red welts, then straightened up and went out. He grinned as he thought how comical it would look with her driving home, shifting her tender ass to keep from rubbing and bouncing on the seat.

Ben adjusted his hardon and then sat back down at his desk to finish his paperwork. He just shook his head in wonderment at what his little girl had grown up to be. He had been fucking her for almost fifteen of her seventeen years, and she'd watched her mother being fucked by dogs for several years until at the age of seven her mother had helped her take on a small Spaniel they had gotten just for that purpose. She and her mother had shared numerous dogs, and even assisted his breeder friend in their special training. Ben would never, ever forget the day when Karen was about Sissy's age and had asked him to come watch her performance at the kennel. She and her mother had planned it for weeks in advance.

She took on several dogs, taking one of the largest ones until it knotted with her. Her little cunt was stretched beyond belief by the dog's huge knot and Karen gleefully let the dog drag her around the kennel until he softened enough for her to pull off of him. She grabbed a glass and drained all the dog's cum out of her that she could get into the glass. Then she had him help her get another smaller dog to mount her, although this time in her tiny asshole. The dog fucked her for a good long time, pounding in and out of her tender little hole like a jackhammer until he filled her bowels with his doggy cum. Karen took the glass and drained as much dog cum out of her ass as she could get, adding it to the others, then set the glass aside.

She then walked around the kennel, scooping up piles of dog shit from the floor. When she had a good handful, she laid back and started pushing the filth into her dripping little cunt. She worked every bit of the dog shit into her little hole as she could get, until her cunt lips wouldn't completely close up she was so full. Then she motioned for Ben to come over to her and said, "Daddy, will you please fuck my dirty, slimy dog shit filled cunt? Please, Daddy? I want to feel it squishing around your big cock as you plunge it into my stuffed hole. Please, Daddy, do it to me now!" Ben and her mother were no newcomers to scat play, and what his precious little girl was doing was so extreme. He couldn't help himself and plunged his cock up into his little daughter's crap filled hole and started stroking in and out of her. The dog shit oozed out around his cock as he plunged it in and out of her hole.

Her mother knelt next to them and put her arm around her husband. She then took the glass of dog cum that Karen had so carefully collected and holding over her daughter's upturned face, dripped it bit by bit into her mouth as Ben continued to hammer her little cunt. As he watched this perverted act, he felt his balls ready to squirt his cum. When he told his wife that he was about to cum, she had him pull out of his daughter's shit filled cunt. Karen immediately leaned forward and engulfed his brown coated cock in her mouth, sucking like she was starved for his cock and cum. Ben started spurting his seed into his pre-teen daughter's mouth, not letting his cock out until his balls had given up every drop he had to give.

His wife had one arm around his waist and with her other hand, held his cock in her daughter's mouth. She kissed Ben and whispered in his ear, "Now, dear, piss in her mouth. Fill her up with your golden pee. Empty your bladder down her throat and fill her tummy with her daddy's hot, yellow piss! Go ahead, can't you see that your little slut wants you to piss in her mouth and fill her tummy? Go ahead, make her happy and give her all the pee you have."

It took a bit of concentration, but Ben had been pissing down his wife's throat for a long time. He knew she loved it. So he had learned the muscle control it required to piss with a hard-on. He was finally able to let go and his pee spewed into his young daughter's mouth. She tried to swallow, but the strong stream was too much and it ran out of her mouth and spewed out her nose. Karen's eyes watered, but she kept on swallowing her daddy's piss until his stream slowed to a trickle and then stopped. She looked up at him lovingly and held his cock, licking the final drops from the tip. She beamed up at him, pulled his cock to her and licked some of the dog shit from his balls and the base of his prick.

Then the nymph turned to her mother and wrapped her arms around her hips. Sarah moved enough to give Karen access and spread her legs to expose her cunt to her daughter. She reached down and pulled her large cunt lips apart, giving her daughter's mouth access to the opening of her urethra. Karen latched her mouth over the little hole and Sarah sighed, relaxed her sphincter and let her hot, yellow piss spray into her young daughter's mouth. Since Karen's mouth wasn't filled with cock this time, she could more easily handle the stream of hot piss and was able to slurp it down as fast as her mother could spray it into her. When Sarah's bladder was emptied, Karen licked her mother's pee hole, then drove her tongue into her hot moist cunt. Karen moved her head slightly to the side so her daddy would have a good view of her tongue cleaning her mommy's slit. Then she latched onto the clitoris that was engorged and waiting for her mouth. Karen applied suction, just like she had applied to her daddy's hard cock, and soon Sarah's hips and legs were shaking with an orgasm. Karen held tight to her mom's hips and rode her clit through at least two climaxes before pulling away and smiling at her father. Sarah bent down and kissed her daughter passionately in thanks for the orgasmic pleasures she had given her.

Now that her 'performance' was finished, the young girl needed to clean the filth out her holes. Karen got up and walked over to a garden hose that was hanging on the wall of the kennel. She turned on the water and stuffed the end of the hose into her shit filled cunt. The water streamed out of her hole, around the hose, being a very effective douche and cleaning her out nicely. Then she smiled over at her parents, turned around and bent over and stuck the hose up into her asshole. She took the stream of water until it started spraying out of her asshole around the hose. Karen pulled the hose out of her ass, then held it above her, showering her with the cold water. Her little nipples were rock hard, both from the sexual stimulation and the coldness of the water. She made a great show of washing herself with the stream of water, then squatting to forcefully eject the remaining water from her bowels.

While the water was spewing from her asshole, she again shoved the running stream of water up into her cunt, irrigating it out again. She repeatedly filled her ass then her cunt with the stream of cold water from the hose, until it all came out completely clear. She turned off the water, hung up the hose and wiggled her little ass as she walked over to her parents. Karen gave her mother a big, sloppy kiss, then threw her arms around her daddy's neck and said in the most innocent, faultless, pre-teen girl's innocent voice, "Well, Daddy, how'd you like my little show?" like she had proudly just finished a piano recital at school instead of the nastiest, dirtiest, most kinky perverse, dog fucking sex show he had ever seen.

Karen had been doing things like that ever since. She was one of the most perverted little sex sluts that Ben knew of and he knew a few, being a charter member of The Perverts Club. But he loved her beyond words and was so proud and amazed at what she had become over the years- a mature-beyond-her-years, smart, experienced young lady. Her exhibitionism had only grown during that time and he knew that when Sissy and she got together, all hell was going to break loose. In some ways, he could see a lot of the younger Karen in Sissy and he couldn't wait to see what they would do. In some ways, being a very loving and caring father in addition to being a card carrying pervert and lecher, not to mention her lover, he still worried for his daughter's welfare too.

He knew intuitively that putting Karen and Sissy together was like putting gasoline on a fire. He hoped that Rob and Lynn were ready for a wild, sexy ride and wondered if they'd be able to handle it. Even with his and Sarah's years of experience, he still didn't know if he was ready. Well, they'd soon find out, he figured.

Ben tried to concentrate on his paperwork, but visions of Sissy's coltish long legs and her cute, firm ass kept him semi-hard. He really wanted to watch her take Karen and Sarah's Great Dane. And he wanted to ram his cock up her tight little asshole. Then there was her mother, whose amazing body he loved to do all kinds of kinky things with. "Damn!" Ben thought, "I've gotta get these orders done so I can go home and find out what Karen and Sarah have in store for me. And I don't know that after today I'll be up to anything they want to try."

Meanwhile, after leaving the pet store, Sissy, the younger version of Karen, sat giggling in the front seat next to her mother, Lynn. They got about halfway home before Sissy divulged the secret of what Karen had given her.

"In your ASS??? Goldfish??" Lynn exclaimed. "You've got goldfish in your ass? Right now? Oh my god what have I gotten us into?" Then she settled down and the kink of it started sinking in. Here was her twelve year old daughter, sitting next to her, in the car, with an enema of goldfish swimming around in her ass. Lynn started to get a little turned on.

"What's it feel like? Can you feel them swimming around in there? How many are there?" Lynn calmly asked Sissy.

The girl grinned and said, "Oh about ten or so, I guess. We didn't count them. And I really can't feel them unless they hit the wall of my ass or something. But it feels neat when they do. Jeez, it feels neat just knowing I have an ass full of live goldfish. It turns me on. Doesn't it turn you on, Mom? Knowing I'm sitting here with live, real live goldfish swimming around in my ass?"

Lynn was exasperated, and didn't want to admit that she WAS turned on. "Oh, honey, I don't know what to think. I was fucked by a dog today. You had a snake stuffed in your cunt. We found a family that does the kind of things that we do and that we can share with. And now you've got goldfish swimming around inside you. This is certainly not the normal life I envisioned for my family. I just don't know what to think."

"Jeez, Mom, lighten up! I love this! I love the snakes and dog fucking. I love putting things up in me. Big things, lots of little things, live things. I love doing this. I think it's so neat that you are so kinky and pervy. I love you and I love what you're doing. Please Mom, don't be down. Let's enjoy these things."

Lynn thought to herself, "My own pre-teen daughter telling me to lighten up and not be a downer, 'cuz she likes putting live animals in her cunt and ass. My god, I'm just amazed at what we've become."

To her daughter she said, "OK dear. I'm just worried that we could lose our balance and run into trouble. But I'll try to be better. So it's sexy having them swimming around inside of you, huh?"

Sissy wiggled her ass and said, "Yeah, it's neat. I mean, the idea of it is. There's not really much I can feel right now, other than I feel full, just like any enema feels. But the thought of all those little fishies up inside of me. Ooooooo, it's so exciting. I'd like to go by Mr. Sullivan's right now and have him fuck me in the ass with the fishies up inside me. Without telling him of course. I'd like to see the look of surprise on his face when he realizes it. Oh, wouldn't that be just too much. It's sorta like when I had those golf balls up in me the other day when I came home from his house and had dad fuck me. His surprise was better than actually having the golf balls themselves in me. Well, sorta anyway. I like having things up in me. The bigger the better. And the kinkier the better."

"I know the feeling, dear. I like being stuffed myself. How was that snake today, compared to Albert?"

"Well, it was a little one compared to him. And it was a corn snake, I think Karen said. One of those that is like the same size all the way down. Albert is thin at both ends and fat in the middle. I like that. But it was kewl. I could feel it moving around in me. That and Karen licking my clit really brought me off good. She's really good at it."

"Apparently she and her mother have years of experience. I'm really interested in talking to her mother. It's going to be mind blowing I feel," Lynn told her.

"Well, Mom, when can I fuck Ben? You said I could, so when can we have him do that. I like him. He's not only nice but he seems really kinky for some reason. Both him and Karen do. But can I fuck him or are you going to first?"

"I don't know, sweety. I'm going to have to talk to your father, but I'm sure he will say it's OK. As far as you, I don't know. We'll have to see how things work out. Talk to your father and see if he may let you do it when we pick up the dog. That is, if it's OK with Ben to do it then. But I think he really wants to get into your holes. I could see him eyeing you every time he had the chance."

"Wow, I don't now why he'd want li'l ol' me. He's got that sexy C-cup daughter and you- he'll go crazy when he sees your ginormous boobs unleashed. I've got nothing but these little marshmallow mounds."

"Don't sell yourself short, kiddo. You are one sexy babe. Believe me, men will fall all over their cocks trying to get to fuck you. It's not the size of the boobs, although that can be a primary attraction for some men. But you just exude sex from your body, no matter what size you are. Why do you think you've got all those boys trying to feel you up all the time? It's not the little titty mounds they're trying to feel, it's the sexy person attached to them. You could be flat as a board and guys would try to have sex with you. Maybe it's how you've grown up with sex, and how you're so experienced with it that gives you the attitude. You don't even notice it, but believe me, every male within sight of you does, unless they're gay. And I don't doubt some gay boys wouldn't mind tapping your ass either."

"Ya think so, really, Mom? I don't understand it. I mean, I don't try to act sexy or anything. Well, sometimes I do. I just enjoy all things having to do with sex so much. Thanks to you and Dad."

"All I know honey is that I can attract men with my huge boobs. They want to feel them, rub them, look at them, taste them, tweak and twist them. But you! It's how you are, not how big of boobs you've got. But if you get your genes from me, you're chest is gonna pop soon and you'll be even more popular. As it is, you're just a sexy little minx, dear. And there's probably nothing any of us can do about it. It's just how you are."

"Well, I know I'm a sex slut, Mom, and I just love that! I'll love it a lot more when I have ginormous titties like yours. But Mom, can I turn into a lezzie because I like to suck your cunt or that I liked Karen sucking my clit today?"

"Oh my god, no, honey! I mean you aren't but it wouldn't be something awful if you were a lesbian. But let me ask you something just for illustration. When you fantasize about sexy things, what do you think about?"

"You mean besides snakes, and mice and goldfishies and doggies?" Sissy laughed.

"Yes, besides all those. What do you think about when you think about getting fucked, or fucking with someone else?"

"I think about being fucked by Mr. Sullivan, or Dad, or even Bobby. Sometimes I think about some of the good looking boys in the upper grades doing it to me. But most of the boys my age are so dorky!"

"So you don't fantasize all the time about licking my cunt, or sucking on your girlfriends cunts, or having them lick you?"

"Welllllll, sometimes I'll think about doing it with one of my friends if I'm really horny. Or something like that, but usually I'm just thinking about guys filling my holes up with their cocks. Yummm, that's so good."

"OK, see you're a normal hetero sex slut, if there's anything that could be normal about that. But really, you like sex. If you are with someone like Karen, you'll have sexy fun with her. If you and I are playing, you'll have sexy fun with me. But when you're turned on and thinking about basic sex, it's being stuffed by cocks and being fucked by men. Or boys. Or male animals. See that just means you're a sex slut, just like me. Sex sluts like all kinds of sex. It's the sex you like, not specifically the gender you're having it with. But if you put a gender preference to it, you would choose males. Lesbians would choose females."

"I see. Mom, I like being a sex slut!"

"Well, so do I, hon. So do I," Lynn told her.

Sissy asked, "But you like pain, 'cuz you're a pain slut too, right?"

"Well, I don't know exactly how to explain that one. Yes, I like pain, but only in a sexual context. Like for instance, if I broke my arm. It would be painful and I wouldn't like it at all, pain slut or not. Now if someone broke my arm while they were doing something sexual to me, it would be painful and that pain might add to my sexual stimulation for a while, but when the sex part was over, I'd still have a broken arm and I wouldn't like the pain. So it's not the pain I like, it's the stimulation that increases my sexual excitement. I don't know how to explain it better, dear," Lynn told her daughter.

"So when I stuck those needles into your tits, the pain was pain, but it increased your sexual excitement?" Sissy asked.

"Yes. And when we're done and the needles come out, the pain is over. Except for some soreness or something. But even so, seriously hard fucking can leave you sore for a while. Part of the pain slut is also being a submissive. Being humiliated and forced to do certain kinky, perverse things increases my sexual stimulation. Now I know I'm not really being 'forced', but that's the submissive role play. And being 'forced' by my children to do something kinky or submit to something perverse increases the humiliation and thus the pain, but also the pleasure. Knowing I was being forced to submit to you, my daughter, sticking those needles in me, knowing it was causing me extreme pain in the very organs that my sex is based on was a submissive, humiliation fantasy. Oh, the pain was very real, I can tell you that. But pain is a brain mediated response, as your dad would say. That means that pain is actually only an interpretation of sensors by the brain. So mixing pain and sexual stimulation can overload the sensors and trigger huge sexual responses. I don't know if that explains it for you, dear."

Sissy said, "I sorta think so, Mom. I guess if you like it, I'll be happy to help you. Like sticking those needles into your titties. If you liked me doing it, I liked doing it. It's such a turn on for me to see you all hot and bothered and sexy. I love watching you get off. And if pain like that helps you get off even better, you got me. You're so beautiful when you cum. Well, you're beautiful all the time, just more so when you cum."

"Well, thank you honey, I appreciate that. And I like seeing you get off too. Whatever you want to try, anything, you let me know and I'll try my best to help you with it. I just don't ever want you hurt or damaged or anything. That's why I've been so worried about the extreme stuff that I'm getting into. I'm afraid that some of it will end up hurting one of you kids and I'd be heartbroken if that ever happened," Lynn told her solemnly.

"Don't worry, Mom. I LOVE what we're doing. I'm so excited about everything. And now meeting Karen and all that stuff. She's such a perv like you. It's all just so hot! I'm loving it!" Sissy gushed.

"Yes, all this stuff's gotten me perpetually turned on too, hon. We just have to be careful and balance out everything. It's just been going so fast, I guess. But you're right. Meeting Ben and Karen and finding out that they do the same kinda stuff we do. Wow! Did you see how he fucked her? She really took his huge prick all the way up into her."

"Yah, it was so kewl. I loved watching it go in and out of her. I never get to see it from that angle-- unless I'm watching you and Dad, and then I'm usually doing something with you. So I don't usually get to see a big cock splitting a cunt open like that from below. Talk about stimulating!"

"I can't wait to meet her mother and discuss a lot of this stuff with her. You know, mom to mom," Lynn said.

"I want to see them fuck their Great Dane! Just think how big that cock has gotta be that they take. Karen said she takes it all, even the knot. She says that if he ties with her, it can take her ten or twenty minutes, or more, to get loose. I wanna see THAT!"

"My god, I don't see how that girl is big enough to take that. But she did take all of Monte inside her, so she must have a huge cunt," Lynn said.

"And she said she loves being stretched. She likes shoving the biggest things she can find in both of her holes, just like I do," Sissy enthused.

"I have a feeling that we're going to find them valuable friends." They pulled into the fast food parking lot. "Well, here we are. What do you want to get to eat?"

"Oh Mom, can I go in and get the food? I wanna walk around in public with my ass full of goldfish. Isn't that sexy? Can I please?"

"No, I think this time the drive through is the best thing," her mother told her.

Sissy pleaded, "Oh, Mom! I do think I'm leaking though. Can I at least run into the bathroom and get some toilet paper to wipe with? Please, I don't want to leak all over the seat. Pleeeeeeze Mom?"

Lynn relented and said, "OK, but directly to the bathroom and back. No strolling around the place, flaunting your goldfish filled ass! And what do you want to eat?"

"Just get me a double cheeseburger combo. Thanks Mom. BRB." She jumped out of the car and sauntered slowly into the building, not in the least bit of a hurry.

Lynn pulled around to the drive through and placed her order. Then she pulled up and got the food, and drove around the building to the spot where she let Sissy out. She spotted Sissy standing just outside, talking to a boy a few years older than her. She was fiddling with her skirt and when Lynn honked, Sissy flipped the back of her skirt up, fully exposing her bare ass. The boy standing in front of her couldn't see it, but Lynn definitely could. Sissy flipped her skirt back down, gave the boy a quick hug and sashayed her cute ass back to the car. She got in and closed the door and smiled at her mother as they drove off.

"Who was that boy?" Lynn asked.

"Oh, he's a guy from school. He's in one of the upper grades. He plays on the football team. I think he must've seen some of my exuded sex, 'cuz he wanted to talk to me. He's really cute. Don'cha think?"

Lynn said, "Yes, he looked nice. But I hope no one saw that skirt flip that you did. You know we have to be very careful."

"I know, Mom, but nobody saw. Besides, all they'd see is my skinny butt. They wouldn't know that it's full of goldfish. You're the only one here who knows that," Sissy told her, laughing.

"Well, OK, but we still have to be careful, no matter how turned on and sexy you're feeling. Doing something in public is still dangerous, dear."

Sissy said, "I know, Mom. I'll try to be good."

They got home with the food. Sissy ran up to her dad and threw her arms around him, giving him a big kiss. "You'll never guess what I've got inside of me, Dad! Hand me that big glass."

Rob disentangled himself from her and handed her a glass from the counter. Sissy squatted down, holding the glass under her ass and relaxed her sphincter. The water came pouring out of her, plus a few of the goldfish. She strained a little and got a few more goldfish squeezed out. She stood up, holding the glass with a few goldfish barely floating in it for her dad to see.

"See Dad. Karen gave me a present of a goldfish enema before we left the store. Isn't that so kewl?" Sissy said proudly.

Rob looked skeptically at the glass and tried to determine if any of the goldfish were still alive or not. Some were actually showing some signs of movement. He looked at his happy daughter and said, "Exactly how many did she put into you?"

"Aw, I dunno, Dad. I'll probably be shitting out goldfish the rest of the night. But isn't it neat. I had a bunch of goldfish up my ass! And Karen and her dad do the same kinda things we do. We watched Ben fuck her totally, today. After she had been fucked by our new dog. It was so hot!"

Lynn had walked in and sat the bags of food and drinks down on the table. Rob looked at her, and she smiled and nodded, confirming what his excited daughter had told him.

"We've got a lot to talk about, dear" she said to him. "A lot!"

"Well, tell me all about it, hon. Or is this something we want to discuss later, alone?"

"Well, I don't doubt that your daughter will give you the highlights, but we do have some serious stuff to consider," Lynn told him.

Rob called out to Bobby and Kari, who were in the front room, "Kids, c'mon and get dinner. Mom brought hamburgers!"

When the kids came into the kitchen, they all sat down to eat. Bobby's most pressing question was why they didn't bring the dog home. Sissy regaled her dad with some of the highlights of their trip to the pet store and meeting Karen. Rob only got a chance to ask a few questions, his daughter was chattering so constantly. Lynn would raise her eyebrows or just nod at some of Rob's more quizzical expressions and questioning looks. Sissy finally wound down a bit.

"And, uh, Dad? Can I take Hapkido lessons again? Mom got a flyer from the dojo and I think I'd like do it again." Sissy gave Rob her best virginal daughter look, complete with puppy dog eyes, even thought she knew he'd say yes.

Bobby said, "Is that those dancing classes you used to take?"

Sissy stuck out her tongue at him and said, "No, dummy! It's martial arts."

"You mean like fighting?" Bobby asked. "I thought it was just a dance or something, the way you did that fancy prancing around here all the time."

Sissy reached over and grabbed Bobby's hand and twisted his wrist, almost making him fall off the chair. "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" Bobby cried. Sissy looked smug.

"That's just a simple joint lock, dork," Sissy told him, grinning as she released him. "That 'prancing', as you call it, was just exercises. They're for balance, rhythm and fluid motion. And kicks and strikes."

Rob and Lynn were watching the two children with somewhat amused expressions on their faces. Bobby looked at them, rubbing his wrist and said, "Hey, Mom, can I take some of those classes too? I wanna learn that so I can beat her up!" He stuck his tongue out at his big sister, who just laughed.

"Uh, bud, I don't think that's the purpose," Rob told him. There's a philosophy behind it and it takes mental concentration and physical coordination. It's not meant to be used to beat someone up. There's more to it than that."

"Well, I can concentrate! And cordate just as good as she can!" Bobby said with his typical young boy bravado.

"That's co-ordinate. Tell ya what, kiddo. After we finish eating, maybe your sister will be nice and show you some of the basic beginning moves. To see how you like it, first. OK, bub?" Rob asked him.

"Sure!" Bobby said, while Sissy gave her dad one of those 'gee, do I gotta?' kind of looks.

"Do it for me, will ya kiddo?" Rob said to Sissy. "After all, it'll help you get ready to start the classes again, sweety."

Sissy nodded, smiling. "Then I can? Oh, thanks, Dad!"

Bobby said, "You gotta show me that wrist thing you did. That was kinda neat."

The meal, such as was left, was gone pretty quickly and Rob and Lynn shooed the two kids to the living room to practice, and took Kari with them into the computer room.

When they got settled, with Kari on Lynn's lap, Rob gave his wife a soft kiss and said, "Well, from our daughter's recap of the trip, it sounds like we're gonna have a new dog. Right? And we've found a family that's as kinky as us?"

Lynn stroked her youngest daughter's hair and said to him, "Yes, dear. And that's just the good news! The better news is that they want to share some of their kinky family stuff with us and join in our kinky family stuff. Ben is a really nice guy. Well, you already know that, but he also wants to fuck both me and Sissy. The good part is that you can fuck their seventeen year old daughter, Karen. You're gonna like her, Rob! She's gorgeous!"

"This is the one that fucks the Great Dane and puts snakes up her snatch, huh?"

"Yes, dear. Does that turn you off?"

"No honey, it turns me on like gang busters. So Ben says it's OK for me to fuck his young daughter if he can fuck you and Sissy? That about it?"

Lynn laughed. "No there's a lot more than that. But I thought those would be the parts that you would like best."

Little Kari, sitting on Lynn's lap, had heard one of her favorite words and chimed into the conversation saying, "Snakey fo'me?" She was rubbing her crotch when she said it.

"My god, Rob, what are we going to do with this little one?" To Kari she said, "Yes, honey we'll find a snakey for you some day. Right now we're getting a new doggy for mommy and some new special friends for all of us." She looked at Rob and said, "Can you imagine what Ben will do when he finds that this two year old can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and loves to do it. He was excited about doing Sissy. Just think what he'll want to do with this one. Oh, Rob, do you hear what I'm saying? How perverted can I get?"

Rob said, "Honey, I love you and I love our kids. If this little one wants to participate, I won't stop her. Of course we'll be very careful about everything. But Ben sounds like a very caring and reasonable person. The whole family does. He's certainly helped us a lot so far. But tell me about him wanting to do you. I assume that you didn't object at all?"

Lynn said, "No dear, I didn't object to anything, but I didn't do anything with him either. Well, we did kiss, but that was a 'thank you' for all the help and information he gave us today. When he said he wanted to 'do' me, I told him that I'd have to discuss it with you. I won't do anything without your approval, you know that."

"I do, dear. And if I was there, I'd have guided his cock into you myself. I think it's so hot, my wife being fucked by other men. You know you don't have to have my permission or approval to fuck anyone you want," Rob told her.

"Thank you, lover. I appreciate your trust. But I did want to discuss it with you first. I'm sure that I could have let him fuck me, and Sissy too, but everything was going a little fast and I needed to slow things down. And it wouldn't have been difficult to get him to screw me or Sissy. But it was wonderful watching him do his own daughter. They've obviously been dancing with each other for a good long time, if you know what I mean. Just like Sissy knows what you want and how to please you, Karen knows exactly how to push Ben's buttons. And he loves them being pushed, too. Think Sissy with five more years of sexperience!"

Rob laughed and feigned anguish. "Arrrrrghhh, no. Please no. It's bad enough as mature and experienced as she is right now. So when are you going to meet him again and let him fuck you? Or Sissy? Or both?"

"Rob! Is that the only thing you can think about?" Her husband laughed at her feigned exasperation with him. She said, "Actually I figured that maybe this weekend when we go pick up the dog, maybe he could fuck me and you could watch - and you could fuck Karen. I KNOW you're going to like her."

Kari said, "Doggy, doggy" and clapped her hands. Lynn hugged her and said, "Yes, little one, we're going to have a new doggy pretty soon. But I think he's going to be a bit too big for you for a good number of years."

Rob said, "Speaking of the dog, how was he. Did he hit the right spots for you? How big is he? Bigger than me?"

Lynn hit him playfully on the arm. "Silly! No he isn't bigger than you. Well, if he is, he's still not anywhere near as good as you are, dear. But my god! Can that animal fuck like a jackhammer! You won't believe it, hon. I was cumming continuously while he was pistoning into my cunt. You're gonna love watching him do me." She leaned over and gave her husband a kiss.

Rob kissed her back, smiled and said, "Being replaced by a dog. Hmmmm, But I don't doubt that I WILL enjoy watching him do you. Did Sissy get to try him out too?"

Lynn said, "No, at least not while I was with her. Karen took him once to show me how to do it and then again while I was in talking to Ben, when she was filling Sissy's pussy with a small corn snake. So, no I don't think he got Sissy yet. She'll have plenty of time to enjoy him after we get him here. In fact, maybe I'll let her take him first, and you guys can watch it. That should be fun. I know she'll like it."

"No worries about him being too big for her is there?" Rob asked her.

"No, I took him fine. I can take you completely and Sissy takes you all the way, so there shouldn't be any problem for her. Besides she likes being stuffed with huge objects. I don't doubt she'll be able to take his knot before I do. Rob, Karen said that she takes her Dane's knot and gets completely tied with him. And she's not that big of a girl. She and her mother must have huge caverns for their cunts. I really want to watch them do it real soon. I was so turned on today. I know you're gonna love them too. Karen at least. Neither of us have met her mother yet. But Ben said that he was sure that his wife would be contacting us soon after what happened today."

Rob said, "I guess I'd better get started building the dog's house out back then, shouldn't I? Maybe I'll just pick up that big plastic dome one that I saw. That would be a quick fix and give me enough time to plan and build good quality dog house out there. I've been thinking that if I built it right next to the house out back, I could put a large doggy door right in the wall into the house. Then we could lock the dog door unless we wanted to let him inside. There'd still be the outside door for access too, though."

Lynn told him, "The dome one for a temporary sounds good. That'll give us time to do the permanent one right."

Rob laughed. "I've got an ever growing list of lumber and hardware for the basement and the dog house. This is going to turn into quite a project."

[Continued in Ch. 7]

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