Last Journey: Seeking Warmth

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by Shadowstrider

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Anthony Walker lay on his bed, snuggling in the warmth provided to his naked body by the white sheet that was drawn up to his chin. The white hair that framed his wrinkled and sunburnt face was thinning, but his powerful green eyes were still alight with life. He could no longer walk, the cancer blossoming in his body having eaten into his bones and joints, too far advanced for any hope of cure. Medicine helped to slow the progress of his disease, but it was undeniable that he had started on his last journey, a fact that he accepted, his life having been thoroughly enjoyable.

Throughout his life he had seen how life seemed to enjoy giving both a gift and a curse at the same time, with the same present. He had walked through villages filled with poor but happy people; had dined and talked with powerful and rich people who were downright miserable; had done reports on countries blessed with massive mineral wealth and cursed with decades of tyrants.

For some reason, as the cancer grew, so did his ability to affect minds. At first, after he had accidentally discovered the ability, he could only momentarily stun someone or make them repeat an action. As time went on, he managed to influence their desires and actions, but he was limited to affecting one person at a time. Recently, he had gained enough power that he was able to command one mind and distract another. He had no answer for why this was occurring, his research having proven fruitless. But maybe this was the answer to why grumpy old men got young hot wives and girlfriends...

In any case, what was certain was that he had the ability to make the remainder of his time quite entertaining. A series of knocks on the door of his hospice room brought him back to reality. Upon his verbal invitation to enter, the door was opened and one of the nurses entered his room, followed by a young girl.

Jenny Wu had been a nurse at the hospice for 2 years. At the age of 24, she was a stunning beauty, her oriental facial features, raven locks, inviting lips and mesmerizing green eyes caused the pulses of most of the male patients to race. Her pink nurse’s uniform, while not form fitting, gave some tantalising hints of the slim body hidden beneath, her modest chest softly sloping her jacket.

The girl was Jenny’s cousin, Kat, who lived across the country and had come for a visit during the school holidays. Jenny always made a point to converse with her patients and so Anthony had learnt that Kat also wanted to help sick people even at the tender age of 8. It had been relatively easy to get Jenny to invite her niece to the hospice, where Anthony had some fun in mind for himself and the girl.

As powerful as his ability was, it only worked in very specific situations. His inability to walk limited the number of people he could reach and as he could only really influence one mind at a time, groups of people posed a significant obstacle to him. The nurses at the hospice were expected to spend equal time with their patients, so while Anthony could manipulate Jenny into fucking him the whole time, it would be noticed sooner than later, especially as the patients liked her a lot. She would undoubtedly then be fired, as he would be unable to influence management from the confines of his room.

So he had had to settle for flashes of her sexy body every now and then, brief improper caresses from her soft hands on his body, perverse remarks whispered from her succulent lips into his ears, a few seconds of her tongue trailing over his skin. It wasn’t bad, but he wanted a bit more.

Looking over at the girl, Anthony smiled, as Kat was quite a treat. She shared her hair and eyes with her cousin, her softer facial features making her cute rather than beautiful. A green dress with spaghetti-straps covered her body, her slim arms and legs left bare, white socks and sneakers adorning her feet.

Anthony let his power sweep into her mind, driving and directing her desires and needs to reflect his. With the tiny amount of power he could spare, he influenced her aunt. Jenny left the room and closed the door before moving on to the rest of her duties, safe in the knowledge that her niece was playing with sweet Mr. Walker. Even if she had been wrong about him, Mr. Walker couldn’t walk, so Kat wouldn’t be in any danger.

“Good morning Mr. Walker. How are you today?” asked the little girl.

“It is a very good day, Nurse Kat. How are you?” replied Anthony.

The girl smiled at the title he had used. “I’m fine. How can I help you today?”

“Well, my body is cold. I need some warmth and I would have raised the room’s temperature, but you know what they say, skin to skin contact is the best.”

“Maybe I can help.” With that, the girl gave a sweet smile before bending down and starting to untie her sneakers. Her desire to help this poor man was dominating her young mind, so she had no reservations at all about giving him as much skin to skin contact as she could, which of course meant that she would have to be naked.

Having removed her socks and sneakers, the discarded items neatly placed on the ground, she straightened her back as her small hands started to raise the hem of her dress, revealing the white panties moulded to her puffy vulva and her flat abdomen. Raising her arms, she pulled the material over her head and off of her body. Folding it neatly, she placed the dress on her shoes, hiding her flat chest with its adorable tiny light brown nipples from Anthony’s view. While she was bending down, she quickly slid her panties down and also folded them, completing her clothing pile. He scarcely had a look at her puffy hairless vulva with its deep slit as she quickly moved to the bed and slid in beneath the sheet.

Anthony sighed in pleasure at the feeling of the girl’s soft skin as she rubbed against him, the heat of her body transmitted into his soul, increasing amounts of blood flowing into his awakening penis. The situation was heavenly, the girl’s thighs and hands caressing his old and breaking body. He was getting ready to take things to the next level when he heard the pounding footsteps drawing ever closer.

The door was flung open as Jenny stormed in, her modest chest heaving, her eyes and mouth wide as she saw the pile of her niece’s clothes and the squirming mass beneath the sheet. Having known that his power wouldn’t be enough to keep her distracted for long while he controlled the girl, Anthony shot another burst of his limited available power into her mind.

Immediately Jenny relaxed, her eyes returning to a content look and her mouth closing. With no hesitation she turned around and left the room, closing the door on her way out, safe in the knowledge that Kat was happily playing with Mr. Walker, who due to his mobility issues posed no danger to her niece.

“Nurse Kat, I need some more warmth,” said Anthony, his voice gentle, the interruption having had little effect on him.

The girl’s head poked out from under the sheet, her green eyes wide with concern. “I don’t know how to give more...” She was close to tears, her desire to help him overwhelming.

Smiling gently, he explained, “Don’t worry, you need experience to learn these kinds of things. As it is your first day, it would be very unfair to expect you to know this. Do you want me to teach you?”

Vigorously shaking her head, happy that he wasn’t displeased, she replied, “Yes, please.”

“Ok, you have a special hole which can make my manhood warm if I put it in there.”

“Where?” asked the girl, her eyes now wide with confusion.

“Between your legs, where your private parts are.”

“Mom never told me anything about that.”

“She wouldn’t, because it only becomes a special hole when you are a nurse.”

“Oh.” Comprehension dawned in her eyes, even as he had to control himself from snorting at the nonsense he was spouting. “But what is a manhood?”

“It’s what our private parts become when we are sick.”

“Oh, ok.”

“So, do you want to help me?”

“Yes, but I still...”

“Ok, how about this. As it is your first day, how about I do most of it, so that you can learn?”

“Thank you very much, mister.”

Wetting a finger in his mouth, he slipped it down her body until he reached her immature lips, which he started to lightly rub. The girl was confused, but her desire to help him made her unable to resist as he started to rub with more force, his finger parting her lips to caress the inside of her sex. Her nipples were soon subjected to rubbing and pinching by his other hand.

He was conscious of the fact that if more than one person entered his room, he would be unable to get out of the fact that he was molesting a child. It would be in his best interest to not take too many risks today, as he could always do more when his power grew. Except, of course, for the fact that his power was growing at the expense of his life, making it very tempting to not give a damn about the consequences.

The girl started to moan as her pleasure built up, Anthony’s fingers dancing over her immature sex and tiny clit with practised skill. Dipping his fingers into her a bit deeper, he felt the membrane guarding her vagina. Her mewling moans, combined with her inadvertent caresses as her body danced from the stimulation of her flower, made his penis come to full arousal, the purple head slimy with fluids.

Gripping her by her flat hips, he moved her body up until his cock was resting against her moistened sex. Anthony shivered at the delicious contact as he said, “All right, Nurse Kat, it’s time to put my manhood in your special warm hole.”

Looking down at the organ she had never seen in this way, she countered, “That will never fit in here.”

“If you were a girl, then no, it wouldn’t have. But you are a nurse and that means that it will go in.”

“Ok.” She sounded uncertain, but in her green eyes he saw unflinching trust. It made his heart hurt in guilt, but also made his penis twitch in arousal. Using his power, he calmed her mind down, letting a wave of serenity crash over her. Lining her tiny vagina up with his throbbing penis, he let her rest on his cock, her lips nudged apart by the moist head. Making the serenity in her mind even stronger, he forced her hips down, the pressure between their bodies building up to pain before his invading penis slid in between her lips, through her hymen and into her birth canal.

The immense pain from her deflowering was drowned by the serenity in her mind, causing her to only lightly gasp as her virginity was stolen. Droplets of blood coated his cock and dripped down her thighs as he bounced the girl onto his rigid prick, loud moans echoing in the room as he was swamped with pleasure by the heat and tightness of her walls, his eyes filled with the sight of her flat chest with its tiny nipples bouncing and the goofy smile on her face as she was fucked for the first time.

He also knew that he didn’t have the ability to wipe out memories. The subconscious was far too remote for him to access, so memories would eventually bubble up to the conscious surface. But he was able to change associations, making the context far different and the details of the memory lost to strong emotions. With Kat, he would make her remember that she had a blast “nursing” him, even if the details where a bit blurry.

In order for that to work, he started to replace the serenity with pleasure, making her body hypersensitive to stimulation. Immediately her eyes opened, the green orbs drowned in pleasure as perverse moans of ecstasy were ripped from her throat. Her left hand started to pinch and twist her nipples, her right hand diving down to rub at the secret place that was now the centre of her existence, her hips moving on their own, impaling her again and again onto his manhood.

Anthony had worked in Intelligence for most of his life and had enjoyed many parts of the world. Many a time he had watched the native children running around, wearing little more than scraps, their tight bodies glistening in the sun blasting down on their ruin of a country. He had been tempted many times to indulge, like many of his compatriots and opponents had done, but always he had held back. Seeing this oriental nymph fucking herself senseless on his cock, her tight body wet from exertion, her voice loud with frenzied moans, was the realisation of a lifelong dream, a secret dream held in the dark corners of his mind.

Feeling the pleasure reaching a peak in his own body, his nerves on fire with nirvana, he gripped her tightly as he rammed her onto his cock. With a grunt he impaled her a final time, his sperm jetting out of his penis in spurts, filling her unripe womb as the orgasm blasted through him. As the pleasure swamped his mind, he made the girl’s orgasm crash over her, causing the young body to go rigid with a wordless cry as the pleasure tore through her nerves and brain, the wave of pleasure making her fall unconscious and the joy of the experience forever burned into her mind.

At that moment the door burst open, Jenny looking even more distressed than before as she saw her naked niece climaxing with Mr. Walker balls deep inside of her. Anthony was far too swamped in pleasure to make subtle alterations, so his orgasming mind just blasted hers with enough force to stun her, leaving her standing in the opened doorway.

Kat fell off to his side onto the bed, a wet ‘plop’ echoing as his penis left her no longer virgin cunt, her legs spread with cum oozing out of her abused hole. Regaining his senses, seeing that the girl would be out like a light for quite a while, he made Jenny close the door and proceed to his bed. Now able to focus his full power on her, he made her use her nimble tongue to clean his cock thoroughly. The nurse barely reacted to the taste of her niece’s blood and the mix of sex fluids, her only desire that of helping her patient to be clean. Relaxing in the warmth of her mouth, he let his urine flow, Jenny obliging by swallowing his piss. Watching this beautiful woman with her deep green eyes and succulent lips gulp down his bitter piss gave him the shivers.

Satisfied, he directed her to cleanse her niece’s cunt and thighs in the same manner, her desire now shifting towards helping her niece. Without hesitation she dipped her head between the girl’s spread legs, her tongue lapping up the blood and fluids. As her aunt started to stimulate her fucked pussy, Kat started to moan again, even with her mind lost to unconsciousness.

Trusting that the girl was relatively clean, he made Jenny get Kat’s dress and clothe the child in it, to protect her from chills. Tired as he hadn’t been in a long time, he manipulated the nurse’s mind to take her niece home with the rest of her clothes and treat her for a ‘urinary tract infection.’ Kat would only remember joy, while Jenny would remember that her concern and shock for her niece was due to seeing signs of the infection. With everything sorted, Anthony went to sleep.

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