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College Code of Conduct

1.0 Code of Conduct

This document contains the rules and regulations that comprise the code of conduct ("CCC") for students who attend this college ("College").

1.1 Introduction

This section describes the purpose and application of the CCC.

1.1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the CCC is to provide standards of behavior for students who attend the College, so they can have a learning environment characterized by integrity, decency, and dignity. The emphasis of the CCC is to discourage public nudity, public displays of sexual excitement, and public sex acts while encouraging students to observe the Dress Code.

1.1.2 Motivation

The rules presented in the CCC encourage girls to behave in a conservative way. By placing restrictions on behavior, it is hoped that girls will be motivated to both dress and behave decently. As in the Dress Code, the CCC contains rules that appear at first glance to be contrary to this objective. In the Dress Code, rules prohibit the wearing of underwear under very short dresses (a rule which, on its face, appears immodest) in the hope that girls would wear dresses that are longer than those they would otherwise wear. Similarly, in the CCC, a rule prohibits "covering up" when body parts are exposed. In other words, if a girl is wearing skimpy clothing, which is allowed by the Dress Code, but which doesn't cover the vulva, anus, or breasts, she isn't permitted to hide herself, even temporarily. Knowing this rule, it is expected that girls would not wear the sort of clothing that leaves body parts exposed. So, although the rule requires immodesty in this situation, its effect, in practice, is to strongly encourage girls to avoid the situation in the first place by wearing decent clothing.

It is hoped that this rule would discourage "flashing", although, sadly, some girls follow the rules to the letter, and allow themselves to be exposed in a most undignified fashion, and, following the rule, they make no effort to hide their nudity, which is an unintended side-effect of the CCC. Moreover, some girls who allow viewing of their nether regions become sexually excited by the prospect of being seen in this way, causing dampness and engorgement of their soft tissues.

Such displays of sexual excitement can be distracting to others, so girls have a responsibility to refrain from public displays of sexual excitement. Girls are discouraged from revealing their excitement through the so-called "Consensual Rape" rule, which applies to girls who exhibit symptoms of sexual excitement. Under this rule, girls who like to wear short dresses may do so, as long as they do not wear panties, and do not become visibly excited. An unintended side-effect of this rule, for some girls, is that they become excited by the prospect of being consensually raped, and in this way become sexually excited. Paradoxically, the rule allowing consensual rape can bring on the condition which this rule is designed to discourage. It is hoped that girls who recognize in themselves a tendency to become sexually excited by the prospect of being raped will wear dresses long enough to hide their sexual excitement from view.

On balance, the effect of the CCC is to encourage students to adhere to the Dress Code and refrain from public displays of sexual excitement.

1.1.3 Format

Each section of the C CC is numbered, and gives a rule or definition. Some of the sections contain a recommendation, denoted by the word "Recommendation" in bold face. These recommendations are given to help students understand the way each rule is applied in practice, and avoid pitfalls that can lead inadvertently to punishment.

1.1.4 Minimum Standards

The CCC provides the minimum behavior standards, so by following them, students can be assured they will not be punished, but it is recommended that students aim to exceed the standards, for the sake of decorum.

1.1.5 Gender Applicability

Because girls and boys are built differently, different rules and definitions apply. For example, girls become lubricated when sexually excited, and boys do not, so it is not reasonable to treat these infractions the same way. It should be understood that this does not reflect sexism or gender bias of any kind, but merely the realities of gender and sexuality.

1.2 Violation Categories

Violations are given numbered categories, with Category I being the mildest, and Category III being the most severe. The Categories are described in this section.

1.2.1 Category I

The least serious violations are those that might be brought on by sexual arousal, but could just as easily be caused by other factors. For girls, these include erect nipples, vaginal redness, separation of the labia, allowing the inner lips to be seen. For boys, these include enlargement (but not erection beyond horizontal) of the penis.

1.2.2 Category II

A Category II violation occurs when a girl tries to "cover up" or in the event of unmistakable sexual excitement -- visible wetness on or between the vaginal lips together with swelling and redness in girls, or an erection beyond horizontal in boys. Masturbation per se is not prohibited, but if it results in visible sexual excitement, this is a Category II violation.

1.2.3 Category III

A Category III violation is the most serious, consisting of performing Voluntary Sex acts in public. "Voluntary" means any sexual act that is not required by the CCC. Consensual Rape is not considered Voluntary Sex, except in one situation: if a girl contrives to get herself excited for the explicit purpose of enticing a boy to rape her, then the Consensual Rape is considered a Voluntary Sex act.

1.2.4 Special Circumstances

In the following circumstances ("Special Circumstances") a Violation is not recognized:

(1) If you become sexually excited during a Dress Code Inspection.

(2) Immediately after being raped, consensually or otherwise, while semen is still seen leaking from a girl's vagina. (Except on Spirit Days).

1.3 Prohibited Activities

Various kinds of activities, such as sexual conduct and the covering of oneself, are prohibited. Committing these acts is a "Violation". Violations are categorized into three severities. Category I is the least serious, while Category III is the most egregious. The exact nature of the activities that are prohibited differs for boys and girls, owing to differences and anatomy and social norms between the genders Boys are generally not cited with any violations, because it is generally recognized that boys are powerless to control their penises, and that, as a rule, girls are the cause of all sexual excitement and sexual behavior in boys. Thus girls must be discouraged from exhibiting sexual excitement through the use of appropriate punishment. Also, girls are discouraged from displaying themselves in a naked or semi-naked fashion by prohibiting the "covering up" of body parts. In this way, the girls will be encouraged to be less provocative, and so the boys will not become excited, either.

1.3.1 Minor sexual excitement (Category I violation)

A girl showing the early stages of sexual excitement, such as hard nipples, is committing a Category I violation.

Recommendation: Sometimes friction with your dress can cause hard nipples. If this happens, and you are wearing panties, then you may remove the dress temporarily until the hardness subsides. If you are not wearing panties, however, then you should not remove the dress, as this would violate the Dress Code. If you are wearing a shirt, and friction causes hard nipples, then simply unbuttoning the shirt, which is permitted by the Dress Code even if you are bottomless, may reduce the friction enough to allow your nipples to return to normal.

1.3.2 Full sexual excitement, girl (Category II)

A girl showing full sexual excitement, such as vaginal wetness or redness and swelling of the labia minor, is committing a Category II violation.

Recommendation: If your pants or panties become soaked, you are vulnerable to being cited for a Category II violation, even after your excitement has subsided. If this happens, you should remove your panties and/or pants, and then hopefully your top will be long enough to protect you from any Dress Code violation. (In any case, Dress Code violations are rarely given for bottomless girls whose breasts are properly covered.)

1.3.3 Full sexual excitement, boy (Category II Violation)

A boy showing full sexual excitement, such as an erection higher than horizontal, is committing a Category II violation. To be cited for this violation, the boy must be bottomless and the full length of his shaft must be visible.

Recommendation: If you are bottomless, then you can avoid this violation by wearing a shirt or sweater that is long enough that you can tuck your dick into it if you should get a hard-on.

1.3.4 Covering Up (Category II Violation)

Bottomless girl, wearing a short shirt. Her pussy is fully visible even though she's squeezing her legs together. She is debating whether to remove her shirt to divert the gaze of onlookers from her gorgeous shaved pussy.
This girl has collapsed in tears at the top of the
stairs, because a boy has lifted her skirt, and the
CCC forbids adjusting it to cover her naked butt.
Having been forced to display her pussy and asshole
to everyone within sight of her, she has felt extreme
humiliation. Oddly, this has caused her to become
sexually excited, which only adds to her feelings of
humiliation as she lies sobbing on the stairs. She
knows she must leave her legs apart, because to
close them (or even to clench her butt cheeks) would
violate the CCC. As people pick their way past her,
she waits patiently to be raped.

The various provisions of the CCC that have come
together to bring misery to this poor girl are all
designed to encourage girls to wear more modest
clothing, and to refrain from becoming publicly
excited. It is certain that this girl will think twice
about wearing such a short skirt in future, and she
will redouble her efforts to refrain from getting
herself all juicy when she is forced to display her
naked bottom in public. In the mean time, she will
enjoy being raped as much as she can.

Making any move to hide the vulva (or penis), anus, or breasts is termed "covering up", and is a Category II violation. Moves to hide body parts include (but are not limited to) placing a hand over a body part, letting the hair to fall about the breasts, crossing the legs, folding the arms, or clenching the buttocks together.

If clothing falls out of place, you are not permitted to put it right unless it falls completely off your body. So, for example, if the strap of your dress slides off your shoulder, exposing your breast, you may not slide the strap back into place, for that would be "covering up". If you're wearing baggy pants, and they begin to slide down your legs, you must wait until they're completely down around your ankles and then step out of the pants before you may put them back on again. The purpose of this rule is to discourage the wearing of clothing that has a tendency to slip out of place.

Recommendation: If someone touches you while you are partially nude and you "flinch" -- that is, if you recoil from their touch -- then you might unconsciously commit a Category II violation. And since it is perfectly legal for anyone to touch you nude body parts without your permission (see section 2.2) you should avoid flinching. Flinching is a reflex, so you will need to condition yourself to avoid doing it. Use a partner who will touch you in a provocative way at random times throughout the day to practice not flinching. Especially difficult is learning to avoid squeezing your butt cheeks together when your asshole, vulva, or perineum is touched, so you should practice this often.

1.3.5 Failure to punish, boy (Category II Violation)

A boy who observes a girl commit a Category II Violation is obligated to punish her. Failure to do so is, itself, a Category II Violation.

Recommendation: If you are shy about punishing a girl in public (see section 1.4.2 for more about the punishment for Category II violations) then you should pretend you don't notice the violation. But if it becomes clear that you did notice the violation then you must punish her. Remember, as a boy, there is no stigma or shame associated with the punishment -- only the girl should feel humiliated. So try to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Once you become accustomed to doling out punishments, you will seek out girls in need of correction.

1.3.6 Voluntary Sexual Activity, girl (Category III Violation)

A girl who has voluntary vaginal sexual activity with a boy is guilty of a Category III violation.

Recommendation: Understandably, you and your boyfriend might enjoy performing sex acts publicly, as an audience enhances the experience for both of you. If possible, try to limit your public sexual activities to those that do not require vaginal penetration. Fellatio and cunnilingus, most enjoyable if done at the same time, are a wonderful alternative. At worst, you will be cited for the Category II violation of sexual excitement. If you play it right, your boyfriend can "punish" you for that violation by fucking you in public, which will put an enjoyable finishing touch on your sexual escapade. (See section 1.4 for more about punishments.)

1.4 Punishments

The punishment varies for girls and boys depending on the category of their violation. Boys are generally not punished for any violations, because it is generally recognized that sexual excitement and sexual behavior in boys are instigated by the behavior of girls. The girls, on the other hand, must be discouraged from committing Violations through the use of appropriate punishment. In this way, the girls will be encouraged to be less provocative, and so the boys will not become excited, either.

1.4.1 Category I violation

A Category I violation should be investigated by a trained Dress Code Inspector. A girl showing the early stages of sexual excitement, such as hard nipples, will be given the opportunity to strip, so she can demonstrate that she is not sexually excited. The inspector may manually inspect the girl as thoroughly as necessary to verify she is not sexually excited, and as long as she is not excited, he may not detain her longer than five minutes after she is naked. If a girl is in any way uncooperative, the inspector is permitted to forcibly strip the girl and/or handcuff or otherwise restrain her, but not for longer than five minutes after she first becomes uncooperative. During the inspection, if the girl tries to "cover up" or if she is found to be excited then a Category II violation is recognized.

Recommendation: If your nipples are hard due to, say, cold weather, and you are approached by an Inspector who asks you to take off your shirt, you should do so promptly. Then you should continue to remove your clothing until you are naked, to show that you are not sexually excited. If the inspector doesn't feel your vulva right away, you should guide his hand there so he can verify that you are dry. If you hesitate before getting naked, you may become sexually excited before removing your clothing (in anticipation of being stripped and fondled), which would leave you open to the charge of a Category II violation, which is much more serious. But if you strip quickly, while your vagina is still dry, then even if you become excited during the Inspection, (see section 1.2.4) you can't be cited for a Category II Violation.

1.4.2 Category II violation, girl

A girl who commits a category II violation may be punished by any boy. In fact, boys have the duty to perform the punishment as soon as possible after the violation occurs. This obligation supersedes any other obligation, such as the obligation to attend classes.

The punishment begins when the boy who observes the violation points it out to the girl. Usually, she will acknowledge the violation by blushing, and if she wishes, she may begin taking off her clothes, if any, in preparation for her punishment.

The punishment for a Category II violation is called "Consensual Rape". That is, the girl is raped, but by committing the violation she was "asking for it", or consenting to the punishment.

If the girl's violation was visible sexual excitement, then she is ready to receive her punishment. If the violation was "covering up", then she should be primed first. Knowing she will be raped and stripping in anticipation of it might be enough to get her ready. If she is still not ready to receive her punishment, she has the option of wetting the boy's dick before he inserts it into her. If the boy cums while she's wetting his dick, then she is obligated to swallow the ejaculate, and then any other boy who is present may take over the punishment. It is customary for the girl to indicate she's ready by begging not to be raped. For example, she should say something like, "Please, no," or words to that effect. This is the signal to the boy that it's OK to begin raping her. The boy may spend up to five minutes with the girl, and he may ejaculate once insider her during that time.

Recommendation: If you've been caught "covering up" then you should prepare to be raped by getting "ready". Sometimes just knowing you'll be raped is enough to get ready, but if not, stripping in public often helps. In any case, once you're "ready", you have these options. (1) If you didn't cover up, or you are not sexually excited, take off your clothes, and try to convince the boy that you did not commit a violation, (2) If you have recently been raped, show the boy the semen running down your thigh, (3) Beg the boy not to rape you, and offer to strip and/or to suck his dick instead, or (4) Give in, and take your punishment. Each of these options requires removing your clothing, so you might as well strip while you're making up your mind which option to take. If you decide to take your punishment, you should let the boy lift you up by the ass and cum inside you. For one thing, his fingers on your asshole will make you excited and help lubricate you better. For another, his semen will protect you from being raped a second time, because, although you will still be sexually excited after he finishes, the boy's fluids will leak from your vagina, giving you an exception from a subsequent Consensual Rape (except on Spirit Days). To help the boy cum, you should participate actively in the sexual encounter, and try to enjoy it as much as possible, under the circumstances. (But don't appear to enjoy it too much, because you don't want it to look like consensual sex -- that would be a Category III violation, which carries the most severe punishment.)

1.4.3 Category II Violation, boy

Any boy who is seen sporting an erection (north of horizontal) can be taken to the "Wall of Boys" by the Student Center. There, his pants are removed and his hands are placed in cuffs over his head. He must stand there for at least 30 minutes, after which time he is free to go as long as his penis has become flaccid, and as long as it is flaccid at the time of his departure. If, at the end of 30 minutes, the boy's penis is still erect (beyond horizontal), then he must remain in place until it becomes flaccid.

Girls are permitted to touch the boys in any way they see fit while they are tied up. For instance, they may touch his penis, or else tease him by touching everything else but his penis. Girls are even permitted to insert a boys penis into any part of their body. The general idea is for the girls to humiliate the boy as much as possible by having their way with him, and leaving him no options to control the situation or resist.

Recommendation: Try to avoid having a public erection, because girls have been known to keep a boy erect but not allow him to cum for hours on end, so this punishment might take longer than just 30 minutes.

1.4.4 Voluntary Sexual Activity, girl (Category III Violation)

The punishment for a girl who is guilty of a Category III Violation (voluntary sex) is called "Consensual Gang Bang". An Inspector who witnesses a sex act between a boy and a girl should wait until the act is completed, but no longer than five minutes. He should then question the girl to determine if the sex was voluntary. If it was, then all her clothes are taken into evidence, and the words "FUCK ME" are written in large letters using indelible ink on her body. For the next twenty-four hours, she is required to remain lubricated at all times by masturbating and/or allowing herself to be touched whenever anyone requests it. Then, once excited, she is eligible for consensual rape (by section 1.4.2). The purpose of this punishment is to humiliate the girl, and thus encourage her to avoid having voluntary sex in public. To be properly humiliated, the naked girl wearing the Fuck Me sign should go about her normal activities, such as attending class, shopping, going out to restaurants, and nightclubs. If it seems to an Inspector that a girl wearing the Fuck Me sign is "hiding" -- that is, covering up, drying up, or not allowing herself to be seen and humiliated -- then the punishment can be extended or enhanced as needed to properly humiliate the Violator. (One way to enhance the punishment is to handcuff each of her hands to the corresponding ankle, forcing the girl to bend over continuously, stopping only to be fucked in the ass from time to time.)

Recommendation: Avoid having sex in public with a boy. If you have no choice in the matter, for example, if you are raped, then try to convince the Inspector that the sex was not voluntary. If it appears to the Inspector that you enjoyed the sex, you may not be successful in convincing him, however. In that case, you should accept your punishment in a stoic fashion, and try to enjoy as many sexual encounters as you can during your punishment. Also, to avoid the appearance of "hiding", it is recommended that girls take extra steps to make themselves visible, such as taking long walks around campus, and masturbating continuously during class and while seated at common areas, such as the cafeteria.

2 Permitted Activities

Certain sexual activities are permitted, even if they might cause a Conduct Violation. These are described in this section.

2.1 Masturbation

While seated, a girl may rest her hands in her lap. If she wearing a short dress and no panties, she may rest her fingertips on her vulva, but she should not rub her vulva or clitoris. She must remove her hands from her vulva at the first stirrings of sexual excitement, or, failing that, before her sexual excitement might become visible to others.

Recommendation: Some girls find it very hard not to masturbate while they are bottomless, especially when they are asked to sit cross-legged on the floor. To avoid masturbating, bottomless girls should sit next to one another, and each one should allow the other to touch her. If another girl touches you, try to enjoy it without becoming excited, because becoming excited is not permitted. On the other hand, making another girl excited is not against the rules, so you should feel perfectly free to touch her. You may enjoy the vicarious thrill of bring her to orgasm, as long as you don't become excited yourself.

2.2 Touching exposed body parts

Any student should feel free to touch the exposed skin of the torso or upper thighs of any girl or boy. You should know that they are asking to be touched by dressing provocatively, so no further permission is needed. You should respect miniskirts or minidresses, and avoid reaching under such clothing.

If someone touches your exposed skin, you are not permitted to ask ask the person touching you to stop it, nor may you move away from the person or in any way move to limit the person's access to your uncovered parts. Doing so would be "covering up", a Category II violation.

The purpose of this rule is to encourage girls to wear clothes that leave the least amount of exposed skin, especially in the area of their thighs and torso.

Recommendation: If you wearing a dress or skirt without panties, you should expect your thighs to be touched. In that case, you should spread your legs apart to avoid the appearance of covering up, even though this may open up your vulva (and, if your dress is very short, your asshole as well) to touching. Boys who touch your thighs are expected not to reach any higher than the hem of your dress, but sometimes they might accidentally touch your pussy as well. You should expect this behavior, and try to be a good girl, and accept it for what it is: accidental over-reaching. As you are being stroked, try to make every effort to avoid becoming excited, so as to avoid succumbing to a Category II violation. But if your pussy does become wet, you should remove your clothing and wait patiently to be raped. Unless you can remain completely dry, and avoid any hardening of the nipples, you should not be unduly concerned about the prospect of being raped. Expect to be raped from time to time, because rape is a natural consequence of a chain of events that begins with your wearing a short dress or skirt.

2.3 Teasing

Teasing is flashing, touching, or behaving in a way designed to cause sexual excitement in others. Teasing is permitted, but girls should be wary of their own response to the excitement they cause in others.

Recommendation: Girls should feel free to titillate others, but must try not to become excited themselves.

3 Exceptions

This section documents exceptions to the CCC.

3.1 Spirit Days

To foster school spirit, special days have been set aside during the school year to give the students an opportunity to show their school spirit by dressing in particular ways. To ensure universal cooperation with this goal, the girls in each dorm or social group are expected to get together and choose the one girl who shows the least spirit, and give her some encouragement to show more spirit in future by stripping her naked.

3.2 Open Season

Spirit Days are "Open Season" for naked girls. As described in section 2.2, any exposed skin is fair game for touching any day. But on Spirit Days, it is expected that naked girls will be targeted for extra touching for the purpose of causing them to become sexually excited in violation of the CCC. Any girl who is completely naked on a Spirit Day must stop what she's doing and remain still whenever she is touched. If she is touched between the legs, she should separate her legs. If she is touched between the buttocks, she should relax them. She is required to provide full access to her breasts, vagina, and anus for any sort of fondling that anyone might want to perform on her. She should try to avoid becoming sexually excited, but if she is unable to stay dry, she should make herself available for consensual rape.

Recommendation: The purpose of this rule is to encourage girls to make it as unpleasant as possible for girls to be naked on Spirit Days. If you find yourself naked on a Spirit Day, you should expect to be fondled several times, and you will probably be unable to stay dry, so prepare to be raped more than once. If you do not enjoy being gang-raped, you should refrain from nudity on Spirit Days. Since one of the main causes of nudity is being stripped by your peers for showing too little spirit, you should show maximum spirit on each Spirit Day.

3.3 Calendar of Spirit Days

Bottomless girl, wearing a short shirt. Her pussy is fully visible even though she's squeezing her legs together. She is debating whether to remove her shirt to divert the gaze of onlookers from her gorgeous shaved pussy.
Bottomless girl, wearing a short shirt
to show spirit on Bottomless Day

The types of Spirit Days are outlined in this section. The calendar of Spirit Days is published in the school newspaper. It is possible that two different types of Spirit Day can occur on the same day, so both types of spirit must be celebrated together.

3.3.1 Bottomless Day

On the day of every Full Moon, girls are required to be bottomless. No panties, pants, or skirts are allowed on this day, although dresses may be worn. A girl may wear a dress long enough to cover her bottom, but shorter dresses generally indicate a higher degree of spirit.

The girl shown here feels comfortable in this outfit, because she has practiced wearing smaller and smaller bikini bottoms until she reached a point that the only thing that had been covered was the vaginal opening itself. Then, it became a simple matter to remove the bikini bottom. As you can see, her vaginal opening is still not visible, because it is between her legs, out of view.

Girls who are worried about showing their pussies on bottomless day should read the photo essay at the end of this document that gives good advice from girls who have been through it, and trained themselves to feel comfortable wearing just a top. The most important thing to remember is that you won't be the only girl in the altogether on Bottomless Day, so you needn't worry about people staring at your pussy, as long as you refrain from becoming sexually excited.

3.3.2 Hump Day

In months with five Wednesdays, the third Wednesday is the middle day of the middle week, known as Hump Day. On this day, girls show their spirit by baring their midriffs. Girls are expected to show as much skin as possible between their breasts and vulva.

3.3.3 Shirt and Panties Day

Mesh shirt and see-through panties are just begging to be stripped off this lusty lady.
Mesh shirt and see-through panties
allow this girl to show her spirit while
she shows off her gorgeous body.

She couldn't wait to strip, and who could blame her? Her naked body is something wondrous to behold.
See-through clothes make it a short
and easy transition to full nudity for
this lovely lady.

On the first Monday of every month, girls get a break from the rigors of the Dress Code. They are allowed to show their spirit by wearing a shirt and panties -- a combination that is normally not allowed by the Dress Code due to a technical restriction (a shirt normally covers part of a girl's vaginal area, and thus is not distinguishable from a short dress, and panties may not be worn with short dresses). The girls who wear the sexiest combination of shirt and panties are the ones who show the most spirit.

It is recommended that girls take advantage of this opportunity to wear a shirt and panties at the same time so that they can ease into the wearing of just one or the other. By wearing both items of clothing, a girl can avoid feeling naked when she first goes out in the morning, and then she can gradually become more naked throughout the day. By unbuttoning the shirt first, then removing it, she can ease into the wearing of just panties, which is permitted any day under the Dress Code. Or, by pulling her panties down to her knees, she can ease into the wearing of just a shirt, or into full nudity. Becoming naked on a Spirit Day is risky, though, and not recommended unless the girl wants to let herself be fondled so she can practice avoiding becoming sexually excited.

3.3.4 Pajama Day

The second Friday of every month is Pajama Day. Girls can wear any sort of sleepwear they like, the sexier the better. This is another opportunity for girls to get a break from the Dress Code -- the sheer negligee you always wanted to wear, for example, is permitted only on Pajama Day. Or the baggy pajama bottoms you like to wear without any top.

3.3.5 One Item Day

On the day of a lunar eclipse anywhere in the world (see the calendar), girls are expected to show their spirit by limiting themselves to just one item of clothing.

3.3.6 Specialty Day

On the day of a solar eclipse anywhere in the world (see the calendar), girls are expected to show their spirit by wearing an item of "specialty" clothing. Examples are limited only by your imagination, and include such things as a Glove Dress, Mobius Dress, Plastic wrap, etc.

4 Known limitations of the CCC

The CCC covers most situations that might arise, but no code can anticipate every situation. This section is presented for the benefit of girls, who should read it to become familiar with drawbacks or difficulties with the CCC. This will help them avoid the pitfalls of the CCC.

4.1 Exploiting Weaknesses in the CCC

This section is presented knowing the risk that the CCC's limitations might be exploited for the purpose of tricking a girl into violating it. This use is discouraged.

By reading this section, girls can become aware of ways the CCC might be exploited against them, and so be armed with information they can use to avoid such pitfalls.

4.1.1 Crack Scratching

Backless dresses, aprons, loin cloths and the like are permitted by the Dress Code. So it is unfair to take advantage of the provision in the CCC that allows you to touch a pretty girl's ass when she's standing in line in front of you. If you run your fingers gently between her cheeks, she is obligated to stand still for you, so that you can continue to rub her. She will keep her cheeks relaxed, allowing you full access to her asshole, which you may freely touch. If you also massage her inner thighs, she will likely spread her legs apart to avoid the appearance of "covering up". Although you aren't allowed to reach inside a girl's dress, most dresses are short enough that they don't cover a girls legs. So you may slide your hands up her inner thighs until they reach her vulva, and then along the lower part of her cheeks until your fingertips touch her asshole. By repeating this stroking several times, it is almost certain that, despite her best efforts, she will be unable to remain dry. At that point, she is consenting to be raped, which you not only are permitted to do, but in fact are required to do, right then and there. Since this is unfair to the girl, boys are asked to refrain from purposely exciting girls, who are properly dressed according to the Dress Code, for the purpose of raping them.

The only exception to this request is for naked girls on Spirit Day -- these girls are naked for a reason: they did not muster sufficient spirit, so they are being punished. It is understood that part of their punishment is that they will be consensually raped again and again throughout the day whenever they become excited. It is expected that boys will play a role in this punishment by purposely exciting naked girls on Spirit Day and then raping them. In this way, it is hoped that the girls will be encouraged to dress in a more spirited (i.e. sexier) way than they otherwise would.

4.2 Profiling

On the whole, the CCC encourages decent behavior. Definitions of and punishments for violating the three levels of violations outlined in this document result in very restrained behavior on the part of most girls on campus. The Inspectors are asked not to abuse their Inspection power by targeting good looking girls or those wearing a particular type of clothing for Inspections, but unfortunately, it is widely believed that this kind of "Profiling" is done. The Inspectors claim they target good-looking modestly dressed girls disproportionately for investigation of Category I violations because such modest styles have greater potential to conceal sexual excitement. The process is, to some extent, self-fulfilling, because when a good-looking girl is asked to strip, she often becomes excited just from the prospect of stripping publicly, so by the time she reveals her naked body to the inspector, she is found to be in violation. Whether or not it's intentional, most girls believe Profiling exists, and it encourages them to wear skimpy clothing.

Recommendation: If you're a pretty girl, be careful not to dress too conservatively, because this may make you a target for inspections. It is an unfortunate fact of this Code that Inspections tend to be embarrassing, even humiliating, so here are some tips to help keep you from being inspected, or to make the inspection less painful. Do not wear pants or panties. Wear a skirt or minidress short enough that you can lift it easily when requested. As soon as you are stopped for an inspection, you should strip naked without being asked, and spread your legs apart to demonstrate that your vulva is dry. Remember: allowing your private parts to be seen in public is not a violation of the Code, as long as you observe the Dress Code, and avoid become excited.

4.3 Seating Assignments

Teachers are free to assign seating for students. For an informal setting, it is common to bring the class outdoors, and allow the students to seat themselves on the grass, cross-legged. If a girl is wearing a long dress, she may find this position difficult, so she may remove the dress during class, and then put it on again afterwards. Even if the dress is quite loose, the teacher may ask the girl to remove it, on grounds that it isn't fair for one girl to stay covered, if other girls are forced to show their pussies. A girl is certainly not required to strip just because a teacher requests it, but she may feel it is in her best interest, so she is not penalized for improper class participation. Girls quite often wear panties under a long dress, which is their right. But if they remove the dress, they should also remove their panties, even if this renders them naked. Girls should remember that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, and is sometimes an unavoidable consequence of the Code. Freed from her dress, a girl should find it quite easy to adopt the cross-legged position. A student sitting next to the naked girl may rest his or her hand in her lap, and gently stroke her thighs during class. If her pussy becomes wet, it is customary for her companion to rub it gently, to dissipate the moisture. If she remains wet, a nearby boy should make himself available to rape her, but he should wait until the class period is over so as not to disrupt the class unnecessarily.

Recommendation: If you are looking for an excuse to get naked and be fondled, then wear a long dress to a class in which you will be expected to sit cross-legged. Then you may feel free to remove it, and any panties you may be wearing as well. If you don't cum during class, you probably will during the rape that follows. You might as well enjoy exposing your pussy, as well as the fondling and rape, because there is no practical way to avoid it. It is an unfortunate side-effect of an otherwise very effective Code of Conduct.

5 Illustrations

To help girls understand the Code of Conduct, some examples of proper and improper conduct are depicted in this section. Girls are encouraged to use these examples to better understand the CCC, and hopefully, to avoid some of its pitfalls.

5.1 Public Sexual Excitement

As you know from your thorough study of the Code of Conduct, public display of sexual excitement is forbidden, and is punished by permitting any girl showing such excitement to be "Consensually Raped".

The girl, below, is displaying erect nipples. If the weather is cold, this may simply reflect the temperature, and it might not indicate the girl is excited. But if the weather is not cold, it means the girl is excited, and she should make herself available to be raped by the first boy who asks her to open up. If the girl is not excited, she should strip naked, and show the boy her pussy. If her lips are closed and her pussy is not wet, the boy should refrain from raping her.

Erect nipples, which might be brought on by sexual excitement or cold. Her breasts are very firm, defying gravity.
Erect nipples indicate sexual excitement, unless it's
cold, in which case her erection might be innocent.

The girl, below, is forced to pull down her panties and squat as part of an Inspection of her level of sexual excitement. In this case, her lips are open, and her vagina is slightly wet, indicating that she is sexually excited. She should relax her grip on her panties, and accept her punishment like a woman. Since she's wet, it shouldn't hurt much, and who knows -- it might even feel good. Her rapist is permitted to spend up to five minutes with her and he's allowed to cum once inside her.

Open or wet pussy indicates sexual excitement. Nice view of her asshole, too. This hot girl is definitely "asking for it". She wants to be raped.
Open or wet pussy indicates sexual excitement.
This girl is "asking for it".

A girl who finds that she gets excited when she isn't wearing panties should remember to wear a dress or skirt long enough to cover her pussy, and avoid excessive bending, because although it isn't a violation of the Dress Code for your pussy to be visible from the rear, if you are obviously excited, you may be punished at any time for this.

Rear view of open wet pussy, and inviting asshole. This girl is waiting to be fucked in either hole.
Rear view of open, wet pussy

Keep in mind, your punishment for public excitement is rape. Although the rape is consensual -- that is, you have asked to be raped by becoming excited -- you may find it inconvenient, because the boy who rapes you is allowed to take up to five minutes before he cums inside you. Of course, you should cooperate with him to speed the process. However, the boy may have raped several other girls previously, and so your rape could take a while. Try to be patient with your rapist.

5.2 "Outie"

If you have an "outie", i.e. a vulva in which the inner lips protrude beyond the outer lips even when you are not sexually excited, then it is possible that it might be mistaken for sexual excitement.

This girl has an "outie", which makes her look excited even when she isn't. A boy may think she's asking to be raped when she isn't. Poor girl.
She looks excited, but she isn't

When this girl stands up, her condition is more clearly seen.

Girl with an "outie" -- that's a pussy that sticks out through her lips, giving the impression she's sexually excited.
An "outie"

A girl with this condition should either refrain from public nudity when possible, but if nudity is unavoidable, then she should expect to be consensually raped from time to time. A girl will find it pointless to argue with her rapist about it, because during the argument she is liable to become truly excited, and then she will be raped anyway.

5.3 Spirit Days

The Dress Code forbids wearing panties with most shirts. This is because most shirts are long enough to cover at least part of the vagina, so they qualify as minidresses or micro-minidresses, and, of course, panties are forbidden under very short dresses as a way of discouraging girls from wearing such short dresses. So if a girl wants the shirt-and-panties look, she unfortunately has to choose between wearing a shirt and wearing panties.

Girl wearing Shirt and panties.
Shirt and Panties Day is a special treat for girls,
because on this day, girls are allowed to wear
both a shirt and panties at the same time.

Girl wearing just a shirt and panties. She is unbuttoning her shirt, showing her little nips.
"I love S&P Day, because I can unbutton
my shirt, and let the twins out for some
sunshine, but I'm still wearing the shirt, so
I'm not naked or anything."

Girls who wear their shirt open on S&P day find that their tits are on display quite a lot, so it's no big deal to just take off the shirt and wear panties. This is good practice for them, too, because on most days they must choose shirt or panties.

Having unbuttoned her shirt, it's no sweat to just take it off -- she was showing her breasts anyway. Aren't they cute?
It feels good to be free of my shirt.
At least I still have my panties to keep
me safe from prying eyes.

"I won't be naked if I just pull my panties down to my knees. I can pull them up any time I want."
"I like to pull my panties down to my knees
when I'm sitting down. I love the feel of the
breeze between my legs, and I'm still
wearing the panties, so I can pull them up
whenever I want."

Girls who enjoy pulling their panties down while they're seated sometimes find they get in the way once they stand up. To avoid the hassle of constantly taking them down while seated and then pulling them up to walk, many girls simply take them off.

"Now that I've removed my panties, I might as well spread my legs apart to show you what you're dying to see anyway. Isn't my pussy beautiful?"
"I actually feel less naked without panties
than I do with them down around my knees,
so it's easier to just do without them.
I feel prettier this way, too. I don't mind
spreading my legs, because I have nothing
to hide, and no way to hide it even if I did."

Girl pulling down her pants because she wants to go out in public bottomless.
Preparing to become bottomless.
"I see no benefit to wearing a bottom."

Many girls have noticed that by shaving completely, and removing their panties, their pussies become nearly invisible. Most of the time there is nothing to draw the eye to that part of the girl's body. The girl pictured above, for example, finds that when she stands normally, she shows only the skin she would show wearing a bikini bottom, while her pussy stays nestled safely between her legs. In this case, there is no real benefit to wearing anything on her bottom.

If I find people staring at my titties, I can always cover them up with my sweater, and if they stare at my pussy, I just cross my legs, so I don't need any more clothes than this.
"My shirt covers me up as much as I need."
This girl covers her breasts with her sweater
if she feels people are staring at them, and
she crosses her legs if people stare at her
pussy. So she doesn't need any more clothes
than she has on right now.

5.4 Masturbating

When a girl is sitting while wearing a short dress, she should feel free to relax, and not be unduly concerned with the breezy feeling about her naked pussy. This exposure to the elements, and to passers-by who may see her complete lack of panties might cause a measure of excitement. This is a natural thing, which the girl should enjoy. She should feel comfortable sitting in a relaxed pose and she should know that there is no need for her to keep her legs together in a prudish manner. As she becomes moist from the excitement of showing herself this way, she may unconsciously touch herself, which is natural, too.

Girl wearing no panties has a breezy feeling between her legs.
Girl wearing no panties, has "breezy"
feeling, which excites her

That shiver of excitement she feels as she strokes her pussy might cause her to continue stroking it unconsciously. At some point she will cross the line, and begin masturbating. Public masturbating is prohibited by the CCC, however, and should be avoided.

Public Masturbation
Public Masturbation

If the girl has trouble recognizing the line, she may be better off just not touching herself at all. The CCC recognizes, however, that a girl showing her pussy in public (which is unavoidable with very short dresses) may become so excited that she finds herself in desperate need of a release. In this case, rather than masturbating, she should make sure all nearby boys see her excitement, and wait for one of them to rape her, in accordance with the "consensual rape" provisions of the CCC.

Lubricating dildo prior to insertion
It is important to lubricate the dildo prior to insertion.
While she is licking her dildo, she is getting more
and more excited, and it shows. If she gets too
excited, she may be raped before she even has a
chance to use the dildo, so it is important to begin
using it right away.

Inserting dildo
A girl should not be shy about fully inserting her dildo.
With practice, a girl can leave her dildo in, and then jiggle it
during class to keep her excitement level up. The only
drawback to this practice is that she may be raped from
time to time, due to displays of public sexual excitement.

5.5 The "No Covering Up" Rule

When you are bottomless, you may feel self-conscious because your pussy is on public display, so you might be tempted to cross your legs.

Girl wearing see-through top and no bottom crosses her legs.
Crossing Legs to Hide Pussy,
Not allowed by the CCC

The "no covering up" rule is in place to keep you from covering your pussy, in hopes of encouraging you to wear clothing that covers you a little better. After all, if you are allowed to hide your pussy, then there is little incentive for you to dress more modestly. And modesty is the main goal of the CCC.

Girl seated with legs wide open for maximum pussy viewing. Her pussy is pink and juicy. She wants to be raped.
Correct Seated Position, with legs
wide open for full pussy viewing.

This girl, forced by the CCC to keep her legs wide open, will feel uncomfortable keeping her pussy on display, so she will be more likely to put something on her bottom next time. Also, by sitting this way, she serves as a reminder to other girls that they should wear bottoms. Please notice that this girl's pussy is slightly red. This happens because the humiliation she feels at being forced to keep her legs open is causing her a degree of sexual excitement. By displaying her excitement, she is, in effect, asking to be raped. It is likely that she is anticipating this impending rape as she sits with legs splayed, and this thought is also causing her to become sexually excited. All of these considerations will result in increased modesty as girls come to realize that wearing a bottom is preferable to public humiliation and rape.

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