Monica’s Awakening

Chapter 1: First days at a new school

The first day of 11th grade was hard for me. I know what you’re thinking…

“High school is hard on everyone, suck it up!”

And yeah, you’re right it is most likely hard for everyone but it was extra hard for me! Let me explain, my name is Monica Willows and I am only 13 years old. Yeah I should be in the 7th grade but I was able to do some advance placement testing during the summer and was able to skip to my junior year of school. If I had the books and a little more time the test taker said I could have most likely been able to test out of school completely but my parents figured I should have at least some inkling of “high school life.”

Really I couldn’t care less. I mean though out Elementary and the one year of junior high I almost taught the classes I was in. I mean even when they put me into the more advanced classes I was totally board with them! It got to the point I think I annoyed my teachers by just sitting there, having my work completed before even the second smartest kid in the room could figure out where to put their name! Of course my parents didn’t want me to do any kind of advancement testing. They wanted me to have a normal go at school and I can see what they were trying to do but I think when half the school staff had a massive meeting with my parents and explained to them that I was too advanced for them to even try to teach they had to relent and let me test. There was one option to send me to some genies school out of state but my parents couldn’t afford it.

Really I didn’t care one way or another. My mom tried to ask me about if I really wanted to go so far ahead of my friends. I had to break the news that I didn’t have friends so really I wasn’t leaving anyone I cared about. The thing about being so smart is that it scares people away. I didn’t try to fit in or anything but I did know not to do things to piss the others off like asking for homework or reminding the teacher about some test. I know the other kids had some kind of thrill when there was no homework or anything but I sadly couldn’t experience that joy. Then again to me homework was just a quick distraction and test were something I got done before the teacher had a chance to sit down!

So with all that I was entering my junior year of high school. As expected I got so many looked from people as if I had twelve heads or something. My first several classes the teachers had to stop their little “welcome to my class” speeches and ask if I was in the right school or what not. I would just hand them the letter the super intendent of the school saying that yes I was suppose to be here and no this wasn’t some kind of joke. A couple teachers walked out of the room to speak with the principle about this. Near lunchtime he called for a quick meeting of all the teachers in the teacher’s lounge. No doubt it was him telling them in case I had their classes to treat me like a normal student.

To tell the truth I wished I could have been a fly on the wall to hear that meeting. I figured some teachers would bitch mainly because having someone like me in their class might mean they would actually have to do work in case I would report them or something. I didn’t care if they sat there and showed videos all day or were the greatest educator the tri-state area had to offer. I was there to “experience” high school life. I figured this would be a one to two month thing before the school called my parents up and demand I test out and graduate early.

Thanks to the one year of junior high I was use to walking between classes. The hallways of Clear Brook High was a little more crowded than the other school and that just made me stick out more. As I would walk with my backpack full of books I would hear the comments of the other students.

“Holy crap, is that a midget?!”

“No dumbass, its some brainy chick!”

“Look at how she’s dressed… was she like home schooled or something?”

I could hear all the little comments and really none of them really got to me, not even the remark about my clothes. My thinking is this, I am in school to learn, not to be some kind of fashion model. I like the way the Japanese school uniforms look and so I had my parents buy me several and I wore them to school! I know people will think I’m weird wearing them but then again seeing twenty boys all wearing the same looking “expensive top” and “expensive jeans” calling me a nerd for wanting to wear a uniform or some skank girls wearing clothes way too tight showing way too much complaining that wearing a uniform will “make them all look the same” just makes me roll my eyes and go on with my day.

My mom hates how I dress and really how I look in school. I keep my hair pulled back and in two braids. I don’t wear make up and I have to wear glasses. Poor mom thinks if maybe I dressed like the other girls then maybe I would be a little more “normal” and would… I don’t know… get dumber or something. My dad doesn’t seem to care really. As long as I was happy he was happy. I think that pissed mom off but well she could get over it!

After the first half of my day was over it was now time for lunch. I think I was dreading this more than anything else. As I got my tray and walked into the table area I saw so many hardly filled but the weird looks told me to not even think about sitting at this one or that one. I found a table where I could sit alone and eat the luke warm excuse for a hot meal the lunch staff produced. As I sat there and ate people would walk by, stop and decide to ask me a question or two.

“How old are you?” one boy asked.

“13” I answered. After he walked away a girl walked up.

“Do you have like that weird disease where you age super fast or something?” she asked, looking grossed out at me as if I had open festering wounds.

“No, I am a normal girl who is just really smart.”

After she walked away, still looking grossed out two boys in football jerseys walked up.

“So um… were you home schooled or like from some kind of cult?” One started to ask while the other had to add.

“Because the stuff you’re wearing.”

I sighed, rolled my eyes then answered.

“No I went to Clear Brook Junior High just like you people did. I just like wearing this okay?”

They left as I took that moment to finish my meal and clear my tray. I finished the rest of that first day, already dreading the days to come!

= = =

So for the first week of school I had teachers giving me stink eye because for some reason I some how offended them for being 8 times smarter than them, and had students come up to me and asking me the same set of questions over and over again. At about Wednesday I was very close to demanding my parents to let me test out of high school or they pony up for that special school when a group of girls walked up to my table. This fat guy seemed to try to come up with some kind of insult or something when this very nice looking girl with long blonde hair stepped up. Next to her were an equally cute Hispanic girl and two other blonde who looked like they were trying to look like the first blonde but weren’t really pulling the look off. The main blonde gave the fat kid a look of total disgust.

“Hey fat fuck, I think someone dropped a twinkie or some ho-hos on the floor over there… go away!” she said to him. He looked at her and seemed like he was trying to come up with some kind of come back but the look the Hispanic girl gave him seemed to drive him away. The blonde huffed before turning her attention to me.

“Hi there, maybe you heard of me, my name is Jessi Jordan. My friend here is Carmen…”

The Hispanic girl just nodded to me before Jessi continued.

“And don’t worry about the other two they aren’t important.” She said hardly even looking at the other two blondes. They didn’t seem to notice that they were insulted but then again they kind of reminded me of puppies who just follow something around because they have no idea what they are doing. I looked back at Jessi.

“My name is Monica. Um you have a question for me or something?” I asked. She smiled and shook her head.

“Nope… well… okay I got one question.” She said as she looked like she was going to say something funny or maybe hurtful. I have to say she did seem the type that would have no problem cutting someone down with some choice words. I mean she did do that in front of me with the over weight kid. She smiled at me.

“How come you’re not sitting with us?”

“W… what?” I stammered.

“You heard me! Come sit at our table!”

I sat there in a bit of shock. Looking at the group of girls before me it wasn’t hard to tell they were the popular girls. I looked around the lunch room and saw people looking over at me, whispering and pointing as Carmen leaned over and picked up my lunch tray. I think the other kids were expecting the girl to dump my food all over me or something but they were all in for a shock as I stood up and followed the girls to their table. I sat down where Carmen placed my tray. Jessi looked me in the eye as I now felt a bit weird eating in front of the girls.

“So, how is high treating you?” the blonde asked me as she just watched me sit there.

“Ummm… fine.” I answered. Jessi leaned back in her chair as if she was trying to look at me more.

“I figured someone as smart as you would have gone to that smarty school out side of town.” She asked as she picked at her own tray of food.

“It’s way to expensive. Plus really I could just test out of school and graduate pretty much right now but my parents wanted me to at least be in school for a little while.” I answered as I started to eat.

“Figured they would do some kind of scholarship thing.” Carmen added. Jessi looked over at her for a moment, like she was angry this girl spoke up. Carmen shot her a look that seemed to say “fuck off.” I thought they were friends but they seemed like they hardly stand each other. I looked at Carmen and answered her.

“I would have only been there for a year so they wouldn’t want to waste the money I guess.” I say. Carmen nodded and started to eat her lunch. The other two dye job blondes just sat there silently. They didn’t even have lunch trays as I started to get that these two must be some new members of this group or something. They didn’t ever look at me as they seemed to hang on anything and everything Jessi did.

“What are you doing this weekend?” she asked me as she ate a little bit of her meal. I shrugged.

“I don’t know really. I mean… school work I guess.”

She looked at me, her eyes scanning me up and down.

“Nope, you’re coming to my house and we are going to hook you up!” she said.

“Ummm thanks but I mean you kind of don’t know me. I mean you don’t even know my name!” I responded.

For a moment Jessi seemed to give me a “fuck you” look. I expected her to tell me to leave the table or something but a smile came back onto her face.

“Well then, do tell us your name. I mean if we are going to be friends and all.” Jessi said with a tone that was hard to read.

“Monica.” I answered, not telling her my last name. I don’t know why but I felt like if I told her that then she would have total control over me or something. She gave me a toothy grin.

“Cute name! So Moni, you will sit with us for now on and after school Friday you will come over to my house!” Jessi stated matter of factly. I felt like maybe I had no say in this at all as my eyes looked over to Carmen and the other two.

Carmen just looked at me, her eyes seemingly telling me “just go with it, it’s no use to argue.”

“Okay, sounds like a plan I guess.” I say as Jessi took out a bit of paper out of her book bag and writing her address on it.

= = =

So on Thursday and Friday I sat with Jessi and Carmen. Most of the time at lunch Jessi just sat there and bitched about this class or that teacher. I didn’t mind really. It was pretty easy to tune her out after awhile. It looked like Carmen already figured that out. I thought the whole point of me sitting with them was so we could talk and get to know each other. I mean I’m not that hard to get along with really. My main hobbies are reading and video games but Jessi was just so stuck on herself that I figured out pretty quickly that everything had to be about her. I didn’t mind too much. Since sitting with Jessi no one bugged me about my age or anything stupid like that.

Once the final bell rang on Friday Jessi just popped up at my locker.

“Remember, your coming over my house after you get home!” she said in a way that sounded more like a command than anything nice. I nodded.

“Yeah I will.” I said, trying to get my locker open.

“And wear like… normal clothes, not your weird school uniform… I mean you have other clothes right?” she asked with a look on her face as if she realized she was talking to a “common” girl, not someone like her.

“Yeah I have normal stuff.” I said as I put my books away in my locker.

“Good, wear those!” she said as she walked away.

I stood there and thought for a bit. I thought about maybe just not showing up. Maybe I should just stay home or whatever. On the bus ride home I thought about all the things that could happen if I didn’t show up. At first I thought that maybe Jessi would just kick me out of the table. So I would eat alone the rest of the year no big deal. But the more I thought about it the more things that popped in my mind that could happen:

She would make up things about me

She would tell people to pick on me

She would try to get me in trouble…

About forty minuets after I got home showered and changed into t-shirt and jeans I found myself knocking on Jessi’s door.

= = =

Jessi looked forward to the new school year. She worked hard to get to the “queen bitch” status. She did her little power plays, her threats, almost everything to get the school knowing who she was! Those days before school started her dreams were filled with almost movie like actions. She would walk into the school wearing that new expensive dress. All the kids would have to stop and look at her as she walked down the hall in slow motion. Even the teachers would stop to check her out, maybe even adjust themselves in the pants department. At that moment she would know she would have the school wrapped around her finger. She would be un-fucking-touchable.

But she didn’t get her slow motion walk; she didn’t get her hundreds of eyes looking at her or anything like that. When she walked into the school she got couple looks, some perv teachers scanning her up and down and all but she wasn’t the main topic on everyone’s mind.

They were all talking about some brainic kid from like the 1st grade or something coming to their school!

Jessi was the hottest girl in school but everyone was buzzing about some 6 year old or something?! It pissed the teen off something fierce. Carmen seemed to not care but then again to Jessi her right hand man was a bit to “stupid” to figure out what this meant for them. If Jessi and her “crew” weren’t the main talk of the school that meant they were nothing! They wouldn’t be getting the hot guys asking them out, they wouldn’t have teacher’s letting them slide with shit, all the “work” Jessi did to be the main bitch would be for fucking nothing. So on that first day she had to find the nerd girl had to look at the little cunt that ruined everything!

Through out the first half of the day she drew a picture in her mind of this girl. The only thing she saw was the stereotypical ugly nerd of thick round glasses, unkempt hair, the fashion sense of a brain dead monkey, and the worse case of pizza face acne around. When she did see the girl she was right on a couple things. Her clothes looked horrible, she didn’t wear make up and she did wear glasses!

But there was something the stuck up teen didn’t count on.

The nerd girl was cute!

Yes she dressed in a weird looking uniform and looked a bit moopy or whatever but if she cleaned her self up, dressed in normal clothes she could be even better looking than Jessi! That idea scared the shit out of her! After seeing her Jessi knew she had to do something to put that little cunt in her place!

For those first several days Jessi watched from her table. She saw all those boys walking up to the nerd and talking to her! Granted it looked to be real quick chats about whatever but every time she saw that she felt as if she was being mocked!

“This is bullshit! They should be coming here, talking to me!” she would say to herself, almost grinding her teeth. Carmen rolled her eyes.

“Shit will die down, just leave the girl alone.” The Hispanic girl said as she finished up her bit of lunch and was looking though the tablet she brought with her to look at the various magazines she downloaded on it.

Carmen was often the voice of reason for the emotional blonde. She wasn’t some yes man like the other two girls who for the life of her couldn’t remember the names of or when they started to hang out with her and Jessi. Most times Jessi would listen to the tan skin beauty as she felt like Carmen was about on the same level as her, only thing holding her back was the whole “being Latino” thing.

But right now Jessi wasn’t listening. The little nerd witch must have placed the school under some kind of anime spell or what ever nerd cunts were into! Jessi had to come up with something to get back at the girl, something that would make the school hate her and not want anything to do with the little brainy bitch…

Tuesday night she came up with the perfect plan, she forced Carmen into it and on Wednesday it was put into place…

Step one happens on Friday night!

= = =

Chapter 2: Make over

I found myself standing at Jessi’s door at about 6pm. She didn’t live that far from me so it wasn’t too bad of a walk. I was in a t-shirt and jeans. I figured since she told me to wear “normal” clothes these would do. I looked around and saw no cars in the drive way. For the moment I thought maybe no one was home. Maybe Jessi was pulling some joke on me or that maybe this wasn’t her house. At that moment I thought about walking back home but I had to at least knock or ring the doorbell. I rang it once and waited a little bit. When I figured I was stood up I was about to walk away when the door opened. Standing before me was Jessi. She had a tight looking top and skirt on, as if she was about to go out or something. She looked me over and gave me a look of disgust over what I was wearing.

“Bout time you showed up. Come on in!” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

Her house was very nice. I guess her parents have some money because there were some very expensive things all around. Jessi still holding my hand and she dragged me though the house. Soon I was in her room. Carmen was sitting on her bed looking though a magazine. She looked up at me, gave me a small nod then went back to reading. I noticed the other two girls weren’t here. I guess they weren’t special enough to come here or something. Once I was in the bedroom Jessi let go of my hand and took a couple steps back from me and was looking me over again. I felt so weird having her giving me this judgmental look.

“So… are your parents’ home or something?” I asked as I tried not to look into the blonde’s eyes. She kept looking me over while she answered.

“No, stepdad is out and mom is where ever. It’s just you, me, Carmen, and my stepbrother Roger.”

She walked around me, looking me all over. I always wore extra large shirts and some what baggy pants. Its not like I'm fat or anything I just never liked wearing tight stuff. And I never wore makeup because the idea of caking on a bunch of stuff on your face just to look good for someone. I mean sooner or later you have to take that crap off! I just made sure I was clean and wore things that I liked. I figured I was going to school to learn and graduate, not be someone’s jerk off material!

After walking around me a couple times she finally stopped in front of me. She leaned in, looking into my eyes as she reached up and took my glasses off.

“I need those!” I cried as everything in the room went fuzzy.

“You have contacts?” Jessi asked.

“Y… yeah but I don’t like…” I started to say. My mom buys them all the time for me but I hate trying to get them in my eyes and all the shit I have to do to take care of them.

“Start wearing them!” Jessi said as she put my glasses into my hand. I was about to put them back on but she shook her head.

“You own any make up?”

I shook my head.

“I don’t even know how to put it on.” I said. Jessi shook her head.

“And you call yourself a girl.” Jessi said as she pulled out a chair and pulled me to it. I was soon sitting in front of a large vanity mirror. Everything was still blurry as I saw Jessi pull out a bunch of containers.

My mom tried to show me so many times how to put on make up and all the things that go with it. How to decide what “season” my skin was and all that. I would blow her off, trying to tell her that kind of stuff was pointless and how I never want to do that! My mom would look upset and try to explain to me that girls do this and what not but I didn’t want to hear it. Now I found myself almost blind and letting Jessi explain what this did and what that did. I swallowed nervously as I couldn’t tell what she was doing to me! I am very nearsighted and how I was sitting I could hardly see the mirror. After awhile Jessi stopped doing things to my face. I was almost too scared to look.

“And done!” she said taking a few steps away. I could see the blur behind me that was Carmen look up at my reflection.

“Hmm… not bad!” she said before going back to her magazine.

I looked over towards Jessi, trying to ask if I could put my glasses on. She just nodded as I quickly put them on and looked at the mirror. For a brief moment I thought about closing my eyes. I expected Jessi to make me up like some kind of circus clown or something but when I opened my eyes I was socked.

I looked… beautiful!

I didn’t really listen to all the terms she was saying but it almost looked like I wasn’t wearing make up at all! I just sat there in silence as I looked at my reflection.

“What ya think?” Jessi asked, standing next to me with her arms folded across her chest.

“W…wow…” was all I could say. She smiled and nodded.

“Okay now to work on clothes! Stand up, glasses off!” she commanded. I did as I was told. Jessi took my hand and walked me over to the set of full body mirrors she had set up. It looked like the three large mirrors you would find at any clothing store. I should have known a girl like Jessi would have her own set.

I stood there looking at the blurry blobs that were myself and Jessi. Like before Jessi hovered around me, looking me up and down again as if some how something about me would change. After a couple laps around me she stopped behind me.

“Get your clothes off!”

“Excuse me?” I said in shock.

“You heard me! Get them all off! I need to see what we are working with!” Jessi said as she had her hands on her hips. I quickly put my glasses on and looked back at the older teen. She was giving me a pissed off look while Carmen was still reading her magazine.

“Ummm… right now? But what if your brother comes in?” I ask.

“My door is locked he wont come in and it’s only us girls in this room so take them all off now!” Jessi demanded. She looked so pissed off, as if she might hall off and smack me!

I took a step back and looked around the room. I had to make sure there were no surprises or anything like that. I didn’t want some asshole from the football team or some guy she knew to pop out of hiding and snap pics of me or something. I wanted to look around her room, make sure no one was hiding in the closet or under the bed but there was something in the way she was looking at me that said she wouldn’t let me do that even if I threatened to walk out the room. I stood there for what felt like a long time before I pulled my glasses off then my shirt.

“That’s it, get everything off!” Jessi said as she stood there. I couldn’t see her face as I got my shirt off and showed I wasn’t wearing a bra.

I always wore baggy clothes. I think me doing that makes others think that I am over weight. Even the uniforms I wear are a little big so I can’t show off any curves or anything like that. I am what my doctors call a normal weight for a girl my age and height. I took a deep breath as my b-cup breasts were exposed to the two older teens. Then I worked on getting my jeans, undies, shoes and socks off. I was now standing naked in Jessi’s room. Even though my glasses were off I could feel Jessi’s eyes on my butt and bald sex. I stood still letting the girl look me over. Once again she walked around me. As I looked at my blurry form in the mirror I though I saw Carmen looking at me also but again how blurry everything was I could have just imagined things.

I just kept standing there, waiting for Jessi to say or do something!

= = =

The hours leading up to Monica coming over Jessi had already had things set up. When Carmen showed up all Jessi told her was she was starting up “stage 1” of her plan. Carmen rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breath as she walked to the blonde’s room and thumbed through the teen fashion magazine she brought with her.

Jessi didn’t tell her all of the “stages” of this “plan” of revenge and really Carmen didn’t care. She figured that Jessi will grow board of this hair brained scheme or that Monica would be too smart for it to work and it will blow up in Jessi’s face. Carmen really hoped it would be the latter that happens. For as long as she knew the blonde she was always this stuck up little bitch who cried, bitched, and moaned to get her way. Through out Junior and the beginning of High school Jessi kept talking about how she was the one who was suppose to be the “queen” of the school.

Yeah Jessi was good looking and somewhat popular with others but no one really liked her. The senior girls that just graduated who were the “main girls” of the school were popular and also well liked. Granted they had their bitchy moments but there were times they showed a kind side that you wouldn’t expect from what most would consider the “mean girls.” But once they were gone Jessi was quick to try to take their place. Really Carmen was dragged along because sadly she was Jessi’s only real friend, and that was kind of falling apart the more bitchy Jessi became.

While they waited for Monica to show up Jessi was getting more and more pissed that the girl wasn’t there right at that moment. Carmen tried to explain that maybe the girl (being 13 and all) had to get her parents permission to come over or maybe she didn’t want to be told what to wear or what ever. Jessi dismissed those thoughts. In her view if she snapped her fingers that little nerd should be right over, thanking her for letting her into the great kingdom of Jessi!

When the doorbell finally rang Jessi was quick to put on her fake smile and let the girl into her house. Seeing the girl dressed in baggy clothes already made the blonde feel like she was going to have to deal with a little fatty. In her head she already thought about the number of ways she could maybe make the girl develop a lovely eating disorder on top of the other things she was going to do to her. As she got her into the bed room she figured she had to do something to that face!

Really there was nothing wrong with Monica’s face. Even with out make up Monica was a cute girl who took care of herself. She had no blemishes or pimples. She looked like she showered regularly so there was no chance about making fun of her body odor or greasy hair. It seemed the closer Jessi got to Monica the more pissed off she was because it seemed like really there was nothing she could really do to upset her.

Once she decided to start with the make up she first thought about making her look foolish. Maybe telling her the wrong way to put on make up would make her look stupid and crazy. But she thought better not do that, because all Monica had to say was that Jessi told her to do it that way and her plans would be up in smoke. Granted she could say the girl was lying but everyone in the lunch room saw her sitting with Jessi’s group and it wouldn’t take much to put two and two together. Also most likely Monica’s mom might know a thing or two about make up and would ruin any idea of trying to make the little nerd girl look like a escaped crazed circus clown!

So Jessi had to work on Monica as if she was helping out a real friend. The thing about doing something right is that it is a hell of a lot quicker than trying to show the wrong thing! And Jessi found out that Monica had that rare kind of skin that really it would have been hard to mess up! No matter what she put on it really brought out the hidden little bits of Monica’s features that made the nerd look ever cuter! And when Monica saw her put her glasses back on to see the older teen’s work Jessi knew the girl was too damn cute!

When Carmen looked up from her magazine and saw Monica the Hispanic teen’s heart skipped a beat. Monica was beautiful! With or with out glasses the young teen was a knock out! Of course she couldn’t say that out loud unless she wanted to get the brunt of Jessi’s wrath. So she just quickly gave a not bad and went back to her magazine, but that one moment of seeing Monica would be stuck on Carmen’s mind for the next several minuets!

In Jessi’s mind she may have screwed up on not fucking up the makeup job. But she figured she would have something once she got to see Monica’s body. She already imaged seeing the girl’s fat little tummy and flat chest. Oh she would have a field day making little remarks about this and that. Breaking the child down till she was nothing! When she saw Monica looked freaked out when she was commanded to get naked Jessi knew she was about to hit fat pay dirt…

But when those clothes came off Jessi was even more upset!

First off Monica had a chest on her! And god damn it the 13 year old’s tits were bigger than the 16 year olds! Walking around the naked girl showed the older teen that there was no fat on her! And to add more salt to the wound Monica had a nice little ass on her!

“Son of a fucking bitch!” Jessi thought to her self as her eyes looked up and down the underage girl.

Carmen first wanted to tell Jessi she didn’t need to get Monica naked but once she looked up from her magazine and saw that perfect vision of sexiness she quickly got quiet! That cute rump and seeing the reflection of Monica’s front made Carmen want to get up and get a very close look! From where she was sitting there was no doubt the young girl had the bigger chest! The more Carmen looked at Monica the more strange feelings the older girl was starting to get. She bit her lip as she kept looking at the girl standing there. She could sit on the bed and watch naked Monica all day. When she saw Monica’s eyes look towards her in the mirror Carmen quickly looked back at her magazine, hopefully hiding the blush that was on her face even though with out her glasses Monica couldn’t see anything! Now the Hispanic girl had more images of the sweet little nerd girl in her mind!

= = =

I stood there waiting for Jessi to do something. It was starting to get annoying to have someone looking me over again and again as I stood there naked. I kept my glasses off since I didn’t want to see her eyes watching me. I soon heard her walk to her closet. After a little while she walked back up to me and handed me what I guess was a shirt and skirt. I put on my glasses to look over what she gave me. I pulled the shirt up first, well, what I guess was the top. It was so small that I had no clue what it was.

“Just put it on.” Jessi said standing there.

I took my glasses off and put on the top. It was a very tight tube top. Well, I guess it was tight since my breasts were a bit bigger than Jessi’s. After getting it on I pulled the skirt on. It was so small that there was no way I would wear this to school! It was black and since I was already not wearing panties it was showing off peeks of my sex when ever I moved and I didn’t need my glasses on to see that! I looked back to Jessi and I think the look I was giving her had to say something along the lines of “No fucking way!”

“Looks good, what you think Carmen?” Jessi asked as I put my glasses on to look over at the other girl. Carmen quickly peeked over her magazine and mumbled something before going back to it.

I looked back at the mirrors. The top was bright yellow and showed off so much skin. My breasts were pressed together and of course showed off my cleavage. I kept tugging down my skirt since it seemed like even standing still it was pulling up. Jessi stood behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders.

“You look real hot! Just lose the glasses and you are all set!” she said as she rubbed my shoulders.

“Thanks… I think… I really don’t think I could wear this.” I said. She shook her head.

“Well you can’t wear this to school but you can pull off stuff like this. I bet you are a virgin.” She said as she took a step back.

I looked shocked hearing her say that. Even Carmen looked up from her magazine hearing Jessi say that.

“What does that have to do with anything?!” I stammered. Jessi stood back and crossed her arms looking at me.

“I think you’re uptight because you are still a virgin!”

“Yes I am a virgin. I mean I am thirteen years old!” I said to her. She shook her head.

“So? Girls younger than you lose their virginities all the time.” Jessi answered in a matter of fact way. I just looked around the room as if I could have something to help me fight Jessi’s argument.

Jessi kept standing there, looking at me as if trying to figure something out. She then gave a nod.

“We can fix that real quick come with me!” she said, grabbing my hand and taking me out of her room and to the hall way where we walked a couple steps to a closed door. She knocked on it for a moment and waited.

= = =

Roger Jordan laid on his bed as he watched some videos on his laptop. He liked coming home; taking a break from the college and the frat he was a part of. He would often joke that being away from the frat house because that meant his liver had a chance to recover from what ever party they had the weekend or so before. His dad always welcomed the now twenty three year old home with open arms, and so did his sexy as hell step mom, Donna!

His dad married Donna when Roger was 13 years old. She brought with her 7 year old Jessica. The teenage Roger didn’t mind the little girl but his step mom had always be the star of many wet dreams that now seven years later she was still the main star of! It didn’t help that the woman was a fan of wearing very tight tops that showed those large breasts. And she was also a fan of not wearing bras! She was also a real big fan of wearing tight pants that often showed off a very tasty camel toe. He had to say that he had to blame Donna for his MILF fetish! She was a big fan of giving very tight hugs, making sure to press you into her large breasts. Lying in bed right now and thinking about her was getting Roger excited. He quickly thought back to when he came home several days ago. How she hugged him tightly, almost felt like she was grinding on him but that could have just been wishful thinking.

As he was thinking back on that he thought about pulling up some MILF porn and getting himself off when he was interrupted by the knock on his door. He looked over at it, wondering if his dad and Donna was home or something.

“Yes?” he said, putting his laptop away and tried to calm himself down. The door opened up and his step sister and some other girl came walking in.

Roger didn’t really have any real issues with his step sister, well, at first. When she was younger she was a cute and he didn’t mind being around her. But as she got older she became more and more of a bitch. Yeah he knew it was hormones and what not but he tried to tell her many times since she started high school that being a little bitch will make people not like you and what not but being a teen girl she knew oh so much more than her older step brother who was a high schooler not too long ago! He had to admit she was a sexy little thing and all.

But he had to admit the little black haired girl next to his step sister was a hundred times hotter!

= = =

I stood in this guy’s bedroom, trying to cover up my “down stairs” area. Besides family members this was the first time being in what could be considered a “boy’s” room. Granted this didn’t really look like it would be his room it looked more like a guest room. I figured his parents must have turned his original room into something else. For a moment I felt his eyes on me but then looked to Jessi.

“What do you want?” he asked Jessi. He looked like he was a bit upset about us being inside his room. I wanted to walk out of the room but Jessi held my wrist tightly.

“Need you to help my friend Moni here.” She said giving him a smile that kind of creeped me out. He looked at her a bit annoyed then back at me.

He gave me a small smile. He was decent looking with short brown hair. Really he wasn’t my type… really I didn’t have a type. I guess I agreed with my dad in his opinion that I was too young to date. I felt Jessi push me forward some towards the bed he was laying on.

“I need you to pop Moni’s cherry!” Jessi said as if it was no big deal. He looked shocked hearing his step sister say this.

“Do what?”

“You heard me! She needs to lose her virginity and your like near by!”

He sat there in silence, looking at Jessi and at me. As we stood there Jessi let go of my wrist but I felt her hand near my skirt and pull it up some. I was about to push her had away but she shot me a look that told me to “don’t move.” I just stood there while she slowly pulled the skirt up, slowly showing her step brother my bald sex. For a while it seemed like maybe he didn’t notice what was happening with my skirt but after a second his eyes landed on me again, and I saw them drift down to my sex.

“I… I don’t know…” he stammered as his eyes were now fixed on me. Jessi smiled as she walked out the room.

“I’ll leave you two alone. Have fun Moni!” she said to me before slapping my butt and walking out the room, closing the door behind her.

I stood there, pulling the tiny skirt down then looking at her brother. As soon as my privates were covered it seemed to snap him back to normal. He was silent at first but then he took a deep breath and gave me a warm smile.

“So… um… Moni is it?” he asked as he moved to the edge of the bed close to me. I shook my head.

“My name is Monica, I think Jessi is trying to make it my nick name or something.” I said as I kept myself close to the bedroom door. He chuckled.

“Yeah, she’s the queen of annoying nicknames.” He said, “did she happen to tell you my name?”

I shook my head. He stood up and offered his hand for a hand shake.

“My name is Roger. And I have to say, Monica is a way nicer name than Moni!” he said. I smiled and shook his hand.

“I guess Jessi’s nick name for you is Rogi?” I joked. He laughed and shook his head.

“I wish. It’s more like “asshole” or “dip shit”. Jessica can be a little bitch sometimes.” He said. I blushed and gave a little nod.

“So her real name is Jessica?” I asked. He nodded.

“Yeah. She shortened her name when she was in Junior High. Come have a seat over here. I won’t bite or hurt you.” He said as he nodded towards the bed.

The room was a bit small with a queen size bed in the middle and a dresser on the other side. I really didn’t have much of a choice of where to sit so I sat on the edge of the bed, still staying close to the bedroom door. He sat near me, keeping his eyes on me even though I would catch them drifting to my breasts or try to peek at my privates. I blushed as I tried to cover up some but with the out fit Jessi picked for me it was very hard.

“You don’t seem like someone who would hang out with my step sis.” He said as he kept looking me over. I gave a small nod.

“Yeah, but she seemed to want me to hang out with her even though I’m only thirteen and all.” I said throwing my age out there. Maybe I said it to get him to back off even though he wasn’t being a total creep or anything. He looked shocked hearing me say that.

“How are you only thirteen and in high school?” he asked.

I went on about how I was able to test out of Junior high and sophomore year of high school and how I could have just took the last test to graduate early but my parents wanted me to have some high school experience and what not. Roger hung onto my every word, nodding as I went on and on about how Jessi and Carmen met me and how I was now here. Roger was such a great listener and I felt real at ease with him!

= = =

When Jessica told Roger what needed to be done he was very close to telling the teen to fuck off. But since he was already partly horny due to thinking about his step mom his semi hard cock seemed the be in charge, telling his brain something along the lines of:

“Hey now… lets hear her out!”

It didn’t help that the cute black haired girl was very cute, and seeing that cleavage that was much bigger than Jessica could even wish she had was slowly making the college student think about “helping” the girl out with her “problem”. His brain was still trying to argue that no matter how cute this “Moni” girl was she looked like she really wasn’t here to have sex! As he tried to fight the internal battle between his cock and his brain Jessica pulled Moni’s skirt up and treated Roger to the peek of sweet bald teen pussy! At that moment his cock won the battle as he didn’t even notice the blonde walking out the room.

He could tell Moni wasn’t at ease being in the room with him. It didn’t help that his eyes were glued on that virgin snatch! He was already thinking about how tight that will be, and how long he might be able to last once he got past that pesky hymen. It had been awhile since he had gotten laid. There was this older woman who was going to his school for awhile, one of those “Mom of [insert number of children here] bettering her life by going to school” stories. She was a hot bit of ass and was very open to living out the college girl experience of fucking horny frat boys (once again having to blame Donna for his need to fuck MILFs!)

Sadly that woman completed her studies and went back home to her kids and husband. Roger did have experience fucking some high school girls and what not but again, MILF pussy was his main thing. But looking at the raven haired girl he wouldn’t mind tight teen cunt right about now! As he kept thinking about all the things he could do his trance was suddenly broken as she pulled the skirt down to cover up. As they stood there and chat he found out her real name was Monica. He took this moment to tell her his name and they both made a joke about Jessica’s shitty nick names.

Monica seemed so cute and smart, not someone who would want to hang out with Jessica. Monica laughed and dropped the age bombshell.

“Yeah, but she seemed to want me to hang out with her even though I’m only thirteen and all.”

“How are you only thirteen and in high school?” he asked as his eyes drifted towards her chest.

She went on about testing and what not. It was hard for Roger to listen to her when he was looking at all that skin. He wasn’t into super young girls. There were several of his frat brothers who were into girls that were way too young. They would go out of their way to get girls between 10 and 13 years old. There were many parties Roger would see a girl who was way too young to be at the frat house and there were many times he would walk into a room where some little girl would be servicing several guys at once. The girl would never look like she was forced or anything and the guys would often try to get Roger to join in but he would be a bit freaked out by the idea of fucking an underage girl.

But right now, he was starting to have second thoughts on that kind of thinking! At that moment he had to decide what “version” of Roger he had to go into:

OPTION 1: Normal Roger: smart, friendly guy who would chat with Moni for a bit. He would befriend her and put himself instantly into the friend zone with the teen girl. This would end with her leaving his room and him jerking off to internet porn or fantasies of what could have been breaking her in.

OPTION 2: Frat boy Roger: Good guy who would listen to her go on and on about things, gain her trust and show her that hey, I am just here to help you out and we can both have fun and what not. This will end with him being balls deep in her, popping her cherry and maybe giving her a hot load.

As he stood there and listened to her while his eyes looked at all the skin she was showing he decided who he was going to be…

“Come have a seat over here. I won’t bite or hurt you.” Frat boy Roger said as he nodded towards the bed. She stood there for a bit but soon sat on the edge, still near the door. He smiled as he sat near her.

Being in a frat he got to learn many pick up moves. The main one that worked the best for him was what he was doing now, acting like her was listening to her. He knew it was working because she was slowly starting to relax and was being more at ease with him. As he kept looking at her he was getting more and more turned on. He had to keep himself a bit calm to not scare her off.

= = =

We sat there for awhile and just chatted. Roger was so nice and he seemed like we had a lot in common. He slowly got closer to me. I acted like I didn’t notice. To tell the truth I kind of liked how he was looking at me. At one point his hand brushed my leg a little. He suddenly leaned in and kissed my cheek. I felt my face warm up as he moved his hand to caress my lower back.

“Monica, you are very beautiful.” He whispered. I couldn’t answer but I did feel my self blush. He moved his face a little closer and kissed my cheek again.

“Monica, if you don’t want to do anything I understand. But I just want you to know that I would make sure not to hurt you. And I think if you don’t sleep with me tonight Jessica will find someone else, and I don’t like the idea of some asshole teen or someone who might not care about your feelings or anything like that.” He said as he kept caressing my face.

My heart was pounding in my chest as he kept touching my face. There was a loud voice in my head that kept saying I should stop this. But my body was getting so warm that I felt like maybe I would let him keep going, maybe stopping him if he does something that I didn’t like. He kept caressing me and kissing my face. My body was so warm it seemed like it caused the rest of me to shut down. He soon kissed my lips the pulled back.

“Was that your first kiss?” he asked me. All I could do was nod. He gave me a smile.

“Would you like another one?” he asked.

Again all I could do was nod.

He leaned in and kissed me again, this time his tongue pushed past my lips and entered my mouth. I tensed up as I felt it explore my mouth. His hands were rubbing my sides, slowly pushing under my tight top towards my breasts. He slowly started to pull my top up to expose my breasts. That voice in my mind that was trying to get me to stop his kissing and touching seemed to get quieter and quieter the more my body got warm.

As he pulled my top up his hands started to fondle my breasts and nipples as he kept kissing me. I found my tongue seemingly operating on its own as it pushed back on his organ and tried to go into his mouth. His thumbs rubbed my nipples, making them grow harder. I felt him slowly pushing me onto my back as he started to climb on top of me. After a while he pulled back and looked into my eyes. His hands still fondling my breasts as he started to grind his groin on mine.

“Monica, let me undress you.” He whispered.

I couldn’t answer as he pulled the shirt off me then moved down and pulled my skirt off. Once he had it off me he tossed it to the side. He then stood up and looked down at my naked body. I almost wanted to cover up but it’s was like my body wanted, no, needed to be seen by him. He said nothing as he started to undress.

He had an okay body I guess. Again he wasn’t my type and it wasn’t like I had some idea of what I liked. I have seen many men except what ever movies that happen to be on TV. He had a little bit of what I guess you call a beer gut. Once his shirt was gone he pulled down his shorts. His penis was hard and throbbing as he stood there. He silently reached down and stroked himself as he looked at me. I think his penis was about maybe five and a half to six inches. It was hard to really tell since as soon as he got it out he wrapped his hand around it and was stroking himself.

I know of sex. I mean I know all the biological and chemical processes that go into sex. I know what sex is for an all but all the book reading about the subject doesn’t really prepare you for it. I mean it wasn’t like I went online and watched porn or anything like that. I never went on chat rooms or anything to “cyber” with people. I guess you could say I used the net for research and nothing else!

And before you ask, yes I did hear that “Internet is for Porn” song and yes I thought it was funny.

Seeing this older guy towering above me, stroking him while looking at me should have frightened me and it did a little. But my sex was so hot and tingling that I found my legs slowly opening for him! I couldn’t believe it as he slowly crawled next to me on the bed and started to kiss me again. His hand moving down my chest, stopping at my belly button to toy with it before moving down to my thighs and caressing them. I gasped as goose bumps and tingles shot though my legs as his hands got closer to my vagina.

“Monica, your pussy is so hot and I think you’re getting wet!” he moaned as his fingers got closer to my sex. I just laid there as my mind went thought all the facts I knew about sex.

“The vagina, during intense sexual arousal, secretes a fluid to lubricate the sexual organ to help the penis enter.” My mind read back to me from what every human biology book I read. I still felt weird him telling me this as his hand was clearly teasing my area.

He moved his fingers to my vagina and slowly moved them up and down my opening. I gasped, my back arching as he slowly rubbed me.

“That’s it Monica. Get yourself nice and wet for your first fuck!” he moaned, as he stroked himself.

I bit my lower lip as my hips moved to his fingers. My head felt like it was spinning as he slowly pushed one finger inside me. My sex quickly clamped around his invading digit as he pushed more into me. He slowly pumped in and out of me, his finger going deeper and deeper. Soon I felt him introduce a second finger inside me and continued his pumping, going deeper inside me till I felt him touch something inside me. I knew he must have found my hymen. I almost thought that he was going to use his fingers to break it but when he found it he pulled his fingers out of me. He pulled his fingers out and showed them to me. They glistened with my juices.

“Look how wet you are Monica. May I fuck you?” he asked. I try to speak but I feel my legs open a little wider. My body answered for me and it was saying:

“Yes, fuck me!”

I was shocked how my body was so ready for this! In my mind I tried to come up with a hundred different excuses as to why I shouldn’t do this. Reasons went from STI fears, pregnancy, and even the whole “save yourself for marriage” even though I never really thought about that before! The closer he got to pushing his penis into me the more my mind tried to come up with a reason to stop him but my body wasn’t going to let my brain stop anything!

He started to rub his penis up and down my vagina. I gasped as I was shocked by not only how hot his organ felt but how good him touching me down there felt!

“Your pussy is so wet… I’m going in!” he moaned.

He started to push into me. I gasped as I felt myself stretch around him as his penis started to go in deep. I whimpered as he kept pushing more in.

“Tell me where I am!” he moaned. I looked at him a bit confused.

“W… what?” I asked.

“Tell me where I am!” he said as he stopped moving.

“Y… You’re in my vagina.” I answered. He shook his head.

“No baby, call it by its real name!” he said.

I was once again confused. I tried to rack my brain as to what he was talking about. After a bit he seemed to realize I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s called pussy.” He said as his penis kept throbbing inside me.

“P… pussy… You’re in my pussy.” I said with a whimper. He pushed in a little more then stopped again.

“What’s in your pussy baby!” he moaned.

“Your penis is in my pussy.” I said, already knowing that he would tell me that wasn’t the proper term.

“Dick, call it a dick, or cock.” He said. I gave a little nod.

“Okay, your cock is in my pussy.” I said. He smiled as he started to move again.

“Good girl.” He replied as he kept pushing deeper inside my va… pussy.

My eyes closed as I felt my hands grabbing the bed sheets. It hurt but also felt good at the same time. It was a weird mix that I was trying to get my head around. Soon though I felt his peni… cock… hitting my hymen.

“Get ready, this will hurt!” he said as he pulled back a little bit. Before I could figure out how to make myself “ready” he thrust forward. In one move I felt that bit of flesh break and his dick going inside me. I cried out as he pushed the remaining bits of his member inside. As soon as he got every inch in me he stopped moving.

He seemed to try not to crush me with his body weight. I started to figure out he was letting me get use to him inside me. My pussy was in so much pain but it all felt so good. He leaned in and was kissing my face and neck as I found my breathing to start calming down. He took that as a sign to start moving. He slowly pulled almost all the way out of me till the head of his cock was still inside then he slammed all the way back into me. He kept doing this, almost every time he got all the way in it felt like it was going deeper inside me. I whimpered as he was hitting what I believe was my cervix!

Roger was starting to go harder and faster. As he pushed every inch in me he made my body rock. My hands let go of the bed sheets and grabbed his back. My finger nails digging into his back as he thrust harder and deeper.

“Beg for me to fuck you! Say it!” he growled, thrusting harder into me. For a moment I tried not to say it. I already felt upset saying words like dick, cock and pussy. But the more he thrust inside me the more I didn’t care!

“F… fuck me! Fuck me harder.” I whimpered. He nodded and did just that!

“Little fucking slut!” he growled as he thrust harder and deeper. I felt tears streaming down my face as he was pounding into me like he didn’t care. My nails felt wet, I didn’t know if it was sweat or blood and at that moment I didn’t care.

I was feeling something build up inside me as he kept going. My eyes rolling back. It felt like he was fucking me for hours. I felt like I was about to explode. I tried to say something but I was at a lost for words! I whimpered as my heart was beating like craze and my whole body grew hot and tightened up. He must have been feeling it because he started to talk.

“Yeah bitch, cum on my cock! Make me cum inside you!” he moaned as he speed up his pumping. My breasts bouncing all over the place. I felt a scream building up in my throat and soon I released it for all to hear! I screamed as he thrust one last time as deep as he could.

“OH FUCK!” he yelled as I felt a hot liquid shoot into me. He kept himself deep inside me as he mumbled more cuss words. He pulled out and aimed his cock on my body and shot some of that fluid on me. I knew that stuff was sperm. He sat up, his hand on his cock and pumping some as he seemed to try to finish shooting on me.

“Like my cum on you baby?” he asked, grunting as he shot a couple more drops on me.

“I guess.” I answered as I laid there. I kept looking up at the ceiling as he got up and walked out the room. He came back with some warm wet paper towels and was cleaning me off.

Once he was done I was able to move as I sat up. He gathered my clothes and put them next to me. He quickly sat next to me and ran his fingers up and down my back.

“Ummm… so… did you like it?” he asked, looking a bit worried that maybe he messed up or something. I looked at him, smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, it was fun.” I said as I pulled the top on then got off the bed. My legs wobbled a bit as I pulled the skirt on. He sat there, still nude and looking at me.

“If I got a little rough I’m sorry.” He said as if he realized that he might have hurt me. I shook my head.

“No, it’s fine…” I said, not looking at him anymore as I head out the door.

As I walked into the hallway Jessi pulled me into her room. As I got into her room I noticed that Carmen was gone. I didn’t say anything as Jessi had my clothes on her bed.

“Go ahead and get your clothes on.” She said as she pulled out a sheet of notebook paper. She was writing something down as I got dressed. Once I was done she handed the paper to me.

“Here is a list of clothing brands you need to get to hang out with us. Get some this weekend. You can go home now.” She said to me. I quickly left the house and made my way home quickly.

When I got into my house my mom greeted me. I tried to avoid her as I wanted to shower and get Roger’s cum out of me. But she seemed to catch me.

“Is that make up on you?” she asked as I tried to get out of the room. To tell the truth I forgot all about that.

“Y… yeah… my friend put it on me.”

“You look so cute! Did they tell you how to put it on?” she asked. I nodded.

“Yeah but I didn’t pay much attention. I really want to take a shower.” I whined.

“Okay, okay, don’t forget to empty your pockets. I’m going to wash clothes and I don’t want you crying about messed up or missing stuff!” she said to me.

I emptied my pockets, putting the list on the table as I told her some BS and made my way to the shower and then to my room to put on some clean clothes. As I walked into the living room my mom was looking at the list. I was going to say something but mom looked so happy and excited.

“Does my little girl want to go clothes shopping tomorrow?” she asked with a large smile on her face.

“I guess…” I answered.

= = =

Several moments after Jessi told Monica had to not be a virgin and dropped her off at Roger’s bedroom she walked back into her room. Carmen was standing there looking very pissed off.

“What’s your problem?” Jessi asked as she walked into her room and walked towards her closet as if she was looking for something.

“What the hell are you talking about she has the not be a virgin?” Carmen asked. Jessi rolled her eyes as she took out a small step stool.

“Little bitch needs to loosen up some. And maybe she needs to get laid.” Jessi said as if it was no big deal. Carmen watched the blonde moving things around.

“I don’t understand your hate for her. Just leave her alone!” Carmen said. Jessi narrowed her eyes at the teen.

“You’re not needed here, you can go home!”

Carmen just shook her head and walked out the room. Jessi had a feeling that Carmen would get cold feet. She saw the way she was looking at the micro brainy bitch when she was getting dressed and what not. Jessi didn’t really need her for this part anyways!

Jessi moved the stepstool over towards a vent on the wall and climbed onto it. The vent was easy to open and was big enough to hide a video camera. Why would the blonde hide a video camera in her vent?

Because it connected her room to the guest room, the same room her step brother was in and was now currently making out with Monica!

Jessi was able to get a good angle on the mirror in the room, so she was able to record the moment little Moni went from virgin nerd to fucked nerd.

“Step one complete!” she thought to herself as she watched through the viewing screen as her step brother pumped in and out of the thirteen year old girl.

= = =

Chapter 3: On weekends we go clubbing!

After taking a long hot shower I got out of the bath to find make up wipes waiting for me in my room. After going through several of them to get rid of what ever makeup the shower missed I put on my night clothes and had dinner. Mom couldn’t stop talking about the shopping trip we were going to have. Dad was half paying attention to us.

I love my parents but sometimes I feel like maybe they seemed a bit upset with me. Maybe because of how smart I am or how I act. I know my mom talked a lot about her high school days. She was rather popular and was always the life of the party and what not. I could see it in her eyes that she wish I some how followed in her foot steps. During dinner she kept asking me about my little visit to my friend’s house. I just kept making stuff up. I mean I don’t think telling my parents that I had to lose my virginity to stay in my new group. That isn’t very good dinner conversations.

After finishing dinner and chores I went to bed a little early. Mom was hovering most of the time, reminding me to be ready to wake up bright and early for the shopping trip. I rolled my eyes and told her I would be ready and what not. As I went into my room I lay on my bed and tried to fall asleep. But as I tried to fall asleep I found myself thinking back to what happened earlier that day. I had worried about maybe having nightmares about what happened to me but I was in for a shock.

My dream started up almost like it happened at Jessi’s house. Roger was making out with me as I was already naked. I start moaning and laying back on my own as he got naked and slowly entered me. Now this point my dream became different than what happened. In my dream I wasn’t a virgin and Roger entered me with no problem. He pumped into me hard and deep, making my heart pump like it was going to explode at any moment! I wrap my arms and legs around him, begging him to quote “fuck me hard”.

I couldn’t tell you how long the dream went for but when I work up I found my undies were pulled down to my ankles and my hand was covered in my fluids. I lay there, realizing for the first time ever I masturbated…

And I liked it!

I then became embarrassed. In my dream I was rather loud and now I wondered if I was loud in real life. I lay there looking down at myself. I should cover myself but I couldn’t. If I was loud I think my parents would have barged into the room to make sure I was okay but I was there alone. I took a deep breath and thought to myself that I should pull my panties up and try to go to sleep…

I wound up playing with myself like five more times before I fell asleep!

= = =

My mom wasn’t kidding around when she came into my room super early and woke me up. She had this whole epic shopping thing figured out. We weren’t just going to the mall but some other upscale places a little out of the way. After a quick shower I decided I needed to put my contact lenses in now to maybe be use to them by Monday. We had breakfast and were soon on our way.

My mom was so excited that I almost felt bad by not feeling the same way. We got to the mall and soon I was being dragged all over the place. No mater what I tried on she bought it. Seeing the price tags on a thing that was labeled as a shirt and barely covered my chest being marked close to two hundred bucks made my head hurt but my mom was more than happy to get it for me. I knew a lot of the clothes she got me wouldn’t be seen in school but it was like she knew something.

“Life isn’t all about school you know! You and your new friends may want to go out and you want to look good!” she said, swiping the debit card like it was nothing!

I have to say, my guess is she must have gotten me close to two thousand dollars worth of clothes and after that several hundred dollars worth of make up!

Once we got home mom bugged me about what I learned from my friend’s make up thing. I admitted I didn’t pay much attention. Mom decided to give me a more in-depth course. I have to say listening to my mom talk about what each thing did and why they were important was very eye opening. By the time she was done I had to admit that her make up job was ninety times better than Jessi’s! Once that was done mom threw another shock.

“How about you model off your new clothes to your dad?” mom said.

“Umm… I don’t know…” I stammered. Mom giggled.

“Just let dad see how much you grown!” she said as she pulled me up on my feet and putting the clothes in my hand.

She stood there and smiled as I put on the first outfit, one I could consider a more conservative in that it didn’t show skin but it was very tight. I had to take off my bra to put it on and make it look right and some tight pants that made me not wear panties. I stood there as mom led me out of the room.

“Barry, look at what I got our little girl!” she said as I saw dad sitting in the living room. He looked up from whatever it was he was doing and sat there slack jawed.

“Wow… is that really my little Monica?” he asked, his eyes looking me up and down.

I felt weird as he looked at me. My body felt warm as I sometimes caught his eyes fixed on my chest or when they moved down towards my groin. I looked down at myself and noticed my nipples were rock hard. I felt my groin grow hot. He looked over to my mom.

“Heather…” was all he could say. She giggled and looked at me.

“Go on, show daddy you’re other outfits!” She said. I nodded and quickly walked to my room.

= = =

The night before Barry thought it was a bit funny how happy Heather was about his daughter suddenly wanting to get some new name brand clothes. He really didn’t care about it really. He figured something like this would have to happen at some point since it might not be to long till she would be going to college (if any would take her at such a young age that is.)

He didn’t think too much of what might be bought or anything. He knew Monica wouldn’t be for anything too showy or revealing. When he got up that Saturday morning he had no idea of what he would be seeing in several hours.

Or how it would make him think about his daughter!

When they got home Barry sat in the living room and watched some TV while messing with his tablet pc. Heather called out to him from the hallway saying something about how Monica wanted to show off her new outfits. He sat back, not expecting to see her sans glasses and in something so tight that her bosom and tight sex was on full display! He was pretty much speechless seeing how “developed” her chest was. He was so use to seeing her in baggy t-shirts that he never thought of her as a girl really. But now he saw her and was shocked. His eyes moved down towards her crotch. He couldn’t really help it! Her pants were so tight that he knew she couldn’t be wearing panties. She had a clearly defined camel toe. He felt like a total gross perv looking at her but no matter where his eyes went to he had a naughty thought.

Looking at her face: so cute, wants to shove his cock in her mouth and fuck till she drank his load or was wearing it on her face!

Looking at her chest: Suck on those hard tits, place his throbbing cock in-between and tit fuck her till once again she would be wearing his cum!

Looking at groin: Fuck the hell out of it of course! Fill it with his nasty cum and hope he doesn’t knock her up!

And when she turned around and walked back to her room he of course had to check out her ass. She had a nice ass, not too big but yummy and of course he had to add to the list:

Looking at ass: Fuck that tight hole till she begs him to stop or till he came!

Once she was out of the room he had to adjust himself. He hoped that Monica or Heather didn’t notice…

But Heather did, and she just smiled.

= = =

So I kept coming out with the different outfits for my dad to check out. He had a smile on his face as he sat in his chair, legs crossed as he looked me over. I just smiled at him as he looked me over. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling so hot and turned on as my dad looked at me. The last outfit I came out in was the short skirt and the tiny top that I couldn’t wear to school. Seeing my dad sitting there, his eyes glued to my exposed skin made me so hot! I had to wear panties but I wouldn’t doubt that they were wet!

Once all my outfits were shown I went back to my room and put on my normal clothes. Before I put on another pair of panties I looked at the ones I had on for my last couple of outfits. They were so wet and my vagina was so hot that I had to stand there and slowly start to finger myself! I couldn’t believe I was doing this because I was showing myself off to my dad but I couldn’t help it! My eyes closed as I worked two fingers in and out of myself. I have never thought about my dad in any sexual way! I mean its incest and gross and all.

But feeling his eyes on me just… I can’t explain it!

I bit my lower lip as I kept pumping in and out of me. Since I was awake for this I was able to keep quiet. The room was filled with my breathing and the wet sounds of me working my fingers. I leaned against the dresser as I felt my knees buckle. Soon I tensed up as I was having an orgasm! I was breathing hard and moaning. It felt so good.

“Monica, dinner time!” my mom called out. I wiped my hands off and put on my normal clothes. I took out my contact lenses and put on my glasses. I quickly went to the bathroom to wash my hands.

As I walked out the bathroom I bumped into dad. We both gave each other a bit of a nervous smile as I got out of the way and walked to the dining room.

= = =

Through out the little fashion show Barry had to keep his legs crossed and the pad over his trouser tent. Every time she came out of her room in a new outfit his cock grew harder. When she came out in the last out fit of what he could only call a tube top and a super short skirt his cock felt like it was going to tear a hole in his pants! Seeing the tiny peek of her white panties showing was one thing but when he saw a yummy wet spot forming he knew he was in some kind of trouble! If he was in a proper mind set he would have yelled at his daughter for picking out those whore like outfits, he would have screamed at Heather for buying them!

But his cock was in charge now, and it loved this new Monica!

Once she left the room he was about to make a bee line to the bathroom but Heather seemed to be purposely keeping him sitting there, bugging him about what he thought about Monica’s outfits and make up. All he could do was stammer “yeahs” and “looks nice.” After awhile Heather went to the kitchen to start dinner. Barry got up and almost ran for the bathroom. Before he could try the door it opened and standing before him was his “normal” looking daughter.

But even in her “normal nerd” look she looked good enough to ravish! She blushed and smiled and he smiled back. She walked past him and he quickly went in. After closing and locking the door he dropped his pants. He wasn’t slouching on the cock department. He was a good 6 and a half inches long. Heather never complained about it!

He stood over the toilet and started to stroke himself. He had to keep quiet in case Monica or Heather walked by the door. His eyes closed as he pumped his hand back and forth on his member. Every thought was on his sweet little girl. He thought about being on top of her, pumping deep and hard inside her. Or maybe her on all fours as he used her pussy and ass, just like how her mother liked it! Oh he knew it was wrong for him to think of his thirteen year old daughter in that way but after today she would become the star of his many nightly porn dreams! But it wouldn’t be just him fucking her, oh no…

It would be his coworkers, strangers on the street, maybe even a football player or two? The nasty thoughts of his sweet little girl being a cum dumpster was too much as he grunted, shooting his load into the toilet as his wife called him to dinner.

= = =

You know, before this whole make up thing I didn’t have to worry about waking up too early or anything. I could get up, go bathroom, shower then dress and be out the door. But now I had to wake up early to shower the slap on make up. I put on the more “normal” looking outfit for the bunch we got. It was still tight and all but I was able to wear bra and panties with it so there was that.

Once I got into school I noticed that people looked at me different! The teachers didn’t look at me like I was some kind of threat to their jobs or anything. The female teachers seemed more upset because I guess I looked to “hot” for them, and the male teachers looked at me like I was a bit of meat. I have to admit I did like how both looked at me! As I walked from class to class I could feel the boy’s eyes on me. There was a part of me that was kind of creeped out by this but the more the day went the more I liked it!

Soon it was lunch time. I got my meal and got to the table. The only ones there at the moment was Carmen and the other two girls who seemed to not want to talk to me. Carmen looked me over and smiled! I think it was the first time she done that with me!

“Looking good girl!” she said. I think she was blushing some. I sat down and noticed Jessi wasn’t there. Before I could ask the blonde came up to the table and sat down in front of me.

“Wow, look good once we cleaned you up a bit huh!” Jessi said as she sat down. Carmen went from smiling to once again being quiet and looking at her magazine. I couldn’t think of anything to say really as I started to eat my lunch.

Jessi kept looking me over as if to find some kind of fault or something.

“Your makeup looks good.” She said, half sounding disappointed. I looked up from my tray.

“Yeah my mom loves makeup and showed me some little tricks.” I answered. Jessi didn’t say anything as I kept eating. Jessi just sat there in silence for awhile.

“What are you doing this weekend?” she asked, breaking the silence. I looked up at her.

“I don’t know, it’s only Monday.” I said after swallowing my food.

“Well, on the weekends we go clubbing. So you’re coming out with us!” Jessi commanded.

“Clubbing? I didn’t know there were any all ages clubs around here.” I said. She shook her head.

“No kiddy shit, we are going to real clubs! I know how to get in them with no problem so Friday night you come over my house, you wear the hottest thing you got and you are coming out with us!”

I felt like I couldn’t say no to her!

= = =

Friday came and I once again found myself in Jessi’s house. I was wearing the short skirt and tiny top combo. It really wasn’t my choice she told me to snap pics of the stuff I got and she picked it out!

Standing in her room with Carmen and the other two girls I noticed how much skin we were all showing. Carmen looked like she really didn’t want to go out but was also dragged out by Jessi. The other two girls, I hate to say it, reminded me of puppies ready to go out on a walk or something. They didn’t make any kind of point to talk with me or Carmen and really I don’t think they would really say anything of any importance. Jessi was getting the last of her makeup on. Once done she stood up from her make up table and looked at us.

“Alright bitches lets roll!” she said as she pulled out her car keys.

After a brief ride in Jessi’s car we found ourselves downtown and in front of a night club called Oliver’s. I seen this place in the day time a bunch of times during the summer when riding with my parents. In the day time it didn’t look that fun or anything but seeing it all lit up at night the place looked totally different! There was a long line of people trying to get in. I was wondering how Jessi was going to get us in. From what I knew of this place was it was a 21 and over kind of place that was hard core into checking for IDs. As she parked the car I wondered if I should asked her what she was going to do. Once we got out we followed her to the other side of the building. Standing in the dark alley way was a sketchy looking guy. He saw us then looked around as Jessi walked up to him and handed him something.

“Hold up.” He said as he turned his back on us. I didn’t see what it was but I figured it was money or something because he soon pushed it into his coat and opened the side door. We quickly got inside and found ourselves in a loud place.

The inside was so weird. I seen plenty of TV shows and movies that had night club scenes and they are always so bright and what not but this place was a bit dark. The music was so loud I felt like my ears were going to pop. Jessi led us towards the bar. At that moment I feared we were going to get busted. Jessi seemed to know her way around the place. I wanted to ask Carmen if they came here every weekend but the music was so damn loud that I wouldn’t have been able to hear her answer. As we stood there I watched Jessi talk with the bartender. She soon came back with two cups as she handed me one.

“Here, its soda!” she said handing me the drink. I looked at it for a moment then sipped it. It didn’t taste weird or anything. A part of me thought maybe she somehow ordered a mixed drink. The more I sipped the soda the more relaxed I felt.

I found myself swaying to the music as my body felt warm. I am not much of a dancer and really didn’t know what I was doing but for some reason after drinking that soda I felt like I could really learn how! As I stood there I noticed a really handsome black guy and his buddy looking at me. They both seemed to be saying something to each other and laughing. I smiled at them as they started to walk up towards me.

= = =

Jessi had tonight planed pretty well. She didn’t clue Carmen into the main part because she knew the girl would freak out. The girl’s did in fact went clubbing almost every weekend since Jessi got her car and driver’s license last year. Carmen never figured out how Jessi got them in and learned not to ask. Most times the girl would just be happy to be out of the house. She would never try to hook up with anyone or try anything because she knew if their real ages were found out they would be trouble. Carmen felt like maybe she had to be the “mother hen” of the group just in case Jessi or the two hangers on got grabbed or maybe drugged by someone. Now she had to keep an eye on Monica in case someone in the club would try something.

Only if the Latina girl kept more of an eye on Jessi.

The way Jessi got herself and her underage friends into the club was hooking the “side” door man up with pills. She got them from the little drug dealer who would only charge Jessi with peeks of her tits. The blonde figured flashing her tits at the gross little druggy was a small price to pay for getting in the club! The pills she would give the door man was something called “yellow star”. It was said to be more effective than roofies! The pill would break the takers will, making them more susceptible to anyone who would be near the girl, and of course it would involve sex! The drug would make the person’s body fifty times more sensitive, making sex feel way too good! That what makes yellow star the go to date rape drug on the club scene!

Jessi gave that guy a bunch of the pills but kept one for herself! She wanted to see what would happen once little nerd girl had the shit in her system. She went over to the bartender and ordered two drinks. When she made sure no one was looking she took the pill out of her purse and placed the pill in the drink. It dissolved almost instantly. She handed the drugged drink to Monica and watched the girl carefully sip it. Soon she was almost downing the liquid quickly! Before Monica could finish off the drink Jessi saw two guys walk up to the girl.

“Oh this will be good!” Jessi said to her self as she watch the two men chat with her. Monica handed her cup to Carmen as she walked to the dance floor with the two men.

Carmen looked worried at Monica as she walked to the dance floor with the two men. They were sill in view of the Hispanic girl but she felt that something was wrong. When the men started to get closer to Monica on the dance floor, feeling her up and almost grinding on her she wanted to pull the girl out of there but she felt like the two guys would over power her. She looked at the drink and swirled it around some. She knew what a mixed drink smelled like but this only smelled like soda. She kept looking at the cup till she saw something.

Residue from what looked like a pill or something on the bottom of the glass!

She looked up to see the evil smile on Jessi’s face as she watched Monica on the dance floor. She quickly walked up to the blonde angrily.

“You fucking drugged her drink?!” Carman shouted. Jessi looked at her second in command.

“What?” the blonde said, acting like she didn’t hear her.

“Cut it out! You drugged her drink!” Carmen said, holding back the urge to punch the teen in the face. Jessi looked into Carmen’s eyes.

“So what if I did? It loosened her up. She’ll have fun.”

“She’ll get raped and hurt! What did you spike it with?!” Carmen screamed.

Jessi kept one eye on Carmen and the other on Monica. After awhile she lost track of the girl.

“Maybe you should be more worried about where she vanished to. I think she went outside with some guys!” the blonde said nodding at the door. Carmen went pale and ran for the door as Jessi turned her eyes to see where Monica was really being led to.

= = =

As I stood there with my drink in my hand the very handsome black guy and his equally handsome white friend came up to me.

“Hey there! How you doing?” the black guy asked. I smiled.

“I’m good!” I answered as I handed Carmen my drink. She took it out of my hand and I think she said something but I was kind of out of it at the moment. The black guy took my hand and kissed it.

“Care to dance?” he asked. I think I said yeah or sure I can’t really remember as the two men took me out to the dace floor. As we got out there the music was something fast and thumping. I looked up at the two men as the black guy was in front of me and the white guy behind.

“I don’t really know how to dance.” I said. The white guy chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it, just move those hips!” he said as he put his hands on my hips and made me move. The black guy placed his hands on the sides of my chest.

“Just relax baby girl.” Was all he said as the two men got closer to me, sandwiching me in between them.

Feeling them press up on me and their hands touching me all over was making my body heat up. My heart was beating so hard in my chest that I was afraid I was going to drop dead on the floor. The black guy’s hands were moving up under my top, feeling my sides as his hands ever so slowly moved to feel my bare breasts. The white guy behind me was pulling up my skirt and feeling my panty covered ass. I felt him push his hands into them, feeling my butt cheeks and squeezing them. I whimpered, leaning my head back onto him while the black guy moved forwards, kissing me deeply as his hands felt my hard nipples. At some point the guy behind me was pressed up on me, and I could feel his hard on rubbing my ass.

After the black guy broke the kiss I noticed more men looking at me on the dance floor. The two men had me pressed tight against them and were grinding on me. I felt my eyes roll back as this was feeling way too good! I was feeling some other hands on me as I think one guy on the side took my hand and placed it on his groin as I felt the other two hard on’s rubbing my ass and crotch. They were grinding on me so hard I felt like I was being lifted off my feet. Another guy turned my head to face him. He was a cute looking Hispanic guy and he leaned in and kissed me. Once the kiss was done the black guy smiled at me.

“How about we go into the VIP area.” He said to me. I don’t think I answered as the two men pretty much carried me to the back of the club. I looked around to see a number of me follow us into the quietest part of the place. It had a nice looking couch and some lights and what I guess was a one way mirror so the people in here could see what was happening out there.

The men guided me to the couch and sat me on it. The handsome black guy sat on one side while his friend sat on the other. At this point I noticed that about seven other men were in the room with us. They were all smiling at me and I smiled back. The black guy turned my head to him and started to kiss me again. He pushed his tongue into my mouth as his hand moved and fondled my breasts. His friend on the other side of me found the button that held my skirt on and was working on getting it off of me. I felt like I could fight back as he started to pull both the skirt and my undies down. As soon as the black guy stopped kissing me his friend pulled off my top. I was now nude for all these men to see. I should have been scared, should have gotten out of there.

But all I did was sit there and giggled.

The black guy stood up and got his shirt off. He was very fit and looking at him I felt myself getting very turned on. As he was getting his clothes off his friend was rubbing my breasts a bit before leaning in and sucking on my nipples. I leaned back, feeling like I was going to melt right there in front of all these people. The black guy was about to pull his underwear off but then turned to look at the others in the room.

“You guys don’t mind me getting first crack at her right? I mean I did find her first.” He said. The others agreed and made some jokes as he pulled his underwear off and his sizeable cock was in full view. I have to say he was a bit bigger than Roger! He walked up to me and leaned in, kissing me as he took one of my hands and had me stroke him. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“You’re underage aren’t you?” he asked with a smirk. I nodded. The others in the room chuckled. The white guy next to me, who must have gotten naked when I was busy watching his friend get nude chuckled.

“That’s what I love about little girl’s coming into the club. If they don’t want to get in trouble they will be good little ones and do what they are told right?” he asked me as he started to moved up, his penis throbbing in my face.

“Aww come on now, we don’t need to threaten this one, she is so willing…” the black guy said before reaching down and pushing two fingers inside me. I gasped as he wiggled them around a bit before pulling out of me and showing his friend his soaked fingers.

“I think she is wet enough for all of us to enjoy!” he said with a laugh as he rubbed his cock head up and down my pussy. I moaned, feeling so hot that I didn’t really think about what he meant about “all of us to enjoy”. His white friend laughed as he rubbed his cock on my face.

“If you say so. How about you suck on me a bit while my buddy gets your cunt.” The white guy said. I looked over at him.

“I… I never sucked on a penis before.” I whispered. He smiled.

“But you have been fucked right?” he asked, his black friend answered before I could.

“Oh yeah, no hymen in there!” he said as he sucked his fingers clean before slowly pushing inside me. I gasped. At the moment my mouth opened his friend shoved his member into my mouth and grabbed my head to keep it in place!

“Mmm there we go! Don’t bite or you’re in a world of hurt!” the white guy moaned. His black friend was pushing every inch of himself inside me.

I tired my best not to bite down on the throbbing member that was in my mouth. It wasn’t that I was afraid of being hurt or something but something in me was telling me that this was something I had to learn to do! My eyes looked up at the white guy as he held my head in place. He slowly pulled back with his hips as his black friend got every inch of himself inside me. The other men in the room got closer to us, some nude while others were getting their clothes off. As the white guy was pulling back I think my teeth accidently scraped him some. My eyes looked up at him in panic but he smiled.

“It’s your first time, you’ll get plenty of practice tonight!” he joked as he pushed back into my mouth, making me gag as his cock head hit the back of my throat. I felt my hand move and wrap around something hard. The white guy pulled his cock out to let me see what was going on.

There was an older Hispanic man wrapping my hand around his cock. He smiled at me as he moved my hand up and down his pole.

“Don’t squeeze too tight!” he moaned as he started to fuck my hand. The white guy pulled my head back and had me suck him as his black friend fucked me.

As the three men used me I started to wonder some things; Could I really have sex with all these men? Will it hurt? Will they hurt me in other ways?

As I was thinking those things the guy in my mouth moaned as I felt his warm load shoot into my mouth. He kept my head in place as he made me swallow his cum. It was so salty and gross but he wouldn’t let go till I swallowed every bit. Once he figured I was done he pulled his dick out and rubbed it on my face some. I gasped for air as I looked up at him.

“C… could I get some water?” I asked. He shook his head.

“You’ll get use to it.” He said as he stepped back to let another person have a turn. The guy who took his place was another black man but he was younger and more light skinned that the one inside my pussy. He pushed his cock into my mouth and like the guy before him held my head in place as he pushed every inch in and out.

As this new guy used my mouth the man I was stroking grunted as I felt his load hit my side. I let go of his member as another man came up. He grabbed my hands and made me rub the last man’s cum all over before making my slime covered hand grab his cock. Soon he was moaned as I worked my hand up and down his member. After a little while the black man in my pussy thrust as deep and hard as he could as he cried out and came inside me. He pulled out and before I could try to recover another man took his place! This new guy was white and maybe his cock was the same size as the last guy I don’t know, I was a bit busy with the cock in my mouth to look!

For the first part of the night the men traded between my hands (after some moving around I was able to start jerking two guys off at the same time) mouth and pussy. My head was swimming so much I couldn’t tell if they were the same group of men or if some more men came in and joined the group. I wasn’t thinking about my friends out in the club area as every time someone came in or on me I felt a surge of lust go through my body and I wanted more! And I hate to admit it but the first guy who came in my mouth was right, I started to like the taste of cum!

After the last group of guys came in and on me they let me sit on the couch. I tried to look up at them to see how many there were but I still couldn’t really tell the numbers. They stood in front of me, stroking themselves as they seemed to talk to each other as to who goes first. I couldn’t really make out what they meant by that till one of the men stepped forwards. He was a very fit white guy with some big arms and abs for days! I felt my already filled and wet pussy grow hotter even though I think I already had him in me a moment ago! He picked me up and slid me down his thick cock. Of course I moaned as he stood there and had me ride his member up and down. My feet dangled in the air as he lifted me in a way to have my legs over his shoulders. As I wrapped my arms around his neck to hang on for dear life I felt someone behind me. I thought maybe he was going to help hold me up or something until I felt his cock head push into my butt hole! I cried out as he shoved in as much as he could as the big man kept pumping in and out of my pussy.

“O… Ouch what are you doing?!” I cried out, trying to see who was in my ass. The others laughed.

“What you think he’s doing? He’s breaking your ass in!” someone in the group called out, making the others laugh more. I whimpered as the two hard dicks piston in and out of me.

The two men grunted as they kept working in and out of me. I could feel tears rolling down my face but my body loved every second of it. I mush have been moaning as I could hear the men cheer me and the other men on. The big man in my pussy was fucking me harder until he pulled out and shot his cum on my chest. The man in my ass held me up as the big man pulled out of me. The man in my ass carried me back to the couch but this time had me bent over the back of it. My feet still off the ground as he now grabbed my shoulders and were pounding into my ass as hard and deep as he could. The other men moved behind him, lining up for their turns.

After awhile the man grunted and came in my ass. I moaned as he pulled out of me and another man stepped up to take his place. The next guy was a bit thicker and added a little more pain to what the first guy started. I hung my head down and whimpered as he kept thrusting harder, one hand grabbing my hip while the other roughly grabbed and slapped my asscheeks. After awhile he grunted and came inside my ass. As he pulled out another man took his place.

That’s what kept happening at this part of the night. The men would fuck my ass hard, some cumming in me while others pulled out to shoot onto my back. I just stayed bent over the couch, moaning more and more as they used my butt. I couldn’t tell you how many times they smacked my ass hard. I knew I was feeling the burning sting as they moved to let another man in. Once the last man had his fill they once again stood in front of me and chatted. I was so out of it they could have been talking about feeding me feet first into a wood chipper and I would have agreed to it if it might give me some kind of pleasure. Once again the big man walked up, this time coming behind me and lifting me up. He didn’t enter my pussy he instead entered my used up ass! Another man walked up and shoved his cock into my pussy.

The two men seemed to wait a moment before they started to move inside me. It was weird to be stuffed by two men at once but even weirder to feel the men move in a way that showed they were no strangers to double teaming a girl. It was a bit painful at first but also felt so good that my body went limp. My eyes rolled back as the two men moved in and out of me. The other men stood around, stroking themselves as they waited for their turns. Even though we were in a night club the room seems so quiet that I could hear the sounds of my pussy and ass making wet noises as the men pumped in and out of me. Soon one man came inside my ass. The guy in my pussy grabbed me and held me in place as the big man pulled out and another took his place.

I felt like a lifeless doll sandwiched between the men as they pumped into me over and over, cumming inside me and letting someone else have their turn. I would feel the hot cum flood my holes every time they were finished. I whimpered over and over but it all felt so good. I must have passed out because everything went black for awhile.

I don’t know how long I was out for but when I woke up I was on the couch, my pussy and ass a bit sore but also leaking out the numerous loads. The men were still in the room with me. One smiled when he saw my eyes open.

“Hey hey, welcome back to the world of the living princess! Ready for the grand finale?” the smiling man asked. I can’t remember if I answered him or not but two men took me off the couch and placed me on my knees. I tiredly looked around as all those men walked around me, their cocks hard again.

“W… what are you going to do?” I whispered, looking around all the men around me. I tried to count but my head was still swimming that I think maybe there were eight men but there could have been more. The black man who first fucked me chuckled as he stroked his cock.

“Showing what a little slut like you is good for!” he said. I didn’t know what he meant as all the men stroked themselves, aiming their cocks at me. I kept looking around as the men moaned, stroking their wet looking cocks.

“L… look over here.” One man to my right moaned. I turned to look and was greeted by his cock shooting cum on my face. At that point I realized that all these guys were going to cover me in their loads! I closed my eyes as I felt the hot liquid hit my face.

The men grunt and moaned as they started to shoot their cream on my face, chest and back. Even though these guys had me so many times tonight they seemed to always want more. Even as they hinted that this was the “final” thing they still talked about wanting to fuck me more. They kept cumming on me over and over. I can’t tell you how much but after awhile they were done. I sat there on my knees, feeling their seed drip off me. I reached up to rub the cum off my eye lids. As I was now able to look up at the men I saw a couple of them had their phones out and snapping photos of me. I felt so gross but some how turned on! I wanted to scream at them, tell them to stop snapping pictures and to clean me off but I just sat there, looking up at the men with a look that must have gotten some of the photo takers turned on because I saw their cocks twitch some. But their ring leader, the cute black guy, seemed to want to end this little meet up.

“Lets get her cleaned up, it’s getting late.” He said. Most of the men agreed but some seemed to grumble about wanting more. Several of the men dressed and went into another room that was inside the VIP section. I saw it was a small bathroom when they came out with some wet paper towels. They handed me the towels and I cleaned up. The others cleaned themselves and got dressed. Most of them left but the black guy and some others hung out, cleaning me up and soon helped me to my feet. I couldn’t tell what time it was or how long I had been in this room with the men but I was so tired if someone told me I was only in here for like three minuets or seven days I think I would have believed them! My legs shook as the handsome black man helped me towards the back door.

“M… my friends…” I started to say.

“Left hours ago.” He said as he walked me outside towards his car. I could almost see the sun was coming up. I was some how able to tell him how to get to my house and soon he pulled up near by. He pulled out a card from his wallet and put it in my purse.

“Listen, I can’t pull up right in front of your house, in case your parents are awake or something. But if you want to come back to the club, call the number on the card. I own the place and in my book you earned yourself a life time pass!” he said with a smile as he placed his hand on my thigh and moved his hand up to my sore pussy.

“Maybe next time it’ll just be you and me in my private office.” He said as he leaned in and kissed my lips. I just nodded and got out of his car.

It took me a moment but I was able to walk to my house. I didn’t see my parent’s car so either they went out somewhere last night or something. I was happy for that because that meant I could take a long hot shower before going to bed. I hoped my mom wouldn’t bug me about what happened or anything because really I had no idea as to what to say.

= = =

Hours before Monica was done with her first double team Jessi was watching as the black guy and some others took the girl towards the back. After lying to Carmen about where Monica went to she easily lost the two leeches (someone bumped into one and realized they were underage and the bouncers took the girls outside.) and made her way back towards the VIP area. There was a bouncer standing in the way so Jessi couldn’t get in there. She had heard rumors that the owner of the place and some of his friends wound often pick a random girl off the floor for some nasty fun.

When Jessi put the yellow star in Monica’s drink she figured that the young nerd girl would just make a fool of herself on the dance floor or maybe some men would grope up on her but not be taken to the VIP area. If Jessi could just somehow get back there maybe she could get some footage…

Then again they could have taken Monica outside to tell her to go home or something. If that was the case the blonde teen would be even more pissed off at the little bitch for ruining more plans! As Jessi stood near the entrance to the VIP section she found her chance when some meat heads started to try to fight each other at a table. The door guard at the VIP quickly made his way over to help the other bouncers grab the two idiots. Jessi knew she couldn’t just walk in there. Depending on what was happening they might chase her out or maybe make her join in. She knew she wouldn’t want that so she got her phone out, put it on video mode and shoved her hand though the opening. She hoped she got something good since she couldn’t really look in there. She kept one eye out for the door guy as she kept her hand in the room.

After a bit she pulled her hand back and shoved her phone back and shoved it into her purse as the door guard was walking back towards his post. At first he didn’t seem to notice her till he got closer. Once he saw Jessi he narrowed his eyes.

“Hey… VIPs only, get away from the door!” he growled. Jessi flashed him a smile.

“Sorry…” was all she said as she started to walk away quickly. She could feel the man’s eyes on her as she got lost in the crowd. She knew if she hung around him too much that he would figure she was too young to be there and boot her out.

After awhile she was bored with dodging bouncers and pervs so she walked outside and to the parking lot. At her car was Carmen and Leech 1 and 2. The leeches looked bored while Carmen looked upset. She looked over at Jessi who was walking towards them.

“Are you sure you saw those guys walk her out of the club?” Carmen asked in a near panic. Jessi nodded.

“She’s okay! She called me up those guys were bouncers. They called her a cab and told her not to come back.” Jessi said, selling the lie by huffing like she was pissed off. The two leeches looked like they were going to say something. They were kicked out some time ago and no one called them a cab or anything!

Jessi unlocked the doors of her car and drove the girls home. She smiled to herself. She really hoped she got some hot footage from peeking into the VIP room!

= = =

Chapter 4: Across 110th Street

Stepping into the hot shower felt so good on my body. Even though those guys cleaned me off with some wet paper towels and wet wipes it doesn’t really clean off all the sweat and other fluids. As I stood under the hot water my mind went back to what happened moments ago. There was a part of me that wondered if maybe I should be upset and ashamed of what I did.

But I was so hot that my hands were between my legs and fingering myself!

I closed my eyes and thought about everything that happened in the room. My mouth watered as I remembered those cocks in my mouth. My pussy was so hot and wet as I remembered every cock blasting its load inside me. Even my sore ass felt like it needed to be filled up! My body shook as I was getting myself off. I could still feel some of the men’s cum inside me so I pulled my fingers out of me and pulled the shower head down and blasted my vagina with the head. It felt good but soon I was adjusting the shower head to be a more powerful pulse.

I was so glad I was home alone because after a few moments of that hot powerful shower head was making me scream! My legs shaking hard as I leaned forward on the wall. My heart was beating so hard as I tried to calm myself down. I put the shower head back and finished up my shower. I dried off and quickly changed into my night clothes even though sun light was shining into my room. Most weekends my parents would go out to some couples thing. When I was younger they use to drag me along but after turning 10 and showing I could take care of myself I would be home alone till Sunday night. I crawled into bed and slowly started to drift off to sleep.

I started to have a sexual dream. But this time it wasn’t about Roger, it was about those men from the club!

And it wasn’t set in the VIP room, this time it was set in my own house!

It started in my own room. A man is deep in my pussy while another is in my ass. Other men are nude and standing around in my room, stroking themselves as they waited for their turn as others walked around my house naked. They fuck me in every room! They want me to have a fuck memory no matter what room I was in. They bend me over a couch arm and fuck my ass, then fuck me in my dad’s recliner. They fuck me on the dining room table, making me eat a meal of cum pumped fresh from their dicks! Even fucking me on my parents own bed! It was like my brain wanted me to maybe set up some kind of weekend sex party or something. The dream seemed to go on for hours, me screaming, begging for more cock and cum!

I woke up to a screaming orgasm. When I opened my eyes I found myself naked, my night clothes was on the floor and my hand was covered in my juices. I just laid there and started laughing. I wondered if maybe I was going insane or something. I just laid there looking up at my blurry ceiling since I had my contacts out. I wondered if maybe I should talk with my parents about what’s going on with me. Maybe I need some kind of mental help or something. But then again how can I go to my parents and tell them that not only am I having sex but have had a group sex session? I think they would freak out a little bit.

I lay there for awhile, calming myself down. As I started to fall asleep again I just covered myself with my blankets. Thankfully I had a non-sex dream sleep so I was happy to get a little nap in.

= = =

It was about noon time when Jessi got up. She took a shower and once it was done she put on some shorts and a tank top and sat in front of her computer. The night before she hooked her phone up to the machine to get the video from the VIP room. Once it was on her hard drive she went to bed. Now she was about to watch it for the first time. She had a nasty smirk on her face as she picked up her phone and decided to call Monica up, mainly to make sure she got home and wasn’t butchered or something. After several rings Monica finally answered.

“Hello?” the tired girl said.

“Hey girl, how was your night?” Jessi asked as she made sure her computer was on mute as she put the video on.

At first the video was a bit shaky. She almost thought maybe she wasn’t able to get anything. But soon she hit pay dirt.

“Jessi? Oh hi… umm… it was good.” Monica said. Jessi knew she was hiding something because at the same moment she was watching a video of the young girl sandwiched between two men, both of them pumping away in and out of the girl.

“So where did you run off to? I saw you with some guys then you poofed on us. Where ya go?” Jessi asked, knowing full well what Monica was doing.

“Umm… nothing much…” Monica said to the blonde.

“Come on, you can tell me! We’re friends! Did you do something naughty with those guys?” Jessi goateed.

“M… maybe…” Monica answered.

“Ohhh do tell!” Jessi responded.

There was silence for a bit. Jessi wondered if Monica was really going to tell the truth or try to lie. It didn’t matter to the blonde what the little nerd did. She already had two videos of her having sex and she had some ideas about getting more. Monica cleared her throat and started to speak.

“I… I had sex…” Monica whispered. Jessi nodded.

“What with one of the guys?” Jessi asked, watching the clip on her computer, trying to count the number of naked men stroking themselves waiting to fuck the little tramp.

“Ummm a… couple…” Monica whispered.

“OMG you little horn dog!” Jessi said in a friendly way. She was very thankful she wasn’t doing face time with the girl because the look of disgust on the blonde’s face at the moment would have undoubtedly tip Monica off on something.

“Don’t make fun of me!” Monica whined, “I think my drink was like spiked or something!”

“No way! I had your drink in my hand from the bar till I handed it to you!” Jessi said trying to act a little hurt.

“I think you just wanted to let those guys bang you!”

“N… no way!” Monica said sounding upset. Jessi chuckled.

“I’m just messing with you girl, calm down!”

“I just… please don’t tell Carmen or anyone else please!” Monica asked, begging the older girl.

“Don’t worry Moni… no one will ever know!” the evil blonde said as she opened up the video edit software she had, she had to edit the phone footage down some to add it to the little video project she was making.

= = =

I didn’t hear from Jessi the rest of the weekend. I tried to use that time to I guess recover and try to act normal before my parents came home. I’m not going to lie though, I wound up masturbating several times that day. I tried to do things that would maybe get my mind off sex but it was like fate or something because when I tried to watch TV it was like everything that came on was something sexual. When I tried to read something for school or for fun there seemed to be something involving sex.

The worst was when I got on the internet, yeah I know bad idea! I never looked at internet porn before but now that I had sex… well I was looking up videos of other things that maybe I would be experiencing at some point!

When my parents came home I already washed my soaked panties and shorts several times. I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, since they came home I would calm down with my little finger play.

That night in bed I learned that shoving my face in a pillow is good enough to muffle an orgasmic scream!

= = =

When Monday came I put on a mix of items from the outfits mom got me. I thought about maybe taking a day or two off from wearing the “popular” stuff but I had a feeling Jessi would freak out on me come lunch time. When lunch came I sat at our normal table. Jessi looked like she wanted to say something to me but was quiet. I think mainly it was because Carmen took today to bitch me out about going off with random men at the club and what not. She kept going on and on about leaving the club with them and other things that confused me. I tired to explain I didn’t leave the club I was in the VIP section but she wouldn’t let me talk. After awhile I just let her ramble on and on.

Through out the week Jessi kept looking at me as if I had some kind of growth on my face or something. She kept quiet but on Thursday she broke her silence.

“So you just keep wearing the same things over and over?” she asked me when I sat at the table. Carmen wasn’t near by and I can’t remember if the other two girls were there or not. I scratched the back of my head.

“Kind of… I guess… I mean these things are expensive and I did find them easy to mix and match them…” I started to say but Jessi had a pissy look on her face. I don’t know why she was getting angry there was many kids in school who wore the same things almost every day! She leaned back looking at me for a while before talking again.

“There is a way to get money to get more clothes. Come to my house Friday night… wear what you wore to the club.” She said as she ate her lunch.

“Like an after school job?” I asked.

“Something like that.” She said with a smirk.

= = =

“YOU WANT ME TO BE A PROSTUTE?!” I yelled as I sat in Jessi’s car.

She drove us to a really bad part of town. She made sure to park the car somewhere with bright lights and also made sure we were in the middle of no where before telling me about this “after school job.”

“Oh it’s not that bad! I mean you make some good money and get some good cock!” she said as she took out some lipstick and put it on her lips.

“You telling me you and Carmen do this often?” I asked. She looked at me for a moment then back to her mirror.

“Yeah. We work different streets so we don’t screw each other out of money. It is so easy. You stand there till someone pulls up, you chat with them, then fuck or suck them! Easy peasy!” Jessi said with a smile.

“I… I don’t know if I can do this.” I whispered, looking at the area I figured Jessi was going to have me work. She looked at me and shook her head.

“Oh come on. You fucked a bunch of guys at the club last week, the only difference is this time you will get some money for it!”

I blushed as she nodded towards the street near by.

“There’s your spot. Hang out right there someone will show up soon.”

“Where will you be?” I asked.

“A block or two over. I will call you when we are done.” She said as she opened the door for me and waited for me to get out. I slowly got out, adjusting my short skirt as she closed the door and drove off.

I sighed and walked over towards the other side of the street. There was a bit of a cool wind that made me shiver as I walked over to the sidewalk. I stood under the only working street light and waited. For a long time I was alone on the street. I started to worry thinking that maybe no one would come. I heard some noise come from down the other side of the building I was standing in front of. I turned my head to see some older looking women hardly wearing any clothes walking to a spot. At first they didn’t notice me but after awhile one seemed to see me. She didn’t say anything as I turned away. I hoped they wouldn’t come over or do anything as I crossed my arms over my chest. The thin top I was wearing wasn’t helping me in this cold air.

I don’t know how long I was standing there but the sound of a car engine snapped me to attention as I saw a small car pull up in front of me. For a moment I stood there not thinking about walking up to the car until the passenger side window rolled down. I took a deep breath and walked over to the car. I peeked in to see a nervous looking older man. He was a little over weight and was balding. He gave me a worried looking smile as he had a tissue and was wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Hi there.” I said to him, trying to smile and not look nervous.

“Umm.. hello there…” he replied back as he kept looking at me then looked around the area.

“So… umm… what would you like to do?” I asked him. He looked at me then back to the street.

“Uh… what are your prices? I… I never really done this before.” He said. I scratched my arm and looked around. Jessi didn’t tell me about what prices I needed to charge.

I stood there and tried to think of what I guess would be decent prices. I couldn’t think of anything that might make me any money really. In my head I tried to do quick math thinking about the prices of all the clothes and what sex acts could be charged to buy what ever item. As I stood there the guy seemed to get more and more nervous.

“Have you ever done this before?” he asked, sounding a bit angry.

“Ummm sure…” I said looking at him, trying to put him at ease but he seemed more upset as he kept looking around the street. I have to say the way he was acting was making me more upset and nervous.

“Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you are!” he yelled. I looked a bit confused.

“I’m not a cop, I’m only 13.”

Hearing my age made his eyes go wide in fear.

“13?! You are a cop! I… I got to go, got to get out of here! Stop touching my car get the fuck away from me!” he cried out as he slammed his car into drive and sped off. I almost fell back on my butt as he drove off. A part of me felt bad, like I screwed up but another part of me was glad I didn’t have to do anything with him. He seemed really gross!

I stood there a little longer. There seemed to be no other cars coming near me. I wondered how much “work” Jessi and Carmen was getting. But thinking about them started to upset me as I was failing at this!

= = =

Once Monica was out of her car Jessi drove around the near by block and parked in an ally way facing where Monica was working. The blonde smiled as she got her phone ready to record. She couldn’t believe the little bitch believe the bullshit story she pitched her about her and Carmen hooking! Jessi’s stepdad had money and bought her what ever she wanted and Carmen… well she didn’t know where she got her clothes but she wasn’t going to tell her she couldn’t wear the same thing over and over. She had a nice bod and was cute! Really she had no real problem with Monica wearing the same stuff over and over. No one noticed or anything but it was the perfect excuse to get some more bad footage!

Jessi had been around here before. Some time ago she took a wrong turn and found her self here one night. She saw how busy this spot was for prostutes and drug dealers that she knew that it wouldn’t take long for someone to get Monica. But of course it seemed like fate was against the blonde because it seemed like no one was coming out tonight. What Jessi didn’t know was there was something of a police road block a little up the road that was scaring off the normal guys who would come out to pick up a hooker. Jessi almost thought about calling the night a bust when a car pulled up. She quickly pulled up her phone and hoped to catch her getting into the car.

But after awhile the car pulled away Monica stood there. Jessi grumbled. Of course the little egg head would scare off some horny guy. She still had the video of Monica looking like she was going to get into the car but she didn’t think it would work for what she wanted. She thought about waiting a little longer but she noticed some gross looking homeless guys were near her car. She started her car and quickly drove out of there. She tried to find another area to spy on Monica. She needed to make sure to get Monica getting into a car. After awhile she found a space with no homeless and parked. As she looked over at the street where Monica was working but she was in for a shock.

Monica wasn’t there anymore!

= = =

As I stood there I could hear some noise coming from the other end of the street. I looked over to see the older hookers talking to some guy who looked like he was trying to hard to look younger than he was. He wore a baseball cap backwards, a sports jersey tank top and some shorts. I kept thinking about just standing here on the street and waiting for the next car. As I stood there I tried to use the time to come up with some kind of price list. I heard a car drive off near by. I looked around trying to see if they were coming my way or not. I kept hearing some more noise coming from the end of the street. The women sounded upset about something. I wanted to walk away from the area but I didn’t want to mess up Jessi or Carmen’s thing.

“Excuse me? Are you okay?” a man asked from behind me. I almost jumped out of my skin as I quickly turned around.

He was a rather handsome looking older white man with salt and pepper hair. He smiled at me as I stood there. I tried to smile at the friendly man. He walked around me to kind of block my view of the end of the street.

“I… I’m fine.” I say to him. He narrowed his eyes, looking me up and down. A part of me felt a bit strange as he looked at me. A part of me felt a little shameful but also turned on. Feeling him looking at me made my body warm up.

“Is this your first time on the street?” he asked. I wanted to try to lie to him but how he looked at me I knew he would see right through me.

“Y… yes sir.” I whispered. He shook his head.

“Your dad force you out here… or some one else?” he asked.

“Umm… well… my friend Jessi said this was a good way to make money.” I answered, shocked that I gave her up so easily. He shook his head again.

“It’s a good way to get you into a world of trouble. Come with me before someone hurts you.” He said as he took my hand into his. I tried to pull away, tried to say something about being okay and can handle myself but seeing the sweet concern in his eyes told me that I should follow him.

“Okay.” I whispered as I let him lead me into the building.

I know I shouldn’t go with strange men anywhere, then again I figured what’s the difference between getting in a stranger’s car and going with one to their place? The outside of the building looked rundown and scary but walking inside it was so clean and new looking it was like walking into a totally different place! The man looked over at me and smiled.

“Like it? I own the place and fixed it up!” he said. It was a large building, almost like an apartment complex. Seeing all the work done to it I knew he had to have some money!

“Wow, are you the super or something? I bet you charge a lot for rent here!” I said looking around as I followed him to the elevator. He laughed.

“Nope, I’m the only one who lives here. Got the building cheap and like hell I’m going to have people trash it up!” he said as we went to the top floor. I looked at him.

“What about the front of the place? Going to fix that up sometime?”

He shook his head.

“Nope. It looks scary, keeps out assholes!” he said beaming with pride. I chuckled.

“What about the hookers on the end of the street?”

“Don’t worry, they’ll be dealt with.” He said, facing the general direction they would most likely still be standing at outside. I wondered what he meant by that when the elevator opened. I followed him to his apartment.

It was a very nice place with some very nice expensive furniture and some expensive electronics like a large 80 inch TV and some new game systems. I looked around as he walked into the kitchen and got some sodas. He nodded for me to take a seat on the couch. I sat down as he handed me a can of soda. He sat next to me and gave me another look over.

“I never got your name.” he said as he sipped his drink. For a moment I thought about lying to him. But again I felt like maybe he would somehow know I wasn’t telling the truth.

“Monica, and your name?” I asked before taking a sip of my soda, making a mental note that the soda tasted normal, not like the one from the club last week.

“Joe Nevada.” The older man answered. I almost spit out the bit of drink I had in my mouth. He had a small smirk on his face as if he knew what was going to come next.

“No way! You are so lying!” I cried out laughing. He pulled out his wallet and showed me his driver’s licenses. I looked at it and it looked real enough to me. He put his wallet away.

“So now that we know each others names tell me why were you out there.” He said.

“I already told you.” I replied. He shook his head.

“A girl like you blindly letting your friends talk you into whoreing yourself out. I don’t think a girl like you would normally do that kind of thing. I mean I saw you out the window and how you didn’t get into that man’s car.”

I blushed. He was telling the truth I don’t know why I let Jessi take charge and make me do this.

“I… I didn’t get into his car because I was trying to figure out prices. And he freaked out when I told him I was 13.”

Joe cocked an eyebrow when he heard my age. I tensed up. I couldn’t believe I slipped up. He didn’t seem that upset or anything though.

“And I bet you are a virgin.” He said. I shook my head.

“No I’m not!”

At that point I went though the whole thing about having sex with Jessi’s step brother then the whole thing about last weekend at the club. Joe sat there and nodded like he was a doctor or something. Once I was done talking he smiled.

“My word, aren’t you experienced!” he joked. I blushed.

“I… I guess.” I whispered. At that point I noticed there seemed to be a change in his look. In his eyes there was some lust there.

And I liked it!

= = =

Several minuets before Joe picked Monica he was standing in his apartment looking out the window. The past year or so his block was “free” from street walkers and drug pushers. It wasn’t because he had some great neighborhood watch or something like that. There was only one reason pimps and pushers wouldn’t sell near his building.


Joe had a name for himself on the streets. Granted now seeing him you would think he was some older white guy with no street cred or anything like that but almost twenty years ago he and his crew ran these streets. And to this day his name struck fear in people who knew what happened in this part of town. What ever the vice he had his hand in it. No one did anything in his territory with out him knowing or getting a cut! Yeah there were those that tried to get at him or tried to do business with out his permission but he would always find out, and he would always take care of it personally!

But he got out of the “game”. Too many friends killed of sent to jail. Too many times the wrong person would end up getting hurt or killed. Joe made his money and was lucky enough to never get busted. When he stopped his criminal ways he laid low in the same neighborhood he controlled! In a way he was still in control. The people who lived around here were a little safer than in other areas, and it was because of him. His name still had weight to it. People knew not to fuck with him or piss him off. And again there would be some young punk or out of town idiot trying to make their way on his turf. But he still dealt with them himself.

And right now he was looking at some wigger idiot talking to some old looking whores who seemed to reek of STDs!

= = =

Casey “D-Ray” Karns was a total wannabe. He tried the whole “white gangsta” bit since he was 12 years old but no one ever took him seriously. When he tried to sling drugs on the street when he was 13 with some guys from school the real criminals beat the ever loving shit out of them before almost shooting them. He tried to join several gangs but they would just laugh at the idiot white boy trying to act hard. They all knew he was from the more upper class neighborhood and if push came to shove “D-Ray” (a nick name he gave himself that no one ever called him) would turn tail and run.

He served some jail time but not for any real hard core crimes or anything. Mostly for a failed fast food hold up that ended with him slipping on a wet floor and shooting his partner in the leg. To add insult to injury two police officers happened to walk in on the scene before anyone could make a phone call. He tried to make his small time in prison some kind of badge of honor but everyone knew what happened and they threw his fuck up in his face. He tried to get back into the drug game (even though he failed hard the first time) but of course no one trusted him. There was only one “game” he could try to get into:


Of course he must have not paid attention to the song “Pimping ain't easy” because at first he wasn’t able to get any girls who he could control. He tried to use the internet to find some needy girl who wanted someone to help them runaway. Granted he got with one or two of those types of girls but they seemed like they saw through his bullshit and got away from him with the quickness. He almost thought about giving up when he some how crossed paths with an aging pimp who wanted to get rid of his girls. Yeah they were all older, not that good looking and a couple looked like they could drop dead at any moment. D-Ray figured someone would pay money to fuck them.

So now he had the whores… he needed a place to pimp them now. And that was another can of worms. Every time he tried to get his girls somewhere other pimps or even hookers would attack them. After several failed attempts many of the girls left him. Now he only have three of them left! When he found this street with no pimps, pushers or whores he figured he found the promise land…

Until he found that hardly any cars came to this area. Tonight as he pulled up to check on his girls he had a feeling they would be empty handed. As he stepped out of his car one of the older girls walked up to him.

“That bitch one of yours?” the woman growled as she pointed behind her. It took “D-Ray” (aka Douche-Ray, D-Bag, Dipshit-Waste-of-Space) a moment to get into his “thug” attitude.

“Yo girl, what yo flappin about?” he said, trying way too hard to sound black. The older whore narrowed her eyes. She really was having second thoughts about letting this “boy” be her pimp.

“That lil bitch down there! Is she one of yours? You gonna replace one of us?”

He looked down the street to see a pretty little thing. He scratched at his face near an old scar he had, a reminder of a fuck up from his past. He looked at the woman demanding to know if he knew the girl. He gave a small smile.

“No she not one of mine… yet!” he said as he pushed past the now angry older whore and started to make his way towards the new bit of street meat.

= = =

Joe watched the shit looking car pull up to the three old hookers and the most trying to hard white boy he had ever seen step out. At that moment he decided to end this little punks business on his street. He walked over to his desk, putting something in the back waist band of his pants and made his way down to the street. Once he got out side he noticed a young girl at a car. For a moment Joe thought about maybe yelling something at the two but soon he saw the car speed off, leaving the girl behind. As she turned to watch the car drive off he was struck by how beautiful she was.

He could tell she was young but unlike other young girls forced to be on the street her clothes looked clean and new and her make up looked good. She shivered from the cold wind they blew by. He was about to speak up when he heard some noise from the other end of the street. He turned his head to spot the wanna be pimp walking towards this young girl. Joe knew what was coming and he had to decide:

Go for the girl or go at the pimp?

He figured if he went for the pimp first he might scare the girl away to the arms of some other pimp and he would never see this girl again. Going for the girl might scare the pimp away for a moment or gives him a chance to attack. He kept looking at the two choices and decided on what to do.

“Excuse me, are you okay?” he asked as he came up behind the girl.

= = =

D-Ray tried his best “gangsta” swagger walk towards the girl. The closer he got to her the more he could see. She was young, that meant he would get some good money from her tight holes. And of course she was cute, another plus! As he kept walking up towards her he started to figure out what pick up lines he would use on her. He would also have to take her back to his place to test her out. He wasn’t going to just put her on the street unless he knew she was down to fuck! Then again of course she had to be! She was on the street and in some sexy as hell clothes of course she would fuck!

As he got closer he saw someone walk out of the building and towards her. D-Ray tried to walk a little faster towards the girl. If this old looking fuck head was going to scare off his new bit of ass then they would have to throw down! Of course D-Ray also had some other things in mind. He could just tell the old man that she was his cousin or some kind of lie but again he knew he would most likely just threaten to hurt the old fool something bad!

That was until the man stepped into D-Ray’s path and has his back towards him. D-Ray stopped in his tracks and saw something in the back of the man’s pants that made his blood run cold.

It was a .45 pistol with a white pearl grip.

D-Ray seen guns before but he had a history with that gun in particular! He reached up to the small scar on his face as he shivered.

Back when he tried to run drugs when he was younger the man who “owned” the area had his goons beat the fuck out of D-Ray and his buddies before he came to see who they were and decide on what to do with them. D-Ray remembered a mean looking son of a bitch who had that pistol out. He remembered the man talking to his two goons about what should be done with some teenage punks. D-Ray’s friends were crying, begging for their lives as D-Ray sat there, beaten and bloody, still trying to act hard. The man with the gun figured the crying boys learned their lesson and were sent home sans drugs and money.

D-Ray though… he still had to learn!

Deciding he wasn’t worth wasting a bullet on he decided to just pistol whip the living hell out of him! At some point the gun did a deep enough cut across her face to scar up! He learned that night to never go anywhere that guy might work! Granted he also lost his bit of the drugs and little bit of the money he earned and due to that he lost any creed he might have had with the drug dealers but he was alive to tell the tale!

But now seeing that gun, seeing the guy talk to the girl, seeing him walk her inside the building. D-Ray decided to cut his losses. He ran back to his car, telling the girls to get the hell out of there and sped off into the night, pissing himself as he figured maybe he wasn’t cut out for this whole life of crime thing!

= = =

I sat there on Joe’s couch for awhile. He smiled at me and it made me felt so warm.

“So, what does your boyfriend think of you doing these things?” he asked me as he sipped his drink. I smiled and sipped mine.

“I don’t have a boyfriend. My parents think I’m too young.” I replied. He laughed, I figured he would catch the irony in that statement.

“A beautiful creature like you should have a boyfriend.” He said as he moved a little closer to me.

“I… I didn’t always look like this.” I whispered.

“Bullshit.” He replied. I opened my purse and showed him the school ID I had to get made the summer before school started. It was me still in my “old” uniform and glasses. I was almost too afraid to show him. He took the id and smiled.

“You look even more beautiful in this picture than you do right now!” he said, sounding like he was telling the truth. I shook my head at him.

“Now I’m the one calling bullshit on you!” I said with a chuckled as I tried to get my ID back from him but he held onto it.

“No I mean it! This is the real you! This version of you, with your glasses and simple outfit. If I saw this girl walking down the street… I would be trying to get into her pants ASAP!” he said. I just chuckled as I leaned back on the couch and looked at him.

“You don’t want to get in my pants now?” I teased. He chuckled as he handed my ID back to me.

“I didn’t say that. But tell me what sounds like a better idea.” He started as I put my ID back in my purse.

“Option one: You hook on the street, maybe making a hundred or two before some guy becomes your pimp and you get nothing or you get killed by some creep. Or option two: I’ll be your boyfriend, I’ll buy you what ever you want, as long as you return the favor.”

I smiled.

“So a sugar daddy.” I said sipping my drink. He chuckled.

“So you know the term. Should have realize.” He joked.

“Option two does sound safer, as long as you don’t hurt me.” I whispered as I leaned back on the couch some more. He leaned in, close enough to kiss me.

“Who would want to hurt you? I only want to kiss you, touch you, taste you…” he whispered back before kissing me deeply.

Unlike when Roger or those guys at the club kissed me this had real passion to it! I almost felt like I could totally melt into his arms right now! As he worked his tongue into my mouth I felt like my panties were soaked! My legs opened some as he broke the kiss and smiled.

“Like that?” he asked. I nodded. He started to undress me.

= = =

Chapter 5: What a real man feels like!

When Joe told Monica about how beautiful she was in her school ID he meant it! He always had a thing for plain Jane types. Even though she was very beautiful now he would love to have her when ever she wasn’t all made up and dress in these expensive flimsy outfits. Granted it was very easy for him to removed those items from her body and expose her soft pale skin.

“My god! You are perfect!” he moaned as he got her top off, her developing breasts exposed. She blushed as he leaned in and sucked on her nipples. She gasped as he moved his hands down to remove her skirt. Her hands moved to his head, pushing her fingers though his salt and pepper hair.

He kissed his way down to her panty covered pussy. He smiled as she saw the large wet stain he caused. He hooked his fingers into the waist band of her undies and slowly peeled them off. She lifted her butt off the couch to let him remove the final bit of clothing besides her shoes, but soon those would be off of her as well! Soon he stood up and looked down at the exposed girl. She bit her lip as she felt his eyes on her. Her legs opened slightly, giving him a tiny peek at her pink pussy. He stood there and thought to himself.

“If I was still in the pimping game this girl would make me a fortune!”

When he was in “the game” he did pimp girls as young as Monica but they were usually damaged girls who already had some kind of drug problem or have had many sexual conquest under their belts. Even though Monica had several men before Joe she still had that look of innocence. He pussy looked so tight and tasty and she still had something about her that made him want to not just stick it in her till he came but wanted to enjoy her for hours upon hours!

= = =

I looked up at Joe. He looked like he was in deep thought as he looked at my naked body. I felt myself growing hotter the longer I lay on his couch.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked. He shook his head.

“Just admiring your body. I bet your pussy has the sweetest taste to it!”

“I don’t know about that.” I said. He raised an eyebrow.

“You mean no one told you how you taste?” he asked sounding a bit shocked. I nodded.

“You mean no one took the time to lick your little cunt till you cried out in absolute pleasure?” he asked. I nodded again.

“Fucking heathens! We are going to do this the proper way!” he said.

He quickly picked me up off the couch and carried me to his bedroom. He kept kissing me as we walked the several steps to his room. He carefully laid me on his bed then stood up and slowly undressed. My hand reached down between my legs and slowly started to rub my self for him. I was so hot and wet I knew he would have no problem getting inside me! He smiled as he watched me play with myself as he took his time unbuttoning his top.

“Good girl, show me how you play with yourself.” He whispered, watching me for awhile before taking his undershirt off.

I noticed he had some scares all over his chest. For a moment I thought about asking him if maybe he was in the military or something. I kept rubbing my fingers up and down my pussy as he teased me but slowly unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. Now he was only in his underwear and seeing the outline of his cock I knew I was going to love it! He caught me looking at his bulge and licking my lips.

“Mmm some one is eager!” he said as he hooked his thumbs into his underwear. I nodded.

I have to say he was an expert at being a tease! He very slowly peeled his undies down. His cock sprung forward. It had to be about 7 inches long and an inch and a half thick! It throbbed as he moved close to me. My heart was beating like crazy as he slowly pulled my legs open and looked closely at my vagina.

“So beautiful.” He moaned as he lowered his head close to my pussy. I seen videos online where men licked girls down there and I figured Joe was going to do the same. A part of me was worried that maybe I wouldn’t taste right or something.

His head moved closer to my pussy and slowly gave it a lick. I gasped as he slowly licked more and more. I whimpered as he grabbed my hips and kept licking. I felt him working his tongue more and more. It felt so good I wished those other guys would have done this with me. I gasped as he worked his tongue more and more on my hot sex. He moved his hands down from my hips to my pussy as I felt his fingers hit something that made me jump.

“W… what was that?!” I cried out, looking down at him as he used his thumb to rub a spot. He looked up, making sure I saw him licking me down there before he answered.

“I’m playing with your clit my dear. This little pearl makes little girls like you moan and squeal!” he joked before moving his head up and slowly took it between his lips and started to suck on it.

My eyes closed as my hips humped on Joe’s skilled mouth and tongue. He pushed two fingers into my pussy. My cunt squeezed his fingers as he worked them in and out of me. My hands moved down, pushing my fingers thought his hair as he kept licking and sucking me more and more. My body growing hot and I felt an intense orgasm building up. I almost felt light headed as I felt a finger of his slip between my asscheeks and rub my asshole.

“Oh… oh god… ohhhhhh” I whimpered as my hips humped his face and hands more and more. He kept up his tonguing as I pulled on his hair. I could hear him moaning as he was driving me over the edge! I screamed loudly as I came all over Joe’s face!

He kept licking, all be it slowly as I tried to calm my breathing down. He slowly pulled his fingers out of me and moved his wet digits to my mouth. I sucked on them as he kissed my thighs. I moaned, loving how I tasted as I sucked them clean. He pulled back and smiled.

“Like that?” he asked. As I calmed down all I could do was nod.

He moved up from between my legs. His cock was still throbbing as he moved around to offer it to suck on. I opened my lips and eagerly sucked on it. He moaned as he pushed his fingers through my hair. He tasted so good as he pushed his meat more into my mouth. My hand moved between his legs to rub and squeeze his balls.

“Good girl…” he said over and over as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I could taste his precum as he throbbed. He moved one hand to feel my chest, slowly pinching my nipples. He wasn’t like the guys at the club who forced every inch of their members down my throat; he seemed to take his time, enjoying how my mouth and tongue felt.

I kept rubbing and squeezing his balls. They felt so heavy in my hand and also soft due to his pubic hair. He kept moving, moaning as I felt I knew he was about to cum. I kept sucking more and more, wanting to drink his load, show him how much I wanted him!

“M… MONICA!” he cried out as he shot inside my mouth.

I tried my best to swallow his entire load but it seemed like there was too much for me. He pulled out of my mouth and took a step back to watch me as I tried to work my throat to drink it all. I knew some must have leaked out the sides of my mouth.

“Y… you didn’t have to do that. I would have let you spit it out of you didn’t want it.” He said, looking a little worried. I swallowed a couple more times before my mouth was clear of his seed. I opened my mouth, letting him see what I done.

“I wanted to show you how much I want you.” I said as I looked at him. His cock before me saying that looked to be half hard was instantly throbbing! He moved up, pushing me onto my back and pulling my legs open. He moved in-between them and rubbed his member up and down my sex.

“And how much do you want me young lady?” he asked as he teased my pussy more. I moaned, arching my back.

“I want every inch deep inside me!” I growled in the sexiest way I could muster. He gave a small nod and slowly pushed inside me.

“Oh Monica, you feel like heaven!” he moaned, pushing every inch inside me. I cried out. It was like he was meant to be inside me!

His dick felt like it knew every area of my vagina to hit as it moved inside me. I made a weird gasping noise as he slowly moved in and out of me. He leaned down, kissing my face and neck as he moved his hip. I wanted to kiss him back but how his cock felt inside me it was like the rest of my body couldn’t move! My mind started to go blank as my body moved with his thrust. The room was filled with my breathing, his grunting, the sound of our bodies slapping together, and the bed springs squeaking.

= = =

Joe looked down at Monica’s perfect pale body as he pumped in and out of her. Her eyes were closed as his cock was hitting her g spot. She was so beautiful, so perfect he knew he had to keep her! Yeah he had girls her age before and dozens of times during his criminal hay days but those were just testing the product before sending them to the street or giving them a little bit of drugs they wanted in leau of payment. Those girls were, for a lack of a better word, very well used by the time he fucked them.

But Monica was very different! She was so tight and so responsive. Her pussy was made for him! There was a part of him that wanted her all to himself. If he could he would keep her locked up in here for his own use! Hell he would go out and marry this child at this very second! He raised her legs up to go a little deeper inside her.

“Oh Monica… I love you!” the man moaned as he worked a little deeper inside her. She was still so lost in pleasure to either hear him or respond.

He found himself a little shocked to say that about her. He only knew her for an hour or two. He wasn’t one of those guys who told every girl he stuck his dick into he loved them but there was something about this smart little thing that dragged those words out of his mouth, and mean it!

He kept pumping in and out of her as he kissed her face and neck. As he worked his member in and out of her his mind wondered over to when she was telling him about her “friend’s” stepbrother and the gang bang at the club. Something in him thought about how he wanted Monica to be his and only his…

But the thought of watching her fuck others seemed to turn him on more!

He thrust harder and faster. Pictures of her sucking another man as someone else used her ass while Joe was deep in her cunt made him fuck harder. The idea of her sitting next to him, jerking him off as she whispered a naughty story about her fucking some other man when she couldn’t have Joe made his cock throb harder. The thought of getting a video on a text message of his sweet angel naked and having men line up to fuck her asshole drove him over the edge.

“MONICA IM CUMMINGGGG!” he screamed as he flooded her womb with his cum.

= = =

I was so lost in the pleasure he was giving me that when he said he loved me I didn’t know what to do! I mean I hardly know him. Yeah he was nice and right now this was the best sex I ever had but I didn’t know what to say or do. Then again how I was feeling at the moment I think my body and my pussy was telling my brain to shut the hell up and enjoy the show.

As he fucked me I felt him move my legs, as if he was going to try to drape them over his shoulders. Just the little movement up words made his cock go deeper inside me. I felt everything in me tighten up some. I knew it must have affected him because he started to pump harder and deeper. My eyes closed tightly as I felt myself tear up. I grabbed the bed sheets tightly as I cried out in bliss as he came inside me. I slowly opened my eyes as he leaned in and kissed me deeply. His tongue entered my mouth as he let my legs fall back to the bed. I wrapped my arms around him as I held onto him. His cock slowly slid out of me as he went soft. We lay there for awhile, catching our breaths as we held each other. It was I who broke the silence.

“How come you said you love me? I mean we hardly know each other.” I asked.

He reached up, caressing my face as he looked into my eyes.

“So? You saying I wouldn’t know what I want? You saying I’m not aloud to fall in love with you?” he asked. I shook my head.

“I… I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just…”

He leaned in and kissed my lips again. He caressed my body as we made out for awhile. Once he broke the kiss I caught my breath again.

“I… don’t know if… I can say it back.” I whispered. He smiled, still caressing me as he kissed my cheek.

“It’s okay.” He replied. My hands caressing his back as I felt bad.

“I mean I really like you!”

“Like is good.” He teased.

“But… I mean… you mean it about the boyfriend thing?” I asked. He got off the top of me and lay next to my body while still caressing me.

“You mean sugar daddy?” he teased again.

I shook my head.

“No, I mean boyfriend! I don’t care about expensive stuff! I mean, I would like to hang out with you, maybe see a movie or something… and sex.” I said, blushing at the last part. He leaned in, kissing me again. I have to say I love kissing him!

“Of course I mean it! Monica if I could I would marry you tonight!” he said. I giggled and shook my head.

“No way.”

He nodded.

“I mean it! I love you! I really don’t want you to leave here tonight.” He said caressing me.

“Well… I did tell my parents I was spending the weekend with friends. I just need to be back home by Sunday night.” I said with a smile.

“Hmmm, so all tonight, all day Saturday and most of Sunday… What are we going to do with all that time?” he asked, his hand moving to my breasts. I reached down and felt his semi hard cock.

“I think you have some idea.” I whispered, leaning in to kiss him.

= = =

Jessi drove around the area several times. She tried to find maybe a parked car or something that Monica might be in. She wasn’t worried about the girl or anything but there was that fear that if that little nerd was found dead that it might not take the cops long to find out she was with Jessi before some crazy asshole killed her! She didn’t want that to some how get her in trouble at school because that little bitch!

But after almost two hours of driving around this shitty neighborhood she didn’t find anything of her. Jessi grumbled as she started to make her way home. The longer she was out here the more in danger she felt she was in by some random car jacker or something. As she made her way home her smartphone started to ring. She picked up the phone and hoped that was Monica. If it was she was still going to be angry that the little bitch had the nerve to not only getting in a car with out her able to record a clip but to not be around for her to pick her up. Once she got the phone in her hand she saw it wasn’t Monica but Carmen. She didn’t tell the girl about what she planned for tonight. She almost thought about not answering but she knew the girl would call her all weekend.

“What’s up?” Jessi said as she answered the call.

“Hey, you didn’t call, thought we were going to the club tonight?” Carmen asked.

“Nope had something else planned for our new friend.” Jessi said with a smirk. Carmen was silent for a moment.

“What did you do?” Carmen asked. Jessi laughed.

“Told her we had an after school job.” Jessi responded.

“Jessi… what did you do?” Carmen asked again.

Jessi just busted out laughing.

“I told her we were prostutes on the weekends!”

Jessi laughed pretty loudly but Carmen didn’t find it funny one bit.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” she yelled. Jessi rolled her eyes.

“Oh calm the fuck down Carmen. She’s fine!”

“Where is she?”

“I left her on 110th street.”

Carmen went silent for awhile. Jessi almost hung up on the girl when she started to speak again.

“I swear to god if anything happens to her for this joke or what ever it is I will beat you to a fucking pulp you crazy cunt!”

“Oh calm the fuck down. This will teach the brainy bitch not to fuck with me!” Jessi said as she kept driving.

“Fuck with you? All she did was come to school! You need fucking help!” Carmen yelled.

“Whatever. She’s fine, maybe she’ll make some money out of this! Or she’ll get an STD.” Jessi said half jokingly.

“What’s her phone number. I’m going to call her and make sure she’s okay!”

Jessi pulled the car over. She had a feeling her “friend” would do something like this. She was already prepared as she pulled out a small bit of paper from her purse and read the number off of it.

“I might tell her what you are planning!” Carmen growled. Jessi laughed.

“No you won’t! Because she will know you were part of the plan too and she will not be your friend, and you won’t be mine anymore either! You’ll be some wetback bitch with no friends eating alone! With out me you are fucking nothing!” Jessi growled back with the tone of voice that would scare even the most hard core criminal!

Carmen didn’t respond as she hung up. Jessi smiled as she drove home.

= = =

Carmen looked at the number Jessi gave her and started to dial it. As she pressed every number she said a silent prayer that Monica was alright. She hoped that Jessi was just joking and that Monica was safe and sound at home. As she hit that last number she quickly put the phone to her ear. With every ring her heart was pounding when something picked up.

“We’re sorry, the number you tried to reach is no longer in service…”

She ended the call, looked at the numbers and tried to dial it again. Maybe she was just so upset she misdialed? Once again a few rings then:

“We’re sorry, the number you tried to reach is no longer in service…”

She tried it several more times even though she had a feeling that this wasn’t the correct number. She went to her computer to look up the number. She had a feeling that the number had to be wrong and once she typed it in a search engine she saw what it went to…

A Chinese restaurant that closed down some time ago!

“Son of a bitch!” Carmen growled.

= = =

Joe lay next to Monica as she slept. They had made love several times and now was time for some rest. Joe had to grab Monica’s purse to get her contact lens case so she didn’t damage her eyes. He smiled as he saw her glasses in the purse. He wondered if maybe he could get her to wear them this weekend. As she slept he caressed her body. She was so soft, so beautiful and she was all his.

But he had some very naughty ideas. There were things he did do with other girls that he put on the street. Mainly he did them to either break them in or just for shits and giggles but thinking about her doing these things got him excited. He had a feeling this sweet girl had a kinky side to her. He couldn’t wait to see what all she would be willing to do, and it will start out tomorrow!

= = =

Chapter 6: Why are there holes in these walls?

Joe woke up with a moan as he felt something warm wrapped around his cock. For a moment he thought he was having a dream of when he was younger, how some eager little thing would wake him up with a good morning blowjob. For the moment he thought about just laying there, keeping his eyes closed and enjoy the dream until he thought he heard his phone ring. He opened his eyes to look for the buzzing thing when he realized it wasn’t his phone, and that he wasn’t dreaming! He looked down to see sweet little Monica’s head bobbing up and down.

He smiled and leaned back on the bed, his hands on top of her head as he slowly moved his hips to help fuck her face. It was her turn to moan as she rubbed her hands up and down his legs. He looked down to see her wearing her glasses. His cock throbbed a little seeing this scene. She looked up at him and popped him out of her mouth but made sure to slowly stroke his member.

“Good morning!” she said in a very cute way. He reached down and caressed her face.

“Good morning right back sweet heart! What are you up to?” he asked. She kissed his cock before answering.

“Sucking you awake, maybe having you for breakfast!” she said before taking him back into her mouth. He gasped as he lay back and let her do what she wanted. Soon he finds his hips fucking her mouth more.

“Oh shit…. OHHH FUCK!” he moaned as he came in her mouth. She stopped moving her head and drank down his load. She opened her mouth, letting him see she drank him all up.

“Oh god damn that was great!” Joe moaned, pushing his fingers through her hair.

= = =

I moaned as he played with my hair. When I woke up this morning I found myself so horny that I had to have him! Sadly when I looked under the blankets he wasn’t hard. I thought all guys had morning wood or what ever. Granted we did have sex almost all night! At some point I joked with him that they must use his blood or what ever to make those “erectile dysfunction” pills because he seemed to either be constantly hard or didn’t take much to get him full and ready.

Thinking now, maybe I should have let his member rest. I didn’t want to break it or some how make him change his mind about me after I somehow wound him! I found myself looking at his meat and I could help myself as I moved my head down and started to suck on him. It was like as soon as his cock head was in my mouth the rest of it woke up very quickly! Funny thing was after a little bit of sucking the man himself finally woke up.

After he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all I had hoped for maybe another fuck but this time his cock was down for the count. I pouted and huffed and he smiled and caressed my face.

“Give it a little time. How about some breakfast?” he said as he leaned in and kissed my forehead before getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen. I followed him, playfully slapping his ass as he led the way.

He had me sit at the table as he put on a BBQ apron and cooked up some pancakes and bacon. I was very surprised by how good the breakfast was. As he sat across from me to eat his meal. I looked at him and smiled as I leaned back to let him look at my chest.

“So, what are we going to do today? More sex?” I asked.

“I was thinking about taking you shopping, maybe have some fun, then maybe if you’re a good girl more sex!” he said with a wink. I shook my head.

“Joe you don’t have to buy me anything!” I pouted. This time he shook his head.

“Nope! I wouldn’t be much of a sugar daddy if I didn’t take my little girl shopping! Now if you’re done with breakfast you can go take a shower, unless you want to share one with me?” he asked.

Ten minuets later we were in the shower, him fucking me with three fingers in my pussy while I “cleaned” his cock with my hands!

= = =

After getting dressed and putting in my contacts (even though he begged me to keep my glasses on I felt like they didn’t match my outfit that well) we went to the mall. At first he took me to the same expensive clothes stores my mom and Jessi told me to go. He saw I looked bored and asked me what I really wanted to go. So to Hot Topic and some other “alternative” stores for t-shirts and for me comfy clothes. I never seen someone more excited about buying t-shirts than Joe was. He would buy two of everything I picked out. Once leaving a store I asked him why buy doubles.

“Well my love, I figured you would be spending some weekends with me, and I would want you to feel at home!” he answered before leading me into a “Pink” store. When I came in here with mom I felt out of place. I wasn’t one for sexy undies. Once he found out my waist and chest size he bought some bras and panties for me. Some seemed to be a little too adult for my taste.

“I don’t think I can wear those at school.” I whispered as he had some thongs in hand. He smiled and leaned in close.

“These wont be for school, these will be for when you come over.” He whispered before sneaking a kiss on the cheek. I blushed hard as a picture formed in my head of me wearing these skimpy things for him.

After a quick lunch he asked me what else I would like. I sighed.

“Well… Jessi would freak.” I whispered. He looked at me.

“We are shopping for you, not some stuck up cunt at your school! Now tell your man what you want!” he said giving me a stern look. I sighed and shook my head.

“You spent too much on me already!” I said. He placed his hand on my leg as he leaned in close.

“Don’t worry about money, and don’t worry about Jessi. Now tell me what you want… besides my cock in here!” he said as he moved his hand up and rubbed my pussy though my panties. I was totally soaked just being with him and now how he was acting I wanted to fuck him in the parking lot!

“S… some new uniforms.” I moaned, my hips moving to fuck his hand. I saw a very big smile come across his face.

“Very nice!” he said, moving his fingers more on my pussy. “Where you usually get them?”

“O…on line.” I answered.

“I know a place.” He said as he moved his hand away and sucked on his fingers. I pouted as he started up the car and started to drive.

After a little drive we pulled into the parking lot of a building called “Uniforms and Things”. I think I drove past this place a bunch with my mom. Once parked I looked over to Joe.

“They have school uniforms here? There were many times I asked my mom to stop here but she kept saying the place sold like maid and police stuff.” I asked.

“I been here a bunch, I know they have uniforms of all kinds.” He said giving me a reassuring smile.

= = =

Joe knew this place and the store next to it very well. The uniform store had some high end school uniforms that he would buy his underage working girls. Of course once he would buy them he had to break them in with a good hard fuck session somewhere. It was a shock how much money some little girl wearing a private school uniform would make on the street. If the girl was a good actress and make up some sob “I need the money bad” story they could make double what a normal street walker would.

But of course this time he wasn’t buying the uniforms to have ruined by some dirty tramp or a John who couldn’t control his cum shot. These were going to be for his lover and his own enjoyment. He had to hide his hard on when he got out of the car and walked into the store with Monica. Once she got inside he saw her eyes light up when she saw the different kinds of things they had. Not only did they have the usual American Private School stuff but also Japanese and European ones as well. As she looked at all of them Joe’s mind filled with a million different sexual scenes with him and her.

“Pick any and as many as you want.” He said as he took a seat near the window and watched her as he had one hand in his pocket. He quietly rubbed his throbbing member as the sales girl came to help get Monica’s measurements and to make sure all the different parts fit.

Granted he could go to any adult store to buy those cheap “sexy school girl” costumes strippers and lazy adult film companies use. But he wanted quality. He wanted to ravish his school girl lover, wanted to feel the fabric on his naked body as he bent her over the couch or was on top of her, skirt pulled up, panties pulled to the side for a nasty quickie!

He would get more and more excited every time she came out from the dressing room to not only show Joe how she looked but to check herself out. She looked so happy being in those clothes and of course Joe’s cock was about to explode every time he saw her. Once done she was back in the other clothes with a pile of uniforms. Once the girl rang up the clothes Monica almost had a little freak out seeing the price but Joe just smiled and paid for them.

He looked at her and gave her a little wink, as if to say “you’ll pay me back!”

= = =

Seeing all the different kinds of school uniforms made me feel like I died and went to heaven! I (well, my parents) would normally order the uniforms I liked on line. I knew they were a little pricy but to me they last a whole lot more than those other things Jessi wanted me to wear. After the clerk measured me up and made sure she got the right items I went back to the dressing room and put on the first uniform. It had a long plaid skirt and a sweater top. I steeped out and smiled show Joe. He looked like he really liked it as he gave me a nod. I looked at myself in the large mirrors and sighed. There was a tiny bit of me that wished I had my glasses on. I was so close to being back to old “normal” me. I walked back to the dressing room and tried on the others.

Every time I stepped out to show Joe he looked like he was in heaven! I was surprised a man like him would like me in these “real” school uniforms. It made me wonder why he would be into this. My mind started to flood with some naughty back stories, the one that seemed to get me going was this:

Mr. Nevada was a teacher at a private all girl’s school. All day every day girls would file into his class and he would be so tempted by them. He was very handsome so of course they would tease. Flashing him their panties and what not till he couldn’t take it anymore. One day he locked the door, got naked and fucked those willing little girls! He knocked up so many of them so the school paid him a bunch of money to keep it quiet!

I chuckled as I shook my head. I really should ask him about his little fetish. As I stood in the dressing room I missed how a good school uniform felt on my skin. Made me think as if this was the normal me. I knew Jessi would never allow me to come back to this in school. Soon I was done trying them on. I figured he would have me pick one and put the rest away but I was shocked when he took all of them and had them ring up.

“$3000 even.” The clerk said as if it was no big deal. I was about to tell him to only get me one or maybe even none of them but he happily handed her the card and soon she was putting them into bags.

“Joe that’s way too much!” I whispered. I looked up at him as he smiled and gave me this wink.

I didn’t really understand at first but when I felt my pussy grow hotter and wetter I had some idea.

= = =

When we got back into the car I reached over and rubbed on Joe’s crotch. He moaned as he started the car.

“And what are you up to little girl?” he asked me as I tried to work his zipper down.

“I have some idea what that wink was for.” I said as I was about to pull his fly down. He shook his head and playfully slapped my hand away.

“We are almost done. Got one more place to go.” He said as he didn’t drive far.

Soon we were parking in front of a building with no windows but a big sign that read “Erotic Nights Adult Super Store.” It was a decent size building, kind of looked like a converted warehouse. Joe smiled at me.

“Let’s go in!” he said excitedly. I shook my head.

“I don’t think I am old enough.” I replied. He smiled.

“I know the owner, don’t worry.” He said as he got me out of the car and into the building.

As we walked in I was shocked by all the porn, sex toys and items that I couldn’t even think of their uses. Joe looked at me as he took my hand.

“Let’s see what else I can buy you!” he said as he guided me though the store.

I saw a bunch of different magazines and books with naked people on the cover. Then walking pass a large collection of DVD hentai. Joe looked at me as I was about to reach for one but didn’t.

“Go on, have a peek. Nothing you haven’t done before!” he joked. I blushed but soon had the DVD in hand and looked it over before putting it back.

“Don’t want it?” he asked.

“I could download it for free!” I answered. He laughed as we walked away from that section and was now in sex toy country!

I have watched some porn the last couple weeks and seen people with toys and what not but seeing so many plastic dongs up close was very weird. As I looked at some that seemed too big for any person to use Joe moved up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Love to watch you with a toy or two.” He whispered. I laughed.

“Maybe you should pick me some…” I whispered back, kissing his cheek. As I looked at him I caught him looking at the insanely large ones.

“Within reason!” I added. He chuckled as we kept walking around. There was a section for some very naughty undies and bras. These were definitely not ones I could wear for school.

After walking around awhile I noticed he didn’t seem to be picking things up. I felt bad. I guess he wanted me to pick out stuff. After a little bit I realized he was guiding me towards the back of the place. There was a small hallway and some booths at the end of it. He walked me towards the center booth.

Inside the booth was a small bench and a TV. The walls were white as if they were covering up something. As I took a seat I thought Joe was going to join me but all he did he walked up to the TV and pressed something on the side. A porn movie started up showing a woman walking into a both like the one I was in. As I was watching the video I heard the door close behind me. I wondered why Joe wouldn’t be in here with me but soon I was too into the video that was playing.

The woman on the video walked into a both and closed the door behind her. She then undressed and started to play with herself. As she started to finger herself the camera panned over to the wall near her. There was a round hole and for the moment it was empty but soon a hard cock popped out of the hole. The woman smiled as she got on her knees and started to suck him.

At that moment I looked around the booth and noticed there were round holes in the walls. I looked back at the door, then the walls, then back to the video. I swallowed nervously as I heard someone enter the booth next to mine. My legs started to shake as I didn’t know what to do. Should I undress like the woman in the video? Does Joe want me to suck who ever pops though that hole? As I sat there I heard someone walk into the booth on the other side! My heart was pounding so hard and fast as I didn’t know what to do.

Soon a cock popped through the hole with a twenty wrapped around it.

“Come on baby, you know what to do!” the man on the other side of the wall said.

= = =

While Monica was trying on the uniforms Joe took the moment to text his friend who ran the adult store near by. They had been friends for so long so of course there were many times Joe brought in new girls for a little shopping spree. For a moment he just thought about taking her in there to shop. Maybe get some toys for him to watch her with but then a thought came to mind. After his buddy said he could come in with what ever little treat he had Joe quickly sent another text:

“Is the center booth open, and can you put a glory hole vid in there?”

After watching Monica walk out with another uniform and going back into the dressing room his friend answered.

“I can keep it open for you, and will have newest vid for your date!”

Once Joe gave the okay he bought the uniforms and drove to the store. When they walked in the clerk who was also Joe’s friend saw the young girl and gave his buddy a sly smile. As they walked around the clerk made sure to walk to the booths to unlock the center room and get the video ready. Once he gave Joe the signal the man walked his young lover to the back and left her in the booth. The door was locked on the inside unless you had the key. That way Joe knew she would be safe as he walked to the back room.

In the back room there was secret cameras in all the private booths. A couple years ago some woman tried to sue the store saying she was raped in the booth and forced to service men though the glory holes. The trial could have shut the place down and what not till someone found her “stolen” cellphone. On it she made video of herself not only cheating on her husband but also doing wild sexual things like glory holes and fucking strangers at the park. Once that came out she had to admit she lied due to the fact her husband found her “ruined” clothes in the laundry basket. Case was dismissed and that woman’s marriage was over!

Since that day the booths were made to where no one could get into a closed one to attack anyone.

Joe watched her on the monitor as she sat there for a moment, watching the video he picked out, letting her know what this room was for. He watched on the other monitors as men entered the other booths, first pulling their cocks out for what ever video played in the room before looking in the holes. The guy in the booth left of Monica’s seemed to do a double take seeing her before pulling out money and wrapping it around his member to offer it to the girl. In the booth to the right the man had his cock out but wasn’t watching the video he had his eye glued on the hole, getting off on watching the girl.

Joe didn’t really know what to expect Monica to do. In his old days he would use this to train new girls to take money first before anything. There was a part of him that maybe hoped that she would maybe leave that booth or avoid the cocks being offered to her. But there is the part of him that wanted her to take that money and do what ever she could with that cock. His cock was growing hard at the thought of her being a hot underage glory hole slut! He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out as Monica stood up and looked at the money covered dick.

= = =

I stood there looking at the throbbing member. I bit my lower lip as I tried to figure out what to do.

“Come on, give me a little suck!” the man on the other side of the wall said.

I found myself reaching down, slowly pulling the twenty away to see the white cock waiting for me. It wasn’t as big as Joe’s or anything but my mouth still watered as I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly started to stroke him. The man moaned as I thought maybe just jerking him off would be enough.

“Go on baby, suck him off!” the man on the other side of me said. I looked behind me to see a man’s eye on the other side of the hole watching me.

“You heard him! Earn that twenty!” the man I was jerking off added. I swallowed nervously as I was about to get on my knees.

“Take your clothes off, don’t want them to get messed up do you?” the watcher said. A part of me wanted to tell him to mind his own business or maybe walk out.

But there I was, taking my clothes off in this little booth, about to suck off a stranger for twenty bucks! I turned around, my backside showing to the man in the other booth as I got down on my knees to look at the throbbing member before me.

“Mmm what a sweet ass! How much to let me fuck it?” the watcher asked.

I didn’t answer as I wrapped my lips around the cock in front of me and started to suck. As my head bobbed back and forth on the stranger I found the first little problem with doing this.

I couldn’t go to hard or fast because I kept bumping my nose on the wall!

After a couple bumps the man on the other side stopped me by clearing his throat.

“Stay still, use your tongue, I’ll fuck your mouth!”

I nodded and did as I was told. He moved his cock back and forth. He wasn’t big enough to make me gag but it did feel so nasty to do this to a stranger while being watched by another. My hands moved down to my pussy and I started to rub myself. I was so hot and wet that I wished I had one of those toys to use at the moment.

“Yeah baby girl, finger that cunt!” the watcher moaned. I moved a little, sticking my ass towards him to let him get a little closer look at my finger work. The man I was sucking moved his hips faster.

“So close… g…. gonna…. FUCK!” he cried out as he filled my mouth. I swallowed his entire load before releasing him from my mouth. I heard him mumble some before pulling his cock back from the hole. At that moment I tried to look in the hole to see who it was but I heard his door open and he was gone.

“Think this is enough to fuck that pussy?” the other guy asked. I turned around to face the other wall. His cock wasn’t poking though the hole, but two hundreds were! It didn’t take me long to snatch the bill from the hole. I heard a small chuckle.

“Give me a second baby.” The man said. I heard him grunt as if he was really working on doing something. In my mind I saw the guy being some really fat guy with a tiny cock. I shook my head. I was suddenly becoming a size queen!

“Here we go!” he said as he pushed his cock though. I then saw why he had some problems.

His cock was throbbing and so hard it was hooking upwards! Seeing it though that hole made it look like some kind of flesh hook! I would saw he was about 5 to 6 inches long. I stood up and tried to figure out how to get it in me with out hurting him. I looked over at the bench and found I could move it. So I moved it and stood on it so I could slide that cock in side me. We both moaned as every inch was in me. My hands were pressed flat on the wall as I looked above me. I noticed there was something of an opening near the top of the booth. I reached up and grabbed onto it as I worked my legs to slide me up and down his member.

As I road the man I heard someone walk into the other booth. For a moment I didn’t care but then something told me I should make this a little bit of a show! I took one hand off the hold and moved it to my ass, slapping it some before spreading my cheek a bit to give a peek of my asshole. I made sure to moan a little louder, wanting to let the other man know there was something a whole lot better than a video going on next to him. After a moment I knew he saw me.

“Yeah ride that cock you little bitch!” the new watcher said. I put my hand back into the hold and rode the cock a little harder. The owner of the cock was slapping his hand on the wall as I slid up and down.

“Fuck I wish I could grab your tits… suck on them…” he moaned.

“Mmm bite my nipples, pinch them, and make them so hard!” I moaned as I kept moving up and down. The next thing I heard from him was a grunt as he came inside me. I got off of him and helped him pull his semi hard cock back though the hole. Another twenty came out of his hole.

“Thank you baby, have fun!” he said.

“You too!” I said with a giggle as I turned to the other hole, another cock and twenty waiting for me.

= = =

Barry Willows was driving to the store. He was glad at first that Monica was making friends and spending weekends with them. That meant more alone time with Heather. Even though they been married almost twenty years their sex life was still as hot as when they were first started dating. Every weekend the two would take off on some day trip while Monica was with babysitters or old enough to take care of herself. Their daughter thought the couple went on boring drives to art fairs or something even a smart girl like her would find boring.

But in reality they would go to many more “adult” things.

Many times they just rented a hotel room outside of town to fuck their brains out. They would go to some swinger retreats or some adult conventions. If Monica ever looked in her mom’s closet she would see a huge collection of sex toys and a mountain of porn DVDs, books, and magazines!

With Monica out of the house this weekend Barry thought it would be a nonstop fuck-a-thon with his wife but being that time of month Heather was in no mood for anything. Barry would have to find his own fun, and happened to be driving past Erotic Nights Adult Super Store” when he decided to pull into the parking lot. He figured he would just go into one of the booths to jerk to a video, maybe pick up something new for Heather.

= = =

Joe had his cock out and stroking while he watch Monica. She seemed to be a natural at this! She had been in the booth for about an hour now and seemed to not be slowing down one bit! At one point she was jerking off two guys at once before they shot on her. There were one or two fucks but mostly been blow jobs or handies. Joe had watched other girls do the glory hole thing many times but none had made him as hard and horny as Monica was. He looked over at the door key. He could walk into her booth and just have her. He almost reached for it when he saw her stand up, taking some bills from a guy and slowly bent over. Joe stroked him self more as he watched her let the man shove his cock up her ass! He held off on the key for the moment as he watched her fuck the man. On the other wall a guy was watching for a bit before pushing his cock out for a blowjob. Watching her bend over to suck him while getting fucked up the ass made Joe know she was a keeper!

= = =

I couldn’t tell how long I was in that both or how many dicks I sucked. One other person fucked me but for the most part I was drinking a lot of cum! It was weird that I didn’t notice how small the booth was till I found myself able to jerk off two guys at once with no problem. After sucking off another guy I heard someone from the other booth clear his throat. I turned my head and saw another hard cock with three hundreds. I crawled over.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“Your ass!” The man said. I took his money and turned around. I reached behind me and guided his dick into my asshole. I moaned as I slowly backed into him, letting him deep into my ass.

I slowly started to pump back and forth on him, making sure not to go to fast to lose or hurt him. I straightened up as moved as I wished I could feel his hands on my hips, feel him use me he saw fit. I reached up and played with my tits as I felt him move a little bit.

“Feel so good. Love teen ass!” the man moaned.

“Even 13 year old ass?” I whispered, not knowing if he heard me or not but I think he did because his cock throbbed as he seemed to want to move harder. As I kept fucking him I heard someone in the other both.

“Nice show. Think you can fit me in somewhere?” the man asked, his cock wrapped in a twenty. I smiled and nodded as I bent over, taking the money and then his cock in my mouth.

“Mmm nice mouth.” The man moaned. For a moment the voice sounded very familiar to me…

= = =

Barry walked into the store and looked around a bit. He looked at some DVDs and what not. Yeah he could watch most of this stuff for free online but sometimes this store had things you couldn’t find on some websites. The guy who ran the store had some ties to some amateur sex groups who would let him film and sell their stuff. Most times the people in those videos Barry really didn’t want to see naked much less fucking but once in a while there would be a very hot girl or sometimes for Heather a man with a nice body and a good size cock to keep the couple interested. As he looked over the new release section he saw men walking out the back booth area, adjusting themselves as they walked out. These guys looked like they got something a little better than a jerk off session. Barry walked up to the clerk, looking towards the booths.

“Got a hot video playing back there?” he asked. The clerk chuckled.

“Nope, a buddy has his hot girlfriend in the center booth for some glory hole action!” the guy said as he looked like he wanted to jump over the counter and have a turn himself.

Barry never really done glory hole stuff. He seen videos and all but there was something that worried him about pushing his cock through a hole and trusting a stranger to not maybe cut his cock off or something. As he looked down the hall and seeing the empty booth he figured he could at least look though the hole, see what’s happening. If he liked what he saw maybe he would try it. If not he would just jerk off, shoot his load and leave.

He walked into the booth and closed the door behind him. He could hear the girl’s moans as he took a seat. He bent over and looked though the hole to see a girl’s chest and lips but not her whole face. She was moving back and forth but he didn’t see a cock in her pussy. He cocked his eyebrow at the thought of this unknown girl doing anal! He smiled as he got his pants down started stroking. He wished he could see her whole face but to do that he would have to almost lay on the floor to get a good angle and how nasty the floor looked right now he would just use his imangation for the face!

He did like how her body look. She looked young but had a nice set of tits on her and a smooth hairless pussy that he could eat for hours! As he watched her and stroked himself he wondered how old she was.

“She couldn’t be underage, a store like this would never let little kids in here! She had to be one of those young college girls that had a smaller body or something!” he thought to himself as he pumped his hand up and down his member. His mind then drifted to his own daughter!

He flashed back to the little fashion show her mom made her do. For so long he saw his little girl not at a sex object but as… well a nerd! He didn’t mind the whole nerd thing that meant he didn’t have to worry about boys coming around. But seeing how beautiful she looked in make up and those sexy clothes, Monica became a new star in some of his jerk off fantasies! He felt bad about it but she looked so good he couldn’t help it!

And right now he saw this mystery girl fucking a guy in the next booth over as his own daughter!

He knew it was wrong to think that! No father should think of his little girl having sex yet alone sex with strangers in a porn store! But here he was, stroking his cock thinking of his little bookworm daughter doing a hundred nasty things to faceless strangers like in the videos he seen. Looking though the hole again he saw the little pile of hundreds and twenties on her clothes.

“They almost looked like the clothes his wife bought Monica a couple weeks ago!” He thought to himself but shook the thought out of his head. They were expensive name brand clothes, of course a hundred different girls would wear them! After some thought he stood up, pulling a twenty out of his wallet he wrapped it around his cock and pushed it though the hole.

“Nice show. Think you can fit me in somewhere?” he asked. He could see her move or anything but he got his answer when he felt the money removed from his member and soon feeling the hot mouth and tongue of the mystery whore.

“Mmm nice mouth!” he moaned as he started to move his hips. He closed his eyes and imagined his little Monica sucking him, coxing a hot load from his balls!

= = =

Being bent over like this was a little hard for me as I couldn’t really move. The guy I was sucking was fucking my mouth while the guy in my ass took over doing move meant. I stood there working my tongue all over the throbbing member as I tried to at least flex my asscheeks or something to help the man behind me cum. The cock in my mouth was a nice thick bit of meat. I felt myself drool a bit as he pushed back on my throat, making me gag a bit. I have to say this guy’s dick was very tasty! I thought about maybe asking for his phone number after he cums in my mouth! I thought about a three sum with this guy and Joe!

As I kept sucking the guy the one in my ass pumped a little harder until he thrust a little deeper in me when he came. I moaned as he pulled out of me. I instantly got on my knees and kept sucking the yummy cock in my mouth. The guy moving back and forth in my mouth, moaning more and more. I kept thinking I heard the voice before but after awhile I stopped thinking about it and kept sucking. He seemed to last longer than the others as after awhile he finally came in my mouth. It was a very large load that some leaked out the sides of my mouth. I pulled back and started to swallow. I heard him move around a bit, soon pushing a twenty though the hole.

“Here’s something to wipe your mouth with!” the man said. I took it and daintily wiped his cum off. I still had his load in my mouth so before I could ask him for his number the man left the booth.

= = =

Barry loved the blowjob. He had many before and he would always say that Heather was the best. But this girl might put his wife at second place. He wished this wall wasn’t in the way so he could have his hands on her head. He wanted to really fuck this girl’s mouth, see how much she can really take. As he closed his eyes his thoughts went back to Monica!

He didn’t see his little girl in the whore outfits this time. He saw her in those frumpy school uniforms he ordered her from the net. Her cute face with no make up and those glasses. He wanted to have those lips around him, wanted to moan to tell her to suck the dick that created her! He wanted to pull out and cover her face and glasses with cum! The more he thought about this scene the closer he got to cumming. He grunted loudly, holding back screaming his daughter’s name as he unloaded in the stranger’s mouth.

As he pulled back he tired to look through the hole. Maybe now he could see the girl’s face. But by the time he got there she pulled back, showing that yummy chest and cum leaking lips. He smiled as he pulled out another twenty and handed it to her.

“Here’s something to wipe your mouth with!” he said some what jokingly. He watched as she took the bill and wiped the cum. He moaned, his cock twitching some at the nasty scene even though he still couldn’t see all of her face. He thought about giving more money for maybe a crack at her cunt or maybe an attempt at tit fucking but his phone buzzed. He knew that has to be Heather. He put his cock away and walked out of the booth.

As he walked out the booth he walked past a man who had a key in his hand.

= = =

Joe watched the three way on the screen. Watching the two men using his little girl was way too much. Seeing the men’s faces in total pleasure as they were deep in this whore he had to fuck her again! He waited till the men were done before he stood up and grabbed the key. He didn’t even stuff his cock back in his pants as he walked towards the center booth. He walked past the guy who just got done with her. He seemed to be fumbling with his phone as he walked towards the front door. Joe pushed the key into the knob and turned it. As the door opened Monica was sitting on the floor, picking up the pile of money as she looked up at Joe. She almost was scared to say anything, thinking that maybe he was angry at her for sucking and fucking these strangers…

Till she saw his throbbing cock outside his pants. She smiled as he closed the door behind him.

= = =

After swallowing the load in my mouth and taking one up my ass I got on my knees to gather up all the money I was given so far. There were so many hundreds and twenties that I was up to about a thousand when I heard the booth door open. My body tensed up. What if one of those guys deiced he wanted to use me but not through a hole? Maybe this guy would rape and kidnap me or something!

I slowly turned my head but was somewhat relieved when I saw it was Joe! But then my heart sank. Something told me maybe me fucking and sucking those men wasn’t what he wanted me to do! Maybe this was supposed to be some kind of test and I failed it. A panic went through my body as I had a hundred different thoughts about what Joe might say or do. As my eyes drifted downwards that panic went away as I saw his cock was out of his pants and throbbing. He smiled as he closed the door.

He quickly undressed and sat on the bench as I stood up. I was about to craw onto him and slide down his cock when he shook his head.

“Turn around, give me that ass!” he said in a low commanding growl. I nodded and turned, shaking my ass a bit before pulling my cheeks apart, letting him see the other man’s cum leak out.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his cock, slowly pushing into my ass. I moaned as he slide every inch inside me. He leaned forward, kissing and sucking on my neck. I leaned back, letting his hands move up and play with my breasts.

“I… I’m surprised you didn’t fuck my ass last night.” I said as I slid up and down his member. He kissed my neck more and moaned.

“Your pussy was a bit of a distraction!” he teased, moving his hips and pushing into me. He played with my tits, pinching my hard nipples.

I smiled and licked my lips as I rode him. As I felt him throb in my ass I heard a noise coming from the walls. I turned to see cocks in both the hole. Both were hard and had tens wrapped around them. I was about to ignore them when Joe pinched my nipples a little harder.

“Don’t be rude baby girl, help them out!” he said.

I nodded as I took the money off their dicks and stroked them while Joe moved his hands to my hips and controlled my movement. I heard the men on the other sides of the walls moan as I jerked them.

“That’s it baby, let me cum on you while you get filled up!” the guy on the left said.

“Faster whore… close…” the guy on the right said with a whimper. Joe fucked me harder as if he was racing the other men to cum first! My heart beating hard in my chest as I jerked the two men harder and faster.

“Make them cum baby. Make them cum on you!” Joe whispered in my ear before sucking on my ear lobe.

The guy on the right moaned as he was the first to shoot, hitting the side of my chest. A little bit after him the guy on the left came on my leg. Joe pumped deep and hard inside me. I rubbed the strangers cum on my skin.

“Feel so good, fuck me Joe, fuck me in front of everyone!” I cried out. I heard the men in the booths move around. I could see their eye looking in on me and my lover.

“Yes guys, watch me, watch me fuck my lover! Watch him fuck my thirteen year old ass!” I cried as I licked the cum from my fingers. The men watching me sounded like they liked hearing that.

“Fuck that teen ass!” the guy on the right moaned.

“Love underage holes! How much for me to have you tonight?” the guy on the left asked, moving around as if to try to find something in his booth. Joe grunted.

“Not for sale or rent, all… fucking…. MINE!” he cried out as he thrust one last time, cumming deep inside my ass. I came also as I leaned back and kissed him.

We sat there for awhile, kissing and touching each other. I think a couple more people came into the other booths and stuck their cocks in but I didn’t mess with them. After a while there was a knock on the door. I hopped off of Joe’s lap as he opened the door a crack and spoke with someone as they handed him a couple shopping bags and a box of wipes.

“Looks like they are chasing us out baby girl. Got some porn star coming in soon to film something in here. So here is something to clean off with!” he said handing me the wipes. I nodded, taking some out of the box and wiped myself all over. My eyes were fixed on the bags in his hands.

“You got me some things?” I asked, cleaning the drying cum off my skin. He nodded.

“A little bit. Looks like you have some fans that got your some things. Might have a weekend job for you!” he chuckled. I couldn’t wait to see what was bought for me as I pulled my clothes on and stuffed the cash in my purse. Once Joe got dressed we both walked out the store and into his car. I was about to look in the bags but Joe playfully slapped my hand.

“You can wait till we get home.” He said as he leaned in and kissed me. I smiled and lean back in the seat. As he drove back to his place he looked over at me for a moment.

“So, any guys you liked in there?” he asked. I smiled and gave a little nod.

“Well, before you walked into the booth there was a guy I sucked on. His cock was so tasty! I wanted more but he left before I could give him my info!” I said. He smiled as he pulled out an usb jump drive.

“Well, maybe we can find out what he looks like with this!” he said. I look at the jump drive.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“There are cameras in the booths for safety.” He said. I got excited thinking about seeing the videos!

Sadly though, we didn’t get around to seeing the videos when we got to his place. We spent the rest of Saturday fucking and of course checking out and trying out the many toys and outfits he and my new “fans” got me!

= = =

Chapter 7: Choo choo…

So something I found out at Joe’s around Sunday morning was that my cellphone was dead. Thankfully Joe had the same kind of phone so Saturday night I let my phone charge up while I was busy giving Joe a hot toy show while he stroked himself and snapped pictures with his phone. I was a bit worried about what calls I might have missed. On Sunday morning when I woke up I checked out my messages. I was worried about missing something from my parents but thankfully nothing from my parents.

But I did have a shit load of text from Jessi!

I almost didn’t want to look at them but something told me I should. So as Joe slept next to me I thumbed though the text. The first couple was from Friday night, about close to 1 am asking where I was and if I was done. The rest came around Saturday. They seemed more panicked, demanding to know where I was and why I wasn’t calling her. The last message kind of left me with a confused idea about our friendship.

“Look bitch, if you are dead or something then you really fucked up cus now Carmen will never let me hear the end of it!”

I kind of chuckled but looking back at the other messages they seemed more like someone covering their ass more than someone being worried about a friend. As I kept looking at the messages I thought about answering when Joe moaned as he rolled over, wrapping his arm around me. His eyes opened some.

“Morning princess.” He said with a sleepy smile. I leaned in, kissing his forehead.

“Morning my king!” I said. He seemed to like that as he pulled me a little closer to him.

“I think today we should fuck some more.” He said in a way that seemed like it was a total given. I did like that idea a lot. I mean my pussy was already hot and wet but hearing him say it made my sex a little hotter. I sighed.

“I have to go home today Hun. I have school and shit tomorrow.” I pouted. Even he pouted some.

“Aww just stay here with me. We can fuck all the time and I will take care of you and everything!” he said, holding me a little tighter as if this will make my situation change. I leaned in and kissed his lips.

“I wish I could, but my parents do love me and I think they would throw a fit if I don’t come home. I mean the whole nine yards of cops, TV reports and all! I don’t think you want Nancy Grace after you!” I joked. Joe grumbled.

“That’s right… you’re a white girl, they will hunt you down!” he joked.

I shook my head and laughed as I put my phone down. I reached under the blanket and wrapped my fingers around his semi hard cock.

“I do have a couple of hours to spare before I have to go though!” I said as I gave him a sexy smile.

= = =

It was about 3pm when he dropped me off near my house. We had to make sure no one was around before we could share a good bye kiss. It was a hot one and I was so close to pulling his cock out and giving him a quick blowjob but we both knew we had to stop. He made sure to put his number in my phone and I did the same for him. He promised me some naughty pictures and again I promised the same.

I quickly walked into the house. Even though I had a good long shower (both with Joe fucking me and one with me fingering myself to a screaming orgasm) I still felt a little dirty. I had to hide the bags of clothes he got me before mom ask me about them. Thankfully they weren’t around so I could take a quick non sexual shower (meaning I still masturbated but not to screaming) and throw on normal clothes. When I came to the living room mom and dad came walking in from the back yard. We exchanged pleasantries and soon we ate dinner and afterwards I got my stuff ready for school.

I decided on wearing one of the sexy outfits Joe got me. It was a low cut blouse with a skit that could be a little sheer in certain lights. I figured I could get away with wearing it to school. I also decided not to answer any of Jessi’s text. I figured I could just make up some story about someone calling me a cab home or something.

= = =

The next day at school I walked into the lunch room looking good. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. Boys, girls, even teachers were checking me out! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on by this but my panties were soaked. If someone bent me over the table and started to fuck me I wouldn’t fight one second of it! I saw Carmen’s look of shock when she saw me. Jessi also looked shocked but also very pissed off.

“Why the fuck did you not answer my text?!” she demanded as if she was my mom or something. Carmen leaned in.

“Are you okay? I was so worried when…” she looked like she was going to say something else when Jessi stopped her.

“Who’s in fucking charge here?” she asked Carmen before looking back at me, “And fucking answer me, why didn’t you answer my fucking text?”

“I’m okay Carmen, and my phone was dead Friday night. Didn’t get it charged till Sunday! That’s why I didn’t answer!” I replied, making sure to give Jessi a look that said “fuck off your not my boss!”

The older teen looked at me as if she was going to lay into me about what I said or did when a couple of jock looking guys walked up to the table. I think I remembered them from my first couple days in school. One was a handsome black kid who looked like he was fit, I could tell from the clothes he wore. The other one was white and looked a little simple but cute none the less. Their eyes were glued to me as they smiled.

“Hey there, was wondering if you were free this Friday night to come to a little party the football team is throwing at the clubhouse?” The black player said to me with a nice smile.

“We would love to!” Jessi said excitedly. Carmen looked at the players, then me. She smiled as she knew what was happening.

“Wa… what?” the dim but cute looking player said as Jessi seemed to invite herself.

“We’ll be there!” Jessi said. The dim one looked at the black player. Black player just gave a little shrug.

“Okay… see you Friday.” He said, still looking at me. I smiled and gave a nod. The two players walked away. Jessi looked so proud of herself as if she somehow won the lotto. Carmen shook her head.

“Way to invite yourself in.” she said as she sipped her milk. Jessi flashed Carmen a mean look.

“What are you talking about? They came over and invited us to the party!”

“They invited Monica, not us.” Carmen replied, sounding smug about it.

Jessi sat there for awhile. I could see a mean look forming in her eyes.

“They were just distracted because Monica is dressed like a slut!” Jessi replied. She had this smirk on her face as if that was supposed to hurt me. I shrugged.

“What ever. Could be fun!” I said. Jessi grumbled as she sat her lunch.

“You have no idea you little bitch!” the older blonde teen thought to herself.

= = =

Friday came and I went out to meet up with Carmen, Jessi, and the other two girls I still had no idea what their names were. I wore a very sexy short black cocktail dress Joe bought for me. Thankfully mom and dad weren’t home to see me in it I bet they would have freaked! As Jessi pulled up Carmen’s eyes looked like they were going to explode out of her head when she saw me.

“Damn girl! Looking good!” she said. I smiled. Carmen and Jessi were both wearing some tight tops and skits.

“Thanks Carmen you looking good too!” I said with a smile. Jessi didn’t say anything as I got in the back seat with the other two girls. They said nothing as I closed the door.

“So what is the clubhouse?” I asked as we went on our way. Jessi seemed to finally want to talk to me.

“Coach bought this old building close to the school. It was like a park thing or something I don’t know. He made it to a club house for the jocks to hang out at so they wouldn’t get in trouble. The football team throws parties there every month or so.” She said as she pulled into a dirt road and drove a bit till we got to the place.

It was pretty big, a bit run down looking and in the middle of the woods. The lights were on and from the outside we could hear music playing. We walked up to the door and Jessi knocked. The door opened some and a rather built looking guy answered. He looked pissed at Jessi but moved his head from her to see me. He smiled.

“Hey hey, come on in!” he said directly to me. Jessi walked past him as we entered the place.

The inside looked a bit lick a gym locker room. There were weight sets, some old lockers but also looked like a bar, a TV with a sound system and some doors to the back. I looked around the room to see it seemed to be all guys here! My body tingled as I had an idea what was going on here. A lot of the guys saw me and smiled but many looked pissed seeing Jessi and her two brainless leeches. I looked over and saw Carmen look a little worried but some guys were looking at her as if they could lick and eat her up!

“Thanks for inviting us!” Jessi said. Couple guys mumbled something and it didn’t sound good.

As I stood there that handsome black player walked up to me. He smiled as he motioned his head for me to follow him to another part of the large room. I smiled and followed him.

“Glad you could make it! You are looking fucking hot!” he said as his eyes looked me all over. I smiled and gave a spin. The skit was very short and with certain movements people could get a peek at my panties.

“Thanks… by the way things look you guys didn’t mean to invite Jessi and Carmen did you?” I asked. He chuckled.

“Cant fool the smart kid can we.” He said as he led me over to the bar.

“Well, Carmen is cool and sexy. But Jessi…” he trailed off as he pulled out a bottle of soda and offered it to me. I smiled and took it.

“Noticed no other girls. I think I know what you guys have in mind.” I said, giving him a smiled I hoped told him that I was down for what ever. He looked excited. He was about to say something when another player walked up.

He was white and handsome, a little taller than the black one talking to me. He saw the bottle soda in my hand and shook his head.

“That won’t do sweetheart how about I…” he started to say as he was about to walk behind the bar when the black guy stopped him.

“Wont need to do that… she is down.” He said, trying not to be too loud. The white guy gave him a look that said “for real” before looking back at me. He leaned on the bar and smiled.

“And what are you “down” with?” he asked. I opened my soda and sipped it.

“I don’t really follow sports, but I do know football teams have 11 on field and extras on the side, and since there seems to be about 20 some guys in here tonight, and how all of them seemed to have been undressing me with their eyes and fucking me non stop I think you guys wanted to get… naughty with me?”

He smiled, nodded then looked at the black player. He smiled and walked away. I watched him walk around, whispering to others. They looked over at me as I raised my bottle to them. Several walked over, introducing themselves but to tell the truth I didn’t give a flying fuck about their names. The more I sat there the more my mind was getting me ready for the monster fuck I was going to have tonight!

As I sat there and chatted with the team I lost track of Jessi and Carmen.

= = =

This was one of the events Jessi was looking forward to. She always heard of the football teams parties at the club house. She knew that if a girl was picked to come to one then she would be set up at school! Maybe this way she would get close to the star player and sparks would fly. She pushed out Carmen’s little bullshit thing about the players inviting Monica and not her but that was bullshit! Why the hell would they invite that no body? As she stood there she watched as the players walked away from her. Some were giving her mean looks and some mumbled something under their breaths but what ever. To Jessi they were idiots and nobodies.

Carmen on the other hand knew about the Clubhouse parties. She knew there was only one reason they only invite one girl.


Carmen was worried about Monica. She didn’t know if the girl knew what she was in for or what the team had planed. She wanted to grab the girl and get out of here but she noticed the guys seemed to be getting around the black haired girl. There was no way Carmen could push though them to get to Monica. She mumbled something under her breath then looked towards Jessi. Maybe the blonde would have some idea about what to do.

But when the girl looked over she saw the blonde have a look of total hate in her eyes as she looked over at the crowd of boys around that fucking little nerd bitch! She narrowed her eyes as she balled her hands into fist.

“We are fucking leaving!” Jessi said as she turned around and headed out the door.

= = =

After some chatting the group moved out the way. I smiled at them as they all were very excited. I noticed the couch was empty so I walked towards it. The guys followed me like a group of love sick puppies.

“So… what now?” I asked. The guys chuckled.

“How about you strip for us?” one guy in the group shouted.

I gave a little nod as I slowly moved my hips back and forth as I reached down and pulled the hem of my skirt up, slowly exposing the wet semi sheer panties to them. As I pulled the dress up higher I watched as some of the guys were quickly losing their own shirts and pants, releasing their cocks for the fun to come! I smiled as I pulled the top off to free my braless breasts. I folded my dress and handed it to a helpful nude boy who took it over to the side and placed it on the table. I placed my hands on my hips.

“Who wants to pull my panties off?” I asked. The black player who invited me to the party stepped forward. He was nude and had a decent sized cock. I mean it wasn’t Joe’s size but it was do able! He hooked his thumbs into the sides and peeled them off me. I knew he could tell how wet and ready I was. Once they were off me he gave them a heavy smell.

“Mmmm damn girl I don’t think we ever had a girl as ready as you are!” he said excitedly. I smiled as I sat on the couch, opening my legs wide for all to see.

“So, what’s next?” I ask. The white player who offered to make me a special drink spoke up.

“Well we have a special game we going to play with you. If you can handle it, then we will see what the rest of the night brings!” he said as he looked at the black player. The player nodded and looked at me.

“The game is called Train. All you have to do is pump your fist in the air like this,” he said giving a motion with his hand like he was pulling something, “and saying “Choo Choo all aboard” when someone cums in or on you. Think you can do that?” he asked.

I looked at him, then the group of naked horny football players. I raised my hand and pulled on the imagery chain.

“Choo choo all aboard!” I called out. The guy cheered, one turning the stereo up as the black player got between my legs and pushed into me. I grunted, not really ready for him but how this game seemed to be, it didn’t matter if I am ready these guys are horny and need my cunt!

I wrapped my arms and legs around the guy as he fucked me good and hard. The other guys slowly stroking their cocks and watching, cheering their friend on. He leaned forwards, kissing me as he kept pumping. He didn’t last long as he pulled out and came on my stomach and chest. He gave me one more kiss before pulling away from me.

“Choo choo all aboard!” I said as the next one stepped up. It was the one who wanted to make me the special drink. His cock was I guess normal size as he pushed in and worked his hips. As he fucked me he looked into my eyes with a big smile.

“Mmm baby girl… I think… you might have a long… night… ahead of you!” he cried out as he came inside of me. I wondered if all these guys were going to be quick or maybe they were just so excited to have me! He kissed my forehead as he pulled away. As he pulled away I saw a couple guys have their phones in their hands, snapping pics and maybe filming me. I looked right into one of the cameras and “pulled” the chain again.

“Choo choo all aboard!”

= = =

Jessi was eighteen kinds of pissed off as she drove down that long dirt road. She mumbled to herself as Carmen looked out the window. She wanted to stay behind, wanted to make sure Monica was okay but fearless leader Jessi wasn’t in the mood to hear reason.

“That fucking little bitch…” she said under her breath over and over. Carmen rolled her eyes.

“Are you really that pissed? Were you really going to let them gangbang you?” the Hispanic girl asked. Jessi looked over at her.

“What?” she asked.

“That’s what the clubhouse parties are, they gang bang a girl!” Carmen shouted, upset that she had to say it out loud. Jessi’s angry look turned to a happy, evil smile.

“And I bet those fucking idiots would film it too! And I know some of them will be happy to give me those clips!” the blonde said as she already had an idea of what those clips would look like.

“Why would you want them?” Carmen asked. Jessi didn’t look at her but kept talking.

“Let’s say little bitch is getting a rude awakening come Monday at school! A nice little video of her fucking my brother, those guys at the club, hooking on the street and fucking the football team! That little nerd monster is going to get what’s coming to her for upstaging me!”

“That “monster” is your fucking creation you fucking crazy bitch! Stop the fucking car I’m getting out!” Carmen screamed. Jessi showed no sign of stopping. Carmen grabbed the wheel and jerked it hard, making Jessi lose control for a moment. The blond slammed on the breaks.

“You crazy fucking wetback you could have…” one of the leeches started to say before Carmen silenced her by punching her right on the nose. The crack of broken cartilage silenced everyone in the car.

“You are fucking sick! Get help!” Carmen screamed at Jessi before she got out of the car and started to run back to the club house. Jessi sat there, fuming before rolling down her window.

“GO RUN TELL THE LITTLE WHORE WHATS COMING TO HER! AND YOU CAN SIT WITH HER AT THE LOSER TABLE THE REST OF THE YEAR!” Jessi screamed. The blonde was about to start driving again when she looked in the back seat to the crying leech with the bloody broken nose.

“I swear to fucking god you better not bleed on my seats!” Jessi growled.

= = =

I’m guessing the first batch of players were the quick ones because now I was getting the guys who were lasting a lot longer. Right now there was the very dark skin black player on top of me fucking me hard and deep. He was bald and very built. His skin glistened with sweat as he pounded me harder and harder. My fingernails dug into his back as I whimpered in pain and pleasure!

“God… damn… fucking… whore… fucking… take it!” he grunted over and over. I tried to work my hips with him but he was pretty big in the dick department and it was a bit hard to wrap my legs around him.

“That’s it… fuck me good, make it hurt!” I whimpered.

“Damn man, don’t fucking break her till I get a turn!” the next guy joked. I don’t know if he was trying to be the one to out last everyone else but he seemed to be breaking a record. Soon he pushed in one last time before screaming out and flooding me with his load.

“S… sorry I called you a whore.” He said as he caught his breath. I smiled as him as he leaned in and kissed me deeply.

“It’s okay, got me real hot!” I whispered. He smiled.

“I’m going to want more of you!” he said as he pulled out of me and stumbled back, almost falling. Another player caught him and laughed.

“Damn man I think she broke you!” his teammate joked. I smiled and cleared my throat.

“Could someone give me my drink?” I asked, was almost worried that maybe they would get mad. One of the guys handed me my bottle of soda. I looked to see it was the kind of simple guy from the lunch room.

“Here you go hun!” he said. I thanked him and took a drink. Once I put the bottle down I looked at the next guy.

“Choo Choo, all aboard!” I said.

The next guy was Hispanic and had a long cock. He walked up and lifted my legs up over his shoulders.

“Need to get deep girl!” he said as he shoved his throbbing member all the way in me, moving me some to go deeper than his teammates. I cried out as he was hitting my cervix. As he lifted me up my hands reached down to brace myself.

He felt like he was going on forever. My eyes rolled back as I was having what must have been my fortieth orgasm. Once I felt him explode inside me he carefully put my ass back on the couch and pulled out of me.

“Choo… choo…” I started to say but the drink guy stopped me.

“No that’s it you won! You are the first girl in school history to take on the whole team!” he said as he raised my hand up to the air. The guys cheered, hooting and hollering as I smiled at them.

“I think that makes you our new mascot! Baby girl you can come back here when ever you want!” the cute black player who first fucked me said. I laughed.

“So… what’s next?” I asked. The bald black guy stood up and took my hand.

“If you aren’t hurting or tired, I know myself and others want some one on one time!” he said as he guided me to the back and opened the door. There was an old mattress that looked like it seen better days. I smiled as I nodded, reaching down and taking his cock in my hand.

“And you are first big boy!” I said pulling him into the room with me. He laughed, kissing me as I fell back onto the mattress. Before the door closed one of his team mates called out.

“Don’t break him too much Monica, we have a game on Sunday!” I broke the kiss and laugh.

“I make no promises!”

= = =

I couldn’t tell you how long or how many times I fucked those guys but it was rather late when I was walked out of the house. My legs were a little wobbly but I was able to walk out. Since I was now the team’s special “mascot” they gave me a jersey as a gift. They in turned kept my panties and took a pic of me on the couch, a smile on my face and leaking their cum. They said they were going to print the pic and frame it with my panties. I just laughed as I walked out into the cool night air. As I tried to figure out how I was going to get home Carmen walked around from the side of the clubhouse. She looked tired, shocked, and her clothes looked like she quickly pulled them on or something.

“You okay… were you peeking on me naughty girl?” I teased. She didn’t answer my question as she walked up to me.

“I… I have to…” she tried to say but she looked so upset. I wondered if maybe someone attacked her or something.

“Carmen, what happened?” I asked.

“Monica… oh god… Jessi… we…” Carmen looked away from me and started to cry. Before I could say anything she started to talk again.

“We were never your friends Monica! Jessi had this idea to prank you and I went along with it… but I didn’t know what she was going to do till tonight…”

I stood there in silence. I had a feeling this was too good to be true. But I just stood there. Carmen looked at me with total sadness in her eyes.

“Jessi has videos… and she said she will show them to the school, show people you’re a slut… I didn’t know Monica you got to believe me!” Carmen kept crying, she looked like she wanted to hug me or something. She had this desperate look in her eyes as if she was begging me not to be mad or something. She reached out to grab my hand but I pulled away from her. I took several steps back from her.

I couldn’t say anything. I turned my back to her. I just started to walk down the dark dirt road alone.

= = =

Chapter 8: Karma’s a total bitch!

I just kept walking down that long dark road. For a little while I heard Carmen behind me, begging for me to wait up but I just couldn’t be near her right now. My phone buzzed and I almost thought about not looking at it. But it kept buzzing. So I picked it up to see a text message from Jessi. I opened it to see a picture of me, sucking on a guy’s cock with her own message attached to it.

“Everyone will see what you are on Monday bitch!”

I thought about texting back, explaining to her that her spreading the pics, videos, and what ever else she had would get her arrested for kiddy porn but I knew she wouldn’t care. I started to walk down the road again as I thought about all that happened. I have an IQ of 140 but I fell for this gross prank! My phone kept buzzing as I kept walking. I didn’t want to look at it. It might have been Jessi sending me more pics and videos of me or maybe it was Carmen trying to talk to me. The more it buzzed the more upset I was getting. I pulled my phone out, not knowing if I was going to cuss out Jessi, tell Carmen to go to hell or maybe just pitch the damn thing into the woods. But once I pulled the phone out and saw who it was I quickly answered.

“J… Joe… I’m in trouble.” I said, breaking down crying.

= = =

It seemed like in a blink of an eye I was sitting in Joe’s living room crying my eyes out. I told him about what Carmen told me and what Jessi had planed. Joe sat there silently as he listened to me. After I was done he nodded and stood up.

“What’s this little bitch’s address?” he said as he walked over to his desk, opened a drawer and pulled out a gun. I jumped off the couch.

“The hell are you going to do?!” I said in shock. He turned his head, giving me this dark look that almost said “you don’t want to know.”

“I’m going to ask nicely for her to delete the things she has on you… now what’s her address?” he asked again. I shook my head.

“No! You are not going to kill her! Why do you have a gun?” I asked. He stood there for a bit before putting the gun away. He was silent for awhile before giving a small nod.

“Let me call some people. I will fix this!” he said as he walked over to his computer. I was getting a little upset with him as I followed him.

“What people? What are you going to do?” I yelled. He sat at his desk for awhile.

“Monica… sit down and please don’t hate me.” He said quietly. I pulled up a stool and sat down. He looked at me and suddenly told me everything about himself. How he use to be a pimp and a drug dealer. How he was a criminal and how he ran a gang and did bad things. I sat there, my mouth hanging open as he finished up his story.

“So… that night you picked me up off the street… and the weekend we spent together… were you going to whore me out or something?” I asked. He shook his head.

“God no! Monica when I told you I love you I mean it! That night I stopped a pimp from getting you! I wasn’t planning on having sex with you but… well… I fell for you and would do anything for you! I would shoot the little bitch in the face for you!” he said. By the way he was looking at me I could tell he meant all of it. I sat there trying to figure out what to say or do.

“I don’t want her killed!” I said, crossing my arms across my chest. He nodded and started to make some phone calls as he looked like he was writing something up on his computer. After awhile he was done with both the phone calls and what ever he was doing on his computer. He looked at me and gave a small smile.

“Done, tomorrow evening your problems are gone.” He said. I looked at him.

“Do I want to know what you did?” I asked. He shook his head.

“She wont be killed, she will wish she was dead afterwards though.” He answered. He then looked at me, wearing the football jersey.

“So how was your party?” he asked. I gave a small smile as I opened my legs some, letting him see my pussy.

“I was the only girl there. And we played a fun game called train…” I started to say. I was hardly into my story before Joe had me on the couch, his cock deep in side me as he kissed me deeply.

= = =

It was Saturday evening and Jessi was sitting alone in her bedroom. She got the last clips of the football party from her phone to her computer and was pretty much done editing her little film about Monica. She leaned back in her chair as the progress bar ticked away as it was finalizing and transcoading the video. She already knew how she was going to show this to the whole school. It would be during the Monday morning announcements. She will flash her tits to some AV nerd and pop the DVD into what ever thing they played the announcements on. The whole school will see this little nerd whore sucking cock, taking many men in all her holes!

Jessi chuckled to herself. Once the video is seen the rumors would start to fly. This Monica girl wasn’t some super smart bitch, she was some cock sucking whore who fucked her way out of school! Maybe her mom was a whore also? How many students would think that maybe their teachers had a crack at the “genius” girl? This was going to shake the school to the fucking core and the teen bitch loved it! In about 10 minuets the video would be done, just have to burn it on a DVD and everything would be ready. She was about to pull out a DVD-r when there was a knock at the front door.

“The hell?” she asked herself. Her parents weren’t home and her goon stepbrother was back in his school. Maybe it was Carmen coming over to beg forgiveness or maybe even Monica wanting to do anything to stop the video. Jessi got out of her seat. She was only wearing a t-shirt and some booty shorts as she walked to the front door. When she opened it there wasn’t a crying Hispanic girl or a desperate nerd whore.

What was on the other side of the door was two shady looking older men, one black the other white. Both had on some old looking clothes and both had five o’clock shadows. The black man looked at Jessi for a moment.

“You must be Jessi! Looks like we made it in time!” the older black man said, playfully hitting his friends shoulder. The white guy smiled, his eyes fixed on Jessi’s chest.

“I believe you are right my friend. Looks like we are the party starters once again!” the white guy said as he pushed past Jessi and looked around the house with the black guy following. Jessi looked at the two gross men.

“I don’t know who you assholes are but you better get out of here!” she yelled. The black man pulled out a folded bit of paper and showed it to the girl.

“Calm down, we are just here answering your ad!” he said showing her the print out. Jessi snatched the paper out of his hand and looked at it”

“Horny teen bitch needing as many adult (ages 30 - ??) to stuff all my holes with cock and cum! No condoms no problem! Use me hard before my parents come home!”

On the ad was her address. She looked at the two guys.

“I… I didn’t post this…” she started to say before the black man pulled the paper out of her hand. The white man grabbed her t-shirt and tore it open, exposing her tits.

“Time to start the party!” the black man said as he pulled his pants down, his cock out and throbbing as his partner pushed Jessi to the floor before getting on top of her, pulling her shorts down to expose her sex with one hand as he worked on getting his own pants down.

“Been too long since we had some teen pussy!” the white man said as he rubbed his cock on Jessi’s sex. She tried to push away from him but the back man moved into place, putting his knee on her chest as he pushed his cock into her mouth.

“Don’t fucking bite or I will really give you something to cry about!” he yelled as he pushed every inch of his cock into her mouth. As she gagged on his member the white guy tried to push himself inside her but her kicking legs was stopping him. He sounded like he was getting upset when some more men entered the room.

“Oh hey, just in time!” the new arrival said, pulling his own cock out as the others were walking around, getting a view of the teen. The white guy between her legs looked over at a couple of the new people.

“Guys mind giving me a hand here?” he asked nodding to her kicking legs. A couple guys grabbed her legs and held them open.

“Fucking team work, works every time!” the black man raping Jessi’s mouth joked, getting a couple laughs from the other men. The white guy suddenly thrust his cock into Jessi, coming up to a surprise as he got every inch into her.

“Holy shit guys! This bitch was a virgin!” he said as he felt her tighten up around her.

“Means that asshole is virgin too!” someone walking into the house said as he pulled out his cock.

Jessi tried to scream but the thick black cock in her mouth prevented that from happening. As her mouth and pussy was being raped she felt someone grabbing her hand and pulling it up. Her eyes darting over to where her hand was going. A gross fat man who was nude was pulling her hand to his hard cock. He wrapped her hand around his small member and started to fuck her hand.

“Mmm can’t wait to be in one of those holes!” the gross fat fuck mumbled.

As Jessi’s gang rape was on its way three men entered the house but didn’t join the now group of naked men. They walked past the group and started to look around the house. The three men, two older white men and one younger black guy, went from room to room as if they were looking for something. After looking into a couple rooms, passing up stealing a number of valuables one of the men called for the other two. They found what they were looking for, a teen girl’s room with a computer!

The three men quickly went into the room, closing the door behind them. The young black guy saw the girl’s phone and quickly grabbed it and shoved it in his pocket as the two men looked at the video that was now done. Watching it for a moment they knew they got the right machine. They nodded to the black kid and he nodded back before opening the girl’s bedroom window and flashing a flash light. Two more men ran out of a near by van and got near the window. The two men at the computer yanked out the cables from the back of the machine before handing it to the kid who then handed it to the two waiting men. He looked back at the older men as they looked like they were about to walk out the room.

“Not coming to the van?” the kid asked, slowly climbing out the window. One of the men shook his head.

“Go ahead, we going to get a bit of ass!” one said, the other looked at the kid.

“Don’t want any pussy?” he asked walking toward the kid to close the window behind him. The black kid shook his head.

“Naa, not into sloppy 27th’s or what ever! See you guys later!” he said as he got out of the window and ran to the van. The older man closed and locked the window, making sure to wipe away any and all prints before joining his friend back to the gang rape.

= = =

Inside the van the black kid pulled out the cellphone he took from the girl’s room and put it next to the computer tower. He pulled out his own phone and snapped a pic of the good and adding a message to the pic.

“Got them!”

He then sent the message to someone before looking at the two other guys.

“Let’s roll!”

= = =

Across town Joe’s smartphone buzzed. The naked older man moaned. Lying on top of him was a naked Monica. His cock slowly being pushed out of her pussy after making love almost all day. He grumbled as he reached for his phone. After a few failed attempts he finally got it into his hand and pulled it up. He saw it was a message from an unknown number. He opened it to see a photo of a computer tower and a cell phone. He smiled and typed a message back.

“Bring them to my place, good work!”

As he put his phone back on the night stand Monica moaned and turned her head up to look at her lover.

“What’s going on?” she asked. He smiled, kissing her face.

“Don’t worry about Monday, everything is okay!”

= = =

For hours there seemed to be an almost endless line of strangers walking into Jessi’s house. For hours they used her pussy, ass, and mouth. They shot load after load in her and on her. She stopped crying awhile ago. She just lay there, wishing soon they would leave or that maybe her parents would come home and call the cops.

At some point she passed out. None of the men tried to wake her as they just kept using her over and over. After awhile she came to thanks to the cool breeze and the rustling of papers. She slowly opened her eyes to see two people walk in. She wanted to scream and try to hide but she was too weak to do anything.

“Oh my god, Jessica!” he stepfather cried out as he quickly came to her side. He looked over her naked abused body. She was covered in sweat, cum, and who knows what else. He almost looked like he was going to puke just looking at her.

“What happened? Jessica talk to us!” he said desperately. Jessi’s throat was too sore to work. So many men forced her to deep throat that she felt like she wouldn’t be able to talk again! As she laid there her mother, Donna, was pulling out her cellphone to call the police till she noticed some papers lying about. She picked one up and looked at it. She read the ad then picked up another paper, the same ad.

Donna picked up several more of these left behind ads. Some had hand written notes on them that read:

“Her email states hard anal, no lube!”

“Keep door open for others.”

“Someone grab her phone and comp, doesn’t want parents to find out!”

That last hand written note made the woman look at her helpless daughter. Donna’s husband looked up at his wife, about to ask her why she wasn’t calling 911 when the woman showed him the ads and the notes.

He went from worry to anger very quickly.

= = =

Chapter 9: A slut and proud of it and other thoughts

Monday morning came and I was a ball of nerves. I know that Joe said I had nothing to worry about but still I had no idea what Jessi could be capable of! As I walked down the halls for my classes I felt people looking at me. Granted I was in a nice looking outfit but there was that nagging voice in the back of my head that nagged at me:

“They all know… she texted them all!”

But no one said anything. No one called me slut. No teachers said or did anything. I didn’t figure out what was happening till lunch time.

I almost sat at another table. I mean the football team saw me and tried to wave me over but I had to sit at my normal table. If Jessi was there maybe I could talk with her. Maybe find out what Joe may have done or what not. As I sat at the table I noticed that the two girls that I still don’t know the names of were just sitting there listless. One of them had a thing on her nose. I was about to ask her what happened when Carmen walked up to the table. She looked like a hot mess and when she saw me she looked like she was going to start crying.

“M… Monica? I… Can I sit here and talk with you?” she asked. I was still a little mad at her but I couldn’t say no. She sat across from me then looked at the other two girls.

“You two go somewhere!” she growled. One of the girls looked like she was going to say something but the one with the nose cast quickly grabbed her friend’s arm and shook her head. The two got up and left the table, leaving Carmen and I alone.

“Monica, I… I am so sorry about everything! I wanted to stop her, I tried to reason with her but she was just out of control! But I think you are in the clear now!” she said.

“Why you say that?” I asked, still kind of not trusting her.

“Something happened to her on Saturday. The police came to my house, asking me a bunch of questions about her doing internet sex stuff. Her parents came home to find her like in the middle of an orgy or something I don’t know but they pulled her out of her and sent her to some school for troubled girls.”

I sat there and tried to think back that early Saturday morning at Joe’s. The phone calls and the thing he was doing on his computer. I realize he was setting her up! I almost wanted to laugh about it but couldn’t make it look like I was involved. As I sat there Carmen looked down at the table for a moment then back to me.

“Monica… I… I want us to be friends! I really like you and I think it’s awesome that you are so smart you were able to skip a bunch of bullshit to get here! I… I know you must hate me about the prank thing but God’s honest truth I had nothing to do with the sex video or what ever crazy shit Jessi planned! If you don’t want to be friends I understand…” she said.

I looked into her eyes. I could see she meant everything. There was something about her that told me I could trust her. I couldn’t stay mad at her any more! I leaned back, looking at her and smiled.

“You know, this is the most I ever heard you say!” I joked. She blushed and looked like she was going to stand up and walk away before I grabbed her hand.

“We can be friends Carmen!” I said. Her face lit up as if I told her Santa was giving her a pony!

= = =

So the rest of the school year seems to be going okay for me. I went back to wearing my school uniforms and glasses most times. That didn’t seem to stop people from looking at me as if they would fuck me in the bathroom at a moments notice. The football team still consider me their “mascot” as I get invited back to the club house a lot. Now the baseball and basketball teams are looking to join in, seeing if I can “earn” a special jersey from them too! I can’t wait to try!

And I am still with Joe. I can not get enough of him and I know he feels the same about me! The first weekend I put on one of the uniforms he got me I swear to god he came like 30 times more than ever. Sadly he kind of ruined the uniform with cum but then again I think he likes the idea of having to buy me more!

It hasn’t been all one on one with him. He slowly been introducing me to other friends of his. For awhile I hoped one of them would be the man with the yummy cock but alas that wasn’t the case. But I did enjoy tasting many men to try to find him!

It was during one of these group fuck sessions with Joe and his buddies that I wondered something. All the men were calling me a slut as I fucked and sucked them. I didn’t really care at first but the more I heard them say it the weirder I felt. Once we were all done and lying in a naked sleeping heap on the floor I got up and went to the roof of the building. Only in my shoes I enjoyed the cool air on my body. It was late at night so no one would see me from the empty street below. As I stood there thinking to myself I heard someone come up behind me. I turned to see it was Joe.

“You okay?” he asked. I nodded.

“Yeah just thinking… Joe… am I a slut?” I asked.

He chuckled at first but then looked at me and knew I was being serious.

“Is it because of us calling you that while having sex?” he asked.

“Kind of.”

He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned into him as he caressed me.

“That was just sex talk hun. I mean people say crazy things while fucking!”

“I know,” I whispered, “but I guess I am scared about people calling me slut or whore when I am not fucking them!”

He caressed me and gave a chuckle.

“You want to know something? When a woman calls another woman a slut it’s not because she is upset about your lifestyle, she is jealous that you are getting more cock, more attention than her! I been around hun, and the women who throw the slut word around like it’s a bad thing are always the ugliest, oldest bitches that no one wants to stick anything in them!” he said as he kissed my face. I giggled but he kept going.

“And when a man would call a woman a slut. You know what kind of man does that? It is always the gross idiot who never had a chance with her or some idiot joining in on the name calling because they are trying to be some white knight for some other woman who wouldn’t fuck him with another man’s dick!”

I held him close. I felt a little better by his words. He ran his fingers up and down my back.

“Know what takes the sting out of that word?” he asked me. I shook my head no.

“Own it! If they call you a slut or whore then be proud. Tell them they are right! Throw it in their faces that you love to fuck! I think you should own it right now!” he said as he let go of me. I looked at him as he nodded towards the quiet streets before me from the roof. I smiled and walked to the edge of the building. I cleared my throat.

“I AM A SLUT AND PROUD OF IT! I LOVE TO FUCK!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. There wasn’t too much noise. There were a couple of people yelling shut up somewhere on the quiet streets. I laughed as I turned and looked at Joe, seeing his cock hard and throbbing. I turned back around.


Joe came up and grabbed me from behind, laughing as he kissed my face and neck. He pulled me away from the edge as I turned to French him. I broke the kiss and looked around, thinking he would just lay me onto the roof and fuck me but seeing it was covered in gravel, tar tile and who knows what else I thought the whole fucking on the roof thing would be a no go.

That was till he lifted me up and slide me onto his cock.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him as I rode him. His hands on my ass as he kissed me with so much passion. I loved him so much that I would be willing to fuck him any where, any time! I kept riding him, kissing him back as he grabbed my ass as he pumped in me harder and deeper. I dug my fingers into his back as I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh fuck Joe… I love you! I love you fuck meee!” I cried as he thrust harder.

“Ride me my little slut goddess! Show me how much you love my cock!” he growled. I moved my hips as he moved me up and down his member. I felt my body tighten around his dick as I came!

He kept pumping in and out of me as I coated his member in my juices. He thrust one more time, cumming into my womb. I smiled, kissing him as he kept holding me. I hung onto him as he walked us towards the door leading to the inside.

“Know what we are doing this weekend?” he asked. I smiled and nodded.

“Fucking and sucking?” I asked. He smiled and nodded.

“Of course!” he said as we walked back into his home.


= = =


1: Heather and Berry Willows

Heather sat back in bed with a smile. Berry just got done giving his wife a good hard fuck and now he was in the bathroom. Heather smiled thinking about how lovely it was that her little girl, Monica, was getting out and having fun.

She was also happy that her little girl was having sex!

Heather knew from all those weeks ago when Monica came back from her “friends” house. She knew something was up how Monica was trying to avoid her. While Monica was in the shower Heather walked into the bathroom to pick up her daughter’s clothes. When she picked up Monica’s panties she saw traces of blood and cum. Heather smiled knowing this meant her little girl was now a woman.

She wasn’t really worried about if her daughter was attacked or something. She knew her daughter would have said something. As the days went on and how Monica was asking about make up and clothes. Seeing her daughter in those sexy clothes Heather knew her little girl was exploring her sexuality. And that must have meant having a lot of sex! For several weekends Heather would see the sweat and cum stains on her clothes. She tried to figure out what is the best way of sitting her little girl down and talking to her about sex.

But it would be hard to have a serious talk when your mind is filled with some very nasty fantasies!

Every time she saw her daughter she didn’t see the bookish nerd who was so smart she was able to jump ahead in school, she saw a hot little teen getting stuffed with cock. Heather wondered who Monica was fucking. Sometimes her thoughts were of her fellow classmates and teachers. Most times Heather saw Monica with older men, strangers using her daughter’s holes!

And once in a while… one of those adults was Monica’s own father!

This wasn’t some random thing that popped up in Heather’s head. From that day she made Monica do a little fashion show for her father she saw him looking at his little girl in a different light. She wouldn’t say anything. She wanted to see either how long it would take or how far he would go before he gave in.

She knew he was getting close, he kept saying Monica’s name while in the middle of cumming!

Any other time Heather would be pissed that her hubby was saying another woman’s name, but that name being their 13 year old daughter made her ever hotter!

As he walked out of the bathroom he smiled, looking at his sexy wife.

“God damn you look good!” he said as he started to walk towards her.

“I have a question for you.” She asked. He stopped in his tracks, his cock still soft.

“Sure hun, anything.”

“What do you think about having Monica join us in the bedroom?” Heather asked, her eyes fixed on Berry’s cock.

“Wa…. What….” He stammered, trying to sound like he was coming up with some kind of reason to say no. But she saw his cock stir, growing hard before her.

“Think about her, naked in the bed, legs wide open, begging for her daddy’s big dick!” Heather continued. She knew he loved the idea, his cock was growing harder.

“Come on daddy… fuck my little pussy!” Heather said in a little girl like voice. By this point he was fully hard and throbbing.

“H… Heather… you have no idea how much I want her!” he said, crawling onto the bed, getting on top of his wife to slowly feed his dick into her wet pussy.

“M… Me too… sh… she’s been fucking! She mi… might be a little whore by now!” Heather moaned as Berry gave his wife every throbbing inch of his cock.

“Just like her mother!” He growled as he started to fuck her.

After they were done the couple had to think of some way to include their daughter into their naughty lifestyle!

= = =

2: Carmen

Monday after school Carmen was very excited. She was on cloud 9 as she got into her bedroom and lay on her bed. She was terrified by not only what Jessi was going to do but more about losing Monica.

Carmen was hardly in school on Monday when the rumors were already spreading about Jessi being removed from school! The story went anywhere from her having a drug fueled orgy with some local street gang in her house to ODing on a number of different drugs depending on who you heard the story from. Carmen only knew one thing about the whole Jessi thing:

She didn’t give a flying fuck about the crazy bitch!

She lost that friendship as soon as Jessi got that crazy “Queen of the School” idea in her head. Carmen never wanted to be the queen or in charge of anything. She just wanted to finish school and go on with her life!

Well, Carmen had that plan for her school life till Monica came into her life!

She couldn’t stop thinking about the younger teen. Even when she was dressed in the school uniform thing Carmen was having strange thoughts about her. And when she saw her naked at Jessi’s house Carmen knew that she not only fallen in love with the girl, but she was also in total lust with her!

Carmen never thought herself as gay or anything. She didn’t really date any guys and it wasn’t like other girls got her turned on but there was something about Monica that seemed to flip a switch within her! There wasn’t a moment in her day that Carmen didn’t daydream about Monica. Some of those thoughts were clean, just sweet things like kissing and touching. But a good amount was dirty!

There were many times during class when a triple X rated dream would pop up in Carmen’s mind. She saw herself between Monica’s legs, licking and lapping up her juices as she fingered her. Sometimes Monica would be returning the favor to her or maybe they would be sharing a toy or two! Carmen would have to quickly rush to the bathroom to take care of herself.

On Friday night when she told off Jessi and got out of the girl’s car she ran on the dark dirt road. She had to run barefoot because the shoes she decided to wear would have turned her ankles into broken mess. By the time she got back to the Clubhouse she tried to get back inside but found the door was locked.

During her run her mind was filled with horrible scenes of Monica being pinned down by the football team as they gang rape her! She could see the girl screaming, begging for help as the stronger boys use and abuse her. As Carmen tried the door she ran to the side of the building. Seeing a window she thought about breaking it with a rock and yelling about how she called the police. She figured doing that would somehow save the girl.

As she got to the window she tried to find a rock big enough to do damage. She looked though the dirty window to see what was happening. She was almost too scared to look in. But what she saw wasn’t a horrifying gang rape.

She saw Monica moaning, loving the hard cock the boys were giving her one at a time!

Carmen stood there and watched. She could see the girl’s perfect pale body as she moved her hips, kissing the boy as he pumped in and out of her. The other boys standing around, some looking spent while others waited their turns. Carmen’s mouth waters as she wished she could be in there next to Monica, sucking her breasts as she was being stuffed with cock. Carmen herself wouldn’t want any of those boys to fuck her but if that would make Monica love her then she would endure the boys using her as well!

But the longer she stood there watching the more she only wanted it to be her and Monica! She wanted to lick the sweat and cum off her goddess! She wanted to show the young black haired girl how much she meant to her! At some point Carmen lost her clothes. She leaned on the wall, franticly fingering herself as she watched Monica cum over and over by these boys! When the boys had one on one time with Monica the older girl wanted to watch that as well but there was no windows for that room. Carmen had to dress in the dark as she waited for Monica to finish.

Now in her room Carman was once again naked. She worked three fingers in and out of her pussy as she kept moaning Monica’s name. She was so glad her parents were still at work because right now she was being very loud!

“OHHH GOD MONICA! I NEED YOU! PLEASE MAKE ME… CUUUUMMM!” the beautiful Hispanic girl screamed as she came very hard!

She was so happy Monica wanted to remain friends with her… but now she had to think of a way to make the girl her lover! As she lay in bed she looked up at the ceiling and tried to think of a hundred different ways of telling the girl how she felt!

= = =

3: Roger Jordan

It took Roger some time to get to his parents place. Two weeks ago his dad called him on Sunday morning and told him something happened to Jessi and she would be going away for a while. His dad wouldn’t go into to much detail but when the young man offered to leave school to come home his dad told him it could wait.

But it’s hard to do school work when you have some heavy family shit on your mind, especially when it seemed to be some kind of secret or something! When he got the chance he made his way home. He needed answers. He didn’t care if Jessi was only his step sister she was still family to him!

When he got home it seemed like he missed his dad. His father went away on a business trip for a month, leaving his wife Donna home alone! She welcomed him in with a great big, tight hug and told him he didn’t have to come home and everything was okay. Roger wasn’t having that! He told the woman how the last several weeks he couldn’t do his class work because of the call he got from his father.

Donna sighed and told Roger about what happened, about coming home to find Jessi on the floor covered in god knows what and all the left behind internet ads Jessi must have made for some men to come and fuck her. Roger sat there in disbelief.

“Are you sure the ads were real?” he asked. Donna shrugged.

“I don’t know. Her computer and phone were stolen. One of the notes said to steal them. When I went to the site address the ad was gone.”

Roger sat there and shook his head. Donna smiled at him.

“Don’t worry about it. Your father and I took her to a special place to get the help she needs. I… I need to ask you something.”

Roger looked up at her.

“Sure, shoot.” He said. Donna leaned back in her seat and looked the young man over for a moment before talking again.

“Did you have sex with Jessi at any time?”

Roger shook his head.

“No way. She may have been my stepsister but she was still my sister. Besides she isn’t my type anyways!” he answered.

“And what is your type?” she asked. He blushed.

“Well… um…” he stammered. Donna leaned forward, letting Roger see her ample cleavage.

“Am I your type?” she asked with the most sinfully evil smirk on her face. He swallowed nervously.

“M… maybe…” he replied, adjusting himself to hide the hard on forming in his jeans.

“I’ll let you in on a secret. Young guys have always gotten me wet.” She moaned, licking her lips looking at him.

“And between you and me… there are many young teen boys I helped usher into manhood while your father was away on business!”

Roger sat there in shock. He should have been pissed that this woman just admitted to cheating on his father! But she was too hot to yell at and he was getting way to horny to care.

“Never thought about ushering me?” he asked.

“Plenty of times. I wanted you to make the first move.” She said.

“Better late than never!” he replied as he got up from his seat, walked over to his stepmother and kissed her deeply. Her tongue entered his mouth as she pulled his fly down and freed his throbbing cock.

“Mmm just how I thought you would be!” she moaned as she stroked his member. He smiled, reaching for her shirt and tearing it open, letting her braless breast spill out. She leaned back, letting him get a good look at her tits.

“You don’t know how often I jerked off thinking of you, wanting to fuck you!” he said, quickly getting his clothes off.

“We have a lot of lost time to catch up on don’t we?” she said as she peeled off her pants and panties, letting him see her pussy.

She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. For the entire week he was there he made sure to live out all his nasty dreams on her!

= = =

4: Jessi

Jessi stood in a line up with a group of other girls. It was all bullshit! It was bullshit that her parents didn’t believe her that she didn’t make up that ad! It was bullshit that they pulled her out of school. And it was total bullshit that they sent her to this place.

The place was St. Mary’s Place for Troubled Girls. A huge castle looking place in the middle of no where!

Jessi stood there with these other girls. These other girls looked to be from all walks of life the stuck up Jessi never wanted to be around. The girl to her left smelled like someone found her in the sewer and seeing the trail of needle marks on her arms Jessi didn’t doubt she was far from the truth. To her right a weeping girl who looked to be several months pregnant.

“I don’t belong here!” Jessi said to herself. An older girl who looked like she been here for a long time heard her and laughed.

“Oh la de da! We got another girl who is too good to be here!” the older, rougher looking girl said as she walked up and got into Jessi’s face. Jessi tried to show no fear in front of the girl.

“No one belongs here bitch! I’m going to make sure you are my rommie… break you in real good!” the rough girl said, looking Jessi up and down. Before Jessi could respond the side door opened and several nuns walked in. One of them saw the fight that could happen.

“Enough! Back away from her Dawn.” The nun commanded. The rough girl took a step back, but still looking at Jessi. She was still giving Jessi a mean “I’m going to get you” look until a stern nun in a special looking nun outfit suddenly grabbed a handful of Dawn’s hair and pulled her back. Dawn had a mixed look of pain and fear as she saw who was pulling her hair.

“When one of my sisters tells you to back off Dawn you know they mean to walk away, don’t you?” The stern but beautiful woman said, pulling the girl’s hair hard. Dawn had tears in her eyes.

“I… I’m sorry Mother Monica. Please forgive me!” the teen cried.

“Monica… it was her that sent me here!” Jessi thought to herself.

It had to be that little nerd cunt! That little wetback traitor Carmen told her what was going to happen on Monday so the nerd hacked the internet and cause those men to rape her! Oh when Jessi got out of here there would be trouble!

As Jessi stood there, hands balled into fist Mother Monica looked over the other girls. She came upon the crying pregnant girl. She lovingly caressed the girl’s face.

“You poor thing. Sister Erin, please take her to the delicate girls section.”

A younger nun stepped forwards and nodded.

“Yes Mother Superior.” The young nun said before taking the crying girl’s hand. The girl cried harder, hugging the nun and whimpering something.

“It’s okay. You’re safe now.” The young woman said while walking her out of the area.

Mother Monica walked pass Jessi and looked at the dirty druggy girl. The girl herself looked like she had no idea where she was at.

“Sister Holly… do… something with this.” the woman said. Sister Holly was a much older, gruffer looking nun. She nodded as she and another nun walked over to the druggy girl. The older woman grabbed the druggy’s arm roughly.

“You get sick on me girlie… you are in a world of hurt!” she growled as they dragged the druggy to another areas of the large school.

The only ones left were Jessi, the Mother Superior, and another young looking nun who held a clipboard. Mother Monica looks at Jessi. The teen didn’t look at her at first but when she did she was taken back some.

Mother Monica had a beautiful pale face with the most beautiful green eyes and a pair of round frame glasses. Jessi couldn’t see her hair due to the habit she wore or tell what kind of body she had due to the rest of the outfit. The woman looked over Jessi sternly.

“I don’t belong here!” Jessi growled. Mother Monica stood there, a look of indifference on her face.

“Is that so? Why is this one here?” She asked the nun next to her. Jessi was about to speak but the look the two nuns gave her silenced her quickly.

“Jessica Jordan. 16 years old. Hosted a bit of an orgy at her house while her parents were away. Parents brought her here in fear of her being a nympho.” The younger nun said looking at the clipboard.

“Lies! I didn’t hold no orgy! I was gang raped by some assholes because this bitch…” Jessi started to yell until Mother Monica back handed her across the face.

“No need to yell child.” Mother Monica said in a calm voice. Jessi grabbed her sore face and looked at the woman who struck her.

“Y… you can’t do that!” Jessi said, holding back tears. The younger nun narrowed her eyes.

“Give any more lip child and you will be begging Mother Monica for forgiveness!” the younger nun growled. Mother Monica placed her hand on the nun’s shoulder.

“Calm down Sister Autumn. I will hear this child out in my office. She may be a special case.” Mother Monica said. Sister Autumn looked at her superior and gave her a small knowing smile.

“Of course Mother Monica. I will leave this one to you.” Sister Autumn said before walking away.

“Come with me Jessica. I feel you have much to say.” Mother Monica said as she led the girl into the house.

Inside the place was buzzing with activity. Girls of all ages wearing the same drab looking gray outfits. Some were cleaning while other did things that Jessi couldn’t figure out. Mother Monica led the teen up to the top floor and into an office/bedroom. Mother Monica walked around her desk and sat down. Jessi was about to take a seat in front of the desk when Mother Monica stopped her.

“You do not have permission to sit. You may stand there and state your case!” The older woman said.

“For real? Not going to let me sit? You have to be kidding!” Jessi said looking at the woman.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” Mother Monica replied with the sternest look the teen had ever seen.

Jessi sighed and went on to tell the Mother Superior her version of what happened. Granted she didn’t really talk about how she made her stepbrother fuck an underage girl, or how she drugged same girl to be gang banged in a club, or how she tried to whore the girl on the street as a “prank”. Jessi knew she had to make herself sound somewhat innocent! As Jessi finished her version of the truth she looked at the woman before her.

Mother Monica stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. She looked the girl over a couple of times.

“Get your clothes off.” She said to the girl with no emotion.

“E…excuse me?” Jessi said stunned. Mother Monica walked up to Jessi and back handed her across the face.

“You will learn quickly that I do not repeat myself. Now… remove your clothes!” The nun demanded. Jessi whimpered at the pain on her face as she started to remove the t-shirt and sweatpants she wore. Soon the teen was only in her bra and panties.

“All of it!” Mother Monica demanded. Jessi started to cry as she removed her bra and panties. As she stood there the nun walked around, looking at the now naked girl.

“Very nice… very nice indeed.” She said as she got back around to the front of Jessi. She gave a mean smile as she started to remove her habit, freeing her long pitch black hair.

“I am telling you this now so you may get it though your head. I don’t care if you were the neighborhood cum dumpster or framed by some massive government conspiracy, as soon as you came to my home that marks you as mine to do with as I please!” Mother Monica said as she started to undress.

Jessi shook in fear as the woman removed her robes to show the girl her beautiful fit body. Her breast were a good D cup and were hidden away in a black lacy bra. As she pulled off the rest of her outfit Mother Monica showed she was wearing matching black lacy panties and garter set. Jessi whimpered as the woman’s high heels clicked on the stone floor, echoing though out the room. Mother Monica grabbed Jessi’s chin and force the girl to look at her.

“You are mine now you little bitch! My special little pet!” the nun said with an evil smirk.

= = =

A month after being sent to the special home Jessi’s parents received a note from their daughter:

Dearest Mother and Father,

I am sending this letter to you as both a thanks and as an apology. I know my time with you filled you with sadness and seeing me at my most sinful must have broken your hearts. I am sorry to put you both though that and I thank you for not turning me away but sending me here to see the error of my ways!

Mother Monica has made it her mission to show me the right way to live my life and I feel truly blessed that God had brought me to her! She has shown me what my true path in life is!

At this point I must say with a heavy heart I won’t be coming home for summer break. I am learning so much here that I feel that I could catch up on so much schooling. I admit I wasn’t the best student in school before coming here as I was more worried about vanity and sex than my education. I do hope you understand and I promise you I will be home for Christmas break!

I do hope you both and Roger are doing well and I will write again soon!



= = =

Mother Monica sat at her desk, looking over the letter Jessi’s parents sent her. She smiled and nodded and she skimmed through it.

“Your parents miss you very much. Even though you won’t be home this summer they know you are in good hands.” Mother Monica said as she placed the note on her desk before looking below it.

Mother Monica had nothing on below the desk, making it easy access for Jessi to burry her teenage tongue deep in the nun’s pussy. It hardly took Jessi a month, really almost her first night at the house for her to learn her place.

And that was between her lovers legs!

She lapped at Mother Monica’s pussy, loving every drop. It only took a couple slaps of Mother Monica for Jessi to learn not to say no to her. From that night on Jessi went by her normal name Jessica. She was also told she was not aloud to wear clothes or leave Mother Monica’s room. The more Mother Monica used her the more Jessica’s mind bent. After two weeks there was no more thoughts of escape or revenge on Monica or Carmen. The only Monica that was on Jessica’s mind was Mother Monica and the only thing she needed to do was please the older woman.

Jessica would never realize that Mother Monica looked like what nerd girl Monica would look like when she would get older!


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