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by Robin Pentecost


On the plane I remember how we met William that night in the hotel disco when you had made me wear a see-through blouse and no bra or panties. I used to love doing that because it made you happy and made me horny when men looked at my body and when we went home you would fuck me for hours. When you agreed we would go upstairs with William, I was amazed at how excited it made me, how quickly I felt myself getting wet, how badly I wanted it.

Looking out the window of the airplane, I think about how you both stripped me and how you fucked me first, there on the bed, and then William put his huge cock into me. Even though I was swimming with your come, he spread me in a way I had never known. We spent all night like that, and I don't remember how many times he put that wonderful thing in my cunt - indeed, both of you, and - marvelously - both of you inside me at once.

I wear an old jump suit I haven't used for years; Eddie suggested it. It zips down the front and, as William instructed, I am wearing nothing under it. The man sitting next to me looks into the opening where I have let the zipper rest far down between my breasts. My pussy is wet with anticipation.

When I get to the hotel, William opens the door, and smiles at me. When he has kissed me, he looks in my eyes and says, "Strip." I pull the zipper down to the bottom and let the whole thing fall on the floor. "Fuck me," I say.

It is a suite, and I go to the table in the corner of the living room and sit on it, spreading my legs. He comes and stands in front of me and I pull down his pants, pulling his dick out and bringing it close to me. I make him take my legs in his hands, and I rub his cock all over my pussy, watching how it spreads me, slipping the head in and out of my cunt, feeling the almost-pain of being spread by it. But then he says, "That's enough," and thrusts into me, hitting my back wall and making me howl with the sensation. And he fucks me while I watch his cock slide in and out, watching my lips convulse around it.

He makes me lean back on the table while he bites my nipples. He fucks me with his big dick, and I love it, even while I think about how it feels when Eddie fucks me. He fucks me until I come, and he keeps on fucking me until he comes. I just sit there and feel him pumping into me and loving it.

"Get dressed," he says, and I put my jump suit back on, feeling his come run down my thigh. We go out of the hotel; in the taxi, I rub the juices off my thigh with the material of the jump suit. He takes me from one store to another, buying clothes he chooses for me. His choices are excellent, the best quality; the sales people seem to know him and know what he wants. There is a navy blue wool double-breasted suit, a blouse you can see through in the right light or if I press it against my breast just so, a skirt with lots of buttons, stay-up, thigh-high stockings, two pairs of shoes and nothing else.

He tells me to wear the blouse and skirt, leaving most of the skirt buttons undone, and we go to an expensive restaurant where he is known and the food is wonderful. When we are seated, he says, "Undo four buttons on your shirt". I do, and it leaves the inner slopes of my breasts visible. Before we get up to leave, he says, "Undo all the buttons on your skirt, except the top one". I walk out of the restaurant with my breasts almost visible and my right leg bare to the waist.

At the hotel, William takes me to our room and removes my clothes in the living room. He pours wine for us both, gives me a glass, but tells me to remain standing where I am, beside the mirror that shows my naked body.

He says, "These are the rules for the rest of the time you are here. You will wear what I tell you, and nothing else. If I tell you to take something off, you will do so, immediately. We will be meeting a number of people I do business with, and you will say nothing unless you are asked. They will think you are my mistress, and you will behave as though that is all you are, and you will do exactly as I tell you. Is that clear?"

I nodded my head.

"Say it," he demanded quietly, "tell me you agree."

I said, "I am your mistress. I will do as you say, no matter what." I felt wetness begin to seep down the inside of my thigh.

He fucked me again this morning. Before breakfast and again after. Bent over the breakfast cart, his big cock spreading my anus; the intensity of the sensation, the spreading, the invasion making me growl in my throat like an animal. My orgasm made me weep with joy.

I am surprised when William tells me to shower again, to wash my pussy and my asshole and make sure I am - "spotless" he said. I am to wear the suit, stockings and the shoes that go with it. He is wearing a blue business suit, and we are a matched pair.

It is late when we leave the hotel but we stop at a jewelry store, and he buys a necklace that he fastens around my neck, against my naked chest. The vee of my jacket ends deep in the valley of my breasts; the cleft is fully visible. The necklace is a gold chain with a deep red, facetted pendant that hangs just a little below where the cleft begins, cradled between the beginnings of my tits.

We arrive at an office building by about eleven and are met by a very pretty woman whose suit probably cost as much as the one I am wearing. William calls her Elaine, and she is lovely. She looks at me, once when William's attention is elsewhere, with a hungry look that makes me shiver. She shows us into her boss's office.

Hervé is tall, slightly gray and very handsome. He meets William with a warm handshake and cheerful pleasantries. He meets me with a handshake and a look that leaves me naked. My knees turn to jelly; the lips of my sex swell.

The two men sit at Hervé's desk, going over a contract, discussing each page of a draft. I sit in an armchair next to William and watch, now and then feeling Hervé's glance slide across my chest and into my jacket, or up my throat to my face. It makes me feel warm, especially in the crotch, and my mind wanders back to being fucked on the breakfast cart.

Then, suddenly, the meeting is over. Hervé says, "I'll have this re-done while we're at lunch," and we are heading out the door. Hervé tells Elaine to attend to the contract, leaving directions for what is to be done. As he talks to her, I look at her breasts beneath her blouse and wonder what they look like, what they feel like.

At the restaurant, the two men sit on the banquette, placing me in front of them where they can look at me with their hungry eyes. I am quickly wet with desire, and I move to show as much of my breasts as I can without attracting attention. William looks at me with approval, nods slightly as I reveal the slope of my right breast, though still concealing the nipple. I play with the chain of the pendant, hoisting it up and down the space between my tits like a target for the eyes of the two men. We eat sumptuous food and return to the office.

Elaine is at her post, explains that she has placed the new contract on the desk. We begin to take the same positions as before when Hervé stops before his swivel chair, looks at us both and removes his beautifully fitted suit jacket, hangs it over the back of his big leather chair. He looks at William, who removes his jacket, places it over the back of his chair and looks at me. It is clear what is expected. I take off my jacket, place it over the back of my chair, and sit down. The necklace hangs between my breasts - warmed by them. My nipples are erect and I sit straight-backed so they point directly at Hervé's eyes.


For the next half-hour, the two men go over the papers again, initialing each page. Hervé looks at my breasts after each page - absently, as though reminding himself that the view is still there. His casual lust excites me and I clench my thighs around my cunt every time I feel his gaze.

Hervé says to me, looking at my eyes for the first time since lunch, "We will want you to witness our signatures."

"Of course," I say. My words are perhaps the sixth or seventh words I have spoken since we first came to the building. I watch as the men sign their names to the document then, at a gesture from Hervé go around the desk beside his chair and lean forward to sign my name as witness. I feel his breath on my rib cage, and when I have finished writing, his hand brushes the swell of my breast, only inches above the desk. William looks at me and smiles. I would smile back, but I am too aroused to move. I am frozen in my position, my breasts suspended above the sheets of legal paper.

Hervé's hand grasps me gently as his other hand presses a switch. Elanie's voice responds. Hervé says, "Elaine, please tell Mitzi that we would like to celebrate with some champagne." Elaine's response is immediate, "Of course, Hervé. She'll be right in."

I regain my volition, somehow, and turn to Hervé, touch his cheek briefly, bend to brush his lips with mine, and return toward my chair. William has risen from his chair, smiling and approaches me. He puts his hand in the center of my back above the waist-band of my skirt.

"I hope we will have a very long relationship, Hervé," he says, his hand fumbling with the button.

I step forward, away from William's hand, watching Hervé's cool eyes and reaching behind to undo the button myself - men simply aren't good at such things. The movement thrusts my breasts forward. Hervé smiles.

As my skirt falls to the floor, a door I have not noticed opens and Elaine walks in - her Mitzi persona. She is naked except for her heels - gorgeous, lush body - and carries a tray with glasses and an open bottle of champagne. Her eyes rake me from head to toe, her lips curving in a sensual smile. She places the tray on the desk in front of William and begins pouring. William steps to her side, his hand caressing her back, her buttocks. She glances at him briefly as she pours, and smiles.

I pick up my skirt, throw it over the arm of my chair, and go to stand beside Hervé's chair, my legs carefully separated so my cunt is open for his hand or for whatever he wants to do with it. I clasp my hands behind my back to make my breasts stand forth. He looks at me long and carefully. "Thank you, my dear. You are quite lovely." His hand caresses my buttock, draws me forward so his lips can brush the skin around my navel while his other hand slips between the folds of my pussy, gathering moisture. I feel goose bumps as I tingle to his touch.

Elaine has removed William's shirt and is working on his belt and pants. His hands are busy on her body. I lean forward, pushing Hervé's shoulders until he is far enough back to kiss my breasts, his hand rising from my crotch to fondle them. I feel the coolness of my moisture as he spreads it on my nipple. Then, I urge him upward, so I can begin undressing him.

I had wondered why there are two couches in the office. Now, Hervé, naked, presses me down on one, while William drapes Elaine over the back of the other, preparing to enter her from behind. Her breasts hang beautifully from her chest, and she watches as Hervé slides his cock into my cunt. I am watching, too, my head raised on the leather-covered arm of the couch. I watch carefully between my breasts as Hervé's rigid member spreads my lips and slides inside, and I feel the wonder of a new, strange cock inside me. I hear Elaine moan as William's big dick spreads her.

Hervé fucks me for more than a half-hour. When it seems to have gone on a long time, I look at the clock, then again later, when he comes. He fucks me hard and fast until I come, then he fucks me slowly until I come again. He puts me on top of him, and I fuck him every way I can think of until I make him come like a fountain inside my cunt, flooding my pussy with our sensations and his come and my ecstasy.

William has fucked Elaine's ass and, when I finally finish with Hervé he is fucking her on the couch, missionary style. She is writhing and moaning and humping him. She is loving it just as I have.

Soon, Hervè shrinks and slips out of me. I kiss him and walk across the office, bringing back the tray of glasses, serving Hervé and, once their passion has subsided, William and Elaine. I sit beside Hervé, his arm around my shoulder, his hand holding my breast, my hand on his cock, spreading our fluids across our thighs while we watch the other two recover.

Her wine half gone, Elaine rises, comes to sit beside me. She takes the glass from my hand and pulls me to her, kissing me deeply, her tongue invading my lips. I have never kissed a woman, but it is easy and feels wonderful. I feel her breasts against mine and throw my arms around her and my soul into the embrace. She shows me the wonder of her body, takes me as fully as William took her. We feast on each other's breasts, we submerge our faces in each other's cunts, licking and kissing and gently biting until we erupt again.

The men have moved away, leaving us the couch for our play, watching us until we are finished and they are erect again. Then they come to us for more.

When we leave the office, we are dressed as before; we have donned our roles as well as our clothes. I long to kiss Elaine, but in the real-world outer office we shake hands instead.

Hervé says to William, "We are having a party tomorrow night at my home. Perhaps you will come?" William agrees, and Hervé adds, "You will want to visit my sister's boutique tomorrow to find something to wear." It is clear he means something for me to wear, but he has never mentioned my name, hardly spoken to me, even though he has used my body as though I am his property. I suppose I am. The thought is not unpleasant, nor the feelings.

We leave the building; it is dusk and my cunt is dripping juices down my leg. In the taxi, I thrust a tissue in my crotch, but William pulls it out. I feel the wetness all the way back to the hotel. Walking to the elevator something oozes along my thigh. In the elevator, I reach beneath and wipe it with my hand. I turn and rub my palm on William's face. He smiles.

I wear the suit to visit the boutique. The store is elegant, quiet. A small front room with a few expensive clothes on display. Hervé's sister is Madeline, almost a twin. Her dress is simple, covers a fine body, concealing, but somehow revealing.

We go in back to a larger room with Empire couches and chairs. She looks at me, smiles perfunctorily. "Please remove your clothes," she says. I am only surprised that she says "please". I take off my suit. "The stockings, too, please," she says, watching. I do not bother to put my shoes back on.

Madeline's gaze is critical, thorough. She makes me turn my back to her, bend forward. I know she is inspecting my pussy, my asshole. When I stand again, facing her, she smiles a little more like a human being. "You have a fine body," she says, "I think I have something suitable."

Madeline leaves me standing naked in the center of the room. The pier glasses spaced around the sides reflect my buttocks, my breasts, my pussy, William seated on a chair. In a moment Madeline reappears, followed by a young woman assistant, a small woman with a good body, carrying something white on her arm. She comes to me, assesses my body and holds up a length of material. I must bend a little for her to place it around my neck. It is fine, sheer, hangs over my breasts without obscuring the darkness of my aureoles or my nipples, only shading the outlines. She comes forward, reaching behind me with the material, tying something at the top of my ass; I can feel something tickle me between the cheeks. Her breasts brush mine, her breath is warm and sweet on my chest and it is all I can do not to embrace her. When she steps back, I can see her cheeks are flushed, and I wish I had obeyed the impulse.

The dress - I suppose it is a dress - hangs from my neck, mostly covers my breasts - the swell at the sides is open to the touch. There is a skirt that hangs to the ankle and is tied around the waist with a ribbon. I look in a mirror and see that the material does not reach all the way around in back: my buttocks are mostly covered, the crack is completely bare, only the ridiculous ribbon dangling between my cheeks. I move and realize there is a split in the front, and when I walk across the room, my thighs and my pussy are bare. I walk past William, around the room, looking in the mirrors and turn to Madeline with a grin that almost splits my cheeks.

"I like it, I'll take it."

Madeline chuckles, a surprise. "You will need something on your feet," she says, "Sophie will help you with it." She gestures to the assistant, who leads me through the curtain into another, similar space. Sophie turns to me. "You are lovely in that. It is my own design." I go to her and kiss her lips. I feel her unfasten the ribbon at my back and I begin undressing her - in haste to find her skin, her wetness. Somewhere, in the other room, I hear the sound women make when William thrusts that cock of his into them.

Before we leave, William buys me another dress, also a creation of Sophie's, who brings it to me without bothering to dress. It is long-sleeved, but ends far above my knees, the fabric thin but opaque, and endowed with permanent static cling. It is nowhere tight. Instead, it moulds itself to my breasts, my tummy, my groin, insinuates into the crack of my butt and I look more naked than ever. I kiss Sophie again, dipping my fingers in her sex so I can taste her on them as we drive back to the hotel. I am still wearing this dress.

In the living room, I walk about, getting used to the dress. The neckline drops in a square that just misses my aureoles. I practice moving so that the rosy edges appear when I wish, my breasts moving, swaying as I walk. I find the clinging character of the fabric means that the skirt barely covers my buns. William will not let me touch the dress to pull it down, so I must learn how to walk, move and bend without showing more of my ass, my pussy, than I want to. This is a moving boundary for me, and I walk and tease until William throws me to the floor and thrusts into me and I burst with fire.

William dresses in a tuxedo. I wear Sophie's creation with the pair of scanty, gilt-leather, thong sandals she found for me after we made love on the carpet in the middle of that showroom. William puts his raincoat over me as we go down the elevator and across the lobby, but in the taxi, he removes it, letting the driver watch my body with one eye. At the villa, we get out and walk up the steps to the door. Another couple arrives behind us, the man also in a tuxedo, the woman as briefly clad as I.

The door is opened by a servant and Hervé greets us, Madeline beside him, her fine body completely on display in another erotic creation. She beckons me, kisses me and runs her fingertips down my exposed crack. We roam through the rooms on the ground floor, wander around the garden, noticing a bare leg wriggling from one of the arbors.

Every one of the women I see displays her body, flaunts her sex. Every one of them, were they dressed differently, would appear to be normal, attractive, wealthy women - some are in their fifties, none has a less then gorgeous body.

We are given drinks from trays passed by the staff, begin talking with people we meet. William finds an acquaintance, introduces me. The man presents his companion; brown short hair, deeply tanned body. She wears a gold lamé bra - hardly more than ribbons covering the nipples of her melon-like breasts. Her slinky lamé skirt is chained from her hips, covers most of her bush and her butt, the gap at the front of one pretty leg exposing hip and thigh. The fold of her groin leads down toward where there are wisps of darker hair.

She looks me over, "That's one of Sophie's outfits, isn't it?" she says. The men are trading comments; she turns me to one side. "This is your first time here. Do you know what to expect?" I say to her, gratefully, "Thank you for asking. Yes, I think so."

I feel someone's hand run along the naked crack of my ass. I move toward it but it is not there long enough.

The woman smells very warm and toasty, so I add, "I hope you and I can get together later. I think it would be fun; you smell delicious." She moves closer. "How did Sophie taste when you got that?"

"Lavender," I say, feeling warm.

"You're blushing," she says, surprised. I tell her that I am deeply aroused. She reaches up and takes my breast in her hand and kisses me. "Come," she says, and we slip into a large bathroom. When the door is closed, her hand dips into my cunt and I reach for hers, our fingers dipping into the wetness, rubbing the other's clit. We come quickly and hug. She murmurs, "You're not supposed to start before the staff leaves, but no one pays too much attention."

A chime rings for dinner, and we all sit at tables while the staff serve fine food and wine. I do not see William and the hands of the men on either side explore my thighs and breasts as I eat hungrily. When the meal is over, we leave the table, begin mingling with other things on our minds, and the staff leaves. I see a woman, her skirt already abandoned, drop a man's pants. She holds his cock and, throwing her leg around him, fucks herself onto him.

Someone pulls on the ribbon at the top of my cleft, but I reach behind to stop him. I bend over and a cock slides into my dripping cunt, then into my ass. As I feel the wondrous sensation of cock in my rectum, I watch the other people beginning their sex play and never know who it is behind me.

The woman in the gold skirt finds me, resting, and spreads the lips of my cunt so her companion can slide his cock into me. I love it, and she sits on my face so I can suck the strange juices out of her and tickle her clit with my tongue as the man shakes me with his thrusts.

Madeline, naked, finds me. She takes me in a sixty-nine. Hervé arrives, drives his cock into my cunt above her nose, then fucks her ass while I eat her.

On the way to the hotel, William tells me to play with myself in the back seat of the taxi, where the driver can see me. My orgasm is deep and fast. I am exhausted, but feel that every sensitive place on my body is active, merely waiting to be triggered. Again.

"What is the dress for?" I ask.

"Tomorrow night, we are going to a birthday party for a man I know. You will wear the dress. You are his present."

I think about that, finally asking, "How many will there be?"

William runs his hand up my thigh, sticky with the juices of dozens of lovers. "I'm not sure," he says. "Not more than eight or ten." I pull his hand into my cunt and rub it on me until I come again.

I find condoms in William's shaving kit, so I call for breakfast. The cart is brought by a man, and I roll a condom onto his cock and make him fuck me on the table, like that first time.

I am pouring coffee when William comes from the bedroom. I pour for him, and he drinks eagerly.

"You were fucking the waiter," he says.

"I never promised not to," I reply.

"I just meant, you're not really a submissive."

"I'm not, but I promised …"

"I know …" He waves my words away. "Hervé spoke to me last night. Said he and Madeline enjoyed having you. We'll be asked again."

I feel myself getting hot again. "Madeline, is she …"

"His sister. They live together. The parties are about every two months."

I take his cock in my hand. "You are not allowed to go without me. Come. I am going to fuck you. I'll be submissive later."

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