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Kim couldn't believe her ears: that man, in a sophisticated Victorian suit, just proposed her husband to buy her!

Kim 1

"But she's not a slave, my dear fried" John said.

The man smirked, looking directly at John.
"Every married woman is already a slave. I daresay that every woman is potentially a slave, they just don't know it yet"
Kim had the clear impression he was talking by experience.

"It takes intelligence and courage for a woman to avoid slavery. But your wife seems quite passive and really not so bright."
He finally looked at her, smiling condescendingly "A nice piece of meat, but nothing more"

Kim was outraged! How dared that scumbag to be talking like that in front of her, as if she was an object.

She tensed, about to shout at him but his husband stopped her, one hand on her shoulder
"Please, my dear, do not interfere. This is not a matter where your opinion counts, not in the slightest"
His tone was warm, as usual, it took her a moment to realize.
"What's he talking about?" she thought, raising her eyebrow. But she nodded and obeyed nonetheless.

"A piece of meat: so this is what you intend to do? To cook her?"
John seemed to be humoring that nut-job... or so Kim hoped.

"A woman is such a soft thing, it's meant to be cooked and carved. After she has suffered. A lot."
The man was almost charming, in his bluntness.

"The only true destiny for these beautiful animals is to entertain us with their sufferings and their meat."

Kim was slightly trembling at the predatory feelings she was receiving from him and her red dress, with such a deep neckline and under which she was nude, made her feel too exposed.

Kim 2 Kim 3

"I will make her suffer." He was so cold when he looked at her, transfixed by the cruelty and the certainty of his intentions.
"I will hang her from meat hooks in her shoulders and I will skin her alive, cutting pieces out of her body and cooking them right away so that she can watch how much we enjoy her meat while she's bleeding and suffering."
He smiled cruelly "If she begs hard enough, I could even allow her a taste of her own cooked flesh, before I cut off her tongue for good."

Kim couldn't believe it, he was a psychopathic! How could he plan to do such horrible things to a human being? To HER, for god's sake!

She was so astonished by his brutality that at first she didn't react when John said:
"Ok, let's discuss her price"

"What?! John, are you kidding? Because it's not funny at all" she almost shouted.

"No, dearest, I'm not kidding. His idea is nice and I'll go along with it. We only need to agree on how much your life and your sufferings are worth" he calmly replied.

"But... but I'm not a slave. Darling, you can't possibly be considering selling me to such a monster..."
She started pleading with a little whine
"Have you heard what he planed to do? He's a psychopath!"

At the excited stare of her husband, she felt her despair grow, she was almost crying.
"Yes, I heard. And don't worry, you'll be a slave in a few minutes, I'm calling a slaver right now."
Her hopes were quickly crumbling.
"By the way, it's his wicked plan", continued John "that convinced me to agree to all this: I really desire to see you suffer, I'm so excited about it."

He looked her straight in her eyes
"I'm not sure why, I still love you, but at the same time the idea of humiliating, hurting you is incredibly exciting."

She was appalled, he never before admitted to wanting something like that.

"Even more" he rose and motioned for her to do the same "I've always wondered what your tits would taste like"
Appalled to that revelation, she didn't react when he undid the knot of her dress on her neck thus making it fall in a heap at her feet. She was left there, nude save for her red stockings and her short heels, with no underwear as this was meant to be a romantic dinner to be followed by sexy time afterwards.

Kim 4 Kim 5

She started to flush as she was in plain view of every patron in the restaurant, most of which were quite interested in the unfolding of events.

Kim 6

She tried to cover herself up but John stopped her hands and put them on the cusp of her head.

Kim 7

Then he spun her around and started squeezing her firm breasts from behind until, with a slight push of his knee, he forced her feet wide and her legs open.

Kim 8

The other man has been watching all that with a smile on his face. He came in front of her naked form and looked her directly in the eyes.
"A really neat piece of meat, I'm ready to give you 3000$ for her life"
Then, to her stunned surprise, he started exploring her crotch with his gloved hand, penetrating her pussy forcefully with two fingers.

"No, I changed my mind, I'm not selling her to you." For just a second John's words made her think this was all a practical joke.
But her hopes were soon to be crushed "I'm providing her for free as long as you let me participate in the process, partake her meat and give me a copy of the recording I'm sure you are going to take."

The man looked at John and smiled, a little surprised "Ah, of course, my young friend, that can be arranged."

"I also want her head stuffed and mounted on a plaque as a keepsake of her past life." He grinned, caressing her neck and smoothing her hair like he always loved to do.
"Do you think" he asked the other man "that there's a way of preserving this tattoo?" He pointed to her the apex of her pubic mound where she had a small clover leaf tattooed. "I've always liked it." She felt a shiver run from the point where his hand where touching her skin.

"Well" the other man pondered "I'm sure a good taxidermist should be able to salvage it, as long as you get the surrounding piece of meat safely detached"
John nodded, "I believe it would be better to do while she's still alive, and freeze the meat immediately..."

She kept shaking her head, still unable to really understand how her life could possibly have changed so much so fast. But the most frightening thing of all was the tone, the practical tone with which they were negotiating the way they were going to butcher her, to end her life and destroy her body, like if she was some object.

Suddenly, John hugged her, and she could feel his erection through his pants. He kissed her sweetly and with a smile added
"All in all, I reckon it's a beautiful way to end your life."

The reality of it all hit her like a mallet. She started sobbing "You're serious! I'm going to die, tonight, between torments. And you're going to cook me and eat me while I'm still alive and suffering. Oh please, please... don't do that, please..."

He shook his head, and softly placed his finger on her lips, silencing her cries.
"Oh yes, my dear, we will all enjoy your pain and your humiliation. And your death."

She sobbed, her naked shoulders shaking, and he nodded, still caressing her full breast.

"Watching your sufferings will be a wonderful and appropriate entertainment for this Halloween night"

The other man laughed loud at her broken expression, at her despair.
"Oh, what a beautiful image, the tears of a sow ready to be butchered!"

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