The Hurricane That Was Daisy
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The material herein is fictional and is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. It contains themes of incest and underage sexual activities. If you are offended by (or it is illegal for you to read) sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.

Mf 14, 1st, oral, con, romantic

Can Cooper survive his best friend's fourteen year old daughter Daisy, as well as the hurricane of the same name?

Prelude: A Seismic Shift

Every now and then in some people's lives, something happens to cause a seismic shift in the way they feel, or view others, or view themselves, or maybe both. It could be a simple phrase, like 'I love you,' or maybe 'I hate you.' It could be an event, like a death or a birth, or a glimpse of someone across a room. It could be an image that is forever burned into one's brain, or the action one takes, or doesn't take. In all cases, the result is the same; the person's life is inextricably changed - either for the better or for the worse. For me, it was the sight of my best friend Charlie's daughter, completely naked, and it changed my life in both ways.

Chapter One: A Dangerous Game

Charlie Watson and I had been best friends since our college days. I'd take vacations with him, his wife Emma, and their daughter Daisy. While Charlie had made a lot of money on the stock market, my income as a writer was a lot more modest. The Watsons had purchased a vacation home on Hilton Head Island, and we would go there for six weeks every summer. I found out, after seeing the house advertised online, that he paid 2.6 million dollars for it. I could never earn half of that in my whole life. But, to Charlie and Emma's credit, they never flaunted their wealth in my face. They were a very modest couple, even though they led a very rich lifestyle.

The house on Hilton Head was a sprawling two story affair; well, three stories if you counted the lookout room and widow's walk, accessible from the second floor landing via a ship's ladder. The house was in a plantation style, fairly typical of most houses on the island. It had a large courtyard at the front, with three garages and a circular driveway. In the rear, there was a covered veranda that looked out across a large lawn, a swimming pool and a pier, that jutted out into Calibouge Sound. Inside was a two story great room, tastefully furnished with a mixture of wicker chairs and plush sofas. The dining area had a curved glass window that overlooked the rear lawn, with a built-in buffet in the side wall. The large chef's kitchen had a huge island, with refrigerated drink drawers, a separate large Sub Zero fridge and freezer, a six burner Wolf gas cooktop, and double wall ovens. Upstairs, there were four bedrooms, each with a bathroom; and the master suite had a covered balcony. The house had a full basement, with wine cellar, a large game room, and a home theater.


It was there on a sunny July morning that the incident, as I called it, happened. Daisy was a sweet young girl; well, almost a woman, as she had entered puberty early at the age of nine. At fourteen, she had developed into a beautiful young girl, five foot five, and had nice curves to her hips, with long legs. When she wore her one-piece bathing suit, for the first time a week ago, I noticed that her breasts had developed a lot since I saw her last summer; they were the size of small half lemons, with plump areolae, visible through the material of her bathing suit, as were her small nipples.

Her light-brown hair had a lustrous sheen to it. She wore it pulled back from her face, clipped behind her head. She was stunningly beautiful, with light-hazel eyes, long dark lashes, straight nose that had a slight upturn at the end, full red lips, and cute dimples either side of her mouth whenever she smiled, and she smiled a lot. As summer progressed, she developed a smattering of freckles across her cheeks.

Until this summer, I hadn't noticed her sexuality; she had been, well, just my best friend's daughter. That perspective changed the first time I saw her in her bathing suit that summer. I was sitting by the pool, reading a book, when she appeared on the veranda and walked over to me.

"Hey Uncle Cooper, what're reading?"

It was fortunate I was wearing my Ray-Bans, as I couldn't take my eyes off her body. Her nipples were quite hard, and there was definitely a nice camel toe in her suit. I quickly put my book in my lap, as an erection was rapidly forming inside my shorts. That shocked me, as I'd never had an erection while around her before.

"The History of Mr. Polly," I replied, "and please, it's Coop, not Uncle Cooper, makes me feel old if you call me Uncle."

"Okay, Coop it is. We had that book as a class read last semester. H.G. Wells, right."

I could sense she was flirting with me, and it didn't really surprise me. I had read that girls, starting at age eleven, were becoming more aware of their own sexuality, and the effect they could have on boys and men.

It was especially true for older, more experienced men, but she had never paid me much attention before, and I wondered what had changed, as I certainly had not treated her any differently, not given her any impression that I was interested in her in a sexual way. Her small talk was just a ruse to make me take notice of her, and it was working as designed. Then, she did something that made me blush, and I don't blush easily, if at all. As she reached down, and picked the book up off my lap, her finger tips grazed my erection.

She flicked through the pages, while my hands quickly replaced the book's former position on my crotch.

"This is my favorite part: the battle of the dead eel between Mr. Polly and Uncle Jim." She read a few paragraphs.

I wanted to put my hand up to stop her from revealing a spoiler, but didn't want to reveal the bulge in my shorts.

"Don't tell me Daisy, you'll spoil the story," I pleaded.

"Oh, sorry Coop," she said, handing the book back to me; one of my hands staying to cover my erection. She giggled at my discomfort. She turned, and walked slowly to the edge of the pool, making sure I got a good look at her butt crack, where the material of the suit was stuck between two gorgeous round cheeks. As she dove into the pool, I put the book on the table, and headed for the bathroom in the cabana, where I furiously masturbated to relieve the pressure in my balls. I was still in shock; shocked at her blatant sexual advances, and more shocked at my reaction.


When I returned, Daisy had disappeared back into the house. I picked up my book and went inside. Climbing the ornate staircase, I entered my bedroom to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. I put the book on the bed and, as I opened the bathroom door, the sound of water stopped; the frosted glass shower door opened, and Daisy stepped out. She looked at me without trying to cover up, and I didn't try to look away, as I was in awe at the sight of her naked body - I just stood there, open-mouthed.

"What are you doing in my room?" she asked coyly, picking up a towel and finally covering herself. Her modesty was now preserved, but even having just masturbated, the raging erection in my pants was not. My hands instinctively covered my crotch.

"This is my room," I said, as I backed out of the bathroom.

"Oh, sorry Coop, they all look alike," she replied, as she picked up her bathing suit, and walked past me. I got a good look at her bum, two beautiful globes moving seductively, and a butt crack that merged with the peach of her pussy between her thighs. Oh my God! Daisy was so sexy . . . and she knew it.

Chapter Two: Seduction

Two hours later I saw Daisy, now thankfully fully clothed, sitting in the great room. Charlie and Emma were in the kitchen preparing dinner. I sat beside her.

"Daisy, what happened earlier was inappropriate; you shouldn't have been in my room."

"But you liked what you saw, right?"

"Yes . . . no . . . I didn't, I shouldn't, what I mean is . . . it was not right. I'm your godfather, and you're only fourteen, and I'm too old."

Shit, I was rambling, and she was sitting there, smiling, enjoying my discomfort.

"It's okay Coop, I know you like me, and want to do things with me."

"Yes . . . I mean no . . . I mean, yes I like you, I love you, you're my best friend's daughter. But you can't just let me look at you . . . well . . . without clothes . . . naked, it's not right."

"So you didn't like looking at my body!"

"Yes . . . I mean no. Damn it Daisy! You know what I mean."

She gave me a quick peck on my cheek, jumped up and ran upstairs.

'Damn that girl,' I thought. 'She has me all befuddled. But God! What a body.'


The rest of the day went without incident, but Daisy had that look of mischief on her face every time she glanced in my direction, either at the pool, the boat ride, or the dinner table. Thankfully my friend Charlie, or his wife Emma, never noticed my furtive looks at their daughter. At ten, I said my goodnights and turned in. An hour later, my bedroom door opened and Daisy slipped in, closing the door behind her. She was, thankfully dressed, in a sky-blue camisole, and a pair of matching panties. She traversed the few feet to my bed before I could protest, and slipped under the covers.

"Daisy, you can't do this, it's too dangerous," I said, "If your dad found out, he'd kill me."

"Don't you want me?" she asked.

Damn it! Did I want her? I wanted her more than anything in the whole wide world. I wanted to kiss those perfect breasts, that stupendous pussy; I wanted her more than life itself. She snuggled up to me, hugging me, her leg draped over my thigh.

"I saw your erection at the pool," she said, "I know you want me."

"It's too dangerous Daisy. If your dad found out, I would be toast. I know all about the gun collection he has. He'd kill me in a heartbeat, if he knew I even thought about having sex with you. Please, you have to leave now!"

She ignored my pleas and turned over, snuggling against me, pushing her bottom into my crotch. I felt my erection rising inside my boxers, pressing against the cleft in her ass. She wiggled a little, as she felt it get hard.

"See, I was right, you do want me," she said, wiggling a little more.

I couldn't resist her advances any more, maybe just grab a quick feel and push her out the door. My hand, that had been resting chastely on her bony hip, slipped across the slight depression in her tummy, feeling the heat of her arousal. There was a gap between the waist of her panties, stretched tight across her hip bones, and the top of her mons. I slipped in, like a spelunker, exploring small, dark spaces. I explored her pussy; my fingers felt her soft, downy hair, that extended to the top of her cleft. She gasped as my finger parted her labia, hugging it, its tip rested on her beaded clit.

She moaned. "Oh gawd Coop, that feels so good, rub my clit, make me cum."

I moved my finger lower through her long clitoral hood to the moist entrance to her vagina. As I pushed in a little, she clenched her pussy, squeezing my finger. She was getting very wet, her juices leaking into the gusset of her cotton panties, coating my knuckles. I started massaging her now quite large clit, watching her breasts rise and fall more quickly with her rapid breathing. As her climax neared, her eyes were tightly shut, creating little crinkles in her eyelids. Little jerks in her bum, and legs signaled her orgasm was fast approaching. She curled her pussy against my hand, and started to buck.

"Coop, Coop, Coop," she cried, as her orgasm slammed into her, her thighs gripped my hand like a silken vise, her back arched off the bed. She held her breath, as her whole body trembled. Then she gasped, and sucked in lungful's of air, still trembling. After a couple of minutes, she calmed, and released her grip on my hand; I left it in place, cupping her pussy.

"Wow! You sure do know how to make a girl happy," she said. "That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had!"

"Okay Daisy, off you go, back to your room."

"Do I have to?"

"I'm afraid so," I replied. I pulled the covers off, and patted her bottom.

"Can I at least have a kiss?"

I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the corner of her mouth.

"That's not a kiss," she said pouting.

"Well, that's all your gonna get tonight, so off you go."

She got off the bed, and left. After she was gone, I got up and locked the door.


The next morning at breakfast, Daisy kept giving me furtive glances while I kept looking at Charlie and Emma, to see if they had noticed; fortunately, they had not. After the breakfast dishes had been put in the dishwasher, I strolled down to the end of the pier, and stood there watching the pelicans dive for food. I didn't hear Daisy walk up behind me. It startled me when she put her arms around my waist.

"Oh sorry, didn't mean to startle you."

I turned to face her. "Listen Daisy, last night never happened, and it's not going to happen again."

She pouted. "Don't you love me?"

"Of course I love you Daisy, I'm your godfather."

"So do I have to kiss your hand, Don Cooper?"

"Daisy, stop the foolishness, I'm serious here. I saw the little glances you gave me over breakfast. If you mom or dad saw that, they'd want to know what's going on between us. Do you understand?"

A small tear formed in the corner of one eye, got bigger, and tumbled down her cheek. I felt shitty. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me, kissing the crown of her head.

"Sorry honey, I didn't mean to get angry with you; it's just that I'm scared. If your dad found out, there would be Hell to pay. You understand that don't you?"

"Uh-huh," she mumbled into my chest. I hoped no one from the house was watching us; but, if they were, I had a made up story tucked away in my brain if needed.

"I'm going back inside now."

"I'll stay here for a while, I like it here," she replied.

I left her standing at the railing of the pier. She wiped her tears away, as I went back to the house. Emma was in the kitchen, pottering around and, as she heard me come in, she beckoned me over to her.

"What is it Emma?"

"Sit down Coop, we need to talk about Daisy."

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end; I had a bad sinking feeling in my stomach. I felt like a condemned man being escorted to the gallows.

"I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but Daisy has a huge crush on you," Emma continued.

Oh man, a last minute reprieve. I felt as if a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders; Emma didn't know about last night.

"She does?" I feigned ignorance.

"Yes, and there's something that you should know about teenage girls. They go through an emotional turmoil, as they start to recognize their sexuality. I need to know something Coop; if her innocent flirts, and Daisy is definitely a flirt, turn into sexual advances to you, I want to know that I can rely on you to be the adult. Don't just shut her out, let her know that you're flattered that she finds you attractive, but tell her that her behavior is inappropriate."

"Wow! I didn't know girls as young as Daisy had sexual thoughts, she's only fourteen for crying out loud."

"Trust me Coop, they do, I know. When I was her age, I had this big crush on my Uncle George. I felt I'd die if he didn't kiss me, and I desperately wanted to have sex with him. I grew out of it. So can I trust you with my daughter?"

"Of course Emma, I'd never do anything to hurt her."

"That's not what I'm asking. I need to know that whatever she does or says, I can trust you not to be intimate with her."

"Christ Emma, what you take me for, a pedophile or something? Of course I won't touch her, I'm her godfather for Heaven's sake."

"Thank you Coop, I knew I could trust you."


Daisy shot me furtive looks again, over dinner. I tried to ignore her. By the end of dinner, her furtive smiles had turned to furtive frowns. I noticed Emma glancing at Daisy, and then at me, with a concerned look on her face. I tried to act nonchalant, hoping that would allay Emma's fears, because my earlier attempts at putting her mind to rest seemed to have not been fully successful.

We were all watching television after dinner, and a weather advisory flashed on the screen. Hurricane Daisy was now a Category 3, and was due to hit landfall somewhere between Brunswick, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina the next day.

"Look Mom!" Daisy said proudly. "They named a hurricane after me. How cool is that?"

Little did the people at the National Hurricane Center know, but it was an appropriate name. When I went to bed that night, I made sure my door was locked. I did hear her knock lightly, but she eventually gave up after trying the handle.


The next morning, after breakfast, Charlie announced that he had to return home to Atlanta as he had a special meeting to attend. This was nothing unusual during the summers we spent at the coast, this summer he had returned twice already. After confirming that I was okay with closing all the hurricane shutters, which I was, Charlie dropped his briefcase on the passenger seat, kissed Emma and Daisy goodbye, and left.

Early afternoon, Emma got an urgent phone call from her mother's neighbor telling her that her mother had a bad fall.

"Coop, I need to fly to Bangor, as my mother has had a bad fall. Will you be okay here on your own, what with the hurricane and everything?"

"I'll be fine Emma."

She made several calls to different airlines to secure seats for herself and Daisy, but had only managed to make a reservation for herself, as so many people were trying to get away before the hurricane came ashore.

As she put her phone in her purse she turned to Daisy and said, "Sorry, honey, I couldn't get you a seat. I hate to leave you, but I'm sure Uncle Coop will keep you safe."

"I'll be alright Mom, don't worry, okay?"

"Coop, I have to be at the Hilton Head airport at one tomorrow afternoon."

"No problem Em, I'll get you there."


After dropping Emma off the next day, and making sure her flight departed, I drove back to the house, wondering how I was going to survive the two Daisies.

Chapter Three: Hurricane Daisy

I parked in the garage and looked at the palm trees in the front yard that had started to sway from the winds of Hurricane Daisy. The latest reports had predicted that landfall would be south of us, but we were still expected to get winds of up to a hundred miles an hour. I spent the next two hours taking all the furniture off the veranda and the master suite balcony, and putting them inside, and then pulled down and latched the hurricane shutters. It was six o'clock by the time I was finished.

Daisy, bless her soul, had dinner prepared; a simple, but delicious, shrimp and tagliatelle pasta in a cream sauce. I allowed Daisy one glass of a very nice white French Burgundy, a Côte de Beaune, that I had found in Charlie's wine cellar. It looked expensive, but I wasn't worried, he could afford it. After dinner, Daisy announced she was going to take a shower. Half an hour later, she came downstairs wearing just bra and panties. The bra was just a couple of triangles of white cotton that offered no support whatsoever; not that she needed any, as her breasts stood proud off her chest with firm nipples pushing against the thin material. Her Jockey panties were white cotton, bikini style, which coddled her plump vulva in the oh-so sexy gap between her thighs, forming a nice camel toe. Even though her two piece bathing suit showed just as much skin, the fact that these were her underwear was far, far more sexy.

She nonchalantly walked into the great room and plopped down on the sofa with one leg on and the other dangling off the edge. The elastic legs of her panties hugged the sides of her plump vulva, an extremely sexy sight, and my erection agreed. With remote in hand, she flicked through channels until she found a movie she liked - Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels, a Guy Richie movie set in the gritty East End of London. I'd watched it several times, but would love to watch it again.

"Thanks for dinner Daisy, it was delicious. I didn't know you could cook," I said casually, as if the sight of a fourteen year old girl wearing a bra and panties was an everyday occurrence. I decided to stop fighting against my lustful urges and damn the torpedoes. Her parents were miles away and, as long as she kept it secret, I was okay with it. While she was cooking dinner, I had sneaked a look in her bathroom; I wanted to see if she was on any birth control pills. A few years ago I had overheard Emma telling Charlie that Daisy had started her period, but they were very irregular. I knew that the pill was often subscribed for that problem and, sure enough, there was the package in her medicine cabinet to prove it.

Back in the great room, Daisy relocated her body on the sofa; she now had her knees up against her chest, and she was lying slightly sideways, resting her head on the arm of the sofa. This caused her panties to coddle her pussy even more, forming a perfect peach shape between her legs. My erection twitched urgently, as I noticed a small wet spot where the entrance to her vagina was; she was getting aroused at displaying her body.

I had stopped bothering to hide my erection; no point really, as she knew she aroused me and was causing my erection. My erection hadn't waned since she came downstairs an hour ago and, to be honest, I think she was enjoying the physical discomfort she was causing me, as she would look over at me every now and then.

"You okay Coop?" she asked with a smile.

At ten, with the movie finally over, she turned off the television and came and sat on my lap.

"Sorry to be such a tease tonight Coop. I'm off to bed." She kissed me on my mouth, and for good measure, wiggled her bum on my erection.

"You're not sorry," I shouted after her, as she bounded up the stairs. I stayed a half hour longer, finishing off the last of the Côte de Beaune, I went to my bedroom, and stripped to my boxers. Leaving my room, I found Daisy's bedroom door slightly ajar. I pushed it open and saw that she had left a small table lamp lit, sitting on the nightstand. She was lying with her back to me, and just the sheet covering her thighs. She had on a pajama top and a pair of cotton panties. Tonight, I decided she was going to get payback for the discomfort she had caused me all evening.

I crossed the ten feet to her bed and, pulling back the sheet, I got in, spooning her back.

"Go away, I hate you for rejecting me." she murmured.

"I wasn't rejecting you Daisy."

"Yes you were. You kept looking at my ass and my pussy but you just sat there doing nothing about it."

I feigned a move to get off the bed. She put her hand behind her, and grabbed my waist.

"I thought you told me to go away?" I asked.

"Sometimes, when a girl says no, she means yes," she replied.

Where do they get this from? Is there a class they take as they enter puberty called 'How To Frustrate A Man In Six Easy Lessons'?

"So, how am I supposed to know which is which?"

"That's your job to find out."

My hand found a firm breast under the pajama top.

"Is this a no or a yes?" I asked in frustration.

"Most definitely a yes," she replied.

"Is that a yes-yes, or a yes-no?" I countered, loving this sexual repartee, my most favorite foreplay, usually reserved for women who understood its subtleties. But here was a fourteen year old girl, who could hang with the best of them. I was utterly amazed!

"It's a yes- yes, you muppet."

This was a new word to describe me, that had replaced 'twit'; that, in turn, had replaced 'moron'; that had, in turn, replaced 'doofus.' Muppet was an English expression of idiocy; it seemed as though Daisy was inheriting her English mother's more subtle traits. I found it quite entertaining. Her nipple grew firm under my attention, hardening to a small bead. I could feel her areolae puffed up with her arousal, forming a smaller mound on top of her breast.

"Lay on your back," I demanded.

She obliged, pulling off her panties, and opening her legs. I shuffled in between, with my Machiavellian plan for payback. Her pussy was exquisite. I remembered seeing it in my bathroom, and feeling it the other night. But I now got to see it up close. Her mons was impressive, proud, rounded, covered in a very light sprinkling of brown hair and beneath, in the wide gap between the tops of her thighs, was the most stupendous vulva I had ever seen. Plump labia formed a very sexy cleft, a small depression at the top, small inner labia visible, and a dark shadow at the bottom; the entrance to her vagina. The cleft disappeared in between her cheeks, pressed together by the firm mattress.

"God Daisy, your pussy is exquisite! If I could can it and sell it to teenage boys, I would be a billionaire!"

She giggled furiously while "Muppet," was all she said.

I pushed the tip of my tongue in between her labia; her cleft slowly opened and my tongue was coddled by her plump labia. I soon found her clit, engorged with her intense arousal; I started to flick and lick around it. She was rapidly approaching her climax, time to strike.

"Goodnight," I said. I got off the bed, and quickly returned to my room. All I heard as I exited her bedroom was:

"You bugger!" Another of her mother's English aphorisms. Two minutes later, she came bounding into my room and jumped on the bed.

"Not fair!" she exclaimed.

"Well, that was payback for teasing me. You know what it's like to have an erection for hours and hours? Well, you're a girl, so I guess not."

She opened her legs again. "I ache down there, and it's all your fault."

Her labia were still plump from her arousal, and I knew it would not be long before she climaxed. She was very wet, making her clit slippery, and more sensitive, as I caressed it with the tip of my tongue. Two fingers stretched her tight vagina. Outside the gathering storm, that was Hurricane Daisy, paralleled Daisy's gathering orgasm inside. Little twitches in her bum told me she was close, her breaths came faster; she grabbed bunches of my hair, and started bucking. I looked up, over the small triangles of cloth covering the mounds of her breasts, at the intense concentration on her face; she was squeezing her eyes shut so tight, her eyelids crinkled. Then:

"Oh gaaaawd Coop!" she cried, as she squeezed my head between her thighs; her back arched so much that only the very back of her head and her legs touched the bed. She held her breath for what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds; then she breathed out, dropped back on the bed, and moaned; moaned like the wind at the window. She finally calmed and opened her eyes; the occasional twitch from her dying orgasm, jerked her leg or arm. I rolled to her side while she turned, putting her leg over mine, and snuggled up to my chest. The next minute, I heard little snores; she was asleep. How cute! I pulled up the covers; my needs could wait 'til morning.

Chapter Four: Daisy Meet Daisy

The howling of the wind woke me. I looked at the alarm clock, it said 6:23. I had watched the late news last night and they were predicting landfall at around eight or nine o'clock this morning. Daisy was still fast asleep; so, I carefully got out of bed and relieved a rather full bladder; thankful that I didn't have a pee hard. Dressed, I went downstairs and made a fresh pot of coffee.

Fifteen minutes later, Daisy came into the kitchen wearing a fresh pair of white Jockey full cut panties, with cute little blue bows at the waist. I never got tired of at looking at her plump pudendum; I loved the way the soft material clung to her labia, conformed to the rounded cleft, a very nice camel toe, oh-so sexy.

"Coffee?" I offered.

"No thanks, I'll grab an OJ," she replied, as she opened the door to the Sub-Zero fridge.

"The storm's supposed to make landfall in a couple of hours. Why don't we got to the lookout on the roof? The windows up there are hurricane proof."

"That sounds like fun," she replied.

"Then Daisy can meet Daisy."

She giggled furiously. "That's so funny."

I cooked us some scrambled eggs, to which I added some Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce to kick it up a little. After watching the eye of the storm approach Ossabaw Island on the Weather Channel, we took our drinks and climbed the ship's ladder up to the lookout. The room was octagon shaped, roughly six feet across, with an eight foot ceiling. It had fixed pane windows in all walls that stretched from three feet above the floor to the underside of the eaves. The 360˚panoramic view was stupendous! Rain was now coming down in sheets, as the leading edge of the storm lashed at the thick glass of the east-facing windows, making visibility nigh on impossible; those facing west, the alee side, were only slightly wet. Palm trees, were bent into an almost horizontal position in the same direction of the rain drops. We stood there, side by side, in awe of mother nature's fury.

Daisy turned to face me and put her hands behind my head. Standing on tip-toe, she pulled my mouth down to meet hers, our open mouths locked in a heated kiss, tongues danced around each other. I could feel her breasts, pushing against my chest, and my erection rising, trapped between us.

"You didn't get it off last night did you." she said, her hand slipping between us, rubbing my cock through my cargo pants.

"Nope, was too busy fixing your ache, if you remember."

She pushed me against the round padded seat in the center of the room, which also served as access from below when it was rolled to one side. "Sit," she commanded. I dutifully sat down. She knelt in front of me, and proceeded to remove my shorts and boxers. I lifted to aid their removal, realizing what she had in mind. She studied my cock, which was pointed straight up; the ruffle of skin still covered its crown.

"You have a beautiful cock, Coop."

"What are you comparing it with?" I inquired with interest.

"Well, there's the Internet for one; as well as Mitch, Brendan, and Shane."

"You've had sex with three guys, and you're only fourteen?" I said, astounded at what she just told me.

She pulled my foreskin back, exposing the smooth crown with its purple corona.

"Well it depends on how you define sex," she replied. "Mitch and Shane just got hand jobs."

". . . and Brendan?"

"Oh, I went the whole way with him, didn't much care for it though."

"Why's that?"

"He was way too quick. Fortunately it didn't hurt, just a twinge, and a little blood. Three strokes and he came. After that, I swore no more sex with boys, they're way too inexperienced. All they want to do is get their rocks off, and don't much care if you cum or not. That's why I like sex with you; you didn't cum last night because you wanted me to. I like that."

All the time she was talking, she was rubbing my shaft with just her thumb and forefinger. It was having the desired effect; I was getting that pleasurable feeling in my groin. I groaned loudly, as she put her lips around the head, and started to suck, at the same time as she rubbed my shaft up and down.

"Damn Daisy, you done this before?"

She pulled off my cock with a noisy 'plop'. "Nope, you're my first."

"Shit, you're doing it way better than the few women who've given me blow jobs!"

I could feel my butt jerking with small spasms as she stroked me faster. "Nearly there," I moaned. My head was spinning, and the roaring in my ears drowned out the roaring of the storm all around us. My cock swelled and pulsed, as a huge load of cum jetted into Daisy's mouth; so much cum that her cheeks bulged, and then she swallowed hard as another load spurted into her mouth. She kept swallowing until I had no more to give. I'd never shot as much cum in my entire life! I didn't know if it was because it was a beautiful fourteen year old girl who had my cock in her mouth, or the fact that I had been horny the whole of the previous day. It mattered not, as Daisy had swallowed all of it, and had not spilled one drop. She even squeezed the last of it out of the end, and licked it off.

"Good?" she asked, with a smile on her face as if she was a cat that had just eaten the cream.

"Hell no, it wasn't good, it was stupendous! That's the most cum I've ever shot, and how you swallowed it all I'll never know!"

For the next hour we stood, looking out of the windows, watching the fury of the storm. We both jumped as a two-by-four crashed into the window we were looking through. It was as if the god Thor had hurled a spear at us. Thankfully the windows were designed for that very thing; all it left was a small scratch.

"I think we need to go back downstairs," I ventured. I swung the round seat around its pivot, and descended the ladder. In the kitchen I saw that my iPhone had a voice mail. I checked it, it was from Emma. I called back.

"How are things down there?" she asked with obvious concern in her voice.

"We're okay. The storm made landfall at eight and we're getting the full brunt of the leading edge. I have no idea what it's like out, as all the shutters are closed and there's not much to see from the lookout, what with all the rain."

"How's Daisy?" she asked. "Is she behaving herself?" I sensed the question was also directed at me.

"Daisy's fine, keeps to herself mainly," I said with as much innocence in the tone of my voice as I could muster.

"Let me talk to her please." I handed the phone to Daisy, who mouthed "Who?"

"Your mom," I mouthed back. She rolled her eyes as she took the phone and wandered into to the great room. I could hear her talking, but couldn't make out what she was saying. A few minutes later, she came back in the kitchen with a look of annoyance.

"What did your mom want?"

"Did she say anything to you about me, before she left?"

"Yes, she asked me if I knew you had a crush on me. I got the distinct impression that she thought you were going to try and seduce me, as she asked if she could trust me to gently refuse you. I guess that promise didn't last too long."

Her annoyed look was replaced by a smile.

"No it didn't, did it. Mom had the cheek to ask me if I was behaving myself around you."

"What did you tell her?"

"I said you were my uncle, and you'd never do anything with me. Then she told me that she didn't trust you 100%."

"You know Daisy, mothers have this sixth sense when it comes to their children. I told you to be careful what you do around me. I guess she picked up on it. I have a feeling this may be the last summer vacation I spend here. I'm sure your dad would agree with whatever your mom asks of him."

She put her arms around my neck. "So sorry Coop. I've been so stupid, and now I've gone ahead and spoiled your relationship with Mom and Dad. I couldn't help it; I was so horny for you. Boys don't interest me, and you were the only man I could trust to have sex with."

"It's okay honey; things will work out, and if I can't spend time here, then so-be-it. If you want, we can find other ways to spend time together, if that's what you want."

She kissed me. "Yes Coop, it's what I want."

Chapter Five: Consummate Daisy

The worst of the storm was over by mid-afternoon, so Daisy and I ventured outside to survey the damage. At the rear of the house, there was building debris lying all over the lawn and in the pool. Two-by-fours, wood siding, insulation, even a broken sofa. Some poor family, or a rental owner, had lost their house. A six foot section of the end of the pier was gone; but, miraculously, the cabana had survived.

Out front, one of the large palm trees was lying across one leg of the circular driveway, its root ball torn from the ground. I surveyed the roof, as best I could from the ground, and, apart from some insulation and a wooden deck chair that had somehow got its canvas tangled around the lookout's weathervane, it seemed intact. I made a quick call to Charlie, to give him an update. He said he would try and get back in three or four days. There was a very strange and troubling end to the call.

"Coop, I have to ask you something," he said.

"What's that Charlie?"

"Emma's been going on about Daisy and you, something about infatuation."

"Oh it's nothing Charlie. Emma thinks Daisy has this girlie crush on me. You know kids of that age have some funny ideas."

"Okay, but I trust you're being the adult there. You know how I feel about my daughter; I'd do anything to protect her."

"I understand Charlie. We've been friends for years now, and you can trust me to do the right thing."

"Okay, that's what I wanted to hear. See you in a few days," he said and hung up.


"Yes Coop."

"Your mom has been talking to your dad, as he wanted to know what was going on. I think I calmed him down, but your mom's going to be a problem when she gets back. She'll be on a witch hunt and, knowing your mom, she won't stop until she's satisfied she's got to the truth. I think it best if I not be here when she returns."

"Noooo, Coop, you can't leave me!" She was almost in tears.

"But Daisy, think about it. With your mom and dad around, there's no way we can have sex. We were lucky, that night you came to my room, that we weren't discovered. We can't take that chance again."

There were tears welling up in her eyes.

"What is it honey?"

"I think you're so stupid at times, you big muppet. It's not just the sex - I'm in love with you!"

I was stunned! I knew she liked me, but love? What can a fourteen year old girl know about love? I had to do something, so I took her in my arms.

"Oh Daisy, I'm sorry for being a moron. I have feelings for you too, but have been tamping them down, as I didn't want you to be disappointed when things didn't work out. I mean, there's no way you dad would let me within a mile of you, if he found out we were having a relationship. You understand?"

Her head was on my shoulder. "I know," she said, her words turned into sobs. She finally calmed down, and to try and take her mind off the subject, I suggested we start to clean up the lawn and pool. I rolled the large trashcan out, and we picked up the various pieces of debris. After an hour, we had dumped all of the small debris in the trash can, and put the larger pieces in a pile next to it. I had tried calling roofing companies to come and remove the deck chair off the weather vane, but they were all booked solid for two weeks.


At nine, exhausted by the work in the heat and humidity, I took a shower and got into bed, while Daisy showered in her room. Ten minutes later she came into my bedroom naked, except for the large towel wrapped around her torso. She got on the bed beside me, and snuggled up to me. There was a smell of clean soap on her body, and a hint of jasmine shampoo in her damp hair. She leaned over and placed a minty kiss on my lips. Our mouths opened and tongues found each other, performing a well-choreographed dance in one mouth, then the other.

During our French kissing, Daisy's towel somehow came open and, as I looked down, I saw again the most stupendous pair of petite breasts I had ever laid eyes on. I don't know what it is about a young girl's breasts, but they seem a hundred times more sexier than a woman's. Maybe it's because they are still developing, or that looking at them is so illicit, I don't know; but Daisy's were perfection in my eyes. Although she only wore a 30A bra, they seemed much larger. As I looked at them, the areolae got bigger, more puffier, and darker, with her arousal and her nipples hardened into little beads.

I looked up at her face, she was smiling.


"You likey?" she asked.

"Oh, do I likey! Your breasts are absolutely exquisite, they're the epitome of perkiness and perfection. Perfect size, perfect shape," I cupped one in my hand, "and perfect firmness. I forbid them to get any bigger."

With that last comment she giggled furiously; her breasts didn't jiggle, they just moved so sensually. My gaze left her breasts and wandered down to her gorgeous pussy, her mons wide, and elevated above her tummy, with straight, dark-brown hairs aligned with her cleft. Her plump labia, that had previously coddled my finger, was going to coddle the crown of my cock tonight.

"You know I just love your pussy. It's a perfect, plump, petite, peach." More giggles, then she got serious as I slipped my finger into her cleft, her plump labia parted, and hugged me. Tracing down, feeling her small inner labia, I arrived at her moist opening, her tight vagina. I moved over and sat on my haunches between her legs. She was a goddess lying in a pure white robe; one hand behind her head, the other lay casually on her hip. Beautiful light brown hair spilled over the pillow, and those gray-blue eyes sparkled as she smiled.

God was she beautiful! I'd had my share of women in my 32 years, some as equally beautiful and desirable as Daisy, but none that touched me like she did. This summer had been a watershed moment in my life, caused by the sight of a naked young girl, a girl who wanted me as much as I now wanted her.

I took the shaft of my cock in my hand, and rubbed the crown up and down her cleft, her plump labia pushed aside, then closing around it, hugging it. The inside was smooth and wet, her clit erect and red, responding to my crown raking over it, causing small gasps to escape her lips. Her eyes were closed tight, causing crinkles in her lids, and her breathing was getting faster, as she anticipated my penetration. Placing the bulbous crown at the bottom of her cleft, I pushed gently, feeling the resistance. Her hymen was gone, along with her virginity, but the opening to her vagina still looked so small. Maybe the boy who took her cherry was a lot smaller than me.

I pushed a little harder, and her vagina dilated; as I entered her, a little wince left her lips.

"You okay?" I asked. "You want me to stop?"

"Nooo, Coop don't you dare stop. It hurt just a little bit, you're so much bigger than Brendan, but I'm okay now."

She was most definitely tight, but was also very wet, and that, together with copious amounts of my precum, made it easy to push into her more. It was a tremendously sensuous feeling to have my cock inside a fourteen year old's pussy; her velvety soft sheath, hugging it, and when she clenched her vaginal muscles, it was like my cock was being squeezed by a vise, albeit a very soft vise. I finally hit the end of her vagina, bumping against her rubbery cervix, causing her to gasp.

"Oh gawd, that felt so good," she murmured.

I stroked her with long slow thrusts, hitting her cervix every time, as well as bumping her clit with my pubes, and every time I did, I heard a little "ugh" escape her lips. The combination of me bumping her cervix and her clit was bringing her to a rapid climax. Her legs, around me, ankles resting on my hips, jerked uncontrollably. She put her hands around my neck, and pulled me down on top of her; she kissed me passionately.

"I love you Coop," she whispered in my ear, causing my cock to swell inside her. "I felt that," she murmured, "feels good to have your cock inside me, very good! I'm not far away, I can feel it."

I quickened my thrusts and, as she put her legs over my shoulders, I pushed deeper than ever, pushing hard against her cervix which caused her to cry out.

"Oh gaaawd Coop, cumming, cumming now!"

She held me in deep with her hands on the cheeks of my ass, her fingernails digging, hurting, but I didn't care; my lover was in the throes of an intense orgasm. Her whole body shook, and she bucked against me, fucking me. Watching her have her orgasm was the most beautiful sight. She finally gasped, expelling the air from her lungs that she had held while she convulsed. I held her quivering body for five full minutes, small jerks, like aftershocks racked her body. She finally calmed, opened her gray-blue eyes and looked at me. I had never seen such love and adoration in a woman's eyes, and it touched me deeply. I finally admitted to myself that I was falling in love with her.

"I love you Coop, and I'll wait until Hell freezes over, if I have to, so we can be together."

When the remnants of her orgasm had finally faded, and she opened her eyes and looked at him, she knew he finally realized he loved her. It made her heart swell, tinged with sadness that it would be several years before they could be together, but she was prepared to wait.

"I finally realized that I'm falling madly in love with you. I've never been with someone who makes my heart sing, as you do Daisy."

"You haven't cum yet," she said, "get on your back."

I rolled off her, and she straddled my hips. She put her hand behind her and, grasping the shaft of my cock, guided it to her vagina. With a single thrust, she impaled herself on its entire length. She placed her hands on my chest and proceeded to curl her pussy back and forth, my cock sliding in and out. The sensation was incredible, made even more so at the sight of her breasts with their swollen areolae and hard nipples moving up and down. I felt the stirrings of my orgasm deep inside, moving through my groin; my ball sack shrunk as my semen coursed through my shaft.

My cock swelled and pulsed, spurting cum into Daisy's pussy. I could tell she felt it, as she clenched her pussy at every spurt. I couldn't believe how many times I spurted into her, I lost count; I was so enrapt in my orgasm. Finally, I was done, much too soon for my liking. I was jealous of Daisy's orgasms as they went on for minutes. She rolled off me and hugged me, her pussy wet, with her juices and my semen, nestled on my thigh.

"That was so good," I said, "but I have to admonish you for something."

She frowned. "What, did I do?"

"Before we have sex again, you need to trim your nails. I think I'm scarred for life where you dug your nails in my butt."

"I did? Oh God, I'm sorry! Let me see."

I rolled onto my front. She started kissing my cheeks.

"Is that better?" she asked.

"A little."

She kissed some more. "Any better?"

"Getting there."

"You muppet, you're having me on," she said, as she got off the bed and left the bedroom.

"Where you going?" I shouted. A minute later she came back wearing a pair of panties with a pad inside.

"I had so much cum inside me it was leaking out."

As she got back on the bed the alarm system started beeping downstairs.

"What the fuck," I said, as I got off the bed and exited the bedroom, followed closely by Daisy. We stood at the top of the stairs, Daisy slightly behind me, as the lights turned on. Looking up at us, with a very angry expression, was Emma. Daisy turned and ran to her room and shut the door. I put my hands in front of my crotch.

"I knew something was going on between the two of you." She threw her words at me with as much vitriol as she could muster.

"Get out of my house, and get out now," she shouted. I turned, and went back to my room, got dressed, and packed the few things I had brought with me. As I descended the stairs, I could hear mother and daughter arguing in Daisy's room. I stopped briefly to hear what was being said.

"But I love him, and he loves me," Daisy said, between sobs.

"Love? What does a fourteen year old child know about love?"

"I'm not a child mother!"

"Well, you're acting like one."

"Don't send him away Mom, please?"

"Do you know what your father's going to do to him, when he finds out what you two have been up to?"

"Mom please . . . Please don't tell Dad. I don't want Coop hurt."

I'd heard enough. I had to make myself scarce. I got to my car and drove off. I had a four hour drive to get home; thankfully, a good hour away from where Charlie lived.

Chapter Six: Aftermath of the Storm

It was three weeks later and, thankfully, I hadn't heard from Charlie or Emma. I had called Daisy, but the message said her phone was not available. I guessed it had been taken from her. I was worried at what had happened to her, and I missed her like crazy. I knew Charlie wouldn't hurt her or anything, but she must be miserable.

I was watching the local news at six, when a reporter, holding a microphone, with the wreckage of two vehicles just visible over her left shoulder, started talking.

"I'm here at the notorious junction of Highway 278 and State Route 170. Behind me, you can see the wreckage of a dark blue Range Rover and a Ford 350 pickup truck. The Range Rover was traveling West on Highway 278, when the pickup truck traveling south on 170 ran the stop sign and T-boned the Range Rover. The pickup driver was killed, as were two occupants of the Range Rover; the third occupant, a young girl, survived but was rushed to the hospital in Hilton Head. First responders on the scene said the two deceased occupants of the Range Rover were identified as Charles and Emma Watson; the surviving passenger was, apparently, their daughter Daisy Watson. Perhaps, this, the sixth deadly accident at this junction, will prompt action to replace the stop signs with flashing lights. This is Channel Nine reporter Natalie Gibson, back to you at the studio, Tom.

In other news . . .

"God almighty," I said under my breath. I packed my bag, got in my car, and headed for Hilton Head.


Four hours later, I pulled into the parking lot of Hilton Head Hospital on Hospital Center Boulevard. In reception, I asked where I could find Daisy. I was pointed to intensive care, where I spoke to the head nurse.

"My name's Cooper Hamilton and I'm godfather to Daisy Watson. Could you tell me how she is, and can I see her?"

"Yes, Mr. Hamilton, we've been trying to contact you and, when that failed, we tried to contact her next-of-kin, but so far we've been unsuccessful. The card in the driver's wallet said to contact you in the case of emergency, but you seem to have your phone turned off."

I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and turned it on.

"Damn! Sorry about that. I heard about the wreck on the news and, in my hurry to get here, I forgot to turn it on.

"Her only living relative is her grandmother on her mother's side and she's quite old and frail. How is Daisy?"

"She's in a coma; apparently, the other vehicle hit her car on the driver's side and she was strapped in on the passenger side and banged her head on the door. She has no other injuries, which is a good thing. Follow me and I'll show you to her room. I followed the head nurse to a private room. She stopped outside.

"Before we go in, I need to tell you that's she's pregnant, three or four weeks; difficult to tell at this early stage. Any idea who the father might be?"

'Pregnant? Oh my God, I got her pregnant!' I said to myself. 'But she was on the pill. How's that possible?'

"Mr. Hamilton," she said, dragging back from my thoughts.

"Oh, sorry nurse, that came as a complete surprise to me, a shock really. No, I've no idea who he might be."

The nurse opened the door and we walked in; Daisy was lying on the bed with a bandage around her head, a dark red stain on one side. She was hooked up to a monitor that showed her vital signs.

Sitting beside her, I took her hand in mine and gently held it. Every so often she would squeeze my hand very gently. I looked up at the nurse.

"That's normal, and a good sign," she said.

I spent the rest of the day and through the night, holding her hand. Around five the next morning, I was woken by Daisy's rather firm squeeze. I opened my eyes; Daisy was looking at me with those beautiful gray-blue eyes.

"Hello Coop," she said meekly.

"Daisy, you're back with us."

"What happened Coop, where's Mom and Dad?"

"You were in a car accident, and you've been in a coma for about 36 hours. How does your head feel?"

"Hurts like Hell." Just then the nurse came in.

"Well, welcome back Daisy," she said, as she checked her vital signs, "I'll let the doctor know you've come around." She left.

"Are Mom and Dad okay?"

I lay beside her on the bed and put my arm around her shoulders.

"Your mom and dad didn't make it honey; they were killed instantly in the accident."

"Noooooo, Coop, tell me it's not true," she said, as she bawled her eyes out.

"Sorry Daisy, I'm so sorry." I kissed the crown of her head.

"Coop, Mom and I had a terrible fight the night she kicked you out. At least when Dad came, he wasn't as mad - he just said he was disappointed in me, but Mom wouldn't let up on me. I hate that they are not here for me to apologize."

"Daisy, don't beat yourself up over your mom's attitude. There's something that I need to tell you that'll explain why she was so mad at you, and me in particular. Before you were born, while we were all in college, your mom and dad had a big fight. Your mom came to me for some comfort, I guess, and we ended up . . . well, sleeping with each other. Your dad never found out. So, that is why she was so angry."

"Wow! I always wondered why she was a little more distant with you, and whenever I mentioned your name she'd change the subject."

"Daisy, this is going to sound really bad, and I don't mean it that way, but it's a sort of Godsend that she's not here because you're pregnant . . . you're going to have our baby."

"Pregnant, how's that possible? I was on the pill."

"When the nurse told me, I did some research; the pill is only 99.9% effective. Our baby, Daisy, is a miracle. Are you happy?"

She had a vacant stare for a minute.

"Happy? Yes, happy about the baby. How about you Coop? How do you feel about being a father?"

"The nurse told me you were pregnant as soon as I got here; so, I've had a long time to think about it, while I sat here and held your hand. I'm ecstatic at the thought of being a father. I love you Daisy." I started to tear up.

"Come here you big muppet." She kissed me on my cheek.

"It's just you and me now," I said, "and in a few months, it'll be the three of us.

Chapter Seven: A New Start

Two months later, things had settled down. The funerals were long over with, wills had been read, and Daisy was a happy mother-to-be. Her bump was starting to show and her visits to her OB/GYN had gone well; the baby was fine, no ill effects from the accident and subsequent coma. The doctor had advised Daisy to deliver with a C-section, as her hips were still too narrow. Daisy had been busy, working with the interior decorator, to turn the guest bedroom nearest our master suite into a nursery.

Being the sole heir to her father's and mother's estates, Daisy sold the family home; well, I actually did, as she was too young to sign contracts. Charlie had given me power of attorney in his will, so I executed all the required paperwork on her behalf. With all the sales finalized, we moved into the house on Hilton Head. I had finally managed to get a roofer to remove the deck chair off the weather vane, and a tree service to remove the palm that had blown over, replacing it with one the same size.

We were lying in bed one evening, discussing baby names.


"Yes sweetheart."

"Can we have sex doggy style tonight? I've been reading that in the later stages of pregnancy, that's the most comfortable position, and we've never tried it. You wanna fuck me from behind Coop, huh?"

I got between her legs that she happily opened wide for me. Her prominent mons was now competing with her little bump for the title of highest peak (not considering her breasts). Unfortunately for my third favorite peak, her twin breasts being one-two, it would soon lose out. It seemed as if pregnancy was causing her pussy to produce more creamy liquid, as she was already wet when my tongue parted her plump labia.

"Wow Daisy, you're wet enough already! Hands and knees, if you please."

Daisy rolled over, pulled her knees up to her breasts, and dropped onto her elbows. This had the desired effect of pushing her bum higher. As she widened her legs, the delicious rosette of her anus appeared, together with a peach of her plump pussy, a small rivulet of cream coming out of her vagina. I grasped the shaft of my cock, and rubbed its head in the white liquid, covering the bulbous end. I thought I would have a little fun with her, so I pulled back, and placed the crown against her anus and pushed a little.

"Hey buster, wrong hole!"

"Just kidding honey."

"We can explore that avenue some other time," she said.

'Hmm, Daisy wants to be a backdoor girl huh,' I mused. I moved back to her pussy, and easily slipped in. With a continuous gentle stroke I was buried, bumping the rubbery cervix.

"Wow, that felt good Coop! I like it doggy style, but my clit doesn't get any attention."

"I'll take care of that," I said, as I reached around and started rubbing her very wet clit, as her juices had run down her cleft. She lifted her head, and looked back between her legs at my ball sack bumping her pussy.

"Interesting sight," she said. The combination of her sensitive wet clit, and my thrusts, were bringing her to a quick climax. On a few occasions I had to hold her around her waist, as her leg buckled. She was panting hard, as I stroked into her, and rubbed her clit.

"Cumming Coop," was all she said as her orgasm hit her. Her legs closed and she clenched her pussy, trapping me, stopping me from thrusting. I didn't need any more friction; my orgasm was right behind hers.

"Cumming, Daisy, cumming with you!" I cried, as I spurted into her, jets of cum coursed through the shaft of my cock, and flooded her pussy. She collapsed onto her front, pulling me with her. As I lay on her back, the last remnants of my semen seeped into her. She, on the other hand, was still experiencing little aftershocks as her orgasm lingered for five minutes, unlike mine that was gone as soon as it arrived. I was jealous.


The next six or so months seemed to fly by too quickly for me, as I was enjoying Daisy's multiple orgasms, something she had never done before; well, not in such as short a space of time. Her pregnancy was picture perfect and, on an unseasonably warm March day, she gave birth to a six pound four ounce baby boy. We elected to not know the sex of the baby in advance; so, we had two names picked out - Charlotte, for a girl, and Jacob, for a boy. So he was Christened Jacob Charles Watson-Hamilton. When Jacob was six months old, we made the trip to Bangor, Maine to introduce him to his great-grandmother.


We hired an English nanny, Claire, to help take care of Jacob so Daisy could finish her GED and graduate from high school. She enrolled in the Hilton Head campus of the University of South Carolina, where she hoped to graduate with a Bachelors in Elementary Education. I, on the other hand, continued my writing efforts; somewhat successful, writing erotica for, but not being published in print.


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