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Young girls are trained in the ways of magic and sent forth to fight ravenous monsters threatening the kingdom of Teleria.

Themes: Pedophilia, Bdsm, Bestiality, Magic, Rape, Monster Rape, Pregnancy, Violence

Monstrum: Jacqueline

Last Updated: May 18, 2017

Cornered. Captured. Defiled. 12-year-old Jacqueline's journey came to a crashing end when the Rapewolves finally caught up to her. Now a slave to the gruesome Corpsum Gorillas, will she accept her fate as a squirming little slut for the monsters?

Monstrum: Pollination - Part 1

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2017

The gods aren't kind to a little catgirl all on her own in the world. Fera, a 12-year-old Felis, discovers that the world is more dangerous than she ever imagined, and the rapacious monsters that inhabit it will stop at nothing to claim the pleasures of her body.

Monstrum: Pollination - Part 2

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2017

Monstrum: Pollination - Part 3

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2017

Monstrum: Submission - Part 1

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2016

Teleria is buckling under the pressure of the monsters, and so is Allie, a 14-year-old mage once hailed as the savior of the kingdom. Struggling against time, she seeks a way to protect her sister and put a stop to the monsters for good.

Monstrum: Submission - Part 2

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2016

Monstrum: Filly - Part 1

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2015

Nela lives an idyllic tribal life with her doggy companion on the prairie, but the outside world is about to intrude on the 11-year-old girl's happy life.

Monstrum: Filly - Part 2

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2015

Monstrum: Broodmother

Part 1

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2015

The conflict has not gone well for Teleria. Kali is an experienced mage on a deep-country assignment to find a missing company and destroy the monsters that have menaced outlying villages. But the world is a harsh place for a 10-year-old girl, and the forces arrayed against her may find other uses for Kali.

Monstrum: Broodmother

Part 2

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2015

Monstrum: Bitch

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2015

10-year-old Shae has trained and studied hard to master the ways of magic and is ready for her first combat assignment. Protected by a company of skilled warriors and wielding forces that can tear reality asunder, can she defeat the cruel, rapacious creatures that are attacking Teleria's outlying villages?

Probably not.

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