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I like the emotion of sex; lust is an emotion, and so is love. Humans run on emotion, not logic. My stories attempt to invoke emotion in the reader; primarily lust [isn't that why you're here?] but just about every other emotion as well. If you feel horny, angry, wistful, nostalgic, aggrieved, satisfied... then my craft is successful.
New stories are added from time to time, the newest is always at the top of the list [scroll down]

I like a lot of variety, and you will find most everything in here, with the exceptions of pedophilia [I do go as young as 14] and bestiality. I don't much favor force [at least towards women], but I do go in for a spot of coercion.
I write for free, you read for free. You will see no advertising or links to commercial sites here.
It's often difficult to feel inspired to do the grunge work of finishing a story for the web and keeping the pages up to date; mail from readers is what I need for this.
I get about 1 letter for every 1000 downloads; that's a pretty low yield, people. If you've enjoyed my work, why not return the favor by sending me a short [or even long] note?
I will always reply unless requested not to; I do not pass on email addresses to third parties.
Thanks, Ace

[email protected]
I have created 4 more indexes with specific themes, for those of you who are looking for something specific. The links are on the left navigation bar.

The stories;

An extraordinary old woman and a willing young man;

7000 words, m/F, gilf, old woman / teen boy

Gap year travelling boy, 19, meets a remarkable and disturbingly attractive old woman, 74, on a windswept Scottish island.

Corruption in Kuwait;
16,000 words. m/F. M/F/F, cuckold. cheat
A proud young Indian wife accompanies her husband to Kuwait where he's been promised a good job. Things don't go as planned, and the newlyweds are forced to compromise in many ways.

Return of the farm girl, part 1
M/f 4,200 words

Lovely young Amy returns to her parent's farm next door; she's all grown up now, and full of new-fangled ideas she picked up in Europe. She came, but will she stay?

Return of the farm girl, part 2 [Nurse Amy takes charge] M/f 4,160 words
Old Ken is a farmer to his core, and can't help but plant his seed in the fun loving young Amy, despite his misgivings.

Return of the farm girl part 3

Young Amy just won't let old Ken forget her. She keeps coming back for more. Just what does she want from him? Aside from the obvious of course.

Return of the farmgirl part 4 8,250 words, M/F, M/F/F, wife

Ken thought things would cool down after they married, but Amy had other ideas. and so did her hot Spanish lover, Isabel.

Return of the farmgirl part 5 M/F/F
Farmer Ken wants to plant his seed in his young bride Amy, but that wild Isabel keeps getting it instead. The two women are keeping him pretty well milked actually.

Sexy at sixty and the boy who said yes,

A gilf tale. 10,700 words m/F

Summery; She was a special woman, with the experience to know just what she wanted, and the moves to get it. A boy 1/4 of her age.

6'3" Jane;
can a woman rape a man? 7,100 words. M/F, M/F, NC
Jane is tall, strong, and frustrated. She knows she shouldn't do the things she does, but how else can she get what she wants?

6'3 Jane and the midget tailor; 11,100 words M/f, MM/F, cheat
Would a short [very short] man really want a [very] tall woman? Perhaps, but could such a woman really go for a midget?
Well, he's a really nice guy. Talented too.
The second of several Tall Jane Tales

Foreclosed part 1,
15,000 words
Hes old, hes white, and he sleeps in my bed with my wife. But at least I get to watch.
Foreclosed 2; Mayra comes

Foreclosed 3, coming and going

The rejection of Sangeeta part 1
A part time limo driver takes the rich man's exotic girlfriend home with him. Their affair is intense, they fall in love; but he knows she'll return to the other man in the end. Or will she?
12,000 words

The Rejection of Sangeeta part 2;
A phone call from overseas; Sangeeta wants him back, if he can make a commitment.
But there are distractions and temptations to overcome first.

Stuck together in Bangkok part 1
3500 words m/F M/f A sweet young couple have to share a hotel room with an older couple during the airport closure in Bangkok.
stuck together in Bangkok 2 7,600 words M/f, F/m, F/F/F/F/F
18 year old Sonia has split up with her boyfriend, but still has to share a room with him and an older couple in Bangkok. Except for the night she stays with a local woman, for her introduction to the pleasures of lesbian group sex.
stuck together in Bangkok 3 6,000 words
In this part, she meets a tough old soldier, then goes back to the hotel room where Bob introduces her to anal sex while Mario and Elizabeth watch and do the same.

Stuck together in Bangkok 4 10,000 words M/f, F/m, TS/f, Ts/M
Everyone gets what they need, and more.

Just a kiss?
7,900 words, story codes; MF, MFF, cheat
Lena likes to flirt, and her husband doesn't mind, as long as it doesn't go beyond a nice wet kiss. But this time she goes too far, and gets herself tangled up with a powerful man.

Utterly faithful
14,500 words, Oriental
interr Mf mF FF FFM, orgy
His young Thai wife doesn't quite understand western culture; she just wants to be faithful, even if that means having sex with others.

The Souq
5,200 words M/F, F/F, M/F/F, m/F, Voy
A bored housewife on vacation finds excitement in the depths of the Moroccan covered market.

Anushka; Just don't fall in love
18,580 words M/F, m/F, Old/Young, Rom

A stunning Russian prostitute falls in love with a working class English man. A tumultuous relationship follows, as the lovers both love others to make a living.

My older lover, and her wife
m/F m/F/F [older woman], threesome 9330 words
A young man is seduced by his lovely lady dentist. After a brief affair, she wants to see him again. This time, she takes him home to meet her wife.

Knowledge of Uncle
M/f, Indian, Older man, 4400 words
A young Indian bride lives with her new husband and his old uncle. Her husband has little interest in her sexually, but his uncle...

5,900 words, M/f, m/F
A sensuous young French girl meets an old man and decides to help lift his mood. She also likes young boys though...

Son's girlfriend;
7,800 words M/f, cheat
A father has an affair with his son's ex-girlfriend. When she starts dating the son again, he knows he should stop seeing her... but he doesn't.

Burning love,
9,400 words M/F, M/F, voy, cheat
Wade owns the general store in a small town. He's married to the most beautiful girl in the county. But Donna soon wants more than he can offer her, and she betrays him. A story with a twist or two, pain, despair, pleasure, and hope.

Carnal knowledge, the psychic agent.
12,400 words.
A bit of a psychosexual thriller, this story is about a woman who truly "knows" people through sex. Her erotic power is both awesome and dangerous; learning to live with it will be difficult.

Saving Jessica
7,600 words MFF/ MF, etc.
A man's life is changed forever when he saves his young neighbor; he's a hero, women want him, and they get him, too. But it's some time before he finally finds what he needs to be happy.

Mother or daughter, Lucy or Sue, what to do?
M/F, M/F oriental, older woman, 6,600 words
I just couldn't resist writing another little story of these two oriental ladies, once more competing with each other for the attention of a young man.

Ugly; A monster's story
M/F, M/F 5,500 words

A dark tale of a disfigured man's search for love. quite erotic, but not for everyone. very popular.

My jungle girl part 1

My jungle girl part 2 M/F, M/F/F interr, rom, cheat, Voy.It's 12,000 words altogether, but I thought I'd post it in 2 parts.
A young American man on vacation in the hills of Indonesia loses his heart to an exotic girl. What will he do about it? Will he be willing to make the sacrifices necessary?

Strict Chinese landlady
3,900 words; older oriental woman, young American man. F-dom
A young man is surprised to find an older woman attractive; even more surprised to enjoy being [lightly] dominated. good fun.

The Mover; a tasty little interracial story;
3963 words.
She had been cooped up on her own for too long in the country house; she craved company, someone other than her husband to talk to. She ended up doing much more than talking with the mover.

The Hungarian woman;
15,000 words, M/F, M/F, cheating, voyeurism, older/younger, interracial, etc.
This is a sequel to The Hungarian_girl . The young lovers get mixed up with an older couple. Even as Jimmy enjoys himself sexually, he worries about the health of his marriage...
I know it doesn't sound that great, but I think this is a good story; let me know if you agree or not.

Stewardess wife
Cheating, Voyeurism, Older man/younger woman MM/F 3,800 words
Andrew is married to June, a lovely black stewardess; he's pretty confident about their relationship. He's sure she would never cheat on him; someone had better tell June that. a sad and sexy story.

Emma Lou steps out;
8,700 words M/f [that means an adult male and a girl].
Emma Lou is a repressed and naive 17 year old virgin as the story starts; when she lets big old Red give her a ride home he takes her to his home. She doesn't want to, but he insists... beginning a summer of hot sex for the poor girl. finally, she realizes that he is abusing her...

11,100 words. M/F interracial.
A tortured romance; a wealthy English man seduces a young Thai woman, and takes her home. He leaves her; he wants her back. Is it too late?"Privathi" is one of my all time favorite stories, it's just packed with emotion.

looking like claudia schiffer
11,700 words, but they just fly straight by... M/f M/F F/F interracial at times.
The story of a very beautiful girl; what is life like when everyone you meet is dumbstruck by your appearance? When every man would do nearly anything to get into bed with you? It isn't necessarily always nice, but it could be very erotic.

[7,300 words] M/F, cheat, voy, interrac.

My narrator, Dave, is pretty sure he's being screwed by his stepfather. In the scheme he hatches to find out, his young Japanese wife ends up getting screwed by his stepfather in the other way, while Dave watches helplessly.
One reader wrote to me that he thinks "Screwed" is the best erotic story ever on the internet. you are all welcome to write me letters like that! [or any letters, actually].

Screwed_Again [12,330 words] M/M/M/F, cheat, hum., interrac.
Dave's troubles with his wayward wife continue, and this time he's drawn into the action himself, although he is less than willing, in fact.

Screwed in Japan [13440 words] M/F, M/F, cheat, interrac, young/old, inc., [brief] BD. The grand finale of Screwed, if you enjoyed the other two, I promise you'll like this one too! Dave's troubles continue, but he finds his feet and asserts himself in the end.

The elevator
5300 words M/F interracial romance
I hope "Romance" doesn't mean "Boring". I don't think it does in this story. My narrator is stuck in the elevator for hours with his new boss. no prizes for guessing how they end up passing the time, but I try to put an interesting slant on it all. And then there's more...

I Share my woman with my brother
9860 words M/F, M/F,
A story of a Turkish resident in Germany. His dreams are realized when he falls in love with a German girl; but then his traumatized older brother moves in with them. Heidi just wants to help...A surprisingly believable tale of an unlikely but happy relationship between three, and in the end four, very different people.

3934 words
M/F a little S+M.
A PhD student feels she is the object of sexual discrimination, and decides to do what it takes to even things out. it seems this means she has to torment her professor some...

Is windsurfing better than sex?
2350 words

This is a sequel to John_was_17.
A young man goes windsurfing, but takes a break for some fun with [middle aged but sexy] Fran.

[1350 words] M/F, M/F
Another short tale of interracial sex, my narrator goes home with an Oriental girl, but ends up with little bit more.

Dinner at Sue's [Mother's]
3500 words m/FF

A short tale of an intense sexual encounter between a young man and two older ladies. Daniel has met Sue's mother before [breakfast_at_Sue's]. a fun little story for older woman fans.

Edna and the old Chinaman;
4294 words.
Beautiful blond Edna decides to improve her and Matt's situation by spending an evening with the landlord to be, to get a better lease. But she never expects to have so much fun... Matt gets to watch, but he has very mixed feelings about it all.

In the hold of swingers;
3775 words
A young couple is seduced on a boat, by a pair of older swingers. a really hot scene of a young man secretly listening while his girl is seduced by the husband.

The Filipino maid and the spoiled brat;
3782 words
A fifteen year old boy molests the help, and is shocked when she doesnt object much. In fact, after a while, they both come to appreciate the situation. This story got more response than anything I've written until now

The Server
919 words M/F/F
Written for the asstr 2nd server challenge.
A woman manages to get herself in-between her friend and her friends boy friend. At least for a night. it was quite popular when I posted it to the newsgroup. sort of wry and funny.

The Hungarian_girl
M/F, MM/F rom, interrac, exhib. 7,652 words.

Basically a boy meets girl story. A young African American man meets the Hungarian girl in a train station in Europe, and she asks him for money. despite the inauspicious meeting, they travel together, and then, of course, do much more. This is a really good story, and despite it's length, it keeps moving, in many ways.

[500 words]

A true tale of my youth, involving an older woman. Readers of my writings will be aware how I love old/young stories. this is one of the episodes in my life that may explain why. there are more, but they are not written down. This was a "flash story" written for the asstr anniversary celebration, and is only 500 words long. I might make it longer some time.

[5300 words] this story was written as an author's challenge, to write a "good" story of a naive 14 year old nymphomaniac. I cheated a little, as my character isn't really very naive. I took it seriously, and this story explores the possible highs and lows of it. enjoy it, and then tell me what you think.

[3,482 words]
The title basically says it. A fun tale of an older sophisticated black woman, and a charming young man.

She wanted a baby
4,800 words. M/F MM/F cheat, old/young, interracial.
My first "Tall Jane" story.
Better than the average white woman cheats on her husband with a black man story.

The Ballerina and the handyman
M/f 2313 words. t
he title basically says it. I think this story is really hot, but I didn't get much response to it. have a read and tell me if I'm just out to lunch, or if you think it's any good.

M/F interrac. cheat 3819 words.
A love affair between a married Chinese woman and a young black man. highly acclaimed! This story has lots of emotion and hot sex.

M/F, M/M/F, preg., first 5243 words.
the story of a man whose midlife crisis leads to an affair with a young woman motorcyclist. the affair leads to more than he'd bargained for. the characters in this story are so true to life, that one can believe they truly exist. one or two of then really do! A mostly happy story, I got good response from this when I posted it to the newsgroup.

Roseanna, my forbidden love
m/f, M/F, first, preg. 3,466 words.
A bittersweet love story. Luke and Roseanna have been in love with each other since they were children, but they know that they mustn't tell their parents, or even their friends... there is love, triumph, sadness, loss, fulfillment, and ultimately, contentment all packed into this tale. I've had a lot of positive response from this story, but don't mind to hear some more!

The trouble_with_Evelyn
m/F f/F, f/M 7800 words.
A sequel to "the trouble with swapping", but it can be enjoyed on it's own.
An 18 year old boy falls for the elder Evelyn's sophisticated charms. it's all good fun until his 17 year old girl friend falls for Evelyn. and Evelyn's husband Carl...This story starts out as an older woman / younger man tale, but kind of evolved on it's own into a older man / younger woman thing.

The trouble_with_swapping
[3700 words] M/F, M/F, young/old, interrac.

An older white couple arrange to swap partners with a young black couple. Mostly, things go according to plan, but not completely
I personally really like the characters of this story, so much so that I'm writing a sequel for each of them. is there any interest?

2712 words. M/f interrac. first
A young Englishman has a very exiting and enjoyable flight home from his holiday in India...A very emotionally charged story, it ends well. and the sex is something to envy.

3090 words M/F MM/F interrac. cheat.
Anil is a poor room boy in a small Bombay hotel, but dreams of bigger things. lucky fellow, he gets them! a young Irish woman thinks he's cute...

My travails with Anna and Bernadette
[6860 words] M/F M/F/F M/M, F/F, young/old cheat, interrac
This is the first erotic story that I wrote. It is a bit long, but the pace stays up. It's about a young American couple who meets up with an older French couple for trekking trip through the Himalayas. My young narrator is humiliated by the older Robare's seduction of his young girlfriend, and aggravated that he isn't succeeding in getting his way with Robare's pretty wife, Bernadette. it all comes right in the end, though. As I say somewhere in the text, strange things happen to people at high altitudes. often when they get back to the plains, they are amazed at themselves for what they've done. My narrator explores his homosexual side, so that puts you off you may not want to read this story.

[1180 words] M/F interrac. cheat

This is short story about a young married woman from Taiwan, who gets involved with a married American man. Personally, I really like this one.

[5800 words] M/F M/F/F young/old interrac. voy.

I think that black Susan is one of my hottest stories. A young African girl comes to the U.S. to go to college, sponsored by a retired American man. Of course, it's expected she fucks him, and she does, after a while.

[3600 words] M/F, T/F, MM/F, F/F, young/old, interrac., etc.

An ethnic Indian girl living in the U.S. is conned into having a hell of a lot of sex in the name of science. With some of the strangest people, too. An old man, a dwarf, a transexual

[1900 words] M/M/F
A man and his wife both get it on with their young friend John.If oral sex between men puts you off, don't read this one, since the happy trio do experiment with a little penis play...

[1050 words] M/F older woman/younger man

A young man fulfills his long held fantasy of his sexy, older, neighbor. Nice little twist at the end.

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