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Everybody has sexual fantasies. And some of them could make some pretty interesting stories. However, only few people have the skill of writing. And so, a lot of really good ideas are never used.

This is a large list of fantasies submitted by random visitors. I think it is impressive what kind of creativity lurks in the mind of the average guy. I have also created a ePub version of the collection, which can be found at The Adult ePub Library

So if you have some dirty ideas you want to share, this is the place. Authors can either use them, or get inspired by them, althrought this doesn't seem to happen much.

To submit an idea, just use the form below.

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Here's a story idea involving wife sharing at perhaps, it's extreme.... a mid 30's wife, her husband and a family friend have had a warm and "caring is sharing" relationship that they all have become comfortable with. One day, her husband says that he would like to formalize the arrangement, that he would like his wife to become wedded to heir friend. After much consideration and acceptance by the friend, she agrees. The big day has arrived and she has purchased a new outfit, that a new bride would take care in choosing. White stockings and garter belt, white push-up bra, white thong panties white 5" high heels, and a simple white off the shoulder dress and a small veil complete the image.

She has spent time at the hairdressers and has a manicure and pedicure during the afternoon hours. Now she has dresses and stands beside the friend. Her husband stands before the couple and says a version of wedding vows, carefully crafted for the occasion. In conclusion the friend slips a gold band on the third finger of her right hand, that sandwiches her original engagement ring and first wedding ring. He says " It gives me much pleasure in pronouncing you husband and wife. You will be now known as Mrs. Bruce Smith as well as Mrs. Marty Thompson" "You may kiss the bride and then take her to the bridal suite."

The years that follow see the happy threesome celebrate many joyous anniversaries...

Submitted 14. february 2014

About a lovely, mid 30's wife - married to an eager mid level manager in a small company. He has been offered a sizable promotion, but the section chief has made it abundantly clear that the promotion depends on the wife's "support". The interesting twist is that the section chief is a woman, an aggressive, dominant lesbian with a taste for busty brunettes and the wife fits the bill to a tee. The chief also has a taste for cruelty. During the last opportunity that she has with the wife, the chief was sitting beside the wife and as they were talking, the lesbian manager ran her hand up and under the wife's skirt. She pinched the wife's thigh as she explained what she expected in return for the promotion.

The next day, the wife saw a nasty dark bruise, high on her thigh where the chief's painted fingernails bit into her skin. And she remembered agreeing to a meeting with the lesbian who made it abundantly clear that " a bit of carefully administered pain will assure long term gain".

The wife wondered how to hide the first of many, yet to come bruises from her husband.

Submitted 30. january 2014

A 7th grade boy resurrects the files on the hard-drive of the laptop computer issued in English class hoping to find the class notes from the previous year. He also finds that the girl that had the computer the year before has fantasies about being a slave humiliated by being forced to go in public naked and being forced to perform sexually on the young master. beating off while reading the stories he cums and he finds a picture the girl took of herself in her slave costume displaying her pussy and tits. the picture does not include her face but he recognizes the birthmark on the girls neck, it belongs to the attractive but snooty girl who's mother makes her stay overdressed everywhere. She lives in his apartment building. Does he make her fantasies become real?

Submitted 24. january 2014

Shy third grade girl sent to school with a vibrator set on high in her pussy that is powered by a large battery pack up her ass keeping it running all day.

Submitted 22. january 2014

Bring your daughter to work day at the dildo factory.

Submitted 22. january 2014

Mother forces her 8 year old son to be a sissy to fulfill her fantasies of molesting an 8 year old daughter, she discovers that molesting sissies is more fun.

Submitted 22. january 2014

A man makes his shy daughter spend the summer naked to prepare her for second grade.

Submitted 22. january 2014

Bully is caught depantsing the new boy and is punished by having to spend the school year naked by the new principal. The bully's mother who has had enough makes it clear that the so long as he is not permanently damaged anybody can touch, hit, or stick things into him however they want to.

Submitted 22. january 2014

Woman stays home from work on hot summer day and discovers that the neighborhood preteen boys skinny-dip in her pool. She admits to herself the passion she has denied since middle school and videos the boys and then …

Submitted 20. january 2014

The father of a self-centered 13-year-old girl catches her and her friends skinny-dipping in the sprinkler in the back yard. After setting video recorders he lures his daughter into the house and gives her a choice; a welt raising belt spanking of everything she is suppose to keep covered or help him molest her friends.

Submitted 20. january 2014

An unrelated boy and girl both 13 are seated next to each other on a plane while going to summer camp. The camp the boy is headed for in intended for young warriors the girl is headed for a camp intended for little ladies. After talking, the boy (not into cross-dressing) suggests that from an activities standpoint they both would much prefer going to the others camp. The girl seizes the idea like salvation and convinces the boy that they could do it.

The staff at the boys camp decide that just pretending not to notice and let what happens to the girl happen is the cost effective way to deal with the lawsuit intended by the girls family.

The staff at the girls camp fail to notice except for one canceler that figures that she shouldn't be the only one in the dorm not exploring her sexuality, besides the idea of a cute boy in drag had always made her wet and this was her chance.

Both kids have a good time bet the girl wonders if making love to a gentile boy is as much better as she thinks it would be. The boy fantasizes that the hard body girl that blew over his objections to switching camps being just as demanding in bed and decides that if she lets him still be the nerd boy in front of the people he already knows that being the beta to her alpha even/especially if he has to spend the rest of the time in drag.

She insists that he wears girls underwear always even if on days he has gym class they are "boy shorts"

The parents are not happy but mommy should not leave the Rohypnol bottle where her kid can find it.

Submitted 31. december 2013

A modest 8 year old orphan is sent to live with a cousin in a small town where the child is selected to be the towns naked toy for the year.

Submitted 2. january 2014

A young man who was raised by his mothers prudish aunt after his parents died in an accident when he was 2 is informed that his fathers brother died without children and he is the new Lord of the manner. After he arrives he discovers that one of his duties is to deflower all the girls on or as soon after their eighth birthday. He finds out it took 4 years to find him and he has quite a backlog to clear.

Submitted 5. december 2013

A 14 year old boy when his best friend is at summer camp and he is taking care of his friends pet spiders. His friend's year younger sister after letting him into the house tells him that she is going to the mall leaves the house. Alone in the house with the desire in his mind the whole time that he takes care of the spiders and their cages, the temptation is too great and he sneaks into her room and dresses in her clothes he took from the hamper. The girl who suspected him of stealing a pair of her panties sneaks back into the house and catches him red handed and takes a picture with her phone. She then uses blackmail to overcome his insincere objections to a proper transformation.

She removes all traces of body and facial hair with hair removal cream, gives him a bubble bath, styles his shortish hair, dresses him in the clothes she has that best suit him (including moms closet), and makeup making a convincing looking “girl” (nobody would automatically think boy but butch dyke trying to look pretty would be high an anybodies list).

She convinces him to go out in public (takes less force than for the proper transformation) to keep the evidence of her arousal from running down her legs she uses one of her moms maxi pads.

After ice cream when walking back through a forested park she hand her phone to him and tells him to delete the photos (his phone is the same model) and confesses the first time she became aroused because of because of something she saw was watching “Hanky Panky” when Gene Wilder dressed as a woman to avoid be identified by the police. She also admits that she wishes that her objections had been overpowered when her brother dared her to give him a hand job, not because she would have enjoyed it but because he would have.

He admits that while her brother has become his best friend it was her that he went to see for the first year after they met when they moved into the neighborhood when he was eleven he knew that even if he was confused about everything else.

Seeing the look on her face he leans forward ad gently kisses her on the lips. The sound of approaching people breaks the mood and they start walking again.

When they get back to her house her mother has come home. The mother puts the relevant information together (seeing his clothes in her daughters room, and recognizing what he was wearing) and greets him by name and invites him to dinner. But tells them her husband would be upset by his dress and he should be wearing his own outer clothes for dinner. And if someone knew to look for it could see signs of a bra strap or nylon clad ankles it would be cute.

Submitted 5. december 2013

A shipload of military dependents being evacuated from the Philippines just before WWII breaks up in a storm. A 13 year old boy who's father had taught to sail small boats ends up on a lifeboat with a dozen girls from 8 to 17. After the weather calms the ships crewman that was the boat captain forces a pubescent girl to suck his dick. The boy garottes the man and tosses the body overboard. Then uses his skills and sails the lifeboat and finds a deserted island. The girls are grateful and horny.

When along with 29 other seventh graders a shy 13 year old girl is forced to read her report in front of the state assembly her twin brother Bob takes her place by dressing in her girl's school uniform. Then when terrorists set of numerous dirty bombs and release persistent nerve gas the capital security team takes the children to a cold war bomb shelter and locks the boys and girls into different tunnels sealing the door behind them. Bob is locked in the room with the girls. It is weeks before the decontamination crew finds them.

Submitted 3. december 2013

The mother of an 11 year old girl realizes that her daughter who is wearing a miniskirt (mid they) and stretchy baby shirt from last summer that might as well just been a thin coat of paint to the breakfast table is not wearing underwear, and is using mommy's Ben Wa balls. The mother acts on her naughty thoughts and makes the girl do the dishes and then takes her shopping not giving the girl a chance to remove them. The girl is humiliated but keeps getting more aroused especially when her mother "obliviously" forces the girl to move in ways that makes her skirt rise up her protests are overruled by the mother saying "Nonsense I buy you good stout panties" as the day progresses and the mother knowing what is happening to her little girl is getting aroused from it as well. At the end of the day at the fish counter in a groceries store a strange man tells them that they should get something else for dinner as the fish smells a little off today. The little girl blushes hard and then the mother spins the girl around giving everybody a good look as she sends the girl to get something they had passed earlier in the store. driving home the mother hits every bump in the road that she can. When they get home they find the girl's father spotting the neighbor's 13 year old boy on the barbells in the garage both worthy of a poster advertising sweaty virility. Good time had by all.

The next morning the girl returns to her room from taking a shower and finds her shortest skirt, most transparent top, and mommy's Ben Wa balls laid out for her. Her mother calls from the kitchen "Hurry up and get dressed I'm taking you to the zoo today."

Even knowing it is going to be horribly embarrassing she trembles with anticipation as she inserts the weighted little balls.

Submitted 1. december 2013

"Harvesting".. not a story of gathering in the crops in the fall....

A number of young women have been disappearing over some time... young college women, girls in their late teens, women in their mid 30's.... The mystery deepens, as efforts to locate them have come up empty. The truth be known, several very wealthy and influential Oriental recluses have been systematically following young white girls, from their adolescence to early maturity.... they have been gathering high school year books and selecting the most attractive female students, watching local newspapers and noting engagement and marriage announcements, following aspiring actresses, watching and waiting..... when the time is ripe, they instruct their agents to kidnap and deliver the women to a waiting tramp freighter where they are carried away to their new owners.......

Everything imaginable happens to the captives, some are sold to Arab slave traders, some are used as concubines, some are forced into a life of prostitution.....

Some simply disappear, as they all have been collected, harvested for sexual pleasure....

Submitted 30. november 2013

The Fathers and Daughters Club is a private club,with meetings held every fortnite in an old mansion.In this quiet and relaxed atmosphere,fathers meet others to mutually admire each others daughters.The girls age range is 10-15 and each father takes pride in dressing their daughters as sexily as possible.

Each girl wears a colored badge depicting the degree of her willingness to be admired by other fathers.This is mostly age related and works thus:

Green-You can kiss my hand or cheek and stroke my legs below the knee.

Pink--You can kiss me on my lips and stroke me anywhere over my clothing.

Yellow-You can stroke me anywhere under my clothing,but not remove any.

Blue-You can remove any of my clothing and stroke me anywhere.

Red-You can have sexual intercourse with me.

The large room is furnished with several sofa's and,as each father strolls around holding his daughters hand,they are invited to join other fathers on their sofa's.

The girls,dressed in short,flared mini skirts and off the shoulder gypsy blouses,for example,love to compete and compare their sex attire with the other girls and love the attention they receive from admiring men.Fathers watching their own daughters receiving varying degrees of molestation are filled with pride at their girl's popularity.

Seeing their little,exposed breasts caressed is a pure thrill,as is watching another man's big hand stroking and tickling a naked vulva.Not least exciting is hearing the man's comments and compliments about his daughters young body.

It is the girls own choice when she wants to progress to a different colored badge.After a meeting,on the drive home,she will discuss the evenings events with her father.She may,for example,feel jealous at what she saw an older girl enjoying and feel ready to experience that herself.

At each badge change request,her father's excitement will mount.His ultimate aim is to join those ranks of fathers who drive home with a well fucked daughter.Nothing pleases him more than knowing one of his fellow fathers has taken his daughter upstairs and gazed on her full nudity.Then,stripping himself,the man has layed the girl on a bed and taken her as fully as he would his own wife.

As the girls approach their 16th birthday,they know that they will become ineligable to be members of the club.At this point,some of the girls decide to stop using birth control and hope to take a lasting memory of their wonderful time spent there.

Submitted 28. november 2013

A girl wakes up on her 12th birthday to find her entire family (consisting of her parents and multiple siblings no older than 18) missing as well as every single item of clothing she owns. Once becoming adventurous enough to journey outside in the nude, she learns she is to go on a magical and sexual quest in order to stop this fate from happening to children all around the world.

Submitted 28. november 2013

A girl wakes up on her 12th birthday to find her entire family (consisting of her parents and multiple siblings no older than 18) missing as well as every single item of clothing she owns. Once becoming adventurous enough to journey outside in the nude, she learns she is to go on a magical and sexual quest in order to stop this fate from happening to children all around the world.

Submitted 28. november 2013

Hot blind girl is informed that the windows facing the fire escape that she habitually exercised nude in front of are not one way glass and realizes what the funny sounds she had often heard really was. She remembers all the times she heard people out there. that night when it is time to exercise does she keep her clothes on?

Submitted 26. november 2013

Poor hot MILF find out than her 12 year old son is selling nude pictures of her to rich classmates. She realizes that they would pay a lot more to touch.

Submitted 26. november 2013

Preteen girl finds out that her step-mom has been selling nude pictures and videos of her. Decides that the offer for video of her being diapered and otherwise treated as a baby is too good to pass up. Blackmails stepmother into doing it and finds that she really likes being babied especially after days of sucking on step-moms tits results in milk.

Submitted 26. november 2013

A young woman gets in her car to drive to collage feels a needle poke wakes up bound and blindfolded a voice reminds her of when she was twelve she played dress up with 8 year old boys and made them spend the afternoon as a girl in public she remembers how wet humiliating them had made her then and then realized how wet the memories had just made her. She is told if she correctly names them by the sound of their voices and correctly told what she was being punished for she would be gang raped and then released and the video of the confession and punishment would be emailed to the entire student and faculty body of Michigan State the only collage that accepted her application. If she gets it wrong her nipples and clit would be burned off with a soldering iron and every time she passed out they would revive her before continuing.She gets the names and stories right but none of the boys were correctly identified but the masked woman that removed her blindfold said my precious baby killed himself because of what you did to him. Wherever you go whatever you do the video of your confession will be delivered to all the people around you. If it had been found out I was sexually7 active I would have been killed but I took the risk to give the baby growing inside me a chance to live and made sure the beautiful baby boy would be safely found and you killed him.

The masked woman set a candle to burn the rope she was hanging from, and left. Freed the girl drove to collage there was an email waiting for her.

Submitted 26. november 2013


The brother Jim 17 years old, 6'2" 195lbs halfback on the varsity football team. He told his family that he was going to his friends house and they were going to watch the first Star Wars trilogy and hand out candy to the tricker treaters and leaves the house dressed as Vader.

The Beth sister 13 years old, 4'11" 85lbs three years ahead of her age group at school watching the cheerleader tryouts to support her friend Jill who had been held back a year recognized her brothers best friend Max despite his scarecrow mask and called her brother who brought clothes and an excuse for why Max's car was parked outside the gym. Her brand new boobies stand half an inch from her chest. She told her family she and her friend were going to spend the night on Napoleon hill (named after the worn out bronze cannon that was to be fired if the blue bellies were seen coming down the river during the civil war) watching the moon trying to scare each other with ghost stories.

Nether told the truth. The Max was going to cover for him paying him back for keeping him from getting caught after he streaked the cheerleader tryout. Jim left the Vader costume on Max's dad's inflatable doll in front of the TV and caught a ride with one of the frat boys from the collage that was recruiting him to attend the frat's Halloween party where he donned a hockey mask and rubber knife.

At Jill's house Beth dressed in a church dress that Jill had outgrown with a stuffed bra platform spike heal boots and color change contacts lenses (just slightly blurring her vision) and well applied makeup that made it so her brother wouldn't recognize her before heading to Jill's boyfriend's frat party. Jill quickly abandons Beth to boink her boyfriend. Beth drinks 2 glasses of panty dropper punch.

Jim four bottles of beer and 6 pieces of Mary Jane's brownies makes nice to a girl that looks like she is thinking that coming to the party might have been a bad idea.

When Jim and Beth figure out who they had hooked up with are they horrified or pleased that it was somebody they love. Why is Beth puking all the time?

Submitted 26. november 2013

A 13 year old girl joins the Babysitters Club and discovers that the club is dedicated to stripping little boys naked, putting a pleasuring device on their little pee-pee, spanking them with any implement that the babysitter desires until the little butt (from below the knees to the shoulder blades) is flaming red (welts are considered a sign of inexperience) and then forcing them to perform oral sex swallowing everything that come out. She is inform of the recognition signals to look for from mothers and fathers and told to expect to have to perform sexually for the father if she plays with the boy.

After beating a 6-year-old boy when he turns to perform orally she recognizes the boy as her third grade teachers son. Well trained the boy quickly brings her to several orgasms and then swallows every drop when she empties her bladder.

When she gets home with her new tools her parents ask her to baby sit her baby brother and when he parents flash the recognition sign she realizes the real reason why the nursery is sound proofed.

After playing with her baby brother she is ready when her parents come home. Her father cums in her three times without repeating a hole. Laying leaking cum and blood from both holes in the crotch she asks her parents if the need a baby sitter tomorrow night as well.

Submitted 26. november 2013

The owner of a SM club with strictly enforced rules requiring that everybody that comes in show a state picture ID that is bounced of the issuing state's database, and that they sign a contract that specifies the safe word or action used in the club kidnaps under age girls and publicly rapes, brakes, and sells them to a select clientele. The legitimate clients wonder how he finds such young looking women that seem to have no limits on what they will endure.

Submitted 26. november 2013

A 12 year old boy finds out the neighborhood bully, a 13 year old girl, has to wear a diaper to bed. He takes photos including ones of the girls mother putting her into diabers and one in the morning with diaper heavy with urine. Masturbating to a photo showing her uncovered hairless pussy he realizes that there is a better use for the pictures than spreading them around the neighborhood for revenge.

Submitted 24. november 2013

In 1870s Montana a rancher orders a mail order bride.

The 25 year old widow with a 10 year old girl who is suppose to be his bride dies on the way. The little girl having seen what waited for her if she returned to Chicago completes the trip with her mothers papers.

The rancher finds a young bride quite appealing.

Submitted 15. november 2013

A 12 year old boy working in a stable for a couple that care more for their investments (they don't give a rats ass about their horses except they make money off them) than their 8 year old daughter. On the first day of summer break he over hears the girl wish she was a pony and tells her she could be treated as one if she really wanted to be but it wouldn't just being groomed and otherwise being cared for she would have to do the other things that ponies do such as pull a cart or be ridden. She agrees.

The worthless parents let her spend the summer at a friends house not even inquiring about names.

Over the summer the boy trains her into a ponygirl.

When school starts the fact the girl is missing comes to light. The police investigation reveals that the boy and girl are siblings which only makes the boy hornier and when the police find the girl she tells them that her parents forced her to be a pony and bragged that she would be their most profitable sale yet. The parents story having been so absurd the police believe the girl.

The boys foster parents admit to him that they adopted him and use the family connection to adopt the girl as well.

The boy and girl discover that they prefer for her to be a part time ponygirl while remaining full time lovers.

Submitted 15. november 2013

A confident and outgoing blind girl goes through puberty not knowing the clothes her father provides for her are see through.

Submitted 30. october 2013

8 year old Sam (Samuel) discovers that nice thing happens to him (he finds money and toys) when he causes his twin sister Sam (Samantha) humiliated (naked) in public.

He milks it for all its worth and their parents never seem to notice.

Submitted 30. october 2013

A girls school 6th grade class takes a field trip to Bermuda in the triangle they encounter a freak storm that damages the plane forcing the pilot to crash on a "uncharted" island. The teacher is killed in the crash. The pedophile male pilot finds the little girls an irresistible temptation.

Submitted 30. october 2013

The Kardashians and all their husbands wives etc. are on plane to an undisclosed location with no flight plan filed plane crashes on island and electronics fail limited food source on island and none of them have skill to fish. Incest Rape Snuff Cannibalism.

Submitted 28. september 2013

A teenage girl brings the car home with a $1000 scrape. Daddy sentences her to the whole summer confined to her room with no TV, internet or phone access. Then, suddenly noticing just how much of her there is in that thin sundress, he proposes an alternate punishment: a double spanking. She hasn't been spanked since she was ten. That was six years and six cupsizes ago, but she agrees.

Standing there in just her socks and her heavy-duty bra, clutching her burning, belt-striped buns, she is no longer sure it was such a good deal. Then he gives her the *bad* news:

"Bad little girls get spanked only on their little hindcheeks, but you're a *big* girl now. Take off your bra."

Submitted 27. september 2013

A new story idea, that has crossed my mind....

A newly married couple has an unorthodox idea of their family's composition...

They are missionaries and will soon be posted to the first of many different places... Africa, Asia, Europe, the middle east, northern Russia. The wife has reluctantly agreed to conceive a baby at every posting. They will bring their growing Rainbow Family along with them as they continue their travels.

They carefully plan who the babies fathers will be - some young and lusty lads, some old grizzled men - all most eager to have their way with the young wife.

Each chapter of the story focusses on a new location, new suitor, new pregnancy.....

Submitted 23. september 2013

A barely pubescent girl whose Muslim nanny inflicted a severely over active sense of modesty upon her. (She is uncomfortable wearing clothes that revel her knees, elbows, and lower neck) The psychiatrist her parents send her to (a sadistic pedophile) convince them that having her discover that being caught nude in public will help her reduce her modesty to sane proportions farther convince them that treating her swimsuit (a full body leotard) so after a few minutes in water it disintegrates and take her to a specific beach on a specific day when it will be very crowded and arrive late enough that they have to find a spot very distant from the water. Then when the girl goes to play in the water move so that she will have to search for them. When found he tells them act like her nudity is unimportant insist on staying hours longer keeping her nude. He gives them a powder to put in her drink on the way to the beach making sure to have her finish the drink before arriving that he said is a drug to reduce her anxiety; it is really to increase her anxiety and an aphrodisiac to train her to be sexually aroused by embarrassment.

When her parents respond to her need on her second trip up the beach by catching her and wrapping her in a blanket dozens of perverts are disappointed but console themselves with the high definition videos that they had made.

At her next appointment with the evil doctor she is given the same drug cocktail and forced to watch the videos while naked and being molested. Police force their way into the office and attempt to arrest the doctor. Internal Affairs Officer Bob Stronglove, father of four little girls insists that the evil doctors death was a completely unavoidable accident. A parent sits in with her with her new doctor.

Submitted 30. may 2013

Early in the American intervention in Vietnam a young soldier's 14 year old girlfriend becomes pregnant when she gives him her virginity the nite before he leaves.

The soldier disappears when the ready ammo supply for his artillery piece blows up and he is declared MIA presumed dead.

Determined to keep his promise to return and marry his girlfriend despite being blinded by the explosion and captured by the NVA he survives the brutal captivity until the POWs are returned 14 years later.

As soon as he was released from the hospital he returns to his girlfriends family farm. The 14 year old girl who greets him at the door recognized him from the picture she found in the diary that informed her who her real parents are, tells him that his girlfriend who was still still waiting waiting for him had died in an accident three years previously without telling him that he has a daughter. She holds him while he cried. When her "parents" returned from a day in town she hides him in her room and tells him it would be bad for both of them if they catch him. The grand parents seeing that she hadn't finished her chores for the day force the girl to strip and beat her extra hard with a rattan cane. Outraged the soldier comes out of the girls room like an avenging angel. (The one god sends when he is really pissed) The evil old man has a fatal heart attack and his matching wife trips on the stairs and breaks her neck.

The girl fully understands how her mother could love and want to have his babies. She accidentally lets it slip that he is her father when telling him that she wants to mother his children. Finding the fiction that was to protect her grandparents reputation useful they eventually marry despite his being her "big sisters" boyfriend. The one other person that knows the truth figures that they don't know and that they both deserve some happiness. After the number of children of incest he has seen grow up health he doesn't see the harm; the old doctor take the secret to the grave.

Submitted 23. may 2013

A 13 year old boy is babysitting his toddler sister on a hot summer day. After putting her down for her nap he falls asleep on the couch wearing only his boxers. He does not wake until long after his sister discovers his erection.

Submitted 14. april 2013

Here's a nasty little tale...... involving characters in the TV series "Swamp People" and the delicious Christina Hendricks.......

Short and to the point... Christina is on board a small commuter aircraft, on her way to a publicity appearance in Florida. Her fans await her arrival, but unfortunately the airplace experiences a malfunction and looses all electrical function. The pilot skillfully crash lands into the Everglades, however he and the passengers including Christina are uncontious from the force of the impact. When the quite of the swamp returns, a amall boat approaches the crash site. On board are GlenMitchell from the Swamp people series. Neither man has been with a woman in a very long time, particularly, one as lovely as Christina. They rummage through the wreckage and after taking a few odds and ends, open the cabin door. They silently look at each other and at the dazed Christine. Moments later she has been carried to their boat and the sond of it's engine fades away until it is no longer heard.

The search for Christine Hendricks goes on for several weeks without a trace of her being found. hope slowly fades and the general concensis is that she may have secumbed to one of the many creatures that lurk in the immense Everglades. 6 months later finds the lovely Christine a sax slave to the two bearded brothers, her wonderful figure swelling from the effects of being 4 months pregnant.

Sometimes, damsels in distress stay that way.....

Submitted 13. april 2013

Joss Little 7 year old takes the bus back home after a day of school in second grade Jefferson College. Joss wears blue short pants, short-sleeved white shirt, white socks and black leather shoes. Loads a bright red backpack. What they miss is that Joss gets on the bus with his fly open for shortly before leaving the school felt the urge to urinate and forgot to zip up his shorts to finish.

Therefore observed amid the open fly a white colored growth Joss wearing white underpants and hosting a delicious little penis and balls that form a small round bulge as if out of his pants.

Inside the bus Joss notes that the seats are facing the window curtains and the seats are divided by a bar that separates one from the other passengers, but this bar is raised or lowered easily.

The bus is almost full, so hard Joss breaks through passengers and goes to the end of the bus aisle providing child in mind strategic will be the end of the bus when lowered to prevent the bus stop is passed, however, too late would realize his grave mistake to go to the end of the bus.

In the back pew of the bus, one man only approx. 50 years old, just reading the newspaper open on his lap, the other seats are empty. Joss recalls her mother then said: "Do not talk to strangers", so that approaches and sits silent after three seats beside the man. Joss can perceive the corner of his left eye that he begins to look at him from head to toe without realizing yet fully opening his fly which leaves poke a little white bundle of white pantaloncillo covering his genitals.

Joss feels embarrassed and nervous, but realizes that the man's gaze excites him a lot and the answer is that the little Joss suffers an erection that increases the size of the package and white, though embarrassed trying to cover his crotch with the school bag, it is too late because the newspaper man had already noticed his erection.

Joss with his red face turns his face to the man and felt scared to see that the man does not take away the look of your crotch, Joss as a robot manages to see his fly open and his bulge leaning and covered with his (...)

Submitted 26. March 2013

Shortly before the stock market crash in 1929, a seemingly well off young mother (her husband is missing in Africa) can't find a baby sitter 8 year old son, and takes him to a Women club's garden party. There a at least 12 women, and 24 girls ranging from 4-14.

The boy is pouring himself some lemonade when the crystal pitcher breaks dousing him in lemonade and making a big mess. The maid who had previously dropped the pitcher, is ordered to publicly strip, spank, and bath the boy. the maid is relieved that she is not blamed for the broken pitcher, and follows the orders and gives the boy the spanking she would have received, if she wanted to keep her job. 15 minuets with a hickory switch leaves the boy flaming red from knees to mid back with dozens of welts. The maid massages the boy to a dry orgasm while washing him in front of the gathered women and children.

His mother asks the host to borrow some of Elizabeth's clothes for him, knowing that the hosts son is the same size. Elizabeth provides a frilly party dress that she had out grown along with the appropriate underwear. The boy's mother with the juices of arousal trickling down her legs, tells the boy to do what the girls tell him or he will get a worse beating when they get home. First the girls teach him to act so that it is not immediately apparent that hes a boy, but out of sight of their parents the girls strip, and further humiliate/pleasure the boy. Meanwhile most of the mothers agree that such entertainment will be a regular feature of there meetings.

On the way home the mother stops for ice-cream, the boy wants to stay in the car but his mother whacks him across the bottom with a belt and tells him he can try to pass for a girl, or go in as a sissy. Once they get home the mother forces the boy to preform oral sex on her while still wearing the dress.

The next day the mother buys girl clothes for him to wear for her pleasure.

When the stock market collapse wipes out the mother's investments. She rents out the boy to perverts to keep a roof over their heads.

In 1933 the boy's father with the help of the sultan's beautiful twin 14 year old daughters who don't want to marry a notoriously cruel old man, escapes slavery with a large part of the sultan's treasure. returning to his home, he rescues his son, and makes his wife's death look like suicide.

Submitted 18. July 2011

SUMMARY: A story where child a child is kidnapped and raised in such a way that they obsessively worship their captor with slave-like devotion.

LONGER DESCRIPTION: Years ago a man kidnapped a very young girl (roughly toddler-aged). Thanks to the intricacy of their plan, he was able to evade the massive manhunt that ensued. In the years that followed, he raised her in seclusion so that she practically revered him as a God.

I suggest a non-linear narrative where the planning and execution of the kidnapping, and the subsequent raising of the girl are told sort of in flashbacks.

OPTIONALLY: Another idea could be that the man could have had a partner during the kidnapping. They met online and decided to kidnap a brother and sister. They know almost nothing about one another, and went their separate ways after the kidnapping. But for extra tension the partner could suddenly reappear after years of no contact and say that he's worried that the police are onto him and he doesn't know what to do.

Submitted 11. July 2011

A saga in several parts...."The Perils of Pauline"..

Pauline is the center figure in the story and the saga follows her through several episodes in her life, starting with an event when she was in her teens, being molested by an older uncle, culminating in the loss of her virginity..... some years later she has become married and her 12 year old nephew has been overly interested in her, asking Pauline to show him her breasts and asking her taking liberties whenever they are alone together...

when she is in her mid 30's her husband's much older boss has propositioned her, asking her to have an affair with him, in exchange for a promotion for her husband, in her late 30's one of her in-laws' female friends forces a dominant lesbian encounter on Pauline.. as the years pass, Pauline has many adventures, few of which, she initially agrees to but reluctantly partcipates in none the less.....

Submitted 3. may 2011

Idea: write some fake childhood memories. Incidents which could had happened to you. The idea is to use your real background to make the story more realistic. Here's a few hints:

1) Write in 1st person, from your perspective.

2) Search your past for incidents which might had evolved into something. Maybe you lost a bet to your cousin, were on the swim team, or got lost in the supermarket. Episodes which had the potential to develope into something naughty.

3) Take a trip at memory lane. Try to recall as much of your past as possible. How you looked, how you were dressed, your body, your personality and how your life was. This will help make the story more solid

Submitted 23 april 2010

Incest story of mom keeping son in diapers after death of father. She is encouraging her son to use the diapers when wetting, but teaching him the use of the toilet for defecating. She love to use enemas on him and as he grows older he loves to watch her take enemas. Eventually sex is introduced and they live together for years enjoying and exploring all types of sex, inluding anal for both. Mom using dildos on son. Golden showers included with exception of drinking. Later both wearing and using diapers.

Submitted 28 january 2009

An English diplomat and his family have been posted to an African kingdom with explicit instructions to improve relations between the two countries. During one of the first official functions that they are invited to, they meet the King and his 10 year old son. The boy is immediately attracted to the diplomat's wife, a dark haired MILF in her mid 30's. After the introductions have been made, he hovers near the woman and tries to monopolize their conversation. When he isn't looking into her eyes, he stares down her cleavage.

His attentions do not go unnoticed by the guests and several of the women smile at the wife as the boy casually touches her arm, brushes against her whenever the opportunity presents itself. Near the evening's end, he goes so far as asking her what size bra she wears and to accompany his to the darkened gardens. She is quite embarrassed and naturally declines.

When she and her husband return home, he casually mentions the boy's infatuation with her and that he could certainly understand the boy's interest.

Over the next few weeks, she receives several calls from the boy who asks her to meet him or when she will be alone in her home. She doesn't know how to deal with this unwanted attention and asks her husband for some advice. Her husband suggests that she call the boy's bluff. She reluctantly agrees.

Submitted 20 august 2008

A middle school boy on the cusp of puberty thinks he's hot stuff. He's a latchkey kid with a mother far more interested in her job, child support & secret boyfriend.

His unknown mother's boyfriend is actually bi-sexual.

BUT HIS friend works with him as a gay pedophile who procures mainly boys and then brainwashes,tortures and does many other unspeakable things ... things far too long to detail here ... ultimately this smart boy ends up kidnapped!

He is forced to become a diapersex slave boy.

Eventually,he'll help to lure and procure other boys for this secret worldwide pedophile and kid porn ring!

SO ... HAVE AT IT ... help me make it a hot read!



Submitted 5 august 2008

Janet and Eric were newlyweds on an extended honeymoon. Both tenured professors of Medieval history at a prestigious university, they had three months of summer (and each other) to enjoy.

The ancient French villa they rented for their honeymoon was everything their travel agent had said it would be. And then some ...

It was going on their fourth week there that Janet discovered a secret panel in the library that led down deep within the cliff that their isolated villa was built on. And there, deep underground, she found a fully equipped series of dungeons. When she shared her discovery with Eric, he was excited about the possible academic value of her discovery.

But Janet had other ideas about what those rooms, and the things they contained, could be used for. What happened next brought an entirely different perspective to the notion of "how I spent my summer vacation."

Submitted 5 august 2008

Billy, a 11 year old boy, is just entering puberty with the normal bubbling of hormones and incessent erections. Mama happens to walk by his door when he has mistakenly thought the house empty. She sees him sitting in front of his computer viewing pornographic sites, his pants and underwear around his ankles. She can see his arm moving as he obviously masturbates. Mama feels guilty for watching but also feels strangely aroused, her pussy lips swelling and becoming wet as she watches and hears his soft moans and panting breath. Later, lying in bed with her husband Bill, she tells him about it. Far from being upset he is very aroused and begins to stroke his hard erection as she describes the scene to him. He tells her that he would love to see her with Billy, teaching him all about sex, giving him his first hand job, licking and sucking his thin body and giving her son his first oral sex. Bill shocks her by admitting that he has always had bi-sexual fantasies and that he would love helping her with Billy's education ... they come up with a plan to use her sleeping pills to daze their son and begin his education ...

Submitted 4 august 2008

Billy, our 11 year old son is just entering puberty with the normal bubbling of hormones and incessent erections. Mama happens to walk by his door when he has mistakenly thought the house empty, and sees him sitting in front of his computer viewing pornographic sites, his pants and underwear around his ankles. She can see his arm moving as he obviously masturbates. Mama feels guilty for watching but also feels strangely aroused, her pussy lips swelling and becoming wet as she watches and hears his soft moans and panting breath. Later, lying in bed with her husband Bill, she tells him about it. Far from being upset he is very aroused and begins to stroke his hard erection as she describes the scene to him. He tells her that he would love to see her with Billy, teaching him all about sex, giving him his first hand job, licking and sucking his thin body and giving her son his first oral sex. Bill shocks her by admitting that he has always had bi-sexual fantasies and that he would love helping her with Billy's education ... they come up with a plan to use her sleeping pills to daze their son and begin his education ...

Submitted 4 august 2008


Submitted 4 august 2008

A girl is left tied in the jungle, she's nude and scared, everything can use her body. Zhe idea is, no humans, nothing paranormal, no aliens or somthing, just the jungle flora and fauna.

Here's the beginning, which I wrote some years ago, but never continued.

Have fun

The men are leaving the horror was over, raped by four men in the woods bound spread eagle to the ground she was left for dying, but the men were gone, now she was safe.

Jessy pulled on the rope that bound her right arm to a heavy tree. With no effect, the rope was to strong. She also tried to pull on the rope that hold her legs in place it had no earthly use.

Jessy was tired from the days tortures, she slept away, bound the four trees, her pussy for everyone viewable, but that was the problem, there was nobody.

As Jessy awoke the sun was rising. Now she knew, that this trip to south America was a big mistake, survival trip of her own, no mobile-phone, no radio set she tried to prove that she is so adult with her 19 years.

But what was that a noise in the jungle near by. She rose her head it was a snake, it was a Rainbow boa and not a small one Jessy knew these snakes from her friends terrarium. This was a big exponent of its species, Jessy wasn't able to see the whole snake, but she guessed to see that this reptile was 4 5 feet long. Jessy knew what she had to do, she lied flat on the jungle ground and tried not to move. The snake wasn't really interested in her, she crawled over her left tight one her belly. There it stopped for a moment. It seemed to enjoy the warmth of Jessy's belly. Jessy tried not to breath what was the snake going to do?

Jessy couldn't hold her breath longer as she started to breath heavy, the snake was scared and disappeared in the jungle. After a few seconds it came back, now it was curious. The reptile snaked around her body and tried to discover what was moving and warm. The snake seemed to discover an entrance to the foreign object. But as it pressed not very eagerly it didn't came in.Jessy worked hard to close her pussy muscles where the snake was pressing against. After finding another orifice the snake also pressed against it, but for no avail. The snake lost interest in these strange big object and again disappeared in the jungle.

A few minutes later it started to rain, and when it rains in the rainforest, it rains Jessy opened her mouth and drank as much as she could of the welcome fluid. A few hours later it stopped abrupt.

Jessy started to get hungry, she dreamed of eating some real big steaks or something moved at her leg, Jessy raised her head immediately and saw in horror that a Goliath birdeater climed on her leg. The spider was a monster it walked over her knee and tight right in the direction to her crotch.

Submitted 4 august 2008

A married couple in their 30's are experimenting with ideas and ways of spicing up their sex life. The wife mentioned that her uncle had kissed and fondled her whenever the opportunity arose, when she was in her early teens. When she would babysit for her uncle and aunt, he would inevitably take liberties with her, when driving her home or when he could manage to get her alone.

This story became a favorite and her husband would bring it up, during their sex sessions. He noticed that the uncle, now in his 70's would pay particular attention to the wife, during family gatherings. He began to encourage his wife to visit her uncle by herself. She is concerned that the uncle will try to have sex with her. Her husband is adamant that she call her uncle and arrange a meeting. He is also adamant that she allow the uncle to have his way with her. After several months of non-stop pestering, she finally agrees. A few days later, she carefully dresses as her husband watches. After a brief kiss, she slips out the door and drives to her uncle's house.

Several hours later, she returns home. Her husband is thrilled when he sees the love bites on the tits and hickeys, low down on her neck. He becomes highly aroused when he sees that his wife is filled to overflowing with the uncle's sperm.

This event leads to a significant improvement in their love making, especially when the uncle begins to call every week or so, for her to drop by ...

Submitted 6 juni 2008

Jolene, a cute 11 year old red head, is in the park playing on the swings when an older woman walks up to her and stands watching. Jolene doesnt realize that her dress is riding up and the woman is getting a very good look at her young panty covered pussy. The woman talks to her for awhile and talks her into sitting in the front seat of her car. After a lengthy conversation, the woman places her hand on Jolenes thigh and slowly moves her hand up her leg to her pussy. Jolene is shocked at first becomes excited by her touch After touching the young girls pussy for about 10 minutes, she takes Jolenes hand and slides it under dress and onto her naked pussy . She moves Jolenes hand around her pussy until she cums,then slowly raises her dress and lets the young girl see soaking pussy. The woman tells the girl she pay her $100 if she will do something special for her. Jolene asks what this is and the woman slowly opens her thighs and places hand behind Jolenes head and guides her small between her thighs and into her pussy. Jolene licks up and down her sloppy wet gash as the woman guides her tongue with her hand on her head, after several minutes the woman holds Jolenes head on her clit while she cums in the little mouth telling all the time she will be seeing her every week and will be bringing one of her friends with her next time. Jolene just looks up at her, smiles and slowly lowers her head back to her pussy.

Submitted 23 may 2008

Returning home, I found mom was getting fucked by our servant and kept watching the whole show. Mom was made a sex slave by him and a series of group sex, water sports, and sex with dog.

Submitted 9 april 2007

A young girl has sinned. The pastor, to whom she confessed everything, make her "serve" in a very special gloryhole in the local church as a way of raising money for the community.

Submitted 7 april 2007

Swimming baths, mixed/family bathing areas, teen girls voyeurism, older men, group, young mothers and toddlers, grandmothers and grandchildren, bukkake

Submitted 30 marts 2007

A school bus driver, country district, adventures with 2 girls 12 & 6 and a boy 7 - incest ... can bring farm family into it as well

Submitted 30 marts 2007

pre teen and teen fashion models and what goes on as they travel between shows and locations...

Submitted 30 marts 2007

Story in Three Parts.

1: Yuppie couple come home and find their preteen daughter has been kidnapped. The note says that she will be returned in six weeks if the kidnapping is not reported. During that six weeks, the girl is brainwashed. At the end of the six weeks, the parents follow instructions, only to be bound up and helpless, then raped by their own daughter before the family is sent home.

2: Middle-class couple find that their preteen son has been kidnapped. The note says that he will be returned in six weeks if the kidnapping is not reported. During that six weeks, the boy is brainwashed. At the end of the six weeks, the parents follow instructions, only to be bound up and helpless, then raped by their own son before the family is sent home.

3: The kidnapper sends notes to the parents to meet at a particular place. The kids are introduced to each other and a mock wedding takes place. The kidnapper reveals that he is the biological father of both children (both of whom were conceived with a sperm bank), and thus they are brother and sister. The parents are given a choice of encouraging their preteen children to have babies or being imprisoned for sex crimes (the evidence being the videotapes made of the parents and their kids together).

Submitted 28 December 2007


A pretty young wife is prone to migraine headaches and the only cure is lots of aspirin and making violent love to her husband. That combination of things always seemed to stop her headache in its tracks. But when hubby has to leave on a business trip to Europe for three weeks and his pretty young wife comes down with one of her migraines. Well, what's a girl to do?


A middle-aged man who isn't getting any sex happens across a scene in an ally behind a night club of two big men raping an obviously very drunk woman. The men are wearing club polo-shirts and are obviously employees, the man figures they're bouncers. They finish fucking the passed out woman and leave her there, sprawled on an old dirty mattress next to the building. The man goes to investigate with the vague idea to help the victim, but when he is close enough to see that she's very attractive and very young; his dick becomes harder than he can ever remember it being before.


A mature man rooms with his boss's gay teenage son on a group business trip - to keep the son out of trouble for his father - but he ends up - after a few beers on the balcony of their hotel room - getting and give a blowjob.


A big promoter mistakenly thinks one of the guys in a five man band as a chick. He tells the band that "she" has potential to bring the band along but that she needs to sex her act up before a big three-week gig he's offering them. The guys end up talking their band member into going along but after their first night is super successful, the promoter wants the "female" band member to visit him in his office for a "private" meeting.


An older couple stops having sex because the wife is always dry. The doctor tells her that she has a condition that hits many post-menopausal women. But she finds a cure for it; virile teenage boys and her husband get the benefit of all that extra lubrication.


Recently widowed father and his daughter get drunk while celebrating her divorce from a brutal marriage sitting outside on the patio in dad's backyard. While they reminisce about the daughter's troubles and drink some more, things begin to become unexpectedly sexual between the two, neither of which has had any sex for almost a year.


A young single middleclass white woman wakes in the middle of the night to find a strange Hispanic man next to her in bed holding his hand over her mouth. She plays along with him to the point that he thinks she's enamored with him and even invites him back the next night. He keeps the date and ends up getting rough justice, a bullet in the back of his head.


A brother forces his attentions on his autistic sister and nobody knows until, first she creeps into her parent's bed and tries to act out with her sleeping father. Then it comes to light that she is pregnant. Daddy gets the blame, until the truth comes out.


A handsome high school jock forces himself on an awkward teenage girl when he is frustrated by his popular cheerleader girlfriend, ending up getting her pregnant and alone.


Older sister (18) is diagnosed with narcolepsy. Parents sit down with young sons (13 & 15) to explain what has happened to their sister. Brothers come up with a plan to satisfy their raging hormones.


A husband who isn't getting sex from his wife anymore, comes up with a plan to satisfy his needs when his thoughts turn toward his rebellious 16-year-old daughter whose into the Goth lifestyle. He figures that she's slutting around with all kinds of boys, so why not with dad. He has his reputation to maintain so he decides to drug his daughter with sleeping pills and have his way with her, with no one else being the wiser.


A religious couple wants a child, but the husband is sterile. They decide that since he can't make her pregnant, they might as well find a healthy specimen to do donate semen. In the end they decide that their friend is the best candidate and he might as well enjoy himself while he's at it.


An older man knows that his pretty young wife is cheating on him. He knew it from that first day when she invited him to bed and as he slipped into her sperm-slickened cunt. That first time he was shocked and confused because she seemed not to care what he thought. But the episode turned her on so much that it was the best sex he'd ever had. So as time went on, this became the norm in their relationship.


Cousins meet after years apart. In their younger years they had had an illicit affair that had resulted in a pregnancy. And here they were meeting again now young adults and guess what happens all over again.


A couple of friends get really hot when they "pretend" to want to get pregnant. Because this fantasy is such a turn on for them they become more and more reckless.P


A 50-something college professor who has recently divorced from his wife of 25 years, takes up with a student. He hasn't had sex in 5 years (one reason among many for the divorce) and is willing to do just about anything to get into the co-ed's panties. So when she suggests that they attend an unusual club where people don latex masks and nothing else. The point being that the guests can act out their fantasies without anyone knowing who they are. The college professor readily agrees.


A girl's brother buys a digital camcorder. She stumbles on the fact that he's doing sexually explicit things with his new toy, like masturbating on the Internet and eventually even capturing himself having sex with his girlfriend. All the while his younger sister becomes further drawn into her brother's depravity with a perverse voyeuristic delight of her own.


Mother has a drinking problem and can't make it into her job as a school Secretary. She's been warned that if she misses another day in the current semester she will be fired, so daughter takes her place for the day. Both women look amazingly alike and they are only 15 years apart in age. Yes mom was fast and loose in her teenage days. It turns out to be "Secretary Day" and daughter has to pretend to be her mom, only to find out that her mom had been having an affair with one of the teachers. What is the daughter going to do? Will she maintain her cover has her mother?


A parody of That Seventies Show that has Hyde making it with his new black half-sister Angie and the sensations he experiences as he pumps his cum into her tight hot chocolate.


A neighbor man befriends a young wife whose husband in overseas in the military. But when they start drinking and doing drugs, well, their relationship changes, especially when the neighbor threatens to tell young wife's husband what has transpired between them.


I 58 year old guy attending a trade show in Vegas finds a couple of paper strips stuck in the window of his rental car in the convention center parking lot. These small pieces of paper invite him to try out their services, which include stag parties, role-playing, and private encounters in ones hotel room.


She's so hot looking that you find it hard to hold back long enough during sex to satisfy her. You aren't all that great looking and feel hard-pressed to keep her with you and away from all the other guys that constantly are hitting on her. So when she tells you that she's met a guy and that ever since she met him she has been fantasizing about you and him having sex while she watches -- you find it hard to refuse her.


Fantasti.cc is a website that allows people of all persuasions to post sex videos. Some are professional porn videos, but many are done by armatures. This story is about a guy who is obsessed with contributing to the site.


Inspired by an article on the internet entitled; "Is The World Ready For Rent-A-Pooch?" Except this story is about how one woman (and her friends) abuse the idea totally.


A deeply, almost fanatically religious man is tempted by a prostitute and soon falls into that illicit lifestyle. Satan's glove; being a warm, wet pussy wrapped around his thrusting cock.

Submitted 28 December 2007

Sixteen-year-old Kate was slightly relieved that her father was willing to settle for a spanking. After all, she'd been driving without permission when that old fart in the old Buick had tried to turn left from the right lane right in front of her. Now, after a dozen dozen swats on her well-rounded rump, she wasn't so sure she'd got off easy. Then Daddy gave her the bad news:

"We're not finished. Bad little girls get spanked on their little bottoms, because that's the only part of a little girl that has enough meat to spank, but you're a big girl now. Take off your bra."

Submitted 27 December 2007

A young boy, 11 or 12, is seduced by a neighbor. Or at least the neighbor thinks he has done the seducing. Actually, the boy has planned the whole thing. He traps the man, with "hidden camera" evidence into becoming his sex slave. The boy is very intelligent, highly sexual, and also a sadist. He devises all sorts of scenarios where he he has the opportunity to bind and torture the man- often with elaborate orgasm denial ordeals. He likes to pretend that he is interrogating a spy or forcing his prisoner to reveal the secret location of a treasure. The man is trapped as the boy's long-term, on-demand prisoner, but doesn't want to admit to himself that he actually enjoys his slavery and being made to serve the lad's perverted desires. In a way, they become lovers, without even realizing it.

Submitted 27 December 2007

A sexually active black family with three prepubecent children, a girl 7, two boys 9, & 10, are comming home in their old chevy station wagon, and pick up a pair of runaway teenagers. The brother is 13, and the sister is 14, and well developed. They left an abusive family where the parents pimpout their kids, but when they can't find a pimp their drunken parents sexually abuse as usual, but this time they go to far and follow it with a beating and final humiliation by pissing on them and make the kids clean up all the cum and piss with their toungues.The kids rebel by running away and are picked up by the black family.

The atheletically built mom takes an instant lust for the handsome blond boy and the muscular dads monsterous black cock starts to swell in his pants at the sight of the volupultous developed 14 year old.

They take them to there getto home feed them and befriend them and listen to there story.

The 7 years old is sitting on her fathers lap and starts to squirm getting her dads dick hard.The young boys begin to play with the lump in each others pants and the mom sits between their new young guests. The 14 year old sees what's going on on the dads lap and challenges the young 7 y.o. to take it out. The youngster gets off his lap pulls down his zipper and struggles to withdrsw his massive meat.The dad lifts up his ass, unbuttons his pants and drops them to his ankles as he sits back his huge cock springs up. 12 thick inches of proud hard black pulsating man meat. It finishes with a big orgy with lots of creampies and cum swallowing and both runaways get a sample of the fathers huge black cock in their asses.

Submitted 26 December 2007

Idea = Frat initiation

perquel - pledge & his girlfriend. The brothers say he really really ought to fuck her before pledge week begins, but won't say why

'Seed' round - stripped bound and blind folded, the pledges are led to a room and arranged in a circle. their ankles tied securely, one hand is freed and their blind folds removed. His girlfriend and her sorority pledges are bound, blindfolded and 69-ing. The pledges masturbate, coming all over the sorority pledges while brothers take special note of what order the pledges cum in.

double elimination - The next night, the pledges are stripped and bound in pairs facing each other their ankles are bound in alternating order. one hand is freed and they're expected to masturbate the other pledge. They are paired according tothe data from the seed round as to who would last longest. The loser in each pair has to suck the winner to completion (so everyone cums and it's fair for the next round).

Next night, winners from the prev night are paired and losers are paired. Loosers are paired so they're using their left hands. loosers in the winners bracket suck off winners in the winners bracket as before, but loosers in the loosers bracket take it up the ass from brothers while sucking off winners from the loosers bracket. There is heavy use of bondage for this

Next night, winners and loosers brackets are the same, those eliminated the previous night are bound face down on a bondage horse and used for the brothers' pleasure while they watch Final round. If the overall winner from the loosers bracket beats the overall winner from the winners bracket, the championship is decided by them being tied 69 and sucking until there is a final winner. This match could be a protagonist and a fellow pledge who's left-handed (and thus had an advantage in the loosers bracket)

Submitted 22 December 2007

An average retired guy in his mid-60's and in good health is married to the same woman for 45-plus years. His sex drive, though somewhat dimished, is still active but she's had a hysterectomy and is no longer physically comfortable. When she learns he's curious about erotic spanking, she soon learns she enjoys administering same. As her skills grow, she finds that mild bondage and paddle applications put her in control, giving her the freedom to take more liberties with her willingly submissive husband. A straight and conservative woman, she nonetheless becomes brilliantly adept at oral sex; even using it as a form of torture on her now satisfied mate.

Submitted 22 December 2007

A 14 year old girl has a very strong feet fetish. No matter where she is, anytime she sees some other females bare feet or toes, she must touch herself till she cumms. It brings many possibilities! :)

Submitted 22 December 2007

I'm an old codger, 79, still sexually active. I like to read stories involving seniors - say 65 and up. We still "do it", and enjoy it, although we encounter some physical problems you youngsters don't even think about.

Submitted 22 December 2007

Another planet enhabited by preteen boys and girls (0 -12) who never gets old. One day, a man from earth crash into this world with his space craft. The habitants are both good, and evil. He is being raped by the planets evil preteen boys, and later he is safe by the good boys. The story has a lot of episodes, with sex between preteen girls, boys and this man. Later three women go to this world too.

P.S: the little boys can cum a lot with their tiny cocks...

Submitted 21 December 2007

A man in his mid 40's has problems with his wife and is going through sexual frustraion until his 6 year old son gives him some head and alot of sexual release.

Submitted 28 October 2007

Preteens. Step sister and brother. Step sister gets out of shower, says "oh! I'm sorry!" and step brother says "Oh it's my fault really" and she says "Unless.." and they begin to make out and fuck.

Submitted 28 October 2007

Setting: Nazi Concentration Camp in Poland

Cast: Commandant, 40 year old male - sadistic bi-sexual pedophile. Particularly likes forced multi-generation sex.

Guard, 38 year old female, blond buxom nordic type - sadistic, bis-sexual pedophile. Arranges parties for commandant.

Guard, 45 year old male, homosexual pedophile. Arranges parties for commandant

Submitted 22 October 2007

A man is forced to eat the shit of his wife and young daughter by their huge-dicked black teen boy lover... and has to choose which turd tastes the best.

Submitted 20 October 2007

A group of 6-12 preteen kids find an unconscious female celebrity of some sort & their adventures that follow.

It could be inner city kids finding an unconscious jogger in the park that fell & hit her head or possibly country kids finding a car run off the road with the driver knocked out by the impact but with no other injury.

Submitted 20 October 2007

we need a lot more Female young male Older sister younger brother stories on this site!

Submitted 18 October 2007

A security man and a black preteen girl make eye contact in an airport hall and end up having sex in the toilets.

Submitted 17 October 2007

A teenager caught wearing diapers is taken over his mother's knee for a good hard spanking

Submitted 8 August 2007

Commercial jet is doomed to crash. Virgin girl want's sex before she dies. Has sex and then plane does not crash.

Submitted 27 April 2007

A 19 year old virgin rooms with another girl who is an exhibitionist. Roommate plans a wildnight with two guys and the ignorant virgin. Virgin is forced to watch, while two of them fuck, and the other pins and seduces the innocent.

Submitted 25 April 2007

A 23 year old just broke up with her boyfriend, and is living alone when she is woken up in the middle of the night by a mysterious presence. She has an eye opening experience with the invisible lover, but evidence in the morning proves that it wasn't a dream after all.

Submitted 25 April 2007

An older man is the target of two young fem.doms. They suspect him of cheating on his wife, and plan on punishing him extensively. During which, the wife makes an unexpected appearance and he learns the true meaning of fidelity and the consequences of not being faithful.

Submitted 25 April 2007

A guy has cheated with toilet training. His mother-in-law and a sister-in-law are his dommes. They are both recieveing and making heavy humilation. They are interesting in learining how to seal his mother-in-laws' anal ring and softing her as well. The sister-in-laws touch the guy's anal ring to find what comes out of his rectum after disecting it. He is made to eat shit, and he's treated like shit. He'll never be able to look in his family's eyes again, but he has to. He should have his testicles smashed and he must always hump the bed for release.

Submitted 25 April 2007

Back when i was going to matinee movies, we had b/w serials. Zombie machine stuck with me. I just remember that the girlfreind-wife of the hero was put in a machine. She came out with metal disk on her head. She did what she was told. This concept could go well in stories. Families, women, males, teenagers . . . what do you think? The situations are only limited to imagination...

Submitted 25 April 2007

A young man is asked by his Aunt to check in on his young sexy female cousin who recently had a nervous breakdown. While visiting his cousin, he realizes she has developed from split personalities.

Since she is convinced she is someone else and has no idea who he is, he decides to rape her. While slamming her pussy without mercy, her personality turns back into that of her normal self and . . . what happens is up to you . . .

Submitted 25 April 2007

being a helper at a nursing home for elderly women is a dream come true for the handyman of the town.

Submitted 25 April 2007

A first person account of an urban's girl decision to join a gang. Initiation process of being, decision to be "sexed in" vs. beat in, and her treatment once in gang and eventually being pimped to make money for the gang. The girl should be a mixed black but with asian or white. She feel that joining the gang is her only choice for survival, so it will require some description of her past life as a prelude to her eventual degradation by the gang members.

Submitted 25 April 2007

A first time swingers attempt to be with the two wives pleasuring themselves and each other, and one husband who is not functional, and my husband watching...

It is my first female experience, and much like having sex with a man...very much, and very pleasure filled. She devours my husband, and I lick her ass as she sucks him off....

Submitted 24 April 2007

I'm curious about the meaning of aging and how it changes the drive to mate. We will all be elders someday (if we're lucky). Mostly, however, thoughts of elders of any kind is pretty close to the ultimate turnoff. Occasionally you'll see an older male character interested in a younger woman - but the character is never a sympathetic one - "pathetic" is more accurate - or predatory. How come we can't imaigne the same needs in 40-50 years?

To explore the issue, I'd like to see a good writer maybe spin a SCI-FI yarn where elders start growing physically younger. Or a non-explicit story that elicits an understanding of an older woman's yearning to be touched intimately once again. To remember passion.

Submitted 24 April 2007

Six pre-teen boys have a club, they hang out together, play together and have an interest in the mid-30's mother of one of their classmates. The boys have stolen a supply of Viagra from one of their fathers and have carefully plotted to rape the mom. They know that their classmate has a key to his house and they steal it to allow them access. One day, they put their plan into action. They know that the mom will be away for a few hours one morning, but will be gong home after her appointments. They gather at the house and let themselves in. They go upstairs into the master bedroom and find the mom's lingerie drawer where they take some of her stockings and tie one to each of the bed legs, leaving enough slack to be ties to a wrist or ankle. Two boys hide in the closet, two, in the en-suite and the last two in the guest room. They hear the mom's car pull in to the driveway and turn on the radio in the bedroom.

When the mom opens the door, she hears the radio playing in the bedroom, and puzzled, she climbs the stairs, to turn it off. When she is bending over to switch the radio off, the boys swarm her and despite being stronger than any one of the lads, she is forced onto the bed. Quickly, one boy forces an arm down to the bed, another an ankle and the remaining boys tie her down, spread eagle. She is very vocal during the episode, so they use a pair of her panties to gag her. They stand around the bed,looking at their prey, then one of the boys runs his hands over her full breasts, then starts un-buttoning her blouse. Others begin to un-button her jeans and pull the zipper down. She is struggling but before long she is exposed and the first lad climbs on top of her. Others hold her still as the raping begins.

Later the boys argue among themselves as several want to spank her and another has found a package of sewing needles and is eyeing her breasts. They soon reach an agreement.

Submitted 24 April 2007

Ex-girlfriend offers to see guy one more time, but tricks him into eating her out after she has fucked her new lover, and then makes him drink her piss. Catching it on film she blackmails him into being her pussy-slave and lets all her friends use him as their clean-up boy for cum-eating and piss drinking.

Submitted 24 April 2007

Niece (15) wants to start earning money for college. Notices uncle can't keep his eyes off of her. First person (niece) or at least 3rd person but consitently from her perspective. Plenty of dialog reveals most of Uncle's state of mind. Key: niece is virgin, curious, not especially horny per se, mildly attracted to uncle (but more excited about her new-found power), and here is the best bit, she plays it so subtly that he thinks she is seducing him. Must be realistic and plausible. She probably comes to love the sex part -- he never realizes it was her idea.

Submitted 18 April 2007

Imagine a girl milking my dick leading the cum into a pair of cute panties. Imagine the soaked panties. Imagine the girl putting those panties on! Imagine a boy has fucked a girl. Maybe non consensual. The girl feels his semen dribbling out of her cunt into her panties. The panties getting wet. The girl enforces him to put her soaked panties on. He feels his own sperm around his dick.

Imagine your wife is gangbanged by 10 guys. She rushes home and her husband feels the semen running out of her vagina. Maybe he is gagged with her semen covered panties. He tastes the sperm of several men. Or, she sits down on his face so he has to lick the semen from her panties or from her cunt.

Imagine dozens of semen covered panties, crotches full of cum staines, after a sex party. Imagine a girl has to clean up the room, she finds those panties with the dried cum, she liquifies it with alittle water, then puts them on, wrap them around her head, gags herself with the most stained panties, inserts one into her vagina, bring some to her home, gives some as a present to her boy friend.

Imagine blowing up a toy balloon, sitting and riding on it until you cum, smearing your sperm all ober the balloon, licking the balloon, your girl friend riding the cum covered balloon.

Imagine 100 boys and 1 girl, she is milking one by one, will she take the semen with her mouth or within her vagina or will she direct the semen inside her pantoes so she is able to feel and enjoy the warm fluid between the crotch and her vagina.

Who is willing to write a dirty story about all those topics - semen and panties and balloons...?

Submitted 17 April 2007

A married couple having problems at home turn to affairs for comfort, a year afterwards, they meet each other in a swingers club with their lovers.

Submitted 17 April 2007

A man and a girl are the only survivors of a flight that crashed in the north pacific ocean. after 5 years they are found by the chineese and used as ransom to get nuclear arms from the US. They escape into the chineese wilderness and become mercenairies

Submitted 17 April 2007

A white man hitchhiking is picked up by a black guy.

When he gets in and the car is moving, another black guy raises up from the back. He pulls a white guy up by his ears and orders him to suck his cock. The driver takes his big black cock out and strokes it.

Submitted 17 April 2007

I have been reading in here (asstr) for years and have yet to read of a grown male beeing totally dominted psychologically by a young girl. eg, 12 year old girl who becomes aware of an uncle's 'unwanted' covert attentions who turns the tables on him and humiliates him by causing him to be and do things of a sexual nature that he craves but is only allowed to do at her initiation. She is sexually active with him eventually and their affair is multidimensional in the sense of he being the parent's 'babysitter' of choice but she being the driver of the story events. Yes this is a fantasy of mine and I don't seem to be able to find it here. Thought you'd be interested considering this invitation.

Submitted 15 Marts 2007

Hard working couple feels the need to own their own home, in Southern California. Each decides to look for extra income. Husband finds an overnight delivery route and wife finds she can work at a whore house outside of Vegas, on weekends. What happens when the husband decides to stop for a quickie one weekend?

Submitted 27 July 2006

Grandmas little secrets. Her grandson fulfilled her dreams after all these years.

Submitted 25 July 2006

Incest Contest:

A contest with certain categories (ei Mf,Fm,Ff,mf,ff) Written as a documentary with interviews of contestants (How the contestants feel about their performance, what they have done to prepare for the contest and vivid descriptions of sex. The contestants should have to perform various sex acts (ei 1 Oral sex Round, 1 mandatory position round and 1 free style round). There should be a scoring system and prizes. Judges, team rivalries and perhaps sabotage would make it feel more like a competition.

There should be no torture or rape, and all contestants should be willing. The story should be written with a serious tone. Thankyou

Submitted 25 July 2006

A girl of eleven starts to get curious about her body and the sexual awakenings she is having. She is very close to her brother, who is 4 yrs older and goes to him for explanations. He finds it a time to lie about his knowledge of the woman's body and does a lot of learning while trying to help his sister enjoy what feels good and what might be tasty.

Submitted 25 July 2006

An agency deals with live entertainment. They get a call for a clown to appear at a 12 year olds birthday party. Another call is for a stripper at a bachelor party. However, the orders get confused. The stripper winds up with six 12 year old boys and the high school girl clown finds herself with six horny men.

Submitted 25 July 2006

There's a family consisting of Dad, Mom and a preteen son. Dad married because he was forced to, he's actually gay. Son slips on his bicycle and hurts his balls. Mom is to proper to take care of him so dad does. Dad had always loved preteen boys and it now, taking care of his son he does what comes natural to him and his son loves it

Submitted 1 July 2006

Wife husband daughter. It's his step daughter. Wife was an orphan and her parents are gone. Wife commits suicide and the preteen daughter knows that she must do what it takes to keep daddy happy

Submitted 1 July 2006

Two young delivery men arrive at a house to deliver and build some flat-pack furniture in the Woman's bedroom. She leaves them to it and goes to make them a coffee. When she returns and enters the room with a tray, one of them closes the door behind her a prevents her from leaving ! "Lets see your panties Mrs Smith, the older demands .... "

Submitted 26 Juni 2006

Lesbo story where several lesbians makes love to one. All at one time, one gets her clit and dildos her, one kisses her face, lips, neck; two sucks her breasts ...until she comes over and over.

Submitted 16 Juni 2006

Woman, who belongs to exclusive sex club staffed by children, preteens, and adults chooses to have a session with several children attending to her. All children chosen are ages 6 and under. 4 are girls; 2 are boys. The kids strip her, attend to her sexual needs, and assist her in orgasms. The girls & boys, all at the same time, kiss her, suck her breasts, caress her body, lick and suck her clit. After several orgasms, she is fucked by the boys after sucking their weenies to hardness. Girls are still attending to her body while she is getting fucked.

Submitted 16 Juni 2006

Normal family household, Mom, Dad and Daughter: problem is Mom likes to dress very sexy and daughter is picking up the same ideas: Dad loves the idea but has very mixed emotions about it. Mom talks him into agreeing: Mom and Dad get excited, daughter just watches and dresses very sexy.

M/F Exhib

Submitted 15 Juni 2006

Turn of the century wild west. Three drifters come across destroyed wagon, contents scattered, occupants left for dead, one a small boy about thirteen. The three, having absolutely no decency, decide to sodomize the boy, and pull off his pants. Much to their surprise they discover he's a girl, and still alive.

You take it from there.

Submitted 11 Juni 2005

A story told from a blind girls point of view.

Submitted 11 Juni 2005

The protagonist is a dirty old homosexual. He has a large cock and don't like faggots. Instead, he seduces or rapes heterosexual teenage boys. Written in first person. A filthy story, with a lot of focus on the seduction as a sport. (bear, humil, nc, reluc, teen, va)

Submitted 11 May 2005

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