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Holly's Strip Search Reunion

by Arty


The game was reaching its inevitable conclusion: a win by the current school team. A couple of the Alumni team played semi-pro basketball, but their expertise was diluted by the lack of support and the scratch nature of the team. It had been a decade or more since any of them had played together last and it showed; still the game was good humoured and the score line did not reflect the disparity in the teams' performance.

Holly was having a blast. Renewing old friendships and feeling proud that she could wear her cheerleader's outfit unaltered, well it was a little tight around the chest maybe, but she hadn't noticed any of the male spectators complaining. She felt good and she looked good. Her natural exuberance had spread to the rest of the cheerleaders and they all cheered with none of the self-consciousness that would normally cloud their performance.

Of course the current crop of cheerleaders were less than happy about this; it was obvious that the crowd preferred the old has-beens to them. No one noticed one of the younger girls slipping out of the hall and making her way to the changing room set aside to for the Alumni cheerleading team. The smirk on her face as she returned was less than becoming.

The horn sounded as the clock counted down to zero and the game was over. The sound of an unfamiliar voice over the Public Address system reduced the noise of the crowd dramatically. Holly's insides turned to water as the familiar tones of the Stripsearch County Sheriff announced that the Alumni cheerleading-squad changing room had been searched on a tip-off and drugs had been found.

"Now this is obviously a put up job, but still I have to do my job."

There was a pause and Holly could imagine the Sheriff grinning broadly.

"So if you pretty ladies will remain in the hall we'll get you checked over and I'm sure we'll have you on your way quicker than two shakes of a racoon's tail."

The court was a buzz with conversation and speculation. The Sheriff and his deputies made their way to Holly and her friends. The deputies had their hands full, the yawning sensation in Holly's stomach became a chasm as she saw what they were carrying. The deputies deposited the loads on the benches beside the women. The gloves, the lubricant and the collapsible plastic crates. One of the deputies began handing out the crates. Holly took hers automatically. The Sheriff wasn't planning to do it here was he? He wouldn't do it here in front of this crowd? Would he?

Another man, dressed in a suit, joined the Sheriff. Holly recognised Judge Searchem and she moaned to herself as she felt the net of circumstance closing about her. Some of the rest of the cheerleading squad were as aware as Holly of their impeding doom but others were bewildered. One of these spoke up.

"What's happening Sheriff?"

"Well it's like this, little lady." The Sheriff smiled broadly as he went into his usual patter in these circumstances. "We could arrest you and take you down the station, but then we'd have to take blood samples and send them off to be analysed. If any of you have smoked any, shall we say, questionable substances in the last few days it will show up and then we'd have to assume that the drugs that we found were yours." Many of the women looked upset at this, Holly was thankful that she was glad she hadn't taken Johnny up on his offer last night. The Sheriff continued.

"Of course we can just execute this here Jane Doe search warrant and if we find nothing on you; we will assume that drugs in the room were planted and you can be on your way."

"But what about the crowd?"

"The crowd can stay or go as they please; it's a free country."

"But they'll see us being searched!"

"Yes they will and I'll bet you're glad to have witnesses so that no one will be tempted to make sure that we find something on you."

The implied threat shut up the objector. No one seemed keen to carry on with further objections.

"Any more questions?"

The women stood mute. "Good let's get started. If you ladies will open up the crates that you've been given and put them on the floor in front of you I'll see about deputising some of the crowd so we can search you all at once. That way you'll be home more quickly."

There was a collective gasp of horror. Most of the crowd were seniors at the high school! The women would be searched by boys at least ten years younger than they. One by one the crates were placed at each woman's feet. The women were in a line and looked at the Sheriff expectantly. The Sheriff leered at them; oh how he loved that 'deer in the headlights' look as each woman slowly came to the realisation that she was soon going to be naked in front of a crowd of people. He hitched up his belt and paced up and down in front of the crowd.

"Anyone that is over eighteen and wishes to assist in searching these here lovely ladies please make your way to the Judge so you can be sworn in." He counted 16 or so older teenagers and then announced, to the collective groans of disappointment, that he had enough and would everyone please return to their seats or leave if they wished. He sent a couple of newly deputised seniors to collect two benches and line them up front of the crowd. The women watched these preparations with dread in their hearts. There was no way any of this boded well for their modesty.

The Sheriff turned his attention back to the cheerleaders. "OK ladies if you will just take off your outer clothes and your shoes and socks and place them in the box." There was a sigh of relief, perhaps they would escape being naked after all; underwear was almost like a bikini right? Most of them were wearing sports bras and two layers of pantyhose, so they were more covered than they would normally have been. The Sheriff grinned as the women undressed quickly in an effort to get this over with as quickly as possible. Oh how he loved to build up their hopes and then dash them! "That's right ladies; put it all in the crates. Remember once something is in the crate it becomes county property and you can't touch it until we give it back to you. If you do we may have to administer summary justice. Don't worry though the Judge will see that everything's above board and legal." With this awful warning ringing in their ears the women started to worry again.

The Sheriff walked up and down in front of the line. "Now if you'll just put the rest of your clothes in the crates we can get started with the search." The women reacted with a babble of voices. It was hard to make out much but the gist of the complaining was that it wasn't fair. The Sheriff spoke again, "OK if you ladies would like to come with me to the police station, we'll continue with the search there and we'll be able to take blood samples. Of course you will have to stay until we get the results." Holly and the rest of them looked at each other and they realised that they had no choice. Holly's hands slipped into the waistband of her pantyhose and she pushed them down, taking care not to take her panties with them. A small part of her realised that this was futile; that she would have to remove them soon enough anyway, but she wanted to put it off for as long as possible. Soon everyone would know that Holly shaved herself there. The Sheriff encouraged them.

"That's the way ladies; get them clothes off and into the crate; the sooner you're undressed the sooner we can get you searched and out of here." All too soon Holly and the rest of them were undoing their bras. With a shrug, Holly slipped her bra off and dropped in the crate; now there were only her panties. Taking a deep breath she slipped her fingers into the waistband and slid them over her hips and down to her feet. With a practised flip of her foot she kicked them into the crate. Suddenly the reality of her predicament hit her: she was naked in front of hundreds of people all of whom were seeing her naked, right now! She covered her breasts and vulva with her hand and arm in the tradition of naked women everywhere.

"That's very good." The Sheriff enthused. "Now come and stand behind the benches here." The women walked reluctantly towards the crowd. "OK ladies, if you'll just put your hands on your heads and spread your legs the deputies can pat you down before we move on to your cavity searches." With a moan of embarrassment, Holly did as she was directed. An older teenager stood to one side of her; she glanced at him and gasped again. It was her next-door neighbour's son, Steven! Holly blushed crimson as she felt him running his hands gently over her body. His hands lingered somewhat on her breasts as he lifted each of them in turn and then Holly cringed as the stroked smoothly down her stomach. She breathed a sigh of relief as he knelt and started to check each calf; but her relief was short lived as he began to feel her thighs, first the outside and then the soft skin of her inner thigh. Closer and closer she could feel her face burning as the gentle fingers finally stroked her shaven vulva with one hand and with the other he stroked her bottom and delved quickly between them. Holly moaned once more as she realised that Steven's gentleness had turned her on and her embarrassment was complete as she realised that everyone would be able to see her juices glistening on her pussy lips.

The Sheriff purred contentedly and when the last pat down was completed, he prepared to administer the final humiliation of the cavity searches on the naked cheerleaders. "Very good ladies; very cooperative of you. Now please step over the bench and kneel on it facing away from the audience. Holly began to get a very bad feeling about this; from this vantage point she could see the crate containing her uniform; it was only a few feet away, but it might as well have been on the moon. The Sheriff's next instructions confirmed her worst fears. "Now spread those knees wide ladies; we need to have complete access for your cavity search." Holly's face was crimson once more as she did as she was told. She was a little puzzled, as she couldn't see how they could do a rectal search this way. Then the Sheriff completed the latest humiliation by instructing them to bend forward and place their hands on the floor on the other side of the bench. This position left Holly completely exposed. Her widespread legs meant that both her outer and her inner pussy lips had pulled open and the forward bend spread her buttocks so that everyone in the crowd could see the little brown rosette of her anus. But this wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing for Holly was that she could not remember the last time she had been so turned on. Perhaps no one would know. Perhaps

"Sheriff I don't think I'll need the lubricant for this one. There's pussy juice leaking down her legs." Steven's voice came to her ears as though from a great distance as he informed the Sheriff - and everyone else - that she was a wanton slut that got turned on by the horrific exposure of this cavity search procedure. The glove clad fingers insinuated themselves into her pussy and Holly groaned as she felt pressure on her clit as well. Her face and body were flushed carmine with embarrassment and arousal as her neighbour's son carefully searched her pussy and took her to a shuddering orgasm in the process. The crowd was ecstatic. Someone had hooked up a video camera to the scoreboard display and the whole procedure was being displayed so that no one would miss a thing; not a twitch or a gasp. Wasn't technology wonderful, thought the Sheriff, making a mental note to thank Natalie for the tip-off. He wondered if it was worth invoking the vagrancy laws but decided against it; there would be other times. The Sheriff was a very happy man as another evening in Stripsearch County drew to a close.


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