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By Aussie Greg

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Cai was now 39, and her mother Ket Nien who was 56 and I had brought her from Vietnam to live in Australia, as her husband had left her in poverty years ago for her best friend when she was 23. However to do this I had to marry the daughter and after 18 months wait after the pretend marriage she could come here. But the ever suspicious Australian Immigration Dept was known to make spot checks to see if it was a real, not pretend marriage of convenience. Usually this happened within 3 months so Ket Nien had left the house and there was just the two of us, although to be in separate rooms.

The first night together we had gone to Footscray market and the Vietnamese shopkeeper had pulled a swift one on me for the wedding ring and was playing dumb when I queried the price discrepancy. I was out of my league and being run around in rings by the 44 year old Vietnamese jewelry shop owner when Cai came in and let her have it Vietnamese. I knew enough Vietnamese to hear "my husband" being repeated over and over by Cai.

We left with the refund and as we went another Vietnamese woman muttered under something bad her breath about country girls marrying Westerners. Cai spun on her heels and again verbally assaulted the woman giving her the impression I was as big as John Holmes and apparently as insatiable as a 2 year old dog and with the staying power of a man who had consumed a packet of Viagra. It was like a volcano and she finished by wrapping my arm around her and marching out the door glaring daggers over her shoulder at the woman.

"No one bad mouth my husband", she declared.

Hadn't the penny dropped I thought. It wasn't a real marriage. It was only to get her to Australia. It was her horny 5ft 3 32A 25 32 90 pound mother Kit Nien who was my partner, but instead of going straight home we went to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Being an Aussie Vietnamese couple there were plenty of eyes on us as we ate and Cai played the part of a wife to the fullest. I looked at her for the first time. Two inches shorter than her mother at 5 ft 1, more solid at 100 pounds and 34B 28 35 and short haired. I fantasized like most men would at what she would be like in bed and the old cock flared but I knew it was impossible. Her mother had made it obvious to me that Cai was off limits.

At home she unpacked the groceries bought at the market and I indulged in a mental fantasy fuck with her mother until she finished and then she picked up the phone and pulled out the business card of the Jewelery shop.

"What are you doing"?

"Phoning the shop to find number of that customer so I can tell her more how good you are. Better than her Vietnamese man".

I reached to take the card from her. She grabbed it back and started to dial.

"If I not do this she will think you are not what I tell her".

I tried to grab the card again and our bodies pressed as she tried to hold it away from my reach. But she could feel the hard on caused earlier by thinking about her mother. She wriggled closer. I should have pulled away but I didn't. She smiled and pulled my head so our lips touched. I tried to stop, really I did, but 2 minutes later we were in the bedroom.

I let my hands wander over her body and met no resistance. I undid two buttons at the top of her dress and pulled the shoulder straps down, then simply pulled the material away from a blue bra. I ran my tongue over her small cleavage while slipping my hands under her back. Anticipating my intentions, Cai lifted her back from the bed allowing my hands to locate and lower a zip at the back of her dress. I gently unclipped her bra and let Cai lower herself back on the bed. She lifted her arms as I slid her dress and bra over her shoulders freeing her breasts. They were, as I said fuller than her mothers, and with a large areola with index finger thick nipples. Lowering my lips to her breasts, I took turns in sucking gently on her nipples feeling them explode to hardness. Her breathing deepened as I began caressing her waist and outer thighs over her dress. Slowly I began working towards her inner thighs; she reached down and lifted her dress giving me the first glimpse of her thighs. Raising my mouth to hers, I slipped my hand between her slightly parted thighs moving upwards until I reached the lacy material of her panties. I moved my hand to her pussy and stroked it slowly through the material, her thighs quickly parted further.

"Ohhhhh." she murmured.

Sliding my hand down under her the top of her panties, I reached past her surprisingly straight cunt hair and down into her damp warm wetness. She pushed upwards as my finger slipped deep inside her.

"Ohhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." she let me finger for a short time before rolling on her side towards me, lifting a leg over mine so she left room for me to continue stroking her pussy.

Cai kissed me forcefully and then pulled back as her hands sought my jeans. My jeans were soon undone and her hand was inside fondling my erect cock, in urgency she began pushing my jeans down. I rolled Cai over onto her back, with her dress up around her waist and as I began to ease her panties down she lifted her pelvis from the bed and let me ease them down over her ankles.

In the subdued light I gazed upon her pussy for the first time, a wide triangle for a Vietnamese of straight dark hair that had been trimmed short above 2 long dark brown crinkled 2 inch hanging outer lips. I moved my head downwards, with the intention of sliding my tongue between her parted thighs.

Cai guided my face back to hers and tried to move under me, "Get on top; please get on top. I don't want to wait any longer."

With my jeans around my ankles and the bottom of her dress up hiding her breasts I moved over her. Cai's hand guided my cock to her pussy and with her legs she pushed up onto it. My cock slid easily into the warm wetness, her legs locked tightly around my thighs.

"Ohhh yes, that's sooooo gooooooood." she whispered into my ear. "It's been too long without a cock in my pussy, ohhh, please fuck me good my husband."

We settled into a rhythm as our bodies slapped noisily against each other, after a while Cai lowered her hands to my buttocks and then coaxed me to a slower pace with long strokes.

"Ohhh, that's it, just keep it like that. Ohhhh, you're gonna make your wife cum real good. That's soooooooo good. I'm gonna cum soon."

I could feel her body tremble as my cock slid slowly in and out of her, until she pushed up hard onto my cock and held me tight with her legs. "Ohhh, keep still, ohhh stay just like that with your cock inside me."

Her body tensed and her back arched as the orgasm took her. I could feel the warm juices flow around my cock and balls as she slowly rotated her pussy on my cock. "Ohhh fuckkkk." she whispered.

She began to relax onto the bed and again began to move back and forth on my cock.

"Mmmm, that was real good." she told me as she guided my mouth to hers; breaking the kiss she smiled up at me. "I can cum like that all night with my husband."

Things were getting out of hand I thought to myself; it was then I realized that if this was just the start of the night's proceedings and we were on different train lines. For me, a one nighter, for her a husband. As I began to fuck her slowly she moaned.

"My husband's cock bigger than a horse. Fill your wife".

Its one advantage for a Westerner when fucking a Vietnamese, the competition is smaller than you. It's lucky she'd never seen a Negro.

"I can feel it inside me up past my tits". It was certainly good for my ego>

Cai locked legs around me and grasped my shoulders tightly, "Do I fuck good for you."

I groaned agreement and rolled over onto my back as Cai moved astride me and prepared to lower herself onto my cock. Supporting her buttocks I guided her downwards as her hand directed it towards her pussy. Her tight lips and pussy felt fantastic as she worked her cunt up and down until it was in all the way.

My hands roamed her body as our lips touched. Cai lowered her chest to mine and slowly gyrated her body on my cock. Then she lifted herself from my cock turned to face my feet and moved down my body, I felt her warm tongue working down my navel and then up the shaft of my cock.

For the next few minutes, I explored Cai's body with hand and mouth as she ate my cock. Her tongue didn't miss beat as it lapped the full length. Then she moved into a kneeling position, rubbing my cock up and down her glistening slit before I then pushed into her again, gently fucking her as I praised her body, her nipples, her cunt lips. Finally I withdrew and moved between her thighs and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I concentrated on her large exposed lips, taking each one in my mouth in turn and gently pulling away extending it and flicking my tongue over the smooth inside to her clit.

"Mmmm. That's what I dream about. Viet men are too proud to eat pussy." she told me.
I concentrated on Cai's upcoming orgasm, and I began to experiment, finding using my tongue on her clit and fingers inside the most effective. She lay back with legs spread wide as I worked; her eyes were closed as she fondled her own breasts. Cai's other hand was on my cock and would intermittently stroke it groaning and moaning how her man cock was bigger than an elephants. What was next I wondered, a dinosaur?

"Mmmm, ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh." Cai whispered as she began to approach her orgasm. Her back arched high in the air and her face twisted in concentration as her orgasm rocked through her body. "Ohhhhhhh, its sooo good."

She slumped back on the bed and guided me onto my back and stroked my cock before mounting it. My cock was soon inside her moving in and out of her tight wet pussy She leant over me and began to work her tight warm pussy up and down its length. I fondled her breasts and then used my tongue on her nipples. She rolled over onto her side and then slid herself under me. Her bent knees soon gripped my sides as she coaxed me back to her desired rhythm.
"Ohhhh. You're the best husband in the world; that's just right, just like that. Ohhh, that's sooo good. No one fuck better than my husband", Cai whimpered in my ear.

She moved with me ensuring my cock did not fall out as she approached another orgasm. Again she held me still as it took her, I could feel her soaking wet pussy contract and tremble as she was overwhelmed with pleasure.

Cai then relaxed and began moving again, her juices freely oozing from her and our bodies slapped noisily together, "Ohhhhh, that's fantastic. Keep going, don't stop, I'm good for a many more yet. Mmmmm, I'd forgotten how good fucking can be. You like your wife can cum a lot"?

True to her word; Cai orgasmed twice more before I began to run out of steam.

Cai must have sensed that I was flagging, she lifted my head and kissed me, "My husband you are so good to me, I want you shoot your cum inside me. Fill your wife."

I began building up a faster rhythm and Cai met my every thrust. At first I'd thought I'd have trouble reaching an orgasm as I had been pacing myself for a long time. I seemed to break through a barrier as our sweaty bodies slapped noisily together. I was soon filling her pussy with cum with the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. She then took my body weight as I collapsed on top of her.

"My husband has more cum than 4 men." she said proudly fingered my cum from her slit and sucked her fingers.
I rolled off and not bothered with our nakedness, we talked as I continued praising her and she drifted off to sleep comforted in our closeness while I looked at the ceiling contemplating what had happened.
Four hours later I had made the decision and Cai was kneeling down with her forearms resting on the bed, making her buttocks rear up into the air. She was spread wide open and between her legs I could see the damp strands of her pubic hair.

I had finger fucked her for a while and her cunt was hot and wet. She had forgotten her sleepiness. Now she was completely ready, wantonly spreading out her legs so her cunt easily opened out for me.

I got up and knelt behind her, pumping her with an easy and steady rhythm. My fingers moved faster, alternately stroking her hard clit and pushing right in as far as I could go. Her gasps and moans filled the room, making my penis throb harder. She collapsed her arms and rested her head on her right cheek, pushing her arse up even higher.

She started writhing her hips and cunt against me as I fucked her to a climax. I wanted to feel her coming with my cock buried deep inside her, so I moved in closer and fitted her tight hot arse against the inward curve of my groin. Holding her steady by her shoulders, I pushed my swollen cock deep into her. She bucked up, pushing herself back against me, making my cock fill her to the depths of her delicious wetness. I was in heaven, warmly buried inside of her and listening to her long drawn out groan at the ecstasy of being filled doggy style.

Her climax burst out of her with a ferocious liquid explosive sound, sending a million tiny fingers stroking my cock within the pulsing grip of her throbbing pussy. Her hips jumped and pushed back against me as the waves of pleasure gripped her. Each grind against my hot loins was punctuated by a heartfelt moan that pulled at my cock, making it swell even bigger in her slick tunnel.

"Fuck me! Ohhhh…. Fuck ME! UghHhhhh.. Fuck me please. Oooohhhhhhhhh my husband wants to fuck his Cai again". Her voice was thick and tense with excitement as she encouraged me to pump myself into her throbbing insides.

"Oh God! It feels so gooood……My husband knows I love doggy style, Drill me Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll meeeeeeeeeeeeee."

I began fucking her, holding her firmly by her shoulders to keep her steady for each of my slow and deep strokes. On each stroke I pushed my cock in as deep as I could, feeling the entrance to her womb with each stroke. Cai was going wild as our coupling genitals filled the room with liquid slurping and sucking sounds. She was groaning deep with each in-stroke, making me feel her pleasure and firing me up. I throbbed harder. My cock felt thick and tightly held as it deliberately traveled her hot cunt. Her unceasing pulses were milking me exquisitely, making me add my own groans of pleasure to the sexual noises that filled the small room.

I reached down between her legs without warning and suddenly caught her clit between my thumb and forefinger. I pinched and rolled it with moderate pressure, making Cai writhe in wild pain-ecstasy. She came again, bucking and jumping her arse against my fuck tool, moaning and grunting. Sweat streamed of her shiny back. She was totally lost in the hard driving cock that was relentlessly probing her insides and causing her so much pleasure.

She moaned my name out loud, making me throb harder and almost lose my tight control on the urge to come. My cock throbbed harder and larger, feeling like I almost had to force it into her narrow slit with each in stroke. I could feel my balls twitching with cum that was ready to blow. My sperm ducts were fluttering, causing ripples of agonizing pleasure course through my entire body. This was heaven!

"This feels so good. You make me want to come so bad, but I want to fuck you longer" I grunted as I slowed down my deep thrusts and gently brought her down from her orgasmic peak.

"Ohhhhhh… Ahhhhh…Ohhhhhhh… Ahhhhh… I feel so good, I am your wife. At first I think you not want me" she moaned.

Her moans and sighs were music as I savored the feeling of my cock feeling nicely full in her well-fucked pussy. It was time.
"But we have a problem", I managed to get out.

"What", she wailed, "I fuck no good for you".

"No", I reassured her, it's your mother. I don't know about other men, but for me my wife has to be only one I fuck". I still don't know how I got that out without laughing. "And I know you love your mother and wouldn't want her unhappy, so how can you be my wife when you let your mother fuck me when I want to always fuck only you. Fucking you is what I want," I said, as I slowly slid my cum slicked cock in and out of her wet pussy. "I can't cheat on with your mother if you are my wife. Yet you love your mother and want her to have sex with me and be happy."

"No Nooooooooooooooooo Greg. You wrong. Just you and me. Forever and ever. Just like that. Don't fuck my mother, just meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh! Oh! I am gonna cum again! Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me, She's my mother, but you are my husband. More important. I want you only fuck Cai, must fuck only Cai. Make Cai feel best know husband only want fuck Cai all the time "

I held back and just kept sliding my pulsating dick slowly into her throbbing slick hole. In and out, in and out, slowly letting my fuck tool take control of her willing flesh. Each in-stroke was a journey to heaven, the ultimate slide. Her pussy was alive, twisting and clutching at my thickened cock. I wanted her to become addicted from the sheer soft pleasure of having her pussy fucked.

"Are you really sure, she's your mother"?

"Yeeeeeessssssssss, only fuck Cai, never fuck mother"

"That's so good Cai, its what I want, but we have to let her know."

"Yeah we tell her you only fuck Cai. Tell her Cai best fuck. Tell her you love Cai". Suddenly it was love not lust.
"Yes., but just telling her not strong enough. Maybe she'll keep trying to replace you. Darling, please don't think I'm bad person but I want to fuck you in front of her so she knows only Cai have my cock".

My efforts were rewarded with a loud despairing moan as the sweetness of my words and the cock inside her drove her to unbearable heights of unrelenting pleasure, soft and indescribably sweet. Her orgasm this time was a joy to feel and see. She went all soft everywhere, warmly washing my cock in her warm juice. Her entire body shivered and vibrated, seemingly around my rigid cock. She swung her head back and strained her head upwards desperately seeking my kiss. Her eyes were stoned with lust and soft with love and passion. I caught her by her neck and brought her round closer to my lips. I drove my greedy tongue inside her warm softness, fucking her mouth with my tongue as I kept her coming on my cock.

She pulled away to groan, "yyyeeeeesssssssssss…. Ungh… but unghh.. promise…fuck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,unghhh…. meeeeeee ….long…. lonng.. ununununh…. time. Ooooohhhhhhhhhh……in front of… Uunghh…..her. Ungh hhhhh… She watch.. unghhh you….Fuck me……every waaaaaaaaaaaay. Ohhhhhhhhh…see you…ungh…want only fuck. Ohhhhhhhhhhh…just Caiiiiiiiiiiiii. Show her….eiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhh you want ….uuungh…. fuck fuck fuck…..Caiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

She locked lips and sucked my tongue like her life depended on it, giving me her whole wet mouth and making unintelligible moans and groans. Her sopping, clutching pussy was bubbling and making loud bursting sounds as her pussy contracted and pulsed with explosive force. I started massaging her clitoris and suddenly increased the pace of my thrusts into her. With my other hand I reached round and pinched one engorged nipple, rolling and kneading it in accompaniment to my strokes. I wanted her to explode with the most powerful orgasm she had ever had.

My pace rapidly picked up until I was driving deep and hard into her with all speed and strength.
"Yes, but maybe YOU still have worry about your mother, have some doubt that she try. I want Cai know only Cai, so I want you to fuck her while I fuck you, then she eats my cum out of your pussy. Prove only You 100%".
Her body started to twist and jerk as she lost all control. Her moans and gasps merged into a continuous high-pitched keening sound that increased in urgency until it climaxed into a loud cry.

"Yeah. Unghh… I…unghh… fuck her…aaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck herrrrrrrrrrrrr ..eighhhhhhhh….for my husband. "I'm going to cu.. aghhhhhhhh.. I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuumiinnnnnnnnnnnnng".

Trying to move my cock inside her climaxing spasming love tube was like trying to peel off a too small rubber glove, but eventually I managed to withdraw enough to drive my cock back to her deepest reaches and left it quivering pressing against her womb. As earlier that night it triggered her strongest orgasm and she went rigid on all fours impaled on my cock.

She screamed, "My husband wants me fuck her so she know I best fucker for husband. He proud I want fuck mother for my husband. Then make mother eat your cum inside me"

Her orgasm exploded within her, and I felt her clit spasm. I continued rapidly frigging her clit area. He pulsing cunt was locked tight around my cock but it felt almost frictionless as I drove in and out of her sex. Her cum continued as she blasted into multi-orgasmic pleasure, rhythmically squeezing my cock and sucking it into her as her juices poured. I was high on her orgasm, feeding on the sexual animal that she had become. She was cumming her cunt out.

I could feel my control going, my balls aching exquisitely with the force of my held back spray. I took her hand to me cock as it rested half way inside her<

"Cai, I'm about to cum. If I cum inside me you are my wife and I only fuck you. You decide what is best for you. You can pull it out if you think it best that I fuck your mother."

She gave a grief-stricken moan at the thought and slammed her hips forward and wrapped her legs around me as though daring me to pull out and moaned over and over.

"Shoot it in me, fill me with you jizz, I want your cum. Make me your wife now"
I couldn't hold back anymore and surrendered to her. I joined her, dancing the dance of orgasmic intensity. Dimly I could sense her body gather itself through her come as she sensed it and readied herself to accept my cum.

"Here it comes baby, take it, take all of me" I grunted, all control going as the whole of my being coalesced into my cock. I could feel it grow even thicker and tighter as it took over my whole world. I felt it enter her womb pushing into heaven within her. Warm juice bathed the swollen head as she climaxed in response, making as come together.

"Ugh Ugh Ugh Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!……….Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhh………

My cum blasted hot into her out of control pussy, driving us both wild with intensity. We came together like wild animals, completely lost in the fire in our coupling genitals, lost in our expressed need for each other.

As I came down I turned her face round for a soft kiss and settled down next to her in our post orgasmic bliss.

"Next time," she said with a fucked out smile, "I want you to come in my arse."

But you can always push the boundaries and later that night 15 minutes after I had surreptitiously taken 50mg of the magic blue diamond called Viagra, Cai must have felt it, as she rolled over and reached back to pull my body into a spooning position against her back, holding my right hand and then draping it across her chest to grasp her left breast. I changed my draping hand into a caressing one on her breast, and slid my left hand under her neck, crossing her chest from that side to caress her right breast. She sighed deeply, both her nipples responded, and my growing cock probed between her opening legs of its own accord.

My balls were full again, and my Viagra fuelled prick was hard as it bobbed between the buttocks and legs of Cai. I tweaked her nipples, rolling them as they grew even firmer under my fingers, using my hands around those smooth, wonderful breasts. Cai begin to pant and move her lower body faster, seeming to beg my cock to do its job again. I smoothed her long hair to one side and trailed my fingers up over her shoulder and gently scraped my nails around her neckline and down and around her smooth back. I started talking again praising her body.

"You know one thing I want is for other women to know I'm proud of my wife and that's she is very sexy, sensuous and glamorous. That's why I want my wife to dress very much show off. Not just a little, but extreme 100%. The smallest bra and thong we can find, stockings, fuck me high heels, not pants or slacks like most Vietnamese but dress or skirt, real tight if short or longer with split. Show plenty of your boob and let the size of your nipples show. Like a classy hooker, but that's too much to expect. It could never happen".

I moved my hand down her spine, lingering here and there, using my mouth to plant gentle kisses on her neck, her shoulders and back, nibbling her exposed right earlobe, my hand reaching the crack of her buttocks, sliding down through there and under; my prick was lodged between her legs, but she opened them to my hand as I slid from her tight rosebud further along. She shivered, clasped my left hand tighter to her breast, helping me knead it in my hand and fingers, as I felt for her lips below. They flowered open, wet with juice, as she grasped my prick and stroked it up and down those lips. But only for a moment; like one of those carnivorous plants, her cunt with one backward shove claimed my cock and sucked it in: gone in a nanosecond into the depths of Cai's body.

"You wrong again my husband, I love wear like that. Back home I too poor to buy clothes but I always look in the Men's magazine what the girls wear if they not nude and I want look like that. Now I have husband want me wear and want me show off so other woman look at what I wear every day. They jealous."

I was spooning her as I slowly fucked her and used both hands to their maximum on her clit and nipples. And despite what had occurred that night she was still accepting my Viagra enhanced cock enthusiastically. I decided to test her further and increased the pace of my fucking.

"Its funny, your mother said you're not feminine or dress like a real woman but you are opposite. 100% and we are going to make you dress 200% woman". Maths was not my strongpoint.

As I talked about our other purchases, clit rings, belly chain, nipple rings, multiple earrings, her model and make up courses, the tailor made clothes my fingers worked her nipples into hard peaks so swollen they felt like they would explode. Cai reached down and slid a finger up and down her slit. The motion of her finger gently caressing her pussy and my caressing of her breasts was too much for her and she screamed out her release.

"One thing I demand of my wife is that she always dress better, more sexy than other women, but always better more sexy more show off than your mother.

As she heated up again, she resumed the assault on her soaking pussy. returning her hand to her sopping pussy; gently running her finger's up and down the slit, gathering moisture onto her fingers.
"Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeesss. Look real sexy for my husband. Show off for my husband. Make my bitch mother see I better than her. I real woman and my husband sooooooo proud of Cai."

I slowly parted her lips with a kiss, gently probing her mouth, while I moved my hand lower to probes her cum covered pussy lips and the soft petals inside. I stroked her tongue with mine, keeping the same rhythm with my finger's as they find her hardened bud sticking out of the soft wet folds. Cai's breathing picks up and she began to pant again. Her hips thrust themselves up to meet my strokes, another stronger orgasm building quickly.

I quicken the pace to match Cai's eager thrusts, kissing her harder, more demanding. Her body stiffens then shudders violently, her juices flooding my hand as she screams my name over and over again. "That's 9", I mentally count.

I slid my finger deeper into her still contracting pussy, savoring the feel of her orgasm. I broke the kiss and began to lick and suck my way back down her body, making sure to kiss and suckle her hardened nipples on my journey. I moaned and spread her already open legs wider. I ran my tongue up and down the slit, licking her juices from her outer lips before placing my long flat tongue against her pussy lips and gently parting them, running his tongue from the bottom up to the hard nub at the top. I flicked at the hard clit then slid my tongue deep inside her pussy and began to tongue fuck her, causing Cai to grab the pillow and bury her head as she began screaming her pleasures into the night.

I gathered her clit into my mouth and gently suckled it, slowly deeply fingering her tight pussy, listening to her orgasmic screams. I added fingers and picked up the pace thrusting in and out of her contracting pussy while I laved and suckled her hard throbbing clit.

Cai's orgasms seemed to go on for hours and I lost count of the number of times she came.
All the time describing what she would wear, how I wanted her to flaunt it in front of all my Vietnamese friends and contacts. Then I threw it in.

"Every 6 months there is A Vietnamese beauty contest at the Happy Palace Wedding Reception, and I want my wife to enter in the open and over 40s and especially the "Body" where you just wear high heels and jewellery in front of the crowd".

"Yeesssss I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant everyone see Greg's wife. I need your hard cock now! Please Greg Fuck your wife with that huge elephant Cock of Yours!" she screamed and begged as I continued to lick and suck her hard clit. Still only an elephant, I thought, no dinosaur.

I stopped and crawled up Cai's body, resting his hard cock along her thigh. She kissed her hard and demanding, slowly sliding my cock head up and down her wet slit. She kissed my leaking cock quickly before straddling my face, grinding her wet pussy on my mouth. Cai rode my face franticly grinding her clit against his hard tongue, screaming out yet another release, her juices flowing into his mouth and down my chin as she collapsed on top of me

Her face inches from my throbbing cock. Cai reached over and began to stroke my hard cock slowly from the base to the tip. With my precum flowing freely, she gathered my cock into both hands and began to pump it, slowly running her hands up and down the shaft. I practically cried out into Cai's pussy from the pleasure/torture she was giving me. She pulled my cock-head into her mouth and began sucking in rhythm with her hand strokes. Her tongue feather-light licked my swollen shaft and cockhead.

I began thrusting his hips upward forcing cock deeper into Cai's mouth, and down her throat. She gagged slightly but recovered as she met my strokes. She circled the head slowly each time pulling my cock almost from her lips only to quickly swallow it back down her throat again, her throat muscles contracting around the head. She could feel that I was getting close to cumming so she stopped and pulled away, out of my reach.

Cai felt me relax a bit and straddled my face again and began to stroke my cock again with both hands, sucking and licking the cockhead gently warming me back up. I happily licked and sucked Cai's overly aroused pussy. She moved and slid my hard thick cock slowly into her wet pussy. I groaned with pleasure and with one hard thrust up, I buried his cock deep inside her, giving her all of my inches. She gasped and cried out her release, but recovered quickly and began to ride my cock hard, but slow. The feel of my cockhead slowly slamming into her cervix sent her flying over and over again. I loved the way her pussy felt as it contracted around my cock.

"Oooooohhhhhh, you do everything so good for me but I worry".

Uh Oh, I thought, every good thing has to end. No sexfight between her and her mother.

"Yes I worry you not think I want to fuck my mother, so I want to do it for us not just one time, so you really know I am your wife".

"You mean fuck her every night in front of me".

Her eyes widened and she went into overdrive cumming almost continually.

Argh! Oh! Yes, yes!" Cai was crooning and gasping, as she pushed and pulled her cunt all the way along my rod. "God, oh Godd! Fuck meeeeeee.Oh yes! I'll do it, do it doooooooooooooooo it! Every night….aghhhhhhhhhhh..every way.. I I I I fuck her… ooooooooooooooooooghhhhhhhhh… in front of you, ….. then you… you and me ….fuck in front of her…. ooooooooooohhhh.. then I fuck.. fuck… fuck FUUUUUCK her real hard…… Every …every…night ..she know ..Cai fuck her …and my husband.ooooooooooooooooohh.. he want…to see Cai FUCK HER MOTHER"

"Fuck me in my arse," she said as she pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her butthole. It gaped slightly as it waited anxiously for my cock to penetrate. She looked back at me over her shoulder, her face on a pillow. Her black hair was plastered in sweaty-slick strands against her dark skin. Quickly I dropped to his knees behind her and slid my hands over the glistening skin of her round arse, up over her curved back, then back to her arse and down her shapely, muscular thighs. When I slid his hand up between her legs, I found a still extremely wet, hot cunt.

I slid my thumbs into the shadowy crease of her arse and spread her cheeks open, revealing the hidden, dark brown aperture. She groaned and pushed back against him as I gently probed her hole with my little finger and she responded with a sigh of pleasure so I went a little further and slid one of his fingers into her butthole a little deeper. I felt her spincter relax around my finger and her pussy contracted slightly around the fingers of my other hand each time I thrust my finger a little deeper. I continued to experiment with my fingers, trying out each one then a combination of first 2 then 3 then 4 until Cai's arse hole was stretched almost to the size of my cock and I lost count of the number of orgasms she had.

I lubed up by sticking my cock deep into Cai's pussy as she knelt her face buried in the pillow to grease it up with a mixture of our body fluids and took a glob of her juices that were gathered in her pussy and smeared it around her anus. My cockhead rested against her rosette, and I released my hold on her cheeks allowing them to close around my cockhead, holding it in place. She turned her head so that she could stare at me. Her eyes were glazed over with pride as she moaned,

"Yes, take me. I want you to fuck your wife Cai any way you can."

I poised the tip at the puckered ring of muscle that guarded her anal opening and pushed my cockhead in her arse a little then pulled it out to see the effect. Her butthole gaped a little further, and Cai moaned.

Only the tip had touched her spincter muscle, and I was applying some gentle pressure while holding on to her hips to prevent her from pressing back to quickly against my spear.

I increased the pressure and suddenly the head of my cock had penetrated Cai's arse. She shrieked out in triumph, and I felt her muscle starting to relax around the invader and held what I had until I felt her relax totally. Then with a slow gentle pressure I inserted my dick another inch or two into her arse and held again until she got used to the penetration of my prong. It took a while, but my prick had finally been totally engulfed, balls deep, by her arse. Once I was sure that Cai could take it, I started a gentle seesawing motion that she soon matched. I let her set the pace and soon her arse threatened to burn my cock with the heat from the friction that she was generating.

I reached one hand around her waist, letting it trail between her legs, before I plunged several fingers into her wet cunt. Her head dropped lower onto her folded arms and she began whimpering as I rubbed her clit in small circles against the hard bone beneath it. Keeping my cock buried but stationary in her other tube, I brought her to the edge of another orgasm, wondering how many she could take.

"That feels so good - don't stop…never stop fucking Cai"

Getting a good grip on her hips, I pulled my cock slowly out of her arse. She groaned as I pulled out,

"What does my wife wear"?

"Everything sexy. Show body good"

Her voice tailed off and she then groaned louder as I drove back into her tight arse.

She reached one hand back toward her pussy as she finger fucked her engorged clit.

"Just for your Man when we are alone"?

"Noooooooooooooooooo he want me show all other Viet women I dress sexy"

I continued to repeatedly ram her arse, which was getting easier as her natural fluids lubricated my cock. As I increased my tempo, her cries became louder and punctuated by her groans when answering each question.

"Which competition your husband enter you in"

"Beauty Competition because he proud I sexy"

"Which one you like best"?

"Nude, Cai show cunt. My cunt best. Show nipple. Mine big Show clit, my clit best"

"Who does Greg Fuck"?

"Only Cai, Only Cai, Only Caiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii".

"How does Cai know only Cai"?



"Greg fuck Cai in front of my mother"


"Bitch have to eat my husband's cum from my cunt"

"How often"?

"Every Night".

Then she jerked and spasmed as her body exploded. She screamed and screamed as I continued to ram her, feeling her anal muscle's spasm around my cock. I was holding her bouncing tits in my hand's and fucking her arse deep, hard, and fast; while she was bent over the bed, slapping my balls against her arse while she screamed out the answers over and over again.

Before I could explode in an orgasm, she experienced two more tremendous climaxes. When I felt my own orgasm coming, she sensed it coming and shared another orgasm. I couldn't hold back any longer and yelled out loud as I poured spurt after spurt of cum into Cai's bowels. She was moaning and cumming herself. Her spincter was contracting like mad which sent new waves of pleasure through me.

I woke hours later when I felt myself manhandled, and became wide-awake when I found my mouth buried into the silky fur of Cai's pussy slit and a mouth sucking on my balls and tongue licking my cock. I groaned and she shrieked, as my tongue found her clit and punched it,then my mouth and teeth gripped it more gently, letting my tongue slurp down her slit, as far as it could reach, then spread widely slathered back up slowly, all the way. My hands were free so I reached up, feeling the Cai's mouth on my cock following, as I grabbed two mounds and caressed them, but using my fingers to roughly tweak her nipples; erect as they were, they grew as I stretched them, and she squealed again, bucking her groin at me and unleashing a gush of juices under us.

Cai was now slurping on my balls and up my cleft dabbing her tongue in my anus, making me push down against her with my prick.

"Slow down or we won't have time to go shopping", I managed.

"Yeah", she said. "my clothes and jewellery shopping all day and then I fuck my mother tonight".

"No we cant", I interrupted.

She was stunned like she was hit by a baseball bat. Tears welled in her eyes then poured down her cheeks. She threw herself down on the floor and pushed my arms away. But I persisted talking all the while and gradually the words reached her.

We can't tonight because your mother would get half my money. It will take a little time to transfer my assets into a trust for you. Cai and me have the money not her. Then we can spend on you, not her having the money. Of course you're going to fuck her every night. I can't wait either so this weekend you're going to rape her.

I kept repeating the message and slowly she relented and let me hold her.

"Do you want your mother to have my money or us"?

"Not her, unfair she take your money from me and you"

"Yes because I want Cai to be wearing the clothes jewellery not her when you rape here"

She shuddered as she said "How can we"?

"Perhaps someone visited her flat and "accidentally" left a side window unlocked that a daughter and her man found was unlocked that night so they enter and the daughter rapes her mother".

"But she'll see their faces".

"Maybe she will be hooded except for her mouth so she can eat her daughter".

"Their voices"?

"I've heard there are ear plugs which give 100% isolation"

"Oh, yes, this is mine", and she held my cock with one hand. Without letting go of my prick, she turned to face away, pulled me down then opened her legs and lined me straight up underneath and drove herself down and me up inside her cunt. She fucked me like a rutting doe to my stag cock, forcing her lower body height up on tip-toes then slamming herself down on my length; she squealed and panted and kept going until she came, when she grabbed one of my hands and held it over her mouth while she screamed, and I then used my other hand to grasp her abdomen from the front and force her back and hard against my pelvis, while she screamed again and shuddered against me.

She sat me on the bed and then proceeded to fuck me as hard as I had ever experienced. She was a machine. Planted full length on me, she held her hands over mine around her breasts and made sure I was roughly twisting her nipples and squeezing them tightly, before she moved her hands to her thighs and used them to add extra support as she bounced.

She spluttered "Oh, this is even much better than I dreamed. Please do it harder, my husband."

I thrust up, must have hit into her cervix and she squealed.

"Hide all the money, my husband. None for her. Can I rape her tonight"?

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss", I groaned as she bucked again and squealed again. She came, I could tell from the rigidity as she just stopped full down on me and then raised herself up to the end and plunged down, my cock getting to her depths, and she must have bitten her finger or hand because I could feel the scream reverberating through her body.

I began thrusting up hard, and willed myself to cum, which I did, cock pulsing and surging inside her, as she spasmed down on me, and I emptied myself inside her, straining to thrust upwards even higher, almost lifting her off her toes at the deepest point of impalement. I grabbed her tits and pulled them almost off by stretching her nipples in my fingers, as she writhed and made inhuman noises behind the hand stuffed in her mouth. I held her hips then, slowing her, kissing her back, licking the sweat up her backbone and she moaned quietly, still grinding on me as I slowly deflated within. She whimpered, wanting me to go on, but I ssshh'd her gently, and fondled her also gently now, then I lifted her unsteadily up and off me. I turned her to face me and licked the wetness at her pussy, a wide tongue gathering her juices and mine to swallow. She panted and held my head close to her, until I turned my face up and sucked on a nipple, two nipples, unable to swallow a whole breast into my mouth a la her mother.

I whispered to the moaning writhing 39 year old Vietnamese,

"Darling, After we hide the money and we tell her so you can fuck her every night I want you to win the right by sexfighting and beating her.

Her eyes glazed she nodded her agreement. Now I had to get her mother to want to fuck Cai.

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