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A Hue Sexfight

By Aussie Greg

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It took me back years. The Government housing Commission flats in Elizabeth Street Richmond. Four twenty story buildings, 10 units to a floor, probably designed by an unimaginative first week architectural student, and run down a month after they were opened.

I had spent plenty of time there with Huong, my first middle aged Vietnamese and the woman who had started me on my pursuit of middle aged Asians. She was one of many Vietnamese wives who, along with her children, were sponsored to Australia by the husband who had arrived years earlier as a boat refugee. Excellent for her you say. Yes, except that he had a new younger partner here in Australia and the only way to sponsor his children here was to bring the unwanted mother on the family application.

So Huong was left existing on a Govt. pension bringing up the children who were unwanted by the husband's new partner, while the husband felt he had done the right thing bringing the children here to the land of opportunity. I had seen the slim 40 year old a few times around Richmond noticing how she was searching for clothes in the charity second hand shops as I searched for old science fiction paperbacks. Despite her lack of money she tried to dress more femininely than an Aussie of similar age would, and after seeing each other around Richmond enough times to be on nodding terms I was able to help her when she was at the checkout of the supermarket without enough money to pay. Coffee followed, English lessons, then a job and then Utopia.

I had a feminine sensual lover. Praise her legs and then her shoes were higher than her previous 3 inch heels and short or split skirts were worn, convince her that her 32A breasts were not too small and quarter cup proudly displayed her thick nipples through her blouse or dress, convince her I liked lingerie and she had a dresser full of sensuous bras, suspender belts and thongs. Convince her she was a special lover and deserved attention, something that apparently Vietnamese men forget, and she was insatiable in any hole or position. And competitive - she introduced me to Vietnamese sexfighting when she challenged her husband's current partner to a $5000 bet (of my money) and, as he supporting his new woman and I watched her, defeat the 10 year younger woman. And seeing my approval she delighted in competing often for me.

But you can never have too much of a good thing and I strayed among the many other single Vietnamese middle aged women like a wine taster at a festival and moved on, managing to break her heart and perhaps for me lose the best relationship I could have had. But now I was back on the 15th floor having negotiated for $3000 a sexfight between her and Arupama Chawla.

Arupama Chawla was 43, a dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4, Indian and my Accounting partner. After Thien my last Vietnamese lover had left my Accounting business taking with her most of my Vietnamese clients, I had gone into partnership with the Calcutta woman to milk the Indian student market. She was a dowdily dressed Indian from Calcutta, but on a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me before she fucked and branded my wife. And today she was going for the 7th and last before Thien, and then my wife.

At 52 Huong was 32A, 22 30 and 5ft 1 and 64 pounds, long haired, perfectly made up and could still turn my head and she noticed this as her eyes stayed glued on my crotch.

"Put your bags there and go to the toilet and get ready bitch", she motioned Arupama down the passage way

As soon as Arupama left her hand reached out and felt the growing bulge in my pants.

"I've got plans for that", she whispered, as she heard Arupama's returning footsteps up the passage.

She paraded around letting Arupama see that I was noticing her trim figure, legs and, as she sat down, her short skirt shifting to show her minuscule thong.

"A Hue sexfight, best of 3, winner takes all", she demanded. "Explain it to the bitch", she spat out as she started to strip off her blouse.

Arupama's eyes turned to the still taut body and tiny quarter cup bra that uplifted Huong's small breasts from which thick stubby nipples stood erect.

A Hue sexfight comes from Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam and is unusual for a Vietnamese sexfight as it involves physical fighting to control the other woman so she can be made to cum. Most Vietnamese value their looks too much to compete this way, sticking to a straight sexfight or man pleasing competition. The other difference was if they were 1 all, the third decider had to be won by 2 consecutive cums.

"Its only a formality to ask but if hell froze over what do you take as winners rights"? Huong spat out, now naked except for a tiny white butterfly thong.

"24 hours of fucking you", Arupama said confidently, because despite Huong's taut figure, she knew how much bigger and stronger she was.

"For mine, I'll fuck Greg so good he always prefer Vietnamese restaurant to Indian take-away"

Soon their sweaty legs were entwined like vines creeping up a trellis and their thighs constricted like boa's trying to crush their prey. Their bare breasts touched, hard nipples sliding and rubbing against hard nipples as they rolled over and over, back and forth on the water bed. After 5 minutes they were covered in each other's sweat as they slid about, unable to gain any kind of leverage or balance on the moving water bed. Huong had managed to get one hand embedded in Arupama's scalp while her other hand was wound tightly around the Indian's long dark pony tail. Arupama had Huong's long, black, straight silky hair in one hand while she savagely dragged her long red fingernails across Huong's back with her free hand. Both were hissing and grunting as the struggle wore on, each calling the other bitch, slut, cunt and countless other names in classic girl fight style.

Locked together in their struggle, there was to be no stopping till one of them had achieved the 2 cums explained before. The bed was bordered on two sides by walls, and slipping and sliding helplessly, they remained locked together as if Siamese twins as their bodies crashed into the walls. However they rolled too far to the open side of the bed and slid off onto the thick carpeted floor with a thud.

Arupama wound up on top for an instant but slid off, unable to stay atop her wildly bucking sweat covered opponent. Each quickly got to their knees where they locked hands and began to struggling for supremacy, panting and grunting from the physical exertion. Their nails were digging into one another's hands as their knuckles whitened from the effort they were applying to the handlock.

Arupama slipped slightly while trying to twist Huong to the left and the older Vietnamese capitalized on the mistake by rising up on one foot and forcing the Indian onto her back. Huong tried to straddle Arupama but couldn't maneuver her into a control position as the stronger dark skinned, Calcutta born woman bucked and writhed beneath her. Swinging her longer thicker legs free, Arupama wrapped them around Huong's tiny waist with catlike speed and agility. She locked her ankles and applied all her strength to the body scissors. Huong jerked her hands free, breaking the handlock and began clawing at Arupama's powerful thighs in an attempt to break the viselike hold. Arupama held on however, and now with her own hands free, viciously began slapping and clawing at the smaller Vietnamese's face.

Huong struggled violently, savagely ripping at Arupama's legs and belly with her own sharp claws until the Indian finally shrieked and released the hold. Free, but gasping for air, Huong was unable to regroup before the next attack came. Arupama dove at Vietnamese headlong, tackling her and forcing her onto her back and pinning her wrists to the carpet. Huong bucked and squirmed, trying the wrest her opponent from on top of her. She finally managed to pull one hand free, and with Arupama's big tits dangling free in front of her, Huong went for the doctor and raked and dug her long dark red talons into my Accounting partner's bare, swaying right melon.

Arupama squealed in pain as she rolled off Huong to the left, clutching her scratched breast in her hand. Huong now had the taste of blood and closed on the Indian with her long painted fingernails outstretched ready for action. Rolling on the floor, Huong and Arupama, clad only in their tiny thongs, began grabbing, twisting, pulling and clawing one another's tits in a battle of female dominance. Here the smaller titted Vietnamese had an advantage. Her claws dug into the soft vulnerable flesh of Arupama far deeper, and high pitched squeals and low guttural moans escaped from the younger Indian. Their sweat covered tits were punched, slapped, pinched, and mauled as they bumped into the side of the bed and struggled back onto the slippery, water mattress.

Finally, as if by mutual consent that neither could win this way, the two broke apart. Each sat back on her heels, nursing sore swollen mounds while glaring intently at her opponent. After a few seconds rest, they crashed together like two sumo wrestlers, bare chest to bare chest. Huong dug her left hand into Arupama's hair, breaking the rubber band that held the fighting pony tail, causing her long dark hair to fall loosely about her shoulders and back. With her other hand, Huong reached behind Arupama and grabbed the elastic waistband of her tiny tiger skin thong, pulling it high up into the crack of her arse before the elastic snapped. Arupama retaliated by going for Huong's smaller thong also, but in the front. She dug her talons into the patch of white silk that covered Huong's pubic area, tightly gripping a handful of short hairs beneath. Huong jumped in pain as she screamed and quickly jerked away, sliding to the far side of the bed.

With confident look on her face, Arupama moved slowly towards the retreating Huong, ready now to finish her. Arupama tried to force a sixty nine position but Huong managed to slide free and get behind her on the water filled bed. She wrapped an arm around Arupama's neck in a rear headlock and applied all the pressure she could but Arupama rolled to the right, flipping the Vietnamese over. Huong, now on her back, still maintained the headlock on Arupama who was on her back on top of her, kicking and clawing at nothing but air.

With her free hand, Huong reached around and slid her hand down reaching the big exposed sex mound of Arupama, who wriggled and squirmed about while clawing at Huong's arm that was still tightly wrapped around her throat cutting off her air supply. Huong wrapped a leg around each of Arupama's shins and spread the Indian's legs opening her cunt slit wider. Her fingers slid along the imprisoned Indian's slit rapidly exciting her juices. Then they parted the thick lips, opened them and found her clit. Quickly her experienced fingers established a pattern and within minutes Arupama was groaning rhythmically as the smaller, older, but more experienced Vietnamese dragged an orgasm from her.

"Oooooooohhhh oooooooooohhh, ungh ungh ungh uunnnnnnnnnnnnngh unnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Arupama came and thrashed uncontrollably while Huong continued to finger her as she came.

Now literally swimming in each other's sweat and with their bare flesh glistening, they rolled around on the waterbed like it was an oil wrestling match. Huong's strength reserves had been weakened by holding the stronger Arupama as she fingered her and finally waned enough to allow Arupama to break free from the headlock. Following up quickly, the heavier, bigger Indian leapt headlong at the Vietnamese and pinned her back to the mattress. Several attempts to straddle Huong failed due to a combination of wet, slippery flesh and Huong's wriggling and bucking, so the Indian just lay on top of her using her body weight to pin and subdue her.

With their tits mashed flat together and their faces only inches apart, the two entwined their legs, grabbed two handfuls of each other's hair, and began sliding and rolling about in the small, Government rented bedroom. Having been locked in combat now for nearly twenty five minutes, both were tired but showed no signs of stopping.

Arupama's greater size and strength enabled her to pin Huong against one of the walls and with one hand clinging to the Vietnamese's long black silky hair, Arupama delivered several punches to Huong's stomach that thudded home solidly. Huong doubled over, bringing her knees up into a semi fetal position and Arupama quickly snaked an arm between the older woman's thighs. Hooking her arm around Huong's left leg, Arupama pulled her opponent's leg up so Huong's thigh was trapped between her own and Arupama's belly and tits while her other leg was trapped by the Indian's knees. Arupama raised both of Huong's arms above her head and trapped them against the wall with her left arm held straight between the arms and the Vietnamese's neck.

Her free hand parted the long outer lips of the trapped Vietnamese and she went to work on her pussy, giving a gasp of surprise as her fingers encountered the slug sized clit of the petite Vietnamese. Completely pinned and helpless, Huong tried in vain to break free as Arupama started the older woman's clit pulsing. Rapid high pitched squeals, quite different from the low guttural moans of Arupama's announced Huong was cumming.

'Eeeigh, Eeeigh, Eeeigh, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

It was one all and to achieve victory either needed 2 consecutive cums. Arupama still had Huong wrapped up balancing on one leg against the wall and was in the drivers seat. She prepared for the kill when she flinched. A glob of phlegm spat by the Vietnamese had hit her in the face, and distracting her long enough for Huong to head butt her giving her a nose bleed and get free.

There was no respite and they met on their knees, clawing and slapping and grabbing anything they could get their hands on. Both women were now panting and moaning and the pace of the fight was slowing down considerably with much more clinching and hair pulling as time wore on. Their tits were now completely lathered with perspiration and blood and as they moved back and forth against each other, their hard erect nipples drew clear lines on each other's blood stained breasts.

Instinctively they snaked their legs together. Their skin rubbed together as their legs wrestled almost independently from their upper bodies as if two distinctly different fights were going on at the same time. Their naked cunts were rubbing and grinding together as they wriggled and squirmed around, moaning and panting in the throes of this now erotic combat.

Arupama was pumping against Huong taking control, and realizing what was happening, Huong began to wildly fight back raking her cunt up and down the Indian's. Arupama's stronger thighs clamped down around Huong's restricting her, and the more Huong tried to fuck, the harder the Indian squeezed and the harder she pumped against her. Cunt against cunt as their calves and ankles slid against each other with their thighs clamped together like vices.

Huong now began to moan and pant rhythmically and her body began wildly jerking and twisting as she came closer to cumming. Then her head flew back, her mouth opened and an long prolonged animal shriek escaped as she shook violently and came breaking their sex scissors. As Huong backed up toward the wall on her buttocks in a sitting position, Arupama slowly crawled toward her on all fours, her eyes an icy glare and her lips parted in anticipation knowing if she made the Vietnamese come next she had won.

"Now . . . we . . . fuck! Woman against woman. Just fucking" Arupama hissed as she inched closer to Huong who was waiting against the wall. They rolled into a 69 in unison, Arupama's tits jiggling and bouncing like two giant bowls of jelly as they swung from her rotund body. Arupama instantly slid down and then off to one side, snaking her legs around Huong's right leg. The Indian began humping Huong's cunt, rubbing and grinding her own thick lipped cunt like a hormone driven dog against the long lipped slit of the Vietnamese.

"Yes . . . yes . . . yes . . . yes, I'm winning." Arupama moaned as she pumped harder and harder and fucked her cunt into Huong's deeper and deeper. Huong struggled with every ounce of strength she had left, pulling at Arupama's hair with both hands to force her tighter onto her cunt. But the tighter she pulled the Indian, the more she could feel the Indian's clit banging against hers. As Huong writhed and wriggled against her sexual adversary, she gasped for air as the first tremor of orgasm began inside her.

"Oh ohh ohhh ohhhhhhhh." Huong squealed in an ultra high pitched tone that announced her orgasm was fast approaching.

Just before Huong came Hung managed to reach around the Indian and straight fingered her arse; the pain causing Huong to break off the cunt fight and roll away. Arupama recovered and swearing in Hindu and intent on the kill charged but straight into the trap. Huong's legs snapped up and wrapped a leg scissors round Arupama's throat and rolled her into a classic Filipina control position. Arupama had her face buried into the floor by the leg scissors: her body lay along the sitting Huong's legs, Arupama's legs draped over each of Huong's shoulder and her arms trapped her shins against her ribs. Arupama's open cunt was positioned just in front of Huong's mouth. The Indian was trapped with no escape.

Her was head between Arupama's spread thighs, its smooth, dark flesh glimmering with sweat, and Huong finally was able to concentrate upon the inflamed, open, dark brown seam of Arupama's large, meaty cunt. Not a pretty little gaping chute or a long, sinuous, thrillingly sculptured work of art like Huong's pussy, Arupama's was a large, fat, maw of hot love, all raw and glistening with juice, the black inner lips thick and swollen and shiny, the insides flaming and bright and wet.

Huong devoured it hungrily. Her tongue hammered on Arupama's clit and Arupama's juices sprayed into Huong's mouth, and Arupama groaned and shuddered as Huong's tongue found her big clit, and the Vietnamese's fingers slid into her steamy, flowing trench. Arupama's pussy was an abundance of wet flesh to be ruthlessly sucked and licked and tasted and love-raped, and Huong devoted herself to the task.

"Ohhhh!" Arupama moaned. "Ahhnnnnn . . . ohhhhhh oh unhhhh! Oh God . . . oh that feels so good! Yes . . . oh God yes! Right there! Like that! Unhhh! Oh God."

Huong looked up at her momentarily but didn't speak. She smiled. God, the bitch was pleading to cum, she thought, looking at all the dark, wet curves of Arupama's flesh, her large, slightly rolling breasts, her thick, glimmering black nipples, then returned her
an attention to the wet cauldron of the Indian's streaming pussy.

"Ungghhh! Oh . . . oh sweet Jesus! Ungghhh!"

"Oh, you like that, don't you, slut. You like Vietnamese tongue" Huong purred, her voice
barely audible above Arupama's groans. "Do you think you can cum for Huong? Do you think you can cum if I lick and suck your clit like this?"

With her thumbs she pulled upward the shiny black sheath that half-concealed Arupama's large bulb of a clit, almost as large as her owns, a whitish, grape-sized bud, exposing it completely now to her lips and tongue. She placed the flat of her tongue against it and waggled her head vigorously from side to side, mashing it and wiggling her tongue across it continuously.

"Unhhhh! Unhhhh." Arupama gasped, wriggling as much as possible her trapped position allowed, gyrating her hips and pushing her pussy up into Huong's mouth.

Removing her fingers from Arupama's pussy, knowing Arupama was going to come any second, Huong ran her hands down to the Indian's full, jiggling breasts, filling her hands with them, and sucking Arupama's entire big clit into her mouth at the same time.

"Aoowwuungghhhh," Arupama groaned, arching her back, her wet, quivering body rising momentarily off Huong. Huong's hands held her full tits, and her fingers found her large nipples, twisting and pinching them as she turned the heat up a notch, sucking Arupama's clit harder and jabbing it with her tongue inside her mouth, determined to bring her off quickly now. Her nipples were as hard as small pebbles in her fingers.

"Unhhh! Unhhh! Oh God. . unnnnhhhh! Oh God yes . . . it's-"

"Yes, Slut, yes. Do it. Come in my mouth, come all over me, come, do it, now." Huong gloated.

"AANNGGHIIIIEEEMMNNNGGIIIEEEE! AUUNGHGHH! UNGGHHH! OHHHNNGGGG GOD! ANNGGHIIEEEE!" Arupama suddenly erupted in deafening screams as a crushing orgasm shook body.

Huong took her time teasing the super aroused Indian for another hour before she put her out of the contest by scraping her teeth along the Indian's clit till the exhausted Calcutta woman came.

"Here, slut," Huong said, "I'll show you how Vietnamese fuck a man." Holding my stiff dick with both hands, she bent it downward and pointed the helmeted end right at her mouth. Huong extended her tongue, letting her lips fall open, and licked at the underside two or three times. Her tongue dragged across the smooth, sensitive skin of my prick head. Then she pushed her face forward and took the head of my stiff cock into her mouth. I saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked on it. Her lips slid farther down my cock until about half of it was in her mouth. She rocked her head back and forth, sliding her lips up and down on it.

She wrapped her left hand around the base of my cock, covering about half of it. She wrapped her lips around the top and pushed the rest if it into her mouth, sliding down it until her lips touched her hand. then pulled back. I pushed my hips up at her, trying to push my cock deeper into her throat, but her hand stopped me before it went too far. Huong pulled her mouth back off my tool.

"See?" she said to Arupama, "there's no way he can go too deep into an average woman if you've got your hand there." Keeping her left hand in place, she was sliding her other hand up and down on the top half of my cock.

"On the other hand, if you're like me you take more."

Putting her mouth back on my dick, Huong slid her lips down me until they touched her hand. Then she drew the hand away and pushed her head forward, taking more of me into her mouth. She paused momentarily, adjusted the angle of her head, and pushed forward again. More of my dick disappeared.

"God", I said, speaking for the first time in a long while, "I can feel it in the back of your throat".

Huong pushed forward again and even more of my cock slid into her mouth. Her lips were about an inch from the base of it now. Huong rolled her head around slightly and pressed forward. Another half inch went into her throat.

"Damn that's tight!" I said. "The top of my dick is all the way in there. Come on, babe, Get the last of it".

Huong adjusted the angle again and slowly, little by little, slid her mouth down my cock until her lips touched the hair around the base of it. She pushed again and her nose touched my stomach. She pushed one more time and her nose flattened against me. None of my cock could be seen, now. It was all the way in. Huong pulled her head back about halfway up my dick and then pushed forward again. This time it went into her much faster, with only a brief hesitation as the head hit the back of her throat and pushed past it. She did it a couple of times again, then pulled back and breathed heavily through her nose for a while.

As the fat head emerged, she sucked it into her mouth and licked it with my tongue. I liked the feel of my stiff love muscle as it pushed past her clutching lips and into her mouth.

"Watch how deep I can take it bitch," Huong said. She pushed forward, walking her lips down along my pole, feeling it slip deeper and deeper. Her nose pressed against my groin, and her lips were at the base of my cock where it began to flare outward to join my body.

I pulled back, feeling my prick slide out of her throat, and then pushed down and she took all of me into her mouth again and again.

"Vietnamese first course". Huong laughed and looked at my cock, which I now was pumping with my hand. I enjoyed the sensuous feel of it sliding through my fingers, slick with her saliva. To celebrate her win she trimmed her dark bush in front of Arupama down to a neat triangle that pointed at her pussy. The rest of her pubic area was shaved bare. Enjoying both Arupama and I looking at her, she rested a hand on a cocked hip and posed for us.

"What do you think," she asked. "Vietnamese prime pussy ready for fucking?"

I just groaned and reached out a hand. Taking it, Huong put a knee on the bed and swung her other leg over my thighs, mounting me like a horse. I moved to one side to give her room.

"You want it slow, baby"? Huong cooed. "Well, you're in luck because so do I".

She reached down with one hand, took hold of my still erect cock, and guided it to her pussy. She worked it back and forth to coat the head with the juices of her snatch and then began to stuff it inside her, sinking down on it slowly.

Arupama's head was right next to my waist, so she had a close-up view, aided by Huong' newly shaved pussy. My cock head nestled between her pussy lips and then disappeared up inside her. It pulled the lips up as it burrowed into her, so Huong rose up and then pressed down again. She had to do that several times before my stiff prick was buried all the way in her love channel.

"Ahhhhh!' Huong sighed. "Jesus, does that feel good".

Placing a hand on either of her hips, I pushed up and forced myself as deeply as I could into Huong' welcoming snatch, then pulled back out. My prick, gleaming with the juice of her pussy, slowly came into view again.

Watching Arupama with a smile on her face Huong sank down on my hard cock again, taking all of me back inside her. When she hit bottom, she rolled her hips around, working my prick around in her pussy. Then she leaned forward, offering her tits to my waiting mouth. I sucked on first one, then the other. Soon, both were glistening wet. Huong was riding up and down on my shaft, rotating her hips as she did so. After a few more trips up and down my straining flagpole, Huong sat up on it, trapping me deep within her.

"Oh, this is great, but I feel like you're being left out, Arupama. Why don't I lick you while I fuck your man. Why don't I make you cum while I fuck your man?" she said condescendingly.

She made the bound Arupama straddle me arse up and scrunch forward, presenting her pussy to Huong's eager mouth. She buried her face in Arupama's snatch, extending her tongue to probe between the lips and push into Arupama's soon wet tunnel from behind. While she licked pussy, Huong wrapped her arms around Arupama from behind, covering each of her tits with a hand and pulling her back against her own small hard nippled tits. Her erect nipples burned against Arupama's skin. She slid a hand down across her stomach to Arupama's mound and extended a finger to touch her clit. Arupama moaned with desire.

Huong was bucking up and down on my cock as I lay on my back. Arupama was straddling me and writhing in front of her while Huong's finger was rubbing her love bump and her tongue lashed in and out, back and forth in Arupama's snatch. In moments, it seemed, Arupama had been pushed to the brink and over it.

"Ohhhhh", she cried. "Yes! Yes, do it to me… Make me cum. Oh! Oh! I'm going to... Yes, I'm cumming... Argggh".

Arupama's cumming jerked her around like a madman's puppet and thrust her pussy down at Huong's face, rubbing up and down, so that Huong's nose banged against her clit, her tongue still pressed deep into Arupama's tunnel. Huong started cumming, too.

"Oh, jeez, Greg' she whimpered. 'I'm cumming. Oh, it feels so good. Fuck me, Ram me, baby. Give it to me! Yes! Oh, FUCK"

I was trapped beneath two bucking, thrusting, crazed women. Huong was slamming her hips down onto me so hard that she was nearly breaking my cock as it spasmed spurt after spurt into her. With a triumphant scream Huong pushed Arupama on her back and straddled her letting my juices mixed with hers pour over Arupama's face.

"Look at how much cum he's poured into me, bitch, and he wants more"

I raised my head to her pussy and gave her clit a long single lick. It set her off again, this time piss poured over the dark skinned Indian. Huong crawled up over Arupama's head and stretched out beside me kissing me tasting me, her hand playing with my cock.

Incredibly I started getting hard again.

"Come on, baby. Get between my legs", she said.

I pushed myself up, my hard cock jutting out from my body, and moved between Huong's legs, just as if he was going to fuck her in the usual way. Huong turned to the bedside table and pulled the drawer open. A tube of KY, half used, was lying next to a large, black vibrator.

"Come on, Let's get lubed up. You do me anal, okay"?

I popped up the top of the tube and squeezed a gob into my hand. Huong stretched her thighs wide and, reaching around the outside of her hips with both hands, spread her arsecheeks. The position also spread the lips of her pussy, so that I could see the opening of her fucktube. Below it was the brownish-pink pucker of her anus. I lowered my hand and wiped off the gob of KY right on her arsehole. Then I stiffened my index finger and, placing it right in the center, slowly pushed it up her arse. It went in to the second joint. I pulled it back out, picked up some more of the KY, and again pushed it into her back channel, this time sliding all the way in.

"Ooooh, yeah," Huong said. "That feels good, baby. Work your finger around in me, baby. Get it good and greasy".

I pulled my finger out again, picked up the last remnants of the KY, and slid my finger back into Huong's arsehole. I rotated my wrist, stretching the puckered opening. I pulled out again, squeezed some more lubricant onto my fingers, and this time, stiffening both my first and second fingers, slowly worked both of them into the tight opening. Huong took short, quick breaths of arousal as I gradually penetrated all the way up her, then moaned when I began to rotate them as he had before.

"Oh, yeah, baby," she groaned. "Just like that. This is almost as good as getting fucked there."

She moved a hand down to her pussy and began to massage her own clit. I pushed my fingers in and out, fucking her ass with them. With a sigh, Huong pulled her hand
away from her snatch.

"But that's enough play, baby", she said. "Let's get you greased up and get on with the main event".

Huong took the tube of KY from me and squeezed some out onto her hand. She reached out and spread it on my cock, which had drooped somewhat but quickly sprang back up to full attention. I moaned as Huong coated my cock with KY, stroking up and down
through her tightly gripping fingers.

'There,' she said, 'that ought to do it. Now, give it to me, honey. Fuck my arse with that hard cock of yours in front of the bitch".

Huong put a hand behind each thigh and raised them up high, spreading her legs wide at the same time. I scooted forward on my knees until I was close enough to touch her butt with my prick. I was lying on my side, my head propped up on one hand, and I had a
clear view between Huong's legs, past her newly shaved pussy to her brown asshole. I slid my KY-coated cock between her butt cheeks and placed the head right on the puckered ring. Holding it with one hand and supporting my weight on the other, I pushed forward with my hips.

The head of my cock wedged into the pucker, spreading it slightly, then popped free and slithered to one side. I backed off slightly, repositioned my man tool and, holding it firmly to stiffen it, and eased forward again. The head of my cock began to penetrate Huong's anus. The tight ring slowly stretched as I pushed forward. The large head was clearly the toughest part. Huong had been watching while I got into position, but she threw her head back when he began to force my cock into her arse tube, her face wearing a proud mask. She grunted several times, moaned, and shifted her head from side to side. Her arsehole gradually stretched wider, becoming paler in color as it thinned, and finally let the cock in with a pop.

"Watch it bitch, he's filling every hole of mine".

Huong took a deep breath, opened her eyes and looked down between her widespread thighs.

"Okay, honey, give me a little more now," she said. "But go real slow, baby. Let her see it go in."

I began to sink my cock deeper in Huong's arsehole. Little by little, it slipped through the tightly stretched anus and into her butt. Huong groaned with pleasure and pride. I could scarcely stand it. The sight of that hard pole gradually disappearing into Huong' back passage was incredibly sexy. Huong fumbled blindly behind me to pull open the nightstand drawer again and grasp the vibrator. She quickly roughly pushed it into Arupama's pussy lips and into her fuck channel. It hit bottom just as I buried the last of my prick in Huong' arse. I think all three of us moaned at the same time.

I left my cock deep inside Huong for a while, just holding myself with stiff arms above her. Huong's head was thrown back, her eyes jammed shut as she began to rotate her butt in slow circles around my pole.

"Oh, Greg,' she said, 'that's just incredible. Your cock is so big, baby. And it's all the way up my arse!. It's the only thing in the world, your cock. It's taken over all of me. It's
so deep inside me, I'm surprised I can talk. God, Greg, fuck me with that pole of yours. Fuck my arse in front of her!"

I pulled back slowly, drawing my cock out of her arsehole. I was surprised at how big it was. It seemed to come out forever. At last, just the head was still inside Huong. I could see the rim of the helmet head peeking out from her tight anal ring. Then I moved forward again and sank it slowly all the way back into her arsehole.

Huong was pushing and pulling on the vibrator, shoving it into Arupama's snatch and then dragging it out again. Huong had let go of her thighs and had her feet pressed flat on the bed. Her hands were behind my neck. I was pistoning my cock into her butt a
little faster now, sliding in and out of her arse channel. I was pushing my prick into her more fiercely, shooting my hips forward and smacking my thighs against her butt cheeks. Huong was hunching her hips back and forth on the bed, pushing out to meet my thrusts. She was also matching them stroke for stroke, jerking the vibrator into Arupama's pussy and then drawing it back out, only to shove it into her again.

I was panting with exertion, and Huong was moaning constantly between ragged breaths. I could tell she was getting close to cumming again.

"Oh yes, baby," she panted. "Oh! Oh! Fuck me…… Fuck my asshole, baby…… Give it to me hard now. Show the bitch how I fuck. Come on, ….. Jam it in there! Yes! Fuck my tight arsehole…… Let the Indian pig see…Shove your cock into my butt, baby. Yes! That's the way, baby. Fuck me hard! Give it to me…Watch bitch, I take it all"

Suddenly, Huong arched her back and cried out. She was starting to cum. I jammed my cock all the way up her arse and ground my hips around.

"Oh! Oh!" Huong cried. "Oh, god, I'm cumming Fuck my arse, baby! Yes! Yes! Fuck me-e-e-e! Shoot your juice in me".

She writhed on the bed, grinding her arse against my prick, choking and sputtering. She pounded her fists on the bed. She jerked her arse back and forth, then pushed a hand between her thighs and plunged her fingers into her pussy, rubbing at her clit. She was ripping the vibrator ferociously in and out of the writhing Arupama who screamed as she came as well.

I was only human and followed shooting strands of cum up the older Vietnamese's arse. Finally, Huong collapsed, a limp bag of flesh and bones. I slowed my thrusts, moving my cock in and out sensuously. Huong wagged her arse, enjoying the feeling of my softening cock dick buried in her butt. She groaned with pleasure.

With Arupama chained at the foot of the bed that night Huong was insatiable and noisy somehow making me hard and taking me three times during the night. But it was after I came the second time and continued eating her while she screamed her orgasms at the Indian that put the biggest smile on her face. She felt wanted.

I awoke to a long continuous muffled moan. My eyes slowly opened and took in the scene. Arupama still naked and bound was kneeling, her face buried in the carpet and her arse in the air. Kneeling beside her was Huong, her face covered with love juice.

Turning to me Huong smiled and sunk her face into Arupama's cunt. She pushed her tongue into her, and began to eat Arupama. Huong sucked gently at first before taking her clit deep into her mouth, scraping with her teeth, taking the thin skin in ever so slowly and stretching Arupama's clit just a little bit further. Huong ran her tongue repeatedly over and over the top of her pearl as it engorged against her teeth. Arupama moaned loudly and her body began to quiver and shake.


Her pot belly and tits swayed as her orgasm surged through her.

"That's 10 and I haven't started", Huong gloated.

She moved her slender fingers down to Arupama's throbbing clit who involuntarily moved her aching crotch against her hand and Huong responded by grabbing her swollen clit between her pointer finger & thumb. I watched entranced as the 53 yr old Vietnamese began to roll her fingers in up & down motions. Arupama was whimpering as Huong began to literally `milk' the essence from her now pearl sized clit.

Another shudder and bellow as Arupama came again.

She withdrew her fingers and slid them inside Arupama's mouth forcing her to suck her own cum off the Vietnamese's fingers. Huong let her suck her finger hard and deep before pulling her finger slowly from my mouth.

"All right bitch, that was easy, open your legs so I can really fuck you."

Forcing them apart she exposed her pussy and asshole completely and slid one finger easily into her sopping cunt. Arupama moaned and ground herself against Huong's finger. She inserted a second finger and pushed the two fingers deep, her thumb pressing against her clit on the outside. With this grip, she preceded to finger fuck her relentlessly.

Sweat glistened over the Indian's body, her thighs were continuously trembling and she came again and again till her legs gave way and she sank to the carpet, her body splayed in the pool of cum that had formed beneath her. Huong draped the unresisting 43 yr old over a sofa arm and worked all four fingers into Arupama's cunt.

Her fingers explored her womanhood, and after about 2 minutes found their target, and settled on her G-spot. Arupama let out a scream as a neck jerking spasm shot up her spine. Huong's fingers gave her no respite and franticly fiddled her g-spot, making her absolutely delirious with pleasure. Whimpers and whines escaped her gasping mouth as the sensation completely took hold of her naked sweating body and rolling multiple orgasms controlled her.

Arupama reached the brink again. She was about to release when suddenly the fingers of Huong's other hand crashed in to her clit passionately rubbing it. This sent her completely over the edge. The defeated Indian's whole body was suddenly completely numb. Another small tingling quickly grew out of the depths of her soul, then took hold of her nerves and plunged her into a whirlpool of unbearable sensations, overpowering all her senses.

The Indian's body jerked and spasmed involuntarily, her back arched violently, and she thrust out her breasts. She shook helplessly as orgasm after orgasm swept over her. She tried to scream but her mouth fell open soundlessly. She was gushing out blasts of cum over the fingers in her, completely soaking Huong's hand and the sofa. Huong didn't stop and Arupama's actions became more frantic, then almost spastic until she gave what sounded like a last dying gasp and slid off the sofa.

I had seen my second woman fucked unconscious.

She came round to see Huong standing straddling her waist, her long lipped pussy inches pointing to Arupama's head. My cock went hard immediately. I knew what I was going to see: the Vietnamese victory piss.

She opened herself wide with her fingers and presented the half asleep Arupama her cunt. It was oozing moisture. She stretched her slit wide open and I could see the pink interior. She allowed a finger to stray inside. My cock was now very stiff. She moved back to the top of her cunt and skinned back the clitoral hood. Her huge clitoris showed erect and red. She strained herself and I saw her stomach muscles tighten and a small fountain of piss rose into the air. Huong was grunting with exertion as she used her hips to adjust her position so that it flew in a parabolic arc to splatter on Arupama's face.

Arupama was suddenly jolted fully awake by a stream of hot liquid in her face. Sputtering and complaining, she sat up and held up her arm to stop it from splashing in her eyes. In her daze she slowly realized it was not hot water. It was piss. Arupama flinched as the yellow stream rained on her. Huong orgasmed as she aimed directly at her head, her hot piss continuing to strike Arupama in the face and run down her cheeks and neck and funnel between her breasts.

"Open your mouth whore, take it all in."

She reached down and pinched Arupama's nipples hard till she opened her mouth. Arupama had tears rolling down her eyes as the spray of yellow liquid began shooting into her mouth. She gagged and choked but still took a lot in as Huong continued to spray on Arupama's face, lips and cheek. It dripped down her neck and her chest.

"You hate me, don't you, bitch" Huong hissed. "Do you want to fight me again in front of Greg or are you going to keep on being fucked"? She finished pissing and pulled at her clitoris directly, managing to get it to elongate into a tiny pencil shape and walked back to me and knelt ready to blow me in front of Arupama.

"I'll fight you anytime", Arupama managed to get out between sobs.

"You're a witness, Greg. She challenges. OK, I'll fight her right now. No rules and winner takes permanent ownership with a monthly contest nominated by the owner to get freedom. Untie her, Greg".

As soon as I untied Arupama, and while she was trying to steady herself on her legs and get circulation into her arms and hands the tiny Vietnamese struck. A kick to Arupama's belly doubled her over, far enough over for Huong to bring a knee up into her face jerking her head back. As Arupama staggered Huong stepped up and raked Arupama's eyes. She took advantage of this by landing a clothesline to the temporarily blinded Indian, and then followed up with a couple of elbows to the midsection.

Huong quickly moved to Arupama's blind side and belted her with an elbow to the back of the head followed by a knee lifted deep into her soft belly. Huong had all the cards and trapped the heavier Indian in a side headlock. Arupama hooked her foe at the waist attempting to lift her but Huong replied by firing a savage straight fingered strike to Arupama's throat, followed by an elbow to the face.

Arupama's nose was busted open and bloody as she crumpled to the ground

"C'mon, bitch," mocked Huong, "You wanted a fight."

But there was no response from Arupama who was still conscious, but in tremendous pain. Huong pulled Arupama by the hair and delivered a couple of forearms to Arupama's mouth, splitting her lips, not letting her drop to the ground. Then, she led a stunned Arupama to the wall and rammed her head into it. At the third strike she allowed the unconscious Indian to slide down the wall and slump unconscious on the floor.

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