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The 51 year old Vietnamese Nguyet was in paradise, so she just closed her eyes and moaned loudly. The combination of fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit were bringing her to her unavoidable climax and the intensity built until her sex rocketed a shock wave through her body. She cried out as her muscles began to quiver and she slumped against my 46 year old Chinese wife Zi Yilin. She cried out again when Zi Yilin's fingers pressed harder onto her clit shooting more waves of ecstasy into her flesh and this time her orgasm exploded. Her entire body convulsed and her cunt muscles clenched tightly around my wife's fingers as her cum oozed out of her hole.

It was over. She had been bought to orgasm. The only thing was it had taken Zi Yilin 15 minutes 23 seconds to do it; just under 3 times longer than Nguyet had needed to make her cum. She had won the right to choose their event.

"I choose a 69. Winner first to make the other cum twice or give up."

Zi Yilin, my wife, was born in Shanghai but her father had been an advisor to North Vietnam in the Vietnam War and after, until expelled at the start of the Sino Vietnamese Border Wars in 1979. She had lived there from the age of 9 to 15, long enough to become fluent in Vietnamese and appreciate their culture. I had met her at her adult sex shop in.

A now nervous looking Zi Yilin asked for a best of 3 different contests and Nguyet sneered

"You've seen what you're in for. You think you can outlast me. That will only prolong it but not change the result. You can get ready to sign the divorce papers now. I already chose the first contest and for the second contest make the other cum 6 times using any way possible except fighting".

Zi Yilin sucked in her breath as 6 was the maximum allowed in any single competition and Nguyet continued "And now Greg will think of a number between 1 and 69 for the third".

There are 69 different contests in the official All Asian Sexfight Championships. An apt number and chosen for the obvious reason.

"27", I said and Nguyet used the internet to find out it was a Hue sexfight, originating from the old capital Hue and the only Vietnamese sexfight that involves catfighting although a modified version. I am sure she didn't know I knew all 69 by heart but I do enjoy a sexfight with a bit of violence.

That night my wife and I arrived at Nguyen's Govt flat and as Nguyen opened the door she removed her coat. No cotton grandmother bloomers. She had spent the time preparing and was now dressed in a red lacy half cup bra and matching thong panties. The triangle of material that made up the front of the panties was so small that her hard clit was almost visible over the waistband and her swollen sex lips bulged out both sides. She had been playing with herself in the car for the past half-hour to get in the mood and now she was more than ready. The small amount of material that made up her panties was soaked with her juices and her slime was beginning to coat the inside of her thighs as she walked.

After her success two hours earlier a confident Nguyet gently ran her fingers through Zi Yilin's soft pubic hair and her other hand caressed and cupped her firm tits. She knew she was ready for combat, the anticipation and excited feeling inside her cunt had begun and it was getting more intense with every moment. Locked in their 69 she could sense the warm and wet feeling in Zi Yilin's fuck tube as she slowly moved her fingertips lower and lower until she touched her outer lips.

Confident she could outlast the younger 46 year old Shanghai born woman she gently stroked them, feeling the heat radiating out of Zi Yilin's hole and then opened them up slightly as she pulled her finger up until it was resting on the hard bud of her clit. It began to swell in response to her stimulation and Zi Yilin's juices dripped out of her open cunt and onto the inside of her thighs.

My eyes were half closed but still focused on the two women as I watched the slit slime drool its way down her legs. They had to remain locked in the 69 till one came twice or pulled out.

Meanwhile Zi Yilin's fingers had also been exploring and she gripped Nguyet's arse and pulled her back towards her face as her wet cum soaked fingers began to rub her clit in a side-to-side motion. As the 51 year old gasped at this stimulation, Zi Yilin pushed her tongue slowly into Nguyet's cunt and wormed it as deep as possible. Soon Zi Yilin's fingers were just a blur as they worked on Nguyet's clit while her long sinuous tongue moved nosily in and out of her dripping fuck hole.

Nguyet was close to cumming. Very close. My Chinese wife Zi Yilin had her mouth glued over The Vietnamese 51 year old Nguyet's clit and two fingers flashing in and out of her cunt. Nguyet was lapping at Zi Yilin's cunt and had her index finger knuckle deep in her asshole. Both women had already nearly climaxed and they were intent on making the other cum twice and achieve victory. Nothing mattered but the satisfaction of victory over the other. I was stroking my prick as I watched the two women fuck.

Zi Yilin my 46 year old wife was 5 ft 2 107 pounds and 34 B 27 33, big nippled with an attractive face and long silky jet black hair both on her head and above her long lipped cunt. My lover Nguyet was older at 51, taller at 5 ft 4, slimmer at 105 pounds and 32 26 32, smaller nippled and completely shaven so your eyes were drawn to her finger thick cunt lips.

They were really hot, with their fingers sawing into each others holes, as they cried and moaned towards their victory or defeat. Zi Yilin stimulated her challenger's hard pleasure bud by pressing onto it and rotating her fingers in small circles as the juices continued to run out of her and soak the bedcovers beneath. She herself had started breathing harder as Nguyet lapped her sensitive clit faster and faster and she felt herself getting closer to her orgasm.

As she continued stimulating her clit, her other hand came away from Nguyet's tits and urgently felt for her anus. Zi Yilin moved her hands to Nguyet's butt and pulled her arse cheeks apart, as at the same time she felt Zi Yilin's finger probe her own puckered little shit hole. Zi Yilin moistened her finger in the cunt cream that was flowing from her front hole, and sucked her clit into her mouth, and then her index finger wormed its way into her bowels until stopped by her knuckle. Soon she slid two fingers up her tube and Nguyet cried out as her butt arched higher and her cunt pushed against Zi Yilin's tongue and thrusting fingers of her other hand.

Zi Yilin flicked at Nguyet's clit with her tongue and nibbled at it with her teeth. Her fingers were still massaging the inside of the Vietnamese's bowels when she felt Nguyet's body stiffen. When her orgasm exploded inside her body, Nguyet screamed even louder as Zi Yilin bit down hard on her burning clit.

"Shiiiiiiitttttttttt," she shouted. "Oh god you fucking bitch, I'm cuuuuuuuumming. Fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I'm cumming."

Zi Yilin didn't stop to gloat. She continued her assault on the older woman.

Nguyet's breathing was becoming faster as Zi Yilin still worked her tongue inside her fuck hole. .

"Oh fuck," the 51 year old Nguyet gasped, as her clit responded to Zi Yilin's relentless tongue. She arched to try to gain relief and Zi Yilin added a third finger to her asshole, and her body shuddered violently as her 2nd orgasm burst over her.

"Oh God Noooooooooooo. I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuumming," Nguyet moaned tears of frustration running down her cheeks.

As winner Zi Yilin could determine the rest time but she elected to continue without a break in the next event: a first to 6 competition

She kept sucking at Nguyet's clit whose body was wracked with spasms of aftershock
ecstasy until she could take no more and pushed her tongue away. As she sank to the floor in exhaustion, Zi Yilin quickly stood up, quickly got a rubberized 8 inch dildo from the table and got back on her knees to drive the fake prick into Nguyet's soaking cunt.

Nguyet screamed as the fake cock rasped over her over stimulated clit, and thrashed her head from side to side as her cunt walls stretched to accommodate the oversized shaft (hugely oversized compared to me). As Zi Yilin enjoyed the older woman's body shaking and trembling under her, she lent forward to lick at the cunt cream that was oozing from her challenger. Quickly she pulled the dildo completely from Nguyet's cunt; an action that seemed to drag half the inside of her cunt shaft from her and was accompanied by a squelching plop and drilled the cum coated weapon into her rival's arse.

As she pushed her tongue back into Nguyet's hot slit, I could smell the Vietnamese's shit hole as my wife worked the rubber cock up and down and the scent aroused her further. She worked her arms like a piston fucking Nguyet like a total slut as she sucked her clit deeper into her mouth and then bit down hard. As Nguyet screamed, my wife bit down again, and this time even harder, making the Vietnamese woman gyrate wildly. If the large rubber cock hadn't been jammed up Nguyet's arsehole, she would have slipped from the bed as an orgasm erupted inside the Vietnamese 51 year old and her cunt juice soaked her 46 year old rival's face.

Zi Yilin immobilized the now drained and tired older woman with her body weight and used her legs to spread her legs wide. Taking her time my wife used one hand to rub over her tits and press against her small rock hard nipples; her other hand cupped her hot, wet cunt for a few seconds before she pushed a finger inside. After what had gone before every sense Nguyet possessed seemed to be more sharpened and heightened and she moaned softly as Zi Yilin started to finger fuck her.

Inserting a second finger beside the first, I could hear Nguyet's juices slosh around inside her hole and see her clit was fully out of its sheath and begging for attention. Her cunt flesh gripped tightly around Zi Yilin's fingers, milk and I could see her hot wetness running between her legs and into her arse crack as she came for the second time.

Five minutes later Nguyet's back arched as she gave in to the fingerwork of Zi Yilin and the dildo embedded in her arse. Electric shocks ran up and down Nguyet's spine and her arse felt numb and tingling at the same time as she came to that point of incredible pleasure just a split second before her climax. Suddenly, time slowed down and seemed to come to a stop as the split second of ecstasy turned into minutes, then hours and then days. As suddenly as it began, time reverted to its normal state and she cried out loudly as her whole body began to shiver uncontrollably. She could feel her hard clit throbbing and pulsing beneath Zi Yilin's fingers with every heartbeat and her hot cunt spasmed so wildly that my wife felt like her fingers were caught in a vice.

Nguyet cried louder as her supple body tensed and became rigid. She had no control and she shrieked as she began to convulse and thrash about on the bed with Zi Yilin's mouth still clasped tightly on her cunt. Next Nguyet's 3rd orgasm was so intense that her fuck hole actually squirted her hot juices out with each spasm and she continued for 30 seconds. Drained by the intensity her cum, the 51 year old's chest rose and fell rapidly as she gulped air into her empty lungs as her cunt sauce oozed out of her hole and dripped between her legs.

Despite Nguyet having cum three times Zi Yilin gave her no respite. She gripped Nguyet's arse and pulled her back towards her face as her wet cum soaked fingers began to rub her clit in a side-to-side motion. As the older woman gasped at this new and completely unexpected stimulation, Zi Yilin pushed her tongue back into Nguyet's cunt and opened her wider so she could force it as deep as possible into the 51 year old.

Nguyet's last climax had receded to a warm glow in her stomach but it quickly increased in intensity until she was gasping for breath once more. She was drained and made no attempt to arouse Zi Yilin. Her hands grasped the back of Zi Yilin's head, pulling it tightly into her fuck hole and rubbing her tender slit over her face. Zi Yilin's fingers were tireless as they worked on Nguyet's now raw clit while her long tongue moved nosily in and out of her dripping fuck hole.

As strong as the first three orgasms had been, the fourth was even more massive and erupted inside Nguyet's body like a volcano. Slime poured out of her cunt as she shuddered and convulsed, and this time she did loose control of her body and slumped backwards, almost unconscious. Zi Yilin stopped for the first time in over 90 minutes and surveyed the scene. Nguyet was draped over the bed half lying against the wall. Her tits were sticking rising and falling with each tortured breath. Her head was tilted, her mouth was open and drool ran out of the left side of her mouth. As Zi Yilin watched, more love juice oozed out of the Vietnamese's gaping cunt and pooled on the bedspread before soaking in and forming a large damp dark patch on the white quilt cover

Zi Yilin slowly and deliberately arranged Nguyet into the Filipina control position. She knelt, her body upright, her arse resting on her heels. She reached under the unresisting Nguyet's thighs and hoisted them up resting them on her shoulders. Reaching behind herself she grabbed Nguyet's dangling ankles and pulled them around her body so they met just below her own breasts. She quickly secured them by guiding the ankles through her own discarded thong.

Nguyet was now held in the classic Filipina control position. Her head and back were on the bed; her wide open cunt was presented to Zi Yilin's mouth or hand and she was unable to move with her legs draped over Zi Yilin's shoulders, down Zi Yilin's shoulder blades, under Zi Yilin's armpits and then clamped together under Zi Yilin's tits by the thongs.

She started on her captive opponent. Leaning forward, Zi Yilin slid her tongue gently up, then down the open flesh of Nguyet's abused cunt. This caused her to moan and arch her back at the sensations that ran up through her spine. Zi Yilin pressed her tongue forward into Nguyet's cunt, cleverly wriggling the pink flesh of her tongue to run it up against both the top and bottom of Nguyet's spasming, twitching pussy. Grabbing Nguyet's thighs firmly, Zi Yilin pulled her face close to the other woman's pussy and twisted and scooped her tongue in and out of her hot fuck-hole. Her tongue pumped up and down inside of Nguyet's cunt as the captured Vietnamese moaned and whimpered and humped up against her opponent's face.
Conserving energy she used her hand instead of her tongue

Oooohhh," the constrained Nguyet moaned at the sight of Zi Yilin pumping two then three then four fingers faster and faster into her slit. Sensing Nguyet was about to cum she slowed down and for the next hour my wife played her like Andre Rieu playing his violin. So near to orgasm yet so far, continually promised then denied relief by Zi Yilin.

Finally as if deciding the time was right she searched for Nguyet's G spot when the
older Vietnamese's body suddenly stiffened she hissed, "There. There. Right
there I've got it"

She concentrated her stimulation on the sensitive section of flesh and Nguyet
began moaning and thrashing her head around on the bed. She was trying to say
something but her words were incoherent and Zi Yilin kept fingering her until she
convulsed and shook.

Nguyet cried out as her butt arched high off the bed and Zi Yilin watched as the muscles in her thighs went into spasm and the already tight cunt contracted around her fingers. The thin stream of juices that had been dripping out of her fuck hole changed to a thick cream and when my wife eventually pulled her thrusting fingers out of her challenger's body, she crashed back onto the bed with a loud groan.

Nguyet's eyes were closed as she lay recovering from her 5th climax and Zi Yilin studied
her sticky fingers before popping them into her mouth and licking them clean. Even although Nguyet's eyes were still closed, Zi Yilin put her mouth down on the older Vietnamese's flooded hole and started eating her out.

"Aaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Nguyet cried as she felt her cunt being stimulated again. Her cries however weren't enough to make Zi Yilin stop and she opened her legs opened wide for her mouth. Her tongue roamed over the 51 year old's clit teasing it and pressing lightly, and then lapped up and down the length of her slit before worming its way inside.

Again she didn't let Nguyet cum for the 6th and final time but ate and fingered her for another 30 minutes. Nguyet was barely conscious staring defeat in the face of her rival's tongue.

Suddenly Zi Yilin slid her hand down to her own cunt. She was finger fucking herself madly now as her juice's dripped out of her fuck hole and stained the quilt. Her eyes went wide and she jerked as an orgasm shot through her. Two minutes later another tremor caused Zi Yilin to shudder again. Her third and fourth orgasm followed as she played with herself and as Zi Yilin continued to masturbate, she grabbed Nguyet's hand and opened her slit up with her fingers and lightly stroked her clit with Nguyet's hand.

Zi Yilin came for the fifth and sixth time and stood up and smiled.

"That's one all. I won the first. You won the second. A Hue sexfight to decide the winner.

As you know a Hue sexfight starts with both women joined by a foot long strap that joins their right wrists. They then fight to get the other woman to the floor and overpower and control her so an orgasm can be drawn from her.

But this was no fight between equals. Nguyet could barely stand after the sexual work over Zi Yilin had given her over the past few hours. As she tied the strap that united the two women to both their wrists Zi Yilin turned and smiled to me.

"You did a good job picking this one and arranging it for me. I owe you even more than normal and you know how horny this makes me"

Zi Yilin could have jerked Nguyet off her feet with ease and finished her but she reached out with her left hand and took one of Nguyet's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed. As she studied Nguyet's face, she increased the pressure until the teat was almost flattened. Nguyet's body twisted in agony and a uttered gasp of pain. Zi Yilin nodded her approval and changed her hold on the nipple. This time the long nails of her thumb and forefinger trapped the teat on the top and the bottom and Nguyet writhed at the end of the strap as Zi Yilin increased the pressure.

Zi Yilin looked down as the sound of falling water reached her ears. She threw back her head and laughed triumphantly as she watched the piss spurt out of Nguyet's front hole. The pain had been so great that the 51 year old Vietnamese had lost control of her body and Zi Yilin released her hold on Nguyet's nipple and quickly pushed a finger into the Vietnamese's cunt. She immediately found Nguyet's piss hole and she pushed hard to try and get her fingertip painted pointed nail into Nguyet's urethra.

The piss sprayed out in all directions and was running down Zi Yilin's arm and dripping from her elbow as she pushed harder. This time Nguyet did scream, and scream loudly as her small piss hole was savagely opened. The tears were running down Nguyet's face as Zi Yilin continued to push and she didn't stop until the full length of her little finger was inside the urethra. Her finger formed a complete plug, trapping the rest of the urine
inside Nguyet's bladder.

The suffering was clear on Nguyet's face and Zi Yilin's cunt juices really began to flow at the thought of what she could do. By our reckoning this was the 17th Vietnamese I had found as a challenger and her heart was beating fast as she slowly curled her finger inside Nguyet's tight piss hole. The sharp nail scraped over the lining of the tube causing an abrasion that was immediately surrounded by her piss. The uric acid attacked the broken flesh causing any intense burning pain.

Nguyet groaned and she tried to pull her thighs together but Zi Yilin thrust a leg between them stopped her. Zi Yilin's nail raked deeper and longer as Nguyet squirmed and twisted. Her head rested on Zi Yilin's shoulder and it was only Zi Yilin hold on her that kept her upright.

"Fuck, you're getting me wet," Zi Yilin giggled as her fingers fell between her legs and she slid two fingers up her own dripping cunt. She masturbated for a few moments while Nguyet's screaming reduced to sobs and then offered her juice fingers to the 51 year old. She rubbed her juices over Nguyet's lips before pushing them inside the Vietnamese's mouth.

As she did so, she whispered into her ear, "If you bite me, I promise your year with me will seem like 20".

Nguyet swallowed hard, and meekly licked the fuck juice from my wife's fingers.
As she licked, Zi Yilin's fingers stimulated her nipples that were already hard from the pain in her body. Under her expert fingers, Nguyet's right nipple became fully erect and Zi Yilin was on it like a wolf her teeth scraping and biting the nipple as Nguyet collapsed to the floor. Zi Yilin turned her attention to Nguyet's cunt.

She pressed her lips hard against Nguyet's hole, and within minutes she felt the taste of her slave to be's cum. The hot slime flowed into her throat and Zi Yilin swallowed as fast as she could savouring the flavour and loving how it was arousing her even more than she had been. Victory is sweet.

Looking at me she whispered "Thank you".

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