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Zi Yilin had won and now took her victory. She rolled Nguyet on her back and pulled her legs up and back so she was doubled up with arse in the air her knees beside her ears and her calves and feet extended way past her head. Zi Yilin straddled her facing 69 style, her cunt above Nguyet's face her body entrapping Nguyet's under her.

She reached forward with one hand taking her weight on the other, and as Nguyet lay prone, snatching her breathes in deep gulps and slowly recovering from her ordeal, the defeated 51 year old Vietnamese felt the familiar touch of my wife's hand as 2 and then 3 fingers slid exploring into her before they withdrew and then suddenly three fingers were driven into the Vietnamese's snatch without any warning, drawing a long groan from her. Feeling how wet Nguyet's snatch still was, Zi Yilin quickly added a fourth finger stretching Nguyet's cunt just as she had earlier in their contest.

Her four fingers were buried knuckle deep inside her. She rotated her hand back and forth. Helpless and trapped Nguyet moaned and whined. With four of Zi Yilin's fingers in her soaking wet pussy, all Nguyet could do was just lay back, in total submission, offering her pussy to the victor as a beaten dog rolls over before the victor.

"Eat me, eat me good", demanded Zi Yilin as she worked her fingers around in Nguyet's hole, loosening her until she felt Nguyet was ready for her thumb. Tucking her thumb into the palm of her hand, Zi Yilin pushed, feeling Nguyet's snatch stretching to accommodate her entire fist. As Nguyet semi raised her head to the victor's cunt Zi Yilin pulled her hand out, tucked in her thumb and with a savage cry of triumph thrust back deep into Nguyet's pussy before withdrawing and repeating. Zi Yilin didn't stop pumping until her fist was buried wrist deep inside Nguyet.

Zi Yilin gave Nguyet no chance not to comply as she lowered her cunt over Nguyet's face and humped it covering it with her cunt cream before arranging her open cunt lips over Nguyet's lips. Annoyed by Nguyet's lack of intensity in pleasuring her slit the younger Shanghai woman attacked her still sore nipples twisting pinching scratching until a writhing Nguyet got her tongue working

Nguyet was just getting used to the feeling of a fist in her cunt and eating Zi Yilin when Zi Yilin began to use the fingers of her other hand on her clit. Nguyet went wild, her body thrashing around, her pussy fisted while her clit was being rubbed frantically by Zi Yilin, causing the defeated Vietnamese to increase her tonguing to end the ordeal

Zi Yilin screamed "Greg, fuck me. Slide it up my arse", and I knelt behind her. "Yeah bitch did you like the line about how I don't let Greg fuck my arse. I pissed myself laughing when Greg told me. I love him finding women to challenge me" A tear rolled down Nguyet's face.

She rubbed the cum from Nguyet into her arsehole and on my cock as lubricant, Then I slowly pushed my knob into her arse. Zi Yilin clenched and then relaxed her arsehole and it slipped right in past her well conditioned sphincter muscles as it had many times before until I was ball deep in the Shanghai born 46 year old's arse.

I suppose you could call it half a Filipina fist fuck that Zi Yilin was completing as Filipinas use both fists in both holes while being eaten but Zi Yilin's had the extra bonus of being arse fucked by me as she fisted Nguyet in her cunt. Anyway the combination had the desired effect.

As I pumped my tool in and out of my wife's willing arse she hammered her fist into Nguyet whose cunt lips gripped it tight from wrist to half way up her forearm as it plunged into her. Nguyet arched her back and a high keening cry came from her throat as she gulped breaths of air in brief breaks from her frantic eating of Zi Yilin. Her eyes were inches from Nguyet's arse watching as my hands grabbed Zi Yilin's arse flesh, watching as the full length of my tool disappeared into her welcoming rosebud and sheath and then reappear again, moving faster and faster.

"Oh, God........fuck, fuck...shit.......I'm..........I'm........ I Know it.......fuck me Greg, fuck
me......yes.......more.............hon, I'm.........I'….piss"

Nguyet felt Zi Yilin's body strain to bring her yellow liquid up and out of her body. Then she gagged as my wife leant forward and pressed forming her pussy into a seal over Nguyet's lips.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss", she screamed. "You'll drink it every day bitch".

A hot spurt of pee shot forth into Nguyet's mouth and she immediately coughed and spluttered before reflexes opened her throat and let the hot stream slide down her throat. A steady stream erupted from Zi Yilin, as Nguyet with Zi Yilin's pussy covering her mouth was forced to swallow, though the sheer quantity caused the excess to flow down her chin and over her breasts. The piss was now flowing down her throat with hardly enough time to for her to swallow. She was choking but managed to gulp and breathe and swallow. The piss finally subsided

It was then she felt Zi Yilin's body begin to quake. Zi Yilin's hands were now pulling Nguyet's face deeper into her pussy.

Oh, God........fuck, fuck...shit.......I'm..........I'm........ I want it.......fuck me, fuck

me......yes.......more.............hon, I'm.........I'm..........cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming.

The Chinese woman was cumming shooting thick spurts of cum into Nguyet's piss soaked mouth.

As the waves of orgasm rippled through her, her screams of pleasure filled the room. It was too much for me and with a loan groan I climaxed, pumping my man juice into my wife's bowels before reluctantly withdrawing and revealing the mushroom head, a long thread of thick jism dripping from the tip to pool with my wife's fuck-juice on Nguyet's face

Zi Yilin stood and reached to insert a finger into her fuckhole. She expertly moved her finger in and out of her cunt, and I could here the squishing as she spoke in short phrases between fevered gasps to Nguyet,

"I'm going to kneel with my arse over your mouth, keeping my asshole tight and not spilling a drop of what Greg has emptied in there because you are going to swallow it"

She turned so she faced Nguyet and straddled her and lowered herself. Nguyet gazed up at her pouty, swollen cunt lips, the juices of her arousal glistening, almost dripping from
her. I offered my hand to help her balance herself and soon the cleft of her arse was touching Nguyet's nose, and then she inched forward just a bit, so that her hole, was directly over Nguyet's mouth.

"Ready, bitch?" Now give me your right hand and reach around to my arse. Now the same with your left. That's it. Good. When I tell you to, pull my arse open and swallow."

"Are you ready, slut? Ready to receive my man's load" she crowed.

Silence, followed by a scream as Zi Yilin abused Nguyet's nipples.

"Are you ready" she demanded.

"Yes, I'm ready to receive your man's load into my mouth," Nguyet sobbed

"Isn't he a good husband, slut"? He found you and got you to challenge me and now I own you for a year". Her sentence was choked off by the unmistakable sound of my cock entering her mouth.

"He's very good, You really believed what he said", she crowed as I started fucking my wife's face.

"Now, Taste my man's cum from my arse. Go ahead, open me and fill your mouth," she orders.

Nguyet pulled Zi Yilin's arse cheeks apart and a torrent of hot, greasy man-juice exploded from my wife's asshole, almost choking her. Zi Yilin kept Nguyet's mouth open as the congealed slime filled her throat.

Nguyet blacked out.

She awoke and lay there sobbing. Partly from what had happened, partly from the defeat, partly from my actions. But inside her something said it was over.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a dog's bark.

She opened her eyes to see a different room and then Zi Yilin semi dressed: her tightly corseted form, her legs, encased in dark nylon, pulled taught by the garter straps, her 6 inch stiletto heels showcasing her long legs. Zi Yilin's hands caressed her own breasts which were totally exposed above the black half bustier, pushing them together, squeezing them, plying the stiff nipples with his thumbs.

Her other hand held a leash attached to 2 large Alsatian dogs. Both were over 2 feet high and weighed over 85 pounds. Their coats were a shade of solid black, grey, tan, gold and white and medium length.

"Meet Big Boy and Monster. One of them is going to own you in his pack".

She bent over Nguyet the garter straps digging into her flesh, growing taut with her exertions as she spread Nguyet's legs apart and attached anklets secured to ropes attached to the wall.

"Monster, lick", Zi Yilin commanded

Within seconds Monster was on the bed beside her with his tongue lapping at her cunt, his tail wagging in delight to indicate his pleasure, and turned his head to the side and started to worm his tongue into her hole. The silky fur of his head was rubbing over the inside of her thighs and her despite herself Nguyet's cunt was lubricating and beginning to open.

"These dogs are bred for special purposes and his tongue is much longer than most", Nguyet gloated as Nguyet's breathing came in short sharp gasps as the tongue snaked up her hole.

"Oh fuck, that's nice to watch, said Zi Yilin reveling in what she saw". "Lick her out Monster. Lick her hard."

Monster's tongue thrashed and whipped about inside her fuck tube, sending electricity into her body and causing her erect clit to begin to tingle. Involuntarily she placed both her feet onto the bed and pushed her cunt up into his face. The animal's snout was pressed firmly against her clit as he lapped at the cunt juice that was pouring out of her hole and she suddenly felt a tremendous jolt as her orgasm lanced through her body.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit," she wailed in despair. "I'm creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaming."

Her cunt walls clenched around Monster's tongue and the muscles in her legs convulsed and shuddered as she collapsed back onto the bed and the Alsatian pulled his tongue out of her cunt. She was oblivious of everything for a few moments until her climax receded and her eyes fluttered open.

Monster was standing up on the bed looking down at her. His long tongue lolled out one side of his open mouth dripping drool and he looked as if he was smiling. He made no move as she raised her head but waited patiently to see what his mistress would do. Suddenly Monster could wait no longer and started humping Nguyet's leg.

Yelps and whimpers followed as Zi Yilin used a cattle prod.

"There is only one pack top dog in this house" she hissed as Monster slunk away on his belly.

Zi Yilin called out "Big Boy" and the second dog bounded forth.

Zi Yilin sat reached out her hand to stroke the animals head and scratch him behind the ear cooing softly, "Good boy. Good boy. You'll get some pussy and Monster can watch".

Zi Yilin reached under Big Boy and slowly slid her hand down the length of his sheath and gently across his balls. His body twitched as she touched his balls and I could see a touch of pink at the end of his sheath. Zi Yilin began to slide her fingertips up and down the length of his sheath. Each time she reached the top she would increase the pressure a tiny bit to pull the sheath back and expose a little more of his hot pink cock.

In a matter of seconds Zi Yilin had about 1/2 inch of pointy pink meat exposed. Big Boy let out a plaintiff whimper as she increased the pressure while continuing to slowly stroke up and down until I saw a good 2 inches of his dick sticking out of his sheath. That thing was big I thought to myself. The first time I had witnessed Zi Yilin suck her dogs I had been fooled by the small point of the tip. The widest part was more than an inch thick! She continued to stroke the aroused dog.

Big Boy's shaft was over 10 inches long and as thick as one of Zi Yilin's wrists. It was red and slippery and tapered slightly at the tip with a deep slit of a piss hole. Zi Yilin rubbed her finger into the drip of pre-cum that was leaking from the tip and paced her finger on Nguyet's lips. Nguyet spat at her and turned away and Zi Yilin used the electric cattle prod for the second time, but not on a dog.

"I hoped you would do that", she hissed brandishing the cattle prod. "Now you are going to kneel and suck his cock till he cums".

Zi Yilin untied her and made her kneel behind the dog. Big Boy's head had turned round and was watching her intently as Nguyet's tongue flicked out and licked over the tip of his shaft. Knowing she had no choice Nguyet opened her mouth. She shuddered as the slimy cock slid deep into her throat and my wife grasped the base of the shaft firmly with one hand in case Big Boy tried to fuck the whole 10-inch length into her throat too soon.

A deep growl rumbled out of his throat and increased in volume as she began to suck on his prick. Driven by fear she worked her mouth up and down the animal's cock. She was continually having to swallow the streams of pre-cum that Monster was producing, and her fist jacked him as she sucked. The noise in the dog's throat changed abruptly and his back paws began dancing on the bed at it was obvious that he was close to cumming.

Suddenly Nguyet reared up dropping Big Boy's prick from her mouth causing him to howl in frustration.

Zi Yilin had attached a strap-on and forced it into her unprepared cunt and was fucking the 51 year old Vietnamese.

"Suck him, suck the dog. Make him cum", she ordered as she grabbed Nguyet's hair and forced her mouth back onto Big Boy' engorged rod.

Big Boy's cock was pumping like crazy. Zi Yilin reached around with one hand and laid it flat along the bottom of his bulge to keep it aimed in the right direction. After a while his thrusts became very fast. His cock was going so far into Nguyet that the large bulge in his shaft was bumping into her lips. Each time he rammed into the Vietnamese she nearly gagged but then it would draw all the way out until the tip was barely spreading her lips. Then finally Big Boy rammed it in further than ever before and held it in tightly.

Seeing this Zi Yilin went into overdrive. I could see the hips of my 46 year old Shanghai wife thrusting and withdrawing forcing the dildo into Nguyet as her mouth was impaled by Big Boy's prick.

The bulge grew even larger and was spreading her lips wider. Hot dog cum began shooting into her throat while Big Boy's body began shaking. Eventually he stopped, but Zi Yilin did not. She was in a frenzy, her hands mauling Nguyet's tits as she fucked her.

"Fuck fuuck Fuuuuuuck" she screamed. I'm going to nipple ring and clit ring you so I can have chains to hold while I fu……………..oohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddd I' cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming.. Yeaaaaaaaaaah oh oh oh fuuuuuuuuuck You", she finished

Big Boy was ready again he started to slowly pump again, his cock pushing into Nguyet's face.
Again Zi Yilin used the prod, and this time Big Boy slunk away.

"I tell you when you lick or fuck", Zi Yilin commanded. "Ok Monster, Big Boy has fucked up. You get a chance. Come here boy".

"You want to cum boy?" Zi Yilin asked rubbing his head and reaching for his cock and quickly exposed his cock and let her tongue flit out and across the exposed cock head of the Alsatian in front of him. Big Boy stretched its legs slightly, almost to give Zi Yilin more access to reach. Zi Yilin opened her mouth and began to suck the red tip of the dog's growing cock. Zi reached her hand up and grasped the back of the dog's cock by the sheath and a rapidly growing bulge. She began to move her hand up and down the dog's shaft while sucking the tip and shaft into his mouth at the same time. The dog's cock began to quickly grow in thickness and length, sliding into Zi Yilin's throat.

"You ever had 10 inches of dog meat in you, bitch. Well I'm going to make this one 11 inches", Zi Yilin boasted

She arranged Nguyet doggy style on the bed to stand in front of him and pulled his snout back between her legs.

"You want some cunt baby?" she cooed watching his tongue swipe over Nguyet's slit again. She placed the animals cock against Nguyet's slit rubbing it up and down it letting the precum mix with Nguyet juices and smiled as a shudder ran through the 51 year old's body.

"You know a dog cock has a bone in it and once they fuck you, you become their bitch unless you control them".

Watching the dog's cock now I could see its 10" monster pointing straight at Nguyet's gapping cunt. The dog moved forward thrusting and my wife reached down and guided the cock to its mark.

Big Boy was on her in and instant and his powerful front paws locked around her waist. His red cock thrust back and he stabbed forward. Nguyet had been over 25 years without cock and then only had 3 weeks of mine and she screamed when the whole 10 inch long shaft slammed into her hole in a single thrust and battered against her cervix.


Big Boy began fucking her with long powerful strokes that were faster that any human could ever hope to match. His hind quarters were thrusting like a machine gun and Nguyet's head fell onto the bed as she surrendered totally to the waves of ecstasy that were coursing through her body.

The immense pleasure that was radiating from her clit increased in intensity until her climax smashed through her, causing a strangled cry to escape her throat and her whole body to shudder. Big Boy took no notice of her cum and kept on fucking his bitch as fast as he could. Her battered clit was forcing her from one orgasm straight into another and she sobbed into the bedclothes as she was pounded.

"Oh god, I can't take any more," she moaned. "Cum you big bastard. Please cum."

The animals drool dripped from his mouth and tongue onto her naked back. As it rolled down her side, Zi Yilin's hand massaged the slime over her tit and around her long hard nipples. Big Boy began prancing on his back paws and his thrusts became faster and faster until his hindquarters were just a blur. Nguyet's head dropped back onto the bed and she moaned constantly as her battered cunt was pounded.

Suddenly a loud howl erupted from Big Boy's throat as he lifted his head high and Nguyet screamed as his hot spunk jetted into her hole. Spurt after spurt of dog cum lanced into her body causing her muscles to spasm and convulse with Big Boy's rod buried in her forcibly by its knot

"The other thing is that unlike men, they can cum again quick", Zi Yilin said as she lay back and wrapped her legs around Nguyet's neck drawing her face to her cunt. "Start eating me bitch and if I'm not happy you can take Monster after Big Boy finishes."

Relatively quickly Big Boy recovered and started to hump. Nguyet actually arched her arse upward to allow more of the dog's cock to enter her. Slowly the dog had four, five, seven inches in her. The dog was fucking her and she was eating my Shanghai wife who was riding her face. I could see Nguyet's pussy juice on the dog's cock and then my wife's Zi Yilin quivered as she had an orgasm, her cum flowing onto Nguyet's face and hair.

The dog's cock was really stretching Nguyet's pussy which was gleaming with her juice. I guess she had adjusted to the size after the first fuck and was really into it. The dog would pull about five inches of its cock out then thrust the whole thing in to its full 10 inches. I could hear slushy sounds from her cunt as she would cum around the dog's cock. The dog fucked her for about fifty minutes and both my 51 yr old Shanghai wife and the 51 year old Vietnamese she had defeated in their sexfight were moaning shrieking and screaming their orgasms. Nguyet as the dog fucked her and Zi Yilin from watching this happen and having Nguyet eat her.

I don't know how many times they came but I was horny. The dog finally came again and Zi Yilin staggered round on jelly like legs and pulled his cock out. The dog howled at being deprived of letting his knot subside inside his bitch, but Nguyet's howl of pain was louder as the huge knot was dragged from her slit white dog cum oozing out from her over her red and swollen lips and clit.

The next morning I staggered from the bed drained from Zi Yilin's demands from that night to perform with her in front of Nguyet. My eyes opened to see Zi Yilin in the bathroom take off her strap-on and shove her hips towards Nguyet and lift her head so that it rested on her pussy. I saw the look of relief on Nguyet's face a she knew the anal rape by the strap-on was over and she only had to eat pussy. Zi Yilin pulled her head hard onto her twat...

"Drink THIS you Vietnamese bitch"

And Zi Yilin didn't keep her waiting, the warm golden piss came flooding out of her and to Nguyet it must of felt like she was on the business end of a fire hose. The blast of piss immediately filled her mouth and overflowed, running down the sides of her face, into her ears and onto the bathroom tiles table. No matter how rapidly the 51 year old swallowed, she couldn't keep up. Zi Yilin forced her to swallow as much as possible before stepping back and hosing her. Accompanied by the sound of the urine splattering in her toilet of a mouth, Zi Yilin played with herself sending her body into a wave of orgasms.

"Every day, every time I piss slut, you drink. Understand?"

She turned to me, "Greg I'm disappointed. You promised this bitch would give me a challenge. You said she would be a good cunt test, the best I'd had so far but she was sooooooo easy. I hope she puts up more of a fight as I break her down and remake her".

"I bet she take longer than the others. Up till now 23 hours is the longest you have taken to break anyone", I replied.
Excitedly Zi Yilin groaned, "Slut, prepare my husband for me. I want to watch you take him in his mouth. And when he's good and hard you can guide you into me, NOW?"

My wife lovingly handled my cock, lifting it like a precious necklace, her small hand barely encircling it. Nguyet's staring at it with an expression of lust and desire as Zi Yilin rubbed the tip of my tool on her tits, repeating over and over,

"Make him hard so he can fuck me again. Make him big knowing you can't have it. Make him big knowing you're not as good as me. After what he said I expected a real woman"

As Nguyet mouth received my cock despite what had happened to her and my role in I saw pride in her wide eyes at my earlier words about her. Maybe that helped or maybe Nguyet was just damn good because my cock swelled quickly as her mouth and tongue went to work. I increased my pace as my cock swelled. Suddenly Zi Yilin realized Nguyet was not just trying to make me hard, she wanted to make me cum and rushed forward to pull her off.

She was too late. Nguyet had her arms locked around my butt pressing my groin against her face. My thrusting cock bottoming someone in her throat, and her extended tongue licking the underside of my ball sac. I was jerking and groaning and unloading into her throat and then mouth as she pulled back.
Zi Yilin screamed in rage trying in vain to wrest Nguyet away but then reached for her belt lying on the bed. With no delay she whipped the belt down across Nguyet's back once more, twice more, three times in quick succession, giving her no chance to protect herself. Nguyet's tits heaved up and down as she frantically pulled air into her lungs, and burst into wracking sobs of pain, but kept sucking. My cock was like a fencepost, a hard dripping rod of flesh spurting jism into the 51 year old Vietnamese.

The battle to break Nguyet had begun.

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