Blackmailed Rape Slaves - Chapter 13: Home Improvements (BMBFWF interr blackmail toys oral anal a2m) |

Chapter 13: Home Improvements

(BMBFWF interr blackmail toys oral anal a2m)

Taesha struggled through her morning shift at the convenience store. She hadn't gotten much sleep then night before. Even when Jamal wasn't whipping or fucking her (or both), he had left her tied in very difficult positions. As a result, she was exhausted and sore all over when he had dropped her off at work.
Still, she was happy that it had been her, and not Chloe, and she'd protect Chloe every time, if she could.
As the end of her shift drew closer, Jamal came into the store. She had hoped she might be able to walk home today, and that he would allow her some time to recover, but that was apparently not to be. He looked angry. She looked around, but there was no one in the store with them.
"You're done at four, is that right?"
She bowed her head. "Yes, Jamal."
He got a drink from one of the coolers and opened it, taking a big drink. "I was going to give you some time to yourself today, but Chloe was feeling rebellious, so I'm going to need your help with her punishment."
She nodded. "Yes, Jamal."
He finished the drink as some customers walked in. It was busy until her replacement arrived, and he let her work. When four o'clock came, she left with her Master.
She undressed herself as soon as she was in his car - she was not allowed to wear clothes in his car - and showed him that she had the rough, knobbly plug in her ass. Once the car was on the road, Jamal opened his pants, and helped her to get her mouth around his cock. When he turned the engine off a half an hour or so later, and pulled her head up off of his lap, she saw that they were in Ms. Kessler's garage.
"Leave your clothes here." He said as he zipped his pants. He pulled a pair of white cotton panties from his pocket, and put them to Taesha's lips. Taesha opened her mouth, and let him stuff the panties in. He exited the car, and she followed.
"Hands and knees, please." he said without looking at her, as he walked up to the door. She got down on all fours on the dirty garage floor and crawled after him, following him up the few stairs and into Chloe's house. He pointed to a corner of the kitchen. "Go and wait." he said.
She mumbled her assent through the cloth in her mouth, and crawled over to the corner. Once there, she turned around and got up onto her knees, clasping her hands behind her back and pushing her tits forward. Jamal seemed satisfied and nodded, then went back out into the garage.
He came back in with some tools, eye hooks, and other equipment, and began to install various things around the house. About fifteen minutes into this, he returned from a trip to his car, and stopped by Taesha for a moment, pulling a slim vibrator from a bag. She parted her legs for him, and he pushed it unceremoniously up into her pussy, then twisted it on. He held it in for her with one finger as she got her knees back together, holding the slim thing inside of herself.
After this, he made numerous trips down into the basement, bringing all sorts of equipment, and then spent a long while working down there. Taesha shifted lightly from knee to knee, holding herself upright. The vibrator inside of her felt nice. Not so much that she had to constantly hold herself back from cumming, just nice.
It was more than an hour before he finally returned to her. She spread herself as he reached between her legs and she felt the vibrator slipping from her wet cunt. He got his hands on it before it fell, and then knelt down in front of her, putting his other hand on her shoulder, and fucking her rapidly with the vibrator.
She let herself get close to orgasm as he fucked her with the vibrator, in case he told her to cum. After about a minute, though, he pulled it down and out of her, twisted it off. He took the panties out of her mouth, and pushed the vibrator in. She licked along the length of it as Jamal pushed it in and out of her mouth, the taste of her pussy getting her worked up. As she licked it, Jamal put the panties against the opening of her pussy, pushing some of the cloth up into her with his finger. He continued stuffing more and more into her until he had pushed the panties all the way up into her pussy, leaving just a little bit dangling out.
When he had finished with this, he pulled the vibrator from her mouth and then leaned into her, pressing his lips against hers, and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her for a moment, then pulled away.
"Present you ass to me, Taesha."
Taesha immediately turned and bent herself over, pressing her face and tits into the floor, pushing her ass up into the air. She winced and groaned as he took hold of the toy in her ass and pulled it slowly out of her. She felt every bump along the way out, and had her mouth open and ready long before he brought it to her lips. She licked the thing all over as he held it in front of her mouth, tasting her ass this time, until he took it back away from her.
"Now get up and make some dinner."
"Yes, Jamal."
She got herself up as he walked away, into the living room. She rubbed her sore knees, then headed into the kitchen, with each step, aware of the cotton panties stuffed up her pussy.
When she had made his dinner, Taesha took a plate into the living room and got down onto her knees, holding it out to Jamal. He ignored her for a few minutes, watching the video that was playing on Chloe's TV. The video was of Jamal in his living room. There was a petite Chinese woman with him. The woman was fully clothed and on her knees, sucking his dick.
"That's Mei." Jamal said, taking the plate from Taesha. "You'll be her first taste of pussy soon." he said, "You or Chloe."
"Yes, Jamal." she said.
As he began eating, he lifted one of his feet up onto the couch, and leaned himself back. Taesha moved forward and crouched down, pressing her tongue against his asshole, and licking him with long, slow strokes. She took his hard cock in her hand and slowly stroked him as she licked all along his ass crack. From the television, she heard Jamal commanding the little Chinese woman to take her clothes off, and a little later the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and the woman's high voice letting out the occasional groan or cry of pain. Taesha pressed her mouth against Jamal's asshole and pushed her tongue lightly in. She licked just inside his asshole for a minute or so, then moved upwards, licking and sucking gently on his balls.
She spent a long time like this, licking all over and inside Jamal's asshole, listening to the sounds of some Chinese woman's rape from the television. A woman who someday soon would be licking Taesha's pussy. Eventually, she heard the clink of fork on plate then felt Jamal leaning as he placed his plate on a side table. He took hold of her by the hair, and lifted her face from between his ass cheeks.
"Come on up here and suck on my cock."
"Yes, Sir." she said, and climbed up onto the couch with him. He had her lay on her belly, next to him, and she got her mouth quickly around his huge as he pushed her down onto it. She pushed her head down, swallowing his cock into her throat, as she felt his hand move down along her back and over her ass. He pushed first one finger, then a second into her ass and fingered her as she sucked him. Every now and then, he brought his hand up and pulled her head back off of his cock by her hair, pushing his fingers into her mouth. Each time, she licked and sucked them, watching the video of her Master fucking the little Chinese woman. 
The woman, Mei she remembered, looked miserable, but stoically remained in each position Jamal put her in, taking his giant cock in her pussy, mouth and ass. The woman had obviously been broken in and trained long before this video had been made. Was this what Jamal had been doing after the verdict, in the month before he came back for her? She looked again as he pushed his fingers from her ass back into her mouth. The video looked old... not in high definition. She caught a glimpse of Jamal's face in the video, and noticed that he actually looked younger even than when Taesha had first met him. This video had to be more than a year old, and she had been 18 - maybe even younger - and free when it was made.
Jamal pushed her face back onto his cock, and reached back down, pushing three fingers up her ass, reminding her just how unfree she was now. He pushed her head down, hard, forcing his cock down her throat, and held her there. He let her get a little panicky from lack of oxygen before releasing her. He put his fingers to her lips, and she licked them quickly as she caught her breath. As she cleaned him, she watched the younger Jamal on the television pull his dick out of the Chinese woman's ass and then stroke himself as she got herself onto her knees before him. The woman opened her mouth wide, her head upturned, as Jamal began to cum, his muscles tensing as he shot thick lines of cum into her mouth. She looked up demurely into his eyes when he was finished, until he nodded, and then she closed her mouth and swallowed.
The TV went dark. Taesha noticed, as she licked at Jamal's fingers, that it had gotten rather dark outside as well.
"Apparently Chloe's working a little late tonight. Why don't you go do the dishes so you don't leave a mess for her."
"Yes, Jamal." she said, and sucked each of the three fingers one last time before standing up. She picked up the plate and fork she had brought him and took them into the kitchen. She found some dish soap under the sink, and added it to a sink full of hot water to begin washing the dishes she had used to cook for Jamal, and serve him. She heard him walking up behind her, then felt his hand on her right hip. She spread her legs slightly for him, and he moved right up against her. She felt his cock against her asshole, then felt it slide quickly up her ass.
He sodomized her slowly and gently as she washed and rinsed the dishes, reaching around and playing with her pierced clit. She asked for permission to cum, but he said no. When she was finished with the dishes, he put her onto her knees and had her clean his cock, then stood her up and walked her over to Chloe's kitchen table, near the door to the garage. He bent her over, pushing her face into the wood of the table, and pushed his cock back up her ass. He put a foot up on the table as he began fucking her.
Just a few minutes into this, Taesha heard the garage door opening, then a car pulling in. The engine cut out, and a few minutes later, the door opened, and a weary Chloe walked in.
"Lock the door, and then get onto your knees, Chloe."
"Yes, Jamal." she said, putting her key into the lock, and then getting down onto her knees. It seemed strange to see Chloe with her clothes on, especially as she was now, on her knees, with her hands behind her back and her tits pressed forward. Jamal fucked Taesha's ass hard and fast for a minute, and then stopped abruptly, buried inside of her. He leaned into her, and she felt him spraying his cum up in her ass. After a minute of this, he relaxed, and she felt him slide out of her ass.
"Chloe, and get your mouth on Taesha's asshole."
"Yes, Sir." she said, and walked over on her knees. Taesha felt her face pressed between her crack, and her tongue pushing up into her ass.
"Taesha, give her my cum. Chloe, don't swallow until I tell you to." Chloe mumbled her assent. Taesha stood herself a bit more upright, and squatted over Chloe's face, letting Jamal's cum leak from her ass into Chloe's mouth. Chloe slid her tongue slowly in and out of her ass as she did this, and after a minute or so, she moved away, and Taesha turned to see her displaying the mouthful of cum for Jamal.
"Swallow." Jamal said, and she did, showing her empty mouth when she was done. "Good girl." he said. "Welcome home."

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