Blackmailed Rape Slaves - Chapter 15: Chloe's Sister (BMWFWF interr ins nc toys oral anal a2m ws) |

Chapter 15: Chloe's Sister

(BMWFWF interr ins nc toys oral anal a2m ws)

As the day drew to a close, Chloe pulled out her phone again, but there was no text from Jamal. He would probably be waiting at her home with Taesha already hours into her ordeal. She pushed that thought away as she headed to her car.
She became less and less confident as she approached her house, and she was actually shaking as she pulled into her own driveway, forcing her hand to be still enough to push the button on her garage door opener.
Jamal's car was not there. Five minutes later, she was sure he was not there at all. Far from being relieved, this made her more nervous than ever. She took out her phone and called Jamal, but it went straight to voicemail. She thought for a moment, then called Taesha.
"Chloe." her voice was warm.
"Taesha, have you heard from Jamal?"
"Yes, he came by my apartment this afternoon."
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah... he only had me suck his cock, then he left."
"Okay... I just thought he'd be here waiting for me and..."
"I don't know."
There was an awkward silence.
"Okay, well, I'll see you later, I guess."
"Goodbye, Chloe."
She hung up the phone and held it to her chest, thinking. What was going on here? As the evening wore on, it became apparent that Jamal was not going to arrive. She had a nice dinner and read through some briefs before moving to the bedroom. When she had finished getting ready for bed, she lay down, naked on her bed, pulling up the sheets. She had not cum at all today. It felt like a lifetime ago since she'd gone a full day without multiple orgasms. She thought back to Taesha's sleeping body that morning, her hand moving between her thighs.
She rubbed her pussy for a little while, but could not get herself to cum, though she was wet, and very hot. Frustrated, she threw off her sheet and went out and down to her basement, turning on the bright lights Jamal had installed. She looked again at the cage and table, and all the various shackles and restraints before moving over to the shelves of sex toys.
She looked around until she found a relatively small butt plug, only about four inches long and maybe two inches at its widest. She put some lubrication on it, then reached behind and pushed the tip against her asshole, slowly pushing it in, until it settled into her ass. She slid a finger along her slit, then grabbed a vibrator off the shelf and ran back up to her room.
As she got back into her bed, she hoped fervently that Jamal did not come. She didn't think she could take the humiliation if he found her masturbating with a plug in her ass. She switched on the vibrator, which buzzed loudly as she ran the thing along her clit, bringing herself to orgasm in less than a minute. As she began to cum, she pushed it up into her pussy and held it there with both hands, closing her thighs together tightly.
Chloe woke, refreshed, then next morning. She had fallen asleep with the plug still in her ass, and woke up feeling a little horny, but she resisted the urge to fire up the vibrator again, instead cleaning both toys and returning them to the shelf in her basement. She showered and then dressed herself. She actually felt like she wanted to go without panties today, but pulled on a pair anyway, determined to keep up this fight, especially now that it seemed she may actually have beaten Jamal. She arrived to work early, and in a good mood.
The day was a good one, but by six o'clock she was ready to go home. There had still been no sign of Jamal, and the punishment he had promised for her disobedience yesterday. Just as she was thinking this, her phone made her least favorite noise. Jamal had sent her a text. She couldn't ignore it, and so she took out her phone and read it.
 Your sister's here. We've been catching up. Come home soon.
Lynn. Her blood ran cold. Suddenly, all thoughts of work left her and she threw her papers into her satchel. In two minutes she was out the door and headed to her car.
The whole ride home, she wondered what she would find when she got there. Her sister Lynn had just turned nineteen, and was in her second year of college, living in her own apartment. Was he going to make her watch him rape her sister? Had he already raped her? How did he even get her to come to the house?
Or was she even really there?
Chloe realized, suddenly, that this was probably a lie meant to get her to hurry home for whatever punishment Jamal had prepared for her. She began to breathe more easily.
When she arrived at her house, she opened the second garage. Jamal's car was, indeed, in her old spot. Her stomach twisting with nerves, she got out and unlocked her door. Jamal was sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of boxers and a white t-shirt, reading something on his phone. Lynn was here, too.
Lynn was a little shorter than Chloe, and thin, with smaller, b-cup breasts, and medium length dyed blonde hair. That hair was currently brushing the floor as her sister hung naked, upside-down by her ankles from an eye hook in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, her legs held spread apart with a metal bar. She was blindfolded, and a dildo, attached to a Hitachi vibrator, was buried in her pussy, the vibrating head pressed up against her clit, the whole thing tied to her leg.
Jamal looked up. "Good, you're here. She's had a long day."
"Lynn!" Chloe ran toward her sister, but Jamal stood up and caught her before she could get there, pushing her back roughly. 
"She's not allowed to talk right now."
Chloe felt herself begin crying. "She's just a girl, Jamal. She's innocent."
Jamal chuckled. "She's not innocent any more." Chloe watched in horror as Jamal turned and pushed three fingers easily up Lynn's ass. Chloe parted her lips, taking in a long breath, but otherwise did not react. He pressed his hand down tightly against Lynn's flesh, then pulled his fingers out, moving his hand down to her face as she spun slowly in the doorway. Lynn's mouth was open before he had even gotten there, and she licked and sucked his fingers as he pushed them in.
"How long have you..."
"She got here around nine."
Almost ten hours. Chloe fought back tears. "Why is she even here?"
"I invited her, with your Facebook account."
Chloe closed her eyes. "What makes you think she won't report this? You have nothing over her."
"We'll see about that. You should check your text history."
Puzzled by this, she pulled out her phone, opening the text history. She saw the text he had sent her at work, then moved back. She didn't recognize what she saw, but as she read it, she knew exactly what it meant.
 I need to call in the big favor you owe me.
 Oh really? What is it?
 I've been seeing a man that I prosecuted.
 Oh shit, really?
 He was aquitted.
 Well, anyhow. Now that I've broken it off, he's threatened to expose me.
 Is that bad?
 Yes. I could be disbarred.
 Damn. What can I do?
 I need you to visit me. I'll invite him as well. Afterward, I need you to report that he raped you. I'll say that I had to leave on business half-way through dinner.
Sent at 9:13 AM on Thursday
 You still there?
 I think you should really leave. That way I can seduce the asshole and when I report the rape, I'll have evidence.
 Wow. Yeah, that would be better. Can you come up today?
 We'll talk, k?
 Love you, bye.
There was another text, a while later, from her to Jamal, inviting him over for dinner with her sister, and then the one he had sent her tonight. She didn't know how he had done it, but if they were real texts, it sure made it look like she and Lynn had conspired to frame him for rape. There was no way they could report this.
She bowed her head. "I'll submit to whatever punishment you want, Jamal, just please, let her go now."
He shook his head. "No, Chloe. This IS your punishment."
Next to them, Lynn began taking in sharp breaths, and her body began to spasm with each one. Chloe wondered how many times her sister had been made to cum today. Jamal smiled down at her quivering young body, then turned to Chloe.
"Get yourself undressed."
Chloe hurried to comply, eager to take Jamal's focus from her sister. She was bare-breasted, pulling her pants and underwear down as Jamal untied the vibrator/dildo combination from Lynn's leg. Her sister's thin, small body shook as Jamal pulled it up and out of her pussy. Chloe finished undressing and stepped forward, opening her mouth to take and clean the dildo, so her sister wouldn't have to. Jamal smiled.
He flicked the power off and the buzzing stopped. "My, you're eager to taste your sister's pussy, aren't you?"
She pushed back her own anger and despair, forcing herself to remain calm. "Yes, Jamal. Please let me taste her."
His smile remained, but he did not put the dildo into her mouth. Instead, he bent, and put it to Lynn's lips. Lynn opened obediently and took the dildo into her mouth.
"Okay, Chloe. Now you can taste your sister." He gestured toward Lynn's spread pussy, suspended upside-down about chest-high. Chloe noticed that Lynn's pubic hair was trimmed into a narrow line, and couldn't help wondering if this is how she normally kept it, or if it was Jamal's doing. She stared at her sister's pussy for a moment, then got down on the floor, onto her belly, kissing and licking Jamal's feet. She knew it was pointless, but she had to try.
"Please, let her go, Jamal. Please punish me. I'll never go against you again, please..."
"No." he said, coldly. "Now get up and taste your sister."
Dry sobs shaking her body, Chloe got slowly up, and stood before her sister's suspended, inverted body. She bent her head, closed her eyes, and pressed her lips to Lynn's pussy.
"Good." Jamal said behind her. "Now lick her good, and I won't whip her cunt."
Chloe's brow furrowed as she pushed her tongue out, deep into her sister's wet pussy. She felt an involuntary, and shameful pride at the small sigh of pleasure she heard from Lynn as she licked her, inside and out. Hoping she was sparing her sister a whipped pussy, she licked as well as she could, trying to make her cum quickly. Jamal just leaned against the wall and watched as Lynn slowly moved her hips, letting out little moans as Chloe slid her tongue all along her pussy and licked and sucked on her clit. It took a while, but finally Lynn's moaning became sharper and quicker, and then her whole body convulsed. Chloe licked her sister softly through her orgasm, and when she had finished, turned and looked up at Jamal.
He smiled. "Good job, Chloe." He walked over to the two of them, and began to unfasten Lynn from where she hung. "Get your mouth on my cock, please."
She quickly got to her knees and pulled his long cock through the fly of his boxers and took him into her mouth. She took him into her throat, and tried her best to get him to cum as he carefully took Lynn down from the doorway, and helped her to stand. Chloe felt Jamal take her by the arm, pulling her upward, and she stood, his dick slipping from her mouth. She soon found herself standing next to her sister.
Jamal pulled the blindfold off of Lynn, and she blinked rapidly. Her eyes were very red, from crying, and as they adjusted to the relative brightness of the room, she looked sadly over at Chloe.
"I want the two of you to kiss now." Jamal said. Lynn's lips parted, and she leaned slightly toward her sister. Chloe hesitated for a moment, then just moved in and pressed her lips to Lynn's. She pushed her tongue into her sister's mouth and kissed her deeply. She had already licked her to orgasm, no sense in being shy now, and giving Jamal an excuse to hurt Lynn.
She embraced her sister, pressing her body into hers, feeling Lynn's b-cup tits pressing into her larger ones. She pulled her head back, licking lightly at Lynn's lips a few times, the pressed their mouths together again. Through all of this, Lynn passively accepted everything she did, but did not actively kiss her back.
"Good. Now on your knees, both of you, and share my cock."
They both got to their knees, and Chloe got her mouth around his cock, shoving him to the back of her throat, and then down again. After a short while, she felt Jamal's hand in her hair, pulling her back and off of him. 
"Don't be greedy, Chloe." he said, and put the tip of his cock to Lynn's lips, and then pushed in.
Lynn was passive here, too, just closing her eyes, and letting Jamal fuck her face. She watched her sister swallowing on the massive thing as it filled her throat. After a moment, he pulled out and had Chloe deep-throat him for a few strokes, then alternated between the two of them. After a long while doing this, he pulled out and pushed their mouths against either side of his shaft. The two women licked him all over for a few moments, until he let them go and took a step back.
"To the bedroom now. Hands and knees."
Lynn led the way, slowly crawling to the bedroom, her ass held poised up in the air, followed by Chloe, also on her hands and knees, and then Jamal behind them both. When they got to the bedroom, Jamal stood Lynn up and took her onto the bed. He had her lay on her side in front of him, lifting up her leg, and putting his cock against her asshole. Chloe saw Lynn wince in pain as he squeezed his cockhead into her asshole, then pushed up into her ass. As he started fucking her, he motioned for Chloe to get onto the bed.
"Get your mouth on her pussy, Chloe." he said, as she climbed up onto the bed. Sighing, Chloe got onto her stomach, in a position where she could reach easily, and started gently licking her sister again. She didn't work to get Lynn to cum this time - just licked her softly. Jamal pulled out of Lynn's ass after a few strokes and Chloe opened her mouth for him, tasting Lynn's ass for a few thrusts before he resumed ass-fucking her, and Chloe resumed licking her pussy. Every now and then, he would have Chloe lick him clean, then go back to sodomizing her sister.
Despite Chloe's not trying, Lynn did cum after about five minutes of this, thanking Jamal in a small voice, when she was finished. Jamal pulled out then, and sat Chloe on the ground with her back to the bed, and put Lynn on all fours, at the edge, above her. Jamal stood with a foot on either side of Chloe, and she looked up, a perfect view of her sister's pussy and ass as Jamal put the head of his dick against her asshole again. Chloe watched Lynn's asshole open wide as Jamal's head almost effortlessly popped in, and then inch after inch of black cock slid smoothly up her ass, until his balls were pressed up against her pussy. He held himself deep in Lynn's ass for a few moments, then pulled all the way out squatted down to push into Chloe's mouth. Chloe licked and sucked him all over, until he pulled out and moved up again, pushing back into Lynn's asshole.
Chloe continued staring upwards, watching Jamal's massive cock stretching her little sister's asshole, sliding smoothly in and out of her ass. Her sister's pussy moved rhythmically above her with each thrust of Jamal's cock. Again, the massive black cock slid from her sister's ass, and again she opened her mouth, cleaning him with her tongue, then letting him roughly fuck her throat before watching him squeeze back into her little sister's ass.
"Okay, now fuck yourself, Lynn." he said.
As Chloe watched, her sister rocked forward, letting cock slip out of her, then pushed back hard, taking him to the hilt. She repeated this motion, moving further forward each time, until she was fucking herself along the entire length of him. He let her fuck herself for a little while, then pulled out, and squatted down to fuck Chloe's mouth for a bit before returning to his position behind her sister, putting his cockhead against her ass again.
Lynn thrust back on him very hard, the head and more than half the length of his giant cock getting swallowed up by her ass in one push. She fucked herself rapidly for a few minutes, until Jamal pulled out and had Chloe clean him again. As he pulled out of her mouth, he pulled Lynn back onto her feet, her pussy now directly in front of Chloe's face. Without being told, she pushed her face up between her sister's thighs, her mouth against her pussy, her tongue sliding deep into her. She felt Jamal's cock with her tongue, as he slid back up her sister's ass.
He fucked Lynn's ass roughly, her pussy mashing against Chloe's face as she tried to lick her.
"Cum for me, one more time, Lynn."
Elated that Jamal might soon leave them, or at least let Lynn go, Chloe put her hands on Lynn's ass, trying to steady her enough from the motion of Jamal's cock in her ass that she could focus on her clit, and lick her to one last orgasm.
It seemed Lynn barely needed the help. Almost immediately after Jamal said this, her legs started buckling, and her entire body began a shuddering orgasm. Without Jamal's arm around her stomach, and his dick slamming in and out of her ass, she probably would have fallen to the ground. Chloe felt happy that this was almost over, and pushed her face up into her sister's pussy, getting her tongue deep inside of her. The thrusting suddenly stopped, and Chloe felt Jamal's cock pulsing deep in Lynn's ass as he emptied himself into her.
When both of them had finished cumming, Jamal slowly pulled back, and out of Lynn's asshole. He moved her to the side, and then moved forward so that his cock was at Chloe's lips. She licked him all over, tasting his cum and her sister's ass as she cleaned his still long and thick, but softening cock. She took him into her mouth and throat, sucking him softly until he pulled back from her.
"Give your sister my cum, Lynn." He turned the exhausted looking young woman to face away from Chloe, and helped her to squat down, holding her cheeks open. "Chloe, get every bit of my cum, but do not swallow."
Chloe moved forward, licking up a long line of cum that was already running down Lynn's inner thigh, and then pressing her lips against her sister's asshole, sliding her tongue in, letting Jamal's cum slide down into her mouth. When it appeared there was no more cum for her to take, she sat back on her heels, holding her mouth open, his cum held up on her tongue for him to see.
Jamal helped Lynn down to her knees. "Good. Now you two girls share."
There was a hesitation, then an awkward moment as they looked at each other. Lynn moved first, walking on her knees to Chloe and embracing her. They pressed their lips together, and Lynn let herself turn over in Chloe's arms. Her face looking up into Chloe's. Chloe opened her mouth, letting the cum slip into her sister's mouth as the two kissed again, deeply, their tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths, along with Jamal's cum. They kissed for a long while, until between them they had swallowed all of his cum.
"Good. Chloe, take your sister to the shower and clean her and yourself, then get dressed and report back here."
Chloe stood and helped Lynn to her feet. She took her sister by the hand and led her out, toward the bathroom. She heard Jamal call her name and stopped, turning back.
"Put on something nice."
"Yes, Jamal."
She took Lynn to the bathroom, and started a shower. They didn't speak, and Lynn didn't make eye contact with her, even as she led her into the warm water. Chloe washed her sister's hair, and then her whole body. After being made to kiss and lick Lynn's mouth, pussy, and ass all evening, washing her body seemed tame. It wasn't until Chloe was rinsing her off that Lynn looked her in the eye.
"Thank you, Chloe."
"No, Lynn, I'm so sorry..."
"No, it's not your fault. Thank you for doing what he told you to do. It would have been so much worse for both of us, otherwise."
"I know." Chloe put her arms around her sister, and held her, their wet breasts sliding against each other. They stayed like that for a long time, the warm shower spray all around them, until Chloe finally relaxed her hold. Lynn lifted her face, hesitated for a moment, and then pressed her lips against Chloe's, sliding her tongue into Chloe's mouth. Before she could even think, Chloe returned the kiss. It lasted only a moment, and then Lynn stepped back.
"Thank you for taking care of me, Chloe." Water dripped down her body, over her breasts and down to her pussy before hurrying to the floor.
But Lynn just shook her head and stepped out of the shower.
By the time Chloe had washed herself, Lynn had left the bathroom. She quickly dried, and then dressed herself in one of her nicer dresses - no underwear - and went back to the living room. She was met by only Jamal.
"Where is Lynn?"
"I let her go home. Onto your knees, please." Chloe quickly complied, thrusting her shoulders back and pushing her tits forward, her hands clasped behind her back. Jamal paced over, and around her. "Chloe, I've asked you this before, but now I'll ask you again, and I want you to think about it before you answer."
"Yes, Jamal."
"Who do you belong to?"
She did not hesitate. "I belong to you, Jamal."
"Do you believe that is true?"
She knew it was. "Yes, Jamal. I belong to you. Completely. I won't disobey you again."
"If I ever find you wearing panties again - ever - your punishment will be severe."
"Yes, Jamal. I understand."
"And you may not call me Jamal anymore. You need help remembering your place. You will call me Sir."
"Yes, Sir."
"And until further notice, I want you wearing a butt plug while you're at work. Use the purple one from the supply shelves downstairs."
"Yes, Ja- ... yes, Sir."
"Good. I may check on you at any time. Do not disappoint me."
"I won't, Sir."
He let out a sigh, which turned into a yawn. "Lucky for you, I'm pretty worn out from taking care of Lynn all day. I think I'll leave you now."
Why was she all dressed up, then? "Thank you, Sir."
He turned, then paused, turning back to her. He unzipped his pants and pulled his soft dick out, pointing it at the front of her dress. There was a pause, and then he started pissing. She kept herself in position as he soaked her front, her dress clinging to her tits, and then as pissed on her face and hair. Since he hadn't told her otherwise, she kept her mouth shut until he had finished. He zipped himself up as she knelt, dripping, before him, then walked out of the room.
She remained on her knees, dripping with his piss, until a long while after she heard his car drive away. Finally she stood and removed her ruined dress, throwing it away. She decided to clean her floor after she took another shower. It wasn't until she was back in the warm water, remembering her sister's earnest thanks, that she began to cry.

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