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Stories of Childhood/Teenhood Tie-Up Games

May 1999 - part 1

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This month's stories:

Sat May 01 02:26:44 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Hello. I'm back. I've been feeling a little under the weather recently, but I feel much better (does this mean I'm now feeling "over the weather"? Whatever). I realized I haven't posted in a while, so why don't I get to it:

[email protected]

Sat May 01 02:30:04 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(1 of 11)
In the summer of 1976, when I was eleven years old, I spent three weeks with my cousins at my Aunt Jean's house. My cousins--Donna (12) and Shirley (10)--played a series of bondage games between themselves and the neighboring kids: Becca (13) and her brother Jim (11), as well as Karen (12). On Tuesday of the final week of my stay, Donna and Shirley were out shopping with my aunt, while I hung out with my cousins Keith (15) and George (6) at my aunt's home. George and I decided it was time for a swim in the pool.
However, after changing into my bathing suit, I discovered that a bad thunderstorm we suffered yesterday had blown some leaves and other debris into the pool. I asked my oldest cousin Keith if they had anything I could use to remove the debris with, and he replied, "Just dive in and grab it with your teeth!"
While George and I scowled at Keith from the deck, Becca casually strolled into the yard, clad in cut-offs and a typically fashionable blouse. Once he saw her, Keith shouted, "Look out, Doug, your girlfriend's here!" Becca promptly shot him an icy, imperious glare which said: "Die, peasant!" We had just played a major bondage game at Karen's house only yesterday (see my posts in the February and March archives), so I could honestly say I wasn't expecting to play another game so soon.
But Becca--God bless her devious little heart--had other plans.
"I just want to warn you that I'm playing a bondage game at my house today," Becca said, as she absently ran a toe across an imaginary line on the ground. She further informed me that I had better not do anything foolish--like, say, try to rescue Karen and Jim--or else I would get captured and tied up, as well. "So don't go sneaking around my house, all right, Doug?" she added, with a wink. "Do we understand each other?"

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Sat May 01 02:37:08 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(2 of 11)
Oh, I understood, all right. It was Becca's way of inviting me to come on over and play.
I waited until Becca left before I started over her house, which was just a few doors down from us. George was so excited he could burst--he was practically dancing every step of the way. Only six, he was too young to get tied up, but that didn't stop him from being a willing observer to these weird games we played.
Once we arrived at Becca's house, I saw that her mother's car was gone from the driveway; which usually meant she was gone for at least a few hours, leaving us the run of the house in the meantime.
I decided to enter the house through the side door, which--to nobody's surprise--was left unlocked. With all of the shades drawn, the interior was dark and gloomy. George followed me like a shadow...until I decided to go downstairs to the basement rec room. He balked because that part of the house was even more darker than the upstairs. But I explained that the basement was the usual place where Becca kept her captives.
"It's also where Becca captures everybody," George fearfully muttered.
But this was not a problem for me. As it was, I was already slipping into the spirit of the game by pretending to be looking for my captured friends. I imagined myself as Jonny Quest searching for a couple of missing "local kids" (namely Jim and Karen) who got caught up in my latest mystery. I tried to act as if I didn't know what happened to them; yet I bravely descended into the darkness by placing a bare foot over the threshold.
George wisely stayed behind on the staircase. He only followed once he saw I had not been instantly attacked.


Sat May 01 02:41:49 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(3 of 11)
Karen and Jim's basement was more elaborately furnished than my aunt's; they had a small hallway leading from their rec room to several smaller rooms. There wasn't anybody in the darkened rec room, so I decided to tip toe down the short hallway. I didn't have far to go.
On my right was a small guest bedroom. And lying on the narrow, single bed was Karen, bound hand and foot and gagged.
Barefoot, and clad in a one piece bathing suit, Karen lay on her back with her wrists tied together above her head to the headboard. Although her legs were tied together at the knees and ankles, they weren't secured to the bed like her hands. I turned to tell George something...when I discovered that was still meekly standing over by the basement door.
I mouthed the words "She's in here" to him, then I slowly stepped into the mini-guest room to free Karen. Karen glanced up at me with a wide-eyed expression of terror as I entered the room. She started shouting something at me, but with a tape gag covering the lower half of her face, I could only hear desperate grunts. But it didn't really matter, for it was already pretty obvious to me that I was doomed to join her in bondage (not that I minded too much).
I turned around just in time to see both Becca and Jim sneaking up from behind me. These sinister siblings of sin had been hiding in the meager closet until I entered the room. I was actually surprised, because Becca had led me to believe that her brother was one of her captives, when in fact he was an accomplice. But before I could protest, Becca tackled me onto the bed--and right on top of poor bound Karen, who let out an indignant grunt.


Sat May 01 02:46:11 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(4 of 11)
Becca, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, pulled out a roll of tape and gagged me with a couple of strips. Karen, despite her bonds, tried awkwardly to kick Becca with her bound feet. But tied as she was, Karen merely flopped around on the bed like a fish out of water until Jim came over and held her tied ankles down. "Stop that," he chasised her mildly, as if Karen was a naughty student.
Becca, still giving me this insane grin, helped me to my feet and led me over to the closet, which was empty. The closet had a lone wooden pole running horizontally across where clothes would normally hung from. Becca shoved back the bare hangers on one end to make room for me, then tied my hands above my head to the pole. It wasn't that high; I was still able to stand flat-footed. I have to say this was yet another surprise: I had been expecting to get tied down to the bed with Karen (in fact, I was kind of looking forward to it). But I guess Becca was determined to avoid any escape attempts by not keeping us too close together this time.
Just when I thought Becca was finished with me, she bent down and bound my ankles together.
Satisfied that I wasn't going anywhere, Becca leaned close to me and asked, "Are you ticklish, Doug?"
I just let out a low groan under my gag as she wiggled her fingers just millimeters over my bare stomach and sides. She never actually touched me, though. Becca was merely indulging in some good clean psychological torture. She stopped when Jim nervously said, "Wait! Did you hear that? Is that mom?"


Sat May 01 02:50:53 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(5 of 11)
"It's just George," Becca muttered with a disgusted look. She sighed heavily when her brother anxiously left the room. "Come back here!"
I faintly heard Jim reply, but he sounded too far away for his words to be properly understood. "Don't go anywhere," Becca jokingly told me as she ran after her brother.
As soon as we were left alone, Karen started twisting and writhing around on the bed. She even threw in a few good helpless grunts under her gag for good measure. Transfixed at her performance, I happily watched--until Karen abruptly stopped and glared at me, as if to say, "Well, don't just stand there!"
Of course, I immediately felt contrite; because, in a situation like this, Jonny Quest would have already been trying to free himself. What kind of superhero was I? I tried to examine the knots binding my wrists to the pole, but it was hard to see any details. My hands had been secured so that they were beneath the pole, and out of reach of the knot, which was on top. However, I quickly discovered that I could slide my hands back and forth along the length of the pole, although I wasn't sure what good that would do me. In frustration, I pushed against the bottom of the pole with my tied hands, and it lifted right up easily.
The pole rested in twin 'U'-shaped slots on opposite ends which were cut into boards that were nailed onto the wall. These 'U'-shaped slots provided the option of easily removing the pole for whatever reason--but they would also provide me with a method of escape. I was able to grab the pole between my bound hands and pull it loose of the slots. I cringed when all of the hangers slid off the opposite end of the pole and crashed to the floor behind me (I forgot all about them!). Then I cringed again when I banged the pole sharply into the wall while trying to set it down in front of me.


Sat May 01 02:55:33 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(6 of 11)
Once I had the pole set down vertically in front of me, I simply slid my bound hands up
the pole and over the end. My hands were still tied together, but they were no longer
secured to the pole. Placing the pole in the corner of the closet, I reached up and pulled
off my gag. It was now Karen's turn to stare wide-eyed at me while I hopped out of the
closet on my bound feet. There wasn't enough room in there for me to free my ankles. As
soon as I was in the open, I bent over and untied my ankles.
With my feet free, I walked over to Karen and started working on the rope binding her
wrists to the headboard. She kept glancing at me, and then at the doorway, but I stayed focused on freeing her hands, which I eventually did. Karen then sat up and started untying her legs--without even removing her gag!
My hands were still tied together in front of me, but I waited until Karen untied her legs and removed her tape gag before I asked her to help me. She knelt down on the bed and started to examine my bound wrists, when we both heard talking coming from outside the room. "Are they coming back down?" I whispered.
"I dunno," she replied. "C'mon!" As she got off the bed, Karen actually grabbed me by my bound hands and pulled me out of the room. We both paused in the hallway when we heard the voices getting louder--it sounded like a bunch of people descending the stairs.
Karen bounced up and down frantically as she searched for a place to hide. I saw the laundry room, which was directly across the hall from our "dungeon", and pointed to it with my tied hands. "In here..." I whispered.


Sat May 01 02:58:56 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(7 of 11)
Once inside the laundry room, Karen and I shut the doors and ducked under the folding table. Karen started untying my hands while we listened to what was happening outside.
The flimsy doors had shutters which allowed us to hear the casual conversation Becca was having with Donna and Shirley. I actually heard Becca say, "Well, here they--" Then she stopped. This silence was followed by: "WHAT THE HELL?!"
"Whoa! They're gone!" Jim exclaimed. Laughter followed--sounding like it was from my cousins--as Becca let out what sounded like a low screech of frustration.
It wasn't thirty seconds later when the laundry room doors flew open and a pair of bare feet strode in and stood in front of the table Karen and I were hiding under. Karen had just finished untying my hands. She took the rope, threw it out on the floor in front of Becca, and said, "Try and do a better job next time, ok?"
Ooooooo! I cringed again. I couldn't help it; this was the verbal equivalent of Karen slapping Becca across the face with a gauntlet. Now Becca simply had to tie us up in such a way that even Houdini would be hard-pressed to escape from. As Karen and I were escorted back into the guest room, I tried to act grim at having been recaptured (after all, it's what Jonny Quest would do), but inwardly, I couldn't wait to see what she had in mind for us this time.
Neither could Becca, because she immediately tarted binding my hands behind my back as soon as we entered the room. I tried to remind her that it was Karen who made the dare, but she shushed me by gripping my shoulder and shoving me down until I sat on the edge of the bed.


Sat May 01 03:04:23 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(8 of 11)
Now that I was secure for the time being, Becca happily turned her attention to Karen. But before she could, Jim tried to stop her by saying that since he originally tied Karen, he should be the one to tie her up again.
"These two are mine," Becca said, with an edge of finality in her voice that made any argument impossible. "Go tie up Donna, if you want."
Jim glanced hopefully at my cousin Donna, and she merely rolled her eyes. Donna and Shirley were still clad in the same shorts and T-shirts they wore while shopping with my Aunt Jean, yet now they were barefoot, having removed their sneakers once they came home. They, George, and now even Jim all watched like an enthralled audience as Becca ordered Karen to put her hands behind her back.
"Doug was actually the one who got us freed," Karen said as she nervously offered her hands behind her back to Becca. Perhaps now she was beginning to regret her earlier snide comment.
"I know," Becca replied calmly as she tied Karen's hands behind her back. "But neither of you will escape this time."
Once Karen's hands were tied, she was made to lie on her side across the bed, with her back facing the headboard. Her ankles were tied together, then they were hog-tied to her wrists. As if this wasn't enough, Becca then secured Karen's hog-tied wrists and ankles to the headboard with another strand of rope. As soon as she was satisfied that Karen was securely bound, Becca sarcastically asked, "Is that 'better', Karen?"


Sat May 01 03:08:52 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(9 of 11)
Even though Karen wasn't gagged, she didn't bother to reply. She quietly laid there until Becca turned her attention to me. As I was made to get off the bed and take a seat in a hard back chair, I saw Karen had started to discreetly test her bonds once the spotlight was off of her. But Karen quickly found out what I already knew: she wasn't going anywhere.
For my part, Becca secured my torso to the back of the chair with an extra long length of rope. She wrapped this around my body several times, the rope resting just above my elbows. While Becca searched for some more rope to bind my feet, I noticed that Jim was tying Shirley's hands behind her back while Donna watched with a bemused look.
Becca found some more rope and used it to bind my ankles together. Then, she sat down on the floor so she could secure my bound ankles by tying a vertical knot over the original bond, then running the strand of rope under my seat and up the back of the chair, where it was knotted to the same rope which bound my torso to the chair.
This took a good few minutes, and while Becca labored, I watched as Jim brought Shirley over to the end of the bed and made her sit on the edge. Once she was seated, Jim proceeded to bind Shirley's bare legs at the ankles and knees. He was so intent on tying up Shirley that Jim never saw Donna slowly walking up behind him, a length of rope pulled out taunt in her hands. Becca was finished binding me to the chair and she, too, watched with amusement as Donna crept up on her unwary brother.


Sat May 01 03:13:33 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(10 of 11)
Jim was kneeling before Shirley when he finished binding her legs, and when Donna was close enough, she slung the rope around his waist, pinning his arms to his sides. He let out a surprised yell as he stood up--or tried to. Donna briefly wound up riding him like a horse as they both fell together to the floor in laughter.
Jim, sitting on the floor, grabbed the rope from Donna and was about to lasso her with it until Becca abruptly charged over and helped Donna to bind Jim's hands behind his back.
"Remember when you and Doug tickled me when I was tied up at Donna's house?" Becca asked her brother. "Huh? Remember?"
Jim merely stared back at her defiantly while Donna bound his legs at the ankles and knees. "Where did you tickle me?" Becca asked. "Oh, I think it was right HERE!"
Jim's stoic expression crumbled into giggles as both Becca and Donna tickled him mercilessly. Then Becca came over and tickled my sides, making me shout "No! No! No!" impulsively as I collapsed into laughter.
"No, no, no," Becca mimicked me, as she affectionately tousled my hair. Then, just as Donna started to get up from her torture of Jim, Becca ran over and grabbed her friend from behind.
Caught completely off guard, Donna let out a rip-roaring shriek as she and Becca wrestled each other onto the floor. As Becca bear-hugged Donna from behind, pinning my cousin's arms down, she said, "It's my game and my house, Donna. Today everybody's a captive!"
"All right," Donna conceded, "just get off me."


Sat May 01 03:17:52 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(11 of 11)
Becca pulled Donna's hands behind her back and tied them together at the wrists. Then, after binding Donna's ankles and knees together, Becca stood up and surveyed her collection of captives: Karen laid hog-tied to the headboard on the bed while Shirley sat bound on the opposite end; Donna and Jim sat bound hand and foot on the floor, and I was tied to the chair.
"Um, how long are you gonna keep us like this?" Karen asked.
"As long as you kept me tied up at your house yesterday," Becca smugly replied.
"You didn't gag them," George helpfully reminded Becca.
Becca spent the next ten minutes or so gagging each one of us with a strip of tape. Then, when she was finished, Becca turned to George and asked, "You happy, now?"
George, grinning broadly, nodded shyly.
I figured this would be the beginning of another epic bondage game. But after being bound and gagged for the better part of an hour--all while Becca casually read a magazine on the floor as Donna and Jim writhed next to her--we were grateful when Becca untied us and called an end to the game. Perhaps it was because we had played a game only yesterday that caused us to call it quits early, but I think a main factor was that the guest room was beginning to feel very warm and claustrophobic with all of us in it together.
While we still hung out together and had fun doing other things the rest of the week, this was the last bondage game I played while staying at Aunt Jean's that summer. When I went home with my parents that Friday, I figured it wouldn't be until next summer when I got tied up again. But I would soon discover that, when it came to bondage, there was no place like home. You'll see what I mean in my next post. As always, thanks for reading.

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Sat May 01 03:32:22 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Before I sign off, I'd just like to say welcome to SamB and Jordan--I enjoyed your stories. Please post again. And welcome back to Kiaren. It's good to be reading your stuff again. I'm also happy to see so many new posters here. This site is thriving nicely. PH: superb job, as always. Mason: I'm glad to hear Bob's chat room is running again, I'll drop by sometime for a chat.

[email protected]

Sat May 1 11:47:02 EDT 1999

Hey Doug, I just got one thing to say: D**N! I'm glad you're back with us, because as you know I ALWAYS love reading your stories.

I agree with Doug, great stories from the new, and returned, posters.

And I also agree with Mason, let's stop this "slagging," it's becoming real annoying.


Sat May 01 12:04:33 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 9: Saving Private Nicole, con't

"Yahhhhh!" came Liz's war cry as she literally flew down the basement stairs. Before Emmy could react, she had bee doused with a stream of water from Liz's squirt gun. Acting out the part well, in a performance worthy of the girl who would go on to play the lead in several of our High School musicals, Emmy, groaned, staggered back, fell in a heap.
This was too much for me: Liz's war cry, Emmy's theatrics, and two of my cousins tied up and gagged in the basement of my house. Too much. I stared giggling, and it turned into an uncontrollable laugh-fest. A loud one. Chris was not happy.
"Krn! Mmmph! Mmmmmph!" he tried to say under his gag. This time, I couldn't decipher it. But I didn't even want to. I was having a fit. But Liz put a stop to it.
"Fun's over, Kiaren! Time for payback! She picked up one of the fallen Emmy's water ballons and launched it at me. My reaction was too slow, and I became a causulty of war...


Sat May 01 12:18:14 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 10: Emmy's Choice

Liz disarmed Emmy and me, and ordered us to kneel over by Chris. As losers, we obeyed, even though we could have easily taken Liz when she let down her guard to free Nicole. Once free, Nicole stormed over to us, and boy, was she ticked! You could see the steam coming off of her wet shirt!
"I am gonna kill both of you!" she growled.
"Wait, where did you..." began Emmy to Liz, but Nicole cut her off.
"Quiet, traitor." she yelled. Liz still answered though.
"Where did I come from, you mean?" Emmy nodded. "I was in your Kiaren's parent's closet the whole time. After you captured Nick, I follwed you from a distance and waited for a chance to strike."
I was disgusted at being outsmarted by Liz. But I also had a question of my own:
"Why did you tie up Chris? I asked.
"Why did you tie up Emmy?" retorted Liz.
"How did you know she was tied up?"
"Chris told us." said Nicole. "It's amazing what tickle torture can do." Chris made a noise under his gag. "Once we learned what you did to Emmy, we thought we should do it back to him."
"Now, here's my question," said Liz. "Emmy, who's side are you on. Kiaren is gonna get it with or without you. But if you're still with us, we can spare you."...


Sat May 01 14:58:13 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 10: Emmy's Choice, con't

"Wait a min..." began Nicole, but Liz put up her hand. "That's not fair!" she continued arguing. "She's with him. She deserves what he gets!"
"No." said Liz, looking directly at Emmy. "If Kiaren made her do this, well that's different. And then, he'd really be in trouble."
Nicole looked at Emmy and asked, "Is that true?", obviously hoping the answer would be yes.
Emmy looked at me, at the girls, and back at me. Then answered, in a firm, defient voice:
"I'm with Kiaren, and anything you do to him, you have to do to me." Then she looked at me with her cute little smile. She was wonderful...and foolish...


Sat May 01 15:06:17 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 11: Nicole's Revenge

"Fine." snapped Nicole. "You asked for it."
They tied our hands behind us with rope and gagged us with knotted rags. Then they freed Chris from the pole, and led all three of us upstairs and outside. Chris and Emmy were ordered to lay on the grass as Liz tied their feet. Nicole, meanwhile, led me up to the pool deck.
"You got me soaking wet twice, you brainwashed Emmy, and you broke into our safehouse. Now you pay."
I tried to argue through my gag that they broke into our safehouse first, but it didn't come out like it was supposed to. Nicole took off her shirt and shorts, revealing (don't worry) a swimsuit underneath. Then she jumped into the pool, leaving me on the side of deck, wondering what was going on. Then Liz came up behind me, and, with my clothes on, still bound and gagged, pushed me into the pool. Bummer.


Sun May 02 01:56:41 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Hey Doug! Great story as always, glad to see you back! Kiaren, great posts by you too, I forgot to mention your story in my last message.

Mase, get that arm well soon, we want more "Nicky-stories" from you. If you don't post soon I'll make you ride all the way to Perth in a Volvo!!!

[email protected]

Sat May 01 20:48:03 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 11: Nicole's Revenge, con't.

Nicole stayed with me in the pool to make sure I was OK. Or at least as OK as someone in my position could be. She led me over to the side of the pool so I could see what Liz was doing to Emmy and Chris. It wasn't pretty. Unable to move, they became easy prey for Liz as she turned on the garden hose and drenched them several times over. All I could hear was the muffled moans and cries of my cosusin and best friend. Then Nicole started splashing me.
After a while, Nicole took me out of the pool. I thought it was over. Boy, was I wrong. She brought me over to Emmy and Chris and put me in between them, just in time for Liz to do another run with her hose. I mean, at least the water in the pool was warm; the hose was freezing! Nicole's wrath was truly frightful.
Finally, Liz put the hose away and the punishment was over. Kind off...


Sat May 01 20:58:11 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 12: The Plot Winds Down

Even though they were done with the water torture, they still refused to untie us. Instead, they took us out to a clothesline pole, leaned Emmy and myself against it, and tied us to it. They also tied my feet, which until then had been free. As for Chris, they thought he had been through enough, so he was freed.
"You're real wet, guys." Nicole said, with a big smile plastered on her face. "You should dry off here before comin' inside." Then she walked away laughing. Liz follwed, glancing back and giving us
a smug little smile.
Chris left last, but before he did, he stood in front us, looking down at Emmy and myself. We were tied tightly to a post in the middle of my backyard, gagged, unable to escape, and soaking wet. It must have been quite a scene, which Emmy added to by struggling and "mmphing" to Chris, trying to convince him to free us. I joined in. Apperently, it only made the scene more humorous for him, because he snickered, turned around, and without a word, went inside...


Sat May 01 21:08:39 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 12: The Plot Winds Down, con't

So Emmy and I were left outside while Nicole, Liz, and Chris were inside doing God-knows-what. Boy, was I hoping no one could see us out there! We struggled for I while, but, realizing it was futile, decided to wait until someone came by to untie us. Until that happened, Emmy and I passed the time by trying to have a conversation.
"Krn, cn ymm gmt ommmt?" she said.
"Mmmph, mmmmph, mmmm." she said. We went back and forth like this for the rest of the time, all throughout laughing behind our gags at the absurdity of the conversation.
After about half-an-hour, Nicole and Liz came to untie us. Well, actually, just Emmy. Boy, I thought, Nicole must really be ticked. Emmy was left to untie me, and she went about it in a really strange way: she untied my feet first, then freed me from the pole, then untied my wrists, and finally took my gag out.
"You OK? she asked sweetly.
"As soon as I stretch out." I answered.
"Hmmph. And here I thought you enjoyed being tied up." I looked up at her and smiled nervously. She smiled back, and without a word, gave me a quick peck of a kiss on my forehead...


Sat May 01 21:30:00 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 13: Conclusion (finally)

About 45 minutes after obtaining our freedom, we lost it again when my parents came home. By then, we had cleaned up from our little war. In fact, the kitchen and bathroom were even cleaner than they were at the start of the day, thanks to the water!
About 20 minutes later, my father drove Liz and Nicole home. Before they left, I had some issues to clear up.
"Y'know," I said to Liz. "We really didn't break into your safehouse. You broke into ours' first. That meant we could break into yours'."
"We didn't break into yours'." she said. "Chris told us where the money was, and we stood outside the fort while he went inside and got it. It was legal."
"D'oh!" I thought to myself. Outsmarted by Liz twice in one day. How humiliating. She must have seen the look on my face, because she offered me the customary hug we give each other whenever we leave.
"Wait!" I almost shouted. "Ha! I still got you though. Only half the money was in the fort. The other half was in my room. So there!"
"Really." she said, sounding thoughtful. "Good thing we untied you so you could get it."
Then Nicole came along, with a frown on her face as she looked at me.
"Jeez" I thought. "She sure holds a grudge." Then she looked at me, and the frown was replaced by a smile. We embraced as well, and there were no hard feelings. As my father drove away, both of them waved frantically to me from the car.
Emmy left soon after. "Thanks for the great day." she said. "I had lots of fun." She wasn't the only one...


Sat May 01 21:50:55 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

Chpt. 13: Conclusion, con't

We had all promised never to tell an adult of that day (although, I don't think they'd mind what I'm doing here). I didn't worry about Emmy, Nicole, or Liz. But I had reservations about Chris. I forgot to write down that in the basement, after we had all been tied up, I looked into Emmy's eyes. They were defient...brave...brown. I could see the customary twinkle in them; the one I thought was cute both before, and even more so after, that day. But when I looked into Chris' eyes... Well, it wasn't quite a twinkle I saw. He was cool with it though.
"It was interesting." he sighed. "Do you do that often."
I thought for a moment...
"No. Not really."

The End...


Sat May 01 22:03:39 1999

The Kidnapped Cousin Caper

The final epilouge...I promise:

Whew! Glad that's finally over. Sorry it took so long, but I hope it was worth the wait. Thanks for all your kind words during the story. Zorro, Dorren, PH, Canuck, and all the rest. Thanks for keeping me on task.
I just wish that my experiences were as prolific as some of the others on this sight. PH, could you tell me the name of that summer camp? I want to learn to speak Sweedish and take a job there! Tack!
Maybe I'll get a story by next year at this time. Once a year is enough for me. I'll keep reading; you keep writing. A bientot...


Sat May 1 20:23:52 PDT 1999

This is just to say I'm glad to see a whole bunch of new posters here. It been nearly two months since I have posted so I had b etter get started on a new tale.No promise of when it will be up.
It will be about Mel's revenge on Gina and me with poor Kate from the ould sod as an innocent but none the less tied and gagged bystander...

[email protected]

Sun May 2 01:47:31 EDT 1999

Hey Dudalb,

You said that you were going to tell us another tale about your mother being tied up. We didn't forget and we're still waiting. A lot of us would love to hear it.

Charlie B
[email protected]

Sun May 02 17:19:17 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


Please read my previous posts before reading this one. (Mar 5, Mar 8, Mar 27, Apr 4)

This happened when Melbourne was going through one of the hottest periods in decades. The minimum temperature did not go below 20°C for nine days and during the day, it hovered around 38-44°C. The streets were empty and most people would stay home sitting next to their fans. Air conditioning in the home was rare in those days. Those that had jobs used the weather as an excuse to stay home, thus creating problems for employers.

Anyway, it was a hot Friday night where the temperature hovered around 22°C, my older sister Jill and I had managed to tie up my cousin Janet and her friend Christina. Jill then betrayed me and I ended up being tightly hog-tied on my little sisters (Cindy) bed.

We had been tied up for over two hours before Jill came in and we were untied. As I was being untied, Janet whispered in my ear "Don't expect to get much sleep tonight". And she was right.


Sun May 02 17:19:42 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


When Jill had finished untying us, we talked about the kidnapping. We all discussed what we liked about the game and what we disliked. Chris enjoyed it when she 'bolted' and got squirted with the super soaker as punishment, she didn't seem to enjoy the length of the game though, she thought that one hour was a good time limit. Janet told us that she enjoyed the role-playing at the beginning, although her input into the role playing wasn't as great as Chris', she, like Chris disliked the length of the game and agreed that one hour was enough. The part I enjoyed most was when I got to tie Janet up, the betrayal by Jill was the sour note of the game for me although I didn't mind being tied up. I guess you can figure out why Jill didn't dislike anything!

It was 3:00am when we had finished our little discussion, we headed off the our respective rooms to settle down and get some sleep. Since it was such a hot night, I wore just a pair of cotton shorts and a T-shirt. I climbed into bed, still worried about Janet's little comment. I was exhausted and fell asleep instantly.


Sun May 02 17:21:37 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


After what felt like two seconds, I woke up to the noise of someone walking along the hall. I was fully expecting Janet or Chris to walk into my room and kidnap me, but the footsteps just walked straight past my door, so I thought that it was one of the girls needing to go to the toilet. I drifted off back to sleep a few minutes later.

After a short little nap, I was again awoken by footsteps along the hall, this time they didn't walk past my room, they stopped outside the door. I could hear some chatter as the door slowly opened, now I was in for it.

Janet appeared at the door and turned on my bedroom light, making me shield my eyes from the bright light.

Janet > Aww, is it too bright?

Me > Turn it off!

Janet > Remember what I said earlier?

Me > What?

Janet > Don't play dumb, now either you come quietly, or do we have to resort to unnecessary measures for you to cooperate?

Me > What do you want?

Chris walked into the room at this moment.

Chris > You know what we want


Sun May 02 17:22:03 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


I thought for a while, and decided to choose the first option, fully knowing what the 'unnecessary measures' was. They ordered me off the bed and told me to put my hands out in front of me. I was a little surprised at this move, because usually the hands would be tied behind the back.

My hands were bound in front of me with some clothesline before I was marched out my room. They walked my downstairs and into the basement. They'd chosen the basement because it was a much cooler place compared with the rest of the house. It they wanted to be really cruel, they could've used the attic, but in these sorts of games, you want everyone to be feeling as comfortable as possible.

When I walked in, I heard some muffled grunts.

Chris > I suppose your wondering what those sounds are.

Me > Uh huh

Chris turned on the basement light, and I saw two figures in the corner. Jill and Cindy. I didn't expect to see Cindy there, because she wasn't involved in Janets and Chris' (and my) kidnapping. Jill was dressed in her pink pyjamas, while Cindy was dressed in her favorite dolly pjs. Janet and Chris were still dressed in their pyjamas. We were all barefoot.


Sun May 02 17:23:08 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


Both Cindy and Jill were tied to poles that supported the foundation of our house. Jill's hands were behind her back and her legs were tied at the ankle and the knees. Cindy had her hands tied above her head, the rope supported by a large hook at the top of the pole, her knees and ankles were also tied. Both were tightly cleave-gagged.

I was marched over another pole and I was tied in a similar fashion to Cindy, my hands above my head, the ropes supported by a large hook, and my knees and ankles tied firmly to the pole. Janet pulled out a bandana with a knot in the middle and tied it across my mouth, gagging me.

Chris > Well, how much do you think their old man will pay for his three kids?

Janet > Oh, I dunno. 40, 50 million.

Jill let out a huge laugh under her gag when she heard Janet's comment.

Janet > You think its funny, well, your old man has one hour to pay up, otherwisebang..your dead. Then we'll see whose laughing.

Janet and Chris walked out of the room, thus beginning our struggle.


Sun May 02 17:23:39 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


Jill was working the hardest, testing and pulling at the ropes that bound her hands. Cindy was trying to get the ropes off the hook, which was made difficult by the fact that her legs were tied down. I tried to do the same, but the hook was very high and my feet were barely touching the floor. Knowing that I couldn't get anywhere while my legs were tied, I decided to work on my ankles. I wriggled my legs left to right for some time before giving up any chance of freeing myself.

Jill, on the other hand, was still pulling furiously at the ropes, a little bit of sweat could be seen on her forehead. Cindy had given up as well, she wasn't tall enough either, to be able to reach the hook. Jill eventually gave up her losing battle and slumped forward, a sign that she was very tired indeed.

We passed the rest of the time, trying to make conversation to each other, but all the came out was mmpphing and grunts. Janet and Chris came in when the hour was up.

Janet > Well, your old man hasn't paid up, so, you know whats going to happen.

Chris produced three bandanas and blindfolded us with them. This adding to the tension that was arising. I didn't have a clue what they were up to, but I could hear some objects being moved around.

Chris > Readyaimfire!


Sun May 02 17:23:52 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999


As soon as the word fire was mentioned, I was struck in the chest by a large stream of ice cold water, I tried to avoid it, but being tied in the way I was tied, that was next to impossible. Judging from the screams by Cindy and Jill, I could tell that they were receiving the same treatment.

After what seemed like forever, the firing finally stopped. But it wasn't over yet. I heard them both walk over towards me, one of them walked behind me and undid the blindfold. What I saw shocked me. Chris was holding a bucket, filled with water, over my head.

Me > nno, nno. I was shaking my head and pleading with my eyes

All this for nothing as Chris tipped the bucket and I was hit by a waterfall of ice cold water. I began to shiver, shaking my head to get the water off. Some good came out of it, I got to see Jill and Cindy get the same treatment from them. When they were done, they untied us and gave us some towels to dry ourselves.

When we were dry and had changed our of our clothes, we met in Jill's room where we talked for a bit, discussing the highs and lows of the game. None of us enjoyed the waterfall, but we did enjoy the suspense when we were blindfolded. We talked for another half hour before we all agreed that it was late and decided to go to sleep. We all made a promise that there wouldn't be anymore games for the night, so I went to bed with the pleasure of knowing that I would get a good nights sleep!

Coming soon: The 3rd installment of this story.

As always, hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading.


Sun May 02 17:24:30 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999

Before I log off, I'd just like to compliment everyone who has posted here. Its great to see a lot of new posters around

Doug > Great to see your back. I enjoy you tales very much.

I'm also beginning to wonder what happened to dudalb. I miss his stories.

Keep up the good work.


Sun May 2 02:07:22 CDT 1999

A few months ago, I told the story of me and my then girl friend Lisa getting tied back to back by another girl Kristi. The story was titled "Tied together" (titled by Canuck)and can be found in one of the past archives on this page.
I promised at that at some point, I'd tell the tale of what lead to our tie up. I did a really crappy job of telling it and I plan to re-do it, but first I'd like to give the account of tying up Kristi.
Back in high school, I had a roleplaying game club and we played various RPGs such as Gurps, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. There were 4 boys in the group counting myself and the two girls. We would get together for a game every Friday after school.
Kristi had a bad tendency of being annoying. She would get on kicks and just bug the hell out of everyone. Sometimes she would ask "why" to everything you told her. You'd explain it and she'd follow it up with another "why." She'd do other stuff too like repeat everything you said.
One particular day, she was just really getting on my nerves. I was playing the role of the Game Master (for those of you unfamilar with Role playing games, this is the person who tells the story and serves sort of as a referree to the other players.) I had gone to a lot of trouble to put together a good adventure and Kristi's silliness was just really bringing the game down.
I told her that if she didn't knock it off, I would have her bound and gagged. I actually had always wanted an excuse to tie her up, so I was actually hoping she'd continue. Of course my threat just encouraged her to be even more annoying.

To be continued...

[email protected]

Sun May 2 10:33:18 UTC+0200 1999

Hello everyone. Just a couple of comments.

Doug, your latest story is very interesting. I wonder why George should not take more part in these stories. WOAH, let me explain! I never ever would severely tie up a 6 yo kid, but in the given situation, say, a single loop of tape around his wrists in front of him and presto- he is symbolically tied up and can get free whenever (and IFever) he wants.

Again we read about tie-ups in bare feet. Funny that noone seems to think of big toe tying together with ankle tying in such situations...

Zorro- you did not think up anything! 'Ciao' is Italian, I am Italian, I use 'Ciao'. That is all.

BTW and until next time... Ciao! ;-)

[email protected]

Sun May 02 19:42:57 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999

Ride all the way to Perth in a Volvo!!!

Oh my God, that would be a fate worse than death!

Though I suppose if I had a prettily bound and gagged damsel next to me, it might not be so bad.... (ha!)

My arm is coming out of the cast this Thursday (I hope!) - then I'll get going on the next 'Nicky' story, "Pirates of the Caribbean" - PROMISE!!!!

BTW, great to see so many new stories and posters. It's terific coming here and seeing so many new stories. Thank you all very much, everyone. Your efforts really make this site a pleasure to visit and read.

[email protected]

Sun May 02 19:00:02 Arabian Standard Time 1999

When I was about twelve years old, I went on my first camping trip with the school. We were going out into the woods for two nights, there were about 14 of us plus three female teachers and one bus driver. Now being so young, we were still at the age were boys and girls were enemies. Also as the teachers were 'girls' (if you'll excuse the expression) too. So things started off all right. The boys were playing in the woods with toy guns and the teachers and and the rest of us girls (there were only 5 of us) stayed back. All the students were wearing white tee shirts and navy blue shorts, we had kicked off our shoes and socks and were enjoying the nice feeling of the grass. The three teachers' names were Michelle, Leanne and Donna.They too were dressed as us but Leanne and Donna hadn't got round to removing their shoes. Leanne had long blonde hair and grey eyes, she was very tall, slender and a tremendous teacher. Donna was small, she had shoulder length brown curly, hair but she was by far the most athletic. Michelle was about 6'1 and she had shoulder length, straight brown hair tied back in a pony tail. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes, I was of average height and slim and athletic. Well, as I said, all was going fine with the boys away fighting and the girls back talking.


Sun May 2 11:17:37 EDT 1999

Mason, what in the world was that rambling??



Sun May 02 11:52:38 1999

Ah, welcome back, DA MAN, or should I say Brain! Remember, you posted yer name after I insulted you for the 5th time... anyhoo, unlike you, I actually experienced my stories. The reason I'm not sellin' the pic is that I only have one (I sold the other to Max, remember?). And it's MINE. the offer was a gag and I expected no one in their right minds to accept a ludicrus offer like $200 bucks. However, I did not count on Clark.
I see you haven't changed since our last encounter, Brain. Neither have I (just for the record..."back by demand"? Who the hell demanded?). So, you want a truce....you want us to be "cool".....fine. I like a guy who knows his superior (told you I didn't change!). I need no one's forgiveness, but I tire of your futile attempts to top me.
Whatever secrets I have, you won't guess them, Brain. My stories are real.....I hate phonies. So, since we're stuck with each other, stop posting untrue crap. 'Ciao DA MAN.....Brian....
Mo Ha Ha Haaa!


Sun May 2 15:28:31 CDT 1999

Will everyone PLEASE stop this "flaming"? If you will read the statements at the top of the page, you will find that there is a "Don't be abusive to others" criteria for the posts. I (and probably several other people) would appreciate it if you would obey it.


Sun May 2 17:10:14 EDT 1999


Please delete every post off of here that is flaming someone or competiting with someone. If the new contributers leave when they find out they can't use this forum for smaking and competing, then that is fine with me. Right now, I think they take away more than they add to this forum.

Charlie B
[email protected]

Sun May 02 17:59:59 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

I just want to say thanks to Jeff, PH, James, and Andy V, regarding their kind words about my recent post. Thanks, guys, your encouragement means a lot to me.
Andy V: George eventually did join our games as a full fledged "member", so to speak. How that happened was George decided himself that he wanted to take a more active role in the games as a captor (he was 9 at the time), and his older siblings agreed that if he wanted to play, then he should. Until then, George was happy to just watch.
While Donna and Shirley strictly enforced the "no-bind George" during our games, they did so by reminding us that anybody who breaks this rule would have to answer to their older brother Keith. At 15, Keith already stood at about six feet, and was built like a football player (he did, in fact, play football in high school). So nobody--and I mean NOBODY--ever tied up George until he wanted to play more actively in the games.

[email protected]

Sun May 02 16:37:33 1999

Greetings Everyone

Updates and ramblings

Concerning my wife's 'Avon Lady' stories of her
finding her customers and other adult women that
had been tied up by their kids:

Found a system that would read the disks. Two were
formatted but blank, two were unreadable, and the
other had a summary of stories, participants, etc.
I will try and post the summaries on my page.

Nice to see that Dudalb is back.

IIRC he still has stories coming about tieing up:

at least one more aunt, maybe two--his mother one
more time--Steffi"s mother--anybody else?

I agree, we do not need this petty bickering
from the new kids

I would like to add other persons' stories about
adult women being tied up by kids, [from either
the adult's or the kid's viewpoint] to my

I will not put
anything on my page without the express consent of
the author

Just e-mail your contibutions, or your permission
to use what you have already posted


[email protected]

Sun May 02 17:34:26 1999

Can someone explain to me why some HTML works here
and some doesn't

I've posted to Brian's page using exactly the same
methods i just tried in my previous post and it
came out just like I wanted it to.

Here it comes out all fubared



Mon May 03 09:49:48 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999


Several days ago, I asked in as courteous a manner as possible that this flaming war stop.

It is annoying absolutely everybody, not just myself. If you bothered to take the time to read the other posters comments, you would see that we are all becoming increasingly upset by your actions.

This is the last time, I will say it, if you have nothing nice to say, then we would all appreciate it very much if you would please stop this silly, ugly and immature flaming war. That equally applies to you too, DA MAN and anybody else involved.

I am angry and upset that I even have to write this post. THIS IS NOT MY SITE, IT IS CANUCKS. He and he alone, is the moderator here with the sole right to decide what may or may not be posted here. I hate sounding as though I am throwing my weight around but I feel that I must make a stand against this idiocy.

I agree 100% with Charlie - this has gone too far. Therefore, I am joining him in respectfully asking Canuck (whenever you read this, Canuck) to please delete each and every one of Zorro's postings as well as those posts asking this behaviour to stop. That includes this one too, by the way.

Thank you,



Mon May 3 17:45:28 PDT 1999

Maddog. I loved your site. Tying up ones mom can be a blast. Curt, you too. Great description. My mom was never so cooperative as yours. We had to sort of trick her into it. I really enjoyed the feeling of control it gave us. She was bound and gagged for about an hour and a half. I made a bal gag from an old tennis ball and nylon stocking. I did her wrists behind her with rope and then used duct tape around her fingers. I bound her ankles the same way and let her down on the floor. She was wearing jeans and a white, form fitting, open collar tennis shirt. I could hear her grunt and mmmpphh under the gag. The tape around her fingers guaranteed she'd never untie herself. It was the only time I ever bound and gagged her, and she was really mad for days. She squirmed and rolled trying to get on her feet or get some leverage but was unable to. I untied her 90 minutes later. I wish I'd had video then, too.

Vince T

Sun May 2 21:17:56 EDT 1999

My flaming is over. I could care less what Zorro says. I would agree to Canuck deleting my ignorant flaming. I apologize to everyone that was annoyed by my actions. Once again I say sorry, just stories from now on.


Mon May 03 00:41:03 1999

Wanda; prologue

"I had so much fun the other day." Wanda said to me over the phone. "I enjoyed our games as well." I told her honestly.
Wanda and I had played several tie up games in the past. The first was poolside when she was tied to the outdoor furniture. (She looked terrific in her pink one-piece swimsuit!)
Our next adventure involved the same swimsuit at the elementary school ground, I tied her on a slide that she slowly slid down.
"I was thinking, if you wanted to play some more?" I almost dropped the phone! ("Gee, let me think?) I didn't say. I kept cool.
"Sure. When do you want to get together..?"
We met at the entrance to the elementary school on the following warm summer afternoon.
"I see you did as I asked." Wanda said of my clothes. I was a little warm under my black jeans and T-shirt. "I had to buy a black T-shirt for you, when my Mom asked, 'why black?' I told her it was the style." Wanda laughed at my fib, then added; "Well you look very sinister."
"And what do you have on, a beach cover up?"
"You'll see silly."
I'm sure that if any one was watching, they would wonder why to teenage kids were walking up to school, each carrying a duffel bag over their shoulder. I knew what items were in my bag. I was very curious about Wandas'.
"This looks good." Wanda said as we got to the school playground. "Are you ready to be the Dastardly Villain?" My smile was her reply. I opened my duffel bag, then scanned the playground for ideas.
I hadn't noticed, but Wanda had taken off her sneakers, then opened her duffel bag. My mouth dropped.
"Are those boots?"
"They go great with my costume." She slid the boots on.

Max Cuff

Mon May 03 00:42:37 1999

Wanda prologue Pt. 2
It was Wandas' turn to smile as she looked me straight in the eye, reached down to the hem of her cover-up, and pulled up.
My heart leaped out of my chest.
"I made it myself." She said matter-of-factly as she snapped on a gold belt and smoothed her black shoulder length hair.
She had taken a blue leotard bottom, and sewn on a red leotard top! She made some more adjustments. "I can really move in it." With that she squealed slightly and did a cartwheel landing with her hands on her hips.
When my eyes first landed on her costume, I was somewhat worried about tying her in it for fear she would 'fall out.' (Wanda was really in great shape for being only sixteen.)
"When I first made it," she began to tell me, "it had shoulder straps. But I was able to sew some piping into it so that it stays in place." She reached into her duffel bag and pulled out a tiara.
"Umm, you look great I said." She fooled around some more with her duffel bag and pulled out a long sheet.
"I made this for you." A long black cape tied around my collar. Putting it on, I felt like the sinisterWhat?
"You're the evil Nazi silly." She stepped forward and adjusted my cloak. "And I am WANDA WOMAN!"

Max Cuff

Mon May 03 00:43:58 1999

Wanda Woman! Pt. 1
I laughed. Looking back, I think it was a nervous laugh to break the spell I was now under. Thinking quickly, I adopted my best German accent.
"So, zee amazing Vanda Voo-man as once again entered zee Fader-land."
"That's right!" Wanda Woman placed her fists confidently on her hips. "I'm going to stop your mad plans of world conquest!" She placed her boots in an intimidating stance.
"Perhaps you vish to begin with our rocket program? One of them is being readied now." I motioned to one of the gray metal jungle gyms behind her. It stood about ten feet or so, had a ladder inside it, and some metal sheets welded to parts of it here and there. "I'm going to stop you!" Wanda Woman said confidently.
Wanda Woman then turned around to take in the evil technology
I reached forward and pulled off her golden belt! Wanda spun back around in mock horror. I held the belt in one hand high over my head.
"You've taken my magic belt! I loose all of my powers when it is removed!" Wanda Woman rushed me, but I was able to hold her at bay. I produced a slipknot and quickly bound her wrists.
"Since you are so interested in our rockets, I vill show you how it verks"

Max Cuff

Mon May 03 00:44:47 1999

Wanda Woman Pt.2
I was able to lead Wanda Woman up to the rocket. I motioned her to walk out on to one of the horizontal metal platform which was part of the 'launch pad.'
"Zee rocket is most ingenious no?" I continued in my best German accent. "You see Zis is an access panel." I loosned the slipknot slightly and slid Wanda's slender wrist back around the rocket. Making a quick rope cuff, her right hand was tied to one of the metal polls that mad up the rocket.
"And Ziss side," I moved her left wrist around to the other side. "Keeps zee rocket balanced for flight..." Both wrists were now secured.
"You'll never get away with this!" I stepped back to gather more rope.
"Brave words Freuline, but useless. I then wrapped her booted ankles to there own part of the rocket. Wanda Woman's legs were slightly spread to give her some stability to stand.
Wanda Woman was now struggling to get free. Her wrists were at the 9 and 3 O'clock position, her torso shifted this way and that.
"Ahhh, such movement may upset zee rocket in flight!" I grabbed more rope and began to wrap it around her trim waist. Wanda giggled as she sucked her stomach in slightly so that the rope would be that much tighter.
Wanda continued to struggle, I noticed that she was intent on using her right hand to reach the knots.
"Struggling is useless! Admit it, the great Vanda Voo-man done in by the superior German Nation!" Wanda Woman continued to struggle. She shifted her weight off one foot, to gain better reach and access to the knots holding her right wrist.
It was then that I realized my mistake! Wanda would indeed, given time, loosen the knot. I tried another tactic.
"If you give up now, I may be able to convince zee Furor to spare your life." Wanda stopped struggling for a moment and leveled her gaze.
"Some day you will learn how wrong you are!" She then went back to the knots.
I started a count down;
"10, 9, 8"

Will Wanda Woman escape??

Max Cuff
[email protected]

Mon May 3 14:14:30 CDT 1999

This happened a couple of years ago. I was 20 at the time. My brother had asked me to help babysit his kids Nate (12) and Nicolle(11). He was going to be gone for a whole day and had lined up a sitter to watch the kids for most of that time, but she had to be home by a certain time and I was going to take over.

I wasn't doing much that day, so I decided to go over to the house an hour early. When I walked in, I heard voices coming from the basement. I walked very quietly down the steps with the intention of surprising them. When I reached the bottom, I heard the babysitter's voice coming from one of the rooms, pleading with the kids to let her go. I wondered what they were doing, so I sneaked over to the door, which was only open a crack, and looked in.


Mon May 3 14:29:06 CDT 1999

I immediately recognized the babysitter, Her name was Kalli. She was 3 years behind me in school, which would have make her about 17. She was very cut. She had brown hair, hazel eyes and was about 5'-6" tall. She was frequently in the local paper because of her involvement in high school sports.

The kids had somehow managed to tie her down to a long bench. Her legs were held down by rope that started at her ankles and wound its way up to her hips. A couple more pieces of rope were tied around her chest. I couldn't see her hands, but it looked like they were tied together underneath the small of her back, arching it up slightly. The kids must have done a good job because she didn't seem able to wiggle loose.


Mon May 3 19:44:34 PDT 1999

I have to agree that Zorro should be banned from this site. He seems to want to do nothing but start flame wars. A little kidding is OK but Zorro has gone too far.Canuck, please take away his flamethrower!


Tue May 04 00:06:53 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

Finish the story, please!!!


Tue May 04 02:45:39 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Welcome Doug! I agree with you, I would like to read more of TD's story, as well.
As far as the flaming is concerned, my mother had a very simple rule which I still abide by: If you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, then don't say anything.
However, it does appear as if a detente in the flame wars has been reached, so here's hoping it lasts.
Dudalb: Good to see you back. Post something soon.

[email protected]

Wed May 5 06:18:28 PDT 1999

Vince, Outstanding description. My neighbor and I tricked Mom into letting us tie her up. We told her it was a school project -- a film I had to do for school. I said I was filming a kidnapping. Mom had come home from work and was still in uniform. She was an Army NCO, administration, and was still in her dress greens. Mom was wearing slacks instead of the skirt, but had on 1" heels. I sat her down in a desk chair and pulled her hands behind her. I crossed them and tied them securely with rope, then looped the remainder of the clothesline (about 35 feet) around her upper body, pulling it taut and tying it off to the chair. Max did the same with her feet using about 10 feet of line we had. Max took one of his mom's nylons and placed a rubber ball inside. He placed the ball in Mom's mouth and tied the nylon tightly around the back of her head. We then proceeded to "film" mom as she struggled and groaned under her bonds. I could see Max was excited and couldn't stop staring. The ropes had pulled Mom's uniform tightly to her. We let her go after 20 minutes or so. She never did ask to see the film.


Tue May 04 16:20:55 1999

My, my....Mason...Dudalb...Maddog..I love it how everyone gangs up on me. If you bas...er...nice people would just go back a little, DA MAN actually started with me a few times.

When someone starts with me, I'll finish.

Just for the record, all of my stories are true. I wouldn't waste my time typing them if they weren't true, unlike some people (like MAN).

No one likes me here. Everyone wants to delete every word I've said, even my stories! FOUL!
The thing was, I was sorta gettin' bored of this site, although it's great....even thinking of leaving, like everyone wants....

That's why I won't. Don't you love reverse psychlogy?
As long as NO ONE insults me, my "flaming" will cease. Maybe. But deleting my stories would be hypocritical, since DA MAN's are a lot more sexually intense, and he doesn't get booted off. All he has to do is type a pansy "I'm sorry, guys", meanwhile, all pounce on me. Fine. Life always kicks me in the yahoos.
I'll be back, with another story, like it or not. I hope Canuck will care to actually look at BOTH sides of this fued.
Like mold and Star Trek re-runs, I shall return..'Caio.

You guys gotta admit.....I am kinda funny.


Tue May 4 18:22:56 EDT 1999

Zorro, like many jokes in this world, if you hear them more than once, they become annoying. And here's the thing about this flaming, yes, you and DA MAN got into it in the beginning. If I remember correctly BOTH of you started it with each other. And in case you didn't realize, we're not blaming you for it all, just your more recent comments. DA MAN disapeared for a while, while you continued to run your mouth, sometimes it seemed as if I was on Zorro's board, not Canuck's. Then "DA MAN" comes back, apologizes, and what do you do? You jump on him again with your mouth and insults or whatever it is you said. And another thing, about Canuck, you said you hope he looks at both sides of it? In case you couldn't read other people's posts, we said delete ALL the flaming. That means yours, DA MAN's, and any others. You want to post more stories? Go right ahead, that's not the point. We don't have anything against you other than your seemingly out of control mouth. You get the point yet? We come here to read stories, not arguments.


Tue May 4 21:04:32 CDT 1999

While I am opposed to the "flamings", I also see no reason to get so hostile about it. There is no point in wasting so much bandwith on the subject. I am assuming we are all at least somewhat mature, so let's act like it.
By the way, great story you started there, Max Cuff, please finish it.


Wed May 05 04:50:01 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Hello all!
Good stories lately, somewhat lower grades given on the discussion...
I was just back from watching one of my favourite
comedies on TV, actually I had taped it and saw it later...
I was laughing and having such a great time when !!!-agh! Commercials appeared.
Then I found the FFW-button on my remote-control.
Skipping the "nuisance" in a second, I could go on
watching my choice of entertainment.
Ignoring what "bugs" you might make it go away faster than if you adress it...

[email protected]

Wed May 5 21:27:09 PDT 1999

Ron, thanks for the story. I've looked back over the past year's worth of postings, and there are quite a few about tying "Mom" up. I agree that the best part is the transfer of power in the relationship. I really liked watching my mom tied up and gagged, struggling and mmmpphhhhing. The fact she was really hacked at me but couldn't do anything about it made it better (for the short term anyway). I had friends on the block who claimed to have tied their moms up, too. Seems like a common thread there.

Vince T

Wed May 05 00:38:43 1999

Hi everybody

I think I finally have my site formatted pretty
much the way I want it

As you probably know, I am a big fan of adult
women being tied by kids

Right now all I have on my site are the few
childhood stories I could piece together, some
scene like unrelated memories, the summary of "the
avon lady" stories my now ex-wife and I were going
to do, and lots of room for contributions

If anyone would like to contribute stories dealing
with adult women being tied and gagged by kids, or
give me permission to use a story that has already
been posted, please e-mail me.

I will not post any story without the author's

The stories can be from either the kid's or the
woman's perspective

To prevent any flame wars or other unpleasantness,
I will do all the posting to my site

Hoping to hear from you


[email protected]

Wed May 5 10:16:10 EDT 1999

Listen Zorro. You are missing the point when you say that you want Cunuck to look at your side of the fued. We don't want to look at any fued. Take your damn fued somewhere else. All your stories include voilence. Obviously, you like to fight, and are trying to use this page for that.

Knock off the violence and the fueding and you will be welcome. If you keep it up, I hope Cunuck drives you out of here.

Charlie B
[email protected]

Wed May 05 18:10:02 Central Daylight Time 1999

Tape & Escape--part 1 This story took place in my 8th grade year at the tender age of 14.Of course i'm only 18 now but hey i was younger.Anyway myself and a group of other kids in the neighborhood invented a game called tape & escape during the summer.basically the rules consisted of two teams of two taking on each oter by taping each other up and seeing with the help of a clock who could escape the fastest. we were all about the same age and all of us had big mouths that stated we were the second coming of Harry Houdini so the competions were all very heated. the most memorable for me occured one steaming hot day in June when my friend robert & i faced off in the finals of a tape & escape tournament against two more neighborhood boys named Anthony & Michael. I was probably the best in the neighborhood at taping people up,and robert was equally as good at escaping so together we formed a very dominate team,but anthony and Michael were well rounded at all trades and not so much of a 2-part team like we were.plus,they were known for not just beating people but also making them remember the experience very well.

[email protected]

Wed May 05 18:30:16 Central Daylight Time 1999

Tape & escape---part 2 This game took place at Anthony's house due to the fact that they were a higher seed in the tournament giving them home-house advantage. They won the coin toss that determines the order of the game and decided to tape us up first.probably because they were in no hurry to allow me to do my handiwork on them. anyway,we were both wearing silk soccer shorts and t-shirts as we were led into Anthony's room and sat on his bed waiting for them to do their worst,suddenly however we were thrown a curve ball."Take off your shirts."ordered Anthony.Now granted that doesn't sound too bad to a lot of you but robert & i were a little plmp at the time and didn't like to show off our physiques.Anthony & Michael knew this,they took gym with us and knew we hated to change in front of other people and especially swimm during p.e. in those damn speedos that coach said were for hydro-dynamics(the old b#%*h was probably gay!)and they both made fun of us relentlessly. We protested at first but they told the ref that it was because the tape wouldn't stick to our shirts as good as just plain flesh.the ref said it was allowed so rather than forfeit we obeyed their order. We both turned pink in ythe cheeks from blushing and noticing that they talked crap to us the whloe time.

You know

Wed May 05 18:50:58 Central Daylight Time 1999

Any how the told us to face each other after taping our hands tightly behind our backs and securing our arms to our sides.all the while the sounds of duct tape being unrolled filled the room.as we faced each other theh laughed at their work thus far,especially the fact that taping around our chests made it look like we had tits because our chests sagged over the tape. they added more tape over the top of our chests to get the full "bra" effect as i believe they called it before beginning to tape us together face to face. soon all that was visable of us were a glimpse of my white shorts & robert's red ones that peeked out from under black duct tape. By this time we had been pushed onto the bed and rolled around while they decided who should be on top.Finally they taped us to the bed with me on top of robert. we insulted them the whole time until theygot angery after one of our drives and decided to shut us up. first they stuffed twinkeys in our mouths (tickling our exposed bare feet with a feather to get us to open our mouths,the whole time using every fat joke in the book. once we were stuffed to their satisfacion( they fed us each a box!)They filled our mouths (Which were a mess of creme filling with bandannas and tightly taped over our mouths several times. We mmpppphhhhed in dissaproval as we squirmed helplessly. They laughed in satisfaction as anthony said " Now they'll really get to know each other well."

Are you blind?

Wed May 05 19:17:31 Central Daylight Time 1999

For the last step they tickled us for a bit longer & then left the room.we looked into each others eyes & tried to speak to each other but that wasn't gonna happen. Struggling wildly we tried to get free but we were so hot,sweaty, & tired from the whole ordeal that we had gone through earlier that we didn't fare to well. the ref came in every once & a while to make sure we were okay but would leave as soon as he checked us out. To make matters worse the bastards had left vanilla ice music playing in the room.Hadn't we been tortured enough?After about an hour i managed to free my mouth and used my regained gift to peel the tape off Robert's mouth.We could now communicate but still couldn't move.After being taped up for about an hour and a half we gave up and were released by the ref. gatering our shirts and putting them back on we knew that we would have to make Anthony & Michael give up to tie the game(no pun intended)and force a tie-breaker.As we wiped the damn creme filling off our mouths and cheeks we watched them enter the room with a smile on their faces. We were past ready to return the favor. Let me know what you think of the story and if the response is good i'll let you all know how it ended. This is my first time actually writing something for this site so i hope you all like it. Awesome site guys!But can't we all just get along! More stories, Less fighting!

don't ask.

Wed May 5 21:04:26 CDT 1999

Great story, Josh! Having been one of those "chubby" kids myself, I can definitely sympathize.
As for the "fueding" (it's actually spelled feuding, by the way), I have to agree. Everybodies welcome if the don't start a fight. Now can we all PLEASE just let it go?


Hey everybody

I was thinking about this kids tieing up adult women thing and have a hought or two to run up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes

I think women of my mother's generation were conditioned by the movie serials of the depression. Those serials were full of tied up women. But it was always in a make believe situation. Perhaps the young teenage girls watching those offerings came to see a woman being tied up as acceptable in a DID situation.

Jump ahead twenty to twentyfive years, these girls are now the mothers of the baby boom

Their sons want to play the natural boy type games and the mothers go along with it. Now they are the DIDs they watched those years ago.

Their daughters are watching and probably also taking part. They see that their mothers do not have a problem with being tied up, so it becomes acceptable to them.

Jump ahead another fifteen to twenty years, these baby boomer girls are now the mothers of another generation of boys who like to play games

Since these women played the same type of games as girls, and saw their mothers also playing them, they have no problem with it

Dudalb's and, probably some other posters, mother is a baby boomer about my age, my oldest is about Dudalb's age

It would be interesting to know if their mothers and grandmothers were ever tied up as i postulated above

This is blind post, hope it all makes it


[email protected]

Thu May 06 16:40:54 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time) 1999

Great stories recently, good work by all posters.

This page is getting really big so if Canuck can archive soon, it'd be much appreciated.


Thu May 06 13:40:38 Central Daylight Time 1999

Thanks dorren.As promised here is the conclusion of the story.First we secured their hands tightly behind their backs and proceded to tape them together back to back and finished the job by taping up their ankles.next we balled up every twinky wrapper in the damn room and forced them into their mouths via tickle torture on their bare feet.next we covered their mouths with about half a roll of duct tape.they couldn't even let out a mmmppphhh.but you could hear the crackling of the wrappers in their mouths which was damn funny. I bet they wished they hadn't used those twinkys on us at that point. Then we left them to struggle as we had a drink and waited. as we drank some pepsi the ref asked us why we hadn't made them go shirtless which we thought was a dumb question since they were buff jocks. I mean really, like that would have bothered them. the ref returned from checking on them and told us they were still on the bed where we had left them.we finished explaining to the ref why jocks aren't shy about their bodies,it took a while to do so because the ref was so dumb and then after checking on them a second time he told us that they were getting loose. it had only been 24 min.we weren't going to let them get away with what they'd done to us that easily so we filled a bucket with ice water & entered the room bucket a blassing and hauled ass,so much for their designer shirts & jeans.I hope they were drip dry. I guess you could say wthey won the battle but we won the war on that occasion.Anyway,they weren't too thrilled about that turn of events especially since anthony's room looked like the set of waterworld,so they vowed revenge. personally i think anthony was just upset that his room was a little cleaner,ha,ha.In any event the summer was far from over and their plan for revenge was put into acton only about a week later.It turned out to be a turn of events none of us would ever forget. I'm out of time now so i'll post that story later. P.S. I'm interested to know

I'm gonna slap you.

Thu May 06 13:41:32 Central Daylight Time 1999

What's the best way to gag someone? Is there a more effective way than what was done to us?(see the first parts of Tape & Escape)You guys are the experts so If anyone can answer that it would be all of you.(experts=you)Please reply! thank you for your time! This site is great! Josh---the best damn taper in the business today!

Now i'm pissed off!
I got cut off!

Thu May 6 13:44:12 CDT 1999

OK. Here's the rest of my story.

Kalli ordered the kids to let her go, but they just laughed at her. Nicolle knelt down by her side and poked a finger between two of the buttons on her shirt. Kalli immediately started giggling. Nate asked Nicolle what she was doing and Nicolle reponded that she was tickling Kalli's bellybutton. Nate must have liked the idea, because he tried tickling her too. He must not have been able to fit his fingers through the same hole, so instead he just pulled her shirt loose from her pants and pushed it up so that all of her stomach was showing. It had the same tan as her face and arched up as it was, it was flat and tight. I could see that Nicolle still had her finger wiggling around inside Kalli's navel as Nate started tickling other parts of her belly with all his fingers. Kalli screamed with laughter and I could see the muscles of her stomach flexing with each laugh.

This went on for several minutes as Kalli continued to fight to free herself with no luck. Then the 2 kids paused for a moment, apparently to let Kalli catch her breath, then Nate started using one finger to test the different areas of Kallis belly, letting the finger wiggle on each area for just a moment. He continued this for a few minutes and from what I could see, Kalli's most ticklish areas were on either side, halfway between her navel and side, and an area about an inch below her bellybutton.

When Nate finished, Nicolle said she liked to tickle Kalli's bellybutton. Kalli begged her not to tickle her there again, but Nicolle re-inserted her finger into Kalli's round innie and continued probing and wiggling her finger around for the next few minutes, until Nate told her to let Kalli catch her breath.

Looking at my watch, I realized that I must have been standing there for over 30 minutes. I walked back upstairs and slammed the door to make it sound like I'd just arrived, then walked around for a minute calling for the kids. After a minute, the kids came w


Thu May 6 14:05:05 CDT 1999

Oops. I didn't realize I'd run out of room.

After a minute, the kids came walking up the stairs. I asked them what they'd been doing and they said they were just playing downstairs with Kalli. A minute later, Kalli came upstairs. Her face was very red and covered with sweat. I noticed that the bottom buttons on her shirt was still open. I asked her if that was a new fasion. If possible, she turned even redder. I paid her and she left to walk home.


Thu May 06 17:48:28 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Good story, TD.
I finally got some free time, so I thought I'd drop by Bob's chat room today. However, when I went there, I got a notice from Tripod informing me that the link was defunct. Anybody know if Bob's page is still around?

[email protected]

Fri May 07 13:59:03 1999

"Not him again!" a visitor of this site says as they read. "Why won't Zorro just die?!"
Anyway, I read the strong words from Jeff and Charlie B. And, in a pathetic attempt to change opinion about me, I'll say some out of character stuff.
To Andy V, Q, Clark and Eric Dobson: thanks for not hating me and actually making me feel welcome here. Sorry for the hoax, Clark. You guys are cool by me.
To everyone else: my true tales aren't ALL violent....just 90% of them.
Yeah, I shoot my mouth and make jokes, but it's what I do. Live with it. If no one insults me first, my flame wars will cease.
Like it or not, I will be back with another story. And maybe if you all pray real hard, I will actually die.....heh. 'Ciao.


Fri May 7 14:48:05 CDT 1999

Well, now that the issue of "flame wars" is, if not settled, then at least over with, might I suggest we all drop the topic. There's no point in wasting more time and effort on it.
BTW, great story TD!


Fri May 7 16:30:49 EDT 1999

Hey Zorro, I'm glad you seem to have finally gotten the point. I knew why you were doing what you did, I'm pretty much the same way. The only problem I had was that: 1. The rest of us had to listen to it. and 2. You seemed out of control. I always welcome your stories, they were actually pretty cool. And Zorro, suggestion next time, if someone insults you, just leave 'em alone, and let the rest of us yell at him for flaming. I'll make sure it happens :)


Sat May 8 00:48:56 UTC+0100 1999

I only just found this site last week ...and im still battling to catch up on the archives...hehe
Well any way I still haven't finished with that.

I wasn't going to write in....but after an interesting experience tonight I thought I might (I just need to share it with some one) .

Anyway I was at my friends house, and him and his older (married) brother "Jerry" were across the road helping some friend's with a gate .
I went across to join them .

before i go any further i must tell you about the people and their relationships .
(no real names of course)
My friend "Bob" and his 2 brothers "Jerry" and "Shaun" . Well "Shaun had gone out with people we were helping's daugher "Amy"(2 years ago, but she was trying to get back with him).
Anyway after we fixed the gates, "Shaun" arrived and naturally "Amy" came outside and we were all just hanging out . Any way we were about to go back to "Bob's" house and "Amy" went and stood with her back to the middle of the gates (where both meet), she folded her arms through the bars, behind her. And said if any one wanted to leave we would have to get through her . I tried a few times to pull the gates open with her standing there but I couldnt, so I went around to the fence and promptly climbed over it (its about 5 feet high). I went around behind her and grabbed on her arms, pulling them away from her (backwards) I just held them there for a minute or 2, now I was expecting her to try get away, but she didnt (nor did she even say anything).

Now I must remind you there was a group of us (including her parents , and ex boyfriend (they were sort of together by the end of this evening)) were all standing there, quite close chatting .

So now Im thinking, could "Amy" have been enjoying this, and could she be a possible candidate for some "tie-up-games" ?? any thoughts?

I really like this girl, she is about 5 foot 10,
short blonde hair in a bob, about 100-110 pounds (a really superb figure). Do any of you have any


Sat May 8 01:32:15 UTC+0100 1999

Sorry, last post was about 20 characters too long . What I was asking was, have any of you got any ideas on how ( if engaged in a semi-private conversation with her) to bring up the subject of tying up etc...???


Sat May 08 01:33:22 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Summer Camp, chapter three
The Great Abduction, part I

The evening of "The Hi-jacking"- day was spent in our cabin, where we discussed what had happened, and what we would do to retaliate. During a bus-ride back to the camp, our entire team from the Pine-cabin had been hi-jacked by our enemies, the Birch-team. Two of the girls in our team, Maria and Helen had been kidnapped and taken away on the bus. The rest of us had been left beside the road, tied hand and foot, and gagged. We had escaped quite quickly, and later we had to pay, as ransom, our entire supply of sweets and cookies to get the girls released.

Lotta and Carina, the camp-councilors at our cabin, said that the enemies now had a good lead in the race for points, and eventual victory, that was fought between our two teams. On the last day of our stay at the summer camp, a treasure-hunt would be staged, and that would be decisive in our race for victory. Lotta and Carina told us that they no longer could participate too much in what we did to fight our enemies. The councilors would act as referees in the treasure-hunt.

We stayed awake late that evening. Joe and I sat in the recreation-room together with Maria and Helen and talked about what we should do. Both girls wanted revenge for being kidnapped earlier. They told us the kids from the enemy-team had been fairly nice to them during their stay as hostages. They had been tied to chairs and blindfolded during their stay for about two hours. There were two girls from the enemy-team that had been a little nasty. Victoria and Lisa had held a grudge against Maria and Helen from the start, and while the girls had been tied up, the other two had tickled and teased them until Patrick, the male councilor had stopped them. We decided to try and kidnap Victoria and Lisa the next evening, however we wouldnt let anyone else know about our plan, or we might be stopped.

[email protected]

Sat May 08 01:37:00 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Great Abduction
part II

Victoria and Lisa were two very self-centered girls, who thought they were the beauty-queens of their school and this camp. Any competition from "outsiders" like Maria and Helen was seen as an act of war. Thats why these two pairs hated each other from the first day. Victoria had long, blonde hair, a little curly and often held back by a simple ribbon. Lisa was dark and looked a little exotic for a Scandinavian girl. Both girls were very snoopy and liked to listen in on any conversation. During lunch the next day we "accidentally" mentioned that we would sneak out after "lights out" and go to the beach for a little swim "au naturelle". We would meet there at midnight, we agreed. We noticed between giggles how Victoria and Lisa made eyes at each other, and we knew we had them hooked. Earlier that day, Patrick had told all of us how he and another guy had stolen the clothes from some night-swimmers a few years before. We knew that they would try to do the same. Now it was all a matter of getting out un-detected

"Lights-out" at the camp was usually around eleven in the evening. For those of you not familiar with Scandinavian summers, I can tell you the nights are very short. The sun sets around ten in the evenings and comes up again at about three. The summer-nights are never entirely dark. As the cabin had become silent, except for some snoring, we sneaked out through our respective windows. Joe and I met Helen and Maria behind the cabin. It was a bit chilly, so we wore jeans and sweaters and sneakers. We took the path down to the beach, and started our preparations.


Sat May 08 01:38:22 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Great Abduction
part III

We had brought some extra clothes and put them in a pile on the beach. Some items of clothing were then put at a random path towards the small wooden shed at the end of the beach. This shed was used for storing the canoes and other stuff used at the beach. We had already prepared some rope and other useful things in the shed. We sat down to wait for our prey.

After about half an hour Lisa and Victoria came sneaking out of the woods. They wore jeans and sweaters just as we did. They stopped and saw the pile of clothes on the beach, then the line of odd socks and t-shirts stretching towards the shed. They giggled, pointed and whispered between them. Imagine what they thought we were doing in the shed! They slowly advanced to the side of the shed, and we hid behind a pile of old junk and started making noises that would make the two "snoops" even more interested.

Lisa and Victoria entered the shed and shouted:
-What are you naughty kids up to!?
They thought they had surprised us doing something very forbidden, but stopped dead as they discovered a completely different scene. We jumped out behind them and grabbed them by the arms. I grabbed Lisas right arm while Maria took hold of her left. Joe and Helen grabbed Victoria.
-What are you two doing here snooping around, Helen said.
-But we th, Victoria started, but the sentence was cut off as she was forced to the ground, her arms pinned behind her. We did the same to Lisa, and as they began understanding they had been caught, we started tying them up. They struggled quite well, but the element of surprise was in our favour.


Sat May 08 01:39:30 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Great Abduction
part IV

After ten minutes of good handiwork, both girls were on the ground, hands tied behind them and lashed securely to the small of their backs. Their ankles were tied together and they were blindfolded. With our prisoners helpless, we could relax. We sat them up and proceeded to tie their arms and legs. They protested angrily, but it was not time for gags yet. We would play a little game of "questions and answers" first. We placed them with their backs to the wall and secured them by tying their upper-bodies to one of the horizontal beams in the wall. We placed a low and long wooden crate before them, and placed their legs on that. With great satisfaction, we removed their sneakers, and then secured their bare feet by tying them down to the end of the crate. By now both our prisoners were very quiet, understanding what was ahead of them.

We started the interrogation by asking them why they had come to the beach to spy on us, and other different questions. When they didnt produce satisfactory answers we tickled their feet. Much to our joy they were both very ticklish, and soon we had them squirming, pulling at the ropes that held them tied and cursing us for what we did to them. Our questions now became concentrated on the treasure-hunt tomorrow. We wanted to know what their teams strategy was, and if they had any special tricks lined up for our team. They tried to evade our questions for long, but after a long period of intensive tickling, they couldnt take it any more. They revealed what we wanted to know, and we, nice as we were, stopped tickling them.

We started discussing what to do with them. Our discussion was interrupted all the time by comments from Lisa and Victoria. Comments very usual coming from girls in their situation like:
-Oh youre soo dead!
-Well get you for this!


Sat May 08 01:41:24 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Great Abduction
part V

Some more tickling quickly made them silent. We made them suffer a little psychological torture as well as we discussed different ways of leaving them tied up to be found by their friends. Maria and Helen strongly pushed for them to be left tied up and completely naked, to be found by all the others in the camp. This would of course had been very funny as a joke on them, but we had to consider what would come as retaliation from their team. We decided on a more human way of embarrassing our prisoners.

We undid the ropes that tied their feet and legs and made them stand up. We undid their blindfolds and gagged them instead, using rags pushed into their mouths and secured by the former blindfolds. With their hands tied behind them and still barefoot we marched them out of the shed and back towards the camp. The interrogation and tickling-session had taken nearly two hours, and now the sun was on its way up, and the morning-birds sang happily as we led our tied and gagged prisoners through the woods. In the middle of the camp was the flag-pole, and we tied them back-to-back to it. We tied long ropes around their upper bodies, legs and feet and then left them there to be found by the first risers in a few hours.

Although they were gagged, they might have managed to produce enough sounds to alert someone, but I believe they were too embarrassed and didnt want anyone to see them. We watched them from our cabin, as they struggled with the ropes holding them firmly to the flag-pole. After just under two hours someone in their cabin came out on the porch and saw the interesting pair by the flag-pole. Soon the whole camp was awake, gathering around Lisa and Victoria. The kids pointed and laughed and after a long period someone thought of taking off their gags. Soon they were free and very embarrassed told their friends what had happened. The coming treasure-hunt would be very interesting for our two teams in the fight for final vict


Sat May 08 01:44:28 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

oops! Lost the final words of the last sentense:
"The coming treasure-hunt would be very interesting for our two teams in the fight for final victory in the game"

So there it is.

And welcome to the site, Jon! I'm glad you enjoyed the stories here. Even though we (some of us) seem a little crazy we're all nice guys!


Fri May 7 20:31:49 PDT 1999


After my Saint Patricks day revenge on Melissa (The story is in the March Archives) I knew that Mel would get even with Gina and Iprobably in kind. I also knew that Mel would want to get us both at the same time so we could see each others punishment. But Both Gina and I also knew that her revenge would be mildMel was not a cruel or mean person. She would see it more in the light of a practical joke contest.
Mel did tease us about it. She would drop hints that at School in England she had learned a few things about tying people up, and we need not fear she wouldnt do a competent job on us come Judgment day. (Indeed she would) She dropped hints about how something other then just a retaliatory binding and gagging was on tapbut Melissa would not give any details. She just told us she would get her own back---and then some. As you Yanks say, What goes around Comes around.
Mel struck around the end of April. And managed to take us both by surprise. And we had some company
As well although Melissa did not inflict full punishment on the third victim. Mel considered her to be an unfortunate who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Poor Kate...


Fri May 7 20:33:39 PDT 1999

Kate was still another European transplant whose parents were Computer professionals from Ireland ( The Republic) on a Three year assignment to Silicon Valley. We had a lot of people on 2 and 3 year assignments in our town, it was within commuting distance of both San Francisco and the Silicon valley and had reasonably priced housing and good schools. Short multiyear assignments seem to be a way of life in the computer industry. Kate had the full Irish accent (Limerick to be exact), a great of sense of humor, through somewhat drier then Mels, and she was not quite as big a fan of practical jokes as Mel was. Kate looked a little like a teenage Vicki Lewis on Newsradio, complete with long red hair. One of her talents was as a mimic. . Within a few weeks of her arrival she could pass as an American if she wanted to. A few weeks after they met, she surprised Gina with a remarkably accurate version of Ginas Chicago accent. And picking up Mels British accent was no problem. Kate and Mel became great friends. But that did not save Kate from Mel when in her game\prank-playing mode.
All four of us were on a committee for the Junior Class End of year party. (It was not precisely a dance).
We were on the decoration and prop committee. My artistic talents were limited but I was good with tools and had a strong back. Mel was a good artist, Gina was taking drafting as part of her preparation for studying engineering in college, and Kate had a good eye for color (Melissa was more of a sketch artist). We made a pretty good team. Mel and Kate was the artistic half, Gina and I handled the more mechanical chores. So when Mel proposed we meet at her house to get some stuff done Gina and I thought that revenge had been postponed and this would be a business meeting. A major tactical error. We also thought that Kate being there would eliminate the possibility of Mel taking revenge that day.(Mel had mentioned that her parents would be out that afternoon.) What we forgot was what Mel was like in


Fri May 7 20:44:30 PDT 1999

What we forgot was what Mel was like in game/prank mode.

When involved with a game or prank Mel totally got involved. She really loved it when the game involved Role-playing of some sort. I found this out the first time she got involved in a game of Dungeons and Dragons at a mutual friends house. We were an informal group, which met to play D and D on a semi-regular basis. (Gina was a member as was Steffi, which was odd considering how reserved Steffi could be.) We had fun but did not take the role playing aspect of the game too seriously. We did not act out characters. But Mel was different. When she played her character of Brianna the Sorceress she BECAME
Brianna the Sorceress and would not drop character during the game. She would have been great at a Renfair or in Living History. As it was she carried this fondness for role-playing over into other games or pranks when required or possible. We should have remembered this.
I got there first. Gina had called to say she would be delayed about half an hour. Kate dropped by my house on the way to Mels (needless to say my proudly Irish American Mom liked Kate) and biked on over to Melissas. We locked our bikes and went in the door.
Be out in a minute chaps Mel shouted. Kate and I took off our backpacks and waited. I had on trunks and a shirt, Kate a pullover blue shirts and jeans. Melissa stepped out Hi, chaps she said. Lets go into the Family room!. The Family room was a large multipurpose room. I was familiar with it from when I tutored Mel in US History. We stepped in and I saw two Kitchen chairs there---the kind used in our games when a chair tie was in order. Alarms now went off. But it was too late. I felt a stream of water hit my back and I turned around. And Mel stood there with a supersoaker. Time to get my own back, dudalb! she said.


Fri May 7 20:49:31 PDT 1999

She then pointed it at Kate. Sorry, but youre in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kathleen. Dont worry, you wont get what Dud and Gina have coming to them. I ll. just tie and gag you to keep you from helping them out. Kate looked surprised.
You are really going to tie me up and gag me, Mel? I havent been tied up since I was ten years old playing cops and robbers.
I promise it wont hurt Kate. Now please go lie on the couch face down. Kate gave a sigh and said, Sure, this will be interesting, went over to the couch and lied down on the couch with her face down.
As for you, Dud, sit in the chair and put your hands behind it. As I did so Mel reached in a large sack and brought out a piece of clothesline. You should be flattered, dudalb, I bought this clothesline and cut it down to the right size especially for you and your Chicago Lady Gangster partner. Lucky I bought enough to take care of a unfortunate bystander as well as you two. Mel then proceeded to tie my hands behind the chair. Within a minute of when she started I wondered if tying people up is a course at British Schools. Mel did an excellent job, as good as any of the regulars in our games. I wondered what the rest of her revenge would be.

[email protected]

Fri May 7 20:55:41 PDT 1999

I was pretty busy back in april and only scan this page and read the stories, now the comments. But while posting my story tonigh i See a subject came up back in april on which I guess I am one of the site.s gurus--the tying up of Moms and other grownups.I think Barraster and Curt are right in that the power tranference is a real trip. Now the Kid is in charge and the Mom is the helpless one. What is interesting in that in my group we never actually did anything really outrageous while a grownup was tied up. We knew there were lines that could not be crossed and we tried not to cross them. If anything we treated a grown up involved inour tie up gamesmuch more gently then we did ourselves.
Curt and Bariister. You have a couple of interesting stories there.Why not write them out in more detail and chronological order and post them? I am really interested in Barrister's to see how his mom;s boyfriend and his mom handled the fact that a kid had walked into what was a pretty adult bondage game....
By poular demand after the second half of the Tale of mel's revenge I will tell how Steffils mom joined the tied up Moms society....


Sat May 8 00:38:26 PDT 1999

My name is Maureen, and I think I recognized a familiar story. About 16 years ago, my son (who had given me this web address), Ronald, and his friend Max used a ruse to tie and gag me. Max had come over with his 8mm movie camera and he and Vince looked down. Ron explained that they had an art project to make a film. They wanted to do something exciting -- a kidnapping -- but they couldn't find someone to play the victim. I had just come home from the Post and was feeling pretty good, so I offered to let them film me. I was still in uniform, and wasn't concerned about my appearance. Ron hesitated and asked if I was sure; I said yes. Ron led me into the den, which was better lit and asked me to sit at the desk chair. He gently pulled my wrists behind me and crossed them. I thought it was fake until I felt Max cinch a long rope around my wrists and arms. One of them had stuffed a ball inside of pantyhose and gagged me with it. I protested and stamped my feet but thought at the time they merely took it as acting. Cinching several feet of rope around my feet, I was tied into that chair. They seemed to dote on me then. Max even brushed some hair away from my face and eyes. It was a while before they picked up the camera, and then only for a minute. It seemed like it was an after thought. I tried to get them to free me, but they didn't seem to (or want to) understand. So, I tried to free myself. Max couldn't take his eyes off me. I was a bit nervous, except that Ron was there, and I was wearing slacks. At one point they blind folded me and then I heard the door click shut and lock. I also heard the door handle jiggle like someone trying to get in a locked door. I had a brief moment of panic as I tried to free myself without success. After straining for what seemed like a half hour, the blindfold suddenly came off. Ron was there; he kissed me on the cheek, thanked me, and untied me.

Maureen Kaye

Sat May 8 11:33:23 UTC+0200 1999

Zorro- You are welcome. Oh, BTW, that is to be written Ciao. 'Ciao is not Italian.

PH- Whatever happened to Lisa and Victoria's sneakers?

[email protected]

Sat May 08 12:29:14 1999

Told you people I'd be back. Sorry 'bout that last "pray for my death" post, but I was really depressed that day. My girlfriend Martha of 3 weeks had just dumped me....and I didn't take it too well. But on to better stuff.


About a year ago, I was in this printing class in school and it was boring the hell out of me that day, I think a Thursday. So, I asked to go to the bathroom so I could get the heck out of there for a few minutes and kill time. Haven't we all done that once?
Anyhoo, I took a leak and was on my way back when I heard a sound from the locker bay to my right that caught my attention. Actually, a whole lot of sounds. I turn...
I see a guy with a hook who screams,"DIE! I know what you did last summer...Oh, wait, you ain't Jennifer Love-Hewitt....All you did last summer was read comics and @#$% off. Later."
Kidding....heh, heh....sorry.
What I REALLY saw was a girl with scotch tape wrapped around her body from her shoulders to hips, pinning her arms to her sides. 3 guys were doing the tieing, while 5 others cheered them on.
"Get her mouth!" one dared.
They wrapped the tape around her head 3 times. Mumbling in protest, she finally wiggled free from their grip and made a break for it, rinning down the hall and around the corner. They gave chase.
That's when I went back to class. A dumb move, yes, but she wasn't my type, I don't care much for mummifications, and I didn't want others to know that I'm a perv. Anyway, I got a real rise out of it.
I must leave for now. Like Superman and Star Wars, I shall return. 'Ciao.


Sat May 08 12:48:32 1999

To Jon: Welcome! I am the forth horseman of the apacolypse known as Zorro. Unfortunatly, I've never told too many girls about bondage, so I can give no aid. However, enjoy the site!
To Doug: I'm sure Bob's site still exists, but he constantly fixes it. Unless you're goin' in the chatroom, I don't recommend his site. He's become a bit of a spoiled whiner who is VERY stern on what he allows. At least that's what I think. That's all that matters, right?


Sat May 8 15:44:24 PDT 1999

Maureen, I was glad to see your posting, since I thought I was the only one with whose son had done this. I was relating an experience of a few months ago to friends, and they pointed me to this site. I came home one evening from the office rather tired. I didn't even take my blazer off; I merely opened my blouse collar and sat down in a rocker. My 15 year old son, Phil, was in our garage with Tony, one of his friends. They came out to say hello and then disappeared again. I was tired and figured I'd doze off for a minute or two. I felt my arms being jostled, though, I thought it was just Phil trying to wake me. I just let my arms flop down to my sides. By the time my head cleared, it was too late. Phil had looped a rope around each wrist, so that all he had to do was tie the loose ends of each rope together behind the chair and pull tight. In a single move my hands were bound behind the chair. Tony had looped a rope with slip knot around my ankles and done the same thing. Just as I felt ropes and knots tighten, I was already tied up. Phil wrapped what felt like 50 feet of rope around my upper body -- above then below my chest. If felt him turn or twist something behind me, and the ropes tightened. I had lost sight of Phil, but should have guessed. The second I opened my mouth to yell at them, I felt a wad of cloth (a washcloth as I later learned) stuffed in and wrapped in place with a sock and tape. Strangely, the boys treated me well from there on. They turned on the TV and cleaned up a bit, too. Phil even did the dishes. I tried to talk to him and told him to untie me, but the gag prevented intelligible speach. I'm sure they knew what I was saying. Tony did stare at me for a while; I can only imagine what went through his mind. Maureen, interestingly, Phil kissed me on the cheek, too, before he went and did the dishes. An hour of struggling only got me sweaty. It was then Phil finally took pity and untied me.


Sat May 8 20:07:29 PDT 1999

Maureen and Lauren: I assure you that moms being tied up by their kids is a fairly common occurance. For a kid the power reversal is irresistable. Lauren, you are unusual in that in most cases the kids trick the mom into allowing themselves to be tied up under the guise of a gamecops and robbers being a favorite.
Your tale is one of the few about a grownup being over powered by their kids that I can believe. I think,at least for your sons, that aside from the power reversal they consider it a fun practical joke to play on mom.As for their friends, a crush on a pal's mom is a normal adolescent exprience. I am not surprised that the kids in no way teased you two ladies. In our games we treated grownups who we mananged to trick into our games much more gently then we did ourselves. Of course at times I think the grown ups had no idea of how skilled we were at knotwork---and I think a lot of moms who allows themselves to be tied up by there kids have a moment of revealation when they try to free themselves and fail. It is really interesting to hear the stories from a Moms point of view!
I would like to apologize for the bad spelling in my previous comments. I wrote it late at night and did not check my typing.But I would like to
repeat my suggestion to Barrister and Curt that they consider writing up their stories in full posts.


Sun May 09 00:47:02 Eastern Daylight Time 1999

Part 1
I had a girlfriend, lets say her name was "mandi". Well, one day after we both got home from school, she came over my house. The day went by pretty slow, and my parents werent going to be home. It was friday so she could sleep over, my parents could trust us alone, and anyways, my mom would not be home till about 8 and my dad wouldent be home until late at night. We were all alone in my house, it was about 4, and so, the plot thickened...


Sun May 09 00:52:37 Eastern Daylight Time 1999

Part 2
The words I still remember to this day "I'm so bored...I think I'll make you my toy..." came out of mandi's mouth, now, I have been into bondage since I was a little kid, I always was facinated by girls tieing me up. Well, I dident want to just give into it, so I said "Oh please, your just a girl, you cant do that to me". She then countered that comment with pouncing on me saying "Thats a woman to you!". She then slapped me at this point.
I guess she had handcuffs in her pocket because she got them from somewhere and I felt my hands being cuffed behind my back. At this point, I was getting very overwhelmed. I wispered "Thank you..." and she just said "Shutup, I'll tell you when to talk and not." I smiled at her. This is a side of her I really do love.
She led me into the kitchen. She handcuffed me to the chair and then went into the garage, coming back with tons of white nylon rope. She unhandcuffed me from the chair and made me stand up, she then tied my arms to my sides, my hands behind my back, and handcuffed my ankles, so I could walk somewhat. She put a noose around my neck and smiled as she walked me around, I fell on the floor occasionally and she just stepped on my head and laughed when I did.


0000000000............Sun May 09 01:00:22 Eastern Daylight Time 1999

Part 3
She eventually stopped doing this, after saying how weak of a man I was and how shes a woman and she owns me. She then tied me to the chair extremely well the same way, except using rope on my ankles too, and making a very tight crotchrope.
She gagged me with some satin cloth she found in my moms sewing room and a silk one to blindfold me. She then spent like about 3 hours, just yanking at the ropes and tickling me, tauting my mind, slapping me if I ever stopped struggling. She kept tightening the crotchrope every 30 minutes. At 7:30 she let me out. Later that night, Some other things occured I cant say here, But it sure made one point clear to me:Woman can control men


Sun May 09 01:33:11 Central Daylight Time 1999

Hi my name is kelly. I have a story that might interest some of you. My b/f and i were going to spend a night alone at his house, at around 7:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. I came over to his house at around 6:50 p.m. and his parents were already gone and were going to be gone until 1:30. I was dressed in a white shirt and had a black skirt that went halfway up my thighs. My shirt was kindof see-through, revealing my white bra underneath. I rang the doorbell, and as soon as i walked in the door, he jumped on top of me, pinning me face down on his carpet. I told him he was hurting me and that i wanted him to get off. Before i could say anything else to him, he stuck his hand over my mouth and held my arms behind my back with his one remaining arm. He told me he just wanted to have fun tonight and that he wouldn't do anything to make me pissed off at him. He was WRONG. He told me to strip down to my bra and panties or he would tie me up and would keep me at his house until i did.I should have never listened to him. I striped down to my white victoria's secret panties and white bra and then he told me to do whatever he told me to or he would do what he said he was going to do (tie me up and keep me there until i did so).i agreed to, and he immediately blindfolded me, stuck two scarves in my mouthand between my lips, and tied my wrists and ankles together tightly. He then put me over his shoulder and carried me to what i am guessing his bedroom. He laid me down, untied my wrists and ankles and re-tied them the the bedposts. Then he just left me there for about 10 mins. and finally returned. Then to my suprise, i heard clicking noises. He was taking pictures of me on his bed all tied up and helpless! I tried to yell at him, but the gag was too effective. Then he ungagged me and i screamed at him and told him to untie me at that exact moment. But all he did was re-gag me and carry me over his shoulder again and put me in the trunk of his car. He drove me to some of his friends'


Sun May 09 01:53:07 Central Daylight Time 1999

houses and showed me off to them i was so embarrassed. After that, I dumped him. But he felt guilty and gave me the pictures, and i still hated his guts. Hope you enjoyed this and there will be more posts later. thanks!


Thu May 9 21:04:06 UTC+0200 1996

Hey people.
Kelly, I have a question or two for you .
You said you dumped him for this (or did you dump him for some other reason?), if you had not enjoyed the experience, why then would you have come to this website ??, If you didn't enjoy it, how did you come to find this site anyway ?
Anyway, it was a good story, and if you have had any other similar events happen...post them .


Sun May 9 21:19:31 PDT 1999


While Mel was tying my hands, Kate was watching from the couch. She was lying on her stomach as commanded but had lifted her head to watch. (Mel noticed this but did not say anything). Kate seemed fascinated by the process---probably because she was well aware she would suffer the same fate. Later, on the aftergame show, Kathleen would admit at this point she begun to get into the game a little. Mel was one of her close friends, and she knew Melissa would do nothing to really hurt her. -Or anybody for that matter. Kate of course knew all about our Saint Paddys day revenge on Mel and was curious to see how Mel would retaliate. Especially since Mel had specifically told her she would be immune to the special punishmentKathleen would merely be bound and gagged. Kate decided to play along unresistingly. She knew how wrapped up in her games Mel was prone to becomealthough never to the point of doing anything dangerous or really hurting anyone. Mel seemed to have some strange brake system that stopped her well short of that. But Mel was playing the role of a woman taking vengeance on two people who had w wronged her, and it was unfortunate that Kate was caught in the crossfire. Kate would have to be taken out of the way, and binding and gagging her was the easiest way of doing that. Besides, I think Mel thought having someone not involved around would lessen the game. Now Kate would be involved as a third prisoner, although slated for a much milder fate then Gina and I. And I think that Mel thought it would be fun to tie and gag one of her best friends.
When she was through tying my hands behind the chair, Melissa took two pieces of cord and walked over to Kate. Kate, darlin, Mel said in a bad imitation of Kates Irish accent Would you be so kind as to put your hands behind your back?


Sun May 9 21:21:51 PDT 1999

Kate obliged, crossing her hands behind her but could not resist saying in a very good imitation of Mels British accent, Another Case of the British Oppressing the Irish!
That kind of talk is what got this whole bloody thing started Mel replied.
Mel then began to tie Kates wrists together. I noticed that Mel was tying Kates hand much more carefully then she had mine. With me Mel had not been gentle. She had cinched the ropes quickly, cutting into my skin a little although once the final knot was in the ropes did not hurt and circulation was ok. But with Kate Mel was being very careful to cinch slowly so as not to cut the skin. She was handling Kate very gently. Kate was new to Our variety of tie up games, where the bondage was probably much more stringent then what Kate had known playing cops and robbers with other ten year olds, and Mel did not want to really distress her in any way. But this did not mean the ropes would not be tight when Mel was done.
Mel put the final knot in, and then said (again in her phony Irish accent) Test your bonds if you like, darlin. I dont think they will hurt you but I dont think you will be getting lose either.
Kate decided to ignore the bad accent, but did test the bonds.
Its a lot tighter then what I remember playing cops and robbers when I was a child. Kate said.
But the ropes arent hurting you?
Good! Now for your ankles!
Mel then proceeded to tie Kate ankles together with the same gentle but through method she used on Kates wrists. When Mel finished Kate was tightly bound lying face down on the couch. hands tied behind her and feet tied together.
Mel then sat her up on the couch. I think Ill tie you arms to your side, gag you, and then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fun when Gina shows up. But first Ill finish trussing and gagging dudalb. Dont go anywhere, Kathleen!
I moaned That is so old, Mel!


Sun May 9 21:24:35 PDT 1999

Kate agreed. That is a bad joke Entirely, Melissa!
Mel reached into her bag, pulled out a clean piece of cloth and a scarf, and because of Kates bad joke remark decided to gag Kathleen first. I think a rest from your charming Irish brogue will be nice! Mel walked over and told Kate Open wide!
Kate sighed but then obliged. Mel gently put the handkerchief in Kathleens mouth and then used the scarf to tie it in place with a tight Cleave gag.
Kate, can you breathe all right? Mel asked.
Kate mmphed and nodded her head. For about thirty second Kate tried to talk through her gag. She could make some interesting noises but no intelligible speech. Mel then brought out another hanky and scarf and
Walked over to me. Open up, dud. We cant have you warning your Italian friend from the Windy City when she shows up.
I moaned but opened my mouth. I was securely gagged just like Kate washanky in the mouth tied in place with a scarf.
Mel then took a long piece of cord and wrapped it tightly around my upper body and arms, tying them the back of the chair. She then pulled my left ankle up against the left chair leg and tied it to the leg very tightly. Although I did not notice this at the time she was careful to avoid getting my sock caught in the ropes. She did the same with my right ankle to the right chair leg and I thought she was done. But Mel took another piece of rope and tied my knees together. I could hardly move my legs at all. That should hold you1, Mel said.


Sun May 9 21:26:51 PDT 1999

Mel then took another long piece of clothesline and went over to Kathleen .Mel made a loop around Kates left elbow, brought the rope over behind her and made a loop around her right elbow, pulled the rope in front and wound it tightly three and four times around Kate, pinning her arms to her sides. Mel tied a secure knot and said Now just sit back and watch the show. I think, Kathleen dear, you are what can truly be called a captive audience!
Both Kate and I moaned through our gags at that one. Mel seemed determined to use conceivable tie up joke in the book this day.
Mel looked into her bag then said Bloody Hell! I used the gag meant for Gina on Kate!.Ill have to go get another. Can both of you breathe ok? We both nodded. Ill be back! Mel said in a bad Schwarzenegger voice and walked out.
As soon as Mel walked out I looked at Katewho looked cute in bondage---and begun to mmmph and motion for her to try to get over to me so we could work at each others bonds. I knew we would probably not have enough time before Mel returned but I wanted to go down fighting. The way Mel had tied my feet and knees, it was impossible to maneuver my chair.
Kate mmphed back, and then understoodKate was a very intelligent girl. Kate managed to stand up and slowly begun hopping toward me.
Needless to say this brought back memories of the first time I was in a tie up game with Steffi about three years before in a similar situation. Kate had hopped about halfway to me when Mel came back with hanky and scarf in hand. Mel said Ah, an escape attempt. But a failed one! with that Mel gently but firmly took Kate and guided her back to the couch and sat her down.


Sun May 9 21:30:44 PDT 1999

Hmm. Have to see that doesnt happen again. Hog-tie perhaps? No, it would be hard to watch from that position and I want you, Kathleen, as audience for what I am going to do to Dud and Gina. Mel thought for a few seconds, and then Said "I know! " Mel took another piece of rope and pulled Kates feet over to one of the legs of the couch. Mel tied Kates already bound feet to the leg of the couch, ensuring there would be no more hopping.
For the next Ten minutes Kate and I just sat there. Then came a knock at the door. Mel went out to answer it, taking her supersoaker with her.
I heard the door open and heard Gina exchange greeting with Melissa. Then I heard a squeal and Gina saying What the Hell and Mel saying Hands in the Air, Gina unless you want another shot of water. Today I am getting back my own.
Gina did not resist, according to the convoluted but perfectly understood rules of our games Mel had caught her fair and square. A minute later Gina came into the room, hands in the air. She was wearing a Chicago cubs T-shirt and shorts, looking very attractive. I had one my occasional regrets that Gina and I had a bother sister When Harry Met Sally type friendship and wondered If I should try to turn it into a more conventional romantic one.
Gina later said she was expected to see me tied up when she came in the room. But was a little surprised to she her friend Kate bound and gagged. I decided my revenge needed an audience, Mel said, and repeated the Captive Audience remark. Both of us moaned through our gags in unison. The joke was bad enough once but twice was too much. I think you know what I want you to do, Gina .Now be a good chap and go do it.
Gina did. She sat in the second kitchen chair and put her hands behind it and accepted her fate.
Ok, Mel .Lets get whatever horrible torture you have planned over with.


Sun May 9 21:32:17 PDT 1999

About five minutes later Gina was in the same situation I was.Hands tightly tied behind a chair, ropes around her arms and body tying her to the chair,Ankles tied to the left and right chair legs, Knees tied together,and gagged with a hanky in her mouth tied in place with a scarf as a cleave gag.
Now! Mel said, The Real fun begins!


[email protected]

Due to lack of interest and input, my page consisting of stories of adult women being tied up by children or teenagers has been terminated.


Mon May 10 18:59:07 CDT 1999

I remember when I was 22 (about 6 years ago) thier was this girl(19) next door that would come annoy the heck out of me, so one day she came to my appt. (I was a newbie in the bondage scene at the time) and knocked on the door ad I let her in as usual and I was watching some movie with some cute guy in it tieing up a very nice looking woman, and she kept saying "Ohh, she could get out of that easy, and that is no problem", then I asked her if that was a challenge and she was startled but said yes, then I said "ok, stay there" I went into my bedroom and grabbed a bag of goodies I had stashed away for a chance like this inside was a head-harness ball gag, two pairs of hand cuffs...
To be Continued--

E-mail me at [email protected] If you wish to hear the rest of my true story

o o
\ /

[email protected]

Tue May 11 14:51:55 1999

This is a 100% true one I've been wanting to get off my chest. I was housesitting for some friends of mine who travelled to Europe during the winter, and while I was out one day I met a girl named Sandy who was fifteen and kind of dumb, but blonde and not bad looking at all. She and I had a snowball fight (I was only 3 years older than her). That night there was a knock at the door and it was Sandy. She had brought a friend, Katie, who was extremely good-looking: brunette, dark eyes, very slim. Katie turned out not to be much brighter than her friend.

Of course, all I could think about was how to get these girls tied up. Well, during the course of our conversations I went up to the bedroom and got a roll of duct tape--to fix the Christmas cards on the wall, of course. When I came down with it, Sandy said, "Oh, I thought you were gonna tape us up with that."

Speak Easy

Tue May 11 15:01:16 1999

After some discussion of this, Katie asked if they could tape me up. I agreed, with an eye to the future. After I escaped from their amateurish attempt I chased them around a little and finally cornered Katie in the bedroom. She screamed (good-naturedly, of course) for Sandy's help, and while Sandy pounded on my back I taped Katie's ankles tightly together. She stood and tried to hop away, but I pulled her down and wrapped a band around her body, pinning her arms below the elbows. Finally, I pressed a strip over her mouth.

Now I turned my attention to Sandy, who was still pounding on me. I wrapped her upper body in feet of tape until her arms were immobile, then did her ankles and finally her mouth with three strips. All this time Katie was wriggling on the bed, mmph-ing. I carried them back downstairs and proceeded to watch TV with them making muffled sounds for about ten minutes. Then I cut Sandy's hands free and let her get loose, wanting to look at Katie a little longer. When they were both free we went to an arcade and ate fast food, everyone in a good mood. I lucked into a very fortunate situation.

Speak Easy

Tue May 11 18:29:05 1999

You terminated your site, Maddog??! Say it ain't so! Guess I was the only one who liked it. Great stories PH and Laureen. My next post may be my best yet. 'Ciao.


Tue May 11 18:08:42 CDT 1999

Hey Guys!!!
I being a Hog-Tie lover has started a
First Hog-Tie/Bondage in Lingerie/Clohing Story Page

Just to get it started I don't mind if the storys are true or fictonal

It is crude at the moment but does work so please come to my Hog-Tie/Bondage in Lingerie/Clothing page at


--Mike a.k.a Hogtieguy

Mike Merlin

[email protected]

Tue May 11 18:13:02 CDT 1999

sorry on my last post I the home page link was wrong, It is correct now!

--Mike a.k.a Hogtieguy

Mike Merlin

[email protected]

Wed May 12 01:28:54 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Summer Camp, chapter four
The Treasure Hunt, part I

On Saturday, the last weekend of our stay at the summer camp, the Big Treasure Hunt would take place. The Hunt would decide which one of the competing teams that would win the overall competition. Our team, "the Pine" and our enemies, "the Birch" had competed during the two weeks at the camp. We had scored points in different races and competitions such as canoe-races, swimming, cross-country running and quiz-games. Each team had also scored points by playing pranks on the opposition, as when we kidnapped their councilor, Linda, or when they hi-jacked our bus. We had also stolen the team-mascots, one time each.

The score was fairly even when the treasure-hunt was about to start. The camp-councilors would not compete this day, they would act as referees. The younger kids at the camp also had a treasure-hunt the same day, but they competed against each others teams. We all gathered in the dining hall for final instructions. All of us were dressed about the same. We had jeans or shorts or track-suit pants and the two teams had their own special t-shirts or sweatshirts with the team-logo on them. We had gray and the enemies black. Maria and Helen, our closest friends at camp, had customized their outfits a bit. Both girls wore cut-off Levis and had cut their gray sweatshirts so they more resembled sleeve-less tops. Most of us had sneakers without socks, but Helen was barefoot, she said:
-If I get taken prisoner, they take off my shoes anyway and hide them, I can as well go without them. Both girls had their hair in pigtails and wore bandanas as headbands. They only had to put on camouflage-paint on their faces to look like very young, but cute guerrillas.

[email protected]

Wed May 12 01:31:38 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Treasure Hunt, part II

Our enemies dressed in a similar way. They wore their teams black shirts and most of them had red headbands or scarves. Our special enemies since our successful kidnapping the other night, Victoria and Lisa, both had their hair in braids, wore their t-shirts knotted below their breasts and had faded jeans and sneakers. They stared at us with hateful eyes, remembering how we had humiliated them by leaving them tied to the flag-pole. We had heard rumours that both girls had been severely mocked by their friends after the kidnapping incident.

Our councilors started by telling us the rules of the hunt. We would be given a list of items to collect, some where similar for both teams, and some were "specials" for just one team. Collected items would be brought back to our cabins and in the evening the councilors would check the lists and give points. Extra points would be given if a "special" item would be stolen from the enemy. Some of the items would contain clues on where to find the "Big Treasure". If a team managed to collect enough items with clues, they would be able to find the treasure. The team finding the treasure would be given ten extra points. Almost anything would be allowed, but no violence against the enemy. We would be allowed to take enemies as prisoners and steal any items they had, but prisoners would have to be released within "reasonable time". Noone said how long that was to be for


Wed May 12 01:33:20 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Treasure Hunt, part III

We were given our lists, and the hunt was on! We went to our cabin to go over the list. There were an enormous amount of general items such as a fork from the dining hall, a pennant from one of the sailing-boats, a special flower and such things. Special items were a bit more strange, a piece of underwear belonging to Mrs. D. the lady who managed the kitchen, one of the two chandeliers from the small chapel and other more or less strange items. We decided we had to go in pairs to have time to collect everything. I went with Helen, Joe with Maria. We carried knapsacks with useful items, some rope, some torn pieces of bedsheets for gags, pocketknives and other stuff to use on enemies we might take as prisoners.

Helen and I took a path out in the woods to collect things from some of the old abandoned houses a couple of kilometers out. We didnt see any enemies as we walked away from the camp. We chatted happily as we walked through the big forest. I asked Helen how she coped walking barefoot in the woods, but she said that she always did that at home. This reminded me of our summer-house and how we used to spend the days there.

As we came to the first abandoned old house we soon found some of the items on the list. We also found one of the "specials", a small box hidden there by the councilors. Inside was a piece of paper with parts of a sentence on it. Our first clue to the Big Treasure"! As we were about to leave a triumphant voice was heard outside the house:
-Well two dirty enemies all alone in the woods!


Wed May 12 01:35:06 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

The Treasure Hunt, part IV

It was Victoria and Lisa together with two of the boys from their cabin. The boys carried home-made wooden sticks and looked rather grim. All we could do was surrender. We walked out with our hands in the air and soon they had tied our hands behind us. Lisa said:
-Take off his shoes, were going to have some fun with these two.
-Little Miss Barefoot is already shoe-less, so I guess they are ready for some fun.

They tied our arms very tight and walked us over to two trees, growing about two metres apart. We were placed face-down on the ground and soon our bare feet were tied tightly and connected to our hands. They tied a long rope to one of the tree-trunks and then connected it to my feet. From there they tied it to Helens feet and at last to the other tree. We were completely helpless and could not move our feet at all. They started to tickle us and both Victoria and Lisa had a great time paying us back for what we had done to them. After what seemed like forever, they stopped, gagged us good with big rags in our mouths, covered with tightly tied bandanas.
-Have a nice time, well see you tonight, they mocked as they walked away, leaving us on the ground completely immobile

Will be continued after the weekend


Tue May 11 21:19:14 PDT 1999

I have been reading everyone's postings on the site for a while. I have had a few experiences in my earlier years. The one that introduced me to the world of bondage happened when I was 16. My next door neighbor was an attractive 17 year old girl that I had always liked. She also was fond of me. One day that summer we were watching TV, her parents were at work..she turns to me and says "I'll be right back". Not thinking anything of it, I continued watching TV. She returned about 10 minutes later in her bathing suit, I thought this was weird cause she didn't have a swimming pool. She had a duffel bag in her hand tha she dropped on the floor. " Have you ever been tied up? " she asked. I was floored, I had always thought about it but never really done anything about it. " Nope " I said as she appraoched me with the duffel bag. " I want to try something with you ". Let's see..what was I gonna say..No? Not likely. She reached into the duffel bag and pulled out a bunch of rope, a ballgag, and a few bandanas. " I want to tie you up and keep you here, my parents are gone for the night so you'll have to call your folks and tell them you're staying at Chris's house. " Chris was a freind of mine, I knew he would cover for me. After a quick call to my buddy, she started..


Tue May 11 21:42:26 PDT 1999

Mick's first continued....

She instructed me to strip down to my boxers. I felt a little uncomfortable about doing it, but she told me not to worry about anything. I guess I trusted her..cuz I did. This gal had to be experienced..she had my hands tied behind me in no time. Once the hands were tied, she had me sit down in the chair where she tied my legs securely to the chair and then wrapped rope around my chest several times. I was not going anywhere anytime soon. I started having second thoughts, but my requests went unheard. She shoved the ballgag in my mouth and gave me a devilish grin before the blindfold went over my eyes. " Don't go anywhere now ", she said as I heard her pick up the phone....

To be continued....

Thu May 13 03:25:27 1999

I have been playing for over forty years, reading
this page for over a year, and would like to offer
some comments and suggesions:

If you post a fictional story, clearly indicate
it. Don't try to pass it off as true.

If your story is basically true, but you cannot
remember every detail, say so

If you can only remember a few key details and
fashion a story around those details, say so.
Somehow indicate which parts are true and what is
the filler fiction. Bold the true parts, put it in
quotes, italicize it, something. Maddog did this
with his stories, didn't make them any less
readable or enjoyable.

Do not clutter your story up with totally needless
junk. Background information and setting the stage
is one thing, Some people go totally overborad
with totally unrelated material [like non-bondage
scout camp experiences].

Maddog, don't know who, or what pissed you
off so much, but I, for one, miss your page. I
don't know why you felt you had to get permission
to use the stories, the guidelines clearly states
that by posting here the author gives up any
rights, in other words it is all public domain.
Also, your theory of tie up game acceptance being
passed from generation to generation is
interesting, maybe simplistic, but interesting,
too bad none of the guru's saw fit to
comment on it

Dudalb, still waiting for the rest of your
mother/aunts stories.


Thu May 13 04:21:57 1999


I know you have no control over over it, but, the
html your page uses royally sucks!!!!

I just checked my last post and the only standard
html command that the system recognized was line
break. Everything else was ignored.

The autowrap doesn't work too well either.

Wonder what this is going to look like?


Thu May 13 04:26:28 1999


Let me try this again.

I know you have no control over it, but the html
this system uses royally sucks.

Standard commands that work justfine on other
pages, Brian's for one, do not work here.

I just read my last post and the only standard
html command that worked was the line break. All
the others were ignored.

The autowrap doesn't work too well either.

Wonder what this will look like, if it even takes,
first try didn't.


Thu May 13 06:21:20 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

First I'd like to say I think this is a great site. There are some girls around this way I'd love to tie up as well as my mother and sister, but I never got the balls to ask about. Can I say balls here? If it matters, I'm 13 but I'll be 14 in 2 months.

I got my computer and internet set up at the first of the month, I wanted to finish reading everything here before I posted anything myself. You've given me some great ideas for tying them up, and I'll post back once I've gone ahead and really tied someone up.

Should I try for my Mom, my sister, or this snotty little bitch down the road from me. I'd really like to get this girl, but she doesn't even like me, so I doubt I'll get close. My sister is almost two years older than I am, she's about 5'6"
a little chubby, with long blonde hair halfway down her back. she doesn't fight with me anymore because I'm stronger than she is, and she isn't bad looking, but don't tell her I said that.

Mom just turned 31, she's a little heavier than my sister, and about 2 inches shorter. She has red hair that she had permed and a real pretty face. She's done the best she can for us since my Dad rolled out on us.

If anyone could help me come up with a plan to tie both my Mom and sister up, I'd love to hear from you. I don't know why I want to do this to them, they've never really done anything bad to me; but I really want to see them both tied up, trying to free each other, and not be able to.

Sometimes I feel like I'm sick or wierd for wanting to do this. Am I wrong to come here, or should I talk to someone else instead. Just writing this has me feeling screwed up.

Thank you for listening

Call me Ishmael
[email protected]

Thu May 13 21:44:48 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999


You do NOT need to use HTML in here (you do need HTML to some extent in Roylers) All you need to do like most of us do is write the stories or longer posts on MS Word then copy and paste here.

Short posts like this one, I simply type straight onto this box then after checking my spelling etc, I just post it. I did not use any HTML at all when typing this post. The system does it all for you.

Hope this helps.

About stories; I do not think the manner in which they are written really matters as long as they are essentially true and consensual. Remember, many of these events took place a LONG time ago for some of us posters so some degree of fictionalisation (particularly with regards to dialogue) is often required to add interest and readability. Regarding detail, I think it adds interest to the story. It's not a big deal to me.


since truefan asked, i received a few e-mails from some of the more prolific posters to this site basically telling me that if i didn't want to post my stories here, i could just shove it. enough said

i don't go where i'm not wanted and i'm sure not going to try to do something that is not appreciated. it's a lot easier write my stories on my word processer, than to build a page for them

i know that these stories are all public domain. i was asking for permission as a sign of respect to the authors of the kids-adults stories

i'm not really sure what mason means by built in html, but stuff typed here directly comes out very strange sometimes. that is why i originally started my own page, because i couldn't be sure what anything would like until it was posted. then it was too late to fix it

if this 'truefan' poster is the same 'truefan' posting to the wrestling boards, [the ages are about the same] watch out.

he knows what he likes, doesn't hesitate to pat you on the back if he thinks you did a good job, but, he's just as quick to cut you off at the knees if he thinks you are full of it. from the tone of his post he has some serious problems with some of the posters. i warned you!!

[email protected]

Thu May 13 16:58:42 EDT 1999

Maddog,I for one thoroughly enjoyed your site and hope you reconsider it's deconstruction.

Dudalb, you are way overdue on that story you promised us about your mother. It sounds like this time, she may not have been successful since there was nobody else tied up with her. I hope to see it soon.

Thanks everyone for your contributions. I wish I had more to offer, but I don't.

Charlie B
[email protected]

Thu May 13 18:12:23 EDT 1999

To Truefan and all those others talking about HTML: There's a pretty simple answer ... DON'T USE IT! If it doesn't work, then don't try it. That simple.


Thu May 13 18:18:10 EDT 1999

BTW...I'd like to apologize for the tone of my last post. That's was a little too over the edge, I guess after a long day of school with some people who's attitude's I don't really appriciate, seeing comments like those get on my nerves. I guess I'm used to typing in boxes like these though, 'cause I post on AOL message boards all the time, where the boxes are even littler (just think about that maddog)


Thu May 13 21:12:08 PDT 1999

Truefan: Go to the top of the page and read JonMcAs advice on how to use any standard word processing program for writing for this page. Its Much easier then using HTML for this page. And you can use the wordcount feature that comes with most word processing programs to help divide you stories into the proper size for posting.
Charlie B. Im glad you enjoy my stories. Right now for various reasons I am more interested in writng about my high school days then the period (about three years before) when the adventures with my mom took place. ( I admit that with the tales about Melissa it is because a few months ago I got in touch via Email with her and it has stirred memories. ) I have found out that the stories that turned out weakest on this page are the ones which I forced myself to write (largely at times to try to help to keep the page going during the slack times). However I am planning to write my Moms third escape attempt sometime this summer. I should have the conclusion of Mel revenges up before the end of the weekend. The next story is about the time we tied up Steffis mom. This happened before my moms third tie up so I guess I want a little to go in chronological order for this period. I also find that shifting between by junior high days and my high school days makes writing more fun for me. I wonder what Mom would think if I told her she has become a favorite charecter on this page.....
By the way, since I told them about it some of the people in my tales visit this page. One is going write a post about an adventure which happened to her and her mom in which I was not involved. Who is it?
That is for me to know and you to guess......

[email protected]

Fri May 14 08:07:26 GMT Daylight Time 1999


I've been visiting here since December but as I only have 3 stories I've been saving them. I should also point out that I am a fan of wet and messy fun so whoever asked if there is an alternative 'torture' to tickling, read on.

The lady who features in two of my stories (including this) is my sister in law. We are talking 14 years ago here but it was such a grand occasion I can remember a fair bit of detail. At the time I was 17 and Sarah was 29 or 30. She was 5 foot 8 with shoulder length auburn hair and an average figure. Her two sons were 11 and 9 and were fairly boisterous. The summer in question I was staying for a week as they lived near the coast. My brother David was (and still is ) in the Army and had been called away on exercise. That left Sarah in the house with the boys, Liam and Kevin and myself. On the second day of my stay Sarah had work and I looked after the boys. In the afternoon, they were playing a Cops and Robbers type game and asked me to join. All 3 of us took our turn to be tied to a chair and interrogated. I asked if they had ever got their Mum involved and they were amazed at the idea. After some discussion we decided that we would try to get her the following day.

[email protected]

Fri May 14 08:09:53 GMT Daylight Time 1999


Early the next afternoon I was sunbathing in the garden and the kids were out playing. I was just nodding off when I suddenly got blasted with water. Sarah had turned the hose on me and I was soaked. She then dropped the hose and ran inside laughing. OK I thought, here is our chance. I went and found the kids and told them what had happened. They thought this was very funny and I pointed out that they could help me get my revenge. After a quick chat to explain what was needed, Liam and Kevin went in search of Sarah whilst I prepared. I placed a kitchen chair on the garden, then collected duct tape and rope from the garage and shed respectively. I then took 2 bandages from the first aid kit and went to assist the boys.

They had found Sarah and begun to lead her outside. She was wearing a navy blue summer dress, buttoned up the front and white canvas shoes. I assisted them and led her to the chair. She caught site of the tape and ropes and put up a struggle but was laughing and saying stuff like "No, please, don't tie me up that's not fair". Despite her protests I began with the tape, securing her wrists to the chair arms. Liam then added further tape just before her elbows, then between the two points. Sarah continued to beg for mercy but I was in no mood to stop. I uncoiled the ropes, fairly short lengths, and bound her ankles together, followed by her legs just below the knees. Next I tied her legs just above the knees, which mean lifting the skirt on her dress slightly. Everything seemed to go quiet here as we all felt a bit awkward and I was quite red. But when I told the kids to begin taping her to the chair, the good natured protests began again and the kids whooped and chaired as they wrapped the black tape round her several times holding her fast to the chair.

[email protected]

Fri May 14 08:10:59 GMT Daylight Time 1999


We then stood back and admired our work. She squirmed desperately to get free and couldn't and then cried out "Let me go you sods" to which we pointed out we had to punish her for soaking me. Her protests continued but when I balled up a bandage ready to gag her she change her protests to pleas not to be gagged. " Sorry" I said "but it has to be done". She resisted very little as I pushed the bandage in, then used the second to hold it in place. The garden was well fenced, but I was hoping no neighbours were upstairs overseeing these events!

Sarah was now utterly helpless and so I went and filled a bucket from the outside tap. The kids did the same and after a countdown from 10 to 1 we poured the lot over her. Her hair was flattened and her dress became nice and clingy. But I had further punishment it mind. The boys stood guard while I headed for the kitchen. I came back with anything runny and a can opener. Sarah looked wide eyed as I opened cans of custard, rice pudding, baked beans, soup and chocolate pudding. I began with 2 cans of custard over her head which turned her hair golden yellow. I then got her to agree not to talk if I removed the gag. She nodded her agreement and I removed it. She immediately pleaded for us to stop but she had no chance. Between the 3 of us, we poured the remaining food over her head or threw it at her from close range turning her into a multi coloured mess.

[email protected]

Fri May 14 08:12:08 GMT Daylight Time 1999


To finish, I picked up the hose and gave her a head to toe clean off before we eventually freed her. I warned her that if she picked on me again she would get worse. She obviously enjoyed the experience as 2 days after that she attacked me with food and water, this time helped by 2 friends. However, their kids were also there and after some mayhem, we managed to tie up all 3. If you enjoyed my first posting please tell me and I will follow with detail of the second event.

Cheers, Highfield

[email protected]

Fri May 14 10:14:01 PDT 1999

Highfield:Nice story! Actually my Pal Gina got almost the same treatment from Steffi in the first battle of the Gina Steffi wars. I think it is in C anuck's September archeives. And of course I think people want to hear you further adventures.
Ishmael: Lets see: You say you are 13 nearly 14.
you have a sister who is 15 or 16. And your Mom is 31.Rather young, isn'nt she? I know it's biologically possible but still my crap detector is going off. It is not so much I am agianst scams but if you are going to scam at least be competent about it. Way too obvious, dude....


Fri May 14 10:06:41 PDT 1999

When I was 16, I tied up my 18 year old sister. After years of her tying me up, I finally became stronger and bigger then her. I had been lifting weights for 5 years at this point. On this day my parents were to be gone for a couple of days. Julie got home and went straight for a shower. For more then a year I wanted to get her back for tying me up and calling over two of her girlfriends to tease me. This was my turn! After her shower, Julie put on a black spandex catsuit with a short little red skirt. She was a very sexy girl and she knew it. She loved to flirt and tease all my friends when they came over. She liked to do things like leave her door open a little while she dressed. Anyway, Julie went to the basement to practice her gymnastics. I went down to watch with a bag of goodies to tie her up with. We had a chin up bar with a mat below it and Julie was hanging upside down with these cuffs on her ankles that had hooks on them. She was swaying a bit with her arms hanging down. Her tits looked like they were going to explode out of that spandex. Some music was playing and Julie wasn't paying attention to me. While I tossed up a length of rope over a beam behind her. Then I made a slip knot on one end. I came up behind her and grabbed her hands to pull her up backwards. Then I put the slip knot over her hands and pulled it tight. Then I pulled the other end of the rope, pulling Julie up. She was stretched out between the chin up bar and the beam in the air. Her feet were 6 feet up and her shoulders were at 5 foot. She was yelling at me as I tied off the rope holding up. Her hair was in a pony tail, I pulled her head back with it when I pushed into her mouth a rubber ball. Then I used one of her nylons to hold the ball in place. I pinched each of her nipples and slapped her on her butt. Sat down and phoned two of my friends to come over for a slumber party.


Fri May 14 11:24:04 PDT 1999

Melissa turned to the innocent victim, Kate and said I hope you enjoy the show, Kathleen!
Mel then walked over to me, knelt down and untied my left tennis shoe, removed the sock and then did the same to the right shoe and sock. She did this slowly, I guess trying to prolong the suspense of what she had planned. She then walked over to Gina. Gina had on sandals, and with the same slowness Mel removed them. Then she Said Silly me! I forgot the instrument of torture and walked out. (Of course this was just a further tease.) As soon as she walked out both Gina and I tested our ropes in hopes maybe somewhere Melissa had gotten sloppy. She had not. Kate made no attempt to get loose. She was really interested in seeing what Mel had in store. And besides, as she said later, a few struggles had convinced her ropes were too secure for her to loosen.
Then Mel came back in. She was holding a Feather duster; the kind used for dusting off furniture .It was made of feathers. She then said. I hope you both are ticklish. I would look like a bloody idiot if you are not. At this a muffled sound came from Gina. Gina was very ticklish. When she first became involved in our tie up games a couple of years before, she made it clear that anyone tickling her while she was a prisoner would get it. I made one attempt -a mild tickle -and when Gina was untied at the games end I got a kick in shins and some of Ginas best Chicago street language for my trouble despite our being close friends. But now it was tickle judgement day for Gina.


Fri May 14 11:27:55 PDT 1999

I was fairly ticklish, but I decided to bear the torture with fortitude. I glanced at Kathleen. She was now watching the proceedings with complete attention. Later Kate said she almost forgot she was a bound and gagged captive in her fascination.
Mel Said, I think Gina you take precedence. With that Mel knelt down and begun to tickle Ginas foot with the feather duster.
At First Gina just squirmed but then she begun to giggle behind her gag. She twisted and turned but Mel kept gently applying the duster to the soles of her feet with Gina giggling all the time. She mmmphed loudly and you could make out something like Stop it, please. Mel obliged and gave Gina about a thirty second rest. Then Mel began on her other foot. After about a minute Gina was helplessly giggling and twisting to avoid the tickling. Then Mel stopped. You really are ticklish arent you? Gina just nodded as she caught her breath. I think that will do for you Gina. Another half hour as a bound and gagged prisoner and we will be quits. Gina just nodded, very glad the tickle torture had stopped. Mel seemed a little shaken; I dont think she expected Gina to be quite that ticklish.
Then it was my turn. Melissa began tickling my feet. I tired to keep from Giggling and for about a minute succeeded. Then I begun to giggle and did not stop until Mel paused. After a short pause She started in on my other foot with the same result. Then back to the first foot. I got a much longer period of tickle torture then Gina. I think being just normal ticklish rather then really sensitive like Gina was worked to my detriment. Mel had cut short Ginas treatment (even in revenge Mel did not want to be cruel) but I got the full torture. After about five minutes Gina stopped. Thats that then. Another few minutes in ropes and gag and we will be even.


Fri May 14 11:31:01 PDT 1999

Mel then turned to Kate:Enjoy the Show Kathleen? Mel said. Mel walked over and untied Kates gag.
I think I will keep you tied up with the rest, but you can stay ungagged. Besides I have some sketches I want to show you. That is after all why we are supposed to be here. With that Mel brought over some sketches and Mel and Kate proceeded to discuss the murals for the party. They were seemingly oblivious that Kathleen was still bound hand and foot. After about 20 minutes Mel Said All right. The punishment period is over and ungagged Gina. I half expected Gina to explode but instead she just said Please dont tickle me Melissa! It really drives me nuts! Gina had learned a lot about judging people since the Gina Steffi wars.
Gina judged that Mel did not realize how ticklish and sensitive she was, and realized the Mel had backed off when she found out. When Gina was untied she walked over and begun untying Kate, while Melissa untied me.
Get used to it, Kate, Gina said. Tie up games seem to happen a lot around here
It was Interesting, surely, Kate said.
Melissa brought out some Cokes and the meeting went as scheduled.
Kate, Gina and I were biking back and Kathleen said I presume now I will have to be trussing up Melissa for revenge? Kate said.
I was going to make a remark but Gina beat me to it. I dont think you want a Brit to get one over on an Irishwomen do you, Kathleen?.
Im gonna get Mel for this Kate said good naturedly, with an uncanny imitation of Ginas Chicago accent.
And Indeed Kathleen did. But that is another story.....


Fri May 14 14:24:20 1999

Greetings, Truefan. I am Zorro, former bane-of-existance for visitors here. Like you, I also liked Maddog's page. I have also heeded his warning about you.....however, I fear nothing . Cool stories so far, but it's time for me to contribute.


Fri May 14 11:33:38 PDT 1999

Sorry I forgot to title this post. I hope you guessed it is the third part of Mel's Revenge.
I have decided to give in to popular demand and make my next tale my Mom's third tie up. Hopefully this will satisfy all my #1 Fans and i won;t end uplike the author in Stephen King's Misery....


Fri May 14 13:33:26 1999

THE DARE (pt1)

About last week I was at my friends Matt's house after school. He's this sophmore that I know. Anyhoo, my friends Mike, Tom, Brian and Rob were also there. Matt's 19 year old sister was in her room, napping after a long day at work, he said.
We spent an hour watching MTV (gack!), then talked about comics and other crap. Now, I'll be honest for once....I'm a real comics geek. But, considering I've had five girlfriends in my life, it doesn't get to me. Take that!
Anyway, that led to a game of truth or dare. After a half hour, Matt had ended up mooning the old lady next store, Brain drank from the tiolet and we found out that Mike liked some girl with glasses who smelled like fish.
Then came my eventual dare. Matt thought hard, which probably was a first for him.
"I want you to take my dad's duct tape downtairs and tie up my sister," he piped in.
For the record, the penalty for not doing a dare was a PILE-ON. For those who're newbies or having trouble with English, that's when everybody just jumps on you. Take it right, it knocks the wind out of you.....take it wrong, ya might break something.
His dare shocked everyone, even me; Matt was a real goodie-good....he never cuts class, for crying out loud. Plus, no one knows I like bondage; that secret's tucked away in the Zorro-Cave.
"You're on!" I said as I gleefully got the tape.
You can see where this is leadin', right?


Fri May 14 14:38:04 1999

I would like to thank everyone for their friendly
advice about the mechanics of posting here.
I did my first post using my word processing
program, just like Canuck advises and then pasted
it to here. The emulations, such as bold and
italics, and the font changes in size and color,
did not transfer over. The linebreaks and wrap
around didn't come out too well either. Must be
somekind of system incompatability. That is when
I tried using plain old html, which of course
doesn't work either. Maybe it has something to do
with the tripod system. Enough on that.
I would like to post stories about how the games
my younger sister and I played grew, evolved
expanded, to include my older sister, her friends,
our mother, her friends, and some of my sisters
friends mothers. Problem is this all happened
many moons ago, I have no idea of what exacly was
said before, during, or after the events, only
vague recollections of what was probably said.
Verbatim conversation and dialog seems to be a
prerequisite for stories here. I just do not have
the memory that the experienced posters have, I
cannot remember what was said back in the late
fifties early sixties.
Any advice?
BTW, maddog apparently shares my like of pro
wrestling, although I have never seen him post
anything. If he follows the ng, he should realize
that I do not start flame wars, just try to stop
the kiddies when one erupts. However, when
someone is pushing opinions as facts, I will
educate him/her as to the truth.


Fri May 14 16:44:04 Eastern Daylight Time 1999

Fri May 14 19:39:19 PDT 1999

We had a great Mother's Day. Mom took the two of us to church, first, and we told Mom we'd make brunch to celebrate. The phone rang as we came in the door, and Mom answered. The two of us made brunch... a champagne brunch. Mom had kicked off her heels, but was still wearing her blue knit suit. She's about 5'6", brown hair, brown eyes, with a Mediterranean complexion. We finished making cheese omlets and poured champagne for her. She sat right down to eat, downing the eggs and two glasses of champagne, too. Mom was feeling really good at this point when company arrived. Neighbors stopped by to say hello and drop off cookies they'd baked. While they were there, Mom and Fran finished off the bottle of champagne plus one more. Fran and her husband left an hour later, and Mom stood up, or tried to. She was a bit too tipsy and sat back down. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. We got some rope out of the garage -- clothesline -- and went back to the living room. Mom seemed to be feeling really good at that point, so we didn't waste time. I (Brad) kind of leaned her forward like I was going to give a back rub. I carefully pulled her hands behind her, crossed her wrists, and cinched them together. It took a minute for Mom to realize what had happend but by then it was too late. Billy had tied her feet together, too. We had about 50 feet left of rope, so we wound that around her upper body. By the time we were done she was securely tied. We both stood back and admired our handiwork. We cleave gagged her and could hear her protest, but the gag was fairly effective and we feigned ignorance. She twisted and squirmed to get away but to no avail. As she sobered up, she managed to get to her feet and hop across the living room back to the kitchen. Hands behind her, she searched for something to cut herself loose, but the only thing she came up with was a can opener. We watched as Mom struggled to cut herself loose.

Billy and Brad

Fri May 14 20:05:45 PDT 1999

Mothers Day Part 2...
Mom was balancing on bound feet, standing with her back to the counter, and trying to cut herself loose with a can opener. It was an amazing sight. She had kicked her heels off earlier, but she looked really pretty in her suit. She's a lot more athletic than I thought, and she hopped and twisted and squirmed more than I expected. She cut me a dirty look and I knew it was time to end the game. I motioned her to come over and Mom hopped back over to me. She turned on those tied feet and I unbound them. I unwrapped the rope from her upper body and then took the gag out. The last thing I did was untie her wrists. She was a bit perturbed but not really angry. Her whole experience lasted about 30 minutes, and she was tipsy for a good part of that. We had a blast.

Billy and Brad

Sat May 15 01:02:52 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

Ok, Mr.crap detector, My Mom was born March 23, 1968; that makes her 31. My sister was born March 18, 1984 that makes her 15, I was born July 25, 1985, I'm 13. I don't know about when you went to school, but nowdays a 15 year old is 2 years older than a 13 year old. If you don't want to help me, that's fine. I got all the information I need, already, and if you don't want me hanging around, I've been thrown out of better places than this.

Call me Ishmael
[email protected]

Defintely Highfield. Let's hear more.

Interested Party

Sat May 15 11:22:02 EDT 1999

Hey Ismael, I think the problem arrised because that would mean that your Mom was 16 when she gave birth to your sister. And, according to those dates, she would have had you when she was 17. In some people's minds, that doesn't work out. Honestly, it raised a little flags in my mind too, but I've learned not to pry.

Hope this cleared up some stuff.


Sat May 15 09:51:15 PDT 1999

Exactly Jeff! Normally I don't pry but when you have something as obviously questionable as this I can't help but comment.I don't mind a fake it it's a good one, but a bad one I can't stand....


Re Call me Ishmael's mom with two kids at age 17: it happens.

Anyway, since I last posted here this place seems to have to turned into a kind of Kiddies' Korner. Don't any of you regulars feel a little uneasy about that? Adults talking about games they played as children is one thing. Teenage boys boasting to each other about being into bondage is another, and in my opinion it's anything but healthy.

Jeanette H
[email protected]

Sat May 15 15:19:29 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

Thanks Jeanette. When I saw the top of the post it scared me a little because I thought Mom had been here. I'm not bragging about being into bondage, I'm kind of confused about it. Where I'm from, if somebody disses you, you got to get right back in their face with something.

It must be nice to live in a world where 16 year old girls don't have babies, and where you don't have to worry about getting shot because two druggies want the same corner to deal from, and you just come out of your house at the wrong time, or where black kids will beat you up just because you're white. Ever since my uncle gave us his old computer, my biggest fear has been that someone would break in here and try to take it.

Maybe that would be better because then I wouldn't have had to try to explain to a bunch of people who probably don't even want to understand.

Call me Ishmael
[email protected]

Dear Call me Ishmael, when I used the word 'boasting' I wasn't thinking of you, but of a certain other poster. I don't live in a very nice part of the world, either.

Jeanette H
[email protected]

Memories - 1

The strangest thing has just happened. I was looking at the posts here about boys wanting to tie up their older sisters and mothers and thinking that my brother never wanted to do that to me, and a couple of childhood memories have suddenly come vividly back into my mind. Excuse me if what I write feels confused, I'm hardly seeing the keyboard in front of me. When they happened I was very young - six or seven.

I'm fairly sure that my brother never tied me up, and I never tied him, but I once handcuffed him. The handcuffs were only toys, of course, made of grey plastic, but once they were put on your wrists you couldn't get them off unaided. I think both my brother and I had had them on with our hands in front of us, and then I thought how much more captured a person would be with their hands cuffed behind. So somehow I persuaded J to let me cuff him that way, and then treacherously knocked him off his feet and wouldn't let him back up. I vividly recall running round him in a circle and jeering at him. He was a year older than me. I don't remember how it ended.

Jeanette H
[email protected]

Memories - 2

Our mother might have confiscated the handcuffs.

I myself was tied up on at least one occasion. I don't think J did it, but I don't know who did. I can't remember either the actual being tied or being released, or how long it lasted. All I know is that I was tied and then left by myself in our back garden. I had on a black coat and wellington boots, and I was lying on my back in the grass, trussed up with plastic clothesline. My hands were tied behind my back, my feet were tied, and a big length of the clothesline had been wound up and down me from shoulders to ankles - in memory it seems like miles. (I was always a very little girl, so it wouldn't have taken a very long rope.) I couldn't get out, but I don't remember this as being a nasty experience.

Anyway, those are my memories.

Jeanette H
[email protected]

Sun May 16 09:37:26 Central Daylight Time 1999

Super Bowl Party (Part 1)

Hello All:
I've been lurking on the board for a while, and enjoying the stories posted by everyone. While I'm not the greatest author in the world, I thought I might write down some of the things that I experienced while I was growing up. Tie-up games always seemed to be a favorite playtime activity of mine for as long as I can remember. Of course, as an adult today, the 'play time' encompasses a bit more than Cowboys and Indians! However, there were many times as a child that I would tie-up friends as part of a more good-natured playtime.

One incident that I remember was at a Super Bowl party. About four or five families all got together as a routine at one of the family's houses every year. Almost all of the families had at least one child, so there were eight kids total, ranging in ages from seven to almost thirteen. I remember being about twelve at the time, so I was one of the 'older' kids. The house that year was a two-story house, with the bedrooms upstairs and away from the Super Bowl party down below. The parents led all the kids who didn't want to watch the game to the kids' upstairs bedrooms to play.

Once the game started, one of the guys there, John, starting talking about a magic trick that he had seen on television - I forget the magic trick now, I'm sure it was one of the David Copperfield shows. Anyway, it somehow involved being tied up, and a huge discussion followed about whether or not you could tie someone up where they couldn't get loose. The younger kids seemed uninterested, so it really ended up being a group of four of us that were involved, two boys and two girls.

Laura (whose house this was at) was thirteen, and her friend Jill, who was twelve, managed to sneak down to their garage and procure about fifty feet of cotton rope. John, who was a little younger than I was, waited upstairs. Once Larua and Jill got the rope, we spent the rest of the afternoon tieing each other up,


[email protected]

Sun May 16 09:50:02 Central Daylight Time 1999

Super Bowl Party (Part 2)

Usually, we ended up doing a variation on a hogtie. For some reason, I was almost always been able to get loose from ropes, so I only ended up not getting loose only once. The one time that they 'got' me, Laura was doing the tieing - she had me cross my wrists behind my back in an X. She only tied my wrists together with a single loop before cinching it up, but after the cinch, she put a knot or two between my wrists. Then she covered the knots by looping rope around and around the chinch, so I couldn't get at them to untie them. She had just enough to finsh off my feet by having me in a hog tie. She tied off the final knot below my ankles, just far enough out of reach where I couldn't get to it.

When my next turn came for Laura, I decided to get a litle more creative and used the bed to tie her down. This of course raised a good deal of discussion about whether or not it was 'fair' to use objects to tie people with. We eventually decided that this was OK. I started off on Laura's right wrist, put a simple knot on a loop to start it, and then wrapped rope around her wrist three or four more times to hide the knot. Then I had her lay her back down on the queen-size bed and stretched her arm out to one side. Since her bed didn't have bed posts, I just took the rope attached to her arm and threw it under the bed until it came out the other side. I then took the slack out of the rope, and tied her other wrist so that her arms were flat on each side of her. For the legs then, went directly from her left arm to her ankles and tied them together. I then had her bend her knees so that her feet were right up under her. I then pulled the last of the rope up from her feetand tied off the end of the rope through two of the belt loops on the front of her jeans. This discouraged her from stuggling with her feet too much, since it put pressure on the waist of her jeans, and would start pulling her pants down if she got to


[email protected]

Sun May 16 09:52:26 Central Daylight Time 1999

Super Bowl Party (Part 3)

since it put pressure on the waist of her jeans, and would start pulling her pants down if she got too carried away!

The strangest part about this is that I vividly remember the adults coming up to check on the kids once every thirty minutes or so, and not saying a single word even when finding one of us hogtied on the floor!

I'll write more as I get a chance to jot things down. Hope to keep reading more of your stories here!


[email protected]

Sun May 16 15:58:19 Pacific Daylight Time 1999

Just thought that I'd say hi. I'm glad to see that the "flaming" is over and that we're back to telling stories.

[email protected]

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