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July 99 - part 1

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Thu Jul 1 01:29:05 UTC 1999

Wheelchair Bound

Hello, my name is Danielle. I am 17 year old high school student and Ill be a senior in the fall. I have been paralyzed from the waste down since age 4 as the result of a car accident. Despite being disabled, I have a normal and very full-filling life. I do not consider myself a "bondage enthusiast" by any means, but I do enjoy writing. One of my friends told me about this site and I really think its a neat idea. After reading some of the stories on here, I thought Id share one of my own. I guess I should begin by describing myself. Im 5 7" and have long wavy brown hair down to about the middle of my back, brown eyes and am fairly thin. Last year I was a councilor for a day camp program held at my church. It was open to all children from ages 6 to 12. We did activities, arts and crafts and played games. There were 8 councilors total and we each had one day off a week, except Fridays when we did field trips or special activities, and then we all were there. There were four male councilors and 4 female councilors: Danny, Dustin, Steve, Matthew., Rebecca, Julie, my best friend Ginger and me. The camp ran the whole summer and we usually divided the kids in groups of 3 and assigned 2 councilors to each group. The last weekend of the summer camp we had a two day camp out at the church. The 6 and 7 year olds were not allowed to stay overnight, so that brought the group to about 25 since some of the older kids didnt stay because they had little brothers and sisters who would be excluded. We planned a lot of fun activities for that weekend including performing skits, a campfire program with ghost stories, and a hide and go seek game. Danny had an idea to add to the ghost story part of the campfire program. "Wouldnt it be great if one of the guys dressed up as the bad guy in the story and kidnapped one of the girl councilors and dragged her off," Danny said one day when the 8 of us were having a staff meeting. "I dont know," Ginger said. "


Thu Jul 1 01:30:29 UTC 1999

Danny said one day when the 8 of us were having a staff meeting. "I dont know," Ginger said. "We might scare them." At first the staff pretty much concurred on this point, but as we discussed the idea further, we became more interested in doing it. We decided that after the story, we could make it into a sort of scavenger hunt to rescue the abducted councilor. "Who will be the victim," Julie asked. I raised my hand. "Id like to do it," I replied. At first they were concerned about it being too much work to wheel me off, but after we planned it a little more, we found it would be easy. We decided to make it a funny sort of story as to not frighten the kids. Steve would play the part of the villain. He happened to have a phantom mask like the one the guy wore in "Scream." He decided to wear all black with a vampire cape. We decided we would do this part of the camp out the second night. We were using the classrooms inside the church building as cabins and doing the activities outside. Our church has a large amount of land around it, giving us a large field clear of trees to play games on the side and a nice area shaded by trees in the front to do programs and the camp fire. We set the campfire up so all the kids were facing the building. There were tall bushes that lined the walkway next to the building, so Steve could easily pull me behind them and I would be out of sight. The trick was that the other councilors would be sitting with the kids or up "on stage" telling the story. They would conveniently not see me get grabbed, but the kids would. Then of course after the story the councilors would all suddenly notice that Id disappeared and say "Hey, where did Danielle go?" At this point of course the kids would all tell them they saw me get grabbed. Of course, the councilors would blow off what the kids were saying about my abduction until the story finished. Then they would take time to organize teams to search so this gave Steve plenty of time to "hide"

Thu Jul 1 01:32:06 UTC 1999

They would conveniently not see me get grabbed, but the kids would. Then of course after the story the councilors would all suddenly notice that Id disappeared and say "Hey, where did Danielle go?" At this point of course the kids would all tell them they saw me get grabbed. Of course, the councilors would blow off what the kids were saying about my abduction until the story finished. Then they would take time to organize teams to search so this gave Steve plenty of time to "hide" me. The next issue of our plan was what to do with me once I was kidnapped. The church property was big and there were three buildings to the church. The sanctuary was pretty big, but there wasnt a lot of places to hide me. Then there was the classroom building. There were lots of rooms there. There was also the reception hall and kitchen where the offices were. All of the offices in that building were locked. I suggested as long as we were doing it that we should drag it out a bit and let them search the entire church and have me in the last room they took the kids to. "I have an idea, why dont we hide you outside," Steve suggested. "Thats a great idea. Why not have me hidden in the tool shed out by the parking lot," I said. The tool shed was where we kept a lot of our outdoor playground equipment. The kids were never taken over there, so that would be the last place theyd look.
"That would be a good place," Steve agreed. There was a single step hed have to pull me over to get me in the shed, but Im fairly light so that wouldnt be much of a problem. We agreed that this would be our game plan.
Then next week, we got the camp out ready and played games and did a nature hike around the church property. Later that night we performed skits. Since it was local, we each went home for a little while over the course of the night so we could shower and change. My parents came and took me home, but brought me back later that night so I could sleep up there with everyone else.

Thu Jul 1 01:34:38 UTC 1999

The next day during lunch we discussed the campfire later that evening and the story. We talked through exactly how we would stage each part of the story, including when Steve would appear, when hed take me and where hed put me. "Should I be quiet and wait for them to think of searching the shed or should I yell for help and have them hear me," I asked. "What if we masking taped your mouth," Steve said. I thought about it for a minute and agreed. "Youll need to tie her hands then too," Ginger said. I had never been tied up before, but it sounded like fun. "Are you flexible enough to put your hands behind your back," Steve said. "I can tape them together." I reached around behind my wheelchair and grabbed my wrists. "I can do it, but I think it would be uncomfortable to sit like that for very long," I said, "And I dont mind you putting a piece of tape over my mouth but Id rather you used something else on my hands." We thought for a moment. We didnt have any yarn in the art box and the jump ropes had plastic beads on them so they wouldnt work. "Hey what if I tied your arms to your side with the tug -o-war rope in the shed," Steve asked. "That would be fine," I said. "It sounds like it will be a lot more comfortable." We finalized our plans and finished lunch.
Later that night we held our campfire. We began at 8:30 as the sun was going down. Julie played guitar and we began with a sing along. Then 2 of the guys did a stand up comedy routine. Matthew and Dustin had developed this character called Crazy Bag-head man and the kids loved it. They did a good 30 minutes of jokes before it began to get dark and we got to the story. Rebecca and Danny were the main story tellers and I just sat up there off to side. The rest of the councilors, minus Steve, were sitting with the kids. The story went something like an episode of "Scooby Doo" where 8 kids (the councilors) were staying in a haunted mansion.

Thu Jul 1 01:36:08 UTC 1999

Finally we got to the cue and Rebecca said "The phantom grabbed Danielle and took her away." I had my back to Steve since I was facing the kids and I saw all the kids point and scream as I suddenly felt myself roll backward and swing around the corner behind the bushes. The councilors feigned ignorance and the story continued. Meanwhile I followed Steve out to the shed. I have strong arms and I am very capable of keeping up with people, even while jogging. No one usually pushes my wheelchair, I get around fine by myself. It didnt take us long to get across the parking lot to the shed. Steve got behind me and helped pull me up the step to the shed. The coil of rope was laying in the center of the floor and the masking tape was on a shelf. There is one small window in the back, but it was well over my head. It was also air conditioned and well lit, so I would be comfortable while I was tied up. Steve rolled me toward the center of the room. He picked up the rope and looped it once around my arms and criss-crossed the end. Then he wound the rope around my arms about 20 times. I let my hands rest in the seat of the chair next to my legs. It took him several minutes because the rope was long and clumsy to work with. Finally he cinched it tight and tucked the remaining end under one of the coils. Just because I was curious I struggled to see if I could move. The ropes held me tight. I could move my wrists and my fingers but my arms and shoulders were immobile. "Are you ok," Steve asked. "Yes, Ill be fine," I said. "Dont rush the scavenger hunt, make sure the kids get a chance to search all of the rooms before you suggest they look out here. Be sure to let the kids be the ones to find me." We had been over all of this in the planning, but I just wanted to remind Steve. With that, He ripped off a 3 inch piece of tape and put it on my mouth. Then he asked me if I was sure I was fine. I nodded and he closed the doors. I tried to talk just to see if the tape would really prevent me from speaking.

Thu Jul 1 01:37:45 UTC 1999

Since my lips were taped together, my speech was muffled and unintelligible, but I could have "mmmphed" pretty loudly if I wanted. Since it was masking tape I could have easily worked my lips free, but since my arms were tied, Id have no way to redo it if it came loose. I made a point to relax so the tape wouldnt come off. I sat tied in the she shed for about 35 minutes before I heard any sound. I could easily rotate my wrist to glance at my watch so I had no trouble keeping track of time. Finally, I could hear the kids in the distance. It took them another 10 minutes to make it over to the shed and open the doors. They were are thrilled and excited when they saw me. One little boys jaw dropped. "Oh my gosh, shes tied up!" he exclaimed in disbelief. The kids poured into the shed and one girl immediately untapped my mouth. They of course wanted to know what happened and if I was all right. The kids all looked for the knot in the rope to untie me, but couldnt find it since Steve had criss-crossed it on both ends. A few of the boys tugged on the ropes trying to get it loose but it didnt come loose. "Wait, dont untie her yet guys, we need a picture!" Ginger said. I was rolled out of the shed and I sat there for a few minutes still all bound up. Debbie, our supervisor came out with the camera but realized there wasnt enough light, so they decided to move over by the sanctuary where there was more light. Ginger pushed me over there since my arms were still tied. We started to pose for the picture when Ginger pointed out that my mouth wasnt taped. We looked around for the tape for a minute before realizing that it had been left at the shed. It would have taken another 5 minutes to go and get it. Julie happened to be wearing a green scarf in her hair, so she took it out and Ginger tied it over my mouth.

Thu Jul 1 01:39:29 UTC 1999

We got several pictures of the group, me with the counselors, by myself and one with Ginger. Finally, we were done and it was time to make Smores. The councilors pretending to forget me, all started to walk away leaving me tied to my wheelchair with the bandana still over my mouth when Debbie told them not to leave me like that. The counselors all groaned and made a few comments about wanting to leave me like that. Someone commented they wished it was Rebecca since she is the chatter box of the group. Ginger untied the scarf and it took Steve a few minutes to remove the ropes. I was tied up for a total of about an hour and a half. I was glad to be able to move my arms again. After the fact, I found out 2 of the girls cried when they thought Id been kidnapped for real. The experience was fun, but I still dont understand the attraction some people find in being tied up. If another situation like this came up, Id be willing to do it again though. I hope you enjoyed my story. :) - Danielle

Thu Jul 01 20:46:18 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999


what a lovely story! I really enjoyed it. Why don't you come over and chat with us all in the chat (Bob's site) Theres a group of us who chat there. We'd love to meet you. N.B We can and do chat about anything and anything. Sometimes we even chat about bondage... lol

By the way, I don't understand why I like being tying and tied up so much either!! I only know that I do! (laughing)

Having said that, thank you very much for taking the time to contribute.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to chat or just talk with me.

[email protected]

Thu Jul 01 07:44:29 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

Sorry, MS. I'm from WV and have never had any luck finding anyone in Bob's chatroom. (It's also been quite a while since I've tried.)


Thu Jul 1 06:01:54 PDT 1999


Here's the link to the chatroom:

Hope we see you there!

Mason-- did you get my email?


[email protected]

Thu Jul 1 09:35:27 CDT 1999

I have never posted to this site before but I read Randy's story about tying up his mother. So I thought that I would share an innocent tie-up game I played with my mother when I was eleven years old.

After school, one afternoon, I went into the family room to watch some television, as I always did. However, this afternoon of after-school-TV would not be anything like the past. My mother, 32 at the time, was lying on the couch reading a magazine. Our couch was big, so even though she was halfway lying down, outstretched on the couch I still had room to sit. She saw me enter and as I sat down next to her she asked me how school went. "Fine," I said, as I picked up the remote control. We then started talking as I switched through the channels.

Before I go any further, I guess that I should share a bit of my background with you. By eleven years old, I knew that I was interested in tying people up. I don't know how it happened, it just happened. At eleven, I was somewhat experienced, I had tied my female cousins a few times during family reunions and such. It seems when I was with my cousins we always ended up playing some sort of tie-up game. The girls initiated most of the games. I consider myself very normal in every way except for the fact that light bondage, not S&M, has always interested and excited me. Not that being into bondage is abnormal, I just don't know a lot of people that share this same interest. Now, back to my story.

My mother started reading her magazine after our brief conversation and I continued to watch TV. I was sitting at my mother's feet, which were bare, and one of her toes accidentally brushed my thigh when she shifted her body. This is the point that I recognized her feet were so close to me. Up until now I was, in fact, just watching TV. However, after toe lightly brushed my thigh I noticed that her feet were right next to me, I couldn't get my mind off of them.


Thu Jul 1 09:38:15 CDT 1999

She had no idea, but as she read her magazine her face was hidden from mine and I started to steal glances at her feet, which were crossed and inches away from my left thigh. My mother is 5'2', 105 lbs., brown hair and eyes. At 32, she was in great shape and loved to lay out by our pool. And with summer approaching, she had already started tanning so her feet were very tan. My mother was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and her hair was in a ponytail. As I sat there, I started to examine her feet while my mother read her magazine. I noticed that her toes were perfectly shaped and painted with red toenail polish. (A sight that today gets my heart racing.) And her arches were very high. I could just barely see the wrinkled soles of her feet, but what I saw I definitely liked. I sat there wondering how I could have ever missed how beautiful her feet were. I guess I just never took the time to look, after all, it was my mother. That is when it happened. She shifted in her seat again and one of her feet accidentally hit my thigh, this time harder than the first. She looked at me over the top of the magazine and said, "Oops, I didn't mean to hit you." I said, "it's okay" I hesitated and then jokingly said just don't let it happen again." That is when it started. My mother said okay and about 15 seconds later, pointed her toes, scooted toward me and poked my ribs with her foot. And said, "Oops, did it again." Now, just to let you know, I'm sure that this is as far as she and I both thought this little game would go. Although it was fun in a weird sort of way, having my mom poke me in the ribs with her foot, I never thought of taking it any further. But it continued. My mom began poking my ribs with her foot about every 15 seconds or so, she would laugh, and then tell me she was sorry. Each time I would push her foot away. Then, when she poked me again, I couldn't understand it. I thought to myself, she couldn't continue this if her feet were tied down.


Thu Jul 1 09:40:59 CDT 1999

I then convinced myself that the only way to get her to stop was to threaten to tie her up. Then my heart started to beat faster and I began to feel uneasy and excited at the same time. The thought of tying up my mother really started to get to me. It seemed so wrong, but at the same time felt right.
Up until now, I had never even considered tying up my mother. It had never entered my mind before. And now, after poking me 5 or 6 times it seemed the only logical, as well as fun, way to get her to stop. Of course, I could have just asked her nicely, but I didn't really want her to stop. "Tying her up would be the only way," I finally convinced myself. My mind was racing. "Should I?" I thought to myself. This was my mother. Not my cousin or a friend. What would she think about me? Would she tell Dad? Then, without warning, my Mom did it again, this time hard. With both feet, she began to poke at me relentlessly. I grabbed both ankles and under my laughter told her to stop but I wasn't in a good position to hold her. She would get loose when I would grab her ankles. So, I sat up on my knees on the couch, facing her body, and grabbed her ankles again. I said, "Now I've gotcha." I was now in a better position and was able to pin her feet to the couch. I then straddled her ankles and grabbed her legs with both hands. She struggled to get free. By now she had put her magazine down and acted as if she was ready to wrestle me. Our position looked as though I was holding her feet so that she could do sit-ups. And as she tried to get up, I would gently push her back down. It was hard for her to get her balance. We continued this for about a minute or so.


Thu Jul 1 09:42:54 CDT 1999

I couldn't believe this was happening. Here I was, and eleven-year-old wrestling with my Mom, and it was the strangest feeling. I was excited and having a blast. Holding my mother's feet down while she struggled to get them free. I know, to this day, she has no idea that I was enjoying it like I was. We started to tire and I thought this would be the end of it. I said, "If you don't leave me alone I'll have to make you stop." Then she said those magic words, the words that seem a perfect prelude to any tie-up game, "If I don't, what are you going to do?" I responded without any hesitation, "I guess I'll have to tie you up to get you to quit." Then, I thought to myself, "oh crap, what have I done." But, to my amazement she lightheartedly said, "Well, if that's the case I better stop bothering you." I swallowed and said, "Good." Then, to my dismay, I thought that this was it. As I released her ankles and unstraddled her, I questioned myself, "why didn't I just go ahead and tie her up? What if she really does leave me alone? Have I missed my chance.?" We resumed our original positions on the couch. She placed her feet by me, picked up her magazine and began to read. So, I grabbed the remote control and began to watch TV. After about a minute or so, I had come to grips with the fact that my chance had passed. I thought, "boy had I screwed up, she probably thinks that I am some sort of freak for threatening to tie her up." I was still excited by the prospects of such a game, but I was sure that it wouldn't happen. Fifteen minutes had passed and with some quick peaks at her crossed ankles and feet and a little channel surfing, I began to settle down. I was frustrated at the situation and started to get up. Before leaving, I stole one last glance at her feet. To my amazement, she was watching me watch her feet. And as I looked up, I saw her staring over the top of the magazine at me. I was embarrassed and started to blush.


Thu Jul 1 09:43:54 CDT 1999

She asked, "Worried that I might get you again?" "Of course I am," I responded. Then she asked, "do you actually think you can tie me up to keep me from tickling you." When I heard my mom say the words, "tie me up," I felt weak all over. My heart began to race and I said to myself, "here's your chance." I responded to her remark by saying, with a somewhat quivering voice, "I'm sure I could keep you from tickling me." Under a mischievous smile she said, "Oh, I better be careful not to accidentally poke you with my feet then." I didn't say anything. She resumed her reading. My body was literally shaking because of my rapid heartbeat. My head was cluttered. I couldn't think. I new what was going to happen. I sat there, waiting. And after what seemed like a lifetime, but was only about 2 or 3 minutes, my mom did it again. With both feet, toes pointed like weapons ready to do battle, she scooted toward me and dug both of her feet deep into my left side and then one foot quickly found it's way under my arm. Although somewhat painful, I was exploding with excitement. She new what the consequences were and she initiated the game. All that I had to do now was basically hold up to my end of the bargain. (Poor me.) I didn't grab at her or try to make her stop, I wasn't going to miss my chance this time. But, I simply moved away and got up from the couch. I new exactly where I was headed. What mom didn't know however was that I knew exactly where there was plenty of rope, and this was a game I had played with my cousins many times. I hurried to the garage, opened a drawer where the rope was stored and grabbed everything that I could. On my way back to the family room, I was certain that my mom would be gone, even though I had made record time getting the rope. But, to my amazement she was still on the couch, she didn't move a muscle.


Thu Jul 1 09:44:53 CDT 1999

She had a worried look on her face when she saw all of the rope that I had. She said, "where did you get all of that rope?" "In the garage. Dad and I use it to tie things to the trailer and stuff like that." I know that she could see right through me. She knew that I had done this before, something that didn't really bother me at the moment. She asked, "you aren't going to tie me up with all of it, are you?" while staring at the rope. I said, "I might have to to keep you from getting loose." "Okay, but not too tight," she said with an instructing tone. "Okay, I'll need you to lay flat on your back." She positioned herself and said, "Like this?" "Yes, that's good," I responded. I took a short strand of rope and knelt beside her mid section, but then I stopped. I was still apprehensive about this strange situation. I was about to tie up my mother. I knew that I had plenty of time. My brother and sister were not at home and my dad would not be home until 6:00 and it was only 4:00 at the time. I had plenty of time, a mother who practically asked for it, and plenty of rope. So what was stopping me? My mother sensed my apprehension and said, almost comfortingly, "well, what are you waiting for?" I felt like Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) in the movie "Rocky II", just when Adrian tells him to "Win." I now had, permission from my mother, so to speak. Mom said, "Dad will be home in a couple of hours and I need to start dinner at around 5:30 so, I can't remain tied up for more that an hour and a half. I couldn't believe it. An hour and a half!? I was just so amazed at my luck. Taking full advantage of the time frame she had basically given me I said, "okay, we'll quit at 5:30 p.m." I now had one hour and thirty gracious minutes to tie up my mom.


Thu Jul 1 09:46:54 CDT 1999

I started at her hands, which were now by her side. I reached over her and grabbed her left wrist. I felt very consciences about the way that I looked and was acting. My palms were sweating and I was uneasy and still flustered at the situation, even a little embarrassed. However, the strong urge to tie her up overcame all of my inhibitions. As I grabbed her wrist I saw her close her eyes, perhaps to ease the tension and make me comfortable knowing that she wasn't watching my every move. I wrapped the small rope around her left wrist and then grabbed her right wrist. I then crossed them. I wrapped the rope as many times as I could and then tied a square knot. . (This is the only knot that I could tie at the time.) It was difficult tying her hands together because I was kneeling beside her. After wrapping her hands I grabbed a long strand of rope and wrapped it around the rope already securing her wrists. This time however, I pulled the rope trough her forearms cinching up the rope binding her hands making the rope very snug with every wrap. Once in while her eyes would open then close again. I guess she wanted to see my handiwork After I secured the long rope, I stood up and pulled her tied wrists over her head, so that her forearms were resting on the arm of the couch. I pulled her wrists toward the floor snuggly and secured the long end of the rope to the base of the couch. I then walked over beside her and looked at what I had accomplished so far. She opened her eyes and tugged at the rope gently but didn't look at me. Still uneasy, I didn't say anything. I bent down, grabbed another short strand of rope, and walked to her feet. I knelt down beside her feet and placed each foot closely beside the other. I then placed my hand under both ankles and lifted both feet up a bit. I ran the rope under her feet and started to wrap her feet tightly together.


Thu Jul 1 09:47:42 CDT 1999

I looked at her and could see her staring at me down her nose. She had to lift her head a bit to see what I was doing. I asked, "is it too tight?" "Oh no," she said. "Good," I thought to myself. I was wrapping the rope tight, I didn't want her to be able to get loose. After wrapping the rope I tied a knot. I then got a long piece of rope and then passed the rope between her legs perpendicular to the rope wrapped around her ankles. I did this several times cinching her ankles together making it very tight and impossible to escape. I ran the rope over the arm of the couch to the base, the same way that her arms were tied. However, her feet were about a foot and a half short of the arm of the couch. As I pulled to tighten the rope I could tell that I was pulling her feet higher and higher, suspending them about four inches above the cushion. I pulled the rope tied to her feet tightly, and it seemed as though she didn't mind, if she did, she never said anything. I got up and walked to the middle of the couch. She looked at me and said, "You've had practice at this haven't you?" I pretended not to hear. I didn't want to admit to my mother that I had tied people up before, even though by now she knew that I had. I jokingly said, "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back." I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to my room and found my handkerchiefs. I had four of them, all of which I had used on my cousins before. I ran back down and calmly walked into the family room with the handkerchiefs behind my back. I told my mother to close her eyes. She agreed and I then folded one of the handkerchiefs lengthwise so that it was flat. I placed the handkerchief over her eyes, she tilted her head forward and I tied the ends together in the back. I examined her up and down and then looked at her mouth. I hesitated, but said to myself, "what the heck, you've come this far, go ahead."


Thu Jul 1 09:48:27 CDT 1999

So, using another handkerchief I rolled it up tightly and instructed my mother to open wide. When I said "open wide," she knew what I was going to do and said, "if you are going to gag me I can't speak so, if I snap my fingers that means you need to let me go." I said, "Oh, okay." Now I began to think that maybe she had done this before. I placed the balled up handkerchief in her mouth about halfway, silencing her. I then took another handkerchief, tied it around her mouth, then tied the ends together at the back of her neck. This secured the handkerchief that was partially stuffed in her mouth. As I cinched the ends together, she let out a very small "mmph," and I started to think that she wanted me to remove it. I asked, "is this okay?" She nodded yes. Good. Now she couldn't ask me anymore questions about my experience with bondage. After I finished gagging her, I checked the bonds at her wrists and at her feet, making sure that they were snug and that she would not be able to struggle free. I said, "Okay mom I'm done. I am going to leave you like this for 30 minutes." I heard a loud "mmmmppphhh." I then said, "If you can get free, I won't tie you up anymore." I saw her nod and then it started. I sat down at the small table in the room, and positioned my chair so I could watch, hoping that she wouldn't snap her fingers. First she began to lightly tug at her bonds. I think that she thought that it wouldn't take much to undo what her 11 year old son had done to her. But she was wrong. After lightly tugging at her wrists, I sensed that she knew this wasn't going to be easy. She then tugged at the rope suspending her feet, and then she knew that she was not going to make it out. All of the sudden, she really tugged hard and let out a loud and long, "mmmmmmmppppphhhhh!!!" Her feet were pointing, her hands were failing and she began to arch her back like she had been shocked. I got scared for a second. Was she okay?


Thu Jul 1 09:51:54 CDT 1999

After that one big tug, she settled down. Low moans came from under her gag. Her legs rubbed back and forth, feet still hanging. Her torso was moving up and down slowly. With each shake of her head from side to side she would let out, "mmmmpphhh, mmmmpphhh, mmmmpphhh!!!" I watched as she desperately tried to get her hands and feet free from the rope. As much as she tried she just couldn't manage. Her hands were really working on trying to get out. I got up and walked close to her to get a better view. I noticed that as she struggled to get her feet free her legs were rubbing together and her thighs were beginning to sweat. She would point her toes while she struggled. She would rest and go limp for 30 seconds or so, but then would try some more. I was actually proud of the job I had done. I walked around and around her watching her every move. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking that my dad or siblings would come in and see me standing over my bound mother. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. But hey, she told me to, right? After about 20 minutes of watching her struggle, I felt that she had enough. She was really starting to sweat. I reached down and took off her blindfold. I think I startled her because she jumped. When I removed the blindfold, she started to squint, trying to adjust her eyes to the light. She looked fine. I then untied the handkerchief covering her mouth and removed the soaking wet gag. She started to move her jaw around, opening and closing it. I was speechless, I felt somewhat bad for what I had done. I thought that I might have hurt her. I think she sensed how I was feeling and said, "you sure did a good job tying me to this couch." My plan was to untie her and leave it at that, certain that this was enough for her. But I was wrong. She said, "well, I obviously can't get loose, so, what's in store for me now? This is fun." Did I hear her right?


Thu Jul 1 09:53:36 CDT 1999

Here my mom was, hands tied over her head, feet tied together and which were now very close to touching the cushion, sweating and obviously tired of struggling, but she didn't want to quit playing. I was thrilled. I stuttered and said, "w w w well, I'll think of something." She then said, "remember, you told me that I had to get loose. Tie me up somewhere else and maybe I'll have a chance." Yes, she definitely was enjoying this. Was this my day or what?

I'll write the conclusion to this story very soon. Sorry if I have taken up too much space. I have replayed this story in my mind several times, so it is very vivid, and I assure you, every word is true. I would also like to point out that my mother and I don't have a strange relationship. In fact, we have never discussed this incident with each other. It was just a fun afternoon for her, I assume, and me. Hey, I got to tie up my mom. Sometimes I wonder if she planned this. Something to think about.


Thu Jul 01 10:35:26 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Don't worry about the length of the stories, the more detail given the better they are. There is plenty of space for stories so make them as long as you want to. Short isn't always sweet.

Great story, finish it soon.


Thu Jul 1 13:48:23 UTC 1999

Danielle, Todd, great stories! I would like to add to Mase's invitation to Bob's chat (the link is in his post, see above)

We chat most afternoons/evenings, especially on the weekends. You can catch us:

Eastern: 6:00 pm
Central: 5:00 pm
Mountain: 4:00 pm
Pacific: 3:00 pm

UK (GMT): 10 pm?

Down Under (Australia) Around 10 am I think, Mase is probably the expert on that, so email him if you are from Australia.

Sometimes we start an hour or so later and the chat length varies, usually we go longer on the weekends. If you drop in and no one is there, hang out a bit or try back in a few minutes. Some nights no one shows up, but you can usually find someone there.

[email protected]

Thu Jul 1 13:55:27 UTC 1999


I had 2 questions for you about your story. Your story suggests you were tied up more than once, are there any other stories you have? I was also curious if any of the other councelors were tied up?


[email protected]

Fri Jul 02 01:22:29 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Tie-Up Olympics at the Beach
Part I

A few days after the sleep over in the boat-house, we had a whole day to ourselves at the beach. The grownups of the L. family, together with Peter and Hank, had gone on one of their cultural trips. They were out somewhere in a far off village, looking at some deceased authors birthplace or some similar boring venue. These trips were something Joe and his cousins had never liked, and at the age of twelve and thirteen, they were finally allowed to skip these trips.

Jenny being the eldest was put in charge. We would obey her, the parents said, but soon mutiny would occur. My older cousins who stayed at our place would look in on us during the day to see if we were behaving.

It was one of those truly unbelievable days of Scandinavian summer. For those of you expecting polar bears to appear in any of my stories, Im sorry to disappoint you. We had a temperature of about twenty-eight degrees Centigrade, (above eighty degrees Fahrenheit), and a bit lower in the water. Although the lake was very deep in some places, the beach was in a shallow bay and when the wind was right it would tend to warm up quickly.

We spent the day swimming and playing different beach-games. We were allowed to swim near the shore, but not to go out in the deep water or use the boat. The girls had two-piece swimsuits and Joe and I had our usual sports-shorts. After our lunch-break we just relaxed on the warm beach. The girls tanned themselves, comfortably stretching out on some of the huge blankets from the boat-house. Joe and I preferred the shadow, sitting under a pine-tree, practicing knots.

[email protected]

Fri Jul 02 01:27:26 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Tie-Up Olympics at the Beach
Part II

We used some of the cloth-belts from our bathrobes, trying to create the perfect way to tie each others hands. Soon this developed into a competition, and from that to a challenge. The girls mocked us because they had escaped our last try to tie them up, and we had a little competition right there.

We asked them to come over to the tree and let us tie their hands with the belts. Never being able to pass on a challenge, they came over. We had them kneel in the sand with their hands behind them and we tied them as good as we possibly could. I tied Sarahs hands with the thinner belt from my robe. I looped it three times around one wrist and tied it with a square knot. The remaining piece of belt went three times around the other wrist and was knotted again. I took it two times around both wrists and finally cinched it vertically between her hands, placing the knot on the upper part of the cinching, away from her fingers.

During this time, Joe had bound Jennys hands in much the same way. We gave them fifteen minutes to get out of their bindings. They both immediately stood up in the sand, squatted a bit, and passed their bound hands down past their buttocks. They stepped back over their hands, and suddenly had them bound in front instead of behind them. From there it was an easy task to untie the knots with their teeth.
Triumphantly they tossed the belts to the ground.

-You didnt expect us to be that quick, did you?, Sarah said with a laugh.
-You cant keep us tied up for long, youre too sloppy with your knots, Jenny said.
-Now let us tie you two up, asked Sarah.


Fri Jul 02 01:28:30 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Tie-Up Olympics at the Beach
Part III

We had started the challenge, and had to go along. I knew I never could pass my hands over my buttocks that way, my arms were too short, I guess. This would be tricky. We assumed the same kneeling position and let them tie our hands. They did a good job, and when I tested the belt around my wrists it stayed firmly tied.

-Have a nice time, were going up to the house to change, Sarah said, and they waved us good-bye, smiling.

We turned our hands and tried to get at the knots, but it didnt work. We turned back to back and tried to undo each others knots, and finally Joe managed to untie me. The girls arrived back, now wearing jeans-shorts and T-shirts. They congratulated us on our escape, and proposed another challenge. This would be more of a team-competition against the clock.

The girls went to the boat-house to collect some ropes, and we went up to the house and put on shorts and T-shirts. When we came back the girls explained their newly invented competition. They offered to alter the teams so I would go with Sarah and Joe with Jenny. The competition would be sort of a race down the beach. One contestant would be sitting in the sand, bound hand and foot and gagged. The other would be standing fifty yards away, also bound hand and foot, but blindfolded.

The blindfolded one would then have to jump towards the gagged one, and then they would try too free each other. The team getting the best time would win, and have the privilege to tie the others up in any way they wanted. The funny twist of this game was that the gagged contestant must direct the blindfolded one towards him/her, and that would be tricky with a gag on. Once together, the team-mates would have a little difficulty communicating and coordinating their moves.


Fri Jul 02 01:29:55 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Tie-Up Olympics at the Beach
Part IV

This sounded like a good challenge, and we agreed that Jenny and Joe would go first. Joe was tied hand and foot and gagged and placed sitting on the far end of the beach. We took Jenny over to a spot fifty yards away and tied her up. We made sure her hands were pinned to the small of her back with a rope going around her waist. Her feet were tied together, not too tight, and we blindfolded her with a folded up towel. We checked the time and the race was on its way.

Jenny started hopping in Joes direction. Jumping with your feet tied together is not that easy, but in soft sand, its even harder. Not being able to see anything also makes things worse, as your sense of balance is not working properly. She started going too fast, and nearly lost her balance. Joe cheered her on, shouting through his gag and wanting her to get a feeling of where he was. She jumped on in short hops, her blonde pony-tail waving back and forth. It really looked quite funny.

When Jenny had come close to where Joe was, his gagged grunts became more intensive. Jenny made shorter jumps, and finally stopped, only a couple of yards away from Joe. She got down on her knees and eased towards Joe. He placed his face near her bound hands, and she immediately understood, and pushed his gag down over his chin. Then Joe got Jennys blindfold off, using his teeth. They positioned themselves back to back and started to undo each others knots. It took them about fifteen minutes to get Jennys hands free. When all ropes were removed they had managed to get free in just under forty minutes.


Fri Jul 02 01:31:04 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Tie-Up Olympics at the Beach
Part V

Now the roles became reversed. I was bound and gagged and left where Joe had been. Sarah was tied up and blindfolded. The race was on. I tried the same tactics as Joe had, and shouted for Sarah through my gag. She jumped forward in short hops, at first with great caution, then faster and faster. To make the distance shorter, I started to roll on the sand towards Sarah. The problems started when we tried to get my gag off. Sarah had much more trouble getting it out of my mouth than Jenny had had with Joes. We lost a lot of time there. We also had problems with the knots on the ropes tying our respective hands. We worked hard, but after a while Joe and Jenny started counting down the remaining seconds, and before any knot was undone, we had lost.

They untied our feet and walked us over to a couple of trees not far away. They would now make the most of their privilege to tie us up for an hour. The trees were about two yards apart. They tied us sitting with our backs against the trees, hands tied behind the trunks. Our legs were outstretched. We were facing each other and they tied our feet together, then they tied my ankles to Sarahs. This made it impossible to move our legs at all. Two very long ropes were used to secure our upper bodies to the trunks. Finally they gagged us using pieces of cloth rolled-up into a folded bandana. They were to give us one hour to get free, but of course they had some fun first, tickling us. They tickled our toes and soles and used straws of grass to tickle our faces. Sarah grunted very angrily as Joe made her twist and turn in her tightly tied ropes. Jenny mocked and teased me as she mercilessly tickled my feet. No matter how hard we tried to escape the torture, we couldnt get away from their fingers.


Fri Jul 02 01:32:10 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

Tie-Up Olympics at the Beach
Part VI

Finally they stopped, satisfied with having tortured us enough. It felt like they were at it for hours, but in reality, it was probably no longer than ten minutes. As a final touch, Jenny placed a straw between two of my toes, and did the same to Sarah. They left us for the designated hour and went to have a drink or a swim. The straw between my toes was a real nuisance. It didnt really tickle, but was more annoying. I tried to get it off by twitching my toes, but that didnt help. Sarah did the same, and her forehead and nose wrinkled with her increasing efforts. We sat there, trying to get out of the ropes, but had to "enjoy" the full hour.

This was one of many fun games we played over some years when I was a kid. Im going on holiday for the next five weeks, and would like to wish everyone on this site a good summer. A special thanks to Canuck for maintaining one of the most enjoyable forums on the internet!


Thu Jul 01 22:47:56 1999

Continuing to lurk and enjoying the stories. Please keep up the good work. My single story is way back in the archives somewhere, and even that is short. Thanks to all the contributors for their medium to outstanding stories.


Fri Jul 02 03:42:04 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Great job, as always, PH! Danielle, welcome! I loved your story. Also, Ex-Leech and MS: Keep up the good work.

[email protected]

Fri Jul 2 12:58:42 CDT 1999


Nice story. Oh if you were only about 10 years older. One of my fantasies is seeing a beautiful women in a wheelchair with her hands cuffed behind her and her legs crossed. Please everyone keep the stories coming.


Fri Jul 02 14:20:36 Mountain Daylight Time 1999

Sat Jul 3 01:17:50 UTC+0200 1999

I'm happy there are a lots of people who enjoy bondage like a game without falling in sado etc.
Thanks at all writers for the great stories!


Sat Jul 03 01:20:08 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

War of the Roses, the Original Game
Part I

In my first ever posted story, I described a game called "War of the Roses", that was played by me and some of my friends when we were in our early twenties. The original WotR game was actually invented by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, Mother of Pippi Longstocking, in one of her books from the fifties. I have chatted with some people who used to play similar games as kids, and also read quite many stories on this board that describe games of the same kind, although with different names to them. This is a story of how we used to play "War of the Roses":

One day when I came over to Joes, Sarahs and Jennys place, I found the girls sprawled on the grass in front of the house, reading some of their horrible girls-magazines. They were dressed as usual, jeans and T-shirts, no shoes and hair done in pony-tails. I asked for Joe, and they told me he was in the woods by the tree-house, constructing some new strange invention of his. I went over to the place in the woods where we had our tree-house. Joe was working frantically, nailing and tying two-inch/five cm wooden poles to some of the trees. He was putting them between trees at an Apr. height of about half a yard/metre. I asked him what he was doing and he answered:

- Im constructing a set of torture-racks!
n Hm, I thought. What nasty ideas have now come into my friends mind?

[email protected]

Sat Jul 03 01:25:07 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

War of the Roses, the Original Game
Part II

Joe was the born inventor. He always thought up new interesting gags and ways to tie a prisoner.

-Were playing "War of the Roses" later today, and I thought I would construct something to tie the prisoners to so we can tickle them easier, he said with a big grin.

-You havent thought of the fact that it might be YOU tied to that thing, I asked.
-Oh yes, he said. But I always win the game so I bet the first to try this out will be you!

-So do we, came two unison voices from behind me. Sarah and Jenny stood right behind me.
-All right, you know the drill, take off your shoes, said Jenny.

I did as they ordered, and they started tying me to one of Joes torture-racks. I was placed sitting on the ground with my back to one of the horizontal poles. They tied my hands behind me so my arms went on the other side of the pole. They fastened ropes around my upper arms and the pole, and then tied my feet together and placed my ankles on another horizontal pole, one a bit lower than the first. They tied my legs firmly in place so I was sitting jack-knifed with my feet at the level of my chest.

-Congratulations on being the first ever to try my new invention, laughed Joe and they started tickling my feet.
They didnt go on for long and I was soon released. We decided to play WotR after lunch, but first Joe proudly showed all his inventions.


Sat Jul 03 01:26:08 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

War of the Roses, the Original Game
Part III

After lunch we met at the tree-house again, this time equipped with water-pistols. The teams were drawn and I would go with Jenny this time. Sarah and Joe got Peter as their junior side-kick. War of the Roses was played with two teams. each team-member having a treasure to hide somewhere. We would stalk each other in the woods and shoot with our water-pistols. A person that got hit was to be taken prisoner and to be brought to the base-camp, a.k.a. the tree-house. There the prisoner was tied well and good and left there until all the team-mates were captured. If two enemies were taken prisoners they would be exchanged and both released. It was also allowed to free a team-mate if one could do so.

When all members of a team were captured, the captors started interrogating the prisoners, of course by tickling them, to force them to tell where their treasures were hidden. If one team found all treasures they had won. We started the game and ran out in the woods in different directions. After five minutes all treasures were hidden, and we started sneaking around, trying to find an enemy to shoot at. Joe usually went right on through bushes and shrubberies and tried to scare his enemies to reveal themselves. He relied on the fact that he then would use his fine aiming to get his enemy first. Sarah and Jenny played the game more cleverly. They would hid up in a tree or behind a rock and ambush their victims.


Sat Jul 03 01:27:20 Västra Europa, sommartid 1999

War of the Roses, the Original Game
Part IV

This day started well for Jenny and me. Jenny got Sarah with a spray of water from behind and soon Sarah was lying on the ground, hands tied behind her and gagged. Jenny removed her sneakers and threw them behind some bushes. Sarah was marched to the camp and securely tied to a tree. We went to look for Joe and Peter. We searched for about half an hour, and then went back to check on Sarah. She was still sitting with her back to the tree, bound and gagged. Jenny went up to her, and then suddenly Joe appeared behind a rock and shot Jenny in the face with a big splash of water. I turned to run, but was soaked with water from Peter who had sneaked up behind me. He was ecstatic with joy for getting me.

We resigned to our fate and gave up. Joe tied our hands behind us and then took our sneakers off. Sarah was untied and helped securing us to the torture-racks. This time we were tied on our backs on the ground, feet in the air, tied to the horizontal poles. Sarah tickled me and Joe tickled Jenny. Peter just watched. I was determined not to tell anything and desperately bit my lower lip to keep quiet. Of course it didnt help. When I couldnt stand Sarahs expert-tickling anymore I had to give up. Soon after Jenny burst into laughing spasms and begged Joe to stop and she told too.

We were left there, guarded by Peter, as Sarah and Joe went to find the treasures. Then we were released and we started on another round of the game. If we were captured the next time around again, they would leave us tied up for an hour. The War of the Roses is one of the games from my childhood I still have the fondest memories from.

I hope you enjoyed this little story, and Ill see you all in August. Take care!


Fri Jul 2 19:46:00 CDT 1999

Thanks for all of the positive feedback about my story. Here are a few clarifications: Mase, what I meant by "I don't understand why people like to be tied up" was I truly don't understand why people enjoy it. I didn't mind it, but it didn't really do anything for me. The whole event was fun, but I found the actual part of being tied up to be pretty boring since I just had to sit and be rescued. As far as the chatroom, it sounds like a lot of fun and I like to meet new people, but I'm pretty busy most of the time. I'll try to come by and say hi sometime though.
MS, none of the other councilors were every tied up. As far as other stories, the only other one I have was at our high school's spring carnival. One of the booster clubs always does a jail as its fund raiser and a few guys had Ginger, me and 2 other friends arrested. They handcuffed all of us and put us in the jail for about half an hour. Bail is set at 50 cents and if no one bails you out, you have to stay there for 30 minutes (no one bailed us out). I'm not really sure if that qualifies as being tied up though. I hope that answers everyone's questions.

Dani :)

Sat Jul 03 02:54:23 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Thanks to the holiday weekend, I've got some free time. So I can post this sucker now.

[email protected]

Sat Jul 03 02:58:14 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

During the early summer of 1977, my cousins Donna (13), Shirley (11), and George (7) spent a week at my lakeside house. For the most part, it was a week spent swimming, seeing Star Wars as many times as we could, and playing bondage games. My cousins first introduced me to their tie up games when I was ten, and ever since then, I was an enthusiastic player (of course, I was into bondage long before playing these games).
The initial bondage game that week had started as a lark. Donna had went out shopping with my mother, leaving me, Shirley and George to hang out on the narrow dock which stretched out from the boathouse. One of my friends, a twelve year old boy who we'll call Scott, came over to lounge around with us.
When my cousins visited me during the Easter vacation, I had teased them about how a lake monster was known to swim in the murky depths. Both Shirley and George eagerly asked Scott about this, and he quickly backed me up. Scott even went so far to say that we shouldn't let our feet dangle over the dock, because they might get bitten off.
While George quickly pulled his legs up to his chest, Shirley scoffed at us, saying that when I tied her and Donna up to feed us to the monster last time, nothing happened (see my last post in the June Part 2 archives for details).
I quickly explained that had she and Donna been tied up closer to the water, the monster would have nibbled on them.
With a knowing smile on her face, Shirley slowly got to her feet and asked me if I wanted to try it again. She was barefoot, clad in a tank top and shorts.

[email protected]

Sat Jul 03 03:05:52 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(2 of 8)
Never one to turn down a challenge--especially one that involved bondage--I stood up and accepted. I had originally planned to tie her up right there on the dock, but Shirley balked that the dock was too exposed (and she was right), so we moved this show into the boathouse. My parents had often talked about how they were going to buy a "real boat" to go with our boathouse--however, the only vessel we had was a modest rowboat that I had christened The Enterprise, after the starship from Star Trek. We never used the boathouse for anything but storage (we kept the Enterprise moored within easy reach to the dock which stretched out from the boathouse).
I had decided to bind Shirley on an old chaise lounge chair that my mother had stored away in the boathouse. While Scott and George watched in fascination, I took some trusty rope down from the shelf and used it to bind Shirley's wrists together in front of her. Then, I asked her to sit down in the middle of the lounge chair. When she did, I tied her bare feet together at the ankles.
Just as I finished binding Shirley's ankles, my next door neighbor Lynn dropped by with her friend Mona (both age 11). Lynn and Mona had hit it off with Shirley from the first day they met, and they hung out together like a female version of the three musketeers.
Once they entered the boathouse, both Lynn and Mona stopped short and stared at Shirley as she cheerfully waved to them with her bound hands. While Lynn made a disgusted face (I've had played some bondage games with Lynn in the past--see my post in the June Pt One archive--and she never acquired a taste for playing more of them), Mona, on the other hand, blurted out, "Oh! Can I play, too?"


Sat Jul 03 03:11:32 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

(3 of 8)
"Sure," I said, taken aback. I filled Mona in about the basic game: that there was a very hungry lake monster lurking about and that I was binding Shirley to be its lunch.
Mona pointed to the chaise lounge chair that Shirley sat on. "You tying us up here?"
"Yes," I said, trying very hard not to show the sheer joy and rapture which flowed through me at that moment. I always enjoyed playing bondage games with my cousins, but having Mona join us was a nice bonus. I noticed that Scott looked pleased, and George was simply beside himself with pleasure.
At this point, Mona turned to Lynn and said, "C'mon!"
To which Lynn merely folded her arms in front of her and shook her head 'no' resolutely.
"The monster'll enjoy having more to eat," Mona cheerfully said. When Lynn shook her head yet again--throwing in another disgusted look for good measure--Mona shrugged, then sat down on the chaise lounge next to Shirley and held her hands out before her to be tied.
I decided to bind Mona the same way I had tied Shirley; I tied her wrists together in front of her, then bound her ankles together.
I was originally going to bind Shirley down to the chaise lounge with her wrist and ankles fastened to the opposite ends. But with Mona enthusiastically throwing in as she had done, I made a quick change of plans. I folded the ends of the lounge chair so that it was as flat as the deck of an aircraft carrier. Then I asked the girls to sit back to back, with their feet pointing in the opposite ends of the chair. Mona giggled as she tried to remove her sneakers before putting her feet up on the cushions, but her bound limbs made this action a bit awkward.


Sat Jul 03 03:16:55 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

I reached down and pulled off her sneakers for her, and then helped Mona to get into the position I wanted. She was now barefoot, like the rest of us, and I had to refrain from the temptation to tickle her soles (I guess Becca's influence remains strong, even when she's not involved in a game!).
Once Shirley and Mona sat back to back on the lounge chair, I got another, longer length of rope and tied it around the girls' waists, over their elbows. This had the double effect of fastening them together, as well as keeping their arms pinned down to their sides.
After I was done tying this off, I glanced at George and asked, "What do you think?"
"Tie their knees," he muttered, with the experienced air of an old bondage pro. I'll never forget the shocked, sideways glanced Lynn gave him just then, as if the thought had just occurred to her that this little seven year old might be more dangerous than he appeared.
I cut a strand of rope in half, then tied one piece around Shirley's knees, then tied Mona's knees with the other. I stood back and regarded my captives with a satisfied air. They were quite a contrast: Shirley wore shorts and a tank top, while Mona was clad in a one piece terry cloth outfit.
"You finally done?" Shirley asked, giving me an impatient look.
"Why? You want more?" I replied.
I was only joking, but Mona glanced up at me and said, "Maybe you could tie our ankles down to the ends of the lounge chair?"
Now it was my turn to stare at Mona as if she might be more dangerous than she appeared. Scott burst into laughter.


Sat Jul 03 03:22:03 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

"What?" Mona said, frowning. "What's so funny? Hey, Shirl and me are gonna tie you guys up later, right?"
"You have to get yourself free, first," I told her.
"So, what happens now?" Lynn impatiently asked. "We keep them there until the lake monster shows up," I replied. I explained that since there was no boat currently moored inside the boathouse, there was plenty of room for the lake monster to pop his head out of the water and snatch them. Lynn just rolled her eyes in disbelief at this.
"But how long are you gonna keep them tied up?" Lynn wanted to know.
"Usually for a half an hour," George helpfully replied. "Unless they get themselves free before that. Then they can come after us and tie us up." George then gave me a broad, knowing grin.
Lynn actually took an involuntary step away from George. He was blissfully oblivious to her anxious stares.
Lynn, Scott, George and I watched for the next several minutes as Shirley and Mona struggled furiously to free themselves. Shirley, being an old pro at this, already had an escape plan in effect. Instead of simply tugging at the bonds, like Mona did, Shirley slowly raised her bound hands up in front of her face. She did this in an effort to pull up the rope I tied around her and Mona's waists. But Mona's constant struggling thwarted her efforts. It was a pretty funny scene, and soon, we were all laughing hysterically, making Shirley and Mona glare at us.


Sat Jul 03 03:27:17 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

"Do you mind?" Shirley asked, looking really pissed.
I shepherded everybody outside to give the girls some privacy for their escape attempt. However, we still watched through the window. Shirley must have spent several frustrating minutes just explaining the escape plan to Mona. When Mona finally got it, they both pressed their backs against each other as tight as they could go, then they raised their bound hands above their heads, which effectively pulled the rope up and off of their torsos.
"Shouldn't we go in and stop them?" Scott asked when we saw Shirley reaching over to untie Mona's wrists.
"We really have to get going," Lynn said, sounding annoyed. Lynn explained that she and Mona were making a trip to the store and had originally stopped by to see if Shirley wanted to go, too. But this was before Mona decided to join our "bound and gagged ranks" by diving head first into my little bondage game.
We went back inside just as Mona was bent over, pulling the ropes off of her ankles while Shirley sat there with an irked look on her face. Her wrists and ankles were still tied, and she was obviously waiting for Mona to free her.
Mona actually started to get up until Shirley gave a loud "AHEM!"
To which Mona simply gestured at me and said, "Doug's here, he can untie you."
"Now that you've had your fun, can we get going?" Lynn asked Mona. She then proceeded to explain where they were going to Shirley and asked if she was interested in joining them.


Sat Jul 03 03:32:18 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Shirley quickly agreed to join Lynn and Mona on their shopping spree. Then she held up her bound hands and added, "But could somebody PLEASE untie me, first?"
Mona was about to put her sneakers back on, until she stopped. Turning to Lynn, she said, "I feel like going barefoot. You wanna go barefoot? The store would still let us in, right?"
"Depends on what store you're going to," Scott said seriously.
This began an earnest conversation about going barefoot in the various stores along the lake shore. Each of us shared our experiences about which store would give you the most trouble (usually it was the food stores; yet I've always noticed that they would wait until after you've bought something before chastising you for not wearing shoes).
Throughout this conversation, Shirley sat with her wrists and ankles still tied, and a really bored expression on her face as she stared off into space. "Maybe I'll just go like this," she finally said, holding up her bound wrists. "I can hop! Hopping's fun!"
We continued to tease Shirley by pretending to ignore her. Even Lynn dropped her restless mood and got in on the joke by cheerfully asking Mona if she had ever been to the new strip mall on the highway.
I couldn't help but burst into laughter when I glanced at Shirley. In a fit of frustration, she had jokingly started biting at the ropes binding her wrists. When I went over to untie her wrists, Shirley then made a motion that she was going to bite my hands until I wagged my finger at her. Once I got my cousin untied, she promptly left with Mona and Lynn.
But not without a promise.


Sat Jul 03 03:37:48 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

"I'm definitely gonna get you back for that," Shirley said in her best ominous tone. "Next game, I'm the captor, and you'll be in big trouble!"
I simply shrugged at her and said, "Hit me with your best shot."
Mona and Shirley whispered to each other conspiratorially as they walked out of my back yard. Lynn strode beside them with this "they're-all-crazy!" look on her face.
One last thing: when Donna returned home with my mother later, she became despondent when she found out from George that we had played a bondage game without her. I said that in the next one, I will be the captive, and had invited her to join me (captives prefer the company of other captives). Donna immediately agreed.
When I told her that our captors would be Shirley, probably assisted by Mona--with Lynn no doubt glaring on sternly--Donna laughed and said, "Oh, we'll get free in no time!"
Yeah, right! Famous last words. If either Donna or I had known what was in store for us.... Oboy. But, that will be my next post. I'll put that one up soon. As always, thanks for reading.


Sat Jul 03 22:59:04 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999

PH, Doug,

Great stories as usual!

BTW, Doug, sorry to hear about your chat problems. Hope you can make it in when your (deleted) browser decides to let you do so.

Danielle, Thanks for replying. To be honest, I did know what you were trying to say. It is true, not everyone (read: the vast majority) gets "turned on" by being tied up.

Its so hard to explain why I enjoy being tied up so much, its such a deeply psychological thing. I guess, its just they way the ropes feel, its like being "caressed" all over. It feels 'good', it feels 'nice.'

Yahhh, it IS such a strange thing to want, to be tightly and inescapably tied up. To lose your freedom that way. And yet there is a perverse kind of freedom that lies in being tied up....

It's not so much that people don't understand our desire to be tied up, they just do not accept it. There (sadly) are too many people out there who think that we are some kind of perverted sickos for wanting to tie up girls or be tied up themselves. What I'm saying is, is that it is not just about understanding but being ACCEPTING. The world would be a far happier place if people could accept each other for what they are, non just sexually, but also racially (remember Kosovo?) and for what we are as human beings.

The fact that we are all different in one way or another is what makes us, as human beings unique.

I could say so much more but...

Anyway, yes, I would love to chat with you sometime and I know the others would share my sentiments. If you are worried about being pressured or hassled, its kewl. We're not like that in there. Having said that, if you want to chat, thats great, if not, its kewl.


Sat Jul 3 11:01:38 CDT 1999

great story Doug, I really enjoyed it. can't wait for part two. I fell in love with bondage when I was about 12. And this site got me back into it. I liked it when I saw people tied back to back or tied together in some way. I know it sounds a little sick but I enjoy the thought of two people being forced together. Hense tied together. Anyways thanks again doug and all for adding storied of people tied together. cya all later


Sat Jul 3 18:00:10 UTC+0200 1999

Hello everyone!

Thank you Doug, PH, MS, Ex-L, Todd and Danielle for your stories.

Thank you Zorro for explaining. Glad to know that that idiom had no racial implication!

Just two things...

1 - It seems that tie-up games are typically Summer games, when not beach games (or pool-side games?). Have you ever thought about that? Could the cause be the fact that being tied up means sweating quite a lot and in Winter time it should not be so comfortable?

2 - Every now and then in our stories handcuffs are mentioned. What kind of handcuffs did you own when you were kids? I used (back then) to have a plastic set but never used them to play. It is different now, I own two metal sets. They are just something more than toy handcuffs, but they just work the way they should.

Thanks again and ciao!

[email protected]

Sat Jul 3 13:39:43 UTC 1999


Glad you enjoyed my stories. For me, the reason most of my tie up games took place in the summer was mainly because school is out. We did play similiar games during the school year, but they were typically just me and my smaller group of friends and did not include the neighborhood. Now that I'm in college, all of my games take place during the school year in my dorm. Handcuff wise, I owned a pair of metal handcuffs that came with 2 keys. This is also what most of my friends had. Plastic handcuffs hurt, broke too easily and were just too cheesy. My original pair had to be opened with a key, but a few years later they made them with "escape switches" that could be opened without keys. I seem to recall one guy I played with had some like that and that allowed us to escape one time when we were in a game. I might post that tale in the near future.
As far as the comfortable factor, I live in Texas where it gets to be over 100 degrees every day starting in June and we generally have no winter what so ever, so in my case I'd have to say being tied up in the winter here would definately be much more comfortable.


Todd ...great story !! Cant wait to hear the rest of it !


Sat Jul 3 15:32:15 CDT 1999

I remember about a few years ago, when my sister had her friends over. They were watching T.V. and later came and was acting annoying. There was a jumprope around that my sister's friend took. She captured me. I tried to break loose, but I couldn't. I was her captive. She tied me up, with my sister and her other friend watching me in the family room. They then dropped my pants to annoy me. I was held captive for about an hour. They put a blanket over me, but finally let me go. They tied me up a little later, and this time my sister's friend layed me on her lap on the sofa, while she was watching T.V. She held me captive again, and finally let me go.


Sat Jul 3 17:29:11 CDT 1999

speaking of sister tie ups. I was at my friends house one evenning and I ended up getting tied with my friend by his slightly younger sister and her three friends. Shane and I were tied back to back for just over an hour while his sister and her friends tourchered us....some stories later!


Sat Jul 3 15:13:53 PDT 1999

I've been reading moms' experiences on the website and have to add my own. I also allowed my son, Tommy, to tie me up figuring he would get it out of his system here at home. I found some photos he bought with women tied and gagged. All were fully dressed, in fact, most were dressed up. I wore a knit polo top and slacks. I decided to dress casual. He had asked me flat out if he could tie me and I agreed. I sat in a desk chair and rested my arms at my sides. He must have been preparing for this occasion. Tommy produced about 100 feet of rope, some cut into smaller lenghts, and pulled my hands behind the chair. He crossed my wrists and secured them together.He next tied each ankle to a chair leg. Finally, he said, "open up" and pushed a small cloth into my mouth. That he secured in place with a nylon stocking. All he did then was watch me struggle for a half hour (the agreed to time). There were no cameras, nor had he invited his friends over. He untied me a bit at a time, saving the gag, and finally my wrists for last.

Sara Jean
[email protected]

First let me de-lurk for a moment and congratulate
all of those who have posted stories recently for some very entertaining reading. Some of you I have met in Bob857's chatroom and have told you how much i appreciate your stories, and I wanted to post it publicly as well.

Now on a more somber note, Mason, one of the prolific writers here recently lost all of his bondage site bookmarks.

This Sunday, at approximately 5 p.m EST, we will be holding a mini 4th of July telethon to help Mase recover those bookmarks

Please stop by if you can to meet some of the writers who post here and please donate whatever bondage site bookmarks you have to Mase at [email protected]

You can see more information at

Again thanks for your stories and help by donating to Mase if you can.

[email protected]

Sat Jul 3 23:18:50 CDT 1999

Danielle, When you and yor friends were arrested for the fundraiser, were you all's hands cuffed in front or behind? And if it was behind, what was that like for you?

Sun Jul 04 16:30:53 Arabian Standard Time 1999

A foursome (part 3)

In my last postings, my friend Pauline and I had been kidnapped (pretended to be that is) and were going somewhere in Miss. Miller's car. Eventually we arrived at our destination: The beach. We were led out and dumped on the sand. They then tickled my feet for a brief moment because I had escaped my gag. But afterwards we were released. I had made it a pint to wear my swimming shorts underneath my clothes just in case, Pauline too had done this. We undressed to our swimming gear, then we put suntan cream on (and I'm glad we did as it was a hot, sunny day) and they began. We were made to neal on a mat, face to face. My left wrist was bound to Pauline's right and vice versa and then they repeated this with our elbows. Our waists and upper torsos were then bound together and we had to look in different directions in order for me not to knock her glasses off. Our knees were then bound together and then our ankles (individually). We were then tape gagged. For the next five minutes our feet were ferociously tickled. Then they stopped and spent an hour sunbathing. Afterwards, we were released and ate. The bondage game stopped there.


Sun Jul 04 16:44:29 Arabian Standard Time 1999

I have been visiting this site for a few weeks now and have only just found the guts to tell my stories. Where I used to live, it was very common to play bondage games. I played with friends, my sisters, cousins and eventually my mother and father. But at thirteen, I thought I could only play with the kids. In fact, I had never thought of playing with my mother.I played with my sisters (and my mother knew this I think). But one day I was home alone with her. The rest of my household wouldn't be back for several hours. Before hand I'll explain myself and my mother. I had short brown hair and brown eyes. I have a strong body that I had acquired from endless swimming in our pool, my mother was slim, she had shoulder length fair hair and she had blue eyes. She was weaing a white tee shirt and shorts, I was wearing a red tee shirt and white shorts and we were both barefoot. I had been swimming all day but now I was bored, my mother noticed this and tried to help me find something to do. Eventually she mentioned we play a game, I agreed. But again we couldn't find something.She was annoyed, so she grabbed my bare foot and began tickling me. I immediately kicked to get free. This amused her, so she continued. Eventually I got annoyed and went into my bedroom.


Sun Jul 04 16:58:58 Arabian Standard Time 1999

Part two

I lay on my bed face down. About ten minutes later my mother entered the room, I never heard her barefeet walking and was shocked when I felt a hand grab my mouth. She spoke: "It's me. Don't ever walk away from me again, but to teach you a lesson I'm going to punish you but first I'll tie you up." I was shocked but agreed, she told me to place my hands behind my back, she released my mouth but began to bind my hands crossed over, then she pinned them to my waist. I was then pulled up to the back of the bed (my mother is quite strong) and my feet were placed at the end of the bed, with me feet off the bed. She then bound them together and then my knees. Then she tied my bound ankles (each one seperate) to the legs of the bed. She didn't ga me but just watched me squirm. Then she spoke of how she used to play these sort of games when she was a child and she was the best. I tested her knots and she wasn't bluffing. Then she left the room and came back with my fathers quil pen, I saw it and instantly knew its porpose, she began to gently, rub it along my soles, I instantly burst out laughing. 25 minutes later she stopped and I was left for another 10 before I was released. I instantly planned my revenge.


Sun Jul 04 17:09:17 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

Sara Jean,

Have attempted to e-mail you, but your e-mail address keeps casuing problems with my server. Please tell us if your son tied you up any after this time. I would be interested in hearing about it, please e-mail me at the above address. Thanks.

[email protected]

Sun Jul 04 17:16:53 1999

I came across your site more or less by accident. Its fantastic. I have a number of stories to share with you, either here or at your college story site. I'll write a few and see what kind of feedback I get.

Debbie's Triumph (Part 1)

When I was growing up we had a game we would play called "escaped Prisoner." One or two people would play policemen, and the rest of the kids would be escaped convicts. The police would try and catch the escapees, and if caught send them back to jail. The game was over when everyone had been caught, or when the police gave up.

One day about six of us kids decided to play a game together. I was in sixth grade at the time. One of the kids there was Debbie, a girl a year younger than me who lived in the house across from me. She was an only child, and seemed to have a haughty or superior attitude, particularly towards me and the other boys in the neighborhood. It didn't help that she was smart and talented as well. Anyway, she decided that she wanted to be the only policeman.


Sun Jul 04 17:25:00 1999

Debbie's Triumph (Part 2)
At the start of the game I ran from the jail and hid away. I was determined to keep Debbie from finding me, and so used a special hiding place I had found. Unfortunately, Debbie somehow managed to spot me after a few minutes and sent me off to jail. I was disappointed that I had been captured so easily, and took my time going to the jail. By the time I arrived Debbie had captured all the other kids. She was bragging about how easy it had been to find us. I guess that was too much for me, because I stopped a few yards from the jail and told everyone that Debbie hadn't caught me.

"Liar," Debbie replied. Of course I was lying, but I wasn't about to admit it. Since no one had seen Debbie capture me there was no proof she was telling the truth.

Debbie glared at me for a moment and then ran towards me. I was expecting this and so turned and ran away. I knew I could run faster than Debbie and so expected to have no trouble escaping.

Unfortunately what I had not counted on was how slippery the ground was from the rain that had fallen the previous night. As I rounded the corner of the house I slipped on the grass and fell on my face. Before I could get up Debbie jumped on my back. I was now pinned on the ground.


Sun Jul 04 17:33:28 1999

Debbie's Triumph (Part 3)

I should probably have done the right thing and given up at this point, but I was embarrassed at being captured in front of so many kids from the neighborhood. I therefore struggled to escape from Debbie. Debbie managed to grab both my hands at the wrists and pull them behind my back. Now I was in trouble. I squirmed and struggled as best I could, but Debbie had no problem keeping me under control.

Debbie then asked one of her friends to get some rope from her garage. I knew what was coming and redoubled my efforts to escape. All I succeeded in doing was wearing myself out. By the time Debbie's friend returned I was exhausted and lying nearly motionless beneath my conqueror.

Debbie used one rope to bind my hands behind my back at the wrists. She then spun around and used a second rope to tie my feet together at the ankles. Then she got to her feet. As the neighborhood kids watched I squrrmed about trying to work free from my bonds. However Debbie must have had practice in tying knots because I had no success in getting free.


Sun Jul 04 17:39:49 1999

Debbie's Triumph (Part 4)

Debbie now decided to take me into her garage . She and a friend of hers named Maureen grabbed me by the ankles and tried to drag me away. I was able to kick free from them. Debbie and Maureen then decided to grab me from the front. They rolled me on my back, then each girl grabbed me under my arms and pulled me around towards the garage.

I had never been so embarrassed in my life. However, things only got worse for me. About half way to the garage the snap on my pants popped from all the stress from my being dragged along the ground. By the time the girls reached the garage my pants had fallen to mid-thigh much to the amusement of the other kids.

When Debbie and Maureen reached the garage they propped me up against one wall. The garage was unfinished and so had lots of open boarding for the structure. Debbie slipped my bound hands behind one board, then tied me up to the frame of the garage at my chest and just above my fallen pants.

After she finished Debbie gave me a look of triumph. She then suggested to the other kids that they play a game of basketball while I tried to escape. Everyone left the garage and Debbie closed the garage door, leaving me to my own devices.


Sun Jul 04 17:47:26 1999

Debbie's Triumph (Part 5)

I spent the next hour tied up in Debbie's garage listening to the kids playing basketball outside. Every once in a while I would try to escape, but I had been tied too tightly to get free. Occasionally a kid would open the side door to the garage and pop his head in to see how I was doing.

Finally Debbie reopened the garage and everyone came in. She taunted me a bit about how easily a "mere girl" had been able to render me helpless. At this point all I wanted was for my ordeal to be over, and I begged Debbie to untie.

Before Debbie would let me go she made me admit that she had captured me fair and square. Then she, Maureen, and the other two girls in the group each agve me a big kiss. At this age there was nothing sexual about this - it was more a symbol of my utter helplessness.

Debbie finally untied my ankles and the ropes holding me to the garage. She kept my wrists tied behind my back, however. I had to walk across the street to my house with me hands still bound behind my back, and with my pants sinking lower with each step. Fortunately the house was open and my parents weren't home. I was able to find some scissors and with some difficulty cut my hands free, ending my ordeal.


Any feedback would be appreciated. I will write more when I get a chance.


Sun Jul 4 20:33:03 UTC 1999

To Whom it may concern:

My hands were done in front when we were arrested at the school carnival and Ginger and our other 2 friends had theirs done behind them. They kept the handcuffs on us the whole the time. Just like the campfire story, it was fun, but I didn't get any kind of thrill from being handcuffed. It was a little more fun this time since I wasn't as restrained as before and I had a few of my friends with me. We did get the guys who had us arrested back by having them arrested later that day.


Sun Jul 4 18:49:10 PDT 1999

A lot of fun new stories!
SPQR: I like your name, senate and people of Rome!
Good story; I am presuming you got even with Debbie...
Doug Great story as always!
My next story should be up sometime this week on Kate's revenge on Melissa. After that comes the Kidnapping of Steffi's Mom...


Sun Jul 4 21:48:19 CDT 1999

In our neighborhood, Peter Pan was a big movie. In our neighborhood we loved to play it. My mother made me a beautiful Peter Pan outfit. It was a green tunic and green tights. My other friends had the same outfits, but different colors. The other boys would be the pirates. My sister and her friend that used to tie me up always made fun of me in my tights, but I thought for a while I was Peter Pan.
One in our neighborhood we planned to get ready to play. I had toy swords. My home was our headquaters.


Sun Jul 4 21:57:03 CDT 1999

I captured the boy playing Capt. Hook, when I saw him. By mistake he tripped and fell into a tree. We were only about six (and this was when the movie first came out) so I ran to get my mom. The kid playing Capt. Hook was hurt on his head. From then on we never played those games again.


Sun Jul 4 22:58:50 UTC 1999

I have been enjoying this site very much and have been meaning to post some of my childhood experiences. All of the talk of mothers being tied up reminded me of a related incident. My sister Jennifer and I played tie up games between ourselves and with our friends since I was 8 and she was 6. Mom knew about our games and did not seem to mind as long as nobody got hurt. This incident happened when I was 11. By this time Jennifer and I had gotten very good at tying. We were in jennifer's room and she was tying me to her wooden desk chair. My hands were tied behind the chair and to the bottom rail, my chest and upper arms tied to the back and my ankles tied to the front legs. As Jennifer was finishing the tying, mom was standing in the doorway with a laundry basket. Without saying a word, she went to my room and brought back the chair from my desk and placed it next to me about three feet away. After asking if she could try, she had Jennifer sit on the chair and tied her as I was. Mom returned to her laundry, checking on us every so often. Jennifer and I could not get loose nor move the chairs closer together because of the thick carpet. After about 40 minutes, mom got a phone call from a friend of hers. I herd her say "hold on, I'll be right back", then she ran into the room and untied my hands, then ran back to the phone saying "untie your sister for me". I did, and realized the experience had been enjoyable. It would not be the last time mom would play with us.

[email protected]

Mon Jul 05 00:31:26 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999's Sunday night, 12:34am central time, and there's a couple in bobs chatroom if you would like to join us.


Mon Jul 05 02:36:54 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Marshall, it was a pleasure chatting with you at Bob's. Sorry we got cut off; it was an interesting conversation. Hope to see you there again soon.
I'd like to thank everybody who complimented my recent story. So, thank you, Mason, Mitch, Andy V, and dudalb. Your kind words are ALWAYS appreciated.
And yes, Mason, I finally got the (deleted) browser to work. I can now chat! Huzzah! :)

[email protected]

Mon Jul 05 02:53:30 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Andy V: While we never restricted ourselves to only playing bondage games in the summer (see my post in the June part two archive), somehow the warmer time of year seemed best suited for me--for no other reason than the less clothing we wore, the better. I know, some of you are now going Oooooo! But I don't mean that in a sexual context. I'm speaking of when we were kids. As a boy, I've been tied up while fully dressed (as opposed to being clad only in a bathing suit), and I noticed that it was pretty darn uncomfortable. I was only tied with my hands behind my back and at the ankles, but my clothes actually felt more restraining than the ropes did.
As far as the handcuffs went, Becca, Karen and my cousins had plastic toy cuffs, which we probably could have snapped open with a good tug of the wrists. But that wasn't the point, wasn't it? ;)


Mon Jul 5 13:51:22 UTC+0200 1999

To SPQR: I enjoyed your first story and am looking forward to read more. Thank you! P.S. Are you Italian?

To Joe: Interesting story, maybe you should have added some more details (Summer or Winter? Your clothing? etc. ...). Hope to read more from you too.

Thank you and ciao!

[email protected]

Tue Jul 06 08:55:03 1999

Greetings, all. Sorry I've been so quiet, but I was in Florida for the past week. I'm sure you all missed me (hah!). Y'know, it's cooler in friggin' Florida than in New York, the city I have my lair in.
(E-Gad! Another clue to my identity!)
Pretty cool stories so far. As to Andy's questions, tie-up games to me are a year round kinda thing, like Halloween should be, only in the winter months, it's usually too cold to be outside. But, because of the Greenhouse Effect, expect this to be a short lived problem.
I'm not in the mood for reliving painful memories of Laura while nursing all these new bruises I have (long story). So I'll post some other time in the future....
"Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow.."
Like "Diagnosis Murder" and a bad burrito, I shall return.....'Ciao.


Tue Jul 6 14:44:53 CDT 1999

My three friends and I usually played tie up games on the week-end. There was just the four of us. John 16, Diane 15, myself 16 and Amanda my girlfriend 15. We were I guess what you could call a couple, we had been going out for about a month. Anyway this was one of the games we played. The game was called hunt and capture. Usually the 4 of us split into teams of 2 and tried to capture each other. As usual Amanda and I made up one team While Diane and John made the other. Each team was given 2 guns (Super Soakers). Amanda and I claimed my house as our base while Diane and John took Diane's house. We all lived on the same street(besides Amanda). Anyway John and Diane walked across the street to their base and we began.

Sorry I have to go now. But I promise I'll finish the story later


Tue Jul 6 17:57:00 CDT 1999

Trip Part 1
I have been reading this site for sometime now and wanted to start to post some of my own, real experiences as a child. I am going by memory, but some of these experiences I don't think I could ever forget. I have also posted some of my college day experiences in the College site, but this is the first here. This experience took place several years ago when I was at the age of 12. My parents, along with several other couples, were going on a 7 day cruise in January with a seed corn company. I was an only child and we lived on a farm outside of town. The closest neighbor was about 3/4 mile away. There a friend of mine named Mindy (not real name) lived. Even though she was a girl (you know how 12 year boys are) and about a year younger then me, because she lived close we did hang out together some. In fact, her parents were also going on the same cruise. Her older sister, Jane, (again not real name) was a freshmen in college and was home on Christmas break. She was actually going to watch us both for the week.

I was old enough to stay alone most of the time, but since it was for over 9 days this time, it was arranged that I would sleep at Mindy's house. I could ride my snowmobile between her house and mine as needed during the day and stayed with her and her older sister Jane at night.


Tue Jul 6 18:04:23 CDT 1999

Trip Part 2
Our parents left on a Friday morning and I rode my snowmobile over there early in the afternoon to visit Mindy. We played in the basement most of the time and later that night we started to play a type of Truth or Dare game. Only in this game we had to tell about embarrassing things that we had done or wanted to do but that we were too embarrassed to tell anyone. Like who we had kissed or wanted to, etc.

Somehow we got on the subject of being tied up. I had to tell Mindy how much I like to be tied and always tried to get caught during the cops and robber games. How I always wanted to be kept tied longer, but my friends always got bored and untied me after an hour or so. How I always wanted to be tied tighter and with more rope so I couldnt move at all. Witch very seldom happened. I even told her how I had tied myself a few times just to experience the tightness feeling. With out even realizing it, I had spilled everything to her. Mindy was amazed by how much I wanted to experience long term tying, as she called it. She said she had been tied once by a friend, but didnt really like it and when she tried to tie him, he would always get away.


Tue Jul 6 18:05:50 CDT 1999

Trip Part 3
I started telling her how easy it was to tie someone and that you just had to know a few things. Thats when she told me to wait while she left. She returned with a huge pile of rope. I hate to guess how much. She said she wanted me to teach her how to tie someone. We spent the rest of the night talking about how I wanted to be tied and teaching her certain knots and how to tie. Although we practiced the knots on each other's wrist and ankles, she never offered to tie me up, or I her.

Before we knew it, it was late and I hadnt even gone back home to get my cloths to spend the night. Her older sister, who had been up stairs the entire night, was about my size and said I could wear some of her shorts to bed and that I could get my cloths in the morning. Mindy laughed at the thought of me wearing her sisters cloths and I was very embarrassed myself.

Jane had already started to make my bed on the davenport when Mindy asked her if I could sleep in her room. Mindy had two single beds and wanted me to sleep in the spare one. Jane laughed and said she knew boys and didnt think she could trust the two of us in the same room. At least not trust me. She continued to laugh and said that the only way she could be sure nothing happened was if she would tie me to the bed. Mindy's eyes grew big as she hit me and yelled, can you?"


Tue Jul 6 18:07:00 CDT 1999

Trip Part 4
Jane looked at me still laughing and said she was only kidding. Mindy spoke up again and said, "he'll do it! Jim, this is want you wanted, to be kept tied for a long time.

I could barely speak when Jane spoke up and said "well if he wants to. It's up to him. I will get him some of my PJs, let him get ready for bed, then tie him in for the night so he stays put." Before I knew it, I was shaking my head yes and was headed off to the bathroom with a pile of Janes cloths she had just given me.

After cleaning up, I took a closer look at what she had given me to wear. It wasnt too bad. A pair male boxer shorts (although I wear briefs at that age), a pair of gym shorts (looked like boys) and a tee shirt. I changed and went into Mindys room. Jane was already there along with all the rope that Mindy and I had in the basement. She asked again if I was sure and said I would not be freed unit in the morning. Mindy had a girls birthday party on Saturday in which they were picking her up at 8:30 in morning to go snow skiing. She thought she would be home about 7:30 or 8:00 that night. I was just planing on riding my snowmobile home during the day and coming back about 5:00, before dark.


Tue Jul 6 18:07:46 CDT 1999

Trip Part 5
Mindy was like a kid in a candy store jumping around and watching ever move Jane made with me. She began by tying my hands crossed in front of me. Crisscrossing the rope to form a perfect X. Even though she wrapped them several times, there was still two long ends in which Mindy asked why. Jane said to watch and learn. She had me lay on my back on the bed and place my hands over my head. She took the two long ends and tied one to each bed post and then down to each leg of the bed. Mindy asked why she didnt just tie the rope to the headboard above my head, in which Jane explained. "By using the ends that are knotting his wrist, even if he could reach the knot on his wrist, he cant undo it because the ends are now tied to the bed."

"Ah, but why not just tie it to the headboard," Mindy asked again.

"Two reasons," she explained. "One is so he can not reach the knots on the bed. This way they are out to the side, as well as to the bottom of each bed leg, well out of reach. Two, this way he cant roll over in the night with the rope fixed to both post." Mindy was amazed at what Jane knew and it was obvious she knew a lot about tying.


Tue Jul 6 18:08:34 CDT 1999

Trip Part 6
Jane then tied my ankles together with my legs straight, pulled me down on the bed, and tied them to the foot of the bed. As she started to cover me she asked of I was comfortable and ready to spend the night. Now being a boy of age 12 and with no way to cover myself I was so embarrassed of showing just how much I did like it and how comfortable I really was. Jane had to see but never said a word as she covered me up. I about died with Mindy asked if she was going to gag me, but Jane explained not while I was sleeping. It could be dangerous.

Jane laughed as she gave me a peck on the cheek, told me to sleep tight and stay out of trouble as she left. I could not believe what was happening.

Mindy just kept looking at me and asking how it felt to be completely helpless. I made a few comments about probably not being able to sleep too well, all the time being careful not to tell her just how exciting it was.


Tue Jul 6 18:09:44 CDT 1999

Trip Part 7
Then it must have hit her because she said, "wait a minute. You told me you like to have a lot of rope and like not being able to move much at all. I know you can not get free, but you can still can move some. Let me help you with that." She pulled back the covers, picked up more rope and began tying it to the bed frame. She wrapped rope tightly around and over my chest, waist, thighs and knees making me completely helpless. She left the room without saying a word and returned in few minutes later asking me to raise my head. She then put a sleeping mask over my eyes telling me it was her mothers. She laughed and said that way I would not be clock watching throughout the night. She said it was getting late and time to go to sleep. She too pecked me on the cheek saying goodnight and went to bed.

As I recall, what a night. It was exciting, frustrating, exciting, etc. Now being a boy of age 12 and having not too long ago gone through puberty, there are certain things one can not control. Yes you guessed it, sometime throughout the night with all the excitement, I must have had a W-- Dream. I did not know what to do. I laid there hoping Mindy would get up soon and untie me without noticing. It seemed forever as I dosed on and off before I heard footsteps and Jane's voice telling Mindy it was after 8:00 and she better get going.


Tue Jul 6 18:10:25 CDT 1999

Trip Part 8

Mindy jumped up saying something about being late. Before I could say a word, she hurried off to the shower. When she returned I begged her to just untie my hands and I would do the rest. Figuring that way she would not see my "problem". She said she was late and that Jane would be in to untie me after she left. She laughed and said it was a good thing I was blindfolded while she changed. I tried to beg more, but she quickly got ready, again gave me a peak on the cheek and left.

There I laid, nervous as could be waiting for her sister to come in. It must have been over 20 minutes before I heard Jane coming in and her laughing, probably at my blindfold. As she pulled back the covers and seen the extra rope, she commented on how her sister did a nice job adding to my predicament. She begin to untie my ankles and legs when it happened. She saw what I did. "What in the world?" she said. "Look at the mess you made. The sheets, my clothes, what a mess. I should just leave you here you know." I begged her to let me up to go to the bathroom. She almost laughed when she said, "it was a good thing I had you tied up, I knew I could not trust you boys."

I could not say a word. She finished untying me and in a stern voice told to go to the bathroom, clean up and shower, put on all the new clothes she would bring me, and go wait for her in the basement


Tue Jul 6 18:11:37 CDT 1999

Trip Part 9
After drying off I examined the new clothes she had laid in the bathroom. There were not so good. It was a par of her tiny underwear, which I did not know the name at the time but had seen in magazines, (G-string) and the bottoms only of her pink silk PJ's. I was so embarrassed but was not sure how maid she really was about what I had done. I thought I better not cross her and put the two things on and went to the basement.

I must have waited 15 minutes before she came down. She commented on how nice her clothes fit me and said we had to talk. That's when she hit me. She explained how she had overheard the truth and dare game Mindy and I played last night and everything I said about being tied up. Hence why she offered to tie me last night. "Knowing everything you like and want to try, I will give you two choices," she said. "One, we forget this ever happened. I will give you back your clothes and you can go home and comeback again later when Mindy is home from skiing.


Tue Jul 6 18:12:19 CDT 1999

Trip Part 10
"Or two, you become my bondage toy for the entire day." I could not believe my ears. What was she saying? She went on to tell me how she had a little experience with a friend at college, but that he did not like to get tied for very long or in very strict positions like she wanted to try. This way with me as her bondage toy, she could keep me tied all day, until Mindy returned, in various positions. Some very strict, some not as strict, but always in some form of bondage. She went on to say that everything would be safe and that no-one would have to know a thing. That although I might be embarrassed about how I would be tied at times or what she would make me wear, she would not do anything more to me then maybe tickling, and that I would always be clothed in some fashion. She laughed and said it would probably me hers, but clothing none the less.

My mouth most have fallen to the floor as I just stood there staring at her. The last thing a 12 year old would think of was being tied up by a gorgeous college girl, but in girls clothes? She told me to relax and take my time to think about it. "If you want to go home, your clothes will be in the bathroom upstairs," she said. "Change and go.


Tue Jul 6 18:13:50 CDT 1999

Trip Part 11

"But if you want to stay, here is all the rope from last night, along with a few other toys. I want you to tie yourself to this high-back chair however you want and as strict as you want. Just make sure you can not escape. But remember, if I return and you tied, that means you are mine to do with what I want for the entire day. You are volunteering to loose your freedom and your right to chose what happens for the entire day. Is that clear?" she asked. I must have shock my head yes as she said good and left.

This was a dream come true, but could I actually go through with it. I do not know how long I stood there before I started to look at the things she laid on the floor. Tons of rope, bandanas, sleeping mask, ear plugs, belts, etc, but want got me the most was two pairs of real handcuffs. I had always wanted to try handcuffs but never the chance. Now I had it. I had to go for it. Without too much thought, I started.

I tied a rope around the handcuff chain and tied one end to the chair rail running between the front two legs. Running it under the rear rail I tied the other end of the rope to the top of the chair back. This held the handcuffs right about sit level at the back of the chair. I then sat down and began to tie myself with all the rope. My ankles to the opposite chair legs, my knees to the post of the arms at sit level, my thighs to the sit itself, by waist, chest, and over my shoulders with several loops to the chair back, etc


Tue Jul 6 18:15:30 CDT 1999

Trip Part 12
I was very tight! The only problem was that forgot to leave any of the bandanas within reach, oh well, I just would not have a gag or blindfold. With out thinking too much, I reached my arms back through the outside rail of the chair back on each side and down to the handcuffs held tight against the chair by all of the rope. No knots were even close to my hands. I worked my hands in to place and without hesitating, clicked the cuffs shut. What had I done?

It began to hit home that I was caught. As nervous as I was, my excitement showed through with no problem. I sat there trying to hear movement upstairs. How long I do not know. But when I finally did hear movement, I also heard voices. Voices, what was going on? Before I knew, Jane was coming down the stairs, but she was not alone. Around the corner also came her friend I learned to be Shawn. She was Jane's college roommate and had come home with her for some of the break. I must have looked horrified as Jane said, "don't worry, you secret is safe with Shawn. She has been here the entire time with me and also heard everything you said last night. You just didn't see her." I could have died as they both walked around me, laughing at their new toy all tied up and completely helpless in girls PJ's.


Tue Jul 6 18:15:59 CDT 1999

Trip Part 13 / 13
I started to say that I made a mistake and asked if they would untie me. Shawn began to roll a golf ball up in a bandana and forced it in my mouth, tying it very tight. They uncuffed my wrist and tied each one to an arm of the chair, also tying several loops around my upper arm to the back of the chair. "There," said Jane. "That should make you more comfortable while we go ride snowmobile. Don't go anywhere, we will be back later." Then Shawn laughed and said, "Of course that wouldn't help you any. We will just tie you in a different position, probable not as comfortable and maybe even with you wearing a more embarrassing girls outfit." With that they left.

Comments please. Sorry to go into so much detail. If you would like me to write more on the different positions they put me in through the day, and to honest, throughout the entire weekend, please let me know. Thanks JJ


Tue Jul 06 21:13:01 Eastern Daylight Time 1999

JJ, please continue


Wed Jul 07 14:34:03 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999

JJ, Very interesting story, I enjoyed reading it. Don't worry about having "too much detail." It is detail which adds a great deal of interest to a story, any story. Like freeza said, please contine with your tale!


Tue Jul 6 23:46:30 CDT 1999

Please Continue.


Wed Jul 07 08:59:12 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Great story JJ,
The detail level is perfect, I often wondered if I went overboard with the detail too, but people seem to enjoy my stories and I know that I enjoyed yours. It's good to know that I am not the only kid who got tied up in women's clothing. Please finish your story.


Thu Jul 8 01:19:48 UTC+1000 1999

I have been reading this page for about a year now, and I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories, but now, after a year of silence, I feel as if it is my turn to add to the archives.

I was once in a play. Nothing big, just a co-ed high school production, with a really small budget.
Anyway, on opening night, with about three hours til curtain, the cast and I were lying around backstage on some gym mats playng the notorious "Truth or Dare." (Our schoold Hall doubled as a gym, so there was heaps of gym equipment around.)
The questions began as stupid insignificant questions, such as: "Who in the clas do you like... but eventually the questions got downright embaressing (I won't go into them!) so instead of answering "Truth" people were answering "Dare."
This made the game just as interesting. Dares like "Go and kiss so and so.." were how it began but eventually the dares got downright stupid, and eventually someone dared me to flash a girl who was in the play, whom I co - incidently liked.
Instead od chickening out, I casually laid back on the mat, and put my arms behind my head, with a stupid grin on my face. I acted cool, but I was in turmoil, I did'nt want to flash this girl.. What am I going to do????!


Thu Jul 8 02:08:42 UTC+1000 1999

I just spent a 1/2 hour writing my story and then I relised that I could only send 2000 word essays.
Sorry! I can't repeat all that again!

I'll post the rest tomorrow night. Bye for now!



Wed Jul 7 18:29:04 UTC+0200 1999

To JJ: The story so far is almost perfect. Please continue.

[email protected]

Wed Jul 07 14:11:14 1999

Afternoon at the pool Pt. 1
During middle school summer vacations, I used to do lawn work in the neighborhood. Big customers of mine were the Van Gorwickas. One day I was cleaning their empty pool. It was hot work scrubbing the concrete. I had removed my T-shirt and shoes, since It was early in the summer, I was wearing my blue Speedo swim trunks to get a tan going. I was lost in my work when Holly splashed me with one of the hoses.
"Hey, cut it out!" Although the cool water felt good, I continued my scrubbing. Soon, I could hear her padding down the concrete steps that were built into the shallow end. I turned around just in time as she blasted me again with the garden hose! Holly and I both laughed, we knew each other from school, and lived just a few houses apart.
"Hey, I said cut that out!" She just giggled, as she opened the valve at the end of the hose to squirt me again. I dropped my stuff and took a few steps and wrestled the hose from her, then gave her and her black one-piece swimsuit a good soaking!
"That's not fair, you're the pool boy!" She said between laughs. She looked around for another way to fight back, (I had the hose,) She reached up to the pool lip and pulled down the rope that was used to divide the deep end from the shallow.
I put the hose down, and smiled inwardly.
She rushed me, and reached for my wrists. Holly is in the same grade as me, but she was much more petite. Soon, not only had I wrestled the rope from her, but I was now tying her wrists behind her back. She continued to struggle and giggle through the whole thing.
"That's not to tight is it?"
"It's tight enough!" She said still laughing as she continued to twist and squirm.

Max cuff

Wed Jul 07 14:12:34 1999

Afternoon at the pool Pt 2
"Y'know," Holly said as she continued to struggle, "There still is a lot of rope here." As I watcher her jet black hair flip from side to side, and her twist her body this way and that to try and get free, my mind raced. I think she knew that 'cause Holly's green eyes were simply ablaze.
I walked around her, surveying the scene. Then I grabbed her shoulders and gently laid her down on her back. I straightened out the rest of the rope and looped it around her gorgeous knees. Once they were secure I took the rest and bound her slender ankles together. I stood up to survey my handiwork.
Holly continued to struggle, then began rolling around on the smooth concrete. She was really enjoying this. Then she made a request;
"Can you pull that towel over her, the concrete is hard on my arms." I straightend out a large towel I had, and placed it, then her on the gentle incline of the pool. (The incline that goes from the deep end to the shallow end.) She just lay there and struggled as the sun beat down.
"I like this, now I can get a tan."
"You're going to have funny tan lines." I commented. She seemed to blush, but kept on trying to get free. I continued to check her bonds, and asked her if everything was okay.
"Don't be such a spoilsport!" She chastised. "Evil villains aren't supposed to care about their victims."
(Oh happy day! I thought to myself.)

max cuff

Wed Jul 07 14:13:42 1999

Afternoon at the pool Pt.3
I got a wry smile on my face, and picked up the hose.
"Don't you dare!" Holly shrieked. I paused for a second, or two, before I sprayed her with the hose. This brought out more giggles followed by shrieks of laughter. I sprayed the bottoms of her feet, as well as her sides. Holly seemed to really enjoy what was going on. (I know I did!) Anyway..
"So," I began as I twirled an imaginary mustache, "I want to know where the pool chemicals are stored!?"
"What?" I sprayed her again. "I don't know where the pool chemicals are stored you fiend!" She said through fits of laughter. She continued to struggle. Holly was quite a sight as her now soaked swimsuit clung to her body. I decided to spray her some more. "Perhaps I should leave the hose on," I said in my best evil voice, "As the water rises perhaps your memory will return?" I sprayed her feet again for good measure. It was then that both of us heard the back door slam shut.
"Holly, you out here?" It was Cindy, Holly's older sister.
"I'm saved!" Holly said as the giggles subsided. Peering over the edge of the pool Cindy surveyed the situation. "You guys okay down there?"
"Yes." We both replied. (My heart sank.) Cindy had just come back from track practice and was still in her running shorts and sleeveless top. Holly then gave me an idea.
"Spray her with the hose." She said lightly. I did, but missed. Cindy was too quick. "Try again." Holly encouraged. "This is my immobilizing ray!" I shouted up at Cindy. I sprayed again and got her right in the stomach. She was drenched. Cindy, liked her sister, squealed with laughter as the water sprayed over her.
"More like a tickle ray." Cindy observed. "I have to get changed." An idea shot into my head. I grabbed the wet blanket that holly was on, and pulled it up to the shallow end. I then went to there storage shed and grabbed more rope.

max cuff

Wed Jul 07 14:14:50 1999

Afternoon at the pool Pt.4
I found some more rope, and went back over to Holly. I then pulled her over to the foot of the concrete steps that led into the pool. I took a length of rope, and wraped it around her waist sever times. Then I wrapped it around the stainless steel railing, and back around Holly. Tying the whole thing off around her shoulders.
"Don't go anywhere."
I then went back up into the shed, grabbed more rope, and waited for cindy to come out of the house

max cuff
[email protected]

Wed Jul 7 19:17:26 UTC 1999

Max, great story so far, please continue! Chris, I hope you repost, it sounds interesting.

[email protected]

Wed Jul 07 22:31:26 1999

Found this posted on one of the flame oriented
news groups:
Group: alt.discuss.wrestling.esw Date: Mon, Jul 5,
1999, 9:57am From: [email protected]
There seems to ba a loss of drive lately, no sense
of purpose. The "children" over at
seem to feel that kids from the wrestling group
are trying to take over. Some of the posts are
about what you would expect from Bond. Maybe some
of the heavyweights from here could join me in
showing them how a real takeover works.
For the most part they are intellectually
challenged, elitist, foreign snobs, probably won't
be much of a challenge. But it might kill some
The main purpose of this group is to see how much
hate and discontent they can cause. They have
little or no regard for the feelings or
sensitivities of others. For the most part they
are not welcome in the other news groups.

Several of them are intelligent and very savy in
the ways of the web and internet.

I would advise everyone to take any posts, made by
new posters, since July 5, with a large grain of
salt. They could be phonies from this bunch.


Wed Jul 7 21:19:12 PDT 1999

Any moms out there been tied up? I'd love to hear from you. Looking for experience and advice...

Sara Jean
[email protected]

Thu Jul 08 07:59:37 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 1999

JJ Please continue. Sounds like you had fun.

[email protected]

Thu Jul 8 10:45:09 PDT 1999


(THanks to Mick Stuppe who suggested this title when I told a brief version of this story in a chat room)No one could accuse Kathleen, my friend from Ireland, of being slow on the uptake. Even while she was a bound and gagged prisoner of our mutual friend Melissa she understood that it was almost mandatory that she retaliate against Mel. (The story is in the May archives.) But there was a problem; Kate did not know how to tie very well, and she wanted to strike back soon. Kate knew this; in the words of Detective Inspector Harry Callahan aka Dirty Harry, Youve got to know your limitations.
I offered to teach her but we never got around to having lessons for various reasons. But Kate came up wit her own solution after watching a TV Show: that most useful of substances, Duct tape.
My involvement began one morning about two weeks after Mels revenge on Gina and I with Kathleen as a captive audience. I was seated with Steffi on a table in front of the school snack ball drinking a coke with Steffi. We were on the way to becoming a couple again, and were talking about a possible date when Kate came over.
Good Morning Dud! she said .Then turning to Steffi she said:
"Hallo! Wie geht's dir? Und mit deiner Mutter?"
To which Steffi replied:
"Prima, danke! Mama ist auch wohl. Und du?"

ThIs Transalated to
Hi, How are you doing ?And your Mother?
Fine, thanks. Mom is fine and how are you doing?

Kate had spent a year in Germany a couple of years back on another assignment with her parents and learned to speak German fluently. She liked to chat with Steffi to, as Kate said, Keep her hand in.
Steffi reported Her German was very good except for a definite Irish pronunciation.


Thu Jul 8 10:58:50 PDT 1999

Kathleen then turned to me and said About Melissa...
Youre ready to get even for your time as a captive audience?(This had been briefly discussed between us before.)
That I am. And it is a solution I am having to how I am to do it. Duct tape. (I am probably exaggerating Kates Irish expressions to make up for the fact I cant portray her accent.)
Good idea, Kate. Simple to use and effective. But dont gag Mel with it. It can hurt. Ill lend you another type of adhesive tape for that: it comes off easy but is very effective.
Steffi Listened closely. She had heard full accounts of the tie up wars with Melissa.. How are you going to trick Mel, Kathleen? She is very smart.
Depend on Speed and Suprise Kate I said. I dont think Mel would fall for any scam we could think up. She also has this Brit thing about being a good you can use... Are you sure you can tape her securely?
Surely, Kate said. Gina has been showing me how..
Then all you are waiting for is an opportunity.
And as it turned out Gina provided that

One Afternoon after school some of us got together to celebrate Ginas Birthday .(She was 17).It so happened that two of the guests were Kathleen and Melissa with whom Gina had become pals. I had an idea of what was coming: Kate asked me to bring along the adhesive tape I had suggested for gagging. Kate also warned Gina, Gina thought it would be a fun addition to her party.
I was busy for the first part of the party helping Gina s parents Barbecue the Hamburgers. After everyone was stuffed with burgers and Pasta Kathleen decided the time strike had come. Gina parents were in the living room and Melissa seemed to be enjoying herself. Mel was seated on a kitchen chair moved outsideperfect for what Kate had in mind. Mel was wearing slacks and a sweater. Kate depended as advised on speed and surprise: Everyone expects the Spanish Inquisition but no one expects an Irishwomen with Duct tape.


Thu Jul 8 11:00:14 PDT 1999

I still cant believe how fast Kathleen moved. She very quickly snuck up behind Mel, took out a roll of duct tape, and rapidly wrapped it around her at about chest height, pinning Mels arms to the chair.
Ii was probably more symbolic then effective, but Kate said Well, your ladyship, I have a score to settle with you1 Gina delighted with this turn of events leaped to Kates side. I decided to stay out of it, my role of advisor having been enough.
Melissa knew when she had been caught. Why do you have in MindNever mind I can guess. Mel said.Just dont hurt me when you take the tape off.
With that Kate pulled Mels hands behind the chair and taped them together, with Gina supervising her pupils work Kate then proceeded to tape Mels body to the chair. When Kate was through, Melissa resembled a mummy. There was solid tape from her shoulders down a little below her breasts, a three inch space, then more solid tape to her lap. Kate then taped Mels left leg at the ankle and knee to the left leg of the chair. At this point Gins mom came in and gave a what the hell is going on here look. Gina told her it was an escape challenge for Mel and Mel backed Gina up. To allow adult intervention would have been a major breach of teenage ethics. Ginas mom Said As long as nobody gets hurt and left. Kathleen then taped Melissas right leg to the chairs right leg, and stopped to check her work. Then Kate took out the roll of adhesive tape I had recommended to her, and put three five inch strips across Mels mouth, very effectively gagging her. I would have a put a handkerchief in Mels mouth before applying the tape but Kate seemed to have done a good job of silencing Mel anyway. Mel mmmphed a little, more to see how effective the gag was then anything, and then gave Kate a slightly dirty look. Kate ignored the look, she was obviously proud of the job she had done on her British friend. Melissa then begun to twist and turn trying to get free from the tape. No dice. Mel was in an


Thu Jul 8 11:03:23 PDT 1999

Mel was in a Sticky Predicrament indeed.Ah ha, your ladyship, now the shoe is on the other foot, surely Kathleen told Mel. Mel gave a loud mmmph in response and once again tried to get loose and once again failed. Mel gave up and sat still
After everyone had a good laugh at poor Melissas expense, the party went on. After about a Half-hour Kate relented a little and very carefully took the tape off Mels mouth. You ungagged me after about half an hour, Kate said, So Ill do the same. You kept me tied up about fifteen minutes after you took off the gag so you have another 15 minutes in the chair, Your Ladyship. The ladyship was used by Kathleen very ironically; believe me; Kate was polite to everyone but subservient to no one, least of all an Englishwomen!
I held up a coke for Melissa to sip from while in her bound but ungagged state. A Great day for the Irish! I said. We get over again!
Yourre half Illinois German anyway! Mel said
My dads from Minnesota, not Illinois, I said.
Mel gave up ethnic kidding for the immediate future. Of course Mel was one quarter Irish anyway.
After fifteen minutes Kathleen cut Mel Loose.
Now were even, Mel! Kate said.
For Now Melissa said.
Things were quiet for a while on the abduction /tie up game front. But a few weeks later there was a doozy
During a elaborate school year end Indiana Jones\Treasure Hunt game. That will be a long one though.


Thu Jul 8 11:05:41 PDT 1999

Just read the warning about this site being taken over by the wrestling trolls. Just try it! Geesh, they get one governor elected in my ancestral homeland of Minnesota and they think they own the universe. Anybody who would pay Thirty bucks a throw PPV to watch this junk is a real sucker!Somehow they don;t pose much of a threat.Most of the readers here can tell when someone is faking it.And Trolls don;t last wrong here. Flaming is fun in small doses but I don;t understanding the mantality that considers it a major souce of amusement...And if the guy who posted that message on the wrestling newsgroup reads this I have a shocking piece of news for him.



Thu Jul 08 14:06:56 1999

A few weeks back, I posted that I never actually
tied my mother, or, any other adult woman up while
I was growing up.I fantasized about it a lot, but
never had the guts to try it. So I didn't have
anything to contribute to the page.

Also, I remember a discussion awhile back about
true stories versus largely fictional ones based
one a memory snippet. With most of the regulars
saying that it wasn't important.

Now, Dudalb says this is all fake anyway.
I guess I'll just have to sit down, make some
bullshit up, post it, and collect kudos from all
the regulars here.
Believe me, you would never know the difference.

BTW, Dudalb, how do you know how much a PPV costs?
BTW,BTW, is Zorro really Bond, nah, Bond is
smarter than that.
Now James Loco, that is a real possibility !!


Thu Jul 8 15:13:53 CDT 1999

Hey Dud, me and all my friends at college chip in $30 to watch that junk every month. Well we haven't recently, but we did when school was in. We even went to see WCW when they came to town. Believe me, it's quite entertaining and the fakeness just adds to the entertainment. Great story btw. Keep up the good work and I'll catch you in the chat soon!


[email protected]

Thu Jul 08 15:59:06 1999

Is Zorro really Bond...? What the f**k does that mean, Harmonizer45?
"More like James Loco"? Is he starting with me..? Just wanna get that clear before I hurt anyone.
As to this off-topic debate, wrestling is as fake as Anna Nicole Smith's boobs. Personally, I only go for the mega-violent ECW wrestling, and avoid the other crapola like brussles' sprouts.
However, when I was young in the late 80's to early 90's, I liked WWF and Hulk Hogan (who didn't back then), y'know, back when they were actually trying to convice us that it's real. Now, they just figure "What the hell, they all know it's fake" and strart bringin' out the chainsaws!

People's tastes are their own business. I know hard-core wrestling freaks, and it can get pretty scary. Every wrestling fan I've met has used this line...
"Wrestling is really great! It's action, comedy, mystery...all rolled into one!"
There's the DEFENSE-LINE. I've heard variations, but that's the jist of it.
I'm not here to ban wrestling. I'm just voicing my opinoin. Some of them might be losers, but so am I; I like comics, movies, video games and RPG's, and I cut classes, and I'm single and cling to memories like a guy in solitary confinment! Feel my pain!!
And that's why I go to a psychiatrist once a week...
Like wedgies and soap opera characters, I shall return. 'Ciao.


Thu Jul 8 15:46:37 PDT 1999

Actually I think paying thirty dollars for any kind of Pay Per View is an outrage .As for how I know my Cable guide lists the prices quite plainly.
Harmonizer: By It's all Fake I meant professional wrestlling not the stories on this page. And I stand by that statement.
MS I did mean to really offend anybody.It is just that I do not find wrestling all that entertaining. The only personality I like is Rene Mero AKA as Sable just because She has gone on talke shows and publically stated that the emperor has no clothes and a bunch of wrestling fans acting liked she had let loose some big secret.
I probably over reacted to the warning about the wrestling fans threanening to take over and spam this page. If I offened anybody I am sorry.
But Thirty bucks is too much to pay for any TV show, damn it!


Thu Jul 8 15:56:35 PDT 1999

I meant in my last post I did not really mean to offend anybody. I have got to stop composisng in the post windows and even do brief messages in Word--it would avoid mistakes like that one....
And I admit that Roddy Piper gave me one of my all time favoirte film lines in THEY LIVE:
"I''m here to chew gum and kick ass, and I'm out of Gum!"


Thu Jul 8 21:10:55 CDT 1999

Thanks all for the feedback and glad you like it. Summer time is always to find time to write, so please bare with me. I will continue soon.



Thu Jan 1 07:31:34 EST 1998

1.I am a wrestling fan
2.I have never posted here
3.I am not one of thoose people trying to take over.The only reason I know about this sight is I Asked Jeeves a question dealling with this type of topic.I will soon be posting some of my stories soon.Also there is another thing I am 15 but nothing is porn.The reason I say this is because in some earlier archives Canuck,sorry if I spelled your name wrong,didn't want minors.But hey your storis happened when you were minors.The same type of games to.One more thing is there isn't girls involved much do to the fact I only had 2 babysiters and I didn't live around any.Look for my posts soon.Dudlab,Doug,and everone's stories are great.


Fri Jul 9 02:02:03 PDT 1999

I just found this site surfing and really love your stories. I became involved with bondage when I was in high school. A college friend of my sister's husband, named Frank, was into making home movies. He thought he was Clint Eastwood and dressed like Dirty Harry or a character from a spaghetti western. He would film his movies at our cabin in the mountains or at friend's homes in the city. Frank would always talk me into being in his movie, usually as a victim or outlaw, which meant I was always getting tied up. I didn't mind because I liked hanging around with them, they were 5 to 6 years older, and found I enjoyed being tightly tied by men. I still remember the best time I was tied up. Frank was making a police movie. I was to be tied by a burglar robbing my house. They had everything set up when I got home from school. I soon as I entered the house I was lead to my sister's room. Frank said the lighting was better in her room. The real reason, as I found out shortly, was my sister had an old fashioned double bed with a rail footboard. I asked "Don't you want me to get changed first?" I was wearing a short blue dress. "No, that's fine. Just take off your shoes." I removed my Mary Jane's and tossed them in the corner. As Frank positioned the camera tripod, my brother-in-law began to prepare me for my scene. I was facing the bed when he pulled my arms behind me and crossed my wrists. My brother-in-law had been in the army in Vietnam and told stories of securing prisoners. He was good with ropes. He tied my wrists firmly with a long piece of rope, cinching the coils a few times. Next he placed a longer piece around my arms, above the elbows. Drawing the rope together, he wound it around my upper body, below my breasts, pinning my arms to my side.


Fri Jul 9 02:19:55 PDT 1999

Part II
"Turn around and get up on the bed." I did as I was told and hopped backwards up onto the bed. The bed was tall and my feet were hanging almost a foot off the floor. Next my feet were tightly tied together. Again the coils were cinched between my legs. Another rope was tied around my legs, just above my knees. I shuddered with excitement when he passed his hand between my thighs, cinching the rope around my legs.
Frank now explained the scene to me. I was to try to get loose. A scissors was placed in the desk in the room. I was to hop over to the desk, get the scissors from the draw and free myself. "Any questions? All set?" I thought to myself 'this will be easy.' Then I was told to 'open up.' The familiar gag was placed in my mouth and tightly tied behind my head. Then a second scarf was tied around my eyes. I was told to lie down on the bed. I fell back and pulled my legs up. Then pushed myself into the middle of the bed. It was hard because my legs were really tied tight and my arms were tied to my side. "That's good, now roll over." With great difficulty I managed to roll onto my stomach. I was surprised when someone grabbed my hands and tied another rope around them. Next my feet were being pulled up as a hand pushed the rope between my legs. I was being hog-tied. I could not see it, but the end of a very long rope was then tied to the rail at the foot of the bed. "Ready, action!" I immediately began to trash back and forth. I could barely move my arms. I tried to bend my legs, but the rope from my ankles held them in place. I began to twist my head and felt the blindfold come lose. I rubbed my face against the bed until the scarf came off the top of my head. I tired the same thing with my mouth. But the gag was wedged deep into my mouth.


Fri Jul 9 02:20:53 PDT 1999

Part III
Because this was a silent 8mm, Frank gave me direction on my performance. He told me to roll over use the rope to pull my feet closer. It was not easy to do. After rocking my legs I fell on my side, then twisted my legs and pushed myself over. I grabbed the rope making the hog-tie and tried to pull my feet under myself. Because my ankles were tied to the foot of the, I had to scoot myself down toward my feet. I became embarrassed as I felt my dress slide up my thigh. Finally my fingers reached my ankles. But I could not find any knots to untie. With my arms secured, I could not maintain this position very long. Frank said 'cut' and stopped the camera. He untied the knots securing the rope to the bed rail and removed one of the loops. Going back to the camera he started again. "Now try it." I pulled vigorously and felt the rope begin to give. I raised my feet in the air as high as I could and tried to kick. The end of the rope came lose from the bed. Again I tried to reach my ankles. Having an idea, I tried to sit up. Rocking with my feet in the air, I managed to sit up and twist my legs backward. I used the hog-tie rope to pull my feet closer. I could still not find any knots. Frank stopped filming again. He came over and untied the knots cinching the coils and around my ankles. On the command of 'action' I dropped back onto my back and tried to stretch my legs out. Again I raised my legs and began to kick. The rope was coming lose. Now it had slack in it and I had to pull the rope with my hands, still kicking. Finally, I was free of the hog-tie. But I was exhausted. Frank repositioned the camera and I relaxed as best I could. I could see and feel that my dress and slip had risen to the top of my legs. But there was no way I could pull them back down. I felt excited again, knowing I was partially exposed and completely helpless in a room with men watching me. I closed my eyes and fantasized about being taken in my present state. Frank w


Fri Jul 9 02:21:51 PDT 1999

Part IV
I scooted to the side of the bed and rolled my legs over the edge. Holding my legs against the side, I sat myself up and wiggled forward. I began to slide off the bed, which pushed up my dress and slip in the back, momentarily exposing my pantyhose and panties. I was anxious to stand so my dress would drop back down. My feet touched the floor and I staggered to gain my balance. With my full weight on my feet and legs, my ankles and knees really began to hurt. Having my arms bound to my torso made it almost impossible to bend and get leverage to hop. I was able to take short, painful hops toward the desk. Each hop almost made me fall over. The desk was only six feet away, but seemed like miles. When I was half way there, Frank stopped the action to reposition the camera. By now my gag was soaked from grunts and deep breaths I took while hopping across the floor. I worked my sore jaw but the gag had not loosened. The camera began to roll again. I resumed my painful journey to the edge of the desk. Reaching the edge of the desk, I made short hops to turn myself around and lean back against it. I could not see the drawer behind me and felt for it with my hands. I found the knob and opened it. Now the hard part. I had to bend my knees so my hands could reach into the draw to find the scissors. I grabbed them and stood up. I bounced against the chair in front of the desk and sat down. I tried to cut the rope around my wrists, but it was too tight and my fingers could not work them. I tried to reach around and free my knees. Again I could not reach the rope. Finally I bent up my legs, trying to free my feet. As I bent forward, I almost fell out of the chair. I started to become frantic, wiggling my arms. I had scissors in my hands and still could not get free.


Fri Jul 9 02:22:50 PDT 1999

Part V
I thought I had one chance. I stood myself up and started to hop back to the bed. I grasped the scissors firmly, not wanting them to fall on the floor. As I hopped my legs felt like they were on fire. Pain shot up from my ankles and around my knees. Half way there and I wait for the camera to be moved again. I look down at my feet. They feel swollen and have changed color. The blood is not circulating and they begin to tingle. 'Action' and I'm on my way again. After an eternity I near the bed. I muster what little strength I have left and a leap up onto the bed. As Frank moves the camera I try to relax. There is a slight relief for my legs down that I'm lying down. When 'action' is called I realize I lost the scissors. I roll myself over and feel for them. The tight ropes excite me, but now I want them off. I find the scissors and try to free my hands. I can't turn my wrists. I bend my arms and try to reach the rope around my chest. I twist my arms and pull my elbows together. Using the bed, I push the rope down enough to reach it with the scissors. Using both hands I cut the rope. I sit up and try to free my ankles. My legs hurt so much I can no longer bend them. I lie back down and go to work on my wrists. Seeing that my situation was hopeless, the action is stopped. Frank moves the camera for a final angle. My brother-in-law takes the scissors and cuts through the rope around my wrists. We start the camera and I work at my wrists, twisting them and pulling the coils with my fingers. Finally my hands are free. I sit up and pull the remaining coils from my wrist. They are deeply impressed and reddened by rope marks. I briefly massage them.


Fri Jul 9 02:23:52 PDT 1999

Part VI
Next I reach up and pull the gag down over my chin. I enjoyed being tied, but didn't like being gagged. I grab the scissors and bend my legs up. When I cut through the rope around my knees only one coil comes free. I have been tied so tight that the bend in my knees keep the rope from unraveling. I stretched out my legs and cut the remaining coils. Now I can bend forward and reach my ankles. I cut the rope and feel the blood return to my feet. I flex my toes to regain circulation. I'm free. I jump off the bed and start to run out of the room. Suddenly I stop. I forgot to remove my gag from around my neck. I bend my head and fight with the knot. The cloth drops to the floor and I run past the camera out of the room. Luckily for me, Frank couldn't afford to do retakes. Unfortunately for me, to save money on editing, he filmed all scenes in sequence. This meant staying tied while the camera and lights were moved or he changed the plot and gave me direction. I had been severely tied for almost an hour. While exhausting, the hopping about was sexually stimulating. I was slightly disappointed when I found out that my best performance did not make it into the final cut. That was OK. There were many more movies and more opportunities for me to be made a helpless captive.


Fri Jul 9 01:30:55 CDT 1999


Great story! Your detail is excellent. I look forward to hearing more from you. Please feel free to drop by Bob857's chat. Many posters from this site usually go there. The address is

The age range is well spread, from about 20-50 and there is a good mix of men and women. Chats usally take place most nights and go an hour or two.

Here is a list:

Eastern: 6pm
Central: 5pm
mountain: 4pm
Pacific: 3pm

GMT (for the UK: 10 pm.

Also, any other new posters or readers, please come by too!

[email protected]

Fri Jul 09 19:55:34 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999

About chat times.

10 pm GMT translates to around 7am on the East Coast of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane). 5am on the West Coast (Perth)

Heres hoping to see a few Aussies and their pet roos there..... Don't forget the Fosters too! BTW, the roos like their beer too....


Fri Jul 09 13:11:15 1999

Cool story, Trish, and welcome. I am the personification of chaos known as Zorro. I can relate to such a tale, 'cause one of my friends likes to make home movies (read this tale in one of the June '99 archives).

The fact that I like Dirty Harry helped, too. One of my favorite lines came from "Sudden Impact", I think:
"Listen, punk, yer just a pile of dogs**t. Lots of things can happen to dogs**t; it can dry up an' blow away, it can get stepped and squshed on or it can get scraped up and thrown away. So a word to the wise; Be careful if yer dogs**t!"
Oh, well.....I like the line.
One of these days, I actually post when I ain't as sore.
Like Ted Danson and that uncle you hate, I shall return. 'Ciao.


Fri Jul 9 11:35:32 PDT 1999

About 10 years ago, I was 16, my sister (Teresa)was 14, her friend (Sara) was 15, and her other friend (Kim) was a couple months younger then me, but a year behind me in school. Kim had a big crush on me and I knew it. She always flirted with me, and I liked it. The fact the I'd known her all her life, and she was my sister best friend kept me from doing anything about it. I had tied up my sister dozens of times but never her friends. It wasn't really a secret, just somthing we did and Teresa liked it when I payed attention to her. We only had a mother at the time. Now Mom was a working mother and got a job offer in another city overnight for the interview. We took good care of ourselfs so mom didn't mind leaving us alone over night. I didn't know that Teresa invited Sara and Kim over to spend the night also. I had a summer job working at a gas station and got home around 6:00pm and a cold and rainy July night. I was suprised to first see Sara in a red spandex dance outfit. All three girls were into Rythem gymnatics.


Fri Jul 9 11:54:28 PDT 1999

She had her hands tied behind her back, blindfolded, sitting on a chair in the kitchen. I tried not to be surprised, even tho it excited me to see her there. I walked by her to the frig to get a coke. I just said Hi, how you doing.
She said fine, Kim and Teresa were in Teresa's bedroom. I went to my room to get undressed and put on a bathrobe to take a shower. I met Teresa in the hall. She asked if I liked Kim? I said yea, sort of. Then told me to wait for a minute. Soon Teresa came out of her room pulling Kim with a leash around her neck. Kim was wearing a very small 2 pice bikini, black with yellow trim. Her hands were tied behind her back also. She was blinded folded with a scarf. Teresa handed me the leash and said, Kim lost a bet, and now she belonged to me for the night. I had to keep her with me until 8:00am. Kim said, It was a fair bet and she would be my slave until tomorrow. I asked about Sara, who also lost a bet and would stayed tied up for the night. ( I never knew what the bet was ).


Fri Jul 9 12:06:47 PDT 1999

I took Kim into the bathroom with me. Then had her stand next to the bathtub while I took a shower. I couldn't keep my eyes off her while I showered. When I turned off the water, Kim said if I untied her hands, she would keep the blindfold on, and dry me off if I'd like. So I untied her and handed her my towel. I could tell, she enjoyed drying me off. When I said I was dry she put her hands behind her back and said she was ready to be tied again Master. I got my robe on then picked up the rope and retied her. She said may I have one request? I said sure, she said kiss me please. I gave her a peck on the cheek. She said no, on my mouth please. So that's what I did. It turned into a deep long kiss. After that I took Kim to my room. Then went to find Teresa. She was in her room where she had tied Sara into a hogtie on her bed. Sara asked if I enjoyed having a slave? I said sure. Then said I better tie you up also. Teresa had not problem with that. So she was hogtied on the bed next to Sara.


Fri Jul 9 12:18:31 PDT 1999

After returning to my room I kept Kim tied all that night. She sleped tied up next to me. We did kiss alot that night and didn't get much sleep. I did untie all the girls a few times so they could go to the bathroom. And they all were willing to be tied up after. Five years after that night, Kim became my wife. She enjoys bondage very much. Teresa comes over to our house every couple of weeks and she normaly gets tied up at some point. She told me that she would love to find a man who would be like me. Bondage but no pain or rape type stuf. She's had a couple dates that she asked to be tied up, but they were not nice to her like she wants. We still hear from Sara who lives 500 miles away. I kid her about that night and told her many times to come spend a weekend with us and we can relive that night. Sara is the one that told me about this site and asked me to post this story. I hope I did it right, Sara. And that's my happy ending.


Fri Jul 9 15:24:47 PDT 1999

Thank you Fields, That was a great stroy!


Fri Jul 9 00:40:26 EDT 1999

I have always been into G-Rated bondage since I was 4.When I was about 12 I stayed the night at my nephew's house.We'll call him Zo.He also had a friend stay.We'll call him Pd.The reason was that the next day Zo was going down south for about a month.We were the only three at the house becaue my sister had to work,that's why I stayed.I got to the house around 8:30 from baketball practice.Pd was already there.For about an hour or so we watched t.v. than decided to order pizza.While we wated for the pizza Pd suaggested that we play war through out the house,Zo and hiself against me so I hadno objections.Because they were loring themselves into my plan.Not that I really was just going to attack thm and tie them.But play a game like this.I knew they would offer so I brought some rope and duct tape.We than ate and we started to build the boundriesand our little forts.At this time I was organizing my tools.We than started to play they attacked me with toilet and other objects.We played for an hour until I finally cought my nephew.I dragged him into the master bedroom.


Fri Jul 9 01:03:49 EDT 1999

Once in the bedroom I did a hog-tie and gagged hiw with duct-tape.But we have played many games like this before and h is skilled along as me.His friend was brought in and he started to make fun of him but before I could tie him up Zo broke loose and they fled.After about 10 minutes I cought Pd and tied him really tight.I crossed his hands behind his back and tied them,than tied his ankles after I crossed them,next were his knees.I than used a tape gag.I than did what Donna woul do and tickled him a little bit.He layed there tied for about 15 minutes while Zo picked the lock and cought me by surprise he slaped a pair of hand-cuffs on me and tied my ankles.Zo than untied Pd.The 2 of them than took me to the dining room and layed me on the ground and hand cuffed my hand to a chair.They than tickled me a little bit.As they went to get drinks I used the key,which was in my pockets and they didn't know about,to unlock the cuffs.I ran back to the master bedroom and locked the door.They couldn't get it picked because it was never locked in the first place.They than sprayed Lysol and kill themselves.


Fri Jul 9 01:18:31 EDT 1999

After the Lysol they gave up and I won.We than cleaned up everything.That took about 30 minutes.I coul tell that Pd was really in to being tied-up because he knew it was just a little game and no one was getting hurt.Later after cleaning Zo started to wrestle Pd.Zo asked me to tie-up Pd and I did.I crossed and tied his wrists behind his back and than crossed and tied his ankles.I than took another rope and did a hog-tie.He tryed to test his knots in his bounds but they just got tighter.He than askadentlly got his knose bumped and it started to bleed so I had to un-tie him and take care of the injury.We didn't play any more bondage games that night or morning.

Sorry I forgot to title and # the storie.When it goes into the archive call it Night Of the War.Also if any body can tell me where I could find some G-Rated bondage I would be greatfull.Because all that stuff on the net is plan out sick.Thanks and will post more soon.I hoped you enjoyed the story.


Sat Jul 10 20:59:55 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999

Great stories, Fields and Roper. I enjoyed them. More please.

BTW, Roper, try these links. If there was any such thing as "G" rated bondage sites then these ones are it.

Red's Realm at

Atame and Lara's site at:

Lorelei's site at:

Jane's Guides (links) is located at: Definitely worth checking out because they take the time to describe the sites they provide links to.

Hope all this helps


Sun Jul 11 00:23:03 UTC+1000 1999

Truth or Dare Part II:

Sorry about the big gap.
Here's the rest of my story:

I casually leaned back and put my arms behind my head, whilst my hands rumaged madly to find a diruption. My friends were easily distracted, and because of our nerves, I was positive they would be even more so. Hoping to fnd I football or something, i was dismayed only to discover a small tangle of ropes and thick straps (the kinds used as seat belts in cars. Dont ask me why they were back stage!)
Thinking quick, I pulled out one of the thick belt/straps, and slapped it lightly against the nearest leg I could find. Unfortunatley the leg belonged to a small wiry, quick tempered boy named Chris.
He deftyl caught the strap in his hand, and instantly his face began to turn red.
Oh God. I thought. Here we go go again. But instead of a punch, or a verbal beating, I was surprised to see Chris look past me to the girl who sat beside me, a quickly his rage gave way to a cheeky grin.


Sun Jul 11 00:39:16 UTC+1000 1999

Truth or Dare P.3

A series of quick nods and winks went around the circle, and I relised something was about to take place. The girl who was sitting beside me, Alice, turned to face Chris, and she put her hand on the strap, and gently tugged it off him.
"Chris. Dear sweet, idiotic Chris. Don't get mad..get even."
Chris had this big moronic grin plastered across his face, which was making me nervous.
"What do you mean Alie?" he asked innocently.
ALice looked at the rest of my friends.
"Let's tie him up!"
Before I knew what was happening, Chris jumped ontop of me, and wrestled me down to the mat. He forced me to lay face down on the mat, with my face buried in the musty old foam, while Alice covered my mouth with her hand. Two more boys sat on my legs, and another girl laid across my back so I could'nt move my arms.


Sun Jul 11 00:44:49 UTC+1000 1999

Truth or Dare P:IV

I was completely imobile. I could'nt move or speak. In fact I could hardly breathe!
"What can we tie him with?" Chris asked Alice.
"Ahh, we can't use that rope it's too thick. Thoose straps would do nicely though. There's some gaffa tape on stage too, go get it."
(Now for thoose of you who don't know, Gaffa tape is the thickest and strongest tape you can buy. It's black, half an inch thick, and it costs $20 a roll)
Struggling helplessly on the mat, I tried to break free. I was furious at myself, I only wanted to cause a distraction for God's sake! Not BE the distraction!
For a moment, Alice slid her hand away from my mouth, but she prevented me from yelling buy pushing my face further into the mat, so all my cries for help were muffled by the thick foam.
"Here!" I heard Chris call.
I could hear the roll of tape being thrown to someone else, and then i was roughly turned over on my back, and a red silk scarf which Alice was wearing in the play was stuffed into my mouth, and a strip of tape was hastily pressed over my lips, preventing ANY noise.


Sun Jul 11 00:51:33 UTC+1000 1999

Truth or Dare Part: 5

I tried to scream but I was scared I'd choke so I stopped abruptly. Everyone was laughing. I was soo embaressed.
I was then quickly turned onto my stomach again, and Alice ordered Chris to pull my wrists together, and tie them with the strap. I could feel the cool strap being entwined between my wrists, and then I heard the ominous tearing of tape. Chris wrapped tape around my already bound wrists about five times before he tore the roll off. Everyone was really laughing now.
"Now, you two, get his legs together and, and then tape them, at the ankles, and above and below the knees." Alice barked.
My ankles were lashed together with tape, but on a hasty last minute decision, the two boys who had been sitting on my legs, wrapped my legs entirely in tape, from my toes to my knees. Now I was really stuck.
I grunted, and bucked and kicked. In fact I did a good job of knocking the two boys who taped my up over. I then gave them an angry grunt.


Sun Jul 11 00:57:43 UTC+1000 1999

Truth or Dare Part:VI

Everyone was really laughing now. Even Alice, I thought she was going to wet her pants when I knocked over thoose two boys!
With a final chuckle, Alice got one more silk scarp (a black one) out of her bag and wrapped it around my eyes, blindfolding me. Then Chris grabbed the tape, and wrapped it over the scarf, sealing me into absolute darkness.
Then I could feel myself being picked up and half carried, half dragged, over to the other side of the audiotorium, and dumped. I heard receding giggling, as my captors ran away.
I lay in silence for a while, and then I was surprised to hear a rustling, and then to hear Alice whisper in my ear.
"You know, you never completed your dare.."
I could feel myself blush.
"Don't worry, maybe next time...if youre the one tied up.."
She then took off my gag and took the tape of my wrists, leaving me to struggle in the darkness, thinking about her comment.

Well there. I hope you liked it. Tell me what you think!
See you later!

[email protected]

Sat Jul 10 18:09:06 UTC+0200 1999

Great stories recently!

To Roper: just what is "Lysol"? And what about adding some details (clothing, etc.)? For instance: were Zo and Pd barefoot? You wrote that you tickled them a bit...

[email protected]

Sat Jul 10 11:16:24 1999

I used to really admire and respect you. Your
stories were always well crafted, very enjoyable,
and, most importantly, sounded very authentic.
When you said you admired Rena Mero [Sable] for
her honesty, you totally destroyed that.
Rena was a mid level print model who was lucky
enough to snag an established wrestling star and
ride his coattails into the world of 'sports
entertainment'. When he was injured and more or
less retired, she stepped up her activities in the
business. She is universally recognized as the
prime example and main source of sleaze and
sluttishness in the WWF.
Now she is suing those who made her rich & famous.
Rena has no standing at all with anyone
knowledgeable about the business, she didn't
reveal any secrets, that's for damn sure. Maybe it
was news to you, but not to a wrestling fan.
She's just another no talent, money hungry, broad
trying to make it on her fake tits.
Her whole lawsuit is just a way of getting out of
her contract with WWF and getting the SABLE name.
Seems no one in hollyweird is interested in Rena
Mero, just SABLE.
The guys have taken it easy so far and not flamed
this site, but, after they see what you think
about Rena, it may change.
BTW, I have been advised, via e-mail, to keep
close track of all the new posters here betweem
July 9 and July 31. On August 1, or so, a list of
fake stories will be posted.
BTW, BTW, Roddy is a great actor, not as good as
Jesse, but, still great in movies and in the ring.


Sat Jul 10 18:34:21 PDT 1999

I am afraid that harmonizer is proving all my points about pro wrestling and some,not all of its'fans. If you enjoy it ok but don't take it so seriously.I am sure Rena Mero is out to further her career but so is everyone else in showbusiness. I just like the fact someone is admitting that pro wrestling is staged entertainment. i have no objections to that. it is when it claims to be a legitimate competitive sport I have problems.As for people attacking this page because of my comments apparently they have not heard of something called the first amendment and freedom of speech..
As for fake stories, I think most of the regular readers at this site can spot a fake.


Sat Jul 10 22:01:26 EDT 1999

I don't mean to be an aggravation to this situation, but Harmonizer; why do you care what some WWF floozy is doing? And why should someone else's opinion matter one whit to you? That's like saying that someone is scum, just because their favourite character in some soap opera is one that you hate.

It seems to me that you are being more of a "Dis-Harmonizer" here.


[email protected]

Sat Jul 10 20:56:03 1999

One last point and I'll quietly go back into the
I doubt very seriously if you can find a wrestling
fan over the age of ten or so who does not admit
that wrestling is staged/predetermined/scripted or
whatever you want to call it. The heads of both
major federations have openly and publicly
admitted it. Go to any of the wrestling
newsgroups, say that wrestling is real, and see
what happens. You will truly learn what flaming is
all about.
The only people who seem to think that it presents
itself has a truly competive sport are the media
hacks who try to make names for themselves by
exposing it as fake.
Up until a few months ago it was the best comedy
soap opera on TV.
The head of the WWF, Vice Macmahon, was under
consideration for 'Entertainment Weekly's'
entertainer of the year because of the humorous
entertainment he provides millions of viewers each
and very week.
A few months back Vince even tried a B&D angle,
unfortunately he used a 400 lb former olympic
powerlifter as the bindee. Needless to say, it
went over like the proverbial lead balloon.
At one point there were rumors on the net of a
kidnapping storyline in which both Vince's wife
and daughter were tied and gagged. Supposedly the
story was actually taped, but rejected and never
Nuff on that, now where are the Steffi's mom and
your mother-aunts stories?


Sat Jul 10 23:20:22 EDT 1999

Can I make a suggestion?

If I started discussing football here, I think people might get annoyed because it is off-topic. They would probably tell me that this is a specalized forum and the topic is not football. They would politely suggest that I find a football forum since I am more likely to find an audience there that is interested in that kind of discussion. As a matter of fact, it would be rather rude of me to come to this forum and talk about football, since the only reason for doing that would be because I had to naiveity to believe that most people here had an interest in football. Fortunately, I'm old enough to know that just because a group of people have one common interest does not mean that they share all of my other interest.

Hopefully, some of the wrestling fans here maybe able to relate their interest in wrestling to my interest in football.

Charlie B
[email protected]

Sun Jul 11 00:30:17 Est (Heure d'été) 1999

I agree with Charlee B. And about the fake stories and the flamers: as usual, I'll just erase unnapropriate posts as soon as I spot them. The flamers will be loosing their time if they come here.

[email protected]

Sat Jul 10 23:28:07 1999

Re:Wrestling fan takeover

All the posts concerning this are on my page

No evidence of any plan to do anything

I think it is all a work

Wouldn't worry about anything

Guy who started it no longer exsists

Nobody else seems to care about Harmonizer45


When was your dad in the service?

I'm from Minnesota also, maybe he and I met

Truefan has major medical problems

He won't be posting anywhere for quite a time


[email protected]

Sun Jul 11 00:53:51 EDT 1999

My Babysitter/Brother's Girlfriend
This is just a little story,nothing great.When I was about 6 or 7 my babysitter was seeing my brother.One night they were going to go out.My babysitter came over to pick my brother up.I thought she looked very pretty that night as I answered the door.I led her into my brother's room.My brother was not in there.I do not remember the reason why.In the room I had a little chest where I kept all my little play costumes.The reason they were in there is that is where my secret hide out was when my brother worked.I always had to be as real as I could with myv outfits.I explained all of that to her while I had her seated on a wooden desk chair with no arms.I than pulled out one of my many play guns and said "Put your hands behind the chair."
She did as I wiched and I puled out a 4 Foot blue robe strap.I than placed her palms together and wrapped the rope around her wrists 3 or 4 times and tightly tied it off.I than took another light blue robe rope and tied her ankles crossed about 2 times and tied it off.


Sun Jul 11 01:08:03 EDT 1999

My Babysitter/Brother's Girlfriend
After I had her ankles tied,not yet being very skilled at this yet, I took a bandanna,or handkerchief depending on what you call it,and just wrapped it around her mouth and tied it off.It was affective because she was playing her role.The bounds were for real.I than sat there on my brother's bed and made some stuff up about what I was going to do with her.Right before my brother came in I removed the sucky gag.I than took the gun I was using and told him to sit on the bed.I used my handcuffs and cuffed his right hand to the bed post.I told him if he could beat me in arm wrestling with his cuffed hand I would let them go.He agreed.He than tricked me and used both hands while I turned my head for a second and won.I uncuffed him and he left and told me to un-tie her.When I un-tied her she told me he used both hands.I was mad.I only had a t-shirt and a pair of shorts on when she suddenly tied my hands behind me and tickled my bare soles for about 2 minutes.She left me tied while her and my brother left.I of course freed myself after only about a minute.Even though it was tightly tied.


Mon Jul 12 17:57:32 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time) 1999

it is suprising to see how much people here like to argue about meaningless things. you guys are funny....who likes fishing? who likes velveeta cheese?

yoda scott
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Mon Jul 12 14:26:44 CDT 1999

I have to agree with yoda scott, there does seem to be a tendency to argue about meaningless things. I suggest we drop the topic of pro-wrestling, as it doesn't seem to be terribly relevant.
Other than that, I think that there have been some great stories posted here lately, and I'd like to thank the authors of them.


Mon Jul 12 17:30:54 PDT 1999

This site has been better. I was able to get ideas and match experiences, as well as get a feel for others' experiences. Also, still waiting for other moms' experiences.

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Mon Jul 12 20:04:11 1999

Hello everyone. I'm posting to the university side of this website, but I've read a couple of alarming entries - atleast to me - and I wanted to pose a question for those mothers who are entertaining thoughts of letting their sons tie them up. First off, I ask you, how would you feel if your husband wanted to tie up your daughter? Those of us into this know what all goes through our minds during this type of "play" and a son with his mother is - in my mind - feeling these same feelings. Likewise, a husband may also feel this way with his child! I don't think this behavior is healthy and it quite probably may lead to a greater desire for bondage down the road. We, as adults, practice this in safe, sane, consensual ways. Some people, as these post point out, recognize the differences at early ages........ some may not. I'd haet to see something go very, very wrong with this. Just my 2cents........ I have enjoyed B/D since I was 14 or 15, but had to learn to weigh out its consequences as I lived my life. If the moms are comfortable... who am I to intervene in their family.


Tue Jul 13 00:23:27 EDT 1999

Dudalb,sorry I spelled your name wrong!


Tue Jul 13 14:20:25 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time) 1999

i think that dairy products are bad for your health!!!!! dairy is the devil!!!!!
when there is a story posted here, it is usually the awesome!!!!does anyone have any stories including spandex and boots on women?i would be eternaly greatful

yoda scot
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Tue Jul 13 10:19:20 CDT 1999

I like this site. All the stories are great. The pure fun of childhood. I do have a few stories of girl cousins, and girl friends, and some aunts. The mother stories are great. Heres my first story. It was back in the late 60's one summer afternoon. My cousin D we will call her was babysitting me. We were in my bedroom listening to the old records. I asked her to play robber. She agreed, but didn't know what the rules were. I explained that I would come in and rob you, and tie you-up while I searched for loot. She said O.K.. I had one of those striaght back chairs in my room. I came in on her and said "Hold it and don't turn around" Dsaid you got the drop on me mister crook. I said set in the chair and put your hands behind you. She agreed and I started tying them in a crisscross manner. I finished ask her if it was to tight. She said no. I came around in front and started tying her ankles together. Back then we blue jeans, and shirts. Itied her feet to the bottom rail of the chair, and come back up and made sure her hands were secured to the back of the chair. D asked what was next. I said with a villianous voice that I'm going to gag you. D said "please I will be quiet." I said "we bad guys can't take no chances". I found a long white handkerchief and tied it around her head and pulled it tight between her teeth. I asked " if it was to tight". She nodded her head no. I watched my bound beatuy struggle to get lose while I gather-ed up the loot. A song was on the record player at the time it was SUGAR, SUGAR. By the Archies. We played a while after that. I removed her from the chair after the record quit, and set her on the side of the bed and told her be good I would leave unharmed, and thanks for all the great time and loot. I did come back and untie her. Yuo know feet first then hands, arms, and the gag for last. I had 8 female cousins and I played a few tie up games with them. even their mother. I hope this is good enough for the site. J-MAN


Tue Jul 13 16:22:32 1999

I agree with Charlie B (my ally) and Yoda Scot; this offtopic crap has gone on long enough. However, your annoying statements only add to the problem you're fighting, Yoda, so please stop.
Oh, and Yoda, if ya want a spandex story, I could post an old Halloween tale with my beloved ex-girlfriend (*sniff*...why..?) Laura...or you could use "the Force" to see it from my mind.
Just kiddin'.
Nice detective skills, "A lurker", but change your name to just "Lurker" or "The Lurker"'d sound cooler. However, let's here what Dud has to say about it.
J-MAN: Cool story. Does the "J" stand for anything?
Anyhoo, I got better things to do. 'Ciao.


Tue Jul 13 22:10:35 UTC 1999

Awhile back I promised to finish a story I began a story about tying a girl named Kristi. This incident precedes a story I posted way back in the January archive titled "Tied Together" about my girlfriend at the time, Alisa and I being bound back to back by Kristi. I think the first part of this one is in the June archive, but I'll give a quick recap. Me, Alisa, Kristi, and about 4 other guys were playing a role playing game back in high school once a week after school. Kristi had been annoying several times by just generally being silly and we had threatened to tie and gag her if she continued. I think this threat actually egged her on and finally, I did have enough and I stopped the game to deal with the situation. Since there were about 6 of us total, we easily restrained her while I got some supplies. I began by using some metal handcuffs I had and cuffing her hands behind her. Next I took some fairly thin hemp rope and tied it around her arms to make sure she didn't try to slip the cuffs over her feet and get her hands in front. I found several feet of cotton cord in the garage and tied her ankles together also. Since all we had was metal folding chairs in the room we were playing in, I didn't have a good chair to tie her to the back of.

[email protected]

Tue Jul 13 22:19:01 UTC 1999

I did the next best thing and used some cord and used a lap rope using a short rope I found in the garage as a seat belt effectively strapping her to the chair. Finally, since her mouth was the most annoying part about her, I used an old white T-shirt to cleave gag her. I don't generally do blindfolds, but I was really getting into this so I used a second shirt to blindfold her. This pretty well kept her out of trouble for the remainder of the game. She oomphed and struggled a lot at first but we told her the longer she thrashed the longer she'd stay like that. Since I was the game master (story teller/ref) I had her character captured and placed in a similar predicament since these sorts of games involve voicing what your character does. I had another player make any necassary dice rolls during the game for Kristi while she was in "Time Out." I think she enjoyed being bound and gagged and I did get her one other time after she tied me and Lisa. I may post that one sometime in the near future. I've enjoyed most of the stories that have been posted recently, everyone keep up the good work and let's drop some of this off-topic discussion!

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Wed Jul 14 00:13:56 Pacific Daylight Time 1999

Hi, how you all doing? I've been visiting this site for quite some time now but never actually had the guts to post one of my stories. In all likelihood this is because they still occur and do not want anyone involved in them to somehow find I am posting these stories. There is nothing obscene but it's still a somewhat private thing,so all names will be assumed. That said off we go. This story happened when I was my current age(18), I was at the house of my friend Heather, she was about 2 years younger than me and our relationship was and still is so complex that it would take hours to explain. I'll just say that we both really care about each other but both have issues holding us from entering a romantic relationship where one could hurt the other, we also flirt like crazy so that alleviates some tension. Also we play and wrestle constantly,I know that seeing as I outweigh her by about 80 pounds there is no way she could make me do anything but I often let her win almost subconsciously, I win all the time to but that's something else. My friend who thinks he's a shrink often tells me that we are trying to dominate the other..gofigure but that is where this story comes from.


Wed Jul 14 00:31:36 Pacific Daylight Time 1999

O.K. here goes. I was at Heather's house on a weekday night when neither of us had anything more productive to do. Her parents were not home,her sister was but she always gave us our space. This whole thing started when I was on Heather's bed reading a book, I was sitting cross legged almost at the foot so she had ample space in which to stretch out behind me. However she wasn't content to leave me undisturbed and kicked me somewhat softly in the ribs,I reached a hand back and to swat her away, that lasted for about five seconds before she did it again,I repeated my gesture,this went on for some time before she started kicking my ear,she was in her socks but it was still somewhat irritating. In all likelihood she was trying to goad me in to reacting somehow so I waited to see if she would do it again.this took all of 3 seconds,I immediately grabbed her foot then move quickly to grab her other one.I now had both her feet in one hand and quickly trapped her feet against my side with one arm(the other one ould be coming into use very quickly)I knew she had to learn a lesson and when I saw her feet so helpless I just couldn't resist."Are, you ticklish?" I asked,but I already knew the answer so I started before she could reply.


Wed Jul 14 00:51:12 Pacific Daylight Time 1999

So I kept tickling her feet and she absolutely went nuts, she tried first to get her feet free but my grip was to tight for her in her hysterical sate,next she tried to flail around her upper body but again had little luck,so she just had to take it until I stopped.I stopped after only two or three minutes but it probably felt like eons to her which was exactly the point to get her to stop(and retaliate). anyway when I let her she excused herself to go get a drink to help her catch her breath after the working over I just gave her feet.She left and I was satisfied that I had taught her a lesson. However she was about to prove how sweet revenge could be.
I lay down on her bed and waited for Heather to come back. Idiot that I was I was on my stomach facing the wall so I didn't see her come in. She had gotten no drink,she ahd actually snuck into her parents room and gotten an armload of her dad's ties. when I didn't see her come in she dropped said ties on the ground and climbed onto the bed she then proceeded to sitdon on my back and pinned my arms to my sides with her legs.I was unimpressed and worked my arms free almost instantly,I should have thrown her off then but I said "is that the best you could do?"she did much better.


Wed Jul 14 01:09:10 Pacific Daylight Time 1999

as soon as I asked her that question she gave me an answershe pulled both of my wrists together and crossed them,I was struggling but not enough toget free with the leverage she had over me.I felt one of the ties wrapping around my wrists first crosswise then lenghtwise until she finally tied it off.i tested my wrists but they were basically immobilized,but she then took a shoe lace and used it to tie the fingers of my right hand together in some ludicrisly complicated may,she then repeated the process with my left hand."that'l hold you while I finish" she said. I had no idea how far this was going but right now i didn't have much of a choice as I couldn't even get at the knots.nonetheless I attempted to protest,she told me to be quiet.Of course I responded by challenging her to try.she quickly shoved a rolled up sock into my mouth and then tied it in with another tie.She then turned her attention to my ankles which she procceeded to tie together tight enough so that i couldn't move my feet so as to loosen them. she stepped back to admire her handiwork and apparently decided that she needed to make this even harder on me.she did that by running two ties knotted together between my ankles and wrists creating a hogtie.She then stepped back and sat down to watch me struggle!


Wed Jul 14 01:29:25 Pacific Daylight Time 1999

So i gave her quite a show I struggled for about five minute before I realized I wasn't going anywhere and that Heather had me basically at her mercy.I mmpphhdd under my gag for all I was worth hoping to signal that she had won.she noticed and said"look,here's the deal you apologize for tickling me and I'll let you go"I waited for her to remove the gag so that I could apologize but she did not. "well,do you apologize or not" I nodded as best I could,"No say it ou loud"I realized that she was just toying with me now as i couldn't very well say anything,I tried to somehow say it but she only tormented me more by saying she couldn't quite get that,could I repeat it etc.
To my surprise she undid the hogtie and once again sat on the small of my back,she said"Before I let you go I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine".This absolutely paniced me because I knew full well several things:that she was going to tickle me,how ticklish I am,that she was going to exploit that to maximum potential,and that she might well be more far more merciless than me.She began on my ribs and quickly worked her hands under my arms I laughed hysterically under my gag which only encouraged her,I tried to twist out from under her but it didn't happen.She stopped for a moment and I actually thought she might be done,no such luck,she only her position and put my feet in an armlock much like the one I had put her in earlier.I almost fainted right there because my feet are by far my worst spot and she knew it.Once she began I was basically in hysterics immediately,she was taunting me to make matters worse,saying she could do this for hours,it seemed like more than that but it was really about 15 minutes.When she ungagged me I was breathing like I'd run a marathon,she asked me if I was sorry and I assented after which she untied me.Nothing else happened that night but believe I got her back,and was gotten back myself many times.So please give me some feedback,I'd like to hear it.See ya


Wed Jul 14 23:32:11 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999


Nice story. I enjoyed it.


A while back Truefan posted a list of memories.
Guess we'll never see stories based on those.
Just saw a post on a newsgroup.
He had another stroke and died this weekend.
I hope all of you who have baby boomers for parents, take note of this, and maybe let them know how you feel before it is too late.
Seems that we are starting to drop like flies.

Other front is pretty quiet, I'll post any updates to my page.


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Wed Jul 14 11:15:05 EDT 1999

Hey guys, even though I haven't read all the stories for this month, I would assume that they were all great. Doug, your's were great as usual. I was on vacation over the last 2 weeks, and I met cousins that I hadn't seen in 10 years. Almost immediatly I imagined what it would have been like to grow up around them like you did, or have those neighborhood wargames like others have. It would have been great seeing as how almost all the kids in that area are related. Whoo! If anybody read stories that were exceptional this month, please tell me so I can read them.


Wed Jul 14 13:44:22 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 1
After we captured Nancy, Tim and I had kinks in our necks from constantly looking over our shoulder waiting for Nancy to retaliate. I knew she would, but the only question was when and how. Its not like we isolated ourselves from the girls we still saw each other and even played together but they sure laughed when we would get jittery.

One day, I suppose it was the next weekend or the weekend after I got a phone call.
Hello, this is Nancys Mom. We are going on vacation in a couple of weeks. We need someone to watch our house and feed the pets and that type of stuff while we are gone. Could you do that for us? she asked.
Sure, our vacation isnt until later so I should be able to do that. I responded excitedly, knowing that I would have free reign of their pool.
Could you come over so I can show you where all the pet food is and where we want you to put the mail and the newspapers? she asked.
Sure, be right there.
I walked over to Nancys house. Mrs. Mason was waiting for me at the doorway.
Hey, thanks for helping us out, let me show you where everything is.
For the next half hour or so Mrs. Mason told me where everything was and what to do. At the end I asked her if she could leave me a note so I wouldnt forget.
Oh, and one more thing, there are Nancys fish in the basement to feed, I think shes down there if you would check with her.
I walked downstairs. It was quite dark down there since the windows all had thick shades over them. The light switch was also not working for some reason. I yelled out Nancys name and I heard her yelling from a storage room where there was a light on. I walked in and still didnt see her anywhere.

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Wed Jul 14 13:45:37 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 2
I continued walking around the corner to where she was bent over pulling on a box.
Could you help me with this? she asked.
Sure, let me get around you. It was a narrow passage lined with boxes on both sides. I squeezed past her and began to grab hold of the box. As I was doing this I heard sounds like scraping and I also heard the door closing. I looked up to see that Nancy wasnt there. I stood up to see what she was doing. When I got my head around the corner I was shocked to see Jenn, Tina, Tamra, and Nancy all standing in front of the door. There were also a stack of boxes blocking the door. They all were wearing comfortable clothes mostly shorts and T-shirts with tennis shoes.
Uh, whats going on? I asked with a worried tremor in my voice.
This is revenge time, your Mom thinks you are spending the night, so are you going to make this easy or hard on yourself? Nancy said menacingly. Each girl had something in her hand. Nancy had a blindfold and gag. Tina had several lengths of rope, as did Jenn. Tamra had tape and saran wrap in her hands.
I backed into the narrow passage I was in before trying to figure a way out of this. Before I had taken two steps they charged me. They grabbed my neck and as I was pulling away I was forced to my bend my back in order to get their grip away from my neck. This cause me to be doubled over. One of the girls grabbed my belt and pulled me forward. I landed on my knees and I was struggling to stand up and get out of there. Then they all piled on me from every direction. Soon each girl had a limb and I knew it was over.
I give up, I give up! I yelled.


Wed Jul 14 13:46:11 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 3
I must admit when I finally quit struggling the strangest feeling swept through. It felt good just to surrender. I knew the girls wouldnt hurt me so I just gave up. It felt good. Even while they were lashing my hands behind my back, even when they roughly forced a gag into my mouth and topped it off with a blindfold. Call me crazy but knowing that I was out of control felt better than struggling against the inevitable. I hung my head and let them do what they would.
Blindfolded as I was I could only feel and hear when they began to move the boxes and open the door. They hauled me into another room where they began to release me only to retie me to a straight backed chair with armrests. They strapped my arms to the armrests of the chair at my wrists and elbows. They didnt do a very secure job and I knew I would be able to escape. However, they then took off my blindfold and I saw all four of them sitting on the couch looking at me and smiling.
Nancy spoke up, Today is going to be a very interesting day for you. All of us girls had a different idea of what to do to you after you kidnapped us, except for Tina who is just here to watch and help us capture you and Tim when he comes around. So, this is going to be a kind of Choose Your Own Adventure game. I know you enjoy those books so we are going to make them a little more realistic.
I was gagged so responding would not do any good. I just sat their and listened, admiring her creativity with this game. Oddly enough I was actually looking forward to it.


Wed Jul 14 13:46:52 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 4.
First of all we have to get you properly dressed, choose, Nancy said as she held up the one piece black mesh swimsuit that she wore when I tied her spread eagle to the ground during our camping trip. Jenn held up a flower print bikini bottom. Tamra held up a dark blue speedo. The choice was obvious, I indicated that I would wear the garment that Tamra held. Nancy and Jenn putt on mock pouts and they began to quickly release me and told me to go change. This was not so bad since I had worn a speedo to swim with the girls before. I quickly stripped and pulled the speedo on and tightly tied the drawstrings, I thought about taking off the gag but decided against it. I walked out and they again directed me to the chair but this time they didnt even tie me to it.
If you run or remove the gag, this will become more difficult for you, Nancy said as they all smiled. I just shrugged my shoulders. Your next decision is where we will tie you up, again we all have different ideas.
Sometimes I wish you had been able to kidnap me too so I could be part of the fun, Tina chimed in with a disappointed look on her face. I again just shrugged my shoulders trying to look as defeated as possible.
My choice is to tie you in my bedroom, Nancy said.
I would tie you in the shower, Tamra followed.
I would tie you somewhere by the pool, Jenn finished.
I indicated Nancys choice since I hoped that they wouldnt have as many embarrassing ways to tie me up and that I would have some privacy. We all then went upstairs to Nancys bedroom. I sat on the bed and they all sat on around me. I had a sinking feeling that they were gone display three embarrassing girls outfits that they would make choose from to be tied up in but this time Nancy surprised me.
We have three different ways that we would like to tie you up, pick one of the girls and thats what youll get, Nancy said.


Wed Jul 14 13:47:14 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 5
Gagged as I was I reached out and took Tamras hand, hoping that her technique would be the most comfortable.
All right, you are in for a real treat, and quite a bit of payback, Tamra said with a mischievous grin on her face. Oh and by the way if you would of chosen Jenn you would of been tied spread eagle to the bed face down and given a spanking for kidnapping us. If you would of chosen Nancy you would of been tied in a chair with your legs crossed wearing that red mini dress we showed you the other day.
I glared at Nancy and she said, What did you expect?
I then looked at Tamra expecting her to tell me what she had in store for me.
I am not going to tell you what I am going to do, youll just have to experience it, she said noticing the expectant look on my face. At least I wont tell you until I get you properly restrained. Now, if Nancy will stay here and help me prepare while Tina and Jenn escort you to the restroom, since you wont be released for at least an hour.
I went down with my escort and used the restroom when we returned Nancy and Tamra had spread out a large plastic mat. They also had a bottle of vegetable oil. Gagged as I was I couldnt tell them anything so I just lurched for the door. I had no desire to be all oily. I almost got out the door before Tina tripped me up nearly sending my head into the wall. I would have to remember Tina for the next time I had my chance. They dragged me back to the plastic mat where they drenched me with the oil laughing the whole time. I probably wasnt actually drenched but they did make sure they coated every part of my body. Tamra then took out a roll of plastic wrap and ordered me to hold out my arm with my fingers extended and my thumb held against my palm. Tamra wrapped the plastic wrap around and around my arm until it was about four layers thick.


Wed Jul 14 13:47:48 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 6
Once she reached my armpits she then moved it across my back and began to wrap the other arm in the same fashion. When she was finished I could barely bend my elbows and my hands were useless. Then she had me keep my arms raised while she continued to wrap the plastic around and around my torso. She didnt stop until my body was wrapped tight from my ankles to chest. Then she put my arms down and wrapped them to my sides. I couldnt move them at all
Uh, guys I have no chance of getting out of this one, how long do you plan to leave me like this, I asked getting a little worried.
Well we figured that you held each of us for an average of about 2 and a half hours, Nancy a little longer. So thats about 8 hours, so if we cant find Tim to help you split the time youll be spending about 8 hours tied up. Sound fun? Tamra said with a smile.
I dont think Tamra understands the term escalation, does she Nancy? I responded.
Whats he talking about? Tamra asked looking at Nancy.
Its really quite simple, the more severe we get back at each other, the next time it gets worse and worse until we are no longer friends, Nancy told Tamra.
I simply nodded my head.
Tamra turned back to me, Are you unwilling to be tied up by us?
No its not that, but we need some rules in case of emergencies I think, maybe a way that the person being captured can be released without question. I responded back.
Like a secret word or series of grunts, Jenn said.
We all looked at Jenn, and nodded. That would work, what should it be? I asked.
We talked about it and came up with a particular pattern beats that we would use.


Wed Jul 14 13:48:24 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 7
Well now that that is settled, lets finish taking care of him, Tamra told the other girls.
Take care of me, I am sliding around in this thing like I am an oiled worm, how could you possible restrict my movement further.
Listen if you cant take it, you can make us stop, but of course well tell Tim you couldnt take it, Nancy said.
Fine, do your worst, I can take anything, I said with a macho attitude.
Tamra grabbed a black cloth and blindfolded me with it and then she asked me to open my mouth. She placed a large round object in it that kept me from closing my mouth at all. The I felt them putting plugs of some sort in my ears restricting my hearing almost completely. When I felt them begin to wrap the plastic around my head I felt a twinge of panic. But my breathing was never obstructed. Eventually even the lower murmurs of the girls voices dissipated leaving me blind and deaf. I felt them lay me on the bed and they finished my cocoon by wrapping my feet. I then felt them wrapping the cocoon with something else that was even tighter, but I had no idea what it was. When youve been disconnected from all other outside stimuli, your brain kind of plays tricks on you. Its kind of like you are a few steps closer to the world of sleep. I dont know if I slept or not, but I know that time passed differently for me inside the plastic shell. It seemed like a few minutes, when I felt them begin to remove the plastic away from my face.
Hey sunshine, Tamra said smiling, guess how long youve been cooped up in this?
I blinked as they removed the blindfold and said, It seems like only about 15 minutes. All the girls glanced at each other.
Youve been there for 2 hours, Nancy said.


Wed Jul 14 13:48:45 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 8
My jaw must of dropped, I dont believe it, I dont remember going to sleep.
Get me out of here, I want to make sure that all my body parts are working. I said frantically.
They cut me out of the plastic and I walked around the room making sure that everything was working OK. I was pretty cold from all the sweat evaporating off my body, but other than that I was fine.
I must of fallen asleep, I couldnt hear or see anything so I guess could of fallen asleep without knowing it. I said.
Lets go ask Mom about it and see if she can explain how you could of not noticed the passage of time, Nancy suggested.
Knowing Mrs. Mason I wasnt too worried, but the other girls thought she might be upset. Nancy reassured them that her Mom was cool with the games that we played.
Oh yes, thats normal, Mrs. Mason said, its called sensory depravation. The human mind needs so much stimulus that the absence of that confuses it. Its a bit more complicated but you have the basics. People have done experiments with it before and discovered that eventually after days and days the person will go insane.
Lets try it again, and see if the same thing happens. Tamra said.
I dont know, I dont want to go insane or anything. I responded nervously.
Oh dont worry, we dont have the equipment to keep you like that for that long. You still have to drink and eat, and those people got there food intravenously. Mrs. Mason explained. Ill make sure the girls dont keep you like that too long. However, there are a few improvements to your technique, Tamra, that could be added. Come here Ill show you.
I decided that now would be a good time to escape so why Mrs. Mason was talking to the girls I went downstairs to find my clothes.


Wed Jul 14 13:49:17 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 9
Luckily no one noticed my leaving as went downstairs but when I got there my clothes werent there. I looked everywhere before I decided I would just run home wearing the speedo. As I entered the pool area I heard foot steps behind me. Nancy was running and yelling that she had found me. I sprinted to the large glass door that exited the pool area, my ticket to freedom and Nancys back yard. Then I saw Jenn coming around from the front yard blocking my escape.
I backed out on to the small diving board knowing I could hold them off there for a long time.
Come on, Mom wont let us hold you too long, just let us do this. I know you like all the attention. Nancy said smiling.
No! Unless . . . I started.
Unless what? Jenn said.
I get to do it to one of you guys after you finish with me.
They hesitated and then began to talk quietly amongst themselves. Fine, we agree, Nancy stated, now come back to my room.
I walked back to Nancys room with the three girls surrounding me like I was some sort of prisoner.
Mrs. Mason gave us a bunch of suggestions to complete this experiment and she is going to check up on us to make sure we arent going to hurt you, Jenn said, so just cooperate.
I just shrugged my shoulders until I saw Mrs. Mason give Nancy a big basket full of clothing.
Uh, whats that? I asked.
Oh, let met explain, Mrs. Mason said, The experiment will be better if we isolate you skin from the rest of the plastic, so you cant feel the plastic. Tight clothing is the best for this because it will provide uniform pressure on your skin, she clinically explained as she walked out of the room leaving me to the smiling faces of three girls.


Wed Jul 14 13:49:44 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 10
Tamra was chosen by me so she rummaged around in the basket searching for the first piece of clothing. She took out a small bundle of black nylon. They had me sit on the bed and began to pull what looked like hosiery up my legs. But when they got to my waist the nylon continued over my torso and down my arms. It was a black body stocking of some sort but Tamra was far from finished. Next she got out a pair of blue tights she slid up my legs followed by a long sleeved red leotard. Next she got a pair of white opera length gloves out of the basket and put them on me. She then got a second pair of gloves that were black that went over the first pair up to about my armpit. Now I had trouble flexing my fingers due to all the spandex and nylon on them. The rest of my body was really compressed with all the clothing but still Tamra wasnt finished though. She then got out a black long sleeved unitard to top it all off. I could barely walk and with the gloves and long sleeves my elbows were really restricted. They then took out two pair of stockings and put them on me so that my feet would be covered as well. Next Tamra plugged my ears with the ear plugs and then pulled a nylon stocking over my head telling me to keep my mouth open. When the stocking was in place she snipped a small hole over my mouth and repeated this with four more old stockings until I couldnt see a thing and couldnt inhale through my nose just through the holes she snipped in the stockings. I then feltthem putting some thing through the small holes into my mouth. I realized that it was a mouth piece from one of the swimming toys. A hose connected to the mouth piece enabling me to breathe unrestricted. At this point they could of used anything to wrap me up and I wouldnt of known what it was since I was inside all those clothes but I did find out later so I will just tell you what they did.


Wed Jul 14 13:50:10 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 11
They took an old sheet and wrapped it around me and then used duct tape to completely cocoon me. I couldnt move a muscle and I really couldnt feel anything accept the pressure from the tape and the clothes. I couldnt even tell up from down because they had wrapped me up so much. I just laid there thinking trying to count the seconds so that I would have some knowledge of the passing time. This time it did seem a lot longer and after a while I determined that I must of fallen asleep during the first experience.
The time passed. I lost track. When I finally felt them releasing me I decided to guess how long Id been in there. I was pretty sure I had been awake during the entire time, by the time my head was free I had decided it had been about three hours. They took the stocking off my head and removed the scuba breathing tube. They left the rest of me wrapped up in the duct tape.
Well, how long do you think youve been in there. Nancy asked. If you guess right well let you go and Tamra has volunteered to go next.
Three hours. I said.
Nope, youve been laying there for 20 minutes. Time is really messed up for you while you are in there, Tamra laughed.
No way, I exclaimed, it has to have been longer.
Nope, Tamra said as she began to pull the stockings back over my face. Oddly enough what seemed like minutes later they released me and gave me back all my clothes. It was three hours later, they said they figured they would give me my guess.
Well, its too late to let anyone else try it so well try again tomorrow, Nancy said, well just meet over here tomorrow.


Wed Jul 14 13:50:38 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) 1999

Nancys Revenge Part 12
The next day Tamra was dressed the same way I was, and she looked real good in all those tight clothes. She experienced the same kind of thing. She thought she was in there for about 4 hours when we released her after 45 minutes. And when we left her there for 3.5 hours she thought it took only a few minutes. It was weird.

Tim was gone that weekend so he never did get what was coming to him. Nancy and I, however, did sit down and put two and two together about her Mom. Mrs. Mason had helped both of us capture each other. We at that time began to formulate a plan to tie up Nancys Mom. Thats the next story though.

Hope you liked it.

[email protected]

Thu Jul 15 00:44:04 UTC+0200 1999

Hello friends! Here are my comments...

Maddogsw: I surely will, even if my parents are not exactly that kind of people.

Ravnos: Liked and enjoyed it... Thanks!

MS: Very good!

Roper: Nice, but it would have been even more interesting if it had some more details... Are we to expect a sequel soon?

ExL: Your stories are getting more and more interesting. But just do tell me: did Mrs Mason ever get tied up? Just say that she did or she did not, and (if she did) I will manage and wait to know how the thing happened (to be revealed someday!). If she did not, well, I will just survive on. Thanks...

[email protected]

Wed Jul 14 18:22:46 PDT 1999

The Post dated Monday July 12th is NOT Mine. Good detective work,Lurker! I have not visited this site since Sunday evening.I indeed live on the West Coast.As for the faker, he is not very smart not thinking someone not notice the timezone descripancy.
Needless to say none of his opinions are the same as mine. I rather suspect one of the wrestling crew being behind this.
But the one thing that got me riled was his having 'dudalb" insult Canuck, something I would never do!I have made the statement often that someone who pays for a website has a right to run it any way he pleases.
Andy: In a chatroom discusione the topic of Nancy's mom came up with Exlax. He gave no details and wants to tell the story chronogically but all of you tied up mom fans will be happy with what happens to Nancy's mom.....
Sorry to hear about Truefan. I enjoyed his stories.


Wed Jul 14 23:49:40 Est (Heure d'été) 1999

Don't worry, dudalb, I knew it wasn't you! It was pretty obvious. I just decided to ignore the troll, until I have time to erase his post.

Sorry to hear about Truefan.

Thanks for your stories everyone. I really enjoyed reading them.

[email protected]

Thu Jul 15 14:52:11 AUS Eastern Standard Time 1999

RIP Truefan RIP

In memory of a true bondage enthusiast.

Sadly missed by all those who ever tied a rope (or been tied up too...)

I hope that there will be many willing damsels up Heaven way all pleading to be tied up tight.....


Thu Jul 15 01:10:57 !!!First Boot!!! 1999

Thanks, Jeff, for your kind words. I appreciate it. Ex-Leech and Ravnos, great stories! And MS, I'm always looking forward to your next one. Welcome, Roper--keep posting, and don't leave out the details. Everybody's been posting great stuff lately.
maddogsw: My condolances about Truefan

[email protected]

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