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April 2001

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This month's stories:

True experience of an older person - Tedybear
Annoying Little Sister - neo
Ransom 3 - Casey
And So It Begins - Phoenix
Tied Up by Kids - B
Fit To Be Tied - Doug
Summer Vacation - Carol Jean
Tying Babysitter - Zahnrix
Our First Time with our Babysitter (part 2) - Andy
Snapshots - Nathraq
My Wool Sock Bondage Experience - Tyler
Homework - John Smith
Alvin Gets Captured - Nathraq
The Bet - Flip
Tied on Tracks - tw
Alvin's Revenge - Nathraq
Melissa - Randy B
Tickling the Babysitter - John Smith
GRUPS - Nathraq
Duct Taped by Girls - Coverall lover
Babysitter Bondage w/ Sam - John Smith
Father-Son Bonding - Bound Son
Hollywood Bound - Stacie
Zorro's College Adventure - Zorro
Double the Fun: Part 2 - James
Babysitter Bondage - last part - John Smith

Sunday April 1st 2001 06:53:04
True experience of an older person
This is a really true story and not a figment of my imagination!

About a year ago I was invited to an afternoon party with some other adults like myself. We were all out the back
barbecue area drinking an eating when I looked through a window to see four children playing in a sort of playroom.
There were the kids of some of the other adults at the party. I was astonished to see that they were playing a
game of tie ups - something that I thought was only in the imagination of the perverted readers of this forum!

The oldest girl (daughter of a good friend of mine) about 13 and very tall for her age, was busily tying the others
up with rope and gagging them with small rubber squash (a game like badminton) balls threaded on dog and cats collars.
By the way they were doing it it was obvious the older girl had been browsing some of the sites that depice such scenes
as her father had boasted that she was very adept on the Internet.

None of the other adults seemed to take any notice of the kids activities which all seemed very consential. I made
sure I was facing the window for the next hour and got a full view of their unusual activities which seemed to be
some sort of escapoly contest.

Later it got a bit cool so we all went inside the playroom where they were still at it! One eight year old was very
tightly hogtied on a bean bag and the older girl who was dressed only in very short white shorts and a white trainer
bra was sitting with her hands tied behind a metal pole in the centre of the room with the other two little girls all
taking it in turns to tie her up more throughly each time she got herself loose until one of them hit on the idea of
tying separate loops of eighth inch sashcord around each wrist and loops tying more loops the wrists horizontally
and vertically. This finally held her securely then they put one of the ball gags in her mouth and set to work on
her shapely bare legs which were soon bound at eight places from her thighs to her ankles. her father ignored his daughters plight until it was time for us to leave just at sunset.

Ive never experienced anything like that before and I will be surprised if I ever do again! I decided to invite the
parents of the other kids and the father of the older girl to a party at my place but was a little taken aback when
her said he would have to bring along his daughter as he had separated from his wife and tdidnt like leaving her
alone in his home!


North Pole

Monday April 2nd 2001 08:52:47
KTUAT Gone Again?
I went to the link Immortal gave (, but
it says that the URL is no longer in use. Is KTUAT gone
again? Or is there another URL?


[email protected]

Monday April 2nd 2001 01:04:44
annoying little sister
this one time when i was at my friend joe's house (all names have been changed) whaching tv his little sister
susan came down the stairs with her friend. " whatchya doin roger" she asked. "nothing, now go away and leave us
alone. " then she and her friend started skipping around the den singing there little annoying 9 year old sister
songs. " cut it out susan or i'm gunna get really mad " "what are you going to do about it " then they started to get really annoying. " if you dont stop we're going to tie you both up and throw you outside " "your going to have to catch me first" and with that they took off up the stairs. l " get her " we ran up after them and caught them about halfway. Then we brought them into the basmeant and pined them down on the couch. " let me go " "no your going to learn your lesson not to bother me when i have a friend over " i held them down and roger went into the garage and came out with a roll of duct tape and some rope. He wrapped the duct tape arpund there wrists then around there ankles. After that he took the rope and started to hog tie them. When he was done he shoved two socks in there mouths and wrapped the tape around there mouth about 4 times gaging them. " there now we're going to throw them out side" It was mid december and snowing lightly out. We each picked one up opend the door and placed them down on the deck. "MMMMMppphhh" "nope you are going to learn your lesson.With that he told me to stay there and whach them as he went inside to get somthing. He came back out with a few blankets and covered them up with them. "there now you cant bother us, we'll come and get you in an hour." With that we went back inside to whach tv. We had lost rack of time. It had been about 4 hours since we had put them out side. " wait a minute...did we forget to untie your sister and her friend." "uh ooh" we ran outside
and saw the two blankets on the ground shkaing with cold. We picked them up and brought them back inside. When we
untied them they didn't even get very mad. They just turned and ran up the stairs.

Monday April 2nd 2001 04:07:56
Ransom 3
ok, so now there were 3 captives. Valery's, which were me and kristen (who was on val's team), and Danielle's, who
was lauryn. danielle and valery argued about who would get who. danielle said she would hand over lauryn once i was
handed over, but val was afraid that danielle would take me and not give lauryn back. this got into a huge fight until
it ended with danielle taking lauryn into her room and valery keeping me and kristen tied up in hers. now, it was
about 10:30 pm, and my parents were in Rhode Island for a funeral, and they'd be up there for a week, so i wasn't
going anywhere as valery said she was going to have a nap. "i'm not gonna lose you while i'm sleeping," she said.
she took some cuffs and cuffed her wrist to mine. so, i laid next to her, still bound and gagged. i couldn't sleep
(go figure). at about 10:45, i started to drift off when i opened my eyes to see danielle in the room. "shhhh," she
whispered. she grabbed the key and uncuffed my wrist. val was a very heavy sleeper, so it wasn't a surprise that she
didn't wake up. danielle then took a strip of tape and softly on her lips and cuffed the other handcuff to her
other wrist, securing her. danielle untied my legs and carefully led me to her room (remember, valery put leather
boots on me). then she sat me on her bed and took off the boots. i was untied and ungagged, then she kissed me in
celebration. to be continued

Monday April 2nd 2001 04:40:39
And So It Begins
Okay, this is my first story here, so um.. if it looks a little sloppy, my apologies. I'm 14 years old, about 5'4"
and 90 - 110 pounds, and I have been interested in bondage for a long time. (Since 6, and back then I didn't
know it was called that) So, anyway on with da story! :)

Since finding this site, I have tried to make every effort to at least get tied up once or tie someone up. The chance
happened at my friend's house today. I was going over to play Video Games and I was going prepared. (I.O.W. I put
string in my pocket.) "Matt" is 13, and his brother, "Chris" is 10.

I went on my bike and rode to his house. I went in the house and went up to Matt's room. (I was wearing black
jeans, a white T-shirt and was barefoot.) "Matt"s little brother was home, and we were all hanging in his room.
While Matt and I were surfing through the Internet, the little brother started spraying cologne/perfume on us.
(Don't ask, this kid has PROBLEMS ^_^) I took out the string, and threatened to tie him up if he didn't stop.

He grabbed my hand and took me into his room. He then grabbed the string out of my hands, and then went about
playing with it. I figured that this was my best chance, so I said "Hey Chris, I bet if you tied me up, I could
escape." "Bet you can't!" he claimed, and proceeded to tie my wrists behind my back. I was bursting with joy,
seeing that this was the first time I was being tied up.

He wrapped the string around my hands about 5 times, and then tied the string around the middle until he was out of
string. It took me about 1 minute, but I was able pick the knots and free myself. I smiled at him, and he told me he
knew how to tie me so I couldn't escape. He told me to lie on my stomach, and then tied my feet, brought them up to my
hands, and tied my hands as tight as he could. I was being hog - tied! I couldn't believe the luck! (lol? maybe that
is bad luck but eh. .)

Chris then said "Ha! Get out of that!" I started struggling and was only able to loosen the knots a little. Then he
started prancing around the room. "You're all tied up Ha - Ha!" It took me about five minutes, and I finally got my
feet free. Then, by hurting my wrists a little, I was able to "push" the string off my wrists, freeing myself. Chris
then had to leave for a friends house, but happily exclaimed, "There is always next time." I grinned slightly to myself, and went into the other room to play video games with Matt. :)

The End. Hope ya enjoyed it, because I know this isn't the
last time I'm posting. :)

[email protected]

Monday April 2nd 2001 08:19:52
Tied up by kids
My husband happened on this site and wanted me to relay a story that happened to me about 18 months ago. I'm sure
this is mild, but he wanted me to post it. Good friends of ours since college were called off to a family medical
emergency, and asked if we could watch their 10 and 12 year old sons for the evening. My husband had worked late that
evening, and the boys and I ordered pizza.

After a couple of hours, the boys suggested that we play cowboys and indians. I agreed, but raised an objection
when we they wanted to tie me at the stake. After some convining, they insisted I wouldn't be tied too tightly.
They proceeded to tie my ankles and arms behinds my back with some fairly soft rope we had in the basement. As I
stood in the family room, they marched around me and said "white woman must lie down." It sounded harmless, so
I laid down stomach first on the floor. They continued to march around me, "whooping" it up, and then the older one
proceeded to sit down my backside. I was startled, and asked why. They proceeded to inform that "white woman
must endure punishment of tickling." I have always been super ticklish, and quite frankly, can't stand it. I trie
to roll over, but my left side was against the coffee table. The ten year sat down at my feet, took off my shoes, and began running his fingers up and down the bottom of my stocking feet. I thought I was going to go through the roof! The older one held the backs of my legs down while the younger one literally played "kitchy kitchy koo"(is that a word?) At any rate, it was pure torture. I screamed with laughter for about two or three minutes until they finally let me up!


Monday April 2nd 2001 09:33:36
"Fit To Be Tied"
During the early summer of 1978, when I was thirteen years old, my cousins came up to my house for a two week visit. They brought along Karen (14), a neighbor of theirs who also became a very good friend of mine over the years. On Thursday of the first week of their stay, we had all learned the good news that Becca and her brother Jim would be spending the weekend with us, starting tomorrow. It was something that had been in the planning stages for a while, but now, everything was a go. We kids were excited that Becca and Jim would be joining us by the lake, because then it would seem truly like a reunion of the Usual Suspects. The only person who was less than enthusiastic was my father--who, for the last week, had been muttering about how he felt like a summer camp counselor.

When my father left for work that morning, my youngest cousin George (age 8) and I saw him off. Just before he left, my Dad turned to me and said, "If you ever want a little brother, then you'd better kidnap George, because that's the only way you're going to get one."

Now, my father never knew about our tie up games. And when he said that, George and I both laughed and took it for the joke that it was. But after my father left for work, I stared at George in a new light. I was barefoot and shirtless, clad only in a pair of cut off shorts. And George, who had this weird habit of trying to dress exactly like I did, was also barefoot and shirtless, clad only in a pair of cut-off shorts (I was amazed to see that he had even packed a pair of cut-offs).

George had stared out the window, lost in thought, until he noticed me staring at him. An alarm must have went off in his head, because George started to slowly and warily back away from me. I reached out and grabbed him by the nape of his neck. Then I leaned forward and said, "Well, my father did say I should kidnap you...."

George let out this hysterically funny little squeal as he tried to get away, but I caught him in a bear hug from behind and hand-gagged his mouth. "Shhhhh!" I went in his ear. "Shhhhh!"

I glanced up and saw that we were being watched. George's sister Shirley (12) stood in a doorway, enjoying every moment of her little brother's "abduction". She wore a light, summer dress and was barefoot.

"Don't try anything funny," I told her, "or the little guy gets it!"

Shirley happily put her hands up in surrender.

I put my hand on the back of George's neck, then grabbed Shirley's arm with my other hand and led them to my room, where I got my bondage bag. Then I took them both to the deepest, darkest area of my home that I could think of: the basement. My house was situated on a slight hill overlooking the lake, so we never had to worry about our basement getting flooded (in fact, many years later, when the lake overflowed its banks, half of our back yard was submerged, but our house--and the basement--still stayed dry).

I tied George's wrists together behind his back, then I tied Shirley's wrists in the same fashion. I gagged their mouths with strips of duct tape. Both little brother and big sister huddled together with their hands tied behind their backs, and stared at me over their gags with wide eyes. Little did they know that I was just getting started.

Our basement had these thin support beams that held up the house above our heads. I made Shirley and George sit down on the opposite sides of one of these beams, then I tied them to the beam by wrapping a rope around their torsos. I made sure that the rope wasn't too tight--I didn't want them to be uncomfortable, I just wanted them to be held in place. I bound George's ankles together with rope, then I went around and tied Shirley's ankles, as well.

I stood over my captives and gave them a satisfied smile. I imagined that I was holding them for ransom. But I was missing their oldest sister Donna (14) and her friend--as well as mine--Karen (also 14). I grabbed my bondage bag and went hunting.

I found Donna and Karen outside. It turned out that after they helped my mother clean up after breakfast, they went looking for Shirley, George and me. Donna was clad in shorts with a tank top while Karen wore jeans and a t-shirt. Both girls were barefoot. I strode up to them and asked, "Looking for Shirley and George?"

Donna and Karen stared at the bondage bag in my hand, then gave me a wary look, as if to say, "What are you up to?"

"Come with me, and I'll show you where Shirley and George are," I said.

They exchanged a knowing look. Then Karen shrugged as she put her arms up in surrender. Donna did the same. I escorted my new victims back into the house and led them to the basement.

Once there, I got the shock of my life.

Shirley and George were gone! All that was left of them were strips of rope that lay on the floor like dead snakes. The tape that I used to gag them also lay on the floor. To say that I was amazed would be putting it mildly. I was stunned!

But a further shock was waiting for me once I descended the stairs and placed a bare foot on the cool concrete floor. Shirley and George came out from under the steps and held a pair of plastic pistols in my face. "WE GOT YOU, WE GOT YOU!" they both screamed with joy.

At no point in my game as captor did I actually use a toy pistol. So, technically, I was unarmed and could be taken captive by these little creeps.

Remember how I was so careful in not tying too tight the rope that bound George and Shirley to the beam? Well, I guess I was too careful for my own good, because that rope was just loose enough for George to writhe around the beam until he was able to reach his sister's hands and untie them.

Shirley and George's screaming caught the attention of my mother, who came downstairs and shooed us out of the basement. She gave the classic mother's speech about how it was too nice a day outside for us kids to be in the basement all day.

And so Shirley and George's retribution against me had to wait until we could figure out where it would take place. The answer arrived in the form of my neighbor Mona (12). She had become good friends with Shirley when they first met last year. She came over to my house to see if Shirley wanted to do anything. When Shirley replied that she'd love to, but she had to get back at me for tying her up, Mona suggested we go over to her house.

And so Doug the hostage was escorted up the street to Mona's abode, which she shared with her older sister Marie and little brother Tyler. Marie and Tyler weren't home at the moment, and Mona's parents were out working, so this made their house perfect to keep me captive.

Karen delayed going with us because she wanted to go back inside my house and change out of her jeans. She said she would meet us up at Mona's.

Once we arrived at Mona's, I was taken to--of all places--the living room. I was made to lie right down in the center of the room on the carpeted floor. George and Shirley got busy binding me, while Mona got busy with her mouth. She ran on like a chatterbox while my wrists were bound together behind my back by Shirley, who casually chatted with Mona all the time. George busied himself by tying my legs together at the ankles and knees. Donna leaned against the side of a recliner and watched this with great bemusement. I was gagged with duct tape by Shirley, who then proceeded to step over me and stroll out the room with Mona. They never paused their conversation once.

George knelt next to me and rechecked my knots--until he was called over by Donna, who spoke to him in whispered, conspiratorial tones.

I watched them as I lay face down on the carpeted floor. George had collected the roll of tape and leftover rope and placed it back into my bondage bag. Then he ran over to Donna, and they both slid down in the corner, right behind the recliner. They were hiding. But from what? I certainly wasn't in any condition to bother them.

After a good ten minutes of steady silence, broken only by my cousins' whispered giggling, I heard the creak of the floorboards. I glanced up and saw Karen.

She stood in the living room doorway, staring at me with wide eyes. Barefoot, she traded her t-shirt and jeans for a tank top and shorts. From the way she cautiously entered the living room, and the overly frightened manner and which she glanced around, I could tell that Karen had used this situation to act out another of her Nancy Drew fantasies. I really didn't mind. Because what was about to happen next made it all worth it:

Just as Karen knelt down before me (with her back turned to the recliner) Donna and George sprung out from behind the recliner and tackled Karen...right on top of me. There was much laughter (which I also joined in, despite the gag on my mouth) as Donna pulled Karen off of me and sat her up on the floor.

"I knew you were gonna do this," Donna said, as she waved a finger at Karen. "I just knew it! So, you wanna join him?"

"Do I have a choice?" Karen asked, as she glanced up at Donna and George.

My cousins exchanged a glance, then Donna said, "No."

Karen was bound and gagged right on the floor next to me. Her wrists were tied behind her back, and her legs bound together at the ankles and knees. Donna gagged her with the duct tape.

"Have fun!" Donna said, as she and George left Karen and me on the living room floor.

The living room, with its rich, exquisite decors, that only added to this situation. In my warped little mind, I figured that Karen and I were a pair of junior detectives who were prowling around the bad guy's lair until we got captured. We were left bound and gagged, still clad in our casual summer clothes, in the villain's parlor.

If Karen was savoring the moment, she didn't show it. Instead she wiggled and writhed her way over to me (a sight which I'm always pleased to see) until we lay within reach of each other's bound hands. I craned my head over my bare shoulder as I delicately tugged at the knot which bound Karen's wrists together. After a few good tugs, the knot came undone, and Karen sat up and removed her gag.

I lay there, waiting patiently, while Karen bent over and untied her legs. Finally, when she was completely free, Karen came over and knelt down before me. I lay my head against the floor and waited for her to untie my wrist...and I waited...and waited...and waited.....

When nothing happened, I glanced up and saw Karen looming over me with her hands dangling over my bare torso. She had this insane look on her face as she said, "Ticki Wicki Woo!"

Nancy Drew goes psycho! Film at eleven!

I tried to curl myself up into a ball in a feeble effort to protect myself. But all it took was Karen tickling my sides and I was a mass of wiggling Jell-O. It was...awful, just awful. (Well, all right, it wasn't that bad). At the end, when I was nothing more than a quivering wreck with tears (of laughter) streaming down my cheeks, Karen finally untied me.

"Well, that was fun," Karen said with satisfaction.

After I had untied my legs, I got to my feet and said, "Not as much fun as this is gonna be!"

Karen let out a shriek as I chased her throughout the entire house. We wound up doing a high speed tour of the entire ground floor of my neighbor's home. Marie and Tyler came home, bogged down with groceries, just as Karen and I came charging into the kitchen. Karen stopped on a dime and quickly volunteered to help with the groceries. She stayed close to Marie--all the while watching me carefully out of the corner of her eye. It was just as well, because by this time, the both of us were drenched in sweat.

Later, Tyler kept bugging me to play a tie up game with him right then and there, but I was too tired. After we helped with the groceries, all of us hung out in the back yard. Tyler bemoaned the fact that he just missed a tie up game, and probably would never ever play another one again.

Oh, little did Tyler realize just how wrong he was!

Next time, fun with Becca & Jim.

As always, thanks for reading.

Doug R
[email protected]

Monday April 2nd 2001 09:45:34
To PhoeniX
That was a charming story. Reminds me of one of my first TUG's (TieUpGames). Several of the children who were my
TUG-buddies (when I was a kid) got started that way. I hope you have other memories to share. Happy writing!

Tuesday April 3rd 2001 07:54:28
Summer Vacation (strict bondage)
After reading the other personal adventures in bondage on these pages I wanted to tell my experience in bondage. It
took place in the summer of 82 when I was 14. I spent 2 weeks of my summer vacation with my cousin at her summer
country place in eastern Ontario. We were only 3 months apart in age so we got along really well together. We were the only girls in the small group of kids 13 15 or so who stayed at this small country vacation spot around a small lake. We ignored the kids younger than us and the few older than us tended to ignore us. There were about 5 or 6 boys, so
together we were a group of around 8.

The game the boys loved to play was "Capture" which was pretty simple: the boys captured the girls and tied them up.
My cousin and I didnt really like the game itself but we loved the attention we got. We played this game almost every
afternoon during my stay. I usually got caught first and was tied up and left while they went after my cousin. But I
developed this ability of escaping every time. It never seemed to occur to them to leave someone back to watch me.
They started out by tying my hands in front and my legs together so I could not run away, but I would just use my
teeth to untie the knots. Then they figured that I was using my teeth so they gagged me, but it wasnt hard to reach the
knot for the gag and then chewed my way through the knots again.

The not-too-bright boys tried a different scheme each day. I was almost always tied up in the loft of my cousins shed so that I would not be noticed by anyone while they hunted down my cousin. The loft was a low second floor on her shed
accessible only by a ladder through the floor or through a door in the end wall it looked a lot like a miniature
hayloft. After they tied me up they headed off after my cousin and once they caught her they usually took her into
the woods and tied her to a tree and played out there for most of the afternoon. Sometimes I thought they tied me up in
the loft just to get rid of me, so they could have fun with my cousin without me to bother them. Sometimes I was able to
find them and secretly watch them. I was amazed at some of the ways my cousin let them tie her up, but that will have to wait for another time.

Anyway the boys kept trying different ties to hold me, but I always escaped. They always came back to the shed at the end of the afternoon expecting to find me but every day I was gone. It didnt occur to me until the last day that they were really leaving me 3 to 4 hours alone and tied up. It didnt click with me because I never spent more than 20 or 30
minutes tied up before I escaped. Once they tried tying my hands to the rafters above my head but I was able to reach a box and stand on that to untie myself. I got nicknamed Houdini. Then one day they came up with the idea of tying my
hands behind my back, but, being so flexible I managed to squirm my bound wrists under my feet to get them in front and chew the knots again.

This became my own personal game and I loved it. Frustrating boys and showing them up on a daily basis was great fun. The boys were pretty good about it but after a while it began to hit on their pride and each day it got harder and harder to release myself. On the second-to-last day that I was there they got the smart idea to tie my arms together at the elbows behind my back. I think that was the first time they realized how flexible I was because with little effort they got my elbows to touch. Five years of gymnastics makes you pretty flexible! Tying my wrists and ankles finished the job and they were sure they had me this time. To be honest, they really did, but I managed to open the door in the end wall of the loft and jump to the ground. From there I hopped away around the back of a nearby cottage and, by chance, found my cousin hiding there. She untied me and together we vowed to keep it a secret from the boys. My reputation as Houdini survived and the boys were further frustrated by their inability to hold me.

The last day I was there, the boys as usual caught me first and took me to the loft. This time they knew this was my last
day there and they were determined to hold me this time. With me caught in the middle of their circle they discussed my plight. One of the 15 year olds twisted one of my arms up my back and discovered that I could actually touch the back of my neck that way and from that suggested that they tie my wrists together between my shoulder blades. I quickly realized this was going to be very strict bondage and took a moment to stretch my arms a bit before they started. Well they bound my wrists, palms facing out, and then proceeded to wrap the rope tightly around my arms down to my elbows. By the time they had finished this part my arms were encased in rope from wrists to elbows with my fingers close to my neck and my elbows tight together. Then they wrapped rope tightly around my chest pinning my immobilized arms to my back and squishing my breasts at the same time. The tightly wound ropes were pinching little bits of my breasts and I asked them to be a little more gentler because they were hurting me, but they made some snide comment about finally beating Houdini. Soon after that I was gagged which put an end to any pleas.

They proceeded to tie my legs at the ankles and knees tighter than they ever had before and then sat around wondering what they could do next. Apparently there was perhaps 8 feet of rope left after knotting the rope around my chest and they came up with the brilliant idea of tying it around my ankles.

Well they started to pull that rope tight and my legs bent up behind me and my back started to arch. Remember I was a very flexible gymnast and before they were finished my feet were almost touching the back of my head and I was in the
strictest hog tie you could imagine. The only thing I could do at this point was move my head around a bit and they moved to stop that too. Somehow they managed to tie a rope or string into my long ponytail and used it to pull my head
back. They tied that cord to the ropes around my ankles or knees and pulled on it until my head touched the soles of my

I was trussed up tighter than I had ever imagined was possible. As they were leaving I mumbled into my gag and
wiggled my toes, the only part of my body that I could move, in a desperate attempt to plea for release, but all they
noticed was that my toes were loose and proceeded to tie my big toes together! My feet were so close to my head that they weaved the cord through my hair and essentially tied my toes to my head! They left me there unable to move at all. I was left lying on my side unable to move anything. There was no way for me to make any noise either to try to get help.

My only hope was if my cousin got a chance to get into the shed before she was captured, but that hope was quickly shattered when I heard a little scream from her as she was caught. She told me after that she had stayed close by because she was worried about what they might do to me on that last day. She had stayed too close and was quickly caught.

Once during the afternoon my cousins father came into the shed looking for a tool or something, but he didnt hear my
muffled screams. It sounded like he might have been wearing a Walkman or something.

Finally at about 4:30 the gang came back to see if I had escaped. Of course I hadnt moved an inch during the three
hours that I had been bound. I was numb all over from the incredibly strict bondage and all the boys could do was yell
out in victory, they had finally trapped Houdini! They called my cousin up into the loft to show off their trophy. She was the one who first noticed the dried tears on my face and realized I was in such pain. She went berserk screaming about
how stupid they were to have done this. The first thing she did was remove the gag. I had no energy to scream. I could
only tell her that I couldnt feel my hands (the way I was tied she couldnt even see my hands!), my legs were numb, my
big toes were throbbing, my neck was stiff, my hair hurt and I desperately wanted release.

She kicked all the guys out calling them idiots and thugs and spared no time in releasing me choosing to use her penknife
to cut the ropes instead of untie them. She first cut the rope that tied my ankles to my back but that put all the
tension on the cord tied into my hair and on my toes tied to my hair. I screamed as it felt like my hair was being pulled
out and there was still no relief for any part of my body. My cousin jumped back at the scream and banged her head on the roof of the loft. I told her that she had to cut my toes free first then my hair and release my legs slowly because the muscles would be so stiff. Gymnastics had taught me a few things about muscles. When my legs were finally freed from the hog tie she slowly unfolded me to groans from me.

She had to untie the knots on most of the other ropes because she was afraid to cut me along with the ropes so I had to
patiently wait for her to untie the rope binding my chest before she could start work on my arms. It took another 15 or
20 minutes before I was completely freed and another half-hour to massage feeling back into my extremities. We debated about blowing the whistle on the boys for what they had done, but I was leaving the next morning and figured it would only make things difficult for my cousin. Besides the summer would be over in a few more days anyway. That was the last year my cousin went up there too since she landed a summer baby-sitting job the next year.

Carol Jean

Tuesday April 3rd 2001 02:55:13
Thanks Nath. I hope I will make memories. (I'm still 14. Lol)

Nice story as always Doug. :)

[email protected]

Tuesday April 3rd 2001 03:41:57
Thanks, PhoeniX. I enjoy reading your stuff, too. Keep it coming.
Doug R
[email protected]

Tuesday April 3rd 2001 05:49:30
Andy from England, please finish your story about tying your cousin in the big house and having plans for her. I am
anxiously awaiting the conclusion!!!

Wednesday April 4th 2001 02:09:49
Hey all! Do you have a story about tying a girl in a bikini or one piece bathing suit. Then go to the link below and
post it! All stories welcomed. Plus there are no censors.

See ya there!


Wednesday April 4th 2001 06:17:59
I had a problem with my computer and have lost alot of my bondage websites. Could somebody help me out and give me
some website addresses? I am looking for one called babysitters tied up, but give me as many as you can.

PS: My dreambook needs help cna somebody post some stories on it?

[email protected]

Thursday April 5th 2001 12:25:04
Tied up by Kids
I really enjoyed to recent post of the lady getting tied up
by the kids she was babysitting and them tickling her feet!!
I got to do this to my own mother once and it was a very
enjoyable and memorable experience!! I was about 9 or 10 at
the time it is just a fresh in my memory as if it were
Tom R.
[email protected]

Friday April 6th 2001 07:03:16
Tying Babysitter
As long as I can remember, my brother and I have been into
tying and gagging girls. Our experience was with our
babysitter. Her name was Teresa. She was very hot with an
awesome tan body. We were pretty young and didn't know much
about ties and gags. When she came over one night we asked
if we could tie her up. We had to have our sister tie her
up because we didn't know how. We tied to a chair with
shoestrings, but she got out the first time. THen we tied
her tighter. After we made sure our captive was secure, we
went to find a gag. We found an old red bandana to silence
her. We went back into the room making sure the gag was out
of sight. She got suspicious and said, " What ever you do
don't gag me." This made it even more fun. I went up behind
her and tied the gag over her mouth as tihgt as I could
(back then I thought over the mouth gags were the best.)
Her eyes widened in suprise when I gagged her and she
mmmmph'd and struggled. After a few minutes she managed to
shake the gag off. We kept her tied till our parents got
home, but we never attemted to gag her again. Although this
gag was short timed, we thought it was awesome. We later
found some tape and planned to tie and gag her again but it
never happened.

[email protected]

Sunday April 8th 2001 04:46:38
our first time with our babysitter 2
Ok, where we left off my sister and i had tara bound with packing and duct tape and were dragging her into the hall to put her on the wheelchair lift that ran from the attic to the basement.

Tara was struggling like crazy but she was taped so tightly that it was useless. We got her onto the lift and my sister pushed the "GROUND" button. Tara looked at us in surprise as the lift moved down. We got off at the ground floor and took Tara into the living room. We left her struggling for a moment as we went to get a chair from the kitchen. When we came back we looked at Tara. My sister pointed at the chair.

"Now Tara, we are going to put you into this chair, don't make it difficult for us by struggling, got me?" Tara nodded her head and my sis and i heaved Tara into the chair.

We left her arms taped behind her back and looped the tape around her torso and the back of the chair. However, my sister cut through the tape that bound Tara's legs together and taped them to the legs of the chair. Tara shook her head.

"I think she wants to say something," i said to my sister.

Tara nodded and my sister walked behind Tara and unwound the gag.

"UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW!" screamed Tara.

My sister clamped her hand over Tara's mouth.

"Don't shout at us," laughed my sister.

Tara nodded. My sis took her hand from over Tara's mouth. "What are you 2 doing?" she asked.

"You're too boring, we wanted to make tonight more exciting," said my sister.

"By surprising me and tying me to a chair?" said Tara.

"Yup, we were watching Small Soldiers and we saw it in that so we decided that it would be funny to do that bit from the film to you!" laughed my sister.

"Well untie me now, you've had you're fun," said Tara as she struggled, her leather trousers creaked as she shook.

"Not now, we have plans," said my sis.

"So what do you want to do with me then?" asked Tara in her best damsel in distress voice.

"Well for a start we're going to take a few pictures of you," said my sister.

"You're joking," said Tara. "Nope, Andy, get the camcorder and the polaroid," said my sister.

"This is a joke right? Untie me now, jokes over," Tara struggled and tried to arch her back.

My sister stood up and pulled out a length of tape.

"No, don't even think about it!" said Tara.

Too Late. My sister placed a length of tape over Tara's mouth and smoothed it out. Tara squirmed. I left to get the camera's and came back a moment later. Tara was STILL trying to get free. I looked at my sister. She looked at Tara, Tara looked around the room wildly.




Monday April 9th 2001 02:07:47
Loved the story canhardly wait for more!

Monday April 9th 2001 07:36:42
does anyone know, where ktuat`s Homepage is?

CU, sel.

[email protected]

Monday April 9th 2001 09:23:16
I guess kids still play TUGs (Tied-Up-Games) after all! I was driving in a nearby town on some errands and stopped in
a little parking lot. The weather was quite warm. There were houses across the street.

Suddenly, a boy in shorts and sneakers came running around the house, age about eight or nine. He was being pursued by 2 girls, one about his age and the other maybe ten or eleven. The boy's hands were tied behind him and his arms were tied to his torso with ropes around his chest. He was laughing. He was also outrunning the girls and, as he ran around the other side of the house, I could see he was pulling at the ropes on his hands, trying to get free.

I waited a few more minutes and he came around the house again, the ropes on his chest falling off, and when he got to the front yard, he pulled his hands loose and turned and started chasing the girls, who were squeeling and laughing. They went back behind the house again as I was reminded of my own adventures throughout childhood.

I waited around awhile but they did not return. I guess they finished their game in the back yard or in the house, if they finished at all.


Monday April 9th 2001 11:41:11
The KTUAT site is now completely gone. The Immortal's
e-mail address listed there doesn't work. So, if the
Immortal reads this site the query is what is happening?

Wednesday April 11th 2001 12:13:54
My wool sock bondage experience, complete with Mollie
Two summers ago was a rather interesting summer for me. I was preparing myself for a month long trip to Paris,
France, to study French and International Law, and this was the summer I was introduced to Mollie, the cousin of a good
friend of mine. We readily befriended each other, and spent a great deal of time together over the course of those fateful summer months. Nothing romantic conspired, just a good friendship, and one memorable bondage experience for me.

Mollie and I were hanging out together at her house one unbearably hot june afternoon, just watching television and such. We eventually made our way down to the cooler basement, I believe to shoot a few games of pool. Before we went down the stairs, we decided that a wager on our makeshift pool tournament would be necessary to "spice up the game." The decision was made that the loser of the match would be subjected to whatever the other pleased (within certain boundaries) for a set duration of time, which I believe was 5 hours. This sounded more than reasonable to both of us. Right about now, I set out to shoot the most reprehensible pool I have in my entire life. And I wasn't doing it on purpose.

Seriously. After a quick half hour, it was readily apparent that I was the vanquished, and she the victor. I figured I had some overtly unpleasant experience looming in my near future; I was gravely, gravely mistaken.

"Well, I do believe that you are subjected to my will for the next five hours, are you not?" spouted Mollie rather self-assuredly.

"Yeah, it looks like I am. What do you have planned for me?"

"I think, probably, I'll want a good deal of peace and quiet, to, you know, reflect on my superior billiards ability."

"Fine, whatever. What now?"

Well, "now," meant that we were going to head to her bedroom, although not before she had gathered an enormous armload of cotton rope, and a laundry basket full of clothes.

As we trooped up into her bedroom, I was informed that the laundry basket was almost entirely full of Mollie's dirty wool socks, as she had just returned the day before from a week long hiking trip up North. Oh goody, I thought at the time. We finally entered Mollie's bedroom, and I noticed that a few drawers had been opened and emptied, and that their contents were all spread on the floor in several neatly arranged piles. Strangely enough *wink wink* these too, were piles of this girl's socks. I was curious what sort of sock fetish this girl had, until I rememberd, "Oh yeah, I have a sock fetish too." Hehehe.
That was a good realization.
Mollie somewhat roughly, somewhat gently pushed me face first onto her bed, and I figured that resistance would be futile (sic). She seemed very intent to let me know the whole time exactly what she was doing.

"Well, Tyler, first I'm putting a pair of green argyle socks over your hands, and then I'm covering those socks with a very thick pair of grey hiking socks. I don't want you trying to untie your bound hands, now do I?"

I just kind of mumbled, attempting to disguise my rising pleasure at the situation. Soon after the socks were placed on my hands, I felt the first of several coils of cotton rope encircling my wrists, then being cinched over the loops. So now, I have her argyle socks and her wool socks pulled over my hands, which are tied up quite tightly, and rather escape proof. After determining that any attempts at struggling or maneuvering my tied and socked hands would be total failure, I sat, well, laid back, as she next began to tie my ankles in the same manner as my hands. Very tightly, and totally without possibility of escape. I thought, at this moment, that I might just be forced to be bound on this girl's bed for the next few hours. Oh no. And she began to speak to me again:

"Well, Tyler, now that I've got you all tied up, and thick socks on your hands so you won't be able to untie yourself, what do you have to say about a gag? I have all these wonderful socks here, and I would hate for any of them to go to waste. What do you think about a nice, tight, wool sock gag? Hmm?"

Attempting to fain either disinterest or negative surprise, I responded:

"What?!? Don't even begin to think that you are for one second going to gag me with those socks. You've been
wearing themmmmmppphhhhh...."

And with that, Mollie thrust a knotted pair of dark blue wool socks into my complaining mouth. Now, if you have ever tried to speak while you are gagged with a giant ball of some girl's wool socks, let me tell you, it ain't easy. It just ain't
possible. I managed what I thought was a decent sized scream, but it came out a little quiter than normal conversation volume.

"Wow," Mollie enquired, "I had no idea how good of a gag those dirty wool socks would make. Maybe I'll give you another one."

So this girl now decides to take what I only guessed was a soccer sock, blue to match the first wool sock gag, from behind her back and then wraps my already sock gagged mouth with this new, used sock. By now I am totally immobile, and she definitely noticed this. And for some reason, it appeared to intrigue her. Without saying another word, she fumbled around on the floor and came up with a few more pairs of her dirty wool socks. She slid her feet into a very thick looking pair of brownish grey wool socks, and then grabbed one of the remaining coils of rope. Mollie proceeded to tightly bind her wool socked ankles together, and then cinch the loops, ensuring her immobility. The second to last pair of wool socks she grabbed, she proceeded to tie another knot in, apparently fashioning another wool sock gag, this one
for herself. She grabbed the large knot of wool sock, this pair happened to be dark green, and tried to bite down as
much as is humanly possible on a wool sock knot comparable to the one that was gagging me at the time. Now, with her
socked ankles tied tightly and well gagged with her wool socks, she grabbed the partner to the blue soccer sock
encircling my gagged face. With surprising agility and ability, she double sock gagged herself, in the exact fashion that I was gagged. The third and final pair of wool socks she had set out for use she slipped onto her hands. This pair of socks was dark brown, darker than the pair she had on her bound feet. After her hands got inside the wool socks, I watched as she expertly took a pair of Smith and Wesson police issue handcuffs, and tightly cuffed her socked hands behind her back.

There we lay, on her bed, for the next 4 and a half hours or so. Both with our hands in her wool socks, tightly tied hand and foot, and VERY securely sock gagged, each with a pair of her wool socks shoved deep in our mouths, and a blue soccer sock protecting against any effort to thrust the wool socks out of our gagged mouths. We eventually were released when her mtoher got home. Apparently, we had both fallen asleep tied up and socke gagged, and boy was her mother angry. Qutie angry, you could say. Nothing of any romantic note happened, we just both enjoyed a good afternoon being tied up and gagged, with many, many pairs of dirty wool socks.

[email protected]

Wednesday April 11th 2001 06:45:51
Hello. I just had an idea and wanted to know if someone
would help. I was thinking of playing a "cyber TUG"

Let's suppose we were playing a game and I lost. You get to
do what you want (within reasonable bounds) for the whole
night. What would you do to me as your captive?

If you want to play the role of the captor, please e-mail
me. Also, please don't send anything hardcore or
too "adult" because I am not interested in that stuff. Just
fun and games. Also, if anyone is wondering, I am a
straight guy. I am actually very normal in my opinion, but
I have been interested in "TUGs" for a long time.

I hope to hear from someone soon, but I probably can't get
online until the weekend since I'm very busy during the
week. Thank you.

PS Canuck, I hope you don't mind this type of posting.

British Knight
[email protected]

Thursday April 12th 2001 02:04:12
Lucky Lucky People...
I just want to ask...WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE!? LOL, j/k.
What I mean is you people are lucky to have these great
times. I live in a place where not many tie up games take
place. I'm a shy person when it comes to some things, and I
don't see how I'd ever initiate the idea of a tie up game
with a girl. I'm male by the way. Know what I mean? I
realize some of these stories are a bit far fetched and
some of these are straight up true. Just want to
congratulate everyone here who actually has a storie to
tell. I wish I did, haha. I've always loved it since I was
young and have actualy only initiated like one game in my
entire life, but I was in 4th grade. I'm in highschool, and
girls have developed. all the guys here know what I'm
talking about I'm sure. Well, hope I don't sound like a
freak. I'll from now on be posting under the name "Morte".
So, tell me what the best way to find out if someone is
interested in playing tie up games that won't make me look
like a freak. Thanks people, bye.

Thursday April 12th 2001 09:11:50
When I was 15 I went to my friends house to work on a
project for school. Heather (15) and Dawn (15) were there.
They were both really hot, Heather was Frank's sister so it
wasn't surprising to see her, Dawn was over to do some
homework with Heather. When I came they told me that Frank
was at a football practice and won't be home for another
hour and a half. Heather said I could wait so I didn't have
to go home again. So I sat on the coach and watched ESPN. I
heard some giggling and then Dawn came down. She was wearing
tank top that exposed her belly and short cut off jeans, she
was also wearing shoes. She came down and talked with me,
she was waiting for Heather to come down because she was
already done with her math homework. Somehow I flipped to
Louis and Clark, and I saw Teri Hatcher tied up and gagged.
Dawn was obviously turned on and said that she could get out
of it and any bondage experience. She went on to say that
Teri Hatcher was a wuss if she got tickled once and
immediately confessed to whatever she was supposed to. I
dared that I could tie her up and make her talk. Heather
then came down (wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, she was
barefoot) and dared me that if I could make them both talk
then they would leave us in peace while we did our projects.
Since Heather's parents wouldn't be home for another day I
said okay. I led the girls downstairs where I instructed
Dawn to stand and Heather to lie down in the recliner. They
did and I took some materials from the garage, rope,
bandanas, and tape. I started with Heather and took her
hands and put them behind her back. After she couldn't move
her hands, I preceded to tie her elbows, thighs, leg, and
ankles. Then I tied her in a cleave gag, she started to
moan, so I put a bandana in her mouth and taped it shut. She
lied there stretched out in the recliner looking innocently
at me with her brown eyes. Dawn giggled, but I told her she
was going to have it worst. I tied her arms above her head
around a horizontal pole in the basement. Then I tied her
body, arms, and legs to the vertical pole which ran into the
horizontal pole. I gagged her and then tickled her stomach
briefly. I whispered in their ears a secret message they
would have to tell me before I would untie them. Then I told
them to be prepared to cry out the secret of theirs. I ran
upstairs and grabbed some ice, when I came down and they saw
it, they immediately started screaming. I grabbed some ice
cubes and ran it over her feet, and inbetween her toes, she
moaned sexily. Then I took some ice and ran it over her
breasts where I let it stay between her breasts. As a final
touch I put two ice cubes on her stomach, I had tied her so
tight that she couldn't wiggly it off. I went to Dawn and
ran some ice over her body and around her neck. I took off
her shoes and took the ice over her feet. She was
practically screaming through her gag. They were both
begging to tell me the secret put I pretended not to hear,
and teased them by rubbing some oil over their white shirts
and over their legs. I sat there and watched them struggle
for another hour. The end

P.S. Frank forgot all about me and went to another friends
house until eight.

John Smith
[email protected]

Friday April 13th 2001 03:47:46
Anyone with any stories about guys tied up & foot tickled
Haven't seen one in awhile, thanks

Friday April 13th 2001 08:07:50
FIRST, hey mason,nath,lelia,and all the "regulars" NICE to see "y'all" posting.:) I havent been here for awhile,not being in the "mood",plus really haveing nothing to say:)

And for the NEW people,this is amazeing,because I am an opionates sob :)(a nice one though) ask anybody here:)
OK Mortie,since you are in high scholl asking girls to "play tie up games" is not a real good idea,think about it HOW would you aproach,unless it's your g/f :)

My idea for you,and it DOES work,I did it MANY times when I was in high school:) worke everytime:) heh heh.OK ou need to get a video cam,write a very SHORT "script" the best kind is the "damsels tied to the rail road tracks" Make it short,bad guy gets heroine,ties her to the track,good guy saves her,the end:) OF couse you can add whatever to it youwant that is ust the "blue print"Type or print your script,then let which ever girl you want to tie up read it:) if she is evan a least bit intrested you will find out soon enough,and you dont have to say"can I tie you up." since it will be in the "script" she know she will be tid up if she does your "movie:).

ALSO you can have "pratice runs" and maybe get to tie her up a little before the movie too:) This works MOST of the time,and you dont have to let on you like to tie up girls :) and as a "favor" for lack of a better word here is the name of my "movie" 'DANGERS OF DARLENE'

feel free to use it:)

Girls, lady(s) do the same thing,if you want to be tied or if you want to tie up a guy,just change the roles.
It always worked for me,I did it at least 4 time that I can rember:) HOPE this helps:)

PLEASE let us know what happens,OH one more pice of advice,dont go into ANY detail on how the heroine is tied up(trust me) just say n the script "heroine gets tied and gaged and put on the rail road tracks" then tie her up anyway you like,but be nice and gentele so you dont scare her :) Latter "guys"

[email protected]

Friday April 13th 2001 08:29:54
Ok, thanks for the advice. LOL, I just want some stories to
tell! But yea, I wish their were signs to tell if a girl is
into this kind of stuff. But thanks again, and I'll surely
try out those ideas TW. Well, have to go now. Bye

Friday April 13th 2001 09:42:57
Alvin gets captured
This is a story for which many details (such as the
setting) stand out in my mind, but some are rather
sketchy. As you know, I played lots of TUG's (TiedUpGames)
when I was young, and had two regular groups with whom I
played. My brother, Alvin, 3 years younger than I, liked
to play TUGs but rarely participated as he was more
interested in baseball, basketball, or any other kind of
neighbourhood sport. Here is a story where he got his
rather unexpectedly.

I was I guess about 15 at the time,
and Alvin was 12. There had been a girl in our old
neighbourhood named Annie, whom I had years ago (she being
very young) tied up at her insistance as part of a game.
Annie moved away a few years after that when her parents
got a divorce; her father stayed in the same little 2-story
house just across the street from where we lived. We had
moved to another house not far away.

One afternoon late
in the summer I was walking home from the store with a bag
of purchases when I saw her. I almost didn't recognise
her. Little chubby Annie was now eleven, almost 12, and
had lost every ounce of her baby fat. Her short hair had
grown to a shiny shoulder-length brown, and her long legs
looked very pretty in the little stretchy shorts she was
wearing (purple, I think).

Now Annie had been a
playmate of Alvin's during their early grade school years
and as we talked she asked several times about my brother.
I perceived she still had a bit of a crush on him. Alvin,
as many 12-year-olds are, was a bit shy around girls,
though he would play with our female cousins. I finally
got Annie to admit that she "liked" Alvin and we (or I)
planned a particularly fun ambush for him.

I dropped off
my purchases and rode my bike to her house, where her
father was (as usual) sleeping. Annie's house is built on
unlevel ground, so that if you face the front of the house
the ground slopes from right to left, downward. The side
door on the left side of the house (facing it from the
front) is well above ground level, and there is a long
porch running along the left side of the house with steps
in the front. Walking around the house, under the porch,
is enclosed by strong green-painted wooden lattice, with a
door in the back, the perfect place to store lawn mowers
and other outdoor tools, which were no longer in
abundance. As young children we had occasionally played
there. The floor was made of concrete blocks tightly
fitted together.

I'll skip the long boring conversation
concerning out plans, but "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." was one
of our favourite TV shows (Annie had a thing for Robert
Vaughn's character, Napoleon Solo; Alvin, with his blonde
hair, always wanted to play David McCallum's
character "Ilya Kuryakin", and we used this in our plan. I
knew Alvin would be coming home from a ball game and we got
ready with our toy pistols.

After a seeming eternity (at
least to Annie), sure enough, here came Alvin, carrying a
baseball glove, wearing his long pants and with his shirt
unbuttoned. Annie giggled as we approached. He recognised
her right off but before greetings could be exchanged, we
pulled out our pistols.

"Don't try anything, Ilya
Kuryakin, you're our prisoner. The forces of THRUSH will
get the information from you." Alvin stammered for a
minute, and put up his hands. We marched him around the
corner and under Annie's dad's porch. We took his baseball
glove and put it on a trash-can lid. "Search him", Annie
said. I did. "It's not here." "All right, Ilya, talk --
where is the device and where is Napoleon Solo."

neither Alvin nor I liked being the bad guy when we
played "Man from UNCLE" and Alvin was rather pleased to be
able to play the good guy to our villians. He told us to
go fly a kite. I grabbed some of the prepared ropes
(clothesline) and pulled his hands behind him, crossing and
tying them securely. He looked at me as if to say "hey,
this is only playacting" but said nothing, realizing I was
using real TUG ties. After I got his hands tied, Annie
walked over to him and said "OK, you can't do anything now,
so you better talk, or we'll make you talk." Alvin pulled
his wrists in the bindings, testing them, and said he would
never talk.

Then, to Annie's delight and Alvin's
embarrassment, I pulled his shirt down his shoulders so it
was hanging on his bound wrists behind his back. "Hey," he
said. "Rules...boys get tied with their shirts off," I
reminded him. Annie grabbed his arm and pushed him over to
one of the thick metal poles to which the lattice was
attached, and together we tied his arms to it. Annie had
to go outside and get the ends of the rope as I pushed them
through the lattice-work around the pole. It took us a
good fifteen minutes to get him tied up, but when we were
done, Alvin was standing with his hands tied behind him,
his arms and legs tied to a pole (with knots on the outside
of the lattice work) and his shirt hanging behind him from
his tied hands.

Now Alvin is quite ticklish, so Annie
began to tickle his sides and he began to squirm. I was
glad that we'd used the pole, since the latticework alone
might have broken or pulled loose (we had planned to tie
him standing spread out on the latticework as sort of a
torture-rack). Alvin squirmed and tried to get loose, but
to no avail. Annie went easy on him, though.

Then I
put the second part of my plan, a part I'd not yet shared
with Annie, into effect. "I'm going out to look for
Napoleon Solo," I told her. "You stay here and persuade
Ilya that it is in his best interest to cooperate." She
walked outside for a minute with me and we whispered...I
told her I was going home and she could untie Alvin later.
She just grinned. I told her to untie his hands last, so
that she could move him from place to place if she wanted
to. "As long as his hands are tied behind him, he's your
prisoner," I told her. "You can do anything you want."
She giggled. I winked. Then I rode home to cut the

Alvin came in a couple of hours later, with his
ball glove and fading marks on his wrists. He pretended to
be mad at me for awhile, but I knew he had enjoyed the
adventure. I didn't find out until later that the THRUSH
agent, as it turned out, was really a double agent on the
side of U.N.C.L.E. and eventually released him, and they
both escaped. Well, Annie and Alvin got to see each other
again, anyway.

[email protected]

Friday April 13th 2001 11:52:52
I am still here just haven't been posting in a while. I had
a couple of family deaths including my 96 year old mother.
So I haven't been in the mood to play tie up games with my
grandson, but next time he asks me I will play with him. I
Could always use more advice, and thanks for your interest
[email protected]

Friday April 13th 2001 06:38:46
"Cyber TUG"
Does anyone like the idea of starting a "Cyber TUG" forum?
Canuck's site is excellent, and serves as a great place for
true childhood stories. My idea is simply for ongoing
adventures of tie-up games (role-playing) that take place
between people 'virtually' all over the world.

Remember they would be tie-up GAMES, so nothing sexual. We
could have our own characters and everything. There might
be one person who usually takes role of the "villain" for
example. We could even have settings. Like one "adventure"
that we have could be in medieval times and take place in a
castle dungeon or something.

If anyone has ideas on how to start this, please e-mail me.
Even if you like the idea and have suggestions, e-mail me.
We just need to find a good message board. Once we set that
up, let the games begin!

British Knight
[email protected]

Friday April 13th 2001 07:31:52
This is a repost of the one story I've ever submitted. When
I wrote it a couple years ago, it was all one block of text
and full of typos. I've decided to clean it up. It's a
girls tie and torture a boy story.

I was 20, my two friends were 19 Jamie and Lisa. Both
looked a lot alike. They were short with black hair to
their shoulders beautiful women. One day we were at
Jamies and the two were dreseed almost identical. They
both had those black short-sleeved sweaters (dont know
what theyre called, cute though)and chinos. I was being
obnoxious and making fun of them for drsssing alike and
that opened the door for me to be more and more

Jamie said if I keep it up, theyll teach me a lesson. I
oohed as if I wasnt scared. Lisa said they would tie me up
and punish me like the spoiled little brat I was. More
oohing. I told them not only could I get free, but Id tie
THEM up after I did.

A short time later Jamie went into the bedroom for a few
minutes while Lisa and I watched TV. Then she ducked her
head out and wiggled her finger in my direction to come to
her. I did and she grabbed me by the arm, pulled me into
the bedroom, and sat me down on the bed. She then went back
to the bedroom door and yelled to Lisa, Will you go out
and buy beer? Lets have a few friends over and have some
fun tonight.

Lisa put her shoes on and went out while I sat there on
Jamies bed. She walked over to me, put her hands on her
hips in joking-scolding gesture, and smiled and tilted her
head as if to scold me.

Youre being obnoxious," she said.

Im just playing, I replied.

Do you really think you could get loose if I tied you up?
I bet you can't. I bet you'd be whining for me to untie you
and I would just laugh.

Absolutely, I said. Why not? This sounded like fun.

Wanna bet - 50 bucks?, she asked.

I hesitated. I saw where this was headed and had to
consider whether I wanted Jamie to tie me up, even if just
for a little while for a bet.

Thats what I though youre all talk, Jamie said,
rolling her eyes and pushing me on the bed, playfully
punching me in the arm a few times. If I tied you up you
could never get free. Lisa could probably tie up good too.
You'd be at our mercy. She then plopped down next to me
and sat and bounced playfully on the bed, trying to egg me
on, I guess.

I was being baited - that was obvious - but it was fun.
Jamie was a good friend and we played a lot like little
kids. These were fun days.

So I said okay, for 50 bucks. But the rules were I had a
half-hour to get free and if she DID tie me up well enough
to keep me there, she had to let me go after the half-hour.
Period. No funny business. We shook on it and Jamie

I stayed on the bed and she went to the kitchen and came
back with rope - a big bundle of white cotton rope - and
held it in front of me. She giggled.

"What's so funny?" I said.

"Lisa's gonna come bck from the store and find you all tied
up. She's going to freak," Jamie said, giggling and holding
the rope. She was right - these girls were fun, but they
weren't wild or kinky or anything.

I tried to speak up but Jamie put her finger to her lips,
knowing what I was going to say. "Don't worry. I'll tell
Lisa our bet." I said OK.

Jamie then told me to put my hands in front of me and I
did, thinking how easy it would be if she didnt tie my
hands behind my back. She kneeled on the bed and tied my
hands in front of me.

Finished? I asked.

No, Im gonna tie your feet. Sit still. She took a pair
of scissors and cut off a lengeth of rope, went to the
floor, knelt down, and tied my feet at the ankles pretty
tightly, and took my shoes off.

I protested but she said, No one goes on my bedsrpead with
shoes on. Not even me. I never wear shoes in the house, and
if you're going to be on my bed, you're not either. If I
can walk around in just my socks, so can you.

Jamie was right. She was a neat freak who always padded
around the apartment in socks because she didnt want to
track anything on the carpet. On this day, she had dark
grey socks on with her chinos and short-sleeved sweater.
Very, very cute.

I agreed and she took them off and told me to lie back. I
did. She climbed back on the bed, cut more rope, and tied
my hands over my head to the slats in the headboard. She
then tied my feet down to railing of the footboard with the
rest of the rope. Pretty tight, I had to admit.

There, I just tied you up. The walls are thin please
dont yell or Ill have to gag you. The neighbors a jerk.
Were just playing dont yell, okay? Jamie looked at me
with these puppy eyes and I said okay.

She then grabbed my sneakers and put them on her feet,
shuffling around the room and making me laugh. She took
them off and went to the door.

Okay half hour for $50, Jamie said, giggling. "You can
have your shoes back after I untie you."

I ignored this little taunt - she was just playing. What
about Lisa? I said.

Jamie said, I told you. She wont bother you. Ill explain
it to her. We wont come in until the half-hour is up,

I said okay. Jamie closed the door and left me tied to the
bed with half hour to escape. I began to thrash my feet but
couldnt move. I tried to wriggle my hands free.

After about 5 minutes I thought, Uh oh. She tied me up
good. I kicked more and actually moved the bed a little. A
few minutes later I heard Lisa come back. Then I heard
giggling and heard Lisa yell, No way! and then I heard
her running toward the bedroom door. I started to get
nervous, but Jamie yelled, Dont. We have a bet for 50
dollars, fair and square. Leave him alone, okay?

She was always very sweet I appreciated her telling Lisa
not to come in.

But I was still tied up and I couldnt get loose. I
thrashed more and finally got my feet free from the
footboard, but my feet were still tied together at the
ankles. My socks made my effort more difficult - kind of
slippery.I should have had Jamie take them off too.

I kicked and kicked and kicked with no success, and my
hands weren't going anywhere either. She was going to win
and I knew it. But I still squirmed and thrashed until all
of a sudden the door swung open and there were Jamie and
Lisa, smiling and giggling. Jamie was shaking her head and
giving me a victorious, knowing look.

Oh my God, Lisa said. You actually tied him down to the
bed. I thought you tied him to a chair or something.

Jamie said, No if I tied his hands behind his back, he
could use them to get to his feet. This way, his hands and
feet are out of the way. She and Lisa walked to the edge
of the bed and looked down at me. I felt foolish and a
little defeated.

Then Jamie turned to me. Looks like you lost the bet. You
only got your feet free. Too bad."

She came on the bed and sat down on one side of me and
smiled, sitting and crossing her legs in front of her
tousling my hair.

You should have known better then to challenge me. I never
lose, she said, giving my face a little pat.

I decided to me gracious in defeat.

I cant believe how well you did this? This was fair and
square. Good job," I said. Lisa then came over, took her
shoes off, and sat down cross-legged on the other side of
me just like Jamie. They were on either side of me now.

Lisa said, Are you going to untie him now?

Jamie said, Go get his wallet. Well see if he can pay

I winced and Jamie noticed. So Lisa ran out to my coat
while Jamie looked down at me and shook her head, You
dont have it, do you?

I said, I can go to a machine.

Jamie said, You ever heard of a bird in the hand? You owe
me money why should I untie you? So you never pay me? I
dont think so. You make a bet with me, don't have the
money, and expect me to untie you? No.

To be continued.


Friday April 13th 2001 08:56:53
Here's the rest of the Jamie/Lisa story.

Jamie shook her head and grabbed the rope that I had kicked
free - the one that tied my bound feet to the footboard.
She crawled down to the foot of the bed, smiling slightly,
and quiclkly tied my feet back down again. I was once again
tied down and stretched out. She then returned to sitting
cross-legged alongside me to my right.

"You're not going anywhere," Jamie said, winking. This made
me very uneasy.

Lisa came back with my wallet and sat Indian down again by
my head. Lets see hes got $15. Thats all?

Jamie said, Then hes got a problem. Ill have to take my
payment in a different way, huh?

Before I could ask her what she meant, her eyes got really
big and she put her face up about 1 inch from mine. You
want to go double or nothing? she said slowly.

What do you mean? I said, now visibly nervous.

She kept her face right next to mine and said, Are you
ticklish? Do you think you could untie yourself if I
tickled you instead?

I buckled and Lisa shouted, Hes ticklish?

She then poked my exposed armpit with a wriggling finger. I
yelped and Jamie put her hand over my mouth and her free
finger to her lips.

I told you before no yelling. Be a big boy and we wont
have to gag you, she paused and looked at Lisa, with
Lisas socks.

They both laughed and Jamies hand stayed on my mouth.

Lisa said, Why do we gag him with my socks?

Jamie said, very matter-of-factly, Because your socks are
clean and white my socks are dirty, and that would be
cruel. Ill give you another pair of socks to wear if we
have to gag him.

Jamie took her hand off my mouth and said, Tickle his
armpits again Lisa. Lets see if he listen this time.

Lisa reached down and grinned and tickled my left armpit
while I writhed and squirmed. Jamie looked on and smiled. I
fought to stay quiet while Lisa tickled me with one finger,
then two, in my exposed armpit. Finally I started giggling
and saying loudly, Stop. Stop! No more.

"Ticklish, huh?" Lisa said, reaching down to tickle me some

But Jamie told her to stop for a second.

Then Jamie said, Too bad. Now we have to gag you. Lisa,
take your socks off.

Lisa took off her white socks one at a time and handed them
to Jamie. Jamie moved one sock to my lips, but I clenched
my mouth as tight as I could.

This is too easy," Jamie said, holding the sock right in
front of my mouth. "Lisa?

Lisa reached down again and tickled both my armpits with
her fingers. The second I yelled, Jamie stuffed her socks
in one in my mouth and one around my head. She reached
down and tied it around my head and Lisa stopped tickling
me for a second.

Looks like you lost the bet, kiddo? Now we tickle torture
you, Jamie started lightly dancing her fingers in my
ribcage while Lisa went to the dresser and put on a pair of
Jamies black socks. Jamie smiled and tickled my stomach
and ribs and armpits. I was going crazy but the sock-gag
muffled everything. Lisa came back over to sit down to my
left again and slowly tickled my neck with all her

Jamie said to Lisa, Want to really torture him?

Lisa said sure. Jamie got up, went to the foot of the bed,
and took my socks off. She said Hold his nose.

Lisa did and I couldnt breathe at all. I was getting no
air and felt my face get hotter and hotter.

Jamie stood at my bare feet and said, Are your feet
ticklish? She then began to tickle them up and down while
Lisa laughed and held my nose. After 15 seconds, she let go
and I began to gasp. They repeated more times than I care
to recall - Lisa held my nose, Jamie tickled my feet for 10
seconds or so, and then would stop and Lisa would let me
breathe again. I was laughing and gasping so hard that I
thought Id wet myself (I didnt).

When she was done with my feet, Jamie came back up on the
bed and wriggling her toes through her socks and tickling
my ribs with her feet while Lisa used her fingers on my
armpits and hips. I couldnt scream because of the gag.

Finally, after about 2 hours, Jamie stopped and said, Do
you think hes had enough?

Lisa said, No one can take torture like this.We might kill

They both stopped and I gasped, exhausted from the tickling
and laughing hysterically into Lisa's socks.

Jamie leaned in close and said, This is what you get for
being obnoxious earlier. We tie you up and gag you and
tickle you to death. Do you want to apologize now?"

I nodded and kept gasping, finally beginning to calm

Jamie took the socks out of my mouth and said, Apologize
or well tickle-torture you even worse.

I apologized like crazy for a few minutes. Jamie untied my
feet from the footboard and Lisa untied my hands from the
headboard, but my hands and feet were still tied together
my hands. Lisa sat me upright and said, "God, you're
ticklish. I'll have to remember that."

I protested for them to untie my hands and feet, but Jamie
came behind me and put her hand over my mouth again and
said, Oh no you dont. You dont get off that easy. Lisa
rented 'Dirty Dancing.' We're going to keep you tied up
until you watch the whole movie with us. You complain once
and we gag you again with those same socks. You complain
twice and we'll tickle you again. Got it?

I was still panting a little and I nodded. Jamie took her
hand off my mouth and they led me out to the couch, each
sitting on one side of me and locking me in with their feet
under a blanket. My feet were cold because Jamie had taken
my socks off. She said, "Too bad. Our feet are nice and
warm, see?" And they showed me the socks on their feet,
just to rub it in, before getting back under the blanket
again with their feet crossing over me. "The next complaint
gets a sock stuffed in your mouth."

I didn't say a word. Eventually they got beers and one for
me too my hands were in front of me so I could drink.
Occasionally Lisa or Jamie would tickle my ribs with their
fingers or toes under the blanket and I would yelp. For the
last 15 minutes Lisa kept her fingers in my ribs, telling
me one false move and she would start tickling again.

The the movie finally ended and they untied me,
saying, That was fun. And I guess, in a way, it was.

There. Hope that's much easier to read. Any comments and
I'd be happy to see them.


Saturday April 14th 2001 05:32:07
a real true story for mortie and everybody :)...
OK The reason for this true tale is to show Mort that my "idea" "plan" whatever DOES work MOST of the time:)

I will foucus on 2 special times,that my idea worked perfecty:).I wrote a very simple scipt ala perils of pauline,but made it into a omedy. The heroine got tied up and gagged and put on the rail road track:) Here is how it went :) :

MY very first time of tieing up a girl that wasnt related was when I thought I was going to be the net speieberg,I didnt need no stinking film scholl(yeah right,ever herd of me before this?? didnt think so) Her name was(still is Iwould imagane) Debie,we wre freinds,she was 17 and I was 18. I showed her my script,and she agreed to do it.She was the only woman in the movie.

I " directed" the movie and set up the camera shots/angles. I had myone freind jim,do the filming,and he tied up(and gagged debie) I was way to nervous,and was afraid "something suddnly just came up" if you know what I mean :) I was a normal(well you knOW) TEENAGE HORNDOG.
tHERE WAS 2 OTHER FREINDS OF MINE THAT CAME ALONG,1 was the bad guy,the other a hero.

Debie was my freind,so we went to our "location" in the same car,Idrove,I had a ford maverick,it was ugly green(hey my very FIRST car)All the way ther my heart was pounding so hard I could have thought she would have for sure heard it.Just the THOUGHT of her being tied up and gagged made my head spin.

We were the first ones to get there.I being so painfully shy I didnt say too much,nedless to say Ihad a major crush on debie:)Well as I was sitting there,we BOTH were reading some comics I had in the car(wAS AND STILL AM A BIG COIC BOOK FAN) anyway I had read somewhere if you thought real HARD the other person would pic "up" on your vibe( hey I was 18 be nice )
Well after what seemed like forever of silience,seemingly out of nowwhere,Debie aske me if I wanted to tie her up!!!

well hell yes I did,but being a total chiken,shy and no male role models,I said "uh no" Plus I didnt know what I would do,if I had her al tied up with no one around.Thankfully shortly after the other guys showed up. we got to our "spot and Jim tied Debies hands in front of her and he then tied her feet, now this was suppose to be like the old time movies,but it was sept,and debie has on a huge white sweater,jeans and hikeing boots.I of course overlooked all of that 'cause I just wanted to see her all tied up and gagged. after she was bound hand and foot,debie hopped about 4 tracks down. I then took a hanky(white) out of my pockett,my dad's and gave it to jim,and I swear he said,word for word to debie"open up.." just like in the movies
after jim gagged her we set her down on the tracks.Now all the "shots" were planned out and written down and discussed befor hand,HOWEVER Jim started asking a lot of semi tech questions,ike'you want a close up of.."

he seemed to do this for more than 5 mins,debie then raised her tied hand to her mouth and pulled her gag out and good naturedly said "hurry up" She then put the gag BACKin her mouth!! Well Jim went about the same routine,and debie once again pulled her gag out,and said to"get going and hurry up"

well with this Jim seemed to get a bit peeved,ungagged debie,the re-gagged he much tighter.We "got our shots" as wew were just aboutdone, a TRAIN started to come down the trck,we all freaked,evan thogh it was at least a mile away,and it was a freight train,well we all ranoff the trcks to the embankment,when a few seconds latter,we realizd,debie was still tied up and gagged onthe tracks,I lost it a little bit,thankfully my two freinds ran up to the tracks,and picked up the bound and gagged debie off the track,wel as they were carrying her off the traks,she weried out a little and struggled like crazy,and by the time they got her off the tracks to the side(abou 2 feet) she worked her hands free.

On the walk back to the car,she told Jim she couldve gotten free anytime.I don think so.
As a side notes/post script,a few latters debie got married,but on more than one ocasion she retold this story(she emblshed it a bit)and she sure seemed to like teeling the story of how we tied her up and a REAL train was comeing.
To be honest I dont think she was in any real danger(I hope not) but everything happened so fast when the train came.
This was the first time i used this "gag"(excuse the pun)

I did this at least 3 more times :) with diffrent girls of course,but the same "blue print" makeing a movie :) And this is a 100% true no lie no bs for real story :)


Saturday April 14th 2001 09:56:10
First off I just wanna say the stories are great.
They seem totally real, I mean with all the detail.
Their so real they make me jealous; my bondage experiences
have been limited, if only I could find some people
to tie up vice versa. Well I have a suggestion maybe
someone can start a trend that will allow people the
means of identifying another person who is into bondage.
Something really simple but not to weird, like wearing your
watch upside down. Or maybe wearing a certain color ring
on your fourth finger.
Theoretically, if everyone who was into bondage decided
to participate in a certain trend (whatever symbol it may
be) it
would be much easier for people to meet others who are also
into bondage without risking embarrassment from asking
nonbondagers "Do you wanna get tied up?". Of course for
such an idea to work it would have to be spread all over.
Any suggestions?
[email protected]
CA bay area

Sunday April 15th 2001 04:28:52
Marshmallow gag
Hi everybody!

This is not a story, just a propolsal of a new gag I
invented yesterday doing some self bondage: Put some
marshmallows to fill the mouth, then cleave gag or tape gag
it. I thought I would be possible to eat them up, but it was
completely impossible with the mouth totally stuffed up.


Sunday April 15th 2001 08:07:27
How about . . .
Jon: ewww! Your story showed some imagination, but
perhaps you should post it on the college site.

Pascal: Some cops who wear ties with their uniforms have
these little tie-bars and tie tacks with handcuffs on
them. The tie-bar is a regular silver (or gold) tie bar
with a tiny pair of handcuffs. The tie-tack is a tiny pair
of handcuffs with a pin on one of them to pin to a uniforms
tie. It would make an interesting lapel pin. I've even
seen tiny handcuff earrings advertised.

Although this
might make a good "badge" for a bondage enthusiast, worn on
shirt (or blouse) or jacket, it might be so easily
recognised as to embarass the wearer. But it's along the
same lines.

By the way, my last story ("Alvin Gets His,
posted a few stories up)has a sequel I'll call "Alvin's
Revenge" if anyone's interested.


Sunday April 15th 2001 09:15:55
Yes, please continue, your story is very good.

Sunday April 15th 2001 05:12:19
Alvin's Revenge
In my last posting (above) I (at age 15) and a former
neighbour girl (Annie, age 12) had tricked my brother Alvin
(12) into being tied up in the enclosed area under her side
porch. She had a bit of a crush on Alvin, as I had

It was about 2 days later that I was putting
away some tools in my father's toolshed, when Alvin came
out and asked if I wanted to walk downtown with him. I
agreed and we walked down one long street rather than
through the park because, he said, he wanted to go by
Annie's house to see if he had left his pocket knife
there. We walked around her house about the time she came
out, wearing short purple shorts and a matching sleeveless
top. As she approached, he pulled a water pistol out of
his pocket and said that he had captured two U.N.C.L.E
agents (from the TV show "Man from U.N.C.L.E." which had
been one of our favourite games). Annie put up her hands
and said "Ilya, what have they done to you? You're

Now I figured that they had planned this, but
I played along, never one to pass up a good tie-up game.
Alvin ushered us into the enclosed area under her side
porch and said he'd blast Annie if I didn't
cooperate. "Off with your shirt!" he commanded. Well, I
pulled my shirt off and Alvin set his pistol for "stun",
zapping both of us (2 squirts apiece) so that he could tie
us up.

He started with me, tying my hands behind my
back very securely, and then tying my feet. I had expected
him to tie up Annie so I could rescue her later, and was a
bit surprised. Near the steps at one end of the porch was
a metal pipe from the floor to the "ceiling" and he tied my
arms and legs to it. Then he tied Annie's hands behind
her. She kept saying "not too tight, remember...I have to
get loose" but I could see he was tying her for real. She
giggled as he called me "Napoleon Solo", a character in the
TV show, and shoved her toward me. She protested slightly
as he pressed her right up against me, face to face, and
began, with a number of lengths of rope and clothesline, to
tie her to me by the waist, around the arms, and around the
legs, all the time saying he was going to torture us into
revealing all the UNCLE secrets.

Just as he was
apparently finished tying Annie to me, she realized that
she wasn't going to get loose anytime soon and began to
demand to be let loose. He just laughed and said it was
our turn, paybacks for tying him up. So there I was, my
hands tied behind me, tied to a pole, and Annie tied to me
with her hands behind her back. She was shorter than I
was, her head coming just up to my neck. He shut her up by
shoving a rolled up cloth into her mouth and tying it with
another strip of cloth, saying I wouldn't be able to kiss
her (in the TV show Robert Vaughn, playing Napoleon Solo,
had kissing scenes in every episode, a running joke with
us) and then he put a blindfold on me. I could feel him
adding more ropes, around our arms and torsos and around
our legs and knees and thighs. He was tying knots every so
often, using a large number of ropes rather than one long
piece, so I knew it would take awhile to get free, if at

Finally he said he was going downtown and MIGHT
come back to release us. Annie was trying to talk through
her gag, obviously realizing she had been tricked. He shut
the door to our prison and went off for parts unknown.

I asked Annie if she were blindfolded; she shook her
head no. I pulled, with my teeth, at her gag until it came
out, but she could not at that time reach my blindfold with
her teeth. She was squirming like crazy and, of course,
with only her purple top between us, even this little 12-
year-old girl could make a fifteen-year-old boy a bit
uncomfortable. (It might have been more romantic had she
been 14 or 15, in retrospect.) I could not, with my hands
tied to the pole, reach around to try to untie her, and she
could not turn around tied to me as she was. She squirmed
and squirmed, bumping me painfully several times, I telling
her to take it easy. I finally reached a knot with my
fingers and untied it, and found another knot and picked it
loose, finally freeing my hands from the pole. But my
hands were still tied. I could reach up and pull at the
ropes but couldn't find another knot. I finally bent my
head foreward enough so Annie could pull the blindfold with
her teeth, finally pulling it over my head. Now I could

It must have taken an hour for me to get Annie's
hands untied and, of course, after that it was easy for her
to untie us. She said she wished it had been the REAL
Robert Vaughn tied up with her, and I joked that she really
would rather have been tied up face-to-face with Alvin,
which made her blush. "Well," I said, "Alvin will be along
eventually, and you'll have your chance." "Oh, no!" she
said, "I'm not letting either of you tie me up again!"
After awhile, though, her father came out calling for her,
and she ran around the house and up the steps. I put my
shirt back on and left a few minutes later.

mother got out of the hospital the next day and she went
back to live with her mother. I have not seen her since.


Sunday April 15th 2001 06:07:21
Childhood Bound and Tied and True Tales
My new site, Childhood Bound is online!

Feel free to check out Childhood Bound at:

I originally published them here but Childhood Bound is the
culmination of my efforts to collect them together for
easier viewing. Enjoy.

It also gives me great pleasure that I am finally able to
announce the impending launch of Tied and True Tales here at
Restrained Tastes. (URL:


Opening 23 April, 2001

"Celebrating the romance, passion and beauty of love
bondage" through quality fiction and photography

Tied and true Tale's mission is to promote 'Love bondage' as
a genuine, erotic and loving form of sexual expression
through stories and photography. I created Tied and True
Tales to exist as a more 'adult' oriented forum to
complement Canuck's excellent and long-running Childhood
bondage stories site.

It is a place where you can contribute genuinely erotic
bondage fiction or write about your true experiences. That
is, it is Ok to describe how you had sex with your
girlfriend while she was tied up! On the other hand, you
might simply want to write how you tied her up for the first
time. (no sex involved) The main thing is that the bondage
should be loving, consensual and fun for both parties!

Tied and true Tales will feature stories in various
categories including the following: my own fictional
tales, reader's Contributions (true and fictional stories)
as well as a monthly gallery featuring the Best Of

The "Best Of" picture galleries will feature my very
favourite 25 pictures taken from both East and West.

Tied and true Tales is your site also; I am accepting
contributions for inclusion in Tied and True Tales as of
today. Tied up your wife or girlfriend lately? Enjoyed some
kinky fun in plastic raincoats with your partner? I would
particularly like to receive contributions with both
viewpoints being told by each participant.

Please e-mail me below at [email protected] with
contributions or queries.

[email protected]

Monday April 16th 2001 06:38:21
Hi! Loooong time reader, first time poster.. it isn't much
of a post I'm afraid, just a wondering.. (sorry I don't
have any stories.. heh, like someone said before "Where do
you people live?" ;) )

..well, someone called Carol Jean posted a strict bondage
story a while ago, but as far as I can see no one replied
or commented on it! So I thought I would just say I loved
that story!! It my sort of bondage story! Hehehe! If you
have anymore like that Carol Jean, please post them!

:) Thanks, and keep up the good work Canuck!


Tuesday April 17th 2001 09:04:24
Cuffster, in regard to your story "The Cabin"...tying
something around somebody's neck is the way to
inadvertently end up with a very lifeless TUG victim and a
charge of involuntary manslaughter. Too many people are
sure they can keep anything from happening and get proven
to be dead wrong.

Putting a belt around Tiff's neck and then tying a rope
from there to her feet so that "if she struggled it would
choke her" is downright dangerous.

For safety's sake everyone, please don't try that! There's
plenty of other places to put ropes, cuffs, belts and duct
tape. Not the neck. Writing about things like that
teaches dangerous acts to those who might read this site
but don't really have the experience to know what is safe
and what isn't.


Wednesday April 18th 2001 08:41:25

Having watched your site being built over the last few weeks
and seeing snatches of the things to come I can only say
that I am impatiently awaiting April 23rd. It will be
great to see everything all in one place; your
stories, pics, and a list of Links unrivalled in our
little community...

I hope that everyone here will take a moment to visit the
site (and Restrained Tastes as well-sorry for the cheap
plug). From what I've seen, you won't be

Good luck, mate, and welcome aboard...



Thursday April 19th 2001 11:22:40
HOW are you this fine day(2:15 pm usa time,well where I live anyways) I havent posted a story in a real long time,one of the reasons,is my stories PALE by comparasion to yours,though mine are 100% true,and I dont embleish(well I try not to,hmm maybe I should??) them.

A fairly safe way to test the waters if people are into tie up games,ect without revaling to much,ask the person if they have ever heard of HARMONY CONCEPTS, if they have,go from thereI used to do this on the chat rooms,it was nice when a person now and then would know what I was talking about. This doesnt work for the under 18 crowd,and beive it or not,theere are people who pratice(excuse me) bondage,that have never heard of Harmony.

well that is all for now,I will try to be back with a story latter. Stay COOL people,and safe


Thursday April 19th 2001 07:53:38
I have a few stories I would like to share with you all. A
few years ago when I was about 10 I had a babysitter. She
babysat me a lot. Now normally the babysitter would be the
one who gets tied up but that wasn't the case. Every time
she babysat me she would drag me up to me room and tie me
up and gag me and leave me there all night. She would check
on me and sometimes when she was bored she would change my
gags and sometimes she would even let me have something to
drink but not to much because i was tied up. She took a
picturre of me while I was bound and gagged nand told me
that if I told anyone about her tying me up she would show
that picture to ALL the kids in my school. So I had no
choice but to let her bound and gag me. I'll post full
stories later.
Randy B
[email protected]

Thursday April 19th 2001 10:21:01
to the person who was talking about the cyber tie up
games...ive been involved in a few of those before and your
idea sounds interesting and if people were willing to
participate it would be fun. I'm one of those who always
visits this site and reads but never posts...but ive got a
few stories of my own if anybody cares to read them.
Mr. Orange

Friday April 20th 2001 10:28:44
Another Site
I'm in the process of setting up an archive for all these
wonderful stories. There are a few links to other related
sites also.
[email protected]

Friday April 20th 2001 07:46:27
Here is my first story about me and my babysitter. Her name
is Melissa just so you know. Anyways my mom told me she was
going out and she had hired a babysitter. She was about 17
years old with long blond hair and blue eyes. After my mom
left she came over to me with a big backpack. She asked me
if I wanted to play a game. I said ok. First she told me to
close my eyes. I closed my eyes and the next thing I know
is that she pressed something over my mouth. Before I knew
it she had me down the ground and tied my arms together
with some rope. When she was done tying me up I realized
she had gagged me with some duct tape. She pulled me up to
my feet and told me to start walking. She made me walk all
the way upstairs into my room. Then she sat me down the
floor. She then took out a camera. After she took a picture
of me she told me that I had to let her tie me up every
time she babysat me or she would show the pic to ALL the
kids in my school and all my other friends. She then pulled
out some rope and tied my knees and legs together. She even
tied my two big toes together. She then turned on the TV
and left the room. She back about 20 minutes later. She
took off my tape gag and pulled a white cloth out of her
bag. She told me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and
she pulled the cloth between my teeth and cleve gagged me.
Then she left the room. Then she came back in a little
later to check on me. I tryed to say untie but it was hard
to because I had a gag in my mouth. She told me that she
should tighten my gag so I couldn't scream for help. She
pulled the cleve gag tightly and I let out a grunt through
my gag. She untied a little before my moom came home. More
stories later. Bye.
Randy B
[email protected]

Friday April 20th 2001 10:22:27
Tickling the Babysitter
I was 15 and my parents wanted to go out to Florida for the
weekend. Well we are in Chicago and so they thought they
would leave a babysitter with me and she could sleep in the
guest bedroom. Well my parents decided to let me choose my
babysitter since I had to get along with her for three days.
Of course I choose this hot tan girl named Sam. We were
watching TV when a couple of my friends came over. Frank,
Heather, and Dawn (see previous story) came over. Frank had
heard about the bondage experience and wanted to do it to
the girls again. Well I told Sam that we would be in the
basement watching TV down there, to give Sam some privacy.
She said okay, just be careful. We went down there and Frank
ambushed Dawn while I ambushed Heather. We both put our hand
over their mouth to keep them quiet and they played their
parts beautifully. I blindfolded and gagged Heather to a
fold-a-way bed, then I took some extra long rope and tied
her ankles. Frank had brought handcuffs and handed me a set,
I then took Heather's hands and put them above her head,
exposing her stomach. Dawn was tied down securely to the
chair. They started squirming. Sam came down and saw them
all tied up. Frank and I turned around and Frank ambushed
her, I stood there amazed and then I helped him hogtie her.
We gagged her. She was wearing a short tank top which now
exposed her belly and cut-off sleeping pants. Frank began to
tickle torture Dawn, and I ran upstairs for the ice again.
This time we decided to give the ice to Sam and leave the
other girls to just tickling. Frank tickled Dawn for 30
minutes all over-- thighs, soles of her feet, neck, stomach,
and even the top of her breats. I did the same to Heather.
Dawn and Heather didn't know that Sam was downstairs or they
wouldn't have started moaning sexily at Frank and me. I
pinned down the hogtied babysitter while Frank took the ice
and ran it all over her body. She was 17 and was clearly
enjoying it. She was screaming through her gag, but you
couldn't hear it. Frank and I hid Sam when we released
Heather and Dawn a couple hours later. Frank left and I had
Sam tied up all to myself. I decided to have fun with her
and took off her shoes. She quickly started panicking, I
slowly stripped her socks off. I then tickled her until
tears were streaming down her face. Then I took the gag off.
She said to keep doing it so I kissed her on the cheek and
put the gag back on. I took a peace of cloth and put some
ice cubes in it, then I tied it to her feet. She moaned and
I lifted her shirt, so I could get a better look and then I
tickled her. At the end I untied her and asked if she was
going to tell, she said no and that I should have here over

Tell me if you want me to tell more stories!

John Smith
[email protected]

Friday April 20th 2001 10:47:35
Great Story Randy B! Can't wait to hear more about you and
your babysitter!

Saturday April 21st 2001 08:40:04
It might be interesting to chat with each other in a
chatroom concerning tie-ups. Someone who knows about such
things should start a chatroom. Or maybe use Captive
Penny's chatroom, since no one ever seems to be there.
Nothing extreme, just tie-ups played during childhood,
using Canuck's criteria.

Saturday April 21st 2001 08:52:17
Great story John, can't wait to hear more!

Saturday April 21st 2001 11:04:38
In December of 2000 I posted a story in which my TUG buddy
Bobby and I were tied up by a "grup" named Mr. Lewis. As
you trekkies might remember, "grup" was a name
for "grownups" used by children on some planet visited by
some of the Star Trek crew in one episode. My TUG-buddies
incorporated it into our vocabulary, usually derogatory,
since grups are almost universally opposed to kids playing
tie-up games.

I should preface this story with a
warning to younger tuggers: times are not as simple as
they were, so be very careful about letting a grup tie you

There was one other adventure with Mr. Lewis which
occurred maybe a year after the first one, which did not
involve him tying up me or my friends. I was about 13
years old at the time, riding my bike around with nothing
much to do one Saturday (having dutifully completed all my
homework), and saw Mr Lewis changing oil in his car. He
waved and asked me if I'd been tied up lately. He told me
that when he was a boy, he played cowboys & indians with
other children his age and that some of them were always
getting tied up, and that his parents were no different
than grownups of any age, objecting to such games,
supposedly on the grounds of safety. We talked about
different ways to get tied up, and some of the rules my
friends and I followed. I told him about a dice game I had
invented where each player rolls a dice to see how he would
be dressed, how he would be tied, whether gagged or
blindfolded or both, how long, etc. He came up with
another idea and asked me to come over the next day.

Well, the next day he had a pile of index cards upon which
he had typed all sorts of ways to be tied up, ranging from
the simple to the complicated. He gave me the cards (I
kept them for years and finally lost them somewhere) and
suggested I use them in my next game. I read them over.

One of them said, for example, "Your shirt and shoes
and socks are removed, your hands are tied behind you and
your feet tied to your hands."

Another said "You are
stripped to your underwear and your hands are tied over
your head and you're blindfolded and gagged."

said "Surprise: you got the drop on your captor and now
you get to tie him up anyway you want."

One said "You
are wearing swimming trunks and your hands are tied behind
you and you are tied to a chair."

You get the idea.
There were about 30 of the cards, a few of which specified
that the kidnapper got to choose the way the victim is
dressed, or how the victim is tied. I shuffled them up and
drew one just for fun: it said: Your shirt is off and the
captor gets to tie you up any way he wants to and gag you,
but no blindfold." (Mr. Lewis knew of our rule of always
having our shirts off when being tied up, since I had told
him about it.) He said that if I thought of any more
scenes to tell him and he would type up a card for it to
add to the game.

Well, I had to wait for over a week
before I got to use the cards. I visited my cousin Ed who
was about my age, and as luck would have it our parents
went off shopping with my brother Alvin, leaving Ed and me
alone in the house to build a model car (one of Ed's
hobbies). I pulled the cards out of my pocket and we went
to the basement.

I drew first, and the card said "You
are wearing only your swimming trunks, and your hands are
tied in front of you and then tied over your head, and your
feet are tied, and you are blindfolded and gagged." Ed
laughed and found a sturdy pipe leading to the laundry room
to which he tied my hands (after I borrowed a pair of his
swimming trunks). He tied my ankles and stuffed a
washcloth into my mouth, securing it with a long strip of
cloth. Finally he tied a scarf around my eyes. I was
quite helpless, turning this way and that while he
speculated on how much fun it would be to tie up someone
hanging by his wrists, and whether it would hurt too much.
As luck would have it, I managed to get my hands free and
moments later he shuffled the cards and drew one.

card said that I could dress him anyway I wanted and then
tie his hands behind him, tie his feet, tie up his arms and
legs, and blindfold him. "No, not that," he said as he saw
what was on my mind. I teased him about being tied up
naked (which was against our standing rules) but had him
put on a pair of racing type trunks, which would be
called "speedos" nowadays, I guess. I reminded him of one
time we were playing and his older sister found us (one of
the only times we were ever discovered).

Well, after he
had changed, I took him to a carpeted area and tied his
hands behind his back. I tied his feet and then his
knees. I tied his arms above the elbows, not to the point
where they were touching (he couldn't do that) but to where
his arms were fairly immobilized. I took pieces of rope
and clothesline and tied them around his chest and upper
abdomen, pinning his arms to his sides. I blindfolded him
with the scarf. He rolled around on the floor, really
squirming and jerking, trying to get loose. He could not
free himself, however, and after awhile gave up. I untied
him and, it being late, we went back upstairs to work on
his model car. When our folks came back, they found us
still working on the model.


Saturday April 21st 2001 12:23:27
Duct taped by girls
One day I invited 5 girls over for a war of paint ball. I
posted a story a few weeks ago and told that i would write
about another war. This is it.

This time it was me, Jane, Chris in marine coveralls
against Liz, Jamielyn and Frida in blue coveralls. I was
going to attack their base and take their flag while Jane
and Chris hid around our base.

I went around their base with my gun and of course some
duct tape. I had left some duct tape for Jane and Chris as
well, so they could tie up anyone who came. On the backside
of the little basement, there was a hole in the wall which
I thought I could get through. I climbed in but got stuck.
Then Liz noticed me. She ran away i didn't know why. I just
tried to get loose but it was impossible.

A minute
later I saw all 5 girls coming towards me with duct tape in
their hands. They had a killer look on their faces. "This
is for last time" said Jane. "But you're on my team" I
said. She didn't care and they all ripped me out of the
hole. It hurt quite a bit. Then they twisted my arm on the
back and took me inside. They acted very cynical. They
pushed me to the ground. Then they duct taped my wrists on
my back. Jane taped while the others held me. Then they
turned me over and gagged me. One strip over the mouth.
They pulled me up again. We are going to bring you
somewhere. I was mmmphing under my gag. They pulled me
through the forest. To be continued....

Coverall lover

Sunday April 22nd 2001 05:01:42
Duct taped by girls 2
So there I was, dragged through the woods by 5 girls, tied
and gagged with duct tape. One part of me enjoyed it and
another one was a bit scared of what they were going to do
to me.

Jane said we were going to go to her house. She
was home alone. When we got in they started to discuss what
they were going to do. Then Liz had an idea and they
decided to do it. I didn't hear what it was. Then they
pulled me up against a big pole at the end of the stairs in
her living room. They cut off my duct tape on my wrists and
taped them once more around the pole so my hands were on
the other side of the pole. It was not comfortable so I
mmphed. They didn't care much. Then the taped my ankles and
knees around the pole as well. It was inmpossible to get
loose. I struggled and struggled. Then Jane began filming
me and taking pictures. I was really mad at her for doing
that, but I was also exited for being taped up in a
coverall. And they still wore their coveralls so they had
to like wearing them. Then suddenly all the girls from my
class came in the door. The girls had been invited to see
something funny. They all laughed when they got in.
Everyone tickeled me and I was imbarresed. They were there
for about 15 minutes. I was really tired after my
struggling, but my hands on the back started to get loose.
The 5 girls went outside for a while, leaving me.

I got loose, it was great to get the gag off. Now it was
revenge. I waited inside and saw one of them get inside. It
was Jamielyn. The girls had loud music outside so they
couldn't hear anything. I tackled her to the floor and duct
taped her hands on her back and i hand gagged her. I
brought her upstairs. In the bathroom I saw some hooks up
on the wall. I grabbed her and lifted her up. I hung her
with her back of her coverall on the hook. She wriggled her
feet, but she was helpless as long as her hands were tied.
I secured them with more tape then I gagged her. Only one
strip over the mouth. I thought that gag was the best
looking. I was happy with myself. No it was 4 more to go.
Frida and Chris came in to look for Jamielyn. They went so
close together that I managed to jump them both and get
tape around their stomachs. They fell to the ground and I
taped their wrists. I brought them upstairs also. I found a
huge closet with enough space for them both. I taped their
ankles and knees and hogtied them. This was very
uncomfortable for them but I didn't care. This time I also
put only one strip over their mouths. They
went "MMMMMPPHHH, MMMMMPPPHHHH" and struggled and sweated.
I closed the closet and went downstairs again. This time i
couldn't see Jane and Liz outside they had to be in the
house. I got a little panic when one of them saw me. I ran
behind an open door and Liz went alone past it. I hand
gagged her and managed to sneak upstairs without Jane
noticing me. I taped Liz' wrists on her back and took her
to Jane's parents' room. I laid her on the big bed and I
found a dog collar and tied it around her neck and tied the
collar to a hook on the wall. Then I taped her knees and
ankles. While she aws struggling I found a sock and put it
in her mouth. Then I put duct tape over it. She looked good
in her coverall and tape over her mouth.

I heard Jane
coming and hid in the closet. Jane ran towards Liz, but I
tackeled her to the ground. I twisted her arm on her back
and brought her downstairs. I brought her downstairs and
brought her to the same pole as I ws tied up on. She cursed
and tried to get loose, but then I just twisted her arm
more and she stopped. I pulled her hard into the pole so it
hurt a bit. I taped her hands tight on the back of the
pole. Much tighter than they had taped me. Then it was the
knees and ankles. I taped them so hard so she couldn't move
an inch. Then I found this huge tissue and was going to put
it in her mouth. Then she begged and said she was sorry for
the other time. I didn't care and stuffed it into her
mouth. She mmphed like hell. I secured it with a strip of
duct tape. She looked great. I filmed and took pictrures of
all of them. I called the girls from class and asked them
to come over. Then I ran home leaving them tied up and

Coverall lover

Saturday April 21st 2001 07:15:24
I Had a blind date once and I was really nervous since I've
never been on a blind date before. She arrived at the
restaurant at 8 and we had a great time. Then she told me
she rented a hotel room. I thought that was weird because
she lived nearby but we went anyway. Once there she told
me to stript down to my boxers so I did. She then took out
some rope and said now i will tie you to the bed so I let
her. She tied my feet and hands to the posts of the bed.
Then she put a blindfold over my eyes and a sock in my
mouth and left me there mmmmph i screamed she took a
picture and then left

Saturday April 21st 2001 09:55:21
Babysitter bondage w/ Sam
Sam came over to babysit me again, especially after last
time. We got our indoor pool finished (it's sweet) and so my
parents said that Sam could bring her swimming suit so she
could relax after a full day of taking care of me. I just
turned 16 and I called Heather over, Frank and Dawn had
already said they would come in a bit. Frank and Dawn had
started dating after the last bondage experience, see above.
Heather came over only wearing short denim shorts, tanktop,
and shoes. I asked if she wanted to play again and she said
"I thought you would never ask." This time I tied her to
the slide that leads to the pool. She was really nervous
because she said she could slip in and drown, I assured her
that I would tie her tight enough she couldn't move, plus I
was a certified life guard at the community pool. I tied her
to it and then I took her shoes and socks off. I asked her
if I could take her shorts off and her shirt and she said
yes because she was wearing her bikini underneath. So I
slipped off her shorts and took off her tanktop. I then tied
her ankles and knees. Sam came in and was shocked to see
Heather tied up like that. I didn't see her and she came up
behind me and surprising overpowered me, tying me ankles and
wrists. She then untied Heather. Heather then tickled me for
about 5 minutes. Sam was handgagging me, I enjoyed that
part. :-) Heather left for a minute and after a while didn't
come back. Sam went to go see where she was. Frank then came
from the outside door and untied me. He had brought Dawn
inside already tied. Then he captured Heather and untied
her. I was upset to be tied by Sam so we went after her.
This time we had a pair on handcuffs, two bandanas, and lots
of rope. We found Sam in the bedroom looking for Heather. We
sprung on her and handcuffed her to the bedposts on the
bed. Then we tied her ankles and then tied her legs to the
bedposts at the other end. She laid spead out in MY bed! I
gagged her and then she started to scream, but nothing came
out. I then blindfolded her. She was in her bikini tied to
my bed, gagged and blindfolded. Frank got some ice and
chocolate syrup. Since Sam couldn't see we poured syrup all
over her stomach and breasts. Then I went downstairs to do
the same to Heather and Dawn, I left Frank with Sam for
about 20 minutes while I tickled Heather and Dawn. I took a
candle and laid it right under Heather's feet. She
definitely felt warmth and started squirming. I then tickled
Dawn in the feet and in the stomach. Frank came down so I
went upstairs. I went to see Sam now hogtied with all of the
syrup smeared all over her body. She wasn't blindfolded and
was looking at me pleading, I removed her gag and she asked
if I could get the syrup off of her. I did something not
suitable for this forum. I then tickled Sam some more,
poured some ice down her bikini top, and put the candle
flame a little away from her body, but put it all over. We
untied them a little later and had some pizza in the pool.
John Smith
[email protected]

Sunday April 22nd 2001 09:15:05
Then proceed to remove his shoes and TICKLE his feet???

Sunday April 22nd 2001 11:01:52
You psycho
I get scared when people come on this this site loking for
something as specific as a tied up salesman!!??. Please find
a new hobby.

Sunday April 22nd 2001 12:49:20
This is Kiaren. I posted a few times in the past, but
nothing recently. Over the past few months, I slowly
decided that the fraud I have perpatrated on all of you
must be fixed. None of my stories are true. I made them up.
They are nothing but fiction created by a mind wanting to
fit in and to entertain you all. I never meant to hurt any
of you, nor this site. Perhaps some of you may say: "Who
Cares?" But I felt I had an obligation to come clean, lest
some of you took my stories as true events. Forgive me and
forget me. I'm done.

Sunday April 22nd 2001 02:15:04
I say first it takes a nery big man to say he is sorry.You did not post stories out of spite,and I dont think anyone will be all that upset,you see there are WAYS of telling if a storie is true,small certin details,but MOST of us here dont care all that much,as long as there good clean stories

I myself have always told true stories,but I am tempted many times to make one up,but I just dont want to do that:) thats just me:)

Go back and read a few, or all the stories so far on this month,IMO there are a vew made up ones,but there isnt really any harm unless the real,real stories stop:)

I think I speak for most/some of the "regulars" here,please stay,and keep righting,and you can always say at the beggining thei is"fiction"Though again myself,I LIKE to try and figure out if the storie really happened.
YOU just wanted to fit,nothing wrong with that and you "came clean" I HOPE you STAY :)


Sunday April 22nd 2001 02:45:34
Stories: Truth, Fiction, or Other
To Kiaren and TW (and anyone else):

As this forum is
for "true stories" of tie-up games, naturally some literary
license takes place. Some stories here seem too good to be
true, some are obviously fiction. Some of us can't write
as well as others (grammar or descriptions) and some of us
have better -- or more recent -- memories. Some of us will
embellish our tales, therefore, to make them more readable,
and this is to be expected.

As for my own stories:
they're true; each event happened. However, sometimes I
have trouble remembering how old I was at a certain time
and have to estimate. (I can remember how much
older/younger I was than my friends and I am reasonably
sure I am within a year or two, historically, of when the
adventures happened.) On one occasion, some time after
posting a story, I realized that I had combined events from
two separate games after reviewing what the players were

Also, naturally, the exact dialog which
occured will seldom be remembered. Some phrases stick
right out in my mind, and some elude me. You'll notice I
paraphrase conversations a lot on that account. I'm sure
we all have to edit our memories concerning these

The point is, I take it that our memories,
related and posted here, do not have to be 100%
historically accurate; even so, Kiaren, I applaud and
congratulate you for admitting that you fabricated your
tales. I wish you well in experiencing whatever adventures
you desire. I'm sure all of us feel the same. Only a very
few of us ever point fingers. In the end, Canuck will be
the best judge of how much embellishment is permissable,
since he sets the rules here, and on this I shall
rightfully defer to him.

By the way, there are lots of
forums for fictional (and fictionalized) stories -- I'm
sure TW knows several and I've seen and ENJOYED a few

To everyone else, keep dragging out your
memories! I am as happy to share your memories as to share
mine with you!


Sunday April 22nd 2001 03:26:17
I think a cyber TUG would be awsome.

Sunday April 22nd 2001 04:51:48
So who cares if the stories are true or long as
they are entertaining......I know I've enjoyed them.

Sunday April 22nd 2001 04:55:31
Tied and true tales is now online!
It gives me great pleasure to announce that Tied and true
Tales is now online.

I hope that you all enjoy TTT as much as I enjoyed creating

Click on the link at the bottom to enter TTT

[email protected]

Sunday April 22nd 2001 09:42:55
Graeme; Canuck the owner of this page has indicated he
wants true stories; we should honor that request. Canuck
does not want to play truth police at this site and has let
stand some stories that I think are probably patently
false, but I still think we should honor the intent of the
host. I'm old fashioned:I think we are guests at Canucks,
and should have the courtesy to honor his request and
follow his rules.
I hope to have a new story up before too much longer;it has
been delayed.

Monday April 23rd 2001 06:03:44
@ dudalb: Yeah! You are right!
Please post true stories!
[email protected]

Monday April 23rd 2001 10:02:10
I hope you all did not get the wrong dea,While I prefer to read the TRUE stories,ie canucks 'chartter' and I respect his wishes,that is why I will not post non true stories here.

I was not tring to speak for everyone,I was just stateing my humble opion,and that myself,while I like the true stories the best,I dont have an real problems with 'made up stories' as long as they SOUND like there is a chance for them to be maybe real,and not stupid and overly fake(ie,smutt)
Again I LIKE the TRUE stories BEST,thats why I come here:),BUT any good well writen story on tie up games is ok with me as ong as it is not smut. JMHO :) stay cool and safe

PS Hey wee need some NEW stories:)

PSS and yes nath I do know a lot of sites for fictional stoies:) BTW nice to "see" you again,been a long time:) Howya been?


Monday April 23rd 2001 11:24:58
Father-Son Bonding
My father and I were talking about old times, when I was in
high school, and we used to spend more time together. One
of our favorite ways to spend time was wrestling with each
other. Of course he was bigger than me, and still is. So
he always won. But ultimately, our wrestling bouts were'nt
about winning. They were a way to be close to Dad.
Wrestling is a great bonding experience for a father and
his son. And the experience is greater when the grappling
is done in the absense of physical modesty, barechested,
after our shirts are removed. This closeness between a
father and his son can not be matched.

We both got all pumped up talking about our past
bouts. He then looked me in the eye as a mischievous grin
formed on his face. Then he kicked of his shoes and pulled
off his socks. He rolled his shoulders as if to loosen
up. Then he took his shirt off. After all the time that
passed since I last saw him barechested, he still had a
very muscular chest. Although some of his black chest hair
had turned gray, his muscular body still intimidated me.
Then he walked up to me, pushed me hard and slammed me
against the wall. My tall father walked right up to me so
that his chest was no more than an inch from my face, then
demanded "Take your shirt off. For old times sake, we're
gonna wrestle."

So I removed my sneakers and socks. He said "Come
on. Uncover! Get rid of the shirt. When I wrestle with
my son, I want to see his chest." So I took off my shirt.
He looked down at my chest, smiled and said "That's more
like it!

"So let's go" he said as he surprised me with a bear hug
and forced me down. We grappled for about 10 minutes non-
stop. Most of the time, he was trying to hold me still
while I was trying to escape.

While we were face to face and chest against chest, he
wrapped his arms and legs around me like a grape vine. I
couldn't get loose. I could only wiggle a little but could
not break free. He said, "ha ha!! You're my physical
prisoner, Mr. Bald bosom." "Bald bosom?", I said, "At
least if I did have chest hair, some of it would not be

I was a mistake for me to say that, especially since I was
truly his physical prisoner. Because to retaliate, he
positioned me on my back and sat up, ruffled his chest hair
and said "Watch what the man with some gray chest hair can
do to you." He then got me down on my stomach and sat on
me while holding my arms behind my back with my wrists
crossed. Then he reached over, grabbed one of his socks
and started tying my wrists together.

"No, Dad! What are you doing?"
"I'm teaching you a lesson. I'm making you my permanent
prisoner, Son."
"Please, don't do this."
"Shut up, Kid!"

He tied my hands good and tight. There was no way I could
wiggle out of this bond. Then he turned aroung and sat on
me facing my feet. He then reached over and grabbed the
other sock and began tying my ankles together. He tied me
good and tight. I was a little scared. I didn't want to
be tied up. But if I had to be, at least it was my father
who was my captor. It was sort of a friendly captivity.

He then flipped me over unto my back and sat on my waist.
I looked up at him. From my vantage point, I saw this
muscular, man with a hairy chest, looking down on me with
an expression of victory on his face. He expressed his
victory with a resounding "Yes!", proceeded to pound his
chest like Tarzan and yell like the jungle man.

"Alright, Dad, you win. Now could you please ... Mmmmph!"
I was being gagged with one of my own socks. "What's that
son? I can't understand what you are saying."

"Son, would you like to watch a little pro-wrestling on TV?"
"I'll take that as a 'yes'."

He then carried me over the the couch, sat me down and turn
on the television. We watched wrestling on TV for a
while. Dad would shout and cheer loudly during the
program. Of course, I could not utter a word. I could
hardly move a muscle. He left me like this throughout the
entire two-hour television event.

Bound Son

Tuesday April 24th 2001 12:52:33
Hollywood bound
Hi, my name is Stacie, and Im writing to tell you about
something that happened when I was 17 years old. I suppose
like most of these stories I should tell you a little about
myself. Im 55, long red hair, light brown eyes and
weigh 126lbs, although at the time I probably weighed
110lbs (like that matters huh?). Anywayat the time I
lived in North Hollywood near Universal Studios, and was a
senior in High School. It was towards the end of summer
and I had absolutely made a killing that summer babysitting
in my neighborhood. Every Friday night I babysat a 13
year old girl named Amanda. Amandas parents were Los
Angeles socialites and spent an incredible amount of time
at parties thrown by charity organizations across the LA
basin. Rarely would they be home before 2 or 3 am, so most
of the time they would offer for me to spend the night in
guest room by their swimming pool. To say they were rich
was an understatement! Anyway, back to Amanda, she was an
adorable little blonde girl. I guess at the time she was
about 411 and weighed no more than 90lbs. She was a
real cutie! We were watching television one night, and
Baywatch was on. It was one of those episodes where Pam
Anderson got tied up on a boat, and Amanda said look at
how lose those ropes are! she could just slip out of
them! I guess I was a little taken back by her comment,
because I said oh so you think you could get lose from
that? To my surprise she said yes!. So I asked if
her parents had any rope. She quickly went to the garage
and brought back a bag containing a large amount of
clothesline rope, you know, the soft cotton kind. So not
being any sort of an expert, I wrapped the rope around her
skinny little wrists and tied it off. She promptly
slipped out of the ropes. We joked about it and I really
didnt think much of it. The next week she asked if I
wanted to try againso I did, and again she slipped
free. We joked about it again and she got really excited
and asked if she could try it on me. I didnt see the
problem, so I said ok. She took the rope and wrapped it
around my wrists as I watched, then weaved them in and out
of my wrists and cinched them off. I asked if she was
done and she said I tried to pull my wrists wasnt easy, but I was able to get them free.
About that time it was time for her to go to bed, so I had
her go get into her pajamas. She came back down in a few
minutes to say good night, and although Im not sure why, I
asked her where did you get the idea to weave my wrists
like that? She giggled and said she used her Dads
computer and looked it up on the internet. I guess I was
a little shocked that shed do that, but I didnt say
anything. The next week her parents called and said they
had an afternoon event followed by an overnight cruise to
Catalina, and asked if I could stay over again. My
parents wanted to go out, so I said no problem..besides
they paid me $150.00 to watch Amanda over night, so that
was wicked cool with me. I arrived at 2pm and changed
into my white bikini to get some sun. Amanda came out for
a while and chatted then went back into the house. It was
a really hot day, so I decided to go to the Refrigerator
and see what they had to drink. I looked for a second and
spotted a wine cooler on the shelf, just begging to be
drinken! So I grabbed it and sat back down. Amanda came
out a few minutes later and kinda looked at the wine cooler
but didnt say anything. I asked her if shed mind
putting some suntan oil on my back and she said no
problem I changed to my tummy and pulled up my hair so
she could rub it on. Amanda took the bottle and poured it
on my back and massaged it around. It felt really good
but she sure did use a lot of oil, then she went back
inside. About 20 minutes later she came out and said
she had something to show me on the TV. I got up and
walked in with her, when I walked into the living room, I
saw that she had a large blanket laid out on the floor in
front of the TV. She asked me to lay down on the blanket
with her to watch the TV. I laid down, not having a clue
what she was up to. When she punched the play button, I
saw a perfect image of me, getting the wine cooler and
opening it, then drinking it. What the hell are you up
to Amanda? I demanded. She said she had made a duplicate
of the tape, and locked it up, and that I could have both
tapes if I let her tie me up again. She threatened to
show her parents, and my money making babysitting business
would be over! There was no way I could afford college or
my car if that happened, so as disgusted as I was, I
agreed. Amanda asked me to put my arms behind my back
and she quickly grabbed my elbows and pushed them
together. Before I could react, she tied my elbows
together and pulled the ropes tight. Not so damn tight!
I told her. She said shed loosen them in a
minute.stupid me, I believed her. Then she tied my
wrists with what seemed like a ton of rope. where did
you learn this? I asked. She giggled and said she had
spent the week on her Dads computer looking up tying
techniques on Japanese websites. She had me sit up and
she proceeded to bind my upper arms against my torso by
wrapping rope above and below my breasts, pinching them so
that they protruded. Then she hung a rope over the back
of my neck and ran the ends between my breasts and wrapped
it around the ropes below and above my breasts. Then tied
it off behind my back. Damn it Amanda, are you about
done? I demanded. For my comment she pushed me over onto
my back and laughed. Before I could react she grabbed my
ankles and tied them together, then did the same with ropes
above and below my knees. Then the little shit rolled me
over onto my stomach (which hurt because of how she had
tied my boobs). She bent my legs and tied a rope from my
wrists to my ankles and hogtied me! Im gonna get you
for this was the next thing out of my mouth, I was really
getting mad! I told her she was a little lesbian slut for
doing this to methat comment got me a piece of duct tape
over my mouth! I couldnt hardly move, she had done her
homework. She told me that I was to remain this way till
I got lose. Obviously that wasnt gonna happen. Then
she blindfolded me. She left me struggling on the floor
for over an hour before letting me go. I was so mad I
couldnt even look at her the rest of the night!!! True
to her word she gave me the tapes in the morning, by that
time I had calmed down enough to put on a good show of
being the happy babysitter for her parents. When I left
she gave me a big hug and said..See ya Friday!!
[email protected]

Wednesday April 25th 2001 10:25:43
Anyone know of some sites where we can find more stories
about guys getting tied and clothed pictures? I remember
years ago this site was essentially about guys getting
tied, but now it seems like most of the stories are about

I'd love to hear about cops and robbers experiances where
the male was arrested, frisked, handcuffed, etc.


Wednesday April 25th 2001 12:07:55
I have created the cyber Tug website. It was British
Knight's idea so I made British a co founder. Go to the
website and let the games begin!

See ya

[email protected]

Wednesday April 25th 2001 01:54:51
My Dreambook
I have just opened a Cyber TUG club with BritishKnight, but
I also have a dreambook that needs some help. So go to my
dreambook and post some stories!

[email protected]

Wednesday April 25th 2001 04:22:24

My name is Justin. I've been reading letters on this site
for almost two years. I just turned 16, and I'm an honor
student in high school. My parents work for a computer
company, and sometimes they have to travel for a few weeks
or even more than a month. When that happens, I stay with
my aunt and uncle who live nearby which is good because I
don't miss any school. I enjoy being with them as they have
really nice computer equipment, a big television and a
swimming pool. My parents left a few weeks ago, and will be
gone for more than six weeks this time.

One afternoon I was reading entries on this page when my
uncle came in and asked me what I was doing. I was
embarrassed, but I showed him this page, and we read some of
the letters together. My uncle asked me I enjoyed reading
about people being tied up and I said that I did very much.
He asked if I had ever been tied up, and I said that I had a
couple of times. I had a friend in school who showed me
this page, and we tried a few tie-up-things, but then he
moved away. That was over a year ago. Since then I haven't
been able to find anyone who was interested.

Then I got very brave and asked my uncle, "Would you tie me
"I don't know if that would be a good idea," he answered,
and then I was really embarrassed, so I didn't mention it

A few days ago was my sixteenth birthday. My aunt and uncle
had a special dinner for me, and I got the gifts my parents
had left. It was nice. Then my aunt gave me another
package. In it was a small red speedo swim suit. My aunt
said she didn't like my cut-offs (my uncle wears a thong and
she wears a string bikini when they are in their very
private pool), and thought I needed a proper suit when I was
in their pool. She asked me to go and try it on. I did,
and returned, a little shy about how I looked - the suit was
really snug and it was the first time I had been in a
speedo. "There's no doubt that you're a boy," she said,
looking at me and she laughed. Then I turned about as red
as the swim suit.

Then they gave me another box, and I opened it. Inside I
found rope and duct tape and a few other things.

"I don't understand," I said.

"Well," said my uncle, "we've decided to tie you up."

I couldn't believe it. "Really!" I said. "When?"

"Right now."

"Oh, then I'll go and put my clothes back on."
"No," my aunt said, "It's better with you in your new swim
suit. Clothes get in the way. But you should go to the
bathroom. It may be a while before you can go again."

I went to the bathroom, and then met them in the den in
front of the television set where they went to work tying me
up. My uncle bound my hands behind my back while my aunt
worked on my legs tying rope at my ankles, above and below
my knees. They tied my upper arms to my body with tight
wraps of rope around my chest. My aunt put lengths of duct
tape over the rope on my wrist and ankles and she taped my
fingers so that all of my hands were bound with tape and I
couldn't move my fingers. They tied a piece of rope to the
rope that went around my chest, took it down between my legs
and tied it to my hands in back, then up in front again and
back to the chest ropes.

"Wow," I said, "You are really tying me up good."
My uncle said, "If you want to do something, do it right.
We wouldn't want you to escape would we?."

"I guess not," I said. I wasn't so sure about all this
after all. But it was too late. There was no way I could
get out now even if I wanted to. And I told myself, it was
my dream and I had asked them to do it.

My uncle produced a small ball, and told me to open my

"What's that for?" I asked.

"It's a gag," he said. "Now open your mouth."

"I've never been gagged before," I said. "I don't think I
want to be gagged."

"It's part of being tied up," my aunt said. "You know -
bound and gagged. They go together. You can't really have
one without the other."

"All the people we read about on that tie-up page on your
computer were gagged," my uncle added.

So I opened my mouth wide. My uncle put the ball inside.
It had a cord through it, and he fastened this around my
face and behind my head so that I couldn't push the ball out
with my tongue. He told me to close my mouth as much as I
could and get my lips close together while they put a rubber
swim cap on my head. Then they wrapped duct tape all around
my mouth - front to back and around and around covering
everything from my nose down. More tape went under my chin
and up over my head. The rubber cap kept the tape away from
my hair. When they had finished, I found I couldn't say
much of anything.

They laid me down on the floor, and tied my ankles to the
rope that circled my chest. My uncle said that the hog-tie.
would keep me from moving around too much. Finished, they
stood and looked me over. I was bound beyond my wildest
dreams. I could see the clock, it was about 6:30 PM.

My aunt took one more strip of duct tape and put it over my

"What a great looking birthday package," my aunt said. My
uncle agreed. "And the birthday boy will have to open it by

I wondered what that meant.

My aunt and uncle went about their normal evening routine,
watching television, having a drink, talking on the phone,
and so on. You would have though it was perfectly normal to
have a boy trussed up, gagged and hog-tied on the floor.
They paid no attention to me at all.

I struggled, tried to free myself, tried to talk, and
generally enjoyed myself finding that the feeling of being
bound was very enjoyable. I really liked it - for a while

But after a couple of hours, I was more than ready to be
untied, but they just ignored me and the noises I made. I
squirmed and tried even more to free myself, but got
nowhere. So I thought I would just have to wait until they
decided to free me. At ten o'clock, the late news started,
which they always watched. I had been bound for 3 1/2 hours
by then and was really wanting to be untied. Not much
longer, I thought - surely they would untie me before they
went to bed. I was feeling the need to go to the bathroom.

When the news ended I heard them turn off the television,
and move around the room. My uncle said " It seems like the
birthday boy has decided not to open his package. Guess he
wants to stay that way. Good night Justin. Sleep well," and
I heard them walk out of the room turning off the lights. I
couldn't believe it. There I lay with no escape. My dream
fantasy became a nightmare. I squirmed and made as much
noise as I could, but nothing. I started to think that I
would be all night that way. And my bladder was about to

But after about 30 minutes, they returned, turned on the
lights, and freed me. They were laughing and my aunt said,
"Did you think you would be here all night?"

"I sure did," I answered.

"Did you enjoy being tied up?" my uncle asked.

"Yes," I said "It was great. All I ever had before was my
hands tied behind my back and my feet tied at my ankles. It
was really something!"

"Well, happy birthday," my aunt said. "Now go to bed."

In the morning at breakfast my aunt and uncle told me
something interesting. They said they would be willing to
tie me up any time I asked if it was something I enjoyed.
But there was one thing. Once tied up, they would not free
me until they wanted to, and it might be a few hours or
maybe a whole weekend. I would never know and they would not
tell me before I was bound and gagged.

Now I don't know what to do. I really did enjoy being tied
up. But I don't know if I would like it for a long time. I
hope readers of this site will give me advice. Should I
asked my aunt and uncle to tie me up again or not? Please
answer soon as my mother and father are due back in a few


Wednesday April 25th 2001 09:05:22
To Justin:
Sounds like you had a ball (no pun intended)! However, as
with any tie-up game, you have to have rules and agree to
them, and they can't be ALL one-sided. I recommend you
negotiate some rules concerning how much time you remain
tied up, some privacy guidelines, and restrictions on
positions or techniques which will or may reasonably cause
injury. The negotiations will either lead you to some
standing rules, or the decision not to play. And remember,
you can't always trust a "grup".

Wednesday April 25th 2001 09:23:29
Response to Justin's question
Hi. I've never posted here, but I've been reading the stories for about a month or so. Anyways, Justin, I think you should go to your aunt and uncle and ask them a few questions about when they tie you up, if you decide to let them. You should find out if and when they would give you bathroom breaks and let you have something to eat and drink if they were to leave you bound for a long time. And be absolutely sure that they are going to stay home the entire time that you are bound. I'm sure that your aunt and uncle would make sure that nothing would happen to you. So, after you get these things figured out, I say go for it. This is probably the only chance you will get to be tied up all you want and have the security of adults around to keep you safe. I say do it.

Oh, and if you do let them tie you up again, be sure to tell us about it.

[email protected]

Thursday April 26th 2001 11:25:41
Good crop at the Summit!
Hello! I am from Quebec city, Canada, and we had President Bush and the other 33 heads of state of the Americas last week end visiting us. There were huge demonstrations and riots, over 400 arrests, including a few dozens of women. P

It has been over for four days now, and I am still so excited! I got to see on TV, and in the local paper, a few charming young ladies tied up with the tie wraps police use in such occasions. On TV, they showed a young woman obviously trying to convince the officers she had done nothing wrong, but to no avail. It is delicious to observe her face while one officer holds her against a car, while another one brings her tie wrap. She does not look too enthusiastic when she sees them, but she has to submit, hands behind her back. Two small swings by the officer, one for each wrist,and bingo, she is put into the bus that will carry her to jail. Do not worry, lady, you will get to adore your bounds!

The more I see these white nylon handcuffs, the more I prefer them to the conventional metal ones. They are more visible, and not really less secure (the prisoner cannot be freed without a knife or some scissors, and the fact that they can be used only once (since the bounds will have to be cut) adds still more erotism for people like us. "This tie wrap is for you only, my lady! Nobody else will ever have the pleasure to be tied up with it! You could nearly fantasize it was made especially for you!" Wow! I feel frustrated when I think of all those beautiful tied up girls that were not filmed or photographed, last week end. P

In the local paper, we had a photo of two young girls just arrested, laying on their belly in the grass. One of them was extremely cute, almost smiling. Who knows? Maybe she was thinking: "Look at those two white stems emerging victoriously from my back! They proclaim my capture, as do my twisted arms behind me! I have been wearing nylon on my legs for years, and today nylon makes me totally submissive. Yippee!"

Luc Santerre
[email protected]

Thursday April 26th 2001 02:14:34
thanks for the great website. i will post a story soon
tracy hunter

Thursday April 26th 2001 04:37:50
Cyber TUG
Hello! Okay, we are about ready to get things started. We will be using the Yahoo club to post general messages, post pictures, and post links. We can also use the chat room.

All role-playing stories, however, will be posted on the following message board:

The reason for this is that all messages relating to one particular story will stay together. On Yahoo, the messages are scattered so it would be hard to follow a story.

Again, the Yahoo club will just be a central location. If you want to go directly to the message board, use the link above. The link to the forum is also posted on the Yahoo club.

On the message board, I have posted a sample story that I played with someone else. It should give you some ideas on how to role-play. There are no specific rules, really. Just let your imagination go wild and see what happens. :)

Lastly, I just want to thank Hellkane for helping to start this. I also want to thank Nathraq for inventing the term "TUG." And I of course have to thank Canuck for one of the best sites around.

So that's about it. Let's play!

British Knight
[email protected]

Friday April 27th 2001 01:39:00
Zorro's College Adventure
Alright, folks, I'm back....for now. Some of you may remember me, and some may not. Oh, well. For those who do remember me, I'm in college (first year) so I haven't had much internet time. But, today, I do, and I've been itching to post an experience I lived through at the end of March of this year.

A new drescription of myself is in order. I stand at 5'9'', and weigh 168-170 lbs. At the time, my brown hair reached my shoulders and looked kind of wild (picture Wolverine from the X-Men.....yeah, THAT bad). I've adopted more of a goth look, and dress in black t-shirts, black fingergloves and a black leather trenchcoat which is almost my trademark now. It's amazing that whenever a guy in a trench goes past folks, they eye him like he's going to start shooting them. Oh, well.
This was my second semester at the college (I ain't giving the name, but it's in New York) and I had stayed there later than usual, typing up a term paper that was due the next day that I'd put off writing until the day before, as I always do (kids, I am a poor role model). I had lost track of time (besides the fact that I type at a slug-like 20 words a minute) and by the time I was finished, the clock on the wall said 7:30 pm. I thought "No way!", but my watch had the same time. Muttering a curse to myself, I ran out of the computer lab and rushed down the stairs to the ground floor.

My campus is nice but big, and it's a five-ten minute walk to the bus stop where I was (furthest building). Plus, that particular bus is notourious for being really late during night hours. I knew I wouldn't be home until at least 9pm, and that pissed me off (plus the fact that my mother'd yell at me, which she did later on, in true "Godzilla" fashion). Still pretty angry at myself and the universe in general, I walked outside quickly. It was a chilly night, and the wind was making the tails of my trench flap like a cape, which I like. I carried my green duffel bag, where I carry my books. I was storming through the paved pathway when suddenly, a strange sight caught the corner of my eye; a girl in her underwear.

I thought "man, being single must be gettin' to me", and I turned around, expecting to see nothing. But I saw something, all right. This brown haired girl with a cute face and brown eyes, in her white bra and underwear, tied to a thin tree in front of the library (which was closed). Her hair was long and all messed up from the wind. Her hands were behind her back and behind the tree (told you, it was skinny). Rope was wrapped around her waist and arms, under her breasts, pinning her to the tree. The lower half of her face was covered in duct tape, I'd estimate about 4-6 strips over her mouth, but that's just a guess. Her ankles (she still had socks on; white socks) weren't tied, but she wasn't going anywhere. And she was shivering and mumbling with cold.

I could barely believe my eyes. It'd been years since I'd tied a girl up, and NEVER in their underwear. Being kind of a perv, I stared for about a minute, letting the image sink into my memory. She turned towards me and looked me right in the eye with a cold, helpless look, and muffled something, still shaking. I looked at my watch. 7:45. "Aw, Sh!t." I believe I muttered to myself and I walked across the grass over to her.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here," I said, even though I didn't know her, and visa versa. I grabbed the end of the tape (which was behind her jaw) and peeled it slowly. It came off easilly; the glue being loosened my her mouth. She instantly spit out a cloth wad and it bounced off my chest. It looked like a t-shirt or underwear, but I never looked at it or touched it; it was soaked with saliva. Her skin was cold to the touch, especillay her cheeks.

Her teeth started chattering. "W-w-w-w-what're.....y-you...d-d-d-doing..?"

I looked at her blankly, wanting to say something sarcastic, but my chivalry was prventing it. "Um....why are you tied to a tree?"

I went behind her back, and sure enough, her wrists had been tied together with the same rope that was across her chest; white clothesline rope, I think. Her palms were facing outward and the rope was cinched between her wrists. The knot looked big, and I stuggled to untie it, my hands shaking with nervousness.

"N-no, stop!" she sputtered. "I'm trying to get into Ultimo's..."

I figured it was a sorority, but I'd never heard of it, since I never actually wanted to join one in the first place (hey, if I want to waste time, get drunk and watch movies with folks, I'll just hang out with my old high school buds). Besides, I'm kinda naive about the whole "college" thing, since it was still new to me. Besides, "Ultimo" sounded like a dumb name.

I muttered the F-word and used my teeth to help me pick the knot, and it hurt doing it. Finally, the knot unraveled and I unlooped the ropes from her hands. I turned my attention to the waist-ropes, and since the knot was the same, it took me slightly less time to untie.

"Look, do you really want to be here all night?" I said back. "You're ice cold."

I was right, actually. It was about 40 degrees that night, but the wind-chill made it worse. The ropes feel down her body and to her feet, and she stumbled away from the tree, holding on to me. I hugged her close, and she was starting to get me cold. We started towards one of the buildings (I had no clue what to do) when I heard footsteps on the grass. A lot of them. Like a group.

I turned, and saw at least a dozen students approaching, mostly men (but two were girls). A few were holding bondage accessories: rope, ballgag, a roll of tape, handcuffs. They muttered something about "her initiation" and "get him, too", I forget their words exactly. But, I got the jist and started to run, holding her arms and dragging her along. I realized she was slowing me down, so I tried to lift her and was surprised by how light she was. Maybe it was the adrenaline, but I was able to carry her in both arms(with my duffel bag handle over an arm) and run rather quickly, hearing them cursing and pursuing.

I never liked being tied up, and didn't want to see what was going to happen to me if they caught me. Picture a man in a black trenchcoat carrying a scantly clad girl (I figure she was 19-21, but I'm not sure) being chased by about 12 others, shouting and howling. I later wondered why the security guards hadn't noticed a thing, but at the time, I didn't care. I pushed open a door that was slightly ajar and slammed it behind me with my hip. I put her down on the floor rather roughly (heard an "Ow!") and pulled the door shut the rest of the way, knowing it would lock (some doors are like that in my school). They beat at the door and were shouting up a storm. I backed away from the door.

"What're you, think you're Batman, or somethin'?" I heard her mumble as she got up, hugging her sides, and leaned against the wall, her knees knocking slightly. Man, she was hot, but I knew I had no chance with her (don't you love my confidence?).

I was panting, tired and out of breathe. My arms were sore and my sides hurt. I leaned against the wall, too. "No."

"They're gonna kick your ass, y'know," she said.

I didn't answer. This girl was too damned confusing. She was actually angry that I saved her from frostbyte, or hypotherma, or some other cold-related illness. I turned towards the door and saw that they'd left. They had either quit and left, were chased off my security or were looking for another way in (which there was; doors everywhere). I grabbed my bag and walked quickly.

She gave me a puzzled, "where are you going" kind of look. I glared at her, annoyed and a little nervous (I'm no coward; a one-on-one brawl is one thing, but I can't beat up 12 folks). "Hey, you want in Ultimo's so bad, YOU go talk to'em. I'm outta here."

I made it five steps when I felt something jump on my arm. It was her. She was still cold and clung to me for warmth. I'll bet she was freaked, too.

"You jerk, you were gonna leave me!?" she snaps. "In my f!cking underwear all alone?! You perverted a**hole..."

Now, most men I know would've just left her there and swore some, but dammit, my chivalry has always been my weakness. We crept through the halls quietly, my boots echoing in the halls. At least with it so empty, I would here them coming.

"Did you LIKE being tied to a tree!?" I whispered to her.

"I dunno," she whispered back. "I was freezing my ass off."

"So why the hell're you givin' me sh!t for?" I whisper back, a little louder. "I'm just tryin' to help. God, man..."

"Look, look, I'm sorry, okay?" she whispers back, looking into my eyes. "I didn't know when they'd come for me and you were the only person who passed who went to untie me. That's....kinda sweet....."

We were passing the cafeteria, and a security guard ran up to us, and was trying to twist my arm behind my back when she started telling him that I wasn't raping her, or anything. He let me go, held her, and started radioing on his "walkie-talkie" for other guards. I took that oppurtunity to grab my bag and split, running very quickly for the exit to the college, which wasn't far from the cafeteria.

I was legging it across the parking lot when I heard someone say, "THERE he is!" and packs of feet coming at me. I ran for dear life past the guardbooth and heard my pursuers stop; a guard must've come out. I made it to the bus stop, and wasn't the only person waiting there. I was tired, out-of-breathe and now REALLY late (it was 8:30-ish). And all for nothing.

That was in March. Those "Ultimo" boys never beat me up, and I never saw that girl again. However, I read an article (small one) in the weekly college newspaper (some crappy 4-5 page thing) that had a paragraph or too about the "Initiation Nightmare". Turns out that girl's name was Veronica, and she described her hero as "some guy in a trenchcoat". Oh, well.

THE END. Dunno when I'll be back. Keep posting stories. 'Ciao.

US of A

Saturday April 28th 2001 09:50:40
Double the Fun: Part 2
Hi everyone, its James here again. Heres the conclusion of the story that I started on the 24 March.

It was almost 2:00 and Beth would be arriving soon.

We all slumped back onto the couch and had a discussion about our latest game. Everyone, myself included, enjoyed the role-playing that went on during that game, and the twins were enjoying their tie up experience.

The clock ticked passed 2:30 and Beth still hadnt arrived, which wasnt a total surprise to us, seeing as she was always late. Jodie quickly went upstairs to change into a pair of shorts and Mark did the same.

Five minutes later, we all got impatient, the twins especially, so we decided not to wait for Beth and start a new game without her.

We got a little stuck on how we should play the game, but after a little bit of a debate, we decided on splitting up into two teams, one team of two and one team of three. We didnt give the game a name, but the objective was to, surprise surprise, capture and tie up the members of the other team!

We picked the teams by writing our names on scrap pieces of paper and putting them all into a small plastic container. The teams were decided. Team one consisted of Lisa, Mark and Jodie. Team two consisted of Caitlin and myself. We decided that when Beth came, she would be placed in our team to even it up.

Because of the imbalance between our team and theirs, the other team could not stay together as a group of three; they had to split up into a group of two and a single. This rule would remain in place until Beth arrived.

The next problem we faced was deciding how to start the game. After another little discussion, we decided that Caitlin and I would make the shed in the backyard our headquarters, and the others would use the basement. We had to stay in our HQ for ten minutes before venturing out.

Each team was given a plastic bag, which contained about ten pieces of rope of different lengths, six bandanas, three pairs of long socks, a small roll of black electrical tape and three puny water guns.

If you were hit with the water fun on the chest, you were paralysed, meaning you had to surrender. If you got hit anywhere else, it didnt count.

I asked if there was anything else we needed to discuss, nobody said anything, so let the games begin!

Caitlin quickly grabbed our share; Lisa did the same for her team (boy, were they enthusiastic!) and the teams parted as we trotted off to the shed, and the other team to the basement.

I looked at my watch every five seconds, hoping that the ten minutes would be up. Finally, I got impatient and we headed off two minutes early. We snuck into the house, trying to avoid making creaking noises on the carpet. We decided to hide in the little area under the stairs, the same place where Beth and I were tricked and tied up in an awkward position.

We waited for another five minutes before we finally heard footsteps coming from the basement. I looked over at Caitlin who looked really excited and was shaking from head to toe.

We heard one set of footsteps walk past the door, and up the stairs. I imagined that the other two were still hiding in the basement. I looked at Caitlin and asked her what she wanted to do. Did she want to go after the one upstairs, or wait a little longer. I probably neednt have wasted my breath, she enthusiastically said, The one upstairs! The one upstairs!

Just as I was about to open the door, I heard more footsteps coming out of the basement, this time two sets. But this time, the footsteps didnt walk past our door. I nudged the door open a little bit and saw the backs of Lisa and Mark, heading towards our HQ. I told Caitlin this, but she still wanted to go for Jodie, who was lurking upstairs.

So we waited until Mark and Lisa were out of view before we headed upstairs. With water guns in hand, we crept up the stairs without too many problems and we were met with silence from upstairs. I told Caitlin to stay still, hoping that I would hear a faint sound coming from somewhere. But it wasnt forthcoming.

I was about to look into the first room when Jodie appeared outside her bedroom door. She drew her water pistol from her pocket, but by then it was too late. Her shirt was covered in little blobs of water as she dropped her gun and was forced to surrender. She let out the loudest scream Id ever heard in my life before I clamped by hand over her mouth, and put the gun to her head.

Do that again, and Ill blow your brains out! I growled. She ceased her yell and looked at me with those little puppy eyes that said dont hurt me, please.

I was certain that anyone within a mile couldve heard that scream and quickly asked Caitlin to look outside the window to see if Mark and Lisa were aroused. She rushed over to the window and told me that she saw them inside our shed, but they were rummaging around the place and didnt seem to have heard the scream.

I was surprised, but relieved nonetheless. Then it struck me. Id forgotten the rope in the shed! I told Caitlin this, and she happily produced a few lengths of rope that had been tied around her waist.

Arent you lucky to have me? she teased.

I helped Jodie into a kneeling position, where I crossed her wrists behind her and tied them nice and tight!

What should we do with her? Caitlin asked.

I thought for a moment. Are they still outside? I asked her.

Caitlin looked out the window. Yeah, theyre still in the shed.

Well, if they use our HQ, well use theirs. I helped Jodie stand up, and I grabbed her left arm and Caitlin grabbed her right, and we escorted her down the stairs and into their basement.

I sat her down in the corner and Caitlin handed me the rest of her rope. I asked her to watch the door while I finished tying Jodie. She objected and said that she wanted to do the tying, just for a little retribution for Jodie tying her up in the previous game. I handed over the rope and Caitlin happily accepted them, and got on with tying Jodie.

I watched the hallway and looked left and right but I didnt see anyone coming. Caitlin called out to me, and told me that shed run out of rope. I checked the hallway one last time, before closing the door.

Theres no more rope to tie her legs, and I havent got anything to gag her with. she complained.

I thought for a moment.

I pulled out my water gun and put it to Jodies head, OK, tell me where the stuff is or Ill blow your head off.

Jodie cowered further into the corner and looked at me again with those scared little puppy eyes and said with a shiver in her voice, Th.theyre in the ..p..p..plastic bag.

I looked around the room and found the plastic bag lying in the opposite corner. Caitlin picked it up and brought it over. All the rope and bandanas were gone, and all that was left were the socks and black tape.

Caitlin pulled out the black tape and ripped off a huge piece and was about to tie Jodies ankles when she pulled them away.

Are you crazy? Thats gonna kill when I take it off! Jodie said.

Well, how about we put some socks on you first? I asked.

Jodie nodded. I thought that this could be payback for the time when Jodie made me wear her white knee socks while tied up, which embarrassed the hell out of me. But then it struck me that she wore them everyday to school anyway, so shed be used to it anyway.

I put the socks on her and Caitlin tied her ankles and her knees with the tape. Lastly, as Caitlin kept pointing out, we needed a gag. I grabbed a sock and just as I was about to gag her, we heard a knock on the door.

I dropped the sock and quickly clamped my hand over Jodies mouth. I grabbed my water pistol and motioned for Caitlin to do the same.

After she was armed, I yelled out, Who is it?

There was a slight pause. Its Mark. We know youve got Jodie, and were willing to make a trade.

A trade? I thought. Was one of them going to take her place?

Trade with what? I asked him.

There was another pause. Can we come in?

I thought again. OK, but throw your guns down the stairs before coming down.

The door opened, and Mark appeared. He threw down two water pistols and Caitlin promptly collected them.

Now, what are you going to trade with? I asked him.

He yelled out, Bring her in Lisa.

Lisa appeared at the doorway with her left arm clutching the right arm of a tied up and gagged Beth! She helped her downstairs and brought her over to Mark.

Now, do we have a trade? Mark asked.

Beth started crying out behind her gag, so I took that as a sign that she wanted me to do the trade. I agreed to the trade, but before I handed Jodie over, I picked up the sock and gagged her with it, much to her annoyance.

We swapped prisoners, and we backward stepped up the stairs. Once we reached the top, Caitlin threw down the two water pistols put the two water pistols at the top of the stairs, and closed the door.

We escorted Beth back into the shed, and promptly untied her. We asked her what had happened and she told us.

Beth arrived just after the ten minutes were up and saw Mark and Lisa in the backyard. She greeted them, and they invited her to come in through the backyard. They lured her into the shed where she was ambushed. Beth said that Lisa and Mark jumped her and told her about the game we were playing, and how she was the enemy and shed been captured. She argued that she shouldve been given prior warning, but they didnt listen. They heard Jodies loud scream from upstairs and knew whatd happened. They came up with the idea of a trade after they saw us taking the tied up Jodie into the basement.

Now that all of that was cleared up, the game continued.

This is when the game started to get boring. There was no movement from the other team for a long time.

Beth and I sat down with our legs crossed on the concrete floor bored to death. Beth played with her hair, and I around with a tennis ball that was lying in the garage. Caitlin kept peering out the window every ten seconds hoping for something to happen, but nothing eventuated.

Finally, after about 30 minutes or so, Lisa can trudging out of the house holding a stick with a piece of white cloth hanging off the top. We got our water pistols ready, in case this was a trick.

She slowly opened the door and peeked inside. All of us yelled Freeze, this startled her and she fell back onto the grass.

Hey, whoa! Hold it. See this, Lisa said, waving the little flag in her hand. It means peace.

Actually, that flag meant surrender, but we let it go.

What do you want? Caitlin asked, still aiming her water pistol straight at her sisters forehead.

The other guys said that the game was getting pretty boring and want to change it.

How? I asked.

Same as now, but teams of two and everyone must split up.

I looked at Beth and Caitlin. What do you guys think?

Both of them shrugged their shoulders and hesitated a little. I made the first move.

I think its a good idea. At least itll be more exciting that sitting around here all day. I said.

Beth and Caitlin then agreed, but we didnt know how to split up the teams.

Oh thats easy. Each person from your team partners someone from the other the team. Everyone pick a number, 1, 2 or 3. Lisa said.

Two was my answer, three was Beths and Caitlin got stuck with one.

Lisa thought for a moment. OK, Caitlins with Mark, James is with me, and Beth is with Jodie.

Thats it? I said. So we just split up now?

Lisa went on to explain some of the rules of the game. The rules that were used in the previous game were still in effect; each person had to carry their own rope, and that would be used to tie you up if captured, you could not capture anyone while they are tying someone up, you can release your partner if they had been captured, but you could be captured yourself while untying him/her.

Well, Im going to tell the others that youve said yes, and in five minutes, we all split up. OK?

We all nodded, and Lisa ran back into the house to tell them the news.

Straight away, we went about splitting up all the ropes and stuff that were still in the bag. There was a little bit of argument over how much each person was getting, but we settled it in the end.

We agreed that I would be the first one to go out, and then Caitlin, and Beth would leave last. I ran out towards to the house, not knowing what to expect. I had my water pistol ready in hand. I didnt hear any movement inside the house, but I did still hear some talking going on in the basement as I walked passed.

I mustve gone out a little early, so I decided to hide first and wait for someone to come to me.

I tip toed upstairs and into Jodies room. I hid behind the door and waited. About a minute later, I heard the first signs of movement inside the house, but the noise faded away.

A few moments later, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps stopped soon after, and I resisted the temptation to take a quick peek outside.

The footsteps continued slowly towards Jodies room, and I readied myself for the attack!

The footsteps stopped outside the door. They slowly crept into the room, and it was time to make my move!

I jumped out from behind the door and fired. Id fired several shots before I noticed that it was one of the twins that was soaked in water.

I knocked the water pistol from her hand before she could react, and quickly grabbed it from the floor. I pointed them both at her.

I still couldnt recognise which one was which, so I embarrassingly had to ask her, Which one are you?

Im Lisa!. she said, hesitantly. This hesitation gave it away, and I promptly said that she was lying.

Caitlin sighed as she was found out, and I pulled her into Jodies room and shut the door.

I asked her to lie down on the floor, and she complied. She had her ropes tied around her waist, and it took me a while to undo it. She giggled and teased me for taking so long. Finally, I managed to remove the rope, and I got started.

I brought her wrists behind her and used a small length of rope to tie them. It only went around three times, but it would suffice. I used the second length of rope to tie her ankles, which I crossed beforehand. There was one piece of rope left, and I had to choose between tying her knees and her arms.

Caitlin noticed this and looked curiously at me. What are you doing?

Where do you want me to tie you with this rope? The knees or the arms? I asked her, holding up the length of rope.

Why are you asking me? Youre the one doing the tying! she laughed.

I decided on tying her knees rather than her arms. The last rope was a long one and it went around her knees about 7-8 times before I knotted it.

I picked up the bandana and the sock, and held them both up.

Which one, Caitlin? I asked her.

She giggled. Aww, arent you nice? Ill have the bandana.

I dropped the sock, and held the bandana to her mouth. Any last words? I laughed.

Umm, no. she giggled.

I pressed the bandana into her mouth and knotted it behind her head. I grabbed both her arms and dragged her to the other side of the bed, so that she couldnt be seen by anyone walking by the room.

I listened carefully for any footsteps outside the door before I opened it. I peeked outside the door and found no one in the hallway.

I crept out and headed to Marks room. I took one short peek inside, but thats all it took as I felt a huge splash hit me on the side of my head. I half cursed myself, and dropped my gun. I turned around and saw Beth smirking as she picked up my water pistol. She closed the door and pushed me onto the bed.

OK, take them off. she said, pointing at me. For a moment, I thought she was asking me to take my pants off, but then I realised that my ropes were tied around my chest. I untied them and placed them beside me.

OK, stand up and put your hands behind your back. she ordered.

I got off the bed and did as she asked. My hands were firmly tied and she led me over to the closet. She swept all the things lying on the floor to one side, and helped me sit inside the closet. I had four pieces of rope on me, so my ankles, knees and arms were tied.

Beth was not as nice as I was to Caitlin, she didnt ask me which gag I wanted! She picked up the sock and tied it over my mouth and behind my head. She also used the bandana to blindfold me.

Enjoy! she teased, as all the remaining light disappeared as she closed the closet door.

I didnt bother to try to escape, not that I even wanted to anyway. I sat back and leaned against the wall and relaxed myself.

I sat there for roughly another half and hour before someone opened the closet door and removed my blindfold. My eyes took a while adjusting to the light, and I saw Lisa kneeling beside me.

She told me that the game was over and, not surprisingly, Beth and Jodie had won. She ungagged and untied me, and I pulled myself up. The victors were sitting on the couch in the lounge, talking up their victory. We sat down and joined them talking about the game.

Caitlin and Mark returned a few minutes later and joined the discussion. Everyone in turn told how they ended up where they were. Jodie went first. She was the last one to leave the basement, and she was surprised as she got to the top of the stairs by her brother Mark. She was tied up in the basement where Beth found her about fifteen minutes later and untied her. She didnt do much else as she hid under the basement stairs for the rest of the time, until Beth told her that everyone else had been captured.

Beth told her story next. She was the last to leave the garage, and she hid in Marks room where she caught me peeking and tied me up. Then she found Jodie in the basement and untied her. She caught Mark in the kitchen, captured him and tied him up in the garage. She found everyone else had been tied up them, and proclaimed victory.

Mark was the second to leave the basement, and waited at the top of the stairs for Jodie. He surprised her and tied her up. He then found Lisa hiding in the study; he won a shootout thanks to poor aiming by Lisa. He tied her up and locked her in the study. He himself was then caught and was tied up in the garage. He was later released by Beth, who asked him to release Caitlin.

Lisa went next. She hid in the study and lost a shootout to Mark and was tied up. She stayed there until Jodie came and untied her, and asked her to untie me.

I told my story next, and Caitlin went last. She was the second to leave the garage, and she hid for a while in the lounge area before heading up the stairs and was subsequently caught and tied up by me. There she remained until Mark came and untied her.

That ended our games with the twins, Lisa and Caitlin. The adults returned home soon after and we went out for dinner.

Jodie and Mark still keep occasional contact with the twins, while I havent spoken to them since that day.

Next time, were off to the pictures as Jodie and Marks uncle shoots a movie for his media and film studies degree.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading this story!


Saturday April 28th 2001 09:23:59
Well this is ONE of the last stories I remember about Sam, Frank, Heather, Dawn, and me. Sam came over to babysit me again. The reason she was still coming over is because my parents don't trust me. Anyways, Sam came over and we were playing on my Nintendo 64. We were playing Mario Kart and I was playing horrible on purpose because I was setting her up for another bondage experience. Heather and Frank were over, Dawn was fealing sick so she sent her regrets. Heather was wearing a cut off tank top (just below her bra)and cut off shorts, and Sam was wearing a white t-shirt and sinfully short shorts. Frank and I wore t-shirts and shorts. All of us were barefoot. All of us were playing Mario Kart when I made the proposition. If either Frank or I were to come in first, we got to tie up one part of their body. If Sam or Heather came in first, they could tie up a part of our body. We would continue to play until it was impossible to move the joystick and press the accelerator button. Well, I started to kill everybody and easily got first. I tied up Heather's ankles. I won another four times in a row. So Now Sam's ankles and wrists were bound, so were Heather's wrists and I gagged Heather. I got hit in the next round by Sam so she decided to tie up Frank's ankles. Frank and I got the strategy for him to take the girls "karts" out while I just raced around the track. It worked beautifully and I gagged Sam. Then they were as tied as possible so the rule was to add things to them, ice, water, etc. or tie them to something, or tickle them for as many times they have won times 5 minutes. We won six times so we could tickle them for thirty minutes (6*5=30). We tied them to the couch and a recliner. I told Frank "They're helpless let's just get to the tickle torture." So we did. I once again got the ice and we put ice everywhere on them. I then got on top of Heather and proceded to rub ice all over her. She was screaming that so loud, I could almost hear her through gag. I blindfolded Heather and Frank did the same to Sam. Both had wonderfully tan bodies and Frank and I just stared and them for a while. I could just barely see Heather's bra coming out from underneath her shirt. I rubbed her on the stomach and then took a candle, I lit it and ran it all over her body, giving a feeling on intense it for a brief second all over her body. Then after about ten minutes I did it again only putting ice right over the area I just put the candle. She started squirming heavily so I tied her down even more with some more rope. She was begging through her gag to let me go but I decided not to. Frank was doing the same thing to Sam with the candle and ice. Frank then went a little father and lifted her shirt and put some ice under her breasts while putting the candle on top. After a while, we did some things extremely not appropriate for this site. I will let you guess what we did.
I want to respect this forum, while still sharing me great experiences.
John Smith
[email protected]

Saturday April 28th 2001 11:55:11
Tied and True Tales updated
I've just finished updating Tied and true Tales - check out the Updates page to find out what's new and exciting there!

Don't forget to check back there each Sunday for future updates.


Sunday April 29th 2001 03:16:16
Does anybody know...
I read a story recently about a girl who played a TUG with some friends as a bet. They bet that they could tie her up and she couldn't get out. That particular day she didn't wear any underwear. They tied her hands to her top which was tied on by little ties. In order to get out she had to lose the top and in the process give the boys a show. Does anybody know where this story is? Stupidly, I didn't bookmark it.

Thanks in advance.


[email protected]

Sunday April 29th 2001 09:14:57
Tied up while sleeping?
Anyone ever tie up a little brother or a friend while they were asleep? What was there reaction when they woke up? What did you do to them afterwards. Please share your stories with us!

Sunday April 29th 2001 11:19:30
Congratulations Canuck
Congratulations in advance for reaching 1.5 million visits to the sites. It's been a great few years for all who have visited the site, and I hope it will be another great few years to come.

Keep up the good work Canuck!


Sunday April 29th 2001 02:14:51
WELL first,do check out TTT,very NICELY done,and a good read,Also very nice touch how mason(mason right I hope:) ) explains WHY he likes certin photos:)

I do have a STORY,a new one for sure,a post here jogged my memory,because it was such a small,but fun little tie and attempt to tie:) The post asked if anyone ever tied up anybody in there sleep,so here is my story:
I was in my 20's maybe,my sister had a g/f who used to stay with us a lot,she was a big party girl,and she would crash in our spare bedroom almost every weekend:) She was a very pretty woman,brownish to black hair and a nice figure,I had a bit of a crush on her,she was so cute,plus the fact she had a great sense of humor

That attract me more to a girl than looks.For the life of me I cant think of her name.hmm let me think for a second....its right on the tip of my tounge,darn.Well anyways one nice sumer day we were all hanging out she was playing cards with my sister,and I was bored,I had a bit to drink,well for no reason other than to be a pain,I filled up a shallow pie pan with whip cream and snuck up on her,and wham right in the face.Not hard but enough to make a nice mess it got all in her hair,she had nice long shoulder lenght hair.

She was very good natured and laughed it off:) which is how I got the nerve to do a quick tie on her to see how she would react

I am pretty sure it was the same week,me,my sister her g/f,and my sisters b/f. I was a litte buzzed and we wee all goofing around,just being young adults messing around.

Out of nowhere I got very brave,found a roll off masking tape and "pounced" on her,I wraped the tape around her arms a few times and she tried to runaway,I chased her,sorta we were in the house and there was no where to run.I taped her a arms a few more times to her side,right at the elbows,before she ran away again.

my sister and her b/f were watching,my sister was laughing,but her b/f didnt find it to amuseing(what a square) I stoped because I saw she was not really into it,evan though she was gigleing and laughing as she was running away,I can rember her last name..AHA!! HER NAME WAS CAROL :) whew I feel better now. anyhow my sisters b/f untied her( what a bum) and we all had a nice laugh.
Well the following weekend Carol spent the sat night in the spare room,early that week I had read a letter in harnony's life magazine that told of a guy sneaking up on his wife and tieing her up,SO after quite a few beers,well enough to have a nice buzz,not be drunk,it was about 3am carol and evrybody was sleeping,so I thought why not give it a try,and since she was a good partier,I figured I could tie her up with out wakeing her.

BUT there was NOTHING in the house to tie her up with!! Drat the luck,but I wasnt going to give up so easy. I made my way to a 7-11,and ended up buying some rope,I went back home my heart was pounding so hard. I slowy went to the bedroom she was in,she always kept the door open :)

AS I prety much followed the letter,on how the guy snuck up on his wife,she suddenly stirred a litte but didnt wake up.By this time I started to lose my nerve,plus I had a few more drinks,so in a off the wall little joke,at the foot of the bed I piled up all the rope,and I think a scarf I was gonna gag her with,and I went to bed. Figureing it was about as big as a hint I could give.

I still had not TOLD anybody about my "thing" for bound and gagged women. WELL the next day she did in fact see all the rope and asked me just what was I planning on doing,she wasnt mad,but by the tone of her voice and how she worded it,I could tell she was not into ANY kind of tie up games.

Thankfully I was able to brush off my embaresment,for trying something so "weird,by oops haveing a bit to much to drink.
She still spent almost everyweekend with us and we got along real good,I never asked her out,though I should have ,we were about the same age,but I am pretty sure she was seeing someone.

One more thing I would like to share,though it is not realted to tie up games in any way.I feel very at home here,seeing all the "familair faces"BTW Zorro,great story,those are the kind I like,for one because they seem so unreal and YET they are REAL,just look at my Lisa stories,I mean the woman let me tie her up the VERY first time we meet face to face,and in a graveyard.

Anyways I ramble,sorry:) my point is I feel very "safe" here.and well today is my birthday:) I had to work all day,pretty rough job,but I told no one at work,well one woman and she was kind enough not to tell anyone she is a swwethart.
I LOVE this site and enjoy all the stories and people here!!

I sure wish there was the internet when I was young to help me through the confuseing times:) Stay cool and Play SAFE :)


Sunday April 29th 2001 07:49:16
Hi My name is Natalie and I have some stories I would like to share with all of you. When I was about 13 my brother Randy would always tie me up. He was about my age and I kind of liked when he tied me up. Here is my first story: Our parents were working late so he came into my room and asked if I wanted to play a game. I said ok. He came over to me and grabbed my hands and tied my hands behind my back with a cloth. I asked him what he was doing. He said "you wanted to play a game didnt you?" I tod him to untie me. He said that he couldnt. Before I could say anything else he gagged me with another cloth. He then took off my shoes and started to tickle my feet. I started screaming under my gag because I hated to be tickled. Later he untied me. I let him tie me up again but thats another story bye.

Monday April 30th 2001 04:05:49
Any posts OF GUYS getting tied up???
There has to be some

Monday April 30th 2001 06:22:39
Or guys in some sort of suspension? By the hands/feet?

I need some self bondage instructions and would like some clean pictures too.


Monday April 30th 2001 11:54:32
looking for self bondage pics
Dan, if you take the time to check out the 'Self-Bondage' page within the Links section of my site, you should find all that you want. Try Lillan's site if it is specific techniques you are after.

Hope this helps.

And btw, if you are planning on tying yourself up - be careful! Self-bondage can be lots of fun and I hate to sound like a worry-wart but it can be risky in that what you are doing does involve restraint


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