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Exposed Girl (Mg, rape, exhib) Anna writes an essay to her teacher about her secret

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Hello, my name is Anna. I am 11 years old and the teacher told me to write an essay about a secret that I have, I have thought about what I would write, I really want to make the teacher like what I write. Mr Sullivan is a cool teacher, and I would hate to bore him. I decided to tell him about a secret side of my life. That no one knows.

As I said my name is Anna. I always have been a small and skinny girl. Everyone said I had the face of an angel and should be a model. I didnt enter puberty, and that is embarrassing now when all my friends are starting to get hair and boobs. I looked like a little girl. Maybe some people like that. Maybe you do, Mr Sullivan.Anyhow, my secret goes back to when I was 8. I was as said little for my age with long dark blonde hair. I was a princess, as I liked frilly things as well as dresses and things like that. I was very influenced by my friend Chloe that liked wearing tops that showed a lot of skin and shorts and skirts that were very short. She even wore thongs. Of course I wanted to be like her, so I begged mum to buy me the same type of clothes. At first, she said no especially to the thongs. Then after she could see that girls shops sold them, she thought that it was normal for young girls today to wear. So I started wearing clothes that showed my skin. Of course Daddy didnt like them. He said I looked like a slut and a whore. I knew that this was not good. But, I didnt know what those words meant.

I was 8 as I said when my secret started. I didnt know what sex was or what paedophiles were and how people liked other peoples bodies. It was one night when I started getting ready for bed that I forgot to close my curtains. I usually did that because our house was right upagainst our neighbours house. His window was only a few feet from my window. I dont know why people put some houses so close together. Anyhow this happened just after my 8thbirthday. As I said, I forgot to close the curtain. I took off my clothes and was
wearing a new pair of yellow thongs. Then I noticed the light turn on in Mr Donovans (our neighbour) room. Then I realized that he could look straight in my room. I decided that I should have a little modesty, so I went towards the window to close the curtain. However I could see a funny smile on his face and noticed his hand was rubbing his trousers. I was confused. Why was he smiling? Why was he rubbing? Then it hit me, maybe he thought I was pretty. Why did he think a small girl like me was pretty? I felt funny in my stomach and started to walk around the room. It was like there were butterflies in my stomach. It felt sort of good, like when I washed my pussy (that's right, I am using the adult word for it!)in the bath. So here I was walking around the room topless and wearing thongs. I looked down and realized that there was only a triangle in front of my pussy. For some reason, I was making sure that he had a clear view of my pussy and bum. After some time, I saw the light in his room turn off. I didnt know if this meant that he didnt want to see me anymore, so I just put on my night dress and went to bed.

He wanted to see me again, as the next night, his light was on again. This time he was naked. I never saw a naked man before. I stared at his dick as he was stroking it. I started to take my clothes off, while staring at his dick. I wondered why he was doing it. Was it because he thought I was pretty? I was now topless with hot pants on. I considered taking them off, but I was a bit too shy.However, I could not stop wondering if he thought I was pretty, and I was getting that tickly feeling in my pussy. My hand started rubbing my flat nipples. They were hard. After some time, they started to go down until I put my hand in the hot pants and started rubbing my pussy. It was very embarrassing, but I liked the fact that he was looking at me. I wonder what he would do when I started growing boobs. I didnt have the much time to think about it, as his light went off. I just went on my bed and rubbed until I started shaking all over. I never slept so well.

Summer holidays from school was finally here. Now I was free all summer. Summer meant that I could also wear the same clothes as my friends, because it was so warm. However at night-time, I would take off my clothes, but always kept on my panties or thongs. Mr Donovan would be naked and stroke his dick as he always did. I would try to make him happy by dancing around and rubbing my flat chest and pussy under my panties. After a bit, he would turn of the light.

Then one night, I rushed into my room to show him my body. However his light was not on. I was disappointed. I was getting him used to seeing my body. I took off my clothes and lay on the bed while I started feeling my chest and pussy. I tried closing my eyes imagining that Mr Donovan was looking at me. It wasnt the same though. The same happened for the next couple of nights. Mr Donovan was not there. For some reason I needed him or anyone to see my body. When I thought of this, I felt so weird. Why would I want anyone to see me naked? Even daddy told me to tell him if some man touched me in my private place or showed me their privates. The fact is that I wanted someone to see me.

I had to speak with Mr Donovan. I had to ask if he still thought I was pretty. The opportunity came when Mum told me that the postman sent us a magazine that belonged to Mr Donovan. I offered to take it over to him. Mum said that I should get changed first, as I was only wearing my bikini because I was going to relax in the sun. I told Mum it was fine, that it was only Mr Donovan. She sighed and muttered that she could see my nipples and the bikini bottoms were not covering a lot.

I ran over to Mr Donovan and gave him his magazine. He invited me in and we sat on his sofa. He asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap and I said OK. I could see him open the envelope where the magazine was in. It was a magazine of little girls like me in thongs and stockings. I thought they were strange, but it explained why he liked looking at me through the window. He told me I was as pretty as the girls in the magazine, and he admitted that he seen me through my window and he thought I was very sexy. I didnt actually know what sexy meant, but I thought it had something to do with his hand feeling my thighs. I felt summer fliesin my stomach. Then he looked at a picture of a girl wearing a bikini. The top was just a string with small triangles. The bottoms had strings at the sides. He asked me if I wanted to have them as a present. I said yes, and then he said I had to do something for him. He was tired of seeing me in panties. He wanted to see me walk around the back garden without any clothes. My mouth opened when he said this. Then he also told me he could see me from the window, and he would take pictures of me and send them to his friends over the internet. I really didnt understand what he would do with the pictures, but I knew he wanted me to play in our back garden naked. I wish I had boobs like Mum. Mr Donovans hand went up my thigh and I felt a finger go below my bikini bottoms. It stroked my pussy lips. Now I was certain, he was one of those bad men that daddy told me about. He was nasty and a pervert. I rose to me feet quickly, fixed my bikini bottoms and told him I had to rush home.

When I got home, I went into my bedroom. I changed my clothes and put on a tracksuit. I just wanted to cover my body. I should have told Daddy what Mr Donovan did. But Daddy would probably kill him. Plus, it didnt hurt. It just gave me weird feelings in my body. I would keep it a secret. At the same time, I would keep far away from his hands. This worked for a while, and I closed my curtains at night-time when I was getting changed. In the day I wore clothes that covered my body, even though it was warm outside. Mum and dad never said anything.

One day, my granddad came to visit us. I loved him. He looked like Santa Clause. He was jolly and had a big stomach. I loved sitting on his lap even though he would put his hands on my thighs, like Mr Donovan did. But I knew that Granddad was not nasty. He was in the family. I got a cell phone from my Granddad. My Mum and dad thought I was way too young to get one. But I said that my friends had one, so why should I not? Granddad even said he would pay for it. While I sat on Granddads lap, I got a text message, it was from Mr Donovan. He asked did I want that Bikini. I knew then it was him. I wrote back no thanks. Then he sent a picture of me. It was me standing at the window topless with thongs on. You could see the top of my pussy. I think Granddad must have seen it as he let out a gasp. But I deleted the picture as quick as I could. Then Mr Donovan sent another message saying I know what I have to do, otherwise, he would send the picture to Daddy. I panicked and thought that I had to do what he wanted. I told everyone that I was going outside playing.

When I came outside, it was hot. I slowly looked over the fence at Mr Donovans house. I could see him standing at the window. I slowly took off my clothes until I had panties with a bear on them. Then I looked around and I took them off. I was naked. I must have been red in the face, as I walked around the garden pretending to smell the flowers and enjoy the pretty sights. All the time my mind was in turmoil. I was walking around naked as the day I was born. I looked up at Mr Donovan that was staring out his window. I could see that he was taking pictures. I knew that he was going to show others the pictures. I didnt know what to think about this. In a way, it made me feel funny and happy inside, as I knew these men would be looking at me naked. They could see my pussy and flat chests and they would probably feel their dicks like Mr Donovan did. It was sort of fun when others could see me naked. After some time, I forgot Mr Donovan was there and just played in the garden,

Then I heard Daddy shout at me. He was yelling at me to put my clothes on. I could see the way that he was looking at me that he thought I was some sort of whore and slut. I didnt really know what these names meant. I did hear them at school, and knew they were not good. I just stood there as Daddy kept yelling at me and calling my names. Suddenly, it felt bad being naked and letting everyone see me. I was about to sink in the ground when Granddad told daddy to calm down. He said that I was still young, and I was like a pretty angel. He told me that I should come over and sit on his lap. Daddy walked back in the house defeated and a bit angry. I sat with Granddad, and he told me that many people liked being naked for other people. He said when I was so pretty, I shouldnt mind. I smiled. It was nice that he thought I looked like an angel, although his hands were all over my knees and thighs and chest. Once again, I had the same butterflies in my stomach.

My naked trips in the back yard became a daily event. Daddy didnt like it and kept on going about the children of today and how they had no limits. He kept on whining that no matter why there were so many paedophiles, as the children were nothing more than seducers. I didnt understand a word of what he was saying. I just liked being naked, and I admit, that I liked that Mr Donovan and Granddad could see me. Sometimes Mr Donovan had some friends over and they all could stare out the window. I thought it was funny that they wanted to stare at me, being a little girl. I wondered why they didnt just find girlfriends their own age. I dont know which was better, someone watching me being naked or just the idea of being naked.

Mr Donovan gave me a present that was packed in. It had lovely pink wrapping and I could see that it was sent from a shop called Lolita fashion. I opened the pack as if it was Christmas night. It was the white bikini that he promised me. I took it out. It wasnt a lot of cloth. There would be a triangle where my pussy was and small triangles where my nipples were. Otherwise there were strings at the sides. I bet Mr Donovan could put the whole bikini in his fists. There was a note saying that I should show this off at the park. I smiled at this. Imagine all the people that would see me.

This is what I did. I wore a summer dress the following day and put the white bikini under it. I didnt want Daddy to think I would be parading around just in a bikini that hardly covered anything. In a way, I was addicted that others would see my body and be happy seeing it. I know that is weird, but the girls in Mr Donovans magazine must like the same. I know he sent pictures of me to his friends and they can probably be found on some perverted sites and forums. I didnt mind. The men would like my body and it didnt hurt me.

So as soon as I came down to the park, I took off my summer dress. It was warm, so I just laid down and sunbathed. I closed one eye but could see everyone as they walked by. It was funny, as the men and older boys stared at me and nearly had their tongues hanging out. If they had a girlfriend or wife or sister with them, she would scowl and pull the boys arm and tell him that it was a disgrace at I would expose myself in public. Some even asked where my parents were!The funny thing was that I thought it was funny exposing my body and I wish I could be naked, but didnt dare to do that. I did notice however when I moved around, the bikini might move that some of my nipples or pussy could be seen. This made people look an extra time. I knew I was only 8 years old, but I also knew that some men liked little girls.

I continued going to the park every afternoon. It was an addiction and a new hobby. I just loved the attention. One day, when I was finished with the park, I put on my summer dress again and started walking out of the park. I noticed that there were not many cars in the parking lot outside the park. I walked quietly towards the end of the parking lot. Then I got a shock of my life. Someone put their arms around me and pushed me in a white van. There were no windows in the van, so I couldnt scream and ask for someone to help me. Then I saw it was a fat man warned me not to scream, or he would hit me. He even might kill me or my family. I started to cry, and cry a lot. Looking back at it, I bet that turned the man on.

He then forced my dress off of me. It tore a bit and that made me cry more. I was so scared! Then when I was naked, I thought that it was no longer fun to show my body to men, especially this man! He then took his trousers off and his boxers. I could see his dick, which was not as big as Mr Donovans, but it was big when it was just in front of me. He didnt mind that I was scared, shaking and crying. He started feeling my nipples, and pinching them. This hurt! He told me I was a sexy little whore. I pleaded with him to let me go, as I was only 8 years old. He didnt care. He just started licking my nipples. He started licking and going lower until he spread my legs and started licking my pussy. I know I should have enjoyed it, but I was scared and I was not so sure what was happening with me. He also commented that I tasted good, and it would soon be time for me to taste him.

Then he put me on his knees and told me to open my mouth. I did and he took his hard cock and shoved it in my mouth. It didnt taste of much, but it was long and hard. It reminded me of a snake going in and out of my mouth. He warned me not to use my teeth, so I did my best at covering them with my lips. He kept on calling me names like cocksucker, and whore and slut and bimbo. I didnt know what these names actually meant; although I did hear some older children use them at school. I just thought they had something to do with that I had a cock in my mouth. Within no time, the man started peeing in my mouth. I found out later that he was just shooting his baby juice in my mouth. It tasted gooey and salty, and I thought that I was going to vomit. I just gagged and gagged, as he told me to swallow. This was not easy to do, and I really had to force some of it down my throat.

You think that would be the end of the ordeal. It wasnt! I didnt notice that there was a younger man in the drivers seat. He suddenly joined us at back of the van and within no time he was also naked. Once again, I felt very scared. I just wanted to go home. I wanted my Daddy to hug me and call me a princess, saying that everything was OK. The young man just laughed at my crying, and told me I was asking for it. They have noticed me parading around in a skimpy bikini at the park, and they knew Mr Donovan, that showed them pictures of me walking naked. The man lifted my legs and spread them, and then moved closer to me. I could feel his cock against my pussy. Then without a warning, it shoved in causing so much pain. It was not like a snake now; it was like a big pole in me. I thought it would split me into two. I wanted to scream and cry to the whole world, but I didnt want them to kill me or my parents. The young man just said that I was as tight as he ever tried, and he started calling me whore and slut just like the other man. He started moving in and out of me. I will admit that the pain became less, and I was starting to breathe hard myself. I didnt know though that my body was getting used to being fucked, and maybe my body even liked it. I was too afraid enjoy it I think. Although looking back, I think my body was deceiving me, telling me that I should enjoy being fucked, no matter how young I was. The man spermed in me and told me that I could get pregnant with his child. The other man just laughed and said how funny that would be, that I would be a pregnant slut at such a young age!

The men told me to put my clothes on me. The dress and bikini was torn, and I probably looked like I was in a sorry state. The men told me not to tell anyone, as they would just kill everyone I knew. I started crying again as they shoved me out of the van. As I started struggling home, I saw the van speed away. I honestly do not know how I managed to get home. But I did.

When I came in the house, I rushed to daddy and gave him a hug and started to cry. He looked confused and then a bit mad and wanted to know who I was in a fight with? I didnt answer as the men said they would kill everyone. He then told me to go to my bedroom and change my clothes. I struggled up to my bedroom and changed to my night dress. Mum came up and looked worried. She gathered my torn dress and bikini and dress. She could see that there were blood stains on the bikini bottoms. Then she rushed down to daddy and didnt say a word.

I want to know what has happened little girl. Daddy stormed in my room later. I was just silent and didnt say a word. He continued, Your pussy has bled. This means you have seen a man naked and let him play with you

I told Daddy that this was not the case. I told him everything about Mr Donovan, and the trips to the park, and then what happened today. You would think that my daddy could see that I was raped by two pervs. That was not the case. He thought everything was my fault! He told me that I obviously liked old men looking at my naked body. Then he told me that I probably turned men on, and these men thought I was some slut or even whore. He even explained to me what these words meant! I kept saying no, and just wanted him to smile and tell me that everything would be OK. This would not happen. To him, I just flirted with men and boys in the backyard andat the park. Getting a cock in my mouth and pussy was what I was secretly asking for. I cried and cried and then hid under the covers in my bed. Looking back, I didnt know that was the last day my Daddy loved me or hugged me.

After that, he would always ask me about the rape. He would ask if it felt good. I of course told the truth and this made him more disgusted with me. He kept on asking why I didnt mind Mr Donovan seeing me naked and why I flirted at the park. I of course tried to tell him how I felt, but it just made Daddy aware that I was a slut and whore. He reminded me about it every day and this made me feel so sad.

As for Mummy, what did she do? Nothing! She was just as silent as she always was. I started to hate her as she was to protect me and stand up for me.

The next summer came, and I was now 9 years old. We did not go to the police about the rape. We didnt even tell the police about Mr Donovan. I found out later that Daddy went over to Mr Donovan and was about to beat him up, when Mr Donovan gave him some money that he earned from the naked pictures he took of me. This just made daddy think that I was a whore now, as he was making money on my naked body.

I suppose when you hear something for more than a year, then you start to believe it. I had huge questions in my head. Was I flirting with men? Did I like men to see me naked? Did I like being fucked and sucking a cock? Maybe I was a slut and a whore.

Then when I was 10, and had summer holidays from school again, I was feeling deep inside that the rape happened years ago. I no longer flashed at Mr Donovan or went to the park. I was just like an ordinary girl; the only difference is that I didnt have my parents love because of something that happened to me years ago. Besides that, I believed by now that everything was my own fault.

One night Granddad was babysitting me. He was the one man in my life that loved me. When he was putting me to bed, he gave me a hug. I missed hugs so much and his hug made me start to cry. This made Granddad open up with me. He told me that it was time that we had a talk. He started consoling me as he took my night dress off, Little Princess, I know what happened to you when you were 8. It was not your fault darling. You were raped by two evil men that liked to see you cry I know that you liked to show your body There is nothing unusual with this you have a very sexy body. Just like your mother did when she was your age In fact when your mother was 10, she was a whore she used to suck my friends off and then get money or gifts Sex is not a bad thing, as long as it is with someone that will give you good feelings and love you

Tears were rolling out of my eyes as he said all this. His hands were all over my naked body, especially around my pussy. I knew now that he was a paedophile just like a lot of men. He just wanted to feel me. The difference was that he was not rough, and it did feel nice. I just spread my legs and let him poke my pussy with his fingers. I was letting my own grandfather molest me, something he obviously wanted to do for years.

He then asked me if I would suck him. I said that I didnt know. Then he gave me some money and told me that if Daddy thought I was a whore, I might as well as act like one. I dont know why I took the money, but I suppose after hearing for two years that I was a whore and slut, and now knowing that my Mum was a whore when she was my age, maybe I was one. Plus Granddad said that some girls were born whores and prostitutes, and it seems to run in my family. I put the money below my pillow.

Then I put my hands around his cock. I smiled at him, thinking that I was not forced to do it, and that I could do it at my own pace. I slowly lowered my head to his cock and started licking the top of it. This was not that bad. Then I explored it and started licking the sides and his balls. I didnt like getting his hair in my mouth, so I decided to go back to the top of his cock. There was some liquid. Granddad explained that this was precum, and showed that I was doing a good job. Slowly and slowly, his cock entered my mouth. Within no time, it was hitting the back of my throat. He wanted to shove it down my throat, but I said no. At least he respected that. I sucked his cock and looked up into his eyes. He said that it was so cute when I looked up, and told me I was now a cocksucking whore, and there is nothing to be ashamed about. When he squirted his baby juice, I spit it out. He respected this too, and said someday I will learn to like it.

We became like lovers after that. Well, he was a client, and I was his little 10 year old whore. He hugged me a lot, even when Daddy looked. I used to smile when he would scold Daddy, saying that all girls need a daddy that loved them and would give hugs. If only daddy knew, that his father in law was fucking me and I was sucking him. I wonder why daddy and Mummy didnt even realize that I never needed pocket money anymore.

I became to believe that I was a born prostitute. This meant that I wanted to please men and at the same time, they would give me something. When it came down I just wanted to feel loved. If daddy loved me, maybe I would never believe I was a whore.

I started going to the park once again. At this stage, Daddy would drill me to where I was going or if I should wear more clothes. I just mumbled at him and lied that I was going to see a friend or shop. What he didnt know was that I was going to the park to hang around the toilets. Men would pay me to suck them off in the toilets and they would feel me all over. I was a whore.

I know you are my teacher, Mr Sullivan and this secret must shock you. Maybe you even thing that I am a whore and a slut. I know you will not tell anyone, as I noticed how you look at the girls in my class, especially them like me that have not started to develop yet. I would bet that you are also a paedophile, and this means that you fancy me.

This also probably means that you will want to speak with me after class several times a week, maybe tutor me at your own house. I dont know if your teacher wage can afford that, but we can see

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