The Erotic Works of Frenulum

Hello and welcome. I present for your enjoyment a collection of erotic fiction I’ve written over the past few years.

My stories contain explicit sexual descriptions, adult situations, and language not suitable for public use. They are intended for an adult audience, and if you don’t fit that description I suggest that you’d be better served elsewhere.

Stories range from light-hearted romance to edgier themes such as submission, resigned consent, and mind control. In the index below, I’ve included story codes and a quick hint at the plot, to help you select the tales you’ll like best and avoid the ones that won’t appeal. An explanation of story codes is at the end of the page.

Story codes represent themes, not events. For example, [Sp] often means there is spanking in the story. But it can also mean that spanking is anticipated, discussed, or implied.

To help find stories you might enjoy, click on a story code anywhere it appears, and that code will be highlighted throughout the page (works in all standards-compliant web browsers).

By placing these stories on-line for your reading pleasure, I have granted you no other right to my work. You may not post them, alter them, include them in a collection, or offer them from another web site. Read them on-line, or save them to your personal computer for your personal use. If you’d like to recommend one to a friend, please email the link, not the text.

My thanks to the fine folks at for the hosting service. They provide it to me without charge and without strings, for both of which I salute them. Please consider making a donation to asstr to help keep adult fiction freely available.

What I write about

Elements you’ll find repeatedly in my stories, in various combinations and listed here in no particular order: submissive women; cum play including facials and snowballing; M/F and M/f spanking; middle-aged men with younger women; mind control; resigned consent (see below); romantic love; virginity surrendered.

Elements you won’t find in my stories: girls younger than 16 (the age of consent where I live — irrelevant to fiction, but I wanted to draw a line somewhere); incest other than sister-sister; M+/F groups; rape (see below); anything very squicky.

There are no incomplete or “to be continued” stories — I consider that practice to be unfair to readers. At present, there are no related stories or sequels.

A word on consent

The standard story codes include CONS, for consensual sex, NC or NCONS, for non-consensual sex, and MC, for mind control. I believe this leaves a hole in the spectrum, which should look something more like this:

CodeShort forDegree of consent
[CONS]ConsensualShe wants to have sex with him: she says “Yes.”
[RC]Resigned consentShe doesn’t want to have sex with him, but her options are limited and the others are even worse, so she says “Yes.”
[NC]Non-consensualShe doesn’t want to have sex with him, and says “No”; his strength or armament prevails. Rape, in other words. Others have written stories in which the rape victim “grows to like it”; those are [NC], not [RC].
[MC]Mind controlWhat she wants is undefined, because it’s not really her own mind any more.

The classic [RC] scenario is probably the hackneyed “Oh, no, I’m failing Chemistry” type of story. The hot co-ed doesn’t really want to have sex with her unattractive nerdy old professor, it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be any other option. So with the utmost reluctance she consents to — in fact, may initiate — sex that she doesn’t really desire. I hope that’s clear.

My stories are all [CONS], [RC], or [MC].

Why I publish my stories

This shouldn’t be hard to figure out — it’s the same reason everyone has. It’s because I want to know what you think of them. Yes, you! Don’t give me that innocent I-didn’t-know-he-meant-me nonsense.

This is important. There’s a huge gulf of effort between dreaming up a little fantasy in my head and producing a complete, well-formed, carefully edited piece of writing. If I don’t hear from you then that hard work is wasted.

Try it. It won’t hurt. Pick a story, and read it. Wash your hands if you really enjoyed it. Fire up your e-mail program. Type my name, frenulum, and follow it in the usual convention with an @, and the domain name Put the story title in your subject so I know it’s not spam. Now write a line or two: I liked it, I didn’t like it; I got off, I got turned off; you’re a genius, you’re a hack. Tell me, if it’s not obvious from your e-mail address, whether you’re a man or a woman. If the story involved dominance and submission and that is a factor in your real life, please say so. See, that didn’t take any time at all. If you want to be really nice to me, add another few lines and tell me why you reacted as you did, or what part you found most arousing, or how you felt about a particular character, or where you think I went completely wrong. Hit send. There, now you’ve paid me for my writing.

What will happen next? I’ll send you a cordial reply. (To your actual message — not a form letter. If you wrote a thousand-word critique — which I would welcome — instead of a quick note, I will have read it.) And that will be all, unless you choose to start a conversation.

Please? You do it. Not the next person, you.

(Addendum 1: in the first week of 2007, to pick one at random, folks browsing ASSTR read my stories 16,099 times. How many comments do you think those readers sent me? Sure to be a thousand, right? A hundred? Nope. Nine. Thank you to those nine decent, thoughtful, polite people.)

(Addendum 2: I have a 100% response rate: if you have written to me and not seen a reply, it’s a technical problem, not an affront. (2016: still true!))

All right, enough preamble. The three most downloaded stories, and the three on which I have so far received the most reader comments, are flagged — but your favorite might be one of the others.

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Short stories

Fiction in the traditional narrative style (see Dialogs below for another approach).

Absolutely True «~» Hypnosis as a therapeutic tool isn’t all that unusual. But the beauty stretched out on the Doctor’s couch would be surprised by the turn her treatments are taking. «~» [MC] [M/F] [Fac] (2006)

Afternoon With a Cheerleader «~» If she wants to keep her place on the squad, this naughty co-ed is going to have to clear her record and show she’s a team player. «~» [RC] [1st Sp] [M/f] [M/F] [F/f] [MayDec] [Fac] [Cum] (2004)

Booted «~» A dress code violation earns a wayward woman a very serious punishment. «~» [No sex] [Sp warn] (2002)

Checkout «~» A man with the ability to control minds turns his thoughts to his next conquest, an innocent teen girl working at the grocery store. «~» [MC] [No sex] (2007)

Coffee and Cream «~» If you were granted the fabled three wishes, what would you wish for? Our hero has to make a quick decision. Readers: if you avoided More Than a Mouthful, skip this one too. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Fac] [Cum] [Magic] [Humor] [Rom] (2016)

Earning Her Tuition «~» With no way to earn enough money for tuition, an inexperienced co-ed faces the collapse of her college dreams. But a fetish-film job posting may offer one way out. «~» [CONS] [m/f] [RC] [M/f] [F/f] [MayDec] [1st Sp] [Fac] [Cum] [Humil] (2008) Most downloaded Third biggest reader response

First Date «~» Sarah thinks romantic relationships should evolve slowly and gradually, building a foundation of love before sex enters the picture. But one man understands what she needs better than she does herself. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [MayDec] [Humil] [1st V] [1st O] [Fac] [1st Sp] [F/F] (2008)

A First for Jessica «~» Sixteen-year-old Jessica, always shy and modest, dares to try out her shockingly revealing bikini… and has many new experiences in one memorable day. «~» [CONS] [1st Sp] [f/f] [Humil] (2016)

Four Bars «~» It’s not about a pub crawl, a cell-phone signal, a 2mg Xanax tablet, or the epaulets of a U.S. Navy Captain. It’s about wanting to be a good girl always; about impulsiveness, misbehavior, discipline, absolution, and gratitude. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Rom] [Sp] [Cum] [Fac] (2011)

The Girl on the Train «~» Here’s one young lass who will wish she had missed her train, when the stranger she meets gives her some very explicit instructions. «~» [MC] [M/F] [1st O] [1st V] [Sp] (2004)

I Hate This Part «~» What’s the worst part of taking a well-deserved spanking? Here are one woman’s thoughts before, during, and after her painful ordeal. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Rom] [Sp] (2002)

Just Once «~» Dan and Lori have the sweet, romantic sex life everyone dreams of. It’s perfect, isn’t it, Lori? Well, isn’t it? «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Rom] [Fac] [Humil] (2001) Biggest reader response

Lust for Elsa «~» A middle-aged man teaching in an exclusive girls’ high school. A seventeen-year-old schoolgirl of breathtaking beauty. When she has to face him, in serious trouble, with her future in his hands... anything might be possible. «~» [RC] [M/f] [MayDec] [1st O] [1st V] [1st A] [1st Sp] [Fac] (2010)

Martini Dream «~» It sure would be satisfying to have a nice cold cocktail waiting at home for you after a long day at work. Or perhaps something else even more pleasant. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Cum] [Rom] (2001)

More Than a Mouthful «~» As servant girl to a powerful wizard, Sage has seen and done some extremely odd things. But even with all her experience, this morning will bring a new sexual challenge. Readers: if cum play is squicky for you, skip this one. «~» [CONS] [M/f] [Fac] [Cum] [Magic] [Size] [1st V] [Humor] (2008)

Neighborly «~» If a neighbor needed help disciplining her beautiful twin daughters, how could you refuse her? And what if she needed assistance with something even more personal? «~» [CONS] [M/F] [f/f inc] [Size] [Sp] [1st Sp] (2005) Second most downloaded

Royal Succession «~» The royal wedding went off without a hitch, but the bride and groom don’t have a clue what to do on their wedding night. «~» [CONS] [m/f] [Rom] [1st O] [Humor] (2003)

Times Three «~» Eve was in serious trouble already, but now she’s gone and made things even worse. «~» [CONS] [Sp] [M/F] [Rom] [MayDec] [Fac] [Cum] (2002)

Upper Class «~» Interfering in the discipline of a schoolgirl can have unintended consequences. Or… deliberate ones. «~» [RC] [No sex] [Sp] [Humor] (2014)

Wedding Night «~» Carolyn and Andrew hold to the traditional ways, which means that their wedding night will be Carolyn’s first time… over his knee. «~» [CONS] [1st Sp] [M/F] [Rom] (2005)

What She Needs «~» She needs a few things, actually. But what she really needs right this second is a good hard over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking, and the Headmaster is just the man to give it to her. «~» [CONS] [Sp] [M/F] [Rom] (2006)

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These short stories consist purely of dialog — there’s no narration whatsoever. They call for just a little more engagement on the part of you, the reader, but I believe and hope that the effort is repaid. Let yourself imagine the voices. Let the pacing of the phrases fall naturally — don’t rush. Let your own sense of the erotic fill in all the exciting visual details that I am forced to leave to your imagination. Enjoy!

Hypothetically «~» She’s just looking for a little attention — is that really so naughty? Does that make her a bad girl? «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Fac] [Rom] [Sp] (2004)

The New Girl «~» Melissa hopes to make it big as a fashion model. But what she’ll have to do to land a job will come as quite a surprise. «~» [RC] [M/f] [MayDec] [Fac] [1st O] [1st V] [Humor] (1999) Third most downloaded

Nocturne «~» This loving couple is spending a tranquil evening at home. But she is his submissive, and that makes passing the hours away a much more interesting proposition. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Rom] [Sp] [Fac] [Cum] (2008)

Order «~» What if you could have everything you wanted in a woman — or a reasonable facsimile? Don’t let the Fembot tag put you off: this isn’t at all about gears and circuits. «~» [M/Fembot] (2001)

Recession «~» A short fragment of a dream (really) about life — and proper office attire for attractive young women — in an economy where old rules no longer apply. «~» [No sex] [Humil] [Humor?] (2009)

Say the Word «~» Until she read one of his stories, she had no idea that a simple word could get him so excited. «~» [CONS] [M/F] (2007)

Silly «~» Just a goofy little bagatelle of an office quickie. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Humor] (2002)

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This started out to be a short story. In my mind it still is one — it doesn’t feel structured like a novel to me. But I’ve given it its own section, because I don’t want to mislead anyone about the length.

The Education of Heather S. «~» As a beautiful graduate student prepares to defend her Master’s Thesis, she reflects on her two years of rigorous training in the fine art of sucking cock. (≈67,000 words, about 292 typescript pages or 224 traditional book pages) «~» [CONS] [MayDec] [Rom] [M/F] [F/F] [Fac] [Cum] [Sp] [Sp warn] [Bond] [Humil] (2010) Second biggest reader response

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Diversions and Oddities

Things that just don’t fit into nice categories.

Flash Fiction I «~» There is no FF I. By the time I published FF II I had lost the FF I file somewhere, but I preserved the numbering, thinking it would turn up one day. It never has. I have hard drives lying around like some people have paper clips, so it still may be around somewhere. Lots of people ask, which is why I added this otherwise useless item.

Flash fiction II «~» A handful of ultra-short stories: just enough to get the erotic wheels turning in your mind. (2003–2004)

Flash Fiction III «~» More ultra-short vignettes, meant to spark stories in your head. These are generally darker and edgier than FF II; five of the six involve either spanking or bondage. (2006–2007)

Flash Fiction IV «~» Still more itty-bitty stories to serve as seeds for your own imaginings. (2008)

Flash Fiction V «~» Six more bite-sized candies to snack on. Fire up your own sexy imagination and let me give you a little something to think about. (2008)

Flash Fiction VI «~» Another box of story-starter goodies. Pick just one and let in grow inside your mind. (2009)

Flash Fiction VII «~» More confections for your erotic imagination to sample. (2009)

Flash Fiction VIII «~» Which one is the dark chocolate with the three white stripes across the top? Oh, mind control, right. And helpless virgin schoolgirls are these swirly ones? Mmm, I love those. (2010)

Flash Fiction IX «~» You know the drill by now: six more amuse-bouches. Or perhaps I should say, amuse-fantaisies. Have fun! (2010)

Flash Fiction X «~» Another half-dozen teensy fragments for your thoughts to play with. (2010)

Flash Fiction XI «~» Six stories with a twist: each one was inspired by a reader! My thanks to all who contributed tasty ideas. (2010)

Two Views «~» A simple blow job with a nice gooey facial, presented simultaneously from both the man’s and the woman’s point of view. He loves it. She… feels otherwise. «~» [CONS] [M/F] [Fac] (2002)

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About the Author «~» A few words about me and my writing. (2004, updated 2008)

Beauty at the Lake «~» Happenstance offers me a memorable moment contemplating the beauties of nature. «~» [No sex] [True] (2010)

Cocksucking Considered as One of the Fine Arts «~» The two most-viewed posts on make up this essay on artisan cocksucking: the product of many years of careful study. discusses the purpose and meaning of artful cocksucking; discusses technique. I strongly recommend reading them in order. (2011)

Reader Comments «~» Samples of comments my readers have made, presented anonymously. Pure self-promotion with no redeeming artistic value whatsoever :-) (updated 2010)

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My Poser renderings from 2005–2008. Unfortunately lost — source files, too.

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Story codes explained

Click on one or more story codes to highlight them in the index (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Droid).

Did you really like a story?

In addition to the delightful comments you already sent me, consider making it a reader recommendation at I would be very honored to have one of my stories mentioned. (You’ll need to copy the story’s URL before following that link.)

“Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time.”

— Howard Nemerov

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