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Aurora, Chapter 04

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"Silent Night"

(P-M1g1, H-N)
An (eventually) erotic story by Katryna
Last updated 12/17/06

This adult story is (C) by Katryna. It may be redistributed subject to a few provisions but may not be sold or otherwise used for profit and must have this heading attached. Please read my legal notice as downloading, redistributing, or reading this story signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined within it.

Aurora nodded and lifted herself from the couch, stretching a bit, the tshirt inching up her thighs as she did so. He glanced at this and purposefully looked at her face. She smiled and shrugged slightly. "Um...I can sleep on the couch maybe?" She said, cocking her head. "I..." She started, quickly trailing off, obviously catching herself, then stammered "I've done that...before..."

He cocked his head slightly and looked at her curiously, but decided not to push it. "Um...why don't I set up the bed in the spare room for you?" He suggested. "It'd probably be more comfortable...except..."

"Except?" She said, cocking her head.

"Well, except that the room's horribly dusty and sufficiently cluttered that you'd fall and break your neck if you tried to get up to pee in the middle of the night, in the dark...and I think one of the bunks still has a mattress, but it's...really old so...um, never mind..." He said and shook his head.

"I...I could sleep there if it's easier for you..." She said apologetically.

He blinked. "You've got to be kidding me," He exclaimed, looking at her probingly. Why on earth would she agree to that?

"Huh?" She asked, a little nervously. He shook his head slightly; he found her excessive willingness to accomodate him rather disturbing. Was she really so used to people walking all over her? He made a note to ask her about it later.

"No, seriously. Dunno why I suggested it. Guess I'm kinda out of it tyoooaahhhhmmmmm." He yawned, cutting off the end of the sentence. "Damn...I'm exhausted too, aren't I?" He shrugged and pondered for a second. "Tell ya what...why don't I set you up in my bed and I'll sleep on the couch?"

"Um...I don't wanna...you know...force you out of it or..."

"You're not forcing anything; you're a guest, Aurora," He said. "Besides, I sleep on the couch a fair amount myself."

"Well...." She wavered, obviously taken aback by his generosity.

"And plus, you're smaller than I am. That means you'll lose heat faster and it'll take more covers to keep you warm. You'll be warmer in the bed."

She nodded, pondering for a moment, then shrugged. "Well...if you insist..."

"C'mon, let's go upstairs and take a look," He suggested, motioning for her to follow as he headed toward the stairs. She hesitated for a split second, then followed him toward the base of the staircase. He began to climb it, making sure not to do so too quickly, as he figured she wouldn't be able to keep up if he took the stairs at the speed he usually did, let alone the speed he had earlier when looking for a blanket for her.

They rounded the corner at the top of the stairs and this time he led her to the left. Joe turned the knob on the master bedroom door and pushed it open, chuckling. "I swear, this is almost the only door in the cabin that doesn't stick."

She giggled in response. "Geez...what causes that, anyway?"

"It happens when for some reason, the door doesn't fit in the frame quite right...like if it's too big, or a little crooked, for instance." He stepped into the room, Aurora following a few steps behind him. Joe turned towards her and stepped aside with a wry smile and a dramatic sweeping gesture. "Ta da," He chuckled, and she laughed again, glancing around. The room's walls were the same pine planks as the rest of the cabin, though heavily insulated. The room was warm enough, but the three windows his uncle had installed, for reasons beyond him, contributed significantly to heat loss, as did the exposed brick of the chimney when there wasn't a fire going. He'd attempted to compensate for this by installing an additional electric fan in the duct leading to the room, in order to direct more warm air into it; that had been a nightmare, but he had managed to get the fan itself installed and wired. Getting the ductwork back together, he remembered, had been a complete pain in the ass.

Two of the windows were above the bed, and a third was over the computer desk. Each was a three-foot square with four panes, the same as all the others in the cabin. The glass was deceptively thick--roughly an inch and a half, if he remembered correctly--and shatterproof, both traits intended as design adaptations for extreme weather conditions like those the cabin was currently experiencing. The bed itself was a full size, half-made and tucked into the corner with white-turned-beige sheets and pillowcases and three blankets, the top one brick red. It looked nice and warm and inviting, especially as tired as he was, and he suppressed a sigh at the prospect of sleeping on the couch. He honestly wasn't looking forward to it at all, but she was his guest, and he was indeed concerned about her being warm enough down there, particularly once the fire died down. He half-forced a smile. "Does this look all right, honey?" He asked, then caught himself. "Err...Aurora, sorry."

"You can call me that," She said, smiling and blushing slightly. He shrugged. "And yeah...um, this looks comfortable and all..."

"Sorry it's kind of a mess," He muttered apologetically, indicating with his hand the assorted dirty clothes, books, electronic components and other miscellanies distributed randomly on the floor and furniture. Shaking his head, he stepped over to the bed, lifting the two shirts he'd left on it earlier and tossing them onto the office chair by the computer desk. Shrugging slightly, he pulled the covers back and gestured to the bed.

"It's ok," She responded, slipping her arms out of the bathrobe and draping it carefully across the back of the chair. The back of the robe was conspicuously wet. She smiled and walked to the bed, then climbed up onto it with her hands and knees, her t-shirt hiking up enough to give him a good, albeit brief, view of her butt. She rolled over and the t-shirt slipped down, covering her, though it was still pulled suggestively up her thighs. She glanced down and straightened it, blushing slightly. "Sorry."

"For what?" He asked, innocently, trying not to advertise the fact that he'd been idly eying her up all night.

"'Cause...isn't it, like...embarassing when you...you know...see me?"

"Geez, sorry...I don't mean to embarass you," He responded, blushing slightly himself.

"No...I mean for you," She replied.

"Oh. Doesn't bother me," He responded with a shrug. It was more or less honest, he realized; seeing her didn't bother him--it was his reaction to doing so that did.

She smiled. "Ok."

He nodded. "Well, go ahead and get yourself comfortable and I'll...see you in the morning, I guess."

She nodded, slipping under the blankets and wrapping around her body. As he started to turn, she opened her mouth as if to say something, paused, closed it again, and swallowed, blushing slightly. After a moment, she simply said "All right. G'night Joe."

He smiled, then turned towards the door. "Lemme know if you need anything."

"Are you going to bed now too?" She asked.

"Yeah," He replied, then half-turned towards her. "I'll just throw a blanket or two on the couch."

She nodded slowly, her face vaguely uncertain through the haze of adorable sleepiness. "Sure you'll be all right down there?"

"Of course," He replied.

Smiling weakly, she murmured "Well, sweet dreams, I guess..."

"Thanks," He said, smiling over his shoulder. "You too. Um, let me know if you need anything..."

"All right," She said, softly, nestling down into the covers. He turned and walked to the door, pausing for a moment before reaching over and flicking the light switch. The hallway was still illuminated. As he stepped through the door, he heard her voice again. "Errm, by the way, I kinda left the light on in the bathroom...it's on this funny knob thing and I didn't really know what to do with it, and--"

"It's ok," He responded, smiling over his shoulder again, though he doubted she could see it; backlit at the edge of a dark room, he would be little more than a silhouette. "It's a rheostat; you turn it one way to dim the light and the other to brighten it."

"Oh," She murmured. "I hearda those but I never saw one. Didn't know y'could use 'em on fluorescents..."

"Well, it requires specialized bulbs to work very well, and they aren't cheap, but it saves a lot of electricity," He replied, grinning. "So if I paid for mine in the first place it'd be quite a help."

She giggled. "Yeah, true..."

"Don't worry; I'll deal with the lights. You just get some rest, honey," He said. "Good night."

"Night," She murmured, the covers rustling a little as she snuggled up in them. He stepped out into the hallway and softly closed the door, pausing a moment. He shook his head slowly and shrugged, then headed down the hall, past the stairs and the door of the spare bedroom to the other entrance of the bathroom. The door was hanging halfway open. Joe crept softly through the door and across the linoleum floor, noting with a smile that she'd dutifully hung her towel up on the towel bar. He turned towards the wall on the door side, grasped the rheostat, dimming the bathroom light until it was barely bright enough to see by.

Joe turned and headed out, pulling the door to behind him, then walked to and through the open door of the spare bedroom. He flicked the lights back on, noting that he'd left the blanket drawer open when he'd dashed up here to get them for Aurora. He stepped closer and closed it, smiling. He still had two blankets, half-folded, on the floor beside the couch; that should be enough, he concluded, especially if he threw another log on the fire. He flicked the switch and stepped out of the darkened spare bedroom, then walked back past the stairway. He turned off the hall light with the switch on the wall around the corner on the far side of the stairway opening, turning off the hall light, then headed down the stairs. He paused at the bottom for a moment before turning the stair lights off as well.

He rounded the corner into the kitchen-slash-dining-room, reaching around to flick the switch off, bathing the room in darkness. That left just the entryway and living room lights. He walked back into the entryway and switched off the porch light and interior entryway light, made sure the door was locked, and headed into the living room, yawning loudly as he crossed the threshold from the entryway. He switched off the closer of the end table lamps that provided illumination for the living room, then glanced at the fireplace. The fire had nearly died, but there were still some decent coals left. Joe crossed the room and stood beside the tinderbox for a moment, pondering what sort of, and how much, firewood to add. Finally he grabbed a medium-sized log, walked to the fireplace, knelt down, and placed it carefully over the remaining coals.

Joe rose to his feet and stretched, yawning yet again, then reached down, grunting at a slight cramp in his back, and grasped one of the blankets. He stood up and shook it, unfolding it, then kicked off his slippers. Finally, he stretched out on the couch with his head towards the "back" end, giving him a clear view of the door and entryway; for some reason, he always felt more secure when he slept facing the door.

He reached up and turned off the lamp, then pulled the blanket over him, squirming a bit to wrap it around him, and rested his head on the sofa cushion. He lay still in the dark for a few minutes, pondering the events of the day and the unanswered questions. He had a feeling that there was something he was missing, but his mind seemed to be rapidly turning to marshmallow. He shook his head slightly and closed his eyes, and within moments he was asleep.

Joe slept, a bit uneasily, until he found himself dragged from a disturbing but non-terrifying dream half-remembered, full of vicious winds and whirling snow that seemed to repeatedly coalesce into ethereal, ephemeral and unnerving forms; demonic visages, he recalled later, were a predominant theme. He blinked his eyes and shook his head, still half asleep and uncertain as to what had roused him. Nothing obvious presented itself.

He held still and listened carefully. It was deathly still in the cabin; the fire had died down and the storm likely had as well, as it was hardly audible despite the couch being right underneath one of the square windows. The stillness bothered him and he blinked, shook his head, and slowly sat up, rotating to set his feet on the floor.

Joe shook his head and thought for a minute. He wasn't sure what woke him, but he half remembered his ears ringing slightly as his eyes drifted open, as if from a crash, a sudden loud note...or a scream. His eyes widened and he almost jumped to his feet, toes feeling around on the floor for his slippers. He couldn't find them at first, and decided it didn't matter. He'd better go check on Aurora.

He walked quickly to the stairs; he was in just socks, so running would likely have caused him to slip and fall. The first stair squeaked slightly as he set his foot on it, and he winced. This was a new development. He walked carefully up the stairs, pausing to listen on the first landing. He thought he heard some sort of soft noise coming from upstairs, to his left, but he couldn't identify it.

Joe climbed the second flight of stairs and rounded the corner to the left. He paused again outside the bedroom door and listened. The noise was clearer and more audible from here, and he winced in sympathy as he recognized the soft gasps and heaves of muffled sobbing. He paused at the door, swallowed, then knocked. "Aurora?"

"Huh?" She said, her voice obviously strained. The sobbing tapered off, obviously suppressed as she struggled to control herself. He winced again, once more troubled by her reticence, then shook his head. He'd ask her later, he decided, once she had a chance to volunteer whatever she was inclined to.

"Can I come in?" Joe turned the knob slowly, pausing before pushing the door open.

"Yeah...ok..." She murmured. He pushed the door open slowly. "Whaddya want?" She asked, in a tone not hostile or belligerent but obviously nervous. He could barely make out her silhouette by the dim light from the hallway.

"Are you all right?" He asked. He took a couple of steps toward the bed.

"Yeah...I'm fine," She responded, sniffling a little.

"Are you sure?" Joe asked, moving another step closer. "You sounded..."


"...well, like you were crying."

"Sorry," She murmured, her voice muffled. He moved closer to the bed, and realized that she had the covers pulled over her head. She seemed to be lying on her side, but it was dim enough and she was small enough that he wasn't sure.

"Sorry?!" He asked, astonished. "What the hell for?"

"I..." She whimpered again.

"Sorry. Just...surprised me," He replied. "You've nothing to be sorry for." She sighed softly in response. Another two steps and he was standing next to the bed. "Mind if I sit down?"

"Go head," She murmured from under the covers, wiggling over a bit, toward the wall, to give him room. He sat down at an angle to the side of the bed, turning his upper body towards her.

"Now...please, honey...you can tell me what's troubling you."

"Can't," She whimpered. He could hear her wheezing a little as she breathed. He winced again. Her obvious pain and distress was heart-rending.

"Seriously. I told you, you can tell me anything." He swallowed. He didn't want to push the kid, but he'd always found that talking through his problems made dealing with them easier. He was beginning to suspect that she'd never really had someone to talk to, at least not recently.

She pulled the covers down from her face, slowly, turning her head to face him. He could barely see her eyes in the dim light, but they looked red and a little watery from crying. Her cheeks and lashes glistened slightly with hastily, clumsily dried tears; her nose might have been a little bit runny. "I..." She trailed off, then swallowed. "Bad dream," She murmured apologetically.

"Do you want to tell me about it, Aurora?" He asked, leaning a little closer. He swallowed. The way they were positioned, he realized, the tops of her thighs and the lower part of her stomach were against his lower back, almost his butt. He could, if he concentrated, faintly feel her reclaimed warmth through the covers, and he felt a hint of stirring in response. Once more he kicked himself.

She swallowed, and looked at him for a moment, then shook her head slowly. "I...don't really...wanna talk about it...uh, no offense or anything," She stammered, blushing a bit. He nodded, and she smiled weakly.

"All right. If you change your mind I'm here, you know," He said. "Whatever it is, it really seems to be bothering you."

"I guess so," She said, and shrugged.

"Between the crying and the scream..."

"You heard that?" She blushed deeper, recoiling slightly as if expecting a reprimand.

"Yeah. I heard you crying from outside the door, and on the way up," He explained. "And I think you woke me up when you screamed."

"Sorry," She said, looking miserable. For the umpteenth time he wondered what the hell had gone on in her life that left her acting like this.

He winced again, smiled tenderly, and patted her head softly. "Don't be sorry, honey," He said. "It's all right for you to have needs too, you know."

She looked at him strangely for a moment then nodded slowly. "I guess...I'll tell you in the morning," She said softly. "I don't...really wanna go into it...tonight..."

"All right, sweetie," He responded, stroking her hair softly. "Is there anything I can do?"

"I...I dunno..." She murmured. "Um...stay here maybe?"

He swallowed, wincing slightly as he weighed her request. "I can for a while, sweetie, but I'm gonna need to sleep too..." He replied, wavering a bit.

"S'ok," She murmured. "Y'can sleep here."


She looked up at him and shrugged apologetically. "Bed's big 'nuff..."

"Oh..." He blinked and pondered. "I'm not sure that's really a good idea?"

"How come?" She asked, cocking her head, looking a little disappointed, a little nervous, and a tiny bit embarrassed.

"Well, because...um..." He wasn't sure how much she knew about the issue, or sex in general, so he tried to word it carefully. "If...anyone knew that we were...sleeping in bed together...they'd...jump to conclusions," He explained at last.


"If we, ah, slept together, people would assume that we...'slept together' if that makes any sense," He replied. "Or they'd think I was trying to, or something like that." She stared, uncomprehending for a moment, before it dawned on her and she blushed deeply, giggling a bit. "See what I mean?" He replied, blushing a bit himself.

"Yeah," She replied, shrugging slightly. "But we'd know...you know...the truth...and they...wouldn't have to?" She added in an apologetic, tentative, suggestion-tone. He nodded slowly, pondering. "I mean, you know, if you're...bothered by it or anything...I don't want to make you...you know...uncomfortable..."

"I know, honey. I...eh...well, I suppose it'd be all right, but you really shouldn't tell anyone..." He shrugged slightly and smiled.

"I won't," She replied, smiling softly.

"All right," He said, then lifted himself from the bed and walked around to the foot. She scooted forward, away from the wall, as he climbed onto the bed, lying down on his side behind her, facing her back, above the covers, and gently rested his arm across her side, hand several inches away from her chest.

She lay still for a moment, as if deciding, then snuggled back against him, pressing her back to his chest and her butt against his lower stomach. Even through the thick blankets he could feel a hint of the contours of her soft little body, and to his horror, he felt himself stirring again. He swallowed, adjusting himself a little, moving slightly downward relative to her. He wrapped his left arm around her, hand resting on the pillow a few inches from her cheek as he closed his eyes and tried to ignore the warm, tingling feeling growing inside him, and the less ambiguous growth in his jeans. He winced slightly as his swelling cock strained against his jeans, glad, at least, that she couldn't feel it.

Aurora purred softly as she snuggled against him, and after a few minutes a slow, subtle change in her breathing let him know that she was asleep. He felt his eyelids growing heavy as well. His cock still throbbed, needing release, and he sighed. He usually at least once before he went to bed, but he wasn't sure how that would work like this. He pondered for a moment; if she slept soundly he could probably get away with it, but if she woke...he wasn't sure how he would explain what he was doing next to her, throbbing cock in his hand. Still, if he fell asleep like this, and she woke up and felt his erection, it would probably lead, at the least, to some awkward questions.

Joe swallowed and, very slowly, began to turn onto his back, scooting away from Aurora a little bit in the process. She stirred slightly, murmuring incoherently for a moment, but remained asleep. He smiled as she snored softly for a moment, then, laying on his back, he reached down with his left hand and slowly, quietly unzipped his pants.

His cock pressed upward, tenting his briefs through the fly of his jeans, and he grasped it, closing his eyes and shivering at the tingling sensation. He squeezed, firmly, for a moment, then carefully found the fly of his briefs and slipped his fingers inside, fishing his cock out of his pants. He couldn't see it very well, but he remembered the time, years ago, when he'd taken a tape measure to it out of idle curiousity and severe boredom. He was about six and one eighth inches long, give or take a little bit depending on his arousal level, and about four and a half inches around, "give or take whatever the margin of error is," he thought, "when you've got a metal tape pinching your damn skin every time you try to pull it into a ring." He grasped his foreskin firmly and began to pull it up and down the upper part of the shaft, slowly at first.

Joe quivered slightly, feeling the familiar warm, tingling, electrical feeling permeating his body, radiating outward from his cock. He half-closed his eyes, visualizing himself transplanted into some of the porn galleries and stories he'd perused the night before, starting to tense as he settled on one. The pace of his stroking increased as he imagined his lips and hands moving and caressing one of the models, an attractive, slender girl of about 18, he guessed, with pale skin and golden-brown hair. He felt himself tensing further, surprised; it usually took longer than this, especially left-handed. He quickly imagined himself entering her, driving deep into her body, feeling her engulf him in soft, fluid warmth, her muscles squeezing and rippling around him. As he felt a warm, pressure-like sensation building in his groin, he imagined his body tensing further as he plunged deep inside her and, just as when he was sixteen, began to pulse, spewing into her, on the nineteenth stroke, gazing lovingly into her soft brown eyes--"Wait a minute!" He thought as he pulled his hand down, then began to drive it up hard, clenching his cock in a strong fist. "Her eyes were bl.."

The thought was forcibly thrust aside as he closed his eyes, trying desperately not to moan out loud as he quaked. As his orgasm washed over him, he held his hand tight around the head, wiggling it up and down slightly but keeping his foreskin around it, feeling the first spurt welling up around his fingers rather than becoming airborne. The next few followed suit, and then one surged up, over his knuckles and down his shaft. He swallowed, breathing deeply and slowly, fighting the impulse to gulp air, as the orgasm subsided.

He shook his head and swallowed, finally regaining control of his breathing, then mentally kicked himself as he remembered he didn't have any Kleenexes near the bed. Joe considered, for a moment, trying to wipe his hand and cock on the sheets or his underwear, but that would likely both stain whatever he wiped with and make direct contact with it uncomfortable. Thinking about things being stained brought his attention back to the spurt that got away, and he felt around his pants for it, hoping to wipe it before it had a chance to leave a stain. He finally found a gooey place next to the base of his cock, and concluded, to his relief, that it must have just landed on his underwear.

Joe certainly wasn't about to risk trying to sleep like this, especially with Aurora beside him. Without Kleenexes, his best bet for cleaning up was the bathroom. He swallowed and began to slowly lift himself from the bed. The girl began to stir next to him, and he swallowed again, then sat up as quickly and gently as he could, sliding without stopping from the bed and walking towards the bathroom door. He glanced at Aurora; in the near-darkness he couldn't tell for sure, but he suspected that she'd opened her eyes. Her breathing told him she was awake, though still very relaxed. "Whatcha doin'?" She murmured, sleepily.

"Just using the bathroom, honey," Joe replied. He pushed the bathroom door open, careful to turn at an angle that would hide the half-erect cock stilling out of his zipper in the dim light streaming from the doorway. Glancing over his shoulder once more, he saw that her eyes were half-open, and she was smiling softly and a little vacantly.

"'K," She responded, closing them again. He shook his head slightly, then stepped forward into the bathroom.

Joe glanced down at his gooey hand and cock, shaking his head again. Why had he been thinking about the model he'd visualized as if she had brown eyes? He crossed the bathroom and unrolled a string of toilet paper, rolling it into a wad in the process, then wiped his hand clean. In the process, he noticed that the seat had been left down on the toilet; Aurora must have used the bathroom while he was downstairs preparing cocoa, or perhaps after he'd gone to bed. He shrugged, and after tossing the first wad into the toilet, he quickly produced another one, with which he cleaned his cock. He spent a moment picking the small strings of torn paper from his hand and shaft, then added them and the second wad to the first. He grasped his cock with both hands, aiming it at the toilet, and squeezed his muscles, producing a small stream of urine that lasted for barely five seconds. He'd clearly had to use the bathroom, as he said, but not badly.

Joe flushed the toilet, watching the wads and yellowish-tinted water vanish with a gushing-sucking noise, thanking Uncle Martin's memory for having installed functional, as opposed to low-flow, toilets when the cabin was built; he'd had many irritating experiences plunging or otherwise unclogging low-flow toilets after they'd plugged virtually at the drop of a hat. He left the toilet humming as it slowly filled, moving to the sink, where he washed his hands quickly and efficiently, then dried them on the towel hanging from the ring beside the sink. Next he turned towards the bedroom door, took a step towards it, and then, as an afterthought, took two steps backward and pulled the lid and seat of the toilet down, as a symbolic gesture in case his guest needed it again, as he expected she would.

Joe stuffed his mostly limp cock back into his pants and zipped them up, then turned and walked past the tub to the door. He opened it slowly, stepped quickly and stealthily through, and pulled it to behind him. He swallowed, crossed the distance to the foot of the bed and climbed carefully onto it. As he lay down beside Aurora, he studied her breathing and what little he could see of her face; she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. He smiled, snuggling up behind her, above the covers as before, making sure her butt wasn't pressed against any place where his cock might end up if he became aroused during the night, and threw his arm over her as before. His eyes drifted shut in a matter of seconds, and less than a minute after laying down, he joined her in tired, blissful sleep.

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