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Fairy Tails

Chapter 1 - Box of Goodies

Amanda and Rachel were giggling in Mister Brown's freshman literature class. It was a hot day in October, and they couldn't stop giggling every time Mister Brown mentioned fairly tales.

I could tell that Mister Brown was irritated, but he didn't say anything. The two blonde haired twins muffled their giggles as best they could, and it really wasn't much of a distraction.

However, I had known Amanda and Rachel since we were little, and their giggling didn't make sense.

We all lived in the same neighborhood, and had just started high school the month before. Mister Brown was a cool old teacher that everyone liked. The giggling was disrespectful.

Amanda sat in a desk against the wall on the right side of the classroom. Rachel sat behind her. I sat one row over. The second time they giggled after hearing the teacher say 'fairy tales,' I looked over at them with a glare. Amanda saw me stare and shook her head slightly.

Thankfully, it was the last class of the day. When the bell rang, I asked them what they thought was so funny.

They giggled again.

"Nothing, Chris," Amanda said.

"It's hard to explain," Rachel added.

I shook my head and went off to find my friends. Mike and Matt had science class the last period of the day, so I walked down the hall. We always met up at the end of the school day and walked home together, unless we had practice or a game.

Mike and Matt also lived in my neighborhood. We all grew up together. Matt was taller than me, and more muscular, with brown hair. He was shy, but the girls thought he was really good looking, and treated him that way. Mike was as tall as Matt, but skinny with red hair. He was more outgoing. I was the shortest, skinny with dirty blonde hair. I was also shy, but overcame it by playing the jokester.

We headed home. The girls were walking ahead of us.

Amanda and Rachel are identical twins. They were super cute, skinny, and blonde. But their personalities were different. Unlike some of their classmates, they didn't have curvy figures, but they looked really hot in their jean shorts that hot October afternoon. Their matching shorts even had cute little zippered stripes on the back pockets.

Picture of the type of jean shorts worm by the twins

Amanda and Rachel had a friend that also lived in our neighborhood, directly across the street from my house. Emily had brown hair and was the leader of the three. Outgoing and very pretty, she also looked great in her shorts that day. She was wearing cut-offs.

Picture of the type of jean shorts worm by Emily

It was hard not to stare.

We were walking faster than the girls, so we caught up to them before we reached our neighborhood.

"Hey, you want to go to Emily's house?" Amanda asked us.

"Sure," Mike said.

It was traditional for all six of us to go to Emily's house on rare days that were too hot to be outside. Nobody in the neighborhood had air conditioning, but Emily had a finished basement that was a cool place to hang out.

Emily's basement had a huge sectional couch in a ninety degree angle. There was a large flat square coffee table in the middle, and a big television against the wall. As an only child with two working parents, Emily was spoiled. Her basement had every video game imaginable, as well as a small refrigerator under the stairs for cold drinks.

We went down to the basement and tossed our backpacks against the wall. Normally, Emily would have turned on the television, or broken out the video games. But this was our first time in the basement since we had all started high school, so we had lots to talk about. The girls sat together on one section of the couch, and we sat on the other.

About ten minutes into the conversation, someone brought up Mister Brown's literature class and what a great teacher he was.

"Yeah, except for what Amanda and Rachel were doing today," I said.

Amanda and Rachel looked at each other and smiled.

"What do you mean?" Emily asked.

"Well, every time Mister Brown talked about fairy tales they started to giggle," I explained.

Amanda and Rachel immediately giggled again. So did Emily.

Something was up.

"What's with you guys?" I asked. "What's so funny about fairy tales?"

"Nothing," Emily said.

The girls looked at each other and smiled again. I looked over at Mike and Matt. Nothing but shrugs.

"And it's not tales," Rachel said. "It's tails," she declared, twisting her butt to the side and pointing to her ass.

"Rachel!" Emily exclaimed.

"What?" Rachel said. "I didn't say anything."

"Okay, what's going on?" I asked.

"Come on," Matt added. "What's up?"

"Should we tell 'em?" Amanda asked Emily.

"No!" Emily stammered.

"Come on," Mike said. "You can trust us. We promise not to tell."

"Yeah," I added.

"Let's just tell 'em," Rachel said to Emily.

After more urging, Emily finally gave in, but she made us swear an oath to never tell anyone. She even made us hold our hands up and promise for all eternity.

After we had promised eternal secrecy, Rachel started to explain.

"Emily found some stuff in her parents' room," Rachel said.

"I'll tell them," Emily interrupted. "I found a box. A shoe box. It has some things in it. Some sex things. One of the things is a video. It's called Fairy Tails. There, now you know. You can't tell anyone."

I was surprised. But I had more questions.

"So did you watch it?" I asked.

The girls all smiled. They weren't expecting that question. Their smiles gave away the answer.

"Was it a good video?" Mike asked.

More smiles.

"What else was in the box?" I asked.

A moment of silence passed, as the girls looked at each other again.

"Just more things," Emily said.

"Like what things?" I asked.

"Just sex things," Emily answered.

"We wanna see," Matt said.

The girls looked at each other again.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Emily finally said.

"We've already sworn an oath of secrecy," I pleaded. "Come on."

"Just show 'em," Rachel said to Emily.

"Okay," Emily said, exasperated. "But no touching. I'll show you. But you can't touch anything."

We all nodded.

Emily went upstairs as the rest of us silently looked around at each other with nervous and excited anticipation.

Emily returned a few minutes later with a shoe box. It was the sturdy cardboard kind with an attached lid that swung open.

Emily sat back down and put the shoe box on the coffee table in front of her. She looked over at us.

"You can't tell anyone," Emily said firmly. "Nobody."

We nodded our heads.

Emily opened the lid of the shoe box. I could see there were some colored objects inside, but I couldn't make out what they were. The box lid was mostly blocking my view. But I didn't have to wait long. Emily began a show-and-tell with the contents, one by one.

Emily reached into the box and pulled out a chrome cylinder object about six inches long. One end of the object was rounded off, and the other end was squared with a black cap. She set it on its end on the coffee table.

Picture of chrome vibrator

"A vibrator," Emily announced as she looked up at us.

We stared at it, not knowing what to say.

Emily reached into the box again and pulled out another chrome cylinder object, this one very small, maybe two or three inches long. She set it down on the table and it slowly rolled a foot or so toward us before stopping.

Picture of small chrome vibrator

"That's a small vibrator," Emily said.

"Do they vibrate?" Mike asked.

Matt gave a nervous laugh.

"Yeah," Emily said, as she picked the long one up again, held it in her left hand, and twisted the black base with her right hand.

The thing started buzzing. She turned it off, set it back down, and reached out and grabbed the small one. She pushed the small button on the end and it also started buzzing.

"I'll let you see this one," she said.

Emily got up and handed the buzzing little vibrator to Matt, who looked at it, then handed it to Mike, who then handed it to me. I looked at it and felt it vibrating my thumb and index finger.

I handed it back to Emily, who turned it off and put it back down on the table next to the longer vibrator.

Emily sat back down a reached into the box again. She pulled out a large translucent purple object. Overall, it looked about eight inches long, and was shaped just like an erect penis. At one end was the head, and at the other end was a black and red plastic knob.

Picture of purple vibrating dildo

"Is that a dildo?" Mike asked.

"Kinda," Emily explained. "But it's also a vibrator that goes inside."

"Inside what?" Mike asked.

"A girl," Emily answered with a slight attitude.

Mike nodded.

Emily turned the knob on the end of the large purple vibrator. It started to hum like the other two devices. Then she turned it off and sat it down on its end on the coffee table next to the other objects.

The next item was a piece of plastic, about six inches long. Along the length of the object were ever increasingly larger small plastic balls. At the end with the largest ball was a ring.

Picture of straight anal beads

"Anal beads," Emily announced.

"What do you do with it?" Matt asked.

"It goes in your butt," Emily answered.

Stunned silence.

Emily sat it down next to the other objects and reached in for another. This time she held up a string about eight inches long. A plastic ring was on the end she was holding. Every couple inches on the string a plastic bead was attached. The string swung back and forth slightly as she held it up for us to see.

Picture of anal beads on string

"These are also anal beads," Emily announced.

She set them down on the coffee table.

Emily reached back into the box and pulled out a clear glass object. It was about five inches long, had a bulbous end, and what appeared to be a flat bottom. She set it down upright, with the flat bottom on the table.

Picture of clear butt plug

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's a butt plug," Emily said in a matter of fact tone.

"It goes in your butt?" Mike asked.

Emily nodded.

"Why would you do that?" Mike asked.

"Well, because maybe it feels good, or because you want to get ready for something else," Emily said.

I could tell by the look on his face that Mike was confused.

But Emily moved on.

"This is the last one," she announced, as she used both of her hands to retrieve another object from the shoe box.

In her hands she held another purple object that looked similar to the large vibrator shaped like an erect penis. But instead of a black and red knob on the bottom, this one was attached to a black harness with straps. The object was a serious piece of sexual equipment.

"This is a strap-on," Emily said. "A strap-on dildo."

"What do you do with that?" Matt asked.

"Well, a girl straps this on so she can do another girl, kind of like a boy would do a girl," Emily explained. "Or she could do a boy."

I swallowed hard. The explanation was clear enough.

Emily sat the strap-on dildo on the coffee table.

"How do you know what all these things are for?" Mike asked. "Do you watch porn on the net?'

It was a good question.

"Well, there's a video that explains most of them," Emily said.

"Do you have that?" I asked.

"Yeah, and the Fairy Tails one," Emily answered. "They're in the box."

Emily reached in, pulled out a DVD case, and held it up. The cover picture showed a man and woman in bed kissing, with the covers pulled up. I could only make out the word "Discovery." The other words were too small for me to read.

"This is the instructional one," Emily stated.

She put it back in the box but then held up another.

The cover picture of the second video featured a woman dressed up as a sexy version of Little Red Riding Hood showing a startled face, next to a man with a wolf mask. The DVD was entitled 'Fairy Tails.'

"This is why Amanda and Rachel were giggling," Emily announced.

Amanda and Rachel didn't giggle again, but they smiled.

"So have you guys watched them?" I asked.

Emily didn't answer, but the two other girls nodded.

"Have you guys used any of this stuff?" I asked, pointing to the assortment of sex toys on the coffee table.

It was another question they weren't expecting. Emily looked nervous. Amanda and Rachel looked away, trying to hide embarrassment. The answer was clear.

"We haven't used all of them," Emily finally declared after a long pause. "We just tried some of them."

My imagination started running wild. I had already started getting a hard-on, and this didn't help. I leaned forward a bit to hide my growing erection.

"So we want to watch them," Mike chimed in.

"Watch what?" Emily asked.

"Watch the videos," Mike answered.

"No," Emily immediately replied as she shook her head. "No."

"Come on," I said. "We want to see how these things work. We already said we won't tell anyone."

Emily looked nervous, then looked at her friends, but got blank stares in return. She looked back at me.

"Okay," Emily said. "But only the instructional one."

I quickly nodded.

Emily picked the first DVD case out the box again and opened it up. She pulled the disc out of the case and went over to the DVD player setting next the large television against the wall. She put the DVD into the player, grabbed the remote, and came back to the couch and sat down. She looked over at the three of us again.

"You can't tell anyone," Emily said firmly.

We nodded.

Emily pushed play. The video started.

A blonde woman wearing revealing red lingerie was sitting upright in a chair next to a fireplace with a roaring fire. The woman explained to the viewing audience that this was a video designed to help couples explore their sexuality. She warned the audience that many topics would be discussed and graphically shown, but that couples should not feel like they need to try everything. They should only try what they like.

The screen went black, and then '1. Masturbation' appeared briefly in white letters.

The first scene opened with the same blonde woman lying naked on a bed with white covers. The woman touched her body seductively for a minute or so, then squeezed her ample breasts, and pinched her own nipples.

My cock was rock hard by this time, and I struggled to position myself and twist around so that the bulge of my erection wouldn't be so noticeable if someone looked over at me.

The woman spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy, moaning softly the whole time. The camera stayed back so you could see the woman's entire body as she rubbed herself. The woman stared at the camera and explained how rubbing her own pussy felt good, and that she liked it when her partner watched. The camera panned out, showing a dark haired man, fully clothed, sitting on a chair in the corner of the room watching the woman as she masturbated.

A moment later the scene shifted to the same bed, but this time a close-up of the dark haired man's head on a pillow with his eyes closed. The camera zoomed out, showing the naked body of the man. His penis was hard and he was stroking it, thrusting his hips off the bed slightly. The woman was narrating and explained how watching her partner stroke his cock was a turn-on for her.

I could sense the girls glancing over at us. I glanced back. They had smiles on their faces. Then I glanced over at Mike and Matt. They had wide eyes.

I looked back at the screen. The woman was on the bed next to the man stroking his cock. She talked about giving a hand job. Then she laid back, spread her legs and let the man finger her pussy. The woman explained that it was important for a woman to tell and show her partner how she likes to be touched. The woman took her hand and guided the man's hand. Then she closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure. The scene ended.

The next scene was entitled '2. Oral Sex.'

It started with the man standing up and the woman on her knees in front of him, holding his hard cock in her hand. She faced the camera and gave tips about giving a blowjob. She turned to the man and gave him a blowjob, in the style she had described. This went on for a few minutes, with the camera changing angles and getting very close to the action. The man said he was going to cum and started moaning. The woman kept moving her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. She turned to the camera, opened her mouth, and showed the viewers a large amount of pearly white liquid at the bottom front of her open mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed. She explained to the audience, while still holding the man's penis, that swallowing cum wasn't required, but some men like ejaculating in a woman's mouth and watching her swallow the semen. She said she liked the taste.

A quick flash and the woman was back on the bed again, legs spread, with the dark haired man on his stomach and his face buried in her crotch. She had her hands on the back of his head, and explained to the audience that she really liked it when a man went down on her pussy. She said it was very important to let your man know exactly what you want, and not to be afraid to tell him, or show him. The woman turned to the man and said 'faster,' as she grinded his face harder into her crotch. The woman then closed her eyes, laid her head back, and the camera spent the next few minutes changing angles and perspectives. At one point, there was a close up of the man's tongue licking up the woman's pussy slot to the top, then flicking up and down. The scene ended with the woman moaning and bucking her hips up and down as she held the man's head tight against her pussy.

I glanced briefly over at the girls. They didn't glance back.

The third scene was entitled '3. Intercourse.'

The woman was back on the bed, on all fours, facing the camera, explaining how couples could explore many positions. The man appeared behind her and she closed her eyes. The camera slowly shifted to her rear, where it showed the man's hard cock moving slowly in and out of her pussy. She described the feelings, and some of the advantages of doggy style sex.

The scene shifted into many other positions, with the woman narrating each. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and others.

The woman announced that toys can be fun too, either alone or with your partner. The scene showed her using a shiny silver vibrator on her pussy in a number of positions. The vibrator looked just like the longer chrome one Emily had set on the table.

The next part of the scene featured the woman on her back again, with her legs spread. She was pushing a large red vibrator in and out of her pussy. The vibrator looked like the large purple one Emily had sitting on the table. I looked over and glanced at it. Emily caught my eye. We both looked back at the screen. The man reappeared and was now on his knees next to the woman's head. She was giving him a blowjob again.

The final part of the scene featured the woman explaining that toys weren't only for women. The man was laying on his back, his legs spread. His hard cock was being held up and stroked slowly by the woman, who explained to the audience about stimulating a man's prostate. She said you need plenty of lube, as she pushed her index finger into the man's asshole. I winced as I watched. She explained where the prostate was located. The man moaned. She said a woman could also use toys on a man. She used her shiny silver vibrator and put it into the man's ass. It showed her slowly shoving a long plastic anal bead set into his butt, until the entire thing was in his ass and only the plastic ring was outside. The whole time the woman kept slowly stoking the man's cock. The video flashed to her pushing individual beads in his ass, all connected with a string, just like the set on the table. The woman said that it felt good to a man when these are pulled out carefully while a man is having an orgasm. In the background, the man could be heard saying he was going to cum. The camera panned out so the audience could see the whole scene. Semen flew into the air out of the man's hard cock as the he moaned and the woman pulled on the string, causing the beads to pop out of his ass, one-by-one.

That time I didn't glance around. I just swallowed hard.

The fourth part of the video was entitled '4. Anal Sex.'

The woman was back on the bed again, on all fours, facing the camera. She spent a few minutes talking about anal sex, and how it wasn't for everyone, but she liked it a lot. She emphasized that you must use a lot of lubricant for anything that goes in the ass. The camera switched to a view of her butt, with her head turned back to face the camera. She narrated, as the man applied a large glob of clear lubricant from a tube just above her puckered asshole. Then he pushed his index finger into her as she explained to him and the audience that it felt good. The man put the head of his hard cock near her butt. We watched as the man applied more lubricant to his penis. He lined up the tip of his cock and pushed it into the woman's ass. She moaned. It was hard to tell if it was a moan of pleasure or pain, because she was no longer looking into the camera. The scene continued for another minute or so as the man butt fucked the woman. The scene shifted to the woman lying on her back, her legs spread and up in the air, with the man's cock already in her ass. She was using the chrome vibrator on her pussy as he fucked her in the butt. This view lasted only a short while.

The woman's face was in the camera again, explaining that anal sex could be for men too. It panned out and the woman was now wearing a strap-on dildo, just like the purple one the table, except her strap-on was flesh-colored. The woman walked back over to the bed, where the man was on all fours facing away from the camera. The woman climbed onto the bed behind the man and reminded the audience about the importance of lots of lubricant before plowing the man's ass with her strap-on dildo. The camera flashed to a view where you could see the man's face, as well as the woman behind him fucking his ass. It was hard to tell from his closed eyes and open mouth whether he was feeling pain or pleasure, but it was clear he had a hard-on. The scene ended.

The fifth and final scene of the video was '5. Multiple Partners.'

The woman was back, still naked, but this time standing in the bedroom explaining how multiple partners could be fun, but that it wasn't for everyone. Couples engaging in multiple partners had to have an open mind and be completely comfortable in their relationship. The camera followed her as she walked to the bed where the man was on his back with a skinny small breasted brunette woman riding on his hard cock cowgirl style. He had his hands on her hips as she flung her long brown hair around. The blonde woman then climbed up onto the bed and swung her leg over the man's upper body, so that she was facing the other woman and the camera. She planted her crotch onto the man's face. The camera zoomed into her face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth in silent pleasure.

The scene shifted to a tight close-up of the woman giving the man a blow job again. All you could see was her face and shaft of his hard penis. The camera slowly panned out. As it did, the viewer could see that the woman was on her hands and knees on the bed and the man was on his knees. But the woman's body was jerking back and forth as she bobbed on his cock. As the camera panned back even further, the reason for the jerking became clear. There was another man fucking her from behind at the same time she was giving the first man a blowjob.

The video ended with rolling credits.

Emily stopped the video as we all nervously looked around at each other.

Awkward silence.

Emily got up and retrieved the video from the DVD player, then put it in the case.

"So you can't tell anyone," Emily said, standing at the edge of the coffee table and looking at Mike, Matt, and I.

We nodded.

"Are you horny?" Emily asked us. "Do you have hard-ons?"

The question was blunt, and unexpected. I didn't respond, and there was no answer from Mike or Matt. Our silence pretty much answered the question.

"Well, watching that stuff for the first time made us horny," Emily said. "Which is why we tried some of those things," she added, nodding her head down toward the sex toys still sitting on the table.

"Which ones did you use," I asked nervously.

"Just the vibrators," Emily replied.

"They work pretty good," Rachel chimed in.

Amanda giggled, relieving the tension in the room. Emily laughed as well.

"Well," Rachel said, looking at her friends. "They do work good."

"Yeah, they do," Emily confirmed.

"So why don't you use them now?" Mike said, a smirk on his face.

"Oh yeah," Emily replied sarcastically. "You'd like that."

"Well, it's just an idea," Mike said with a chuckle.

"I'll tell you what," Emily said with more sarcasm. "You guys get naked and jack yourselves off, and maybe."

"You got a deal," Mike said, calling Emily's bluff.

"Well, get naked then," Emily came back with instantly.

"You get naked too," Mike replied.

It was a lot of bluffing, but neither Emily or Mike were giving up.

"I didn't say we'd get naked," Emily said. "Just that we'd use the vibrators to get off."

"Well, how are you going to do that without getting naked?" Mike asked.

"We only have to take off our pants," Emily stated. "But you have to get naked. Totally naked."

"You first," Mike replied.

"Everybody at the same time," Emily declared.

Silence. The bluffing had come to an end.

"Well, stand up and start stripping," Emily directed.

Her manner and tone indicated it was no longer a bluff. We all looked at each other.

"Come on," Emily continued. "You guys are horny, you want to see us get off with these vibrators, and we want to watch you jerk off."

"Are you joking?" Amanda asked.

Emily shook her head.

Amanda and Rachel now looked as nervous as we did.

"Come on guys," Mike said as he stood up.

He started to unbutton his pants. Mike wasn't kidding either.

"Come on," Mike urged.

Matt and I stood up on either side of Mike. Mike let his shorts drop. His underwear couldn't hide the bulge of his erection, and the girls were watching every move. As Mike pulled his shirt over his head, Matt and I dropped our shorts. We also had obvious erections. Mike, wearing only briefs and socks, sat back down and pulled off his socks. Matt and I took our shirts off. The pile of clothes at the end of the coffee table was growing. Mike stood back up as Matt and I sat down and took our socks off.

"Now you guys go," Mike said to the girls.

"No, you finish first," Emily declared.

Matt and I stood up again. The three of us were standing before Emily, Amanda, and Rachel, with obvious erections covered only by our stretched out underwear.

"But that's not what you said," Mike said back to Emily.

"Yeah, well, we want to see you naked first," Emily said.

There was a pause.

"Okay," Mike said, as he pulled his underwear down and off his legs, then stood back up.

The girls were smiling and giggling as they looked at Mike's hard cock, and then glanced at each other.

"Come on guys," Mike urged.

Matt and I followed Mike's lead. The girls now had three completely naked boys in front of them, each with a full erection.

I had seen Matt and Mike naked before in the locker room, but I'd never seen either with a hard-on. The hard cocks were about the same size as my own, but each a little different. Matt's was bent back more. Mike's looked slightly longer than Matt's or mine. My cock looked thicker, and the head was fatter. Matt had dark pubic hair. Mike didn't have much pubic hair, and mine was blonde and sparse, so not very visible.

"So?" Mike asked.

Emily turned to her friends.

"Are we really going to do ourselves in front of them?" Amanda asked.

Emily nodded.

"It'll be just like we did the other day," Emily said.

"Yeah, it'll be fun," Rachel chimed in.

Emily unbuttoned her cutoff shorts and let them drop to the floor. She had on lavender cotton panties.

Rachel stood up, then looked over and down at her twin sister. She didn't have to say a word. Amanda stood up.

The twins dropped their shorts. Both were wearing small white cotton panties.

"Okay, let's do this," Emily directed.

The girls simultaneously pulled their panties down and then stood up. The first thing I noticed was the lack of any pubic hair. The woman on the video didn't have any either, but I assumed she shaved. I wondered if the girls also shaved. Mike must have wondered as well.

"Do you guys shave?" Mike asked.

They nodded their heads.

"So do you guys need some lube?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Mike said.

Emily reached down into the shoe box, retrieved a tube of lube, and hand it to me.

"Just don't use a lot," she said. "I don't want my parents to notice any missing."

I nodded.

"So get started," Emily instructed.

Mike sat back down on the couch. I sat back down next to him, and Matt did the same on the other side of Mike.

I looked at the tube of lube, flipped the cap, and squeezed out some of the clear gel onto the end of my hard cock. Everyone was watching. But I wasn't nervous at that point. I just wanted relief.

I handed the lube to Mike.

"So aren't you guys going to get started?" Mike asked as he squeezed out some lube on his dick.

Emily looked over at the girls. The twins sat back down, and Emily sat down between them. Mike and Matt were spreading lube on their cocks as I held my own dick straight into the air with one hand and started stroking with the other.

Emily reached out and grabbed the large purple vibrator shaped like an erect penis. Amanda took the long chrome vibrator, and Rachel picked up the little chrome one.

"Does that feel good?" Rachel asked me as I continued to stroke my cock and look at the girls.

I nodded, and noticed that Mike and Matt were actively stroking their dicks as well.

Emily scooted her butt down to the edge of the couch, leaned back, and spread her legs. The view of her pussy was fantastic. Her inner lips were pink and looked wet. I could see her clit poking out from its hood. Her outer lips were puffy. Emily then turned on the large purple vibrator. I could hear it hum. She rubbed the shaft of it up and down her pussy slot.

The twins slid their bodies down on either side of Emily, and spread their legs to the point where their knees were touching Emily's. Amanda and Rachel's pussies looked idential to each other, but different than Emily's. Their inner pussy lips were thinner, stretched tight, and lighter in color. I also couldn't see their clits. The twins turned on their vibrators and started rubbing them up and down their pussy slots, just like Emily.

Mike and Matt were stroking faster on their cocks as they watched the girls. However, I slowed down a bit, because I wanted to last longer and not ejaculate after only a minute.

The girls watched us stroke our hard dicks as they continued to rub the vibrators up and down their pussies. Then Emily did something I wasn't expecting. She stopped rubbing the shaft of the large purple vibrator up and down her pussy slot, and pointed the head directly at the entrance to her vagina. She lined it up as if it were attached to a boy in front of her. Emily slowly plunged the vibrator into her pussy with her right hand. Her mouth opened as the length slid into her pussy. It was an erotic sight. With the vibrator inside her, Emily started rubbing her clit with her left hand, as she fucked herself slowly with the purple sex toy.

I noticed that Amanda was alternating between rubbing the length of the silver vibrator up and down her pussy slot, and penetrating her own pussy with the vibe.

It was more than Mike could handle. He moaned and gasped as bursts of semen shot out of his hard penis, into the air, and landed on his chest. Mike continued to stroke his cock through his orgasm, until the last of his cum was squeezed out and dribbled onto his belly.

I glanced back at the girls. Amanda and Rachel had moved the silver vibrators to their clits as they watched us.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see another shot of semen fly into the air. This time it was Matt. He was silent, but cum was pumping out of his cock and dropping onto his chest and belly.

I could feel myself getting closer, even though I was still stroking slowly.

Emily was using her left hand to fuck herself with the large purple vibrator, and rubbing her clit even faster with her right hand.

Rachel's body tensed up and her head rolled back. She was staring at the ceiling with her mouth open. Her body twitched and her butt muscles tensed, pushing her hips up from the couch in a series of spasms. She made no noise. A few moments later Amanda did the same thing. The twins were in full orgasm.

I looked directly at Emily. She wasn't moving the shaft of the large purple vibrator any longer. She was just holding it deep in her pussy as she feverishly rubbed back and forth in a sideways motion with her fingers on her clit. Her mouth was open.

The twins were back into sitting positions next to Emily, holding their shiny vibrators, which were turned off.

I couldn't take any more. A felt a surge of pleasure as a jet of semen shot out of the head of my cock, flew into the air, and landed on my belly. I kept stroking through more bursts of semen.

As I squeezed the last small amounts of cum out of the shaft of my cock, which dribbled onto the top of my hand, I heard Emily.

"Ahh," she said.

She was furiously rubbing her clit with her fingers. Her mouth was open.

"Ohh," she said, even louder.

Emily's body twitched like the twins. But she didn't tilt her head back. She kept staring at me and my cock, as I finished the last of the stroking. Her twitching also caused her legs to close inward, and then back out.

"Ahh," Emily gasped again, as her orgasm started to fade.

Emily stopped rubbing her clit, and just held her hand in place. She slowly pulled the shaft of the large purple vibrator out of her wet pussy. It was an amazing sight. Her pussy closed up tight as soon as the purple vibe was out, but her inner lips were spread and a darker shade of pink. I could see accumulated milky fluid at the bottom of her pussy slot.

"That was hot," Mike said.

"Yeah," Matt confirmed.

Emily scooted her body back up into sitting position between the twins, turned off the vibrator, and gave a big sigh.

"Can you get us a towel?" Mike asked Emily.

She nodded her head, sat the purple vibrator back on the table, grabbed her panties from the floor, and stood up. Emily put her lavender cotton panties back on, then scurried up the stairs. While Emily was gone, Amanda and Rachel put their vibrators back on the table and put their panties and shorts back on. While they did so, I got a quick but great view of their firm little naked butts.

Emily returned with a large bath towel. She handed it to me. My cock was still half hard, but shrinking. I used the towel to wipe the semen and lube off my body, then gave the towel to Mike. He did the same as I stood up and got dressed.

Emily put her cutoff shorts back on as Mike and Matt finished putting their shorts on.

We left Emily's house that afternoon, wondering if there would be more adventures in the future.

Copyright 2016 by kid charlemagne.

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