The Adventures of Dan and Cock Socket

Part Fourteen: A Life Changing Decision

Dan knocked on Angela Ramirez's door. He was anxious to talk to her. A lot had changed in his life over the last six months and the beautiful doctor had helped guide him through it. Free Anal's husband had been furious when he found out she had been regularly fucking Griff and not just Dan and had filed for divorce. After speaking with Angela, Dan had decided to take her into his home. She slept in a guestroom and it had been made clear to her that Cock Socket was the Alpha sub and she beneath her.

Cock Socket's brother had kept pestering him about the woman at the football party but Dan hadn't been sure he could guarantee nothing would happen to Cock Socket. After talking to Angela he had decided it wasn't a good idea since he wouldn't be present to keep her safe, and there was no telling what her brother and father would do unsupervised. They had the tools to open the box, and the attitude to do it.

Griff was at his home more and more because it was where Free Anal was. He wasn't exactly sure what was going on between the two of them, but it seemed to be more than just sex. Seeing the two of them get on so well together had started him thinking about the future and helped him make a decision.

"Hello lover!" Angela greeted him as she opened the door. She gave him what had become their customary French kiss as a greeting and her hand wandered down to his crotch to squeeze his meat. Despite the fact that her belly looked as if it was about to burst, Dan still found her very attractive and his cock responded.

"I've been unbelievably horny the past few weeks," she confessed as she pulled him inside. "I've been denying Needle Dick access to my pussy but I didn't realize how much I'd be denying myself as well."

"Where is he?" Dan asked. The last few times he'd come to visit, Needle Dick had hovered around keeping an eye on the two of them.

"I sent him to the store to get some ice cream," she said with a wicked grin. "Cravings," she remarked with a grin as she rubbed her belly. "He has a few other errands to run so he'll be awhile. I hope he comes back at just the right moment." Dan understood her meaning and grinned back at her.

"We should talk first," he said. "I've made a decision about the future for me and Cock Socket but I have a few questions."

"Of course lover," Angela cooed. "We have plenty of time. What did you want to talk about? What decision have you made?"

They went to the living room and sat next to each other on the couch. Dan sank back comfortably in the pillows. "I've decided that it's time for Cock Socket and me to have a baby," he breathed out.

"Congratulations!" Angela cried. "When are you going to start trying?"

"As soon as her birth control wears off," he answered. "I haven't told her yet. I'm afraid she'll have trouble adjusting to the changes."

"It will be difficult for her, of course," Angela said, "but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it." She was rubbing her hand up and down his thigh in a comforting manner, but as they talked she kept moving it higher and higher. "Needle Dick knows it will be difficult. We'll have to curb some of our activities. He won't be able to enjoy the touch of my whip as often as we'd like, he won't scream in agony as one of our friends shoves his cock up his ass very often, and he won't come home and catch me fucking a big dicked stud like you all the time."

Dan smiled. "What will you do?" he asked.

She shrugged. "We'll just have to be careful," she responded. "We will play but only when the baby is with a sitter, and we're going to have to put a lot of our toys in storage."

"I've been thinking of a solution for our stuff too," Dan nodded. "I think I have one but it will be costly."

"You do? Tell me," she said eagerly.

"I'm going to look into having a secret room built off the basement. I'll need to get permits and have a contractor do the work. I saw one on your list I thought I would give a call. I think I can get away with calling it a safe room," he said, "to hide in during a home invasion."

"I've heard of that," Angela responded, "but aren't they usually small."

"Depends on how much room you have," Dan said. "We have a big backyard. Most people will think I'm just a crazy rich guy."

"It sounds like a good idea. The two of you wouldn't have to go far to play," she said.

"Yes, and if I make it sound proof, we could even be in there without anyone knowing or catching us," he said.

Angela nodded in agreement and her hand began unbuttoning his jeans. "So what's the problem?" she asked as she began jerking on his cock.

"I'm just worried about Cock Socket. She enjoys being a slave so much," he said. "She likes the freedom of not having to make decisions. Her life would change a lot. She would be the primary caregiver for a child."

"Make it into another task; just one more thing she has to do during the day. It will be your responsibility then," Angela responded.

Dan sat thoughtfully for a moment while she jacked his cock slowly up and down. "I think that will work. If the loving wife and mother is just a role she plays, not her true self, Cock Socket should stay the way she is."

"What about the other one?" Angela asked.

Dan frowned. "Free Anal? I've given that a lot of thought too, but I need to ask you first. Do you mind if I give her to a friend of mine? He'd take good care of her."

Angela shrugged. "I know she belongs to both of us, but like I've told you before, I have no use for her. Give her to your friend, as long as he takes good care of her."

"I know he will. Thank you," Dan replied.

"I'm glad I could help," Angela said with a smile. "Now, I need you to help me...and my horny pussy."

Dan was only happy to oblige and in a few seconds both of them were naked. Angela got on her hands and knees on the couch as this was easiest for her in her condition. Dan admired her hanging belly and engorged breasts as she knelt before him and couldn't wait to see Cock Socket look like that.

He knelt behind her on the couch and lined his large cock up to her gooey pussy. He pressed forward slowly, feeling every sleek inch of her wet channel. "Go slow," Angela cautioned him. "You can't pummel me like usual right now. Besides, you need to last long enough for Needle Dick to catch us."

"Don't worry," Dan assured her. "If I cum before he sees us, I'll be able to get it up again."

Dan fucked her slow but deep, trying not to jostle her belly too much. He could tell it had been awhile for her by the way she was moaning each time his cock bottomed out inside her. It was almost torturously slow, but he was so concerned about hurting the baby that he didn't go any faster. He had never been in a woman so wet before either, unless she had several loads in her already. He assumed it had something to do with her pregnancy.

He didn't think he would have any trouble waiting for Needle Dick before he shot his cum inside her, but he doubted Angela would last that long. She was squirming and mumbling as he worked his cock in and out. He ran his hands down to her swollen belly, feeling it sway with every thrust.

"Oh God Dan," Angela moaned, "I wish that she was yours instead of Needle Dick's." She turned back to look at him, her eyes glassy with lust. "I should have let you impregnate me for real."

Dan smiled back at her. He knew what she meant. As his hands held her belly he wished it was his baby growing inside her as well. It wasn't jealousy, just the knowledge that he was superior to Needle Dick so he should be the father.

They had been fucking for several minutes; his cock was making loud slurping noises as it plunged in and out of her pussy, when they heard the front door open. Footsteps quickly made their way to the living room, followed by the agonized shriek of Needle Dick.

"Did you bring the ice cream?" Angela moaned to her slave.

"Ye...yes Mistress," he choked out.

"Good. Put everything away and bring me a bowl. We'll be finished soon enough," she commanded.

"But Mistress," he whined, "I thought you and I were going to spend the day together."

"Don't complain Needle Dick," Angela growled angrily. "We'll be spending the rest of the day together after Dan leaves. I need to have a good fuck every now and then; God knows you can't give me one. I figured Dan was the perfect choice since I'm already carrying his baby. In fact, I've been thinking of only allowing Dan to fuck me from now on."

"Mistress please..." Needle Dick started to cry.

"Quiet Needle Dick!" Angela said. "You will have to be punished for your outbursts. Put the groceries away and bring me some ice cream now!"

Not wanting to upset his Mistress any further, Needle Dick scurried away to follow her orders. Dan had continued fucking her during the entire exchange and Angela had given him a wicked grin when Needle Dick left. A few minutes later, Needle Dick returned with the ice cream and set it down on the coffee table. He stood watching them and waiting for further instructions. His eyes were riveted on Dan's thick cock slowly plunging in and out of Angela's pussy.

"You enjoy watching Dan fuck me, don't you Needle Dick?" Angela teased.

", Mistress," he stuttered.

"Then why are you looking at us like that with your little cock so hard?" she asked. "Maybe you wish Dan was using his hard cock in your ass instead?"

"No Mistress!" he nearly shouted. "You know I'm not gay," he whined.

"I know you like to say you aren't, you little faggot, but we both know the truth," Angela teased him with a smile. "Don't worry Needle Dick. Leon will be here in about half an hour to help me take care of you. You should go get your ass ready for him."

"But Mistress, you promised we would spend the day together," he complained.

"We will, Needle Dick, which is more than a worthless worm like you deserves," she told him. "But you know I can't exert myself with the baby. I'll be sitting and watching while Leon does everything for me."

"You know I don't like it when men use me Mistress," Needle Dick said, nearly in tears.

"Yes you do Needle Dick," she contradicted him. "Your little penis gets so hard when a big strong man has his meat buried in your little hole. No more arguments. Go get ready and leave us alone so we can have a proper fuck." She turned away from him and made it clear she would have no more discussion on the matter. Needle Dick trudged up the stairs defeated.

"Oh God, Dan, that got me so hot," she breathed. "He's such a sissy. Now fuck me with your big cock. You can go a little harder."

"I'm never one to complain about doing it harder," Dan replied. He moved his hips a little faster and a little harder causing Angela to cry out with pleasure. He was still mindful of her baby and took care not to injure her.

Angela was cumming a few seconds later. Her pussy squeezed his cock so much that it triggered his orgasm as well. He rocked forward a little harder than he intended and his cock started spewing sperm deep inside her cunt. He gasped above her, trying to keep his weight off her back. He finally backed away and sat down on the couch next to her kneeling form.

"That was great, lover," she cooed as she rolled to sit as well. She kept her legs spread and let the cum run all over the couch. "Looks like Needle Dick will have something to clean up later," she remarked.

They chatted for a bit while Dan got dressed, but he was eager to get home and didn't want to get into another deep discussion. She did make him promise that he'd stop by more often to take care of her needy pussy.


When Dan got home, he wasn't surprised to see Griff's mail truck outside his house. His big friend stopped for lunch nearly every day while he was on his route. He was surprised, however, when he got inside and found Griff receiving a blow job from Cock Socket, and not his usual ass fuck with Free Anal.

Griff looked like he had just finished his lunch and was standing in the kitchen finishing a bottled water. Cock Socket was on her knees in front of him, slurping on his long, and rock hard dong. It brought back memories of the first few times Griff had been over to get a blowjob. Griff's uniform shirt was off and nowhere in sight and his pants were down around his ankles. He had one hand on Cock Socket's head, helping her move back and forth. So much of his large pole was lodged down her throat that there was a noticeable bulge in her neck.

"Hey Griff," Dan said in greeting.

"Oh, hey Dan," Griff responded. Dan arched his eyebrow in a silent question and motioned at Griff's lack of shirt. "Free Anal made me a sandwich," Griff started. "It was good, but some mustard dripped onto my shirt. She's cleaning it in the laundry room. I'm not going to have enough time to fuck her after she's done, so Cock Socket's draining my balls for me. It's been so long since I've gotten a blow job from her, I'd forgotten how good a cock sucker she is."

Cock Socket looked at her master and although she couldn't smile, Dan could sense that she was beaming from Griff's compliment of her skills. Her head was making short, quick movements and her throat was squeezing a good part of his length.

"I'm glad you're both down here," Dan said. "I have something to tell both of you. I've decided that it's time for me and Cock Socket to have a baby."

"Oh shit!" Griff spluttered. "That's great!" Cock Socket couldn't say anything but the size of her eyes spoke volumes. She was ecstatic, but she didn't stop her blowing Griff.

"Thanks man," Dan said to his friend. "I have a favor to ask you."

"Anything for you, Dan," Griff said.

"I want you to take Free Anal," Dan said.

"You want me to take Free Anal?" Griff questioned not quite understanding his friend.

"Yes, take her. Be her Master," Dan explained. Griff's eyes bulged in surprise.

"Are you serious man?" Griff asked. "That would be cruel if you were joking."

"I'm serious," Dan assured him. "I decided I want our child's life to be as normal as it can and with her here that would be difficult. Besides, I think she'll be better off with you anyway."

"Thanks man! I really mean it," Griff said moving Cock Socket's head off his dick. He removed his cock from her mouth with care and Dan could see the bulge in her neck slowly recede as his meat eased out. "I'm going to go tell her right now!" Griff said as he bounded up the stairs.

Cock Socket was left kneeling on the floor with saliva running out of her mouth and down the entire front of her body. "Master, can I hug you?" she asked happily.

"Of course Cock Socket," Dan just barely managed to get out before she was gripping him around the waist and showering him with kisses.

"I love you, I love you, I love you!" she cried in between each kiss. Dan laughed at her enthusiasm, but he was glad she felt that way.

"You know it will be difficult. You will have to pretend to be Kelly again," he cautioned her and then explained everything he had talked about with Angela. Cock Socket understood, and was actually very excited about the room he planned on having built.

"Can we make it just like a dungeon?" she asked eagerly. "We can call it the Torture Chamber."

"Absolutely," Dan answered as he held her.

They could hear Griff upstairs talking excitedly to Free Anal followed by a shriek from her. After a few minutes Griff's heavy footfalls could be heard coming back down the stairs. "I told her," he announced as he came back into the kitchen. "She's going to pack all her things and I'll be back this evening to pick her up." His pants were still undone and his cock was as hard as ever and waving at them as he spoke. "Dan, do you mind if Cock Socket finishes what she was doing?" he asked pointing to his angry looking erection.

"No problem," Dan responded patting Cock Socket on the head. She sank to her knees in front of the large man with a smile on her face while Dan went to the fridge to get something to drink.

"I guess with Free Anal at my house, I'll be going back to getting blow jobs from Cock Socket during lunch," Griff commented.

"Blow jobs are fine, but her pussy is off limits until she's pregnant," Dan reminded him with a glance over his shoulder. He watched for a second as Cock Socket swallowed the long, black length of his friend and allowed it to sink into her throat again.

"Of course," Griff replied. "What about her ass?"

"That's ok, as long as you got the time," Dan answered. "Although I'm going to have some renovations done and if there's contractors around you might not be able to do anything at all." Dan explained the room he planned on having built to Griff.

"That sounds like a good idea. I hope Free Anal and I will be able to use it too," Griff said.

"We'll definitely have you guys over once it's finished," Dan answered, "but once the baby's here it won't be often."

Dan fished a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and then turned to watch his slave finish giving Griff a blow job. Griff's hand was on the top of her head again, but this time only resting there while she moved her mouth up and down his cock. She was taking him deep and producing a lot of saliva that was running down his long tube of flesh, her chin, and dripping onto her naked chest. The only sounds in the room were the wet slurping sounds Cock Socket was making as she worked over his dong and Griff's moans as he drew close cumming.

"Oh God!" Griff exclaimed as he pulled his dick out of her mouth and started spraying her face with cum. She held her mouth open and tried to catch as many of the thick ropes erupting from the slit in his cockhead as she could, but most of it landed on her face, chest, and hair. "Sorry," Griff apologized to Cock Socket, "I got in the habit of doing that to Free Anal."

"No apology necessary," Dan said. "Cock Socket's here to please."

"Thanks man," Griff said. Footsteps came down the stairs and Free Anal came into the kitchen bearing Griff's shirt. Griff inspected it before quickly putting it on and fixing his pants back in place. "I gotta go or I'm gonna be late," he said.

"See you in a couple of hours," Dan replied as Griff headed towards the door.

"If you want to use Free Anal before I come back, be my guest," Griff said.

"I'm saving everything I have for Cock Socket until she gets pregnant," Dan responded, "but thanks anyway." Griff shrugged and walked out the door.

"I'm going to go pack," Free Anal said to Dan and Cock Socket. "Thank you for giving me to Griff. He will be a good master for me."

Dan nodded in acknowledgment and watched her naked bottom as she walked up the stairs. He briefly considered changing his mind and taking her ass one last time, but he wasn't feeling particularly horny after his encounter with Angela and he truly did want to save a big load for Cock Socket later. He turned to Cock Socket and found her looking back at him with a beaming smile on her face. She looked almost comical with Griff's sperm still dripping down her face.

"Go get yourself cleaned up," he said, "then come back and make me a sandwich."

"Yes Master!" she said eagerly as she nearly ran up the stairs.


Dan was tired the next day when the contractor arrived to look at the house. He had spent the entire night filling Cock Socket's pussy with sperm and when he woke up in the morning, had exchanged his morning blow job for a morning fuck. For the first time in his life, he didn't think he could have any more sexual activity for several hours. He let Cock Socket sleep in after their morning fuck but made her wake up in time to meet the contractor.

The contractor, Dave, arrived with his partner, Steve, and they showed the pair around. Dan had Cock Socket wear clothes because he wasn't sure what the contractor's partner knew. He soon found out when they were in the basement and Dan realized he had left the box he had kept Cock Socket in during the football party uncovered. Both visitors recognized exactly what it was for immediately.

"Dave, why don't you ever build anything like this for me?" Steve asked. Dan looked at the two men curiously. They appeared just as he would have expected two contractors to look, but there was obviously more to their relationship than just business partners.

"I would if you deserved it," Dave responded jokingly. "You know I don't have a lot of time to build stuff like this," he said inspecting the box. "This is very nice work Dan," he said.

"Sorry," Dan said after he realized he was staring without talking. "I just didn't expect..."

"That we're gay? Or that Steve's my sub?" Dave asked.

"Both," Dan said.

"Don't worry about it," Dave told him. "We generally don't advertise it, and we don't fit the stereotype."

"Most don't," Steve added. "I'm not sure why the stereotypes exist."

Dan nodded. "I hope you didn't take any offense," Dan said to Dave.

"No, we usually get this response when people find out."

Dan had Cock Socket strip since both men were comfortable with their lifestyle. Dave complimented Dan on Cock Socket's figure and tattoo. Cock Socket blushed; she liked when men talked about her as if she wasn't there. Now that he knew, Dan could tell that Dave was the one in charge.

After the visit to the basement, they took a look at the backyard. Most of it would have to be dug up to build the room. Dan lamented at destroying the landscaping that had taken years to produce, but decided it just meant they could design something even better. They went back inside to discuss the options.

"We're going to have to dig up the entire backyard," Dave said, "and that could include rerouting gas and sewer lines. We'll have to have the service come out and mark where they are before we begin, and it going to take lots of permits if that's the case."

"I figured this wouldn't be painless," Dan shrugged. "I know it's going to take time."

"Yes," Dave agreed. "Since the backyard is being demolished, have you thought about having a pool put in? We have to dig down to the depth of your basement anyway, and it would provide a cover story for the work if you're worried about nosy neighbors."

"I've always wanted a pool," Dan commented rubbing his chin. "We're planning on having a baby soon though. I'd be worried about keeping a toddler out of it."

"There are lots of safety features we can build around the pool," Dave assured him.

"Good, then let's put a pool in," Dan said smiling at Cock Socket. "What about the entrance? Will you be able to hide it?"

"Yes," Dave said. "The door can easily be hidden in the basement wall."

They talked some more about the size of the room and pool and then Dave and Steve left, promising to get back with Dan the next day with a bid. Dan was pleased with the meeting, and had already decided to use their services no matter the cost.


It was almost a month later before any construction started. Griff and Dan watched out the back patio window while the digging commenced. Cock Socket, fully clothed, was in the kitchen making them lunch. Despite the workers, Griff still got his blowjob. They had to be a little more discreet and do it in the master bedroom, but Griff insisted.

Dave had cautioned them about letting the workers see anything. Not that any of them would be offended, but he worried that they wouldn't be able to keep their activities a secret. The men were prone to bragging about their conquests.

Dan and Griff watched the men for a few minutes, and then went to eat their lunch as soon as Cock Socket called for them. She was trying to get in the habit of behaving as Kelly for part of the day, so she ate lunch with them. It felt strange and uncomfortable to sit with them and eat as if she weren't Dan's slave, but it wasn't terrible. After they had finished eating, she found herself automatically cleaning up the dishes. She would have to break herself of that habit once the baby was born; she and Dan would be sharing chores in the future.

She wasn't pregnant yet, but she had already begun thinking as if she were. For her it was a foregone conclusion; with all the seed Dan had been pumping into her every night, she had to get pregnant eventually.

Griff left after lunch and Dan went back upstairs to work on a project. Cock Socket went and looked out at the men digging the hole in their backyard. There were only three of them; one of them was in a backhoe while the other two were using shovels and other hand tools. One of them had his shirt off, and while he was no Adonis, something about his sweaty back and chest excited her. All three of them, working hard and getting dirty, was enough to make her squirm. She wished her Master could give her to them. She would take them all covered in the filth from their hard day's work.

Her pussy was dripping from the fantasy running through her mind. She pulled herself from the window and staggered up to her Master's office to see if he would give her some relief. His door was open and she went inside with her head down.

"Master, I'm horny," she admitted. Dan looked up at her from his work.

"What's gotten you so horny?" he asked.

"I was watching the men outside," she said. "They are so dirty and sweaty Master. The thought of them taking me any way they want was making me horny."

"I see," replied Dan thoughtfully. "Would you like it if I let them have sex with you?"

"I would, Master, if we weren't trying to get pregnant," she answered.

"Then what would you like to do about your horniness?" he asked amused.

"Would you please fuck me Master?" she asked. "I need your cock inside me."

"I'm busy at the moment Cock Socket," he replied still grinning. "Besides, I want to save a big load for you tonight. Go back downstairs and watch the men working, but you are not allowed to masturbate or cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," she responded dejectedly. Dan watched as she trudged out of his office. She would be really horny and begging him for cock later.


Cock Socket was writhing in ecstasy as her Master ate her pussy. She was tied down to the four corners of the bed with a pillow under the small of her back to raise her hips a bit. Her arms and legs were stretched so much that she could barely move. She loved it like this; it made her feel so helpless.

Since they started trying to have a baby, her Master insisted on making her cum before he stuck his cock in her. He liked to use his mouth and tongue, bring her to the brink of orgasm, and then pull away. He would do this several times, keeping her right on the edge before finally finishing her off. It was maddening, especially when she was bound as she was. When he eased his mouth off, she tried to follow with her hips, but she couldn't move enough to do it.

She was close now, and she tried to hide it from but somehow he always knew. He removed his mouth and grinned at her, his face slick with her wetness. Her pussy had been drooling all day from watching the men dig the hole and now her clit was throbbing painfully. She gasped and looked down at him pleadingly, hoping that he'd take pity on her and finish her off. He didn't. He sat back and watched her hips undulate in frustration while her head, framed by her sweat soaked hair, rolled from side to side.

"Did you enjoy watching the men work today?" he asked

"Yes Master," she answered honestly.

"It made you wet?" he asked although he already knew the answer.

"Yes, it did, Master," she responded.

"What were you thinking about while you watched them?" he asked.

"I imagined walking outside naked, Master," she said. "They would see me and put their tools down. Their dirty, sweaty hands would be all over me. They'd push me down onto the ground and fuck me roughly," she gasped. Her hips never stopped moving, and her pussy lips quivered slightly.

Dan brought his mouth back down, latched his lips onto her clit, and sucked hard. She cried out loudly with passion and tried to force more of her sex at his mouth. The damn restraints were so restrictive. She groaned in frustration when the pressure on her clit went away as he let go with his lips.

"You wanted them to fuck you?" he queried.

"Yes Master," she said. "I wanted them to fuck me with their bodies covered in filth," she admitted in a rush.

"Did you find them attractive?" Dan asked.

"Not particularly Master," Cock Socket answered. "One of them was old and one of the younger ones was overweight. The last one had a good body, but he was missing a couple of teeth and had scars all over his face."

"So why did they excite you?" he asked.

"It was the thought of being taken by strange, hard working men that excited me," she explained. "It didn't matter what they looked like."

"That makes you a slut, Cock Socket," he said.

"I know Master," she responded in her lust filled haze.

"If I told you that you had permission to fuck any man you wanted to, what would you do?" he asked.

"I'd fuck them all Master," she answered. "I'd lie down in front of every man I saw, spread my legs, and offer them my pussy."

Dan rewarded her honesty by sucking her clit again. She strained against her bonds and her mouth opened in a silent cry. This time he didn't let go, and the warm feeling in her stomach began to grow and spread down to her pussy. After a few moments, she was slamming her head back against the bed while her whole body shook with a powerful orgasm.

Dan smiled up at her from between her quivering thighs. He loved torturing her like that and enjoyed the noised she made when he finally let her cum. He slithered up her gasping body and easily slipped his heavy meat into her slippery cunt. Her eyes were close and a warm smile was spread across her face as he loomed over her.

Dan didn't waste any time and began pounding his cock in and out vigorously. It was frustrating for him, as well, to limit himself to this one fuck every night and he was eager to empty his balls. He grunted noisily on top of her while his cock plunged in and out of her sloppy pussy. His heavy balls slapped against her bottom with every thrust and were soon wet with the copious amount of fluids that were running out of her overexcited pussy.

His cock felt harder than it had ever been in his life. The thought of knocking Cock Socket up greatly excited him. He had images swirling in his mind of her belly growing with their baby inside it. In some of them she was nude, demurely rubbing her swollen belly with a happy smile on her face; in others she was on her hands and knees with her belly swaying underneath her as faceless men slammed their meat into her from behind.

Scenarios of a pregnant, innocent looking Cock Socket walking up to random men and begging them to fuck her knocked up pussy swirled through his mind as he worked his swollen member inside of her. His cock felt so hard he thought it might split in two from the pressure along its entire length. Soon he grunted as cum spewed from his cock and flooded her cunt. He was surprised at how quickly he came but it was a very satisfying cum.

He looked down at her as he finished. Her eyes were still closed and she had a very satisfied look on her face. As Cock Socket lay there under her Master, his cum spreading throughout her belly, she somehow knew that he had gotten her pregnant at that very moment and she was very happy.

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