Angie Babysitting with a Girlfriend, Part 1

by Angie

Hiya I'm Angie. I'm 17 and live alone with my mom.

When I was 15, I had this girlfriend from school and her name was Lisa. Lisa and I became the best of friends and did everything together. Being best friends you think you could share everything, but there were things I couldn't share with Lisa that I wanted to so bad. One of those things was my love for very little girls. When I say little, I have always been attracted sexually to girls as young as babies with my favourite age being around 2. I wanted so bad to share this with Lisa but couldn't, that was until this Saturday night at a sleepover at Lisa's. I found out that Lisa shared my love for little ones too and it was the start of a truly beautiful relationship with my best friend.

When I arrived at Lisa's and her mom answered the door saying Lisa was up stairs changing a baby, my heart skipped a beat as Lisa had not told me she had been babysitting. Lisa's mom told me she had to go out for a while and that Lisa had been up in her bedroom for quite a while and for me to tell Lisa she was going and would be home later. Lisa hadn't realised I had arrived, so as I said goodbye to Lisa's mom I snuck up to Lisa's bedroom quietly to surprise her, and as I quietly opened Lisa's door and peeked in I nearly fainted when I saw what Lisa was doing. Lisa was leaning over the baby girl who I later found out to be 16 months old and Lisa was passionately kissing the little baby girl's mouth. I stood quietly by the door and watched as Lisa kissed the baby's mouth as she ran her hand gently over the baby's pussy, stroking it and gently running her fingers between the baby girl's slit. My hand instantly went between my legs and I rubbed my pussy through my jeans as I watched in stunned silence as Lisa gently made love with this baby girl. My heart was racing and every thought ran through my mind as I rubbed myself and felt myself quickly becoming very wet indeed.

I must have watched Lisa for about 15 minutes and then decided to not let her know I was there as my mind was reeling and I needed to collect my thoughts so I quickly yet quietly went down to the loungeroom and sat on the lounge and slid my hand down my jeans and masturbated myself silly knowing what Lisa was upstairs doing to the baby girl, and then I used the toilet to clean up and after flushing the toilet I found Lisa in the loungeroom when I went back in.

Lisa hugged me and said something along the lines of how long had I been here and I told her I had only just arrived and needed to use the toilet and that her mom said goodbye and would be home later. I asked Lisa what she had been up to and asked her about the baby that her mom had told me about and Lisa went on to say that she had been babysitting for quite a while now but never had mentioned it. I didn't know how to bring up to her what I had seen her doing with the baby girl, so I let it go and Lisa said that the baby was sleeping for a while and we sat and started chatting on the lounge.

I couldn't help myself any longer and I had to tell Lisa what I had seen her doing to the baby girl, and when I came out with it Lisa didn't know which way to turn. She went a bright shade of red and then tried denying it and then got a little angry and I grabbed Lisa and landed a deep kiss on her sweet lips as I started telling her I loved her and it was all ok and that after watching her I had to use the toilet to clean myself up after the big cum I had just had and how it had turned me on like never before. I just came out with it and told Lisa everything how I also loved little girls, especially babies, and that I myself had made love to a baby girl in the past that I had babysat. Lisa's shocked look changed to one of joy as she hugged me and we finally had realised that not only were we best friends we were lesbians and also shared a love for little girls. We must have kissed and cuddled for nearly an hour as we started to open up to each other and share stories of our past.

At that point we heard the baby girl cry and we both ran to Lisa's room and picked her up and sat together cuddling her. Lisa asked me if she could watch me with the baby as I had seen her and so I grabbed the baby girl and lay her down on Lisa's bed, and without giving it a second thought I started to undress the baby as I kissed her passionately on her tiny mouth and ran my hands gently all over her cute little body. I looked over to Lisa who was sitting on a chair with her hand down her pants masturbating madly as she watched me first kiss the baby girl's mouth, and then I opened her little legs and spread them apart as I ran my fingers over her tiny puffy little pussy lips, and then I put my head between her little legs and gently started to lick and then suck on her tiny little puffy pussy lips. I was in heaven and I licked and sucked on her little pussy and would look over at Lisa to see her masturbating herself silly as she watched me lick the little baby girl. Lisa came really hard and then Lisa came over to the bed and wiped her cum-soaked fingers over the baby girl's pussy for me to lick her juices off the baby's pussy, and then Lisa got behind me and slid her hand down my jeans and panties and as soon as Lisa's fingers touched my pussy I came bucket loads and had probably the biggest orgasm to date.

Both Lisa and myself took turns for nearly 2 hours kissing and licking the baby girl and we both took turns to breastfeed her as we masturbated each other to countless orgasms. We bathed the baby when we had finished and got her dressed and ready for her mom to collect her and Lisa and myself stayed locked in her room all night and made love in between sharing our babysitting stories, and this became the start of our beautiful relationship together.......

To be continued in Part 2.......

Hope you enjoyed my story
the story is fantasy only.
any girls who share my fantasy
are welcome to email me.
hugs Angie xxx

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