Jade's Awakening: Tits and Ass

by Dykefan

Chapter 5

Helen and Jade remained entwined in a love lock with Jade sat on the older womans lap chest to chest .They circled one anothers nipples and Helens hand crept down Jades back rubbing in soft motions. Then at an opportune moment the forty-somethings hand crept under the waistband of the young girls knickers and began rubbing the soft rump of the barely teen girl. Slowly clasping at the cheeks at first, but then building up a pace of rubbing each pert butt cheek, with the middle finger tracing the cleft in between. All the time kissing and licking the youngsters neck, jaw mouth and back down to neck again with passion. At one point the middle aged doctor looked over her young lovers shoulder and pulled away the knickers to look at the girls perfect shapely bottom, your tushy looked cute in clothing babes, it looks even better bare. Time to take a closer look me thinks.

With that thought she raised the underage girl off her lap and kissed her belly button affectionately. Then gestured for her to lie on her front on the bed with her legs hanging off the side, now pull your knickers down over your arse cheeks and let me see your cute butt, but not too far honey its not time for me to eat your little pussy just yet. The girl turned to look over her shoulder and slowly pulled her knickers to reveal the better part of her bottom. The older woman knelt down at the childs backside and instinctively clasped both cheeks with each hand and kissed the left cheek, then looked up to wink at the girl looking back over on herself. Helen then took to placing butterfly kisses up each buttock then back down the other sensually. Finally parting those glorious little mounds to reveal the starfish within.

Dirtily Helen oozed spit onto the tight anus and Jade giggled that it tickled as Helen rubbed her own spit into the girls arsehole, god thats tight baby I dont think youll get anything in their for a few years. Never mind, anal sex is an acquired taste anyway, this however.

With those words Helen pulled the girls knickers further down her thighs revealing the cute, tight pussy she had seen on the web video that had been doing the rounds. Instantly the older womans lips kissed at the under carriage of the young girls mound. After a prolonged kiss to the girls groin the womans tongue flicked out and intruded the young teens outer pussy lips. Through a rapid tongue movement and a slight adjustment of Helens head she slowly entered the girls slit with constant flicks back and forth, the girl cooed in pleasure and Helen pulled away sensing the need for another position, ok baby on your back on the bed Im going to tongue fuck your little cunt now.

The girl complied pulling off her knickers and throwing them off the bed and lying flat with her legs slightly apart and her knees up. The older woman blew a kiss and pulled off her own knickers and then descending on the youth placed her full weight on the girl nipple to nipple. Planting a kiss on the girls mouth and then pulling a way the woman slowly put her hand on between their bodies and onto the girls slit, well my little cherub Im looking forward to eating you but lets have a little play with your baby cunt first. Whilst she talked dirty to the girl she lightly fingered the outer folds of the girls slightly haired pussy. The girl was wetter then an Amazon rainforest and was breathing heavily now, yeah you like being played with dont you yer little tart, but Im hungry and I fancy underage pussy so time for the real thing.

Helen descended rapidly like a u-boat deep diving the ocean, half hearted kisses scattered along the girls lithe body. Then she came to her desired location a tight underage slit with an inverted v of dark hair above it. The woman was kidding she wasnt in the mood for playing too much, she kissed the inner thighs of the girl a few time but really wasted no time parting the pussy lips with her fore and index fingers. A delightful sight of a gaping wet hole and the young red faced beauty, brunette hair matted with sweat looking past her pokie tits with anticipation.

Helen didnt disappoint she delved tongue first into the enticing hole and lapped hungrily as the tight pussy walls sucked in her tongue. The girl moaned and groaned as the older woman lapped and sucked on her vagina like a demented vampire. Jades slit was engorged as the older brunette explored her hole delving deep as far as her tongue would take her and then coming out and licking along the length of the young crevice, the girl went wild in spasm as she came close to a powerful orgasm, thats the youngest and sweetest cunny Ive ever eaten and Im not finished yet. Finally Helen focused on the clitoris at the top of the vagina lapping at it in quick licks, whilst poking the young girls tight hole with her forefinger. The girls back arched fully off the bed as she groaned and moaned as her body went into a massive orgasm, by far the largest shed ever experienced that seemed to last for ever.

Chapter 6

Once complete Helen kissed the girls wet pubic hair and clambered up the bed to nuzzle the girls neck. Helen kissed the girls red cheeks as the she recovered whilst rubbing her belly slowly, did you enjoy that my sweet? The girl nodded her approval with a cute grin and they kissed passionately. The older woman grabbed a glass of water from the side cabinet and offered it to the girl after taking a mouthful herself, well you can do something for me now young lady.

Helen laid back on the double pillows and spread her legs to reveal a hairy wet pussy, I was going to sit on your face right after you came as eating your tight little snatch got me flooding my jets but I figured I want to see your pretty little face in my bush, ok babes Im not expecting the works but I am so turned on Ill probs wont last that long anyway, get down there sugar.

Jade slowly descending between her older lovers legs and put one hand on the hairy snatch, it was soaking to the touch. Then mimicking Helens moves she parted the larger lips and lent forward towards her goal. Slow tentative licks to the clitoris region came first but as she grew accustomed to the taste she increased her pace. Confidence grew and she threw in some kisses to the outer mound and mixed with stronger licks that parted the folds. Jade had remembered how she had lapped at Lisas cunny like an amateur in the pool hall and gave her work some more thought. It seemed to be working as the older womans breathing increased and she began rubbing her own nipples in excitement, look at me sugar as you eat me, I want to see those pretty blues. The girl was encouraged by the arousal shown by her more experienced partner and began fully eating the womans vagina using a mixture of lapping and probing into the folds and then switching back to the clitoris. Helen wasnt far from climax and instructed the girl to finger her with 2 fingers, the girl complied and with slow but steady thrusts the older woman bucked and came squirting over the youngsters pretty face.

Relaxing Helen grabbed a towel and dabbed the young brunettes face dry. They then laid together and cuddled and Helen bolstered Jades confidence telling how well she had done, you were better then I had hoped, I was hoping for some dildo and maybe strap-on games but we are both shattered and need showers before I get you home, so maybe another time? Jade nodded that she would like that and they went to the shower, where Helen washed her young girl all over and then masturbated by the shower as Jade rubbed her own body clean. Then after climaxing a second time Helen jumped in the shower after Jade and had a quick wash and then they both dressed. Dropping Jade home the older woman kissed her young sex toy and then raced home to watch the recording she had made of the whole event with hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom.

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