The Joy of Looking, Chapter 49

by Naughty Mommy

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Beside me on the bed, Kate was squealing, in the middle of an orgasm. Carla was gasping and moaning too, climaxing at the same time.

My mom cried loudly, "Fuck me, Julie!" as she pressed our twined fingers deep inside herself. She was coming, and I had already started mine. I'd begun first, I think, or anyway, I finished first.

As my little pussy completed its orgasmic reverie and I was able to open my eyes, I looked down and saw -- my body lying on top of my mother's body, with four hands between my/our legs -- and I not only saw but could feel that my finger was buried deep inside my mommy's vagina. Oh what a moment that was!

She was still shuddering, still coming, her fingers tightly squeezing mine as she panted and groaned beneath me. I remember thinking to myself, this will never happen again, not ever again for the very first time. I want to have my fingers and also my tongue inside my mother's cunt many times in my life, but this is the first time. Even if it's only one finger and it's clasped between two of hers, it's happening for the first time right now.

The way we were lying, our faces were almost next to each other. I turned and kissed her cheek, tasting her salty sweat. She was red-faced, grimacing, straining with the power of her orgasm. I'd watched her come so many times, but this was one of the strongest I'd seen. I closed my eyes again so I could soak in all the sensations... the warmth of her body, the smell of our sex, the way her hands held my hands so tightly... I felt the heat of her vagina surrounding my finger, all the wetness inside her, and I thought maybe I could even feel the pulsing of her climax.

I kissed her again and licked her cheek. She turned to me and our mouths met. We didn't really kiss, but we played with each other's tongues, lips apart, hot breath mixing, saliva blending. Soon we were licking everywhere, and now starting to laugh, making a mess of each other's faces, but what a delicious, joyous, erotic mess it was.

As her orgasm ended, we each shifted onto our sides, facing one another, tenderly touching and kissing. "Oh, Julie, I love you so much," she whispered, caressing my cheeks, her fingers wet with my juices and hers. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," I just kept repeating.


More happened that night, much more, although nothing that could possibly top the sheer ecstasy of that amazing dual/unison orgasm I shared with my wonderful mom. But that doesn't mean the rest wasn't fun and exciting.

At one point, they changed the video, putting on a different one that was more explicit, more hard-core. It had things in it I'd never seen before, like women putting their fingers and tongues inside other women's buttholes. I didn't like that too much, but it was interesting to see. In that same video, there was a scene with a woman wearing a strap-on (I later learned that's what it's called), and she was fucking another woman with this huge black penis thing. Carla said she wanted my mom to do that with her, and so they did.

Kate and I gaped as our mother strapped a contraption on herself (the fake penis was purple, not black) and then rubbed lubrication on it and started fucking Carla from behind. Carla really seemed to love that. She kept screaming 'Fuck me harder!' and 'Make me come!' and our mother was saying stuff like 'You want it, bitch?' or 'You want me to fuck your fucking cunt?' and pretty soon Carla had an orgasm.

Neither my sister nor myself was masturbating as we watched this. I think we were too overcome with the bizarre novelty of it to get very aroused. But as soon as they finished with the strap-on, Mommy took it off and got on top of Carla on the bed, briskly turning her over so she could begin fucking her pussy to pussy. That was something I loved to see.

I got up next to my mom as she mounted the woman. I stroked her warm back, sliding my hand down to her bottom while my other hand was rubbing my clit. "Fuck her, Mommy," I said, "I love to watch you fucking her! Make her come while I watch you!" Kate went to the other side and we were both very close to them. As my sister fucked herself with her finger, she put her other hand on Carla's tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

Within a few minutes, Carla had a climax that way. Our mom didn't, but it looked like she wanted one very badly. She crawled up on top of the brunette, took her head firmly in her hands and ordered her to stick out her tongue. Carla was still short of breath from her orgasm, it appeared, panting and gasping, but she obeyed. She opened her mouth and held out her tongue. Mommy spread her pussy lips with her fingers, then lowered her cunt onto Carla's face.

She started riding the woman, pressing her pussy down hard onto her mouth, sliding her cunt back and forth, faster and faster. "Fuck me with your tongue, you little whore!" she cried. Kate and I were amazed. Again we shifted around to where we could see better, on our knees just behind Carla's head. We were both still masturbating.

Mommy had been staring down at Carla as she fucked her face that way. But when she noticed us moving, she looked up. Holding the brunette's head tightly in her hands, she continued rubbing her cunt up and down over her mouth, faster and harder, and she said, "Look at me, girls. Look at what your mommy is doing."

Her face was flushed, dripping with sweat, what was left of her makeup badly smeared. Her blonde hair was a wreck, flying everywhere. She looked magnificent.

"I'm fucking this woman's face with my cunt. I'm rubbing my cunt all over her. Do you like looking at me this way?"

We both nodded, wide-eyed.

"Tell me you like to look at Mommy having sex. Tell me you want to watch Mommy come on her face!" she demanded.

"Yes, Mommy," I urged, as I rubbed my clit. "I want to see you come on her face! Fuck her with your cunt, Mommy! Fuck her with your cunt and come in her mouth!"

"Oh, god, I'm c-- UNH!!" cried Kate.

I was very close too. "Mommy come for me! Come for me! Come hard all over her face!"

And then she did.

My mother was climaxing, Kate was climaxing, and I started climaxing too. Hot, sweaty, juicy, dirty, sexy -- oh, what a night that was!

Those turned out to be the last of our orgasms that evening on Carla's bed. It was very late, and we were all spent. The movie we were only half-watching had ended a while ago.

As Mommy completed her final shudders on top of Carla's mouth, she slowly climbed off of her and then bent down to give the woman a gentle kiss, wiping her face clean with her fingers. My sister and I were lying side by side, panting, both still recovering. Our mother helped us get under the covers, and then she and Carla joined us there. Mommy kissed us, told us she loved us, and said goodnight.

I was surprised. I had expected that when we were finally done, we would drive home, but we didn't. I remembered, though, that Mommy had said something to Danni about seeing her tomorrow, and now I knew what she meant.


In the morning, when I awoke, I wondered for a moment where I was. The room was strange, the bed unfamiliar. Oh, of course, I recalled, this is Carla's room. And beside me, behind me, here in bed, that must be my mother. At least I think that's who it is. It smells like her, but I can't remember exactly who was where when we fell asleep.

I was on my side, facing away, toward the wall and a window. It was light outside. I turned over and saw that it was my mom next to me. She was on her side, facing toward me. Her pretty blue eyes were open. She smiled. I snuggled close to her. We shared a tender good morning kiss.

"Hey, pumpkin," she breathed. "Did you sleep okay?"

"Yeah, I did," I nodded.

She kissed me again, softly, two more times. But when she pulled away, she seemed concerned. She whispered, "Sweetie, I... there's something I think I need to say."

"What, Mommy?"

"It's just... I, I really hope I didn't scare you last night. Sometimes, you know, I get a little carried away, and I worry that I've gone too far, done too much."

"No, Mommy, it's fine. I like that. Honest, I do."

I smiled and gave her a little kiss, but she still looked worried. So I added, "It really is cool to see you getting kind of, I don't know, like wild or extreme or something. It's fun and exciting."

She grinned.

"And, um, and also, Mommy, I always want you to be however you want to be. You know, to act whatever way you feel like acting, to show me just, like, who you really are. Because, I mean, I want to be closer to you than to anyone ever, you know?"

My mother looked deeply into my eyes. She nodded, "Yes, honey, I do know. I want that too."

We kissed again, and this time her kiss was more urgent, more desiring. I felt her tongue teasing my lips. After the kiss, she hugged me, pulling my naked body to hers. She felt so warm, so comforting. We cuddled for a while after that, sharing tender caresses, soft kisses, not speaking, just being close, breathing, looking into each other's eyes, so intimate, so close, so in love...

I could have stayed that way all day, forever, but in another few minutes, we felt someone stir. It was Carla. She got up and left the bed, going into the bathroom and relieving herself. We heard the sounds, the toilet flushing, a yawn.

My mom turned to look at her as Carla came back into the room.

The beautiful brunette was wearing a silk robe, magenta, sashed around the waist. She stretched languidly and then, when she saw that we were awake, she smiled, "Good morning. Want me to make some coffee?"

"That would be lovely," my mother said.

I got up on my elbow to look over at Kate. Still fast asleep.

"What a little angel she is," sighed my mom.

Carla grinned, "But she can be kind of a devil too. A sexy little devil." She winked at us before leaving the room to go downstairs and make coffee.

Kate didn't move.

My mother was gathering me to her for more cuddling when she stopped and said, "I really should go down and help her. We are her guests, after all." Then suddenly she began to laugh.

"What's funny?" I asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking to myself that we need a few things at the store for dinner tonight, and maybe we'll stop on the way home to get them -- but then I remembered how we were dressed last night."

I giggled, "People were staring at us in the mall and in the restaurant. Imagine how they'd look at us in the grocery store!"

"I know!"

We both laughed loudly, and that woke Kate up. She was on her stomach, facing away from us. Slowly, she raised her head and turned our way, blinking sleepily "...mmfgh... g'morning..."

"Hi, cutie pie," Mommy chuckled. "Did you sleep well?"

My sister put her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. "I don't know, maybe," she yawned.

"Hey, now, come on, get up. We have to have breakfast."

My mother surprised me then by climbing up on Kate's back, straddling her bottom. Putting her hands around her waist, she squeezed and tickled her. "Get up out of bed, sleepyhead!"

"Mommy!!" Kate laughed, squirming beneath her.

It was exciting to see them playing that way. It wasn't really sexual, but they were both naked, and my mother's pussy was pressed up against my sister's bottom. I felt myself getting aroused as I watched.

Just then Carla came back into the room. "I remembered that -- oh! More fun and games this morning?"

Mommy slid off Kate's back. She slapped her on the bum. "No, I was just waking this little kid up. I really meant to come downstairs and help you."

"Oh, that's okay, the coffee's brewing," Carla responded, as she stepped into the large walk-in closet. She called, "I just remembered that you don't have any other clothes, so I thought you might want to borrow some robes."

She came out holding three gorgeous silk robes in her arms, one red, one pink, one white. Laying them on the bed, she beamed, "You can pick your colors. What would you guys like for breakfast?"


We had scrambled eggs that Mommy made, along with sausage and toast and juice. It was really fun, being in another woman's house, wearing only a robe with nothing on underneath, cooking and eating and talking. I felt sort of grown-up, like a real woman of the world, ha-ha.

After breakfast and doing the dishes, we took a shower together. Carla had this big shower stall with two nozzles so we could all get in there at once. And that was even more fun! We helped each other wash, soapy fingers and hands sliding almost everywhere. There was a lot of kissing too, and although none of us had an orgasm there was plenty of sexual tension.

I thought that maybe when we finished we would get back in bed, but we didn't. Anyway, that would have just made us all sweaty and messy again, and then we would have had to take another shower. It could be like a never-ending cycle. Maybe not such a bad idea!

But we just got dressed instead. As I put on my red undies, I reached between my legs and touched myself. My pussy was really wet. I would have to masturbate when we got home, I decided.

While we drove, I kept thinking about everything, about looking at porn with them, and seeing my mom act so nasty and dirty with Carla, and watching my sister use that vibrator to give herself an orgasm, and the way my mother and I had masturbated together, and then I just couldn't wait. Right there in the car, I tugged up my short skirt and pulled my panties aside and started playing with myself. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

Kate heard me moaning. Leaning over from the backseat, she looked down at me. "God, Julie, you're like... I don't know, like..."

"I'm insatiable," I told her.

That made my mother chuckle. She put her hand on my bare thigh and kept it there as I masturbated. Before we reached home, I reached orgasm.


Mommy was right. The hickey she had given me was huge, dark and purple, high on my neck. There was no possibility of hiding this one.

I looked at myself in the mirror in my bedroom, rubbing the spot. I smiled as I remembered how it had felt to receive it. And then I imagined trying to explain it to the kids at school. 'Where'd you get that?' they would ask. 'Oh, it's from my mom, she gave it to me,' I would blithely respond. Not really, of course, but it was fun to picture the reaction that would get.

When I went downstairs, having changed into jeans and a t-shirt, Danni was just leaving. At the door, my mother gave her a kiss on the lips. "Thank you, darling, we'll see you again soon."

"Bye, Danni!" Molly jumped into her arms. They hugged tightly, the teen caressing my little sister's bottom. Very interesting.

She left, and Mommy went upstairs to change her clothes. Kate was in her own bedroom, presumably changing too, or maybe taking a nap. She needed more sleep than I did.

Molly and I walked hand in hand to the family room. "You want to play something?" I asked. "Maybe dolls? Or Legos?"

"Yeah, but..." she studied me, frowning. "What happened to your neck?"

Instantly I blushed and stammered, "Oh, it's, um, I, I got a bite, and I was just scratching myself too much, I guess."

I felt bad about lying to her, although what I said was actually sort of true -- if you figure it was our mother who bit me, and that scratching myself means masturbating, which is what I was doing at the time. Close enough, anyway.

Molly seemed to accept my explanation. We started getting out her tubs of Legos. She wanted us to make a house together, a two-story home like the one we lived in.

As we sat on the floor of the family room, choosing pieces to build with, I kept seeing Danni in my mind, the way she held my sister, squeezing her, rubbing her bottom. It made me wonder what might have happened between them while we were gone.

Attempting to be casual, I asked, "Did you have a good time last night?"


"What did you guys eat for dinner?"

"Just grilled cheese. Danni made 'em and I helped her. And potato chips too."


I was constructing the stairs that would lead to the second level of the house. I wondered if I should try to create an overlook from the upper floor to the lower one, where a young voyeur could station herself. That made me grin. But I wasn't finished with my questions.

"So, after dinner, what did you guys do?"

"We just played. With my dollhouse mostly, up in my room."

"Did she let you stay up late?"

"Uh-huh, until 10:30," Molly answered.

"Where did Danni sleep?"

"In my bed."

"In your bed? With you? Wasn't that kind of crowded?"

"Sort of, but I liked it. I like Danni."

We were quiet for a while, continuing to build the house, selecting pieces out of the various bins of Legos my sister had. There were literally thousands of separate parts but she'd done a fairly good job of organizing them so it wasn't too hard to find what we needed.

After a few minutes, I asked, "Did Danni bring jammies with her?"


"Did she sleep in her undies?"

"No, we were both naked," Molly answered matter-of-factly.

I tried not to act surprised, even though I was. I wondered if our mother knew about this. I figured that she probably did, and also that she approved. It was making me excited. I was almost sure something more than sleep must have occurred between Danni and my 8 year-old little sister. But what? Should I try to find out?

My mom came downstairs then, carrying a basket of clothes to put in the laundry. She smiled and blew us a kiss as she walked past.

I couldn't think of how to ask Molly what might have happened with Danni in her bed. Different questions kept forming themselves in my mind, but none seemed right. For someone who prided herself on being articulate, with a good vocabulary, I was stumped.

In the end, all I came up with was, "So, was it fun?"


"Sleeping with Danni."

"Uh-huh. I like her a lot."

"Good, me too," I brilliantly replied.

I had so many more questions, but for some reason I didn't ask them that day. I just squeezed my thighs together, stimulating my pussy, while my sister and I played Legos and I pictured her naked in bed with the teenage babysitter.

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