State of Affairs, Chapter 5

by Ronk

Carmen turned to face Terry who was now safely locked inside the apartment. She purposely stood between the young woman and the door placing both hands on her hips striking a defiant pose.

Terry was stunned by the older woman's aggressive action, her first means of escape had been neutralize and now the full impact of her situation came flooding in. Seconds more passed as Terry struggled to find some means of rescue. Several pleading glances at the un-yielding figure of Carmen cemented in her mind just how hopeless the situation had become.

Terry's legs began to trembled, nipples became hard and her breathing labored as the reality of her entrapment sunk in. She could feel the familiar thirst to be dominated and used begin to crawl its electric fingers up her spine. As if some switch buried deep down inside her loins had been activated by Carmen's aggressive stance the unquenchable hunger to relive her perverted past at the hands of Ms. Mayo began to take over.

The woman who so cooly studied her victim was a vision of sexual dominance. In the few months she'd known Terry, Carmen's well honed skills and training had torn through her pitiful defenses, she knew her deepest perversions and had crafted her web to exploit Terry's shameful desires.

Terry's eyes became enthralled by the powerful vision of Carmen's seductive presence and she felt a familiar shiver run down her spine terminating at the sloppy wetness building between her legs. She knew it was hopeless for her to fight this woman, somehow the older woman had managed to dig deep into her psyche and root out Terry's darkest urges.

"I won't fight you," Terry said breaking the silence.

Carmen's seductive attire ensured the virtual enslavement of Terry's tormented mind. No longer did it matter how much trouble she was in, the fact that she had just given up state secrets didn't compare to the promise of sexual surrender that stood before her.

Carmen had dressed the part, her silky Black hair was piled up into a bun adding inches to her height advantage over her smaller young lover. A pleated short black skirt and white silk blouse with white stockings and black leather 4 inch stilettos heels completed her professional appearance. Underneath her teacher's facade she was wearing a seductive black lace bra, matching lace panties, and a garter belt.

Her glossy red lips formed a self confident smile of triumph as she sensed Terry's surrender. Soon she would own this young woman's heart as well as her sole and the very thought of dominating such a creature left her with the feeling of pure intoxication. Slowly Carmen closed the distance and extended her hand its red shiny nails gleaming in the dim light of the living room. Skillfully she locked her gaze deep into Terry's passion inflamed eyes making sure the young woman was completely under her influence. With the confidence of a dominate adult over a young child, Carmen reached for the official documents pouch that Terry still clutched to her side and without any resistance from the mesmerized woman took it from her. Terry's fate was sealed.

"Now Pet, go to my bedroom, you will find your collar and leash in the usual place, put them on then strip. You'll also find a camera, tripod and a leather paddle in the closet, please lay them on the bed then seat yourself at my vanity I'll be in shortly. " The embers of smoldering passions were being expertly fanned by Terry's new ruthless lover. A powerful serum of shame, embarrassment and self loathing mixed with heady amounts of lust and sexual anticipation fueled an irresistible fire which threatened to consume her body and sole.

"Yes Ms. Carmen," is all she could say as she reluctantly turned and walked into the bedroom. One final nagging memory lingered in her mind as she left the room ... The days of shameful pleasure at the hands of Ms. Mayo ...

"November 14"

Dear Journal.

Ms. Mayo has forbidden me to wear jeans slacks or skirts to class. She has noticed a "distracting wetness and odor" building up between my legs after each after school session with her. I'm now only allowed to wear long dresses that go all the way down to my ankles. I look like a girl that just walked off little house on the prairie. She won't even allow me to wear panties or a bra. Only during my periods am I allowed to wear panties and no pads just tampons ...

"That's my girl, cum for mamma, oh ... baby, cum! "

The unmistakable sounds of passionate sex echoed off the walls of Ms. Mayo's deserted classroom as Terry sat next to her teacher in wide-eyed shameful silence at the spectacle of another hard sex DVD. Still not allowed to touch herself, Terry would leave these after school sessions intoxicated by her teachers seductive perfume and so hot and bothered that she feared she would someday go insane. There had only been a few times when Ms. Mayo would touch her in an intimate way. But even then she would stop at the most maddening times, as if on purpose, just when Terry was ready to loose control.

"Tell me about the DVD we just watched, "Cougars and their pets." Ms. Mayo asked as she turned to face Terry.

As before, Terry knew exactly what her teacher wanted to hear. "Did it turn her on? Did it make her wet? Was she ashamed of her bodies response ?

"Yes, Yes, YES!" Terry shouted in her confused adolescent mind. "I ... Please Ms. Mayo ... Tell me what to think ... I have these feelings ...I know ... There're not right ." Terry sobbed as she covered her red face with her hands and nestled her head between her teachers silk covered breasts and waiting arms.

No one could have imagined the powerful erotic rush that the mature teacher felt every time one of her targets finally broke. Terry was hers now and it was fast becoming time to pop her cherry and then begin the process of twisting the young girls innocent love for her teacher into something sordid and perverted. She so relished the first strap-on session when the young virgin "voluntarily" gives herself to her. Right out of greek mythology she mused, a young virgin sacrificed to her Goddess. Then the real fun begins, creating young submissive sluts willing to do anything to please their new Goddess.

"It's understandable," Ms. Mayo said in a soothing voice.

Her next words were chosen with the deliberate intentions of further forcing Terry into a deep pit of shame and isolation. She knew once her young student was led to embrace her growing lusts, then she could position herself as the only one who could direct her urges in more constructive and advantageous directions.

Ms. Mayo placed both her hands on Terry's shoulders and pushed her up against the chairs back .

"Terry, I want you to look me in the eyes now, I think I know what your ... problem is."

Terry was becoming frightened now, terrified at the thought of Ms. Mayo finding out that she had been the focus of her awful sexual fantasy's. She was disgusted with herself for having such feelings about her teacher. She's tried to pray them away many times during church but nothing seemed to help.

"I'm not a Lesbian, I'm NOT a Lesbian "... she screamed to herself.

"Terry are you listening to me, I said I think you like girls !"

The shear weight of what Ms. Mayo was saying burst through her panic fogged mind making Terry dizzy with confusion.

"like girls," she whispered, "like girls ...means ... I'm a Lesbian!"

"NOooo, Ms. Mayo I can't be a Les ... I won't be a Lesbian ... Please ..."

"Terry, pleading with me isn't going to change the fact that you want to make love to other girls, just face it, your a Lesbian."

"Please ...Please ...Please, Ms. Mayo help me. If my mom or the pastor or my dad finds out they'll take me out of school and send me away, I just know it."

The pitiful sight of the pleading young girl made Ms. Mayo's heart sing with triumph over her latest creation.

"Shhhh ..., " Ms. Mayo cooed as she placed her index finger over Terry's tear moistened lips in an attempt to quiet her latest outburst.

Ms. Mayo stood up and as she continued talking she slowly moved around behind the nervous teen and placed both hands on Terry's shoulders.

"I think I can help you, there is a test I can administer that may put your mind at ease. But I'll need your full cooperation."

Terry felt as if she were floating as Ms. Mayo's gentle words of hope lulled her into a sense of warm comfort and safety. As Terry's body began to relax, Ms. Mayo slipped a hand inside the opening of her loose denim dress. Her strong fingers roamed Terry's small budding breasts gently but firmly squeezing each one. She leaned in closer to Terry's ear and complimented her on what nice tits she had. she started talking dirty about what she wanted to do to her young student. When she whispered to Terry that she wanted to eat her pussy and fuck her with her tongue, Terry felt her stomach flutter and her young body convulse at the lewdness of her teachers statement.

In a futile effort to resist her teachers assault on her senses, Terry reached her hand up and attempted to stop Ms. Mayo's roaming hand.

"Why are you doing this, Ms. mayo ... I mean what are you doing? ...I'm not a Lesbian and I don't like girls. " Terry whimpered out loud as her body began to respond to her teachers gentle nipple pinches on its way to her first orgasm.

Ms. Mayo cruely removed her hand from Terry's pleading breasts and walked back to her chair before speaking again.

"Are you ready for my test ?" she asked coyly pausing to stare into Terry's confused face. Those words I whispered in your ear do you remember where you heard them, you should, you wrote two whole pages about that scene in your journal, remember ?"

Terry's confused face took on the expression of someone who was deeply locked in thought as the memories and emotion of that scene filled her imagination.

"Yes ...I remember Terry mumbled." Reluctantly recalling the shameful scenes that brought on such lust filled memories . "It was Mature women who seduce young girls # 34, the second scene."

"Tell me about it Terry in your own words from memory."

" The main character was a tall woman, very attractive looking about 40-years-old, well proportioned not fat and not skinny. She had raven black hair that was tightly spun into a bun on top of her head. She had on an almost transparent white silk dress that showed off her ample breasts. As she moved and the dress clung to her body I was able to make out a faint black patch of cropped pubic hair just above her pussy. She wore high heeled sandals that strapped around her ankles. Her soft skin was a dark hue that hinted that she was from Asian descent; possibly China, Viet-nam or even Japan."

Terry's voice became husky with lustful abandon as she continue to recount her obsession.

"Next a young blond girl entered the scene from the back of the room. I guessed her age to be between 18 to 19 years old. The camera followed her to a straight back wooden chair that had been placed in the middle of the room. She was dressed like one of those Catholic school girls. As she sat down she casually opened her legs wide and place her hands on her knees, exposing shear white panties, I could see right through to her slit. Her facial expression was one of surrender and expectation. The girl locked eyes with the older woman and never flinched."

"Tell me what happened next," instructed Ms. Mayo as she took Terry's hand in hers while at the same time slipping her other hand up the young students dress and resting it just to the inside of her left knee.

Terry was having difficulty concentrating on her recollections with Ms. Mayo's now roaming hand slowly tracing small circles along the inside of her exposed left leg. To make matters worse it seemed that her teacher's burning eyes were intently staring straight into hers, never looking away for even a moment as if she was trying to invade her mind. Terry forced her gaze away from her teachers penetrating stare but ended up refocusing on Ms. Mayo's half cup bra and firm tanned breasts that looked as if the nipples were going to poke right through her blouse.

Terry was breathing so fast now that she was getting light headed and starting to get dizzy as she struggled to continue the movie review.

"The woman moved in behind the school girl and placed her left arm around her shoulders and used her right hand to lift girls head up and to one side. She began kissing the nape of the girls exposed neck taking her time to nibble here and there and leaving little wet splotches everywhere her lips touched. While her lips continue their journey up and down the girls neck she removed her left arm from the distracted girls shoulders and slipped her left hand inside the opening of her white cotton blouse.

Terry's eyes finally closet and her voice trailed off in surrender as Ms. Mayo's hand pushed her legs apart to continue the slow meandering crawl up her exposed leg towards its intended target. Terry became so flustered that she could feel sweat from her overheated body begin to drip down the middle of her back tickling between her tiny butt cheeks as the drops trickled through to her dress. The air was thick with Ms. Mayo's perfume and Terry could no longer think of anything else except her teachers roaming fingers and the words she had earlier whispered in her ear.

"I want to eat your pussy and fuck you with my tongue."

-End Chapter 5 -


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