New Girl in School, Part 3

by Thom

So Leslie and I managed to work ourselves up into quite a state necking on her bed. She had just asked me if I would spend the night after we talked about our experiences with sex and I was feeling incredibly aroused. I know I had soaked my panties thoroughly through. We were both pushing our cunnies into each other's thighs. I was going to have to touch mine shortly. We had the whole day before us. It would be hours until we could legitimately tell her parents we were going to bed, to sleep that is.

"This has made me really horny Leslie. I think I need to do something about it or I'm going to jump out of my skin."

"Yeah, me too. Think we could quietly jig ourselves so that my parents wouldn't know what we are doing? I'd like to save the real stuff until we can be together tonight. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure, we can't like get naked now and really carry on. But we'll have to be careful not to make too much noise either time."

Leslie rolled off of me, unsnapped her jeans and pushed the zipper down. She slid the tops of her jeans down off of her hips so that there was room for her hand which she snaked down into her panties. I followed her lead just a second behind her and we were both soon working our sweet spots. We turned our heads toward one another and put our lips together.

We were both breathing too hard to really kiss. We just kind of panted into each other's mouths and occasionally managed to get a tongue in. We were both using our right hands. I put my inside hand on her thigh, near her crotch and rubbed her along with her jigging herself. She put her free hand on my breast, and her stroking it felt great. I grabbed it though and shoved it under my sweater so that it was directly on my skin. She cupped my breast, pushing down my bra and began pulling on my nipple.

I was thinking that it would be easy for me to start making a lot of noise as I built up to my coming. Leslie must have thought the same thing because at about the time I started to come, she pushed her mouth over mine and we moaned our pleasures into each other. We both squeezed our thighs tightly together around our hands. I helped her out by adding my hand to hers over her panties while hers was inside them.

We didn't dare move for several minutes and just lay there as close as we could while we caught our breath. Finally we lay back on the bed and then Leslie motioned for me to lie in her arms. I cuddled up to her, snuggling my face into her neck. I could smell our loving in the room and on us. I grabbed her hand and brought it up to my nose and inhaled her scent and then I sucked on her fingers where she had touched herself. She did the same to mine and I thought about how nice it was going to be to have my face directly into her muffin that night.

The day lasted fucking forever. I called Mom and told her I was definitely staying over. The blizzard was crazy. You couldn't even see the street from the house. It was going to snow like 36 hours straight before it stopped. I wasnt even sure I would be able to get home on Sunday even if I wanted to. What if I had to stay a couple of nights here with Leslie and sleep with her, how was I going to be able to stand it?

Her family had managed to snag a couple of movies that we wanted to see and we spent much of the day on the sofa in the living room. It's so easy for a couple of girls to get away with sitting close together and holding hands and hugging. I feel bad for guys that they can't get away with that either with each other or with girls they are hot for. Leslie and I didn't lose contact of one another the rest of the day.

After dinner, we announced pretty early on that we were going to bed to watch a TV show in Leslie's room. We did snap her TV on when we got there because we thought it would mask the other stuff we had in mind doing.

We started with a kiss, standing. Leslie put her arms around me and clasped my ass with her hands. She's a bit taller than I am and I pushed my face up toward hers and pressed my lips into hers. Leslie returned the kiss and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked it in, practicing what I was going to do later somewhere else on her body.

We stood back and began to undress each other, one piece at a time, taking turns. She pulled my sweater off. I pulled off her sweatshirt. My T-shirt came off. I had to unbutton her shirt but we were soon even. My pants were unsnapped and unzipped by her and pushed over my hips to the floor. I stepped out of them and then did the same to her.

We both grasped each other's hands and stood back a bit to admire the other. As I said, Leslie was taller by about 6 inches. Her body was buff but not exactly jock. Her breasts were substantial but firm. Her hips were slim and her legs were shapely. She had mostly become the woman that her genes had predicted she would. There really wasn't a flaw to be seen. I could see her nipples becoming erect in the sports bra she was wearing and I couldn't wait to get at that mound that I saw between her legs through her cotton panties.

At that age, I was less the woman than her. My tits were beyond the nub stage, but just small—mounds, not really breasts yet with any weight. My legs were still gangly, like a kid. When I lost my panties, I was going to be more bald than hairy. I was predicting Leslie would have a full bush.

It was time for the final show though, and everything would soon be revealed. Leslie reached around behind me and unbuttoned my bra, such as it was and my little titties were out in the air. She clasped her hands onto both of them and said they were beautiful. I pulled her bra over her head. Her breasts came loose from her chest and jiggled a bit. She put her hands underneath them and cupped them. Being shorter, it was easy for me to put my mouth on them and I bent down a tad and licked both of her nipples into erections.

My panties came next. Leslie snaked her fingers into the waistband and eased them over my hips, rubbing the palms of her hands over my ass cheeks. The feeling was electrifying. Leslie knelt down as she did it and kissed my nearly bare pussy mound at the top of the slit. I couldn't help but push her head into my crotch but I protested that we weren't finished undressing and that I would have to lie down if she didn't stop what she was doing.

Just to give her the same bother that she gave me, I got down on my knees after she stood up and pressed my mouth onto her mound over her panties and then began to pull them down with my teeth while helping them off of her bum with my hands. As soon as they were down around her knees, I looked back up at her pussy. I was correct that it was pretty bushy, and seeing it made my pussy gush. I quickly licked her cunny slit from top to bottom, spreading her pubic hair with my hands, and took in her scent. It was so much richer than her fingers from the morning, and I didn't want to take my nose out of it.

She reached down though and pulled me up to her and led me over to the bed. We lay next to each other and began to neck again as that morning, only we both put our hands into each other's sex and began to probe. I fingered her vagina with one and finally three fingers. She found room for the same in mine. Working our way up we turned up under our clits and coaxed them hard. I came at least twice while she was fingering me. I was way too distracted to count Leslie's.

She climbed on top of me, spreading my legs and pushed her cunny into mine. She put her hands on my tits, massaging them and we kissed while she thrust her pussy into mine. It was an amazing sensation and I asked her how she had learned how to do that while I was sucking air, trying to catch my breath. Leslie said she had just made it up, that it felt like the right thing to do.

Leslie then worked her way down my body with her mouth, sucking my neck, chest and breasts on both of my nipples and then down my stomach to my sex. At the top of my slit, she paused and kissed me and told me that she loved me. I wrapped my legs over her back in anticipation of what was coming next, raising my cunny into her face, and managed to tell her that I loved her more than she loved me and that she couldn't hold a candle to it.

She went lower than I expected and gave a lick to my back hole since it was up in the air and worked her way up my slit. At my vagina she first put in her nose, inhaling my scent and telling me how great she thought I smelled, and then she smeared her face into my soaked cunt and slurped up my juices. I was at my wit's end and I began to beg her to eat me out.

I grabbed the back of her head and tried to guide it upward just a quarter of an inch or so. Thankfully, she had mercy on me, or I was going to start screaming loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, and took my clit into her mouth. I'm sure it was fully erect and protruding because her mouth on it was such a raw feeling that I started coming with the first contact and it went on for what seemed like hours. I did the best I could not to scream out loud. My knees were around her head and my heels were digging into her back thrusting the full weight of her body into my orgasm.

When I finally calmed down a bit from her sucking and licking me off, she came up and kissed me. I wrapped her up with my legs and arms and held her as tightly as I could. After I had finally caught my breath, I told her it was my turn to pleasure her and that she should turn over. She did and I began to follow her lead in working my way down to her middle.

Leslie's breasts were so luscious, and more substantial than mine, I had trouble getting by them. I had to suck on both nipples and lick her aureoles until they were completely erect. I think that turned her on because she was trying to push my head down between her legs and jigging herself with one of her hands.

I took the hint and I got my face down between her legs. I took my hand and parted her pubic hair and then her labia and I could see her clit at the top of her slit. I took aim and put my mouth directly on it, licking and sucking. She came immediately too, clamping her knees around my head as I worked away at her.

There wasn't much sleeping that night. When we did drift off from exhaustion or incredible satisfaction from our loving, we only slept for a short time and woke up to start over again. Using our fingers and tongues, we ended up fully exploring each other's bodies until they gave up all of their secrets. We sat on each other's faces and mouthed each other at the same time by going end to end. Leslie and I shoved our cunnies together from a variety of angles until we found something that worked for us.

At somewhere around 5 or 6 in the morning, we finally gave up with exhaustion and drifted into sleep, naked holding each other tightly in our arms. At that moment, if I could have time traveled Leslie and I away from our families and our age into a future where we could be together for the rest of our lives, I would have done it in an instant.

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