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The Vulvoid Transform

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Part 8 [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]

© Lisa James

The head Vulvoid Lisa was perhaps the most tortured of all the hosts. She was unable to prevent her body being used by her breast brains as the Vulvoid built their numbers. Her breasts latest plan was cruel in the extreme in that it involved 'attacking' a group of teenage boys (and their lone teacher) who were camping in a nearby forest. She had specifically chosen to convert these teenagers, most of whom were around 16 years old, because she wanted to create a 'hive' in a nearby beachside town. The idea was to have young Vulvoid girls at the beach, seducing the young men on summer-break, taking them back to a house for sexchange. To do this she needed girls who were young enough to appeal to these young men. The nubile young bodies that the changed 16 year old boys would develop would be irresistable she concluded.

She directed about 12 of the Vulvoid girls to one of the buses and instructed them to enslave all the boys and bring them back. Under cover of darkness, at about 8pm, the bus left and drove the Vulvoid girls to the edge of the wood where they knew the boys were camped.

The campers numbered 12 teenage boys, one teacher of 32 and his 13 year old son. The Vulvoid girls left the bus and quietly moved through the wood to the camp, where all the boys seemed to be already in their tents preparing for sleep. Upon seeing the shadows of the boys in their tents, most of the Vulvoid girls experienced instant breast control and felt their panties latch onto their groins and being engorgement. It was an unbelievable sight as the girls were all forced to sit in the bushes and watch in silence as they were raped and impregnated.

Some time later the girls felt their birthing contractions and began to move through the camp. Two Vulvoid girls approached each tent then, on some signal, they suddenly opened the tents and went inside. The boys and the teacher were surprised and thought they had just 'gotten lucky' - until they got breast-sprayed. They then watched in disbelief as these girls gave birth to living panties which they then put on the helpless and terrified victims. Ten minutes later, every single pair of living panties was throbbing between the legs of their new hosts and their bodies were awash with the X-Virus. They began their horrendous sex changes....

The teacher's son was about 13 and had been out on a walk, alone and unaware of the Vulvoid attack on their camp. As he walked closer to the camp site he began to hear the whimpering and screetches of the boys enduring their sexchange. Peering through the trees he saw an unbelievable sight - bare breasted girls, about 12 of them, standing and sitting watching the boys of the camp writhe on the ground. The girls all wore light blue panties only and bizarely so did the boys. The boy, sam, noticed that the boys panties were all moving - beating like hearts between their legs and then he noticed something more terrifying: some of the boys had grown breasts!

Immediately he thought of his father, the teacher, and began to panic. He slipped through the bushes and saw his father's tent. The dim twilight meant that his father's shadow was clearly visible in the fabric of the tent, and what he saw made his blood run cold. His father's shadow had breasts and was lying down with hips raised, shaking violently and clearly also with the beating panties between his legs. Sam crept to the tent and pulled the entry flap aside. His father's wide, terrified eyes met his and his father screamed 'Help me! I'm becoming a girl!!! Ohhhhh! Please sam! These panties!!!! Noooo!!! Get them off me!!!!'. Sam moved desperately to his father and tried to pull the panties off, but could not. He could see his father was no longer male, his penis was gone, and each contraction of the panties revealed more change.

'I cant control my body!!! No!!!!!!! Oh god I'm growing a vagina!!! Please no!!! No!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!' his father screamed whilst a slit clearly cleaved his groin and the muscular vaginal passage bored inside his abdominal cavity. Sam was in shock and did not notice the approach of one of the attacking Vulvoid girls who intended to check on the transofrmation of the teacher, Sam's dad. She pulled the tent flap aside and saw Sam watching his father's last moments of transformation. Sam turned, startled, to see a spray of breast mist assail him. Like his dad he lost body control and slid to the floor, unable to move.

One of the Vulvoid girls outside yelled out that they needed to start to move back to the bus. Sam's dad, now a girl, was ordered to pick up his son and take him to the bus. His former father began to object then screamed and shuddered, grabbing the newly formed breasts on her chest and then robotically complied. Outside there were girls and almost-girls everywhere. Most of the boys from the school had completed their transformation and many were enduring the horror of their first female masturbation and ejaculation. Others had their panties at their knees and were staring at or touching their new vulvas with undisguised hate and fear. Sam was quietly crying, terrified that he would be next.

Back at the bus, one of the new girls was ordered to 'take care of the boy'. What this meant was that, forced by her new intelligent breasts, the former boy experienced her symbiot panties rape her new cunt. Sam watched the sobbing former boy for the terrible 30 minutes that it took for the larval panties to grow in the new girl's womb. The new girl was babbling incoherently about how flat and invasive her cunt felt and how her breasts were 'taking over her body'. As she did this she took Sams clothes off and lay sam on the floor of the bus, she began to pant and cry then shake and wail as she experienced birth for the first time. She thrust her perfectly female vulva in Sam's face and sam saw her vaginal conractions directly. Her whole vulva pushed forward, as if something was trying to escape, then he saw the labia lips split apart as an object was forced from inside through the terrified girl's new sex organ.

The panties spilled from her cunt in a clear sac which was ruptured by the sobbing girl. The panties placed on Sam soon began to engorge then pulsate as they began their sexchange of the helpless young boy. Sam's sexchange was horrific, yet he did not grow breasts like the other girls, and at the end of it he was physically a 12 year old girl with a flat chest and a completely female groin. In the absence of breast brains, her body was not controlled and consequently Sam was able to freely move. She hated her girl's body nonetheless and the demasculated feeling of her vulva. She even risked rubbing her slit and inserting a finger in her new vagina - it was a nightmare. She was devestated and horrified. She tried to talk to her former dad, but breast control seemed to prevent her former dad from responding.

Upon returning to the Lab, the bus was met by the Vulvoid head, Lisa, who inspected each of the new girls as they disembarked. When Sam was taken off the bus, still slightly hysterical, Lisa was concerned to know that Sam had not grown breast brains and had full control of her body. She ordered Sam to be placed in confinement whilst her situation was investegated.

Sam was taken to a room and locked in. She refused to wear her 'filthy vulvoid panties' and point-blank refused to masturbate to feed them. Although she had, on several occastions, been held down whilst forcibly masturbated, she put up such a fight that it was hardly worth the effort. Several days had passed since the panties had been fed and they were getting desperate. Lisa has Sam brought into a lab room and had her held down on a table whilst Sam's vulvoid panties were brought to her and rubbed over Sam's vulva. The panties writhed over her skin, their cilla-like 'looped-elastic' edges propelling them as they sought our her sex fluids. They slithered over her clitoris and cupped her girl-mouth, squeezing her labia. The panties themselves pushed her lips apart and began rubbing her clitoras. She felt it swell and she screamed at the hateful, alien sensation. Sam was so terrified that she passed out. It was then that Lisa saw a very intriguing thing - Sam's panties seemed to sense that they were not going to be fed, so they writhed over Sams vulva, pushing apart her cunt lips and writhing into her vagina. They wriggled and slithered inside the unconcious Sam, up her vagina and into her womb where they drew sustenance and waited....

Whe Sam woke up she was back in her room, nude and without her panties. Although she was mostly confined to her room, she was still mystified as to what had happened to her panties. Above all else, despite hating her girl's body, she was so releived to not be controlled by a pair of intelligent breasts. How it would feel to have a separate intelligence taking residence in your body in the form of ripe and heavy breasts? An intelligence that was deeply sexual and female, that showed no mercy for the happless former male whose body they had stolen. It was beyond comprehension...

Lisa ordered an investigation into Sam's lack of breasts and the Scientifically inclined Vulvoid girls were made to find out. They started by trying to understand what Vulvoid breasts actually were anatomically comprised of. One of the dead Vulvoid girls was autopsied, and Lisa was watching. The breasts, it turned out, looked very brain-like when sectioned and had large nerve bundles emerging from their rear that snaked through the chest cavity and wrapped around and through the spinal column around the brain stem. Lisa grabbed her breasts and the back of her neck as she imagined the horrendous brain that was also wired into her nervous system. As if sensing this, and wishing to prove control, Lisa was made to massage her cunt and masturbate whilst she observed the breast brain of the dead vulvoid girl. Whe she came, she experienced a huge squirt of vaginal lubricant gush and spurt in time with her vaginal contractions, saturating her living panties which then gorged themselves on the juices.

The conclusion of the research was that Sam had not grown breasts because he was pre-pubescent when 'taken' by the vulvoid panties. It was concluded that Sam would probably grow fully functional and fully sentient breasts when puberty kicked in. Sam was trapped in a body that was going to experience the most unimaginable puberty - complete loss of control and the emergence of another controlling intelligence in two weighty mounds on her chest - the only unknown was when. Lisa decided to not tell Sam of this finding.

...... Months past while Sam lived as a virtual prisoner at the facility. She was allowed to roam, in the company of a Vulvoid guard, but hated seeing the tortured faces of the forcibly controlled full vulvoid girls. She saw many acts of degrading forced masturbation, vulvoid panty feeding and several shocking sex changes. Often she would shudder at the thought of those horrific living panties that the others were made to wear, and she frequently touched her chest for reassurance that no breasts lived upon her. As the months past, she found that she became sexually more and more frustrated - hating her body, yet needing some kind of release, she even masturbated a few times. She hated touching her slit and the place where her penis used to be - yet she still had orgasms and they were alien but good. Touching her clitoris she would re-live the sensation of her penis shrinking and shrinking, till it actually moved inside her - becoming the pea sized organ nestled at the start of her vulva.

As the months stretched she noticed that her rare (and hated) orgasms were more and more 'messy' when she came. She noticed a wetness in her slit and her vagina when she became aroused. Although she did not know this at the time, her body was now producing a whole lot more estrogen - her puberty had begun. Whilst most girls at this age might have been nervous about the prospect of growing breasts - forever changing their anatomy - Sam was terrified because Vulvoid breasts were so much worse...

One morning she was having a shower and she was washing her chest when she noticed that her nipples were sore - in fact they were more than sore, they were actually slightly bigger. She screamed in shock and demanded to see the doctor. Tests confirmed she was experiencing the start of puberty.

The next day Sam woke up with definite breast buds. She screamed and demanded to have them 'cut off her body' - a request that obviously was denied. She became frantic - desperate to prevent her breasts from growing. She waited until after breakfast then dressed in one of the school uniforms that many of the Vulvoids wore. She slipped out front and managed to escape, running to the road and hoping to flag down a car. As it happened the local town doctor was driving past and saw the frantically waving girl. She got in the car and began babbling 'science fiction' to the doctor.

'Please help me!!!! I have been turned into a girl and I am starting to grow breasts! If they are allowed to grow, they will control me! They will be like brains on my chest! I dont want to be a vulvoid girl!!! Please doctor - you have to cut these breast buds off!!' she screamed.

Needless to saw the doctor was somewhat amazed and disbelieving. It was after-hours, so the doctor agreed to examine the girl at his home practice. Sam screamed suddenly as she felt her breast buds begin to inflate. They were growing before her eyes. By the time they got to the doctor's house they were about the size of small half-mandarins each. Sam felt an alarming electrical tingling in her body. She screamed and begged the doctor to hurry up. They left the car and made their way to the door. Sam could already feel some weight in her growing breasts and was terrified they might be intelligent breasts that were forming.

Sam screamed at the doctor to hurry up. They half-ran to his practice room and sam quickly tooker her clothes off. She almost fainted when she saw her breasts, now the size of small half-oranges. 'Get them off me!!! Please!!! God!!! I dont want to be controlled by them!!! Please!!!!' Sam screamed.

The doctor looked dumbstruck and asked Sam to lie down. She lay, shaking on the bed while the doctor got his stethescope out and gasped as he and the terrified Sam witnessed a violent enlargement of Sam's breasts while they watched. Sam began to feel an unbelievably horrific sensation - the growth of the breast-brain nerve fibres from the back of her new breasts. She grabbed and squeezed her breasts, desperately trying to stop their growth, but it was too little-too late.

"Cut them!!! Please, now!!! Cut.... Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!" She screamed hysterically to the doctor as she felt the nerve fibres wrap around her spinal cord and push up to her brain stem. She felt the tingling horror as she lost control of her body. It took less than 3 minutes for her breasts to assert full control whilst Sam could do little but cry and whimper.

When she thought the worst of the horror was over she felt another shocking sensation. Her vagina spasmed in contraction. She could feel something deep inside her begin to move and she could sense the passage of something down her vaginal passage! Her nipples were widely engorged and she could do nothing to prevent her legs spreading widely apart. She stared at her vulva slit, it pushed forward as the escaping object pushed towards her vaginal entrance. The doctor was speechless. Suddenly the pressure of the birthing object caused Sam's labia to split apart and Sam screamed when she saw a light blue object wriggling as it slithered out of her hated female passage. She knew instantly that these were the very panties that had changed her into a girl in the first place! All those months they had been living inside her, in her womb! Now that she had become a full vulvoid, they took their place as a Symbiot to feed upon and reproduce using Sam's cunt!

She was unable to prevent her breasts controlling her body utterly. She took the writhing panties and pulled them up her legs until they cupped her vulva. She screamed in horror as her body swung towards the doctor and she was helpless to prevent her breasts thrust towards the horrified doctor, spraying him with breast mist, immobilizing him.

Her trembling hand grabbed her panty-clad cunt and she was forced to masturbate in her panties for the first time. It was a sexual nightmare which only got worse when she finally came - her vagina spasmed deeply and the throbbing contractions caused a virtual erruption of vaginal lubricant when she came. Her panties saturating and her panties lapping up and absorbing the fluid like a dehydrated person finding an oasis.

Sam hated being just a girl, but being a Vulvoid was a whole other level of hate. The sheer weight and size of her breasts, their sexual intelligence and her helplessness, the horrific living panties that constantly touched her vulva. She hated the flat sensation of her cunt, she hated the sensation of her cunt lips pulling apart as she spread her legs. She hated looking down and seeing a triangular flatness between her legs where she used to have a penis bulge. She hated seeing the 'camel toe' cleft of her labia indent into her panties...

But of all the things she hated, nothing compared with her next experience as she was raped by her living panties and experienced the painful and shockingly real birth of her first victim's panties....

To be continued!

End of Part 8 [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]

© Lisa James

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