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Author: Dictionary Rainbow
Story: The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 2: Lessons Infidelity
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The Coffeehouse Quintet — Book 2: Lessons Infidelity

(mc md mf gr ex ma hm)

Day 2

The next morning, Ben woke up and ate some cereal. Ellen was still passed out from their activities the night before and he didn’t want to wake her just so she could make him breakfast. He was reading the paper and on his second bowl when she came in the kitchen.

Ellen was still naked and her hair was knotted up behind her head.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”

She mumbled in response. Even though she was five years younger, Ben had always been the better morning person.

“Have some coffee.” Ben poured her a glass and she leaned against the counter and slowly sipped on it.

He went back to his paper and the two stayed in silence for several minutes. Ellen finally broke it. “I’ve been thinking of getting a job.”

Ben looked up. “Oh?”

“Yeah, I know we don’t need the money, but it’s just fucking boring during the day here.”

“What type would you been looking for?”

“I dunno. Something easy, like a secretary or receptionist. I don’t have the degree for anything else.” Ellen had never finished college. She dropped out after the two got married.

Nodding, Ben smiled at his wife. “I’ll ask around, see if anyone has an opening.”

“Thanks, my love. My fucking machine.”

Ben got up and put his dishes in the cluttered sink. He turned and looked at Ellen. He reached out and tweaked one of her nipples. “Don’t forget, I’ve got Carl’s bachelor party on Friday.”

“Oh, it’s this Friday? Oh...”

He could hear the unasked question. “Don’t worry, Saturday night will be our greatest anniversary. It’s our tenth after all.”

Ellen beamed. “You remembered! I was so worried you’d forget. 10 wonderful years since we met and married in college.”

Still rubbing her nipple, Ben said, “I’ve got quite a day in store for us.”

“Mmm... I can’t wait. You better stop that unless you want to take it somewhere.” She said, referring to his manipulations.

“I wish I could, but I’ve got to run to work.” Reluctantly letting go of her breast, Ben headed out the door.

* * *

It was an uneventful day for Ben at work. Normally, he enjoyed his work, but all he could think about was the various positions he would enjoy Ellen in when he got home. Despite their ten year marriage, they still enjoyed sex multiple times a day. Not only had they vowed to never stray from one another, they vowed to keep that part of their life together active.

His day at the office wasn’t the only boring thing, even his trip to the coffeehouse was rather bland. He had been hoping to see another slutty looking girl, like the one he had a faint recollection of from the day before. He loved going to that coffee shop and checking out the local coeds while he pretended to read his paper. Usually there were quite a few lookers, but he couldn’t tell if it was his desire to see the whore again, but he was disappointed in the offerings.

Ellen knew of his daily “sightseeing” trips as they called them. Some days she would even join him there and do a little looking of her own. They had taken vows saying their genitals wouldn’t stray, not their eyes. They even found it helpful; they gleaned fashion tips and ideas to keep each of them attractive to one another. Ben wholeheartedly believed it was the secret to their passionate sex and loving marriage.

At 4:30, Ben decided to cut out of work a little early and go home to surprise Ellen. He was pulling his car out of the company lot, when he saw a coed wondering the street. She looked rather lost and Ben felt he should be the good Samaritan and offer to give her directions. Plus, he figured, she might be cute.

He pulled his car up to the curb next to her and rolled the passenger window down. “You lost?” he asked.

The coed leaned forward and her appearance changed; it was the slut from the day before. Ben’s dick got hard as he stared at her exposed cleavage in her low cut top.

“Yeah, I’m fucking lost. Are you man enough to show me my way?”

Even Ben knew how cheesy he was being when he responded, “I can show you the way to heaven, doll. Hop on in.”

The girl opened the door and slid in next to him. He looked at her massive chest contained in a shirt that was more of a bra with sleeves. It covered her breasts from the nipples down to just under their curve, leaving all of her tanned tone stomach exposed. Around her waist, she wore a black belt with a large silver hoop buckle. Her torn low rise jeans were cut so low, that when she sat down and leaned over to close the door, he could see almost a quarter of her ass.

She leaned back and looked at Ben. “So, it’s $25 for a BJ, $50 for a fuck, and $75 to do me in the ass.”

Ben pulled out his wallet and tossed her a $100. “We’ll start with the blow job while I take us some where a little more private.”

Pulling his dick out of his pants, the whore leaned over and started sucking. Ben put his right hand on her head and drove them down several back alleys until he pulled up behind a closed grocery store. He pulled her off his crotch and slid his seat back.

“Mount me,” he told her.

Angling herself so she could fit all of his large dick in her pussy, she slid down on him. He pulled her top down and fondled her tits, perfect in their roundness. She bounced up and down on him and he timed his thrusts to meet her on the up and down.

She was wild and passionate, Ben could tell she was enjoying herself, but not to the lengths he’d pleasured her in his dream yesterday. Through her moans, she said, “It’s an extra $100 to cum in me.”

Not wanting to fork over the extra cash, he threw her into the passenger seat and did his best to shoot his load on her chest. “Fucker! You got my shirt dirty. I’m not giving you your change from that $100.”

“Eh, it was worth it,” Ben said. “Thanks for joining me in my ride.”

Pulling her top back up, the girl opened the door and got out. She leaned back into the window. “Except for the cum on my shirt, I’d ride with you anytime.” She stood up and wandered off.

The sexual glow Ben was feeling soon faded out. What had he done? How could he have cheated on his wife with a hooker? He had no reason to. He knew Ellen would be ready to jump him when he got home, that was one thing he loved about their relationship. She was ready to fuck above all else.

And the girl he was chosen. Sure, Ellen had small implants, but they still looked real. That girl’s balloons would never be confused with anything natural. The sex had been fantastic, but now the come down was tearing him apart. He’d never be able to face his love.

Hanging his head in shame, Ben started his car and headed home. He rode in silence reflecting on his mistake and wondering if he would be able to hide his infidelity from Ellen. They had taken a vow and he had betrayed it.

Opening the door to his place, Ben sighed. “I’m home.”

Ellen came running to the door naked and jumped on him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and deeply kissed him. “Welcome back. Now fucking take me!”

Ben didn’t think it was possible, but his member got stiff again and he dropped Ellen on the kitchen table. He pulled her close to the edge so that her cunt was almost hanging over. He squatted down and dove into her with his mouth.

Almost immediately, Ellen started moaning. “Oh, god! You’re tongue is so good. Yes! Lick me there.” It didn’t occur to either of them that this was Ben’s first time with oral sex.

He stood up and let his pants fall to the floor. Ben rubbed his stiff eight inch erection against her moist lips.

“Come on! Stick the cock in me and fuck me hard!”

The table violently shook as Ben gave all his worth. Already he was justifying his betrayal of Ellen earlier in the day. Her tits: they were too small. He wanted her to get at least 700cc implants, but she’d refused and only gotten 400cc. They were the size of baseballs, but they still looked too real. He wanted her to have those tits that screamed “I’m fake!” Her clit: it still wasn’t pierced. Sure, she had agreed and gotten her tongue done (which felt great when she gave him one of her legendary blow jobs), but he wanted something down south. And her tramp stamp: he’d begged for her to get “slut” done down there, but she’d gone with some swoopy pattern.

Ellen reached a taloned hand down and started rubbing her clit. “Fuck your dick fills me up! Pound me! Fuck me! Make me your bitch!” She was always vocal during sex. “I’m cumming!” A little bit of ejaculation squeezed out around Ben’s dick. He couldn’t take it any more.

“I’m coming, too!”

“Cum on my tits! Cream me!”

Obeying her commands, Ben pulled out and shot rope after rope up jizz on her chest. She rubbed it in to her knockers and then licked her fingers clean. Rolling over, she picked up the pack of cigarettes on the table, took one out and lit it. “You’re fucking brilliant. A sex god,” she told Ben.

He smiled at her. “I wanna watch your video.”

“Oh, your pervert! Okay. You go set it up and I’ll order us a pizza for dinner.”

Ben walked into the living room and Ellen headed the other way to the kitchen. Sitting down at the entertainment system, he opened the cabinet and pulled out a “Girls Gone Wild” tape. Shortly after Ellen had her tits done, they had taken a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and she’d flashed anyone and everyone with a camera. They’d fucked like bunnies for hours in their hotel afterwards.

Then, one eventful late sex-filled night, they’d turned the TV on and low and behold, she was one of the main girls displayed in the commercial. They’d ordered several copies and had worn threw a couple already. Those tapes were the only reason they still had a VCR.

Ellen came bounding into the room in a T-shirt that cut off at her mid riff and a pair of short shorts. “It’ll be here in 30,” she said.

Sitting down next to him, she started stroking his deflated cock. He pushed play on the remote and they watched all the rowdy party girls flashing the cameras. Ben soon got hard again and Ellen continued to stroke him. Something was off about his cock. It didn’t look big enough in her hands.

Pulling the coffee table drawer open, where they kept their stationary supplies, Ben grabbed the ruler. He put it to the base of his cock and measured. Seven inches.

“What’s the mater, babe?” Ellen asked.

“I don’t know, I have this feeling that up to two days ago I had a nine inch dick.”

“Nine fucking inches?! No, if you had one that massive, I’d never take it out of my cunt.” Seeing Ben’s disappointed look, she quickly added, “Seven inches is still quite a lot for me. Bigger than average and it feels so good in my tight pussy.” As if to change the conversation, Ellen took Ben in her mouth and started blowing him.

She expertly used her tongue and piercing, stroking the stud up the sensitive side of his shaft. She was still giving him head when the doorbell rang. Lifting her head up with a pop, she whipped her lips. “That’s the pizza. I’ll go get it.”

When she came back, the bottom of her shirt was resting on the top of her exposed tits. A pang of jealousy shot through him. It was one thing to flash strangers in a town far away, it was another to flash delivery guys on your doorstep for a discount. They had taken vows, vows that he had broken earlier. He stuffed his jealousy down.

“How much did you get off?”

“Just half. He said it’d be free if I blew him, but I just paid and sent him on his way.” She brought the pizza over and sat on the couch. Ben pulled her shirt off and stripped her of her shorts. The pizza was cold by the time they got to it.

(2 of 5)

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