Chapter 1

It was almost 7 o'clock when Todd and Randy heard the car pull into the driveway. They looked at each other and grinned, at last, the fun was about to begin. They had been waiting in the house for Carol to get home since 4:00 that afternoon. From the information they received from the CLUB they knew her husband was out of town on business all week. Carol was home alone so they thought they would keep her company, and they had all night to do so.

Todd had been a member of the club for three years. He was Randy's sponsor two years ago. Earlier this year they had decided to team up. This was against club rules but they knew there was no way the club would find out. The whole purpose of the CLUB was too make certain the victim never told anyone about the rape and it was very successful in doing just that. By teaming up Randy and Todd doubled the number of women they had access to, besides, they enjoyed sharing their women, especially when they both were working on her at the same time. Tonights girl, Carol, promised to be a real treat. From the photos they could tell she was a knock out, with long blonde hair down to her ass, a real rack up top and legs that went on forever, and they had her for the whole night. They were both sporting hard-ons as they heard the door close downstairs. Randy took his spot behind the bedroom door. Todd hid beside the bed, crouching down so he would not be seen. The knew she would probably come upstairs to change when she came home from work. The footsteps they now heard coming up the steps confirmed this.

Chapter 2

It had been an exhausting day and Carol couldn't wait to get out of her work clothes into something soft and comfortable. She was going to make herself a TV dinner, read a little bit of her novel, then go to bed early. As she entered her bedroom she had already unzipped the back of her skirt and was loosening her belt when Todd sprang up from beside the bed " Hello beautiful ". Before she could scream Randy had come up from behind her and clamped his hand over her mouth, wrapping his other arm around her and pinning her to his body. Carol struggled and kicked wildly to no avail as Randy was much to strong for her. Todd was grinning as walked towards Carol. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his switchblade. In one swift motion he had the blade resting against Carol's throat. She froze immediately.

That's better Carol, no use fighting, you'll only get yourself hurt. We are going to be here all night so we might as well all be friends. Carol was confused, how did they know who she was. Slowly Randy removed his hand from her mouth. With the knife still against her throat she did not dare scream but she had plenty of questions. Who are you, how did you get in here, how do you know my name, my husband will be home any minute now, you better go. Todd just laughed," one thing at a time dear, my name is Todd and the gentleman with his arms around you is Randy, a CLUB that we belong to told us your name and they provided us with a key to your house, we also know that your husband is in Atlanta so don't try to threaten us. We also know where your mother lives in New Jersey, we know your sisters address in Maryland, we even know that darling little niece of yours is in first grade at Saint Alice's school"

Carol was speechless, " What club is this ?" she managed to mumble.

" Why the Rapers Club of course " replied Todd, " it allows us to do whatever we want to beautiful women like yourself and not worry about it ever being reported to the police. We know you would not want anything to happen to, your Mother or sister, or to that dear sweet little niece of yours, I believe her name is Ashley. "

Carol did not know what to do, she remained motionless as Randy released his grip and finished removing her dress. Todd cut away the straps of her bra as Randy undid the clasp. Her breasts did not sag one bit as the bra fell away. Todds wolf whistle startled her out of her daze. Immediately she covered up her breasts with her arms.

"Don't ever hide breasts as beautiful as those honey," Todd could already see himself fucking those tits, " put your arms down and let me see." Carol did as she was told as Todd still held the knife. From his position behind Carol Randy started to peel her pantyhose down her legs. Randy rolled the down too her ankles and had to stop because of her heels. " Lift your leg hun ", it was the 1st Randy had spoken and Carol now looked down to see his face. She lifted her right leg and allowed Randy to remove her shoe and hose. " Now the other one ", Randy repeated the operation on the other foot. Carol was now dressed only in her Bikini briefs. Randy unraveled the pantyhose and held them out for Todd who quickly sliced them in half at the crotch. It was obvious that these two had worked together before.

"I need you to put your hands behind your back Carol, Randy quickly tied her arms together at the wrists. "What do you think Todd, should we give her the elbow treatment?"

" The way these babies stick out I don't think she needs it but you have the stocking so you might as well do it" replied Todd

Randy grinned, he loved tying these girls up. He fastened the stocking to one of Carols's arms just above the elbow, then he pulled the elbows together until they almost touched. This forced the girl to arch her back and present her breasts for inspection to Todd. Randy quickly bound the two elbows together forcing Carol to remain in this position. She moaned in pain as this was most uncomfortable.

"Please untie my elbows, I'll cooperate, please it hurts terrible"

"We'll be happy to untie your elbows but you'll have to earn it", replied Todd " come over and kneel in front of the bed."

Carol had no choice as Randy pushed her towards the bed. She knelt in front of it as directed and Randy came around to face her. His cock jumped in his pants when he saw her tits sticking out.

"All right Carol, you want your me to cut your elbows free, I'll be happy to do that for you just as soon as you do one little thing for me, My good friend Randy here loves to be sucked off, especially by a lady who can deepthroat, do you know what I'm talking about Carol"

" I know what you mean" Carol replied, squirming, trying to loosen her elbows .Randy smiled and started loosening his belt.

" As soon as you take all of my buddy's cock down your throat I'll slice that pantyhose right off your elbows. "

Randy had loosened his belt and was ready to drop his pants, He smiled at Todd and pulled them down. Carol gasped when she saw what awaited her. Randy had a full 10 inches of meat ready to feed her. He sat down on the bed in front of her. She closed her eyes and began.

Chapter 3

Sucking cock was not Carol's favorite thing in life. She did it occasionally for her husband because she loved him, but he never asked her to deepthroat him. Now she had this monster cock in front of her and she couldn't imagine ever being able to take it all but she was going to give it her best shot. Her arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets now, Randy had really pulled them together tight. She started slow, letting the muscles in her mouth gradually stretch. She tried to take a little more in each time. Randy moaned his approval as she worked her mouth up and down her shaft. As he watched Todd started to remove his clothes. He couldn't wait to get a piece of this bitch. Soon Carol felt the head of Randy's cock hitting the bag of her throat. She started gaging as she had never gone this far before. She wanted to give up but her aching arms would not let her. Todd was naked now and stroking his hard on. He was about two inches shorter than Randy but his cock was thick, the "ass buster" he had nicknamed it, Carol would soon find out why. Carol slowed her strokes and that helped stop the gaging. Now when she felt his cock head reach her throat she would try to slowly let it slide down her throat. It was tedious but she was making progress. There was only about an inch to go. Randy couldn't believe how well she was doing. Only one woman had ever deepthroated him and she was a pro. He was ready to cum any minute but he held on.

Carol felt her lower lip hit Randy's sack and she knew she had done it. One more time down the rod for good measure confirmed her accomplishment. Todd had been watching with great interest and immediately cut her elbows apart. It was the first they had ever lost that challenge. Carol paused to enjoy the release of pain from her arms and shoulders.

"Don't stop now bitch finish him off" Todd was anxious to step in and get his turn. Carol resumed sucking off randy and he didn't hold back this time. He put his hands behind her head and urged her to deepthroat him again. She knew what he wanted and she obliged him. When she reached the base of his cock he held her there while he shot his load. She had no choice but to swallow, there was no place else for it to go. After the last spasm Randy released her head. She immediately came up for air and to catch her breath. Her muscles ached from the workout Randy moved away and Todd replaced him, "your not done yet sweetheart " Todd grinned at her.

Carol sighed as she prepared to suck off Todd. The thickness of his prick made it slow going at first as once again she had to stretch her muscles. Soon she was making progress and had worked her way halfway down the shaft. Unlike Randy, Todd was a very impatient person. Carol's pace was not fast enough for him so he grabbed her head and forced her to take more than she was ready for. She gagged as his cock hit her throat but that was no deterrent. He kept the pressure up until she had taken him completely. His thick cock shut off her air passage and she thought she would suffocate. He allowed her some air then slammed her head down again. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. Finally he shot his load down the girls throat, again she had no choice but to swallow every drop. She collapsed to the floor after Todd released her. exhausted. Immediately 4 hands grabbed her and lifted her onto the bed. Her panties were slid off and her legs were spread. " Time for a little nookie now " grinned Randy

Chapter 4

Randy climbed between Carol's legs and positioned his organ, once again rock hard, at the opening of Carol's pussy. Fortunately for her he had coated it liberally with KY jelly while she had been servicing Todd. As Randy entered her he applied a firm but not violent pressure. Obviously he was the more considerate of her two assailants. She felt the walls of her cunt being stretched as he made steady progress. Randy began pumping now, and with each stroke gained further access into Carol's womanhood. Never before had she felt so filled. As Randy worked on her Todd came over and started pawing at her breasts. His hands were rough and calloused, obviously he was a manual labor. He pulled and pinched on her nipples causing her great discomfort. She showed no emotion to either man's assault. She just wanted them to finished.

Todd watched the girls face as he twisted her nipple. Despite her efforts to disguise it he could see the pain in her face. He would have her begging for mercy before the night was over, he always did. He could feel his cock start to harden again. He climbed over Carols face as Randy fucked her. She opened her eyes to see his penis poised above her mouth. As she parted her lips he fed her his cock. Todd fucked the girls mouth as Randy pounded her pussy. She was having difficulty breathing and the stench from Todds ass which was just inches above her nose was making her sick to her stomach. Randy's strokes became slow and deliberate, she knew his orgasm was coming. Randy shot his second load of cum deep inside of Carol. As he pulled out Todd withdrew from the girls mouth. As she caught her breath the two men flipped her over onto her stomach. Randy went to retrieve her panties and the stocking leg Todd had cut off her elbows as Todd went over for the tube of KY. The two men had done this several time's before and worked well together as a team.

When Randy told her to open wide Carol expected him to shove his cock inside her mouth again, she was startled to find her rolled up panties being inserted instead. They were quickly fastened tightly in place by the cut off pantyhose. She tried to talk but the gag made it impossible. Todd climbed on the bed behind the girl, tube of lubricant in his hand. He always let Randy have the mouth and pussy first, the ass was his. Todd had been obsessed with anal sex since he was a teenager. The thickness of his penis made it impossible to find a willing partner, sure a few had tried but always stopped him before he ever got past the outer ring. Even the hookers turned him down. Finally he had resorted to rape to get what he wanted. The club had been a Godsend to him. A friend at work had turned him on to it.

Carol felt the rough finger separating the cheeks of her ass and immediately knew what was coming. She tried to scream out a protest but the gag rendered her helpless. The head of his cock was at the opening now. She knew he would not be gentle or considerate like Randy and braced herself for the assault. It was to no avail. As Todd plunged she felt herself being torn apart. She screamed into her gag and tears streamed down her face. She squirmed on the bed, trying to pull away from him. Todd smiled when he saw this. So much for the passive act he thought. Now he focused his attention on gaining his pleasure. He was never satisfied until he had his entire cock buried in the girls ass and he still had a ways to go. Impatiently he pounded into Carol, gaining ground with each stroke. Soon his balls were slapping against her pussy, he had hit bottom. He emptied himself into Carols bowels. As his blood stained cock slid out he gave the girl a slap on the ass. He looked at his partner and knew exactly what he was thinking. They would take a brief rest, perhaps have a beer or two. Then they would clean the bitch.

Chapter 5

It must have been an hour since the last attack. The men had left Carol lying on the bed as they explored the house. Her hands were still bound behind her back and the panty gag was still in place. Her jaw ached and there were dried tears on her cheeks.. The cum which had run out of her ass and vagina had dried on her skin while her inner passages felt greasy from the lubricant the men had used. Most of the pain had subsided. At one point it had been very quiet and she thought they had left, but to her dismay she again heard voices and footsteps and they were getting closer. She began to tremble as she heard them enter the room.

Once again Todd had his switchblade out and he quickly cut away the panty hose that bound her arms and held her gag in place. Carol spit out her panties and worked the cramps out of her jaw as the circulation returned to her wrists.

As always, Todd was the first to speak. " Come on beautiful, lets go get cleaned up, we want you looking your best for the rest of tonight’s activities." Each man grabbed an arm and they led their captive to the bathroom. "We'll wait out here while you wash up, but don't be too long, you'll regret it if I have to come in and get you. Oh, I almost forgot, before you come out we want you to let your hair down, OK Goldilocks" Carol always wore her hair up when she went to work, it looked more professional. She stepped into the shower and let the warm water soothe her and wash their filth away. She wanted to stay here forever but she didn't dare anger the two men waiting outside. Following her shower Carol released her hair from the tight bun it had been in. It cascaded down over her shoulders to a point well below her hips. She grabbed her brush and started grooming it. Her husband loved to get lost in her hair. It wasn't often she wore it down to bed and it always excited him when she did.

When Carol stepped out of the bathroom both men gasped. She was stunning with her hair down. Their cocks filled with blood, anxious to continue. They led Carol back to the bedroom and had her kneel down. They stood very close to the girl, one on each side, their cocks waving in her face. " Suck us off again" demanded Todd.

" Who first ?"whispered Carol.

" Both at the same time, switch off between us"

Carol grabbed hold of a penis with each hand. She started first on Randy, moistening his cock with her tongue, then slipping the head into her mouth. After working about two inches of his cock in she switched over to Todd and repeated the procedure. She kept alternating from cock to cock, giving each several good strokes before switching. The men smiled at each other. The loved doing this to a girl, they could last for hours if the girl could as neither cock received the constant attention needed to reach orgasm. They let Carol go on for at least a half hour, both enjoying the ministrations of her wonderful mouth. By this time she had almost deepthroated them both. Her jaw ached and her back hurt from kneeling so long. Randy sensed it was time. and motioned to the bed. Todd nodded his agreement. "Thats enough Carol " Randy said, "its time to go lie down on the bed now and he reached down to help her up.

She was instructed to lie down on her back, she did so and then Todd knelt between her thighs. " I'll go get the KY " said Randy. "That won't be necessary" Todd called out, "I'm still wet from her mouth. Bring your knees up to your chest honey Daddy's coming in." Todds thick cock was at the entrance to her pussy and he wasted no time ripping in to her. Carol stifled a scream, not wanting to be gagged again. Her saliva was not a very good lubricant and the pain was intense. The bed shook as Todd fucked her, working his thick cock in until his balls slapped against her ass. Slowly her vaginal muscles stretched to accommodate him and the pain eased. Todd was now sliding in and out without much difficulty. Randy had bee watching and knew the time was close at hand. He retrieved the KY jelly and started lubricating his cock. He watched as Todd expertly rolled the girl over so that she was now on top. Carol started to sit up thinking he wanted her to do the work but Todds strong arms held her down. His cock was embedded to the hilt and he just held her tightly against himself. Carol felt the bed sink as Randy climbed on behind. Instantly she knew what they had in mind.

"Oh please don't do this to me, please" she cried but she knew there was no stopping them.

Chapter 6

Randy brushed the golden blonde hair off to the side, exposing the milky white globes of Carol's tight ass. He applied a generous amount of KY to his index finger. Todd grabbed a mound in each hand and spread them apart for Randy, exposing the puckered entrance to the girls anus. Randy worked the lubricant in slowly, working it around the walls of her anal passage. Todd moaned as he felt Randys finger rubbing against the thin membrane which seperated the two orifaces. Carol held her breath as she felt Randy position the head of his well lubricated cock against her opening. In a strong steady motion Randy forced the head past the sphincter ring and into her rectum. She clenched her teeth to surpress the scream. Randy had about three inches in and paused to allow her to adapt. He could feel the base of his partners rock hard cock rubbing against the head of his penis through the membrane. Todd wanted him to get on with it, anxious to feel the two cocks rubbing against each other and he started grinding against Carol's pussy to get his point across. Randy himself had little patience when he and Todd double penetrated a girl. To him, this was the most exciting form of sex there was. He gave in to his urges and starting forcing himself deeper into the girls ass. When half his cock was embedded he pulled back and started pumping, gaining ground with each stroke. The two bodies below him were moaning, one in pleasure the other in agony. He was in control now and he picked up the pace. God only knew what part of the girls anatomy his penis was hitting now as he had forced the full ten inches in. Todd let out a yell as he shot his load into Carol's pussy. Randy was silent as he pumped his semen into the girl. All that could be heard were Carol's sobs as Randy withdrew his cock from her ass with a pop. Todd rolled the girl off and lay on the bed, exhausted.

Chapter 7

It was now three o'clock in the morning. Carol was once again in the bathroom. The anal reaming she had just received had the effect of an enema on her. Randy escorted her to the bathroom so she could relieve herself, he also gave her permission to take a quick shower. The last episode had exhausted Todd. He was now snoring away on the bed. Randy knew he was done for the night. Being ten years younger Randy knew he had one more fuck in him. He would like nothing better than to have a consensual session with this lovely woman, but knew that was impossible. As the girl emerged from the bathroom she looked exhausted. The nights activities had taken their toll. Randy felt sorry for her but she was too beautiful not to have one last time. He took her into the guest bedroom so sa not to disturb Todd who was sleeping.

“If you cooperate I’ll make this easy on you. I want you too give me a really good blowjob, If you do that I’ll wake Todd and we will leave and you’ll never see us again”

Carol was too tired too answer she just nodded her approval.

Randy lay down on the small bed. Carol laid between his legs and started working on his cock. She concentrated, wanting to make this man happy so they would leave. She slowly worked about half of Randys penis in her mouth, then withdrew and started licking his shaft from the head to the base. She repeated this several times. until she almost had the entire cock in her mouth. All Randy could see was a huge mass of blonde hair bobbing up and down. The sight of this was a tremendous turn on. It was not long before Randy felt his orgasm mounting once again. He stopped Carol from blowing him and had her lay on her back. He wanted to fuck the girls tits before he left. Randy stradled her chest, laying his slickened cock between her breasts. Carol realized what he wanted and held her breasts together. She had done this many times for husband. She was relieved that he was not going to take her in the ass or pussy again, she was too sore to endure another assault there. Randy started fucking her breasts. Carol closed her eyes as she felt his hot cum shooting against her chin and rolling down her neck. She did not move as Randy got off the bed and left the room.

True to his word Randy got dressed, woke Todd and convinced him to leave. Todd had wanted to stay longer, hoping to get one more shot at her but knew Randy was right. No use getting greedy, besides, they already had another folder waiting at home. It wouldn’t be long before they would be doing this all again.

The End

Title: The Club - Carol's Ordeal • Author: Chucktie ([email protected]) • Published by 2000-2004

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