Jim and the Farmers Daughters Part 4
By Bob's Your Uncle
[email protected]

Copyright 2010 by Bob's Your Uncle, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Faith winked at her sisters. As they were leaving the doctor's office, Faith said, "Mommy, can we please go to the McDonalds drive through? I would like a big Mac." The other sisters nodded in agreement. Jim tried to sink in his seat.

"Sit up Jim! Stop slouching," said Mary.

Poor Jim started to cry softly, he knew that his penis was soon going to be an object that was going to be displayed once again. The drive to McDonalds was fast and of course the sisters made sure that they took their time ordering their food. As luck would have it the drive through window was being manned by one of Faiths classmates. "Wow, you have a naked boy in your car," said June. "What happened to his pubic hair?"

Faith answered, "This is my cousin Jim, he has lice and the doctor shaved all his hair off. Why don't you come over to our house on Saturday, we will show you how to milk his little penis," answered Faith.

Jim was crying in earnest now. "You bet," said June. "I will bring over some of our friends and we will make a party out of it."

So the stage was set, the sisters and their friend made arrangements to visit the farm house on the weekend and Jim was going to be the entertainment. The ride home was uneventful; as soon as the family got home Jim was led into the house with his hand still tied behind him with his little penis and testicles on display. Jim's aunt thought it would be a good idea to have Jim milked, she wanted to show the girls how to make Jim cum and to maximize the amount of sperm he spurted out.

She had Jim lie on his back and then gathered her daughters around his bed."Okay girls, I want you to watch very carefully on how to get Jim to cum. First you stroke his little shaft up and down. See his penis is now erect, now gently rub his balls like this." Jim's aunt cupped his balls, slowly rolling them in her hand. Jim's penis was rock hard and he was moaning in ecstasy. "See all the pre cum oozing from his glans?" Jim was now starting to orgasm but just before he was going to shoot out cum his aunt grabbed the base of his penis and denied his orgasm. "You must be patient and not let Jim cum." Jim's aunt brought Jim close to cuming 3 time before she let him orgasm.

When he was finally allowed to release his sperm Jim shot out 5 large streams of cum, landing on his chest and face. 2 streams of sperm landed in Jim's mouth and he ate his own discharge. Jim's orgasm was powerful, to say the least; his body was racked with both pleasure and shame. Jim's face was red with embracement and the taste of his own sperm was overwhelming. Finally his ordeal was over; his cousins were grinning and enjoying Jim's embarrassment.

Jim was allowed to clean up, Mary sponged his discharge off his chest but she also wiped some cum on his cheeks into his mouth, forcing Jim to taste more of his sperm. Jim spent the rest of the day totally nude, since his hands were still tied behind his back he had to endure even further embarrassment by having his cousins taking turns holding his penis when he had to pea.

After 3 days of being totally defenseless Jim finally had his hands untied but he was still kept nude; the doctor had ordered that his pubic area had to be kept clear of any clothing. The girls took turns in milking him twice a day as well as greasing his penis with ointment to ensure that all of the lice where killed.

Finally by Thursday evening Jim' ordeal came to an end. The doctor pronounced Jim cured and he was finally allowed to get dressed. He was still being milked but at least he was able to go back and do his chores.

Friday evening finally came and the sisters had a secret meeting to see what other nasty things they could do to Jim. "Remember what mom said about Jim's dirty bum?" said Faith. Her sisters nodded in agreement."Well I have an idea on how to get Jim strapped in front of all of my friends this Sunday. I have at least 20 of my classmates coming over to watch Jim get milked, I think it would be fun to see Jim's asshole get spanked and see him dance around the room nude." Faith's sisters agreed and so the plot to get Jim spanked was set in motion.

On Saturday morning Faith dug out some Exlax that her mother had stored in the medicine cabinet and purposely left it out in plain sight for Jim to see. She knew that Jim had a sweet tooth and he could not resist the temptation of chocolate. Poor Jim had no idea of the trap and when no one was looking he wolfed down 2 of the potent bars of laxative then went about his business.

On Sunday morning Jim started to get bad cramps and he finally had a huge runny shit. He almost blew the bowl apart as he splashed out large amounts of poop. He tried to clean his bum as best as possible but unfortunately for him he didn't completely clean all of the mess. Some of the soft stool stained his underwear so he had placed them in the laundry basket. He knew he was in for an embarrassing time in the afternoon as Faith's classmates where coming over to witness his milking.

Finally at suppertime 20 of Faith's friends arrived at the farmhouse, there was plenty of giggling and laughing as they were preparing to witness Jim's milking. Jim was crying with embarrassment and knew there was no way of avoiding the humiliation of having his penis being exposed in front of all of the girls.

Jim was led into the living room where all the girls were assembled. He was blushing and tears were streaming down his face. Jim's aunt had him lie down on the couch and his pants where pulled down exposing his penis to all of the girls. He overheard some comments that embarrassed him even more.

"Wow, Jim sure has a small penis."

"Look he has no pubic hair."

"He has pre cum leaking from the end of his penis."

Jim aunt proceeded to masturbate Jim's penis, she was masterful at bring Jim to the edge of orgasm and then denying him his release. Finally he was allowed to cum and Jim blasted stream after stream of sperm all over his body. Cum splattered on his face and large dollops of sperm landed in his mouth. All the girls oohed and aahed at the show and applauded when the orgasm was over. Once again the comments were humiliating Jim as he heard, "Oh my god, he came in his own mouth."

"Look, Jim's penis is shrinking."

"That's the smallest dick I have ever seen."

Jim was beside himself, his embarrassment knew no bounds. His little penis was subject to ridicule. He thought that things could not get worse, but he was wrong.

"Mommy, look what I found in the laundry hamper," said Faith. She showed her mother a pair of soiled underpants that belonged to Jim. They were streaked with feces.

Jim's aunt's face turned red with anger. "That's it young man. I warned you what would happen if I caught you with a dirty bottom. You will soon learn to wash yourself properly. Deb, go fetch me the strap; Jim's bottom is going to get a sound thrashing."

There was a murmur in the crowd of young women. Deb retrieved the belt and handed it to her mother. "Jim you get over on your knees and spread your legs wide open," ordered Jim's aunt.

Jim turned over and placed his knees on the floor and opened his legs as wide as possible. His penis and testicles were visible as they hung down between his legs. His crinkled rectum was plainly visible; it seemed to wink at all the girls in the room. Jim was crying loudly as he waited for his aunt to punish his exposed bottom. Jim's aunt lined up the belt to Jim's bottom and with a great grunt she brought the belt crashing down on Jim's bottom. Crack, crack, crack, the noise of the belt echoed in the room. Jim's bottom was turning a bright red. Mary struck Jim's bottom over and over, Jim was screeching in pain, finally after 30 sound strokes the spanking was over. Jim's bottom was turning purple from the beating.

Jim thought his ordeal was over but his aunt had other ideas. "I told you Jim that I would punish your naughty rectum if I found you dirty. Girls I need your help. Faith pleases grab Jim's left butt cheek and spread it open as wide as you can. Now Deb, do the same with Jim's right cheek. That's good." Jim's ass was wide open, his rectum was gaping open from being stretched, the girls could see into his bowel.

Jim's aunt found a riding crop used to spur on horses. The handle was a foot long and there was a piece of leather attached to the end. Mary flicked her wrist and brought the crop right down on Jim's anus. The crop made a loud smack as it hit his tender asshole. Jim was in more pain than he had ever known. Jim's aunt slapped his exposed rectum 5 times. Each stroke was measured and precise. When the ordeal was over Jim's asshole was as red as his bottom. Jim was allowed to stand up. He started to dance around the room, much to the amusement of all of the girls. He was totally oblivious to the display he was putting on. His penis and testicle where bouncing up and down. Jim tried to ease the pain on his anus by grabbing his ass cheeks and spreading them open. He was putting on a good show, all of the girls where clapping to his dance. They all had seen everything that Jim owned. The three sisters had made Jim the center of amusement and were smug with the satisfaction of bringing Jim to his knees with embarrassment.

Finally after 20 minutes of crying and dancing Jim started to gain some composure. He was still naked and he tried to cover his penis with his hands. "Stop playing with yourself," yelled Jim's aunt. "If you want another strapping you just keep that up." Jim placed his hands at his side. His penis started to erect once again, this made all the girls giggle. Jim's tears streaked face was as red as his bottom. His penis and testicles had become the focus of the room; there was nowhere to hide. Jim had become a public toy for all of the sisters' friends.

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