The Empire Spanks Brats Chapter 2

By Red Rover

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Copyright 2012 by Red Rover, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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The Empire Spanks Brats – Chapter 2

The Headmaster turned out to be a rather nondescript middle-aged male a few inches shorter than myself with a slouching posture and a perpetual expression of minor distaste as though he had just discovered a dead mouse in his soup. I disliked him on sight, as I had the hatchet-faced, Mrs. Cardiff.

He gave a forced smile and held out his hand. “Glad to meet you, Dr Rogers. My name is Harold Archer and I am the Headmaster of HMS Birkenhead and education advisor to the Stahlhem Colony.”

I shook his rather clammy hand and tried to reply cheerfully. “I’m Benjamin Rogers and I try to downplay the ‘doctor’ bit outside the University. Mostly because people tend to tell me about their digestive problems and have to explain that my doctorate is in Cultural Anthropology.” A rather feeble joke that received its due modicum of forced smiles.

“Quite so,” he replied I don’t mention my degree either. “You have met Mrs. Cardiff, my chief deputy; this is Ralph Drexel, my chief instructor and Annabel Reed, the student counselor. I am afraid the Executive Officer and Adjutant have been delayed, but they will be here shortly, so let’s go back into the conference room where there should be a bit of light refreshment.” He nodded to Mrs. Cardiff, “Bring the child along as well, we can warm her up wile waiting for the others.”

“Come along, Troy,” Cardiff snapped, “and put your hands on your head, you know you are not allowed to cover up. Not that you have anything worth covering up anyway, you look like a nine year old without your clothes.” She paused to take a short strap out of her desk drawer and casually flicked it across Teri’s thigh. Teri yelped and moved through the door mumbling “it’s Teri, not Troy, you…” And then froze in panic.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOUNG LADY?” The woman I had mentally dubbed the “Dragon Lady.” bellowed. “Are you talking back to me, you little brat?”

“N-n-no, Ma’am .” The terrified youngster blurted. “I was just saying my name is ‘Teri’, ma’am.”

“I am quite aware of your name, Missy,” the DL growled. “God knows, I’ve seen it often enough on Punishment Reports. “And if I choose to call you ‘Tory” you will answer to ‘Tory’ until I tell you differently. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Teri said contritely. “I didn’t mean to disrespect you.”

Archer shook his head. “You’ll have to keep this one under tight control, I’m afraid. But she is the smartest one of the lot and the best at computer research, so I had to assign her to you.“ But if you give her a good hard spanking every day, she will eventually get the message. As I said, she is smart but pig-headed.”

We all entered the conference room and I noticed a rather sparse display of soft drinks and small snacks on the table at the far end.

He glared at Teri. “Since we have a few minutes to kill, and little Teri needs to be warmed up for her spanking, why don’t we let her entertain us for awhile. Won’t that be fun, Teri? I am sure the grown ups will enjoy it. So just climb up on the table and lie on your back so Edna can show your new guardian how to deal with disobedient children.”

Teri whimpered a bit and I could see tears starting, but she climbed onto the table and lay on her back facing the other end. I was not having a good feeling about this matter. I have been to many conferences and workshops, but have never been to one that started off with a naked child splayed out on a table. Archer gave an evil chuckle. “I always enjoy this part the most. Edna is a veritable artist with that little strap of hers. I swear she can find pain points even a doctor couldn’t find. There will be some first-rate squealing and yelping going on in a few minutes. Naughty Teri will be a very sorry little girl before she leaves this room, I can assure you.”

OK, Brat, get your legs up in the air right now, “Edna snapped. And don’t even think about trying to move.” Archer reached over the end of the table and grasped Teri’s quivering legs and hoisted them up off the table, splaying them even more and presenting a lewd display of all of the little girl’s hitherto private parts to the audience.

I noticed that Teri had not a single hair below her neckline. No armpit hair, pubic bush or even any fine hairs on her legs or buttocks. Her breasts were well rounded but very small and her genitals were nothing more than the typical slit you would find on an 8-year old. Even her little puckered anus was small for her age.

Edna wasted no time in getting into action. With quick flicks of the wrist, she laid the tip of the small strap onto very exposed inch of the poor child’s exposed flesh. The little girl, of course, screamed in pain and terror every time the cruel strap tip landed on a sensitive spot. And, of course, with a tender pre-teen body, every exposed inch was a sensitive spot. Edna was relentless in finding a previously undamaged spot on almost every stroke until the poor girl’s crotch and thighs were a ravaged mass of little welts and weals. Teri had screamed and howled her lungs out by then and could only give off throaty groans and an occasional high-pitched keening noise. Tears and sweat and snot ran down her face and pooled between her tiny breasts.

None too soon for me, the Exec and Adjutant showed up and we could start the regular meeting. To my dismay, Teri was left on the table on full display during the rest of the meeting. To my relief, I was assigned to work with the Adjutant and granted department-head status for the voyage. I was afraid I would be assigned to Archer and Cardiff, at which point I would have walked off the ship. But we got all the paperwork signed and I got a huge case full of books, papers, disks and other tools of the trade.

Wee were about to get up and leave when Archer “remembered” his unfinished business. “Ah, yes, we have to give little Tammy here the rest of her spanking.” He smirked.

“Looks to me that she’s had enough for the day, “ I commented in an acid tone which was ignored by all the others in the room except the adjutant, who shot me a glance of combined sympathy and warning.

“No, no, that cute little bottom is hardly touched,” Archer said gleefully, “we need to finish the job properly. Down off the table, brat girl. Edna, get me the hairbrush.

Archer moved an armless chair to the center of the room and dragged poor little Teri over his lap. Edna produced the heavy wooden hair brush and he set forth with glee to redden the last remaining areas of pale skin on Teri’s ravaged bottom. She let off a few anguished howls at first, but soon collapsed into convulsive sobs and pitiful little moans as she lay limply over his knees.

Finally, I was able to pick up Teri and move back into the anteroom. I caught the eye of the Adjutant who seemed to have displayed the only spark of sympathy during the whole ordeal. “Do you think you could get me somebody to help me with the packages and show me to our quarters? I have no idea where it is and Teri can’t walk right now.”

“No problem,” he said with a note of sympathy in his voice. “I’ll get one of the other crewgirls to help. Oh, and can you be in my office around 1000 tomorrow?

“Certainly, “ I replied, “We’ve got a lot of stuff to go over before we uncouple on Friday.”

A few minutes later, a slightly older girl, who introduced her self as Amber Keith, age 23, cadet, computer specialist, showed up, gathered up my stuff and led me to my assigned quarters. As I walked slowly though the huge ship, I thought, “This is not what I expected at all. Here I am, two hours off the dock and I am walking through a strange ship carrying a naked girl and being escorted by another girl who claims to be 23 but looks 16.”


(The End)

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