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Joey's Summer
by Sexpig4u
Joey is a 12-year-old boy who is getting a bit out of control. His mom plans to send her sister and him to spend the summer with their cousins, since she has to work.
Joey's Summer Part 1 September 16, 2011
Joey's Summer Part 2 November 30, 2011
Joey's Summer Part 3 March 2, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 4 April 10, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 5 May 18, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 6 June 2, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 7 June 2, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 8 June 23, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 9 August 19, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 10 September 9, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 11 October 28, 2012
Joey's Summer Part 12 April 7, 2013
Joey's Summer Part 13 September 23, 2014
Joey's Summer Part 14 February 8, 2015
Joey's Summer Part 15 March 1, 2015
Joey's Summer Part 16A January 22, 2017

Native Tribal Club
by Sexpig4u
A Story with two Sisters, Sue and Cassie, tasked with having to clean out their Dad's House after he passes away. Sue's son named Jake and his two girls cousins Jenny & Amy also help their moms sort boxes of collected stuff. Jake decides to take a break after finding an old box of National Geographic magazines in his Grandfathers house. Being 12 going on 13 in a few days, he does what all boys do at that age.
Part 1 October 17, 2016

Skin is Sin but Naked is More Fun
by Sexpig4u
A Religious family of four becomes three, and then grows to eight, when a family of five moves in with them for convenience and economic reasons. With so many people, males have no room modesty but the girls have no secrets either.
Part 1 August 21, 2016

Eviction Notice
by Sexpig4u
A little story about a single-parent family with 2 kids. Having a hard time adjusting months after their dad dies in a fire in the family home, no life insurance, no homeowners insurance, the mother and kids are forced to live with her brother's family with a strong sister in law.
Eviction Notice February 23, 2014
Eviction Notice 2 April 27, 2014
Eviction Notice 3 August 29, 2014
Eviction Notice 4 December 21, 2014
Eviction Notice 5 June 19, 2016

How Tommy Jones Started His Summer
by Sexpig4u
Tommy's school year is over. His results are not very good and it is time for some changes in his family life.
Part 1 September 20, 2015

The Surprise Blizzard
by Sexpig4u
A family deals with their kids' problems, including the small penis of the 13-year-old son.
Part 1 April 22, 2015

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