Strings and Sacks, Inc. - Chapter 2
By Sir Cum Sizemore

copyright 2006 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 2

"Good morning, Steven. The girls are already out at the pool eating breakfast. Oh my goodness that little penis is stiff this morning isn't it," Andrea awakened the boy. "Here, let me rub that a little for you, Honey."

"Please Aunt Andrea, I think I have to go to the bathroom first. I really gotta go bad."

"Okay, well when you're done brush your teeth and then come on downstairs and your mother and I will fix you something to eat."

As Steven went to the bathroom to initiate his daily regimen, that is all but getting dressed, Andrea went back down to sit with his mother at the kitchen table. "Well?" Sharon quit staring out the window to respond.

"Well what?"

"I was wondering where your mind was. You are really oblivious this morning. Something wrong?"

"No, I'm just going over how I'm going to break this whole new approach to raising our son to Dave this afternoon. That's all."

"Sharon, I told you there's nothing wrong with exposing a little prepubescent kid to the world around him. People really do like to watch naked kids. If that weren't true why would so many of those self-righteous take the time to make sure they had naked pictures of their kids? Think about it. They take pictures of their naked little off- spring running around the house, in the pool, in the yard and bathtubs, during toilet training, at beaches and family reunions in parks and even some cute pictures of them urinating outside in the bushes and even on city streets. And, which gender is most commonly photographed in the nude? Right, little boys. It's common practice. Do you remember when boys had to swim nude at school pools, at Boy's Clubs, the YMCA, summer camps, scout camps and even at some public pools? The girls didn't have to, but the boys had to be naked. Why do you think that is? Because the public is infatuated with their little wieners and they know little boys shouldn't be allowed to be modest. Hell, Dave, grew up in that era. Bring it up. Quit worrying we're just bringing back the 'good ole days'. You know it, I know it and so will Dave." She paused to collect her thoughts and then continued, "You know, kids don't even have to shower after gym class anymore? Some places it's suggested, but in few places is it demanded. Why? The fucking whimps have taken over our morality code, that's why! Screw them. Why should your son have to grow up thinking his body isn't beautiful? It is we just want to show it off."

"Yeah, and those who complain are probably going to be jealous."

"Now you've got it. Don't worry about Dave's reaction. Screw the public. Show off that little wanker. It's longer than most, and it's beautiful. Shit even the circumcision was a clean job. You know that kid's still bound to make some girl really happy.

"Okay, okay. I've got the message. Oh here he comes, just can it Andrea."

"Hi, Mom."

"Good morning. Come over here and give me a kiss."

"Mooommmm, not in front of Aunt Andrea."

"I said I need a kiss and a hug. Forget about Aunt Andrea."

"Hey, hey, you two Aunt Andrea wants one too. Remember who made you feel good last night. You liked that licking and sucking stuff didn't you?" The boy blushed and looked at the floor. "Come on admit it you little turd," she grabbed him and began tickling his sides. He took a protective pose as he laughed. "Well, didn't you? You liked it very much?" Her eyes locked admiringly on the way his penis flopped around when she tickled him.

"Okay, okay I liked it!"

"It was worth being naked for wasn't it?" She continued to tickle him and he continued to thrash half trying to avoid it and half hoping it wouldn't stop.

"No. I don't like being naked," he giggled as he spoke.

"Yes you do. Say Aunt Andrea makes being naked fun. Say it!" the tickling continued.

"Okay, okay, Aunt Andrea makes being naked fun. Now stop tickling me." He blurted out between the giggles.

Stopping she said, "Now go give your Mom a kiss and hug."

The boy wrapped his arms around his mother and kissed her. While he did his mother caressed his naked bottom. Pulling her head back she looked him in the eyes and said, "You know I love you, don't you?"

"Yeah, and I love you too Mom."

"Hey, where's my sugar? Get over here and give me a hug and kiss, too. I am your favorite aunt aren't I?"

Responding to the beckoning he hugged and kissed Andrea too. Then turning to his mother he asked, "Now can I put my Speedo on, please?"

Sharon was convinced she had to be consistent, "Now, Steven, you know the rules. You've earned naked time and that means today too."

"Do I have to let the girls play with my penis?"

"If they want to you have to let them touch wherever they want. And you have to pose for Karen's pictures anyway she asks you. Don't get started on this begging so early. You will be naked and you will do what I've told you. Reprieve denied. Sorry!"

To lighten the moment Andrea added, "I like seeing you naked. You know what my favorite body part on you is?"

"What?" the boy asked.

Andrea grabbed his glans and wiggled his penis, "This! And, if you have clothes on I can't see it or touch it and that's just unfair."

"What's your second favorite part?" he asked out of curiosity.

"Those beautiful, muscular legs of yours. I just want to take a bite out of them. They're gorgeous. Of course that little ass isn't bad either." Playfully she patted his backside as she identified it.

"So you don't like my face?" he asked pushing for an error acknowledgement.

"That is the cutest face I have ever seen on a boy. Those blue, blue eyes with that dark hair…you're a Greek god, you're the perfect specimen Steven." She spoke from her heart and it showed. "Now, what do you want for breakfast? And when you sit down remember I want to see my favorite part the whole time."

"Do you have bagels?"

"Do I have bagels? What kind would you like?"

"Poppy seed ones?"

"With or without cream cheese?"


"Toasted or not?"

"Toasted, please!"

"Coming right up! In a few years, that won't be the only thing cuming right up, will it Sharon?"

"Andrea, that's enough. You've already introduced too much too quickly. Dave will have to spend a whole day helping him sort it out."

"What, Mom? What's Dad going to have to sort out?"

"Never mind, just eat your breakfast."

When he'd finished eating his mother sent him out to the pool with the girls. Jamie had her suit back on. Steven was the only naked specimen present. "Karen, put the sunscreen on. Don't forget to cover his boy parts and butt really well."

Jamie was already yelling, "I want to do it. Let me do it," as she attempted to wrestle the sunscreen bottle from her sister.

"Cut it out, Shrimp! We both can do it! Jamie, just stop! Wait your turn!"

As the girls argued, Sharon returned to the kitchen. Both ladies nursed a cup of coffee and watched the show. Same channel different day. The boy's stiff penis was being hidden in the fists of little girls, their hands sliding up and down lubricated by sunscreen, occasionally they stopped to coat his scrotum. As Karen played with his dick and fingered his testicles, Jamie tried to locate his honey spot so she could 'feel inside him'. Then there was the belt still within easy reach of Karen.

"What's he doing? Karen looks really mad at him. Uh, oh, she's going to use the belt. He's arguing with her. She's really mad. I'm going out to find out what's happening." Sharon rose and opened the slider. "What's going on."

Karen yelled, "He said he was going to finger my twat while I was sleeping. He said if I could touch his, he could touch mine. He said he was going to take my suit off so he could see my 'titties' and play with my 'twat'. That's just rude, Aunt Sharon. Girls don't have to put up with that."

"Steven Joseph, I can't believe you talked to her like that. Where in the world did you pick up such language. Never mind, I don't want to know. You position yourself over the table and she's going to whip you as much as she thinks you need. Do it now, or I'll come out for sloppy seconds. I mean it when I get done we'll be able to cook lunch on your ass."

The boy began to cry as he was led to the table by a girl only one year his senior. He bent over the table and the still very angry girl aggressively applied the strap to his backside. Surprisingly she had become proficient over night the sharp snap of the belt hitting the young boy's backside could be heard all the way in the kitchen where her mother was intently watching from the window. Initially the boy just clenched his teeth in anticipation of the belts stinging contact. However, after three well place lashes he could contain it no more with a tear streamed face he screamed a high pitch reaction to each successive stripe. Time and again the snap could be heard followed by Steven's scream of pain. Each time the belt left a pink stripe. It appeared two or three of the first few even might have lacerated the skin. The whipping had to be measured in minutes rather than lashes as she was swinging one after another. Sharon looked on with a stern look of justice being administered. She reveled in the sight and the only thing that might have made it better would be if she were the one swinging the belt. But then she might have had a touch more mercy and he needed a severe lesson. Her thoughts were broken by Steven's screaming, squirming and begging for cessation. "Mom, make her stop, please, Mom, make it stop," was heard through screaming and sobbing. "Karen will decide when to stop. You started this and I'm going to let her finish it, young man." Karen was relentless; the belt rose and fell for almost five minutes. The boy's bottom was red and well striped. The only thing redder than his bottom was his tear washed face. During the whole punishment process, Jamie was squatting down watching his penis. Eventually, her little hand reached over and cupped his sack as she tried to steady them from the wiggling caused by each blow. Finally, Andrea came out and told Karen to stop.

Steven's hands went to his bottom immediately. As he rose from the punishment table, Sharon spoke firmly to her sobbing son, "I think you owe Karen an apology. Do it."


"I won't ever say such a thing again. Say it, Steven."

"Eeeefffffff….I…..ffffff……wo….fffff….n't……ev 33;…fffff….say
…….ffff….ch…ffff….a…….ffff…ing….a 3;.fffff….a…..fff….a

"Karen, did you girls finish getting the sunscreen on?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Steven, you will be naked for two more days now. That means you will go home naked and be naked in the neighborhood for two more days. You keep it up and you'll have to start school naked too. Time's addin' up. Now, go play and watch that mouth."

"Oooooo, that's gonna leave a mark. She really blistered him." Andrea observed.

"She sure did. I don't think he's going to be vulgar with her again."

Steven settled into the cool water of the pool try to comfort his very painful situation. Though it cooled the heat, it didn't do much for the pain.

At eleven a cab pulled into the driveway. Dave grabbed his bag and walked in the front door. "Hey, anybody home?" The smiling man hugged his wife and then her friend Andrea. Returning to the arms of his wife he kissed her again. "Where's my boy?"
He's still out in the pool. He got his ass blistered for using the most vulgar insults I've ever heard toward Karen. I let her beat his backside until I was convinced he wouldn't be sitting for a day or two."

"Guess he's in a mood, then."

"Oh, he'll be happy to see you."

"He's serving his naked time and will be naked for two days after this. He's really been a handful."

"He's naked now?"

"Yep. He's naked now."

"Well I'm sure being exposed to the girls will make him think twice won't it?"

"I certainly hope so. I think you are going to have to have a "birds and bees" chat with him. His language and his actions are telling me he's gotten some information already, but no one has told him how to manage the information."

"I've been trying to avoid this talk. I wonder if every father feels as uncomfortable with the idea as I do. Well, I guess the time has come. I'll chat with him tomorrow. If he's got to be naked, it'll make half the talk easier I can point out the male functions with his own body parts. Let me go out and see him."

As Dave cleared the sliders, Steven pushed out of the pool and ran to his father. Grabbing him he hugged him getting his father's clothing wet, "I missed you, Dad."

"Well son, where are your clothes?"

"Mom is making me be naked. She says I have to stay naked for two days."

"She used to do that with you when you had been spanked. Were you spanked? Here, turn around and let me see that bottom," the boy turned, "Eeeeewwww, I guess you were. Man, you're not going to be sitting very well for a few days. Karen did this to you?"

"She just kept on hitting me with the belt."

"Well, what did you do?"


"What did you do to her, Steven?" He gave his son a stern look.

"I said some pretty bad things to her. I said some things about her girl parts. But that was because she was putting lotion on my boy parts."

"Why was she doing that?"

"Because Mom told her to."

"Why did Mom tell her to?"

"It was sunscreen."

"I guess you should have just kept your mouth shut, huh. Now, go get back in the pool." With that Dave walked his naked son to the pool.

"Hi, Uncle Dave, how was your trip?" Karen hugged the tall father figure.

"Fine, Honey. How are you?"

"Okay, I guess."

"You sure did a job on Steven's backside."

"Well he said he was going to play with my "twat" and he was going to pinch my "titties" and stuff like that. It was rude."

"Yes, it was, and he deserved what he got. You did him up right, Karen." Turning toward Jamie he asked, "How's our little angel?" She ran to him and leapt into his arms wetting the only part Steven's hug hadn't covered. "How about a kiss?"

Jamie kissed his cheek and responded to his question, "I'm fine Uncle Dave".

Following the greeting, he returned to the kitchen. "Wow, Karen was putting sunscreen on Steven's penis?"

"Yes, we need to talk about the whole situation. He has to learn to be a little more subservient to women and girls. He was being punished for misbehavior before this and she was given the responsibility of supervising him. Because he was naked, he needed protection on his exposed parts and that, of course, included his penis, scrotum and bottom. He's got to learn to do as he was told."

"Okay, okay. I think it's interesting. I wish when I was his age, I had a girl playing with my penis and testicles. I'm not judging. I'm just interested in what in the hell is going on, that's all. It's okay to let her put it on. You're right he needs to learn humility and it's okay. Anything else I need to know?"

"Yes, I've decide I'm proud of my son's body. He's beautiful and I think he's become much too modest for a little boy. Andrea and I made him a thong to wear when he is in swimming environments. I want to show him off, even out his tan, and help him lose his extreme modesty."

"Well, how do you propose to do that with a thong? A thong? I didn't know they made them for kids. You mean one of those bare ass bathing suits?"

"Yes, and they don't make them for kids. Aren't you listening? I said Andrea and I made him one. Of course, he didn't like it."

"No, I imagine he didn't. What eleven year old boy would want to saunter around with his bare ass on display and his dick in a skimpy banana hammock?"

Andrea intercepted that remark, "I know a few, but that's beside the point, Dave. What eleven year old boy wants a tetnus shot? Or a visit to the dentist? Or to clean up his room? Or to wear a dress suit? Kids don't know what's best for them. That's why they have parents."

"Where in the hell is this thong?"

"Right here." Sharon dug through her bag and pulled it out.

Dave laughed as he held it up. "It is kinda cute. I don't know that I'd wear one, but it is cute. And white? Why did we choose white, girls?" He laughed teasingly pointing his finger back and forth between his wife and her best friend again knowing the inevitable answer.

"The world has changed but boys' needs haven't. They need to be comfortable and accepting of their bodies and they have to respect women. Steven needs a healthy readjustment to those values. Do you remember when you were a kid? You often reminisce about the times you had to swim naked at the pools, camps, and even sometimes at the beach. Heck today showering after gym class is optional. Someone might see their private parts."

"Yes, Honey, you're right. I remember at the Boys' Club, the Y and even the school pool, we boys swam naked and girls didn't have to. Of course, there were separate swim times, but mothers and brothers and sisters could watch from the bleachers as we swam, so it was hardly private. At the Y mothers and siblings could even come into the locker room while we showered and changed. There really wasn't any privacy at all. Shoot, I remember Scout camp. First year guys had to stay nude the whole two weeks as an initiation. We all swam nude. Geezzz, times have changed."

"And so has the mentality and security of little boys. They aren't the same today, and I, for one, am concerned about the changes. They aren't sure of themselves like boys of twenty or thirty years ago." Andrea added.

"I image as an elementary school teacher you see a lot of that, Andrea." Dave noted.

"I do."

"What do you think about this plan? Do you really feel Steven will grow stronger from exposing his genitals to others scrutiny?"

"Well, that's the point, Dave. Nudity is reserved for punishment. The thong just offers maximum exposure without total nudity. His genitals will be covered for the most part." Andrea explained.

"Yeah, the thong is a tease. It makes you want to look a little further, doesn't it? I don't know. People are different today too. They think any show of skin is offensive. They're kind of whimps, if I do say so."

"But why should we let their expectations and values dictate ours?"

"We shouldn't! But we have to live with them." he was quick to respond.

"People today are also hypocritical. They act appalled at child nudity, yet I'll bet upwards of ninety percent of parents have photos of their kids nude. If they're so appalled why do they have those?"

Dave both agreed and then countered with another point, "I never gave that a thought. You're right. Nudity is wrong, except for those taboo naked pictures of my own kids in the back of the family album. If we do this with Steven, when do we give him the choice of exposure verse being covered. Where's the line?"

"Puberty! When he grows hair and his testicles fall. When he starts wet masturbation that's when it needs to be his call. He's still a little boy, but you only have a couple of years to get him on the straight and narrow."

Sharon re-entered the conversation. "Maybe we shouldn't have respected his privacy so readily. It never dawned on us to continue his naked displays during play and around the house. We just made him get dressed all the time when he reached seven or eight. We stole his innocence, Dave, and I want to give it back."

Reaching over he held his wife. Dave was secretly hiding the fact he, too, enjoyed seeing his well endowed son romping nude. It gave him a sense of pride to show his son's well hung maleness to the whole world. A strange mix of a voyeuristic sense of exhibitionism mixed with pride overwhelmed him. He found it personally arousing that the boy had been made to expose himself to the women, but especially the young girls. To know he was made to be subservient to their touching and examining his penis, testicles and anus secretly aroused him. He felt an urge to examine the boy himself, to actually touch on his son's boyhood with a sense of wonder mixed with pride. But he had to play the socially expected role. He had to be the naysayer right to the edge of changing his wife's thinking. It would be tricky not to cross that line. It had to be a balanced approach—"it's not right, but then again you've made a good point." As he held her, he stared out the window at his off-spring as he sat poolside while a seven year old curiously played with his erect penis, as her twelve year old sister stood as the enforcer with a doubled up belt at her side. He was a good looking boy and had a wonderfully formed package. He also wanted desperately to watch that twelve year old tear his son's ass up as he writhed in agony to each snap of the belt as it met his skin.

"You know, I do remember the old days of expecting boys to be publicly naked when they were at the pool or for initiation at camp. The adults were okay with that back then. What changed? Why did it change? We weren't afraid to stand naked before any man or woman. We didn't cover up as that would have at the very least warranted a comment to keep our hands away or even a spanking. Boys' penises and testicles were commonly on display. It's just the way it was. We showered together after gym class in a large open shower room often supervised by Mrs. Richards the girls' P.E. teacher. She used to stand there with her paddle and inspect each of us one at a time as we left the shower to make sure we were thorough, and it was just accepted as normal. If we farted around in the shower of locker room she'd take that paddle and wear out our asses, and I mean wear them out. Today, she'd probably face charges for the bruises she sometimes inflicted. Those were the days. What in the hell made that change?"

"The media centered on perversion and now parents are skittish about letting kids run nude publicly." Andrea offered. "Open displays of children's skin are no longer considered sensual they are now considered sexual."

"Yes, and that could be a big problem here too." Dave began his debate, "But we can't let that run our lives. There aren't any more pedophiles today then there were back then. I'm not sure if we encouraged more public child nudity that that wouldn't remove some of the thrill and result in less sexual assault and more tenderness."

"Why else has it changed?"

"Society has changed. They feel it is humiliating for little boys to be made to run around nude and they've sold their perverted views to the children. I know that for a fact, as we now have to do whole 'private parts' thing with the kids." Andrea took another shot.

Sharon was quick to respond, "Yeah, but that's just show. Secretly, they're afraid if they agree boys should be made nude publicly they will be accused of being perverted. You know they aren't any different that we are. They are just to afraid of being labeled by those who also secretly enjoy watching by have to come off as self-righteous goody two shoes."

Dave began reminiscing again, "When I was a boy we didn't feel humiliated. We didn't even remotely feel humiliated. That's just the way it was. Back then we were inspected and probed by any adult who appeared concerned about our well being. If an adult told you to strip, you stood there and stripped naked. At school the teachers and principals gave boys bare butt spankings. They'd just pull down our pants and underwear and spank the fire out of our backsides. If they didn't our parents would want to know why they didn't. We sure as hell didn't have the number of brats running around as we do today. That's a fact!"

"Yeah and now if you even raise your voice to one of the little cherubs you end up with his or her parent in your face wanting that to 'never happen again'. 'That teacher hurt my kid's feelings'. Oh God, don't get me started." Andrea commiserated.

Sharon finally spoke, "Society feels allowing kids to be naked is the reason perversion happens?"

"Yeah, and argument could be made that maybe not making little boys run around naked isn't the cause of a lot of that perversion. If they all did it, then it wouldn't be an earth shaking arousal when the graduated to Speedos at thirteen or fourteen. But that's my opinion and I may be wrong." Sharon was getting worked up.

The women had skillfully steered Dave's thinking from the offensive to the defensive posture. It became more apparent as he countered, "I agree, I'm not sure this new modesty isn't why perversion happens in the first place. It builds the curiosity that stays for a life time. If that's the case then there are more perverts running around now than when we were kids. Interesting, if that's true, their attempts to protect kids innocence is really causing the problem they're trying to protect against. Kind of poetic justice, isn't it? What idiots we are."

"Well, what do you think? Should be make him wear the thong or not?" Sharon sensing a point of agreement in his critical reasoning, called the question.

"Let's try it and see. What can it hurt? You know he isn't going to like it." Then to save face with a decision he still wasn't fully convinced was proper he built in his out, "But, this should be a mother's call and I should support your decision. I would ask that you be careful about the public nudity. You better be sure you understand the ramifications of making him expose himself in front of strangers. Promise me, if I'm not with you, you will always have him in your sight if you make him go all the way with this nudity thing. You'll protect him from attack by strangers."

"Well, duh, I think I would do that. I mean he is my son, too. Of course, I'd protect him." Sharon was somewhat indignant at her husband's remark.

"I didn't mean it that way. I just think we should only allow other children and adults we trust make physical contact with his genitals or ass. People we trust."

"Again I say, well, duh. But now you promise, you won't question my decisions to force him to be on display even if you don't necessarily agree on the when's and where's. You understand too that the thong is his only swim attire until I say he can go back to the Speedo. You promise me that if he needs wearing out, you won't get in the way of me doing it."

With that Dave got a little indignant and his voice raised, "Have I ever? Have I ever, Sharon? Don't I usually wear him out a second time because I think you were too gentle? Huh, Sharon? That was a cheap shot and you know it."

"I'm sorry, that was a cheap shot. Okay then, let's introduce him to the public in this thong. We'll make him wear it to Billy Thompson's birthday party this Saturday. I want to see the other parents' reactions."

"I want to see the reaction of his friends!" Dave countered.

Andrea added, "And I want a full report Saturday evening on both counts, you guys."

Dave went to the sliding glass door and hollered to his nude son, "Steven, I need for you to come in here for a minute. Let's go. Now, Steven."

A smile erupted on his face. He just knew his father had put a stop to this humiliation and was going to tell him to don his Speedo again. His 'I told you so' look was cast very firmly in the direction of Karen. Suspecting he was right she stuck her tongue out at the nude boy.

"You called me, Dad?"

"Come in here a minute. Your mother and I have had a talk about the things that you've been going through yesterday and today."

Steven nodded affirmatively. The smile grew. He just knew it was over. His father continued, "Here," he held out the thong thing his mother had made him wear the day before, "put this on, I want to see it on you." The smile dwindled quickly. "Come on, put it on. Do you need some help?"

"No, I can put it on", he put the string through the loop on the strap which was run up the cleft of his bottom and place one leg through the hole it made. The while holding the loose strings he pulled the waist strip tight and tied a bow on his right side. During the process he could help but think to himself, "Maybe Dad was just interested to see how bad this thing was. Maybe he just wanted to see for himself. Certainly he wouldn't make me wear this."

"Turn around I want to start with a look at your butt. Wooo, Karen really did lay into you didn't she. You still have welts on you ass." Dave traced a few lightly with his finger. "Guess you ought to keep some of those thoughts to yourself from now on, huh? Okay now let me see the front." Turning the boy lifted his hands to his head to emphasize how revealing this scrap of cloth was. Dave ran his index finger between the hem and his son's pubic area sliding his finger along the side of his scrotum and flipping his glans a little as he moved it up. "There isn't much room in there is there?" Steven shook his head from side to side. His father's touch to his backside and then his genital area, inadvertent as it seemed caused Steven's penis to begin to harden.

"No, there isn't and I hate it. People can see my privates whenever I sit down and when it gets wet you can see everything, Dad. It's embarrassing."

"Steven, you mean when it stands up and salutes like it is right now?" The boys face turned red with his father's remark. His hands began the descent to cover it, surely his Dad would understand. "No, no, son leave it alone and let nature take its course. I want to see how long that sucker is when it's hard as a rock." Then he continued as he kept an eye on his son's crotch, "When I was a little boy we had to spend a whole lot of our time completely naked. Most everywhere we swam we had to be completely naked. Girls didn't. In fact, girls would get in trouble for being naked, but boys were expected to be. When we swam, your Grandma or adult women who wanted to would sit and watch. Most of the time, they had our sisters and younger brothers with them. They all watched. Moms could come in the locker room and bring the little girls with them while we showered and changed. And if they desired, they could inspect any boys' parts to make sure they were alright or clean. There was no such thing as modesty. This little piece of cloth gives you more modesty than we ever had, even if it does give an occasional view of your penis or scrotum. I guess what I'm trying to say is little boys shouldn't be so modest. I'm going to support Mom's decision on this issue. You will wear this thong for as long as she feels it's needed, whenever and wherever you swim for the next couple of years. If you wish, though you can 'go commando' and swim nude if you'd rather. Son, you've got an exceptional penis and testicles it puts most boys to shame. You need to be proud of it."

"But Dad, I don't like people seeing me naked. I don't want them to see my butt or my privates."

"You don't get it! From now on, until Mom decides so, you don't have any privates. Now, I believe she has you serving naked time so take off the thong and give it back to Mom. She'll keep it for you until Saturday. Then you're going to wear it to Billy's birthday party and after that we're going to take you to the community pool and you will be wearing your thong when we do. I don't want another word about it. You'll see it'll be embarrassing at first, but soon everyone will get used to seeing you in it."

"Daaaadddddd, Uh, uh, I won't go. I'm not going to the Billy's or the pool in this. Everyone will make fun of me. Pleaaaasssseee don't make me do it."

"Steven I know what I'm talking about. When I was a kid we swam in the public pools nude and we didn't think twice about it."

"But it was just boys."

"Just boys swimming, but lots of girls got to watch us. What's the difference? You'll survive it and will probably be the better for it. Now, take the damn thing off and give it to your mother. If I have any problem with you over this, I'll take the belt to you." Then turning his head to Andrea he jokingly said, "Or better yet I'll let Karen do it for me, she's better at it." With that the adults chuckled.

Steven removed the thong and threw it to the floor in front of him. His still hard penis bounced at it's freedom and his lower lip stuck out when he began to pout when his father's huge hand made contact with his bare bottom with a loud slap. Overlaid on the welts left by his earlier spanking was a big pink hand print. "Pick that up and give it to Mom and get your attitude straightened out. I mean NOW, Mister."

Steven picked up the thong and handed to his mother who fought hard to keep the smile of satisfaction from her son's view. Dave was on-board.

Andrea walked Steven to the door, "Girls, you need to put some more sunscreen on Steven now."

"But it's almost dark out there." Steven objected. "Why do I need sunscreen on?"

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