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Grace Liberated
13-year-old Grace Smyth reflects on how an Honor’s Art Class and meeting Jamie Henderson changed her life. A Puericil story featuring an introverted girl from the “Jamie Gets a Tutor and More” story from her perspective. I suggest you read that story first.
Chapter 1 May 2, 2017

The Handoff
Seventeen Year old Tommy Thompson’s life and just been turned upside down. On Puericil since age 12 his caregiver for the past 9 year moved out of town and he’d been turned over to a new girl…
Chapter 1 January 22, 2017

Jamie Gets A Tutor and More
This story stars a 15 year old boy named Jamie who’s failing at school and needs a tutor, his mother locates a 13 and a half year old girl who happens to be in the same class as Jamie having skipped a grade due to her intelligence. That she also happens to be the tallest girl in the school just lends her more of an intimidating presence. The girl soon discovers that Jamie is taking Puericil but that neither he nor his mother know of all the side effects of the drug. One thing leads to another and soon it’s discovered that quite a few boys are in the same position and eventually the school must make major changes to accommodate all of these Puericil boys and protect them from abuse.
Chapters 1 to 5 February 11, 2016
Chapters 6 to 10 February 11, 2016
Chapters 11 to 15 March 14, 2016
Chapters 16 to 20 April 12, 2016
Chapters 21 to 25 April 12, 2016
Chapters 26 to 31 May 8, 2016

Nancy's in Charge
After punishing thirteen year old Marty and his sixteen year old Jimmy for getting into serious trouble, their female dominant mother puts their twelve year old sister Nancy in charge of the two boys. This change of regime immediately brings about a very very embarrassing, humiliating and at times painful family life for the two brothers.
Nancy's in Charge Part 1 January 16, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 2 January 25, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 3 January 31, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 4 February 8, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 5 February 20, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 6 March 1, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 7 March 9, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 8 March 16, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 9 March 21, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 10 March 31, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 11 April 8, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 12 April 15, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 13 April 23, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 14 April 30, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 15 May 11, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 16 May 11, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 17 May 11, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 18 May 11, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 19 May 11, 2011
Nancy's in Charge Part 20 May 11, 2011

Small for his age thirteen year old Charlie is an unhappy boy about his family's sudden move to a new town. The stress causes him to repeatedly wet his bed, leading to the beginning of a very embarrassing time for the young teen.
Charlie Part 1
Charlie Part 2
Charlie Part 3
Charlie Part 4
Charlie Part 5
Charlie Part 6
Charlie Part 7
Charlie Part 8
Charlie Part 9
Charlie Part 10
Charlie Part 11
Charlie Part 12
Charlie Part 13
Charlie Part 14
Charlie Part 15
Charlie Part 16
Charlie Part 17
Charlie Part 18
Charlie Part 19
Charlie Part 20
Charlie Part 21
Charlie Part 22
Charlie Part 23

Charlie Part 24 *
* Warning! Charlie Part 24 contains descriptions of the results of
extreme violence. Do not read if you are queasy about such things.

Charlie Part 25
Charlie Part 26
Charlie Part 27

Troop 80
Newly turned eleven year old Billy Carter is extremely excited to be graduating from the cub scouts to the boy scouts and their Indian dance troupe. At his first dress rehearsal he discovers to his embarrassment that both his mother and the scoutmaster's wife are in strong agreement that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."
Troop 80 Part 1
Troop 80 Part 2
Troop 80 Part 3
Troop 80 Part 4
Troop 80 Part 5
Troop 80 Part 6
Troop 80 Part 7
Troop 80 Part 8
Troop 80 Part 9
Troop 80 Part 10
Troop 80 Part 11
Troop 80 Part 12
Troop 80 Part 13
Troop 80 Part 14
Troop 80 Part 15
Troop 80 Part 16
Troop 80 Part 17

After performing some very naughty acts in front of his new webcam, fourteen year old Jason's off camera life very suddenly and quickly becomes very embarrassing and humiliating. courtesy of the "Watchers."
JasonCam Part 1
JasonCam Part 2
JasonCam Part 3
JasonCam Part 4
JasonCam Part 5
JasonCam Part 6
JasonCam Part 7
JasonCam Part 8
JasonCam Part 9

Mark's Mistake
New in town thirteen year old Mark makes a big mistake when he agrees to play a game of strip horse with a group of girls. Before long he realizes such how much of a mistake he made as things just keep getting worse and worse for him.
Mark's Mistake Parts 1-3
Mark's Mistake Parts 4-5

David 3: Adventures
Fourteen year old David's sexual adventures with the neighborhood kids continues in this sequel to Babysitting the Cassidy Kids and Home Again.
David 3: Adventures Part 1
David 3: Adventures Part 2
David 3: Adventures Part 3

David 2: Home Again
Fourteen year old David's sexual adventures with the neighborhood kids continues in this sequel to Babysitting the Cassidy Kids.
David 2: Home Again Part 1
David 2: Home Again Part 2
David 2: Home Again Part 3
David 2: Home Again Part 4
David 2: Home Again Part 5

David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids
In the spring of 1964, fourteen year old David is the most trusted babysitter in his neighborhood. Being highly recommended by many families, the new to the neighborhood Cassidy parents hire David to sit their there children, two boys ages nine and ten, and a girl age eleven. His new charges waste no time giving the virgin David a sexual education well beyond his wildest dreams.
David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids Part 1
David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids Part 2
David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids Part 3
David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids Part 4
David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids Part 5
David 1: Babysitting the Cassidy Kids Part 6

The Farm
A group of 10 to 14 year old boy cousins are in for an embarrassing, humiliating and painful time when they mess up big time during the family reunion weekend at their grandparent's farm.
The Farm Parts 1-3
The Farm Part 4

The Whole Story
A thirteen year old boy obtains a summer job working at a private marina. Before long, the owner's sixteen year old daughter and her girlfriends of varying ages begin subjecting the poor boy to a summer long ordeal of public stripping, humiliation and punishment.
The Whole Story

Johnny's Punishment
Johnny's parents believe in using extended "naked time" as part of his punishments. A very memorable month long naked punishment when he was eleven keeps him pretty much on the straight and narrow for the next three years. But when at age fourteen he messes up big time, Johnny is subjected to summer long naked punishment. A punishment specifically designed to be very embarrassing and humiliating for the young teen as he learns to show proper respect toward females.
Johnny's Punishment Part 1
Johnny's Punishment Part 2
Johnny's Punishment Part 3
Johnny's Punishment Part 4
Johnny's Punishment Part 5
Johnny's Punishment Part 6
Johnny's Punishment Part 7
Johnny's Punishment Part 8
Johnny's Punishment Part 9
Johnny's Punishment Part 10
Johnny's Punishment Part 11
Johnny's Punishment Part 12
Johnny's Punishment Part 13
Johnny's Punishment Part 14
Johnny's Punishment Part 15
Johnny's Punishment Part 16
Johnny's Punishment Part 17
Johnny's Punishment Part 18
Johnny's Punishment Part 19
Johnny's Punishment Part 20
Johnny's Punishment Part 21
Johnny's Punishment Part 22
Johnny's Punishment Part 23
Johnny's Punishment Part 24
Johnny's Punishment Part 25

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