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stories involving kidnap, rape, torture, violence etc.


These stories are the complete and total product of the authors' imagination and works of fantasy, thus they are completely fictitious, i.e. they never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The authors certainly wouldn't want the things in these stories happening to their character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

The theme explored in these stories is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

By clicking a link on this page and reading the stories I declare that

  • I am of legal age of majority in my area,
  • I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc.
  • I understand the difference between fiction and real life,
  • I do not condone these actions in real life.
  • I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows
If this type of material offends you (why are you here?) then

These stories are free for you to enjoy. However, the equipment and bandwidth costs for ASSTR are not cheap. Please help keep ASSTR running by making a donation (see website how to donate anonymously).

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Updated 2 July 2017

44 Days by Platypus & Sam T. Sleaze

Mt Ft – mast oral – humil bdsm cbt ws (foot & needle torture) | 22,000 words (44 pages)
Link to story

Thirteen-year-old Rio is faced with enduring 44 days of torment to repay a gambling debt that threatens his family to their very core.

The Abandoned House by Bunjji2000

Mt tt – non-cons mast oral anal – tickle milking electr spank | 2,750 words (5½ pages)
Link to story

Two curious 15-year-old black boys find themselves in the middle of a mad erotic scientific experiment in Brooklyn.

Ah Paris (Laura's Vacation) by The Devil's Advocate

Mb Fbnon-cons Fdom anal – humil bond incest watersport toys "and a few other naughty | 15,500 words (31 pages)
Link to story

Laurence thinks that being turned into Laura is the worst thing that could possibly happen to her. She is about to learn that this is not the case.

Alcohol Madness by Phill later Brian

Mbreluc/cons mast oral anal – first | 6,500 words (13 pages)
Link to story

Brad day dreams about fucking a virgin boy. One day a young boy asks him to buy him a beer - Brad sees his chance.

Another Country by Zelamir

Mt – non-cons mast oral – spank humil | 97,000 words (194 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-7 8-14 15-19

Toby a firm disciplinarian and a boy loving employee of an NGO stationed in S.E. Asia is home on leave for the first time in five years. He finds that his nephew Tim whom he last saw as a scrawny 8 year old has developed into an attractive but willfull 13 year old. Against his better judgement he sets out to seduce him with the intention of having him come out to stay with him for a long holiday after his return to the East.

Arrangements for Michael by Anonymous

Mt gt – coerc mast – humil spank | 10,000 words (20 pages)
Link to story

Correspondence between Craig Hudson to Peter Smith about the arrangements for Michael, Craig's 14 year old stepson to spend most of the late summer of 1985 with Peter Smith and his family.

At Their Mercy by J.O. Dickingson

Mb MM Mt Mdog – bdom anal oral rim mastmind-control humil ws scat spank | 76,500 words (153 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-3 4-7 8-10 11-12 13-14

This series is about a group of teen and preteen boys humiliating and enslaving a forty-four-year-old neighbour for the amusement of themselves and their friends with a heavy emphasis on scat, water sports, mind control, dominance and humiliation and man/boy sex. It began with a fantasy this author had as an eleven-year-old boy about getting even with his crabby old neighbour and was added to by various readers as it was posted on news groups.

B.Y.O.B. by Anonymous

Mb – non-cons oral anal – bond ws | 11,500 words (23 pages)
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Every 4th of July a group of truckers have their B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Boy) weekend.

Birthday Interrogations by Platypus

Mtnon-cons nosex – torture | 1,400 words (3 pages)
Link to story

Two thirteen year old boys endure a coming-of-age 'birthday' ordeal that seems to have no rhyme or reason.

The Bitch by ToolUser

Mt t-dognc oral anal – first spank humil best bond interr | 17,500 words (35 pages)
Link to story

Morrie is forced to postpone his vacation to finish a job which has been delayed by an indecisive customer. However he arrives on site to discover that the customer has herself gone on vacation, leaving her spoiled and arrogant thirteen year old nephew in charge. Angry and humiliated at being forced to associate with unclean animals and menials, the boy abuses his position and bullies Morrie. But even the gentlest giant will only take so much, and Morrie remembers there's only one way to deal with a bully…

Boarding School by Sarge

tt tb – non-cons oral anal – tdom humil ws | 23,000 words (46 pages)
Link to story

Two very different brothers go to a boarding school where they learn that one group is completely dominated by the other. The brothers end up in different groups, much to the dismay of one and the happiness of the other.

Boy Fuck on the Titanic and other short stories by Todd Sayre

Mb tbnon-cons coerc mast oral anal | 30,000 words (60 pages)
Link to story

  1. Eight-year-old Boy Sold for Sex
    Garrett Miller gets a very special present for his 15th birthday.
  2. Boy Fuck on the Titanic
    15-year-old rich boy with a lustful eye for younger boys travels on the Titanic to New York.
  3. The Dark Place
    19-year-old boy plans to abduct his young cousin.
  4. The Catalogue
    A man finds a very special catalogue in his vacation home.

The Boy Master by Phillip B

Mbnon-cons/reluc anal oral – incest | 11,000 words (22 pages)
Link to story

John blackmails his 'uncle' Pete and forces him to be his sex-slave.

A Boy's Balls In Men's Hands by My Evil Twin

Mb – non-cons mast oralcastration spank toys | 5,500 words (11 pages)
Link to story

A young boy is kidnapped by a masked man and taken to a brick building in the middle of the city where an old man is waiting for them.

Boys Love Torture by Scott Westwood

bb tb Mbcons/reluc/nc oral anal – bdsm spank cbt humil ws | 670,000 words (1340 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-2 3-4 5 6 7 8 9 10-11 12-14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

This is the continuing saga of a group of teenage boys who explore the 'realm' of BDSM. For some, it is merely a period of simple experimentation. But for many it is a time of intense excitement. Straight or gay, as a teenager, the hormones tend to run wild, seeking whatever outlet they can find for satisfaction. Couple that with the dark 'facts' about boys and you have the potential for some really crazy times.

Boys: Road to the Abyss by Yaro Minnaar

Mb – non-cons/coerc mast anal oral – drugs cbt chastity ws | 66,000 words (132 pages)
Links to chapters: 1 (1-6), 2 (7-12), 3 (13-18), 4 (18-

Boys: Road to the abyss' is a series that takes place in 1984 and will take us on a trip in the lives of six teenagers from different places with only their ages in common. Follow the stories of Ethan, Corey, Matthew, Tyler, Sebastian, and Stephen through their sexual awakening as each one of them falls prey to different abusive and inventive sexual predators under very different circumstances. What does life have in store for them?

Breaking Angels by Ric O'Chet

Mb bb tb – cons/non-cons/reluc mast oral anal – humil | 25,000 words (50 pages)
Link to story

The Boy Scouts was wilder in the 1970s and leaders could take liberties that are no longer possible. Many initiatives were welcomed, even craved by the boys. They created opportunities for stimulation and awareness that were not accessible in homes, schools and churches of the working class. But some activities unveiled the menace of unbalanced leaders dominating a poorly scrutinized institution whose inflamed ideals were beyond their scope. Follow Scouts Ryne, Scott and Flip as they are nudged down the rapids of looming adolescence in their flimsy pubertal craft.

Bridgeport Slave by Sasuke Sarutobi

Mb tbnc anal oralviolence spank interr | 20,500 words (41 pages)
Link to story

Curtis has pulled one prank too many and now he's on the run from the bully he's humiliated. In his effort to get away, Curtis hides in the wrong neighborhood. After getting beaten up by a gang of white boys, one of the boy's father promises to take Curtis home, but Curtis learns that there's a price to for stepping into Bridgeport.

Busted on the Beach by Bbillings

Mtbnon-conc coer reluc oral anal – interr | 8,500 words (17 pages)
Link to story

A man who can't get enough prepubescent cock in his mouth selects a boy who might not be quite what he expects.

Change of Regime by Phill later Brian

Mtbnon-cons oral anal – incest spank | 12,500 words (25 pages)
Link to story

At a night Mark comes home to find his thirteen year old son Mickey fucking his seven year old brother. Father has a good punishment for Mickey: he has to feel how it is to be fucked.

Christian's School of Humility by The Devil's Advocate

Mt tt Ft tg – non-cons[Mt]/cons[tt] oral anal – Mdom humiliation cross-dressing piss-drinking chast med incest enem toys cbt bond spank | 209,000 words (418 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-8 9-13 14-18 19-21 22-24 25

Thirteen-year-old Jack thinks he has the world in the palm of his hand. All of that quickly changes when he gets pulled into a plot to turn him into a Humbled Girl. Will Jack be able to resist his training and all the mind games? Or, will Janice be born?

Christian's School of Humility 2: The Awakening by The Devil's Advocate

Mt tt Ft tg – non-cons[Mt]/cons[tt] oral anal – Mdom humiliation cross-dressing chast incest toys spank bond
| 124,500 words (249 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-6 7-13

Jack, now Janice, completes her initial sissy training and is allowed to leave the school's confinement area. She is far from free though. Will life get better for her or worse?

Christmas Presents by Phill later Brian

Mb bbnon-cons cons reluc oral analinterr spank bond ws | 19,000 words (39 pages)
Link to story

A father buys for his two sons very special Christmas presents, and buys one for himself as well.

The Chronicles of Thomas Connors by Shawn Hunter

Mb – reluc/cons oral anal – incest | 98,000 words (196 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-9 10-13 13-17 18-20

The Chronicles of Thomas Connors is a Novel which follows the despicable life and actions of Thomas Connors, a scumbag who made his riches, dealing in… well, 'exotic pets'. The first few chapters are pretty lengthy and describe in detail the request, inspection, sale, purchase and smuggling of two 'pets' from Romania to the United States.

Later on, you will experience a major shift as the story morphs into a more macabre theme. Be warned however, short of snuff, this story will deal with almost every single type of perversion known to man, from dehumanization, humiliation, sadism, to rape, torture, fetishes and everything that comes in between.

Another shift in the plot line will be when Thomas Connors, the main character, retires unexpectedly from his previous career as he finds and teams up with the 'right people' for a new, less requiring yet money-making job.

This is not all however, I won't be spilling anymore spoilers but be ready for a lot of unexpected twist and turns, be ready for a really, really long story…

Chun Wang Lee by Phill later Brian

Mb bbnon-cons cons reluc oral analinterr spank bond ws | 22,000 words (44 pages)
Link to story

Two 'trainers' have two weeks to turn a spoiled rich eleven year old boy a willing sex toy.

Cody West, Bull Rider by day, Boy Rider by night by Daemon Way

Mbcons mast oral | 2,800 words (5½ pages)
Link to story

A few hours in the life of a gay teenage bull rider.

The Collector by Anonymous

Mb Fb – non-cons mast oral analbond | 19,000 words (38 pages)
Link to story

A man makes his job of kidnapping boys and preparing them as sex slaves for rich perverts.

Compelled by Eff Del

Mt – tdom mast oral anal – spank | 12,500 words (25 pages)
Link to story

A teacher is blackmailed by a 15-year old former student. The boy uses him as a sex pet, but finds out that every action gets a reaction.

The Curse of Chindi Springs by Darkfire Knight

Mb Fb Mt Ft Fg Mg – non-cons oral anal – mysticism ws, and more | 177,500 words (355 pages)
Links to chapters: I: 1-8 II: 9-16 III: 17-22 IV: 23-28 V: 29-34 VI: 35-40

A desert community with a dark secret and an even darker history surrounding a mysterious natural spring. When a family with a secret of its own is diverted to the area the four kids become entrapped in the mystery and darkness of this place.

The Cycle of Violence by Daemon Way

MF Mb – non-cons anal oral – humil interr violence | 4,250 words (8½ pages)
Link to story

A thirty-two year old white man seeks revenge against a black man for the accidental killing of his daughter.

New story
The Day I Was Abducted and Raped
by Jason Masters

tb – non-cons rape oral – bond | 5,500 words (11 pages)
Link to story

A fanciful tale told from the perspective of a small boy who is abducted to be sexually tortured and raped by two young teen boys.

Derek on the Island by Leonard

Mb – non-cons oral anal – bond tort | 7,000 words (14 pages)
Link to story

A young boy is kidnapped and taken to a deserted island. Forced to submit, he spends each week alone, and each weekend servicing the master who took him.

Dimitri's Return
by Daemon Way

Mbnon-cons/cons mast | 47,500 words (95 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-5

Dimtri Savalos, sexually abused and kidnapped at the age of fourteen, returns home eight years later, a damaged young man. Story told by his father who finds him in a compromising situation with his seven-year-old nephew. A sequel to the story 'Retribution'.

Dunn's Chronicles
by Diabloa5 & The Aconite Acolyte

Mb – cons/non-cons mast oral anal (non-cons in later chapters) | 242,000 words (484 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-2 3 4 5 5½-6 7 8-9 10

A major pandemic hits the world, killing most of the adults and bringing chaos.
We follow Miles Dunn, a former major in the marines who just took a job at Saint Xavier Academy for boys. What will become of him and the boys he met there? What do you do when you have been a closet boylover all your life and there are no more rules and death is everywhere? That is at the heart of our tale, where you will meet many more characters, good, bad and in between. There will violence and cruelty, death. But also, hope, friendship, love, heroism.
Come along for the ride.

Eight and Bullied by Debonair

tb – coer mast oral anal – interr bond toys | 4,000 words (8 pages)
Link to story

A white kid submits to the bullying and sexual lessons of a young black teenager.

Eternal Adventures by Quantum Fantasy

Mt tt tbnon-cons/reluc/cons mast oral analbdsm cbt chast toy spank med | 77,500 words (155 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-8 9-15 16-22

The story of a thirteen-year-old boy with an eight-inch dick, soft. On his first day on a new school he is bullied by fourteen-year old Macaulay, who later wants to be his lover, or something else?

An Eye For an Eye by Doctor Fap

tb tt Mt – non-cons anal oral – ws | 6,000 words (12 pages)
Link to story

An headmaster has to give some students the proper punishment for raping an other schoolboy

Family Ties: A family domination tale by Yaro Minnaar

tb tt – reluc/cons mast anal oralincest drugs cbt electr bond chast ws (very little) | 25,500 words (51 pages)
Link to story

My name is Jonah and I come from a very happy and wealthy family. My parents loved each other so much they devoted their time to making babies. That's the reason why we are several brothers. Yes, male only. First there's me, the seventeen year old first born. In line follow Jack and Jake, the fifteen year old identical twins. Jean, the fourteen year older. Jacob and James, the twelve year old non-identical twins, Jeremy the eleven year older, and Jed, the nine year old family pet. This, is my story, a tale of domination. In for the ride of your life?

Fight Club by Billy the Kid

ttcons & non-cons oral anal – violence ws | 2,000 words (4 pages)
Link to story

Five boys form a fight club, but they do more than fighting.

A First Time for Everything by Phill later Brian

Mbnon-cons mast oral anal – first spank | 8,500 words (17 pages)
Link to story

Mothers think Gary is a nice teenager who helps young children at the playground. Gary indeed likes young boys, but not in the way most mothers like. Is he still nice when he meets a naked young boy playing in the mud?

Football Camp by Bbillings

TbTdom coer reluc oral anal – first humil bond | 5,500 words (11 pages)
Link to story

When one boy makes a bad choice in truth or dare, he learns what a boys summer camp is all about.

Forever Wet by Quantum Fantasy

Mtnon-cons anal oral – med cbt body-modification | 17,500 words (35 pages)
Links to chapters: Link to story

Sequel to Tardies. Thirteen year old Randy is kidnapped and brought to an old man. This man keeps in prisoned and transmogrifying him

Fun witch Chuckles by Daemon Way

tt bb bt t-dog b-dog – nc cons mast oral anal besthumil toys ws spank cbt bond scat | 159,000 words (318 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-6 7-9 10-14 15-19 20-23 24-28 29-32 33-34 35

Sixteen-year-old Charles is coerced into dressing up like a clown (Chuckles) and together with fifteen-year-old Shane making sex education videos, and the subsequent enlightenment of six-year-old Kenny who receives the videos from a "nice man in the park" and tries out the fun things Chuckles suggests with his best buddy Aaron.

Gabriel at the Farm by Debonair

Mb tb – Mdom mast oral anal – incest spank tort best | 4,000 words (8 pages)
Link to story

After the death of his parents, a boy is sent to live on his grandfather's farm where he learns the extent of the man's depravity.

Gabriel's Nightmare by Darkfire Knight

MbMdom Fdom anal oral – bd electr scat tort toys ws | 105,000 words (210 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-14

Ten-year old Gabriel and his brother and sister are sold (or rented for two months) by their mother to a group of perverts. Gabriel is trained to be a pet boy and sex slave.

Getting Jimmy by Billy the Kid

ttnon-cons oral anal – violence humil bond ws | 4,000 words (8 pages)
Link to story

School nerd Jimmy and his brother are raped by a gang of 15 year old boys.

Gipsy Boy by DouglasCR

Mt – non-cons mast anal | 2,800 words (5½ pages)
Link to story

Father and son on holiday find a young burglar in their caravan.

Graduating by Ramrod

tb Mb – non-cons anal – incest | 1,500 words (3 pages)
Link to story

A young boy graduates from victim to abuser.

Granddad's Dungeon by Cowra

MtMdom/cons/coerc/non-cons mast oral analbd bond tort | 72,000 words (144 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-7 8-11 12-14

This is about a young man and a boy who meet innocently enough, but discovers their love for each other and the love of bondage and S & M. The man is wealthy, the boy poor; soon to be the property of another, what will be the outcome of the struggle for the boy and his body.

Halloween Pranksters by Daemon Way

demon-t tt Mbnon-cons anal oral – mind-control | 6,500 words (13 pages)
Link to story

Halloween is a time for treats, and for some, playing tricks. Two thirteen-year-old boys with the nine-year-old brother of one of them in tow, plan on playing a trick on a strange, crabby old man in their neighbourhood, not realizing the man has a few tricks up his sleeve himself.

Homework by Gracchus

gt Mt bgnon-cons oral anal piv – bond spank | 17,000 words (34 pages)
Link to story

13 year old Matt is tricked by a girl into having his hands tied… and once helpless, finds that he's a 'gift' from one of his classmates to another.

The Hostages by Greenfrog

Mb Mt b-dog – nc mast anal oral – bond spank chast interr body-modification | 55,500 words (111 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-23 24-34

Two twelve-year-old boys are abducted by The Liberation and Freedom Fighters Army. After chapter one, we go back in time ten days: when a sixteen year old lad was taken by the same terrorist group and spend some chapters on his experience.
We then move forward the ten days until all three youngsters are together. They are photographed and the ransom note is submitted to the American Government, demanding cash and release of prisoners in exchange.

How to Make it in Show Business by Jack P

Mb bb – cons oral anal mast – prost drugs alcohol interr | 25,500 words (51 pages)
Link to story

Talent Agent Agustus Juiles guides ten-year-old Hunter Parish learns what he needs to do to make it in Hollywood. Will Hunter make it, or will he join the hundreds of dregs who wash out?

I Will Not Cry by Dillon

Mb – non-cons oral anal | 9,000 words (18 pages)
Link to story

A young teen struggles through a sexual assault.

Imperio by Leonard

Mb – mind control | 33,500-31,000 words (67 max & 62 min pages)
Links to chapters: Beginning
Endings: A B C

A man tries to hypnotize a boy. What will he do if he can create his perfect, mindless slave?

Imp's Special Christmas by Cyberboy

Mbcons anal – bond | 7,500 words (15 pages)
Link to story

A super-hero story where the boy sidekick of a super-villain receives and unexpected present for Christmas.

Indecent Proposal by Shakey Psyche

Mb Fb bestnc/cons anal oralbdsm cbt bond spank | 21,500 words (43 pages)
Link to story

A man shortly out of prison finds a family in need and makes an opportunity for himself with their young son.
The Aftermath: The young boy recovers from the tortuous weekend with the recently released convict. He tries in his own way to deal with the event. In that struggle, he gets himself into an even worse predicament. But through that, a much deeper experience emerges.

Into the Trap by Bbillings

Mbnon-conc/reluc oral anal | 5,500 words (11 pages)
Link to story

A man and a little girl both find themselves a trap… one they each find particularly enjoyable.

Jenny and Johnny by DVNT

Fg Fb gb bb`– Fdom mast oral anal – humil bond tort chast spank | 26,000 words (52 pages)
Link to story

Slave-girl Jenny goes shopping with her mother/mistress in the mall. In a rather awkward situation she meets three boys. Mother knows how to handle the boys.

Jeremy After Football Practice by Anonymous

Mb – non-consensual/reluc mast oral anal – castration toy | 14,000 words (28 pages)
Link to story

A young footballer is kidnapped just after a prank at practice goes wrong. What does this person want with him? Will he let him go when he's done?

John Thornton by Tommy

Mbnon-cons anal – humil bd spank | 17,500 words (35 pages)
Link to story

After a carrier in accountancy, boy-lover John Thornton becomes a school teacher. His school believes in corporal punishment. John's house near the school has a secret rooms.

Keeping Master Happy by Phill later Brian

MM Mbnon-cons oral anal – spank bond | 7,500 words (15 pages)
Link to story

A 20 year old slave had to get a young boy for his master.

Lawn Work by Coybum

Mbcoerc mast oral anal | 5,000 words (10 pages)
Link to story

Zach Carroll, a shy 8 year-old boy, needs money in a hurry. Chris uses the submissive boy's dilemma to his advantage.

Liam and Luke's Halloween Adventure by Cowra

tbnon-cons oral – bond | 9,500 words (19 pages)
Link to story

Two brothers who join a haunted house show with their brothers. They meet several other boys and one special one on what they hope is a fun and wild adventure. It turns out to be wild, but not so fun for three of them.

Little Naked Boy by DBZFanGoten

tb bb – non-cons/reluc mast'shrinking' humil | 21,500 words (43 pages)
Link to story

Twelve-year-old Jimmy was just like any other normal boy, until one fateful bus ride home had left him tiny and without any clothes on! Now at the mercy of the giant-size schoolmates, Jimmy now has to survive by serving as a unwilling pet boy to his giant captors.

Little Peter by Tommy

MbMdom mast – bd spank toys | 15,500 words (31 pages)
Link to story

A boy is kidnapped and is told that he has to stay in a 'Boy Centre' for some time.

Little Star by Yaro Minnaar & Dexter

Mb – reluc/cons mast anal oralws (very little) | 23,000 words (46 pages)
Link to story

Young Karl Lomax is a rising star. He's seven years old on the brink of eight, but he's already appeared in some TV commercials and has done a bit of acting in minor roles for some TV shows. His legal guardian, Christian Smiths, who also happens to be his godfather, has gone through the boy's short career striking good deals for the boy and his mother. That's when 'The Boy Agency' appears to offer Christian the deal of his dreams. The deal sound too good to be true and makes Christian wonder, what's the catch?

Lost Everything by Jack P

Mb – non-cons & cons oral anal – slave bdsm piercing tattoos | 25,500 words (51 pages)
Link to story

Adam Smithington had had it all. Until his three children went missing. Depleting his wealth, reputation, favors, and even his sanity has left him empty-handed, no closer to finding his kids. When he is at his bleakest, darkest moment, a sliver of light is handed to him: a video of his youngest boy, Ben, alive, but not unmolested. Hope has given Smithington a second wind to find his kids, and make their kidnappers suffer.

Lost in the Fog by Sarge

tt tb – tdom oral humil | 6,000 words (12 pages)
Link to story

Two boys set out on a childish dare without realizing that a bully was well aware of their plan and has plans of his own for them.

A Lost Team Spirit by StoTelAlex

ttnon-cons anal | 1,750 words (3½ pages)
Link to story

Tony plays a very disappointing match. His mates punish him for this, but that has some consequences they didn't encounter for

Michael's Strict Regime by Anonymous

Mt – Mdom mast – humil spank | 10,000 words (20 pages)
Link to story

Correspondence between Peter and Craig about Michael's education.

Misery by Shakey Psyche

Mb – nc anal oral – humil cross-dressing pierc | 14,000 words (28 pages)
Link to story

The story of a young boy who's normal life is dramatically changed for the worse when a seemingly innocent occurence happens. Things progress from bad to worse as time progresses.

Mr. Needles by Platypus

Mbnc analbdsm cbt (extreme needle torture) | 19,000 words (38 pages)
Link to story

Gideon's drug dealing step-dad was bad news for the kid. When a drug deal soured, 12-year-old Gideon's life became a whole lot more dreadful as Gideon was sent to Mr. Needles as collateral.

My New Boyfriend by Blackflag

Mt best – non-cons oral analinterr humil ws scat | 4,500 words (9 pages)
Link to story

A young boy finds a new life in America, but not quite the one he expected.

My Worst Day by Billy the Kid

Mt ttnon-cons anal oralviolence spank humil bond | 13,500 words (27 pages)
Link to story

A tiny 15 year old boy, who looks like a 12 year old, is been bullied by a school gang. A man sees them hitting him, will he help the poor boy? Or has he better ideas?

Never Speak to a Stranger by Phill later Brian

Mbnon-cons/coerc oral anal – first bond | 8,500 words (17 pages)
Link to story

Tim has found an easy way to earn some money for candy. He let strange see his willy for 50p and touch it for 1 pound.

The New Additions by Sockluver

Mt ttnon-cons oral analbdsm humil spank | 38,000 words (76 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-3 4-6

Two years ago then 14-year-old Danny was kidnapped by Marty and turned into a sex slave. Now Marty is bored with him and wants some new sex slaves. With Danny's help he seduced and kidnaps two boys. Through humiliation, beatings and mind control the new additions are trained to become obedient sex toys for Marty and his friends.

One Hot Parisian Night by Daemon Way

Mb tbnon-cons oral anal – humil ws | 5,500 words (11 pages)
Link to story

A pompous, arrogant American bets his chubby seven-year-old son in a chess game with a boy-loving pervert with a penchant for humiliation and water sports in a Paris park.

The Operative by Shakey Psyche

Mb bb FbMdom/slave reluc/cons oral anal – humil bond toy spank tort castr interr violence & death (NO snuff) | 264,500 words (529 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-8 9-18 19-27 28-36 37-45 46-55 56-62

A young boy, Seth, volunteers to be a part of a secret program designed to train boys to be operatives for the government. Along the way, his life moves from training to real life scenarios and dangers.

The Orgasm Project by StorySam

Machine Mb Mt – non-cons mast anal – milking, multiple orgasms | 9,000 words (18 pages)
Link to story

The good Doctor Tatem is giving a tour of his lab where he is working to change the world. His method? Orgasms.

Over the Fence by Sasuke Sarutobi

Mbnc anal oralbdsm spank toy electr ws | 7,250 words (14½ pages)
Link to story

Frankie sucks at sports. Always has. Who knew he'd hit a baseball through the token creepy old guy's window. Now he must get the ball back from Mr. Tupper. Frankie will learn the cost of his mistake.

Pain Factor by Platypus

Mtcons oralcbt spank branding foot torture | 33,000 words (66 pages)
Link to story

Middle school age boys compete for a large winner take all cash prize on a game show inspired by the hit TV program Fear Factor. Except in this show the objective is to inflict upon the young naked contestants as much pain as inhumanly possible, until all but one have dropped out. In pursuit of this objective, the rules allow anything and everything short of major permanent body damage, serious injury, or more than minor disfigurement and scarring.

A Perfect Match by Phill later Brian

Mtnon-cons/cons oral analspank ws | 5,000 words (10 pages)
Link to story

A man abducts a boy and over a period of time turns him into a perfect sex and bondage partner

The Perfect Opportunity by Criscramov

ttnon-cons/reluc oral – bond toys | 4,000 words (8 pages)
Link to story

For all of high school Martin wanted Tom, he finally got what he wants even if Tom doesn't

The Punishment and New Life Of Ethan by Arne

Mt ttnon-cons cons oral anal masthumil spank castr | 35,500 words (71 pages)
Link to story

A boy gets framed for rape by his stepbrother. Prison doctor makes things right and adopts boy, castrates brother.

Punk Kids or Brent's Big Boner by Glaucon55

bb tb Mb tg t-dog – nc/reluc oral mast – chast bond spank tickling feet-fetish | 86,000 words (172 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-5 6-8 9-11 12-15

Johnny Berkland lives next door to the junior high hunk, Brent McDermott. Johnny's twelve year old pricklet is always hard and needy, and he's learned from a cousin that controlling boys can be fun. Johnny begins an adventure that will bring man and boy into submission, and teach them that even preteens can whittle older men and boys down to his size with technology and bravado.

Ransom by Ruthless

Mt – non-cons oral anal – bond | 13,500 words (27 pages)
Link to story

A killer is hired to kill the 13-year-old son of his customer. He kidnaps him and takes him to a cabin in the woods. (NB This is not a snuff story).

The Rape of Christopher Owens by Bbillings

tt tbnon-conc cons oral anal – bd first | 7,500 words (15 pages)
Link to story

When the rumor mill starts churning, the teller's asshole starts burning.

The Rape of Jacob Morris by Dillon

Mb – non-cons oral anal – rape | 7,500 words (15 pages)
Link to story

A man encounters a boy while walking in the woods and is unable to control his desire.

Retribution by Daemon Way

Mt tt MMnc anal oral – humil interr violence spank ws | 17,500 words (35 pages)
Link to story

Two men, a six-foot-two black man from England and his Paki lover, seek revenge against a divorced Canadian policeman who infiltrated their international Internet ring for exchanging kiddy porn and was responsible for shutting down the ring and the arrest of many of its members by forcing the policeman to watch the all-night humiliation, rape and abuse of his fourteen-year-old son and his fourteen-year-old buddy on live cam.

Sam's Dilemma by Sasuke Sarutobi

Mb – nc anal – spank | 2,500 words (5 pages)
Link to story

As is the tradition in his family, Sam is sent away to learn the ropes of how to be an obedient little slave

Sam's Saga by Barefoot Guy

tb – non-cons/cons mast – humil bd spank | 30,000 words (60 pages)
Link to story

Young Sam has found himself forced into a situation by his older soon-to-be-stepbrother. Sam learns a whole new aspect to family life and he's made a 'little brother'.
N.B. The story starts non-consensual, changes to reluctant and finally consensual.

Sanctuary by The Devil's Advocate

Mbreluc oral anal – enema humil feminisation | 11,000 words (22 pages)
Link to story

2015 Challenge story: This large town is located in the desert and looks run-down. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its beautiful park. Also, rumor has it that the inhabitants are hiding something.

The Scoutmaster by Scout65

Mtb – non-cons mast oral anal – uniform fetish humil bond chast ws spank | 73,000 words (146 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-5 6-7 8

A disgraced scoutmaster and his son kidnap two unsuspecting boy scouts to start their own "special" boy scout troop at the scoutmaster's remote Canadian ranch.

Self-Serve Punishing Huts by Platypus

Mtnc nosex – tort electr spank pierce tattoo | 10,000 words (20 pages)
Link to story

13-year-old Jimmy set out to anger his step-dad Andy but ended up with more than he'd bargained for. A new form of techno-punishment was being tried throughout 'Bama with painful and terrifying results as a way of controlling the behavior of ill-mannered boys. This is the story of a boy and his step-dad and how their experience in a hut changed both of their lives forever

The Serum Conditioning by Leonard

Mb tb bgnon-cons Mdom oral mast anal – mind-control ws scat | 38,500 words (77 pages)
Link to story

Three boys unwittingly drink a serum that enables a conditioning process. The more commands the boys obey, the more they will be unable to resist every future command. Eventually, they are reduced to obeying any order no matter how much they hate what it tells them to do. One third dramatic buildup, one third intense sex scenes, one third psychological exploration of the effects of domination.

Shark's Tooth by Stevie Washington

Mb – non-cons & cons oral anal mast – humil spank toy ws | 21,500 words (43 pages)
Link to story

A boy is kidnapped by some drug dealers and is used at a sex slave on their boat.

A Short Story of a Boy Rape by Phill later Brian

Mbnon-cons/reluc oral analspank bond ws | 11,500 words (23 pages)
Link to story

Wesley picks up a boy who plays truant from school. He brings him to his house with a well-equipped dungeon. And what do you think there will happen?

Silent Night by Stevie Washington

Mb – nc oral anal – spank cbt | 6,500 words (13 pages)
Link to story

On Christmas eve a burglar breaks in a house where he thinks nobody is home. However, a boy is home alone and thinks the burglar is Santa Claus. Than happens what you can see in the story codes. But the end is a big surprise.

Skyler's Story by Jack P

Mb implied Mf – non-cons & cons oral anal – some violence | 4,000 words (8 pages)
Link to story

12 year old Tyler is kidnapped for the sins of his father. He is forced to enter the illicit underground child sex industry and becomes an overnight star. This is a continuation of Tyler's story in 'Lost Everything'.

So be good, for goodness sake! by Daemon Way

Mbnc mast anal oral – spank humil toys incest tort | 17,000 words (34 pages)
Link to story

A man arranges with a friend to have a couple men come over to his house to teach his eight-year-old son some respect, but who arrives to check who has been naughty and who has been nice is not who he expected.

Sold to the Yakuza by Scout65

Mt tt – non-cons mast oral – bond ws | 8,000 words (16 pages)
Link to story

13 year old Spencer is uprooted from his comfortable surroundings in the northern mid-west USA after his mother's untimely death and sent to live with his dead beat dad, whom he has never even met, who lives in Japan, after having been forced out of the service there. His father is in deep to the Yakuza for gambling and drug debts, and offers Spencer to them as repayment.

Son of a Whore by Debonair

Mb bb tb – nc oral anal – first prost spank tort interr best electr ws | 10,500 words (21 pages)
Link to story

The son of a hooker is corrupted by her pimp and eventually ends up in the worst of places

South American Adventure by Scrub aka Simon

Mtbnon-cons mast anal oral – humil spank ws | 4,500 words (9 pages)
Link to story

A man travels with his son to South America to take a position as housemaster in a school for difficult boys.

The Star by Blake

Mbnon cons mast oral analtort bond bdsm spank | 21,500 words (43 pages)
Link to Story

A boy movy-star is kidnapped and tortured for an audience and finally forced into a slutboy.

Stevens School Runaways by Platypus

Mtnon-cons oral – humil tort med cbt spank dental torture | 41,000 words (82 pages)
Link to story

Two thirteen year old boys are sent by stern juvenile court judges to the brutal but politically correct Alexander X. Stevens School. The boys run away, only to be recaptured and returned to the reform school. They then suffer the rather unjust desserts of prolonged and severely painful punishment as part of a secret government research project to study pain endurance.

Stripped by Teens by Billy the Kid

ttnon-cons oral – violence humil bond | 4,000 words (8 pages)
Link to story

Freshman kids take revenge on a 17 year old bully.

Symbionts: Ultimate Cut by Yaro Minnaar

alien-b Mb – coercion mast anal oral – electr cbt tentacles | 73,500 words (147 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-5 6-10 11

They call themselves the Unguli. Upon finding Earth, soon after they discovered and abducted the first human specimens, they found out that human males carry in their seminal secretion protheolytic enzymes, fructose and other elements that provide their only source of sustenance, and which at the same time enhance their own seminal secretion. So they built the Shelter, which is nothing but a facility where they properly stimulate human boys into producing large quantities of their seminal secretion. This is the story of their symbiotic relationship with humans.

The Taken by SanibelBoys

MtMdom oral analbd cbt enema humil pierc scat spank tort toys ws – mod | 113,000 words (226 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-4 5-7 8-10 11-15 16-21 22-27

Two American brothers are kidnapped in Mexico for randsome. For the duration of their stay in the kidnapper's mansion, they are trained and transformed to sex slaves.

Taken on the Plains by Cowra

Mb tbNon-Cons oral anal – torture interr bond spank ws | 33,500 words (67 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-8

The story is about four teenage boys living in the mid 1840-50's on the mid western plains with their homesteading families. The Native Americans or Indians are angry at the settlers coming onto their lands and destroying their way of life. In retaliation, the Indians attach settlements, looting, burning and kidnapping. The four boys are taken captive and will be brought to the Indians' camp, where their fate will be decided. Along the way the boys suffer from the forced march, torture and abuse at the hands of the war party. Once they arrive at the camp they will be tortured and abused by the entire camp. Their fate could be a life of slavery, sold to other tribes, adopted as indians, or suffer death, which will not be pleasant.

Taking Austin by Systemisdown

Mt tt Ft – non-cons cons mast oral analprost first bond spandex spank tort breath play | 49,500 words (99 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-15 16-23

This is the story of a 14 year old boy named Austin. He's an average middle school student who is taken by a man for a fun time, but soon finds out that his new friend has darker intentions. Scared and alone, he is taken through many trials of sexuality.

Tardies by Quantum Fantasy

Mt tt tgcoerc mast oral anal – humil spank cbt | 29,000 words (58 pages)
Links to chapters: Link to story

It is one of those days for thirteen year old Randy that everything goes wrong. He overslept, was late for school, got spanked, had to give a blow-job and was late for the next period. And that is not all. And his seven and a half inch dick makes it not easier for him as he can't find the opportunity to jack-off.

Ten Shorts: Slave Boy Genesis by Dirt

Mb Mtslave non-cons reluc cons anal oral – bondage body-modification interr | 81,500 words (163 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-4 5-7 8-10

Stories set in the present day or near future, with one major theme, the use of boys as slaves and/or sex toys. Some are consensual, most are non-consensual.

  1. Masked Boy: A 10 year old boy thinks he is being taken to a foster home. His new life is not as he expected.
  2. Kato & the Aphrodisiac Factory:Fourteen year old Kato is happy to be free from his abusive dad when his uncle invites him on a vacation tour of his out-world business ventures. The last stop is at an aphrodisiac factory.
  3. Captured for Sale: A horny 14 year old discoveres a porn store where a kind man will let in underage gay teens into the back door to view special gay videos. Unfortunately, this kind individual has his own agenda.
  4. The Training of Jeremy:Mr. Smith has a someone procure for him the perfect boy.
  5. Capture, Rescue, & … Rescue: Thirteen year old Dave is barely rescued in the nick of time after having been sold as a slave and readied for shipment. But things get so bad at home that he contemplates to run away, but where to go.
  6. Perceptions Can Differ: Officer Jim Legotts' son gets kidnapped by a human trafficker.
  7. Master and Slave: 13 year old Ronaldo is kidnapped and held in a man's basement.
  8. The Mounting: Mr. Forbes acquires his newest slave, young Jamal.
  9. Mikie: Cole Banion gets a young teen boy… and a surprise.
  10. Twins: Katsumi Konawa acquired twin boys and trains them to be his slaveboy.

The Ties of Brotherhood by Diversasy

tt tbcons & nc mast oralbond spank humil ws | 57,500 words (115 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-7 8-15 16-17

Thirteen-year old Dean talks his eleven-year-old brother into tying him and his best friend, Mike up as part of a role playing game. Little do Dean and Mike know that this game would set them on the path to a completely different relationship with their little brothers.

Todd's Bad Deal by Jason Masters

Mb – non-cons mast – bond spank chast | 5,500 words (11 pages)
Link to story

Nine-year-old Todd is trapped into making the worst deal of his life by an uncaring and perverted adult.

Transformation by Phillip B

Mb – non-cons/reluc anal oralinterr bond mc spank | 26,000 words (52 pages)
Link to story

Two men are commissioned to abduct the 18-year old son of an important politician and to transform him from a normal heterosexual eighteen year old into a boy loving paedophile.

Upstairs Downstairs at the Boyagio by Leonard

Mb tb bbnon-cons reluc cons oral mast anal – prostitution slavery role play of many types | 56,500 words (113 pages)
Links to chapters: 1 2 3

In an alternate world, children can be legally sold into slavery by their parents, with no restrictions on how they are treated. A family who has fallen on hard times sells their boy to a fancy resort that specializes in high-priced vacations featuring sex with boys, and the child must adapt to the challenging, sometimes brutal surroundings. The story aims to be thoughtful about the experience the boy has in addition to describing the many sexual situations that surround him. The boy is frequently forced into situations he does not enjoy; do not read this if you are looking for a warm and fuzzy consensual relationship.

Wiener Boy by LizardGuy

tt – coerc mast oralhumil first bond | 21,500 words (43 pages)
Link to story

Thirteen-year-old Kevin get picked on by his two fifteen year old friends. But then he gets his revenge. Do you think it would be fun to be naked and tied up by a horny thirteen year old?

Witness Protection by Parrafan

Mt Mb – cons & non-cons oral anal | 11,000 words (22 pages)
Link to story

How religious missionaries and bikers work together.

Young Black Master by Zelamir

Mb bb – slave mast – interr spank humil toys | 93,000 words (186 pages)
Links to chapters: 1-6 7-14 15-18

General Peter Obutu President of a recently formed African State is determined that his son should enjoy all he privileges and opportunities that were denied him as a boy under colonial rule. He sends his son, Mark, to an old and prestigious UK Boarding School. Mark becomes close friends with a white boy, Bobby whom he invites to his home in Africa during the long summer holidays. Bobby finds it difficult adjusting to the harsh realities of African life and the presence of another white boy in the General's household, the son of a ruined planter complicates matters.

Young Dragon 1: Hell by David

Mb b-dog – nc mast oral anal – | 29,000 words (58 pages)
Links to chapters: 1 Hell

A young gay preteen boy's decent into hell at the hands of angry adults because he dared to be gay and how he survived

ปาร์ตี้นรกคาวกาม by Anonymous

Mb – non-cons oral anal – bond ws | 11,500 words (23 pages)
Link to story

ทุกๆสุดสัปดาห์ช่วง วันที่ 4 กรกฎาคม กลุ่มสิงห์รถบรรทุกจะร่วมจัดงานประจำปี B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Boy)

Click here for the English original: B.Y.O.B.

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