Put Your Daughter to Work Day

Teenage daughters are a handful. The little angel you used to tuck in at night, who used to wait at the front door for you to come home from work, has suddenly become disobedient brat running around with older boys you can’t stand. Or maybe she’s a shy one, locked in her room all day and too wrapped up in her school studies, missing out on the joy of her blossoming sexuality.

We have the solution!

Years ago Take Your Daughter to Work Day spread across the nation, giving parents an opportunity to expose their girls to all the careers opening up before them.

Today that battle has been won, but at the same time something just as important has been lost. Even with all those opportunities, one thing is still missing. We forgot that adolescence isn’t just preparation for a lifetime of work and drudgery. First and foremost it’s a sexual awakening; the discovery of a girl’s real destiny with the central importance of her pussy!

That’s why Her Daddy’s House is inaugurating a new tradition: Put Your Daughter to Work Day! This year, and every year on the fourth Thursday in April, instead of taking your daughter to work with you we want you to entrust her to us and let let us show her how wonderful life can be by spending the day in a bright, cheerful bordello! Drop her off any time before noon (while most of our girls are still sleeping), and we’ll pamper her with a sumptuous breakfast followed by a luxurious spa treatment and massage to prepare her for a day and night of erotic fun!

She’ll receive expert hair and makeup treatments including shaving or waxing her pussy. We’ll show her all the exciting new looks we provide, from innocent schoolgirl to slutty whore and everything in between. We’ll help her choose her ensemble from our world famous array of slut gear, and just when she’s becoming a wet dream we’ll tear her down and start over, until she’s captivated with what she’s become. Our glamor photographers will record every step of her transformation for her family’s lasting enjoyment.

We’ll make sure her lunch includes the same special ingredients that help keep all our girls eager and horny. By mid-afternoon she’ll be receiving mentoring by girls her own age - or by our more experienced professionals - who can answer all her questions about what to expect from a career in prostitution. She’ll be wined as well as dined at a gourmet dinner at 7 o’clock in preparation for her big event of the night. This month has been moved to the Fourth Thursday of April! She’ll be invited to make her debut in our luxurious, glamorous Ball Room with a live orchestra and all the magical romance Her Daddy’s House provides.


Just like every Debutant’s Ball, the room will be full of successful, mature gentlemen carefully screened by HDH, looking for fantasy daughters they can introduce to womanhood. Even though virgins obtain the very highest rewards, ever girl is certain to be delighted to learn the astonishingly high price her pussy can command.

But her opportunities are not limited to sugar daddies. Put Your Daughter to Work Day also attracts families looking to adopt an adolescent ‘daughter’. This often turns into a lasting relationship – for a few days or a few years – as families enjoy the slow seduction of your little girl. Of course, this takes more than a single night, but HDH can facilitate a get-to-know-her with your daughter and her new ‘parents’ in one of our bedrooms, and we can draw up a contract for an ‘adoption’.

If your little girl is showing interest in other girls, we’re happy to say that many of our customers are female. Some are single, some bring girlfriends, but all love to shop and all are shopping for fresh young pussy! We’d love to help your daughter sell what they’re buying.

Sad to say, even with all these enticements some little girls just aren’t ready for professional fucking. But don’t despair! Even if she comes home a virgin, we’ve seen many a girl return in future years to start an enjoyable and rewarding career as a hooker. Marianne Curtis came back twice before she accepted an offer, but today she holds the record throughout the HDH franchise for most cum shots in under an hour. Other girls have been known to call us a few weeks after they attended a Debutant’s Ball, and many are now happily working for us as call girls, live-in hookers, or contract daughters.

One more thing: If your little girl is worried about her sexual technique, we provide free vocational training, on or off the job. Frankie Cunningham, for example, is our resident expert on fellatio. She provides a weekly class at Her Daddy’s House, and is a visiting teacher of oral sex at local Middle and High Schools. Let your daughter learn from the best.

Phone us at 1-800-DAUGHTR or visit daddysteenhookers.com to register your daughter for this year’s festivities. You’ll be delighted with the results!

Attention Single Moms!

Are you are a working mom who's also a working girl? Have you kept your daughter sheltered from the details of your real job?

If she's old enough to join us there's no better way to bring your daughter into The Life than Put Your Daughter to Work Day at Her Daddy's House! Let her spend the day with us and you won't have to explain why you love your job so much. Maybe she'll end up working for us, or maybe you two can team up as mother/daughter call girls. This is the one-and-only exception to our teens only rule, so if you'd like to work for a teen bordello but aren't under twenty, just put your daughter to work! Not only is the money out of this world, but it's a chance to form an incredible new relationship with your little girl, one that will last a lifetime!


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