Brookside Village Daughters on Display
by Persephone

Fourteen year old Nikki Caldwell had inherited her mother's looks, a trait that she had been aware of her entire life. Portia Caldwell was a stunning bikini model and soft-porn actress who spent more time wearing bikinis or less as she did dressed, and Nikki had grown up around gorgeous models, exotic locations, skimpy clothes, nudity and soft-porn.

Brookside Daughters
She had competed in her first beauty contest at nine, her first erotic dance contest at twelve, and her first nude catwalk at thirteen, and at fourteen was thinking of doing hardcore teen porn. She carefully shaved her pussy and practiced sucking dildos in the mirror and improving her orgasm face for when she received anal sex. Nikki had golden bronze skin, radiant blonde hair, emerald green eyes, natural large breasts and a vivacious, fiery personality. She'd grown up in front of the camera, and was as comfortable topless in a string bikini or nude as in faded blue jeans.

So when her Mom broke the news that she and Nikki were leaving San Diego and going to live in some unknown middle America backwater village, it seemed to Nikki that her whole world had just collapsed around her. She pined over her lost career opportunities and her dreams of fucking hot studs in front of the camera.

Then Portia explained some things to, she was taking Nikki away from the rampant drug use that permeated the porn industry there; two, she did not need her ex making life difficult for either of them, and three....

"Nikki, have you ever heard of Brookside Village?"

"Sounds great, Mom. Little bakeries and knick knack shops on Main Street. Church socials on Sunday. Just shoot me now, okay?"

"Read this, my little pessimist."

"Brookside Village," Nikki read off her tablet from the passenger seat. "… they have social nudity, family frolic nights, and ...ohhh Mom! This is perfect! Listen to this: 'Specified residents of Brookside Village follow the rule of Mandatory Exhibitionism. If you have a daughter between the ages of 13 and 21, she is required to be completely naked at all times, indoors or out, while a resident of Brookside Village. This policy also applies to visitors.' Oh Mom!! This is sooo great! I can be naked all the time! Goodbye clothes!!" She bopped around in her seat, then settled down to read the rest of the article. "On the first Friday of each month,
the Brookside Beaver, a local tavern, hosts 'Daughters on Display', a nude interactive beauty contest. All the Village daughters compete in beauty contests and sexual challenges, to win prize money, scholarships, and local celebrity status."

Nikki showed the article to her mother, who was only able to glance at the illustrations while at the wheel.

"We're going to live there, right? Brookside Village? I can be full on naked, 24-7?"

Portia laughed at her daughter's antics. "As naked as naked can be."

"Okay, I changed my mind. This idea sounds awesome, Mom!"

"Good, because this is our new home. Yes, it's a little community in the middle of nowhere. It won't have San Diego's 24-7 social life. But I think it'll be a much more wholesome environment for a growing teenager like my sexy daughter."

"And teenage girls are required - required!! - to be completely naked around the clock. I am gonna get laid every day! Oh! It'll be like living in a porn movie!"

They got to Brookside Village at sundown, and Portia met the HOA manager in front of their new townhouse.

"Ms Caldwell, welcome to Brookside Village, my name is Carlton Singer. Let me show you around your new home. This is the St Clair model town-home, two bedrooms, one bathroom, sunken living room and den. We just initiated a new HOA requirement that you might not have seen - all showers now have a window wall that faces the street fogless glass. No curtains or other visual barriers are permitted. We like to let your neighbors enjoy your showers as much as you do."

"Mom!" Nikki exclaimed, bouncing on her heels like the frolicsome young girl she was, "That is so awesome!!"

"And of course you know about our Mandatory Exhibitionism rule, regarding teenage daughters...."

"It's the reason we chose Brookside."

"Excellent. Ms Caldwell, you and your daughter look like you will be a real enhancement to our community, I hope to see a lot more of you the next time we meet."

"Oh, I think you can count on that," Portia replied with a smile.

"Can I help you move things in?," Carlton asked, "It's a little late, but I'm sure I can find some very eager help." He went back to his office and returned with two young men in their early twenties.

"Jack, Orlando, would you kindly help Ms Caldwell and her daughter get their things moved in?"

The two men unloaded the rental van while Portia and Nikki went from room to room through the house, although Nikki seemed a lot more interested in the two men.

"You know," Portia said in a conspiratorial tone, "you
are a resident of Brookside Village now and you probably should follow village rules....and I think the young men would appreciate it...just sayin'."

"Mom, you
so rock!"

Nikki quickly stripped off her Hello Sexy Kitty T shirt, denim shorts, and flip flops as Portia watched and admired her only daughter's developing body. Nikki's blonde hair flowed past her shoulders, framing her long neck and kissable lips. Her sultry green eyes had a smoldering fire, and her high cheekbones added to her air of refined mystery. She's been described, more than once, as Tyra Banks with Brazilian features. Her natural, 38C boobs and perky pink nipples caught every man's eye whenever she could contrive to display them. A slender torso and long waist flowed down to her baby smooth pussy, the lips just beginning to plump out. Wide hips and lean legs added to the allure - Portia knew her daughter was even sexier than she'd been at her age, and her twinge of jealousy was smothered by burgeoning desire.

"Damn, Nikki. If I was a teenage boy I'd so want to fuck you."

"You're my Mom, and you still want to fuck me, admit it," Nikki grinned.

"Well, okay, yeah. Now let's go make the guys forget how to walk."

Portia and her daughter went outside - Nikki dancing eagerly on the balls of her feet - and caught Jack and Orlando as they were carrying a flat screen TV off the van.

"Here, lemme help you with that," Nikki said nonchalantly, making sure her boobs were visible over the screen top.

"Holy mother of--" Jack said. He motioned Orlando to stop and set his end of the box on the floor. "Are you Mrs Caldwell's daughter?"

"Yep," Nikki said easily. She idly ran a fingertip over one bare nipple.

"You live here now?"


"You ever suck a guy's cock right after you first meet him?"

"Nope. But I always wanted to."

"Boy Howdy! Hey Orlando, how fast you think we can unload this van?"

"Lemme just back up an' hit the brakes real hard!"

The two men got the rest of the van unloaded in record time while Nikki and her mother waited in the den. Finally they were done. Portia popped open two beers while Nikki lay back on the couch and stroked the outside of her pussy with two fingertips.

"Your porn star career begins tonight, hot stuff," Portia told her daughter with a grin, displaying her video camera. "Make your mother proud."

As as the men entered the room, Nikki stood on her tiptoes and kissed Orlando's mouth while fumbling with his belt buckle. Jack took a healthy swig of beer and tore his own clothes off, then walked around and buried his face between the globes of the teenage girl's ass, his tongue probing her pouty lips from below. Nikki moaned, kissing Orlando harder and spreading her legs to accommodate Jack's tongue. She slid slowly down Orlando's body, pulling his pants off with both hands, and was rewarded as his huge, hard cock sprung into view. She stroked him for a moment, then sucked him into her mouth, using her fingertips to tickle his balls.

Jack sank down to lay on his back as Nikki lowered herself, keeping his face buried between her long legs, his free hand stroking his erection. Nikki rubbed her pussy against his chin while she sucked Orlando's cock, purring happily at the first gush of pre-cum that dripped across her tongue. She worked her way back up Jack's prone body until his cock was brushing against her soaked pussy. She teased her labia with two fingers as he entered her in reverse cowgirl, rubbing Orlando's slick cock head over her boobs. He moaned urgently, tried to hold back, but failed. Thick, sticky sperm splashed across her nipples and dripped down her body as her mother zoomed the camera in on the amazing spectacle. Nikki bounced on Jack's cock, thrusting him deeper, reaching a stellar orgasm as she simultaneously scooped Orlando's cum from her chest and plunged her dripping fingers deep in her mouth.

Jack grabbed her waist and rode her hard, until he spasmed violently and filled her young pussy with hot creme.

Finally she rolled off him gasping for breath, and sat against the couch with a cock in each hand and a smile on her lips. Her grinned smiled as she pressed the stop button.

Two days later, Nikki Caldwell rode her bike up the street toward Brookside Village Center. She was relishing her mandatory nudity, taking every opportunity to admire her reflection in windows. She stopped at Brookside Confectionary to buy a 'Juicy Lipz' labia-shaped gummy candy, which regrettably only came in fruit flavors. She pushed the door open and immediately noticed three beautiful teenage girls, all nude like her, and a boy of eighteen behind the counter, greatly enjoying the view. It took a moment for her to realize that two of the girls were identical sisters.

"Lindsey, Lauren, we need to put name tags on you guys!" the boy was saying with a grin. "Vicki, how do you tell them apart?"

"Really, Ted? Sometimes I just have to guess."

"Hello!" Ted said to Nikki, "Damn, I love this place. How can I fuck you - help you! - today?"

Vicki and her sisters giggled and stepped aside to let Nikki look at the counter.

"Did the village get you set up with a nipple-print customer account?" Ted asked, "What's your name?"

"Hi, Ted. I'm Nikki Caldwell. Am I in the system?"

"Yep, here you are. Your nipple-print is your debit card. What do you need? And can I get a picture?" He had his phone out. "Oh don't worry, it's not for records. It's just for me to jack off to later."

She blushed, but smiled at him. "Oh well then, sure," Nikki said, "give her the phone, let her get some shots of me sucking you off right now!"

Ted grinned from ear to ear and handed Vicki his phone while Nikki slipped her hand into his pants and drew out a slender, very stroke-worthy young cock. She quickly had him hard and winked for the camera as she teased his cockhead with her tongue.

Vicki handed the phone to her sister and joined her in sucking Ted's cock while her hands caressed Nikki's soft boobs.

Ted stroked his cock and pointed it at the two naked, horny teenage girls waiting with eager open mouths. It wasn't long before the first thick blast of cum shot between Nikki's parted lips. The subsequent jets splashed against Vicki's cheek, forehead, and left eye. At last she turned to share the cum with Nikki in a teenage lesbian kiss.

"Hi," she said shyly, licking her lips, "have we met? I'm Vicki, these are my sisters Lindsey and Lauren."

"Hi! I'm Nikki Caldwell. Me and my mom just moved here like three days ago."

"How do you like it so far?"

"Oh my god, this place is a teen slut's dream! I'm required to be nude. So no, I don't like it. I fucking
love it!" Nikki said enthusiastically.

"So tonight, you know about D.O.D.?"

"D.O.D.? No, gimme the 411."

"Daughters on Display. There's a little place on Courier Street called
the Brookside Beaver.They have a beauty contest and live sex show. All the village girls are invited."

"Oh, yeah, that was on the website. OMG, I am so there. Will you three be competing?"

"We sure are. Dunno yet what challenges they'll have…last month I fucked a lottery winner from the audience onstage. The twins had a blow job contest. Lindsey won."

"This'll be my first time doing something like that in public."

"Kweel! Will you be there with your Dad?"

"No, just Mom. We left Dad back in San Diego with the other drug dealers."

"Aw, that's too bad. Daddy-daughter sex is always popular at D.O.D., and it's kinda sad that you never got to learn about sex from your very own daddy. I don't know what I would have done without mine teach me."

"Oh, well, I guess you're right, but my mom did try to make it up to me. I had lots of nice daddy's when I was little, but she made sure they never touched me. I got to tease them a lot, though. And then when I became a teenager, mom arranged for the coolest birthday party I ever had. She invited three of my best 'daddies' and they gave me just what I wanted! All night!"

"Wow. I guess maybe a girl doesn't need her own daddy as much as I thought. Maybe I can get mine to invite some of his friends to my next party." Vicki looked thoughtful.

Listen, we gotta run. Don't forget, The Brookside Beaver, 9pm. I'll look for you! Fuck, you look so hot Nikki. I can't wait to see you on stage. Ciao Bella!"

Convincing Portia to let her compete was as easy as playing with her nipples, so at 9 that evening, Nikki and Portia joined the crowd at the Brookside Beaver for Daughters on Display.

The Beaver was an old warehouse rebuilt as a nightclub, and decorated like a '70's porn studio. Biker gear and old neon beer signs hung from the walls, and the overhead light rigs had blowup sex dolls riding them. Autographed pictures of porn stars were lacquered to the bar surface, but Nikki was disappointed she couldn't find one of her Mom.

Nikki and Portia joined the crowd of nude teenage girls milling around backstage, where they found Vicki standing half a head taller than everybody else.

"Hey! Vicki! This is my Mom, Portia Caldwell."

They hugged briefly and looked around the crowd.

"Damn, is everybody from the whole village here?!"

"Pretty much. DOD is popular."

"Okay Brookside Vill-age!!" They heard a muffled announcer's voice from the stage. "Welcome to Daughters on Display... ALL our finest daughters, sluts and honeys getting wild, wild, wild! Even the shy one! Remember, these girls are our own friends and neighbors, so the girl you cheer on to victory tonight might be swallowing your cum tomorrow! Can we get all our lovely ladies up on stage please?" There was a flurry of commotion as three dozen girls from 13 to 21, all completely naked, filled the stage. "I'm gonna go down the line here and ask for your name and age. And let us know if this your first time onstage with us."

"Hi, Alison James, I'm 17."

"Danielle Porter, I'm 14."

"Penny Dawes, 21."

"Nikki Caldwell, 14 and horny. I've never been here before."

"Well Nikki, let me welcome you to Brookside. Like it so far?"

"Let me spend a little quality time with Penny and Danielle, and I'll let you know!"

"Nikki, I like your spirit. And your boobs. And I'll see if I can arrange a little of that 'quality time' for you tonight!"

"Lavonda Greer, I'm 16, an I gonna get this party
on baby!!"

Eventually all 30 teenage girls introduced themselves, to the delight of the audience. They pranced, preened and posed, then everyone except Nikki returned to their family tables to be called back up later.

"Before we get started," the MC said, "we've got a real treat for you tonight. Let me introduce you to a real show-stopper celebrity. We've got her picture in the ladies room, but now it's the real deal... direct from San Diego, the famous Portia Diamond!!"

Portia made her way onstage, to thunderous applause.

"From the dance clubs of San Diego to right here in Brookside, give it up for Portia Diamond - and her teenage daughter, Nikki, following her mom's pretty footsteps into a career in porn!"

Portia looked porn star sexy in tight white denim jeans and a burgundy blouse, but her daughter Nikki was a radiant teen superstar, stealing the show like she was born to fuck. All the cameras quickly focused on her eyes, her body and her glistening pussy.

"Welcome to the Brookside Beaver!" the MC said. Portia grinned happily and gave him a stage hug. "And now will you kindly tell us all about this little beauty with you?"

"My name is Nikki Caldwell," she pipped up a little too loudly, "Portia's my Mom. Hi Beavers!!" She waved and a hundred phone cameras zoomed in on her smooth, bare pussy.

"Gang, do any of you remember seeing Portia Diamond wearing this much?! Let's fix this. Bud, can you send up two Pussy Tamers?"

The bartender clapped his hands and two nude men - Jack and Orlando - came onstage. The lights spun and flashed a rainbow of colors as they quickly overcame her feigned resistance and stripped Portia nude, 'accidentally' ending up with Orlando's face buried between Portia's legs.

"Our first challenge tonight...Nikki, little darling, after Orlando fucks your Mom right here onstage, we wanna see you suck his cum out of your Mom's pussy. Can you do that for us?"

Nikki looked at her now-nude mother and gave her a great big grin as she nodded enthusiastically. The audience went wild.

"Oh Mom, this was your best idea ever!"

Nikki happily met the challenge, teasing her Mom's labia with her tongue and sucking out Orlando's cum. After Nikki demonstrated her talented oral abilities on her mother, Portia and her daughter double-teamed Orlando to suck him off to a second gushing climax. Then everyone in the club was treated to the sight of Portia burying her tongue in her daughter's pussy while Orlando fucked her lovely ass. She deposited the result in a shot glass and displayed it to the crowd, then gulped it down with a big smile.

Orlando's amazing regenerative capabilities were explained when the MC promoted the wonders of his sponsor for the evening,
Horny Spirit Natural Enhancer.

As the evening progressed, Lindsey and Lauren blindfolded their Dad and made him guess which daughter was sucking his cock. He was right every time until the girls cheated and snuck in their sister Vicki.

Penny performed the elusive triple-penetration with three lucky audience members. Regina Newman helped the bartender mix shooters in her pussy which eager patrons lined to suck out for $10 a pop.

But at the end of the evening, all had to agree that first place had been earned by Nikki and her mom. Needless to say, Nikki was now in full agreement with her mother's decision to move to Brookside Village.

It all started with the Brookside Homeowner's Association.

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