wanna have sex with my brother

“please help me i wanna have sex with my brother and i hate myself for it :( basically i'm 14 years old and i'm a girl and i don't have a boyfriend and i recently caught my older brother masturbating to porn (he's 15)! and i realized that i'm into incest .. and i hate myself for it so much! i mean i can't stop thinking about having sex with my brother .. and i know it should be gross but i don't feel any gross feelings at all! i mean he's also my best friend and i love him and i don't know when people are supposed to start thinking incest is gross but i don't get any gross feelings at all about having sex with him .. the only gross feelings i get is at myself for liking incest! and i hope to myself that this is just a phase but i know that i'll just be in denial if i think that .. i mean i think my brother's really hot and he has a good body and i just wanna have sex with him while we look at each other's eyes and i'd love to have him as a boyfriend! but i know he would never feel the same way and ugh i just feel like such a loser for liking incest .. why did this have to happen to me! i just wanna be normal but i know that if i try to force myself to not like my brother then i'll just be in denial .. and you know when i saw my brother jacking off i wanted to put his dick in my mouth and suck it for hours and hours and never stop! and please help me because i try to catch my brother masturbating every day now and i just hate myself more and more for being such a loser :(“

Answer (Fantasy)

There's only one good reason for the incest taboo: Birth defects. It's absolutely vital that you get on birth control right away. Your hormones are raging and you might be having sex with your brother without warning. At your age it should be no problem getting the pill from your school nurse. While your there, pick up a handful of condoms in case you can't wait for them to start working.

If you do seduce your brother before you're protected, go ahead with your plans to put his dick in your mouth and suck it for hours and hours and never stop (or until you end up with a mouthful of cum!)

What you want to do with your brother is certainly very naughty, but not something to hate yourself for. Brother/sister sex is something that most kids want to have at one time or another. Nothing that makes you horny can make you a loser. I strongly regret that I didn't take advantage of some sex play I had with my older sister when I was 12 and she was 16. I was too young to turn it into intercourse, but at least I learned to masturbate.

A very important question: How would your parents feel about their kids having sex and their daughter sucking their son's cock?

thanks for saying i'm not a loser Kiss. i went to the school nurse and got started on the pill like you said, only i'll never need it cause kenny wouldn't want to be my boyfriend anyway. also would freak out if they caught us so i have to be real careful cause i want to see him masturbate some more.


The picture you included is beautiful. You are a hot little cutie and any boy would love to have sex with you.

Don't be so sure about your parents. You can test your dad next time you're alone with him. Ask to sit on his lap. Wiggle around a little and see if he gets hard. If he does, there's a good chance you can get him to at least look the other way with you and your brother (unless he wants to watch!)

I know you like seeing him masturbate, but there are better ways of seducing your brother. For one you could reverse the roles. Leave your bedroom door ajar or don't close the bathroom door while you masturbate in the tub. Pretend you don't see him, but remember you want him to come in, not just watch. Give him a real show, complete with pinching your tits, rubbing your pussy, and a loud, moaning, thrashing orgasm. If he still hasn't come in, look him straight in the eye, give him a big smile and wink.

You can set the stage by going around the house in your sexiest outfits. Thin, tight T-shirts without a bra that show off your nipples are great. Thong panties and short skirts are a cute combo, especially if you shave your pussy. Boys go for the little girl look. You don't have to shave it bare, if you want to take the time there are all kinds of erotic shapes you can use to turn your brother on: Hearts, dots, triangles, or my favorite - a long thin line straight above your pussy, pointing it out and making it look even better.

Another approach is to ask your brother for help understanding how boys have sex with girls. Since you already know he watches porn you can ask for some pictures of boys and girls your own age.

thankyou thankyou thankyou! i walked right into his bedroom and caught him masturbating! then i walked up and took it in my hand and then in my . and then he fucked me!

the best part is, daddy is going to let me sleep in kenny's room from now on! i don't care what anybody says. i love my brother and i love to suck his dick. you believed in me and showed me how to do it! you made me a winner!

thankyou thankyou thankyou,


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