St. Ann & James Mixed School - Chapter 8 (g+/bg, humil, spank, black, femdom, nc)
by Sister
©2011-2012 (all rights reserved)

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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English is not my native language and so my prose may reflects this. I make my apologieses to you in advance. :)
In no way the author may approve behaviours like the ones descripted in this story in a real life contest. This is just a fantasy and as that have to be considered. Doing in real life such kind of things will be always and everywhere considered abusive and out law.

Chapter 8 - Playground sister's time.

In the seventh grade classroom the lunch bell rang and Patrick's mates flowed out of the room followed by the panty clad 12yo.

As soon as he exited in the first floor hall Carol, his 6th grade sister, was already there with her girl mates waiting for him.

Patrick was really embarrassed to be in front of them clad just in his speedo style underpants. Despite his limpness his thin dick formed a clearly visible bulge under the white cotton material and the girls made no doubt about what their eyes were glued on.

"So here it's my big brother" stated Carol to her mates "Well.. maybe I've to say 'little' bro judging by what we can see" added soliciting giggles by her companions.

Patrick blushed at the remark of his 'littleness'.

"C'mon Carol" he said to the girl "Let me alone"

Carol smile faded away letting place to a stern look.

"You had never lost occasion for humiliating me in front of your friends, isn't it?" asked sternly Carol "Right this morning you flashed the front of my panties to them so, now, it's my turn!"

Patrick recognized he was doomed: there was nothing he could say to make her angry sister desist and despite his good physical build in no way he could be able to get free of the seven 11yo reunited girls.

"Ok, Carol. You won" sadly admitted the boy "What on the hell do you want by me?"

"First of all" came the reply "you know very well to not use such kind of words"

Patrick merely nodded.

"Then" added his sister "If you don't want mom and dad knowing what's happened this morning you'll have to buy my silence... and it'll be not a cheep thing"

"What do you want then" asked Patrick with a point of exasperation in his voice.

"I'll give you my pocket money or I'll do your chores for a month" he offered.

"No, no, Patrick" sentenced a really smiling Carol while tasting the sweetness of the victory "I don't want your money. I want you!"

"What do you mean?" puzzled the pants clad boy

"You own to me and you'll have to do everything I'll say you, no matter what or where, 'till I'll have enough of you and will let you alone"

"What?!?! No way!" erupted Patrick

"Your choice, bro" simply said Carol "“It'll mean probably you'll be punished by our parents every day until you will be 14. Maybe longer. Bye bro"

With that the girl turned away and started to walk toward the stairs.

"Hey, Carol, wait! Wait just a moment!" urged a panicked Patrick.

His sister already grinning stopped herself in the walk and either without turning said

"Yes, Patrick?"

"O.. ok, ok, C... Carol" stammered the boy moving toward his triumphant sister "You really won but I'll do it just for one week"

"Bye, bro" rejected the 11yo and resumed her walk.

"No! Hey! Wait" Patrick run following his sister "Tell me at least how many time you want me at your orders"

Carol half turned facing her brother and sentenced

"Until the school year's end no less no more. Take it or let it. That's definitive"

Patrick face whitened in disbelieve. That means to be at his sister's mercy for nine months!

He opened his mouth as per reply but looking at the seriousness of his sister facial expression he let fall all his arguments.

"Ok, sis" he reply recognizing his total capitulation "You won"

"Ok, Patrick" said the girl "if this is your choice say it loud and clear: I will be at my sister Carol's orders 'till the next June and she'll may punish me the way she'll see fit every time I'll not obey her orders promptly"

He repeated word by word what his sister said blushing furiously in front of the 11yo bunch of girls casting his eyes to his feet.

"Ok, Patrick" conceded his sister "I'll accept your kind offer. We'll see you down at the cafeteria. You're going to eat with us today. Bye..." and down stair she went followed by her mates and a sad pants clad boy.

Descending to the ground level hall they discerned what seemed to be a low level naked girl but she was surrounded by a lot of other kids so they were not sure about it.

They walked along the covered passage outside the building and entered the crowded cafeteria. They saw again the stark naked girl along the self service queue.

"Hey, look there" said on of Carol's friends "Seems some one in the lower grades is putting on a show and what a show!!"

"I'd prefer to die than to be nude in front of every one and all no matter what" said another one

"Yes!" "Yeah" "Me too" was the common comments.

Patrick wake up a little at the sight of the little nude girl and wasn't able to stop himself to look at her naked bottom.

"Patrick!" was called his name.

He looked to his calling sister and saw she had an anger look in her eyes

"What are you looking at?" she asked him

"Uh. eh.. nothing sis" stammered the boy

"I know very well what or better who you were looking at filthy pig!"

"..and I think he liked what he saw judging by the 'little' tent in his pants" highlighted one of the other girls.

Patrick opened his mouth to reply but wasn't able to say a word.

He looked down at h is pants just to see them forming a really evident tent!

"So my piggy bro" said Carol "likes to look at naked little girls? Shame on you, boy!"

"S..Sorry, sis" replied an embarrassed Patrick "I didn't mean to do it"

"ok, bro" ended Carol "I want to believe you but if withing the end of the queue you'll not loose your ….ehm.... pole you'll regret it"

"Yes, Carol, be sure" said Patrick while going on with his tray.

It was really hard for him not to look at the blond naked girl just some meters ahead from him but, at least, he was so worried about his sister menace he was able to loose his hard on and his peter returned limp. Patrick and the girls sat at the same table attracting the gazes of a lot of 7th and 8th grades kids.

No seventh grader usually sat with sixth graders let alone an older boy with younger girls.

Adding to that the fact the boy was clad in just his underpants while the younger girls were totally dressed was also attracting attention on Patrick's table.

Ended the lunch the group with Patrick in the middle went out on the playground.

They saw a lot of commotion around the swings area so Carol leaded the group toward a more quiet area.

When they reached the place Carol stood in front of her brother and said him

"Patrick, your earlier behavior was absolutely not acceptable"

"“Sorry sis" he replied

"You'll be sorry for sure” she stated adding “Now I want you to apologize with us for that and you'll ask us politely to punish you for it"

"B...b..but, sis..." stammered Patrick panicking

"No sis or Carol or other for you!" shouted Carol waving her index finger just few inches away from Patrick face "When you misbehaves me and my friends are 'madame' for you!!"

"Y..Yes, m..madame" merely replied the boy.

"So now c'mon, boy and say what I've said. NOW!"

Blushing furiously the standing boy declaimed "I apologize to you for my early bad behavior. Please punish me for it"

"Very well done, boy" said Carol who now seemed to Patrick eyes like she was two meters tall "we'll accept your apologizes and we'll punish you well for your own good. Follow us" ended the girl turning around and walking towards some bushes at the end of the school ground.

When they arrived and after be sure no one could see them the girls sat down on the ground Indian style while Patrick was let standing in front of them. Due to the shortness of the girls skirts Patrick eyes were filled by the sight of white cotton panties covered crotches and it had an immediate effect on his prick which all too soon was again standing at full attention.

The evident tent in his pants was, of course, immediately noted by all the girls who giggled covering their mouths with both hands.

"You'll never learn, pig" stated Carol looking Patrick sternly "Too bad for you! Now you'll learn to control yourself better in the hard way. Hands behind your head, boy!"

Patrick promptly complied.

"Stand this way and don't dare to move an inch if you know what's better for you"

With that statement Carol stood in front of her brother, hooked her fingers in his pants waistband and in one shot she pulled his pants down to his ankles.

The boy's hard on sprung on show with all its 3 inches glory right 3 feet away from the sitting girls eyes now opened wide.

"Hey" shouted Patrick lowering himself to cover his new nudity but his sister was ready to that move. She gave his shoulder a little push backward with her hands and Patrick, with his ankles tied by his own pants, lost his balance and stammered on the ground on his back.

While still falling down, feet in the air, his sister quickly took totally off his pants from him.

"Patrick Connors" said Carol towering he now naked laying brother "Stand up immediately and resume your position! NOW!!!"

She highlighted her order with a firm hard slap of her hand on the boy's nude bottom printing a red shape of her hand on the white skin of Patrick's left ass check.

The other girls were with their hands covering their own mouths eagerly drinking the show playing right in front of their eyes.

Patrick realized there was no way out so slowly started to stand up.

"Hurry up, boy!" solicited his sister with another sharp spank which left a second hand print on the boy's ass.

There he was again standing hands on head in front of a bunch of younger girls including his own little sister but this time just stark naked and still with a raging erection on show!

For the sat girls it was the first time they saw an older boy nude and they were going to not miss a bit of it.

Looking around Carol saw an old felt tree which body laid almost horizontal at 1 meter high.

"Patrick, I'm very disappointed with you" said the girl to the boy "Look at you! Here in front of little girls and not only totally nude but showing them your little wiener all hard! Shame on you!"

Patrick face was purple for the shame.

"You know you deserve a punishment" added Carol "and we are going to correct your filthy habit right now. Go to that tree and bend over it now!"

Patrick went there and complied.

"Move your feet well apart" ordered him his sister.

He spread them 1 meter apart. Now the girls were greeted by the show of his naked ass spread lightly showing his own puckered anus and his penis which was dangling down framed by his open legs and brushing against the hard rough surface of the tree.

"Now we girls will take turn in spanking you" sentenced Carol winking to her mates "As we are ten girls including myself we'll give you 4 spanks each to make a total of 40 spanks. Do not move or cover otherwise we'll start all over again" added the girl.

Patrick was in disbelieve. He was going to receive one of the worst spanking of his life and if not enough by a bunch of just eleven years old girls including his own little sister! How could it be worst!?!

He was doomed, his reputation totally gone.

The girls were already standing at the back of the naked leaned boy when Carol signaled the first one in the queue to start with her four spanks.

The girl spanked him alternating left/right check with a medium level force just adding her hand prints on those leaved by Carol hand.

The second girl concentrated her spanks on Patrick's left ass check using more strength then the previous one.

For compensation the third girl took in use just the right soft portion of his bottom which now was already a nice shade of red.

With the fourth was another matter. She hit him bridging both his checks and despite she was not using all her strength her blows were highly stinging as she was using the method of snapping her wrist at the moment of the impact adding fire to her spanks.

The other girls admired the technique she used and she explained them she learned it during her baby sitting jobs.

Happy all the other girls tried to apply the just learned technique practicing on the not so happy naked boy's bottom laying in front of them.

When Carol's turn came the boy was bawling like a baby and snot was dripping down his nose.

His ass was deep red from the top to the bottom where his legs connected.

"Seems my friend had already use the most of it" commented Carol looking at the good handy work trembling in front of her "Well I'll just have to find a little place for my own signature now"

With that the girl went by the boy side and put a leg on the other side of the leaning boy actually straddling on his back backwards then she practiced a little snapping her wrist in the air.

When she though to be ready she said "Ann, Deedee, please. Do you mind to take hold of Patrick's ass checks and to maintain them well spread?"

Suddenly the two called girls took hold of the boy's red ass checks and spread them well totally exposing Patrick ass hole which opened up a little too.

"That's ok" said Carol "Now I can start"

With that the girl lifted her right hand up then propelled it down hard with a final snap of her wrist.

The swat came down along the crease of Patrick's ass where the skin was still white but with the wrist snap Carol's finger tips impacted strongly right on the half open ass hole of the boy.

Patrick howling increased even more and bucked like a stallion at the rodeo.

Happy to see her shots were soliciting such a good reaction Carol let rain the other three spanks right in the same position with all her strength.

During the last one, due to the force of it, the tip of her middle finger penetrated a little in the boy's anus making him jump even more.

When Patrick was let stand up again his bottom was a purple stinging mas matching his front side which now was red due to the brushing against the tree surface.

The boy begun the classic giga of the spanked kid amusing the girls with the show of his bouncing penis now, at least, limp again.

Time was gone and it was already time to go back in classroom.

Carol gave Patrick her permission to put his panties back on again then the girls said hallo to him and run toward the school building leaving a poor well spanked Patrick alone.

He recovered himself a little then went him too toward the brick building.

To be continued.....
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