Attitude Adjustment,
Book 6
The following is adult fiction intended for legally mature adults to view at their discretion where and when it is legal to do so. All rights are reserved by the author.

Attitude Adjustment

Book VI


"Oh, hell! Not again!"

Laura was flat on her back and quite naked, her only
protection a thin covering of some slick material.
Confused, Laura looked about in the dark and tried to
remember how she got here, where ever 'here' was.

Why couldn't she ever wake up in her own bed? Was that
too much to ask? It was a nice bed, even if it did give
her some very odd dreams now and then, and she really did
enjoyed sleeping in it. So where the hell was it?

She shook her head to get the cobwebs out, and sat up so
she could see where she was. There was something soft
under her, and when she ran her hands over it, it felt
like a mattress covered by another slick sheet, so she
knew she was in a small bed. But she still couldn't get
her eyes to penetrate the room's darkness.

All she knew for sure was that she wasn't in the jeep
anymore. Had she really gotten herself off, right in
front of the two police officers?

"Impossible!" she muttered, stunned by the implications
of what she might have done while in the company of law-
enforcement officials. "Oh God! It's just impossible!"

It was so unreal, them having a vibrator in the car like
that. Evidence for some bizarre crime no doubt. Well,
what else could it have been? It was very careless of
them to leave it out like that, especially when she was
so obviously vulnerable. Was it her fault she left her
clothes at the park? Maybe a lawsuit would teach them to
be more careful with their nude passengers!

"My God! The park!" Laura shouted as the astounding
memories flooded into her bewildered mind.

She couldn't have, she just couldn't have!

Feeling terribly disoriented, Laura forgot she wasn't in
her own bed. She automatically reached out in the dark
for her night stand and the reading lamp that she knew
was always next to the bed. Her fumbling hand quickly
hit something on the nightstand. It was the lamp!

"Thank God. It was just a dream after all!" Laura
breathed in relief as she switched on the light.

"Oh, no!" she groaned in quiet despair. She realized that
it wasn't a dream at all as the light penetrated the darkness
of the unfamiliar room.

This was obviously not her home, so where was she? It
was a plain bedroom with a dresser, a writing table with
a single chair by the only window, what looked like a small
closet, and that was all. College pennants and posters of
various rock musicians covered the walls. Suddenly her
still dizzy mind ticked.

"Please, no!" she prayed. It seemed like a college dorm
room! Looking down she saw she was clutching a pink silk
sheet up around her neck, her body's lush outline clearly
defined under the material. She was once more naked in a
strange place.

"God, no. Not again!"

Laura groaned as she got out of bed. She couldn't
believe how alive her body felt. Her nipples were
extremely hard, and her breasts felt like they were
swollen to twice their normal size. With every step they
would bounce and send erotic shock waves all through her
body. But what was worse was her sex. It felt like there
were actually hands there playing with it! Laura had to
walk with her legs slightly spread so that her swollen
nether lips wouldn't squeeze her errect clit and make her

"That's it. You're finally gone over the edge," she
moaned to herself. "You're crazy."

Laura got to the door none too soon, as just the few steps
she had taken had her mind spinning. She was positively
shaking as she pressed her ear to the door to discover if
she could hear anyone outside it. There were faint voices
but she could only hear bits and pieces. She did hear
something about a beautiful passenger and a shifter. A
shifter? What sort of vibrator was that?

Still, it was true! Laura's face flushed with
embarrassment as she remember what she had done in the
jeep. She had almost hoped that at least some of it was in
her head, but hearing them laugh about a shifter (what the
hell was that, anyway?) made her want to cry. Something
was turning her into some sort of sexual animal. That was
the only thing she could think of. She hated what she had
done, yet why did she still tingle at the thought of what
had happened? It had seemed so natural, so very right.

As she remembered the surreal moment, her right hand stole
down between her parted legs. All of a sudden, she
desperately needed relief!

Suddenly one voice grew nearer the door! "Oh God!" she
whispered and guiltily removed her hand and quickly looked
for somewhere to hide. "Oh God!"

She couldn't be seen naked again, not again. Especially
while she was like this, feeling so tingly. The only place
she could see to hide was the bed. Laura ran back to it
and climbed in, turning out the light as she did so. She
just had time to pull the sheet tightly up over her head,
then put her arms down at her sides to make the sheet as
even as possible. She absurdly hoped that it would be
enough, and no one would notice that she was there.

She heard the door open and close, then a quiet click, and
afterwards nothing. Laura noticed under the sheet edge
that a weak light had come on in the room. Unable to help
herself, she held her breath in nervous anticipation until
the silence was finally broken. A soft feminine voice
said, "Wow!"

Well, who ever it was certainly wouldn't be talking about
her like that.

"J-just go and w-wake her, Danni," the voice whispered.

Oh, no! The person was talking about her!

"Boy, does she have a body," the same voice said softly in

Laura felt a hand on each of her sheet-covered breasts
and they were gently squeezed. The same voice gasped,
"God!" and the hands were jerked away.

Laura's feelings of relief ended quickly as the hands
returned to her breasts. She soon felt her traitorous
nipples hardening even more against the stranger's small

"This is crazy, Danni. You shouldn't be touching
her," the voice said, as her breasts were squeezed a
little harder this time. Laura had to bite her lower lip
to keep from crying out in pleasure, it felt so good!

A perplexed Laura lay under the sheet, motionless. Now
what was she supposed to do? A stranger was driving her
mad as the hands on her breasts continued to squeeze and
knead them. The bed was giving her problems as well.
The seductive silk sheets were setting her ready body on
fire! They were so light and smooth she felt completely
stimulated lying there, like the material was caressing
her rapidly heating flesh.

She was beginning to sweat, and her breasts swelled
uncontrollably under the touch of a stranger's
hands. Her heart was pounding in her chest. As she
tried to think of a way out of this strange situation,
Laura couldn't stop herself from arching her back so that
the hands would hopefully squeeze her chest just a little

The hands finally stopped and Laura almost groaned aloud
in her disappointment. But as they lifted from her
chest, they pulled on the sheet slightly.

The stranger's voice, now husky with desire, whispered,
"Stop it, Danni!" But Laura's only covering continued to
be lowered in small stages. She felt electrified as the
sheet was being pulled inch by tantalizing inch down her
body, the friction of the slick material setting her erect
nipples on fire! Down and down the sheet went, until the
edge went past her jutting breasts, her ribs, and finally
came to rest over her curved waist, just below her deeply
indented belly button. She was topless!

"Gosh!" the voice said in admiration. "They're perfect."

The stranger placed her hands back on Laura's uncovered
breasts and Laura heard her moan in pleasure at the touch.
The heat from her teased breasts flowed down through
Laura's body, and spread down between her legs to make her
sex pulsate.

Laura lay too weak to move. The hands had left her
positively dizzy. Fingers lightly traced both of Laura's
nipples and they unbelievably grew even more erect when
she felt someone blowing on them.

"No Danni, you can't. That wouldn't be right. She's so
defenseless. She's sleeping."

Laura opened her eyes slightly and was shocked to see in
the dim light from a miniature lamp on the dresser an elf
drinking in her nudity! The girl's small body, unruly mop
of ash-blonde hair, and thin, finely chiseled features made
her look all of 12, but the trim out-thrust of her breasts
through the modest red top under her green bib-overalls,
and the maturity of her glowing eyes revealed more of the
girl's true age of around 18. This must be Danni, but who
was talking to her?

Laura watched hypnotized as Danni slid the sheet completely
off of her body. This was crazy! Wasn't her being topless
bad enough? Wouldn't this girl ever finish? Laura
desperately wanted to stop the girl before she touched
her again, yet she was unable to move! If she did, then
the girl would know that she had been awake all the time,
and had done nothing to stop her! She had reacted too
late! All she could do now was watch mesmerized while the
girl's wonderful hands kept working on her painfully
swollen breasts.

Getting more and more desperate over her predicurement with
this strange young woman, Laura knew she was becoming
illrational when she began to blame Missy for all this.
Imagine, her thinking that this was all Missy's fault
somehow, that a 14-year-old girl was somehow arranging to
take her body from her.

Laura's heart pounded as Danni blew on her breasts. She
wanted to grab the girl and pull her down and make her
suck the nipples she had already set on fire with
her light touch. But she couldn't move. Laura just lay
there frozen, watching Danni's mouth hover directly above
her nipples, her tortured mind dreading what was to come
next, yet still silently begging Danni to suck them.

She held her breath as she watched Danni's mouth move near
her right nipple. This must be the coed's first time. Of
course! The girl had been arguing with herself! Laura
couldn't help but think of her own first time with Ellen,
the haughty student she had taken. The way the stiff
nipple felt as it was being sucked into her mouth. The way
the breast pulled as she would gently tug on the erect
nipple with her teeth. It was a truly magical feeling.

Laura felt faint as she watched Danni's lips getting

Her eyes widened as Danni's lips slid over her right
nipple and her mouth began to suck. The heat in her
swelling breasts continued to spread quickly down her body
and make her dripping sex fiercely tingle. After just a
brief time Danni had set Laura's body right on the edge.
It was crazy! She found that the sheet had been pulled
completely from her frantic body, but she didn't care. Her
sex was pulsing wildly without anything touching it! Every
time Danni would suck on her nipple it felt like there was
a mouth clasped over her clit as well, sucking it!

"Not again," she moaned as her mind pleaded with her
tingling body to stop.

Laura stared down and watched as Danni's eager tongue
slid wetly down her trembling tummy toward her burning
pussy. "Please stop!" she said but no sound passed her
lips. This was not right at all, but she could do
nothing to stop it. Nothing!

She just lay there watching as Danni's tongue finally
worked its way down to her sex and touched her clit. Laura
began to shake as Danni now eagerly sucked her sex.

Entering the dim light from the surrounding darkness came
two naked girls, and their mouths quickly covered both of
the astonished Laura's nipples, flicking their tongues
over the aching tips.

Laura could see that the once empty room now contained
sever nude girls of every description. One by one another
nude girl stepped forward into the dim light and joined the
others, their tongues running over yet another part of
Laura's vulnerable body, setting more of it on fire. Soon
there wasn't an inch of her fevered skin that wasn't being
sucked or licked. Eyes glowing with excitement, she
watched as Danni's clothes were removed, yet the girl never
let up from her efforts against the writhing Laura's
steaming crotch. Naked, the girl was even more beautiful
and Laura found herself wanting this young elf-like coed.

Barely conscious, Laura knew that time was running out.
Once again total strangers were taking advantage of her
helplessness, her vulnerability. She had to stop this at
once before...

"OH MY!" she gasped in shock! Danni's tongue flicked
twice on her erect clitoris, and Laura lost her mind as she
was sent helplessly over the edge.

"AH! OH GOD!" she screamed as her body convulsed. She
shook and twisted all over the bed, lost in a sea of
exquisite sensations. Gasping for air, Laura fought to
recover from the devastating orgasm, but before she had
time to recover, Danni flicked once more, and Laura was
sent off again and yet again. Laura discovered she
couldn't stop! She was helpless to control the endless
series of climaxes which were driving her insane! Soon her
blasted mind gave out and the room went dark once again.

Her last thoughts were of being lost in the woods, and of
being deliciously devoured by a herd of wild animals who
were trying to lick her to death, their mouths moving
eagerly over her ready body.

* * * *

When Laura opened her eyes some time later, she saw that
only four nude girls were still in the room with her:
Sally, Chrissy, Danni, and one other. The others had gone.
The four were on the bed with her, talking casually as they
freely touched her. Even though she was now more or less
awake, they treated her as if she were still unconscious.
It was as if whatever they said about her or did to her, it
did not matter in the slightest. She was sure she was the
oldest person in the room, yet they were in absolute
control of her. Laura found the sensation terrifying, yet
oddly exciting.

Each sat or lay around her as they touched one of her
breasts or even twirled their fingers through her pubic
hair, then dipped a finger into her still quivering cunt.
Whenever Laura would try to sit up or protest, they all
just laughed as she would be made to buck helplessly
through yet another climax.

Dazed, and constantly being kept close to if not actually
having another climax, an exhausted Laura could barely
understand what was being said around her. Her life had
been reduced to what was happening to her seething cunt
and aching, swollen breasts. There was nothing else!

"Alex, it was really something to see," said Chrissy.

"You really found her in the woods, naked?" asked an awe-
struck Alex as she casually flicked Laura's stiff right

"Yeah," Sally answered as she rubbed Laura's clitoris,
again which brought another wonderful orgasm from
Laura's trembling, sweat-covered body.

"God, I can't believe it! She cums all the time," Alex
giggled as she too slid her fingers down and easily
caused another fine climax from the devastated Laura,
then licked the juices from her fingers.

"She is fun. I made her cum once by just rubbing her
thighs. That was when we first caught her," Chrissy

Danni never said a word. She just sat by Laura's head and
played with Laura's beautiful firm breasts. Laura
wondered at the blissful expression on the girl's face.
The way her breasts felt in her hands was heavenly. Even
now she hoped the girl wouldn't stop touching them, ever!

"It's time we got ready," Sally directed and all but
Danni got off of the bed and went to the door. "Soon it
will be time to do little something special with
our guest. A road trip, I think."

They stopped at the door and watched Danni for a moment
still playing with Laura's breasts before Chrissy said,
"Danni, why don't you see if you can get our friend up and
into the shower."

Danni, who had never taken her eyes off Laura, answered
dreamily, "OK."

They turned to leave. "Do you think she'll stop long
enough to do it?" Alex asked her companions.

"What do you think?" laughed Sally. "Don't you remember
your first time? I do. I couldn't stop touching you for

"Me, too," Alex blushed in return.

"Oh, I think she'll at least get her into the shower,"
observed Chrissy. "Just the thought of having her all
soapy has gotten me hot again. Just think what Danni must
be going through." Chrissy laughed as they all left the

Laura's mind drifted from one delightful orgasm to another.
Her body never seemed to stop trembling, from responding to
their touches. Then she was moving, walking, being led by
the hand somewhere, but it was as if she were floating
weightless through space. Nothing was real any more, it
was all a beautiful dream. Suddenly, a powerful stream of
warm water splashed against her sensitive skin and she
gradually became aware of her surroundings once again.

She was standing in a shower, and the naked Elf was
applying a heavy coating of scented soap to her heated,
slippery flesh. But, before she could recover any further,
Laura felt the soap going between her legs, teasing her
sex, and her mind began to spin. Suddenly, her legs
weakened and her body helplessly fell as yet another
surprising climax ripped through her.

She screamed out for the wonderful sensations to go
on and on. Every nerve in her beautiful abused body
shouted as one, "YES!"

But the weakened Laura couldn't take the sensations of pure
pleasure any longer. Darkness entered her mind and,
supported by Danni, her well-soaped body collapsed gently
to the floor of the large shower stall.


"Oh, my," moaned Laura. She must lean to quit drinking so
much. These blackouts she kept having lately were really
starting to scare her!

Laura found herself back on the bed, sitting comfortably
nude against the headboard with her legs crossed Indian-
fashion before her and her fingers laced demurely in her
lap. How long she had been like this, Laura had no idea.
She smelled very nice, of subtle perfume and hair
conditioner, and felt remarkably clean and well-scrubbed.
Even the vaginal fluids she noticed seeping between the
swollen lips of her sex and pooling on the sheet between
her splayed thighs smelled wonderful. She must be home
again, yet what were those four girls wearing towels doing
here with her?

"OK, where should we go?" asked Alex.

The room was silent for a moment before Danni spoke
up, "Jay's!"

"Jay's?" said Sally, dubiously.

"It's Saturday, remember?" Danni giggled.

"Yeah, Saturday," Chrissy replied, "That's perfect for
our friend."

"We can't take her like that, can we?" Alex snickered as
she pinched Laura's still hard right nipple. Laura closed
her eyes for a moment as the exquisite sensation ran
through her body. She loved it when they did that to

"You're right about that. It's a little much, even for
Jay's on a Saturday night. We might even get arrested,"
Sally said.

"Yeah!" Alex laughed as she looked at the two police
officers, Chrissy and Sally.

"Why don't we all get her a few things from everyone's
rooms," Sally said, "then meet back here.

Laura was floating again and not really listening as they
made their plans and then left her. She wasn't really sure
what she was doing there, or even how she came to be there,
but she felt strangely at peace sitting there. She knew
she should be worried about something, but for the life of
her, she couldn't imagine what. It felt so natural, being
nude with a group of strange women. What was there to be
worried about?

Laura wanted to thank them for taking care of her, but
simply didn't have the strength. Her body felt like a
puddle of melted butter. She was so content she just
couldn't stand it. All she wanted to do was to lay down
and sleep forever, but these people insisted on talking!

By the time Laura realized she was at last alone, the door
to the room opened and the four girls returned at the same
time. Laura watched dimly as each girl handed Chrissy an
article of clothing.

Chrissy laughed when she laid out the clothes at the foot
of the bed. "Did you guys plan this?" she asked.

"No!" they chorused in delighted surprise.


"We promise. It was an accident," they insisted.

Laura tried to focus her bleary eyes, but it was too much
effort and she quickly closed them. She only had time to
notice that everything they brought her to wear was
something in pink!

Working together, the girls managed to squeeze the limp
Laura into everything they had brought for her. It all
felt so odd to her, and she was really far too tired to
even look again, but she was sure that, finally, at least
the most important parts of her would be covered.

Laura pulled the towel from a startled Danni and used it to
cover the wet spot on the bed. With a contented sigh she
laid down on the bed, and started to slip away.

"Let's wait for our friend down stairs. It looks like
nap time for her," Chrissy said with a smile.

"B-but I want to stay," a clearly disappointed Danni
said, looking down with what a very tired Laura could
tell were strangely hungry eyes. But hungry for what?
What could this Elf want from her?

"Come on Danni, There will be plenty of time for that
kind of fun later," Sally replied, as she grabbed the
nude Danni's arm and pulled her out of the room.


"Come on."

The others followed them out of the room. Laura went to
sleep, happy in the knowledge that at least she had some
clothes on again.

* * * *

Laura's mind was filled with dreams of hands and mouths,
touching and sucking. Her body would rush from one
orgasm to another until even in her dreams her thoughts
went blank and she slept peacefully. Slowly her thoughts
began to work again and she opened her eyes and looked
around, sure it had been all a fantastic dream. She
groaned when she saw the same room as before. It was no

"I have to get out of here," Laura mumbled. "Got to get
home." But how? She was still naked, wasn't she?
Looking down at herself, she abruptly smiled. She saw that
she was dressed after all.

"Thank God!" she cried gratefully. But why did it have
to be all pink? God, anything but pink! And so tight!
Her mind began to spin, and her body started to tingle
just from the look of her lush figure being squeezed into
the pink-colored clothes, and squeezed it was.

The top had to be at least four sizes too small. It
smashed her size-36 breasts, and made them look three
sizes smaller but four sizes bigger around. She now
looked like a 33E! The pink top did at least cover them
completely, but left her entire stomach bare from just
below her breasts to where the skirt started.

The skirt was even more obscene than the top. It
actually looked like a tube top stretched down across her
hips. It was pulled so far down that it rested a good
four inches below her belly button. The skirt's hem line
just covered the tops of her thighs, directly below her
behind. Laura knew she wasn't wearing a bra, and she
almost didn't want to look but she had to see if she was
at least wearing panties.

First she closed her eyes and then pulled up the
abbreviated skirt. She took a deep breath and looked
down. "Oh, no!" she cried.

She should have been relieved that she was at least
wearing something, but this was a shock. The panties
were a shiny pink satin, and very tiny. The miniature
triangle did cover her sex, but was so sheer you could
almost see right through it. At least the back also had
a protective triangle and was not a thong.

The only reason you couldn't see her privates in front
was that directly on the front panel was a small dark-
pink heart with the word 'Sweet' embroidered across it in
red. It did cover her sex, but it made her seem more
naked than if she wasn't wearing any panties at all.

On her legs she had on sheer pink nylons which were held
up with a pink garter belt that had small pink bows on each
side. She doubted that the silly skirt would even cover
the tops of her stockings. On her feet she wore a pair
of pink clog pumps. She was amazed. The soles were four
inches thick! She stood up and found that she was getting
dizzy from the height! They were held onto her feet with
straps that criss-crossed up her calves and tied just below
her knees.

This outfit was insane! Who were these people, anyway?
It looked like something you would see in one of those
disgusting magazines her father always kept under the bed.

There had to be something else she could wear, but as
she looked about the room, the only clothes she found
in the closet would have barely fit a size-one figure!

"Damn these forever-dieting teenagers! I know. I'll just
wrap myself in one of these bed sheets! Then I'll be
able to find something else." Laura reached down to grab
a sheet but there wasn't one!

"Oh, damn!" Everything had been stripped off the bed while
she slept. It was her own fault. She had messed up the
bed and now she had no choice but to sneak out as she was
and find something else to wear, not to mention a way home!

She got up and started out the door, but had to stop
every few steps to pull the skirt back down over her
pert buttocks. Because of the strange shoes she was
wearing, to walk in them she had to do a ridiculously sexy
little wiggle with her hips to keep from falling over.
Yet, the walk helped to keep the skirt stretching this way
and that from her swaying hips, and so it was constantly
trying to pop up to her waist.

"I'll just take these off," Laura said as she bent over
to untie the pumps laced to her legs. But try as she
might, Laura couldn't get them untied as the blood rushed
down to her already dizzy head.

"Damn it!" she mumbled as she stood up again, and waited
until the room stopped spinning. A sailor must have tied
these knots, because she could not budge them. Now she
would have to wear them until she found a pair of scissors
to cut the straps off.

Outside the room, Laura found a long hallway with doors
evenly spaced along the walls. In the center of the left
wall there was a wide staircase leading down. She
realized this place must have been a large private
residence once, before it was converted into a sorority.

She stumbled from room to room along the entire floor,
carefully staying back away from the opening for the
stairs, but the doors were all locked.

"Damn!" she muttered in defeat.

Now she had no choice but to go down the stairs, from which
direction came the reoccurring sound of laugher.
Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any men's voices
coming from down there. Dressed as she was, she didn't
need a bunch of guys stripping her with their eyes, or
trying to get fresh with their hands. She was not too
positive what all had been happening to her this evening,
but she was very sure that she had had enough today!

Slowly Laura made her way to the stairs, then proceeded
down toward the voices. Suddenly everything below her was
quiet! With each step her heart pounded and her legs
trembled. The only sound was that of her pumps on the
stairs. The soles must have had cleats because the
constant slap-tic-click, slap-tic-click on the polished
hardwood steps rang loudly out, almost like a signal to the
world, "Look here comes dirty girl!" It was that fateful
day at New Berlin all over again and she found the sound
oddly exciting.

By the time she made it down the stairs and entered the
living room, her sex was on fire and her nipples were so
hard they hurt.

"We're glad to see sleeping beauty has finally awakened,"
Chrissy laughed.

The four girls were spread about the large comfortable
living room. They were all wearing rather revealing
party clothes, although Laura noticed immediately that
none of them even came close to what she was wearing!

Danni, sitting alone on a two-seat couch, was hopefully
patting the seat next to her. Laura hurriedly shook her
head a quick 'No', then went over to where the two police
offices were sitting. No more elves!

Laura blushed deeply as she tried to pretend that what
she was wearing was perfectly normal for her, and that
her nipples were always sticking two inches away from her

"Thank you for the clothes, but.... Well. They do seem to
be just a tiny bit small for me. Do... Well, do any of
you have something else I could wear? Please? Just to
get me home of course. I'll gladly return them tomorrow."
Laura stammered, feeling a strange tingle run through her
body as she watched all of them looking at her with a
strange interest. What was happening here?

"I think what you're wearing looks fine," said Sally.
"Don't you agree, Danni?"

"Oh, yes," cooed Danni.

"But..." protested Laura.

"But, nothing," stated Sally matter-of-factly. "All
these girls were nice enough to give you something to
wear. You should be thankful. Besides which, you're
lucky Chrissy and I don't take you to the station and
book you for indecent exposure, not to mention
contributing to the dilequicy of minors. Do you really
want that?"

An aghast Laura quickly shook her head, 'No.'

"I didn't think so," continued Sally. "So just sit down
for an hour, be our guest, relax and have a beer. You
look like you could use one, or even two."

Sally went behind a small bar built into the wall and
quickly returned carrying several glasses. She handed
Laura a large frosted mug filled with a foaming golden

"T-thank y-you, but I-I n-need to get h-home," Laura
whimpered, as she took the heavy mug in both hands,
feeling more naked by the minute, dressed as she was,
under their open, devouring stares.

"We'll take you home later."


"Just relax and sit down, would you?" Chrissy said kindly
back. "It's all right."

She took the reluctant Laura by the hand and led her over
to where an expectant the Elf was sitting. The officer
gave Laura a little push on the shoulders and, because of
the height of the pumps and the fact that she was still a
little weak in the knees, Laura had no choice but to sit
next to Danni.

The girl clearly was infatuated with her, but Laura was
so confused at the moment she had no idea what to do
about it, or even why she would be in the first place. Her
body tingled at the close presence of this girl, while her
dazed mind was still trying to understand what had happened
with her just a short time before!

Fortunately, this time the teenager behaved herself,
although Danni's eyes glowed brightly every time the girl
looked at her.

They all talked school and parties, and the bewildered
Laura tried to follow the conversation as best she could as
she worried about her clothes and how she was going to get

It seemed that the police officers did in fact bring her
to a sorority located at one of the near-by colleges. If
she could only get to a phone, Doris could be here in
just under an hour. But the phone turned out to be out
of order, they all told her. Laura couldn't believe her

Still, it wasn't all that bad. Everyone was very polite.
If Laura's beer became empty someone would promptly bring
her another, which was good because she was feeling very
thirsty. She only wished they would offer her some food
as well, as she had not eaten all day. What happened up
in the bedroom was not mentioned, and Laura was starting
to truly wonder if anything really did happen there after
all, it was all so fantastic!

The only thing was, they just wouldn't take her home, at
least not yet. It appeared they really enjoyed her company
and wanted her to spend some time with them. Well, it was
nice of them to take care of her like this. She had
reported her accident to the police (well, sort of) and was
assured that it was being well taken care of. At least she
was out of the cold, dark woods and in comfortable

Besides, she had never joined a sorority and had always
wondered what it would be like to be a part of one.
Laura had always thought that sorority members were quite
stuck up, but these girls seemed to be quite friendly.
Even Danni's constant hand on her knee didn't bother her
any more. However, she would remember to stay away from
those upstairs bedrooms!

Laura, after having two beers on a very empty stomach,
was feeling more than a little dizzy. After her fourth
she was giggling like a young school girl on her first
field trip.

Man! She hadn't been this relaxed all day. She felt
great! Danni's hand moving over her nylon-covered thigh
was so soothing, she felt like purring!

The Elf would sometimes get very careless and move her hand
much higher the she should. It was rather embarrassing
for Laura, but she was a guest here and didn't want to
make a fuss about something so innocuous. The girl was
just trying to be friendly, she was sure.

Laura was contentedly drinking her fifth beer when the
small hand disappeared right under her short skirt! She
almost choked! Laura could feel the heat radiating from
it. Not just on her bare thigh, where it was burning a
hole in the flesh above her stocking top, but on her sex
itself the hand was so close!

She was staring in opened-mouthed amazement at the
unconcerned girl beside her when Chrissy stood and
shouted, "Road trip!"

When she saw the other girls all rise, a grateful Laura
did too. Phew! That was close! No telling what that
girl was capable of, even if she did look like an elf.
Odd how the room kept tilting back and forth like that,
almost like she was drunk or something.

With a girl on each arm they helped the confused but
smiling Laura out the door and outside to a small parking
lot located adjacent to the large old house.

"Oh, good!" she cried happily. They were going for a ride!
She loved rides. Please, God, please make it a food-run!

"Hey!" Laura shouted in confused panic as she found
herself being led to the police jeep. She certainly did
not want to ride in that thing again!

"Please," whispered Danni in her ear as she placed a
comforting hand on Laura's right buttock. "For me."

"It's just that..." Laura started, then stopped. How
could she ever explain her nude ride without making
herself out to be a complete idiot?

"Please," Danni whispered again as her hand began a
circular motion on the trembling half-moon as she stood on
tip-toe and kissed Laura gently on the side of the neck.

"We can get something to eat at Jay's," the Elf murmured as
her hand moved over to Laura's other firm buttock. "We
always do. They even have a phone there."

"Well, OK," a suddenly shivering Laura said. She started
walking as fast as she could the short distance to the
jeep. It was obviously important to the Elf that she go
with them, and it was the least she could do after all
they had done to help her. It didn't matter really. She
would have agreed to just about anything only to get away
from that girl's hands! They took her breath away!

If only the world wasn't tilting so much, she would be
able to think of what to do about Danni's infatuation.
What was it about her that girls found so fascinating
they had to keep touching her all the time? It kept
happening all the time now! How bizarre!

At the jeep, Laura found it impossible for her to climb in.
The high jeep kept tilting like the rest of the world was
doing, and it was just too unsteady for her. The others
gathered around her to help.

"Thank you," she said gratefully as they pushed on her
hips. She was half-way up when several of their hands
inadvertently slipped under her skirt and pulled up on
her panties.

"Oh!" she gasped in surprise and almost fell as the
crotch band dug deeply into her still tingling, swollen
labia. Fortunately, her friends caught her in time by
grabbing her top and skirt.

"Oops!" she said foolishly as they set her back on her
feet. "Must have missed a step."

"That's OK," said Sally. "Let's try it again, shall we?"

Once again they helped her up, but this time their hands
were on her bare buttocks! Before she could even
protest, she was pushed high into the jeep and she had to
find something to hang on to or she would risk falling
again. She finally found the roll bar and pulled herself to

Inside the jeep, Laura found she was gasping for air.
She was sure at least one hand had slipped from her hips
and had gone between her legs! It had been holding her
by her over-sensitive crotch! My God! What a sensation!
She had almost climaxed! She had to get control of these
grotesque feelings.

She had other things to worry about, like her skirt and
top. She was sure that both were much higher then before,
but she would fix them later, just as soon as she got her
breath back. She wished they hadn't done that, touched her
that way, but what could she say? Accidents do happen.

Outside the jeep, the others were clamoring for her to
move so they could get in. Laura sat on the back bench,
and immediately jumped up as she felt her bare bottom
come into contact with the cold leather seat.

"Aah!" she cried and quickly pulled down her stupid skirt,
which she found was high above her hips. They could have
at least told her about that!

The others piled in after her and the jeep swiftly went
on its way, with Chrissy and Sally in front and Danni and
Alex sitting on either side of Laura in the back. Laura
tried not to stare at the gearshift quivering in front of
her. "My God!" she breathed and crossed her legs.
Watching that made her feel so sexy, she just couldn't
understand it!

"Are we really going for something to eat?" Laura asked
eagerly. "I'm starved!"

"Don't worry, honey,' Chrissy said from the driver's
seat. "We'll take good care of you, as always."

Crowded in the back with her new friends from the
sorority, Laura closed her eyes. It was not very polite,
she knew, but the jeep kept rocking back and forth like a
ship at sea and it was the only way she knew to keep from
becoming even more dizzy than she was already. A good
meal was what she really needed right now. That and just
one or two more beers.

Laura tried to sit still but the feelings she'd been
having all day were beginning again. She could almost
feel her breasts being squeezed! It felt so delicious!
Her mind began to race as the feeling spread down her
body and made her sex heat. It was all she could do to
keep herself from screaming with pleasure as the
sensations continued to build in her dazed mind. Laura
wanted desperately to open her eyes and see there was
nothing there, that it was only in her mind, but she
couldn't will her eyes to open. It was so comfortable
like this, with the cold wind in her face and her friends
beside her, keeping her warm.

The sensations from her breasts continued to radiate. Soon
her breasts they were aching they were so swollen, while
her sex was positively on fire! It was so weird. Unable
to help herself, her back arched and her legs spread. She
soon thought she felt something resting on her upper left

"Please, no," Laura whispered in sudden despair. She had
done it again! A few beers on an empty stomach and she
was going to climax right here in the back seat of a
police car between two college girls. "God, no! Not

It was so close now, the pressure building and building,
Laura started to panic. She crossed her legs tightly but
it didn't help. Insanely, she felt something between them.
The pressure continued to build! There was no way she was
going to be able to stop it!

"We're here!"

Suddenly the building pressure ceased. She opened her
eyes and saw with sad relief that there was no one
touching her at all. Now she was faced with the terrible
fact that she had almost made herself climax yet again.
She was lost! She sat gasping for air, her despair so deep
she could not even move when the others left the jeep. Her
friends had to come back and help her out like the sick
invalid she was.

"Where are we?" Laura mumbled as she was being led
across the small parking lot toward a rough, single-story
brick building. Danni and Alex were helpfully holding her
arms on either side of her, while Chrissy and Sally
followed behind.

"Just a little place we like for fun. Now, come on,"
Alex replied as she and Alex helped guide the dazed Laura
toward the front door.

With both arms being held, Laura had no way of
straightening her clothes. So as they walked, Laura could
feel her top sliding up as her breasts bounced. And if
that wasn't bad enough, she was sure the short skirt she
was wearing was working its way up her hips and was now
threatening to pop up over the swell of her rounded bottom
at any moment.

Laura mind was clearing now from the cold crispness
of the evening. Everything was steady, and she knew what
she had to do. She might have to depend on her new
friends, but there were still some things she had to take
care of herself.

"My clothes!" she squealed, stopping. "I must fix my

A smiling Chrissy swatted Laura on the behind.

"Hey!" Laura automatically complained, then hurried
forward when she saw Chrissy's no-nonsense police look.

"Be quiet. Your clothes are just fine," said Chrissy.

Fine? Fine? What would she know? Her top was still
working its way up to the point where she could feel the
cold night air on the bottoms of her breasts. She was
sure her skirt was much higher now as well. Thank God
she was at least wearing underwear, even if it was a tiny
pair of sexy pink panties.

"Nice look, sweet thing!" a man shouted from across
the parking lot, as he caught sight of Laura and the four
lovely girls trying to get her into the building.

"That's it! I need to fix my clothes!" Laura squealed
again and stopped. She struggled ineffectually to pull her
skirt back down and straighten her top.

"In a minute. Let's just get inside first," Chrissy
giggled, swatting Laura's now bare buttocks, her panties
having been pulled deep in between them.

"OUCH! Stop that! Please, I need to fix my clothes!"

"All right, go ahead and fix them," Alex giggled and
they all stepped away from her.

"Well aren't you a pretty thing," another man's voice
said. "But I still need to see your ID."

Laura looked up to find she was standing at the front
door of the building and a very large man was smiling
down at her.


Laura quickly got her skirt stretched down over her
behind and her breasts squeezed into what felt like an
even smaller top than before.

"I-I don't have any," she replied sheepishly, looking
back at the girls who were watching coolly behind her.

"Is that right? You girls know the rules. No ID, no
admittance," he said as he looked towards at the others.

Alex stepped forward. "Can't you make and exception in
her case," she cooed right in his ear.

"I can't, kid. I'd get fired."

Quickly the others could see he was weakening and
attacked him like he was a wounded animal, their hands
rubbing his chest. "Please, could you make an
exception in her case, just for us," Alex cooed in his ear
again, then kissed it.

"All right, enough! Go in! But if anyone asks, you got in
while I was busy chasing away someone," he said, as he
tried to hide the growing bulge in his pants.

"Thanks," Danni said. They all giggled, grabbed a
stunned Laura and pulled her into the building.

Laura couldn't believe the man at the door let them
inside. If only this night could have ended there at the
front door. He would have sent them away so they
would be forced to go back to the dorm, or better
yet take her home. Her recent episode in the jeep
reminded her just what kind of day she had been having,
and a few more beers just wasn't worth it. Not at all!

But instead, he had let them all into the bar. This day
just couldn't get any worse!

"This is all Missy's fault. Damn that girl!" Laura
mumbled under her breath as they went through a short foyer
and into the main room.

Once inside, as her eyes adjusted to the low lighting,
Laura took the opportunity to look around. It was just
like the bars she had known during her first few years in
college, when she had the time for such frivolities.
Nothing very fancy here. Just the usual assortment of
well-used tables and chairs, a bar running along the far
wall, a brightly-lighted jukebox glowing in the corner, and
what looked like a small t-shaped stage.

"That's strange," Laura said in wonder. The stage
looked far too oddly shaped to hold any sort of band.
Almost like the kind of platform models use. Maybe
they just used a DJ here? She was startled out of her
reverie by the sudden appearance out of the darkness of a
beautiful woman wearing tight jeans, a black silk
embroidered blouse and high-heeled boots with very pointed

"Nice outfit. Who's your friend?" said the tall,
perfectly-built brunette as she walked up to the group.
Laura was embarrassed by the long, open look of desire
the stranger gave her, and turned away. Just who did this
person think she was, anyway? She jumped in shock when she
felt a hand start to pat her on the behind!

"Hey! Stop that," Laura squealed quietly in protest as she
slapped at the offending hand!

"Behave, you!' growled Sally. In a harsh whisper in
Laura's ear she said, "Don't make a scene!"

"But she's...!"

"Don't do it! That's the owner. Now be still."


Laura quit slapping at the determined hand and looked away
from the strange woman, hoping she would take the obvious
hint and just go away. But the hand didn't go away. It
continued to carefully pat her all over her buttocks, as if
she were being sized up for something.

Laura groaned to herself as her eager pussy started to
tingle from just the touch of the woman's hand. Not
again. Please! Not now! Hadn't she been through
enough? Why was her body betraying her again? Why
couldn't she stop the feelings that were now running
through her, making her nipples ache and her pussy
pulsate? Desperately she tried to ignore the unwanted
feelings that quickly spread from the electric touch on her

"Please, no," Laura quietly begged as the patting changed
to a slow, subtle caress which took her breath away.
What did this stranger want from her? Was this another
weird sorority practice? It was crazy, touching her in
public so openly like that.

"Hi, Vicky. She's a friend," Chrissy explained to the
brunette. "We all thought she'd be perfect for the
contest." Laura saw her sorority friends smiling at her
and she shivered. They were hungry smiles, even for

"What contest?" Laura asked as she turned towards the
group. "I'm not going to be in any contest!" she said
firmly as she tried to back away and go out the front door.

The fewer people who saw her dressed like this, the better!
She was hungry, tired, and needed to go home. She was not
going to let anything more happen, not now. Laura kept
slowly moving backward until she felt someone behind her.

"Oh, excuse me," she said. She turned to find Danni
smiling at her.

"Don't worry, it will be fun," Danni said whispering in
Laura's ear. She placed her hand on Laura's shapely rump
and gave it a little squeeze. Laura jumped at the
contact. Her behind was becoming incredibly sensitive
from all of the touching she had been getting.

"But I really need to get home now," Laura explained
reasonably to the adoring teen who had yet to remove her
hand. She fought down her embarrassment and added in a
quiet whisper, "And please keep your hands... You know you
shouldn' that. It-it really when you do

Laura stopped her feeble protests when the others of her
party came over to where they were standing. Another
group of girls had just entered the bar and were blocking
the exit as they argued loudly about where to sit. She
was trapped! Laura remembered Sally's stern warning
about making a scene, and so could only looked
imploringly at Danni, sure that the girl would understand
her and remove her hand. Danni just flashed her a
beautiful smile and her hand became even more active,
tracing over the taut fabric the rounded contours of her
firm buttocks. The girls by the exit came over and began
talking with Sally and Chrissy. The feel of Danni's hand
soon caused Laura to lose all track of the conversation
going on around her while her body heated even more.

It was all she could do to stand quietly and try to look
as if everything was normal, as Danni freely ran her hand
under the short skirt and traced the crack between her
trembling buttocks through the tight panties! Laura
could only hope that no one could see what the girl was
doing to her in the middle of a crowd.

"OH!" Laura helplessly gasped when Danni's hand suddenly
slipped between her upper thighs and cupped her sex. The
heat from the contact leapt from breast to breast. She
started to sway as the hand rubbed and rubbed secretly
between her thighs.

"What's wrong?" asked an amused Alex, but Laura could
only shrug her shoulders in affected puzzlement. What
could she say?

The rubbing continued and her legs got so weak she almost
fell to the floor. The girls had to carry her over to a
nearby table, where they helped her into a chair. Danni
sat eagerly on her right while the others stood around
her wearing looks of amused concern.

"Are you OK?" Alex asked kindly. "You seem a little

"Y-yes. I'm fine. Really. Haven't eaten all day,
that's all."

"That's nice, but you need to be careful of those really
strict diets."

"You''re right. Can I make a ph-phone call here?
I need to tell my family I'm here."

"Aren't you a good girl! Always letting everyone know
where you are so they will not worry about you?"

"Well, yes." Laura blushed to the roots of her hair. It
was terribly embarrassing, especially being dressed like
this, but she was a good girl. She really was! But what
was Danni's hand doing on her leg under the table? It
must be under her skirt again, because she could feel it
moving over the bare part of her thigh above the
stocking. My God! Didn't this girl ever quit? The
hand was so distracting she could hardly think. Hadn't
she done enough to her already?

"How about if I call for you?" asked Sally. "The only
phone is in the owner's office and she hates strangers in

"S-sure, that's f-fine." Laura took the pen Sally
offered her and with a trembling hand wrote out the
Manchester's address and phone number on a napkin. It was
only because the hand on her leg thankfully disappeared
that she was able to finish and pass both napkin and pen
to Alex.

"Please tell them that I could really use a...Oh!" Laura
gasped as Danni's hand came to rest once again on her
right upper thigh, just above the end of her stocking.
It wasn't just heat this time that she was sure she felt
pressing seductively against her vulva, it was the tips
of Danni's fingers!

"Why don't you keep our friend company while we get us all
a drink," Chrissy said to Danni. The girls smiled
knowingly at Danni and started to leave the two

"But...but...!" Laura stammered. She knew Danni meant
well, but it was just the way the girl kept looking at her,
touching her, like Danni had just come off a diet and
Laura was a chocolate mousse! And that hand on her
thigh! That sensation on her burning pussy! It made her
very nervous!

"Please don't leave us!" a pleading Laura managed
to croak as she felt the hand move between her tightly
clenched thighs.

"Don't worry, Danni won't bite. Would you?" Sally
replied, as she looked over her shoulder at Danni and

"No way," Danni smiled in reply, then looked over at the
worried Laura and squeezed her right inner thigh. "Well,
maybe a little."

"Be nice," Sally said. They all laughed as they left.

"Don't sweat it. Everything will be all right, you'll
see. Just relax," Danni said as she scooted her chair
closer to Laura's and put her hand directly on Laura's
sex over the thin panties.

Laura jumped and crossed her legs to protect herself
against this strange teenage elf, but that just served to
trap the small hand pressing tightly against her burning

"You were my first," Danni giggled, and took her free
left hand and placed it on Laura's heaving right breast.
"I love your tits. They're so big and firm."

"D-Danni! What are you saying? Please! Stop th-that!"
Laura whispered frantically as she finally found her voice
again. Terrified that someone might notice the bizarre
goings on at her table, she swiftly looked about the room.

"Someone will see!" Laura begged again. Without
thinking, she nervously uncrossed her legs and the hand
immediately clamped itself to her heated vulva.

"Oh my!" she gasped at the wonderful contact and had to
wait a moment to catch her breath again. She must get
away from this eager girl, she must! Laura tried to
stand up, despite the fact that her legs felt like jelly
from Danni's touch. The hand gave her crotch one final
squeeze before it disappeared and Laura almost fainted!
Her arms flailed about for support, and she clumsily
knocked over an empty glass mug which had been left on
the table.

At the sound of the heavy glass falling on the table, the
light-headed Laura saw that everyone in the place had
indeed turned to look at their table. In her befuddled
mind, she could feel a room full of ravenous eyes
stripping off each piece of her borrowed clothing. In
less than three seconds Laura felt like she was standing
in the bar completely naked.

Stunned at the patrons' inexplicable reaction, Laura's
eyes searched the room, and was surprised to notice for
the first time that everyone there was a female about
Danni's age. It was odd seeing a bar full of college
girls without one boy there to hit on them. For some
reason being dressed like this (God! So revealing! So
pink!) in a room full of girls made her more nervous than
she would have been in a room full of sex-crazed boys.
At least she knew what to expect from them, the filthy

She smiled nervously at no one in particular, then bent
over the table to pick up the fallen beer mug.

"Eeeek!" Laura yelped as she felt hands reach up under
her skirt and pull. Her face burning, Laura immediately
dropped the mug and quickly sat back down. Laura thought
she saw everyone smile at her before looking away. At
least they couldn't possibly know that Danni had pulled
her panties down around her thighs!

"Danni!" Laura said softly as she reached down for her
underwear. "Leave me alone!"

She found Danni's hands already there and a furious tug-
of-war began. "Danni, let go! Please!" she implored, as
she tried to pull her panties back up over her hips.

But the girl would not release her tenacious grip on the
fragile garment and a worried Laura could feel the
elastic stretching to its limits as they silently fought
over them under the table.

Laura had no choice but to stay seated now. If she stood
up everyone would see how she and Danni were fighting
over those damn pink things clinging to the middle of her

"Ah, excuse me!" a strange voice said.

"Yes?" a very distracted Laura looked up to see a tired-
looking young waitress wearing very high cut-offs and a
brief halter top standing over her, brandishing what
looked like some menus.

"You know you could have broken that."

"Broken? Broken what?"

"That beer mug you've been throwing around all night,
that's what! What's the matter, table not clean enough
to suit you?"

"The...the table's fine, thank you."

"Oh, don't thank me. It's all part of the job. Now,
here's your menus."

"Just...set them on the table please."

"Look, girl. I'm giving you the deluxe service. Or am I
not good enough for you?"

"Oh God. All right! Here, I'll take them!" Laura
reached for the menus and helplessly felt her panties
speed down her legs!

"Thank you," Laura said bitterly to the waitress as she
collected the offered menus and Danni's hand returned to
her upper thigh. She had no protection down there at all
now. Laura frantically clamped her knees together,
trapping the small hand between her thighs.

"Are you ready to order?"

"NO!" Laura inadvertently shouted as caressing fingers
traced her slick labia. Seeing the annoyed look on the
waitress, she tried again, much calmer this time. "No,
we're...we're expecting the rest of our party in a few

"OK, honey. Don't get your panties in a bunch! Just
wave when you're ready." The waitress left them.

"Ha!" muttered Laura as the hand teased her vulnerable
sex. "What panties?"

Danni's touch was really getting to her. Even in public
like this, even here. It felt sublime! She really was a
slut! If only she could think clearly for just a moment.
There must be some way out of this, there must be!

"Don't you feel more comfortable now?" Danni whispered
seductively. "Those nasty old panties looked so tight.
I'll bet they were pressing right up here," she whispered
and slid a finger into Laura's ready pussy.

"Oh! My God! Danni, please stop! Someone might see us,"
Laura half-squealed and half-moaned as the touch made her
heart pound, and her nipples swell. Laura wanted it
to end. She really did. Her hands shuffled and
reshuffled the menus uselessly as she tried, oh God, how
she tried, to resist what was happening. But the hand
seemed to know exactly what to do and in the end she
couldn't stop herself from spreading her legs, just a
little, so Danni could take whatever she wanted. She
was lost!

Laura, stunned by her own actions, could only sit there
while a victorious Danni reached under the table and slid
the useless panties under each foot, then placed the
garment on the table. "We don't want to lose these, do
we? They are mine, after all," she giggled.

Laura stared at her panties laying so openly on the table,
a visible sign of her own defeat and humiliation, as the
fantastic magic continued to happen between her legs.
She knew that she should just grab them, stand up, and
run as fast as she could out the door. But the magic was
clouding her mind, making thinking impossible. It all
felt so good, so good. Why must it always feel that way,
making it so very hard to resist? She picked up the
ridiculous panties and stared at them dully, hoping they
might give her an answer before she lost control

"You sure are pretty," Danni whispered sweetly as she
began to play with Laura's clitoris while Laura melted!

"Oh! Danni, please don't. I..." Laura voice caught in
her throat as an orgasm quickly started to build. Her
resolve quickly dissolved as the pressure steadily grew
within her. "A-hah! My God! N-not here, p-please!"

But Danni's fingers were working their magic and the soft
flesh of Laura's labia seemed to be swelling under the
touch. The sexual burning continued to build until she
could hardly see. Too late! She waited until it was too
late and now she was caught! Too late! Her legs spread
wider so Danni could find every inch of her steaming sex.
It wasn't fair! She couldn't help herself! She knew this
was madness to let it happen now, in public like this, but
her body wouldn't listen to her commands any longer. It
was like it had a mind of its own. It felt so good.

Laura's eyes clouded and the room began to spin as Danni's
finger dipped inside her well-lubricated vagina, then went
back to teasing her very swollen clit.

"Here we are," Chrissy said, setting a beer in front of
both Danni and Laura.

Laura looked up in humiliation and relief as the other
three girls rejoined the table. Danni had to stop now, she
had to!

"What's this? Has our friend begun to lose her clothes
again?" Sally slyly questioned, as she picked up the pink
lace then grinned over at a very happy Danni who
continued to work her fingers under the table while Laura
died from shame as she helplessly let Danni do what ever
she wanted. They knew, oh God, they knew!

"No. I just thought she'd be more comfortable without
them," Danni replied. "You don't mind, do you?" she
asked Laura.

Laura wanted to say that yes, she most certainly did
mind, and she wanted them put back on immediately.
But to her shock she could only nod her assent. Why did
she do that? She hated being in public without them, and
she hated, loved what Danni was doing to her under the
table. But her body wasn't hers any more. It belonged to
Danni and the wonderful hand dancing through her steaming
crotch. It was all she could do to keep from screaming
in frustration and joy as her passion continued to build
from Danni's touch. Her mind started to spin more and
more, while the pink top seemed to be getting even more
constricting then before, squeezing her swelling tender
breasts and terribly erect nipples.

Laura could hear them all talking about something, but
with Danni's fingers teasing her under the table, she
couldn't get her heated mind to focus on anything except
what was happening down below! They were talking about
the stage and water, but it was beyond Laura's
comprehension. What were they talking about?

If only Danni would stop. If only she could find the
strength to make her stop, but she couldn't. She was too
late, too late. The feeling building through her eager
body kept her paralyzed right where was, with her legs
spread just enough so that Danni could do whatever she
wanted to her under the table. It took all her
remaining strength just to keep from climaxing right in
front of everyone.

"I haven't seen you around at school before. How long
have you been going to Whitman?" Vickie asked as she
joined the table. Laura watched wide-eyed as the bar's
owner sat on her left and casually placed a hand on her
heaving left breast. Laura protectively crossed her arms
tightly over her chest, but the hand stayed. After
lovingly squeezing the breast a few times, Vickie began to
play with the vulnerable nipple that was trying to poke its
way through the material.

"Oh!" Laura gasped as the new sensations penetrated her
fevered brain. Her breast! This woman was touching her
breast, pulling and twisting the nipple! It was getting
harder and harder to concentrate with the hand playing
with her clit, running freely in and out of her dripping
sex, while another was teasing her breast. It just
wasn't fair!

"What?" Laura mumbled. She was sure someone had just
asked her a question. She couldn't let them know
whatever was happening to her was getting to her. It
would be just too humiliating to endure. She had to
focus, to hide it! How could these women touch her so
openly? Yet, she barely noticed what was happening with
her breast any more because of what was going on down
there! Down between her legs! Pretend nothing was
happening. That was it! Hide it! Hide it all!

"She asked how long how you've been going to Whitman?"
Sally questioned.

Laura took a long desperate drink of her ice-cold beer.
She had to pretend that nothing was happening. Hide it!

"I... Well..." Laura desperately tried to ignore the two
wonderful things that were being done to her. HIDE IT!
"I...j-just transferred f-from Community College. Yes,
that's it... And... Oh my God!"

Laura couldn't sit still any longer as Danni secretly
teased and rubbed at her defenseless sex under the table,
while at the same time Vickie pinched and pulled joyously
on her nipple until it was screaming to be sucked. HIDE
IT! Laura squirmed helplessly in the chair as the two
women kept on and on, working and teasing her defenseless
body until she wanted to scream.

"Is that right? You look jumpy. Are you nervous?"
Sally asked knowingly.

"I-I'm not n-nervous. It's just w-warm in h-here," the
heavily sweating Laura moaned, now desperately trying to
think of anything that would stop the beautiful feelings
the diabolical two women were causing her.

When she felt the wooden seat on her bare buttocks, Laura
realized with horror that Danni had somehow managed to
work her skirt up over her squirming hips. Oh, great!
Vickie was now trying to work her top up and completely
expose her breasts to the entire room! Oh, God! How can
this be happening?

The four continued to talk while Vickie and Danni kept up
their assault on Laura's madly twitching body. Between
the four's innocent conversations and everyone just going
about their business like nothing was going on, Laura
found it all incredibly sexy. Laura could think of
nothing else but the hands playing with her right in the
middle of a bar as her body continued to boil. She had
to fight it, had to think of something, anything else.

"I...was w-wondering why th-there aren't in the
b-bar tonight," a gasping Laura managed to say, now so
close to a mind-blowing climax she could practically taste

She was so close! Laura was sure everyone knew. In fact
she was amazed that it had not happened yet. God knew she
felt ready enough! She had been on the edge for so long
now, why hadn't it happened? Oh, God! Please make it

"Tonight is ladies' night," Chrissy replied. "We get the
bar all to ourselves. So on Saturday nights we can have
a little fun without be hit on by guys. We can let our
hair down with being worried about anything at all."

"I...see. Wh-what about...this c-contest you k-keep
talking about?"

Laura had no idea what she or anyone else was talking
about, but maybe it will keep everyone busy enough so she
could get away from the two that were happily driving her
mad as they kept teasing her under the table.

"The contest is great fun," answered Sally. "They have
one here once a week. The winning sorority gets two
hundred dollars. It sure helps out around the house.
When we found you running around, well, naked, we thought
you wouldn't mind being in it."

"What!" screeched a panting Laura as Danni thrust two
fingers deep inside of her.

After giving Laura's delectable breast one final squeeze,
Vickie stood up from the table. "You'll be just fine,
honey," she said to her, then walked up to the edge of the
stage. She picked up a portable microphone that was laying
there and turned it on.

"All right, everyone!" Vickie yelled and the patrons all
went wild! It's what you've all been waiting
for! It's contest time! Anyone who wants a chance at
200 dollars come up here to the stage!"

"Why don't you help our friend up to the stage," Chrissy
asked Danni.

Before Laura even knew what was happening, Danni had
removed her fingers from Laura's clasping vagina and was
her up and was walking on shaky legs toward the brightly
lighted stage, with her hands on Laura's trim waist. The
room cheered her every step.

"Uh, what's happening?" a bewildered Laura pleaded.
"Danni! Please, tell me. I don't understand! What's
going on?"

Laura's top seemed to be getting smaller. With each step
it inched its way higher, finally exposing the bottoms of
her bare breasts. She caught the top just before it rose
off entirely and showed the whole bar her naked chest.
If she didn't know better, it was as if someone was
pulling it up from behind. The only way it would stay
down now was for her to hold the bottom with both of her

Laura was so worried about her top that she didn't really
think anything about Danni's guiding hands on her waist
and the gentle tugs the girl was giving her skirt.

"This is worse than being in a room full of men," Laura
thought as the patrons hooted and howled like drunken
sailors on their first liberty after a year at sea.

Laura tried to coolly ignore all of the childish comments
about her breasts and legs, and how they'd love to touch
her, just once.

"What a cute outfit. But isn't the skirt a little
short?" one girl said as they passed her table. Laura
froze when she felt a hand caress her bare left buttock.

If Danni hadn't had her hands around her waist, Laura
would have fallen right through the floor in her
embarrassment at being so exposed. She looked down and was
horrified to see her skirt completely bunched above her
hips. She was naked from the waist down! They could see

"Come on," Danni giggled as she started the stunned Laura
walking toward the stage again.

"OH GOD!" Laura shouted as she tried to pull her skirt
back down. But as she pulled down her top went up. It
was like they were tied together somehow.

"Oh, no!" she cried in frustration as she tried to stop
and fix herself. "Danni, no! Please!"

But Danni kept her moving steadily toward the stage and
Laura could get nothing to work. Whenever she pulled
down her skirt, her top would go up. When she fixed
her top, her skirt would go up instead. She was so
confused, she had no idea what was happening!

By the time Danni helped her to the stage, Laura's skirt
was still up around her waist and her top had risen as
well, showing everyone her proud firm breasts and ultra
hard nipples.

Finally they stopped and Danni stood away from her.
Finally left alone, Laura was able to fix her clothes so
at least she was covered. What was happening? There was
a lot of cheering going on, but she had no idea why.

One moment she was being teased unmercifully in
public, and the next she was here on stage, being blinded
by all of these lights standing with four or five coeds.
What was going on?

"OK, everyone," Vickie stated. "You all know the rules.
Whoever puts on the sexiest show wins two hundred
dollars. Now the contestants will go backstage and get
their T-shirts. The contest starts in about 15 minutes."

"But I..." Laura tried to protest, but Danni grabbed her
around the waist again and led her backstage, while she
was once again concerned with trying to keep her ever-
drifting clothes covering her private parts.

Laura was relieved when they got through the curtain and
away from the lights and the noise. They continued
further back behind the narrow stage and ended up away
from everyone else.

"Here, I got you one of these," Danni chuckled, as she
handed a T-shirt to Laura.

"Danni! How sweet! Thank you! This top has been
impossible." Laura was sorry how she had so misjudged
this elf. After taking advantage of her, the girl was
giving her a present to try and make amends.

Laura unfolded the T-shirt and held it up. "Oh, no. I
can't wear this," Laura groaned as she held it up in
front of her. "Danni, it's much too small. Don't they
have anything that's a little larger?" It was even
smaller then the top she had on. There was no way it
would even fit over her full breasts, let alone cover

"No, that's it, the only size they have here. Everyone
usually brings their own for the contest."

"Contest? W-what contest?"

"The one you are in tonight, silly."

"Oh, God! A contest! I can't be in any contest."

"Of course you can. It's easy. You just walk up and down
the runway, that's all," Danni explained patiently.

"But I can't go out there. Not like this," Laura moaned.

"You won't be going out there wearing that. You'll be
wearing this," Danni said softly, taking the top from
Laura's hands and holding it up in front of her own
chest. "It is small, isn't it? But I'll bet you look so
sexy in it."

"Danni, no! I won't. I can't."

"But you'll win. I just know it. You're so pretty,"
Danni sighed as she pressed up against Laura's body, her
lips almost touching Laura's.

"I can't," Laura whispered, and began backing away until
something hit the back of her legs. Falling backwards,
she soon found herself sitting on a small bench. Quickly
Danni sat down beside her.

"Please. We really need the money."

"Danni, I can't, really. I don't even know what it's all
about. It's just not right. I just want to go home,
that's all."

Laura sat rigid with Danni right next to her, her
back straight and her knees tightly together. She
couldn't go on any stage. She just couldn't. What if one
of her own students was out there?

"But you're so pretty. You'll win easily," Danni cooed,
placing her hand on Laura's knee.

"My God! Y-you mean it's some kind of beauty contest?"

"Oh, yes!" Danni said eagerly, as her hand began to move
up and down Laura's trembling thigh. "You are so sexy!
You can't lose!"

"Th-thank you, but I can't," Laura answered.

How could she explain it to her? So much had happened,
she was simply overwhelmed. It was too much! She
couldn't take any more! Her body felt ready to explode
at any second. She wanted sex so badly right now it made
her teeth hurt! She had never been this out of control.
If anything else happened to her tonight, she was
terrified that once she started to climax, she would
never be able to stop. Never! She would continue to
have climax after climax until she eventually died a
blissful death.

But it was not just her body that worried her. Her mind
was also on the edge. Laura felt that her hold on sanity
was fixed only by the slimmest thread. She was so
exhausted and confused, she wasn't sure about anything
any more. Even the Elf sitting beside her, trying to
comfort her, caused her to have doubts. Was she in fact
real after all? Or was all this just another of her
increasingly mad dreams?

"In fact, I think you're prettier than anybody here, even
Chrissy and Sally," Danni said. She scooted closer to
Laura and ran her hand up higher on the pink-nylon
covered thigh.

"P-please don't d-do that," Laura gasped. Her entire
whole body trembled under the Elf's touch as the girl's
hand inched higher.

"You have such soft skin."

Danni ran her hand up and down Laura's thigh, and giggled
when it broke out in goose bumps. Moving upward, she
placed her hand on Laura's bare tummy. "So soft. I wish
I was as pretty as you."

"Danni, not here. Please, someone will see," Laura said
softly. "L-later, OK?"

She looked around the small backstage wing to see if
anyone was watching, but most of the girls had gone to
the other side of the stage to get ready, and they were
alone. She couldn't stop her legs from automatically
parting as Danni's right hand went up under her short
pink skirt, and quickly found her heating sex.

"Danni, Please," Laura whispered, as she took a quick
look around. "Later. Not here. Not like this."

"You look very sexy in pink," Danni uttered in a voice so
choked with desire Laura felt her whole body begin to
heat just from the sound of it.

Her mind raced. Her nipples hardened as Danni's finger
ran across her vulva and brushed up against her clit.
Laura reached down to grab Danni's hand, but Danni caught
it with her left, brought it up and kissed each shaking

"I can't believe you were my first," the Elf whispered.

Totally lost to any thought of resistance, Laura leaned
back against the wall and closed her eyes. Danni's hand
drove back under Laura skirt and started sliding through
the soft folds until Laura was so hot she let out a tiny
scream. When Danny found her found her clit again and
started making tiny circles, it was all she could do not
to scream at the top of her lungs, "MORE!"

She shifted against the wall and laid fully back on the
bench. She deliberately splayed her legs apart
for Danni's hand to do what it wanted. It was happening
again and she was powerless to stop it.

"You have such lovely breasts." Danni's free hand pulled
up the front of Laura's top, baring them for Danni's
waiting mouth. "I never knew how much fun big ones
could be. Yours are even nicer than Chrissy's. I
touched them once when she was drunk and passed out at
the dorm. But yours are a million times better, so much
softer. I wish mine were like yours."

The teen's tongue moved down and licked the insides of
both breasts, then slid up and circled each nipple. She
giggled contentedly as they both hardened and seemed to
swell. "So nice and big."

Laura arched her back as Danni's tongue touched the hard
tips. It was more than her mind could take. She was
spinning out of control from just the glorious touch of
an elf's tongue. Next the fairies would come and have her
as well.

"Please, don't," Laura whispered. She didn't want to make
the fairies jealous until they had their turn with her as
well. She really should stop the Elf before they were
caught, but the Elf's mouth began to suck lustfully on
the right breast, which took her will to fight away. It
was happening again and she didn't care. All she wanted
now was to feel Danni's touch everywhere. Her whole body
ached to be touched by the love-struck Elf.

The tongue began to move down her body toward her
pussy. Yes! This is what she needed. She raised her
hips in joyful anticipation of what was to happen next.
Laura's body shook as the tongue inched its way closer
and closer. She could feel the air coming out of Danni's
nose as it tickled her skin while the tongue continued
its way toward her hot, throbbing sex.

"Yes, God yes!" Laura gasped helplessly.

"Let's go girls!" shouted Vickie from the center opening of
the curtain.

"Uh?" questioned Laura dumbly as Danni rearranged her

"Be right there!" Danni shouted to the brunette. "Sorry
I got carried way," she said as she helped a very stunned
Laura to sit up. "But we'd better get this on you now."

With that Danni started to pull Laura's pink top quickly
over her head. She paused after dropping it to the floor.

"You're right about this T-shirt. It's way too small to
keep much of these covered," she giggled and she grabbed
both breasts and gave them one big squeeze.

"Oh! But, I... Don't stop," Laura whispered desperately.
Why had she stopped? Her whole body was on fire. She
wanted Danni to continue, no, she needed Danni to
continue. "Please, don't stop."

Laura was beyond caring. She was now the slut Bertha
Wolf always said she was. She wanted Danni. She wanted
Danni to have her completely right here, right now.

"I'd better stop," a resigned Danni said quietly as she
picked up the small T-shirt. "I don't want to make
Chrissy mad. This is all her idea anyway. Here, we need
to get this on you. God, I love your tits."

Laura sat in a fog as Danni grabbed her breasts one last
time and squeezed. She loved the way the firm breast-
flesh tried to escape between her fingers, and how the
hard nipples pressed into her small palms.

"Now let's see if I can make this work," Danni muttered
as she stretched the T-shirt over Laura's head. "Boy,
you're so big. I don't know if I can get this to cover
them." Danni pulled at the top, trying to get it to
cover Laura's size-36 mounds which kept trying to come
out of the bottom.

Laura sat motionless, looking down as her Elf pulled at
the top. Her nipples ached and her breasts seemed to be
swelling each time the Elf would try and get her breasts
to stay in the top. The sensation of the material being
stretched and pulled over her sensitive breasts kept her
so deliciously close to the edge that she felt she only had
to rub her thighs together to cum right there as Danni
continued her tug of war with the T-shirt.

One more tug on her breasts and she would finally cum.
At last! She didn't care who was watching, either. She
was going to climax right now and enjoy every marvelous
second of it!

"Just once more," Laura moaned.

"There. Now let's go."

"What?!" Laura mumbled opening her eyes and saw
Danni get up, quickly grab her hands and pull her up to
her feet. "But!"

Her legs shook and she swayed constantly, but Danni once
again wrapped her arm around her waist and helped her
back toward the front of the stage.

"I wasn't...! But...!" Laura gasped, but there was no
stopping the Elf.

With each step the fire in Laura's body continued to
consume her. Every movement of her unfettered breasts,
every time her sleek inner thighs rubbed together, were
amplified a thousand times in Laura's blasted mind.

She was being lead toward the stage, but she completely
forgotten why. Why wouldn't anyone tell what was going
on? Oh, God! She needed to cum! Why wouldn't anyone
let her cum? Maybe that's why she was going to the
stage, so the fairies could let her cum! But she couldn't
meet the fairies, not like this. Fairies were very
proper, most of the time anyway.

"Good God, no! Danni, I can't! Stop!"

Laura finally realized what it was she was wearing. The
top was so small that the entire bottom of each breast
stuck out completely. She was bare right up to the under
side of each nipple!

"I can't go out there like this!" Laura groaned. The
fairies would never approve.

But Danni kept her moving steadily towards their
destination. Laura could only watch fascinated as her
chest bounced and shook as Danni lead her. The only
thing this seemed to be keeping her top down over her
breasts at all were her very erect nipples. They were
so stiff that the top seemed to be stuck on them.

They had almost reached the opening for the curtains when
the bar's owner came through them.

"Good, you're here," a relieved Vickie said walking
toward them. "Danni!" she said reprovingly. "You almost
made her miss the contest."

"Sorry, she's just so pretty," Danni replied, blushing as
she looked away.

"Yes, she is that. You picked out the perfect top for
her," Vickie remarked as she reached out and ran
her fingers along the bottoms of Laura's half-hidden

"I'm going to love watching you," Vickie purred. The
tall woman had to bend down to give Laura a kiss on the

"Hey! Stop that!" Danni shouted.

"Danni, relax. This is just a kiss for good luck."

"OK, but no more," Danni pouted.

"Looks like someone is in love. Don't you think?" Vickie
asked as she looked with satisfaction into Laura's vacant

Danni looked down at the floor and blushed, "A little, I
guess. She's so pretty I can't help it."

The fingers tracing the sensitive under-sides of her
breasts had started Laura's head spinning again as her
nipples seemed to harden like ice. She was afraid they
would break off if anyone touched them. But the kiss!
My God! The kiss went right to her over-heated sex! It
pulsed and Laura stiffened as a tiny orgasm rippled through
her body. She felt the insides of her thighs grow wet from
her secretions.

The brunette continued her touching of Laura's breasts
as Laura came again and again in short mini-climaxes! The
woman's touch was so light and delicate, Laura felt like
her body would have exploded like an over-filled balloon if
it hadn't been for the small pulses of her throbbing cunt!
Even so, if Danni hadn't been holding onto her, she would
have fallen at their feet into a puddle of her own juices.

"Danni, she's be on next. You might what to fix her up a
bit first," Vickie said as looked down and saw Laura's
thighs, trembling and wet with excitement.

Laura watched the comely owner return to the front of the
stage through the curtains.

Danni looked down at Laura's legs. "God, she's right. I
can't let you go out like that. Let's sit you down right
here and I'll see if we can clean you up," Danny said
happily. She helped the bewildered Laura over to a crate
and sat her down on it.

"Now, what can I use?" Danni said as she looked around
for something to wipe Laura off. "Nothing! Ah! I've
got it. Just relax."

Laura watch dumbly as the Elf knelt in front of her,
spread her legs and placed her head between them.
Danni's smile widened as she stuck out her tongue and
started licking the vaginal fluids off the inside of
Laura's left thigh.

Laura sat frozen on the crate and watched Danni's mouth
kiss and her tongue lick happily upward toward her
seeping pussy. She was sure this had something to do
with her, but she couldn't imagine what. Laura was still
looking for the fairies who would finally let her cum.
She had thought that Vickie had been one, but no, way too

She had to stop her before the fairies came backstage and
saw what Danni was doing. But instead of stopping her,
Laura raised her hips in encouragement. She hoped the
fairies wouldn't become too angry with her, but she was
going to go mad if she didn't climax soon! She was sure
the fairies would understand.

Her body arched as Danni inched her way toward her sex as
she went from thigh to thigh. Laura was nearing the
boiling point again and there way no way to stop it! The
orgasm that was building would surely kill her. She
closed her eyes and happily waited for death. She felt
Danni's tongue moving up and up until it reached her sex.
Taking a deep breath so she wouldn't scream, Laura waited
for the tongue to continue.

"I don't seem to be helping," Danni giggled as she
flicked her tongue and caught the tip of Laura's stiff

"OH!" Laura moaned. Her orgasm was right there. "YES!
Now, baby! Do it! Do it now!!"

As the zealous tongue danced wildly through Laura's
swelling pussy lips and mercilessly teased her clit,
Laura's heart pounded and her mind filled with lust. The
room began to spin as all life seemed to be draining from
her body and was being replaced by the mounting pleasure
building between her legs.

"OK, girls! Here's a young lady I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Let's have a Jay's-welcome for Laura!" shouted Vickie.

"Oh God! You're up," Danni sat up quickly and pulling
Laura's skirt down, and gave the T-shirt one big tug.
"Let's go." With that she got Laura to her feet and
walked her toward the stage.

"W-what? What's happening? No! Not again! Please, I..."

Laura's mind was a mess. She couldn't even remember how
she got here. All she knew was that the wonderful feelings
had stopped and she was ready to scream in her frustration!

"Oh God!" Laura sobbed in despair. Why couldn't they let
ever her

"Almost there. Now remember: be sexy. We could really
use the money," Danni giggled, as she gave Laura a big
kiss for luck and pushed her out on stage.

"My turn? What do you mean my turn? My turn for what?"

Laura stopped when, in the bright stage lights, she
suddenly she caught a glimpse of the tall, beautiful
brunette holding, of all things, a garden hose.

"All right, honey, here we go," Vickie said, opening the
nozzle and spraying Laura with cold water.

"ACK!! Wait! Oh God! Are you nuts? What are you
doing?" Laura shrieked, as goose bumps broke out all over
her body and her mind crashed back down to earth.

The cold water quickly soaked through her T-shirt and
tiny pink skirt. Desperately Laura tried to put her
hands out to stop the water from hitting her but it was
no use. The woman kept spraying, even deliberately
walking around so that she got both her front and back.
It wasn't until she was soaked from head to toe that the
water was turned off. The woman then stepped off stage.
Music start playing loudly in the background as Laura
dumbly wiped the water from her eyes. What the hell was
going on? She looked down to at herself and froze in

"Oh No!" she exclaimed in horror. It was as if she was
completely naked! What clothes she had on now clung to
her like a see-through second skin! "Please, no!"

Every beautiful curve was on perfectly display for all to
see. Quickly Laura's left arm went across her chest,
while her right hand went down to cover her sex.

The crowd cheered as a distraught Laura turned her back
to them.

One girl shouted, "Nice ass!"

"Oh God!" Quickly she turned around again. She faced
the blinding spot lights as her right hand flew back to
find her skirt was completely up in the back. They had
all seen her naked backside! Laura's hands shot back to
pull her skirt back down, not caring that she was pushing
out her breasts in the process.

The crowd began to roar and Laura became frozen in shock.
She had no idea what all the screaming was about, and the
noise frightened her. She was fixed in the blinding
lights, with her hands behind her, as she kept the back
of her skirt firmly down. She finally looked down and
saw that her proud, high-set breasts had escaped from
underneath the ill-fitting T-shirt. But she still
couldn't move! The noise from the patrons and the
booming music were deafening, the lights blinding. Her
chest was completely exposed in a public place, a bar,
and she couldn't move!

"All right, everyone back on stage," she heard Vickie
holler from behind her.

When she saw the stage start to fill with nearly naked
college girls she was finally able to move and tug her
top back over her breasts. She turned to leave the
stage, but was quickly stopped by two wet coeds who held
her by the arms and brought her back to where she had
been standing.

"Oh, no you don't," one of the girls told her. "We're
just getting started!"

As the group was being sprayed down again, Laura began to
notice just how beautiful her companions were. "God,
please. Not now," she moaned as her eyes went from girl
to shapely girl. They were all so beautiful. All so
young. All so wet! Laura just wanted to...!

My God! What was she thinking!? Her nipples grew hard
this time from the excitement and not the cold water that
was being sprayed on her again. And it didn't help much
that two absolutely gorgeous girls were now rubbing up
against her, shrieking in delight as the water splashed

"There we go, all nice and wet. Now it's time to vote
for your favorite girls, and get down to business. I'll
hold my hand over the head of each girl. Your applause
will tell me which girls move on to the next round, and
which girls do not. Here we go. Girls, line up, please!"

The contestants formed a single line across the stage.
The crowd shouted their approval when Vickie stood behind
them with her hand over their head. Laura watched in
dazed amazement as each girl would shamelessly wiggle her
body a bit and shake her young breasts until the crowd's
cheers grew louder.

What kind of contest was this, anyway? Laura knew what
she was going to do. When it was her turn, she would
just keep very still. That way she would not get cheered
and she wouldn't be picked.

Enough was enough, already! She was soaking wet, tired and
hungry. She was so far-gone that at one point she was
looking for pixies for God's sake! Pixies! Or was it
fairies? Either way, it was bad. She had never felt
so empty, so much in need. She wanted desperately to be
touched, to be loved. Even after being repeatedly hosed
down with cold water (thanks, Vickie!), her body was
still simmering on the inside, just waiting for the
correct stimulus to send her off on the orgasm of all time.

She wondered if any of the girls on stage with her would
be available for a 'date' later, after the contest.

Laura held her breath as the brunette moved behind her
and put her hand over her head. The crowd cheered loudly
at first, then stopped as Laura determinedly did
absolutely nothing and just looked at the stage floor.
It was working!

A complacent Laura suddenly stiffened when Vickie
whispered in her left ear, "I don't think so,
sweetheart." The woman lifted the back of Laura's skirt
and gave her right buttock a hard slap!

"Hey!" Laura indignantly squealed as her hands
automatically flew back to comfort her stinging behind.
But she forgot how short her top was and, when her chest
was pushed out, the T-shirt popped off her breasts and
they bounced free once again.

The crowd went wild as Laura turned white with
embarrassment. She knew that dreadful sound now. She
must have done it again! Exposed herself in front of
all these people!

"Oh God!" she cried.

Determined not to display herself, Laura quickly turned
to protect her breasts from everyone's eyes while she
used both hands to pull her top down. But as she faced
toward the rear of the stage, still nervously fighting
with her top, the crowd roared even louder then before.

With dread she looked behind her and saw that, not only
was her skirt back up around her waist, there was a red
hand print glowing on her lightly tanned right buttock!

"OH!" she yelled in disappointment as she spun around
once more, and pulled her unruly skirt back down again.
Why did this keep happening? Why couldn't she keep
dressed? Her poor buttock still stung and she glared
angrily at the nonchalant Vickie standing beside her.

"Well!" the bar's owner called mischievously into her
cordless microphone as Laura felt her abused behind being
freely patted again. "I can see who you like the most!
All right, Laura. You're in the finals, along with
Jamie, Patti, Alice, and Jackie. Now, backstage everyone,
and we'll call you all out in a few minutes."

"But I don't want to be in any contest," Laura grumbled
as she was herded back stage by the other finalists.

Behind the curtain, the other four girls left Laura
standing alone and huddled together for several seconds,
then looked over at Laura and smiled.

Laura felt herself fading fast. She was practically out
on her feet. She never should have had so much beer,
especially on an empty stomach. As she watched the other
finalists, a mist came over her eyes. They were so
lovely! Her nipples grew hard and even her sex began to
tingle just from watching them. All four girls
were quite beautiful, even soaking wet, with firm young
bodies that were nicely shaped and still very tanned, even
this late in the fall. She knew what their breasts and
erect nipples looked like because of their thankfully wet

Her heart leapt looking at them. Goddesses so sweet and
clean, glowing with health, so pure they made her heart
pound! How would they look, completely naked and helpless
to her every touch? Would they have tan lines down below?
Would they have pubic hair, or would they all be shaven and
hairless like the innocent newborns they truly were? To
have such beauty at her absolute mercy! Wow!

Laura slowly shook her head. What was she thinking? For
a mortal to offend the gods was surly death! She had to
get out of here. But the sight of the four exciting
visions had her mesmerized! They seemed to float through
the air, so flawless they could never dare touch the
ground! She couldn't tear her eyes away! As she watched
them start to come towards her through the thickening
mist, she recognized that there was something about them,
something familiar, but she couldn't quite place it.

They were soon near enough so that she could hear what
they were saying, but she was too tired and too
distracted by their stunning perfection to make any sense
out of it. Besides, how could mere mortals hope to
understand the conversations of the gods?

"Chrissy is right. She's hot!"

"Can you believe they found her half-naked in the

"The only things I ever find in the woods are
bugs. Disgusting!"

All four laughed.

"I'm not going to miss any chance to have some fun with

"Me neither."

"Oh, me too!"

"Hey, don't forget me!"

The four quickly surrounded Laura, and she nervously put
her arms up to help cover her clearly revealed breasts
and sex. What could these goddesses want with her?

"Where did you get that outfit? God, it's so sexy,"
Alice questioned, as she easily moved Laura's arms to her
sides. She then reached out and took the wet hem of
Laura's short pink skirt and rubbed it between her
fingers. "You guys have to feel this. It's silk,

Suddenly there were hands pulling at her skirt. Laura
trembled at the thought of being the center of attention
of these supernatural beings. She worried that her skirt
would come off with their constant pulling due to their
obvious fascination with human clothing. Why else would
they be so interested in such a silly garment?

Someone seemed to be cupping her behind while others were
casually brushing up against her pubic mound. Laura
tried to look down to see for sure, but all she saw in
the ever-thickening mist were four of the most beautiful
women she had ever seen, pulling at the material of her
pink skirt, and rubbing it between their fingers. She
didn't understand why their hands were under her skirt so
much. Didn't they understand that the only thing under
there was her and nothing else? She could hardly breathe
from what was happening under there!

The four deities continued to pluck at her clothes.
Laura no longer saw their T-shirts and bikinis. They had
become sheer togas with golden hems. In their ancient
dress, she could now easily understand why the short
skirt would fascinate them so. Goddesses would never
have anything like that!

"Oh!" she gasped and jumped in surprise as yet another
hand came into delectable contact with her secret, hyper-
sensitive flesh. Her ready, unfulfilled body began to
wildly heat as she continued to feel the oddest
sensations under her skirt, as if they really were
deliberately squeezing her behind and running their
fingers over her ready, burning sex! What was happening?
What was happening?

"It is silk!" two of the deities cried out in mock

"It's so beautiful!" sang out the other two.

But their fingers never stopped!

In her bedazzled mind, the only thing Laura was actually
sure of were the extreme sensations which freely ran
about her quivering, melting body. She knew she had
reached the end of her endurance, and couldn't take any
more! Laura felt the unbearable pressure, the
incalculable waves of excitement within her shaking body
reaching the bursting point! It was becoming too much
for her poor tortured mind! The mist almost completely
filled her eyes now and her tenuous hold on reality was
nearly gone. She had to hang on, she just had to! If
she didn't, the rational being called Laura Papadakis,
teacher at New Berlin High School, would soon cease
to exist.

All that would remain then would be a beautiful animal,
ravenous for sensation. An animal which would be totally
out of her ability to control! It was terrifying!


Unaware of what they were really doing to her, the four
finalists continued their abuse of this beautiful,
vulnerable stranger who had so unexpectedly come into
their lives tonight.

At first they just brushed their hands up against the
befuddled Laura's shapely behind and her thighs, but when
they saw her do nothing to stop them, the four quickly
grew bolder. The skirt was swiftly pushed up and
everyone immediately took advantage of Laura's
astonishing vulnerability. Alice and Jackie each claimed
a cheek and started to gleefully knead the firm buttock
flesh. Jamie's fingers twirled through Laura's pubic
hair, while Patti's fingers found their way to Laura's
hardening clit.

"Yeah. The top is pretty interesting, too," Jackie said,
continuing the deception as she reached out and slid her
fingers under the bottom of the tiny T-shirt and gave it
a short tug.

Laura knew she shouldn't let them handle her clothes like
this. These supernatural being just didn't understand
that they were touching her, exciting her beyond
endurance in the process of their innocent explorations,
and that she was on the very edge of sanity itself. Her
mind had long become a jumbled mess. The terrible want
she had felt so strongly earlier this strange evening was
returning with a vengeance, and had pushed out every
other thought. Her abused body ached with longing, the
need for a glorious release. It was obscene, her feeling
that way with these amazing visitors from Mount Olympus,
who were interested in her, of all mortal people.

The touching under her skirt continued and Laura knew
that if she didn't stop them now she going to cum and
cum, never stopping until she was no more! How
delightful! But still, she dimly knew that she had to
try and save herself.

"Stop that," Laura murmured softly, afraid of offending
the gods so that they would not stop what they were doing
to her, yet equally afraid that they really would stop!
Her top magically rode up over her breasts again, and she
was embarrassed to see that her nipples swelled into
diamond-hard points as they poked gaily through the heavy

"You sure know your stuff. Acting shy like that really
got the crowd going," Jamie said to her, but Laura had no
idea what she was talking about.

"You sure do. I've never seen you before. How long
have you been going to school here?" Patti asked.

Four hands were now playing with her bunched top,
sampling the material between slender fingers. The
hands would occasionally brush up against her swollen
breasts and Laura felt faint whenever that happened.

"I...I...," Laura tried desperately to respond, but she had
no idea about what. She was sure a goddess had asked her
something, but she knew not what. If only their hands
wouldn't brush up against her breasts, or get so careless
under her skirt, she could think.

But thinking was totally impossible. The terrible hunger
was consuming her very being, and all that happened just
served to feed the flames of her out-of-control desire
all the more. Their fingers seemed to be pulling at her
exposed nipples now as they reached for her top. It was
the delicious nightmare with the snack tray all over
again when she was so helplessly vulnerable. If she
hadn't had such proud breasts, they wouldn't have to be
pulling them out of the way to feel the strange material
of her top.

"Please, don't," Laura whispered as the sensation of
hands moving over her sex continued. She was so near to
it now that tears of happiness ran down her flushed face.
If it didn't stop soon, she was going to cum! Oh God!
Please let it finally happen! She would go mad if it

The four simpered with delight as they played with
Laura's body. It was perfect, so warm and firm to the
touch. Patti loved the way Laura trembled when she
ran her finger across her clit. Jamie enjoyed the way
Laura would squeeze her ass cheeks together around her
finger when she tried to play with her anus. Jackie
giggled each time she pulled on Laura nipples and
they would get even harder. And lastly Alice
especially loved the way Laura's breasts seemed to be
swelling in her hands.

She was everything Chrissy had told them she was, and
more. "A true find," Chrissy had said to them earlier.

They were about to step up their attack when Vickie
called out from in front of the curtain, "It's showtime.
Let's go!"

Laura was so consumed she never heard or felt a thing as
the four helped her back on stage and held her so that
Vickie could wet her down with the hose one final time.
This time the cold water did nothing to clear Laura's
lust-filled mind. Her breasts ached for the hands to
return as her sex freely dripped. The thought of the
magical hands on her fevered body left her so excited she
couldn't remember her own name. In fact she knew nothing
any more but her own terrible need!

"It's time for the grand finale!" Vickie shouted into her
cordless microphone. "OK, DJ! Music!"

The crowd cheered as the music began to play, and the
girls danced around Laura. She tried to focus on what
was happening but her mind seemed to be slipping into
and even deeper fog against her will.

As the four danced around Laura they would each reach out
and give a part of the trembling Laura's clothing a pull
or a tug. She never noticed how the crowd cheered as her
skirt was slowly worked down past the curve of her hips
until it puddled at her feet. She never felt a thing as
her top was worked up over her head to fully reveal her
high-set breasts to the approving crowd.

Laura's mind no longer existed as a rational entity. It
was gone. She was running purely from instinct and
intense desire. Her beautiful body knew what it wanted,
what it in fact desperately needed. Need, the fantastic
need for feminine purity was all her body understood now.

Yet, the sensual beat of the loud music flowed through
her overloaded nervous system, and proved so compelling
she began to instinctively dance to it. The crowd cheers
grew deafening as Laura's hips began to move in time to
the music. With her hands on her waist, she rolled her
hips back and forth. Her firm breasts shook as she
shimmied her shoulders in a way that took the bar's
patrons' breath away.

The four contestants, with the rest of the bar's patrons
and staff, watched in awe as Laura, clad now only in wet
sheer pink stocking, garter belt and high clogs, slowly
and gracefully danced her way sinuously around the stage
to the complicated rhythms of the pounding music. She
moved her hips and made her breasts shake, just like the
belly dancers she had watched as a child.

Laura never heard the crowd scream, "Go, Girl, Go!!"

Oddly, all her blasted conciseness could see was her
student Joan, sweet St. Joan. This was her vision of
ultimate feminine purity, and she couldn't let it go,
not even now. Her whole body needed the pretty teen in
pink, to have her and abuse that sweet unsuspecting
innocence again and again and again!

"No! Don't leave," Laura shouted as Joan slowly faded in
the bright lights. She had to get her attention.
Perhaps a sacrifice would do it. She stopped dancing
and, standing proud and erect, cupped both her precious
breasts in her hands. She held them high in silent
offering to her dream, her goal. But still Joan
continued to fade before her vacant eyes.

"Please, Take these!" Laura cried out in frustration once
again and shook her breasts.

The crowd went wild! Most of the girls in the audience
couldn't help but drop their own hands in their laps,
fingers delightfully busy, as they watched Laura's
perfect breasts dance in her hands.

Laura held up her bare breasts again for Joan to take.

"Please touch them," Laura moaned, then smiled as Joan
walked towards her and took her right nipple in her
mouth. This is what she had been waiting for all
evening. Joan's mouth felt wonderful as it sucked loudly
on her right breast.

"God, yes!" she moaned. "Yes!"

Alice couldn't take Laura's lust-filled display any
longer. When she saw Laura offering her bare breasts and
begging for someone to take them, she couldn't help
herself. She ran forward and helped herself to the
freely offered orbs.

The effect on everyone was electric! The crowd went into
a stunned silence as they watched the stage, their hands
busily working on themselves or each other. It was too
good to be true!


Chrissy and Sally, the two policewomen, had been more and
more overtly feeling each other through out Laura's
increasingly explosive times on stage. Finally they
could take it no longer and, after quickly struggling out
of their clothes, dived under the table for a furious
sixty-nine session.


Danni stood open-mouthed at the side of the stage, as she
watched the love of her life being suckled by another

"How could she do that to me, the bitch!"

Danni didn't noticed the approach of Vickie close behind
her, or when the bar's owner slid the narrow shoulder
straps of her light party dress down her narrow arms,
after pulling down the back zipper. Soon her dress and
underwear were at her feet. Vicki's hands were at her
small breasts while she nuzzled and licked Danni's
slender neck.

"Don't worry, my precious," murmured Vickie into Danni's
left ear. "There are plenty of other fish in the sea."

"But I don't like seafood!" pouted the nude Danni.

"You do now, honey!" Vickie whispered as she pulled Danni
backstage with her.

"But I want to watch!" cried the protesting Danni.

"Don't worry, honey. It's all on tape."


Alex was starting to feel a bit lonely and decided to
take it out on someone. As their waitress hurried past
her carrying a loaded tray, Alex grabbed her by the
waistband of her cutoffs and pulled down with all her
strength. The front snap parted, the zipper broke apart
and the girl's cut-offs and panties were soon at her

The tray and its contents went crashing to the floor as
the shrieking girl tried to recover her fallen clothes. As
she bent over and reached for the floor, the seated Alex
pulled the girl's panty hose down to her ankles. The girl
tried to run but tripped on her fallen clothes and fell
heavily across Alex's lap.

"Thank you, God!" Alex shouted happily, and delivered a
fast spanking to the girl's pert exposed buttocks!

When the girl finally stopped struggling, Alex stopped her
spanking and turned her over. They looked with hatred into
each other's eyes for a moment, then kissed passionately.
As they were kissing, the waitress's hand slid under Alex's
blouse and cruelly tweaked the girl's left breast.

"Ooh! That's more like it!" Alex said happily, then
started kissing the waitress again.


Laura looked down and watched the lovely Joan suckling on
her chest. It was a dream come true. She grabbed Joan's
hands in hers and helped the innocent to squeeze her own

Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. It was just
her and Joan. Paradise on Earth!


Jamie was next to be overcome by what was happening
on stage. She moved in behind Laura and gently pushed on
Laura's shoulders until she was bent all the way forward
with her hands resting on her knees, while a kneeling Alice
never lost her hold on Laura's breast. A big smile spread
across Jamie's face as she noticed how wet Laura's
sex had become. She spread Laura's legs wide enough
apart so she sample Laura's dripping womanhood as she
played with the lovely rounded buttocks.


Laura's mind was a constant roar now. The wonderful
feeling coming from her chest was amazing! Joan moved back
and forth first taking one hanging breast in her hands and
squeezing and sucking it until it almost hurt, then moving
to the other one and doing the same. It masked else
everything being done to her. All Laura felt was the
growing heat spreading through her nipples, then through
her chest and down to her electrified pussy. She didn't
want it to end.


Jamie just adored the way Laura's cheeks felt in her
hands. They were so sculptured, so firm. Each time she
gave them a squeeze they would tremble for a moment then
become rock hard. "How nice," she thought squeezing
them again.

Jackie was next to be over come by what was going on.
She quickly knelt down beside Alice and grabbed hold of
Laura's left tit and sucked hungrily on the erect nipple.

Jamie sighed breathlessly as she watched Laura's shapely
rump arch toward her. She couldn't help but stick her
tongue out and run it up and down between Laura's
quivering buttocks. She loved it the way Laura's
buttocks would tremble, then clench tight whenever her
talented tongue was at work upon them.


Laura grabbed hold of what she thought was Joan's head
and mashed it into her right breast. The feeling was
marvelous. She could feel her orgasm nearing as she
mashed her firm breast again and again into Joan's sweet


Patti was the last of the contestants to join. She
squeezed between Alice and Jackie and knelt underneath
the bent-over woman to kiss her belly button. She then
ran her tongue down until it touched Laura's clit. Patti
was amazed at how hot it felt on the tip of her tongue.
She moved back for a moment to watch the juices run down
Laura's thighs. She buried her face between Laura's legs
and happily licked away.


Laura was so close now she thought she could feel
something licking at her clit. She knew it would be like
this with the sweet little innocent. Joan's lovely
mouth was sending feelings through her body that were
absolutely heavenly. It was like there were three
separate tongues working over her. One was sucking at
her swelling tits. Another was first kissing, then licking
her anus. The last one sliding through her pussy, and
sucking at her clit.


The four gently helped Laura to the floor and spread her
full-length on her back. Patti quickly returned between
Laura's legs. Jackie happily sucked on Laura's right
breast while Alice continued sucking the left. Jamie just
smiled down at Laura for a moment before she reached under
her T-shirt and pulled her bikini bottoms down, letting
them fall to the floor.

Laura's mind saw only Joan remove her underwear. She
never saw the entire crowd (those who were still
watching) smile lustfully as Jamie put a foot on each
side of Laura's head, then lower herself until her pussy
rested on Laura's panting mouth.

"Yes!" gasped a thankful Laura. She stuck out her hungry
tongue and started to instinctively lick the offered honey

Laura's first orgasm rippled through her body almost
unnoticed she was so busy. Still, it was heavenly. The
second began to quickly grow, but she still wanted
desperately for Joan to cum with her. She feverishly
worked her tongue in and out of the very tight passage,
licking every inch that she could reach as she cupped the
small, tight buttocks in her trembling hands.

Laura's whole body was electrified with sensations.
Covered with sweat from her exertions, she knew she was
going to have the orgasm of her life. She fought it as
long as she could, but when she felt something slide into
her tight little rear, she exploded! Her body pulsed and
twitched as she continued working on the delightful
golden pussy above her. There was soon a third climax,
quickly followed by a fourth. She was about to pass out,
when her face was covered by a heavenly nectar. Joan had
finally cum, too!

"At last," she sighed peacefully, and the room went dark.


End of Book VI

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