Chapter 14

Stan twisted on the sofa.

Anne had invited him in, but not for coffee. There was only one plausible explanation… was he ready?

His erection felt like a log in his underwear… That part of him felt ready, at least.

Anne had opened her door and gestured him inside. She’d told him, “Sit there while I fix us a drink. What would you like?”

Stan asked for a scotch, but asked for a glass of water too. Anne was now in the kitchen, fixing things.

“Glenmorangie?” she called, and Stan replied, “That’ll be fine, Anne!” It was a perfectly serviceable single malt, after all.

She came back into the room with a glass of water in one hand and a shot glass containing amber fluid in the other. “Here you are, Stan. I’ll just get my wine and we can… ‘get comfortable’.” Her eyes danced, and there was a challenge in the lift of her eyebrow as she said the last.

Stan was now feeling distinctly uncomfortable however. He took advantage of Anne’s departure to reach into the waistband of his trousers and straighten his erection so it lay against his belly. Now, however, he had to pull his trouser up slightly to hide it, and the buckle of his belt dug into the head so he had to sit artificially upright on the sofa. Stan knew he shouldn’t be, but he was embarrassed.

Anne came back with a large glass of white wine. One strap of her white dress had fallen off her shoulder. ‘Deliberately?’ wondered Stan, while appreciating the way the side of the dress fell a little, exposing more of Anne’s left breast. Anne had slipped off her shoes, he noticed, and he pushed his off with his own feet. He sipped at his water, then took a drink from his whisky, while Anne sat close to him on the sofa, bringing her feet up underneath her and sitting sideways, facing him.

They sat and regarded each other for a couple of minutes. Finally Stan said, “This is a little awkward.”

Anne commented “Yes, it is.” Again she leaned forward and kissed Stan. Her feet slid out from under her as she pushed Stan down so that he was almost supine on the black leather sofa under her. Her kiss was firm and insistent as his mouth opened in response to her tongue.

Finally she pulled back slightly and murmured, “That’s better, isn’t it?”

Stan answered softly but with great feeling, “Yes!” before leaning up and nibbling on her lower lip. Anne had both hands on the sofa, on either side of Stan’s head on the armrest, and she once again took control of the kiss, deepening it, while she began grinding her pelvis into Stan’s. Stan’s hands moved of their own accord, reaching for Anne’s breasts, caressing them through the thin fabric of her dress, feeling the lacy material beneath. Stan’s erection was now very uncomfortable, but he just couldn’t bring himself to break the kiss. He was certain Anne could feel it – she must be able to! Finally Anne again lifted her head, and smiled at Stan.

“If that’s not a rocket in your pocket, I can think of a way to use it!”

Stan couldn’t help it. He lost it completely, breaking into laughter. Smiling widely herself, Anne stood up and held out her hand to Stan.

“Come on, Stan. We don’t have to make out on the couch like teenagers stealing moments before Mum comes back. Come upstairs.”

She smoothly stood, holding out her long, slender arm to him. Stan took it and pushed himself up with his other arm. She led him up the stairs, looking back twice to smile at him, desire plain on her face.

For his part, Stan was moving on autopilot. His mind was trying to keep up with the rapid developments. He couldn’t bear the thought of saying, “Anne, wait…” but he did feel things were moving fast.

Then Stan had another thought. It had been half a lifetime since he’d needed a condom, so he didn’t have any. They were clearly going to make love tonight, but if she had no protection, what then?

‘Was she even on the Pill?’ Stan wondered. ‘What if she wasn’t?’ Well, the answer was obvious, if hard – ‘We can’t make love.’ He felt a little easier, having made that decision. On the other hand, he knew he’d have to get some condoms, and soon – it wasn’t fair on Anne to rely on her for protection without arranging for some himself.

By now they were at the top of the stairs, and Anne turned left at the landing to enter her room. Pulling himself back to real-time, Stan quickly took in the room. There wasn’t a lot of space for manoeuvre.

Anne used what room there was. She turned, took Stan by the shoulders and pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed. Then she stood back in the doorway. Licking her lips, she slid first one, then the other strap off her shoulder and shimmied. The top half of the dress fell to her waist, revealing her lacy white strapless bra. She impatiently shoved her dress the rest of the way and it pooled at her feet.

Anne wasn’t wearing panties.

Anne grinned at Stan, but he didn’t notice. His eyes were firmly glued on the junction of her thighs, where narrow strip of dark curls were on show. With her legs together like that, he couldn’t see more.

Stan’s next distraction was caused by Anne reaching behind herself to unclip her bra. Having done so she allowed it to fall on top of her dress, before placing her hands behind her head. With her feet very slightly apart, Anne placed her weight on her left and crossed her right in front, twisting her torso slightly and inclining her head the opposite way, looking at Stan from under her lashes.

“Do you like what you doth see?” she asked Stan.

“God, yes, I love it!” Stan blurted.

Once again Anne smiled, this time widely, breaking her stance and putting her hands on her hips. “You, buster, are overdressed!” she told him and moved purposefully towards him.

Controlling himself, Stan began disrobing. While he was struggling with his shirt buttons he felt Anne’s hands tugging on his belt. Before he could get the shirt completely off, she’d undone the belt and pulled it from the loops, letting go of the belt once it was free. He was still removing the last sleeve when she attacked the button and clip at the waist before unzipping his fly.

She pulled at Stan, getting him to stand. Stan held her for a moment, indicating for her to wait. He removed his socks and then stood, dropping his trousers. Anne knelt in front of him. Her hands went to his briefs and pulled the waistband out before lowering them to clear his penis.

Once he’d stepped out of them, Anne rocked back a moment. For over forty, with essentially a sedentary job and habits, Stan wasn’t in bad shape. A paunch, yes, but not much of one. Thinning hair, but a nice face. Character lines of course, but they showed a man who smiled a lot.

Then she looked lower. Stan’s penis jutted proudly, not too big either in length or girth, but eminently serviceable. She moved closer to Stan.

Stan had been doing his own assessment of Anne. So she wasn’t a natural blonde? So what! The younger woman was beautiful, and had kept her body in fine shape. ‘Better than I’ve kept mine,’ mused Stan. Then he lost the ability to think.

Anne leaned forward again, took his dick in her right hand and licked the head, slowly, luxuriously, before opening her mouth and sliding down. Once she reached her limit she gripped it with her hand, setting the depth, and began pulling up, sliding her lips up around his cock, sucking and swirling her tongue. Stan gasped. When her tongue stroked the underside of his cock he trembled a little from the intense sensation . Anne then started back down onto his penis again, still using lips and tongue to devastating effect. As Anne’s tongue moved in concert with her lips, as she moved her head slowly, exquisitely slowly, down and then up again, she playfully nibbled at him a couple of times, before beginning to plunge up and down in earnest, always sucking on the upstroke, her cheeks caving.

Stan opened his eyes and looked down, seeing a blonde head bobbing up and down. Anne looked up at him, slowing for a moment, sucking at the head and pulling with her hand. Stan was living in the moment, his perceptions limited to his cock and Anne’s mouth and hand.

Anne joined her left hand to her right and began jacking him, while churning her tongue around the head. She paused for a moment, lifted her head up and off and looked up at Stan again. “You like?” she asked, eyes deep pools of lust.

“God, yes!” Stan rasped-out before she began again, sliding slowly, languorously down his penis until her gag reflex threatened, then lifting up slightly and sucking, sucking, twirling, teasing.

The effect on Stan was incredible. Too soon, he knew he was going to come, and he knew he should tell her first.

“Cu-Cumming!” he managed, scant moments before the first pulse burst free. Anne appreciated the gesture, but she wanted his come. She needed to show this wonderful man that he’d helped her heal and to thank him in the best way possible.

All through Stan’s climax Anne sucked and swallowed. Finally spent, Stan sagged backwards onto the bed. Anne climbed up beside him. She studied the man who’d taken her heart, that she thought had been irretrievably broken so many years before, and melted it back together. His face was flushed, he was breathing shallowly and fast. He had a wonderful smile on his face. ‘And why not? He’s just had a blowjob!’

Stan felt Anne’s arm snake over as she cuddled into him. He was finally able to talk, so he looked across at the stunning lady who’d just been so wonderful to him.

“You’ve just taken my virginity,” he told her. “That was my first blowjob.”

Anne looked, but couldn’t see any sign that he was joking.

“Really, Stan? Never before?” she asked him, tenderly.

“Nope. Never. It was a simply amazing experience. God it was erotic looking down and seeing you doing that, feeling you doing that. Amazing!

“Now, it’s my turn to do something for you, something I used to enjoy a lot. Move over a little…” he said, nudging her with hip and fingertips. Anne moved to accommodate him, and Stan moved across so Anne was on his left side. He pulled himself next to Anne, lifting a little so he could use his left hand on her as well. Weight on his left elbow, Stan caressed the right side of her face and her earlobe with that hand while his right started slowly stroking her left breast. Anne cooed appreciatively.

Stan studied his lover while he stroked her with his fingers. She lay there, lips parted slightly, a flush spreading across her chest. Her nipples were small and pink but erect and rock hard. A once familiar yet different perfume was becoming noticeable. Stan decided he was doing what she wanted, for now, and kept up the massage of her tits, sometimes drawing a hand up into a claw, pulling lightly on her coral nipple, moving from one mound to the other. Age and gravity flattened them slightly, but not much.

Stan decided to move up a step, and leaned over to lick around an aureole. Judging by the intake of breath he heard, Anne liked that! So, still lightly caressing her face with his left hand when he could, and now palming the other breast with his right, he effectively performed a blowjob on Anne’s right breast. He sucked nipple and aureole into his mouth, then swirled his tongue around it. He locked his lips around the base of Anne’s proud flesh and sucked, hard.

Anne loved it. She arched her back, trying to force more of her flesh into his mouth. She felt his teeth nip at her and stiffened. Stan murmured, “Sorry,” around her nipple, but Anne told him shakily “’S okay. Just not too hard. Oh, God, just more, more…”

Stan was happy to oblige. He didn’t think he’d get her to climax like this, but she was obviously getting worked up. He began teasing the nipple on her free breast, pulling, pinching lightly, and twisting just a little. Anne again arched her back, soft moans coming out of her mouth.

Stan moved, lifting over Anne so that he could get at her other tit with his mouth. Obviously, this one needed its’ own fair share of the stimulation. It was difficult to keep Anne’s left boob stimulated while in this position, so he shifted over her, to mirror the former arrangement, now lying on his right side facing Anne. He grinned at Anne, who looked back at him through hooded hazel eyes full of sheer, raw lust.

Stan went back to work, and Anne was in heaven. He hadn’t made a move to touch her below the waist yet, but she could feel that she was ready, ready, ready. His hand on her face, lightly stroking her, was tender, loving. The one on her right tit was rubbing, kneading, teasing her. But the kicker was his mouth and tongue, twirling, caressing, sucking on her nipple.

Stan felt her arch her back again, then heard a squeal, and tried unsuccessfully to look up at her face without breaking the pattern he was running with his hands and mouth. It took a lot of concentration, but it seemed it was worth it. He heard it again, then low moans, rising in pitch and tempo, finally a squeal that was cut off when Anne moved her face away and grabbed some blanket to stuff in her mouth. Finally she relaxed again.

Stan stopped his oral ministrations and looked up, now only softly caressing her breast. “Did you just…?” he asked, surprised at what he thought had happened.

“Um hmmm. Oh yeah. Not a biggie, but oh, yeahhh.” She smiled across at him. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, elf-maiden of my heart,” he answered, and she smiled wider before punching him lightly on the arm. “Dunce!” she named him, then rolled over on top and kissed him, deeply. Stan felt his penis, which he’d thought would be completely spent after the blowjob, stirring back into life again, and marvelled.

“God, you’re making me hard again!” he told the dream pressed above him.

“Mmmm. I know. That’s kind of the idea,” she purred softly into his ear, before licking it sensuously, sending shivers down his spine, straight to his balls.

Anne ground her pelvis into Stan for a while then shifted off him and lay by his side. She reached down and stroked his penis, now almost fully erect. She locked onto his eyes, into his eyes, and he held the look with her as she stroked him. It didn’t take very long before she judged he was as erect as he could be. Stan looked at her through lust filled eyes, knowing what she wanted. He had to ask now, else he wouldn’t be able to stop.

“Anne, what about precautions?”

“I’m on the Pill my lovely careful Dunce,” she told him, continuing, “Also I haven’t been sexually active for many years, except with a toy or two. You were happily married to Caron, you’re not the type to cheat and I don’t believe you’ve been ‘with’ anyone since then. So we’re clean, healthy and attracted to each other. You’re a wonderful man for being considerate but I want this,” grabbing him, sending another pulse of sensation through him, “inside me!”

Anne climbed over him. She straddled his hips, reaching down and took firm hold before sinking down a little, rubbing him over her labia, now engorged and pink, spreading the wetness gathered there over the head of his penis. She lowered herself, sinking slowly, slowly down over him.

Stan felt the wet heat surround his dick, something he hadn’t felt for nearly a year. Her pussy gripped him as she sank down until their bodies met. Anne leaned back a little, arching her back, and began making small rolling movements, grinding her clitoris against him. Once again their eyes locked, and she gazed deeply into his soul as she worked herself up. Stan reached for her, to play with her breasts, but the angle was wrong so instead he stroked her flanks and her belly, licking his forefinger and rubbing her navel, then reaching down to her clit and rubbing just above it, increasing the stimulation.

After a while Anne’s movements became more urgent, but still they kept their eyes locked together. The world and all else around them disappeared. There was just the two of them, souls joined in the same way as their bodies, separate from all other existence. Anne speeded up, increasing the pressure, and now Stan could see the signs of her imminent climax, with her face, neck and breasts pink from arousal, her hair now plastered over her face, obscuring one eye. But still the other remained locked into his.

Finally the dam broke and Anne’s eyes fluttered closed as she shuddered. Stan felt her muscles contracting, both with his hands and with more intensity on his dick. Anne squealed again, louder, then again and finally yipped “Aaeeeeeii!” as she came.

She almost collapsed, but managed to lower herself towards him. She kissed again, lovingly, tenderly, then asked him, “You didn’t come?”

“No, sweetheart. I’m no teenager. But I’m so very glad. Seeing that was a privilege. Feeling it was an honour.”

“Good line!” she told him. He was still halfway inside her, feeling really good in her sensitive pussy. “Stan, I want to try to have you come inside me. Let’s roll over.”

So they did, although Stan felt himself detach as they did. Anne quickly reached down and pulled him into her, transferring her hand to his buttocks once he was inside.

“Anne, I… I don’t know what to say.” Stan told her quietly.

“Shh. This is for you. Less talking, more fucking!”

A third time they connected through their eyes, as deeply as Stan was now inside Anne physically. Supporting himself on his arms, he withdrew, then thrust, slowly building up the pace and power. Anne lifted towards him slightly, and Stan felt himself go even deeper on his next strokes. He realized he was going to come, again, and soon, and marvelled.

Anne drew him on, she needed to help him reach his climax, this wonderful knight who had released her from self-imposed prison. She felt him speed up, obviously now reaching, needing his climax, and she purred, pulling him in, nails now clawing at his back, thrusting herself up towards him. She was sensitive, she’d feel this in the morning, but now… “Oh! Oh! Now, Stan. Now, yes, yes, NOW!”

Stan saw, felt and heard Anne come again. It pushed him over the edge and he buried himself inside her, grunting, groaning while he pulsed inside her. It wasn’t the largest, strongest of orgasms, he’d already come once – but it felt amazing.

For a moment or two, the lovers stayed like that, him with straight arms and his dick buried inside, she with her hands now flat on the bed beside her, still quivering in the aftershocks. Finally Stan recovered his senses enough to roll to one side, laying flat on his back, staring unseeing at the ceiling. They lay like that for quite a while.

Stan’s forebrain finally came back to life.

“Thanks,” Stan finally managed to say. “You okay?”

“It may take me a while to come down, but oh, God, yes Stan, I’m okay. Thank you. I didn’t expect that last one.”

Anne rolled over towards him. She reached out, rubbing his chest hair lightly with her fingertips, teasing his nipples with the tips of her fingernails, making him twitch slightly. “You really never had a blowjob before?” she asked again, softly.

“No, never. Caron was more sexually experienced than I was when we met – I’d had one other, where I lasted about thirty seconds. Caron had tried a lot of stuff, so she had set boundaries, and I respected them – hell, I was just happy to be with her in the first place.

“But if she ever touched my dick with her lips it was a soft, fleeting thing. Wonderful, yes, but she never did it with intent. No anal, though she loved being touched there. We tried a little light bondage, but it did nothing for her, so we soon stopped. Caron loved me, and I loved her, but sex was never the driving force of our love.”

Stan rolled and faced Anne. “I can’t believe you’ve got me talking about that already. I can’t believe you’ve got that out of me at all. I’ve never shared that with anyone, not even Elizabeth,” he told her.

“Well, I doubt you’ve made love to Elizabeth,” Anne replied through a smile. “Thank you for trusting me so much.” Anne paused, then she took on a serious expression.

“What do you know of my past?” she asked him.

“Not a lot. You’ve alluded to a bad time before. You were married?”

“Yes, I’ve been divorced from the bastard for ten years.”

Stan was taken aback by the sudden change in Anne. He reached for her, and was dismayed when she flinched. He almost withdrew his hand, but Anne relaxed a little and he gently caressed her flank, soothing her.

Finally, Anne went on, “I thought what Daniel had for me was love. I know I loved him. I’m not sure what he felt for me, possession perhaps. Whatever. He beat me, hurt me, whenever he felt that I’d looked at someone, or just been looked at by someone.

“I put up with it. I thought it was love! Finally, he broke my wrist. Daniel had always hit me where it wouldn’t show. The young doctor was really worried about me when she saw my bruises and made me realize I didn’t have to allow anyone to do that to me. I started the divorce proceedings later that week. When my solicitor confronted him with the evidence we could provide to a court, Daniel gave up on contesting it. I haven’t actually seen him since that day in the solicitor’s office.”

Anne paused, taking a breath, long suppressed emotion coming to the surface. Stan stroked her, calming her. Anne’s eyes were now unfocussed as she stared into her distant past, confronting her demons.

“That was ten years ago. I haven’t been with anyone since. If it hadn’t been for my fingers and vibrator I’d have exploded long since.” Anne looked at Stan again. “You, my saviour, somehow got through to me. You’re a sweet, gentle man and you made me trust you like I’ve not trusted in all that time. Thank you.”

They lay together a while longer, neither feeling like talking, just touching one another, communicating without words. Eventually, Anne’s breathing became slow and even. Stan followed her into sleep soon after. They lay there, on their sides facing each other each with an arm over the other, on top of the coverlet, fast asleep.

- - - - - - - - - -

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